<html> <head> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=windows-1250"> <TITLE>Free offer of a virtual keyboard ALL-IN-ONE for calculation, edition, English and Russian transliteration, etc.</TITLE> <!-- This scripted web page is to simulate an ALL-IN-ONE type of keyboard --> <!-- Programmed by Dr Jan Pajak (janpajak@gmail.com) on 1 July 2005 --> <META TYPE="Keywords" CONTENT="keyboard, Russian, Cyrillic, Greek, calculator, calculations, numbers conversions, units conversions, coding, transliterations, Unicode, Romanized, HTML, copy, paste, GOST 1983, BGN/PCGN 1947, Dr Jan Pajak"> <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Offers a free software tool in the form of an ALL-IN-ONE virtual keyboard, with English, Latin, Polish, Russian (Cyrillic), and Greek alphabets, calculators, numbers conversions, units conversions, HTML coding, transliterations into two official Romanized standards, and much more. After texts are typed, the keyboard allows to copy and paste them into the required documents, wordprocessors, or editors."> <META NAME="Author" content="Dr Jan Pajak"> <style><!-- body,td{text-align:center; color:000000;font-family:ARIAL,HELVETICA,SANS-SERIF; body,INPUT{width:18px; color:000000; font-family:ARIAL,HELVETICA,SANS-SERIF;} body,select {width:107px; color:000000; font-family:ARIAL,HELVETICA,SANS-SERIF;} body,INPUT.long_length{width:60px; color:000000; font-family:ARIAL,HELVETICA,SANS-SERIF;} body,select.selection_length{width:60px; color:000000; font-family:ARIAL,HELVETICA,SANS-SERIF;} body,INPUT.extra_length{width:120px; color:000000; font-family:ARIAL,HELVETICA,SANS-SERIF;} } --></style> <!-- -------------------------------- Java Script functions begin --------------------------- --> <script type="text/JavaScript"> <!-- var text_in = ""; // This variable holds the text var code_in = ""; // This variable holds the code var letter_in = ""; // This variable holds the romanized () letters of the text typed var gost_in = ""; // This variable holds the romanized (GOST) letters of the text typed var m1="", m2="", m3="", m4="", m5=""; //These variables store the memorised strings and values var day_in, month_in, year_in = 88; //These store input date var date_in_window, conversion_window; //These are new window objects var combined_code =""; //This variable hold a unicode to be converted into a character. var calculated_total=0.0, operand_1=0.0, operand_2=0.0, divider=1.0, multiplier=10.0, latest_operation="+"; var decimal_clicked=0, chain_calculation=0; var rc = new Array (); //Creating an array of the Russian characters //Russian UPPERCASE letters rc [0] = new Array ("&#1040;", "1040", "A", "A"); // Letter "A" rc [1] = new Array ("&#1041;", "1041", "B", "B"); // Letter "B" rc [2] = new Array ("&#1042;", "1042", "V", "V"); // Letter "V" rc [3] = new Array ("&#1043;", "1043", "G", "G"); //Letter "G" rc [4] = new Array ("&#1044;", "1044", "D", "D"); //Letter "D" rc [5] = new Array ("&#1045;", "1045", "YE", "E"); //Letter "E" rc [6] = new Array ("&#203;", "203", "YO", ""); //Letter "JO" rc [7] = new Array ("&#1046;", "1046", "ZH", "}"); //Letter "ZH" rc [8] = new Array ("&#1047;", "1047", "Z", "Z"); //Letter "Z" rc [9] = new Array ("&#1048;", "1048", "I", "I"); // Letter "I" rc [10] = new Array ("&#1049;", "1049", "Y", "J"); // Letter "J" rc [11] = new Array ("&#1050;", "1050", "K", "K"); // Letter "K" rc [12] = new Array ("&#1051;", "1051", "L", "L"); // Letter "L" rc [13] = new Array ("&#1052;", "1052", "M", "M"); //Letter "M" rc [14] = new Array ("&#1053;", "1053", "N", "N"); //Letter "N" rc [15] = new Array ("&#1054;", "1054", "O", "O"); //Letter "O" rc [16] = new Array ("&#1055;", "1055", "P", "P"); //Letter "P" rc [17] = new Array ("&#1056;", "1056", "R", "R"); //Letter "R" rc [18] = new Array ("&#1057;", "1057", "S", "S"); //Letter "S" rc [19] = new Array ("&#1058;", "1058", "T", "T"); // Letter "T" rc [20] = new Array ("&#1059;", "1059", "U", "U"); // Letter "U" rc [21] = new Array ("&#1060;", "1060", "F", "F"); // Letter "F" rc [22] = new Array ("&#1061;", "1061", "KH", "H"); // Letter "H" rc [23] = new Array ("&#1062;", "1062", "TS", "C"); //Letter "C" rc [24] = new Array ("&#1063;", "1063", "CH", " "); //Letter "CZ" rc [25] = new Array ("&#1064;", "1064", "SH", "`"); //Letter "SZ" rc [26] = new Array ("&#1065;", "1065", "SHCH", "` "); //Letter "SZCZ" rc [27] = new Array ("&#1066;", "1066", "\"", "\""); //Char "quote" rc [28] = new Array ("&#1067;", "1067", "Y", "Y"); //Letter "Y" rc [29] = new Array ("&#1068;", "1068", "\'", "\'"); // Char "Apostroph" rc [30] = new Array ("&#1069;", "1069", "", ""); // Letter "E" rc [31] = new Array ("&#1070;", "1070", "YU", "JU"); // Letter "JU" rc [32] = new Array ("&#1071;", "1071", "YA", "JA"); // Letter "JA" //Russian lowercase letters rc [33] = new Array ("&#1072;", "1072", "a", "a"); //Letter "a" rc [34] = new Array ("&#1073;", "1073", "b", "b"); //Letter "b" rc [35] = new Array ("&#1074;", "1074", "v", "v"); //Letter "v" rc [36] = new Array ("&#1075;", "1075", "g", "g"); //Letter "g" rc [37] = new Array ("&#1076;", "1076", "d", "d"); //Letter "d" rc [38] = new Array ("&#1077;", "1077", "ye", "e"); //Letter "e" rc [39] = new Array ("&#235;", "235", "yo", ""); // Letter "jo" rc [40] = new Array ("&#1078;", "1078", "zh", "~"); // Letter "zh" rc [41] = new Array ("&#1079;", "1079", "z", "z"); // Letter "z" rc [42] = new Array ("&#1080;", "1080", "i", "i"); // Letter "i" rc [43] = new Array ("&#1081;", "1081", "y", "j"); //Letter "j" rc [44] = new Array ("&#1082;", "1082", "k", "k"); //Letter "k" rc [45] = new Array ("&#1083;", "1083", "l", "l"); //Letter "l" rc [46] = new Array ("&#1084;", "1084", "m", "m"); //Letter "m" rc [47] = new Array ("&#1085;", "1085", "n", "n"); //Letter "n" rc [48] = new Array ("&#1086;", "1086", "o", "o"); //Letter "o" rc [49] = new Array ("&#1087;", "1087", "p", "p"); // Letter "p" rc [50] = new Array ("&#1088;", "1088", "r", "r"); // Letter "r" rc [51] = new Array ("&#1089;", "1089", "s", "s"); // Letter "s" rc [52] = new Array ("&#1090;", "1090", "t", "t"); // Letter "t" rc [53] = new Array ("&#1091;", "1091", "u", "u"); //Letter "u" rc [54] = new Array ("&#1092;", "1092", "f", "f"); //Letter "f" rc [55] = new Array ("&#1093;", "1093", "kh", "h"); //Letter "h" rc [56] = new Array ("&#1094;", "1094", "ts", "c"); //Letter "sz" rc [57] = new Array ("&#1095;", "1095", "ch", " "); //Letter "cz" rc [58] = new Array ("&#1096;", "1096", "sh", "a"); //Letter "sz" rc [59] = new Array ("&#1097;", "1097", "shch", "a "); // Letter "szcz" rc [60] = new Array ("&#1098;", "1098", "\"", "\""); // char "quote" for tviordyj rc [61] = new Array ("&#1099;", "1099", "y", "y"); // Letter "y" rc [62] = new Array ("&#1100;", "1100", "\'", "\'"); // char "apostroph" for miakij rc [63] = new Array ("&#1101;", "1101", "", ""); //Letter "e" rc [64] = new Array ("&#1102;", "1102", "yu", "ju"); //Letter "ju" rc [65] = new Array ("&#1103;", "1103", "ya", "ja"); //Letter "ja" function digit_in(key_clicked) // This function is called by clicks { var key_clicked, code_clicked, letter_clicked, gost_clicked, char_in_text, character_analysed; var standard_in = document.getElementById("standard_select").value var char_found = "false"; text_in = window.document.inouts.in_box.value; code_in = ""; letter_in = ""; gost_in = ""; if((check_if_digit(key_clicked)) && (window.document.inouts.use_select.value == "char_convert")) { unicode_processing(key_clicked); } else { text_in = text_in + key_clicked; if((check_if_calculator(key_clicked)) && (window.document.inouts.use_select.value == "do_calculator")) { run_calculator(key_clicked); } for (var j = 0; j < text_in.length; j=j+1) { char_in_text = text_in.charAt(j); char_found = "false"; for (var i = 0; i < 66; i=i+1) { character_analysed = String.fromCharCode(rc[i][1]); if(character_analysed == char_in_text) { //alert ("Hit at \"" + character_analysed + "\""); code_in = code_in + "&#" + rc[i][1] + ';'; letter_in = letter_in + rc[i][2]; gost_in = gost_in + rc[i][3]; char_found = "true"; break; } else { //alert ("Unknown character \"" + character_analysed +"\""); } } if (char_found == "false") { code_in = code_in + "&#" + text_in.charCodeAt(j) + ";"; letter_in = letter_in + char_in_text; gost_in = gost_in + char_in_text; } } typing_out(); } } function typing_out() // This function is called by clicks { var standard_in = window.document.inouts.standard_select.value; var out_translit = ""; if (standard_in == "html") {out_translit = code_in;} if (standard_in == "uk_usa") {out_translit = letter_in;} if (standard_in == "gost") {out_translit = gost_in;} window.document.inouts.in_box.value = text_in; if (window.document.inouts.use_select.value != "do_calculator") { window.document.inouts.out_box.value = out_translit; } if (window.document.inouts.use_select.value == "char_convert") { //??? // out_translit = window.document.inouts.uni_code.value; //alert ("To be worked out later: " + out_translit); //window.document.inouts.in_box.value = text_in +out_translit; //window.document.inouts.out_box.value = window.document.inouts.out_box.value + out_translit; } } function clear_in() // This function is clearing the registers { text_in = ""; code_in = ""; letter_in = ""; gost_in = ""; typing_out(); combined_code =""; window.document.inouts.uni_code.value = "code"; window.document.inouts.out_box.value = ""; calculated_total=0; divider=1; multiplier=10; decimal_clicked=0; chain_calculation=0; } function check_if_digit(key_clicked) // This function checks whether a character just typed is a digit { var digits_table = new Array ("1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "0"); var digit_found = "false" for (var l = 0; l < 10; l=l+1) { if (key_clicked == digits_table[l]) { digit_found = "true"; break; } } if (digit_found == "true") { return true; } else { return false; } } function check_if_calculator(key_clicked) // This function checks whether a character just typed is a digit { var digits_table = new Array ("1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "0", ".", "+", "-", "*", "/", "%", "="); var digit_found = "false" for (var k = 0; k < 17; k=k+1) { if (key_clicked == digits_table[k]) { digit_found = "true"; break; } } if (digit_found == "true") { return true; } else { return false; } } function run_calculator(key_clicked) //This function runs calculator { if (check_if_digit(key_clicked)) { calculated_total=parseFloat(calculated_total*multiplier + key_clicked/divider); if (decimal_clicked==1){divider=divider*10;} chain_calculation=0; } else { if (key_clicked == "=") { operand_2 = 1*calculated_total; if (latest_operation =="+") {calculated_total=parseFloat(operand_1+operand_2);} if (latest_operation =="-") {calculated_total=parseFloat(operand_1-operand_2);} if (latest_operation =="*") {calculated_total=parseFloat(operand_1*operand_2);} if (latest_operation =="/") { if (operand_2 != 0.0) { calculated_total=parseFloat(operand_1/operand_2); } else { alert("Division by zero is NOT permitted"+ "\n(Here assumed that the outome is ZERO)"); calculated_total=0.0; } } if (latest_operation =="%") { if (operand_2 != 0.0) { calculated_total=parseFloat(operand_1%operand_2); } else { alert("Division by zero is NOT permitted"+ "\n(Here assumed that the outome is ZERO)"); calculated_total=0.0; } } text_in = text_in + calculated_total + " "; operand_1 = calculated_total; chain_calculation=1; window.document.inouts.out_box.value = calculated_total; calculated_total = 0.0; decimal_clicked=0.0; divider=1.0; multiplier=10.0; } else { if (!check_if_digit(key_clicked) && key_clicked != ".") { latest_operation=key_clicked; if (chain_calculation==0) { operand_1 = calculated_total; } calculated_total = 0; decimal_clicked=0; divider=1; multiplier=10; } else { if(key_clicked == ".") { decimal_clicked=1; divider=10; multiplier=1; } else { alert("Unrecognised character=" + key_clicked); } } } //alert("Op1="+operand_1+" Op2="+operand_2+" Tot="+calculated_total+" Dec="+decimal_clicked+" Operation="+latest_operation); } } function activate_calculator_functions() //This function calculator's special functions { var function_name=""; //stores the name of executed function var x_v=0.0; //represents the variable to calculate values from var function_outcome=0.0; //stores the result from a given function if (chain_calculation== 1) { x_v=operand_1; } else { x_v=calculated_total; } if (window.document.inouts.special_functions.value == "to_square") { function_outcome=x_v*x_v; function_name="~square("+x_v+")=" } if (window.document.inouts.special_functions.value == "to_cube") { function_outcome=x_v*x_v*x_v; function_name="~cube("+x_v+")=" } if (window.document.inouts.special_functions.value == "to_pow") { function_outcome=Math.pow(x_v, window.document.inouts.uni_code.value) function_name="~("+x_v+")to power("+window.document.inouts.uni_code.value+")=" } if (window.document.inouts.special_functions.value == "to_sqrt") { function_outcome=Math.sqrt(x_v); function_name="~sqrt("+x_v+")=" } if (window.document.inouts.special_functions.value == "to_pi") { function_outcome=Math.PI; function_name="pi=" } if (window.document.inouts.special_functions.value == "to_sin_rd") { function_outcome=Math.sin(x_v); function_name="~sin("+x_v+")=" } if (window.document.inouts.special_functions.value == "to_cos_rd") { function_outcome=Math.cos(x_v); function_name="~cos("+x_v+")=" } if (window.document.inouts.special_functions.value == "to_tan_rd") { function_outcome=Math.tan(x_v); function_name="~tan("+x_v+")=" } if (window.document.inouts.special_functions.value == "to_e") { function_outcome=Math.E; function_name="~e=" } if (window.document.inouts.special_functions.value == "to_log") { function_outcome=Math.log(x_v); function_name="~log("+x_v+")=" } if(Math.abs(function_outcome)<0.000000000000000001){function_outcome=0.0;} calculated_total = parseFloat(function_outcome); text_in = text_in + function_name + calculated_total; typing_out(); window.document.inouts.out_box.value = calculated_total; } function unicode_processing(key_clicked) // This function is managing conversions { combined_code = combined_code + key_clicked; window.document.inouts.uni_code.value = combined_code; } function convert_in() // This function is managing conversions { var conversion_type = window.document.inouts.conversion_select.value; if (conversion_type == "arab_to_rom") { arabic_to_roman(); } if (conversion_type == "rom_to_arab") { roman_to_arabic(); } if (conversion_type == "units_change") { convert_units(); } if (conversion_type == "date_convert") { input_date(); } if (window.document.inouts.use_select.value == "char_convert") { text_in = text_in + String.fromCharCode(combined_code); window.document.inouts.in_box.value = text_in; window.document.inouts.uni_code.value = "code"; combined_code = ""; } } function arabic_to_roman() // This function is converting Arabic numerals to Roman numerals { var counter = 13; var Arabic = window.document.inouts.in_box.value; var Total = Arabic; var Roman = ""; var T_Roman = new Array ("M", "CM", "D", "CD", "C", "XC", "L", "XL", "X", "IX", "V", "IV", "I"); var T_Arabic= new Array (1000, 900, 500, 400, 100, 90, 50, 40, 10, 9, 5, 4, 1); //All alert objects used here are optional and for purpose of testing only //alert ("Convertion of Arabic number " + Total + " to a Roman number!") //This part contains the algorithm of converting Arabic numbers into Roman: var i=0; while (i < (counter+1)) { //alert ("Counter is " + i) if (Total >= T_Arabic[i]) { //This part converts Arabic into Roman Total = Total - T_Arabic[i]; Roman=Roman+T_Roman[i]; //alert ("Roman = " + Roman + ", Reaminder = " + Total); i=i-1; //This part displays the outcome of the conversion: window.document.inouts.out_box.value=Roman //alert ("The outcome is: " + Roman + " Roman") } i=i+1; } } function roman_to_arabic() // This function is converting Roman numerals to Arabic numerals { //This part declares variables used and reads Arabic numbers var counter = 13; var Roman = new String(window.document.inouts.in_box.value); var Total = 0; var Arabic = 0; var out_string = ""; var non_Roman_char = true; var T_Roman = new Array ("M", "CM", "D", "CD", "C", "XC", "L", "XL", "X", "IX", "V", "IV", "I"); var T_Arabic= new Array (1000, 900, 500, 400, 100, 90, 50, 40, 10, 9, 5, 4, 1); //All alert objects used here are optional and for purpose of testing only //alert ("Convertion of a Roman number " + Roman + " to an Arabic number!") //This part contains the algorithm of converting Roman numbers into Arabic: Roman = Roman.toUpperCase(); var i=0; while (i < Roman.length) //Loop along the chars of the Roman number { var j=0; var k=-5; var l=0; var m=0; non_Roman_char = true; for(var j=0; j < counter; ++j) //Loop along the Roman symbols { //alert ("Char checked = " + i + ", pattern checked = " + T_Roman[j]); var pat = T_Roman[j]; l=Roman.indexOf(pat,i); //alert ("Counter is " + i + " pattern " + T_Roman[j] + " detected at " + l); if ((l > -1)&&(l==i)) { if (T_Roman[j].length == 2) { i=i+1; //alert ("Double Roman symbol detected"); } Total = T_Arabic[j]; Arabic = Arabic + Total; non_Roman_char = false; //alert ("Arabic = " + Arabic + ", last Roman was = " + Total); //This part displays the outcome of the conversion: //window.document.inouts.out_box.value=Arabic; //alert ("The outcome is: " + Arabic + " Arabic") m=m+1; if (m > 10) break; continue; } } if(non_Roman_char) { out_string = out_string + "[Oops: " + Roman.charAt(i) + "]"; non_Roman_char = -1; } i=i+1; } window.document.inouts.out_box.value = Arabic + out_string; } function convert_units() // This function converts units of measure { conversion_window = window.open('', '_blank', 'height=200, width=500, status=yes, toolbar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, location=no'); var u_in = window.document.inouts.in_box.value; var u_dis = u_in; var u_out = "<h1>Units conversion:</h1>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " acres = " + (u_in*0.40469) + " hectares (1 acre = 0.40469 hectar)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " Celsius = " + ((u_in*9/5)+32) + " Fahrenheigt<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " Celsius = " + ((1*u_in) +1* 273.1) + " Kelvin<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " cm = " + (u_in*0.3937) + " inches (1 cm = 0.3937 inches)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " Fahrenheigt = " + ((u_in-32)*5/9) + " Celsius<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " Fahrenheigt = " + (((u_in-32)*5/9)+273.1) + " Kelvin<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " feet = " + u_in*0.3048 + " metres (1 foot = 0.3048 metres)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " grams = " + u_in*0.035274 + " ounces (1 gram = 0.035274 ounces)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " hectares = " + u_in*2.47105 + " acres (1 hectar = 2.47105 acre)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " inches = " + u_in*2.54 + " cm (1 inch = 2.54 cm)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " kg = " + u_in*2.2046 + " pounds (1 kg = 2.2046 pounds)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " kg = " + u_in*0.1575 + " stones (1 kg = 0.1575 stones)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " km = " + u_in*0.62137 + " miles (1 km = 0.62137 miles)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " km = " + u_in*0.5397 + " knots (1 km = 0.5397 knots)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " km/h = " + u_in*0.62137 + " miles/h (1 km/h = 0.62137 miles/h)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " km/h = " + u_in*0.277+ " m/s (1 km/h = 0.277 m/s)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " knots = " + u_in*1.853 + " km (1 knot = 1.853 km)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " litres = " + u_in*1.7598 + " pints (1 litre = 1.7598 pints)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " litres = " + u_in*0.219976 + " UK gallons (1 litre = 0.219976 UK gallons)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " litres = " + u_in*0.264178 + " US gallons (1 litre = 0.264178 US gallons)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " litres/100km = " + (100*4.54609)/(u_in*1.609344) + " miles/(UK)gallon<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " litres/100km = " + (100*3.7854)/(u_in*1.609344) + " miles/(US)gallon<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " metres = " + u_in*3.281 + " feet (1 m = 3.281 feet)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " metres = " + u_in*1.09361 + " yards (1 m = 1.09361 yards)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " metres/s = " + u_in*3.6 + " km/h (1 m/s = 3.6 km/h)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " miles = " + u_in*1.609344 + " km (1 mile = 1.609344 km)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " miles/h = " + u_in*1.609344 + " km/h (1 mile/h = 1.609344 km/h)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " miles/(UK)gallon = " + (100*0.62137*4.54609)/(u_in) + " litres/100km<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " miles/(UK)gallon = " + u_in*0.354 + " kilometres/litre (1 mile/gallon = 0.354 km/litre)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " miles/(US)gallon = " + (100*0.62137)/(u_in*0.264178) + " litres/100km<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " ounces = " + u_in*28.3495+ " grams (1 ounce = 28.3495 grams)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " pints = " + u_in*0.56826 + " litres (1 pint = 0.56826 litres)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " pounds = " + u_in*0.4536 + " kg (1 pound = 0.4536 kg)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " stones = " + u_in*6.35 + " kg (1 stone = 6.35 kg)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " UK gallons = " + u_in*4.54609 + " litres (1 UK gallon = 4.54609 litres)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " US barrels = " + u_in*159 + " litres (1 US barrel = 159 litres)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " US gallons = " + u_in*3.7854 + " litres (1 US gallon = 3.7854 litres)<br>"; u_out = u_out + u_dis + " yards = " + u_in*0.9144 + " metres (1 yard = 0.9144 metres)<br>"; u_out = u_out + "<h2>Symbols:</h2>"; u_out = u_out + "cm = centimeters (100 cm = 1 meter)"; u_out = u_out + "<br>h = hours (1 h = 3600 seconds)"; u_out = u_out + "<br>kg = kilograms (1 kg = 1000 grams)"; u_out = u_out + "<br>km = kilometers (1 km = 1000 meters)"; u_out = u_out + "<br>knot = Nautical Mile = 1.853 km = 6080 feet"; u_out = u_out + "<br>litres/100km = litres per 100 kilometers (fuel consumption)"; u_out = u_out + "<br>mile = land mile (1 mile = 1.609344 km)"; u_out = u_out + "<br>miles/(UK)gallon = miles per 1 UK gallon (fuel consumption)"; u_out = u_out + "<br>s = seconds (1 h = 3600 s)"; u_out = u_out + "<br>UK gallon = gallon used in England"; u_out = u_out + "<br>US barrel = 0.159 cubic meters (crude oil)"; u_out = u_out + "<br>US gallon = gallon used in the USA"; window.document.inouts.out_box.value="Results of the conversion are placed in a separate window just open"+ "\nWyniki konwersji wpisane zostaBy do nowo-otwartego okienka"; conversion_window.focus(); conversion_window.document.write(u_out); } function put_to_memory() // This function is puting values to memory { if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m1_in") { m1=window.document.inouts.in_box.value; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m1_out") { m1=window.document.inouts.out_box.value; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m2_in") { m2=window.document.inouts.in_box.value; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m2_out") { m2=window.document.inouts.out_box.value; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m3_in") { m3=window.document.inouts.in_box.value; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m3_out") { m3=window.document.inouts.out_box.value; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m4_m1") { m4=m1; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m4_m2") { m4=m2; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m4_m3") { m4=m3; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m4_in") { m4=window.document.inouts.in_box.value; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m4_out") { m4=window.document.inouts.out_box.value; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m5_m1") { m5=m1; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m5_m2") { m5=m2; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m5_m3") { m5=m3; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m5_in") { m5=window.document.inouts.in_box.value; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m5_out") { m5=window.document.inouts.out_box.value; } } function take_from_memory() // This function is puting values to memory { var is_in = window.document.inouts.in_box.value; var is_out = window.document.inouts.out_box.value; if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m1_in") { window.document.inouts.in_box.value=m1; text_in=m1; calculated_total=m1; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m1_out") { window.document.inouts.out_box.value=m1; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m2_in") { window.document.inouts.in_box.value=is_in+m2; text_in=is_in+m2; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m2_out") { window.document.inouts.out_box.value=is_out+m2; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m3_in") { window.document.inouts.in_box.value=m3+is_in; text_in=m3+is_in; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m3_out") { window.document.inouts.out_box.value=m3+is_out; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m4_m1") { m1=m4; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m4_m2") { m2=m4; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m4_m3") { m3=m4; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m4_in") { window.document.inouts.in_box.value=m4; text_in=m4; calculated_total=m4; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m4_out") { window.document.inouts.out_box.value=m4; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m5_m1") { m1=m5; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m5_m2") { m2=m5; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m5_m3") { m3=m5; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m5_in") { window.document.inouts.in_box.value=m5; text_in=m5; calculated_total=m5; } if (window.document.inouts.memory_management.value == "m5_out") { window.document.inouts.out_box.value=m5; } } function show_memory() //It shows the content of memory { var i=0, mx=""; nr=window.document.inouts.memory_management.value; if((nr=="m1_in")||(nr=="m1_out")){mx=m1;i=1;} if((nr=="m2_in")||(nr=="m2_out")){mx=m2;i=2;} if((nr=="m3_in")||(nr=="m3_out")){mx=m3;i=3;} if((nr=="m4_m1")||(nr=="m4_m2")||(nr=="m4_m3")||(nr=="m4_in")||(nr=="m4_out")){mx=m4;i=4;} if((nr=="m5_m1")||(nr=="m5_m2")||(nr=="m5_m3")||(nr=="m5_in")||(nr=="m5_out")){mx=m5;i=5;} if(mx==""){mx="This memory is empty!<br>Ta pami jest pusta!<br>";} var show_content="<h1>Memory Content ("+i+"):</h1>"+mx; var memory_window = window.open('', '_blank', 'height=200, width=500, status=yes, toolbar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, location=no'); memory_window.focus(); memory_window.document.write(show_content); } function clear_memory() //It shows the content of memory { m1="", m2="", m3="", m4="", m5=""; } function input_date() // This function converts units of measure { var month_in, year_in = 1; var date_o=new Date(); var d_out= "<h2>Date input:</h2>"; d_out=d_out+"Today is: "+day_of_week(date_o.getDay())+", "; d_out=d_out+date_o.getDate()+"th of "+month_name(date_o.getMonth()+1)+" "+date_o.getYear(); d_out=d_out+" - jest "+dzien_tygodnia(date_o.getDay())+", "; d_out=d_out+date_o.getDate()+" "+miesiac_roku(date_o.getMonth()+1)+" "+date_o.getYear()+" roku<br>"; d_out=d_out+"The time is: "+date_o.getHours()+":"+date_o.getMinutes(); d_out=d_out+" - obecnie mamy godzine "+date_o.getHours()+" minut "+date_o.getMinutes()+"<br>"; d_out = d_out + "If you are after details of the today\'s date then click on the DO-DATE below<br>"; d_out = d_out + "Je[li szukasz informacji tylko o dzisiaj - kliknij na klawisz DO-DATE poni|ej<br>"; d_out = d_out + " <INPUT TYPE=button length=68 VALUE=DO-DATE onClick=window.opener.convert_date()><br>"; d_out = d_out + "Otherwise, indicate below the date you are after, and only then click on the above button.<br>"; d_out = d_out + "W przeciwnym wypadku wska| poni|ej dat o jak ci chodzi i tylko potem kliknij na powy|szy klawisz."; d_out = d_out + "<FORM NAME=inner>"; d_out = d_out + " day = <textarea rows=1 cols=6 name=select_day>21</textarea>"; d_out = d_out + " month = <select name=select_month><option value=0>select-wska|</option>"; d_out = d_out + "<option value=1>1=January</option><option value=2>2=February</option><option value=3>3=March</option><option value=4>4=April</option>"; d_out = d_out + "<option value=5>5=May</option><option value=6>6=June</option><option value=7>7=July</option><option value=8>8=August</option>"; d_out = d_out + "<option value=9>9=September</option><option value=10>10=October</option><option value=11>11=November</option><option value=12>12=December</option>"; d_out = d_out + "</select>"; d_out = d_out + " year = <textarea rows=1 cols=8 name=input_year>2004</textarea> "; d_out = d_out + "</FORM>"; d_out = d_out + "To indicate the date you are after: alter or type the day, choose the month, alter or type the year. Then click the button DO-DATE above (in this window):</br>"; d_out = d_out + "Aby wpisa dat: popraw lub wpisz dzieD (day), wybierz miesic (month), popraw lub wpisz rok (year). Potem kliknij na poprzedni klawisz DO-DATE (w tym okienku):"; date_in_window = window.open('', '_blank', 'height=200, width=500, status=yes, toolbar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, location=no', 'false'); date_in_window.focus(); date_in_window.document.write(d_out); } function day_of_week(day_no) //Converts the day number into day name { var day_name = new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday","Sunday"); return (day_name[day_no]); } function dzien_tygodnia(day_no) //Converts the day number into day name { var day_name = new Array("niedziela","poniedziaBek","wtorek","[roda","czwartek","piatek","sobota","niedziela"); return (day_name[day_no]); } function month_name(month_no) //Converts the day number into day name { var month_na = new Array("","January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December"); return (month_na[month_no]); } function miesiac_roku(month_no) //Converts the day number into day name { var month_na = new Array("","styczeD","luty","marzec","kwiecieD","maj","czerwiec","lipiec","sierpieD","wrzesieD","pazdziernik","listopad","grudzieD"); return (month_na[month_no]); } function convert_date() // This function reads the date from date input window { var date_o=new Date(); var day_next=88,month_next=88,year_next=88; var days_in_this_year = 55; day_next= date_in_window.inner.select_day.value; month_next = date_in_window.inner.select_month.value; year_next = date_in_window.inner.input_year.value; //alert("Day passed = " + day_next + "\nMonth_passed = " + month_next + "\nYear_passed = " + year_next); conversion_window = window.open('', '_blank', 'height=200, width=500, status=yes, toolbar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, location=no', 'false'); var u_out = "<h1>Date conversion:</h1>"; u_out = u_out + "<h3>In English:</h3>"; u_out=u_out+"----- Date being analysed: today, means "+day_of_week(date_o.getDay())+", "+date_o.getDate()+" "+month_name(date_o.getMonth()+1)+" "+date_o.getYear()+" -----<br>"; u_out = u_out + "Today is " + day_of_week(date_o.getDay())+" - time now is "+date_o.getHours()+":"+date_o.getMinutes()+"<br>"; if(leap_year(date_o.getYear()) == 1) { u_out = u_out + "year " + date_o.getYear() + " is a leap year - i.e. 2nd month (February) has 29 days<br>"; u_out = u_out + "year " + date_o.getYear() + " has 366 days,<br>"; days_in_this_year=366; } else { u_out = u_out + "year " + date_o.getYear() + " is a common year - i.e. 2nd month (February) has 28 days<br>"; u_out = u_out + "year " + date_o.getYear() + " has 365 days,<br>"; days_in_this_year=365; } u_out = u_out + "date " + date_o.getYear() + "/" + (date_o.getMonth()+1) + "/" + date_o.getDate() + " is the " + day_no(date_o.getDay(),(date_o.getMonth()+1),date_o.getYear()) + "th day in the " + date_o.getYear() + " year<br>"; u_out = u_out + "from " + date_o.getYear() + "/" + (date_o.getMonth()+1) + "/" + date_o.getDate() + " to the end of " + date_o.getYear() + " year is left " + (days_in_this_year-day_no(date_o.getDay(),(date_o.getMonth()+1),date_o.getYear())) + " days<br>"; u_out = u_out + "year " + date_o.getYear() + " is a year of \"" + chinese_zodiac(date_o.getYear()) + "\" from the Chinese animal (birth) zodiac<br>"; u_out = u_out + "year " + date_o.getYear() + " is dominated by the element \"" + zodiac_element(date_o.getYear()) + "\" from the Chinese zodiac<br>"; u_out = u_out + "(for details on \"" + chinese_zodiac(date_o.getYear()) + "\" and \"" + zodiac_element(date_o.getYear()) + "\" see the web page <a href=http://pigs.20fr.com/pigs.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>pigs.20fr.com</b></font></a>)<br>"; if(month_next != 0) { u_out=u_out+"<br>----- Date analysed: "+day_next+"th of "+month_name(month_next)+" "+year_next+" -----<br>"; if(leap_year(year_next) == 1) { u_out = u_out + "year " + year_next + " is a leap year - i.e. 2nd month (February) has 29 days<br>"; u_out = u_out + "year " + year_next + " has 366 days,<br>"; days_in_this_year=366; } else { u_out = u_out + "year " + year_next + " is a common year - i.e. 2nd month (February) has 28 days<br>"; u_out = u_out + "year " + year_next + " has 365 days,<br>"; days_in_this_year=365; } u_out = u_out + "date " + year_next + "/" + month_next + "/" + day_next + " is the " + day_no(day_next,month_next,year_next) + "th day in the " + year_next + " year<br>"; u_out = u_out + "from " + year_next + "/" + month_next + "/" + day_next + " to the end of " + year_next + " year is left " + (days_in_this_year-day_no(day_next,month_next,year_next)) + " days<br>"; u_out = u_out + "year " + year_next + " is a year of \"" + chinese_zodiac(year_next) + "\" from the Chinese animal (birth) zodiac<br>"; u_out = u_out + "year " + year_next + " is dominated by the element \"" + zodiac_element(year_next) + "\" from the Chinese zodiac<br>"; u_out = u_out + "(for details on \"" + chinese_zodiac(year_next) + "\" and \"" + zodiac_element(year_next) + "\" see the web page <a href=http://pigs.20fr.com/pigs.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>pigs.20fr.com</b></font></a>)<br>"; } u_out = u_out + "<h3>Po polsku:</h3>"; u_out=u_out+"----- Analizowany dzieD: dzisiaj, czyli "+dzien_tygodnia(date_o.getDay())+", "+date_o.getDate()+" "+miesiac_roku(date_o.getMonth()+1)+" "+date_o.getYear()+" roku -----<br>"; u_out = u_out + "Dzisiaj jest " + dzien_tygodnia(date_o.getDay())+" - mamy teraz godzin "+date_o.getHours()+" minut "+date_o.getMinutes()+"<br>"; if(leap_year(date_o.getYear()) == 1) { u_out = u_out + "rok " + date_o.getYear() + " jest rokiem przestpnym - tj. 2-gi miesic (luty) na w nim 29 dni<br>"; u_out = u_out + "rok " + date_o.getYear() + " ma 366 dni,<br>"; } else { u_out = u_out + "rok " + date_o.getYear() + " jest zwykBym rokiem - tj. 2-gi miesic (luty) ma w nim 28 dni<br>"; u_out = u_out + "rok " + date_o.getYear() + " ma 365 dni,<br>"; } u_out = u_out + "dzieD " + date_o.getYear() + "-" + (date_o.getMonth()+1) + "-" + date_o.getDate() + " jest " + day_no(date_o.getDay(),(date_o.getMonth()+1),date_o.getYear()) + "-tym dniem w " + date_o.getYear() + " roku<br>"; u_out = u_out + "od " + date_o.getYear() + "-" + (date_o.getMonth()+1) + "-" + date_o.getDate() + " do koDca " + date_o.getYear() + "-tego roku pozostaBo " + (days_in_this_year-day_no(date_o.getDay(),(date_o.getMonth()+1),date_o.getYear())) + " dni<br>"; u_out = u_out + "znakiem dla " + date_o.getYear() + " roku jest \"" + chinski_zodiak(date_o.getYear()) + "\" z chiDskiego zodiaku zwierzcego<br>"; u_out = u_out + "pierwiastkiem dla " + date_o.getYear() + " roku jest \"" + pierwiastek_zodiaku(date_o.getYear()) + "\" z chiDskiego zodiaku zwierzcego<br>"; u_out = u_out + "(znak \"" + chinski_zodiak(date_o.getYear()) + "\" i pierwiastek \"" + pierwiastek_zodiaku(date_o.getYear()) + "\" opisane s na <a href=http://pigs.20megsfree.com/pigs_pl.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>pigs.20m.com</b></font></a>)<br>"; if(month_next != 0) { u_out=u_out+"<br>----- Analizowana data: "+day_next+" "+miesiac_roku(month_next)+" "+year_next+" roku -----<br>"; if(leap_year(year_next) == 1) { u_out = u_out + "rok " + year_next + " jest rokiem przestpnym - tj. 2-gi miesic (luty) na w nim 29 dni<br>"; u_out = u_out + "rok " + year_next + " ma 366 dni,<br>"; } else { u_out = u_out + "rok " + year_next + " jest zwykBym rokiem - tj. 2-gi miesic (luty) ma w nim 28 dni<br>"; u_out = u_out + "rok " + year_next + " ma 365 dni,<br>"; } u_out = u_out + "dzieD " + year_next + "-" + month_next + "-" + day_next + " jest " + day_no(day_next,month_next,year_next) + "-tym dniem w " + year_next + " roku<br>"; u_out = u_out + "od " + year_next + "-" + month_next + "-" + day_next + " do koDca " + year_next + "-tego roku pozostaBo " + (days_in_this_year-day_no(day_next,month_next,year_next)) + " dni<br>"; u_out = u_out + "znakiem dla " + year_next + " roku jest \"" + chinski_zodiak(year_next) + "\" z chiDskiego zodiaku zwierzcego<br>"; u_out = u_out + "pierwiastkiem dla " + year_next + " roku jest \"" + pierwiastek_zodiaku(year_next) + "\" z chiDskiego zodiaku zwierzcego<br>"; u_out = u_out + "(znak \"" + chinski_zodiak(year_next) + "\" i pierwiastek \"" + pierwiastek_zodiaku(year_next) + "\" opisane s na <a href=http://pigs.20megsfree.com/pigs_pl.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>pigs.20m.com</b></font></a>)<br>"; } conversion_window.focus(); conversion_window.document.write(u_out); } function day_no(dd, mm, yy) { var total_days=0; var days_in_months = new Array(0, 31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31) if (leap_year(yy)==1) //checks wheather is yeap year / common year {days_in_months[2] = 29} for (i=1; i < mm; i++) { total_days=1*total_days + 1*days_in_months[i]; } total_days = 1*total_days + 1*dd; return total_days; } function leap_year(year) //This function checks the year is a leap year or not { return (((year % 4 == 0) && (year % 100 != 0)) || ((year % 400 == 0)&&(year % 4000 != 0))) ? 1 : 0; } function chinese_zodiac(yy) //This function calculates the Chinese zodiac sign { var zodiac_animals = new Array("Rat", "Ox", "Tiger", "Rabbit", "Dragon", "Snake", "Horse", "Sheep", "Monkey", "Rooster", "Dog", "Pig"); var year_indicator = 2; year_indicator = (yy - 1996)%12; if(year_indicator < 0) {year_indicator = 12+year_indicator;} return (zodiac_animals[year_indicator]); } function chinski_zodiak(yy) //This function calculates the Chinese zodiac sign { var zodiac_animals = new Array("Szczur", "WB", "Tygrys", "Krlik", "Smok", "W|", "KoD", "Owca", "MaBpa", "Kogut", "Pies", "Zwinia"); var year_indicator = 2; year_indicator = (yy - 1996)%12; if(year_indicator < 0) {year_indicator = 12+year_indicator;} return (zodiac_animals[year_indicator]); } function zodiac_element() //This function calculates the Chinese zodiac sign { var zodiac_elements = new Array("water", "water", "wood", "wood", "fire", "fire", "earth", "earth", "metal", "metal"); var year_indicator = 2; year_indicator = (year_in - 2002)%10; if(year_indicator < 0) {year_indicator = 10+year_indicator;} return (zodiac_elements[year_indicator]); } function pierwiastek_zodiaku() //This function calculates the Chinese zodiac sign { var zodiac_elements = new Array("woda", "woda", "drewno", "drewno", "ogieD", "ogieD", "ziemia", "ziemia", "metal", "metal"); var year_indicator = 2; year_indicator = (year_in - 2002)%10; if(year_indicator < 0) {year_indicator = 10+year_indicator;} return (zodiac_elements[year_indicator]); } --> </script> <!-- --------------------------------- Java Script functions end ---------------------------- --> </head> <body BGCOLOR="#0066CC" TEXT="#0066CC" LINK="#000000" VLINK="#000000" LEFTMARGIN="0" TOPMARGIN="0"> <table> <tr> <td> <font size="6" color="white"> <!-- ------------------------------ Header starts here -------------------------------- --> A demo prototype of the virtual keyboard "all-in-one" <br>for calculations, editions, Latin and Russian transliterations, etc.<br> (bilingual: in <a href="all_in_one.htm" target="_blank">English <img src="flags/uk_flag.gif" alt="For English version click on this flag" border=1 width=28 height=21></a> and <a href="all_in_one_pl.htm" target="_blank">Polish <img src="flags/pl_flag.gif" alt="Dla polskiej wersji kliknij na ta flage" border=1 width=28 height=21></a>) <!-- ----------------------------- Header finishes here ------------------------------ --> </font> <br> </td> </tr> <tr> <table WIDTH="100%" BORDER="1" CELLPADDING="2" CELLSPACING="0"> <tr> <td width="15%" VALIGN="top"> <!-- ------------------------------- Menu starts here --------------------------------- --> <font color="white" size="4"> Updated: <br> 12 December 2012 </font> <hr color="white" size="4" width="100%"> <br><a href="index.htm" target="_blank"><font size="6" color="#FF0000">Menu 1:</font></a> <p><font color="#FF0000"><b>(Languages:)</b></font></p> <div align="left"> <a href="all_in_one.htm" target="_blank"><img src="flags/uk_flag.gif" alt="For English version click on this flag" border=1 width=28 height=21><font size="2">-English</font></a></p> <a href="all_in_one_pl.htm" target="_blank"><img src="flags/pl_flag.gif" alt="Dla polskiej wersji kliknij na ta flage" border=1 width=28 height=21>-Polish</a><p> </div> <a href="index.htm" target="_blank"><font color="#FF0000"><b>(Organising:)</b></font></a> <br><br><a href="index.htm" target="_blank">Homepage</a> <br><br><a href="skorowidz_links.htm" target="_blank">Links</a> <br><br><a href="menu2.htm" target="_blank">Menu 2</a> <br><br><a href="menu.htm" target="_blank">Menu 4</a> <br><br><a href="faq.htm" target="_blank"><font size="3">FAQ</font></a> <br> <br><p><font color="#FF0000"><b>(Also here in English:)</b></font></p> <a href="all_in_one.htm" target="_blank">All-in-one</a><p> <a href="keyboard_gr.htm" target="_blank"><font size="2">Greek keyboard</font></a><p> <a href="keyboard_ru.htm" target="_blank"><font size="2">Russian keyboard</font></a><p> <a href="pajak_jan_uk.htm" target="_blank"><font size="1">About me (Dr Jan Pajak)</font></a></p> <br><p><font color="#FF0000"><b>(Also here in Polish:)</b></font></p> <a href="all_in_one_pl.htm" target="_blank"><font size="2">Wszystko-w-jednym</font></a><p> <a href="keyboard_gr.htm" target="_blank"><font size="2">Grecka klawiatura</font></a><p> <a href="keyboard_ru.htm" target="_blank"><font size="2">Rosyjska klawiatura</font></a><p> <a href="pajak_jan.htm" target="_blank"><font size="2">O mnie (dr Jan Pajk)</font></a></p> <br> <hr color="#FF0000" size="4" width="100%"> <br><a href="menu2.htm" target="_blank"><font size="6" color="#FF0000">M</font><font size="6" color="#FF33FF">e</font><font size="6" color="#993333">n</font><font size="6" color="blue">u</font> <font size="6" color="#FF9900">2</font><font size="6" color="gray">:</font></a> <br><br><a href="menu.htm" target="_blank"><font size="5" color="white">(scrollable)</font></a> <br><br><font color="white" size="4"> (Here is the list of all web pages from this server, arranged by language (in 8 languages). 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VALUE="." onClick='digit_in("&#46;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="-" VALUE="-" onClick='digit_in("&#45;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="+" VALUE="+" onClick='digit_in("&#43;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="*" VALUE="*" onClick='digit_in("&#42;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="/" VALUE="/" onClick='digit_in("&#47;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="%" VALUE="%" onClick='digit_in("&#37;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="=" VALUE="=" onClick='digit_in("&#61;")'> <select class="selection_length" name="special_functions"> <option value="type_text">Funct.:</option> <option value="to_square">square</option> <option value="to_cube">cube</option> <option value="to_pow">x-pow-y</option> <option value="to_sqrt">sqrt</option> <option value="to_pi">pi=3.14...</option> <option value="to_sin_rd">sin(rd)</option> <option value="to_cos_rd">cos(rd)</option> <option value="to_tan_rd">tan(rd)</option> <option value="to_e">e=2.71...</option> <option value="to_log">log(e)</option> </select> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="activate" VALUE="activate" onClick='activate_calculator_functions()'> <br><!-- UPPER CASE --> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="A" VALUE="&#1040;" onClick='digit_in("&#1040;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="B" VALUE="&#1041;" onClick='digit_in("&#1041;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="V" VALUE="&#1042;" onClick='digit_in("&#1042;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="G" VALUE="&#1043;" onClick='digit_in("&#1043;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="D" VALUE="&#1044;" onClick='digit_in("&#1044;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="JE" VALUE="&#1045;" onClick='digit_in("&#1045;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="" VALUE="&#203;" onClick='digit_in("&#203;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="ZH" VALUE="&#1046;" onClick='digit_in("&#1046;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="Z" VALUE="&#1047;" onClick='digit_in("&#1047;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="I" VALUE="&#1048;" onClick='digit_in("&#1048;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="J" VALUE="&#1049;" onClick='digit_in("&#1049;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="K" VALUE="&#1050;" onClick='digit_in("&#1050;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="L" VALUE="&#1051;" onClick='digit_in("&#1051;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="M" VALUE="&#1052;" onClick='digit_in("&#1052;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="N" VALUE="&#1053;" onClick='digit_in("&#1053;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="O" VALUE="&#1054;" onClick='digit_in("&#1054;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="P" VALUE="&#1055;" onClick='digit_in("&#1055;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="R" VALUE="&#1056;" onClick='digit_in("&#1056;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="S" VALUE="&#1057;" onClick='digit_in("&#1057;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="T" VALUE="&#1058;" onClick='digit_in("&#1058;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="U" VALUE="&#1059;" onClick='digit_in("&#1059;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="F" VALUE="&#1060;" onClick='digit_in("&#1060;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="CH" VALUE="&#1061;" onClick='digit_in("&#1061;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="C" VALUE="&#1062;" onClick='digit_in("&#1062;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="CZ" VALUE="&#1063;" onClick='digit_in("&#1063;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="SZ" VALUE="&#1064;" onClick='digit_in("&#1064;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="SZCZ" VALUE="&#1065;" onClick='digit_in("&#1065;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="TVIORDY" VALUE="&#1066;" onClick='digit_in("&#1066;")'><!-- Quote --> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="Y" VALUE="&#1067;" onClick='digit_in("&#1067;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="MIOKI" VALUE="&#1068;" onClick='digit_in("&#1068;")'><!--Apostroph --> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="E" VALUE="&#1069;" onClick='digit_in("&#1069;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="JU" VALUE="&#1070;" onClick='digit_in("&#1070;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="JA" VALUE="&#1071;" onClick='digit_in("&#1071;")'> <br> <!-- lower case --> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="a" VALUE="&#1072;" onClick='digit_in("&#1072;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="b" VALUE="&#1073;" onClick='digit_in("&#1073;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="v" VALUE="&#1074;" onClick='digit_in("&#1074;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="g" VALUE="&#1075;" onClick='digit_in("&#1075;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="d" VALUE="&#1076;" onClick='digit_in("&#1076;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="je" VALUE="&#1077;" onClick='digit_in("&#1077;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="" VALUE="&#235;" onClick='digit_in("&#235;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="zh" VALUE="&#1078;" onClick='digit_in("&#1078;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="z" VALUE="&#1079;" onClick='digit_in("&#1079;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="i" VALUE="&#1080;" onClick='digit_in("&#1080;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="j" VALUE="&#1081;" onClick='digit_in("&#1081;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="k" VALUE="&#1082;" onClick='digit_in("&#1082;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="l" VALUE="&#1083;" onClick='digit_in("&#1083;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="m" VALUE="&#1084;" onClick='digit_in("&#1084;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="n" VALUE="&#1085;" onClick='digit_in("&#1085;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="o" VALUE="&#1086;" onClick='digit_in("&#1086;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="p" VALUE="&#1087;" onClick='digit_in("&#1087;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="r" VALUE="&#1088;" onClick='digit_in("&#1088;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="s" VALUE="&#1089;" onClick='digit_in("&#1089;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="t" VALUE="&#1090;" onClick='digit_in("&#1090;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="u" VALUE="&#1091;" onClick='digit_in("&#1091;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="f" VALUE="&#1092;" onClick='digit_in("&#1092;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="ch" VALUE="&#1093;" onClick='digit_in("&#1093;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="c" VALUE="&#1094;" onClick='digit_in("&#1094;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="cz" VALUE="&#1095;" onClick='digit_in("&#1095;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="sz" VALUE="&#1096;" onClick='digit_in("&#1096;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="szcz" VALUE="&#1097;" onClick='digit_in("&#1097;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="tviordy" VALUE="&#1098;" onClick='digit_in("&#1098;")'><!-- quote --> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="y" VALUE="&#1099;" onClick='digit_in("&#1099;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="mioki" VALUE="&#1100;" onClick='digit_in("&#1100;")'><!--apostroph --> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="e" VALUE="&#1101;" onClick='digit_in("&#1101;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="ju" VALUE="&#1102;" onClick='digit_in("&#1102;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="ja" VALUE="&#1103;" onClick='digit_in("&#1103;")'> <br> <!-- punctuation --> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="!" VALUE="!" onClick='digit_in("&#33;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="apostroph" VALUE="&#39;" onClick='digit_in("&#39;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="quote" VALUE="&#34;" onClick='digit_in("\"")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="(" VALUE="(" onClick='digit_in("&#40;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name=")" VALUE=")" onClick='digit_in("&#41;")'> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="space" VALUE="space" onClick='digit_in("&#32;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="," VALUE="," onClick='digit_in("&#44;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="." VALUE="." onClick='digit_in("&#46;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name=":" VALUE=":" onClick='digit_in("&#58;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name=";" VALUE=";" onClick='digit_in("&#59;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="?" VALUE="?" onClick='digit_in("&#63;")'> <br> <!-- control functions --> <select class="selection_length" name="standard_select"> <option value="gost">gost1983</option> <option value="uk_usa">bgn/pcgn</option> <option value="html">html code</option> </select> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="refresh" VALUE="refresh" onClick='digit_in("", "", "", "")'> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="clear" VALUE="clear" onClick='clear_in()'> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="convert" VALUE="convert" onClick='convert_in()'> <select class="selection_length" name="conversion_select"> <option value="arab_to_rom">Arab-Rom</option> <option value="rom_to_arab">Rom-Arab</option> <option value="units_change">Unit conv.</option> <option value="date_convert">Date conv</option> </select> <br> <!-- memories --> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="display_m" VALUE="show m" onClick='show_memory()'> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="store" VALUE="store" onClick='put_to_memory()'> <select class="selection_length" name="memory_management"> <option value="m1_in">1 IN</option> <option value="m1_out">1 OUT</option> <option value="m2_in">2 IN+</option> <option value="m2_out">2 OUT+</option> <option value="m3_in">3 +IN</option> <option value="m3_out">3 +OUT</option> <option value="m4_m1">4 1</option> <option value="m4_m2">4 2</option> <option value="m4_m3">4 3</option> <option value="m4_in">4 IN</option> <option value="m4_out">4 OUT</option> <option value="m5_m1">5 1</option> <option value="m5_m2">5 2</option> <option value="m5_m3">5 3</option> <option value="m5_in">5 IN</option> <option value="m5_out">5 OUT</option> </select> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="retrieve" VALUE="retrieve" onClick='take_from_memory()'> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="clear_m" VALUE="erase m" onClick='clear_memory()'> <br> <!-- helps --> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="Help" VALUE="Help" onClick='show_help(help_in_english)'> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="Help" VALUE="><>IL" onClick='show_help(help_in_russian)'> <INPUT class="long_length" TYPE="button" name="Help" VALUE="Pomoc" onClick='show_help(help_in_polish)'> <br> <!-- Latin UPPER CASE --> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="A" VALUE="A" onClick='digit_in("&#65;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="A" VALUE="&#260;" onClick='digit_in("&#260;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="B" VALUE="B" onClick='digit_in("&#66;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="C" VALUE="C" onClick='digit_in("&#67;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="C" VALUE="&#262;" onClick='digit_in("&#262;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="D" VALUE="D" onClick='digit_in("&#68;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="E" VALUE="E" onClick='digit_in("&#69;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="E" VALUE="&#280;" onClick='digit_in("&#280;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="F" VALUE="F" onClick='digit_in("&#70;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="G" VALUE="G" onClick='digit_in("&#71;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="H" VALUE="H" onClick='digit_in("&#72;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="I" VALUE="I" onClick='digit_in("&#73;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="J" VALUE="J" onClick='digit_in("&#74;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="K" VALUE="K" onClick='digit_in("&#75;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="L" VALUE="L" onClick='digit_in("&#76;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="L" VALUE="&#321;" onClick='digit_in("&#321;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="M" VALUE="M" onClick='digit_in("&#77;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="N" VALUE="N" onClick='digit_in("&#78;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="N" VALUE="&#323;" onClick='digit_in("&#323;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="O" VALUE="O" onClick='digit_in("&#79;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="O" VALUE="&#211;" onClick='digit_in("&#211;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="P" VALUE="P" onClick='digit_in("&#80;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="Q" VALUE="Q" onClick='digit_in("&#81;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="R" VALUE="R" onClick='digit_in("&#82;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" 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<INPUT TYPE="button" name="c" VALUE="c" onClick='digit_in("&#99;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="c" VALUE="&#263;" onClick='digit_in("&#263;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="d" VALUE="d" onClick='digit_in("&#100;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="e" VALUE="e" onClick='digit_in("&#101;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="e" VALUE="&#281;" onClick='digit_in("&#281;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="f" VALUE="f" onClick='digit_in("&#102;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="g" VALUE="g" onClick='digit_in("&#103;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="h" VALUE="h" onClick='digit_in("&#104;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="i" VALUE="i" onClick='digit_in("&#105;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="j" VALUE="j" onClick='digit_in("&#106;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="k" VALUE="k" onClick='digit_in("&#107;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="l" VALUE="l" onClick='digit_in("&#108;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="l" VALUE="&#322;" onClick='digit_in("&#322;")'> <INPUT TYPE="button" name="m" VALUE="m" onClick='digit_in("&#109;")'> <INPUT 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align=justify>"+ "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (0) Use your mouse to "+ "<font color=#FF0000><b>adjust the size, shape, and location</b></font> "+ "of this HELP window, so that it best suits the visibility of the "+ "keyboard and your reading preferences. In order to adjust the "+ "size and/or shape, \"catch\" it with the mouse by any side, or by the right "+ "low corner, and then drag it in the selected direction. In turn to adjust "+ "the location, \"catch\" it by the blue top bar and shift to a new location. "+ "Use the SCROLLBAR on the right side to scroll the text which you read."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (1) This is the <b>all in one</b> "+ "type of virtual keyboard. (Means, it allows to accomplish with a single "+ "keyboard all these goals that otherwise are provided by a whole number of separate "+ "software tools.) Use this free virtual keyboard to do: (a) calculations, (b) "+ "conversion of quantitative values, (c) operations on dates, (d) texts typing, "+ "editing, and converting, and (d) to keep in touch with your Russian "+ "friends, close ones, professional colleagues or interest groups, by typing "+ "emails, papers, keywords, and text insertions in the Russian language, and "+ "then copying and pasting them to wherever they are required. You can also "+ "use this keyboard to transliterate Russian texts or keywords into a Romanised "+ "form."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (2) Notice that the Russian texts written in the UNICODE "+ "with the use of this keyboard, show a basic advantage in comparison to texts written in Cyrillic "+ "with the ANSI code - e.g. via turning your Windows XP into the mode of writing in the Russian alphabet. "+ "Namely, the Russian texts written in the UNICODE always and everywhere appear as typed with the "+ "Russian alphabet. So they are visible as such Russian texts in practically every computer. (I.e. "+ "even in computers which have no Russian fonts installed, still every single letter of these texts "+ "will appear as a separate empty square.) "+ "In turn, on all computers which were NOT switched yet onto the work in the Russian alphabet, "+ "the Russian texts written in the ANSI code look like strings of garbage. Therefore people whose "+ "computers work most of the time in the Latin alphabet, usually take such Russian texts written "+ "with the ANSI code to be just a system garbage, and they delete these texts in the majority of cases."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (3) This virtual keyboard is providing the user with the "+ "following capabilities:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>Typing "+ "Russian texts</b></font>. The user may type these texts with the use of the Russian keyboard. "+ "After they are typed, they appear in the text box marked IN. It is also there that they can be edited - "+ "as this is described below. Moreover, these texts immediately are <b>transliterated</b> automatically "+ "according to the standard of transliteration that the user chooses - as this is explained in further items of "+ "this help. The outcome of transliteration appears in the window OUT."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>Typing "+ "texts with a Latin alphabet</b></font>, and also Polish texts. For this, the lower, Latin (also Polish) "+ "keyboard is used. Texts typed with the Latin alphabet appear in the upper text box IN as well. "+ "But their spelling is thoroughly copied (i.e. NOT transliterated as spelling of the Russian words) to "+ "the lower text box OUT. One should notice that due to a simultaneous use of two alphabets (i.e. "+ "Russian and Latin), this keyboard allows for a simple mixing together texts typed simultaneously "+ "in Russian and Latin (or Polish)."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>Saving "+ "(and retrieving) contents of boxes IN and/or OUT</b></font>. This keyboard has as many as 5 "+ "huge memories. Each one of them is able to accumulate a whole book inside. These memories "+ "are numbered from 1 to 5. Memories number 1, 2 and 3 store and retrieve the content of either "+ "text box IN, or text box OUT (depending on the choice of the user). In turn memories number 4 "+ "and 5 have extended capabilities. They can store and retrieve both, the content of text boxes IN "+ "and/or OUT, as well as the content of memories 1, 2 or 3. In order to save, for example, the "+ "content of the text box IN to the memory number 1, we need to set the \"selector of memories\" "+ "(this one in the centre of row of keys for servicing memories) to the position (1 IN) - notice that "+ "(1 IN) is the default position of this selector. Then we need to click on the key \"store\". The content "+ "of the text box IN is copied to the memory number 1. Simultaneously, whatever previously was "+ "contained in this memory number 1, is erased. Now we can verify whether the new content really is in "+ "memory number 1, by clicking on the key \"show m\" which always shows the content of memory "+ "at which is pointing the selector of memories at a given time. The content of memory number 1 "+ "at any time later we can copy to the text box IN or text box OUT. If the selector of memories is set "+ "at the memory (1 IN) while the content of memory number 1 we would like to copy to the text box "+ "IN, then it suffices that we click on the button \"retrieve\". But if we would like to copy the content "+ "of memory number 1 to the text box OUT, then we need firstly switch the selector of memories into "+ "the position (1 OUT) and only then we click on the button \"retrieve\". In exactly the same manner we "+ "use the remaining memories number 2, 3, 4 and 5 (only that memories number 4 and 5 take "+ "and give their content not only from/to text boxes IN and OUT, but also from/to memories number "+ "1, 2 and 3). Notice, that there are differences in manners on which subsequent memories copy their "+ "contents to text boxes IN and/or OUT. The memory number 1 always erases the previous content "+ "of text boxes IN or OUT, and writes over this content. In exactly the same manner work memories "+ "number 4 and 5. But memory number 2 always adds the content of itself to the end of whatever "+ "already exists in windows IN or OUT (notice, that the place to which the content of given memory "+ "is copied, is marked with the symbol + in the selector of memories). In turn, the memory number "+ "3 is copying the content at the beginning of whatever already exists in text boxes IN or OUT. "+ "Finally, memories number 4 and 5, similarly to memory number 1, always erase completely "+ "the previous content of the text box or memory to which their content is copied. The complete "+ "erasure (cleaning) of all memories is carried out by clicking on the key \"erase m\". Please "+ "notice, that such a number and organisation of 5 memories, provide this keyboard with a "+ "whole range of unique operational advantages. For example, these memories allow to shift "+ "around data and results between both, subsequent text boxes, as well as subsequent memories. "+ "Furthermore, they facilitate editing of texts being typed, and also extend capabilities of the calculator."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>Conversion "+ "of quantitative values</b></font>. In order to carry out such a conversion: (a) firstly one needs to "+ "choose a type of the conversion from the selector placed on the right side (between both keyboards) "+ "e.g. choose the conversion \"Roman to Arabic\". Then (b) to the window IN the user either needs to "+ "type with numerical keys of this keyboard the value that is to be converted, or needs to copy this value "+ "from some other document. (E.g. a Latin number MCMXCIX can be copied in there.) Finally (c) "+ "the user needs to click on the key \"convert\". Then in the box OUT, or in the especially opened "+ "for this purpose separate window, the result of the conversion will appear. (In our example of "+ "converting the Latin number MCMXCIX typed into the box IN, as the outcome of this conversion "+ "in the box OUT the Arabic number 1999 will appear.) This version of the virtual keyboard is "+ "supplied with the following kinds of conversions:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Arabic to Roman</b>: "+ "it converts Arabic numbers typed into the box IN, into Latin numbers that appear in the box OUT, "+ "e.g. changes the Arabic number 987 into a Latin number CMLXXXVII. Notice that the conversion "+ "\"Arabic to Roman\" is set to be the \"default\" on this keyboard."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Roman to Arabic</b>: "+ "it converts a Latin number typed into the box IN into an Arabic number to appear in the box OUT, "+ "e.g. changes the Latin number DCCCXCVIII into the Arabic number 898. Notice, that in case of "+ "converting a Latin number that contains an disallowed character, in the window OUT the information "+ "[Oops: Y] will appear (in this information Y is this disallowed character). Notice also that the keyboard "+ "does NOT validate directly the Latin numbers subjected to it for conversion. (Such a validation would "+ "unnecessarily complicate and enlarge the program of this keyboard.) However, it allows to validate this "+ "number indirectly by (a) typing the Arabic outcome of the conversion to the box IN, (b) converting back "+ "this Arabic number into the Latin number, and (c) comparing the final Latin number received in the box "+ "OUT with the initial Latin number about the correctness of which one has a doubt. After all, the conversion "+ "\"Arabic to Roman\" is always errorless in this keyboard. At this point it is worth to add, that the shifting "+ "of Arabic and Roman numbers between both text boxes IN and OUT, and also their comparison, can "+ "be carried out with the use of memories of this keyboard. For example, the original Latin number from "+ "the text box IN we can copy to the memory number 2 by choosing (2 IN*) and clicking onto \"store\". "+ "The resultant Arabic number from the text box OUT we can copy to the memory number 1 by choosing "+ "(1 OUT) and clicking on the \"store\". Then the Arabic content of memory 1 we copy to the text box IN by "+ "selecting (1 IN) and clicking at the \"retrieve\". Then the Arabic number is converted into the Roman number "+ "by choosing the kind of conversion \"Arabic to Roman\" and clicking at the \"convert\". Finally, the received "+ "in this way correct Latin number from the text box OUT we can compare with the original Latin number "+ "still stored in the memory number 2, by choosing e.g. (2 IN*) and clicking on the button \"show m\" (this "+ "button is to cause that we can view what exactly is contained in the memory number 2)."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Units conversion</b>: "+ "it converts any (Arabic) number typed into the box IN, which represents some quantitative value (e.g. "+ "speed expressed in miles per hour), into a whole range of other numbers which represent the same "+ "quantitative value, but this time expressed in various other units (e.g. amongst others also into speed "+ "expressed in kilometres per hour). Outcomes of this conversion appear in a separate window which is "+ "open especially for this purpose. This separate window with outcomes of conversion also can be "+ "enlarged, reduced, and shifted in a similar way as it can be done with this help window."+ "If by any chance the reader discovers that there is any popular and highly useful conversion of units, "+ "which so far is NOT included into this keyboard, then please let me and I will introduce it immediately."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Date conversion</b>: "+ "after selecting the \"Date conversion\" and clicking on the key CONVERT that is positioned just by it, "+ "the keyboard reads any date that the user types into a purposely opened separate new window named "+ "the \"Date input:\". After the user clicks again onto another key marked CONVERT-THIS-DATE, "+ "which is placed in this separate date input window, the keyboard calculates for this date provided by "+ "the user a whole range of calendar values that are connected with it. For example it calculates which "+ "day of the year this date represents, how many days is left to the end of this year, whether a given year "+ "is a leap year and thus has 29 days in February, what is the Chinese animal zodiac sign for this year and "+ "the dominating zodiac element, etc., etc. Outcomes of these calculations appear in a separate window "+ "especially opened for this purpose. This new window with results of dates conversion also can be "+ "enlarged, reduced and shifter, like this help window. Please notice, that all results of the \"date conversion\" "+ "are only valid for the period of history in which the present calendar prevails (i.e. dates that lie far in past "+ "or far in the future may belong to a different calendar). In by any chance the reader discovers, that there "+ "is some popular or highly useful calendar information calculated on the basis of dates, which still is absent "+ "in this keyboard, then please let me know, and I will introduce it immediately."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>Editing "+ "of texts being typed</b></font> and copying these texts to other documents. How to accomplish this editing "+ "it is described in next items below."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (4) Digital keys of this keyboard can be used on several "+ "different manners. The manner on which they are used at a given time is set up with the use of the "+ "\"selector of mode of use\" located on the left side of the highest row of digital keys. Here is a list "+ "of different uses of digital keys that the user can choose with this selector:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Typing</b>. "+ "In this position of the \"selector of mode of use\", the keyboard is used as a part of an ordinary "+ "typewriter. Thus each digital key we click on, as well as each key of mathematical operators located "+ "in the same row as digital keys, causes only typing a corresponding character to the text box IN. "+ "The position \"typing\" is the default setting for this selector."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Code input</b>. "+ "In this position of the \"selector of mode of use\" (this selector from the left side of digital keys), "+ "clicking on digital keys causes the typing of a numeric code into a separate (miniature) text box "+ "marked \"code in\". In turn the code typed into this text box can be later transformed into any "+ "character of the UNICODE. In order this code is converted into a UNICODE character, after it "+ "is typed, the user needs to click on the key \"convert\" (i.e. the same key \"convert\" which is "+ "also used for conversion of quantitative values). After this clicking, this code just selected is converted "+ "into a character that is represented by it, and is shifted to the text box IN (as a character). Due to "+ "this capability, the keyboard allows to include into texts that we are typing practically any special "+ "character for which we know the UNICODE value, and for which there is a font in our computer. "+ "For example, if we select in this manner the code 181, then in the text box IN appears the Greek "+ "letter \"\" (mi) which is absent on this keyboard. It should be emphasized, that the code of the "+ "character that we are typing does not appear neither in the text box IN nor in the text box OUT, but "+ "it appears in the separate small text box located in the same row as digital keys and marked as the "+ "\"code in\"). Only when this code is converted into a UNICODE character which corresponds to it, "+ "this character appears in the text box IN. We must also remember, that after we finish typing codes "+ "of special characters that we need, we must switch the selector of mode of use of digital keys back "+ "into the mode \"typing\". Note also, that exactly in the same way as codes of UNICODE characters, "+ "we type exponent used by the special function of the calculator \"x to power y\"."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Calculator</b>. "+ "In this mode, the digital keys, as well as mathematical operators located in the same row as "+ "digital keys, work as a powerful calculator. This calculator completes all kinds of operations "+ "from an ordinary calculator, means addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division "+ "(/). Furthermore, it allows also for the use all other operations which can be completed by "+ "a typical computer and by a typical programming language. As an example consider the "+ "remainder of integer division obtained due to use of the operator (%). This remainder "+ "is whatever is left after dividing an integer number by another, smaller integer number. E.g. "+ "for the operation 7/3=2 it amounts to 7%2=1. In turn, for the operation 2004/4=501, it "+ "amounts to 0. Therefore it is used, e.g. for detecting leap years, prime numbers, etc. "+ "(i.e. each leap year \"P\" always provides the remainder P%4=0. In turn a prime number "+ "is a number which for all numbers other than itself and 1 always give this remainder not "+ "equal to zero. Other powerful tool of the calculator discussed here, are special functions "+ "which users choose with the selector on the right side of digital keys. These functions are "+ "executed with the key \"activate\". They always calculate a new value from the last number "+ "which in the mode of use \"calculator\" we typed to the text box IN, or we copied "+ "to the text box IN from the memory number 1. These special functions provide the calculator "+ "with such additional capabilities as: calculating (square) - i.e. a power of two, calculating (cube) "+ "- i.e. a power of 3, x to power y (x-pow-y), square root (sqrt), finding an exact value of the number "+ "\"pi\" (pi=3.14...), sine, cosine and tangent from values in radians, an exact value of number "+ "\"e\" (e=2.71...), natural logarithm (log). For an argument, all these functions always use "+ "the last number typed in the IN text box in the calculator mode. However, one function is an exception. "+ "It is (x-pow-y). The exponent \"y\" for this function needs to be typed firstly into the text box "+ "\"code in\" through temporally setting the selector of mode to the position \"code in\". After "+ "this exponent is typed in, the selector of mode needs to be changed back into the position "+ "\"calculator\", while to the text box IN we type the number \"x\" which we would like to lift to the "+ "power \"y\". Finally, after we select the special function (x-pow-y), we need to click on the button "+ "\"activate\" in order to execute this function. Because of such a powerful capabilities of the "+ "keyboard discussed here, with the use of it we can carry out any mathematical calculations. "+ "Results of these calculations are typed to the text box OUT. In turn the report from "+ "the course of these calculations is shown in the text box IN. Erasing (cleaning) of both "+ "text boxes IN and OUT (e.g. before starting a next set of calculations) is carried out with "+ "the button \"clear\". We also need to remember, that after we finish calculations, we should "+ "return the selector of mode of use of digital keys back to the position \"typing\"."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (5) To insert a Russian text into your final document "+ "(e.g. email, HTML, XML, WORD, PDF, etc.), type it on this keyboard and then copy and paste "+ "it from the appropriate box to the desired place."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (6) This keyboard allows also for the edition of the "+ "Russian text appearing the highest text box IN. Fragments of this Russian text can be deleted, "+ "copied, moved, duplicated, pasted, and inserted into, and from, any position in the highest box IN. "+ "In turn alterations introduced to this highest text box IN are transferred automatically to the lower text "+ "box OUT during a next click on the key \"refresh\", or on any key with characters. In the low box OUT "+ "this text appears in the required form that the user chose. In cases when someone\'s editorial "+ "requirements exceed these offered by the keyboard, the Russian text from the box IN (as well "+ "as the transliterated content of the lower text box OUT of this keyboard) can also be copied into "+ "any other Unicode editor, e.g. into the NOTEPAD from Windows, or into the WORD. Then the "+ "editing capabilities of this other editor can be utilised for altering this text in whatever way one "+ "may wish."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (7) The content of subsequent text boxes used by "+ "this keyboard is as follows:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (The upper "+ "box - marked <b>IN</b>) It contains the Russian text that you just typed on this keyboard. "+ "It is written in the Cyrillic alphabet with Unicode characters. It can be saved, posted, or edited "+ "in any document or file which allows Unicode characters, e.g. in an email, HTML, XML, "+ "WORD, PDF, Notepad, etc. (Note that each Unicode character takes two bytes of computer "+ "memory.)"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (The lower box - "+ "marked <b>OUT</b>) It contains the same Russian text, but this time the text is transliterated "+ "(translated) into a form selected by the user. The form in which this text appears can be chosen "+ "by the user with the selector placed between keys \"clear\" and \"refresh\". In this version of "+ "the keyboard the user have the following choices of the form in which the text OUT can be "+ "formatted:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>GOST 1983</b> "+ "It offers the Russian text from the box IN, but this time transliterated (Romanized) into the "+ "Latin characters according to the official Russian standard GOST of 1983. So you can just "+ "copy this text to various official papers or documents to be forwarded to institutions which "+ "require the compliance with Russian transliteration standards. Notice that in this keyboard "+ "the output to the box OUT in the format GOST 1983 is set as the \"default\" for this keyboard. "+ "Therefore, in order to obtain the output in other than GOST 1983 form, the user first needs to "+ "choose this form from the format selector."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>BGN/PCGN</b> "+ "It offers the same Russian text from the box IN, but this time transliterated (Romanized) into "+ "the Latin characters according to the USA/British Geographic standard BGN/PCGN of 1947. "+ "(Note that by using the appropriate transliteration standard you make sure that the text "+ "produced complies with the requirements of a given discipline and is understood "+ "unambiguously by all those involved.)"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>HTML code</b> "+ "It offers the same Russian text from the box IN, but now it is expressed with HTML (ANSI) "+ "codes ready to be copied and pasted into your HTML, XML, ASP, or PHP web pages. This time "+ "the text is typed as the string of ANSI codes and can be saved or posted as an ANSI (ASCII) "+ "document or web page. (Each ANSI character occupies one byte of computer memory.)"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; It is worth to notice, that the same Russian text from "+ "the box IN can be transferred to the box OUT in all forms listed here, simply by switching the "+ "form and then clicking on the key \"refresh\"."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (8) Download this free virtual keyboard to your computer and keep it handy so you "+ "have it wherever is needed.) "+ "(from this web site). To carry out such downloading, "+ "simply click here on the \"Download all-in-one\" button, then save and UNZIP the source replica that will be "+ "shifted to your own computer. This is a HTML web page (client side) - thus it should work also in "+ "your own computer without any problems."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (9) Advice about the free availability of this keyboard all your friends or colleagues, for which "+ "it could be of a help. It is offered for free, so it does not hurt to take it - if there is a chance that it may "+ "assist in any activity."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (10) There is also a Greek version of the same keyboard freely available for the interested people. "+ "This Greek version can be downloaded or run from this keyboard by clicking on the button \"Greek\"."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (11) This free keyboard is occasionally improved and updated - as the author's spare time allows it. "+ "Each such an improvement is to extend or enhance capabilities and effectiveness of this keyboard. "+ "Improved versions of the keyboard are then uploaded to totaliztic web sites authored by Dr Jan Pajak "+ "which contain any Russian web page on totalizm. (The complete list of such sites is provided on the web "+ "page called via the button "+ "<a href=http://pajak.orcon.net.nz/menu.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>menu.htm</b></font></a>.) "+ "Therefore it is worth to keep checking the indicated web sites for future improved versions of this free virtual keyboard."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (12) This free virtual keyboard was programmed, and occasionally improved, by "+ "<a href=http://pajak.orcon.net.nz/pajak_jan_uk.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>Dr Jan Pajak</b></font></a> the author of "+ "- autora witryny <a href=http://pajak.orcon.net.nz/totalizm.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>pajak.orcon.net.nz</b></font></a> "+ "(email: <a href=mailto:janpajak@gmail.com target=_blank><font color=green><b>janpajak@gmail.com</b></font></a>). "+ "Comments or suggestions of further improvements are "+ "welcomed. Let me know if you wish that this keyboard is furnished with further keys, transliteration standards, "+ "or capabilities that suit better your needs. Perhaps I will be able to program these for you completely for free "+ "- if they can be programmed within my hobby (means with a reasonable contribution of time and effort)."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (13) Copyright 2005 by Dr Jan Pajk. Apart "+ "for recognizing his intellectual authorship of the prototyping idea \"all in one\" "+ "implemented on the example of this programming tool, as well as recognising his "+ "ownership of the conceptual and programming solutions implemented in this keyboard, "+ "the author does NOT restrict in any way the free use nor free dissemination of "+ "this his creation. Thus this virtual keyboard can used and disseminated free of charge in any "+ "manner, in any number, and in any place. The author reserves only to NOT remove from it "+ "the information that it was created (and currently is disseminated free of charge to all these "+ "interested) in the result of his inspiration, his contribution of programming labour, his expertise, "+ "his analyses, and also his highly moral philosophy of life (i.e. "+ "<a href=http://totalizm.nexuswebs.net/totalizm.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>totalizm</b></font></a>)."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (14) The free dissemination of this virtual "+ "keyboard was initiated on 21 May 2005. Initially it was intended as a support for these "+ "people who were volunteering to improve the Russian language in totaliztic web pages. "+ "But it become obvious later that the keyboard can be of a help to many other people "+ "not involved with the philosophy of totalizm. This version of the keyboard was updated "+ "on: 16 July 2005."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (15) The English of this help would benefit from "+ "your free improvements. Therefore you are welcome to donate your free expertise and "+ "work to improve the perfection of language of this help information. In this way you can "+ "contribute to the usefulness of this free keyboard. In order to improve the English of this "+ "help, simply copy it to any text editor, add your corrections, and then post the improved "+ "version in email to the author of this keyboard."+ "</div>"; var help_in_russian = "<h1>=D>@<0F8O 8 8=AB@C:F88 (2. 2):</h1><div align=justify>"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (0) A?>;L7C5B 20HC <KHL 4;O B>3> "+ "GB>1K <font color=#FF0000><b>>B@53C;8@>20BL @07<5@, D>@<C, 8 ?>;>65=85 </b></font> "+ "MB>3> >:=0 ), B0:, GB> >=> A0<K5 ;CGH85 :>ABN<K 2848<>ABL "+ ":;0280BC@K 8 20H8 ?@54?>GB5=8O GB5=8O. B@53C;8@>20BL @07<5@ 8/8;8 "+ "D>@<C, \"C;02;8205B\" 53> A <KHLN ;N1>9 AB>@>=>9, 8;8 ?@02K< =87:8< "+ "C3;><, 8 ?>A;5 MB>3> 2>;>G8B 53> 2 2K1@0==>< =0?@02;5=88.  A2>N "+ ">G5@54L >B@53C;8@>20BL ?>;>65=85, \"C;02;8205B\" 53> 3>;C1>9 25@E=59 "+ "HB0=3>9 8 ?5@5=>A8B : =>2><C ?>;>65=8N. A?>;L7C9B5 SCROLLBAR "+ "=0 ?@02>9 AB>@>=5 4;O B>3> GB>1K ?5@5G8A;8BL B5:AB 2K G8B05B5."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (1) A?>;L7C9B5 MBC A2>1>4=> "+ "D0:B8G5A:8 :;0280BC@C A>>B25BAB2>20BL A 20H8<8 @CAA:8<8 4@C7LO<8, "+ "70:@K209B5 >4=8, ?@>D5AA8>=0;L=K5 :>;;530K 8;8 3@C??K ?> 8=B5@5A0<, "+ "?CB5< ?5G0B0BL emails =0 <0H8=:5, 1C<038, keywords, 8 22>4K B5:AB0 2 "+ " @CAA:>< O7K:5, 8 ?>A;5 MB>3> :>?8@>20BL 8 =0:;5820BL 8E : wherever >=8 "+ "?>B@51>20=K 20< <>3CB B0:65 8A?>;L7>20BL MBC :;0280BC@C 4;O B>3> "+ "GB>1K B@0=A;8B5@8@>20BL @CAA:85 B5:ABK 8;8 keywords 2 ;0B8=A:>5 letters."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (2) 0<5BLB5 GB> @CAA:85 B5:ABK "+ "=0?8A0==K5 2 UNICODE A ?>;L7>9 MB>9 :;0280BC@K, ?>:07K20NB "+ ">A=>2=>5 ?@58<CI5AB2> in comparison to B5:ABK =0?8A0==K5 2 cyrillic "+ "A :>48< ANSI - =0?@8<5@ G5@57 ?>2>@0G820BL 20H5 Windows XP 2 "+ "@568< ?8A0=8O 2 @CAA:>< 0;D028B5. 0?@8<5@, @CAA:85 B5:ABK, :>B>@ "+ "?8HCB 2 UNICODE 2A5340 8 25745 2KE>4OB 2 A25B :0: =0?5G0B0=> =0 "+ "<0H8=:5 A @CAA:8< 0;D028B><. "0: >=8 2848<K :0: B0:85 @CAA:85 "+ "B5:ABK 2 ?@0:B8G5A:8 :064>< :><?LNB5@5. (B.5. @>2=> 2 :><?LNB5@0E "+ "=5 8<5NB =8:0:85 @CAA:85 CAB0=>2;5==K5 :C?5;8, 2A5 5I5 :064>5 "+ ">48=>G=>5 ?8AL<> MB8E B5:AB>2 ?>O28BAO :0: >B45;L=> ?CAB>9 :204@0B.) "+ " A2>N >G5@54L, =0 2A5E :><?LNB5@0E :>B>@K5 =5 1K;8 ?5@5:;NG5=K "+ "?>:0 =0 @01>BC 2 @CAA:>< 0;D028B5, @CAA:85 B5:ABK =0?8A0==K5 2 ANSI "+ ":>48@CNB 273;O4 :0: H=C@K >B1@>A0. >MB><C =0A5;8B5 :><?LNB5@K "+ "@01>B0NB 1>;LH>5 G0ABL 87 2@5<5=8 2 ;0B8=A:>< 0;D028B5, >1KG=> "+ "?@8=8<09B5 B0:85 @CAA:85 B5:ABK =0?8A0==K5, GB> A :>48< ANSI 1KBL "+ "A?@0254;82 >B1@>A A8AB5<K, 8 >=8 C=8GB>605B MB8 B5:ABK 2 1>;LH8=AB25 "+ "A;CG052."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (3) 4;O B>3> GB>1K 225AB8 @CAA:89 "+ "B5:AB 2 20H 70:;NG8B5;L=K90 4>:C<5=B (=0?@8<5@ email, html, XML, "+ " WORD, PDF, etc.), =0?5G0B0BL 53> =0 <0H8=:5 =0 MB>9 :;0280BC@5 8 "+ "?>A;5 MB>3> A:>?8@>20BL 8 =0:;58BL 55 >B A>>B25AB2CNI59 :>@>1:8 : "+ "7040==><C place."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (4) -B0 :;0280BC@0 ?>72>;O5B "+ "B0:65 4;O 20@80=B0 @CAA:>3> B5:AB0 2KE>4O 2 A25B A0<CN 2KA>:CN "+ ":>@>1:C B5:AB0 IN. '0AB8 MB>3> @CAA:>3> B5:AB0 <>6=> C=8GB>68BL, "+ "A:>?8@>20BL, 428=CBL, 4C1;8@>20BL, =0:;58BL, 8 225AB8 2, 8 >B, ;N1>5 "+ "?>;>65=85 2 A0<>9 2KA>:>9 :>@>1:5 IN.  A2>N >G5@54L 87<5=5=8O "+ "22545==K5 : MB>9 A0<>9 2KA>:>9 :>@>1:5 B5:AB0 IN 2>72@0I5=K "+ "02B><0B8G5A:8 : 1>;55 =87:>9 :>@>1:5 B5:AB0  2> 2@5<O A;54CNI53> "+ "click 40;LH5 :;NG52K< \"refresh\", 8;8 =0 ;N1>< :;NG5 A E0@0:B5@0<8. "+ " =87:>9 :>@>1:5 OUT MB>3> B5:AB0 :065B 2 B@51C5<CN D>@<C GB> "+ "?>B@518B5;L 2K1@0;.  A;CG0OE :>340 :B>-B> @540:F8>==K5 B@51>20=8O "+ "?@52KH05B MB8 ?@54;>65==K5 :;0280BC@>9, @CAA:89 B5:AB >B :>@>1:8 "+ "IN (B0:65,:0: B@0=A;8B5@8@>20==>5 A>45@60=85 1>;55 =87:>9 :>@>1:8 "+ "B5:AB0 OUT MB>9 :;0280BC@K) <>6=> B0:65 A:>?8@>20BL 2 ;N1>9 4@C3>9 "+ "@540:B>@ Unicode, =0?@8<5@ 2 NOTEPAD >B Windows, 8;8 2 WORD. "+ ">A;5 MB>3> @540:B8@CO 2>7<>6=>AB8 MB>3> 4@C3>3> @540:B>@0 <>6=> "+ "8A?>;L7>20BL 4;O 87<5=OBL MB>B B5:AB 2 ;N1CN 4>@>3C >4=> A<>38B5 ?>65;0BL."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (5) !>45@60=85 70B5< :>@>1>: "+ "B5:AB0 8A?>;L7C5<KE MB>9 :;0280BC@>9 A;54CNI8< >1@07><:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (B5@E=OO "+ ":>@>1:0 - <0@:8@>20==0O <b>IN</b>) O=0 A>45@68B @CAA:89 B5:AB 2K :0: @07 "+ "=0?5G0B0;8 =0 <0H8=:5 =0 MB>9 :;0280BC@5. 0?8A0=> 2 cyrillic 0;D028B5 "+ "A E0@0:B5@0<8 Unicode. 3> <>6=> A>E@0=8BL, 2K25A8BL, 8;8 "+ ">B@540:B8@>20BL 2 ;N1KE 4>:C<5=B5 8;8 0@E825 :>B>@K9 ?>72>;ONB "+ "E0@0:B5@K Unicode, =0?@8<5@ 2 email, HTML, XML, WORD, PDF, NOTOPAD, etc. "+ "(?@8<5G0=85 :064K9 E0@0:B5@ Unicode ?@8=8<05B 2 109B0< :><?LNB5@=>9 "+ "?0<OB8.)"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (1>;55 "+ "=87:0O :>@>1:0 - <0@:8@>20==0O <b>OUT</b>) O=0 A>45@68B B0:>9 65 @CAA:89 "+ "B5:AB, => MB> 2@5<O, :>B>@ B5:AB B@0=A;8B5@8@>20= (?5@52545=>) 2 D>@<C "+ "2K1@0;> ?>B@518B5;5<. $>@<0 2 MB>B B5:AB 2KE>48B 2 A25B <>65B 1KBL "+ "2K1@0=0 ?>B@518B5;5< ?@8 A5;5:B>@ ?><5I5==K9 <564C :;NG0<8 "+ "\"clear\" (OA=K<8) 8 \"refresh\" (>A25605B).  MB>< 20@80=B5 :;0280BC@K "+ "?>B@518B5;L 8<55B following 2K1>@K D>@<K 2 B5:AB OUT <>6=> D>@<0B8@>20BL:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>GOST "+ "1983</b> >=> ?@54;0305B @CAA:89 B5:AB >B :>@>1:8 IN (#" ), => MB> "+ "2@5<O B@0=A;8B5@8@>20==>5 (Romanized) 2 ;0B8=A:85 E0@0:B5@K A>3;0A>2K20O "+ ": >D8F80;L=><C @CAA:><C AB0=40@B=><C GOST 1983. "0: 2K <>65B5 :0: "+ "@07 A:>?8@>20BL MB>B B5:AB : @07;8G=K< >D8F80;L=K< 1C<030< 8;8 "+ "4>:C<5=B0<, :>B>@ =C6=> ?@5?@>2>640BL : 702545=8O< B@51CNB "+ "A>>B25BAB28O A @CAA:8<8 AB0=40@B0<8 B@0=A;8B5@8@>20=8O. 0<5BLB5 "+ "GB> 2 MBC :;0280BC@C CAB0=>2;5= 2KE>4 : :>@>1:5 OUT () 2 GOST "+ "1983 D>@<K ?> <5@5 B>3> :0: \"default\" (=52K?>;=5=85 >1O70B5;LAB20) "+ "4;O MB>9 :;0280BC@K. >MB><C, ?>;CG8BL 2KE>4 2=CB@8 70 8A:;NG5=85< "+ "D>@<K GOST 1983, ?>B@51=>AB8 ?>B@518B5;O A?5@20 2K1@0BL MBC D>@<C "+ ">B A5;5:B>@0 D>@<K."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>"+ "BGN/PCGN</b> >=> ?@54;0305B B0:>9 65 @CAA:89 B5:AB >B :>@>1:8 "+ "IN (#" ), => MB> 2@5<O B@0=A;8B5@8@>20==>5 (Romanized) 2 ;0B8=A:85 "+ "E0@0:B5@K A>3;0A=> AB0=40@BC BGN/PCGN USA/British 35>3@0D8G5A:><C "+ "1947. (?@8<5G0=85 ?CB5< 8A?>;L7>20=85 A>>B25AB2CNI53> AB0=40@B0 "+ "B@0=A;8B5@8@>20=8O 2K make sure GB> ?@>872545==K9 B5:AB 8A?>;=O5B "+ "A B@51>20=8O<8, :>B>@ 40;8 48AF8?;8=K 8 ?>=OB B>G=> 2K@065==> "+ "2A5< 2:;NG8;8 B5, :>B>@.)"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>"+ "HTML code</b> (>489 html) >=> ?@54;0305B B0:>9 65 @CAA:89 B5:AB >B "+ ":>@>1:8 IN (#" ), => B5?5@L >=> 2K@065=> A >48<8 HTML (ANSI) "+ "3>B>2K<8 1KBL A:>?8@>20==K< 8 =0:;55==K< 2 AB@0=8FK 20H AB5@65=L "+ "HTML, XML, ASP, 8;8 PHP. -B> 2@5<O B5:AB =0?5G0B0= =0 <0H8=:5 ?> "+ "<5@5 B>3> :0: H=C@ >48E ansi 8 <>65B 1KBL A>E@0=5= 8;8 2K25H5= "+ "?> <5@5 B>3> :0: ANSI (ASCII) 4>:C<5=B8@C5B 8;8 web page. (:064K9 "+ "E0@0:B5@ ansi 70=8<05B >48= 109B :><?LNB5@=>9 ?0<OB8.)"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; C45B AB>8<>ABLN, :>B>@ =C6=> "+ "70<5B8BL, B> B0:>9 65 @CAA:89 B5:AB >B :>@>1:8 IN (#" ) <>6=> "+ "?5@5=5AB8 : :>@>1:5 OUT () 2 2A5E D>@<0E ?5@5G8A;5==KE 745AL, "+ "?@>AB> ?CB5< ?5@5:;NG0BL D>@<C 8 ?>A;5 MB>3> I5;:0NI =0 :;NG5 "+ "\"refresh\" (>A2568B5)."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (6) MB0 A2>1>4=> D0:B8G5A:8 "+ ":;0280BC@0 : 20H5<C :><?LNB5@C 8 45@68B 53> A?>4@CG=K< ?>MB><C 20<, "+ ":>B>@ =C6=> 8<5BL 53> wherever =5>1E>48<K. ?>;=5 downloading 8=AB@C:F88 "+ "?@54CA<>B@5=K =0 >B45;L=> =0720==>< web page \"replicate.htm \" (>B "+ "MB>3> web site). #=5AB8 B0:>9 downloading, ?@>AB> I5;:05B 745AL =0 "+ "\"Download Russian\" :=>?:5, B>340 70 8A:;NG5=85< 8 UNZIP "+ "@5?;8:0 8AB>G=8:0 :>B>@0O 1C45B ?>A;5 B>3> :0: >=0 ?5@5=5A5=0 : "+ "20H5<C A>1AB25==><C :><?LNB5@C. -B> 1C45B web page HTML "+ "(AB>@>=0 :;85=B0) - B0:8< >1@07>< >=> 4>;6=> @01>B0BL B0:65 2 "+ " 20H A>1AB25==K9 :><?LNB5@ 157 :>=AC;LB0F8O 2A5E problems."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (7) > A2>1>4=> =0;8G88 MB>9 "+ ":;0280BC@K 2A5 20H8 4@C7LO 8;8 :>;;530K, 4;O :>B>@KE "+ "53> A<>3; 1KBL ?><>I8. => ?@54;>65= 4;O A2>1>4=>, ?>MB><C >=> =5 "+ "CH8105B 4;O B>3> GB>1K ?@8=OBL 53> - 5A;8 1C45B H0=A><, B> GB> >= <>65B "+ " assist 2 ;N1>< activity."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (8) B0< 1C45B B0:65 3@5G5A:89 20@80=B B0:>9 65 :;0280BC@K "+ "A2>1>4=> 8<5NI59AO 4;O 708=B5@5A>20==KE ;N459 "+ " MB>3> 3@5G5A:>3> 20@80=B0 <>6=> downloaded 8;8 153 >B MB>9 :;0280BC@K "+ "?CB5< I5;:0BL =0 \"Download Greek\" 8;8 \"Greek\"."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (9) MB0 A2>1>4=> :;0280BC@0 A;CG09= C;CGH5= 8 CB>G=5= - ?> <5@5 B>3> "+ ":0: A2>1>4=>5 2@5<5=O 02B>@0 ?>72>;O5B 53> "+ ":064>5 B0:>5 C;CGH5=85 4>;6=> C4;8=OBL 8;8 C25;8G8BL 2>7<>6=>AB8 8 MDD5:B82=>ABL MB>9 :;0280BC@K "+ " C;CGH5==KE 20@80=B>2 :;0280BC@K ?>A;5 MB>3> uploaded "+ ": totaliztic <5AB0< AB5@6=O authored Dr Jan Pajak "+ "A>45@60B ;N1>5 @CAA:>5 web page totalizm. (2?>;=5 ?5@5G5=L B0:85 <5AB0 >15A?5G5= =0 AB5@6=5 "+ " AB@0=8F5 2K720==>9 G5@57 :=>?:C \"menu.htm \".) ?>MB><C 1C45B AB>8<>ABLN, "+ ":>B>@ =C6=> 45@60BL ?@>25@8BL ?>:070==K5 <5AB0 AB5@6=O 4;O "+ " 20@80=BK C;CGH5==K5 1C4CI8< MB>3> A2>1>4=> D0:B8G5A:8 keyboard."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (10) MB0 A2>1>4=> D0:B8G5A:8, :>B>@ :;0280BC@0 1K;0 70?@>3@0<<8@>20=0, "+ "8 A;CG09= ?>A;5 B>3> :0: >=> C;CGH5=>, Dr Jan Pajak "+ " \"pajak.orcon.net.nz\" (email: janpajak@gmail.com). ><<5=B0@88 8;8 ?@54;>65=8O "+ "1>;55 4>?>;=8B5;L=KE C;CGH5=89 "+ " ?>A;5 B>3> :0: O ?@825BAB2>20=K. @5?OBAB2C9B5 <=5 7=0BL 5A;8 2K 65;05B5, "+ "B> GB> MB0 :;0280BC@0 >15A?5G5=0 A 1>;55 40;L=59H8<8 :;NG0<8, AB0=40@B0<8 B@0=A;8B5@8@>20=8O, "+ " 8;8 2>7<>6=>ABO<8 :>B>@K5 >4520NB 1>;55 ;CGH5 20H8 ?>B@51=>AB8. 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"+ "5@2>=0G0;L=> 1K;> ?@54=07=0G5=> ?> <5@5 B>3> :0: ?>445@6:0 4;O "+ "MB8E ;N459 2>;>=B8@8;8 C;CGH8BL @CAA:89 O7K: 2 totaliztic AB5@6=5 2K7K20NB "+ " B>;L:> >= 1C4CB >G5284=K<8 1>;55 ?>74=> GB> :;0280BC@0 <>65B 1KBL ?><>I8 "+ ": <=>3> 4@C38E ;N459, :>B>@ 2:;NG8;8 A "+ " >1I8< A>>1@065=85< totalizm. -B>B 20@80=B :;0280BC@K 1K; ?><5I5= 2 8=B5@=5B5: 10 8N;L 2005."+ "</div>"; var help_in_polish = "<h1>Informacje oraz instrukcje (w. 2):</h1><div align=justify>"+ "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (0) U|yj swojej myszy aby tak "+ "<font color=#FF0000><b>zmieni rozmiar, ksztaBt i poBo|enie</b></font> "+ "okienka tej POMOCY, |e zapewni ono najlepsz widzialno[ klawiatury "+ "oraz najlepiej speBni twoje preferencje przy czytaniu. Aby zmieni jego "+ "rozmiar i/lub ksztaBt, \"zBap\" je mysz za dowoln sciank, lub za prawy "+ "dolny rg, poczym rozignij je w wybranym kierunku. Aby za[ zmieni "+ "jego poBo|enie, zBap je za niebieski grny pasek i przenie[ w nowe miejsce. "+ "U|yj SCROLLBAR na prawym boku aby przesuwa nim czytany tekst."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (1) Ta klawiatura jest typu "+ "<b>wszystko w jednej</b>. (Znaczy, pozwala ona na uzyskanie za pomoc "+ "tylko tego jednego narzdzia softwarowego wielu r|nych celw ktre w innych "+ "przypadkach wymagaj u|ycia caBego szeregu odmiennych programw.) "+ "Spo|ytkuj t wirtualn klawiatur do: (a) kalkulacji, (b) konwersji danych "+ "liczbowych, (c) dziaBan na datach, (d) pisania, edytowania i konwersji tekstw, "+ "oraz (d) aby utrzymywa kontakt ze swoimi rosyjskimi przyjaciBmi, bliskimi, "+ "kolegami zawodowymi lub grupami zainteresowaD, poprzez pisanie emaili, "+ "referatw, sBw kluczowych, oraz tekstw w jzyku rosyjskim, oraz nastpne "+ "kopiowanie ich i wklejanie do miejsc w ktrych s potrzebne. Klawiatura ta "+ "mo|e te| zosta u|yta do transliterowania rosyjskich tekstw lub sBw kluczowych "+ "na zromanizowan form. "+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (2) Odnotuj, |e rosyjsko-jzyczne teksty pisane "+ "w UNICODE za pomoc niniejszej klawiatury wykazuj zasadnicz przewag nad tekstami "+ "pisanymi Cyrillic w kodzie ANSI poprzez np. przeBczenie Windows XP na pisanie alfabetem "+ "rosyjskim. Mianowicie teksty pisane w UNICODE zawsze i wszdzie ukazuj si jako teksty "+ "rosyjsko-jzyczne. Bdzie je wic wida jako teksty rosyjskie praktycznie w ka|dym komputerze. "+ "(Tj. nawet w komputerach ktre nie dysponuj rosyjskim fontem, cigle ka|da ich literka pojawi "+ "si jako odrbny niezapeBniony kwadracik.) "+ "Tymczasem rosyjskie teksty pisane w kodzie ANSI na wszystkich innych komputerach ktre nie zostaBy "+ "jeszcze przeBczone na prac w jzyku rosyjskim wygldaj jak cigi zupeBnie niezrozumiaBych liter. "+ "Std przez osoby ktrych komputery wikszo[ czasu pracuj w alfabecie BaciDskim, takie rosyjskie "+ "teksty pisane w kodzie ANSI zwykle brane s za systemowe [miecie i zwyczajnie deletowane."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (3) Niniejsza klawiatura daje u|ytkownikowi nastpujce "+ "mo|liwo[ci:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>Pisanie tekstw "+ "rosyjskich</b></font>. Teksty te u|ytkownik mo|e pisa grn klawiatur rosyjsk. Po napisaniu ukazuj "+ "si one w okienku IN. Tam te| mog one potem by edytowane - jak opisano poni|ej. Teksty te "+ "s te| natychmiast automatycznie <b>transliterowane</b> wedBug wybranej przez u|ytkownika normy "+ "transliterowania - tak jak to wyja[niono w nastpnych punktach poni|ej. Wynik ich transliterowania "+ "pokazuje si w okienku OUT."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>Pisanie tekstw "+ "alfabetem BaciDskim</b></font>, oraz tekstw polskojzycznych. Do tego sBu|y dolna klawiatura BaciDska "+ "(i polska). Teksty pisane alfabetem BaciDskim te| ukazuj si w grnym okienku IN. Ich pisownia "+ "jest jednak wiernie kopiowana (a nie transliterowana jak pisownia alfabetem rosyjskim) do dolnego "+ "okienka OUT. Warto odnotowa, |e dziki jednoczesnemu u|yciu dwch zbiorw liter (tj. rosyjskiego "+ "i BaciDskiego) niniejsza klawiatura umo|liwia bardzo proste mieszanie ze sob tekstw pisanych "+ "rwnocze[nie alfabetem rosyjskim i BaciDskim (albo polskim)."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>"+ "Zapamitywanie (oraz wywoBywanie z pamici) zawarto[ci okienek IN i/lub OUT</b></font>. Niniejsza "+ "klawiatura posiada a| 5 ogromnych pamici. Ka|da z nich mo|e pomie[ci niemal caB ksi|k. "+ "Pamici te ponumerowane s od 1 do 5. Pamici numer 1, 2 i 3 zapamituj lub uwalniaj zawarto[ "+ "albo okienka IN, albo te| okienka OUT (zale|nie od wyboru u|ytkownika). Z kolei pamici numer 4 "+ "i 5 maj poszerzone mo|liwo[ci. Zapamituj one lub zwalniaj zarwno zawarto[ okienek IN i/lub "+ "OUT, jak i zawarto[ci pamici 1, 2 lub 3. Aby skopiowa przykBadowo zawarto[ okienka IN do "+ "pamici numer 1, ustawiamy \"przeBcznik pamici\" (ten w [rodku rzdu klawiszy obsBugi pamici) na "+ "pozycj (1 IN) - odnotuj |e jest to default pozycja tego przeBcznika. Nastpnie klikamy na klawisz "+ "\"store\" (tj. zachowaj). Wwczas zawarto[ okienka IN zostaje skopiowana do pamici numer 1. "+ "Jednocze[nie, cokolwiek znajdowaBo si uprzednio w owej pamici 1, zostaje to wymazane. Mo|emy "+ "teraz sprawdzi, czy nowa zawarto[ naprawd trafiBa do pamici 1, poprzez kliknicie na klawisz "+ "\"show m\" ktry zawsze pokazuje "+ "to co wBa[nie zawarte jest w pamici na ktr w danej chwili wskazuje przeBcznik pamici. Zawarto[ "+ "pamici numer 1 mo|emy potem w dowolnej chwili skopiowa do okienka IN lub do okienka OUT. "+ "Je[li przeBcznik pamici jest ustawiony na (1 IN) za[ zawarto[ pamici numer 1 chcemy skopiowa "+ "do okienka IN, wwczas wystarczy aby[my kliknli na klawisz \"retrieve\" (tj. przypomnij). Je[li jednak "+ "chcemy zawarto[ pamici numer 1 skopiowa do okienka OUT, musimy najpierw przeBcznik "+ "pamici przestawi w pozycj (1 OUT) i dopiero potem klikn na klawisz \"retrieve\". W dokBadnie "+ "taki sam sposb postpujemy z pozostaBymi pamiciami numer 2, 3, 4 i 5 (z tym |e pamici "+ "numer 4 i 5 pobieraj i oddaj swoj zawarto[ nie tylko z/do okienek IN i OUT, ale tak|e "+ "z/do pozostaBych pamici numer 1, 2 lub 3). Odnotuj, |e istniej r|nice w sposobie na jaki "+ "poszczeglne pamici kopiuj swoj zawarto[ do okienek IN i/lub OUT. Pami numer 1 zawsze "+ "wymazuje uprzedni zawarto[ okienek IN lub OUT i zapisuje do nich tylko to co w niej byBo "+ "przechowywane. DokBadnie tak samo jak pami 1 dziaBaj te| pamici 4 i 5. Natomiast pami "+ "2 zawsze dodaje swoj zawarto[ do koDca tego co ju| istnieje w okienkach IN lub OUT (odnotuj "+ "|e miejsce w ktre wpisywana jest zawarto[ danej pamici oznaczane jest znakiem + w symbolu "+ "z przeBcznika pamici). Z kolei pami numer 3 dopisuje swoj zawarto[ do pocztka tego co "+ "ju| istnieje w okienkach IN lub OUT. W koDcu pamici 4 i 5, tak samo jak pami 1, zawsze "+ "wymazuj zupeBnie uprzedni zawarto[ okienka lub pamici do ktrych ich zawarto[ zostaje "+ "przerzucana. Wymazanie (czyszczenie) zawarto[ci wszystkich pamici dokonuje si klawiszem "+ "\"erase m\". Prosz zwrci uwag, |e taka liczba i zorganizowanie 5-ciu pamici omawianej "+ "tutaj klawiatury nadaj tej klawiaturze caBy szereg unikalnych zalet operacyjnych. "+ "PrzykBadowo, pamici te pozwalaj na przerzucanie danych i wynikw zarwno pomidzy "+ "poszczeglnymi okienkami, jak i pomidzy poszczeglnymi pamiciami. UBatwiaj one tak|e "+ "edytowanie pisanych tekstw i upraszczaj oraz poszerzaj dokonywanie obliczeD. "+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>Konwersja warto[ci</b></font>."+ "W celu wykonania tej konwersji: (a) najpierw nale|y wybra rodzaj konwersji z selektora po prawej "+ "(np. wybra tam konwersj \"Roman to Arabic\" (tj. \"zamiana BaciDskich liczb na arabskie\"). Nastpnie "+ "(b) do okienka IN nale|y albo wpisa niniejsz klawiatur warto[ ktra ma by przekonwertowana, "+ "albo te| skopiowa t warto[ z jakiego[ innego dokumentu. (Np. mo|na tam wpisa tam BaciDsk "+ "liczb MCMXCIX.) W koDcu (c) nale|y klikn na klawisz \"convert\" (tj. przekonwertuj). Wwczas "+ "albo w okienku OUT, albo te| w specjalnie dla wyniku otwartym nowym okienku poka|e si wynik "+ "danej konwersji. (W u|ytym tu przykBadzie konwertowania BaciDskiej liczby MCMXCIX zapisanej w "+ "okienku IN, w wyniku przekonwersowania w okienku OUT uka|e si arabska liczba 1999.) "+ "Niniejsza wersja opisywanej tutaj klawiatury zaopatrzona zostaBa w nastpujce konwersje:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Arabic to Roman</b>: "+ "zamienia ona liczby arabskie wpisane w okienko IN na liczby BaciDskie ukazujce si w okienku OUT, "+ "np. zamienia arabsk liczb 987 na BaciDsk liczb CMLXXXVII. Odnotuj |e konwersja \"Arabic to "+ "Roman\" jest ustawiona w tej klawiaturze jako \"default\"."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Roman to Arabic</b>: "+ "zamienia ona liczby BaciDskie wpisane w okienko IN na liczby arabskie ukazujce si w okienku OUT, "+ "np. zamienia BaciDsk liczb DCCCXCVIII na arabsk liczb 898. Odnotuj, |e w przypadku "+ "konwertowania BaciDskiej liczby zawierajcej jaki[ niedozwolony znak, w okienku OUT poka|e si "+ "informacja [Oops: Y], w ktrej Y bdzie owym niedozwolonym znakiem. Odnotuj te|, |e klawiatura ta "+ "nie dokonuje bezpo[redniego sprawdzania poprawno[ci BaciDskich liczb poddanych jej do zamieniy. "+ "(Sprawdzenie takie niepotrzebnie pokomplikowaBoby bowiem i wydBu|yBo program tej klawiatury.) "+ "Niemniej sprawdzenia tego mo|na dokona po[rednio poprzez (a) wpisanie do okienka IN arabskiego "+ "wyniku zamiany, (b) ponowne zamienienie tej arabskiej liczby na liczb BaciDsk, oraz (c) porwnanie "+ "otrzymanej w ten sposb w okienku OUT koDcowej liczby BaciDskiej, z pocztkow liczb BaciDsk co do "+ "ktrej miaBo si wtpliwo[ci. Wszak|e konwersja \"Arabic to Roman\" zawsze jest w niej bezbBdna. "+ "W tym miejscu warto doda, |e przerzucania liczb arabskich i rzymskich pomidzy okienkami, a tak|e "+ "ich porwnywania, dokonywa mo|na za po[rednictwem pamici tej klawiatury. PrzykBadowo, oryginaln "+ "liczb BaciDsk z okienka IN mo|emy wprowadzi do pamici numer 2 wybierajc pami (2 IN+) oraz "+ "klikajc na klawisz \"store\". Wynikow liczb arabsk z okienka OUT mo|emy wprowadzi do pamici "+ "numer 1 wybierajc (1 OUT) oraz klikajc na \"store\". Potem arabsk zawarto[ pamici 1 przerzucamy "+ "do okienka IN poprzez ustawienie (1 IN) i kliknicie na klawisz \"retrieve\". Potem arabsk liczb "+ "zamieniamy na BaciDsk poprzez przeBczenie rodzaju konwersji na \"Arabic to Roman\" i kliknicie "+ "na \"convert\". W koDcu otrzyman w ten sposb poprawn liczb BaciDsk z okienka OUT porwnujemy "+ "z oryginaln liczb BaciDsk cigle zawart w pamici numer 2 poprzez przestawienie przeBcznika "+ "pamici np. na (2 IN+) i kliknicie na klawisz \"show m\" (ten klawisz powoduje |e nam si poka|e co"+ "wBa[nie zawarte jest w pamici numer 2)."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Units conversion</b>: "+ "zamienia ona dowoln liczb (arabsk) wpisan w okienku IN, a reprezentujc jak[ warto[ (np. "+ "szybko[ w milach na godzin), na caBy szereg innych liczb ktre reprezentu t sam warto[, tyle "+ "|e wyra|on ju| w innych jednostkach (np. m.in. na szybko[ w kilometrach na godzin). Wyniki "+ "owej zamiany ukazuj si w odrbnym okienku otwartym specjalnie w tym celu. To okienko z wynikami "+ "konwersji jednostek daje si rozciga, kurczy i przesuwa tak samo jak okienko niniejszej pomocy. "+ "Je[li przypadkiem czytelnik odkryje, |e istnieje jaka[ popularna lub wysoce przydatna konwersja jednostek, "+ "ktrej jeszcze nie ma w tej klawiaturze, wwczas prosz da mi zna - a ja natychmiast j wprowadz."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Date conversion</b>: "+ "po wybraniu \"Date conversion\" oraz klikniciu na klawisz CONVERT le|cy tu| przy niej, odczytuje "+ "ona dowoln dat wpisan przez u|ytkownika do specjalnie w tym celu otwartego nowego okienka "+ "nazywajcego si \"Date input:\". Po ponownym klikniciu przez u|ytkownika na jeszcze jeden klawisz "+ "oznaczony DO-DATE, a znajdujcy si w owym nowym okienku wBa[nie otwartym dla "+ "wpisania daty, program niniejszej klawiatury wylicza dla tej daty caBy szereg zwizanych z ni "+ "wielko[ci kalendarzowych. PrzykBadowo wylicza ktry dzieD w roku dana data sob reprezentuje, ile dni "+ "pozostaBo od niej a| do konca owego roku, czy dany rok jest rokiem przestpnym (po angielsku \"leap year\") "+ "i ma 29 dni w lutym, itp. Wyniki owych wyliczeD ukazuj si w odrbnym okienku otwartym specjalnie "+ "w tym celu. To nowe okienko z wynikami konwersji dat tak|e daje si rozciga, kurczy i przesuwa, "+ "tak samo jak okienko niniejszej pomocy. Odnotuj ze wyniki niniejszej \"konwersji dat\" wa|ne s jedynie dla "+ "okresu historii w jakim panuje obecny kalendarz (tj. daty le|ce bardzo daleko w przeszBo[ci lub bardzo "+ "daleko w przyszBo[ci mog nale|e ju| do innego kalendarza). Je[li przypadkiem czytelnik odkryje, "+ "|e istnieje jaka[ popularna lub wysoce przydatna wielko[ kalendarzowa wyliczana na podstawie dat, "+ "ktrej cigle jeszcze nie ma w tej klawiaturze, wwczas prosz da mi zna - a natychmiast j wprowadz."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>U|ywanie "+ "klawiszy cyfrowych jako wielodziaBaniowego kalkulatora naukowego </b></font>. Kalkulator ten realizuje "+ "wszystkie rodzaje dziaBaD na liczbach do ktrych zdolny jest typowy jzyk programowania (np. JavaScript)."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <font color=#FF0000><b>Edytowanie pisanych "+ "tekstw</b></font> oraz kopiowanie ich do innych dokumentw. Jak dokonywa tego edytowania opisane jest poni|ej."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (4) Klawisze cyfrowe z niniejszej klawiatury mog "+ "by u|ywane na kilka odmiennych sposw. Sposb na jaki s one w danej chwili u|ywane "+ "ustawia si za pomoc \"przeBcznika trybu pracy\" poBo|onego po lewej stronie najwy|szego "+ "rzdu klawiszy cyfrowych. Oto jakie odmienne u|ycia tych klawiszy cyfrowych u|ytkownik "+ "mo|e sobie wybra owym porzeBcznikiem:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Typing</b>. "+ "Przy tym ustawieniu \"przeBcznika trybu pracy\", klawiatura cyfrowa u|ywana jest jako cz[ "+ "zwykBej maszyny do pisania. Std ka|dy wyci[nity klawisz cyfrowy, a tak|e ka|dy wyci[nity klawisz "+ "dziaBaD matematycznych poBo|onych w tym samym rzdzie co klawisze cyfrowe, spowoduje tylko "+ "wpisanie odpowiedniego znaku do okienka IN. Ustawienie \"typing\" stanowi default dla tego selektora."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Code input</b>. "+ "Przy tym ustawieniu \"przeBcznika trybu pracy\" (tego z lewej strony klawiszy cyfrowych), klikanie "+ "na klawisze cyfrowe powoduje wybieranie kodu cyfrowego i wpisywanie tego kodu do odrbnego "+ "okienka oznaczonego \"code in\". Z kolei kod wpisany do tego okienka mo|na potem zamieni na "+ "dowolny znak z zestawu znakw UNICODE. Aby kod ten zamieni na znak UNICODE, po jego "+ "wybraniu nale|y klikn na klawisz \"convert\" (tj. na ten sam klawisz \"convert\" ktry u|ywa si "+ "rwnie| do konwersji warto[ci liczbowych). Po owym klikniciu, w wBa[nie wybrany kod zamieniany "+ "jest na znak jaki sob reprezentuje, oraz wpisywany do okienka IN (ju| jako taki znak). Dziki tej "+ "mo|liwo[ci, niniejsza klawiatura pozwala nam tak|e na wBczanie do pisanego przez nas tekstu "+ "praktycznie dowolnego znaku specjalnego dla jakiego znany jest nam kod UNICODE, oraz "+ "dla ktrego posiadamy font w naszym komputerze. PrzykBadowo, je[li wybierzemy w ten sposb "+ "kod 181, wwczas w okienku IN uka|e si nam grecka litera \"\" (mi) ktrej na tej klawiaturze "+ "nie ma. Nale|y tu podkre[li, |e kod znaku jaki si wybiera w tym ustawieniu nie ukazuje si ani "+ "w okienku IN ani w okienku OUT, za to ukazuje si w oddzielnym okienku poBo|onym w tym samym "+ "rzdzie co klawisze cyfrowe (oznaczonym \"code in\"). Dopiero kiedy kod ten zamieniony zostanie "+ "na odpowiadajcy mu znak, znak ten uka|e si w okienku IN. Ju| po wybraniu kodu potrzebnego "+ "nam znaku specjalnego, nale|y te| pamita aby przestawi przeBcznik trybu pracy klawiszy cyfrowych "+ "z powrotem na \"typing\". Odnotuj rwnie|, |e dokBadnie tak samo jak kody dla znakw UNICODE, "+ "wybiera te| nale|y wykBadnik dla uruchamiania funkcji specjalnej kalkulatora \"x do potgi y\"."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Calculator</b>. "+ "Przy tym ustawieniu, klawisze cyfrowe, a tak|e znaki operacji matematycznych z tego samego co "+ "cyfry rzdu, dziaBaj jako pot|ny kalkulator naukowy. Kalkulator ten realizuje wszystkie rodzaje "+ "dziaBaD normalnego kalkulatora, czyli dodawanie (+), odejmowanie (-), mno|enie (*) i dzielenie "+ "(/). Ponadto pozwala on rwnie| na u|ywanie wszelkich innych dziaBaD ktre realizuje typowy "+ "komputer i typowy jzyk programowania. Jako przykBad patrz reszta z dzielenia liczb integer "+ "otrzymywana przez u|ycie operatora (%). Po angielsku reszta ta nazywana jest \"remainder of "+ "integer division\". Reszta taka, to to co pozostaje po podzieleniu liczby caBkowitej przez inn, "+ "mniejsz liczb caBkowit. Np. dla dziaBania 7/3=2 wynosi ona 7%2=1. Z kolei dla dziaBania "+ "2004/4=501 wynosi ona 0. Dlatego u|ywa si jej np. dla wykrywania lat przestpnych, liczb "+ "pierwszych, itp. (tj. ka|dy rok przestpny \"P\" zawsze daje wynik P%4=0. Z kolei liczba "+ "pierwsza to taka ktra dla wszystkich innych liczb oprcz siebie i 1 zawsze daje ow reszt "+ "r|n od zera. Innym pot|nym narzdziem omawianego tutaj kalkulatora s jego funkcje "+ "specjalne wBczane przeBcznikiem funkcji poBo|onym po prawej strony klawiszy cyfrowych. "+ "Funkcje te egzekwowane s klawiszem \"activate\". Zawsze wyliczj one jak[ now warto[ "+ "z ostatniej liczby ktr w trybie pracy \"calculator\" wpisali[my rcznie do okienka IN, lub "+ "wywoBali[my do okienka IN z pamici numer 1. "+ "Funkcje specjalne daj kalkulatorowi takie dodatkowe mo|liwo[ci jak: podnoszenie do kwadratu (square) "+ "podnoszenie do trzeciej potgi (cube), liczba x do potgi y (x-pow-y), wyciganie pierwiastka "+ "kwadratowego (sqrt), dokBadna warto[ liczby \"pi\" (pi=3.14), sinus, cosinus oraz tanges z "+ "warto[ci w radianach, dokBadna warto[ liczby \"e\" (e=2.71), logarytm naturalny (log). "+ "Funkcje te jako argumentu zawsze u|ywaj liczby ostatnio napisanej w IN w trybie kalkulatora. "+ "Jedna funkcja jest jednak wyjtkiem. Jest to (x-pow-y). WykBadnik \"y\" dla tej funkcji nale|y "+ "najpierw wpisa do okienka \"code in\" poprzez przestawienie na chwil przeBcznika trybu "+ "pracy na \"code in\". Po wpisaniu tego wykBadnika nale|y przeBcznik trybu pracy przestawi "+ "ponownie w pozycje \"calculator\", poczym do okienka IN nale|y wpisa liczb \"x\" ktr "+ "podnosimy do danej potgi \"y\". W koDcu po wybraniu funkcji specjalnej (x-pow-y) klikamy "+ "na klawisz \"activate\" aby funkcj t wyegzekwowa. Dziki tak du|ej mocy obliczeniowej "+ "kalkulatora z omawianej tu klawiatury, z jej pomoc mo|na wykonywa dowolne dziaBania "+ "i wyliczenia matematyczne. Wyniki tych dziaBaD i wyliczeD wpisywane s do okienka OUT. "+ "Z kolei ich przebieg rejestrowany jest w okienku IN. Czyszczenia obu okienek IN i OUT "+ "(przed rozpoczciem nowych obliczeD) dokonuje si klawiszem \"clear\". Nale|y te| pamita, "+ "aby po zakoDczeniu kalkulacji przestawi przeBcznik trybu pracy klawiszy cyfrowych z "+ "powrotem na pozycj \"typing\"."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (5) Aby wprowadzi tekst rosyjski do swojego "+ "koDcowego dokumentu (np. do emaila, strony HTML, XML, WORDa, PDF, itd.), napisz "+ "go w UNICODE za pomoc niniejszej klawiatury, przeedytuj do koDcowej formy, a nastpnie "+ "skopiuj go z wybranego okienka tej klawiatury i wklej w wymagane miejsce dokumentu."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (6) Klawiatura ta umo|liwia te| podstawowe dziaBania "+ "edytorskie na tek[cie rosyjskim z najwy|szego okienka IN. I tak fragmenty tego tekstu mo|na "+ "w niej deletowa, kopiowa, przenosi, duplikowa, wkleja, oraz wszczepia do i z dowolnego "+ "miejsca tego najwy|szego okienka. Z kolei zmiany powprowadzane w najwy|szym okienku IN, "+ "przy nastpnym klikniecu na klawisz \"refrsh\", lub na klawisz dowolnego znaku, transliterowane "+ "s automatycznie i pojawi si w wymaganym formacie w ni|szym okienku OUT. "+ "Jesli za[ czyje[ wymagania edycyjne przekraczaj powy|sze podstawowe dziaBania edytorskie "+ "tej klawiatury, wwczas napisany rosyjski tekst z okienka IN (a tak|e przetransliterowana zawarto[ "+ "ni|szego okienka OUT tej klawiatury) daje si rwnie| "+ "skopiowa i wklei do jakiegokolwiek innego edytora tekstu u|ywajcego Unicode, np. do NOTEPADa "+ "z Windows, lub do WORDa. Tam z kolei zdolno[ci edytorskie owego innego edytora mog by "+ "u|yte do zmienienia tego tekstu na dowolny sposb na jaki tylko kto[ sobie go za|yczy."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (7) Zawarto[ poszczeglnych okienek tekstowych "+ "zapisywanych przez t klawiatur jest nastpujca:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (Grne okienko - "+ "oznaczone <b>IN</b>) Zawiera ono rosyjski tekst jaki zostaje napisany na tej klawiaturze. Wyra|ony "+ "jest on w Cyryllicy za po[rednictwem znakw Unicode. Mo|e on by zachowany, przesBany, lub "+ "przeedytowany w dowolnym dokumencie lub pliku ktry pozwala na u|ycie znakw Unicode, "+ "np. w emailu, stronie HTML, XML, WORDzie, PDF, Notepadzie, itp. (Zauwa|, |e ka|dy znak "+ "Unicode zajmuje dwa byte pamici komputerowej.)"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (Dolne okienko - "+ "oznaczone <b>OUT</b>) Zawiera ono ten sam rosyjski tekst co okienko IN, tyle |e tym razem "+ "tekst ten zostaB przetransliterowany (tj. przetBumaczony) na wybran przez u|ytkownika form. "+ "Forma w jakiej tekst ten tam si pojawia u|ytkownik mo|e sobie dowolnie wybra za pomoc "+ "przeBcznika wyboru znajdujcego si pomidzy klawiszami \"clear\" (czyli \"wyzeruj\") oraz "+ "\"refresh\" (czyli \"odnw\"). W niniejszej wersji klawiatury u|ytkownik mo|e wybra sobie jedn "+ "z nastpujcych form wyj[ciowych:"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>GOST 1983</b> "+ "Prezentuje ona wBa[nie napisany tekst z okienka IN, ale tym razem transliterowany (zromanizowany) "+ "na alfabet BaciDski zgodnie z oficjaln norm rosyjsk GOST z 1983 roku. Mo|na go wic skopiowa "+ "z okienka OUT do najr|niejszych oficjalnych referatw lub dokumentw przekazywanych do "+ "instytucji ktre wymagaj speBnienia rosyjskich standardw transliteracji. Odnotuj, |e wyj[cie w "+ "formacie GOST 1983 w niniejszej klawiaturze jest ustawione jako \"default\" dla tej klawiatury. "+ "Dlatego aby uzyska wyj[cie (OUT) w innej ni| GOST formie, nale|y sobie ow form najpierw "+ "wybra."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>BGN/PCGN</b> "+ "Ten sam wBa[nie napisany tekst rosyjski z okienka IN, tyle |e tym razem transliterowany (zromanizowany) "+ "na alfabet BaciDski zgodnie z amerykaDsk/brityjsk norm geograficzn BGN/PCGN z 1947 roku. "+ "(Zauwa|, |e poprzez u|ycie wymaganego standardu transliteracji upewniasz si |e wyprodukowany "+ "tekst wypeBnia wymagania danej dyscypliny, oraz |e jest on rozumiany jednoznacznie przez wszystkich "+ "zainteresowanych.)"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>HTML code</b> "+ "Tekst wyprowadzany w okienko OUT tym razem jest wyra|ny za pomoc kodw HTML (ANSI) "+ "gotowych do skopiowania i wklejenia do stron internetowych programowanych w "+ "HTML, XML, ASP, lub PHP. Tekst ten zapisany jest jako cig kodw ANSI i mo|e by zachowany "+ "lub wysBany jako ANSI (ASCII) dokument lub jako strona internetowa. (Ka|dy znak ANSI zajmuje "+ "jeden byte pamici komputerowej.)"+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Warto tutaj odnotowa, |e ten sam tekst rosyjski z okienka "+ "IN mo|na sobie wyprowadza w okienko OUT we wszystkich owych formatach, poprzez przeBczanie "+ "formy i nastpne klikanie na klawisz \"refresh\"."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (8) ZaBaduj niniejsz darmow klawiatur do swojego "+ "komputera i miej j pod rk na wypadek |e nagle mo|esz j potrzebowa.) "+ "Aby zrealizowa takie zaBadowanie "+ "wystarczy klikn na klawisz \"Download all-in-one\", potem za[ zachowa i UNZIPowa replik zrdBow tej strony "+ "ktra zostanie wysBana do twojego komputera. Niniejsza klawiatura jest stron HTMLowsk (na komputer klienta) "+ "- std powinna ona pracowa na twoim wBasnym komputerze bez |adnych problemw."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (9) Poinformuj o dostpno[ci za darmo niniejszej klawiatury "+ "wszystkich przyjaciB i kolegw zawodowych ktrym twoim zdaniem mogBaby ona dopomc. Klawiatura "+ "ta jest oferowana za darmo, std nie powinno mie si oporw przed jej u|yciem - je[li istnieje jakakolwiek "+ "szansa |e mo|e ona dopomc nam w jakiej[ dziaBalno[ci."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (10) Istnieje tak|e grecka wersja tej samej klawiatury, rwnie| "+ "dostpna za darmo dla zainteresowanych ludzi. Owa grecka wersja mo|e zosta zaBadowana, lub "+ "uruchomiona, z tej klawiatury poprzez kliknicie na klawisz \"Greek\"."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (11) Niniejsza klawiatura jest okresowo udoskonalana i aktualizowana - w miar jak wolny czas jej "+ "autora na to pozwala. Ka|de takie udoskonalenie poszerza lub poprawia mo|liwo[ci i u|yteczno[ tej klawiatury. "+ "Udoskonalone wersje klawiatury s nastpnie zaBadowywane na te witryny internetowe autoryzowane przez "+ "dra Jana Pajka, ktre zawieraj jakie[ rosyjskie strony totalizmu. (PeBny wykaz takich witryn zamieszczony jest na "+ "stronie uruchamianej klawiszem "+ "<a href=http://pajak.orcon.net.nz/menu.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>menu.htm</b></font></a>.) "+ "Dlatego warto sprawdza wskazane strony internetowe czy "+ "przyszBe udoskonalone wersje tej darmowej wirtualnej klawiatury s tam ju| zainstalowane."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (12) Ta darmowa klawiatura wirtualna "+ "zostaBa zaprogramowana (i okresowo jest udoskonalana) przez "+ "<a href=http://pajak.orcon.net.nz/pajak_jan.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>dra in|. Jana Pajka</b></font></a> "+ "- autora witryny <a href=http://pajak.orcon.net.nz/totalizm_pl.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>pajak.orcon.net.nz</b></font></a> "+ "(email: <a href=mailto:janpajak@gmail.com target=_blank><font color=green><b>janpajak@gmail.com</b></font></a>). "+ "Uwagi, lub sugestie dalszych udoskonaleD, s mile widziane. Prosz da mi zna je[li kto[ |yczy sobie aby ta klawiatura "+ "zostaBa wyposa|ona w jakie[ dalsze klawisze, standardy transliterowania, czy mo|liwo[ci, ktre jeszcze lepiej "+ "sBu|yByby potrzebom jej u|ytkowinkw. By mo|e |e bd wwczas w stanie je zaprogramowa "+ "i dostarczy kompletnie za darmo - je[li mog by zaprogramowane w ramach mojego hobby "+ "(znaczy zno[nym nakBadem czasu i wysiBku)."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (13) Darmowe udostpnianie niniejszej "+ "klawiatury wirtualnej \"wszystko w jednym\" zostaBo zainicjowane 21 maja 2005 roku. "+ "Pocztkowo klawiatura ta zamierzona byBa jako techniczne wsparcie dla tych osb "+ "ktre zaochotniczyBy do udoskonalania jzyka rosyjskiego totaliztycznych stron "+ "internetowych. Szybko jednak si okazaBo, |e faktycznie to reprezentuje ona zupeBnie "+ "now ide programowania polegajc na zbieraniu owocw z potgi komputerw "+ "zupeBnie bez konieczno[ci ich programowania. Jako taka, mo|e ona wic dopomc "+ "wielu dalszym ludziom wcale nie zaanga|owanym w prace nad filozofi totalizmu. "+ "Ta wersja klawiatury zostaBa uaktualizowana w dniu 16 lipca 2005 roku."+ "<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (14) Copyright 2005 by Dr Jan Pajk. Poza "+ "uznawaniem jego intelektualnego autorstwa samej idei \"wszystko w jednym\" oraz autorstwa "+ "koncepcyjnego i programowego rozwizania tej klawiatury, jej autor NIE zastrzega dla "+ "siebie |adnych dalszych praw np. zwizanych z jej u|ytkowaniem lub upowszechnianiem. "+ "Klawiatura ta mo|e wic by nieodpBatnie u|ytkowana i "+ "upowszechniana w dowolny sposb,w dowolnych ilo[ciach i w dowolnym miejscu. Autor "+ "jedynie zastrzega aby NIE usuwa z niej informacji i| powstaBa ona (i obecnie dostpna jest "+ "nieodplatnie dla wszystkich zainteresowanych) w wyniku jego inspiracji, jego nakBadu pracy "+ "programowej, jego ekspertyzy, jego przemy[leD, oraz jego wysoce moralnej filozofii |yciowej (tj. "+ "<a href=http://totalizm.nexuswebs.net/totalizm_pl.htm target=_blank><font color=green><b>totalizmu</b></font></a>)."+ "</div>"; function show_help(help_text) { var help_window = window.open('', '_blank', 'height=200, width=500, status=yes, toolbar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, location=no'); help_window.focus(); help_window.document.write(help_text); } --> </script> <!-- ---------------------------- Final comments ------------------------------------ --> <hr color="blue" size="4" width="100%"> <div align="justify"> <h1>#A2. Explanations for users: </h1> <b>#1. Free offer.</b> Here is a free offer of a virtual keyboard named "all-in-one", which I programmed for your use and convenience. In the form which is offered above, this keyboard allows you to use it like a standard or a scientific calculator, means carry out with it the arithmetic, engineering, or scientific calculations - similarly as you would do with the use of any calculator. It allows also to convert Arabic numbers into Roman numbers, and vice versa, and to change any physical units (measure, weight, speed, fuel consumption, etc.) into any other physical units. It also allows the calculations and conversions of dates. In addition to this, it allows to process and to edit texts which use the English, Latin, Polish, Russian (Cyrillic), and Greek alphabets, their coding into HTML, their transliterations into two official Romanized standards, and much more. After given texts are typed, the keyboard allows to copy and paste them into the required documents, wordprocessors, or text editors. <b>The user instruction in English, which explains how to use this keyboard, is to appear after you click on the "Help" button located under the Russian alphabet.</b> You can resize this user instruction to any size and shape by grabbing it with the mouse by the bottom-right corner, and you can also shift it with the mouse to any new location by dragging it by the blue top. Note that this keyboard have also a user instruction in Polish (which appears after you click on the button marked "Pomoc"), and have a user instruction in Russian (which appears after you click on the button marked "&#1055;&#1086;&#1084;&#1086;&#1097;&#1100;"). There is also a Greek version of a prototype of this keyboard (slightly older), which is to run after you click on the button "Greek". This keyboard you can use either "on-line" for free, means use directly from the internet, or you can use it (also for free) after downloading it into your own computer (recommended when you need it frequently - as sometimes internet may be unavailable, and also a frequent use of internet induces costs). In order to copy the source version of this keyboard into your own computer click on the key "Download all-in-one", then follow the copying instructions, finally "unzip" the folder "archive_pajak" in which are located all files required by this keyboard for operation. In order to run it later in your own computer you just need to click on the file named "all_in_one.htm". <div align="center">* * *</div> <b>#2. "All-in-one" a new idea in computing.</b> These readers, who make programs for computers, know well that there are two basic categories of calculations and computing tasks, namely (a) repetitive tasks (e.g. balancing of funds by a bank), and (b) tasks which are only carried out one time (e.g. calculating during our shopping in a supermarket, which product on the offer is more beneficial to us in terms of price to weight). Tasks which are repeated many times are worth to be computerized through writing programs. After all, the large contribution of labour for the completion of programs is returned for them later when these programs are utilized. However, tasks carried out only one time (or just a couple of times) are not suitable for programming. After all, the large input of labour for programming would never be returned, if this program is used a single time only. Thus, computing of tasks which are completed only a single time, usually is completed either with calculators, or manually. The enormous processing power of present computers is not harvested for them. This is quite a regretful situation, as there is a large potential being lost. <div align="center">* * *</div> <b>#3. History of the "all-in-one" idea.</b> On 21 May 2005 I started to develop a kind of virtual keyboard for universal applications. I realized then, that this keyboard can be made almost infinitively universal, and that it can obtain almost all calculating powers that a given computer has. In the result, such a small keyboard can receive practically all capabilities, which presently are embedded into the most advanced programming languages and computers. But it still is going to maintain simplicity of a calculator, and still can be used just as a calculator - means just for completing single-use jobs. In this manner, a new idea of computerization was born. I named it "all in one". This new idea boils down to a design of a keyboard, which in a simplest possible form supplies users with all capabilities of data processing that normally are offered only by complex and sophisticated programming languages and computers. In this way the powerful calculation abilities of present computers can be made accessible for these people who wish to carry out tasks for only single uses. Immediately after this idea evolved in my mind, I started to construct a prototype keyboard, which implemented practically this idea of "all in one". Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, this work was interrupted for objective reasons (i.e. my redundancy from the academic job in IT). Until this interruption, I managed to contribute towards the development of the "all-in-one" keyboard only around two months of occasional programming and thoughts. On the other hand, in order to develop such a powerful software tool to a reasonable level, in my opinion it requires at least a year of continuous research, thinking over, testing, and programming by a single researcher. Shown above is the prototype of "all-in-one" virtual keyboard, which was accomplished during these first two months of research and development. You are welcomed to use it, to test it, or to develop it further (should you decide to develop it further, please do not forget to give me a credit for creation of the original idea). At the moment I have no condition to develop this keyboard any further (after all, for over a year I am just seeking a next academic job). However, should I find an academic position in IT, I will introduce improvements to this keyboard which are explained in item #4 below. Therefore, I recommend to visit this web page again in a few months of time, then perhaps a much better version of this keyboard will already be available here. <div align="center">* * *</div> <b>#4. Future improvements.</b> While using this tool please bear in mind that it is only a second demo prototype of this "all-in-one" keyboard. Thus, it leaves a lot to wish for, regarding the ergonomics, user-friendliness, and calculation power which it already received. But it still illustrates well what this new idea "all in one" is all about. So by checking here how it works, the reader obtains quite a good understanding as to how this new idea "all in one" is able to facilitate all calculations for only a single use. After all, the reader is able to realize from this prototype, that in future implementations of this idea both text boxes can be made adjustable - so that they accommodate whatever the user wishes, that both alphabets (i.e. present Russian and present English + Polish) can be made replaceable - so that the user could switch/exchange them into Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Jewish, Greek, or any other alphabet in existence in the world, that the edition capabilities of this keyboard can be increased until they reach these from the WORD or WORD PERFECT, that the algorithm of calculations and processing carried out on this keyboard can be memorised automatically, so that later it can be simply repeated for another set of data, like a computer program, that the number of mathematical functions and physical conversions can be increased to practically unlimited extent, that the calculations carried out can be simplified and facilitated further by adding the capability to "recognize" in the text values that should be subjected to calculations, and by writing the results in any place that the user indicates, that to the processing power of this keyboard can be added graphics, animation, and whatever someone wishes, etc., etc. Out of the above improvements of this virtual keyboard planned for the future, the most attractive seems to be the memorising on a disk, and later automatic running from the disk file but for a new set of data, the algorithm of any calculations and data processing carried out on this software tool. Therefore, this particular improvement I plan to introduce in the first priority, immediately after I find a next academic job. After all, such a possibility of memorising, and later recreation for new data, the routines of calculations already carried out, will allow for an extremely simple preparation of computer programs by people who do not know any programming language - but just know how to carry out calculations on a calculator. This is because by carrying out any calculations in a manner identical like with a calculator, in reality these people would simply prepare for themselves repetitive computer programs with this "graphical programming language" that takes the illustrative form of a calculator. After the final development, this keyboard can also be installed in cellular telephones. In this manner owners of such phones would receive extremely powerful, although very simple in use, graphical programming language which would work on their phones. As we can see from the above explanation, after the full implementation, this new idea of "all in one" in fact would allow users to carry out with this single simple keyboard practically every type of calculations and data processing that present computers are able to do, and that are on offer only in the form of complex programming languages. And we know that there is a lot of such capabilities. Actually, even in the present, far from perfection form, this keyboard is already able to be utilised for facilitating an entire range of computing tasks, including calculations, conversions, transformations, translation, editing, typing, transliteration, etc. Furthermore, it provides us with an idea (a concept) which can be developed further e.g. by assigning to it diploma projects and doctor dissertations from computer sciences. In turn, after it is developed further to the practically useful level, it will be able to enhance the work and life for a large number of people, who need to computerise and simplify all the "one-off" type of activities that they carry out. <h1><br>#A2. How with the web page named "<a href="skorowidz_links.htm" target="_blank"><font color="green">skorowidz_links.htm</font></a>" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested: </h1> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of <a href="skorowidz_links.htm" target="_blank"><font color="green"><b>content index</b></font></a> prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green <a href="newzealand.htm" target="_blank"><font color="green"><b>links</font></b></a> which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named <a href="skorowidz.htm" target="_blank"><font color="green"><b>skorowidz_links.htm</b></font></a>. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone. <h1><br>#A3. Emails and contact details to the <a href="pajak_jan_uk.htm" target="_blank"><font color="green">author</font></a> of this web page: </h1> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to <a href="http://images.google.co.nz/images?hl=en&q=Jan+Pajak&btnG=Search+Images&gbv=1" target="_blank"><font color="green"><b>Dr Eng. Jan Pajak</b></font></a> while courteously to <b>Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak</b>, at which readers can post possible comments, inquiries, or replies to questions which I ask on my web pages, are provided on the web page <a href="pajak_jan_uk.htm" target="_blank"><font color="green"><b>about me (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak)</b></font></a>. That page also provides other commonly used contact details to the author. <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The author's right for the use of <b>courteous</b> title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely <font color="blue"><b>when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever</b></font>. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life). <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, <b>I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests</b>, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. Therefore, if the reader sends a request to me, I suggest to let me know somehow that he or she actually went through the trouble of reading my web pages and learning what these pages try to say. <h1><br>#A4. Copyrights 2012 by Dr Jan Pajak: </h1> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Copyrights 2012 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below). </div> <!-- ----------------------------- Hit counters ---------------------------------------- --> <hr color="blue" size="4" width="100%"> <font color="blue" size="4"> Date of starting of this web page: 21 May 2005. 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