Compendium of scientific proofs that God really does exist (in English)
A compendium of scientific proofs that God really does exist
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If one considers it thoroughly, there is NO other question of more vital consequences for people that the old query "does God exist?". During my scientific research I encountered a huge body of evidence which confirms conclusively the fact that "YES, God really does exist!" - only that in order to NOT deprive us the so-called "free will", God is forced to hide His existence from people. On the basis of this huge body of evidence I even prepared and published several formal scientific proofs which conclusively have proven that really God does exist. Moreover, in spite of numerous attempts, no-one managed to undermine yet the validity of these proofs. Thus, they continually remain valid and in power. For almost a quarter of century I publish these formal scientific proofs for the existence of God in my monographs - e.g. see subsections I3.3 to I3.3.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Since 2008 I am also presenting them on this web page. Unfortunately, representatives of the church and religions, as well as the official human science and my professional colleagues (other scientists) vigorously avoid informing the society about the existence of this ocean of conclusive evidence and formal proofs for the existence of God. In many cases they even deny their existence. My countless battles about the recognition and dissemination of these formal proofs for the existence of God are so numerous and so fierce, that they would suffice for writing an entire book entitled "How I have proven formally the existence of God and why this my scientific proof antagonized against me both the science and the church". Unfortunately, although I could easily write such a book, the past experience tells me that no-one would have a courage to publish it. This is why on this web page I decided to present for the use of all interested readers the reliable and unbiased information about the body of evidence which confirms the God's existence, and about my formal scientific proofs for the existence of God that I completed on the basis of this evidence (for a list and links to these proofs - see item #G3 below). After all, my web pages have this attribute, that when some devoted enemies of their content (and e.g. enemies of scientific learning about God) delete them from one group of servers, I continually shift them and make available on other groups of servers - as I documented this near the end of "Menu 4".

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A0. The totaliztic definition of the concept of "God" - means the definition of our creator and absolute ruler, the existence of which my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity has proved formally with several different scientific methods described on this web page, using reliable methods for the formulation of scientific proofs:

Motto: 'For the definition of "God" to be complete and unambiguous, it must NOT only explain "who" and "what" God is (i.e. in the case of my definition, explain that while He is our Superior Being, at the same time God is also both, the Program as well as the Programmer - i.e. the beginning as well as the end, the Alpha as well as the Omega); but it should inform as well where is the space in which God resides, from what comes the power which allowed God to create the entire our physical world and us and then allowed also to perfectly pre-program the work of all natural laws and moral laws, while now allows to precisely manage the fate of every creature, every object and every phenomenon of our physical world; while in addition it should also reveal what is the main purpose of God's creation and management, as well as make readers aware of matters to which they should pay the highest attention in their current lives, so that they can pass the final judgement qualifying them to the unique category of people, whom in the Bible are called "grain" (i.e. NOT "chaff") while by the philosophy of totalizm are described as "soldiers of God" who are wise, resourceful, experienced, hardened in the battle for truth, for morality and for knowledge - which category of people will be awarded with the honour of personal participation in the next stage of implementation of God's plans.'

       The paradox of the present 21st century is that we supposedly have on Earth over 1000 religions, and probably tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of priests of these religions, but still these priests did NOT develop or disseminate a full and objectively correct definition of the term "God" - i.e. the definition consistent with the requirements of this term which I have expressed in the above "motto". This is a deplorable situation. After all, every person which knows, understands and accepts in his or her mind, or who formulates by oneself, a complete and unambiguous for him/her, but objectively also correct, definition of God (not necessarily of my authorship), then who starts to obey the commandments and requirements resulting from that definition, God rewards with the gift of perceiving how everything that surrounds him/her, and also how every truth he/she learns about, directly or indirectly becomes proof for the existence of God - as this is explained in item #A2.2 from my web page named totalizm.htm, and also as this is confirmed by other publications referred to in that item #A2.2. Moreover, having such a complete, unambiguous and correct definition of God, one can then develop a formal scientific proof for the existence of God - as well as complete this proving on many different ways. (Notice here that several such formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, I have developed and published a long time ago. After all, as long ago as in 1985 their proving methodologies were revealed to me by my Concept of Dipolar Gravity due to determining that an intelligent and programmable counter-matter exists in a separate so-called "counter-world". Since then, I have disseminated these formal proofs, among others, in my monographs and in items #G2 and #G3 from this web page.)
       So, it is at least highly unlucky for people, that such a correct definition of God, which would also be consistent with today's state of human knowledge and with today's principles of human thinking, neither priests of all these over a thousand of religions that now supposedly exist on Earth, nor the highly-paid employees of today's "official atheistic science" and their followers noisily condemning God, were unable to develop earlier for the good and use of humanity, while in today's situation, when since 1985 the correct and ever more complete definitions of God resulting from my Concept of Dipolar Gravity became available, they did NOT accepted these definitions nor they join me in the efforts of disseminating them among people. As I believe, the reason for this "discoverious and inventive impotence", in the case of priests was them getting stuck in comfortable and effortless trends of rejecting knowledge, moving away from the truth, cutting off from real life, drastic ignoring the duties that they voluntarily accepted onto themselves, and delving into mysticism - for which God condemns the priests in the Bible and announces their punishment.
       For my interpretations of the Bible verses informing about God's condemnation of priests - see (1) in items #T2 and #U1 from my other web page named woda_uk.htm. In turn, for an example of these damning verses, see the Bible, "Hosea", verses 4:4-9 - here I quote these verses from the "Catholic Online" Bible (on 2019/3/25 available at the address "(4)... it is you, priest, that I denounce. (5) Priest, you will stumble in broad daylight, and the prophet will stumble with you in the dark, and I will make your mother perish. (6) My people perish for want of knowledge. Since you yourself have rejected knowledge, so I shall reject you from my priesthood; since you have forgotten the teaching of your God, I in my turn shall forget your children. (7) The more of them there have been, the more they have sinned against me; they have bartered their Glory for Shame. (8) They feed on the sin of my people, they are greedy for their iniquity. (9) But as with the people, so with the priest, I shall punish them for their conduct, I shall pay them back for their deeds."
       In turn regarding today's scientists, their most important obstacle in making the use of previously existing chance to develop a correct definition of God, and in taking advantage of the current opportunity to join my efforts to disseminate the already existing such correct definition described here, has become their separation from life and watching the world mainly through the thick windows of their "ivory towers", as well as the stubborn hanging out and insisting on the lies of their fictional concept of "monopolar gravity" (while rejecting my truthful "dipolar gravity") - in which their false monopolar gravity God can NOT exist, because a non-existent world ruled by such monopolar gravity is unable to create and provide space, power, tools, and capabilities required for the existence and work of God, while theories that scientifically are based on such a fictitious "monopolar gravity" are NOT able to identify nor indicate anything that would constitute God. An additional obstacle has also been the lucrative temptations to maintain by the present official atheistic science the absolute monopoly on educating people, on research, and on indirect co-governing over the humanity, which monopoly, in case of the recognition of the existence of God and the dissemination of correct and verifiable by people definition of God, the employees and the decision-makers of official atheistic science would have to share NOT only with God Himself and with divine messages to humanity (e.g. those ones that are contained in the Bible), but also with imperfect priests and religions - for whom the pursue of knowledge, wisdom, constant work to eliminate their imperfections, nor compatible with the commandments and requirements of God's conducts, nowadays nothing is encouraging nor anyone is verifying.
       As a result of the above situation, the best definition of God which priests and scientists have so-far managed to develop, is a vague and ambiguous statement repeated with various words that "God is a being who can do everything". Unfortunately, even if we disregard the typical for "monopolar gravity" the ambiguity of almost each of the concepts of this definition, still in its primitive formulation are NOT included even the most crucial information about God, for example "where exactly is the space that God lives in", "from where come the power" that allow God to do everything, "in what way" God does all this, "for what purpose God created everything, including us", what actually is the process of "creation" and on what it relies, nor "from what building material" God created all that It decided to create (after all, verse 11:3 from the biblical "Letter to the Hebrews" states that even God does not create "something from nothing" - I quote: "... were created by a word from God, so that from the invisible the visible world came to be." Other translations of the Bible clarify this matter even better.)
       On the other hand, if we carefully read the Bible and transform its former language into today's terminology and concepts, then it turns out that it contains such a complete, unambiguous and objectively correct definition of God. It's just that in order to NOT take away people's "free will", in the Bible (which, after all, was inspired by God), this definition had to be encrypted in various ways, e.g. through the use of ancient vocabulary, through its dismemberment and spreading after segmentation into a whole range of different verses of the Bible, through the wide use of symbolism, etc. Of course, if priests were NOT "rejecting knowledge" but actually were devoted to the truth and to the commandments of God from the Bible (means - NOT to the habits of their bodies), and they were NOT allowed themselves to be fooled by the lying concept of "monopolar gravity" forced into the mankind by the corrupt, old, official atheistic science, if instead of insisting on sticking to what is easy and based only on effortless speculations, rather they recognised findings of the philosophy of totalizm which reveal that the learning of truth people need to earn, and they start actively and without prejudices seek, broaden and promote knowledge and truth about God, and if they have NOT lead easy lives detached from reality and deprived efforts of perfecting oneself and the world that surrounds them, while in addition they also tried to keep pace with the increasingly clearer, more explicit and progressively modern discoveries of truth and knowledge, then they would note that the complete and correct definition of God has existed for a long time and continually is cut off by the forces of evil from being widely disseminated and learned by people. This definition, resulting from my empirical research and from the findings of the developed in 1985 and still until today the only in the world real Theory of Everything called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", confirms scientifically the content of the Bible verses in a way that is already reinterpreted to today's language and to the present state of knowledge - in this also confirms, among others, the full and comprehensive definition of God, encrypted in the verses of Bible. Unfortunately, for reasons that I explain in (1) from items #T2 and #U1 of my web page named woda_uk.htm, priests stubbornly ignore (means reject) the recognition of this definition of God and do NOT even consider adapting to their teaching at least that part of the Dipolar Concept of Gravity and results of my empirical research, about which has already been scientifically proven, that they fully coincide with information encoded in the content of the Bible. No wonder that in these verses 4:4-6 from the biblical "Book of Hosea", God warns them - as I have cited above. In turn the warnings of God should NOT be underestimated, because they are simultaneously harbingers of the arrival of anger and punishment, about which fact tries to make people aware, for example, my web page named 2030_uk.htm and the free, 34-minute long, YouTube video (in Polish) entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (which title can be translated as "The Great Purification of 2030s") available at the address - which video only during the first about 9 months, i.e. from 2018/5/6 to 2019/2/16, was viewed by one million people - see the badge shown in "Fig. #E4" from my web page named prophecies.htm (repeated from there in the post number #307E to blogs of totalizm) and also shown on the web page named djp.htm - with a set of videos that I (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk) personally co-authored.
       Below in this item #A0 from the web page named "god_proof.htm" I quote two versions of the totaliztic definition of the term "God" (i.e. a shortened and a full version). To the formulation of this definition originally I arrived due to the findings of my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and also due to my empirical discoveries of the evidence that surrounds us, which confirms the correctness of this theory. Later, however, I also discovered that an almost identical definition of God is encrypted, among others, in verses of the Bible. The key elements of this definition are also included, and sometimes even supplemented and extended by additional details, in the original (i.e. uncorrupted nor deprived by human interpretations) statements of a number of religions other than Christianity. (As an example of such additions, consider the pre-Christian religion of New Zealand Maoris, whose myths on "Io" (i.e. Supreme Maori God) revealed to me, among other things, that the Program of God is contained in the twelfth and highest memory of the "counter-matter" - the attribute of which is having memories of multiple-levels.) Both versions of this my definition precisely define the Superior Being of our physical world, whose existence I previously proved formally with the scientific proofs using reliable methods of proving presented on this web page. Both these versions are also based on the current level of our knowledge and use today's modern terminology and concepts. Examples of such today's concepts can be:
(A) The concept of: "Program". It is used instead of the equally old as the Bible term "Word". This concept is briefly explained, among others, in item #E4 from my web page named prophecies.htm and in the post number #307 to blogs of totalizm based on that item #E4, in item #D3 from this web page, and also in every publication which is linked via the keyword "Word" (i.e. "Słowo") by my Polish web page named skorowidz.htm (the Polish "skorowidz" in English means "index" or "concordance"). In turn, the more broad explanation of the correspondence between the Biblical concept of "Word" and the name "program" - now commonly used by such fashionable and popularly taught "IT" discipline of modern times, the reader probably does NOT need. (After all, since 1948, the entire "Theory of Communication" by Claude E. Shannon is available - which worked out the basic concepts and laws later included into the Computer Sciences and IT disciplines.) Hence, for example, the biblical term "Word", the meaning of which with a "computer" precision is explained in verse 1:1 from the biblical "Gospel according to Saint John" - I quote: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and God was the Word", in the today's terminology of Information Technology and Computer sciences includes NOT only commonly understood meaning of the term "word", but also the meaning of the terms "information", "algorithm", and "program" (for details see (5) from item #C12 on my web page named bible.htm). In turn, for example, the biblical statement "and the Word was with God, and God was the Word" in the today's terminology more clear and more unambiguous can be interpreted, among others, as that God is both, the Program and the Programmer - means is both the beginning as well as the end, Alpha as well as Omega.
(B) The concept of: "counter-matter", i.e. the weightless, self-propelled, eternally mobile, frictionless, invisible from our physical world, and intelligent fluid displaying features of hardware from today's computers, contained in the separate counter-world and described more precisely, among others, in item #D3 below on this web page, while which corresponds to the term "Ancient of Days" used in Presbyterian Bibles and in "New World Bibles". (Note that other Bibles the same term translate into other names, for example "One most venerable" (the "Catholic Online") or "One who had been living forever" (the "Good News Bible").) The term "Ancient of Days" is used in verses 7:9, 7:13 and 7:22 from the biblical "Book of Daniel", and in verses 4:10, 4:14, 4:20, 4:22, 4:24, 4:35, 5:2 from the "Book of Baruch"). In turn, scientifically this concept is broadly explained in subsection S5 from volume 15 of my monograph [1/5], while briefly I also described it in item #D4 from my web page dipolar_gravity.htm and in the post number #273 to blogs of totalizm based on that item #D4 (the post #273 most legibly is presented in the "volume U" from the publication [13] available via the web page tekst_13.htm), and further discussed in "subsection D1" and in "chapter J" from another my monograph [12] describing the operation of the reversible "human time" and time vehicles of my invention - the free dissemination of which [12] is carried out by my web page named tekst_12.htm.
(C) The concept of: "a four-dimensional counter-world, which has infinite dimensions and time of existence". This concept indicates the location of other world which is different from our "physical world", i.e. the world which by the folk knowledge usually is described as "the other world" - e.g. consider the phrase "he is already in the other world". That different counter-world extends infinitely in all four linear dimensions prevailing in it, and exists through the infinite length of the kind of time (different than the reversible "human time") prevailing in it - which time totalizm calls the "irreversible absolute time of the universe". Premises and logical deductions that allowed me to describe the features of the counter-world and the counter-matter that is prevailing in it, are explained in subsection H2 from volume 4 of my monograph [1/5]. In turn, an explanation of what proves to us that the counter-world dimension and time extends indefinitely - is described in item #D4 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. The counter-world includes the space into which the other pole of the gravitational dipole penetrates. Being a "dipolar" field, similar to the already commonly known "magnetic field", the gravitational field also has two poles. The first of these two gravity poles, namely the "attracting", "sucking" or "inlet" pole, i.e. "I" pole named so from the English word "Inlet" - means the pole of gravity being the equivalent of the current magnetic pole from the northern "N" geographical pole of the Earth, prevails in our physical world. The second from these two poles of gravity, i.e. the "repelling", "blowing", or "outlet" pole "O" (so named from the word "Outlet") - is the pole of the gravitational field that corresponds to the current magnetic pole from the southern "S" geographical pole of the Earth. It prevails in that "counter-world". At every point in our "physical world" the gravitational field penetrates concentrically from its pole "I" to that other pole "O", going through a kind of invisible inter-world barrier. One example of the physical evidence for the existence of this inter-world barrier at every point in the space of our physical world is the attribute of electromagnetic waves and light, which due to propagating along this invisible barrier are obtaining the characteristics of "transverse waves", i.e. "surface waves" - which arise only in situations when waves travel along some kind of physical surface. However, because the official atheistic science does NOT recognize the existence of the counter-world nor the existence of this inter-world barrier, hence the reason for such a surface characteristics of electromagnetic waves and light still remains unexplainable for it (and thus shyly avoided by today's official atheistic science) - for details see items #D1 and #D2.1 on my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm". After passing from "I" to "O" through that invisible inter-world barrier, the gravitational field emerges in a completely different world, which my Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls just a "counter-world". Due to the inverse nature of both poles of gravity, the opposite conditions prevail in both these worlds. For example, in our physical world "matter" is attracted, stationary, stupid and characterized by inertia and friction. Moreover, from the time of the "Biblical Great Deluge", God limited the size of our physical world to only three clearly visible and easily accessible linear dimensions (i.e. to "width - X", "height - Y", and "thickness - Z"). In turn in the counter-world the "counter-matter" prevailing in there repels each other, is eternally mobile, intelligent, and is characterized by a "self-mobility" and the reversal of friction (i.e. the characteristics of the so-called "telekinesis"). Moreover, since the infinite "ancient times" that counter-world possesses as many as four linear dimensions, explained in more detail in "chapters F and G" from my Polish monograph [12] describing the operation of "reversible human time" and the work of "time vehicles" of my invention. In addition to those listed above linear dimensions X, Y and Z, in the counter-world there is also a "depth - G" dimension, which in there is the fourth clearly visible and easily accessible linear dimension extending into infinity in both directions. By the way, at every point in the space of our linearly three-dimensional physical world, the fourth dimension also exists "directed towards the inside (to depth) - G". It is just that we humans do NOT have access to it, yet. In order to gain access to this fourth dimension, one has to be "invited" by God - e.g. such an access to the dimension "G" in the future will have "time vehicles" of my invention (but only if God "invites" people to build them). On the subject of the fourth linear dimension "G" of the counter-world hides a whole ocean of new knowledge and at present unknown mysteries, the exploring of which will keep occupied the humanity for hundreds of years, while a foretaste of which gives item #D3 from this web page named "god_proof.htm" - thus which here I will NOT even try to summarize. To readers interested in this subject, I recommend looking into "chapters F and G" from the linked above my "monograph [12]".
(D) The concept of: "knowledge as food of God". More precisely this concept explains the so-called "Teoria Nadistot" (i.e. the "Theory of Superior Beings") developed by a brilliant citizen of Poland, named "Adam Wiśniewski" - which theory is briefly described in item #I6 from my web page named mozajski_uk.htm, and then a bit more extended by my own contribution to this theory presented in "chapter O" of the new (written in 2018) my monograph [12] (in Polish), as well as the caption under "Tab. #J1b" from the web page named propulsion.htm.
(E) The concept of: "counter-matter as building material of God" - from which God created the entire our "physical world", including the creation of our human bodies. How the pre-programmed by God "whirls of counter-matter" provide God with a permanent and stationary "building material" from which has been formed everything that is material and that exists in our physical world, this is briefly explained, among others, in item #A1 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, while in more detail is described in subsections H4.2 from volume 4, and LB1 from volume 10, of my monograph [1/5].
(F) The concept of: "programs from the memory of counter-matter in a function of intelligent organizer and manager" that organizes and supervises the work of everything that exists in our "physical world" - for example, which organizes the content and operation of physical laws, laws of nature, and moral laws, controls the operation of all phenomena of nature and technical devices, etc. The best function of these programs from the memory of counter-matter explains the principle of operation used in propelling devices that humanity will build only in the "fifth and sixth technical era" from the distant future. Notice here that currently humanity lives only in the "second technical era", while uses only one propelling device from the next, third technical era - it uses the so-called "electric motor". The propulsion devices of these 5th and 6th "technical eras" of the distant future are described, amongst others, in item #E4 from my web page named prophecies.htm, and also in item #J4 from another my web page named propulsion.htm.
       In other words, none of my two versions of the totaliztic definition of God is inconsistent with the information about God provided in the Bible, but only expresses this information with more modern concepts and terminology. Also, my definition of God does NOT break anyone's "free will", because it was worked out by only an imperfect and inherently fallible man (i.e. myself), in whose words people (e.g. atheists) professing different views do NOT have to believe - as they have the obligation to believe, for example, in the commandments from the Bible, the fulfilment of which is then severely judged, and in the event of their breaking - is punished, and to believe also in the confirmed, among others due to the fulfilment of biblical prophecies, the truth of the Bible inspired (i.e. authorized) by God. Because both these versions of the definition of God explain the most important to people attributes of God, are expressed in modern language, and are consistent with the level of our present scientific knowledge, and at the same time they are consistent with the statements of the Bible, as a result they have the power to repair the gaps in our knowledge of God, which result from the priests neglecting the duty to keep up with the progress of knowledge, truth, and real life. In addition, they expand, explain and bring to today's understanding of the world, the old biblical explanations. As such, both these versions of God's definitions provided here can be of great help to those people who believe in God, who seriously regard their duty to learn scientific truth about our creator and ruler, and to gather about our God the truthful knowledge. After all, these definitions, among others, provide us with very clear guidelines as to doing of what we should pay the most attention in our lives - unfortunately, the further providing access to these guidelines through existing religions is no longer possible due to the excessively high corruption of practically all religious institutions of the world and the deepening departure of their priests from truth and from actual knowledge of God.
       The first of both versions of the totaliztic definition of God, which I provide here, is "shortened". Thus, it only explains in general "who God is" and "what are the relations of God and people." This shortened definition can be expressed, for example, with the following words:
       'God is currently NOT only our Superior Being, but also the only self-aware, thinking, analytical, inquisitive, creative and multi-processor "Program" with superior and unlimited executive capabilities, which self-evolved in the memory of "counter-matter" from a separate four-dimensional "counter-world", for which Program the "knowledge" and "information" fulfils the same function that for people fulfil "food" and "drinks", hence which Program has launched the never-ending "knowledge acquisition", firstly by such reprogramming the behaviours of counter-matter the memory of which It occupies, that this counter-matter was turned into a "building material" from which God created (read "pre-programmed") all our three-dimensional physical world, all phenomena of our world, and all the creatures inhabiting this our world - including the thought-minded people, and then also by pre-programming the "software tools" that allow this Program to accurately design and control every event and fate of each object and every creature from our physical world, and also which omnipresent Program (being simultaneously the Program and the Programmer, i.e. being both the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega for our physical world) has also developed a set of templates, laws, commandments and requirements, made it available in the Bible to people, while now strictly supervises its fulfilment, which set causes that some people pedantically obeying these templates, laws, orders and requirements are able to pursue knowledge, and that due to this obedience and pursuing they gradually acquire permanent character traits that make them fit for receiving eternally living bodies that will allow them to constructively coexist for eternity with other people having similarly indestructible bodies and to accumulate knowledge in cooperation with them for an infinitively long period of time.'
       We should note here, that due to defining God as the Program of unique attributes, which in the Bible is described with the term Holy Ghost, it is more appropriate to refer to God with the upper-case word "It" - i.e. "It" understood as a Superior Being that does NOT have a clearly defined gender. This is because referring to God with the word "He" - i.e. having clear "male" gender attributed to It, one refers more to Jesus (means to the God's Son and God’s bodily representative on Earth - see the explanations from the video, than to genderless Holy Spirit.
       The second one out of both versions of the definition of the term "God" which I provided here, is fuller and more detailed than the first one, but longer and requiring a deeper study - i.e. requiring at least learning and understanding the explanations from item #D3 of this web page, and additionally (if the reader's knowledge and worldview allows it) understanding also the work of our reality explained in item #J5 from the web page named petone.htm. (Note: it is necessary to earn the understanding of this definition - i.e. lazy people, doubters, sceptics, crooks, liars and all other individuals rejecting commandments of God, in the Bible called "chaff", NOT only that they will NOT be able to understand it, but even they will NOT be able to motivate themselves to read it.) It sums up in the form of a single sentence definition of virtually everything that is most important for us and that on the subject of God has so far been established by my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Thus, this definition explains NOT only "who God is" and "what are the relations of God and people", but also "why and how God created our entire physical world" and "how God manages, maintains and cares for our world". This more complete version of the definition of God can be expressed, for example, in the following words:
       'God is the only Supreme Being currently existing in the part of unlimited universe occupied by our physical world, which Supreme Being is simultaneously the thinking and self-aware "Program" of unlimited executive capabilities (i.e. is the Program that is also a Programmer who can program the implementation of everything that It wants), by Christianity called "Holy Spirit" and constituting the thinking source of all supernatural known to people and everything that people are able to detect or invent, which Program about 10 thousand of "human years" ago self-evolved in the 12th level of the memory from the liquid "counter-matter" prevailing in the unlimited size and time "counter-world", thus - due to Its evolving in every "particle" of this eternally mobile and programmable "counter-matter" with the features of liquid computer hardware, It gave to this "counter-matter" the rank of Its "body" residing permanently in the "counter-world", so that around 6 thousand of "human years" ago It could so pre-program the whirls of this counter-matter (i.e. whirls of His "body") that they formed the building material from which It created (read "programmed") a separate (our) physical world, all stationary "matter" from our world, and everything that exists in the physical world, including us - i.e. the thinking and gaining knowledge people, at the same time It also introduced to all "particles" of counter-matter Its programs which turned these particles into Its tools which, on the basis of laws and orders programmed by It in a way that does NOT deprive anyone of "free will" control everything that is happening in our physical world, and which also provide God-Program with management mechanisms (such as "Omniplan" or artificially created by God and elapsing in jumps the so-called "reversible software time" causing the reversible aging of all living creatures, including humans) which management mechanisms allow God to design in advance and to rule over everything that God pre-planned that this is to take place in our physical world, moreover immediately after It determined that for It (i.e. for this Superior God-Program), "knowledge" and "information" fulfil the same function as for people fulfil "food" and "drinks", this supreme Program has launched the never-ending "knowledge-gathering" by working out and making available in text of the Bible a timeless set of templates, commandments and moral requirements and by constant implementation of highly educational for people methods of upbringing (such as the divine "principle of reversals", moral field, karma, system of rewards and punishments, "carrot and stick" method, conscience, etc.) that teach people to pedantically obey this divine set of templates, commandments and requirements, while due to this obedience allow the obedient people to acquire skills of pursuing knowledge and to gradually develop in themselves the character traits that after receiving eternally living, indestructible bodies and after moving to the kingdom that openly is managed by the bodily representation of this God-Program (i.e. by Jesus - Its Son) will give these people the ability to constructively coexist for eternity with other eternal persons like themselves, enabling them all to effectively gather knowledge through an infinitely long period of time.'
       In both the above versions of the definition of God, I indicated only those out of the most important attributes of God, to which we must pay special attention because they turn us into "donors of behaviours" that are strictly required from us (and judged) by God, hence which decide what is to be the fate of each one of us. In addition to these, of course God also has a great number of other attributes, which only naming and writing down would probably occupy a similar volume as this web page. Because for these other attributes usually the "giver" is God, their introduction to the definition of God does NOT become so urgent. However, in order to familiarise here the reader with examples of such attributes, it is worth mentioning the divine "absolute justice" - means such use of tools created by God, such as moral laws, karma, moral field, control over passage of reversible human time and destiny, designing of the course of physical events, etc., that every person and every "group intellect" still in this physical life always meets exactly the fate which he/she previously deserved. An important attribute of God is also the "guardianship over truths" - means the complete knowledge of truths, as well as thoughts, motivations and lies of various nefarious people who introduced distortions of these truths in order to prevent them from getting to human knowledge and thus causing undesirable for liars courses of events, and later the organizing by God the evidence and methods of revealing these truths at moments of time and in ways that turns out to bring the greatest benefits and the highest educational value to our civilization. God's attribute is also the "straightening of erroneous views" by subjecting people with wrong views to such sets of life experiences, which have the potential to correct their views into the proper ones - for details see item #A2.2 from my web page named totalizm.htm. Yet another attribute is the "moral upbringing of people" - means the use by God of various educational methods already identified and described by the philosophy of totalizm, such as the whispers of conscience, the "principle of reversals", shifting back in time and passing again through increasingly more educating life experiences, etc., which methods are trying to increase the level of morality of every human being, while in relation to people who turn out to be unable to properly raise, these methods allow to shift such hopeless individuals to times of their youth and use them as highly educative examples for other people who are to learn about their fate. As another example of the attributes of God, one can name here a great divine "sense of humour". For example, I am particularly fond of the sense of humour with which God treats some of the more pompous, selfish, self-assured, authoritative, and expensive for taxpayers scientists, toward whom It enforces what is announced in verses 1:27-29 from biblical "1 Corinthians" - quote: "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: That no flesh should glory in his presence." It is in harmony with that biblical announcement, that for example, the entire expensive official science for centuries was stuck in the wrong "monopolar gravity" and unproductively toddled for these reasons "over and over", while the agreeable with truth and reality "dipolar gravity" discovered only the criticized and "spit at" by almost all, the alleged "hobbyists" Dr Eng. Jan Pająk (i.e. the author of this web page). It was also in accordance with that announcement, that when pompous and selfish professional scientists worked out their "paperly thermodynamic laws", they did NOT consider it necessary to check the compatibility of these laws with the reality around us, through the constructive researching, for example, already then existing versions of the described and illustrated in item #D3 of this web page the "perpetual motion" motor called the Bhaskara Wheel - which is being built on Earth since the year 1150. So they hurried to "blare" all over the world, that the working "perpetual motion" motors their "laws of thermodynamics" supposedly do NOT allow to build - that is why numerous prototypes of these motors built in 2017 became the cause of worldwide discredit to the old official atheistic science and its "paperly thermodynamic laws", also the entire world is now slowly losing confidence in the truthfulness of the official atheistic science, begins to speak louder and louder about the "swindle of official science" attempting to block and destroy efforts to build "perpetual motion" motors, and now can without hindrance talk about boisterously, conceit, chronic lies and the uselessness of expensive official atheistic science - paying to it back the deserved karma, among others, for those decades of condemnation (and blocking) of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       It is also worth noting that both above versions of the definition of the term "God" give rise to various secondary definitions which additionally broaden our knowledge about God, about the reality that surrounds us, and about ourselves. Their example can be the totaliztic definition of the concept of "life". After all, in the false concept of the old "monopolar gravity", on which the official atheistic science still stubbornly insists, it is NOT possible to clearly and completely define what "life" really is (and thus it is also impossible to truthfully predict or prognose, whether, for example, people or just a coincidence, will be able to give "life" to some complex program, or future computers, or robots). Therefore, below I am quoting the correct (totaliztic) definition of the concept of "life" - which results from the findings of my Theory of Everything (i.e. from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), which is consistent with the totaliztic definition of the term "God" provided above, and which also is consistent with the information on the theme of "life" encoded in the text of the Bible and independently confirmed by the results of my empirical research, which I have been collecting since 1985. This totaliztic definition of life can also be formulated both in a shortened version and in a more complete version. Its shortened version, however, will be fully understood only for those readers who have already learned the explanation from the Bible that the only giver of self-awareness is God Himself, and also learned explanations of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity how the implementation of programs of the "soul" controls the fate of the "body" (this explanation is presented, among others, on the web page named soul_proof.htm), and also know the explanation of this concept regarding how works the "reversible software time", and the explanation how from the programmable "counter-matter" is formed out the "matter" that is obedient to its own programs - from which "matter" later are built the "bodies" of all living creatures (both which categories of explanations are partly presented in item #E4 from my web page named prophecies.htm, in item #D3 from this web page named god_proof.htm and in the publications indicated therein, while then they are additionally widened, among others, in item #J4 from the web page named propulsion.htm). This abridged version of the definition of "life" can be expressed, for example, with the words: 'Life is a process of obedient and externally unstopped realization of the self-aware and self-learning program of the "soul" by the designed for the executing of the controlled by this soul life functions of the material structure of the "body" in which this software soul resides." In turn to other readers I recommend to analyze the following more complete definition of the term "life":
       'Life of a given creature is the running (implementation) of a sequence of orders that make up of its self-learning "program of soul" - which program of soul has previously received from its creator the attribute called "self-awareness", while the running (implementation) of which program causes the recording in long-term memory, and hence the conscious perception, of travelling through the "reversible software time" of a given intelligently designed dual system of a given creature, consisting of its self-aware and self-learning program of the "soul" and the material structure of its "body" - a complete symbiosis of both components of which dual system is necessary for the creature to pass through time, hence which system must be uniquely designed especially for this creature, so that it optimally fulfils all the requirements of multi-channel feedbacks between sub-programs of its "soul" (e.g. procedures of its long-term memory, management system of time-lapse, etc.) and the material organs of its "body" (e.g. tissues, brain, senses, skeleton, etc., or whatever replaces these organs), and thus this dual system would allow this creature to fulfil all the life functions imposed onto it by its creator.'
       Another example of a secondary definition derived from the totaliztic definition of the term "God", can be the totaliztic definition of the terms "create" and "creation" - which can be expressed with the following words:
       'The concepts of "create" and "creating" pertain to the unique for God's activity of forming something previously non-existent. After their expressing with the use of modern nomenclature worked out by the philosophy of totalizm, they actually represent the "programming" by God of such movements and behaviours the required amount of intelligent counter-matter from the counter-world, that this invisible for human counter-matter forms from itself and from its behaviours the objects or phenomena the occurrence of which was God's goal for undertaking a given process of creation.'
       Yet another example of such a secondary definition can be the totaliztic definition of the concept of divine "omnipotence". This is what it states when it directly results from the definition of God developed by my Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
       'Divine "omnipotence" is the ability of God to realize any divine "goal" that can be precisely defined in a way that is complete, unambiguous, clear, and consistent with the correct definition of God (cited above), and thus the realization of which goal lies in the possibilities of "counter-matter" and its programs contained in the unlimited, four-dimensional "counter-world" (i.e. the counter-matter that is used as the "building material" for creating our physical world and creating programs that describe the behaviour and attributes of this counter-matter), and which goal lies also in the unlimited possibilities of software tools, laws and principles of operation that God pre-programmed (or will pre-program in the future) into this "counter-matter" in order to accomplish Its goals, plans, projects and intentions - including the possibilities of doing what lies both above the capabilities of human imaginations and over known to people limitations of the kind of logic, laws of nature, human ability to think of (invent), etc.'
       Notice from the above that in the power of God it would lie to realize everything that people could define precisely, unambiguously, clearly, correctly and in full conformity with the above versions of the totaliztic definitions of God. (But, of course, the actual realization of this would only happen if God acknowledged that looking from Its perspective there is a sufficiently important "goal" to do so, and that this goal has already been defined with divine precision based on the correct knowledge - revealing in this way the next of the remaining to Gods choices from numerous moves, which would later be worth taking to continue the chain of divine activities in the same matter. After all, we must remember that God would NOT only create e.g. a "stone" to just "lift" it onto another object, but also would plan in advance what to do with this stone until the end of the world. For God is NOT like people, that when It raises something up, it will leave it carelessly and forever stop dealing with the further fate of it.) Unfortunately, priests and "religious academics" avoid labour-intensive enlargement of knowledge and hence remain very imprecise in their thoughts and activities. They are also fond of debates in which they are unable to clearly and unambiguously define the concepts they use, but they still support with these concepts their beliefs that they are right. So in spite that we live in the 21st century, still many religious academics conduct disputes that are almost identical to medieval debates on "how many devils fit on the head of a pin". As an example of such idle disputes, consider the mock paradox popular in the circles of today's religious dormitories, which asks whether God is able to create a stone so heavy, that It would not be able to lift it? The problem with this mock paradox lies in the fact that none of its concepts from the question has been explicitly and fully defined. If someone does NOT believe, then I suggest to define even only the concepts: "stone", "heavy" or "lift" (after all, it is worth to consider how "heavy" such a "stone" would have to be, in comparison to our entire "physical world" that God already has created, and what would the "lifting" of this stone look like within the dimensions of our physical world). In turn without a precise definition of what religious academics understand under the goals and concepts used in their disputes, every conclusion they reach is as much (un)worthy as these supposedly scientific "laws of thermodynamics" from item #D3 of this web page, or as the "theory of relativity", that served (and continue to serve) only to block the technological progress of humanity.
       Another whole group of secondary totaliztic definitions concerns the "sub-vital capability of people in comparison to God" resulting from the creation of people only in the image and likeness of God. An example of these definitions can be the "human capability to think of" (i.e. to invent). Its totaliztic definition states:
       'The human ability to think of (i.e. to invent) is the ability of human minds to form "thought products" arising through the logical assembling together of ideas that God previously formed in Its superior mind and included into the set of concepts of the "Universal Language of Thought", which language by totalizm is called "ULT" or "Ulot".'
       In other words, people are able to think of (invent) only of what God had previously thought of (invented), or what in some form exists already in the reality that surrounds us - and the determination of which fact the philosophy of totalizm expresses with the saying "everything that is possible to think of (invent) it is also possible to make happen - only that with work and wisdom we need to find out a way how to accomplish it", which (saying) was forged by totalizm. (Notice that the "Universal Language of Thought" (i.e. "Ulot" or "ULT") is described more precisely e.g. in subsection I5.4.2 from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5], while briefly it is summarized in item #E4 from my web page named prophecies.htm.)
       Further explanations of concepts and terminology used in both above definitions of God, including the explanation regarding the "fourth linear dimension" of the counter-world, are provided in item #D3 below on this web page, and also in publications referred from that item #D3 and from several other items of this web page and my different web pages devoted to God, for example from chapter #G of my monograph [12], or from the web page named god.htm.
* * *
       Note: the formulation of a statement that is so indescribably important for the fate of people, as a correct definition of the term "God", is NOT simple and requires a significant contribution of work, knowledge, scientific investigations and long-lasting logical processing. Therefore, I worked on it NOT only during the development of the formulation published here in March 2017. After all, less strict versions of it, defining that God is a gigantic self-aware Program residing in counter-matter, my publications contain already since 1985 - i.e. from the moment of my development of the Concept Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm. Later I verified each of these definitions during all subsequent updates of my monographs, this web page, or during my research concentrating on God. The current wording of the definition of God I am still logically rethinking and verifying at every opportunity. Although in my opinion, the above abridged and complete definition are already highly correct and well reflect the essence of both the concept of "God" and other concepts related to it as determined by my research and findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and are also consistent with the information encrypted in the Bible on the subject God, it is still possible that as a result of further rethinking to which these definitions I will continue to subject, with the passage of time some of the above-mentioned formulations may be additionally refined. This is why while repeating one of my definitions, according to the "copyrights" given at the end of this web page, for the scientific reliability it is also required to provide the date of updating the web page from which this definition was taken.

#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       The main goal of this web page is to gather into a single volume the entire body of scientific evidence for the existence of God which myself (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) encountered during my research to-date, and to make this evidence available to all interested readers.
       I should add here that the majority of the scientific evidence presented on this web page, I shifted here from other totaliztic web pages on which this evidence is presented in the context that is appropriate for it. Therefore, after each presentation of evidence, also an information for the reader is given, which indicates the totaliztic web page from which this evidence originates.

#A2. What motivated me to prepare this web page:

Motto: "If someone does NOT believe in God, it is just his or her private matter. But if someone hide from others any evidence for the existence of God, or if in any other way make impossible for others to learn the truth about God, then NOT only this is an immoral crime, but also an ordinary piggery."

       The motivation to write this web page was the wondering and errors that I committed myself in my own life in matters of God. The source of these errors was the unavailability of the information such as the one provided on this web page. So in order to give to other people a chance to avoid a similar wondering, herewith I am combining together the information which myself I was deprived in times when I was taking the most vital decisions of my life.
       I was born in strict traditions of Catholicism. My mother was a devoted Catholic and she make sure that I started my life with a full Catholic preparation. (My "family church", in which, amongst others, I got my first holy communion, was the church of St. Andrea Bobola (i.e. a patron of Poland) from Milicz.) In turn my father was an atheist. But he strictly obeyed moral principles and never imposed on anyone his views. In the result, in my very youth I had a free choice between both these views - and initially I chose the Catholic belief in God. But it was just a "belief" that had the form of culture and tradition brought from my family home and not supported neither by reliable knowledge about God nor by a deep conviction that God does exist. In turn, being just a "belief", it could be easily undermined by knowledge and by logic. Therefore my situation got drastically changed already when I started my university studies. Our lecturers then vigorously taught us into atheistic views based on the "official knowledge" and logic. So with the elapse of time I become susceptible to their brain wash and I also become an atheist. After all, according to scientific knowledge to-date, atheism represents a "scientific view", while the belief in God is just like a kind of "superstition". I remained an atheist until 1985, when I developed my own theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The reason is that this "theory of everything" directly confirms that "God does exist". Some findings of it are provided in part #C of this web page. These are just findings of that Concept of Dipolar Gravity that pointed my attention onto the fact, that there is a whole ocean of scientific evidence for the existence of God, while it is impossible to find even a smallest shred of evidence for the non-existence of God (for details see Part #D of this web page). Because these this huge evidence for the existence of God for some reasons is kept hidden and unavailable for the society, I started to bring it to the light and accumulate. In this manner with the elapse of time this web page was developed. While writing this web page I had a hope that it may assist other people in avoiding the repetition of the same error of becoming an "atheist" that I committed because of the lack of access to the information of the type presented on this web page.
       This web page has NO ambition to present all proofs and evidence for the existence of God that do exist on our planet. After all such proofs and items of evidence is so many that there is NO chance to present them all in a single publication. After all, until the time when scientists will be able to show an experiment in which even a most miserable blade of grass is evolving all by itself in a test tube, an indirect proof for the existence of God is, amongst others, also every blade of grass, every living creature, and almost every inanimate object of our universe. Thus the only quality that this web page presents are cases of the direct scientific evidence and proofs for the existence of God that I identified, completed, or encountered myself in my scientific research to-date.
       I should add to the above that this web page does NOT tries to convince anyone to the existence of God. This web page only informs about the existence and about nature of a huge body of evidence on the existence of God. In turn how someone takes the meaning of these items of evidence, it is just a private matter of every reader separately. After all every reader separately is charged by God with the responsibility for his or her views and actions.

#A3. How my understanding of advantages of "hardening school of life" influenced the history of this web page:

Motto: "Wealth deprived of 'moral discipline' leads to degeneration and fall-down."

       This web page was started at the beginning of July 2008. The first edition of it was made available in Interned already on 5 July 2008. It simply gathered in one place all the evidence for the existence of God which I encountered during my "private" research and during writing other web pages of totalizm. But already a few months later I realised, that this first edition of the web page is lacking like a "soul" or the "leading idea". After all, the page was like a vase for flowers into which I throw a bunch of flowers which I encountered during my searches for truth. These flowers still required to be composed together into a harmonious "bouquet".
       A "soul" or a "leading idea" for this web page was encountered accidentally in Kuala Lumpur in August 2008. I waited then for my turn to a dentist and out of boredom (and also to divert my attention from unpleasand sounds that emanated from the dentist's surgery) I took to my hand one amongst these colourful magazines which typically are offered in dentists' waiting rooms. In this magazine I started to read rather an interesting article about the fate and about the upbringing of children from rich families. The article argued and documented logically that typically children of rich parents, which in the childhood receive everything that they wish in the best quality and without any effort or long waiting, grow up into consumption oriented egoists, socially handicap misfits, complainers, etc., which have then serious problems with living in a real society, which fast waste away the inherited fortune, and which not so rarely die as drug addicts or homeless beggars. Therefore, one amongst vital tasks of wealthy parents is the intentional introduction to the life and to upbringing of their children such "hardening character experiences" as: discipline, structure, role models, effort, duties, responsibilities, goals to be accomplished, rewards and punishments, etc. Only due to such "hard upbringing", children of rich parents are able to acquire these desirable attributes of character which are automatically appearing in children of poor parents. It is for acquiring such desirable attributes of character, there was a tradition in the former English culture (by now already abandoned), that children of rich parents were send to so-called "boarding schools". In these schools the iron discipline, heavy work, and numerous duties, developed in them desirable attributes of character and required principles of moral behaviour.
       I completely agreed with the author of that article that only "hard upbringing" is really beneficial for people who did NOT develop yet the permanent principles of moral behaviour. After all, in my own life I knew in person several cases of children of rich parents whom "went into dogs" just because they were used that everything that is best was served to them on a "silver spoon" without any effort on their part. In the result, when finally the realities of life caught up with them, they were unable to coupe. Thus, I knew even cases when in adulthood such children committed suicides. Of course, I treated this article just as a temporary entertainment and even did NOT take a note of its title or editorial data.
       Only some time after reading this article I realised that us - means all humans, are just like these children of rich parents. After all, our "parent", means God, is very rich - He owns the entire universe. So if He wants He could "spoil" us as much as He likes, flooding us for free and without any effort with everything that we only could want to have. But then we would become socially handicapped misfits - like typical children of rich parents. Fortunately, because our parent, means God, is infinitively clever and predicting, He intentionally introduced to our lives various goals to be accomplished, rewards and punishments, effort, duties, etc. In this manner God shapes in us all desirable attributes of the character and permanent principles of moral behaviour, so that we become perseverant seekers of truth, capable of putting effort and labour into whatever we try to accomplish, so that we do NOT give up in face of first obstacles that we encounter, etc., etc. (More information regarding the "grooming" of people by God with the use of the same method with which "steel is hardened", is provided in item #B5.1 of the totaliztic web page will.htm.)
       The realizing of the above caused, that this web page could receive its "leading idea" (or a "soul"). This idea becomes the explanation to the reader that God cannot simply give anything to us, e.g. give the "evidence for the existence of God", without a previous forcing us to earn this with our own effort and determination. After all, if we would receive everything without any effort we would become incompetent, hopeless, erratic, wasteful, etc. - exactly like these typical children of rich parents. Therefore God has NO other choice than to force us into putting a large effort in everything that valuable we wish to accomplish. In turn the evidence and the certainty of the existence of God are the most valuable moral possessions that we people can ever gain. It was just to force people to contribute effort and skills to every morally correct activity, and to eliminate completely from life the possibility that lying down and doing nothing brings fruits to someone and becomes a morally desirable behaviour, God invented and spread over the Earth the so-called "moral field" described in item #G3 of the totaliztic web page eco_cars.htm. The "moral field" causes, that each one of us during carrying-out anything that is moral, must climb uphill in this field - means must follow the so-called "line of the greatest intellectual resistance". Having this finding in mind, in second half of September 2008 I updated this web page - so that I gave to it this leading idea. In this way eventuated (this) second edition of the web page. I do hope that this leading idea from such edition is explained sufficiently simply and clear, and that it is supported with enough convincing empirical evidence.

#A4. Why without understanding of benefits of "hard schools of life" we never are to understand and accept God:

       In order to accept the proof that God does exist, and in order to understand methods of action of God, it is necessary to have previously the accepting inner attitude. After all, it is just because the lack of this inner attitude, the most devoted promoters of atheism are people who have some "chip on the shoulder" because of God - e.g. because they experienced something that they consider to be a "God's injustice". On the other hand, many people cannot yield such inner acceptance for God when around themselves they see all this immorality, social injustice, stupidity of rulers, greed of rich, exploitation and suffering of poor, hunger, raging criminals, disasters, mosquitoes, illnesses, wars, etc., etc. After all, when one sees all this, one asks the question "what God is doing that He allows all this". It does not seem to come to mind of people, that God has no other method of "upbringing humans" apart from the serving to them such "had school of life" through these forms of evil. This is because only such imposed onto people "hard school of life" is able to teach us whatever we voluntarily and normally do NOT want to learn.
       In the previous item #A3 I described how during searching for a "leading idea" of "spirit" of this web page, I accidentally experienced the reinforcement of my previous beliefs about the beneficial impact of poverty and "hard upbringing" on the shaping in people the required attributes of character and permanent principles of moral behaviour. As it turns out, in order to groom valuable people, it is necessary to force them to taste the poverty and a "hard school of life" which is to shape their characters like "steel is hardened". The beneficial effects of just such a method of upbringing are confirmed by all examples in existence. One amongst such examples is the rule described in previous item #A3, that children of rich parents after being confronted with life difficulties "go to dogs". Other example is the present situation in New Zealand, where the government imposed laws that forbid disciplining children with smacks and where parents which break this law are put to courts - for more details on this subject see item #B5.1 from the totaliztic web page will.htm. (The outcome of this law forbidding the disciplining children is that New Zealand at present undergoes through probably the biggest crisis of youth hooliganism, criminality, and job inadequacy.) Another example that the poverty and the "hard school of life" teach people the desirable attributes of character and make them more happy, is the present situation on the tropical island of Borneo. Out of all countries in which I worked and lived during my life, inhabitants of Sarawak in Borneo are nicest, most pleasant characters, and the most happy - although simultaneously the most poor. Still another example is the folklore wisdom expressed through the Chinese proverb that "good wives always have bad husbands, while good husbands always have bad wives". Everyone easily can notice that in the real life this proverb always proves itself correct. Of course, many people think wrongly that the fate always so selects couples that someone of a good character always meets someone of a bad character. But in reality the principle is in action that "upbringing is like steel hardening" - thus the real reason why this Chinese proverb is always true is that a bad partner in reality "grooms" a given person and turns the character of that person to be almost perfect.
       God is well aware that poverty and the "hard school of life" caused by it, give to people the required attributes. This is why God informs in the Biblical Evangel of St. Mark, 10:25, that - quote: "It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." It is also why God repetitively treats people with such things as the "curse of inventors" which is described in "part #G" of the web page eco_cars.htm. God wants that from these repetitively served to people waves of poverty and "hard school of life" humans learn finally that the "character of people must be shaped like steel is hardened". After all, when people start to understand this, then they are to accept God and His methods of action. Furthermore, then they voluntarily begin to implement in their upbringing just such "hard principles". In turn when this happens, God will be able to cease the present troubling people with evil and allow them to begin their own upbringing. Of course, this principle of "upbringing through intentional forming a hard school of life for people" is NOT going to be abandoned by God for as long as people themselves learn to groom themselves in just such a way, so that morality and the required attributes of character still will be developed in them - even when people are not subjected by God to the hard school of life. In other words, for as long as the humanity develops permanent and effective methods of upbringing people into moral, peaceful, just, helpful, sincere, etc., members of society, God is going to continue his "upbringing" with his hard methods. So it is about a time that we understand this. After all, such knowledge allows us to better understand and accept God.

Part #B: How and why God Himself makes difficult for people to learn evidence about His existence and to gain the certainty that God does exist - means "without putting our own effort and work we do NOT get certainty that God does exist":


#B1. Which people and in what manner God typically maintains in the uncertainty of His existence:

Motto: "The existence and operation of the moral field causes that always it is necessary to contribute our personal effort and labour into learning truths and into earning whatever is moral and beneficial for people - if in turn something comes by itself without putting any effort into it, or it disseminates by itself without requiring any labour, then for sure it contains untruth, does NOT represent a moral behaviour, and with the elapse of time it is going to turn out detrimental for people who are affected by it."

       We all know the proverb "no pain, no gain" (or "no sweat, no sweet"). In fact, this proverb expresses the empirical finding of our ancestors that the so-called moral field really influences human lives. This moral field is equally invisible like gravitational field. But it still causes that accomplishing anything in the human lives that is moral, comes only with a great effort and with a significant contribution of our own labour - because it requires the climbing upwards in this invisible "moral field". Of course, the cognitive knowledge and assurance of the existence of God is the most moral accomplishment of humans that anyone amongst us can only earn. Therefore the accomplishment of cognitive knowledge and assurance that God does exist requires from each one amongst us the contribution of a huge effort of climbing upwards in this "moral field". This in turn means, that the evidence for the existence of God does NOT hit us in eyes just by itself - like it is done by advertisements from television or from streets. In order to see the evidence regarding God we must first work hard and earn it with our own labour - in spite that there is a wealth of this evidence present in practically every place into which we may look.
       Between us, the sole fact that there is and that works such a thing as this "moral field", is also a direct and a clear evidence for the existence of God. After all, without the intelligence of God the stupid universe would NOT be able to develop such a situation that everything moral and beneficial for people requires the contribution of effort of climbing uphill in this moral field, while everything that is immoral and detrimental for people comes with an easiness of slipping down in this moral field. Thus, in order to gain the certainty of the existence of God just from the existence and action of this "moral field", it is enough to watch what happens to our contribution of labour during carrying out moral and immoral actions. (But it is worth to remember, that these "moral" and "immoral" actions must fulfil the totaliztic definition of "morality" - as e.g. religions define morality in a different way than the philosophy of totalizm does it.)
       From the practical point of view it is quite vital to become aware how actually God causes that the evidence about His existence must be discovered and earned with our personal effort by each one amongst us separately - and all this in spite that there is a huge body of this evidence available in practically every subject area. As it turns out God utilised for this purpose a whole array of various means and manners. The most important amongst these is the continual maintaining of every person in the uncertainty of the God's existence. About why and how God Himself keeps intentionally all people in the uncertainty of His own existence, is already written comprehensively in items #F2 and #F3 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth, and in items #D1 and #D2 of the web page ufo.htm - i.e. a page with replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. whether they do exist, how they function, etc. I am NOT going to repeat here these descriptions. This web page I rather devote to make the reader aware, that because of this our uncertainty about the God's existence, and because of this our inborn lack of trust towards every claim concerning God, each one of us must contribute a huge amount of effort and work to be able to notice and to recognise the first evidence for the existence of God which he or she encounters, and then to acquire the certainty that God really does exist.
       It is also worth to emphasize here that NOT all people must always put a huge effort in acknowledging the evidence for the existence of God, means in acquiring the cognitive certainty that God does exist. Reasons why it is so are most comprehensively explained in item #F5 of the totaliztic web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth, and also in item #D6 of the web page ufo.htm - i.e. a page with replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. whether they do exist, how they function, etc.. It turns out that these people who learned such evidence during one amongst their previous reincarnations, and who during that reincarnation acquired the certainty that God does exist, in the present life do NOT need to put again the effort into such learning. This is because in the present life they can just remind themselves these previous items of evidence and remind this previous certainty. The reason is that the knowledge and certainty which we earned with heavy labour during one amongst our previous reincarnations remains to our disposal forever. So in the present life it is enough to just remind to ourselves this knowledge and certainty. Therefore for some readers it will suffice that e.g. they just read this web page, and whatever is contained in it will remind them their own knowledge and certainty, which they earned already a long time before, e.g. during one amongst their previous reincarnations.

#B2. Let us define the term "evidence for the existence of God":

       If we have a careful look at "part #C" of this web page, God is practically contained in everything that surrounds us. This is because everything around us represents one amongst a huge number of manifestations of the intelligent "counter-matter" that is the carrier of God. After all, this "counter-matter" is like a "liquid computer" from which this giant natural program by people called God forms in a software manner everything that surround us. The practical consequence of the fact that God is contained in everything that surrounds us, is that whatever subject we would begin to research until the final conclusion, always at the very end of this research we arrive to the existence of God. In other words, every phenomenon or object in fact is an evidence for the existence of God - but in order it reassures us about the existence of God we firstly must find in ourselves enough stubbornness, knowledge, and perseverance to investigate and research it until the final conclusion. Unfortunately, for a bad luck of many so-called "atheists", God formed the correct knowledge into a kind of cascading layers - which can be named in the beast manner as the "levels of initiation into the knowledge". In turn the access of individual people to each next amongst such layers of correct knowledge God defends strongly against the unfit people through placing a special "barrier of awareness" in front of it. (More information about these "levels of initiation into the knowledge" and "barriers of awareness" is provided in item #F4 of totaliztic web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth, and in item #D5 of the web page ufo.htm - i.e. a page with replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. whether they do exist, how they function, etc.) Therefore, if someone would wish to earn a certainty that "God does exist" through researching the topic which he or she just is investigating, in case of some such topics he or she would need to overcome around a dozen of "barriers of awareness" and climb at around a dozen "levels of initiation into the knowledge". This is because each topic contains a different number of such "levels of initiation into the knowledge" and "barriers of awareness" - before it leads a researcher to the certainty that God in fact does exist. The lowest their number amounts to one - but there are also topics which contain around a dozen of these. Of course, NOT all people would be able to overcome around a dozen of "barriers of awareness" in order to get to the certainty that God does exist. Therefore, if ordinary people wish to earn a cognitive certainty that God does exist, then they should select for investigating such topics which have just one "barrier of awareness" to be overcame and just one "level of initiation into the knowledge" to accomplish. Just such one-layered topics for individual research are all topics listed in "part #E" and "part #F" of this web page.
       The message which I tried to realise with the previous explanations, is that practically every fact or object representing a topic of someone's thorough research can become for this person a convincing "evidence for the existence of God". Only that NOT every fact or object requires the same contribution of effort and labour to lead a researcher to the certainty that God really exists. So before in the next part of this web page I am going to indicate these facts and objects that represent "evidence for the existence of God" with the lowest input of labour for accomplishing the cognitive certainty that "God really does exist", we firstly define here exactly what we understand by the terminology "evidence for the existence of God".
       An item of "evidence for the existence of God" is any fact or object capable of inducing the cognitive certainty that God does exist - but only if people who are aware of it managed to overcome in themselves the "barriers of awareness" which normally make impossible for them to notice the direct relationship between the manifestation of this fact or object and the existence of God, means if these people lifted their knowledge to the "level of initiation into the knowledge" at which they become clear and sure of the direct connection between this fact or object and the existence of God.
       An illustrative example of a single-layered "evidence for the existence of God" is the fact revealed to people by present physics that electromagnetic waves have the transverse character. For the majority of people, including into this also the majority of so-called "scientists", this fact means NOTHING. After all, they did NOT overcome yet the "barrier of awareness" which normally makes impossible for them the complete understanding of the link that it has with the existence of God. However, in these people who already overcame this barrier and found themselves on a required "level of initiation into the knowledge", this transverse character of electromagnetic waves means that such waves propagate along the border between two separate worlds (i.e. our world and the "counter-world"), and thus that these waves are a physical evidence for the existence of the counter-world filled up with intelligent counter-matter - means the evidence for the existence of God. (For more details about this physical evidence for the existence of counter-world in which God does live, and thus also for the existence of God - see item #D3 from the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.)
       In order to arrive from some "evidence for the existence of God" to the conviction and certainty that God does exist, we firstly need to overcome in ourselves "barriers of awareness" which normally prevent our passage from this item of evidence to the cognitive certainty that God does exist. Depending on the nature of given "evidence for the existence of God", either one such a "barrier of awareness" can appear, or sometimes even can appear several of them. In the example of the "fact" that "electromagnetic waves have transverse character" indicated above, one needs to overcome just one such a "barrier of awareness". But in another example of the "evidence for the existence of God", which is an "object" named the Magnocraft, there is around a dozen of such barriers. Thus people who wish to use the "Magnocraft" as their own evidence for the existence of God, must overcome around a dozen "barriers of awareness" and need to climb at around a dozen increasingly higher "levels of induction into the knowledge". For example, I personally went through these around a dozen "barriers of awareness" and "levels of induction into the knowledge", when I researched the subject of Magnocraft. Unexpectedly, at the very end of this research I arrived to the discovery of the role of God in my creative development of the design and principles of operation of this interstellar starship. Subsequent "levels of induction into the knowledge" through which I then needed to pass before during the research of the object named "Magnocraft" I arrived to the existence and the operation of God, are listed in item #F6 of the totaliztic web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. I suggest to have a look at that web page.

#B3. God wants that we "know" that He does exist, not just "believe" in His existence - means let us learn the reason for which God forces each one amongst us to contribute in person the significant effort into the cognitive recognition of evidence for the existence of God and into the earning of the cognitive certainty that God does exist:

       Whatever God does, He always has for this a whole array of very important reasons. The most vital reason for which God forces everyone amongst us individually to contribute a huge effort and labour into gaining the cognitive certainty that God does exist, is the plan of God to bring up on the Earth a new kind of people who "know" that God does exist, not just "believe" in His existence. As we know, an old kind of religious people, were people who just believed in God "on feelings" instead of knowing about God "on the intelligence". But such people "emotionally believing" in God do NOT help God in accomplishing the goal for which God created humans, means in the "clearing the white skeleton of knowledge from the dark mass of ignorance". As this is explained in item #A2 of the web page will.htm - about maintaining free will in individual people without limiting the development of the entire human civilisation, in item #F2 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth, and in item #D1 of the web page ufo.htm - i.e. a page with replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. whether they do exist, how they function, etc., such people who "emotionally believe" in God, do NOT contribute their own input into the development of knowledge and technology on the Earth. So if all people deeply just "believe emotionally" in God, the humanity would still live in caves and probably it would still NOT know about the existence of fire.
       Through forcing us to contribute a heavy work in gaining the certainty that God exists, this God tries to develop in people who know about His existence several very desirable qualities, habits, principles of acting, attributes of character, etc., which so-far were the domain of mainly atheists. Let us list here at least the most vital amongst these attributes and qualities which God clearly wants to see in people knowing about His existence:
       1. Pedantically moral actions. The cognitive certainty of the existence of God accomplish only these people who act in a pedantically moral manner. This in turn is another indicator that a moral behaviour is the most vital criterion with which God judges the value of every human.
       2. The thrust for knowledge and the habit of researching everything until the smallest detail. Typical people who "believe emotionally" in God are satisfied with a general awareness that "God created this" - thus they cease to research further details. However, God asks that religious people do NOT be satisfied at all with the awareness that "God created this", but researched scientifically everything on the subject of this creation, e.g. "how and from what God created this", "what evidence confirms that it was really created by God", "when and where this creation took place", "how it works", "what phenomena it generates", "how people can utilise it for their needs and goals", "how it can be transformed into something else", "how it can be improved", etc., etc.
       3. Taking everything on the mind, not just of faith. God clearly does NOT want that people take anything just on faith. Even in the Bible God wrote that everything should be based on empirical confirmations gained from at least two different sources - for details of this God's recommendation see item #C5 on the web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself. So God clearly wishes also that people who know about God's existence carry out a cognitive research and studies on God Himself - means that people research God.
       4. The awareness of the God's wish that people study Him instead of just worshiping Him. God never provides people with complete and unambiguous guidelines as to how people suppose to carry out their lives. But simultaneously God punishes severely all these people who act against His intentions. This situation expresses a non-written commandment of God that is coded in His behaviours, namely that people have duties to study God and to learn scientifically His intentions, laws, commandments, methods of acting, etc. Of course, in order to be able to research and learn God, it is necessary to finish with the to-date habit of just worshiping Him and being afraid of Him. To express the above in other words, in principles of dealing with people God coded the commend that He wishes people scientifically research Him and learn about Him, instead of just worshiping Him and being afraid of Him.
       5. Determination, stubbornness, consistency, etc., in the gaining knowledge. God clearly tries to develop in believers the unstoppable "thrust for knowledge". Means God wishes that people who believe in God acquired knowledge with the high determination, stubbornness, perseverance, consistency, etc.
       6. Undeterred by obstacles. Another important habit that God clearly tries to develop in people is the "not giving up". Means, instead of to-date ceasing all efforts after meeting a first difficulties "because God clearly wants so", God tries to realise to people that obstacles which appear on their paths are actually "tests" and "exams" which are aimed at checking the value of every person. So every believer should overcome these obstacles with stubbornness and perseverance in order to prove to God his or her own value.

#B4. With what methods and for what reason God forces everyone amongst us to contribute the personal effort into the cognitive recognition of evidence for the existence of God and into the earning the cognitive certainty that God does exist:

       God implements a whole array of methods with the use of which He forces people to put a significant effort into the cognitive recognition of the evidence for His existence. Examples of these methods include various manners of inspiring people to seek God - described in "part #J" of this web page. Other example are promises of everlasting life after the physical death, which people can experience only if God does exist and if they fulfil all requirements that God imposed on them.

#B5. Evidence for the existence of God represent a half of evidence for the existence of immortal soul, and thus represents a major promise of actual possibility of infinitively long lives for people:

       If we consider this thoroughly, then just proving the existence of God does NOT dismiss the most painful worry which people confront, namely the worry that according to our present knowledge each person is mortal and each one of us must die one day. After all, the sole fact that God does exist exerts an influence only on the course of our physical lives. This is because if God does exist, then for sure God is meddling on various ways into lives of people. But about the matter that we are most interested, namely whether there is some form of the "life" after our physical death, decides NOT only the existence of God, but also the question whether God gave an immortal soul to each one of us, and also what God is doing with this immortal souls after our physical deaths. On the other hand, if God would NOT exist, then for sure people would NOT have immortal souls. This means, that without the existence of God also the infinitive life of people would NOT be possible. After all, the nature just by itself cannot lead to the evolution of souls. So in order to give immortal souls to people, and then also give immortal "life" to these souls, it is absolutely necessary that God does exist.
       The above reveals that evidence for the existence of God presented on this web page also represents a half of proofs that people do have immortal souls. The same this evidence provides us with a half of certainty that people can live eternally after all, and that there are scientific premises for the existence of some forms of "life" after physical death. So in order to gain a full understanding as to what happens to us after our physical deaths, proofs and evidence from this web page need to be complemented with proofs and evidence from the web page soul_proof.htm - about the existence of immortal souls. It is also worth to notice that both groups of these items of evidence, i.e. for the existence of God as well as for the existence of immortal souls, are discussed in volume 8 from the second edition of my scientific monograph [8/2] entitled "Totalizm".

#B6. People already now have access to two independent from each other sources of evidence and proofs for the existence of God, namely to (1) religions, and (2) the scientific "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       Since beginnings of time religions are convincing us that God does exist. Unfortunately, their methods of persuasion are already very outdated. For example, religions insist that almost in everything they state we should believe "on faith", while almost nothing they argue "on understanding". Therefore, in present highly scientific times the argumentation of religions becomes rather unconvincing to many people. In spite of this unconvincing, still religions should be counted as the first "source" of evidence and proofs that God does exist.
       However, in order to be absolutely sure that God does exist, than independently from religions further evidence and proofs for the existence of God we should seek from other sources. After all, even the Bible itself is clearly recommending to us, that - quote: in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every matter be established - for exact references to this biblical recommendation about principles of searching for truth see item #C5 on the web page bible.htm - about secrets of the Bible authorised by God Himself. Thus, religions represent just the first "witness" which conforms to us that God really does exist. A second such a "witness" must be something else, means something that is completely independent from religions.
       As it turns out, since 1985 we already have on the Earth a second "witness" which is independent from religions and which also confirms to us consistently that "God does exist". This second "witness" is the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The argument of religions that "God does exist" knows almost every reader from everyday life. So there is NO need to repeat it on this web page - although in some items below I am going to direct the reader's attention to the most vital attributes of it (e.g. see item #H1 below). In presentations from this web page I am going to mainly concentrate on items of evidence for the existence of God that are revealed to us by this scientific "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

Part #C: In order to notice evidence for the existence of God, and to earn certainty of the God's existence, we firstly need to understand this God - means how the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains origins of the universe and the evolution of God, the creation of physical world an man, etc.:


#C1. What is able to explain to us about God the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       First premises that in spite of these noisy claims, God does exist, I gained from the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory is described relatively well on the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also in volumes 4, 5 and 11 of my newest monograph [1/5]. So I am NOT going to discuss it here. The only thing that I am to provide in next items below, is the hugely important for us explanation how God evolved, how the physical world was created, and what are origins of us - means humans.

#C2. What was the course of the self-evolution of God - means how everything has started:

       Extremely long, long ago, there was no Earth, no Sun, no matter, no physical world, and even no time in the form as we know it now. The entire universe was then just a single space of infinitive dimensions. However, according to findings of the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the entire area of this infinitive space of the universe was filled up with an extraordinary, constantly moving liquid called counter-matter. That "counter-matter" is an exact reversal of "matter" which human science researched so-far. Opposite to how the matter displays the attributes of mass, inertia, friction, etc., this counter-matter is weightless, does NOT show inertia, does NOT form any friction, etc. Thus, it is continuously in a state of perpetual motion. The most vital, however, amongst these opposite to our "matter" attributes of "counter-matter", are the intellectual attributes of it. As we know, our matter is "stupid" in the natural state. Thus, counter-matter is "intelligent". Means, counter-matter is able to accumulate and to store information, and to think in the natural state. In the sense of its attributes, this limitless ocean of counter-matter was a kind of liquid computer at the beginning of times. But initially this computer did NOT have any program inside. The perpetually moving counter-matter which formed it, at the beginning of times already formed chaotic streams and whirls which flew thoughtlessly from one area to other areas of this initial universe with infinitive dimensions. Such period of initial "chaos" lasted during the first half of the infinitively long time of the existence of universe.
       The above description of initial conditions in which the self-evolution of God took place is NOT taken from the ceiling. In fact, there is a vast body of evidence that it was like that. If someone is interested in this evidence, it can be found in volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5] and in volumes 4 and 5 of my slighly older monograph [1/4]. In order to provide here at least a small example of this evidence, one amongst numerous items of evidence that the universe is an unlimited space with no boundaries filled up evenly with invisible for humans counter-matter (instead of e.g. an unlimited space filled up entirely with visible galaxies and clouds of matter), is our imagination. According to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, we are unable to imagine anything that does NOT exist in the universe - because such a thing does NOT have a "name" nor a definition in the language of the universe called ULT - the "Universal Language of Thoughts". (Descriptions of the ULT language are provided in item #B4 of the separate web page about telepathy, as well as in subsection I5.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5] and also slightly older monograph [1/4].) As it turns out, no-one amongst us is able to imagine infinitively large universe filled up entirely with "something visible for humans", e.g. with galaxies. But everyone without a difficulty is able to imagine a space of infinitive dimensions entirely filled up with something that is invisible for humans (i.e. "counter-matter"), means filled up with "emptiness".
       During the first half of the infinitively long time of flowing of this liquid-counter-matter from one area of that infinitively large space into another area of it, the counter-matter kept learning. After all, counter-matter is an intelligent liquid. This learning of intelligent counter-matter resulted in various kinds of natural programs being formed inside of the memory of it. (This memory for programs and data, which is contained inside of the counter-matter, in fact forms still another separate world, called the virtual world. The virtual world, together with "counter-world", and our "physical world", is one amongst three separate worlds of the universe. It is in this virtual world that God resides, means that resides the primary program of the universe - the evolution of which is described in this item of the web page. It is also this virtual world where souls of us all land after our physical deaths.) These intelligent programs started to gain self-awareness. Means, they started to know that they do exist and that they are they. They also learned how to move inside of counter-matter. They gained the means to instigate counter-matter in which they resided into carrying out any motion that they wanted. These natural programs that eventuated inside of counter-matter gradually formed a kind of self-aware creatures. Only that these creatures had no body, but simply were programs that resided in liquid and intelligent counter-matter. So these programs could be called "brotherly spiritual beings". With the elapse of time these brotherly spiritual beings mutually learned about the existence of other beings, similar to themselves, that resided in the same area of the counter-world. A brotherly competition started between them. This brotherly competition gradually converted into a primeval fight. In this fight the winner was only one program, which managed to destroy or absorb all other programs similar to itself due to the greater wisdom that it previously accumulated. This only remaining program which survived from times of the fights, is our present God. Thus, the superior being, which currently is called God, is simply a single huge self-aware program, which in a natural manner self-evolved inside of the intelligent, ever-existing counter-matter.
       What is the most interesting, in the Bible authorised (inspired) by God, most probably God describes this His primeval fight, and His victory accomplished due to the wisdom. For example, in verses 10:1-3 from the Biblical "Book of Wisdom" (chapter "Wisdom Preserves Her Followers"), is written - I am quoting here verses from the US Catholic Bible available at the internet address "She [i.e. the Wisdom] preserved the first-formed father of the world when he alone had been created; And she raised him up from his fall, and gave him power to rule all things. But when an unrighteous man withdrew from her in his anger, he perished through his fratricidal wrath."
       There is a significant body of evidence in support of the finding that God originates from the process of natural self-evolution described above. For example, in support of the fact that initially several spiritual beings come to existence, which later fought with each other, stands the fact of inscribing by God exactly the same competition and fight in life of practically every living creature. In turn, in support of the fact that God is a huge natural program which self-evolved in intelligent (liquid) counter-matter, stand the fact that a program is a relatively easy for self-evolving inside of an intelligent computer which in an unaware manner carries out some physical activities. The detailed description of this evidence for the self-evolution of God is provided in item #B3 from the web page named evolution.htm.
       After God self-evolved, he learned how to control absolutely the behaviours of liquid counter-matter in which he resided. Lonely existence induced in him the longing for creating from this counter-matter similar creatures which would be on his image, but which would also be inferior towards him - so that they would not compete with him and he would not need to fight with them. In this manner he come to the idea and to the need of creating the physical world, and creating the man.
* * *
       Independently from this item, the process of the self-evolution of the second component of God described here, means this huge natural program which religions call the "Holy Ghost" while the philosophy of totalizm calls the "universal intellect", is presented on a number of totaliztic web pages and publications, for example in item #B1 from "part #B" of a separate web page evolution.htm - about the evolution, in item #I2 from "part #I" of the separate web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, in item #B8 of the web page god.htm - about God, and also in subsections A1 and A2 from my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn, the most vital consequences which for us bears this self-evolution of God, including into this also the necessity for upbringing the people into hardened in battle and moral "soldiers of God" is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. I highly recommend having a look at these web pages. After all, they extend information provided in this item.

#C3. How God created the physical world:

Motto: "Absolutely everything in the entire universe is only a manifestation of intelligent counter-matter and natural programs which reside in this counter-matter and which control behaviours of it."

       In order to create the physical world and man, God completed 6-phases long process of creation, which briefly is described in the Bible (see the Book of Genesis, 1:1-31). Unfortunately, the biblical description of the process of creation uses a very archaic language, and also is very brief. For example, in times when it was written, by the word "earth" was understood both the "chemical elements" as well as "soil". In turn the world "water" was then describing the extraordinary liquid from the counter-world, which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the "counter-matter", as well as the real water from our physical world. In the biblical descriptions the same words are used in various sentences in such drastically different meanings. Therefore, in order to really understand how the creation of the physical world and man was carried out by God, it is necessary to translate biblical descriptions into the present scientific terminology. This translation is published on the abovementioned web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see there "part #I"). But because the reader may not have an access to this separate web page, repeated below are most vital descriptions from it. So here are the subsequent phases of this six-stage process of the creation of physical world and the evolution of humans - if these phases are described with the use of present terminology.
       (1) The creation of the earth and light. The first phase of the creation of our physical world that fulfils the requirements and conditions described in previous item #B3, required development of natural programs which transformed liquid counter-matter from the counter-world into solid matter from our world. Counter-matter is an intelligent everlasting liquid, which exists infinitively long, and which is in perpetual motion. So it was necessary to so transform this counter-matter, that it would displays attributes which are exactly opposite to natural attributes of this extraordinary liquid. Therefore these natural programs which God then developed, needed to cause such behaviour of counter-matter, that attributes of this liquid were reversed into exactly opposite. The effect of reversing of attributes of counter-matter God accomplished through such re-programming it, that it formed two opposite kinds of semi-permanent whirls. These whirls are described under the names of "low-pressure whirls" and "high-pressure whirls" on separate web pages about hurricanes and about tornados, as well as in subsection H4.2 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Due to such a reprogramming, the continually moving counter-matter formed semi-permanent objects in the form of such whirls. In turn from these whirls controlled by such natural programs, liquid counter-matter which obeyed these programs formed semi-permanent "objects" representing all chemical elements (means "earth" - as in old terminology these elements were called), and also software "objects" which represented all basic phenomena of the physical world (means - mainly various kinds of electromagnetic radiation, or "light"). Thus "earth" and "light" were formed from such natural programs and from counter-matter which implemented commands contained in these programs. These "objects" are simply natural programs and appropriate clusters of whirls of liquid counter-matter which implement the content of these programs. Their description is provided, amongst others, in item #G4 on the web page on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also on a separate web page about time vehicles, where these objects are explained as basic components of the so-called "space time". In general, these "objects" can be compared to objects from present OOP (i.e. "Object-Oriented Programming), e.g. to an object of a "button" which appears on the screen of our computer. This is because these "objects" are very similar to such computer images (e.g. the image of a "button"). For example, on a computer screen such a "button" look as if it is a solid form, on which one can implement various manipulations, e.g. can shift it into a different area of the screen, change colour of it, enlarge or shrink it, etc. But in reality this button is still a program and an image formed by this program with the computer's hardware. Similarly these "objects" formed from natural programs contained in counter-matter, and from images formed by hardware of this counter-matter, also look as if the are solid, they can be subjected to manipulation and shifting, etc.
       (2) The creation of a dome which divides two fluids (waters). After God created the semi-permanent matter and basic physical phenomena of the physical world from whirls of liquid counter-matter, God decided to separate this matter and these physical phenomena, from counter-matter and from phenomena of the counter-world. He accomplished this separation through placing the matter and physical phenomena inside of a completely separate world. In this way God created then an entire "physical world" - which the Christian religion calls God Son. (This is a very accurate name, considering that this religion calls "God Father" the counter-world, while it calls "Holy Ghost" the natural program of the so-called "universal intellect" that evolved inside of the "virtual world". This virtual world is simply the "program storing" capability of counter-matter.) Then God created an impenetrable barrier which separates this physical world from the counter-world. Through this barrier almost nothing can pass, apart from these natural programs that reside in the counter-matter.
       Although in the description provided here this second phase of the creation of the physical world may appear to be a simple and easy, in fact it required the carrying out the complete reconfiguration of the counter-world. After all, every object from the physical world received then its counter-material duplicate in the counter-world. Furthermore, the maintaining of the existence of this impenetrable barrier between both worlds, and also the software communication through this barrier, required the preparation of a huge amount of indescribably complex software, which maintains the cooperation of both worlds while physically separating them from each other.
       (3) The clarification of lands and seas and the evolution of plants. After the separation and enveloping the physical world with the use of appropriate software, God began to define, using a different kind of software, the subsequent laws that prevail in this physical world. These laws gradually allowed God to subdivide matter into different consistencies of gases, liquids, and solid matter, separate these kinds of matter from each other, and also begun to experiment with creating first living organisms - which by the nature of things needed to belong to plants during that phase of creation.
       (4) The creation of stars and planets. After the laws established by God for the physical world were programmed out and tested, God decided to enlarge and extend the developed then (small) prototype of the physical world. This enlargement and extension depended on the creation of an entire present physical world and the entire "time space". In this way the volume of the entire universe was formed, which included all stars, galaxies, planets, etc.
       (5) The creation and evolution of living beings in seas. After the basic principles of work and development of plants were mastered, God began to gradually introduce and evolve various animals. At the beginning he did it mainly within waters of oceans.
       (6) The creation and evolution of land animals and a gradual creation of human beings. After all details of genetic codes and principles of evolution were programmed and tested, God finally could proceed with gradual development of increasingly more perfect land animals. In the final stage he could also evolve human beings. How he accomplished the evolution of humans it is explained in further parts of this web page about the evolution of man. It is worth to notice, that God accumulated in man that he created the essence of an entire experience from the process of God's own evolution. For example, a human child immediately after the birth is like a self-programming, intelligent counter-matter was in times before God evolved in it. After all, a child is like an empty, self-programming computer. Only the later life of this child is to program into it the knowledge of an adult human. In turn the mutual contradiction between the persuading people by their numerous feelings, to do whatever later is going to turn bad for them, and simultaneous logical letting them know by their organ of conscience what later turns out to be good for them, is a memory written into people and expressing the fight between good and numerous forms of evil, which (the fight) at the very beginning of his existence God was forced to complete with other intellects similar to him that also evolved in the counter-matter almost simultaneously with God. In turn the principle that "ontogenesis repeats the filogenesis' way", (i.e. that the "development of an individual repeats the development of the entire specie") - described in item #C2 (5) of this web page about the evolution of humans, is an illustrative demonstration to people of the entire history of their species.
       (7) Rest? Although the Bible calls "resting" the present, seventh phase of the creation of the physical world, in fact God all the time is perfecting his creation. This perfecting is possible, because the software of the so-called "time space" (described amongst others in item #G4 on the web page on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity) was so wisely accomplished by him, that it allows to introduce continuous improvements to practically everything that God wishes to improve. In turn, after any such an improvements is introduced, immediately the power of this improvement is extended to the entire "time space". On the basis of watching what happens in the universe and on the Earth, I am reasoning that God currently experiments with a self-perfecting organization of so-called "human swarms". Such a "human swarm" is simply any civilization composed of a huge number of imperfect humans and living in separation from other similar civilizations. "Human swarm" differs from insect swarms or animal flocks - the advantages of which over individual creatures God already experimentally tested long ago. Namely, human swarm does NOT have a "queen", while all participants of it obtained approximately similar characteristics and rights, and all of them obtained the free will. The present goal of God seem to be the development of a system of moral and social laws, which are going to cause that such a "human swarm" as whole can become a creation much better than each single member of it. (In other words, God tries to improve the physical world in such a manner, that these "human swarms" which live according to laws established by God, as whole become much better quality in every aspect than is each person constituting such a swarm considered separately.) After all, only by such a kind of experiments various facts can be explained, e.g. a fact that God created conditions on the Earth in which the goodness and morality must break free through barriers placed in front of them by evil doers, or the fact that in recent times a clear drop in level of average intelligence and average perfection can be noticed, as it occurs both in people and also in human relatives from the space. (For example, the present generation is at average significantly less intelligent and decisively less perfect than was in average the generation which lived only around 50 years ago.) I will not mention here, that this present goal of God, as usual, runs against all believes of Earthly scientists who claim that "a whole is always as good as the weakest link of it". Unfortunately, as always, orthodox scientists who spread these kinds of claims do not take under consideration the experience of God in making impossible accomplishable.

#C4. How God created man:

       God created man in the last (sixth) phase of the creation of physical world. After all, in order to create man, God had to firstly accumulate the appropriate body of experience, means carry out an infinitive number of empirical experiments. The creation of man God carried out on the already non-existent planet called "Terra" - located within the Vega system in "Lute" (Polish "Lutnia") star constellation. (The description of this planet is provided in the Polish treatise [3b], and also summarised in subsection V3 from volume 16 of the English version of my older monograph [1/4].) Then God destroyed this planet, in order to not deprive people the free will of speculating about their origins. But the destruction of the planet Terra was carried out only after the humanity managed to spread around the universe, carrying with them onto other planets also all other vegetation and animals that God created earlier on Terra. All intelligent beings from the present universe are currently descendants of these first people created by God on the planet Terra.
       Similarly as in the process of creation of every other living creature, also in the process of creation of man God used experiences which he accumulated previously in an empirical manner. These experiences God had written down in the form of so-called "genetic code" - means a kind of "programming language" which God uses for expressing details of design and attributes of a given creature. As this is going to be explained in further parts of this web page, the creation of man was carried out by God through slight alterations of the genetic code taken from the water-land creatures which already existed before man - and which we know from mythology under the name of "sirens". Unfortunately, this creature got extinct completely on Earth a long time ago. But because sirens were an improved version of whales and dolphins, after it got extinct on Earth the whales and dolphins remained the only still alive animal relatives of humans.
       It is worth to notice here, that the process of creation of man did not end on the phase number 6 described in the Bible, but lasts until today. At this moment God implements phase 7 which is mentioned in the Bible, but to which people usually refer as to a "rest". However, in reality the present phase 7 of creation of man is in fact the experimentation regarding "human swarms". (These "human swarms" are kinds of huge group organisms, which opposite to insect swarms and to flocks of animals, are composed of individuals who have the so-called "free will" and also have the ability to think logically.) The goal of this present experimentation of God is to create such conditions, in which these "human swarms" live and develop themselves in such a manner that as a whole each of them displays much better qualities than the quality of every individual member of these swarms. It is worth to notice, that at the time when the present, 7th phase of the creation of man finishes with a success, God is going to initiate the 8th phase. It is to be the transformation of best human swarms into gods who are permitted to create their own worlds. (In that 8th phase the human swarms who are NOT meeting the quality requirements imposed by God are to be annihilated. After all, they will not be needed any more.) Further details on this subject are explained in item #I4 of the separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

Part #D: There is a wealth of evidence which confirm the existence of God, but we cannot find even a smallest shred of evidence that God does NOT exist:


#D1. The meaning of the fact that scientists are unable to indicate even a most miserable shred of evidence which would suggest the non-existence of God:

Motto: "There are numerous items of scientific evidence for the existence of God, but no-one is able to indicate even a most poor item of evidence which would suggest the non-existence of God."

       Foundations of the present official (orthodox) human science are entirely based on proofs for the non-existence of various phenomena, objects, and physical quantities. In fact, scientists compete with each other in indicating items of evidence which suggest that something supposedly does NOT exist in the universe. Let us provide here several illustrative examples. In the official human science theories of Albert Einstein are indicated as the proof for the non-existence of speeds in excess of the speed of light. Findings of Lord Kelvin are considered to be a proof that the temperature below "absolute zero" does NOT exist. The experiment of Michelson-Morley of 1887 is acknowledged as the proof that the substance in past called the "ether" (now it is called the "counter-matter") does NOT exist. Laws of thermodynamics supposedly prove that principles and phenomena on the basis of which we could build so-called "perpetual motion" devices, are also non-existent. The so-called "red shift" in light from stars is supposedly a proof that at some stage the entire universe was non-existent. The definition and descriptions of the idea of "time" used by present official science are supposedly a proof that the possibility to shift time back does NOT exist as well. Etc., etc. These scientific claims about the non-existence of various fundamental ideas and physical quantities are so domineering, while their influence so omnipresent, that the statement becomes true that present official human science is practically the science based on proofs of non-existence.
       In spite of this abundance of scientific evidence for the non-existence of whatsoever, present human science is still UNABLE to indicate even a smallest shred of evidence in support of the claim it makes about matter of the highest importance for the humanity. Namely, the official human science is NOT able to indicate even a smallest example of evidence which would confirm the claimed non-existence of God. In other words, in spite that the science is saturated with atheists who compete with each other in inventing theories that would deny the truth about the existence of God, these atheistic scientists are still NOT able to invent or to detect even a smallest shred of evidence that would confirm that they base their claims on some sort of factual findings or factual scientific data. Simultaneously - as the reader probably noticed this already from items #F1 and #F2 of this web page, there is an abundance of scientific evidence (unfortunately unspoken and kept hidden by most of scientists) which certifies for the existence of God. Thus, the confrontation of these two facts, namely the non-existence of even a shred of evidence for the non-existence of God, and the existence of abundance of scientific evidence for the existence of God, leads to the obvious and very meaningful conclusion - namely that in spite of the noisy propaganda of promoters of "atheism", God in fact definitely does exist.
       The above final conclusion is additionally reinforced by findings of the philosophy of totalizm which results from the so-called "ULT language" - means from the "Universal Language of Thoughts". (This language is described in item #B4 of a separate web page telepathy.htm - about the phenomenon of telepathy and telepathic devices, and also in item I5.4 of monograph [1/5].) According to these findings, the fact of the existence of a language in the universe, which God uses for thought communication with all creatures that populate the entire universe, causes that everything that does NOT exist, has no, as yet, its own word in the ULT language. Thus, "whatever does NOT exist, cannot appear in our thoughts". If we express this in other words, then according to totalizm the universe was intentionally constructed in such a manner that already exists in it and (or) can be created every object and every idea which can appear in our thoughts and which through the way it is formulated does NOT impose the requirement that the universe must work in an unique and a different manner. This in turn means, that because the idea stating that "God does exist" can appear in our thoughts, while this idea of the "existence of God" does NOT impose onto the universe a requirement to work in a way that is different from the way in which the universe already does work, in the light of totalizm it suffices just by itself as the proof that God in fact does exist.
       If for someone the above is still not satisfying his or her thirst for learning further proofs that confirm the existence of God, then he or she should additionally review the beginning of item #G3 from this web page. In this item #G3 listed are formal scientific proofs developed with the use of methods of mathematical logic. These proofs also prove that: (1) God does exist, (2) counter-world does exist (the name "counter-world" is a scientific name for a separate world in which live: God, souls, time programs, etc.), (3) people have immortal souls, and (4) it was God, not the "natural evolution", who created the first pair of people, namely the first man and the first woman. The formal scientific proofs indicated above are additionally complemented with the formal proof from item #B1 of the web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself, which proves that the Bible was authorised by God himself.
       It is very unfortunately for the humanity that without any reservations people adopted in their thinking this erroneous principle of the official science which states that "everything that was not proven still does not exist". This principle leads people to assuming "a priori" that almost everything that others claim is untrue, that everything needs to be continually verified, and that the truth cannot be spoken out until we are able to present evidence for it. This in turn leads the humanity to all these errors, deviations, and suffering which we can see now around us. Fortunately for us, the relatively new "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and the philosophy called the moral totalizm which stems from this theory, started to disseminate on the Earth an alternative principle of "recognising the existence of everything that can appear in our thoughts - if only the formulation of these thoughts does NOT impose the requirement that principles on which the universe work must be changed". Let us hope, that increasingly wider acceptance of this alternative principle will lead to a gradual healing of the errors, deviations, and suffering that are imposed on the humanity by doctrines of the science to-date.

#D2. "Proving through the contradiction" - i.e. since there is no even a smallest shred of evidence for the non-existence of God, this means that God does exist:

       Adoption of the totaliztic principle in our thinking, that everything which can appear in our thoughts, and which does NOT require the change in principles on which the universe work, exists already now, or existed in past, or will exist in the future introduces quite a meaningful side effect. Namely, this side effect is that: the majority of quantities and phenomena which by the official science to-date were considered to be non-existent, in fact do exist, existed, or will exist. It is just because of this, that the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity created the philosophical foundations for the introduction to science a completely different period, namely when "science and ordinary people are going to rely on evidence of the existence, on the assumption that every statement of others is true, and on the premise that everything that is claimed in fact does exist". From the philosophical point of view this new period will be an exact opposite of the previous period described at the beginning of this item, when "the official human science, and also common people in their mutual interactions, relied mainly on the evidence for non-existence, on the assumption that every claim of others is untrue, and on the premise that the majority of what is claimed and what is thought in fact does NOT exist and thus everything requires continuous confirmation of the existence". For ordinary people this new period of "relying on the existence and on the assumption of truth" is going to manifest itself, amongst others, by accepting that "every claim of others is going to be taken as the truth without forcing others to prove it." As an example of differences which this new period introduces to science, let us illustrate now how the "theory of everything" proves the existence of quantities and phenomena described at the beginning of this item, which so-far the official human science considered to be non-existent. And so:
             - The theoretical "proof" of Albert Einstein, that the speed of light is an unsurpassable barrier, was abolished by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This abolishing was accomplished through the introduction of the instant telekinetic motion described, amongst others, on web pages telekinesis.htm - about the phenomenon of telekinesis and propulsion.htm - about telekinetic vehicles.
             - In subsection H2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5] it is proven that the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity invalidates the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 for the non-existence of "ether". It turns out that "ether" actually does exist, because the "counter-matter" (in past called with the name "ether") is contained in a separate world than the world in which this experiment was carried out. Thus the counter-matter cannot be detected remotely from our physical world.
             - According to the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, telekinetic generators of free energy, which are a modern implementation of the old idea of "perpetual motion", do exist and can be build, while the working prototypes of these generators are described on the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy. So perpetual motion devices are already build, only under a different name.
             - The significance of the "red shift" as an evidence for the initial non-existence of the universe, was abolished in item #D2.1 of the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, where it was documented that the "red shift" is a consequence of the beaming of light against the current of "flows of gravity programs" - similarly as a "blue sky" is a consequence of the beaming of light along the current of such programs. Thus the entire "big bang" theory was constructed on faulty evidence.
             - The existence of ability to shift time back and to build time vehicles is described on the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm - about the work of time, time travel, and about time vehicles. The theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines time as the passage of execution control through the natural program that controls our life. (More exact explanation how this execution control passes through natural programs of our life is provided in subsections N1.5 and N1.4 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5].) According to this definition, time is simply a sequence of discrete commands in the program of our life. In turn, being such a sequence of commands, time can be shifted forward or backward, skipped through, slowed down or accelerated, etc. So according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity travelling in time is possible, realistic, and even quite easy. Of course, if time is really a discrete program combined from a sequence of individual commands, in which the execution control can be shifted back or forth, then there must be some physical evidence which documents this fact. As it turns out one example of physical evidence for the discrete nature of time, many amongst us saw with their own eyes. This evidence is the interference that occurs between a discrete pulses of time, and fast rotating objects which flicker with the frequency of completion of individual execution commands. It is described comprehensively in item #A1 of the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm - about the work of time, time travel, and about time vehicles, but for the consistency of presentation I am going to explain it here as well. The existence of this interference proves that time does NOT flow continually, but it elapses in fast jumps when individual commands from our program of life are executed - similarly like individual frames used to flow through screens in old movies, or similarly like the execution of individual commands is carried out in every long computer program. This proof can be noticed with naked eyes in the daylight - if one visually watches the gradual acceleration of a wheel with spokes, so that the velocity of flickering of these spokes changes from almost zero to in excess of at least 1200 spokes/min (i.e. so that spokes flicker within the range from almost zero to the frequency of at least 20 Hz). (For example, this can be seen on wheels of cars of motorbikes when these are accelerating while driving parallel to our own car.) Namely, watching these spokes that rotate increasingly faster, at the beginning we see in which direction they are accelerating. But at some stage of their acceleration we are going to notice, that these spokes look as if they stopped in their rotation, and then they begin to make an impression that they begin to rotate increasingly faster in an opposite direction than they really rotate. The moment when these spokes look as if they stopped, is just the moment when their frequency of flickering coincides with the frequency of completion of individual commands in our programs of life. In turn the fact that in our eyes these spokes seem to start the rotation in an opposite direction, is a visual proof that the elapse of time have a discrete nature (means that time elapses in jumps). After all, if we analyse principles of this reversal rotation, then we are going to realise, that nothing except of a discrete nature of time can allow to form an impression of rotation of spokes in a direction that is opposite to their actual direction of rotation. This is because only the time elapsing in jumps can create the situation when looking at spinning spokes we form a picture which is similar to the image that is formed in darkness by series of flashes of so-called "stroboscopic lamp" shining at whirling objects. Thus the actual existence of this phenomenon is another physical evidence for the jumping (discrete) character of the elapse of time. (So also another evidence for the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.) Highly promising is also the awareness, that this physical proof for a jumping (discrete) character of time provides us simultaneously with a principle for measuring the speed of elapse of time in individual people, as well as provides us with a first instrument for measuring this speed. As the philosophy of totalizm explains this, time does NOT elapse with the same speed for every person and for every situation. For example, this speed changes with age, thus e.g. for older people time flows much faster than for youngsters. Also in situations that release powerful feelings time clearly changes the speed of flow. Therefore, if we construct a kind of propeller which is to measure precisely for a given person the frequency (speed) of flickering at which this person notices that the propeller apparently changes the direction of rotation into an opposite one, then we obtain an instrument for measuring the speed of elapse of time in individual people. In turn measurements of this speed may lead people to shocking discoveries, e.g. that some people are obese NOT because of their genetics or amount of calories that they eat, but e.g. because their day is much shorter than a day of slim people - thus some obese people may have not enough time to burn all calories that they eat. I do NOT wish to extend this web page by proving here also that every evidence for the elapse of time in small jumps, is simultaneously another proof for the existence of God. After all, the reader should be able to deduce by himself or herself, that time which elapses in jumps, and thus which can be shifted backward, could be implemented only in case when God does exist and thus when He intentionally designed time just in such an extraordinary manner. (For details see the description of so-called "timespace" constructed by God and explained in items #C6 and #E1 timevehicle.htm - about the work of time, time travel, and about time vehicles.)
       At this point it is worth to mention, that in addition to numerous ideas for the non-existence of which scientists managed to present some sort of highly stretched "evidence", by inertia and by habit various "scientists" claim also the non-existence of a large number of further quantities and phenomena in support of the non-existence of which these official debunkers have no even a shred of evidence. The key position on the list of these ideas, objects, quantities, and phenomena that are announced by scientists as non-existing without presenting even a slightest evidence, takes (of course) God. Examples most known amongst further such ideas that are officially denounced and authoritatively condemned by the official science without presenting any evidence, include: telekinesis, telepathy, ESP, radiesthesia, UFOs, life after death, souls, spirits, other world, walking on fire, healing, capability of humans to decrease the entropy of the universe, and many other. Numerous scientists deny even that there is still left anything in the universe that would NOT be discovered and researched so-far. As this illustrates, many professional scientists instead of doing what they originally were employed for, means "explaining ALL mysteries of the universe and learning how to control the nature so that it works for the benefit of mankind", they specialise in denying that such mysteries of the universe and nature still exist at all.
* * *
       Independently from this item, the absolute lack of even a most miserable scientific evidence for the non-existence of God, supplemented by the wealth of evidence that God really does exist, is discussed on a further web page, namely in item #F3 from a separate web page named bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself. I highly recommend having a look at that web page. After all, it extends information provided in this item.

#D3. I suggest to realise that each "perpetual motion" motor is also a "technical miracle" that proves the God's existence - so build for yourself at least the simplest from developed in 2017 numerous prototypes of these wonderful machines, e.g. the Bhaskara Weheel, to prove to yourself not only that God does exist, but also how brazenly the entire humanity is lied to and misled by the monopoly of the "official atheistic science":

Motto: 'The confirmation that scientifically guarantees the correctness and compliance with the surrounding reality of my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is that it NOT only formally proves the existence of God and explains the direct relationship between the existence of God and everything that God created and we know (e.g. the relationship between the work of engines type "perpetuum mobile" and the existence of God), but what is even more important, this confirmation is also that my theory indicates to us the building material (i.e. the eternally mobile and programmable "counter-matter") from which God created everything that exists in our physical world, tools (i.e. God's "programs", in the Bible called with the old term "word" - while in present times called "information", "algorithm" and "program") that God has inscribed into every particle of counter-matter and with which He implements everything that happens in our physical world, managing mechanisms (e.g. "Omniplan", or artificially created by God and the elapsing in fast jumps the so-called "reversible software time", in which age all living creatures, including humans) which mechanisms allow God to design and manage in advance everything that God has pre-planned that this is to take place in our physical world, and furthermore this theory also indicates to us extremely effective and simultaneously NOT breaking human "free will" methods of God's action (e.g. "the principle of reversals", moral field, karma, "carrot and stick" method, etc.) which methods allow that people who are more obedient to God are to be brought up onto effective "knowledge-makers" - because for God "knowledge" has the same function as "meals" have for people, and at the same time they give these people permanent character traits, which after supplying them with indestructible bodies will allow them, through eternity, to constructively co-exist with other similar persons of immortal bodies, so that together with them will be able to continue "the acquiring of knowledge" for eternity.'

(Please notice, that this item #D3 will be translated from Polish only after the translation of item #A0 above is finished. In the meantime, if you know the Polish language, please read it in Polish, e.g. from here or from the Polish version of this web page, or translate it for yourself with one of these free "computer translators" available in Internet - which may NOT be good enough for the reliable reading, but still give you some idea as to what a given text is about.)

       Jeśli masz umysł otwarty na poznanie prawdy, skłonności majsterkowiczowskie, wymagane narzędzia, materiały, oraz jeśli NIE mieszkasz w Strefie Wolnej od Telekinezy (tj. jeśli NIE mieszkasz na Antarktydzie, w Australii lub Tasmanii, czy w Nowej Zelandii), wówczas zbuduj sobie "cud techniczny" w formie maszyny "perpetuum mobile". Cud ten, dla powodów, które tu wyjaśnię, będzie też wizualnie dowodził ci i przypominał, że Bóg istnieje. Z grupy rozlicznych już zbudowanych w 2017 roku i działających prototypów maszyn "perpetuum mobile", jakie w punktach #J1 i #J2 ze strony free_energy_pl.htm opisałem szczegółowo oraz zilustrowałem linkami do ich wideów z, do osobistego zbudowania na początek możesz wybrać sobie tę, która leży w twoich możliwościach wykonawczych. Jak bowiem zapewne domyślasz się z histerycznych prześladowań, które na owe maszyny kieruje cała dzisiejsza bojąca się ogólnoświatowej kompromitacji oficjalna nauka ateistyczna, wystraszone nimi rządy, oraz zagrożone w swoich zyskach zachłanne koncerny energetyczne i banki, maszyn takich narazie NIE zdołasz zakupić w sklepach. Najprostrza moim zdaniem, z licznych już zbudowanych i działających "perpetuum mobile", jest wynaleziona w Indiach jeszcze w 1150 roku, poczym budowana od tamtego czasu, maszyna nazywana "Koło Bhaskara" (po angielsku "Bhaskara's Wheel"). Oto jak wygląda i działa jedno z najłatwiejszych do zbudowania wersji technicznych tego koła (kliknij na poniższe zdjęcie aby zobaczyć wideo ilustrujące jego konstrukcję i działanie):
Wideo dokumentujące wygląd i opisy tej maszyny "perpetuum mobile", w lutym 2018 roku było dostępne dla zainteresowanych osób w pod adresem
       Abyś mógł zbudować i uruchomić poprawnie działającą wersję "Koła Bhaskara", wystarczy jeśli masz: totaliztyczne nastawienie do prawdy i moralności (mechanizmy moralne spowodują bowiem, że lenie, niedowiarki, kłamcy, oszuści, itp. będą mieli poważne trudności z jego zbudowaniem - patrz moje opisy tzw. "wynalazczej impotencji"), przednie koło z jakiegoś starego i już nieużywanego roweru, co najmniej dziesięć jednakowych półlitrowych, przeźroczystych butelek plastykowych, trochę narzędzi, oraz zacięcie do majsterkowania. Posiadanie tego wszystkiego powinno ci pomóc przetransformować to przednie koło rowerowe w działające "perpetuum mobile" o zasadzie działania "Koła Bhaskara". Po zaś jego zadziałaniu, będziesz NIE tylko miał uciechę pokazując je wszystkim niedowiarkom, zaś po ustawieniu w oknie wystawowym czyjegoś sklepu lub warsztatu - przyciągając mu dodatkowych klientów nieodpartą atrakcją wieczystego ruchu tego koła, ale także będzie ono dla ciebie twoim osobistym dowodem wizualnym, że Bóg istnieje. Przy okazji zilustruje ci ono także, jak bardzo ludzkość jest okłamywana i zwodzona z powodu lukratywnego monopolu instytucji starej oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej na badania i na edukację, a stąd jak pilnie ludziom jest potrzebne formalne ustanowienie uczelni bazujących na "a priori" filozoficznych zasadach nowej nauki totaliztycznej - jaka to nowa nauka będąc konkurencyjną wobec starej zaczęłaby w końcu rozliczać dotychczasową oficjalną naukę ateistyczną z jej chronicznych kłamstw, oraz przywracać prawdę i respekt do nakazów Boga we wszystkich postępowaniach i stwierdzeniach upowszechnianych w naszej cywilizaji.
       Ostrzegam jednak abyś NIE podejmował budowy żadnej z maszyn "perpetuum mobile" jeśli mieszkasz w Strefie Wolnej od Telekinezy (TFZ) obejmującej Antarktydę, Australię z Tasmanią, oraz Nową Zelandię. Surowa bowiem kara jaka czeka za złamanie tego zakazu definiowanego w Biblii ogólną nazwą "wyniszczanie ziemi", a opisywana dokładniej w punkcie #J4 strony free_energy_pl.htm, czyni iż jeśli chcesz posiadać działające maszyny "perpetuum mobile", wówczas raczej emigruj do dowolnego innego miejsca na świecie gdzie ich zakaz NIE obowiązuje, niż zaryzykuj doświadczenie kary, która w obszarze TFZ (tj. Telekinesis Free Zone) grozi budowniczym, dostarczycielom i posiadaczom maszyn generujących odmiany zjawiska "technicznej telekinezy" o nadal niepoznanych przez ludzkość długotermonowych następstwach. W obszarze TFZ NIE podlega takiemu ukaraniu jedynie importowanie energii elektrycznej spoza obszaru TFZ, ani badanie, budowanie i posiadanie urządzeń "odnawialnej" energii (po angielsku "renewable" energy) wykorzystujących do generowania energii napędowej zjawiska naturalne, takie jak słońce, wiatr, spiętrzona woda, fale, przepływy i odpływy, grawitacja, różnice temperatur, różnice ciśnień atmosferycznych, itp.
       Jednym z głównych celów całego niniejszego punktu jest wyjaśnienie "dlaczego" każda działająca maszyna "perpetuum mobile" jest równocześnie "technologicznym cudem" dostarczającym nam wieczyście ruchomego dowodu na istnienie faktycznego Boga, czyli Boga którego istnienie, działania zarządzające losami każdego obiektu i przebiegiem każdego zdarzenia z naszego świata fizycznego, a także którego niewyobrażalnie ogromna wiedza, moce, możliwości wykonawcze, narzędzia, itp., mogą i powinny być badane, wykrywane, poznawane i dowodzone przez chcących Go dokładnie poznać ludzi - tak jak tego faktycznego Boga ja już zdefiniowałem w punkcie #A0 tej strony. Innymi słowy, niniejszy punkt wcale NIE stara się potwierdzać istnienia tego spłyconego, wypaczonego i coraz bardziej umistycznianego zrozumienia Boga, jakie typowo wyspekulowują sobie w umysłach dzisiejsi tzw. "wierzący" - tak jak owo błędne zrozumienie Boga przez "wierzących" wyjaśniam w powyższym "motto" i w punkcie #A3 swej innej strony o nazwie god_pl.htm, ani nie utwierdza on tego coraz bardziej zniekształcanego i zubożanego zrozumienia Boga jakie upowszechniają wśród swych wiernych dzisiejsi skorumpowani i oderwani od życia kapłani - tak jak na bazie ostrzeżeń z Biblii wyjaśniam to w (1) z punktu #T2 i w punkcie #U1 swej strony o nazwie woda.htm, a punkt ten podpiera dowodowo istnienie faktycznego wszechmogącego Boga szczegółowo zdefiniowanego informacjami zaszyfrowanymi w Biblii oraz niezależnie wyłaniającymi się też z ustaleń mojej Teorii Wszystkiego zwanej Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji i z wyników moich empirycznych badań gromadzonych nieustająco od 1985 roku. Swoje wyjaśnienia "dlaczego" rozpocznę tu od przypomnienia, że dotychczasowa oficjalna nauka ateistyczna kłamliwie nam wmawia, iż jakoby żyjemy w świecie w którym panuje monopolarna grawitacja. W takim zaś świecie o monopolarnej grawitacji NIE ma miejsca na Boga. Wszakże monopolarna grawitacja NIE stwarzałaby ani możliwości ani mocy wymaganych dla zaistnienia i dla działania Boga. Gdyby jednak mimo tego taki świat zaistniał i osiągnął poziom rozwoju naszego faktycznie istniejącego już świata o "dipolarnej" grawitacji, wówczas ów "zlepek papierkowych teoryjek" jakimi omamia nas stara oficjalna nauka ateistyczna, miałby tam jakieś prawo bycia poprawnym - tj. byłaby tam jakaś szansa, że ów hipotetyczny świat musiał powstać z niczego, tak jak wmawia nam to "teoria wielkiego bangu", ludzie być może mogliby tam powstać z "małp" na drodze "naturalnej ewolucji", a ponadto działających maszyn "perpetuum mobile" w takim świecie o "monopolarnej grawitacji" NIE dałoby się zbudować. Niestety istnieje cały ocean empirycznego materiału dowodowego, że to co twierdzi oficjalna nauka ateistyczna jest kardynalnym kłamstwem i zwodzeniem ludzi. Część tego materiału dowodowego opisałem na niniejszej stronie. Linki do opisów dalszych rodzajów takiego materiału dowodowego przytoczyłem w punkcie #J3 swej strony o nazwie free_energy_pl.htm. Mającym zaś związek z niniejszymi opisami przykładem owych kłamstw i zwodzenia jest fakt, że kiedy oficjalna nauka ateistyczna formułowała swoje zaczerpnięte z sufitu "papierkowe prawa termodynamiczne", na świecie istniały już i działały liczne maszyny "perpetuum mobile" (np. "Koło Bhaskara" - jakie wynalezione zostało w 1150 roku). Maszyny te empirycznie już wówczas dowodziły, że papierkowe "prawa termodynamiki" są wyssaną z palca bzdurą i urojeniem. Tyle tylko, że zamiast konstruktywnie przebadać te maszyny, zaś w ten sposób odkryć, że faktycznie w rzeczywistym życiu łamią one owe "papierkowe prawa termodynamiki" i działają, oficjalna nauka ateistyczna wolała wykorzystać niechęć jaką do tych maszyn wykazywali politycy bankietujący za wpływy z podatków, zachłanni sprzedawcy paliw i energii, oraz bankierzy. Krzykliwie więc ogłosiła, że maszyn tych NIE daje się zbudować, poczym zaczęła używać swego autorytetu i wpływów aby blokować i sabotażować przyszłe próby zbudowania następnych z tych maszyn i aby wyniszczać ich potencjalnych producentów. Tamte działania oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej aby blokować wszystko co mogłoby prowadzić do podjęcia kiedyś fabrycznej produkcji maszyn "perpetuum mobile" okazały się aż tak skuteczne, że kiedy po opracowaniu w 1985 roku mojej Teorii Wszystkiego (tj. Konceptu Dipolarnej Grawitacji) jaka mi wykazała, że na przekór tego co twierdzi oficjalna nauka, owe maszyny da się jednak budować zaś po zbudowaniu będą one działały poprawnie, praktycznie od zera zmuszony byłem rozpoczynać wszelkie swoje badania co już nam wiadomo o owych maszynach, oraz swoją późniejszą szeroką kampanię "otwierania oczu", jaka dla dobra całej ludzkości miała na celu odbudowanie u co światlejszych osób wiedzy i pewności iż powinni jednak podejmować próby zbudowania tych maszyn. W tamtym bowiem 1985 roku niemal nikt już NIE podejmował dyskusji na temat maszyn "perpetuum mobile", moi koledzy (inni naukowcy) albo szydzili ze mnie, albo też w popłochu uciekali, jeśli choćby tylko wspomniałem nazwę tych maszyn, nigdzie i nic już się NIE publikowało o owych maszynach, hobbyści w sekrecie pracujący nad owymi maszynami tak starannie się poukrywali, że zajęło mi to całe lata iście detektywistycznej pracy zanim poodkrywałem kim oni są i co dotychczas osiągnęli, zaś najróżniejsi "poplecznicy" oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej bez najmniejszej trudności ani zastanowienia unieważnili aż trzy kolejne moje pracowicie udokumentowane referaty jakie officjalnie wówczas zgłosiłem na międzynarodowe konferencje i w jakich ostrożnie dawałem do zrozumienia, że mój Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji o formalnie dowiedzionej poprawności daje nam gwarancję, iż działające maszyny "perpetuum mobile" daje się jednak budować. Tamto sprawdzone wówczas już w działaniu kłamstwo i blokowanie postępu, oficjalna nauka z sukcesem potórzyła również w odniesieniu do Boga, UFO, mojego Magnokraftu, Komory Oscylacyjnej, odkrycia istnienia i działania dwóch odmiennych czasów w naszym świecie fizycznym, Wehikułu Czasu, itp. Wszakże łatwiej jest ludzi okłamywać, niż im wykazać, że są okłamywani! Niestety, to upieranie się oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej przy okłamywaniu ludzkości prowadzi prosto do jej samozagłady. Wszakże jeśli nauka ta NIE odstąpi od upowszechniania kłamstw i blokowania dostępu do prawd - np. tych ujawnianych ludzkości moją Teorią Wszystkiego zwaną Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji, oraz najmoralniejszą nowoczesną filozofią świata opracowaną przez człowieka i zwaną filozofią totalizmu, wówczas aby prawda mogła w końcu wydostać się z okowów obecnej opresji, ta oficjalna nauka ateistyczna najpierw musi zostać całkowicie zniszczona, zaś w jej miejsce musi zostać oficjalnie ustanowiona nowa "nauka totaliztyczna" konkurencyjna wobec starej, bowiem działająca już na totaliztycznych zasadach zgodnych z prawdą oraz z nakazami i wymaganiami Boga.
       Na szczęście dla prawdy, w 1985 roku Bóg uhonorował moją pracowitość i naukową sumienność zaszczytem wypracowania i autoryzowania tej do dzisiaj jedynej na Ziemi faktycznej Teorii Wszystkiego zwanej Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji. Teoria ta zaś formalnie udowodniła w sposób nadal obowiązujący, że w naszym świecie fizycznym panuje "dipolarne pole grawitacyjne" (a NIE "monopolarne pole grawitacyjne" jakiego działanie w naszym świecie fizycznym wmawia nam oficjalna nauka ateistyczna). W takim zaś świecie o dipolarnym polu grawitacyjnym NIE ma prawa być prawdą wszystko to co oficjalna nauka ateistyczna twierdzi. Stąd faktycznie nigdy w nim NIE było "wielkiego bangu", zaś nasz świat fizyczny został stworzony przez Boga jedynie około 6000 "ludzkich lat" temu. "Budulcem" zaś użytym dla owego stworzenia był dostępny Bogu w całym przeciw-świecie, niewidzialny, nieważki, beztarciowy, wiecznie ruchliwy i programowalny fluid, jaki ja nazywam "przeciw-materią". Jedyną istotą, która faktycznie powstała w wyniku ewolucji, był sam Bóg - z powodów jakie opisałem w tomie 1 swej monografii [1/5]. Ponadto maszyny "perpetuum mobile" w świecie o dipolarnej grawitacji daje się jednak budować, bowiem napędza je "przeciw-materialny wiatr" jaki nieustannie i bezenergetycznie jest formowany przez "samomobilność" owego wiecznie ruchliwego fluidu zwanego "przeciw-materią". Natychmiast więc po uświadomieniu sobie powyższego podjąłem moją wieloletnią walkę o wydobycie prawdy o maszynach "perpetuum mobile" spod naukowej opresji. Ponieważ zaczynałem praktycznie od zera, sam finansowałem te jakoby moje "hobbystyczne" badania z własnych oszczędności, oraz pracowałem nad nimi tylko w wolnym czasie przeznaczonym na odpoczynek, zmuszony byłem pokonywać niezliczone przeszkody zanim zdołałem odnaleźć przykłady już działających maszyn "perpetuum mobile" (które dla pomniejszania mściwości i agresji oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej zaczęto wówczas nazywać odmiennie "urządzeniami darmowej energii") oraz zanim zdołałem się skontaktować i pokorespondować z ich twórcami, a w przypadku maszyn Testatica i Thesta Distatica zanim prywatnie poleciałem do Methernitha w Szwajcarii aby osobiście podyskutować z zespołem rozwojowym owych maszyn. Z upływem czasu udało mi się też stopniowo publikować coraz liczniejsze prywatne monografie, a później także liczne prywatne strony internetowe, które moją wiedzą, radami, wyjaśnieniami, opisami już istniejących przykładów i zasad ich działania, moimi własnymi wynalazkami następnych z tych maszyn, oraz moralną świadomością poprawności czynienia tego co właściwe i potrzebne naszej cywilizacji, zaczęły wspierać tych z hobbystów, którzy podejmowali próby budowy owych maszyn. W tamtych czasach moje publikacje były niemal jedynymi dostępnymi wówczas w świecie nowoczesnymi opracowaniami naukowo wyjaśniającymi zasady działania i przykłady tych maszyn. Ze sporą liczbą hobbystów podejmujących budowę tych maszyn dyskutowałem też korespondencyjnie, wspierając ich w wysiłkach jakie podejmowali. W rezultacie, jak wierzę, moje wysiłki przyczyniły się znacząco do odbudowania wiary iż maszyny te daje się zbudować, oraz do zapoczątkowania w 2017 roku, nowej, czwartej już z kolei "ery technicznej", kiedy to fakt istnienia i działania tych maszyn zaczął stopniowo powracać do zbiorowej świadomości całej ludzkości, oraz kiedy coraz więcej co światlejszych osób zaczęło sobie uświadamiać, że aby chronić ludzkość przed dalszym eskalowaniem chronicznych już kłamstw "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej", oraz chronić ją przed korumpowaniem tymi kłamstwami kapłanów i decydentów religii oraz polityków, konieczne jest jak najszybsze zastąpienie tej starej nauki przez nową "naukę totaliztyczną" bazującą już na wiedzy o Bogu i na potrzebie "przysparzania wiedzy" w zgodności z boskimi nakazami i wymaganiami.
       Podsumowując powyższe, powodem dla którego każda działająca maszyna "perpetuum mobile", w tym "Koło Bhaskara", jest dowodem na istnienie Boga, jest iż maszyny te są napędzane owym przeciw-materialnym "wiatrem" - czyli skierowanym na przyspieszaną materię "podmuchem" inteligentnej substancji (fluidu), która istnieje w cztero-wymiarowym przeciw-świecie równoległym do naszego trzy-wymiarowego świata fizycznego, oraz która reprezentuje sobą "ciało" Boga. Z owej przeciw-materii inteligentnie zaprogramowane zostało bowiem przez Boga wszystko co tylko istnieje w naszym świecie fizycznym, w tym np. chleb jaki zjadamy, a także nasze ciała ludzkie - które zgodnie z Biblią są "świątyniami Boga". Istnienie owej wiecznie ruchliwej "przeciw-materii" w której rezyduje Bóg, zaś "wiatr" formowany z której napędza maszyny "perpetuum mobile", odkryłem dopiero ja w 1985 roku dzięki stworzeniu w/w do dzisiaj jedynej na świecie faktycznej Teorii Wszystkiego zwanej Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji - której uznanie, niestety, oficjalna nauka ateistyczna uparcie, celowo i skrycie blokuje nawet obecnie. Z kolei sama oficjalna nauka ateistyczna upowszechniła już dowody, że takich maszyn "perpetuum mobile" NIE dałoby się zbudować w owym nieistniejącym świecie, w którym panowałaby "monopolarna grawitacja" (a stąd w świecie, który musiałby być pozbawiony Boga, ponieważ NIE istniałyby tam programowalne zjawiska i mechanizmy jakie dawałyby Bogu władzę i możliwość rządzenia wszelkimi zachodzącymi w nim zdarzeniami). Tymi dowodami oficjalnej nauki są bowiem jej papierkowe "prawa termodynamiki" - o jakich rzekomej ważności i w naszym świecie o dipolarnej grawitacji, na przekór logiki i empiryki, oficjalna nauka ateistyczna do dzisiaj kłamliwie się upiera. Tyle, że uparcie odmawiając uznania odkrytego dopiero przeze mnie faktu, że grawitacja ma naturę dipolarną, a NIE monopolarną (na przekór wszystkiego nadal uparcie uznawaną przez oficjalną naukę), oficjalna nauka aż do momentu swego samozniszczenia musi uznawać też owe błędne prawa termodynamiki, jakie byłyby prawdziwe tylko w owym nieistniejącym świecie o monopolarnej grawitacji, a stąd jakich ważność ograniczona tylko do tamtego świata stwierdzałaby, że w świecie o monopolarnej grawitacji, w jakim NIE byłoby Boga który z wiecznie ruchliwej i inteligentnej przeciw-materii rozumnie zaprogramowałby naszą nieruchomą i głupią materię, maszyn "perpetuum mobile" NIE dałoby się zbudować. Maszyny te są bowiem w stanie zadziałać jedynie w świecie inteligentnie stworzonym z wiecznie ruchliwej przeciw-materii zamieszkałej przez Boga i mądrze rządzonej programami oraz prawami wszechmogącego i wszechwiedzącego Boga. Skoro więc maszyny te istnieją i działają już co najmniej od 1150 roku, oznacza to iż Bóg istnieje, zaś instytucja oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej wszystkich nas nieustannie i bezczelnie okłamuje oraz zwodzi ze szkodą dla postępu całej ludzkości i dobra każdego z nas.
       Do dzisiaj moja Teoria Wszystkiego zwana Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji (w skrócie "Kodig") zdołała poustalać zdumiewająco wiele cech owej cudownej wiecznie ruchliwej substancji, zwanej "przeciw-materią", której naturalne cyrkulacje z jednej strony tworzą ów "wiatr" napędzający maszyny "perpetuum mobile", z drugiej zaś strony która to substancja jest też nośnikiem samoświadomych programów naszego Boga, a ponadto jest "budulcem" z jakiego Bóg skonstruował cały nasz świat fizyczny, w tym nasze ciała. (Jest bowiem oczywiste, iż "coś NIE może powstać z niczego" - na przekór iż oficjalna nauka ateistyczna kłamliwie nam wmawia, że podczas "wielkiego bangu" rzekomo z niczego powstał aż cały wszechświat. Za to z czegoś niewidzialnego i programowalnego, tj. z "przeciw-materii", może zostać zaprogramowane wszystko co potem widzimy - tak jak w wersecie 11:3 "Listu do Hebrajczyków" od tysiącleci wyjaśnia nam Biblia.) Przykładowo, teoria ta ustaliła cechy fizykalne przeciw-materii, takie jak jej brak masy, brak inercji, brak tarcia, czy wieczna ruchliwość. Z drugiej zaś strony ustaliła ona też intelektualne atrybuty przeciw-materii, tj. jej zdolność do pamiętania, przechowywania programów, wykonywania tych programów, wykonywania zdalnie przekazywanych jej nakazów myślowych i telepatycznych, komunikowania się za pośrednictwem wibracji telepatycznych, wzajemnej wymiany informacji i programów, itp. W sumie moja "Kodig" ustaliła, że intelektualne cechy i możliwości przeciw-materii są nieco podobne do cech hardware naszych dzisiejszych komputerów. (Faktycznie to każdą "drobinę" przeciw-materii można sobie wyobrażać jako miniaturowy obecny komputer, np. jako mini "lap-top" - tyle, że zdolna jest ona czynić znacznie więcej, niż potrafią czynić nasze komputery.) Moja Teoria Wszystkiego (Kodig) ustaliła też, że lokalne cyrkulacje (tj. "wiry") przeciw-materii formują to co dzisiaj nazywamy "polem magnetycznym", zaś lokalne sprężenia lub rozrzedzenia przeciw-materii, w porównaniu do średniego ciśnienia tej substancji panującego w całym przeciw-świecie, formują to co dzisiaj nazywamy "polem elektrycznym". Kolejnym ustaleniem mojej "Kodig" jest fakt, że średnia gęstość przeciw-materii we wszechświecie NIE ulega zmianom, co dowodzi że wszechświat ma nieskończone rozmiary, czyli NIE ma granic. Wszakże tylko substancja zapełniająca wszechświat nieskończony rozmiarowo NIE jest w stanie zmieniać swojej średniej gęstości - po szczegóły patrz punkt #D4 mojej strony dipolar_gravity_pl.htm. "Kodig" ustaliła także, iż przeciw-świat ma aż cztery wymiary liniowe, tyle że tworząc nasz świat fizyczny Bóg poświęcił jeden z owych czterech wymiarów aby sztucznie stworzyć skokowy tzw. "nawracalny czas softwarowy" w jakim starzeją się wszelkie istoty żyjące, w tym ludzie. Stąd nasz świat fizyczny ma jedynie trzy wymiary liniowe, plus ów skokowy i nawracalny "czas ludzki" reprezentujący segmenty owego czwartego wymiaru liniowego przeciw-świata. To dlatego nasz świat fizyczny najlepiej opisuje analogia filmu w kinach, w którym to filmie zmiany zachodzące w naszej fizycznej trzy-wymiarowej rzeczywistości są odzwierciedlane na dwu-wymiarowych klatkach filmowych, podczas gdy skokowy ruch kolejnych klatek filmowych reprezentuje upływ czasu w owej "filmowej rzeczywistości" - po więcej szczegółów w tej sprawie patrz opisy tzw. "omniplanu" w moich opisach "Kodig" - np. z #C4 strony immortality_pl.htm. Moja Teoria Wszystkiego zdołała ustalić też aż cały szereg faktów na temat najmniejszej "cząsteczki elementarnej" (drobinki) z jakiej uformowana jest przeciw-materia. Przykładowo, z analizy pojemności informatycznej owej cząsteczki, "Kodig" zdołała oszacować, że w naszym świecie fizycznym proporcje wymiarów jednej drobinki przeciw-materii do wymiarów jednej drobinki materii, muszą się mieć w przybliżeniu tak jak proporcje wymiarów jednej drobinki materii mają się do wymiarów całej naszej galaktyki - po szczegóły patrz punkt #C3 z mojej strony o nazwie immortality_pl.htm. "Kodig" ustaliła także, że elementarna cząsteczka (drobinka) przeciw-materii musi zawierać w sobie więcej niż jeden poziom pamięci, w każdym z których to poziomów przechowywane są odmienne naturalne programy, jakie sterują zachowywaniem się tej cząsteczki oraz jej kooperacją z otaczającymi ją cząsteczkami. (Ile dokładnie w każdej cząsteczce jest takich poziomów pamięciowych, tego narazie moja "Kodig" NIE zdołała wypracować naukowo - aczkolwiek podpowiadają nam to stare religie, zaś niedowodowo potwierdzają preferencje Boga w używaniu liczby 12.) Najważniejszy zaś z owych poziomów pamięciowych (oryginalna religia NZ Maorysów stwierdza, że jest to 12-ty poziom) zajmowany jest przez samoświadomy program naszego Boga - jaki to program zawarty jest w każdej cząsteczce elementarnej (drobinie) przeciw-materii objętej obrębem naszego świata fizycznego, w tym w każdej cząsteczce formującej ciało ludzkie (to więc stanowi potwierdzenie informacji z Biblii, że nasze ciała są "świątyniami Boga"), czy formującej np. materię naszego chleba powszedniego i atomy wina (to więc stanowi też potwierdzenie informacji z Biblii, że chleb symbolicznie reprezentuje ciało Boga, zaś wino - krew Jezusa). Moja "Kodig" ustaliła także, iż istnieją co najmniej dwie odmienne kategorie drobin przeciw-materii, mianowicie (1) "drobiny wzbudzone grawitacyjnie" oraz (2) "drobiny niewzbudzone grawitacyjnie" (te drugie prawdopodobnie stwarzają to co oficjalna nauka nazywa "ciemną materią" - "dark matter" zawartą w przestrzeni kosmicznej). Niestety, narazie "Kodig" NIE zdołała jeszcze ustalić, czy różnice pomiędzy owymi dwoma kategoriami drobin przeciw-materii są jedynie softwarowe (tj. czy drobiny te w sensie fizykalnym są identyczne, a jedynie zawierają odmienne programy wprowadzone do nich przez Boga dla zdefiniowania ich zachowań), czy też różnice te są hardwarowe - tj. czy poszczególne kategorie drobin przeciw-materii różnią się między sobą swymi cechami fizykalnymi. Ustalenie tego zapewne więc pozostawię przyszłym badaczom "Totaliztycznej Nauki". Ponieważ cały ocean owych cech przeciw-materii został wyczerpująco wyjaśniony w licznych moich stronach internetowych i monografiach - łącznie z opisami "jak" poszczególne z tych cech zostały poustalane oraz "jakie fakty potwierdzają", że ustalenia te są poprawne, tutaj NIE będę już spraw tych ponownie omawiał. Dla naukowej rzetelności wskażę tu tylko najważniejsze i zupełnie niezależne od wyników moich empirycznych badań źródło potwierdzające poprawność owej gigantycznej wiedzy jaką mój "Kodig" już zdołał nam udostępnić o przeciw-materii. (Aż dziw bierze, że Bóg pozwolił wszystko to poustalać zaledwie jednemu "hobbyście" nieustannie prześladowanemu przez oficjalną naukę i inne instytucje, oraz przez złośliwe prywatne osoby, tj. mi. Wszakże oficjalnej nauce poustalanie tej gigantycznej wiedzy i prawdy zajęłoby co najmniej kilkaset lat, tysiące naukowców, oraz kosztowałoby miliardy dolarów.)
       We wszelkich sprawach, w tym także w sprawach naukowo rzetelnego, racjonalnego, pozbawionego przesądów i histerii, oraz zgodnego z prawdą potwierdzania lub weryfikowania cech przeciw-materii, niestety, oficjalna nauka ateistyczna wypięła już swój tyłek zarówno do mojej Teorii Wszystkiego zwanej Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji, jak i do prawd o otaczającej na rzeczywistości, które to prawdy owa teoria pomogła mi już poustalać. Nie ma więc najmniejszych szans, aby jeszcze przed czasem doprowadzenia się obecnej oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej do samozagłady, któryś z zawodowych naukowców oficjalnie przeprowadził jakiekolwiek badania nastawione na rzeczowe potwierdzanie poznanych już do dzisiaj przez mój "Kodig" cech przeciw-materii. (Odnotuj, że "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" celowo wytworzyła na naszej planecie taki klimat intelektualny i takie tradycje negowania, że praktycznie każda instytucja lub osoba badająca cokolwiek co wynika z mojej Teorii Wszystkiego zwanej Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji, lub wynika z mojej filozofii totalizmu, z definicji będzie reprezentowała już NIE ją, a nową "Naukę Totaliztyczną". Stąd samozadana śmierć obecnej "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej" będzie zapoczątkowana z chwilą, kiedy ktokolwiek i gdziekolwiek podejmie oficjalne badania tego co stwierdza moja "Kodig".) Na szczęście dla prawdy i postępu ludzkości, okazuje się, że najróżniejsze z cech przeciw-materii są już doskonale potwierdzane przez oryginalne (tj. przez NIE skorumpowane jeszcze dzisiejszymi trendami) wersje praktycznie wszystkich religii. Interesujące jest przy tym, że każda ze znanych religii jakby uzupełniała inne religie w coraz szczegółowszym potwierdzaniu cech przeciw-materii. Przykładowo chrześcijaństwo, a ściślej wersety Biblii (księża są już bowiem na to zbyt skorumpowani i oderwani od życia), potwierdzają że przeciw-materia pozostaje dla ludzi niewidzialna, oraz że jest programowalna - tj. że stanowi ona nośnik programów. Przykładowo werset 11:3 z w/w bibilijnego "Listu do Hebrajczyków" stwierdza - cytuję: "... słowem Boga światy zostały tak stworzone, iż to, co widzimy, powstało nie z rzeczy widzialnych." (Odnotuj, jak wynalazek komputerów nam ujawnił, że "słowo" to także "informacja", "algorytm", oraz "program" - po szczegóły patrz (5) z punktu #C12 na mojej stronie o nazwie biblia.htm.) W chrześcijańskiej Biblii jest też zaszyfrowana informacja, że samoświadoma i myśląca składowa naszego Boga (tj. "Duch Święty") wyewoluowała się w przeciw-materii równocześnie ze swoim bratem - którego potem w obronie własnej zmuszona była unicestwić. Sporą część naszej obecnej wiedzy o przeciw-materii potwierdza też starożytna religia Greków. Przykładowo, to wszakże z niej wywodzi się słowo "chaos" jakie informuje o wiecznej ruchliwości przeciw-materii. Mnie jednak najbardziej fascynują potwierdzenia cech przeciw-materii jakie zachowały się do naszych czasów w mitach mówionej przed-chrześcijańskiej religii odizolowanych od reszty świata nowozelandzkich Maorysów. Nie tylko podają one jak w przeciw-materii fazami przebiegało stopniowe samo-wyewoluowanie się samoświadomej składowej Boga (tj. "Ducha Świętego"), ale także dosyć szczegółowo opisują one elementarną cząsteczkę (drobinę) przeciw-materii i jej zawartość programową. Przykładowo, stwierdzają one, że każda elementarna cząsteczka (drobina) przeciw-materii przechowuje w sobie równocześnie aż 12 zupełnie odmiennych programów, zapamiętywanych na 12 odmiennych jej poziomach pamięciowych, oraz że każdy z tych programów dana "drobinka" może realizować w tym samym czasie. (Tj. każda drobina jest jakby odpowiednikiem aż 12-procesorowego komputera, każdy zaś z tych procesorów równocześnie, chociaż w doskonałej synchronizacji z pozostałymi precesorami, realizuje wymienny program jaki zapamiętywany jest i przechowywany w odrębnie przyporządkowanej mu pamięci. Najdoskonalsze ludzkie komputery mają więc jeszcze daleką drogę do przebycia zanim osiągną one poziom doskonałości drobinek przeciw-materii.) Na najwyższym zaś, tj. dwunastym, poziomie pamięciowym każdej drobinki, zawarty jest najważniejszy dla niej program Boga. (Tak dla porównania, to pamięci wszystkich dzisiejszych ludzkich komputerów zawierają tylko jeden poziom pamięciowy, tj. każda jednostka ich pamięci jest w stanie zapamiętać tylko jeden program, lub tylko jeden fragment programu, zaś w przypadku komputerów wieloprocesorowych każdy z tych procesorów korzysta z tego samego, bo jedynego, poziomu pamięci. Stąd gdyby nasze komputery miały już samoświadome programy, wówczas co bardziej wojownicze lub leniwe z tych programów mogłyby atakować i rabować swych towarzyszy, zamiast kooperować z nimi w pokoju.)
       W niniejszym punkcie, a także w #A0 tej strony, aż kilkakrotnie podkreślam też, że przeciw-świat ma cztery wymiary liniowe "4D", rozciągłość wszystkich jakich to 4D wymiarów NIE posiada w nim granic - tj. wszystkie z których w obu swych kierunkach rozciągają się tam w nieskończoność. To moje podkreślenie, że istnieje tam dodatkowo liniowy "czwarty wymiar", na dodatek do owych trzech wymiarów liniowych znanych w naszym świecie fizycznym (tj. na dodatek do np. "szerokości - X", "wysokości - Y", oraz "grubości - Z"), zapewne jest dużym szokiem informacyjnym dla ludzi ogłupionych nonsensami dzisiejszej oficjalnej nauki. Ponieważ zaś moja Teoria Wszystkiego zwana Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji jest w stanie rzucić sporo światła na naturę owego liniowego czwartego (nieznanego w naszym trzy-wymiarowym świecie) wymiaru przeciw-świata, zdecydowałem że po raz pierwszy w swoich publikacjach skrótowo wyjaśnię tu kierunek jego przebiegu. (Dotychczas unikałem jego wyjaśniania z powodu szyderstw i obelg jakie nawet bez wyjaśniania tej niemal niemożliwej do zrozumienia przez mierne umysły sprawy, kierowały na mnie najróżniejsze upośledzone indywidua, a także z powodu potencjalnych szkód jakie naszej cywilizacji mogłyby wyrządzić próby kłamliwego adoptowania wiedzy w tej sprawie do oficjalnie wyznawanego błędnego konceptu monopolarnej grawitacji starej nauki ateistycznej.) Moje badania ujawniły już bowiem, że niezależnie od teoretycznych wskazań Konceptu Dipolarnej Grawitacji, poprawna empiryczna wiedza na temat przebiegu i cech owego liniowego "czwartego wymiaru" przeciw-świata wyłania się też z aż szeregu źródeł. Pierwszym (1) relatywnie powszechnie już znanym naukowym z tych źródeł jest "symetryczność natury w/g Louis'a DeBroglie". Przykładowo zgodnie z nią, wszystkie zasady jakie istnieją w jakimś naturalnym systemie, są symetrycznie powtarzane w pokrewnym do niego innym naturalnym systemie. To dlatego przykładowo w moich "Tablicach Cykliczności", omawianych dokładniej w punktach #J1 do #J7 ze strony internetowej o nazwie propulsion_pl.htm (najnowsza z których to tablic jest tam pokazana jako "Tab. #J4"), każda kolejna ilustrowana w nich "era techniczna" powtarza symetrycznie, aczkolwiek już na wyższym poziomie, te same regularności jakie występowały już także w poprzednich erach technicznych (to właśnie owe cyklicznie powtarzane regularności ujawniane moimi "Tablicami Cykliczności" pozwalają mi na pewne i poprawne przeciwdywanie co nastąpi w przyszłości). To także dlatego, dla przykładu, jeśli trzy liniowe osie wymiarowe prostokątnego układu współrzędnych naszej trzy-wymiarowej "3D" rzeczywistości (tj. osie: X, Y i Z), w systemie dwu-wymiarowym "2D" muszą być reprezentowane przez aż dwa odmienne układy współrzędnych, tj. przez proporcjonalnie odwzorowany układ prostokątny o osiach X i Y, oraz przez ściskająco, lub rozprężająco (zależnie od kierunku) zdeformowany układ biegunowy z jedną osią R i kątem jej nachylenia "fi", owa symetryczność DeBroglie'go nas informuje, że cztery liniowe wymiary przeciw-świata w naszych trzech wymiarach są reprezentowane przez dwa układy wymiarowe, mianowicie przez proporcjonalnie odwzorowany układ prostokątny o trzech osiach X, Y i Z, oraz przez ściskająco, lub rozprężająco (zależnie od kierunku) zdeformowany układ biegunowy z osią R i kątem "fi". Drugim (2) powszechnie znanym źródłem tej samej informacji z jakim czytelnik też zapewne miał sporo do czynienia, jest "efekt perspektywy" i reguły ukryte w dokonywanych przez niego odwzorowaniach. Wszakże efekt ten stwierdza, że jeśli np. w naszym trzy-wymiarowym "3D" świecie fizycznym, jeden z wymiarów (tj. głębia lub grubość - Z), który nie występuje w systemach dwu-wymiarowych (np. na zdjęciach), jest tam odwzorowywany przez pozornie deformujący wymiary "efekt perspektywy" (czyli przez pozorne zbieganie się wszystkiego w jednym punkcie), wówczas to co u nas zbiega się w jednym punkcie (czyli "dipolarna grawitacja") faktycznie wskazuje kierunek wymiarowo już oddeformowanego (tj. pozbawionego owej pozornej deformacji występującej w "efekcie perspektywy") przebiegu owego nieznanego u nas czwartego wymiaru liniowego przeciw-świata. Ów "efekt perspektywy" działa też aż na szereg odmiennych sposobów wartych ścisłego naukowego przebadania i rozpracowywania przez kogoś ze szczególną wyobraźnią i mądrością zdolną wykryć działanie poukrywanych w nim zasad i reguł. Przykładowo, jeśli na "2D" zdjęciu "efekt perspektywy" upakuje jakieś obiekty z trzy-wymiarowej "3D" przestrzeni, przenosząc je w dwu-wymiarową "2D" przestrzeń owego zdjęcia, wówczas obiekty które w "3D" są niezależne i położone obok siebie, w "2D" mogą zostać upakowywane jeden we wnętrzu drugiego, np. guziki na ubraniach ludzi, na zdjęciach "2D" są poumieszczane w miejscach ludzkich wnętrzności - gdybyśmy więc NIE mieli uprzedniej naszej wiedzy o ludziach, a byli jakimiś hipotetycznymi istotami z dwuwymiarowego świata analizującymi nasze zdjęcia aby o nas cokolwiek się dowiedzieć, wówczas byśmy uwierzyli, że ludzie składają się z guzików, krawatów, okularów, itp. Co więc naprawdę znajduje się we wnętrzu ludzi, owe hipotetyczne "2D" istoty mogłyby odkryć tylko gdyby guziki, a także to co byłoby pod nimi, stały się przeźroczyste. (Odnotuj, że reguły ukryte w powyższym "efekcie perspektywy" dają nam niesamowicie wiele do myślenia w aż całym szeregu odmiennych spraw.) Trzecim (3) dość powszechnie dostępnym źródłem wiedzy na temat owego liniowego "czwartego wymiaru" przeciw-świata są opowiadania osób z tzw. "po-śmiertnymi doświadczeniami" - tj. osób które umarły, poczym ponownie powróciły do życia. Z badań jakie ja na nich prowadziłem wynika, że sporo z tych osób widziało lub nawet doświadczyło ów czwarty liniowy wymiar przeciw-świata i relatywnie dokładnie potrafi go opisać. Jeśli zaś osoba jaka z nimi rozmawia NIE należy do kategorii "sam tym NIE byłem poszkodowany ani NIE daje się z tego wycisnąć nawet grosza, więc wszystko to bujda, w którą NIE warto wierzyć ani zawracać nią sobie głowy", a należy do owej coraz rzadszej na Ziemi kategorii "mądrej głowie dość po słowie", wówczas poprzez właściwe wypytywania może się dowiedzieć ogromnie ciekawych rzeczy o owym "czwartym wymiarze". Podsumowując informacje dosyć konsystentnie wyłaniające się ze wszystkich znanych mi źródeł, z których powyżej skrótowo zaprezentowałem tylko mały ich fragment (źródeł tych jest bowiem znacznie więcej - np. rozważ tzw. OBE, "contactees", uprowadzenia do UFO, stare i jeszcze niepowypaczane religie, itp. - każde zaś z nich kryje w sobie aż tyle wiedzy, że możnaby zapełnić nią rozległą monografię), owym liniowym "czwartym wymiarem" przeciw-świata, jest wymiar którego przebieg obserwowany z naszego świata możnaby słownie opisać jako "zagłębianie się" przy dążeniu "w dół", oraz "wyłanianie się ponad" przy podążaniu "w górę". Innymi słowy, ów "czwarty wymiar" przeciw-świata, w naszym trzy-wymiarowym "3D" świecie fizycznym może być odnotowany tylko jeśli np. przy dążeniu "w dół" ogląda się go z użyciem coraz to potężniejszych mikroskopów, zaś przy podążaniu "w górę" ogląda się go przy użyciu coraz to potężniejszych i narazie nieznanych jeszcze ludzkości "odwrotności teleskopów" (tj. hipotetycznych urządzeń, które zamiast, jak obecne "teleskopy", ujawniać obiekty leżące coraz dalej od nas, pozwalałyby z coraz to dalszej perspektywy widzieć najbliższe nas obiekty). Ponieważ zaś ów czwarty wymiar został jakby "poszatkowany" przez Boga na mikroskopijnie cienkie jakby "warstewki" (czy wyodrębnione "powierzchnie" albo "naleśniczki) - tak aby formował on jakby poszczególne "klatki obrazowe" w owym jakby "ruchomym filmie" - który reprezentuje pojedyńcze skoki naszego "nawracalnego czasu softwarowego", zaglądając w owym wymiarze zarówno "w dół", jak i w "w górę", faktycznie zagląda się aż do szeregu odmiennych niż ten jaki panuje w danej chwili momentów "ludzkiego czasu". (Warto tu też odnotować, że istnienie wyraźnych granic pomiędzy poszczególnymi "wartewkami" tego czwartego wymiaru wyjaśnia dlaczego np. "fale elektromagnetyczne" wykazują naturę "fal powierzchniowych (poprzecznych)" opisywanych w punktach #D1, #D2.1 i #D3, mojej strony o nazwie dipolar_gravity_pl.htm. Wszakże fale elektromagnetyczne przemieszczeją się właśnie wzdłuż powierzchni owych płaskich "warstewek" formujących poszczególne "klatki" naszego skokowego czasu. Dzięki zaś temu, powierzchniowa natura fal elektromagnetycznych dostarcza nam jednego z najłatwiej odnotowywalnych dowodów empirycznych na (1) faktycznie istnienie owego "czwartego wymiaru" w przeciw-świecie, na (2) owo "poszatkowanie" przez Boga tego czwartego wymiaru na płaskie warstewki reprezentujące poszczególne "klatki" naszego skokowego "czasu ludzkiego", na (3) kierunek przebiegu "w dół" oraz "w górę" owego "czwartego wymiaru", na (4) poprawność przytoczonych tu dedukcji o przebiegu owego "czwartego wymiaru" przeciw-świata", na (5) poprawność i prawdę ustaleń całego mojego Konceptu Dipolarnej Grawitacji, na (6) na pełnienie przez granice poszczególnych z owych "warstewek" poszątkowanego "czwartego wymiaru" roli granicy "drugiego ośrodka" wzdluż której formują się powierzchniowe "fale elektromagnetyczne", oraz na (7) cały szereg innych informacji o budowie i działaniu naszego świata fizycznego, jakich z uwagi na skąpość miejsca niniejszej strony NIE będę tutaj omawiał.) Jednocześnie, ponieważ przy oglądaniu owego "czwartego wymiaru" przeciw-świata z obrębu naszego trzy-wymiarowego świata fizycznego, rozmiary obiektów zawartych w tym "czwartym wymiarze" są w sposób wysoce znaczący pozornie pozmieniane owym "efektem perspektywy", dlatego jeśli przy dążeniu "w dół" z naszego świata oglądamy tam cokolwiek, wówczas jest to pozornie "pomniejszane" (tak jak z powodu działania tego samego "efektu perspektywy" oglądana wielkość obiektów leżących coraz dalej na osi "grubość/głębia - Z" jest pozornie pomniejszana np. na dwu-wymiarowych zdjęciach), natomiast przy podążaniu "w górę" i też oglądaniu z naszego świata - jest to pozornie "powiększane". Warto bowiem pamiętać, że z innych źródeł (np. patrz punkt #D4 na mojej stronie dipolar_gravity_pl.htm, oraz patrz też wersety 3:24-5 z bibilijnej "Księgi Barucha") wiemy już, iż każdy z owych czterech liniowych wymiarów przeciw-świata rozciąga się w nieskończoność i to w obu swych kierunkach. (Tj. gdybyśmy byli w stanie np. w nieskończoność zwiększać moc powiększającą naszych mikroskopów, wówczas w nieskończoność byśmy odkrywali, że pozornie "wewnątrz" obiektów jakie wówczas byśmy nimi zobaczyli są zawarte następne obiekty, itp. - podobnie byłoby też z podążaniem "ku górze": mianowicie gdybyśmy w obrębie naszego "3D" świata byli w stanie patrzeć na każdy obiekt przez hipotetyczną "odwrotność teleskopu" z coraz to dalszej perpektywy, wówczas byśmy odnotowali, że jest on częścią czegoś coraz większego, co też jest częścią czegoś coraz większego, itd. - aż w niekończoność.) Uświadomienie zaś sobie powyższego wprowadza niewypowiedzianie istotne konsekwencje do wielu dziedzin naszego życia i naszej wiedzy, np. do filozofii, religii, światopoglądów, nauk fizycznych, astronomii, inżynierii, komputerów, itp., otwierając w każdej z nich istną "puszkę Pandory" - na jaką jeśli rzucą się umysłowo mierni wyznawcy monopolarnej grawitacji niezdolni do równoczesnego ogarnięcia następstw wszystkich regularności i zasad zawartych w "efekcie perspektywy", wówczas swoimi fałszowanymi spekulacjami (podobnymi do papierkowych "praw termodynamiki") będą mogli powyrządzać ludzkości nieopisaną ilość szkód, na dodatek do szkód które już powyrządzali uprzednimi kłamstwami jakimi zrujnowali oni całą naszą planetę i cywilizację aż do poziomu jaki obecnie coraz wyraźniej staje się wszędzie widoczny.
       Czytelnikom, których zainteresowały opisywane w powyższym paragrafie szczegóły wyjaśnienia mojego Konceptu Dipolarnej Grawitacji jak działa nasz nawracalny "czas ludzki", rekomendowałbym aby dla poznania dalszych z tych szczegółów uważnie przeczytali też opisy z punktów #J5 i #J6 jeszcze innej mojej strony o nazwie petone_pl.htm, oraz z punktu #J2 mojej strony immortality_pl.htm. Z kolei jeśli zachcą poznać jak bezpodstawne i ignoranckie są twierdzenia nauki o rzekomej błędności Biblii w datowaniu wieku ludzkości, wówczas powinni też zaglądnąć do podpisu pod "Tabelą #A1" ze strony humanity_pl.htm. Natomiast ogólne opisy obu odmiennych czasów działających na Ziemi i w całym świecie fizycznym (tj. nawracalnego "czasu ludzkiego" oraz nienawracalnego "czasu Boga") szeroko zaprezentowane są w punktach #C3 do #C4.1 z mojej strony immortality_pl.htm, zaś skrótowo we wstępie i w punkcie #G4 innej mojej strony o nazwie dipolar_gravity_pl.htm.
       Tym zaś z czytelników, kórzy są zaintrygowani dlaczego zamiast np. móc kupić w najbliższym sklepie, nadal trzeba budować samemu maszyny "perpetuum mobile" wynalezione co najmniej ponad 800 lat temu i z sukcesem budowane przez całe stulecia, krótko wyjaśnię też tu ową dziwną nieprawidłowość. Mianowicie powodem jest, iż ludzkość nadal znajduje się pod dobrze kamuflowaną opresją i niewolą aż całego szeregu potężnych wyzyskujących ją i dominujących mocy zła o ludzkim pochodzeniu, cztery z których to mocy zła są w pełni świadome, iż pozwolenie aby maszyny "perpetuum mobile" zaczęły być seryjnie budowane, uniemożliwiłoby dalsze skryte kultywowanie ich zachłanności, korupcji, wyzysku, monopolu, opresji, kłamania, niemoralności, itp. Stąd te cztery moce zła czynią wszystko co leży w ich miażdżących możliwościach, aby uniemożliwić fabryczne budowanie i łatwy zakup maszyn "perpetuum mobile". To one także stanowią mechanizm, który z ukrycia jest w stanie narzucać blokadę na wszelkie inne wynalazki, odkrycia, teorie i ustalenia empiryczne, jakie wnoszą potencjał aby wydźwignąć ludzkość na wyższy poziom świadomościowy - w tym blokadę na rozwój i upowszechnianie mojej Teorii Wszystkiego zwanej Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji, oraz najmoralniejszej nowoczesnej filozofii świata opracowanej przez człowieka i zwanej filozofią totalizmu. Pierwsza (1) z tych mocy to "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" i jej "poplecznicy". Wszakże po upowszechnieniu się maszyn "perpetuum mobile" kłamstwa tej nauki zostaną ujawnione, zaś cała dotychczasowa oficjalna nauka ateistyczna będzie skompromitowana i prawdopodobnie całkowicie odsunięta od lukratywnego monopolu na badania i na edukację, w których zastąpi ją nowa "Nauka Totaliztyczna" - poczym zapewne ta dogłębnie wypaczona stara nauka upadnie i zaniknie. Druga (2) moc to "rządy wszystkich krajów świata" i ich "poplecznicy". Rządy te obecnie czerpią ogromne zyski z podatków za energię - jakie mogą potem dowolnie zużyć metodami dobrze ukrywanej przed społeczeństwem korupcji. (Przykładowo w Nowej Zelandii aż 50% ceny benzyny stanowi podatek - patrz wiadomości poranne, TVNZ 1, 2018/3/2, nadane około 7:45 rano.) Z kolei podatek od paliw i energii w każdym kraju świata jest potem kumulatywnie powiększany mechanizmami podatku od podatku, od podatku, od podatku, ..., itp. Przykładowo, w każdym z produktów mechanizm tego kumulatywnego powiększania zaczyna się od podatku za energię, który potem jest zwiększany podatkiem za surowce - który jest dodatkowo powiększany zakumulowanym już w nim podatkiem za energię, potem - podatkiem za gotowe produkty, w których dodatkowo zakumulowany jest już podatek za surowce i podatek za energie, potem podatek GST (VAT), itd., itp., poczym do tego wszystkiego dodają się ukryte wersje podatków, też w jakimś fragmencie zawierające w sobie podatek za energię, takie jak najróżniejsze "ubezpieczenia", opłaty za posiadanie mieszkań, domów i ogródków, opłaty drogowe i transportowe, licencje i opłaty za używanie, dostęp i pozwolenia, opłaty pocztowe, bankowe, celne i importowe, opłaty za przedszkola, edukację, szpitale, medykamenty i pobyt w domach starców, itd., itp. W sumie niektórzy szacują, że w dzisiejszych państwach świata od 70% do 80% tego co ich narody wypracują, jest potem w sposób ukryty rekwirowane przez rządy w formie podatku, od podatku, od podatku, ..., itp., poczym rządy marnotrawią te sumy różnymi metodami swojej ukrytej korupcji, udawanych starań o rzekome bezpieczeństwo, lukratywnego życia dyplomatycznego, itp., niemal nic NIE dając swym narodom z powrotem. (Odnotuj, że np. w czasach średniowiecza, zabierane było jedynie około 10% - czyli tzw. "dziesięcina".) Jeśli jednak ludzie uzyskają łatwy dostęp do maszyn "perpetuum mobile" drugiej i trzeciej generacji generujących użyteczną dla ludzi nadwyżkę energii napędowej (po ich szczegóły patrz opisy z punktów #J1 i #J2 ze strony o nazwie free_energy_pl.htm), wówczas dotychczas ukrywane przed narodem odbieranie mu tak dużej proporcji jego dorobku życiowego stanie się już niemożliwe. Trzecią (3) eksploatującą ludzkość z tych mocy są "korporacje i kartele energetyczne" oraz ich "poplecznicy". Kartele te żyją z produkcji i sprzedaży paliw i mocy napędowych. Po upowszechnieniu się więc maszyn "perpetuum mobile" drugiej i trzeciej generacji, utracą one swój business i pobankrutują. Zanim jednak ich bankructwo nastąpi, będą one całą swą mocą i wszelkimi dostępnymi im sposobami blokowały postęp wiedzy i produkcji tych maszyn. Czwartą (4) zaś eksploatującą ludzkość mocą zła są "banki" i ich "poplecznicy". Banki bowiem żyją kosztem ludzi używających pieniądze. Jeśli zaś energia będzie za darmo, wówczas zaniknie też większość sytuacji życiowych, kiedy potrzeba za coś płacić pieniędzmi. Główne banki więc stopniowo wtedy poupadają. Czyli w rzeczywistym życiu to zachłanność i prywata oficjalnej nauki, rządów, koncernów energetycznych i banków (a NIE prawa natury) blokuje rozwój maszyn "perpetuum mobile". Prawa natury są jedynie kłamliwie używane przez owe cztery moce zła, jako wygodne kłamstwo i "zamydlanie ludziom oczu" pozwalające im szerzyć na Ziemi coraz większe ubóstwo, ucisk, zniewalanie i eksploatację zwykłych ludzi.
       Niezaleźnie od powyższych czterech mocy zła, jakie wybiorczo atakują i blokuja upowszechnianie maszyn "perpetuum mobile", na Ziemi wyłoniła się też popadła w kurupcję piąta podobna moc, jaka była kiedyś powołana do obstawania za prawdą, jednak dla jakiej obecnie prawda stała się daleka od jej zainteresowań. Owa piąta moc to kapłani - o których ostrzegają wersety 4:4-9 z bibilijnej "Księgi Ozeasza", że odrzucili oni wiedzę (początek owych wersetów zacytowałem w punkcie #A0 tej strony). Zamiast więc obstawać za prawdą, kapłani ci wypaczają prawdę, zamiast pracowicie śledzić, powiększać i upowszechniać wiedzę, wolą oni raczej koncentrować się na łatwiźnie generalnego spekulowania i mistycyzmu. Takie zaś odrzucanie wiedzy przez kapłanów, pośrednio krzywdzi też i sprawę cudownych maszyn "perpetuum mobile, które (jak wyjaśnim to w niniejszym punkcie) są jednym z najbardziej bezpośrednich dowodów technicznych na istnienie Boga. Tyle, że aby kapłani mogli uznać je za taki dowód, najpierw musieliby poznać i zaakceptować w swych umysłach pełną, poprawną i przetłumaczoną na dzisiejsze pojęcia, definicję Boga - np. tę przytoczoną w punkcie #A0 niniejszej strony. Odnotuj, że odrzucanie przez kapłanów prawdy i wiedzy pociąga za sobą i podobne odrzucanie przez wyznawców ich religii. To dlatego istnieje owo wstecznicze zjawisko jakie opisuję na szeregu swych stron internetowych, że gdyby na Ziemi mieszkali wyłącznie ludzie wierzący, jacy egzystują pod wpływami swych kapłanów i czynią tylko to co kapłani ci im nakazują, wówczas ludzkość nadal mieszkałaby w jaskiniach i NIE poznała jeszcze ognia. To dlatego Bóg zapewne już niedługo odbierze z rąk kapłanów zadanie powiększania i szerzenia wiedzy o Sobie, oraz odda to zadanie w ręce poszukujących prawdy i wiedzy pracowitych naukowców praktykujących już nową "Totaliztyczną Naukę", zaś zawody kapłanów, a także instytucje religijne, zupełnie wówczas zanikną.
       We wszystkich opisanych poprzednio czterech mocach zła wybiorczo blokujących rozwój maszyn "perpetuum mobile", a tym samym blokujących i rozwój cywilizacyjny całej ludzkości, władza tych mocy nad ludźmi, a stąd i zdolność blokowania przez nie wszystkiego co tylko moce te uznają za sprzeczne z ich mrocznymi interesami, jest poszerzana przez ludzi jakich ja tu nazywam "poplecznicy". "Poplecznicy", to po prostu ludzie którzy świadomie lub nieświadomie zostali albo przekupieni, albo też ogłupieni i omamieni przez te cztery moce zła, aby pomagać im w uniemożliwianiu innym osobom dostępu do prawdy (w tym przypadku - do maszyn "perpetuum mobile" wszystkich trzech generacji). Przykładami takich popleczników mogą być (1) osoby, które uwierzyły w kłamstwa "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej", że maszyn "perpetuum mobile" jakoby NIE daje się zbudować, poczym jako szefowie, koledzy, czy tylko "opluwacze", aktywnie utrudniają oni podjęcie budowy owych urządzeń osobom, które na kłamstwach tych już się poznały. Mogą być nimi też (2) np. policjanci, którzy na rozkaz jakiegoś kacyka stojącego na czele swego "rządu" strzelają do bezbronnych kobiet i dzieci demonstrujących swój apel o naprawę panoszącej się korupcji, biedy, ucisku i wyzysku. Kolejnym z przykładów mógłby być (3) pracownik, a ściślej dyrektor, "elektrycznej korporacji", który na międzynarodowym kongresie w Tasmanii wycofał z wygłoszenia mój referat "Premises for the feasibility of motors utilizing principles of telekinesis" (tj. "Przesłanki realności budowy silników wykorzystujących zasadę telekinezy"), a także mogłyby być też władze uniwersytetu w jakim pracowałem w 1990 roku, które odwołały swą uprzednią zgodę na mój wyjazd na ów międzynarodowy kongres naukowy ANZAAS w Tasmanii oraz swoje dofinansowanie mojego w nim udziału, ponieważ ignorancko uznały iż mój referat jest jakoby "sprzeczny z istniejącą wiedzą" - tak jak ów faktycznie zaistniały przypadek celowego zablokowania postępu wiedzy i podjęcia prób budowy wynalezionego rok wcześniej "ogniwa telekinetycznego" opisałem w podrozdziale LA2.4.3 z tomu 10 mojej monografii [1/5]. Przykładem (4) mogą tu też być sami wynalazcy, którzy wprawdzie zbudowali już działające maszyny "perpetuum mobile" dowolnej generacji, jednak uwierzyli w kłamstwa "banków" oraz w podszepty własnej chciwości, że jeśli utrzymają w sekrecie najistotniejsze dane techniczne swoich maszyn, wówczas zdołają w ten sposób kiedyś zarobić mnóstwo pieniędzy. Widząc jak sprzeczne z tym co nakazuje Bóg i Biblia, są postępowania owych "popleczników" i ich mocodawców, trudno się już dziwić, iż nieodwołalnie nadchodzi na Ziemię to co opisałem na swej stronie o nazwie 2030.htm.
       Przed nadejściem lat 2030-tych, jedynym sposobem aby ludzkość sama zaczęła wyzwalać się spod wyzysku powyższych czterech mocy zła, które blokują dostęp zwykłych ludzi do darmowej energii, jest czynienie tego co ja czynię już od 1985 roku - mianowicie publikowanie i udostępnianie każdemu prawdy za darmo, tak aby inne zainteresowane osoby mogły poznać wszystko co ja sam wiem na temat każdej prawdy jaką już zdołałem dociec, w tym prawdy o maszynach "perpetuum mobile". Im szybciej i więcej badaczy tych maszyn zrozumie ten fakt, tym szybciej nastąpi awans cywilizacyjny ludzkości. Na szczęście sporo ludzi już zaczyna działać w tym kierunku. To dlatego już obecnie wiemy jak praktycznie niemal każdy majsterkowicz może sobie łatwo zbudować własną maszynę "perpetuum mobile" pierwszej generacji, w formie "Koła Bhaskara", zaś demonstrowaniem jej działania może przekonywać siebie i innych o kłamstwach oficjalnej nauki oraz o fakcie istnienia Boga - motywując w ten sposób coraz więcej majsterkowiczów do podejmowania budowy i rozwoju jeszcze bardziej użytecznych dla ludzi maszyn "perpetuum mobile" drugiej i trzeciej generacji. Wszakże aż kilka konstrukcji maszyn "perpetuum mobile" drugiej generacji (tj. silników na magnesy stałe) już zostało generalnie poznanych. Ta zaś druga generacja, tak jak opisałem to w punktach #J1 i #J2 swej strony free_energy_pl.htm, jest już zdolna do wygenerowania znacznych nadwyżek użytecznej mocy napędowej wystarczającej do zaopatrywania w elektryczność całych domów, warsztatów i małych fabryczek - chociaż, niestety, narazie ich wynalazcy utrzymują w sekrecie ich dokładną konstrukcję, parametry, oraz sposób dostrajania. Ich wadą narazie jest też dosyć spora złożoność, koszta i wymogi wykonawcze. Niemniej osoby posiadające dobrze wyposażone warsztaty lub fabryczki, już obecnie mogą sobie wypracować brakujące szczegóły tych silników na magnesy stałe, poczym je budować na użytek własny, swej rodziny, oraz przyjaciół - NIE czekając aż naukowcy, rządy, korporacje i banki udzielą w tej sprawie swoich przyzwoleń. Z moich publikacji wiadomo już także jakie podzespoły składają się na niemal równie łatwą do zbudowania jak "Koło Bhaskara", moją baterię telekinetyczną, będącą już "perpetuum mobile" trzeciej generacji - zdolną do generowania nieograniczonych nadwyżek energii elektrycznej. Moje publikacje wyjaśniają też jakie są funkcje i działania tych podzespołów. Teraz jedynie trzeba aby ktoś zbudował jeden prosty prototyp owej "baterii telekinetycznej" i opublikował do użytku zainteresowanych najlepsze parametry pracy i najkorzystniejsze połączenia elektryczne jej podzespołów, oraz łatwy sposób wzajemnego "dostrajania" do siebie jej podzespołów - a niemal każdy masterkowicz o totaliztycznym światopoglądzie będzie mógł ją sobie łatwo już zbudować, uzyskując w ten sposób niekontrolowany przez nikogo dostęp do nieograniczonych ilości elektrycznej energii napędowej. W sumie więc, postępowanie jakie dalekowzroczne osoby powinny nadal uparcie promować, polega na motywowaniu coraz więcej majsterkowiczów aby samemu budowali oni sobie te urządzenia na użytek własny, swych rodzin i przyjaciół, oraz aby natychmiast po poznaniu jakichkolwiek nowych prawd na ten temat publikowali uzyskaną w ten sposób wiedzę, NIE licząc iż obecna oficjalna nauka ateistyczna, rządy, korporacje, oraz banki, łatwo porzucą swe ukryte cele i sposoby postępowania, śpiesząc się np. z wydawaniem wszystkim zezwoleń na otwarcie produkcji fabrycznej i sprzedaży tych cudownych maszyn. Wszakże z losów wynalazcy "grzałki sonicznej", opisywanej na całej mojej stronie boiler_pl.htm, oraz np. głównie w punkcie #E5, a dodatkowo także w punktach #E6 i #E7, z mojej strony free_energy_pl.htm, już wiadomo, że opisywane powyżej cztery moce zła, są w stanie blokować komuś przez całą resztę życia pozwolenie na podjęcie fabrycznej produkcji dowolnej z maszyn "perpetuum mobile". Stąd tylko osoba lub grupa o wyjątkowym uporze i mocy moralnej, będzie w stanie przebić się jakoś przez ową blokadę.

Part #E: The body of evidence for the existence of God that is known to physical sciences, but the availability of which physicists seem to be embarrassed to reveal:

       This part discusses the wealth of scientific evidence for the existence of God from the area of physical sciences, that originally was gathered and discussed in item #F1 from a separate web page named bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself. I highly recommend having a look at that other web page as well. After all, it extends information provided in this part.

#E1. The hiding of physical evidence for the existence of God and consequences of this hiding:

Motto: "If you do not believe in God, or do NOT wish to learn truth about God, it is just your private matter. But if you make impossible for others to learn the truth about God, then you act immorally and commit extreme meanness."

       The discipline of physics literally overflows from evidence for the existence of God, another world, eternal soul, etc. With similar evidence overflow other sciences related to physics, for example mechanics, astronomy, astrophysics, etc. In order to give here some idea about the massive nature and meaningfulness of this evidence, below I am going to remind at least most vital examples of it. There is really a lot of it. But instead of informing the society about this evidence and about its significance, physicists conceal all cases of such evidence which are already well known to them, and simultaneously refuse to research these directions about which they know that further cases of such evidence are awaiting discovery in there. So if any of us will in the future experience these (very serious) consequences of rejecting God described in the Bible, probably he or she should thank physicists for the "pleasures" that he or she is going to endure.
       There is several problems with this anti-God stand of physicists and other scientists from areas related to physics. One of these problems is of an ethical nature. It is known that NOT informing about the truth in fact means lies. In order to be even more unethical, this "non-informing" is carried out for the money of taxpayers - means us who are lied to by physicists. After all, these are us, taxpayers, who pay salaries to physicists. Another serious ethical problem results from the fact that there are already formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, other world, eternal soul, etc. These formal scientific proofs can be reviewed by the reader in posts numbers #134E, #135E, #136E, #137E and #139 from blogs of totalizm indicated in item #L2 of this web page, as well as in volumes 5, 4 and 11 of monograph [1/5] (see in there subsections H1.1.4, I1.4.2, I3.3.4, I5.2.1, and N6.1), or monograph [8/2] (see in there subsections H1.1.4, I1.4.2, I3.3.4, I5.2.1, and chapter JB), as well as on totaliztic web pages, e.g. on the web pages: god.htm (see item #B3 in there), dipolar_gravity.htm (see item #D3 in there), nirvana.htm (see item #C1.1 in there), evolution.htm (see item #B6.2 in there), and also on this web page (bible.htm - see here item #B1 above). In turn since formal scientific proofs for the existence of God and for the authorization of the Bible by God remain in power, this in fact means that all these "pleasures" which the Bible promises to these people who are to reject God and stand by atheism, are not at all just a way of "scaring ancient savages", but these "pleasures" actually await for all these who are to be deceived by the reassurances of physicists that there is no such thing as God, soul, or another world. Expressing this in other words, this stubborn refusal of physicists to inform the society that in fact there is a massive body of evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., causes that these physicists have on their conscience countless people whom they deprived the chance of e.g. getting to heaven.

#E2. A compendium of evidence from the area of physical sciences for the existence of God:

       Let us review now examples of evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., about which physicists know jolly well, but do NOT inform the society about these, nor teach these to their students. Most vital examples of this evidence are as follows:
       1. Transverse character of electromagnetic waves. As we know, transverse waves propagate exclusively on the border between two media. This in turn means, that electromagnetic waves have such a transverse character only because (and also exist only because) apart from our visible world there is another invisible world in which God lives and our souls reside. In turn these transverse electromagnetic waves propagate just along the border of our visible physical world, and this another invisible "counter-world". It is why electromagnetic waves are transverse waves, not any other type. For more information on this subject - see the formal scientific proof for the existence of counter-world published in item #D3 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm.
       2. Corpuscular and wave nature of light and matter. This one is jolly well known to physicists. In turn the existence of it means, that light and matter exist simultaneously in two separate worlds. Namely these exist in our visible world of matter (in which light and matter are corpuscles). Also duplicates of these simultaneously exist in the "counter-world", which is closed to our senses, but in which God lives while our souls land after we die. (In the counter-world light and matter behave like waves.) For more information on this subject - see item #D1 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm.
       3. The quantum nature of energy. If one analyses the transfer of energy at the elementary level, e.g. in the micro-scale, then it turns out that in mutual interaction of objects the energy is transferred in a "portioned" or "stepped" manner. This means that the amount of energy that is transferred in a single portion is NOT a random, but it is passed in strictly predefined portions of energy named "quant". This in turn confirms, that energy in fact is a kind of like "natural program", while transferring of it obeys laws of information processing - means that it is exactly as it is described in item #G1 of the totaliztic web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Furthermore, the quantum nature of energy confirms also the "quantum nature of time" (i.e. confirms also the existence of micro-jumps of time, which are so small that we do NOT notice them) - as the elapse of time is described in item #C1 of the web page about time vehicles, and also in item #G4 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Since this quantum nature of energy and time confirms the existence of natural programs of the type of energy and time, it also confirms that in the universe must exist and function all other similar programs that are postulated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, such as God, timespace, physical world, gravity, whirls of counter-matter, etc., etc.
       4. Ether (i.e. "counter-matter from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity). Towards the "ether" physicists show double standards. On one hand, they deny the existence of it, although for the counter-world in which this "ether" (i.e. "counter-matter") prevails, the experiment of Michelson-Morley of 1887 (which supposedly proved the non-existence of "ether") in fact looses its validity. On the other hand physicists keep introducing the existence of this substance under different names, e.g. vacuum, energy, etc. This is pity, as the intelligent ether is a kind of "liquid computer" which actually forms what the Christian religion calls "God Father", and from what God formed the entire physical world. For more information about "counter-matter" (ether) see item #B1 on the web page evolution.htm, and also subsection I1.1 from monograph [1/5] - text_1_5.htm.
       5. The symmetric structure of the universe, combined with the actual lack of "antimatter" or "antiworld". In 1924 the great French physicist, Louis De Broglie, published his important discovery which sometimes is called the "Principle of the symmetry of nature". According to this principle in the universe everything is highly symmetric. For example, every elementary particle has its own antiparticle, while every phenomenon has its own antiphenomenon. This principle postulates, and matter and physical world also must have their symmetric opposites. These symmetric opposites to matter and to physical world scientists named "antimatter" and "antiworld". In turn to find these in the universe, the humans science poured a huge amount of research, efforts, and financial resources. In spite of all these, scientifically it never was confirmed that "antimatter" nor "antiworld" in fact do exist. This in turn means that these symmetric opposites to matter and to physical world are intentionally hidden from people. The relatively new scientific theory described earlier and named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains why these are hidden and where one should seek them. The reason of their hiding is, that the opposite to matter, means the intelligent liquid substance by this concept called the "counter-matter", is in fact the carrier of God. In turn the opposite of the physical world, means the so-called "counter-world", is the place in which God lives. Counter-matter turns out to be this continually moving liquid the existence of which was postulated in past by pioneers of human science under the name of "ether". Only that otherwise than this is with ether, counter-matter occupies a separate counter-world. In turn this counter-world is shown, e.g. by "Kirlian photography".
       6. Kirlian Photography. This one directly shows "ghosts" ("spirits") of every physical object. For example, if one photographs with the Kirlian camera a place where a lost finger is missing, the whole finger is still visible in this place. This phenomenon is known as the "ghost-leaf effect". The description of it is provided in chapter C of treatise [7/2] - see the web page text_7_2.htm.
       7. Reversal of friction. The De Broglie's symmetry of the universe states, amongst others, that "every phenomenon has its own counter-phenomenon". But physicists stubbornly refuse to research the counter-phenomenon for friction, means the so-called "telekinesis". Reversely to friction causing a spontaneous absorption of motion and generation of heat, telekinesis causes a spontaneous absorption of heat and generation of motion. Why physicists refuse to research the phenomenon that is a reversal of friction? Well, because it directly confirms the existence of "spirits" (ghosts). Telekinesis depends on causing the motion of physical objects by catching spirits (ghosts) of these objects and moving these spirits (ghosts) - while only later these spirits through the gravitational forces pull behind them the physical objects to which they belong. More about the mechanism of telekinesis is provided in item #7 of the web page telekinesis.htm.
       8. The existence of magnetic field and electric field. If one considers the energy flows, NO field is able to exists in the absolute "nothing". If fields could exist in the absolute "nothing", then with the elapse of time all the energy from our part of the universe would flow out into the infinitive emptiness that must exist beyond the visible part of the universe. So after some time, the universe would loose all its energy and cease to exist. In turn if fields can only exist in "something", then this something must also be present wherever magnetic and electric fields interact with each other, means also in the physical vacuum. But since this physical vacuum in the physical world does NOT contain anything, than this means that the "something" which is the carrier of magnetic and electric fields (this "something" scientifically is called "counter-matter"), must exist in a world that is separate from our physical world. Thus the existence of magnetic field and electric field is a proof, that there is also another world apart from our physical world. This another world is called the "counter-world". It is it where God lives in, and where our spirits reside. More about the mechanism of operation of magnetic field and electrical field is explained in subsections H5.1 and H5.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. Serpents who supervise the development of Earth's physics know jolly well that our learning of mechanism of operation of magnetic field and electric field leads to the confirmation of the existence of the counter-world in which God lives. Therefore these serpents do not allow that human physics describes these two fields in the sense of mechanism of their formation and interaction, but only allow that physicists describe these two fields in the sense of consequences which these fields cause. Therefore the present physical definitions of these two fields in fact tell us nothing about the mechanism of the formation of these fields.
       9. The existence and dipolar character of gravity field. Gravity field displays all attributes of a dipolar field. This dipolar character of gravity field was already proven formally by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. So why present physics controlled by serpents still insists to describe the gravity field as a monopolar field? It turns out that the reason is this another world in which God lives. When gravity field is dipolar, then one pole of gravity must disappear from our physical world and reappear in a separate world, in which God lives. More about the dipolar character of gravity field is explained in subsections H1 and H1.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5], and also on a separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       10. Telepathy. Telepathy is a kind of "speech" which propagate through another world (i.e. through the "counter-world"). Thus the research on telepathy directly confirms the existence of another world in which God lives and our souls reside. Therefore physicists refuse to research telepathy. More about telepathy and mechanism of it, is provided on the web page telepathy.htm.
       11. Intelligence of elementary particles. Physicists with a great reluctance admit that the behaviour of elementary particles displays intelligence. After all, intelligence supposedly is an attribute of living creatures only, not "inanimate" nature. In turn physicists panic completely when someone asks them about the meaning of intelligence of elementary particles. After all, intelligent elementary particles means that these particles are actually formed from the intelligent substance called "counter-matter" (in past called "ether"). In turn this another world filled up entirely with such intelligent substance in fact constitutes God. More about intelligence of counter-matter is explained in subsection H2 of monograph [1/5]. In turn the formation of intelligent elementary particles from this intelligent counter-matter, is explained in subsection I1.3 of monograph [1/5].
       12. The ability of matter to transform (e.g. the equivalence of energy and matter). In order anything could transform into something else, there must exist an algorithm which describes and executes the course and outcomes of this transformation. For example, in our computers the transformation of a disk file into a photograph on the screen is described by appropriate computer programs. In turn in our car the transformation of motion of pistons in the engine into the motion of the entire car is carried out by algorithm which is described geometrically in the design of subsequent parts of this car. (Means, as this would be expressed by computer scientists, it is carried out by the algorithm which is "hardwired" into the components of the car.) Thus the fact that in our physical world many substances, forms, and energies, can transform in another ones (e.g. matter can transform into energy, water can transform into ice, etc.) means, that somewhere "living" algorithms which define the course and outcomes of these transformations must be written. In turn, if such algorithms are written somewhere, this means that there can also be written another kinds of algorithms, e.g. these ones which form the superior intelligent being called God. More information about the storing of algorithms which control the operation of the universe is explained in subsection I1.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       13. The existence of physical laws and the superior logic of these laws. Similarly as algorithms of transformations described in previous item, also "alive" algorithms which define the action of physical laws, must be written on some medium. Thus, this medium is also able to be the medium that carries programs of the superior intelligence of God. That in fact this medium contains the intelligence of the superior being, such as God, is proven by an exceptional logic and consistency of physical laws which operate in our physical world. The logic of these laws indicates that laws of physics were invented and programmed by some intelligent being of the exceptionally superior ability to think logically. If laws of physics are shaped spontaneously at random, their content would be completely accidental, and thus in many cases they would mutually contradict each other. More information about the God's logic in the formation of physical world is explained in subsection I1.5 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       14. The existence of phenomena which are contradictive to laws of the physical world. From time to time our science encounters phenomena which are contradictive to laws of the physical world, although they remain in agreement with laws of the "counter-world" in which God resides and which is described on the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In order to provide here several examples of such phenomena, they include, amongst others: (a) the so-called "jet stream" (means a powerful wind in upper parts of the atmosphere which always blows from west to east - although according to laws of the physical world it should blow from east to west), (b) closed circulation of ocean currents (which currents circulate around the entire globe along a closed loop, in some parts of the globe flowing next to itself in two opposite directions - while according to laws of our physical world the stream of water in a gravity field has no right to circulate continually along a closed circuit), (c) the "ozone hole" (which supposed to appear above the Northern Hemisphere which "eats ozone", while it appears above the Southern Hemisphere), (d) cold air in the upper atmosphere while warm by the surface of the Earth (while cold air, as heavier, should drop down to the surface of the Earth, when the warm air - escape to the upper atmosphere), (e) the rotational motion of the Earth (if this motion is propelled just by inertia of the Earth's mass, without an assistance from invisible whirls of counter-matter, then it should cease already a long ago because of the friction caused by various phenomena, such as sea tides generated by the gravity of the Moon, solar winds, action of the magnetic field of the Earth as a magnetic gear, etc. - in order to understand how this friction should suppress the rotations of the Earth, one just needs to consider where the energy comes from which propels the perpetual motion that works on principles of the "Coriolis effect" and that is described in item #F1 of the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy, and also in item #F4.1 of the web page wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm - about dreams for better future of the village Wszewilki), (f) sea tides that occur also on the opposite side of the Earth which is NOT turned towards the Moon - while according to laws of Physics the sea tides should happen only on the side of the Earth that faces the Moon, (g) lightning bolts that happen in the area where is lack of clouds, thus which can be described with the known saying "bolt from the blue sky" (formation of such bolts cannot be explained by present science); such bolts e.g. in Australia cause bush fires - for details see items #B14 and #B15.1 on the web page military_magnocraft.htm - about destructive capabilities of UFO vehicles), (h) the so-called "perpetual motion" (which according to claims of the human science to-date supposedly cannot be build, but the working design of which is described in item #F1 of the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy, and also in item #F4.1. of the web page wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm - about dreams for better future of the village Wszewilki), (i) whirls of water let out of bath tub (which according to physical laws should whirl in opposite directions than they do), (j) the flow of blood (flow resistances in mini-arteries are too large for blood to flow as it flows - if we base just on laws of physics), (k) so-called "capillaries" (which according to known laws should not act as they act), (l) bumble-bee (which according to aerodynamics should not be able to fly), (m) tornadoes (which according to the outward directed action of centrifugal forces have no right to be formed in nature), etc., etc. All above phenomena contradictive to laws of the physical world prove that independently from the physical world and its laws, there is also another counter-world with completely different laws (i.e. laws which are reversals of laws from the physical world).
       15. The so-called "unexplained phenomena", i.e. ghosts, UFOs, shifting of people to different times, miracles, etc. The true reason for which physicists decisively refuse to research these phenomena, is that after solid investigations of these, it always turns out that each one of them in fact does exist. Also each one of them leads to the confirmation of either the existence of UFOs, or the existence of God. Serpents-UFOnauts do know about this, thus they make it impossible for people to research such phenomena. Instead of researching these, UFOnauts order people to believe that such phenomena are imaginations of drunks, balloons, mesmerizing, etc. In other words, they order to tell to all people experiencing these phenomena, that such people are liars. In turn physicists thoroughly obey this order.
       16. Our ability to explain everything logically as different manifestations of the same intelligent "counter-matter". A relatively new scientific theory named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity has a vital reason to be called the theory of everything. Namely it explains practically everything whatever requires an explanation - using for this explaining just different states, behaviours, and manifestations of a single liquid called "counter-matter". This "counter-matter" is a kind of "liquid computer" which obediently implements programs introduced to it, in this way forming everything that requires to be formed, starting from elementary particles and energy, and finishing on the entire our physical world and the so-called "spacetime". It is the entire body of this intelligent substance that forms what we call God. On other hand, entire present human science is unable to provide even a small fraction of the explanations that results from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, only because that this science forcefully avoids in its explanations the use of the idea of such intelligent, programmable substance which would become simultaneously an explanation for the nature of God. If one analyses the reasons for both above facts, it turns out that without considering God actually nothing can be explained completely. In turn after considering God, everything becomes easily explainable. Just only this in itself is a sufficient proof, that God does exist after all, and He is the beginning and end of practically everything.
       Very interesting are fates of research and discoveries of each of the above items of evidence. These fates are full of persecution, sabotages, discrimination, prejudices, scoffing, intentional silencing, etc. As this is clearly visible, the dark force which enslaves the Earth, makes everything in its power to prevent the dissemination of knowledge about the above evidence amongst people.
       So why physicists conceal from people the existence of this wealth of evidence about God, soul, another world, etc. After all, they themselves also loose a lot because of it. It turns out that the reason is very simple. Fear. They are afraid to write and to talk about it. As it turns out, our planet is secretly occupied by evil creatures, which the Bible calls "serpents", "dragons", "devils", etc., while present people call them "UFOnauts". These creatures looks almost identical to people - after all they are close relatives of humans. So these creatures take all key positions in the human society - including positions of decision making in science. Extensive descriptions of these diabolic creatures, and also photographs showing these their sparse anatomic features which are slightly different from human features, are provided on the totaliztic web page called evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. Well, these evil creatures have a bad habit to persistently persecute, torment, scoff, slander, defame, etc., every scientists who tries to point the attention of society at evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc. How such a slander, etc., looks like, readers can check in the Internet. For example in relation to myself examples of it are contained at addresses of the google group sci.physics or another google group Thus when any scientist tries to present something that is a truth, he is immediately pounced at by these "serpents-UFOnauts" and viciously destroyed. Very rarely anyone has a courage to stand up again in public with the same topic. And if he stands up again, he is again attacked, slandered, defamed, scoffed at, accused of lies, tormented, persecuted, sabotaged, etc.
       The concealing from the society the information about evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., causes enormous social mischief and harm. One kind of this harm results from the depriving people of the chance for taking an "informed decision" in matters of God, means from practically pushing people into atheism. How dangerous and harmful is such pushing people into atheism I know from my own fate. As a young boy I used to believe in claims of physicists, that there is absolutely no evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc. Thus, until 39-th year of my own age, I was an atheist myself. Only in 1985 I discovered myself, that everything that my teachers and lecturers told me on this subject is an absolute lie. If I would not discover this lie myself, probably I would die as an atheist. I am horrified to even think what would happen then. After all, God emphasizes at almost every page of the Bible which He authorizes, that every person is solely responsible for finding and embracing God, and that every person is severely judged for fulfilling this responsibility. Thus, this first kind of social harm resulting from the collaboration of physicists with serpents-UFOnauts, depends on the fact, that similarly to myself, millions of other people on Earth are misled and lied to by their teachers and lecturers of physics. It is scary to think what happens to these people if they persevere in these lies and do not find their own path to God. Another kind of social harm, results from the social immorality which always goes together with atheism. People who do not believe in God typically have no motivations nor inclinations to act morally in their lives. In this way present society goes increasingly deeper into the spiral of immorality from which there may not be exit. Thus, the fact that e.g. in present times almost each one of us is scared to go to streets at night, is one amongst numerous consequences of concealing by physicists the information about availability of vast evidence on God.
       Is there any defence against these malicious "serpents-UFOnauts" who force scientists to conceal the truth. Yes, it is. These serpents needs to be exposed consequently and the knowledge about their actual existence, appearance, features, methods of acting, etc., should be disseminated amongst people. As the final goal we also need to assume the removal of these evil creatures from our planet into the bottomless pit of the cosmic space from which they crawled secretly to the Earth.

#E3. Manifestations of UFOs and UFOnauts as the most frequently photographed evidence for the existence of God:

       Still another kind of physical evidence for the existence of God is widely available on the Earth. This evidence is contained in manifestations of UFOs and UFOnauts. So-far people did NOT link UFO manifestations with God. However, the research on the Magnocraft has proven that such link does exist - for details see items #F3, #F6, and #F7 on the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. Reasons for which every manifestation of UFOs or UFOnauts, is in fact another evidence for the existence of God, are explained comprehensively in "part #F" of the web page god.htm - about scientific and secular explanation of God, in "part #F" of the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth, and in "part #D" of the web page ufo.htm - i.e. a page with replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. whether they do exist, how they function, etc. In turn examples of manners in which these UFO vehicles and UFOnauts manifest themselves on the Earth, are described, amongst others, on web pages explain.htm - about scientific interpretations of authentic UFO photographs, or evidence.htm - about various kinds of evidence that document the existence of UFOs.
       Unfortunately, in order someone was able to recognise the manifestations of UFOs and UFOnauts as evidence that convinces him or her to the existence of God, he or she must overcome laboriously several "barriers of awareness" and must climb onto several increasingly higher "levels of induction into the knowledge". Examples of these barriers and levels of induction are listed in item #F6 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. For example, such someone must overcome at least three "barriers of awareness" defined by following doubts: (1) "Do UFOs really exist?", (2) "Are UFOs temporary 'simulations' deprived of free will (instead of being equally permanent like e.g. humans and their airplanes)?", (3) "Are UFOs 'simulated' by God?".

#E4. Attempts of scientists to tell us that "something originates from nothing" are another meaningful category of evidence for the existence of God:

       Present science is full of contradictions. On one hand present scientists tell us that "something cannot originate from nothing", on the other hand present official human science propagates a number of supposedly "serious" theories, the nucleus of which is the camouflaged claim that "something originates from nothing". Examples of just such theories claiming that "something originates from nothing" are going to be listed below. But firstly I would like to remind that in case of recognising the existence of God, and acknowledging that it was God who created the entire physical world and man, we avoid this absurd claim that supposedly something originates from nothing. After all, if we acknowledge the findings of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that it was God who created the physical world and man, then the mechanism of this creation looked as it is described in items #C3 and #C4 above on this web page. Means, in such a case God created everything that is visible, from the invisible "counter-matter". (This is exactly how God Himself describes the mechanism of creation in the Bible authorised by God - see Hebrews 11:3, quote: "... the universe was created by God's word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen." . Note that the ancient expression "God's word" from this quotation, at present we would rather call a natural "program" or a natural "software".) To summarise the deductions presented here, only through accepting the truth that God created the physical world and man, we avoid this absurd claim that supposedly "something originates from nothing". This in turn is another physical evidence that God did create the physical world and man, and thus that God exists. Let us learn now a few examples of supposedly "serious" scientific theories which in a camouflaged manner try to tell us that "something originates from nothing":
       1. Origins of the universe from the "Big Bang". Present science claims that matter, space, and time were formed in the result of a "Big Bang". Before this "Big Bang" have occurred, supposedly there was no matter, no space, and no time. In other words, this science tries to tell us in a camouflaged manner, that matter, space, and time, originate from "nothing".
       2. Origins of oceans on the Earth. Present science tells us that the planet Earth was formed due to a gradual cooling down of a sphere of melted matter similar to the matter that still can be seen on the Sun and which still exists in the centre of the Earth. On the other hand the same science tells us that the highly hot water turns into a high-energy steam, and that the gravitational forces are able to keep only a specific amount of the Earth's atmosphere - means only a specific amount of steam. In other words, the human science tells us that huge Earth's oceans entirely filled with water, must originate from "nothing". After all, in order water existed on the Earth already in the first phase when our planet was still a sphere of melted rocks, then the entire this water would need to have the form of high-energy steam, which could NOT be kept by gravity forces and thus would need to be dissipated into space. In turn, apart from the existence of water on the Earth from the very beginning, there is no other mechanism which could provide our planet with so huge amounts of water as these contained in the Earth's oceans, and simultaneously would NOT supply similar amounts of water to e.g. Mars. It also does NOT explain why the proportion of surface of oceans to the surface of lands is such that it allows to evaporate from oceans the exact amount of water that is necessary to maintain life on lands.
       3. The presence on the Earth the deposits of easily evaporating chemical elements. In specific areas of the Earth there are large deposits of chemical elements, which evaporate easily (e.g. selenium, iodine, lithium, etc.) So if the Earth was NOT created, but was formed from a sphere of melted and boiling lava, then these elements would evaporate already in the first phase of the existence of the Earth - as this is explained in previous point. In turn their gases would be dissipated entirely in the cosmic vacuum. Thus, in order these chemical elements could exist on the Earth still today, on some stage they would need to originate from "nothing".

#E5. The narrow range of parameters in which the physical world, matter, cosmic objects, and life could appear at all, are another category of evidence for the existence of God:

       If the physical world is investigated scientifically, then it turns out that practically everything in this world is able to occur in presently known form only in a very narrow range of physical parameters. For example, if the balance of forces of nature was slightly different, then neither protons nor neutrons would ever be formed - means the matter would then never exist. Only a slightly different density of matter, and the so-called "big bang" would not be able to form the universe. Etc., etc. An excellent article on this subject was published under the title "Buses, probability and God", on page A19 in the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, December 19, 2009. Let us review here these parameters of the physical world, for which the required range is too narrow for given qualities to appear at random without the significant assistance from God:
       1. Balance of physical forces. In the universe various physical forces do act with differing values of their interactions, e.g. gravity, electrical field, magnetic field, centrifugal acceleration, etc. Research revealed, that if values of interactions of these forces changed slightly in either direction, then neither protons nor neutrons could be formed - this practically would means that matter would then never exist. Thus, it was necessary that the intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom of someone like God, set values of all forces of nature at the presently existing levels - which are absolutely necessary for matter to exist at all.
       2. The density of matter. As we know, matter is composed of atoms, in turn atoms are mainly empty spaces. God needed to determine the density of matter - means the proportion of mass of atoms to the volume of space which these atoms occupy. But the theoretical analyses of the so-called "big bang" indicate, that if the density of matter is even slightly different from that one in existence, then such "big bang" would never manage to create the physical world. This means that the intelligence and knowledge of God was absolutely necessary to select this density at the right value.
       3. The age of the physical world and the mathematical probability. In present time it was determined precisely that according to a conventional dating the physical world is around 13.73 billion years old (with the accuracy +/-0.12) - for details see the totaliztic web page evolution.htm. Adherers of evolution claim, that during that period of time by a pure accident were formed all basic components of living organisms, such as proteins, DNA, RNA, etc. But on the present level of knowledge it can be calculated mathematically the probability of such random combining together all these basic components of living organisms (means components of life). As it turns out, this probability is so small, that it is absolutely impossible for these components to form themselves by a pure chance and at random within the age of the universe which is known to us. So someone of the high intelligence and speed of action, means God, combined these together on purpose.
* * *
       The above facts indicate, that even if we assume that the physical world really originates in the manner which is claimed by present official science, then still it turns out that it was impossible for this world to eventuate without an intelligent and creative action on the part of God.

#E6. Mathematical theory of probability indicates, that through real "random chance" (i.e. completely without a discreet "organizational" assistance from God) practically nothing could eventuate:

       The atheistic science tries to convince us, that many events occur in our physical world just purely at "random". However, if one calculates the mathematical probability of occurring a specific "random event", then it turns out that it could NOT occur really at random. In other words, God intentionally created impression that some events occur at "random" - to make possible for people to maintain a "free will" in the selection of their views. However, in reality every event (including all "random events") is discreetly "organised" by God.
       A good illustration to the above thesis that "God 'organises' occurrence of every event, only that does it in a manner which makes an impression that this event occurred purely at random" is the research described in the article "Love as rare as finding aliens", from page A21 of New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, January 21, 2010. In that article are described calculations of the probability of (reciprocated) falling in love in London. These calculations carried out some British scientist. His results indicate that just by pure chance (i.e. at random) he has a chance of 0.00034% (i.e. less that one-thousand of a per cent) to fall in love in London and this love being reciprocated. This is equally small chance as that which Earthly scientists have to find remotely some intelligent aliens in cosmos. However, in spite of that insignificant chance, soon after completing and publishing his calculations, this scientist fell in love (and was reciprocated) in his female neighbour - with so small chance of this event happening evidently God "organised" for him this love.
       There is one more aspect of so-called "random events" which atheistic scientists completely ignore, but which additionally confirms that they are caused by God. Namely all random events serve for some purpose, or in other words, there are NO random events which would NOT serve for some important purpose. As this is explained in items #B1 to #B5 of the totaliztic web page seismograph.htm, even such destructive events like when someone dies or an earthquake strikes, also serve for very important purpose. On the other hand, in a universe which has NO God, there would be a number of random events which serve for NO purpose.

Part #F: The body of evidence for the existence of God that is known to biological sciences, but the availability of which biologists seem to be embarrassed to reveal:

Motto of this "part #F": 'The empirical proof for the existence of God most easily available to every person, is the organ of "conscience" - as this "conscience" continually prompts each person how God judges his/her behaviour at a given instance, the prompting is consistent with the commandments of God and with the work of the so-called "New Covenant" which are described in the Bible, each person can easily listen to own "conscience" and confirm that he/she actually has it, while so precise work of "conscience" would be impossible if God does NOT exist and no atheists nor atheistic scientists are capable to correctly explain how this organ of "conscience" from the counter-world is able to work with such precision and level of compliance with the God's commandments, requirements, and the knowledge of future.' (This motto is a summary of the broader explanations presented in item #E4 from another my web page named prophecies.htm.)

       This part discusses the wealth of scientific evidence for the existence of God from the area of biological sciences, that originally was gathered and discussed in item #F2 from a separate web page named bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself. I highly recommend having a look at that other web page as well. After all, it extends information provided in this part.

#F1. The hiding of evidence for the existence of God also takes place in the area of biological sciences:

Motto: "Tolerance means not only agreeing of believers, that others have rights to not believe at all, or believe in something else, but also refrying of non-believers from attempts to make believing impossible for those ones who wish to believe."

       In previous item #F1 I explained how and why representatives of physical sciences, i.e. physics, mechanics, astronomy, astrophysics, etc., collaborate with serpents-UFOnauts in concealing from the society the information about proofs for the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc. But in a similar manner for the detriment of humanity intensely collaborate with serpents-UFOnauts also representatives of other scientific disciplines, e.g. biological sciences (i.e. biology, medicine, botanic, zoology, etc.). They also conceal from people an entire ocean of evidence for the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc. Simultaneously they feed the society with a various fables of the type of "theory of evolution", or the "holographic model of memory" - for the correctness of which there is no even a single item of undeniable evidence. In this manner representatives of biological sciences actively contribute towards depriving people of the chance for taking "informed decisions" in matters of God, soul, another world, etc. After all, in order to take such informed decision people need to know about these items of evidence. But through concealing the evidence, representatives of biological sciences make impression on people that such evidence is non-existing. In this manner biologists almost forcefully push ordinary people into the atheism. In turn according to the Bible (which is authorized by God himself) the atheism has serious consequences for its adherers (see item #C4 of this web page). In this manner biologists have on their conscience "eternal suffering" of a multitude of people who were tricked by them into lies that there is no evidence for the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc.

#F2. A compendium of evidence from the area of biological sciences for the existence of God:

       Let us now review evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., about which representatives of biological sciences know jolly well, but also do NOT inform neither the society nor do not teach their students about it. Most vital examples of this evidence are as follows:
       1. Genetic code. As we already know jolly well, genetic code is a kind of language. In turn every language can be formed only if it is formulated by some intelligence. However, genetic code could not be formed and steadily used by anyone but God himself. Thus, the existence of genetic code is a direct proof for the existence of God. Incidentally, this code was already used by the philosophy of totalizm as a basis for formulation of the formal scientific proof for the existence of God, completed with methods of mathematical logic. Both, descriptions of this proof, as well as more information about the genetic code, are provided below in item #G2, as well as in item #B3 from the web page about God, and also in subsection I3.3.4 from my newest monograph [1/5].
       An attribute of the genetic code, which should puzzle and intrigue atheistic believers in the "natural evolution", is e.g. that every cell of the body contains the genetic codes of the entire organism - i.e. also all other cells of the same body. For the discovery of this fact, the representatives of the old "atheistic orthodox science" in 2012 awarded even the Nobel Prize to someone named Sir John Gurdon - see the article "Disastrous start for Nobel winner" from page B2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Wednesday, October 10, 2012). However, the fact of keeping by every cell in the body the genetic code of the entire organism is contradictive to the principles of "natural evolution". After all, these principles state that the evolution develops only whatever is absolutely essential to life of a particular organism. On the other hand, the presence of the genetic code of the entire organism (all its cells) in every single cell of the body, is essential only to God - so that God is able to repetitively shift this organism back in time - as this is described in item #B4.1 from the web page named immortality.htm. But the presence in cells of this entire genetic code is, however, NOT necessary to that organism alone. As such, this presence cannot be developed solely by the "natural evolution". (If the reader do NOT believe me in that absolute lack of need for the given organism itself, to have in every its cell the genetic codes of the entire organism, then I suggest to ask researchers in genetics "why" the "natural evolution" supposedly caused this state of things. I also guarantee here, that the received reply will be at least "disappointing" to everyone who still is able to think rationally.)
       2. Operation of the brain and memory. Orthodox medicine persists in telling people that memory is contained in their physical bodies (brain). However, all empirical facts prove, that memory is contained outside of physical bodies, i.e. in human soul. Of course, the reason for this persistent telling is clear - the medicine does NOT want to admit that human soul does exist. The wealth of evidence which unambiguously indicates that memory is NOT contained in physical bodies (i.e. brain), but in our souls, includes so-called OBE ("out of body experiences"), NDE ("near-death experience"), multiple personalities, memories of previous reincarnations, etc. But biologists sabotage research on these phenomena and lie to the society regarding interpretations of outcomes. More on this subject is explained in item #C1.1 of the web page about nirvana, and also in subsection I5.4 of monograph [1/5].
       3. The need for a couple of creatures (i.e. a female and a male) to multiply. A natural (i.e. purely random) evolution which is promoted by biologists, is at most able to explain origins of a single new creature. The probability that completely at random in exactly the same time as many as two new creatures mutate and that they will be a male and a female, is impossible to occur in a random manner. So couples of all creatures could only be created by God. However, this fact biologists conceal from people. More about the creating pairs of all creatures by God is explained in item #B6.2 of the web page about evolution, and also in subsection I1.4.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       4. Nirvana (and probably also the female orgasm and "cluteris"). There is an extraordinary phenomenon experienced exclusively by people. It is called "nirvana". It is felt like a kind of heavenly orgasm which lasts forever. The nirvana is NOT needed for survival. So it could not emerge as the outcome of natural evolution. In addition, in order to experience nirvana a given person must act exclusively moral, and also complete large amounts of heavy physical work aimed at good of other people. Thus the only situation when nirvana turns out not only useful, but also necessary, is when finally people decide to form social-political systems in which work is rewarded with nirvana instead of present money. (This turns out to be absolutely necessary only in a far future, when people build their time vehicles and thus gain the access to the so-called "imprisoned immortality" described in item #E1 of the web page about the philosophy of parasitism.) This in turn means, that in order to give to nirvana such a moral polarisation and attributes that are useful only in a far future, the embedding this phenomenon into the human body needed to be designed by God Himself and could NOT occur exclusively through a natural evolution. This is because only the intelligence of God Himself which knows the future and which is enough wise, could predict the need for programming nirvana into the human body. So nirvana is another phenomenon which directly proves the existence of God.
       The mechanism and accomplishing a nirvana was described more comprehensively on the separate web page entirely devoted to nirvana. In turn the utilisation of the phenomenon of nirvana for the formation of a social-political system which eliminates completely money in rewarding work, is described in items #C5, #E1 and #E2 of the totaliztic web page about the political party of totalizm, and also in items #B2, #E3 and #A3 of the separate web page about the totaliztic nirvana.
       It is worth to add here, that such a godly origin and social-political purpose of nirvana seems to also be confirmed by female orgasm and by female cluteris. After all, orgasm is an brief version of nirvana. A significant proportion of experts claims, that in the entire variety of females of various species of creatures that populate the Earth, only the female half of the human specie experiences orgasm. Supposedly a number of experts claims also, that only in human females appears a special organ called the "cluteris" (from "vulva"), which allows to induce an orgasm on every wish. (Of course, there are also scientists, who argue that females of various other species also experience orgasm and also have cluteris. However, as for now these scientists were unable to present conclusive evidence in support of their claims.) So if a further research conclusively confirms that in fact females of humans specie are the only females on the Earth which experience orgasm and which have the cluteris, then this would mean, that God intentionally supplied female half of humans in cluteris and in capability to experience orgasm mainly to continually remind people about the existence, need, capabilities of accomplishing, and benefits of nirvana.
       5. Communication between people and animals and vegetation. Empirically we know jolly well that people can communicate with animals and with vegetation, and that they do this without the use of speech. In turn the existence of this communication is an evidence that there is an universal language (ULT), and also a kind of speech (telepathy) which allows non-physical communication in that language. But in order such a language was heard with the use of telepathy, there must exist the counter-world (i.e. this another world in which God lives and to which our souls should go after the death). So no wonder that biologists collaborating with serpents-UFOnauts do not want to inform people about these possibilities of direct communication between people and animals and vegetation, nor want research this communication. For more information about the ULT language - see item #B4 of the web page about telepathy, and also subsection I5.4.2 of monograph [1/5].
       6. Supernatural capabilities of bodies (healing, synthesis of missing chemical elements, fire-walking, blade-walking, levitation, etc.). Souls contained in bodies of living creatures are able to give extraordinary abilities to bodies of these creatures. For example cats when see an illness in their masters, tend to lie on an ill area and with their "purring" try to return the health - similar like human healers do it. Some animals and vegetation are able to carry out the synthesis of lacking chemical elements - e.g. hens can synthesize missing calcium from mica. Flounders grow normal fish eyes at both sides of their sculls, if at young age are deprived an access to the bottom of sea. All probably heard that some people can walk on fire or razor blades without hurting their feet. There are people who can levitate. None of these supernatural capabilities of the body would be possible exclusively in a physical world that is deprived God, soul, another world, etc. For more information on these subjects see subsections I7 and KB3 from volumes 5 and 10 of monograph [1/5].
       7. Hypnosis. Hypnosis on several manners confirms the existence of another world, soul, God, etc. The first of these manners is the mechanism of hypnosis. Namely, hypnosis depends on switching our awareness from the physical world to the counter-world. (Our awareness is similar to a "cursor" on a computer screen. It also can switch from one "window" to another one.) The counter-world is almost an exact copy of our physical world. Therefore hypnotized people after switching their awareness to the counter-world still see over there the same objects which exist in the physical world. But in the counter-world instant shifting in time and space is possible. Thus hypnotized people can shift in there to any place and to any time.
       Another manner on which hypnosis confirms the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., is the function of hypnosis. God gave to its creations only these capabilities which are needed for something. Hypnosis is NOT needed by people, although people learned how to used and abuse it. But it is needed by God for controlling the behaviour of people in critical moments. As such it also confirms the existence and operation of God. No wonder that serpents-UFOnauts forbid to people carrying out research on hypnosis. More about hypnosis is explained in subsections I5, I5.1, I5.4, and I7 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       8. Near-death experience, including NDE, OBE, coming of dead close ones, review of the entire life, "death flash", the loss of weight by body immediately after death, etc. Whatever happens shortly before death and at the moment of death cannot be described differently as a manifestation of evidence for the existence of soul, another world, God, etc. No wonder that "simulations" of UFOnauts, which supervise the human scientific research, forbid us to research on these phenomena. But personally I am disappointed because representatives of biological sciences rush submissively to obey this forbidding and refuse to research officially the NDE type of phenomena, as well as refuse to inform the society about the existence of NDE. All this in spite, that there is already a huge literature which presents empirical experiences in that matter accumulated recently - e.g. see the article "Eternal Hopes" from page A12 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Monday, October 15, 2012) - which is based on near-death experience (NDE) described in the book "Proof of Heaven" by Elsen Alexander (doctor of neurosurgery). If anyone still carries research on these phenomena, he or she must do it almost in hiding, as if it was his or her personal hobby, and later always has difficulties with publishing the findings. Instead of this research that are so important for everyone, representatives of biological sciences spend millions on fruitless searches for "missing links" or for evidence of the existence of "natural evolution". On the other hand many believers in God report that shortly before the death their dead close ones are arriving to assist a given person to go through this difficult transformation into another world. Many dying people experience OBE (out of body experience) and NDE (near death experience) - for which the only rational explanations are when one acknowledges the existence of soul, God, another world, life after death, etc. The moment of death itself is supposedly linked with a powerful impulse of pleasure experienced by a dying person. In turn for death generating such an impulse of pleasure, behind the design of it must hide the God's intelligence. (For example it is known that people being hanged experience an orgasm at the moment of death - in hanged males it manifests itself by the ejection of semen. In turn French folklore calls orgasm the "little death".) Almost every dying person goes through a "review of the entire life" which (the review) in the full extent can take place in a short period of time when someone is e.g. still falling from a roof, but in which the falling person relives again every moment from the just finishing life. God frequently takes part in this review, and with a humour He even comments some moments from the life of a dying person. In the very moment of death the body beams a powerful flash of electromagnetic radiation which usually is called the death flash. This flash can be registered with the use of present measuring equipment. (More about the "death flash" is explained in subsection H7.3 from volume 4 of m onograph [1/5], while a summary of information on this flash is provided in the OMNI magazine, Vol. 8, No. 3, December 1985, page 115.) According to research carried out by Dr. Duncan McDougall from the Massachusetts General Hospital (USA) in 1906, at the moment of death human body looses 7 to 28 grams of weight. (More about this loss of body weight is explained in subsection I5.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].) Both these phenomena, i.e. the "death flash" and the loss of weight, are attributed to the soul leaving the dying body.
       9. ESP, instinct, multiple personalities, and other phenomena of this kind. These also are not possible to appear if there is no soul, another world, God, etc. Simultaneously, it is known for sure that these phenomena do exist. For example, without accepting the fact of existence of the intelligent counter-world, which through the so-called instinct (i.e. animal version of ESP) controls the behaviour of fauna, the behaviours of the American butterfly called "monarch" cannot be explained rationally. This behaviour is described, amongst others, in the article "Monarch has clock for navigation", from page A12 of the New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, January 10, 2008. The article speculates how it is possible that "monarch" butterflies carry out a flight in spring of each year, which extends for around 3000 kilometres. The flight starts in pine forests of Mexico, and lasts until the border of the USA with Canada. Then, in autumn the butterflies return back to Mexico usually to the same tree from which the flight has started. The true puzzle however depends on this, that in their way the butterflies keep multiplying and dying. Thus the flight are continuing their subsequent generations. For winter in Mexico returns back third or fourth generation of successors of female butterflies which started the spring flight. This means that to the family pine-tree in Mexico returns only grand-grand-grand-daughters of the female butterflies which in spring started this prolonged flight. More on the subject of this phenomena is explained in subsection I8.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       10. Mysteries of dreams. There is an extraordinary phenomenon which is experienced by practically each one of us. It is called a dream. Although to describe this phenomenon a lot of orthodox theories was formulated, as so-far none of these explains extraordinary attributes of this phenomenon. For example, it does NOT explain why in dreams many people many people finds symbolic announcement of events that are to happen in the future - as an example see the extremely symbolic although meaningful dream which I described in item #B6 of the web page malbork_uk.htm. It does NOT explain why various people in dreams communicate with dead, with God, or with alive although physically distant people. It does NOT explain why there are two versions of dreams, i.e. (1) dreams in which everything has the same "sepia" colour (i.e. the colour of old, yellowish photographs from the era of black-and-white technology), and (2) dreams in colours. (It is worth to emphasize, that these two versions of dreams correspond to trips of our conscience to (1) the decoloured counter-world, or (2) to multicolour physical world.) Also NONE amongst these orthodox theories explains why in decoloured dreams (these in the "sepia" colour) our bodies obtain attributes of spirits from the counter-world, namely why these bodies become indestructible - is spite that in dream can be e.g. bitten or destroyed, why never in these dreams we see blood or wounds, why there is no friction when we move in dreams and thus our normal ways of moving, e.g. through walking, are not achievable in dreams, why in dreams we can move in manners that are unknown in everyday life from the physical world e.g. through gliding in space with an ordinary command from our mind. The reason why present scientific theories are unable to explain what actually are these dreams, is that these theories avoid acknowledging the existence of the counter-world, human souls, God, telekinetic methods of moving, etc. But if one considers the existence of these scientifically denied qualities, then immediately it turns out that dreams obtain an extremely simple explanation that fully coincides with all their attributes. Namely, dreams then become remembered next days adventures of our indestructible sprits in the visits of these spirits to the decoloured counter-world which knows no friction. More about the mechanism of dreams is explained in subsection I7 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       11. The existence of "animal geniuses". There is no many of these. But from time to time we learn about animals who know and are able much more than people do. Their descriptions are provided, amongst others, in subsection I8.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. I personally believe that these animals are "serpents" who secretly occupy our planet, who died in some accidents, and were reincarnated by God into these animals. (God treats "serpents" as animals, thus He reincarnates them into animals - as described in item #C4 above.) In order to explain this extraordinary knowledge and intelligence of such animals, one must consider the existence of soul, another world, God, etc.
       12. The perfection of oldest animals on the Earth is equal to the perfection of newest animals. If one analyses a level of perfection of living organisms of the oldest animals of our planet, then it turns out that these animals have equally perfect organisms as the newest animals. Many of these oldest animals persisted until today and are equally well off as the newest animals. As an example consider the "kings crab" which is a "trilobite" but lives in great numbers in sea waters of Malaysia. Consider also crocodiles, lizards, or sharks, which have NOT changed their organisms for millions of years. An excellent example is also the Australian platypus. As this is explained in the article "Puzzle of the platypus unravelled", from page B2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, May 9, 2008, the platypus was created as a separate from mammals specie around 166 millions years ago. But in spite of such significant age, it manages in present times equally perfectly like all these newest animals. This perfection of oldest organisms documents in turn that they were created by God. This is because only God could have a plan from the very beginning how a perfect organism looks like, and then implemented this plan as He equipped the ecosystem from the physical world into subsequent animals that were needed in this ecosystem. More on this subject is explained in item #B6.3 of the web page evolution.htm - about evolution.
       13. The existence of gigantic mutations of people, animals, and vegetation. Present human science does NOT acknowledge the existence of telekinesis. After all, the telekinesis can be rationally explained (and technically formed) only if one recognises the existence of the counter-world and learn laws that rule this counter-world - as this is done only by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In turn without the existence of telekinesis one cannot explain the mechanism of mutations of gigantic creatures on the Earth. After all, the telekinetic field is the phenomenon which triggers the appearance of such gigantic mutations of living creatures. For these reasons human science overlooked so-far the vital link that exists between the repetitive appearance on the Earth of giant mutations of humans, animals, and vegetation, and the existence of the counter-world, God, eternal soul, etc. In turn this link turns out to be very simple. In addition it is supported by immense body of evidence. It stems from the fact, that the mutations of giant living organisms is triggered by the so-called "telekinetic field". In turn this "telekinetic field" is the field the formation of which occurs exclusively through the action of mechanisms and laws of the counter-world. The direct link between the existence of the Earth of giant mutations of living organisms, and the existence of the counter-world, God, eternal soul, etc., that is indicated here, is also discussed in item #8.1 of a separate web page about New Zealand. In turn items #7 and #8 of that web page about New Zealand describe and illustrate with photographs a whole array of such giant mutants of living organisms. These gigantic mutations of people, animals, and vegetation are also described in item #10 of the web page about UFO explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand, and in item #13 of the web page about the technically induced telekinesis.
       14. The display of special attributes by everything that in past was named with the world "holy". A rather extraordinary class of scientific evidence for the existence of God, is the difference between attributes of substances or objects which in past were called "holy", and attributes of other similar substances or objects which were NOT considered to be holy. As it turns out everything that is recognised as "holy" displays extraordinary attributes the presence of which cannot be explained just on the basis of present atheistic science. For example, let us consider attributes of such "holy" substances and objects, as: (1) "daily bread" (by the Christian religion considered to be a representation of the body of Christ), (2) "coconuts", (3) "drinking water" (by first Christians used for christening, while by pagans utilised in water dowsing), (4) "red wine" (considered to represent the blood of Jesus). If one compares their attributes with attributes of other very similar substances or objects, e.g. with attributes of: (1n) white bread or buns, (2n) fruits of tropical durian, (3n) undrinkable water, (4n) white wine, then outcomes of this comparison become very meaningful. Namely, it then turns out that everything that in past was described as "holy" actually displays attributes which are beneficial to people at many levels, and which do NOT introduce any side effects. In turn everything that was NOT considered to be holy, shows also various attributes that are undesirable for humans - in spite that in almost every aspect it is similar to a related holy substance or object. For example, in spite that the "daily bread" and the "white bread" are baked in a similar manner and from almost the same flour, differences between their consequences for health of people are huge. Similarly, in spite that "red wine" and "white wine" are produced through the same process from almost the same grapes which grew on exactly the same soil, their influences onto drinking people are very different. Thus only about the "red wine" every now and again we can read scientific findings of the kind reported in the article "Red wine compound toasts cancer cells", from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, April 16, 2008. The "white wine" strangely can only make us drunk. In fact these differences in attributes of whatever in past (and sometimes also today) was called "holy", from attributes of whatever is NOT considered to be holy, cannot be justify exclusively with the use of findings and knowledge of present "atheistic" science. So let us now provide here several most meaningful examples of extraordinary attributes of something that in past was considered to be "holy". In order to shorten the discussion, below is analysed only a single attribute which does NOT appear in similar substances and objects that are NOT considered to be holy. But independently from the attribute discussed below, each substance and object mentioned below displays also a whole range of further extraordinary attributes which are very difficult to justify by present atheistic science. So here are these examples: (a) Irreplaceable attributes of the holy "daily bread". As we know the humanity invented a large variety of dishes which are made of flour. To such dishes belong: buns, cakes, pancakes, macaroons, dumplings, etc., etc. But only the so-called daily bread was considered in past to be holy. This "daily bread" used to be a wholemeal bread, baked from the unsifted wholemeal rye flour. The dough for this bread was fermented before baking in a similar manner like until present time are fermented the Japanese "miso" and Korean "kimchi" (for descriptions of Korean "kim-chi" - see item #B1 from the web page korea.htm - about the mysterious, fascinating, moral, and progressive Korea). In the result of this fermentation, the daily bread become black like the soil from which it grew, and thus considered to be "too common" for wealthy people. Only this bread in old times was treated with the highest respect and worshiped as holy. White bread, buns, cakes, and other products made of flour, were NOT considered to be "holy". In fact I still remember until today from Poland of the times of my childhood, means Poland of 1950s, such manifestations of the respect to "daily bread" which were still practiced then. For example, at that time people used to say sorry to a slice of bread when they accidentally allowed it to fall to the floor. Old-timers never threw away to rubbish even smallest crumbs of bread. Furthermore, to express their respect to this bread, men used to take hats off from heads for the duration of eating. As present people discovered this, the formerly "holy" daily bread in fact displays attributes that deserve the holiness. For example, eating this bread in any quantities does NOT bring any undesirable consequences to the human health. (On the other hand eating large amounts of any other products made from flour turns out to be unhealthy.) Furthermore, people can survive by eating exclusively this holy "daily bread", while they cannot survive by eating exclusively any other dish made of flour. (b) The fact that coconuts never fall on heads of people, in spite that in light of statistics there should be cases of falling coconuts hitting some people in heads. As I explained this on a separate web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits from the area of Pacific, in many tropical countries coconut palms are considered to be "holy trees" which were designed especially by God to satisfy all basic needs of people. (Notice that the holiness of coconuts is recognised in there in a similar manner as in old Europe the holiness of "daily bread" was practiced.) The holiness of coconut palms proves itself because e.g. on small oceanic islands, on which is NOT growing anything else apart from this palm, in fact coconut palms are providers of everything. In some religions, e.g. Hinduism, gods receive gifts from coconuts. The Bible says that palm branches were placed in front of walking Jesus. This holiness of coconut palms is there also a source of the deep belief which prevails in countries in which coconuts grow, namely that coconuts never fall onto heads of humans. Actually in many tropical countries, e.g. in Malaysia, locals are saying that "coconut palms have eyes" - thus they never drop a coconut on heads of humans. I personally was very intrigued by this belief. So whenever I had an opportunity to visit an area where coconut palms grow, I always asked locals whether they know a case that a coconut fell on someone's head. I must confirm here, that in spite of my wide and many years long asking I never encountered a case that someone knew someone else on the head of whom a coconut fell. Such a case would be quite well-known, because the large weight of coconuts combined with the significant height of coconut palms, would cause that the fell of a coconut on someone's head would kill such unfortunate person. Of course, this lack of cases when coconuts fall on human heads is something extraordinary and it should be explained by the "holiness" of the palm. After all, other trees drop their fruits completely at random, in this on human heads. I myself remember a case when a falling apple hit me in the head - fortunately was ripe and soft. In Malaysia grows a tasty fruit which just has a size of coconuts - it is called "durian". It is commonly known there, that at the time of durians' ripening, people should either keep far from these trees, or wear protective "hard hats". This is because heavy durian fruits fall "at random" , including onto human heads. So it is nothing unusual to hear over there about cases of people getting hit by durian fruits. Regrettably, someone clearly could NOT stand this extraordinary attribute of "holy palms" and decided to include also the holy coconuts into the "scientific atheism". Namely, that someone started to spread on the behalf of science the untrue claims that supposedly in the world every year dies from falling coconuts as much as 150 people. These claims make falling coconuts hypothetically even more dangerous than attacks of sharks. Such false claims were disseminated in so organised manner, that on their base various insurance companies started to develop their "coconut policies". Fortunately for the truth, some scientists decided to get to the bottom of the "research" on which the coconut deaths claims were based. Outcomes of their research were summarised later, amongst others, in the article "Lies, damn lies, and 150 coconut deaths" from page B9 of the New Zealand newspaper named Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, April 12, 2008. Searches of these scientists revealed, that the claims were made up in Australia in 2002. Only then were disseminated all over the world by an article in Daily Telegraph. At the beginning these claims referred to the publication of a Canadian professor, in which there was NO quantitative data on this subject, while the professor himself denied that he ever accumulated such quantitative data. Thus, in spite of the lies spread on this subject under a smoke screen of the official science, in fact coconuts never fall down on heads of people. (c) The holy river Ganges in India belongs to the most biologically polluted rivers of the world. But Hindu devotes drink water directly from the river. In spite of this Hindu who believe in holiness of this river never report an illness acquired by drinking biologically polluted water of this river. (d) All 12 Apostles drank wine from the same cup. But the Bible does NOT report that any Apostle acquired an illness passed around due to this drinking of all of them from the same cup.
       15. The existence of phenomena and trends that are contradictive to theories and findings of biological sciences. Biological sciences every now and again encounter various phenomena and trends which are completely contradictive to logical predictions of theories and scientific findings, although are not contradictive to intelligent goals and principles of operation of God. (Notice that the existence and nature of God is described scientifically by the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.) Let us show here several examples of such phenomena or trends that are contradictive to statements of biological sciences: (a) Tendency of animals (and also people) who live on islands isolated from the rest of the world, to achieve gigantic sizes. The theory of evolution states, that because of the limited amounts of resources which are available on islands which are cut off from the rest of the world, in comparison to e.g. amount of resources available on continents, the requirement of survival on islands gives preferences to smaller creatures which eat and need much less resources. Thus, according to the theory of evolution, on islands separated from the rest of the world everything that is alive should be of miniature sizes. However, the empirical knowledge indicates that on these islands separated from the rest of the world everything that lives is much larger than on continents. For example, on the isolated from the world islands of New Zealand gigantic "moa" birds used to live, still live huge "kakapo" parrots and "kiwi" birds, while native people (Maoris) are almost twice as muscular and well build as typical Europeans. The largest bird of the world (the so-called elephant bird) used to live on the island of Madagascar. The dodo bird (means the largest pigeon of the world) used to live on islands (most known of which is Mauritius). Unfortunately, together with a number of other gigantic animals of these islands (amongst others with the giant tortoise that had tasty oil under the skin) dodo was killed to the extinction after these islands were discovered by Europeans in 1598 - for details see the article "Dodo's dead playmates recreated from bone fragments" from page B6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, May 14, 2008. The largest lizard of the world, means the so-called komodo dragon also lives the island of Komodo from Indonesia. With its 60 razor sharp teeth it is capable to kill even a buffalo. More about the Komodo dragon writes the article "Experts reveal secrets of killing machine" from page B2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, April 18, 2008. It is an island on which live huge turtles from Galapagos. (b) Growing back fingers that were cut off. God so designed the universe, that "everything that is possible to invent, is also possible to accomplish" - for more details see item #F3 below. In turn the atheistic science claims that only some things are possible, while others completely impossible. One amongst things qualified as "impossible" by the official science to-date, but being possible to think of, and thus also possible for accomplishing in the universe created by God, is the "growth back of fingers that were cut off". Dr Stephen Badylak from the University of Pittsburgh (USA) discovered powder which is officially named the extracellular matrix, while which popularly is called the "pixie dust". This powder is received by scraping cells from the lining of a pig's bladder. After this powder is put onto the wound formed after cutting a finger off, the finger grows back. More information about this powder is provided in the article "Severed finger grows back with help from 'pixie'", from page A13 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue date on Friday, May 2, 2008. (c) The lack of fear of death. If animals and people were formed by the natural evolution, then the fear of death should be one amongst the most domineering factors in their lives. After all, it would decide directly about the "survival of species". However, empirical facts indicate that both, animals and people, do not display a clear fear of death. (For example, they are afraid of the pain that typically accompanies dying, but are not afraid of death.) Therefore, e.g. some animals and people commit suicides without any fear and frequently undertake actions that risk their lives. (d) Synchronisation of dying by people who are close to each other. It depends on dying almost simultaneously by people who are very close for a long period of time (the difference in times of death typically does not exceed then 1 hour). In my life I encountered information about dozens of such cases. Unfortunately, I did not write down their details. But recently I encountered further examples. The first of these was described in the article "Together for a lifetime .. and in death", from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, May 8, 2008. It described the death of a couple of New Zealanders named Wright, who were married for 61 years, while died in the distance of around a half of hour in the age of 81 and 83. Each one of them did not know about the death of the other one, because the husband was just in a hospital, while the wife was in the old folks home. Another similar example was described in the article "Inseparable right to the end" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, May 19, 2008. This article describes a couple of New Zealanders named Thoumine, which were married for 20 years, and which dies at the age of 74 (she) and 68 (he) in mutual distance of around 30 minutes. Such a synchronisation of dying cannot be explained without considering the soul and God. Even more difficult to explain it rationally when in such a synchronous manner dies a master and a pet animal (such cases also are reported quite frequently). (e) Homosexual people (and also people who copulate with animals) are lately on increase - in spite that the theory of evolution is unable to justify that these sexual deviations are needed for the "survival of species". On the other hand, the moral overtone embedded into these deviations, causes that for people who (unlike animals) have moral conscience, these deviations could be utilised by God as an illustrative reminder of what immorality is all about. The functioning of homosexuals (and also individuals who copulate with other species) as an illustration of immorality, is emphasized by the fact that these deviations do NOT appear amongst animals. (Notice that one should not confuse e.g. homosexual behaviours amongst people, which lasts the life-long, with temporary consequences of opportunism amongst animals combined with blindness, lack of experience, or just mistakes.) (f) Over 90% of all sources of drinkable water and mineral deposits were located on the Earth due to the use of radiesthesia. But the official human science claims that the level of accuracy of radiesthesia is the same as the level of purely accidental findings. Apart from people, the radiesthesia-like capabilities show also elephants, which are able to find shallow-located drinking water every time they need it.
       16. Contribution of services of every living creature for the good of the rest of physical world. As it turns out, none creature or vegetation lives just for itself, but it provides a whole range of services to other creatures and vegetation. Thus all of them fulfil a "general plan" which could only be created by God.
       17. Everything that exists in living creatures being just a different manifestation of the same "counter-matter". For example, "bodies" of living creatures are actually structures formed from counter-matter by appropriate natural programs (see subsection I1.4.1 in [1/5]), memory is actually a computer-like memory of counter-matter (see subsection I5.4 in [1/5]), feelings are the flow of natural programs through this counter-matter (see subsection I5.5 in [1/5]), etc., etc. This in turn again confirms the existence of counter-matter and counter-world, and also the creation of living creatures by God.
       18. The work and efficiency of magic, telekinetic healing, bloodless operations, etc. Their existence also would NOT be possible if there is no another world, soul, God, etc. But for sure these phenomena do exist and are practiced in various parts of our planet (usually in secrecy). More about this subject is explained in subsections I5.7, I6.1, I3.5 and several others, from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       19. The objectively verifiable evidence that humans are so created that the belief in God is for them a natural state, while atheism is an unnatural state. Whenever a researcher has a courage to compare objectively an important life indicator in people who believe in God and in atheists, then it always turns out that people who believe lead higher quality lives than atheists. And so, people who believe are more happy, lead more fulfilled lives, look younger, are less ill, live longer, have less problems, are troubled by less addictions and disasters, etc., etc. All this clearly confirms, that God takes a discreet care over people who believe, and that God so designed humans that the belief in God is a natural state, while atheism is an unnatural state that leads to various problems. The existence of this discreet care of God over believers can be confirmed by every reader - even if the reader is not a scientist. It is enough to go to a church in a country in which a trend prevails currently for unrestricted eating and for obesity (e.g. in the USA, England, New Zealand, etc.), and to look around. While on streets of cities in such a country one can see a large number of unhealthy obese people, in churches over there one has a difficulty to see someone with the weight that exceeds a healthy norm for a given country. If one considers rationally the reasons for this better life of people who believe, then the conclusion to which one must arrive is that God discreetly takes care of believers. This taking care, the manifestation of which is, amongst others, the lack of unhealthy obese people in churches, includes also a discreet control by God of the appetite, weight, and the lifestyle of people who believe, and not allowing that the weight of these people exceeds a healthy norm. In turn the existence of such a discreet care from God over people who believe, is an evidence that God must exist.
       The above represent just several most important examples of evidence from the area of biological sciences. This evidence well documents the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc. More evidence of this type, together with much better explanations, can be found mainly in volume 5 (and a bit also in volume 4) of my newest scientific monograph [1/5]. It is really pity that teachers and lecturers of biological sciences are too engaged in telling their students that God, soul, nor another world do NOT exist, to also be able to inform the students about the above facts - and thus to accomplish a right balance of views. After all, if these facts are known to every person on the Earth, then our civilization would look completely different, while the life of each one of us (including lives of these atheistic lecturers) would be incomparably more moral, happy, and peaceful.
* * *
       I personally feel a great disappointment towards my own lecturers from physical and biological sciences that for sure knowing about a majority of cases of evidence listed in this item #F2 and in previous item #F1, they never had the courage to inform us, their students, about this wealth of evidence. I believe that due to failing their duty to inform, they committed an array of immoral acts. The same immoral acts commit also present lecturers and teachers, who knowing about this body of evidence still have no courage to inform about it their students in a formal or informal manner. Let us list here the most important out of these immoral acts: (1) Forcing their students to commit "spiritual suicides". It is known that although everyone has the right to do himself or herself something immoral and bad, e.g. commit a suicide, it is highly immoral and criminal if this someone forces others to do the same. In turn depriving the access to truth about God is in fact forcing to commit a spiritual suicide. (2) Collaboration with enemies of humanity. Serpents-UFOnauts always were and always will be sworn enemies of humanity. Thus collaboration with their activities, is equal to the betrayal of humanity. (3) Emptying themselves in the place where they live. The depriving people of access to knowledge about God in the social sense is an equivalent to the increase in level of immorality, crime, addictions, etc. Thus symbolically it is similar to emptying themselves in the place where they live. (4) Playing a "dog in the manger". It is a kind of nasty behaviour to "not eat ourselves and not allow others to eat". But in this way behave these present lecturers and teachers of physical and biological sciences, who do not believe in God themselves, and therefore they make impossible for others to find their own path to God by concealing from these others vital information regarding God. (5) Neglecting duties for which they take salaries. Lecturers are paid to provide well balanced knowledge. But the knowledge purely atheistic is tendentious, means NOT balanced at all. Thus through tendentious pushing towards atheism they malpractice their professional duties. If you, the reader, are one amongst such lecturers or teachers in the disciplines described here, reconsider what you are doing. After all, as a lecturer or a teacher you have thousands formal and informal opportunities to inform your students about this wealth of evidence which is so extremely vital for their spiritual life.

Fig. #F1a.
Fig. #F1b.

Fig. #F1ab: Two photographs of a "Talipot Palm" (Corypha Umbraculifera). All palms of this particular species bloom at exactly the same time, only once in around 25 to 80 years, and after fruiting they all die. Such a perfect synchronisation of their blooming and death, as well as this strange behaviour, cannot be explained without the idea of God and His mighty supervision. Both pictures were taken in Kerala, India in 2002. (Click on a photograph above to see it enlarged or to shift it to another part of the screen.)
       Fig. #F1a (upper): A "Talipot Palm" or Corypha Umbraculifera in bloom.
       Rys. #F1b (lower): Close up of flowers of a "Talipot Palm" (Corypha Umbraculifera).

#F3. Supernatural and holy attributes or behaviours displayed by various representatives of the Earthly flora and fauna:

       There are variety of plants on the Earth, the behaviour of which cannot be explained otherwise than by the supervision from God. A number of examples of these, together with examples of many animals that display supernatural capabilities, is discussed in items #F4.4 and #F2 of the web page stawczyk_uk.htm.
       One amongst the most curious examples of these is an extraordinary palm that lives in India, and that is called the Talipot Palm (Corypha Umbraculifera) - shown here in "Fig. #F1". The Talipot Palm has one of the largest inflorescence of any flowering plants in the world. It flowers only once in its lifetime, living from 25 to 80 years. All these palms which do exist on our planet, bloom at exactly the same time - without the difference how far are they located from each other. In turn such a perfect synchronisation of their blooming time cannot occur without the participation of God. After fruiting the plant dies. Almost all parts of the plants are useful, eg. for traditional medicine; food; thatching; handicraft work such as baskets, mats, hats and buttons. Sacred Buddhist books were known to have been written on strips of its leaves. Talipot palm is found predominantly in southern India and Sri Lanka.
       Very similar like in the "Talipot Palm" sinchronisation of dying display also "oil palm" shown here in "Fig. #F2". In this palm all individuals which were born in the same year, precisely synchronise their dying and die exactly in the same time. In the result, e.g. in Malaysia where large plantations of "oil palm" do exist, one can see entire sections of the palm forest covered with remains of such simultaneously died oil palms. More information on the subject of sinchronised dying of a given year of oil palms, and also photographs of that palm and its fruits, can be viewed in item #D2 of the web page named fruit.htm.
       It is worth add here that also an ordinary coconut palm seems to be created by God especially to serve for humans - as this is explained in item #D1 from the totaliztic web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits from the Pacific area and about the philosophy of eating them,
       A similar perfect synchronisation of blooming, fruiting, and death, display also some species of bamboo plants. An example of such a specie of bamboo plant, an entire population of which that grew in China simultaneously got blooming and then died out, was shown in the television documentary entitled "Wild China". This Chinese bamboo blooms and then dies only once every around 40 years. In order to realise that the participation of God is necessary to accomplish such a perfect synchronisation of its blooming, fruiting, and then death, it is enough to realise that before it blooms its flowers must simultaneously grow and get mature in all bamboo from the entire country and continent, that it grows along a large area which have several different climates, temperatures, soil conditions, and moisture levels, that time distances between subsequent years of blooming are NOT the same - thus someone, or something, must decide in which year and when exactly this blooming is to take place, and that the blooming of all bamboo must be synchronised with an accuracy to a few days - otherwise blossoms would NOT become pollinated and thus they would NOT produce seeds for later revival of the next generation of this specie of bamboo.
       The supernatural capabilities of many species of animals and plants are elaborated in more details in "part #F" from the totaliztic web page stawczyk_uk.htm, as well as in items #D1 and #D2 of the web page fruit.htm.

Fig. #F2.

Fig. #F2: The photograph of a section of "oil palm" plantation in the Malaysian jungle, on which clearly visible are remains of simultaneously died oil palms from a noticeable proportion of this plantation. This is because all oil palms born in a given year, synchronise precisely their dying and always they die in exactly the same time. I took the above photograph on 2 September 2010 near the place called "Nilai" - south of Kuala Lumpur. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged or to shift in into other area of the screen.)

Part #G: Formal scientific proofs for the existence of God:


#G1. Why the first physical proving formally and scientifically by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm, that "God does exist", is still binding for us:

       Already at the time of formulation and publication in 1985 of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the capability of this theory to give to the humanity formal scientific proofs for the existence of God has become obvious to me. Thus, each publication which contains my presentation of this theory, from the very beginning had been contained the description as how on the basis of this theory the formal scientific proof for the existence of God can be formulated, and what will be the proving procedure and basic propositions used in the proof. Over time, I also accumulated a body of empirical evidence required for the completion of this proving procedure, and gradually incorporated this body of evidence in the content of my subsequent monographs. For the first time, a completely finished and fully formulated my physical scientific proofs for the existence of God, based on previously gathered body of empirical evidence, was presented in subsections I3.3 to I3.3.3 from volume 5 of my older scientific monograph [1/4] "Advanced magnetic devices". When in the year 2000 I went from the dissemination of printed forms of that monograph [1/4] into the dissemination of its internet version for a free downloading, virtually every person in the world gained an access to these my first based on empirics formal physical proofs for the existence of God. Currently these proofs are still available in the same subsections I3.3 to I3.3.3, only that from my newest monograph [1/5]. In fact, the completion of that structure of the world's first formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, was in those subsections repeated with the use of three different physical methods of scientific inference. This in turn documents that the scientific proving of such obvious truth as the existence of God, can be accomplished on many entirely different ways. The scientific proof that God really does exist, is for us as equally binding as all other scientific proofs - for example as the proofs that the Earth is spherical, or that sides of a right-angled triangle fulfil the Pythagoras equation. After all, similarly as it is in case of those other proofs, yet no one is able to disprove or even just slightly undermine the validity of my proving - although many have tried. For our own good, we should now rely on indications resulting from this proof in everything that we do. After all, if we do not consider in everything that we do, the already proven existence of God, then we undertake in your life various "immoral" actions that defy the rules and laws of "morality" which God requires from us with an iron fist, and for a failure to comply with which God strictly punishes us. In turn, for standing against the being so powerful as God, inevitably not very pleasant consequences are awaiting for us - as warns us e.g. the content of the principle of the "extinction of most immoral" described, among others, in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm. After all, not without reasons an old Polish proverb warns us "do NOT initiate kicking matches with a horse" (in the original Polish wording "NIE kop się z koniem") - in the understanding that the "horse" is just a symbol of everything that in the response to our "kick" can reply to us with something much stronger than we do. Surely, "kicks" of God, although served to us in an ambiguous manner (to NOT deprive us the so-called "free will" described e.g. in item #C1 from the web page named antichrist.htm), are infinitely more powerful than ours. However, if we begin to take into account in our lives the indications of that proves, as well as consider other findings of the new "totaliztic science" regarding God and described e.g. in item #L2.1 from the web page named magnocraft.htm, then almost in everything that we do, we are inclined to do whatever God expects from us and for the fulfilling of what He rewards us discreetly. This in turn is the key to future avoidance of divine punishments and to reaping fruits and rewards which God lavishly gives away to these ones who implement his requests - for more details see items #G2 and #H2 from the web page named morals.htm.

#G2. The formal scientific proof of totalizm for the existence of God, completed theoretically with methods of mathematical logic:

       Starting from the year 1985, when I formulated that my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and when indications from this theory clearly revealed to me that the existence of God can be formally proven, I systematically gathered and documented in my publications the body of empirical evidence which directly confirms the existence of God. However, for a considerable time it was not in my time and work capabilities to formulate this evidence into the form of a theoretical and formal proof for the existence of God. However, in the second semester of 2007, by a strange act of God, I was granted the privilege of giving a series of lectures on mathematical logic at the University in Korea. One of the "byproducts" of these lectures was that to my professional duties entered then the recall and the careful restudying of theoretical methods and procedures used for proving in mathematical logic. In turn, such a refreshment of my memories and repeated in-depth studies of these proving methods and procedures, meant that to the three versions of proofs for the existence of God, previously completed with physical methods and already published in my monograph [1/4], in 2007 I could also add another version of the formal scientific proof for the existence of God, this time completed theoretically with methods of mathematical logic. Because this theoretical proof is short, below in this item of the web page I am quoting it in its entirety for use by those readers who wish to get acquainted with it and to follow its logic. However, for further information regarding this theoretical proof, I would still encourage to reach to subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The base propositions of the above proof for the existence of God stem from so-called "genetic codes", the more extensive description of which is provided on the web page about evolution. So here it is, the formal proof for the existence of God completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic:
           "God does exist".
       Basis propositions:
           (1) "Genetic code displays all attributes of intelligent codes and according to the Shannon's Theory of Communication all codes are versions of languages. All languages are formed by intelligent beings.
           (2) The creation of a single "language of genetic programming" which would be capable to program and to express with genetic codes all attributes for the huge number and variety of living creatures that populate the Earth, required the work of either superior being of a supernatural knowledge, power, and efficiency of God, or a multitude of unanimously cooperating with each other human-like intelligent beings of capabilities and efficiencies similar to these of humans. The fact that attributes of countless living creatures which populate the Earth were programmed and expressed with the use of a single and always the same, coherent "language of genetic programming", completely eliminates the possibility that genetic codes of creatures from the Earth were programmed by a large number of unanimously cooperating with each other human-like creatures of capabilities and efficiency similar to human.
(Explanation complementing this set 2 of premises: The history of development of languages and codes proves, that the large crowd of human-like creatures, which use a language or a code, NEVER is able to unanimously cooperate with each other, therefore with the elapse of time such a crowd always gradually introduces numerous variants to the grammar, vocabulary, structure, etc., of the language that it uses. Therefore a large crowd of human-like beings which would work on the development of life, similarly like a purely random evolution, would either eliminate completely the use of genetic codes, or in case of continuation of the use of such codes, it would gradually introduce completely different structures and contents of these codes for each species of living creatures.)
           (3) God does NOT exist, or does exist. The use by God of a single and always the same coherent "language of genetic programming" for all creatures that populate the Earth eliminates completely the possibility that God does NOT exist.
           (1) The first basis proposition is to be transformed with the use of tautological form of the method known under the name of "hypothetical syllogism". This form can be written as [(p =>q) && (q => r)] => [p => r], in which the assertion "p" says "genetic code displays all attributes of intelligent codes", while the assertion "q" says "according to the Shannon's Theory of Communication all codes are versions of languages", in turn the assertion "r" states "all languages are formed by intelligent beings". The transformation of these propositions implies the conclusion that "the genetic code was formed by an intelligent being".
           (2) Accepting this previous conclusion for an assertion in the next phase of inference, and using the method of "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q, we obtain a next conclusion which states that "a single, coherent 'language of genetic programming' which appears in a huge number of creatures that populate the Earth must be formed by a single superior being with a supernatural knowledge, power, and efficiency of God".
           (3) The last couple of propositions allows us to derive the final conclusion with method called the "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q. In this form the assertion "p" says "God does NOT exist", while assertion "q" states "God does exist". Thus the final conclusion states "God does exist"!
           The above inference chain unambiguously and conclusively proves the truth of the theorem that "God does exist".
* * *
       For the use of these readers who are NOT familiar with the notation that is applied in the above proof, I would like to explain that symbols "p", "q", and "r" mark subsequent "assertions" utilized in this proof as logical variables. In turn symbols "&&", "||", and "=>" mark logical operators "and", "inclusive or", and "implies" (if ... => then ...").
       It is also worth to mention about the validity of the above proof. Because this proof utilizes exclusively tautological forms of subsequent methods, it remains valid for all values of variables it uses. Thus practically it is errorproof. If someone would like to undermine it, he or she would need to undermine first the validity of mathematical logic. In turn this logic is a foundation for countless mathematical proofs which with a large success were used by the effective and precise discipline of mathematics. Thus, since so strong proof for the existence of God finally we were able to develop, it is worth to check now whether we live according to this proof. After all, the faith in God to-date is replaced by it with the reliable knowledge and certainty of the existence of God.

#G3. Other related formal proofs concerning God, soul, creation of people, another world, etc., which I also completed and published (the majority in 2007), and which have a direct relationship with the above theoretical formal scientific proof of the new totaliztic science, that "God does exist":

Motto: "A single formal proof could be overlooked, two proofs could be not believed, three proofs could still be ignored by these most stubborn ones, but four different formal scientific proofs that confirm the same fact of the existence of God must be taken under consideration, while when the fifth and yet further formal scientific proofs also joined them, which again confirm the same truth about the existence of God, and the validity of which could NOT be undermined even by most devoted atheists, then we really need to revise our attitude towards our creator, superior judge, and eventual saviour."

       If we want that a building effectively resists of destructive winds and actions, it must be built on solid physical foundations. In turn when we want to make lives of ourselves and our descendants to be effectively resisting of misfortunes and historical upevils, then these lives must also be built on solid foundations - but this time the moral, spiritual and scientific ones. In the case of our own lives, such foundations are provided by the scientific certainty of the existence of God, soul, another world, etc. In turn, this scientific certainty is provided by formal proofs for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc. Unfortunately, when I started my life, the official science still ignored the obvious and did NOT even try to develop such kinds of proofs. Thus, throughout my entire life, I was forced to develop and formulate these proofs myself. But now, when we finally have these formal scientific proofs, I am happy to make them readily available to anyone interested - so that I could save other people from laborious and costly searches through which from necessity I went myself. Thus, now anyone can build and base own life on these my formal proofs.
       The formal scientific proof for the existence of God presented in above item #G2, is NOT the only formal scientific proof based on methods of mathematical logic, that I developed and published (mainly in 2007), and that reassure us in the certainty of the existence of that superior being by the religions called "God", while scientifically called the "universal intellect". (The scientific name "universal intellect" is used by the philosophy of totalizm and by the new "totaliztic science" - i.e. by that new science which is defined in item #C4 from the web page named telekinetics.htm.) This is because in that breakthrough for me year of 2007 I developed also and published a number of other theoretical formal proofs related to that one from item #G2 above. All these other related proofs also prove the existence of God either directly or indirectly. Also all of them I developed and published personally for the first time in the world to fix with their help the lack of knowledge in areas that are deliberately ignored by the so-called old official "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. by this monopolistic science which erroneous findings we still learn in schools and universities, and which various immoral practices (e.g. of gradual eroding of principles of "morality" required from us by God) are exposed e.g. in items #C1 to #C6 from the totaliztic web page named telekinetics.htm). Almost all these proofs utilize also the proving procedure presented above - which is derived from the theoretical methods of mathematical logic. Only a few of them use other proving procedures, for example those ones based on the physical method of "matching attributes" - which proving power, however, is equally indisputable as that one for the theoretical procedure provided above. So let us now describe briefly all these formal scientific proofs which I developed for the first time in the world, and let us also provide links to web pages and publications in which they are available for inspection by interested parties. Here they are:
       (1) The formal scientific proof that the "counter-world does exist". (The name "counter-world" is the scientific name assigned to a world which is separate from our physical world, in which lives God, and which folklore and also religions call the "other world". Proving its existence refutes the false claims of the old official "atheistic orthodox science", that universe is composed of only one physical world, and thus that everything that exists in it is visible and detectable by existing scientific instruments.) The formal scientific proof for the existence of the counter-world, completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is presented in item #D3 from the separate web page dedicated to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of the newest monograph [1/5].
       (2) The formal scientific proof that "God does exist". It reassures us scientifically in the matter, which actually is the most important for our existence, but in which the humanity is intentionally deluded by the old official "atheistic orthodox science". After all, in the entire universe there is NOTHING more saturated with consequences for the people, than the existence of the almighty God who created us and who controls, monitors and judges practically every event from our lives. Independently from above item #G2 of this web page, the formal scientific proof for the existence of God, completed with the theoretical method of mathematical logic, is also presented and discussed in item #B3 from the web page named god.htm - about the secular and scientific understanding of God. In addition, the same proof is completed and discussed in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       The power of this formal scientific proof for the existence of God has been further strengthen by the completion of similar proofs for the existence of God with several different proving methods and with the use of a whole range of mutually different bodies of evidence. Some of these proofs (stating that "God exists"), carried out with different proving methods, are presented in subsections I3.3 to I3.3.3 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. However, in fact each of the formal proofs listed in this item also represents a direct or an indirect proof for the existence of God. For example, the proof that "the humanity lives in the world created and wisely ruled by almighty God" discussed in (4) below but originally presented in item #B3 (and items #B1 to #B5) from the totaliztic web page named changelings.htm, also provides a simultaneous proof for the existence of God. After all, if God did NOT exist, then the humanity could NOT live in the world created and wisely ruled by such a non-existing God.
       (3) The formal scientific proof that it was "God that created the first couple of people". This formal scientific proof corrects the claim of the old "atheistic orthodox science", about a random occurrence of an event, which, in the light of the theory of probability, actually would be impossible for a random occurring. Namely, it corrects the claim, that from a monkey randomly mutated on the Earth at the same time as many as two new human beings, that is a man and a woman - so that their later sexual intercourses allowed to create a completely new human race. The formal scientific proof that the first couple of people was created by God, carried out with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is presented in item #B8 from the separate web page named evolution.htm - dedicated to the discussion of evolution, as well as in subsection NF9 from volume 12 of my newest monograph [1/5] or in subsection I1.4.1 from volume 5 of my monograph [8/2].
       (4) The formal scientific proof that "the humanity lives in the world created and wisely ruled by omnipotent God". This proof straightens old ignorant beliefs of the official "atheistic orthodox science" that the world without God and the world with God would look identically. However, as the new "totaliztic science" informs us about this in item #B1 from the web page named changelings_pl.htm, a world without God would differ drastically from the world created and wisely governed by a highly intelligent God. For example, in a world without God, the fate of the people would be ruled by the Darwinian principle of the "survival of the fittest", while in the world wisely ruled by the almighty God, the fate of the people is discreetly subject to the principle of the "extinction of most immoral" described in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm. The formal proof that "the humanity lives in the world created and wisely ruled by almighty God" is presented in item #B3 from the web page named changelings.htm.
       (5) The formal scientific proof that "people have eternal souls". This proof assures us scientifically in the matter about which there is NO claims of the official science. In addition, it allows that in item #C6 of the web page named soul_proof.htm is reinforced the finding of the new "totaliztic science" that "the soul enters the body at the time of breaking the umbilical cord" (i.e. NOT at the time of conception - as it is argued by mindless "arsonists of abortion clinics"). The formal scientific proof stating that "people have immortal souls" is presented in item #G2 from the web page named soul_proof.htm, in item #C1.1 of the web page named nirvana.htm, and also in subsection I5.2.1 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       (6) The formal scientific proof that "God authorised the Bible". It confirms scientifically what the Bible itself says, namely, that no matter to whom the official "atheistic orthodox science" tries to attribute the authorship of the Bible, the actual author of it (and also the author of other "holy books") is God Himself. This proof is presented in item #B1 from the web page named bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself, and also in subsection M7.1 from volume 11 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       The evidential value of this formal scientific proof that "God authorized the Bible", was further augmented by the completion of the same proof with a completely different method of "matching attributes". Its completion with this different proving method is discussed in item #B2 of the abovementioned web page named bible.htm.
       (7) The formal scientific proof that "DNA are most simple forms of natural computers which control the passage through time of cells in which these DNA reside, while this control of the passage of cells through time DNA accomplish by a sequential running of software 'programs of life and fate' contained in memories of these DNA". This proof shows to us, among others, how people can repeatedly go back in time to years of their youth, and thus can gain access to immortal life. It is presented in item #D7 from the web page named immortality.htm - about time, time vehicles and access of people to immortality, as well as in subsection M1.6 from volume 11 of my newest monograph marked [1/5].
       (8) The formal scientific proof that "UFO vehicles do exist objectively and they are already operational Magnocrafts". People typically do not see the connection between God and UFOs (and refuse to even consider the fact of existence of such a relationship). However, this relationship follows directly from two immensely important discoveries of the new "totaliztic science", namely from the discovery (1) that "the main goal for the accomplishment of which God created people is the 'pursue of knowledge' ", and from the discovery (2) that "God deliberately 'simulates' on the Earth a whole array of phenomena and objects, including UFOs, to inspire in people such pursue of knowledge and searches for truths". Both these discoveries were made in 2007 due to the use of a different "a priori" approach to research, introduced to the scientific use only by the new so-called "totaliztic science" - that is by this new science which is described more comprehensively in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm. The immensely vital discovery (1) of the new "totaliztic science", that "the major goal for the accomplishment of which God created people is the 'pursue of knowledge' ", is described more comprehensively, amongst others, in subsections A3.2 from volume 1 and in subsection NF5 from volume 12 of my newest monograph [1/5], as well as in a number of totaliztic web pages - for example see items #B1 to #B3 from the web page named antichrist.htm. In turn the vital discovery (2) of the new "totaliztic science", that "God deliberately 'simulates' UFO vehicles", and also that God "simulates" a whole array of different phenomena and objects which inspire in people creative searches (e.g. God "simulates" also bones of dinosaurs), is described, amongst others, in #105 from subsection W4 in volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5], as well as in a number of totaliztic web pages - for example see items #K1 and #L1 to #L4 from the web page named day26.htm. Both these discoveries have this to themselves, that philosophically they justify the need for a realistic "simulation" by God of all these physical phenomena and objects that create an illusion which inspire research because it bothers people that the knowledge which originates from God and is given to people in holy books (e.g. in the Bible) is supposedly contradictive to the knowledge resulting from scientific research of the reality that surrounds us. In other words, these discoveries justify e.g. the need for God to "simulate" UFO vehicles, UFOnauts, "bones of dinosaurs", various monsters of the kind of one from the Loch Ness in Scotland, geological layers which suggest multi-million age of the Earth, etc., etc. In turn, the formal proving that UFO vehicles do exist objectively, is simultaneously one amongst indirect proofs that God does exist, and thus that in the universe does exist a superior and mighty being which has its own superior goals (of the pursue of knowledge kind) for the accomplishment of which this superior being created the humanity. (After all, if God does NOT exist, He would not be able to "simulate" so skilfully and realistically the existence of UFOs, that the whole army of well-paid scientists for many centuries remained helpless and ignorant in all matters regarding these UFOs.) A brief summary of the proof that "UFO vehicles do exist objectively and they are already completed Magnocrafts" was published on the web page named ufo_proof.htm. In turn the full version of this proof is published in subsections P2 to P2.17 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5] (disseminated free of charge via every totaliztic web page, amongst others also via this page). The formal scientific proof, that "UFOs do exist objectively and they are already completed Magnocraft", was historically the first formal scientific proof developed by the author of this web page, which uses the highly reliable proving method called the method of "matching attributes" (which method has a physical nature and is based on empirical evidence). This method was later used several times to complement and reinforce other most important author's proofs completed theoretically with the method of mathematical logic (i.e. proofs like the one repeated above in item #G2 of this web page).
       (9) The formal scientific proof that "religious devils are present UFOnauts". This formal proof is described in more details in item #G1 from the separate web page named ufo.htm, as well as in subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of my slightly older monograph [1/4]. My capability to develop this formal proof reveals, that in order to accomplish easier His superior goals, God utilises also especially created for this purpose (means "simulated") evil creatures, which in past were called "devils", while in present times were renamed into "UFOnauts" - so that they can be easier accepted by present people with secular and scientifically-oriented views of the world. More information about "simulation" of "devils" by God provides "part #F" from the web page named god.htm.
* * *
       The development of all these formal scientific proofs became possible only due to the formulation of the new so-called "totaliztic science" broadly described, amongst others, in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm, or in items #F1 to #F3 from the web page named god_exists.htm. The reason is that the old so-called "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. this official science paid from our taxes, which erroneous statements people continue to learn in schools and at universities) abuses its absolute "monopoly for knowledge", and it refuses to carry out research on these topics which are in any way contrary to the philosophical foundations adopted by it officially, such as: the "Occam's Razor", atheism, "a posteriori" approach to research - i.e. the approach "from effects to causes", etc. (Notice that this old "atheistic orthodox science" completely ignores "a priori" approach to research - i.e. ignores the approach "from cause to effect" means "from God understood as a superior cause of everything, to the world around us as the effect of actions of that God". This approach "a priori" was implemented in the content of the modern scientific methods only by the new "totaliztic science", while the above formal scientific proofs represent just one amongst numerous kinds of the results that it already yield. Various other results of the same "a priori" approach to research are summarized in item #B1 from the separate web page named changelings.htm.)
       It is worth to add here, that all the above formal proofs were fiercely discussed both in Internet as well as in open discussions, and in fact NO-ONE was able to undermine their validity. The existence of such fierce debates is illustrated, amongst others, by the resolution discussed e.g. in item #J2 from the web page named explain_pl.htm or in item #D2 from the web page named timevehicle.htm. In turn the content of some amongst these public discussions still to this day can be retraced on the online forums linked, amongst others, in item #E2 from the web page named faq_pl.htm, or on the blog of totalizm with the address Such fierce discussions of these profs, which, however, have NOT resulted in undermining the validity of any of them, actually means that all these proofs retain their power until today and for our own good we should consider them in everything that we do.

#G4. Although increasingly more supporters of the "new wave of Christian creationism" selectively picks up in their arguments some amongst ideas contained in my formal proofs, still they are "ashamed" of referring their audience to my proofs, while because of the transformation of my findings and logical deductions so that these fit into their "Christian ideology", they direct people to "search for the truth along the path of biggest mistakes":

Motto: "The accomplishing of the 'pursue of knowledge' goal by God, for which goal He created people, turns out to be so complicated and so demanding process, that in order to reach this goal God was forced to create a whole system for the 'generation of knowledge', the mutually interacting components of which system include, amongst others, human errors and rectifications of errors made by maximally imperfect people, the giving to people the so-called 'free will', the 'persuading' of people that they must lead moral lives, the achieving of everything along the 'path of the greatest errors', the dynamic balance between atheism and certainly of the existence of God, and several yet further means of 'pursuing of knowledge'."

       In 1957, as a young boy living with pedantically Catholic grandmother, along with a group of my friends who were "altar servers-boys", I made the effort to also become an "altar server" and to serve for masses in the church from the village named "Cielcza" near Jarocin, Poland. However, in spite of the numerous efforts described in more details in item #G3 from the totaliztic web page named cielcza_uk.htm, everything was like "conspiring" so that I do NOT become such an "altar server". Events which then prevented me from getting the role of an altar server went far beyond what is typically considered to be "random" or "coincidental" events. These events clearly represented deliberate actions of some "superior power" (i.e. God). As a result, instead of becoming then an altar server, a few years later I was turning to be "an atheist". So when in 1985 during researching the surrounding reality as an "atheistic scientist", I developed my Concept of Dipolar Gravity - which made me aware of the certainty of the existence of God, I started to wonder "why God did NOT allow me to become an altar server-boy back in 1957?" The answer to this question I found only when I started to analyze the today's "ideology of Catholicism", or more specifically, departures of Catholicism (as well as practically all other religions) from vital truths regarding God. As it turns out, to find out the truths regarding God, one cannot have his mind distracted by the ideological baggage imposed onto us by any kind of an ageing religion, but should start the investigations from the very beginning - in the best circumstances, starting from the point of view of an "atheist". After all, every religion is an institution. In turn, as an institution, every religion is managed by imperfect people. So although every religion has started from the actual truths revealed to people by God (in the case of Catholicism - has started from the truths written down in the Bible), with the passage of time these imperfect people that are managing the institution of a given religion, bring to it increasingly more their own interpretations - and hence also increasingly more errors and distortions. In the result, after some time every religion completely "drowns" the truth about God in the flood of such misinterpretations and distortions introduced to it by imperfect people who manage it and who set the directions in which it keeps changing.
       Let us briefly illustrate this on an example. In order people actually "pursue of knowledge" - that is, in order they assisted God in achieving the main goal for which they were originally created and which I explained in (8) from the previous item #G3, people must lead a life according to a set of rigid principles which we know today under the name of "morality" - which in more details is explained in items #L1 to #L5 from the web page named magnocraft.htm. Unfortunately, in spite that in the somehow "camouflaged" manner (to NOT deprive people of their "free will"), God severely punishes anyone who tries to live "immorally", and in spite of that among the people already for many centuries operates the principle of "extinction of most immoral" (described in more details in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm), people stubbornly refuse to understand, that they have an absolute obligation to lead the moral life. So in order to teach the people the most important truths and the requirements regarding "morality" and the leading of moral life, God in various cultures sent to the Earth His "bodily representations". These "bodily representations of God" are special beings especially created for this purpose by God, which have bodies that look identical to a human body, but which minds are firmly connected to the mind of God. Hence, they do NOT have a "free will" - such as people do, but they do only what the superior mind of God tells them to do. Their more detailed descriptions are provided on a number of totaliztic web pages - for example in item #D1 of the web page newzealand_visit.htm. In the Christian religion, such most important amongst "bodily representations of God" sent to Earth, was named "Jesus". In order to explain to people in a simple way and with the use of imperfect terminology that was available in biblical times, that Jesus was NOT fully neither God nor man, but just such a "bodily representation of God", in the Bible for Jesus God uses the closest in meaning name of the "Son of God". Unfortunately, the imperfect people who later interpreted the scope of meaning of this ambiguous name of the "Son of God", taking it from a number of different contexts in which the Bible was using it, reinterpreted it later as the name for "God" and practically positioned Jesus in front of true God. Although Christians still recognise "God Father" as being superior towards Jesus, the human stereotypes state that "like father like son" - which proverb expresses also a typical belief that "the appearance and limitations of the father must be similar to the appearance and limitations of the son". In the result of all this, almost every present strongly believing Christian understands God as a kind of human with the appearance of Jesus. This understanding of God automatically transfers to Him all human limitations. For example, it automatically implies, that God having the human form of Jesus, must have limited opportunities e.g. in seeing of everything that is extremely small with His eyes and mind - e.g. seeing elementary particles, and also in seeing of everything that is very large - for example, the entire galaxies. Therefore, people saturated with the present, already significantly deviated, "Christian ideology", will have inherited difficulties in understanding, for example, how God manages the intelligent behaviours of such very small elementary particles, while He also governs the fate of the whole stars and galaxies. Also, minds of such strong Christian believers is NOT able to switch then to the understanding of God as the kind of "natural program" which self-evolved and currently resides inside the ever-moving counter-matter, and thus which has a size of the entire visible universe, while simultaneously whose sub-programs reside inside of every elementary particle and thus govern its behaviour - as God is explained by the new "totaliztic science", amongst others, on the web page named god.htm.
       This "ideological baggage of Christianity", which is carried in minds of practically all representatives of the "new wave of Christian creationism", has a serious impact on the fate of my formal proofs summarized in previous item #G3. As it is apparent from my watching of discussions and presentations, which after the publication of my proofs are conducted by these creationists in internet and on television, although they adopted in their argumentations some of the ideas and a certain evidence from my proofs, they are "ashamed" to recommend to their listeners the need for learning the complete wordings of my proofs and all of my findings. After all, their minds saturated with the Christian ideology, really are NOT willing to accept the entire truth that my research reveals about God. In turn, without the learning and accepting of the entire truth, the knowledge that I try to share with others becomes distorted and does NOT do its work. After all, God is impossible to fully embrace and to fully understand, if one looks at Him from the point of view of human limitations and capabilities. In order to really get to know and comprehend God, one has to put oneself in His situation and look at everything from the perspective of His divine abilities and goals. But such "putting oneself in the situation of God" requires from people two breakthroughs in their views of the world. Firstly (1), it requires that people "started to learn about God from almost a scratch", means that they "distant their minds from already overgrown with deviations ideology of their own religion" - as on the example of Christian ideology it is already explained above. Secondly (2), it also requires from people to "learn about God from the new philosophical approach called 'a priori' ", means that they need to "separate the rules with the aid of which they learn about God from the old philosophical approach 'a posteriori' to the exclusive use of which urge them the atheistic methods developed by the old official science".
       The cognitive problems and errors resulting from use of the old atheistic approach "a posteriori" that is imposed on the humanity by the old official science, again it is best to explain and illustrate with an example. In turn, a good example and illustration of these cognitive problems and errors is present situation of the official atheistic science in research of "earthquakes" - i.e. the situation described, amongst others, on the web page named quake.htm. Namely, this old "a posteriori" approach orders to research everything from effects to causes. For example, in the case of "earthquakes", it orders to first analyze and explore "what physical mechanisms cause earthquakes", and only then it allows an attempt to find methods of predicting and preventing earthquakes that supposedly would result from these mechanisms. Unfortunately, such an approach leads to the situation, that scientists are lost in the vast multitude of details describing "effects", and in fact are never able to come to finding the actual "causes". This is why the today official science has NO idea yet how to predict when and where a next earthquake (or any other cataclysm) is to strike, nor it knows a method how these earthquakes can effectively be prevented. However, if a given problem someone researches scientifically from a new "a priori" approach of the new "totaliztic science", means from the approach "from cause to effects", or from "God understood as a superior cause to the surrounding reality understood as effects of actions of God", then for each phenomenon and each object very easily can be discovered its "cause". For example, the primary "cause" of earthquakes, as well as all other disasters and harms, is the human "immorality" - as this is documented by empirical evidence in items #I3 to #I5 from the web page named petone.htm. In turn, knowing the "cause" of earthquakes, it is not difficult to deduce where the next one is to hit, and how to prevent it. After all, the next earthquake (or any other disaster) hits into the community which level of "immorality" has already exceeded the threshold value of being tolerable to God - as this is illustrated, for example, in item #G2 from the web page named prophecies.htm. In turn, to prevent an earthquake (or any other cataclysm or harm), it just suffices that a given community changes its behaviours into more "moral" ones - means that they begin to practice the philosophy of totalizm.
       Let us briefly clarify now, how the above example explains effects of a widespread use of the old atheistic approach called "a posteriori" by today's advocates of the "new wave of Christian creationism". Well, this approach causes, that in matters of God, creationists "bog down in details" in the identical manner as present "luminaries of official science" also "bog down" in research of earthquakes. In other words, when attempting to get to know God, starting "from effects of His actions", today's proponents of creationism literally "get lost in details" and never are able to get to these general principles which for us are the most important regarding God. I mean, they never are able to get to exploring e.g. the superior God's goals, methods of God's acting, to find what God really is and how He evolved in the ever-moving counter-matter, etc., etc. For example, instead of researching, "is it at all possible that more than one omnipotent God could exist in the universe, why the single and only God created a whole number of slightly differing religions, what are the similarities between claims of all these numerous religions, etc." (as this is explained, amongst others, in item #C6 from the web page named prawda_uk.htm), and in the result of this research instead of arriving to conclusions similar to the ones which I published in item #L2 from the web page named magnocraft.htm, today's proponents of creationism are getting lost in details of supposedly different gods that are described by each separate religion, and get stuck in justifications why the claims of Christianity are to be trusted, while statements of all other religions should be ignored as supposedly containing untruths. For these reasons, the actual "path to the truth about God", the adopting of which path the present followers of creationism should finally cease to avoid, is 'a priori' approach to research indicated to them by the philosophical and scientific foundations of the new "totaliztic science" - amongst others, in the content of this web page.
       Some people who strongly believe in God, in fact are afraid to really research and really get to know their creator, because researching and learning always in connected with asking various inquisitive questions (e.g. such as questions asked above). After all, one amongst the first ideological deviations of every religion and cult, is manifested by the ban of questioning and scientific research concerning our creator - and by insinuating, that every inquisitiveness regarding God is a version of blasphemy. In the result of this deviation, the progress of knowledge about our creator becomes "frozen" by such bans. Of course, such bans are very "petty", contradictive to the Bible, and in fact offensive for omniscience and omnipotence of God. After all, the omniscient God knows all our thoughts and intentions. Thus, God perfectly well is able to distinguish our asking questions resulting from the love to the creator and from the need to get to know better our loved God, from e.g. a blasphemy that stems from someone's grudge, anger, or even hate. Besides, it is our God who created us in such a way, that if we love someone very much, e.g. if we love as much as the author of this web page loves his creator, then the expression of this our love is the need to thoroughly get to know whomever we love. This is because without a thorough getting to know whomever we love, we are unable to fulfil wishes of the loved one. In turn an expression of our love to someone, is that we try to fulfil all wishes of that someone.

Part #H: Religious evidence for the existence of God:


#H1. The evidence that "all religions of the world state exactly the same", thus that all religions must have the same author - means the only existing and always the same God:

       In my opinion the most convincing scientifically evidence that God does exist, which originates from religions, is the fact that all religions of the world state exactly the same. The fact of a precise repetition of the same information in all religions of the world, no matter in what period these religions were formed, nor how isolated from the rest of the world were followers of given religions, was illustratively proven in item #C6 of the totaliztic web page prawda_uk.htm, while addiitonally extended in items #D1 to #D4 of the totaliztic web page newzealand_visit.htm. In order to save on space in server's memory, I am NOT going to repeat here this evidence. However, readers are welcome to have a look at abovementioned items from web pages prawda_uk.htm and newzealand_visit.htm.

#H2. Miracles which happened in my presence and in my surrounding, and thus which I saw with my own eyes:

       Miracles are the most reliable proof of the existence of God. After all, according to findings of my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, miracles are events which occurrence cannot be caused by natural phenomena nor by technical devices in human disposal, and thus manifestation of which requires a direct intervention of God. Somehow it happens that in my surroundings miracles keep happening every now and again. Therefore until now I saw quite a lot of them with my own eyes. As a scientist who researches unexplained, I verified thoroughly each one amongst miracles that I saw, whether it could be fabricated by people, or whether it was a freak of nature. But every miracle which I saw indicated the work of some superior intelligence or/and technology, the advancement of which immensely exceeded the level of present human knowledge and technology - means every one of them fulfilled the definition of actual miracle. Below I am going to list most spectacular out of miracles the occurrences of which I saw with my own eyes and still remember, and I am going to indicate where these miracles are described in more details. Here they are - listed in the chronological order:
       - (1954) The rain of living fish in Stawczyk. It was the first miracle which I saw and remember in my life. It took place in my native village named Stawczyk. More comprehensive description of this miracle is provided in subsection I3.5 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       Intriguingly, from the article entitled "Desert town baffled as fish fall from sky" from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, March 2, 2010), I read that inhabitants of a small North-Australian town named Lajamanu, located in the middle of desert - with the nearest larger water reservoir distant by at least 550 km, experienced a similar rain of living fish like my abovementioned rain from Wszewilki -Stawczyk. (This rain of living fish from Stawczyk is described in more details, amongst others, in the caption under "Fig. #24" from the web page named milicz_uk.htm.) A week before that article appeared, in this Australian town rains appeared in two different days, when from the heaven fell small alive spangled perch fishes. From the description it appeared that this "perch-fish rain" from Australia in almost every attribute (e.g. the density of falling fish, their size and vitality) was almost the same as the rain of alive roach fish which I watched in Wszewilki-Stawczyk. Scientists immediately rushed to "explain scientifically" this rain of alive fish with the use of a "tornado" which supposed to take the fish from a lake and then deposit it in the town. The only problem with this "scientific explanation" was that in Australia nor vicinity at that time NO-ONE noticed even a single tornado for a long time, and that the weather conditions in there did not support at that time the appearance of tornadoes. It is also worth to emphasize, that there were two separate rains of fish, so there would also need to be two separate tornadoes which in addition would need to have the "intelligence" to be able to make a mutual agreement that they drop the uplifted fish on the exactly the same town.
       It is worth to add here, that around 20 June 2010 in Slovakia rained alive frogs. This "rain of frogs" could be seen, amongst others, on the video available at In January 2012 descriptions of this "rain of frog" still could be found (in Polish) on the web page from
       - (1964) The attack and getting wounded by a griffin. A "griffin" is an animal that does NOT exist permanently. It looks like a cross of a lion with an eagle. But I saw a griffin and even was attacked by it and wounded. That attack of griffin is described comprehensively in subsection R4.2 from volume 15 of my newest monograph [1/5]. It is also mentioned in item #E8 from the web page newzealand.htm, and in item #H1 of the web page wszewilki_uk.htm.
       - (1988 to 2008) Noticing a number of changes in the location of a tower from Oamaru in New Zealand. This tower sometimes is adjusted to the church, another times stands around two meters from this church. Its most recent photograph is shown in item #D2 from the web page newzealand.htm.
       - (1990) Miraculous surviving the shooting in Aramoana. It is described in more details in item #77 from subsection W4 in volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5] and also in item #77 from subsection A4 in volume 1 of my older monograph [1/4], while briefly is mentioned in item #K3 from the web page fe_cell.htm.
       - (1991) Reading a book in the library which was NOT in there. This miracle is described in item 3 from subsection V5.1 in my older monograph [1/4].
       - (1995) My miraculous healing in Malbork. It is described in more details in item #B3 from the web page malbork_uk.htm.
       - (1995) My healing in the church from Warszawa about which later it turned out that it does NOT exists in Warszawa. It was like a continuation of miraculous healing from Malbork, described in the previous paragraph. This miraculous healing from Warszawa is described more comprehensively in item #B4 from the web page malbork_uk.htm, and also in item #D6.1 from totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm.
       - (1997) The visit in the Sai Baba temple in which I was shown and explained the unexplained growth of holy ash named "vibhuti" on portraits of Sai Baba. In times when I saw this growth of powder "vibudhi" (and when I was given a sample of it - which I still have somewhere until today), I suspected that this powder was synthesised by a highly advanced technology of UFOnauts that are invisible to human sight. But in 2007 I determined on basis of a large body of evidence that in reality UFOnauts are intentionally "simulated" by God - for details see item #G7 on the web page eco_cars.htm. Thus, whatever I saw was a miracle intentionally simulated as a fabrication. This miracle I discuss sceptically in subsection VB5.3.3 from volume 17 and in subsection I3.5 from volume 5 of my older monograph [1/4].
       - (1998) Encountering the most convincing case when the death of my acquaintance was annulated through the shifting back his time. In my life I got to know in person 4 people who were aware that most probably they died but their death was annulated through shifting their time back. The first of these people was a woman whom I met in 1989 in home of my fried farmer named Gerrard Eckhoff from Coal Creek near Roxburgh in New Zealand. At that time I continued research of UFO landing sites scorched magnetically on his property (these UFO landing sites are described, amongst others, in "Fig. V2" from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5]. During several years of my research on these UFO landing sites I become friendly with Mr Eckhoff. Thus on the occasion of my arrival to Roxburgh he invited me for a dinner in his farm. In this dinner took part also a family of his friends. When learned that I research the unexplained phenomena the woman from that family told me a case which just happened to her and to her husband. Namely, driving a car behind a corner they saw another car going along the same side of road as they did. There was no time for changing the side of road - so they had a head-on collision with this other car. Then their time as if got suspended, everything become still for a moment, and while time again started to run normally, they discovered that they drive on a different side of the road, while nearby there is NO other car. I did NOT place much attention to story of that lady, as I just get to know her, and also she was unable to explain me what exactly happened in the moment of their collision. But in 1998 my friend whom I knew very well and whose evidence I trusted completely (i.e. Dr Jan (Bob) Valkenburg) told me details of almost an identical case that he experienced in person. His case I described comprehensively in #4D from subsection I4.1.1 in volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Then I met still two further people who also were aware that they were restored from death in almost an identical manner (i.e. through shifting back their time - as this is described in items #D5 and #B4.1 of the totaliztic web page named immortality.htm.) In addition to the above, I suspect that in a similar manner also was restored to life Mr Peter Daysh Davey described below - although he himself was NOT aware that died in past and then was restored to life. All these people I knew in person, thus their miraculous experiences I know from so-called "first hand" and for me they have the same value as if I saw them with my own eyes. Also each one out of these cases supports my "software concept of time" which is described, amongst others, on the web pages immortality.htm and timevehicle.htm.
       - (1999) Eating ice-cream in a parlour which did NOT exist. It is described in item #D6 from the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm.
       - (2006) Admiring and an attempt to photograph a church painting which never existed in this church. In item #D6 of totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm I described a case when in a church I saw a painting of an angle that stood under a cross with Jesus. But when I returned to this church to photograph this painting, it turned out that it never existed in that church.
       - (2008) Visit in a building the destruction of which I watched in 1998. It was the home of New Zealand inventor named Peter Daysh Davey (senior). I described it in items #A2, #C2 and #D2 of the web page boiler.htm, in item #E5 of the web page free_energy.htm, and also in (4) from item #D6 of the web page timevehicle.htm.
       - (2009) Taking me to Stawczyk of the far future. In item #C4 from the web page stawczyk_uk.htm, and also in item #J3 from the web page wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm, I described the event when I was taken to a visit in my native village from the distant future - I suspect that around the year 2222.
* * *
       Independently from the above, highly spectacular miracles, in my life I also experienced a large number of rather "humble miracles", means their version which did NOT make on me such shocking impression as the above miracles. The most frequently occurring case of such "humble miracles:, is the phenomenon which in item #C6 of the web page timevehicle.htm (and also in subsection N4.1 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5]) is described under the name of "effect of duplication of time". Until 2007 I considered this effect to be caused by starting nearby a UFO vehicle which works like a "time vehicle". But around a half of 2007 I determined, that also this effect is intentionally "simulated" by God to be appearing as if a time vehicle is starting. Typically it manifests itself on repeating twice a sequence of events which occupied previous around 30 seconds. This kind of a "humble miracle" I typically see around once each year. Another kind of "humble miracles" were miraculous saving my life in situations when I literally "touched death" and when this death appeared to be unavoidable. In my life to-date I counted almost 30 such situations (until 2007 I considered them to be someone's intentional, although secretive, "assassination attempts" at my life.) Frequently these "touching death" was very dramatic - as e.g. the case from the village Cielcza - in 1957 described also in item #B1 of the web page pajak_jan_uk.htm - when a shotgun aimed at my head fired from a distance of around 2 meters - but almost an entire charge was caught by my colleague who in that moment of time walked between me and that shotgun (so that only a single pallet went through my hat on the head), or the case from 1992 described in subsection VB4.5.1 of my older monograph [1/4] - when during collecting shellfish a huge ocean wave washed me out of the rock, but instead of drowning me in boiling depths this wave thrown me on the shore. Still another frequent miracles which happened in my vicinity, were changes of shapes of hard rocks which I knew well. For example, in years 1988 to 1999, during my staying in Dunedin, New Zealand, I liked to climb onto a volcanic rock called the "Lawyers Head", which formed a miniature peninsular extending into the ocean. Philosophising and resting on the top of this specific rock was safe (i.e. waves never reached a top of it), pleasant (it was always shielded from wind by a nearby cliff and well exposed to sun), and filling with energy. But in spite that this rock was made of a hard lava and its upper surface was not washed by sea, every now and again the appearance of its top, and thus also the configuration of my favourite spot for sitting, was drastically changed. To similar frequent changes was subjected rocks from the sea side (left) of the path that led along penguins nests in Oamaru (sometimes these rocks disappeared completely, another times they towered over the path). Of course, in my life I experienced also numerous other kinds of "humble miracles", but I am not going to describe these here.
       The above I should complement with my belief that probably every person on the Earth experiences in his or her life numerous miracles, similar to the ones which I saw and described above. Only that our education and present system of views orders us to overlook and ignore these miracles, while even if someone notices them, then treat them as "playing of imagination" and forget them fast. Therefore, in order to assist the reader in recalling what extraordinary could also happen to him or to her, in item #F3 from a separate web page wszewilki_uk.htm - I listed almost all miracles and extraordinary events that were shown to me in my entire life. If, after reading this web page, or that other one, the reader begins to take notice of what happens to him or her, then probably will identify also his or her own miracles which are to prove the existence and actions of God.

#H3. Wisdom contained in the Bible which exceeds present level of science and technology on the Earth:

       Another religious proof for the existence of God is the Bible. It hides inside the scientific and technological knowledge as well as life wisdom, which immensely exceeds everything that present scientists know - for samples of this advanced knowledge see item #C12 on the totaliztic web page bible.htm, or item #D5 on the totaliztic web page immortality.htm. This means that in times of writing the Bible so advanced knowledge could be known only to God Himself. Thus, the presence of this advanced knowledge coded into verses of the Bible is another proof that God really exists and that He indirectly was authorising the Bible by coding into it His own immense knowledge.
       In order to prove the above finding, let us consider the example of advanced biblical knowledge contained in verses from "2 Kings" 20:1-11. As I already documented this in analysis from item #D5 of the totaliztic web page immortality.htm, these verses describe the "principle on which DNA works when it is utilised for overcoming death and for extending life through shifting someone back in time with the use of time vehicles". Of course, such a content of these verses means, that whoever authorised the Bible, must already know during writing it that DNA and genetics do exist - although human scientists discovered DNA quite recently. Also this someone knew that such DNA can be utilised for shifting time back (and thus for building so-called "time vehicles") - although the majority of present scientists still do NOT know this fact even in present times. Furthermore, this someone must also know that the way to overcome death and to become immortal is to shift time back - which knowledge, in spite of many years of my stubborn teaching, still is rejected by present scientists.
       The reason for which many people who read the Bible do NOT notice this advanced knowledge coded into it, is that the Bible was purposely so written that it is a kind of "tumble of puzzles". The point is that: While formulating the Bible God did NOT intend to provide in it free recipes for lazy and for ignorant people. Thus God so coded into the Bible His advanced knowledge and guidelines of behaviour, that these can be decoded only by people who previously earned the honour of learning them. In other words, the Bible only confirms and reassures these ones who previously learned laboriously a given knowledge from the real life. In turn for lazy, ignorant, incompetent, and unbelieving people of various sorts, who did NOT earn the honour of receiving such confirmations and reassurances, the Bible closes its content making on them the impression that it is just a compendium of histories and fables told by ancient shepherds.

Part #I: The existence of God confirmed by the highly intellegent formation and work of the universe, which would NOT be possible without continuous interventions of God into the correct formation and control over the operation of this universe:


#I1. The existence of God confirmed by the "canon of Ambiguity" - means by the main reason for which God always hides from people His own existence and always gives to His actions an ambiguous character:

       In order to not deprive people the so-called "free will", everything that God does must be carried out according to the canon of ambiguity which is described in subsection JB7.4 from volume 7 of my newest monograph [1/5] and also older monograph [1/4]. This "canon of ambiguity" states that in the universe ruled intelligently by God nothing can be fully unambiguous and deprived sources of all doubts, because then the God's creations that confront it would be deprived the right to their own free will and the right to choose their own path. This is why every true miracle must allow to be explained on many different ways. This is also because of the action of this canon that every proof for the existence of God can be attempted to be explained also in an atheistic manner.
       The existence and action of the "canon of ambiguity" causes that in order to maintain the objectivity and unbiased approach, the official human science should explain every fact on two different ways - namely atheistically, as well as with the acknowledgement of the existence of God. But the present official science does NOT do this at all. It explains everything just atheistically, while if is NOT able to explain something atheistically it either just denies the existence of it, or hides it from people. Thus, in order to restore the balance and unbiased approach to the scientific facts, and also in order to allow people to make an "informed choice" in matters of God, it is necessary to reveal also facts that certify for the existence of God, and to explain these facts scientifically from the point of view of the "existence of God". This part of the web page assumes such a task.
       More information about the "canon of ambiguity" is provided on the web page will.htm - about maintaining "free will" of individual people and control over an entire Earth's civilisation.

#I2. The existence of God confirmed by the so-called "curse of inventors" - which iron work would NOT be possible without a direct and continuous influencing the fate of people by God:

       This extraordinary "curse of inventors" is described in details in items #G1 to #G8 of the totaliztic web page named eco_cars.htm. The actual work of this "curse of inventors" with the iron consistency on every morally creative "progress maker", can be verified by practically every reader. Therefore, this curse is also an easy to check proof that God really does exist.

#I3. The existence of God confirmed by the fact that immoral behaviours of individual people and entire so-called "group intellects" are still "punished" even today by e.g. bringing destructive "cataclysms" onto them:

       Appropriate body of evidence that Acts of God which "punish immorality" are still taking place even today, is provided on a number of totaliztic web pages, e.g. see items #B5 and #C5 to #C7 from the web page named seismograph.htm, item #I3 from the web page named day26.htm, or item #H5 from the web page named tornado.htm.

#I4. Evidence for the existence of God incorporated into various objects that God formed at the stage of creating the Earth:

       Various "human-made structures" that exist on the Earth, in spite of "normal appearance" and old age, in fact are impossible for making by the human technology - even this of today. One amongst best examples of just such structures, are numerous " Inca Walls" - similar to the one shown below in "Fig. #I1". The problem with these walls boils down to the precision with which surfaces of mutual stick of subsequent stones are made along irregular curves. This irregular curves make impossible even the present formation of such surfaces with the accuracy which is present in these "Inca Walls" (i.e. with the accuracy to tens fractions of millimetre). In fact I know a Polish citizen who especially took with himself a thin shaving razor (gillette) into his trip to Peru, in order to check whether he will be able to fit his gillete into a gap between two stones from such an "Inca Wall". As He determined it in person - his thin gillette was impossible to fit into any such gaps. But, we should emphasize here, that so great accuracy between components of any stone structure, subsequent parts of which fit together via irregular curves, even the present human technology and science is unable to accomplish. (This accuracy the present science and technology could only accomplish if the mutually joined were more easy for machining metals, not stones, and if surfaces along which stones are fitted have some regular shape that is possible for manufacturing with present machine tools, e.g. the shape of an ideally flat planes - such as in bricks, or ideally round rods - such as these in wheels and in axels. Thus e.g. today people could build similarly accurate stone wall if it was composed of exclusively ideally rectangular and perfectly dimensioned stone cubes. In turn for so precise manufacturing irregular concave surfaces in stones, such as these visible here on the wall from "Fig. #I1" today people still do NOT have yet the required machines.)
       Of course, the "Inca Wall" described above is just one amongst many examples of structures formed intentionally by God in order to inspire humans to creative searches for truth. Other similar structures include, amongst others, great pyramids of Giza, great China wall - which supposedly in past extended au to the shores of the Caspian Sea, the "Sigiriya" fortress in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka, and several other such structures. Furthermore, for the same purpose of inspiring people, God fabricated also "bones of dinosaurs" described more comprehensively e.g. in item #H2 of the web page named god_exists.htm.
       The topic of intentional inspiring people by God to creative searches for truth (via creating on the Earth by God various controversial structures and forms with the level of accuracy that exceeds the present level of human science and technology), is also discussed in items #H1 and #H2 of the web page named god_exists.htm, as well as in subsection A10.1 from volume 1 of monograph [1/5].

Fig. #I1.

Fig. #I1: Here is an "engineering proof" for the existence of God, and for the fact of creation by God of various megalithic structures at the time when the Earth was created. This "engineering proof" boils down to such a high precision of mutual fitting of curvatures of stones that form the above "Inca Wall" (and also stones which form many other similar ancient walls from Peru), that the human technology neither today, nor even in near future, is able to build such a wall. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Notice that the above photograph is also shown and extensively discussed in "Fig. #H1" from the web page named god_exists.htm.

Part #J: The inspiring of people to seek truth about God:


#J1. Why God must inspire people to seek truth about Him:

       For many vital reasons God created highly imperfect people. This in turn has certain consequences. For example, one such a consequence of the human imperfection is that people are typically very lazy and they need to be inspired or forced to practically everything. Therefore, since the time when God created people, God become a master in forcing and inspiring people to act. He also developed for this purpose tens of highly effective methods. In this part discussed are some of such methods. (Other methods used by God are also discussed in item #D1 of the web page god.htm - with replies of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God.)

#J2. With what methods and for what reason God inspires everyone amongst us to seek truth about God, and forces us to contribute the personal effort into the cognitive recognition of evidence for the existence of God and into the earning the cognitive certainty that God does exist:

       Since 1985 is available to interested people an extraordinary theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.) This theory allows everyone who is familiar with it, to learn a lot about God. It means the theory allows to cognitively learn for example how God evolved, how He looks like and what nature He has, why God created the man, what God expects from people, etc. One group amongst items information which result from this "theory of everything", are methods with the use of which God causes that every moral accomplishment we must earn with our personal effort - including into this number also the learning of evidence about the existence of God. Let us review here most vital amongst these methods.
       1. The formation and maintaining the existence of the so-called "moral field". This field causes, that everything moral and truly beneficial for us, including into this also every real truth and all evidence for the existence of God, can be accomplished only with a significant contribution of work and effort, through the persistent climbing uphill in this moral field. (Practically this "climbing uphill in the moral field" boils down to the principle that "when doing anything that is moral we must follow the so-called 'line of the greatest resistance' ".) A description of the "moral field" is provided in item #A1 of the web page totalizm.htm - about totalizm means the philosophy of happy and fulfilled life.
       2. The formation of newly learned knowledge (in this number also evidence for the existence of God) into subsequent "levels of induction into the knowledge" that are defended by "barriers of awareness" which are very difficult to overcome. The "barriers of awareness" and "levels of induction into the knowledge" can be illustratively imagined as ripples (folds) that exists in the moral field. Means, "barriers of awareness" are like vertical cliffs or walls that exist in the moral field and that require difficult climbing in order to reach every new "level of induction into the knowledge". About these ripples or folds on the moral field I already wrote in item #F4 of the totaliztic web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth, and in item #D5 of the web page ufo.htm - i.e. a page with replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. whether they do exist, how they function, etc. So I suggest to have a look in there to learn about it.
       3. Surrounding the newly learned knowledge (including also evidence for the existence of God) with an entire ocean of controversial opinions, criticism from various "experts", ambiguity, false claims, etc. An example of use this method is indicated in item #J3.1 below.
       4. Giving ambiguity to some evidence for the existence of God, and motivating atheistic scientists to explain this evidence in an "atheistic" manner. This ambiguity of some evidence for the existence of God results from the so-called "Canon of Ambiguity" described, amongst others, in item #B9 of the totaliztic web page god.htm - about scientific and secular explanation of God.

#J3. Examples of specific methods and manners in which God forces us to contribute the personal labour and effort into acquiring the certainty that God really exists:

       In my research to-date I encountered a number of cases which illustrate perfectly methods with which God Himself makes impossible for people an effortless recognition of evidence for His existence. All such cases that I get to know so-far originate from a real life. Below I am going to explain several of these. With the use of similar methods God forces each person to contribute a personal effort and labour into the recognition of this evidence, and thus also into earning the certainty that God does exist:

#J3.1. The tree with excrescences in the shape of animals:

       A friend of mine posted me an email with photographs of the so-called "tree of life" which she received from her acquaintance via one of these "chain emails" that in present times cruise around the entire world. However, this particular "tree of life" was prepared technically by people from plastics in order to amuse children. It is exposed under the name "Tree of Life" in one amongst Disney's Parks. In September 2008 on blog from the address, I encountered an information that this tree is an exhibit in the "Disney Land’s 'Animal Kingdom' located at Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida."
       The extraordinary aspect of this tree is that supposedly the idea of it originates from a real tree with excrescences in the shape of animals, which supposed to grow in the place named Nalgonda, in dense forests of Andhra Pradesh, India. Thus although this Disney's tree is just a product of men, its idea supposedly originates from nature, means from the God's creativity. Because I do NOT have photographs of this real "tree of life" from India, below in "Fig. #J1" I am showing for the reader's information its "fabrication" prepared by people. Although this "fabrication" probably is much more beautiful and spectacular than the real "tree of life", still it is to give to us some idea about the creative potential of God.
       On this "tree of life" numerous growths supposed to be visible, which take shapes of various commonly known animals. Because such excrescences could NOT grow by a pure accident, the existence of a living tree in India which would have such excrescences, would actually represent almost a direct "evidence for the existence of God".
       Unfortunately for all atheists, the certainty of the existence of God one needs to earn with heavy effort and intentional labour. Thus even if the tree shown in "Fig. #J1" was really a photo of the real "tree of life" from India, not just a photo of human "fabrication" of that tree, still just looking at the photograph of this tree would NOT suffice at all for providing someone with the certainty that God does exist. After all, God so designed the human nature, that if someone have a doubt about something, then typically is unable to shake out this doubt. In turn a cultivation of any doubt of the kind "whether this tree is authentic" would becomes for us a "barrier of awareness" that is extremely difficult for overcoming, thus for the bypassing of which we need to contribute ourselves a significant effort and labour. So in order the tree described here in fact become for someone a convincing evidence that God does exist, firstly this someone would need to e.g. fly to the place where this tree supposedly grows, and check for himself with his or her own touch - like this Biblical "doubting Thomas" whether this tree really exists and grows in there (instead of being e.g. a "plastic imitation of a tree"). Alternatively, such a someone would need to laboriously prove, that this tree is NOT fabricated e.g. from plastics in some garden for the amusement of children and people, nor that photographs of this tree are fabrications cunningly faked by someone with the use of present computer technology. In both these cases such a person seeking a proof for the existence of God would need to contribute into the matter a lot of own effort. Thus, just meeting and reviewing a photograph of this tree, even if this photograph would be a real one, does NOT suffice for acquiring the certainty that God does exist.
       To summarise the deductions provided above, in order the "tree of life", or any other evidence for the existence of God, could become for someone an evidence which is to generate the certainty that God does exist, such someone would firstly need to put into research of this evidence a considerable effort and labour to overcome the "barrier of awareness" which is described by the doubt "whether this evidence is really authentic". Only if someone would overcome this "barrier of awareness" and climbed to the appropriate "level of induction into the knowledge" that would give him the certainty of the true existence of this evidence, then this could generate a cognitive certainty that God actually does exist.

Fig. #J1.

Fig. #J1: A photograph of so-called "Tree of Life" - only that formed from plastics. An idea for creating just such a tree most probably originates from supernatural attributes of Baobabs from Madagascar, described more comprehensively in item #F4.4 of the web page stawczyk_uk.htm. Baobabs have this supernatural attribute, that if someone carves in their living trunk any figure, e.g. one of animals visible above, then these trees heal fast their wounds, cover them with a new bark, while the figure carved in them looks as if it is grown naturally - means looks like figures on the above "Tree of Life" made of plastic. In 2008 my friend redirected to me photographs of the above plastic "Tree of Life" attached to one amongst these "chain emails" which lately are circulated around the world. The email claimed that in fact it is a real tree supposedly growing in the place named Nalgonda, in dense forests of Andhra Pradesh, India. But later it turned out that it is one amongst several such plastic trees exhibited for the amusement of tourists in Disney-Lands of the USA. The above photograph probably originates from the Disney Land’s "Animal Kingdom" located at "Epcot Centre" in Orlando, Florida, USA.
* * *
The above photograph illustrates compellingly that "everything that is beneficial for us we must earn with our own effort and struggles" - including into this also gaining the certainty that God does exist. (I.e. according to what is explained in item #A3 of this web page, neither the certainty of the God's existence, nor anything else, will be given to us for free. The reason is that "God purposely so designed our physical world and us, that everything that comes with pleasure and without any effort in the final count turns out to be detrimental for us and serving interests of someone else".) The above photograph presents a "fabricated" tree of life. If it would be a photograph of a real "tree of life", then perhaps it could become a cognitive evidence for us that God really exists - but only if we ourselves would previously contribute a required amount of effort to overcome in ourselves the "barrier of awareness" and prove that this tree really exists, grows, and is alive (instead of e.g. being produced technically from plastics). But in order to prove for ourselves the authenticity of this tree we would need to put a lot of effort and labour - not mentioning that at the very end of our searches still could turn out that the tree is made of plastics. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged, or to shift it to a different area of the screen.)

       The above photograph is probably a best illustration for the fact that acquiring the certainty about the God's existence requires putting a lot of personal effort and labour. After all, just viewing a photograph of such a tree would NOT convince anyone that God does exist - even if this photograph would present an authentic (meaning the truly living and naturally formed) such a "tree of life". This is because people who view a photograph of such a tree would immediately generate in themselves the so-called "barrier of awareness" in the form of the doubt "whether this tree in fact exists and whether it is really a living tree". The reason is that the certainty of God's existence cannot be given to us for "free", but we need to earn it with our own heavy labour. (This is why present people so unused to earning anything with their own labour so rarely are certain of the existence of God.)
       In addition to the above it is worth to remember that in matters of His existence God acts in a non-typical manner. Namely, on one hand He intentionally forms and indicates to people various evidence which lead all most stubborn "seekers of truth" to the certainty of His existence. On the other hand God makes this evidence so ambiguous that without a contribution of effort and labour it is unable to give to anyone a certainty that God does exist. A good example of this manner of acting by God are photographs of UFOs - as this is described in item #E3 of this web page. On one hand God "simulates" the existence of UFOs and allows people to take photographs of these starships - as this is explained in "part #F" of the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth, and "part #D" of the web page ufo.htm - i.e. a page with replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. whether they do exist, how they function, etc. But on the other hand God blocks effortless recognition of these photographs. Interestingly, the method frequently used by God for blocking the effortless recognition by people of the truth of all more valuable ideas, in this number - recognition of the authenticity of UFO photographs, is very similar to the method used in the matter of photographs of the "Tree of Life" shown here. Namely, this method depends just on confronting of something authentic - that supposed to be blocked (e.g. an authentic photograph of a UFO, or an authentic "Tree of Life") with some "fabrication" which displays various similarities to this blocked authentic idea or object. This discouraging for the majority of people method of blocking is described and illustrated with photographs on the totaliztic web page memorial.htm. Expressing the above in other words, in order to determine conclusively from such a dense bush of intentional disinformation and contradictive claims, whether a true (i.e. created by God and living) "Tree of Life" does exist or NOT, in fact one would need to contribute a significant effort and labour e.g. by flying to India and checking the truth in there.
* * *
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       If one wishes to shift a given Figure (i.e. a photograph or a drawing) - means if one wishes to move this Figure into another part of the screen where e.g. a description of it is located, and when simultaneously one wishes to reduce or reconfigure the separate window in which this illustration is to appear, then one needs to do as follows: (1) click on this illustration to make it appear in another new window, (2) make sure that this new window is set for capability to be reconfigured and shifting along the screen (for this one needs to have a look at the middle square out of the three squares present in the top-right corner of the screen - this middle square should contain inside just a single screen-icon, so if there are two such screen-icons inside of it, then one needs to click on them to turn them into a single screen-icon), (3) the "downsize" or "reconfigure" this another new window (with a given illustration) through "grabbing" its right-bottom corner with the mouse and then dragging this corner upwards-left to receive the required size and configuration of this different new window (notice that since this new window is downsized or reconfigured, then it is to stay this way for all next Figures being clicked - unless one enlarges or reconfigures the window again), and then (4) drag this another new window with the Figure that one wishes to relocate, to the area of the web page where one wishes to look at it e.g. because there is a description related to it (to move the new window with a Figure, one needs to just grab it with the mouse by the blue stripe on the top of it and then drag it to the required place). Notice also that if one scrolls (with scroll-bars) the text of a page when one reads it, this another window (with the illustration) is going to disappear. In order to return it into the new position on the screen, one needs to click on its "icon" (i.e. on the "program's button" from the taskbar) in the lowest part of the screen.

#J3.2. Natural outlines ("relief") of a giant figure of a knight, which are visible on the face of a vertical rock:

       In times of my childhood I heard many stories about an extraordinary natural like a "relief" of a giant knight that stands with legs apart, and that is visible on a flat vertical rock-cliffs in a high mountain. This gigantic natural relief of a knight supposed to exist on one amongst vertical rock-cliffs that are visible from the river Rhine. Unexpectedly for myself I then I saw this relief by a pure coincident in a documentary television film that was shown sometimes in the first quarter of 2008 in the New Zealand television. The film show this natural relief for a significant amount of time of around one minute - so I had a lot of time to look at it carefully. Unfortunately, I had NOT noticed neither the title of this documentary film, nor details of the programme and channel on which this film was broadcasted. This is because I remembered stories about this relief from my childhood - so I believed that it is well known to everyone. Furthermore, at the time of watching this film I did NOT have an idea that already soon afterwards I am going to need data about the location of this relief as well as a photograph of it.
       Several months later I decided to write this web page. Because earlier I encountered photographs of the tree with animals - shown in "Fig. #J1", I decided that together with them it would be beneficial to present also the photographs of this natural "relief" of a knight from the river Rhine. Unfortunately, after searching in several libraries and looking through tens of tourist guidebooks regarding Germany and the Rhine river, I was unable to find anything on the subject of this natural like "relief" of an ancient knight. I was shocked by the fact that for some unknown reasons about this relief of knight almost no-one is talking nor writing openly. It almost look as if, after I heard about it and saw it, God relocated this relief to a completely different area of the Earth - as once God did this already to me with the entire baroque church in which I prayed and which I described in item #D6.1 of the web page timevehicle.htm - about time vehicles and about travel in time. On the other hand, if one thinks it over, this a natural relief of a knight in armour that was visible from the Rhine river, would be a convincing item of evidence that documents the existence of God. After all, it is a complete impossibility that such a perfect and huge human figure come to existence by a complete coincidence. (Although it can be possible that various people would claim credit for the formation of this relief.) Most clearly God Himself considers this natural relief to be an evidence for His existence, since He so developed conditions on the Earth, that in spite of the sure existence of this relief, in order to find it the seeker must put a lot of effort and labour into finding it.
       If by any chance the reader have an access to the photograph of that particular giant figure (like a natural "relief") of a human male visible from water of the river Rhine, then I would be extremely grateful for posting it to me. I would like to show it here on this web page. I would also be grateful for any additional information on its subject, for example where exactly it is located, how to reach it to see it and to photograph it, any historic descriptions of it, etc., etc.
       On our planet inhabitants of many places indicate various rock formations which from a specific angle look like faces, heads, or entire human figures. However, the huge majority of these formations requires a large imagination and many explanations in order to see in them any similarity to a human shape. On the other hand, in this extraordinary natural rock formation from the Rhine river, viewing it does NOT require any imagination or explanations from anyone. This formation exists on the surface of a huge vertical flat rock-cliff, of dimensions of a sizeable mountain. It has a shape of like a natural relief of a whole giant knight, that is naturally formed from shapes and colours of this rock cliff. In the result, it forms a giant human figure with an equal clarity and focus on details, as the artificial sculpture which I am showing below in "Fig. #J3". From what I remember about it, this extraordinary natural rock formation, which perfectly reflects an image of a man that stands with parted both legs and dressed in long shirt of an ancient knight, was visible for sailors and for people that were boating along the river Rhine. It could be seen from the level of water of that river, as it towered high above the right bank.
       In order to be able to show on this web page a photograph and location details of this natural like "relief", I searched in tens of tourist guide books and I spend many hours searching in Internet. I managed to find many items of information about three-dimensional sculptures that are man-made and that do exist in the Rhine river valley. But on the subject of that particular natural like "relief" made by God, all sources are strangely silent. From time to time someone indicated to me a next man-made sculpture, but it always turned out that the sculpture is man-made. In this way I learned about the existence of many three-dimensional, man-made sculptures from the Rhine valley, the most well-known of which are, amongst others, (1) the so-called "Deutsches Eck" with the statue of Wilhelm I - that stands by the converge of rivers Rhine and Mozela in Coblence at around 592 km of the Rhine river, (2) a popular man-made sculpture named "Germania" (which is located on the right bank of Rhine, between 525 and 530 km). Unfortunately, none of sculptures extensively described in Internet and in tourist brochures is this special phenomenon of nature, or natural "relief" of a standing male, which with a significant contribution of effort and labour I am seeking remotely by the Rhine river and the image of which I saw in the documentary video broadcasted in New Zealand. So I am NOT able to indicate here for the reader an easy manner of gaining a certainty of the God's existence, that would take the form of an instruction "go to this and this place and you can see a natural giant male figure that this God created on the rock's cliff".
       To summarise the deductions provided above, in order the above natural relief of a giant knight from the Rhine river could become for someone an evidence which is to generate the certainty that God does exist, such someone would firstly need to put into finding this relief a considerable effort and labour to overcome the "barrier of awareness" which is described by the doubt "whether this natural relief in fact does exist and whether it originates naturally from the creative work of God". Only if someone would overcome this "barrier of awareness" and climbed to the appropriate "level of induction into the knowledge" that would give him the certainty of the existence and natural origins of this relief, it could generate in him the cognitive certainty that God really does exist.

Fig. #J3.

Fig. #J3: NO, this is not at all the natural human figure which supposedly is visible from the river Rhine. The reader probably met already in internet the above sarcastic joke of my sworn enemies - if NOT then I should explain here what this joke is about. Namely, some amongst sworn adversaries of totalizm laboriously composed my photograph as the third president above, thus making an allusion to the political party of totalizm which I tried to form in past. After all, originally this photograph shows the 18-metres high so-called "Mt Rushmore National Monument" from South Dakota, USA, which immortalises four most prominent leaders (presidents) of the USA carved in a granite hill slope, i.e.: Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. But my hidden enemies obviously see this slope completely different. The reason why I show this sculpture here is to illustrate how this natural human figure visible from the river Rhine really looks like. This is because the appearance of it is very similar to figures from the above illustration. Only that it shows a single man in the frontal view, and that a whole person is visible on it, including legs and feet, not just a part of a human. In turn such an exact and so clear natural picture of a human, visible from the water of the Rhine river, can be accepted as another one amongst numerous items of evidence that God left on the Earth to remind us that He does exist. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged or to shift it to a different area of the screen.)
       This illustration is shown here just temporally in order to give to the reader an idea as to how clear and exact are details of the human figure visible from the river Rhine (a photograph of which is still unavailable for me). If I manage to find somewhere a photograph of this giant natural human figure that is visible from the river Rhine, then I will replace the above illustration with a photograph of that figure.
       I should add here, that the illustration shown above is rather extraordinary and it carries evidential value that also has a connection with God. This is because circumstances of its appearance suggest rather "unearthly origins". It was prepared by my sworn enemies, while according to what is explained on several web pages of totalizm, for example on pages evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth or bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself, my worst and real enemies are NOT of the earthly origins. Furthermore, the high precision and quality with which the above illustration was made, indicates a top professionalism of the one who prepared it, plus his perfect mastery of advanced technology and tools. In turn a professional so advanced does NOT waste his time on someone (or something) that is insignificant, thus with such a perfection he only develops matters which are really worth of his precious time.

#J3.3. Still undiscovered (natural) human figure of the "Sleeping Giant":

       I should add at this point, that according to legends of New Zealand Maoris, a similar exact sculpture of a giant human male that lies on his back and that is called the "Sleeping Giant" supposedly does exist hidden somewhere in dense native sub-tropical bush from the Coromandel Peninsular in New Zealand. Simultaneously the official human knowledge states, that New Zealand never was populated by anyone who would be able to form such a giant sculpture. So if this sculpture in fact does exist, it would need to be created naturally by God. Unfortunately, as so-far this sculpture remains undiscovered by Europeans. Thus in order this sculpture of a giant from New Zealand could become for someone an item of evidence for the existence of God, such someone must firstly put a lot of effort and labour into discovering it, then he or she must overcome the "barrier of awareness" which boils down to a doubt whether this sculpture really has a "natural" origin - as a God's creation, or it was carved technically by a previous technical civilisation described in item #D3 from the web page eco_cars.htm - about zero emission cars of our future (see in there descriptions of ancient Indian starships called "vimana"). When in 1998 I went to search this sculpture with the aid of a Maori lady-chief who saw it and knows where it is located, such a powerful hurricane was unleashed that finding it become impossible - for details see item #2 from subsection VB4.4.1 in volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4]. Personally I am absolutely sure that this sculpture of the "Sleeping Giant" in fact does exist and still awaits for its pair of discoverers. (According to Maori legends, the "Sleeping Giant" is to be discovered in future, and "awaken from the sleep", by a close pair of heroes, one man and one woman - for both of whom the fate designated an extremely important mission they are to carry out on the Earth.) After all, I myself also discovered in past the gigantic Tapanui crater (in which extraterrestrial starships exploded), relying just on similar Maori legends. So I know that Maori legends tell the truth - only that discovering whatever they indicate is allowed just to heroes carefully selected by the fate. Here is how in subsection V3 from volume 16 of my older monograph [1/4] I described that still undiscovered by Europeans, giant human sculpture from New Zealand:
       In New Zealand also supposed to exist a huge stone sculpture, very similar to the colossal face photographed on Mars several years ago and shown in Figure P32 from monograph [1/5]. This New Zealand sculpture takes a form of supposedly a very beautiful male face looking towards the sky. It supposed to be carved in an entire mountain. According to legends of New Zealand Maoris, it supposed to be located somewhere on the Coromandel Peninsular from the North Island of New Zealand. This face still remained undiscovered by Europeans at the time when on 21 November 1997 I was originally writing this note to publish it in the Polish monograph [1/2], nor on 29 October 1998, when the same note I published again in the content of Polish monograph [1/3], nor on 21 September 2003 when I translated this note into English and included it also into the English version of monograph [1/4]. Thus, the actual existence of this extraordinary sculpture still remained then unknown to the orthodox science. Only native Maoris knew about it. Unfortunately, their legends are treated very lightly by scientists living in New Zealand. This happens in spite, that just on the basis of such Maori legends in 1987 I discovered the Tapanui crater and the Tapanui explosion. (For descriptions of the Tapanui crater and the Tapanui explosion see the web page tapanui.htm - about the UFO explosion near Tapanui i New Zealand in 1178 AD.) Supposedly to this gigantic sculpture of the human face from the Coromandel in New Zealand, an entire body of a man, including feet, is also attached. Maoris call this sculpture the "Sleeping Giant"). In turn in their mythology there are very intriguing prophecies about this giant, about a couple of heroes that supposed to "awake" it one day, and about what is going to happen on our planet when this giant is awaken. (Perhaps one day I have opportunity to present these prophecies to readers.) According to Maori legends, eyes of this "Sleeping Giant" look at the star from which it arrived to Earth. He is described as having smooth and clearly carved brows, widely spaced eyes, straight "aquiline" nose (means non-flat nose) - which gives an impression of power, full "erotic" lips which make an impression that they would laugh if they only return to life, and well shaped chin which indicates the power and pride. The location of this sculpture supposed to be indicated by an uninhabited area by Maoris called "Kapu-Tau-Ake". This gigantic sculpture of a stone male figure with a beautiful face, supposed to be carved in a native rock of a double mountain range located on the opposite side of the Cape and headland in the direction towards East from that point. In turn the area "Kapu-Tau-Ake" is located near the so-called Haurakei Gulf, around three-fourth or slightly more towards the top of Peninsula in the direction of Cape, behind Coromandel.

Part #K: How other people document in a popular manner the existence of God:


#K1. The illustrative story that explains the stand of God regarding suffering and pain:

       Atheists represent less than 10% of the society. But they are loud and very active in their claims that God supposedly does NOT exist. In turn one amongst most noisy their arguments which they use to "prove" that God supposedly does not exist, is their claim that if God really existed then on the Earth should NOT be neither suffering nor pain. So here is one amongst these anonymous stories circulated via emails, which explains to us why in spite of the existence of God still there must be suffering and pain (click on the button below to read this story):

Part #L: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#L1. Summary of this web page:

       Only on this web page combined together was so huge number of items of scientific evidence for the existence of God. But we must remember that this is just a small droplets in a huge ocean of such evidence and proofs. The significance of such a huge body of evidence is unambiguous - God really exists and we should have a slightest doubt about this. So instead of unproductively trot in one place stubbornly asking the question "does God really exist?" we should rather concentrate on a next question, namely "how God wishes we lead our lives in order to accomplish the maximum level of self-fulfilment and happiness?". (Between us, guidelines as to how we should live to accomplish the highest level of happiness and fulfilment in our lives, which provide the answer to the above question, are worked out by the most moral philosophy on the Earth named totalizm. In turn guidelines how we should direct the entire social and political system of humanity so that every person receives a chance for a happy and fulfilled life, are indicated by the political party of totalizm.) In turn after we find a reply to this next question we should get on enthusiastically with putting it to everyday practice!

#L2. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm now available under address and (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#L3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#L4. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk):

       I have a pleasure to inform readers of my web pages, that to commemorate the 70th birthday of the author of this web page (i.e. myself), there was produced and published around 35 minutes long film by Dominik Myrcik, which since May 2016 is available for free viewing in The film is entitled "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" and it presents graphically most important among my scientific accomplishments. Its English version can be viewed at the address or run it from the web page named djp.htm which provides links to the list of all YouTube videos in the preparation of which I participated in person. (The web page "djp.htm" I programmed to be run on the "smart" TVs of the Korean company LG, and on PC computers - preferably having the "Google Chrome" search engine.) I am inviting readers to view this video. The working green links, Internet addresses, promotional leaflets in three languages, and complete descriptions of all three language versions (i.e. English - see, German (auf Deutsch) - see, and Polish (po polsku) - see of this excellently designed and produced HD and HQ film, are available on my web page named portfolio.htm - which was especially prepared for describing the film.
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, inquiries, or replies to questions which I ask on my web pages, are provided on the web page about me (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak). That page also provides other commonly used contact details to the author.
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. Therefore, if the reader sends a request to me, I suggest to let me know somehow that he or she actually went through the trouble of reading my web pages and learning what these pages try to say.

#L5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#L6. Copyrights © 2019 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2019 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research by the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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