Does God support the populating of Antipodes
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21 September 2013

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Inhabitants of northern continents of the Earth frequently laugh at the population of so-called "Antipodes". E.g. that people from Antipodes walk upside-down, that they carry on their backs the remaining parts of the world, etc. But if we consider the matter thoroughly, perhaps we find some truth in such sarcastic treatment of Antipodeans. Perhaps it turns out that God did not plan Antipodes for human inhabitation. This web page considers a thesis, that God never designated Antipodes for permanent settlement of people created for the Northern Hemisphere, and that these humans from the north who are to ignore the intention of God and settle on these forbidden lands awaits the lack of future, destruction, and the forgetting by the rest of human civilisation. The analysis of this thesis is carried out here mainly on the example of New Zealand - means the area which I know the best. But numerous analyses from this web page extends its relevance to all areas of Antipodes, i.e. to Australia with Tasmania, New Zealand, and Antarctic.

Part #A: Goals, reasons, and thesis of this web page:


#A1. Instead of the introduction:

       Present atheistic science disseminated the belief, that logical and correct are only results of atheistic research that are based on the interpretation of the existing body of evidence. In turn all outcomes of investigations which are based on statements of religions, or on verbal folklore and myths, become fables deprived of logic and contradictive to the existing reality. Unfortunately, when the atheistic science developed this belief, there was no yet the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. On the other hand, this "theory of everything" indicates something completely different. Namely, it indicates that if we really consider the existence of omnipotent God which created the physical world and man, then we must remember that this God has a different from people manner of thinking, His own goals to accomplish, and unique for Him methods of acting, which the common intelligence of present scientists still is unable to deduce nor understand. (Which fact God confirms in the Bible that He authorises, where He expresses it with words: "For the thoughts of you people are not my thoughts, nor are my ways your ways. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." - see the Bible, Isaiah, 55:8-9.) In turn, such unique thinking, goals, and methods of action of God, cause that for vital reasons God "fabricates" evidence and facts, so that with them He can intentionally "tempt" and "test" present scientists - as this is explained on the totaliztic web page evolution.htm. In turn, the real truth about the universe, God hides just in these supposedly erroneous and ignored folkloristic stories, myths, and religious revelations. Therefore, this web page analyses one amongst such folkloristic-religious topics that by the atheistic science are considered to be highly controversial and only worth ignoring. Then the page proves on the example of that topic, that from the point of view of findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the analysis of this topic leads to a logical truth that is also confirmed by reality around us. Only that this truth, which stems from religion and from myths, is completely different from what the present atheistic science is trying to make us believe.

#A2. The goal of this web page:

       The goal of this web page is an attempt to alternatively explain reasons and consequences of highly detrimental for people natural conditions that prevail on Antipodes. (After all, the official human science to-date even does NOT try to explain these reasons and consequences, but just throws them in a common bag of coincidental convergence of climate, flora, fauna, history, tradition, etc.) I try to accomplish this goal mainly on the example of the situation of New Zealand which I know the best, while about religious myths of which all required descriptions are available for me. However, many facts described here apply to the entire Antipodes.
       An additional goal of this web page is to undertake an attempt to establish scientifically the level of truth contained in myths of the original Maori religion. After all, by present atheistic science these religious myths of Maoris are considered to be products of over-inflated imagination which completely miss the truth, and thus scientific research on the level of truth of which is considered to be at least "controversial". In turn, by undertaking such controversial topic I would like to inspire the reader to have a different look at matters discussed here.

#A3. The thesis of this web page:

Motto: "The certainty or conviction cannot be given like a souvenir. But one can indicate to others where these qualities can be found."

       If one looks more closely at processes, phenomena, and facts which emerge from areas of the Earth called by the common name of "Antipodes", then these reveal quite an intriguing trend. It appears as if the life of people on Antipodes were described by completely different laws of nature than lives of people in northern regions of the Earth. These laws in Antipodes seems to be more oriented towards destruction, erasing, holding back, suppression, etc. This in turn inspires for asking questions of the type "whether intentions of God in relationship to Antipodes were the same as His intentions in relationship to the northern regions of the Earth?" In turn, if God has different intentions in there, then what these are? This web page tries to examine such matters more comprehensively.
       The most easy manner of examining the intention of God in relationship to Antipodes, is to formulate a working thesis on this subject, and then in the course of this web page examine the truth of this thesis on the basis of evidence which supports it. So here is the main working thesis. "God had no intention to populate Antipodes with people created for the Northern Hemisphere, because conditions that He created in there are too destructive and too degenerating for inhabitants from the north, and thus these conditions make impossible to accomplish progress and better future for people which would still have the courage to settle in there."
       While proposing the above working thesis of this web page, and while in further parts of this web page examining the evidence which supports the truth of this thesis, I do NOT try to convince here anyone that this thesis is an absolute truth. After all, in such vital matters everyone must make up his or her own mind whether considers this thesis to be a full truth, or just a distant probability, or complete impossibility. I can only present here some arguments, while the reader must make up his or her own mind what thinks of these arguments.
       Of course, if this thesis would be considered by someone to be the truth, then it would have specific consequences for this person. For example, on lands which God Himself defined as unsuitable for a permanent settlement of people from the north, it would be highly dangerous to settle permanently when someone is young and to tie the future of own descendants to such a land. The only thing for which such a land is suitable, is either one-time tourist visit, or shifting in there for the last stage of one's life (i.e. for the retirement) - when one anyway has NO future in front of himself or herself which could be destroyed by the local laws, trends, and nature, which are so hostile towards people.

Part #B: God clearly initially did NOT intend to either create New Zealand nor populate Antipodes:


#B1. The meaning of evidence which defines the stand of God in matters of creating and populating New Zealand, and why God clearly changed this stand:

       The life in general and human lives in specific, are highly dependable on the prevalence of shockingly narrow level of parameters. (The subject of the range of these parameters is discussed wider in item #E5 from the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm.) Evidence which illustrates how immense significance for the life has a precise maintaining of the required level of parameters, are present problems with health and reproduction caused by just small levels of pollution, chemical spraying of the environment, by pesticides, antibiotics, etc., etc.
       If we compare natural environmental conditions which prevail on the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of the Earth, then one does not to be a scientist to notice that these conditions mutually differ significantly. After all, on the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth prevails a different magnetic pole, it is exposed to different gravitational interactions of the Moon and planets, it is in the range of different kinds of cosmic and solar radiation, many substances (e.g. ozone from the atmosphere) behaves completely different than on the Northern Hemisphere, etc., etc. The differences in these natural conditions from the Southern Hemisphere can be even notices with a naked eye. For example, in New Zealand water evaporates much faster than in Europe, whirls on water spin in an opposite direction, micro-organisms behave differently - thus e.g. cheeses and yoghurts taste in there differently than in Europe, trees grow around 5 times faster than trees in Europe, locally born people are more bulky and muscular, in the society different trends and inclinations can be noticed, etc., etc. In other words, because life is so highly dependable on a narrow range of parameters, on Antipodes these parameters are sufficiently different from these prevailing on the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, to for sure significantly influence in long run the life of people that live in there. Watching the kind of influence that these different parameters have on people, already on the basis of findings to-date it can be noticed that for people created for life in the Northern Hemisphere, this influence is highly detrimental and destructive.
       If even an imperfect human mind immediately notices the truth that natural conditions which prevail in Antipodes are highly detrimental for people created by God for life in the Northern Hemisphere, God Himself for sure knew about this fact much earlier and much better. Thus, it is almost sure that God initially did NOT plan to populate Antipodes. For a long time God even did NOT create New Zealand. Also He did NOT give to lands of Antipodes almost anything that is suitable for people to eat. But most clearly with the elapse of time God noticed that against His will people from the Northern Hemisphere emigrate to Antipodes. Furthermore, with the elapse of time God also experimentally established that difficult living conditions and a hard school of life are very good for the character of people - as this tries to explain more comprehensively item #A3 from the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm and item #B5.1 of the totaliztic web page will.htm. Thus, the existing evidence reveal that some time later God changed His stand regarding the populating of Antipodes. Everything seems to indicate that God decided then to carry out an experiment on Antipodes, through the creation of a special land presently called New Zealand, which He could settle people, and then reation of human races especially designed for hard life on Antipodes.
       Because of this God's experiment with the creation of New Zealand and then with populating it initially by the "Moriori" race, and later by the "Maori" race of people, we have currently an unique research opportunity. After all, until around 1840s New Zealand and Maoris remained completely cut off from the rest of the world. Thus, their original religion and myths were NOT forgotten nor polluted with influences from myths and religions of the rest of world. Also by having presently in our disposal such a powerful scientific theory as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, we can already research the level of truth contained in these myths - especially research the thesis expressed in item #C6 from the totaliztic web page prawda_uk.htm, which states that in all religions of the world God recorded exactly the same absolute truths, only that in subsequent religions God expressed these truths with slightly different words and placed emphasis on slightly different aspects of them.

#B2. Interesting circumstances of the creation of New Zealand:

       One amongst principles of acting which God displays in all His actions regarding people, is the principle that always there must be a path which leads those researching to learning the truth. In case of creation of the physical world, the Earth, and man by God, this "path to the truth" is accomplished in the form of various holy scriptures, such as the Bible or the holy books of Hinduism, which God gave to people so that these can reveal guidelines how people can find the truth. Through following such paths to the truth, it was possible to carry out findings presented, amongst others, on the totaliztic web page evolution.htm.
       In the initial phase of creation, God clearly did NOT intend to populate Antipodes - as this is stated by the thesis from this web page. For this reason about lands located on Antipodes also this "path to the truth" was not given to people. But when people populated the existing continents from the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, some tribes of humans started to gradually wander towards Antipodes. Thus, seeing this tendency, God decided to carry out an experiment with creation of completely new human races (i.e. Moriori and Maori), which God intended to design especially for harsh and demanding conditions of Antipodes. In order to give to this new races also some unique conditions for living, before creating these new races God decided to create a completely new land as well, which is the present New Zealand. In order to give to people also a "path to the truth" regarding this new land, God decided to create this New Zealand literally in the view of a number of witnesses.
       It was already in times when people of the Northern Hemisphere had already their countries and nations, such as Egypt, Greece, India, or China. In the vicinity of New Zealand, means probably in Australia or Tasmania, a quite extraordinary human lived, called "Maui". He was modelled to a similar person which in cultures of the Europe was known under the name of "Hercules". (It is also possible that both of them were just these "bodily representations of God" described in item #B12 from the web page god.htm.) In a similar manner as this "Hercules", also "Maui" was of a larger than normal statue, and an extraordinary strength. It was he and his brothers that were selected by God for eye witnesses of the creation of New Zealand. When with the group of his brothers and companions this Maui went fishing to sea, after he thrown his hook God caused that instead of a fish he hooked a new land. Thus, when he pulled out his fishing line from water, to astonishment of his companions - and probably also himself, God caused that it looked as if Maui fished and pulled out from sea water a huge new land. This land at present is called "New Zealand". Eye witnesses of this creation of New Zealand later passed to next generations that story of a fairly recent appearance of New Zealand at the surface of seas.

#B3. Similarly to the rest of Antipodes, New Zealand has equally hostile conditions for humans, only that it has a lot of water:

       While creating New Zealand for hosting the experiment with a race of people that will be able to live on Antipodes (i.e. with Maoris), God gave to this land all the same attributes which characterise the rest of Antipodes. Means, God created this land as a hostile to people, deprived of food, with slightly different laws of nature than laws which prevail on the Northern Hemisphere, etc. - for details see "part #C" of this web page. The only thing that God additionally gave to New Zealand in comparison to what exists e.g. in Australia, is the abundance of water.

#B4. In soil, rocks, and nature of New Zealand God also coded evidence that these islands emerged from the sea:

       In support of the verbal report from Maui and from his companions, that New Zealand emerged from the sea, God coded various kinds of evidence into soil, rocks, and nature, which documents this emerging from the sea. Various examples of this evidence are discussed in items #C1 and #C2 from the totaliztic web page newzealand.htm.

Part #C: Every continent and every land designated for the human settlement God prepared appropriately - but Antipodes were NOT prepared for the arrival and settlement of people:


#C1. The lack of native vegetation on Antipodes which would bear edible fruits:

       According to the Bible (which was authorised by God Himself), the edible fruits are the most basic gifts which God created for people on continents and lands where the human race supposed to live, multiply, develop, while the human civilisation supposed to flourish. This is why edible fruits and berries originally existed even in such (one would think) unfriendly for people areas as Siberia or Alaska. A rather meaningful example how skilfully God was able to take care of human needs in places where He wishes to see human settlements, is the usefulness of holy coconuts described in item #D1 from the web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits of the Pacific area and about the philosophy of eating them. Coconuts grow on sandy coral islands which are surrounded exclusively with undrinkable, salty ocean waters, and which do NOT have even sources of fresh water. These coconuts satisfy all needs of local human population, providing them even with water to drink. On the other hand, Antipodes discussed here originally did NOT receive from God any edible fruits. In fact, before the arrival of first European settlers to Antipodes, in New Zealand practically there was no even the most miserable edible fruit. Even a most miserable edible fruit was also NOT present originally in the whole Antipodes, means neither in Australia, nor New Zealand, nor in Antarctic. Practically there was almost nothing to eat there at the very beginning.

#C2. Original availability on Antipodes only kinds of food which are considered to be the "last resource" (roots, shellfish, insects, etc.):

       Id one analyses what previous civilisations living in New Zealand had in there for food, it turns out that it was just what present people consider to be the food of the "last resource". For example, if someone gets lost in a wilderness and has nothing to eat, then the experts of survival advice to eat such food of the "last resource". It includes worms, caterpillars (e.g. the delicacy of Maoris, means large like human fingers "huhu grubs"), roots, lizards, shellfish, sea birds, etc. (in this also human flesh). In fact if one analyses what were forced to eat previous civilisations living in New Zealand or Australia, then it turns out that these were just such kinds of the food of the "last resource". No wonder that all these previous civilisations disappeared by now.

Part #D: How God created Maoris - means the race of people which is especially designed for living in harsh conditions of Antipodes:


#D1. The "standard procedure" used by God for creation of subsequent races of people:

       Every race of humans has a slightly different genetic system, slightly different characteristics and personal attributes, is designed for a slightly different way of living and other environmental conditions, etc., etc. So when God created the humanity, then He created separately every race of people. In this way to every race He could give attributes that were required for it. This fact of a separate creation of every human race is confirmed by differences in description of its origins in the native religion of that race. After all, for every race of people, the native religion of it provides a specific and different "history of the creation". This history of creation is slightly different e.g. for ancient Greeks and Romans, while different for ancient Egyptians. It is also different for natives of Israel, India, China, or New Zealand, and still different for Vikings or Slaves. It so happens, that currently we all assume for our history of creation only the history described in the Bible (which outlines the procedure of creation of the couple of first Israelites in the cosmic vehicle called "Eden" and similar to the Magnocraft type K7 - for details see subsection P6.1 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5]). We do NOT take under consideration that the Bible clearly states that it describes just the history of creation of only the first pair of people from the Jewish race. In turn other races of people were created in slightly different manners and in different times. Descriptions of creation of these other races of people are provided by their native religions.
       Of course, while creating in sequence a whole array of races of people, God developed for Himself something what could be called a "general procedure of creation of a new race of people". This procedure for every race has several common stages, the description of which is contained in native religions of subsequent races. The most important amongst these common stages of every procedure of creation of a new race include: (1) the creation of body, (2) breathing-in the soul, (3) learning in an Eden, (4) expelling to the Earth. Let us now describe the essence of each one amongst these common stages. Here they are:
       Re (1): The creation of body. Everything in our physical world, including the body of every person, is formed from a substance called the "counter-matter". This substance has attributes of a liquid computer, meaning it carriers inside a hierarchical system of programs (i.e. the so-called "soul") that defines both the shape into which it is formed and the behaviour of it. This is why the statement that "everything in our universe is just one amongst many possible manifestations of always the same 'counter-matter' " expresses the truth. More extensive descriptions of the manner how objects of our physical world are formed from this "counter-matter" are provided in items #I2 to #I4 from the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm. So in order to create a body of man, God needed to only "create a program that formed this 'counter-matter' into a shape of man". Of course, if this formation of the shape of man from the counter-matter someone tries to describe with the use of just limited vocabulary of first humans, then the most simply but the most accurately would express this with words that "God 'moulded' man from 'counter-matter' ". Because to the first people unknown was also the word describing this "counter-matter", thus for expressing it the first people used names of most commonly known substance from which a man can be 'moulded', and which contains this "counter-matter" - means "clay", "earth", "sand", etc. For this reason, almost every native religion in the world claims that "God 'formed' the body of man from 'clay' " (or from 'soil' or 'sand', etc.). For example, the native religion of ancient Greeks states that the first female, so-called "Pandora" was "moulded" from "clay" by the god Hephaestus, while the life was breathed into her by goddess Athena.
       At the very beginning, God formed bodies of both first people of a given race, i.e. the body of the first male, e.g. the Biblical Adam, as well as separately (although using genes of that male) the body of the first female, e.g. the Biblical Eve. But then the body of male from each next race God formed through just a slight modification of a male body from the previous race. However, completely from the very beginning God needed to form bodies of first females of each new race. This is because the formation of bodies of females had imposed much more and much stricter requirements of differences, than the formation of bodies of males - after all e.g. in females God was forced to accomplish the required level of their imperfection explained in item #B2 from the web page named antichrist.htm. Therefore, bodies of females for each new race cannot be accomplished just through a slight modifying of bodies of females from the previous race. In turn when God received bodies of both sexes, then further individuals from a given race He formed though an ordinary sexual intercourse of this first couple. In this manner was formed not only the race of Greeks, but also e.g. the race of isolated from the rest of the world Maoris. In Maoris the body of the first male was given to the "idol" called "Tane", while the body of the first female was formed from the very beginning by that idol "Tane" from the soil of the "flying island" called "Hawaiki".
       Re (2): Breathing-in the soul. In practically every native religion of the world, the "standard procedure of creation" of the first person contains in itself also the information about subsequent "breathing-in the soul" into the existing body of the first human. According to descriptions from items #C1 and #C2 of the totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm, soul is a kind of "natural program" which needs to be "uploaded" to the "counter-matter" that forms the body of every living creature, to make this body alive - similarly as software from present computers must be "uploaded" to the hardware of these computers to make their work possible. In primitive languages of antiquity the process of "uploading" a program into something in a best way can be described as the "breathing-in" this program. This is why for describing this hugely vital process of uploading the "program of soul" to the body, in practically all native religions of the world is used the expression of "breathing-in the soul" or "breathing-in the life". This highly illustrative expression is contained in even so "exotic" religion as the native religion of Chinese from the vicinity of the "Yellow River" in China. For example, on page 21 of the book [1#D1] "The Book of Beginnings" (Time-Life Books, Amsterdam, 1986, ISBN 7054-0896-5), the creation of first Chinese people is described in the following manner: "... Goddess Nu Kua gave earth its first human inhabitants. She sculptured their bodies from clay, infused with life, and taught them how to love." In turn on page 19 of the same book [1#D1] that "infusing with life" is described in following words: "She placed the body on the ground and breathed a cloud of warm, heavenly incense over it." Later another Chinese god named Fu Hsi taught people everything that they needed to know to survive, for example how to plot nets and do fishing, how to ignite fire and cook, how to play on musical instruments, and how to write.
       Re (3): Learning in an Eden. After the creation and making first people alive, God always placed them in a kind of "school of life" (in Christianity this school is called "Eden"). Over there, without putting into it any effort, people received from God practically everything that was necessary for living, while God taught them the most vital skills, and lectured to them the first religion. Into the syllabus of this teaching and the native religion for a given race, God included also the knowledge about origins of the universe, and also knowledge about the procedure of creation of a given race of people. This is why it can be formally proven that into all religions of the world God included the same basic truths, only that in every religion these truths are expressed with different wordings and examples - for descriptions of this mutual similarities of truths and knowledge contained in practically all religions of the world see item #C6 from the totaliztic web page prawda_uk.htm. In this "school of life" (i.e. in the "Eden") God directly and bodily interacted with first people of a given race. For this purpose God created for Himself his own "bodily representations" - means bodies which from the appearance were similar to bodies of people from a given race. (Principles and procedure of this temporally creation of "bodily representations of God" or "embodiments of God" are described in items #B12, #B11, and #B13 from the web page god.htm.) However, these "bodily representations of God" or "embodiments of God" did NOT receive the so-called "free will" (as such "free will" of making any decisions and implementing these decisions in actions, God gave to people), but their minds were directly linked to the mind of God. In other words, these "bodily representations of God" did exactly what the mind of God ordered them to do. Due to the introduction of these "embodiments of God", the first people educated in the "Eden" interacted physically with such temporally created "bodily representations of God" - the thinking, knowledge, and capabilities of which in fact were those of Godly thinking, knowledge and capabilities. In order to be able to demonstrate illustratively to the first people not only the knowledge about survival, but also the moral knowledge, life wisdom, dangers, the sense of responsibility, traditions, etc., in this "school of life" from the "Eden" God always assumed at least two mutually opposite "bodily representations". Because the principle of which works the mind of God, gives to this God the ability to carry out countless number of actions at once, God could easily assume simultaneously more than one such His "bodily representation". (This ability of God to work in a similar manner as modern "multiprocessor computers" do work, means to simultaneously carry out countless number of different actions, is described more comprehensively in (3) from item #C6 of the abovementioned web page prawda_uk.htm.) Out of these two or more opposite "bodily representations", which God always assumed in this "school of life" (means, in the "Eden"), at least one always illustrated to people what is "good", while another (or more than one) always illustrated to people what is "evil". In His first processes of creation of people, i.e. when God created races and religions of ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Indian, Chinese, etc., God assumed a large number of such His "bodily representations", each one of them equipping into a different personality, habits, vices, weaknesses, etc. But in later procedures of creation of e.g. Israelites or New Zealand Maoris, God already limited the number of His "bodily representations" to just two basic ones. Of course, all these "bodily representations of God", means ones which illustrated "good" as well as ones which illustrated "evil" to people, always were linked to the same superior mind of God. Only that each one of them received an independently working body and each one of them received from God a different personality. Also about actions of all of them always decided the same superior mind of God. In myths which describe the Hebrew "Eden", these two opposite personalities assumed by the "bodily representations of God" were called "Messiah" and "Serpent" - later this "Serpent" was also called "Satan". (These Hebrew myths about the Eden are discussed in the book [2#D1] by Robert Gravez and Raphael Patai entitled "Mity Hebrajskie", Cykady, 1993, Warszawa, Poland. The description of Hebrew "Eden" from the book [2#D1] was also summarised on page 152 of the book [3#D1] by Andrea Olszewski entitled "Boski Gwałt", Warszawa 1996, ISBN 83-900944-1-X.) In turn, the Maori mythology calls these two opposite "bodily representations of God" with names of "Tane" and "Uenuku". Due to them, in the procedure of creation of every native religion on the Earth, first people always directly experienced the helpful and friendly personality of "Messiah", as well as the hostile and cunning personality of "Serpent" (called also "Satan"). Both these personalities developed in people, amongst others, traditions, and also the understanding for origins and mechanisms of specific events. For example, in the "Eden" of every human race, lessons were also served which taught the first humans that the high level of imperfection of women is to be the source and reason for many problems. In case of the "Eden" for the Hebrew race, this lesson was the event with the "snake and apple picked for eating by Eve (described even in the Bible). In the "Eden" for ancient Greeks, this lesson was the so-called "Pandora's Box". In turn the "Eden" for New Zealand Maoris provided this lesson through myths that the first woman become a source of tears, pain, illnesses, etc. The reason why women were created by God as significantly less perfect than men is explained, amongst other, in item #B2 of the web page named antichrist.htm.
       The Maori idol named "Tane" (the one which used to teach "what is good" and "how good works") had shape and appearance of specially hansom Maori male. The entire race of Maoris originates from sexual intercourses of this idol "Tane" with the first Maori female called "Hine-ahu-one". But the Maori idol called "Uenuku" (the one whose task was to demonstrate to people "what is evil" and "how evil works") do NOT appeared at all like a present person. He had the appearance which today we would describe as "ugly" - to emphasize that evil is ugly. For example, both "Uenuku" himself, as well as a clan of his helpers, had 3+1 fingered hands and legs with claws instead of nails - similar to chicken legs. The entire his posture was deformed, with buttocks sticking backward (slightly similar to buttocks sticking out in some present women) and with arched belly. His mouth were shaped like a beak similar to that in birds. His piercing eyes never blinked - like human eyes do. His "penis" was in the state of permanent erection - but opposite to his relatives from India, he did NOT hide this continually erected "penis" with some ornamental "garland" - e.g. such as the one shown in "Fig. #B1" from the web page named immortality.htm and in "Fig. #1" from the web page named parasitism.htm. In turn on his skin he had a pattern of convex black veins, which until today Maoris copy with their tattoo called "Moko". On his neck hanged a ready to shoot green "machine gun" which terrorised Maoris. How "Uenuku" looked like approximately, one can work out after reviewing carvings of him, as well as carvings of the "tribe" of his tribesmen and helpers, shown, amongst others, in "Fig. #D1" below on this web page, as well as in "Fig. #4" and "Fig. #5" from the web oage named sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm. In spite of this ugly appearance and rather evil behaviour, Maoris consider this god "Uenuku", as well as creatures that belong to "tribe" of this god, to be their "spiritual ancestors". Interesting is whether the reason for this are their sexual behaviours. After all, badly behaving "Uenuku" (and also his tribesmen) today we could call "sexual maniacs" or "addicted to sex". In spite that the "tribe" of his helpers had 3+1 fingered females, "Uenuku" himself, as well as all his male helpers, indulged in public raping of every Maori women which they come across. But because they always carried a green "machine gun" hanging from their necks (the shape of which until today Maoris copy from fragile "greenstone", i.e. nephrite, believing that it has magical powers of a "miracle weapon"), no-one had the courage to oppose them - even if he and his helpers were carrying out a public rape of all women inhabiting a given Maori village, doing this in sight of fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons of these women (as probably it is recorded in passed from generation to generation visions immortalised on carvings similar to the one shown below on "Fig. #D1"). Similarly "nymphomaniac" tendencies displayed also females of these 3+1 fingered creatures. According to folklores of many nations, wherever such 3+1 fingered females catch up an earthly male, immediately they rape him until a complete his exhaustion. No wonder, that e.g. scary looking worriers from tribes living in tropical jungles of Borneo, are afraid these amorous females like a hell, and because of these females they go to the jungle only in large groups. One amongst curiosities of the god "Uenuku" was, that both he, as well as his 3+1 fingered "tribe" of helpers, were active NOT only on the Maori island of "Hawaiki", but also practically on the entire Earth. Thus his appearances can be found until today not only in both Americas (e.g. Mayas called his "Flying God"), but also in Asia, Africa (e.g. Egypt), and Europe. For example, the old Polish folklore called him the "chicken leg" (in Polish "kurza noga"), "chicken feet" (in Polish "kurza stopka"), or "devil hen's feet" (in Polish "diabeł kurza łapka"). In turn his descriptions survived until today in the content of Polish proverbs - e.g. in old Polish "he who does not listen to father and mother, he listens to 'devil hen's feet' " (in Polish "kto nie słucha ojca, matki, ten słucha 'kurzej łapki' "), and in Polish literature, e.g. in the poem by Adam Mickiewicz entitled "Mrs Twardowska" (in Polish entitled "Pani Twardowska") - e.g. see the place where this poem describes the "devil with hen's feet".
       Re (4): Expelling to the Earth. After the education of first people was finished, God created some excuse to "expel them to the Earth" and make them to actually live on the land previously prepared for them. Of course, God was forced to do this by force and "tricks", as people had too good lives in the "Eden" to leave it voluntarily. In this "expelling to the Earth" God always used somehow His "bodily representation" which illustrated the "evil" (e.g. used "Serpent" or "Satan" from Christianity, or "Uenuku" from the native religion of Maoris).

Fig. #D1

Fig. #D1: Is it possible that the carving from "Te Papa" shown on the above photograph represents the carved report (repetitively copied until present times) from the public rape of all female inhabitants of Maori village by omnipotent, hostile towards people, and ugly creatures from 3+1 fingered race? After all, creatures of this race were send to the Earth for demonstrating to people "what is evil" and "how evil works". On the other hand it is difficult to find more illustrative, longer held in memories, and simultaneously less fatal for victims kind of evil than the public and group rape of all human females inhabiting a given village, carried out by omnipotent although ugly creatures in sight of fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons of these women. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       The question which arises during viewing carvings similar to the above one, is "how we should interpret these carvings?". After all, ideas portrayed in situations captured on such carvings can be interpreted in many different ways, for example (a) purely symbolical, or (b) literary. Maoris themselves interpret these carvings highly symbolically. In turn the author of this web page believes that the symbolic interpretation of such carvings is the outcome of forgetting, loosing, or intentional hiding their literal interpretation. After all, these carvers who as first recorded such scenes on their carvings, understood these scenes completely literally. Only further generations that were copying these scenes, gradually changed their interpretation from literal into symbolic. In the result, today almost every tribe of Maoris interprets these kinds of carvings on its own manner - quite differently than their interpretation by other Maori tribes, and also different than their interpretation by the author of this web page. But before someone negates the literal interpretation of the author of this web page, he or she should take notice of following facts. (1) The authors interpretation is literal, means it only expresses in words the scene which this carving illustrates meaningfully. On the other hand, interpretations of subsequent Maori tribes are highly symbolic and their contend do NOT coincides with the meaning of the scene which this carving illustrates. (2) The authors interpretation is based on the knowledge about the 3+1 fingered creatures shown on this sculpture, which knowledge was gathered in the results of analyses of folklores from a number of different countries in which these creatures are known. On the other hand, the interpretation of subsequent Maori tribes is based only on verbal tradition of a given tribe (Maoris did NOT know writing). (3) In interpretations of Maori tribes the explanation of what these carvings present does NOT coincide with the meaning of the situation that is recorded on these carvings. (4) this kind of carvings are done through detailed copying of similar carvings inherited from previous generations. In turn copying a scene which the carver sees during the work repeats the idea and situation of this former carving much more accurately than e.g. verbal repetition of a story which one heard during the childhood. (5) The verbal interpretation of what these carvings present was passed to our times through a chain of subsequent repetitions by old Maoris of the verbal messages which they heard in their childhood about these carvings. In turn it is known that the memory in older people is NOT the best one, and also that if any message (e.g. a gossip) is send through a chain of people who repeat it, then this message is significantly deformed. No wonder that through several hundreds of years of copying the situation shown on these carvings, and simultaneous several hundred years of verbal repetitions what these situations show, the content of verbal Maori interpretation of such carvings do NOT coincides with the meaning of the situation that these carvings recorded. However, the author's interpretation reveals faithfully in words the scene which is actually shown on this carving.

#D2. Why the confirmation of the use of this "standard procedure" during the creation of Maoris by God, is for us so important:

       The scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains to us comprehensively what is God. According to this explanation, similarly to present computers, God is the amalgamation of three components, the thinking one amongst which is the huge natural program by Christianity called the "Holy Spirit" that self-evolved inside of the thinking substance called the "counter-matter". (This "counter-matter" is the substance that has the natural attributes of a "liquid computer hardware" and that exists in the separate world called the "counter-world" - for details see item #C2 on the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm or item #I2 on the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm.) In turn by being such a huge natural program, this software component of God likes to create "standard software procedures" for practically everything, and then likes to simply implement these procedures. For example, just such "standard procedures of action" of God are all phenomena of nature, energy, heat, friction, so-called "laws of nature", every religion, and also the procedure of creation of subsequent races of people described in the previous item.
       Present atheistic scientists, and with them also remaining people, chronically overlook the existence of these "software procedures" established in an intelligent manner and then implemented by God with the iron consequence. They believe that the universe has everything "wired permanently in a hardware manner", that no laws can be changed, and that no quantity was designed intelligently and introduced to action only because God deduced that the manifestation of this quantity would support His goals and His principles of action. For this reason, the relatively recent creation by God not only New Zealand but also Maoris, has an immense learning significance for us. This is because it allows us to confirm scientifically that such "software procedures" of action of God in fact do exist. In turn the confirmation of the existence of these procedures introduces revolutionary consequences for our understanding of mechanisms of the universe. After all, it confirms also for us that "all religions of the world express the same basic truths, only that each one of them does it with different words and examples". In this way it confirms also that the atheistic path to knowledge followed by present scientists and based upon analysis of evidence and facts does NOT leads to the truth, because this evidence and facts are intentionally "fabricated" by intelligent God to allow Him to accomplish His godly goals - for more information on this subject see the totaliztic web page evolution.htm.

#D3. When and how God created Maori people:

       The race of New Zealand Maoris God created relatively recent, because not earlier than just around 800 years ago, but probably even later. (E.g. on page 6 of the book [1#D3] by J.M. Mc Ewen, "Rangitana. A Tribal History" (Reed Methuen, Auckland, 1986, ISBN 0-474-00030-3) one can find a statement, quote: "Some hundreds of ...(Maori)... genealogies in my possession show pretty consistently that this Whatonga lived about 23 generations prior to the year 1900.") However, during the creation of Maoris, God still used His "standard procedure of the creation of people" which I described before, and which God developed around 6000 years ago (for the information how we learned the date of creation of the physical world and first people by God - see subsection JA1.3 from monograph [8/2]). Let us now review from myths of the native religion of Maoris, how God created the race of Maori people.
       Because God intended to settle Maoris on Antipodes - which are extremely hostile towards humans, God created the "Eden" for Maoris in the form of a "flying island" on which He recreated the flora and fauna similar to the flora and fauna which Maoris were to find and utilise in New Zealand. For example, in that Eden for Maoris "kumara" used to grow in the natural state. ("Kumara" is a kind of sweet potatoes later planted by Maoris in New Zealand.) This Eden for Maoris God named "Hawaiki". For Himself God prepared in there two "bodily representations" in the form of two males. The first of these (Tane) had the appearance of a typical Maori male. In turn the second one (Uenuku) received the exceptionally ugly appearance of a three-fingered, clawed creature of the look similar to a whole family of three-fingered monsters "simulated" by God and represented, amongst others, by the one shown in "Fig. #5b" from the web page named sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm). For the duration of interacting with people on the soil of Hawaiki, to the first "bodily representation" of the appearance of a typical Maori male - i.e. to the one which represented "good", God gave the name "Tane". In turn to the second one (i.e. to the one representing "evil") amongst these two His "bodily representations" God gave the name "Uenuku". (Of course, God's mind was linked to both these "bodily representations".) This is why Maori legends state that this "Uenuku" was "atua" - means God, and also was the great "rangatira" - means the landlord of Hawaiki. As legends of Maoris state, then from the "sand" (or "soil") of Hawaiki (i.e. from "counter-matter") God moulded the body of the first Maori woman. Then He breathed the soul into her, so that this first Maori woman become alive. This first Maori woman received the name "Hine-ahu-one", that means "woman-shaped-from-soil" (her description is provided also in item #C6 from the totaliztic web page prawda_uk.htm). Because God already had the body of a Maori male, so in order to multiply the race of Maoris He simply had sexual intercourse with this first woman, in turn she gave birth to numerous children. Their descendants formed the new race of Maoris. During teaching these Maoris how to live, God was forced to prepare them to harsh realities of Antipodes. For this reason the character and personality which He gave to this "Uenuku" were extremely wild, rapid, angry, and hostile towards human inhabitants of Hawaiki. Thus Maoris learned from him on Hawaiki how to live in very hostile conditions. When the education was finished, God "exiled" subsequent families of Maoris from "Hawaiki". An excuse for exiling them from the Maori "Eden" was usually a quarrel and hostility which that Uenuku initiated with a given Maori family. Because all inhabitants of Hawaiki knew jolly well that with Uenuku no-one ever wins, when he started a quarrel and persecution of a given family, then this family had no other option but to get into their boat and to escape from Hawaiki to New Zealand. In order to make their "escape" easier, God anchored this "flying island" called "Hawaiki" in the visual vicinity of the shores of New Zealand (after all, the software so-called "timespace" allows such a close-by anchoring to be carried out easily). In fact, at that time one could see from Hawaiki shores of New Zealand with bare eyes. A bit of information about principles on which the "flying island" of Hawaiki was anchored just by shores of New Zealand, gives to us my own case of visiting a church in Warszawa, Poland, which (the church) at present is actually anchored in Święta Lipka (i.e. around 200 kilometres from Warszawa) - this event is described in item #D6.1 from the totaliztic web page named timevehicle.htm.
       There is evidence which confirms that at the time of "exiling" Maoris from their "Eden", the flying island called Hawaiki was anchored in the sea in the visual distance from shores of New Zealand. This evidence is represented by three small rocks sticking out from the sea, in English called "Volker Rocks" (Maoris call them "Paepae-Aotea" means "Threshold of New Zealand") - which exist in the sea near the "White Island" from the southern "Bay of Plenty" - i.e. not far from present New Zealand town called "Tauranga". According to religious myths of Maoris, these three rocks were located approximately a half way between Hawaiki and shores of New Zealand. On the other hand these rocks are distant by no more than 50 km from the shore of New Zealand. (Interestingly that in their vicinity the shore of New Zealand is so formed, that almost in every direction these rocks are at the same distance from the solid ground of New Zealand.) Photographs and descriptions of these "Volker Rocks", and also the content of Maori legends about them, are contained on page 51 of the book [2#D3] by Margaret Orbell, "Maori Myth and Legend" (Canterbury University Press, 1995, ISBN 0-908812-45-0).

#D3.1. Moriori - means the first failed attempt of God to populate New Zealand:

       When God created the Maori race, it was NOT the first attempt to populate New Zealand. A significant time before the creation of Maori, God already created a human race which was designated especially for settling in New Zealand. They were called "Moriori". They were also created in "Hawaiki" - especially for conditions and laws of Antipodes. They also used the same language as "Maori". But their genetic makeup was completely different from Maori - we know it e.g. from a drastic difference in taste of their flesh (see item #F2 below). Their creation took place around 184 generations before the year 1900 (means over 4000 years ago) - for details see page 177 of the book [1#D3.1] by Gary J Cook and Thomas J Brown, "The Secret Land. People Before" (StonePrint Press, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1999, ISBN 0-9582040-0-4). Moriori had a peaceful nature. So God discovered that without aggression they are unable to generate in themselves motivations to develop their civilisation. Thus after several thousands of years God decided to add them a competition - means aggressive Maori people of a completely different genetic makeup. Unfortunately, instead of competing with them, Maori gradually eaten all Moriori that inhabited New Zealand. But because both races used the same language, a significant amount of knowledge and myths of Moriori survived until historic times, as Maori adopted them for their own. (E.g. the myth about "Maui" originates from Moriori.) The only place where Moriori physically survived until the time of European colonisation were "Chatham Islands".

#D4. What evidence God "fabricated" for atheists about the origins of Maori people:

       As it is already explained in item #B7 of the totaliztic web page will.htm, while illustrated on the web page evolution.htm, to inspire people for research and for wondering, always for every vital truth God intentionally prepares at least two opposite and mutually contradictive explanations. One amongst these explanations is religious in nature and it expresses the truth, in turn all remaining are "atheistic fabrications" and typically they serve for "inspirational framing" people into untruth. What is the most intriguing, this religious explanation which expresses the truth, is always so formulated that it is the most controversial and the most difficult to accept without putting into it one's own searches, investigations, work, and effort. In this way God also acted in the relatively recent creation of Maoris and New Zealand. Therefore, independently from making sure that there are religious (i.e. expressing the truth) explanations for their origins, God additionally created ("fabricated") and introduced into circulation in the form of various "items of evidence", a whole range of other "atheistic" and untrue explanations for origins of Maoris and New Zealand. Let us now review briefly these different "atheistic" (untrue) explanations for origins of Maori people and their land.
       There are various "scientifically sounding" premises which seem to suggest the physical arrival of Maoris to New Zealand from as many as 3 different areas of the Earth. These premises support so "fashionable" at present (although entirely wrong) the atheistic theory of evolution. As such, they are "acceptable" for present official science. The first group (1) of these premises stem from "rationalising", or from "making scientifically acceptable", these religious legends of Maoris. The legends state that Maoris arrived from "Hawaiki". When scientists reject these sections of the legends, which state that the "Hawaiki" was a kind of "flying Eden" created by "atua" (i.e. God) - means a moveable island which could be anchored in any place on the Earth, then almost the only presently existing permanent island which name is similar to the name "Hawaiki", is the Island of Hawaii. Therefore, this first "rational" explanation for the origins of Maoris states that they arrived to New Zealand by boats from a Hawaiian Island. The second explanation (2) is based on the scientific discovery that from the genetic point of view Maoris are closely related to native people who inhabit Taiwan. Also the Maori language seems to be related to the language of that people. On this basis it can be argued scientifically that Maoris are one out of native tribes from the Chinese Taiwan. Finally the third explanation (3) is based on the culture of Maoris. Namely, some unique customs of Maoris, for example almost unknown in other places custom to mutually wrap their noses during the welcoming, are a repetition of customs of native inhabitants of the island of Suqutra (with around 40,000 inhabitants) positioned on the Arabian Sea several hundred kilometres to the east from Yemen on the Arabic Peninsular. There is a bit of evidence which seems to confirm also this their origins. For example, from the Maori reverent of Te Kuiti I have heard that there was an old Maori song which listed and described exactly all rooms contained in the Great Egyptian Pyramid of Giza. In turn to learn about all these rooms and describe them in their songs, Maoris would need to originate from the vicinity of that pyramid. A whole array of other items of evidence in support of such a cultural explanation is contained in the abovementioned book [1#D3.1]. For example, on pages 148 and 149 are discussed and illustrated close similarities between chin tattoos of Maori women (the so-called "kauae"), and similar tattoos of women from Assouan in the Upper Egypt. In turn on page 217 of this [1#D3.1] shown is the photograph of one amongst ancient mummies which sometimes are found in New Zealand (but then fast disappear in mysterious circumstances - similarly like these remains of giants described in item #I2 from the web page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand).

#D5. The most conclusive evidence which confirms the religious truth that Maoris and other races of people in fact were created by God with the use of the "standard procedure of creation" discussed here:

       Although for many vital reasons God creates (means "fabricates") the noisily obvious "atheistic" (i.e. erroneous) evidence described in previous item #D4, in confirmation of the evolutionary origins of subsequent races of people, in fact these people who stubbornly seek the truth can find well hidden opposite evidence which confirms the religious origins of these races. This humble and well hidden opposite evidence documents the correctness of the thesis from item #D1 of this web page, namely it documents that God really created all races of people separately, but each of these races of people God provided with the exactly the same basic knowledge in the specially created for this purpose first school (this school by Israelites was called the "Eden", while by Maoris - called "Hawaiki").
       The most conclusive one out of such evidence which I identified so-far, is that all races of people received from God a kind of calendar which always is based on the seven-day long unit which currently we call a "week". Such seven-day week is very strange creation. After all, for the primitive people did NOT exist anything that could suggest this calendar unit. For example, if during the formation of a calendar people used e.g. the number of fingers, then the week should have 10 or 5 days. In turn if they use nature, then it should have 6, 8 or 12 days, or even there would be no unit called a "week" at all. However, since the beginning of times all races of people use the unit of calendar which presently is known to us under the name of "week" and which for all races of people always has 7 days. For some nations, e.g. for Indians or for Chinese, we could claim that their seven-day week results e.g. from copying it from Israelites, or vice versa. But for the New Zealand Maoris this cannot be claimed, as they were cut off from the rest of the world until 18 century. In turn their seven-day long week they used since the beginnings of time - supposedly knowing it already in "Hawaiki". Similarly, such a seven-day long week also knew and used since the very beginning, i.e. a long time before starting contacts with arrivals from Christianity, also inhabitants of many other islands that were completely cut off from the rest of the world from the beginning of times - for example "Cook Islands", or "Raratonga".
       In order there is NO doubt that the seven-day long week really originates from God, on some areas of the Earth, including the part cut off from the rest of the world and described here, the nature truly lives according to this seven-day long week. For example, if someone analyses changes of weather, movements of high pressure areas and low pressure areas, and sequences of rainy and sunny days e.g. in New Zealand or on the surrounding Pacific islands, then in spite that this is NOT noticed nor acknowledged by the local professional scientists nor by official science, still he or she notices that the rhythm and changes of weather are ruled in there by such weekly cycles. (More information on this subject is provided in item #B1.2 from the totaliztic web page tornado.htm and in item #C4 on the totaliztic web page pigs.htm.)

#D6. Meaningful truths revealed by gradual improvements of standard procedure of the creation of subsequent races of people:

       In item #D1 of this web page is described the "standard procedure" which God used during creation of subsequent races of people. Although the entire this procedure turns out to be the same for almost every race of people, with the elapse of time we can notice small, although continuous, improvements and changes introduced to the stage (3) - means to the "Learning in an Eden". For example, if we analyse the creation of Hindu race (which was the first and the oldest practical implementation of this "standard procedure" of creation of people on the Earth), then it turns out that during teaching the first Hindu people in their "Eden", God assumed in there the huge number of various "bodily representations of God". (These "bodily representations of God" presently are described in Hinduism under the name of "Hindu gods" or "deities" - see items #B6 and #B6.1 from the totaliztic web page god.htm.) For first Hindu people, each one amongst these "bodily representations of God" had the body and the appearance of humans, also each one of them had a personality and character which were the mixture of good and evil - as an example see the appearance of the "Hindu god" named "Murugan", the appearance and the character of which is illustrated in the "Fig. #B1ab" from the totaliztic web page named immortality.htm. In order to teach people more effectively, in the Eden of Hindu people these "bodily representations of God" had, and used, various advanced technical devices, including famous flying "vimana" - i.e. starships similar to my Magnocraft. One amongst these representations, always used a breathing apparatus similar to present "gas mask". (Namely, that "gas mask" was used by the "Hindu god" whom most frequently is called "Ganesha".) Because of that mask, first Hindu people announced that he has a "head of elephant" and paid a greater attention to him than to other gods. For this reason, when God created further races of Greeks and Egyptians, then to some amongst still then numerous His "bodily representations", He gave intentionally the appearance of half-humans and half-animals. It turned out then, that people whom during the stage of "Learning in an Eden" interacted with these bodily representations of God, linked their appearance to their characters. Therefore, in yet another process of creation of Chinese, God decisively gave attributes of various unpleasant animals, e.g. snakes, to these amongst His bodily representations (e.g. to "dragons") which supposed to teach people about evil, while the fully human appearance - to these His bodily representations which were to teach people about good. Because of the success of this illustrative approach to teaching people, when God created first Israelis, He abandoned the use in the Eden of that large number of His bodily representations, and He placed in there just two such representations, namely the humanly looking "Messiah" (the behaviour of which illustrated "good" to people), and "Serpent" or "Satan" - that had a partial appearance of a snake (the behaviour of which illustrated "evil" to people). Because of the success of these illustrations of good and evil, during the creation of yet another race of Maoris God again repeated and emphasised this principle even more - see, amongst others, also item #L1 below.
       The sole fact, that such a gradual evolution of selected details of the "standard procedure of creation" utilised by God took place at all, leads to several very important conclusions. For example, it confirms the shocking (for some people) fact, that God also learns and gradually extends as well as improves His knowledge and methods of acting. In other words, it confirms that God does NOT know absolutely everything and from the very beginning, but He also gradually learns and gains experience in a manner identical as people do - what actually God confirms openly in the verse 18:20-21 from the Biblical Book of Genesis (this verse is discussed more thoroughly in item #M1 from the totaliztic web page evolution.htm). The gradual evolution of the "standard procedure of creation" confirms also the finding presented in item #B2 of the totaliztic web page will.htm, namely that God created man mainly to be able to continually increase with the help of people His knowledge and the level of perfection of the intelligent universe.

Part #E: "Discovery" of New Zealand and Antipodes by countries and nations inhabiting the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth - who travellers in old times avoided this area at large distance:


#E1. Visits to New Zealand by ancient Chinese oriented exclusively towards research and learning:

       Starożytni Chińczycy byli jedyną cywilizacją starożytności, której wyprawy eksplacyjne posprawdzały praktycznie cały świat. W owych eksploracjach wydatnie pomagało im posiadanie kompasu którego wiele innych cywlizacji NIE dorobiło się nawet przez tysiące następnych lat. Doskonała znajomość geografii i praktycznie całej kuli ziemskiej przez starożytnych Chińczyków, a także podróże ich flotylli eksploracyjnych i wypraw kupieckich do praktycznie wszystkich zakątków świata, podkreślone było nawet we wspaniałej animacji zaprezentowanej podczas ceremonii otwarcia 29-tej Olimpiady w Beijing o godzinie 8:08 w dniu 8 sierpnia 2008 roku. W owej olimpijskiej animacji specyficznie referowano do wypraw dokonywanych przez niejakiego Zheng He - czyli chińskiego admirała-eunucha z okresu Dynastii Ming, który eksplorował wybrzeża Afryki. Jednak starożytni eksploratorzy z Chin wiedzieli również dokładnie o istnieniu i o położeniu Nowej Zelandii. Ich flotylle badawcze i zwiedzające aż kilka razy w starożytności odwiedzały Nową Zelandię. Istnieje cały szereg dowodów owych odwiedzin. Przykładowo kiedyś odkryto w Nowej Zelandii prastary dzwon typu używanego na statkach Chińskich. Z kolei w kronikach chińskich znaleziono opisy potężnej wulkanicznej eksplozji która uformowała jezioro Taupo. Na przekór jednak owych relatywnie częstych odwiedzin, starożytni Chińczycy nigdy nie usiłowali nawet założyć swojej kolonii w Nowej Zelandii. Najwyraźniej ich znajomość energii "chi" oraz znajomość "feng shui" ostrzegała ich że Nowa Zelandia wcale NIE jest miejscem w którym osiedleńców czekałaby świetlista, czy choćby tylko pozytywna, przyszłość.
       Sprawa odwiedzin Chińczyków w Nowej Zelandii omawiana jest także w punkcie #B1 strony fruit.htm - o tropikalnych owocach ze strefy Pacyfiku oraz o filozofii ich zjadania.
       Jest powszechnie znanym w świecie faktem, że Chińczycy - szczególnie w starożytności, we wszystkim co czynili konsultowali swoje zamiary z rodzajem wiedzy tajemnej którą obecnie znamy pod nazwami "feng shui", "chi", itp. Wiedza ta jest pokrewna do wielu dzisiejszych form ESP - chociaż jest bardziej od ESP obiektywna i nastawiona na odczytywanie fizykalnych znaków. Jedną z powszechniej znanych manifestacji konsultowania przez Chińczyków wszystkich decyzji ze wskazaniami owej tajemnej wiedzy, jest np. wybór daty i godziny oficjalnego otwarcia 29-tej Olimpiady w Beijing w dniu 8/8/8 (tj. 8 sierpnia 2008 roku) o godzinie 8:08 wieczorem. Zgodnie bowiem z ową wiedzą tajemną, cyfra 8 oznacza "powodzenie", "zasobność", "sukces", itp. - tak jak to opisano w punkcie #E1.1 poniżej. Informacja którą chcę więc tutaj przekazać i podeprzeć dowodami jest taka, że jeśli coś jest wysoce wrogie ludziom - tak jak Antypody, wówczas istnieją konkretne oznaki owej wrogości. Z kolei istnienie owych oznaków daje się odczytać z użyciem najróżniejszych dyscyplin wiedzy - w rodzaju owej wiedzy "feng shui" używanej przez Chińczyków, czy naukowo identyfikowalnych ostrzeżeń opisywanych na niniejszej stronie. Pamiętajmy też, że starożytni Chińczycy zawsze odczytywali owe oznaki zanim podejmowali jakąkolwiek istotną decyzję życiową. (Niestety, w obecnej generacji Chińczyków ta długa tradycja pomału zanika.) Fakt więc że starożytni Chińczycy wielokrotnie docierali do Nowej Zelandii, jednak nigdy tam nie założyli swojej kolonii - tak jak to czynili w wielu innych obszarach i krajach, np. w Malezji czy na Borneo, posiada bardzo istotne znaczenie. Praktycznie fakt ten oznacza bowiem, że starożytni Chińczycy wiedzieli o wysoce wrogiej ludziom naturze i środowisku Antypodów.
       W tym miejscu warto też dodać, że np. do Australii czy do Antarktydy starożytni Chińczycy zapewne nawet nie usiłowali dotrzeć. Najwyraźniej przesłanki wynikające z ich znajomości "feng shui", a także ich wiedza, intuicja i przezorność im podpowiadały, że NIE ma tam potrzeby przybywać, bowiem NIE znajduje się tam nic wartego eksplorowania, zaś natura jest tam wyjątkowo wrogo i niszczycielsko nastawiona do ludzi.
       Powyższe powinienem uzupełnić spostrzeżeniem które często było mi powtarzane przez sporo osób. Mianowicie wielu ludzi przybywających po raz pierwszy do Nowej Zelandii twierdzi, że od lądu owego kraju bije do nich dziwna "wrogość", "chłód", czy "poczucie zagrożenia" - które wyraźnie odczuwali oni swoimi zmysłami. Po jakimś jednak czasie owo dziwne odczucie u nich zanikało. Podobny chłód czy poczucie zagrożenia odczuwają oni jedynie w obliczu śmierci - np. w pobliżu nieboszczyka. Po przybyciu do Australii też odczuwali oni bardzo podobny jakby chłód - chociaż ma on tam nieco odmienny odcień. Czyżby więc antyludzkie działanie Antypodów było przez niektórych ludzi odbierane wręcz fizycznie? (Ja osobiście też odbieram dosyć unikalne odczucie zaraz po powrocie do Nowej Zelandii z pobytu poza jej granicami. Jednak ja potrafię rozpoznać to odczucie bowiem kiedyś ustaliłem że bije ono od ludzi którzy cechują się bardzo niskim poziomem tzw. "energii moralnej" - po szczegóły patrz (iv) z punktu #F2 na stronie nirvana.htm. To moje unikalne odczucie też opisałbym jako rodzaj "zimna" jakie zwykle bije też od bardzo starych ludzi. U mnie też ono zanika czasami już po kilku godzinach od wylądowania w Nowej Zelandii.)

#E1.1. Stosunek Chińczyków do liczby 8 - jako przykład ich codziennego konsultowania wszelkich spraw ze wskazaniami wiedzy "feng shui":

       Liczby rządzą naszym życiem od chwili urodzenia aż do śmierci. Wszystko jest nimi opisane, zaczynając od dat naszego urodzenia, a skończywszy na rachunkach za nasze pogrzeby. Ponieważ NIE wszystko w naszym życiu dzieje się jednakowo pomyślnie, wielu ludzi zgromadziło empiryczne obserwacje które sugerują że wyniki przebiegu każdej sprawy zależą od rodzaju "energii" zawartej w liczbach które sprawę tą opisują. Zgodnie bowiem z ustaleniami owych ludzi, niektóre liczby, takie jak 8, przynoszą budującą energię która wspiera korzystność wszystkiego co opisane tą liczbą. Istnieją też liczby o wyniszczającej energii, takie jak np. 4, która psuje następstwa wszystkiego co liczby te opisują.
       Spora proporcja Chińczyków za liczbę o najbardziej szczęśliwej, korzystnej i budującej energii uważa cyfrę i liczbę 8. Oczywiście, mają oni ku temu aż wiele powodów. Przykładowo, dźwięk owej liczby 8 w języku mandaryńskim brzmi "ba" - co znaczy "zamożność". Liczba 8 ma także doskonale symetryczny kształt i to w aż dwóch osiach symetrii. Ma ona też doskonały balans - który wynika z owej symetrii, a który w chińskiej astrologii jest poszukiwanym ideałem. Jest ona konsystentna - tj. nie zmienia ona swojej wartości kiedy ją się odwróci do góry nogami (tak jak to czyni np. "diabelska" cyfra 6). Odbita w lustrze też czyta się jako 8. Położona na boku stanowi symbol nieskończoności. Kiedy się ją pisze, pióro się zatrzyma w chwili gdy ma rysować linię w górę - podczas gdy wszystkie inne liczby od 1 do 9 podczas pisania zatrzymują pióro na drodze w dół (co symbolizuje jej potencjał do wzrostu). Jej pisanie zawsze kończy tam gdzie się zaczęło. Liczba 8 jest podzielna przez 2. Liczba 8 ma wiodącą rolę w binarnym systemie i w komputeryzacji. Liczba 8 formuje doskonały sześcian o boku 2. Przynależy ona też do matematycznej serii Fibonacci (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, itp.). W naturze pojawia się ona w formie wzorów wzrostu w wielu roślinach i zwierzętach. Przykładowo, wiele stworzeń wodnych ma 8 symetrycznych części. Ludzkie ciało ma 206 kości (2+0+6=8). W 2006 roku (2+0+0+6=8) po wielu latach konfuzji, międzynarodowe ciało "International Astronomical Union" zaraportowało że istnieje tylko 8 planet w systemie słonecznym (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune). Znanych jest 8 głównych kierunków świata. Liczba liter w alfabecie rzymskim 26 dodaje się 2+6=8. Itd., itp. Na przekór więc że racjonalnie daje się podważać niemal każde uzasadnienie szczególnego znaczenia liczby 8, do ludzi głęboko wierzących w szcześliwość i niezwykłość tej liczby, faktycznie przynosi ona szczęście i zamożność. A pamiętać trzeba że liczba ta jest tylko jednym z licznych fizykalnych wskaźników pomyślności które konsultowane w danej konfiguracji dają znawcom "feng shui" raczej definitywne odpowiedzi o perspektywach na przyszłość praktycznie każdej sprawy. Tyle że w nowoczesnym świecie coraz bardziej zabiegani i sceptyczni ludzie przestali zważać na owe nadprzyrodzone wskazówki.

Part #F: Gdyby Antypody wybrane były przez Boga do zasiedlenia, ich rodzime rasy i narody kwitnęłyby - tymczasem te cywilizacje które nierozważnie tam osiadły relatywnie szybko tam poupadały:


#F1. Zdefiniujmy jakie są oznaki upadku cywilizacji aby uniknąć jałowych deliberacji czy w Nowej Zelandii faktycznie upadło już aż kilka kolejnych cywilizacji:

       Pisana historia Nowej Zelandii faktycznie nadal jest w "stanie płynnym" - i to na przekór że minęło już około 200 lat od czasu kiedy do owego kraju przybyli pierwsi europejscy osadnicy i zaczęli historię ową spisywać. Ta "płynność" historii też wynika z owego negatywnego bieguna cywlizacyjnego który panuje na Antypodach. Biegun ten powoduje bowiem że każdy fakt jest tam przez kogos podważany lub zaprzeczany, bez względu na to jak bardzo nie byłby prawdziwy. Praktycznie to też oznacza, że w Nowej Zelandii każdy historyczny fakt komuś z jakiegoś powodu jest NIE na rękę i też będzie przez kogoś podważany. W rezultacie wielu rodzimych badaczy Nowej Zelandii nawet się próbuje "się wychylić" i opublikować jakąkolwiek prawdę historyczą o którą ktoś potem by poczuł się urażony. To z kolei jest źródłem dzisiejszego stanu historii Nowej Zelandii, kiedy praktycznie NIC nie jest wiadomo z całą pewnością, zaś cała historia jest nadal w stanie "płynnym".
       Oczywiście prawdy tezy jak ta z niniejszej strony NIE da się udowodnić jeśli nie uzna się konkretnych faktów historycznych za rzeczywiste i za zaistniałe. To dlatego aby udowodnić że w Nowej Zelandii upadło aż kilka kolejnych cywilizacji, najpierw musimy sobie zdefiniować co cechuje "upadek cywilizacji". Upadek ten zdefiniujemy poprzez rozpatrzenie cech cywilizacji o których z całą pewnością nam wiadomo, że faktycznie one upadły - przykładowo cywilizacji Imperium Rzymskiego po jego zniszczeniu przez Hunów, czy cywilizacji Inka z Ameryki po jej podbiciu przez Hiszpanów. I tak na bazie owych cywilizacji o których z całą pewnością wiemy że one już faktycznie upadły, za oznaki braku upadku NIE wolno nam traktować jeśli np. (a) przetrwa język danej cywilizacji. Wszakże np. język łaciński był nadal używany jeszcze na długo po upadku Imperium Rzymskiego. (Faktycznie to ja łaciny uczyłem się w szkole średniej, chociaż wcale NIE jestem obywatelem Imperium Rzymskiego. Ponadto jako chłopiec uczestniczyłem w nabożeństwach katolickich po łacinie - chociaż żyłem wówczas w Polsce.) Także język używany przez imperium Inków też jest częściowo używany aż do dzisiaj. Oznaką braku upadku wcale też NIE jest (b) trwanie przy życiu niektórych potomków upadłej cywlizacji. Przykładowo, do dzisiaj żyją dalecy potomkowie zarówno Rzymian jak i Inków. Z powyższego widać że dowodem upadku danej cywilizacji są następujące cechy jeśli pojawią się one jednocześnie. (1) Nowa kultura, religia, zasady życia społecznego, itp., które byli uczestnicy danej cywilizacji zmuszeni są adoptować w swoim poupadkowym życiu. Przykładem może być tutaj zmuszenie Maorysów do adoptowania praw, religii, broni, zasad walki, itp., europejskich osadników. Oraz jednocześnie (2a) wprowadzenie zupełnie nowej sporej wymiarowo puli genów do genetyki którą uprzednio cechowała się społeczność danej cywilizacji, albo też (2b) niemal całkowite wyniszczenie ludzi którzy byli nosicielami genów danej cywilizacji. Przykładem wyniszczającej daną cywilizację zmiany genetyki może być zalanie Imperium Rzymskiego przez Hunów (tj. przodków dzisiejszych Hungarians - Węgrów) i zmieszanie genów owych Hunów z genami Rzymian. Z kolei przykładem wyniszczenia nosicieli genów danej cywilizacji mogą być losy tzw. "Moriori" (albo "Moa Hunters") z Nowej Zelandii.
       Jak też wykazane to zostanie w następnym punkcie #F2 tej strony, w historii Nowej Zelandii już wielokrotnie pojawiły się okoliczności kiedy powyższe cechy "upadku cywilizacji" charakteryzowały raptowne zmiany jakie tam nastąpiły. Na przekór więc że wielu ludzi być może zechce prowadzić jałowe i czysto hipotetyczne debaty np. na temat "czy cywilizacja Maorysów faktycznie upadła czy też istnieje aż do dzisiaj", powyższe cechy charakteryzujące upadki cywlizacji rozstrzygają tą sprawę jednoznacznie. Po ich uwzględnieniu jest jasnym że w Nowej Zelandii upadło już dotychczas aż kilka kolejnych cywilizacji - tak jak to wyszczególniono w punkcie #F2 poniżej.

#F2. W Nowej Zelandii upadło już aż kilka kolejnych cywilizacji:

       Oto wykaz i historia kolejnych cywilizacji z Nowej Zelandii które dotychczas najpierw skolonizowały ów obszar Antypodów, potem zaś upadły:
       1. Upadek prastarej cywilizacji która znała nie tylko ceramikę, ale umiała nawet rzeźbić w kamieniu. Na jej istnienie również w Nowej Zelandii zdają się wskazywać ślady nieco podobne do tych istniejących w Ameryce Południowej i w Egipcie. Nieoficjalnie wiadomo, że owa prastara cywilizacja upadła już kilka tysięcy lat temu. Praktycznie nic obecnie nie próbuje się już ustalić na jej temat - wszakże wiedza o jej istnieniu mogłaby komuś się niepodobać.
       2. Upadek cywilizacji "Moriori" (albo "Moa Hunters"). Oficjalnie za najbardziej pierwotnych mieszkańców Nowej Zelandii uważa się rodzaj ludzi bardzo podobnych do Australijskich Aborygenów. Przez Maorysów oraz przez samych siebie byli oni nazywani "Moriori". Natomiast Europejczycy nazwali ich "Moa Hunters" - ponieważ żywili się głównie licznymi w ich czasach gigantycznymi ptakami Moa. Zamieszkiwali oni Nową Zelandię od bliżej niezdefiniowanego czasu. Znali oni wprawdzie ogień, jednak nie znali ani ceramiki, ani obróbki kamienia, ani narzędzi. "Moriori" mieli bardzo smakowite mięso. Po przybyciu więc do Nowej Zelandii innej wojowniczej rasy kanibalów, którzy sami siebie nazywali "Maori" (tj. po przybyciu "Maorysów"), owi "Moriori" zostali po prostu stopniowo zjedzeni. Jeden z zaprzyjaźnionych Maorysów powiedział nam kiedyś pół żartem pół serio, że byli oni bardzo "lubiani" przez Maorysów ponieważ ich mięso miało przyjemny słonawy smak i było znacznie smaczniejsze od mięsa Maorysów którzy podobno smakowali równie nieprzyjemnie tak jak wszyscy inni ludzie - patrz opisy tego smaku z punktu #K1 poniżej.
       3. Upadek pierwszej cywilizacji kanibalistycznych Maorysów. Maoryskie legendy stwierdzają, że kiedy pierwsi Maorysi przypłynęli do Nowej Zelandii z Hawaiki około roku 900 AD (tj. mniej więcej w czasach tzw. "Chrztu Polski") na obszarze ówczesnej Nowej Zelandii już żyli jacyś ludzie. Tamtych wcześniejszych Nowozelandczyków najczęściej opisuje się mianem "Moa Hunters". Po przybyciu do Nowej Zelandii Maorysi najpierw zjedli owych "Moa Hunters". Potem zaś zjadali siebie nawzajem. Owi pierwsi osadnicy maoryscy żyli w Nowej Zelandii aż do roku 1178 A.D. - kiedy to zmiotła ich z powierzchni Ziemi potężna eksplozja koło Tapanui.
       4. Eksplozja statku kosmicznego koło Tapanui w 1178 roku, która zatarła w Nowej Zelandii wszelkie ślady wcześniejszych osiedli ludzkich. W 1178 roku AD w Nowej Zelandii miała miejsce katastroficzna ekpslozja o globalnych konsekwencjach. Jej dokładniejszy opis zawarty jest na odrębnej stronie internetowej tapanui.htm - o eksplozji wehikułu UFO koło Tapanui, Nowa Zelandia, 1178 AD. Zniszczenie spowodowane ową eksplozją było niewyobrażalnie duże. Faktycznie też uśmierciła ona niemal wszystkich Maorysów którzy uprzednio zamieszkiwali Nową Zelandię. Całkowicie wymazała ona też z powierzchni ziemi wszelkie ślady osadnictwa poprzedzającego ową eksplozję. Dlatego ślady osad moryskich które obecnie są znajdowane i badane przez miejscowych naukowców, wszystkie datują się już z czasów po owej eksplozji Tapanui. To zaś jest jedną z przyczyn owej "płynności" historii Nowej Zelandii. Mianowicie, ponieważ naukowcy owego kraju NIE uznają istnienia eksplozji Tapanui, ich werdykty stwierdzają że NIE istniało osadnictwo poprzedzające ową eksplozję. Doskonałym przykładem oficjalnych badań które zostały tak właśnie wypaczone następstwami eksplozji Tapanui, są te opisane w artykule "Rat bones reduce colonisation time" (tj. "kości szczurów zmniejszają czas kolonizacji") ze strony A2 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie ze środy (Wednesday), June 4, 2008. W artykule tym jakiś naukowiec stwierdza, że najstarsze kości szczurów znajdowane w obecnie znanych byłych osiedlach Maorysów, dają datowanie około 1280 roku. Naukowiec ten jednak przeacza, że obecnie NIE jest wiadomym gdzie dokładnie były zlokalizowane osiedla Maorysów przed 1178 rokiem (tj. przed datą eksplozji Tapanui). Stąd kości szczurów z tamtych starszych osiedli NIE mogą być narazie ani znalezione ani datowane.
       5. Upadek lub zanik cywilizacji z drugiej fali emigracyjnej Maorysów. Po eksplozji Tapanui do Nowej Zelandii zaczęła docierać druga fala Maoryskich emigrantów. Z powodu chronicznego deficytu żywności oni również zmuszeni byli do uciekania się do kanibalizmu (ludożerstwa). Znaczy, przy braku czegokolwiek innego do jedzenia, zjadali oni siebie nawzajem. Aby zaś mieć więcej niewolników do zjadania, bez przerwy prowadzili nawzajem ze sobą najróżniejsze wojny. W rezultacie, z upływem czasu ich kultura nabrała cech "zawodowych wojowników". (Owe wojownicze cechy maoryskiej kultury przetrwały zresztą w Nowozelandczykach aż do dzisiaj.) W stanie też nieustannych wojen, praktykowania niewolnictwa, oraz kanibalizmu, owa druga fala osadników maoryskich żyła w Nowej Zelandii aż do roku lat około 1800-nych - kiedy to Nowa Zelandia stała się celem masowej europejskiej kolonizacji. Jednak owa druga cywilizacja Maorysów upadła lub zaniknęła właśnie w wyniku przybycia Europejczyków do Nowej Zelandii. Oczywiście, czy cywilizacja ta upadła lub zaniknęła, czy też nadal istnieje, wielu ludzi będzie gotowych to zajadle dyskutować. Faktem jest jednak, że Maorysi i Europejczycy tak intensywnie się ze sobą nawzajem krzyżowali, że obecnie NIE istnieje już w Nowej Zelandii ani jeden Maorys który NIE miałby w sobie choćby małej proporcji europejskiej krwi oraz u którego przetrwałaby jego oryginalna kultura maoryska i oryginalna religia. Dla wielu zaś ludzi zanik oryginalnej budowy genetycznej, połączony z równoczesnym zanikiem oryginalnej kultury i religii, praktycznie oznaczją że dana cywilizacja faktycznie zaniknęła lub upadła. Bez względu więc na to jak niektórzy będą ten fakt nazywali, owa oryginalna druga cywilizacja Maorysów Nowozelandzkich też już obecnie wcale NIE istnieje. Do dzisiaj przetrwali jedynie potomkowie mieszańców Europejsko-Maoryskich którzy z różnych powodów uważają siebie za Maorysów.
       6. Pierwsze przybycia europejskich eksploratorów do Nowej Zelandii. Począwszy od około 15 wieku, najróżniejsi Europejscy eksploratorzy zaczęli podróże morskie w okolice Nowej Zelandii. Wszakże już 15 sierpnia 1511 roku Portugalczycy zdobyli twierdzę i port w niezbyt odległym od Nowej Zelandii malezyjskim mieście Melaka i oficjalnie założyli tam swoją kolonię - podczas gdy ich flotylle przybywały w te rejony świata od kilkudziesięciu już lat. Pierwsi do Nowej Zelandii dotarli Hiszpanie. Niestety, nie są znane żadne wzmianki historyczne kiedy i przez kogo miało to miejsce. Jedynym śladem faktycznego pobytu Hiszpanów w Nowej Zelandii jest bardzo piękne drzewo nowozelandzkie o wspaniałych czerwonych kwiatach, zwane "Pohutu Kawa", które naturalnie rośnie jedynie w Nowej Zelandii. Niedawno takie właśnie drzewo odkryto rosnące w jednej ze wsi hiszpańskich. Jego grubość była taka, że gdyby ono rosło w Nowej Zelandii wówczas miałoby co najmniej 300 lat. Trzeba jednak pamiętać, że z powodu eksplozji wehikułu UFO koło Tapanui w 1178 AD, która skaziła telekinetycznie całą glebę owego kraju, w Nowej Zelandii drzewa rosną znacznie szybciej niż w Europie (np. drzewa europejskiego pochodzenia rosną tam około 5 razy szybciej). Prawdopodobnie więc ów statek hiszpański który przewiózł to drzewo do Hiszpanii, odwiedził Nową Zelandię nie później niż w 15 wieku.
       Kolejnym Europejskim eksploratorem który dopłynął do Nowej Zelandii był niejaki Abel Tasman. Jego odkrycie tego kraju rozniosło się po Europie. To z tego powodu w wiek później Anglicy wysłali swego własnego eksploratora aby ten sprawdził przydatność nowego lądu dla osadnictwa. Ciekawostką wyprawy Abela Tasmana było, że odkrył on maleńką Nową Zelandię, jednak zupełnie jakby "przeoczył" gigantyczną Australię. Czyżby więc i on miał jakąs "intuicję" na temat Antypodów która przykładowo starożytnym Chińczykom nakazywała omijać Australię z daleka.
       Europejskie osadnictwo w Nowej Zelandii zaczęło się jednak dopiero kiedy wyprawa Anglika o nazwisku James Cook wykonała dokładne mapy, badania i opisy owego kraju. Jako zupełnie nowe państwo (a ściślej - jako zamorska kolonia Anglii) Nowa Zelandia zaczęła się liczyć dopiero od około 1840 roku.
       7. Upadek lub zanik cywilizacji europejskich kolonistów Nowej Zelandii. Około 1840 zaczęły się czasy intensywnej europejskiej kolonizacji Nowej Zelandii. W ten sposób powstało dzisiejsze państwo zwane Nowa Zelandia. Początkowo państwo to miało organizację państwa Europejskiego i hołdowało ono wszelkim tradycjom europejskim. Jego językiem urzędowym był język angielski. Państwo to reprezentowało więc rodzaj jakby europejskiej cywilizacji przeniesionej do Nowej Zelandii. Na przekór też że oprócz Europejczyków, w skład owego państwa wchodzili potomkowie owych oryginalnych Maorysów, państwo to przez około 150 lat kultywowało europejską kulturę, religię i tradycje. W niemal niezmienionym też stanie przetrwało ono aż do 1984 roku, czyli do czasu utraty władzy w Nowej Zelandii przez wybitnego przywódcę owego kraju o nazwisku Sir Robert Muldoon (1921-1992). Po 1984 roku, owa cywilizacja europejskich kolonistów Nowej Zelandii uległa szybkiemu zanikowi. Obecnie jest ona już całkowicie zastąpiona przez zupełnie inną cywilizację, która narazie jeszcze NIE zaczęła zanikać, nie będę więc jej tutaj opisywał. Powód zaniku czy upadku po 1984 roku tamtej cywilizacji europejskich kolonistów był prosty. Był nim niemal całkowity zanik emigracji Europejczyków do Nowej Zelandii, spowodowany upadkiem ekonomicznym owego kraju po utracie władzy przez Sir Roberta Muldoon. Z kolei brak napływu nowych Europejczyków, połączony z szybkim wymieraniem dawnych osadników Europejskich, z coraz intensywniejszym krzyżowaniem się międzyrasowym, oraz z brakiem oficjalnego opowiadania się rządu przy europejskich tradycjach, kulturze i religii, spowodowały że w Nowej Zelandii szybko zaniknęła lub została przekształcona ta część społeczeństwa która uprzednio podtrzymywała tam istnienie owej cywilizacji europejskich osadników. Jednocześnie u tych Nowozelandczyków którzy nadal deklarują swoje Europejskie pochodzenie, po 1984 roku nastąpiły tak duże zmiany kulturalne, światopoglądowe, nastawieniowe, polityczne, itp., że na przekór iż oficjalnie deklarują oni europejskie pochodzenie, praktycznie reprezentują oni sobą już zupełnie odmienną cywilizację w której podstawowe cechy (takie jak wojowniczość czy ich kult mięśni oraz siły) zaczynają się coraz bardziej upodabniać do tego co możnaby nazwać "cechami unikalnymi dla mieszkańców Antypodów".
       Oczywiście emigracja napływowa do Nowej Zelandii, połączona z jednoczesnym cywilizacyjnym wyniszczaniem napływającej nowej ludności, wcale się NIE zakończyła. Trwa ona nadal do dzisiaj. Wszakże opisywana na tej stronie wroga dla osiedleńców natura Antypodów wykazuje działanie jakby kosmicznej "czarnej dziury", która to dziura bez przerwy będzie połykała coraz to nowych osiedleńców po których za jakiś czas zanikną wszelkie ślady i słuchy.

#F3. Także w Australii upadła lub zaniknęła bliżej nieznana liczba cywilizacji:

       Nowa Zelandia ma to do siebie, że bogata tradycja mówiona Maorysów, a także ich niemal religijne podejście do genealogii, pozwoliło zdobyć jakieś rozeznanie co do liczby cywlizacji ludzkich jakie tam upadły lub zaniknęły. Tymczasem w Australii sytuacja jesty zupełnie inna. Nic tam NIE utrzymuje śladów ludzi którzy tam kiedyś zyli jednak wyginęli. W rezultacie w Australii najprawdopodobniej poupadały dziesiątki, jeśli NIE setki, odmiennych cywilizacji, jednak obecnie NIKT nie ma o tym najmniejszego pojęcia. Pamiętam że kiedyś utrzymywałem kontatky z jakimś językoznawcom który badał oryginalne języki australijskich Aborygenów. Twierdził on że języków tych na początku XX wieku istniało ciągle około pół tysiąca. Ile zaś z nich przetrwało do dzisiaj? Każdy zaś taki zaginiony język, to kolejna upadła lub zaniknięta cywilizacja ludzka z Antypodów. Antypody wygladają więc jak jedna ogromna "wykańczalnia" całych cywilizacji i indywidualnych ludzi. Tyle że zamiast Hitlera, "wykańczalnia" ta sekretnie jest operowana przez istoty których wygląd pokazałem na zdjęciu z "Fot. #L1".

#F4. Nieprzyjazna ludziom geologiczna historia Nowej Zelandii:

       Nowa Zelandia posiada także wrogą dla ludzi strukturę geologiczną. Jej terytorium jest niestabilne. Bez przerwy jest ona wstrząsana trzęsieniami ziemi. Co jakiś też czas powtarzalnie pojawiają się tam gigantyczne kataklizmy które niemal dokumentnie wyniszczają całą osiadłą tam ludność. Alternatywną historię geologiczną Nowej Zelandii opisuję w punkcie #C2 odrębnej strony tajemnice i ciekawostki Nowej Zelandii.
       Geologia Australii jest znacznie przyjaźniejsza dla ludzi niż ta z Nowej Zelandii. Niestety w Australii ludzie zagrożeni są innymi żywiołami, przykładowo morderczymi pożarami, suszami, burzami pyłowymi, cyklonami, błyskawicznymi powodziami, niebezpiecznymi zwierzętami, suchym morderczym klimatem, brakiem wody pitnej, itp.

Part #G: Panowanie w Antypodach jakiegoś szczególnego rodzaju pola czy modyfikacji praw fizycznych, które powodują zmianę charakterystyki ludzi tam zamieszkujących:


#G1. Jeśli na jakimś obszarze Ziemi działają odmienne pola oraz zmodyfikowane przez te pola prawa natury, ich mieszkańcy muszą z czasem zacząć wykazywać wypaczanie typowych zachowań:

       Z empiryki wiemy, że długotrwałe działanie jakiegoś bardzo "słabego czynnika", może w skutkach okazać się bardziej katastroficzne niż krótkotrwałe działanie jakiegoś "wysoce silnego" czynnika. Przykładowo, krople wody spadające przez dzisiątki lat potrafią drążyć kamienie, zaś owych kilka atomów zanieczyszczeń zawartych w wodzie, w przeciągu setek lat formuje gigantyczne stalagmity i stalaktyty. Doskonale wiemy też z empiryki, że na Antypodach w działaniu znajduje się aż cały szereg takich "słabych czynników", jakich sumaryczne działanie na populację ludzką przez długie okresy czasu może okazać się katastroficzne. Nauka ludzka narazie NIE wyizolowała żadnego z owych czynników, ani NIE zdołała opisać jego długotrwałego wpływu na ludzi. Jednak Bóg najwyraźniej wiedział o jego istnieniu i niszczycielskim działaniu, bowiem wcale NIE wytypował ani przygotował Antypodów do zasiedlenia przez ludzi. Istnienie i działanie na Antypodach takich słabych czynników wyniszczających jest zresztą potwierdzane przez empirykę. Wszakże przykładowo na przekór długotrwałości istnienia całego szeregu cywilizacji Australijskich Aborygenów, cywilizacje te NIE dopracowały się żadnych znaczących osiągnięć społecznych, technicznych, ani cywilizacyjnych. Podobnie jest z cywilizacją nowozelandzkich Maorysów. Przez niemal 1000 lat swojego istnienia nie odkryli oni ani metali ani ceramiki - i to na przekór że po eksplozji Tapanui powierzchnia niektórych obszarów np. w Otago pokryta była grubą warstewką złota. Nie poznali też broni miotanych, takich jak łuki, proce, czy katapulty, na przekór że umieli rzeźbić w drewnie, kości i kamieniu, na przekór że mieli prymitywne narzędzia, oraz na przekór że umieli budować domy i łodzie. Podobie zresztą jest z obecną cywilizacją Antypodów. Jeśli dokładnie ją przeanalizować, okazuje się że NIE dokłada ona praktycznie żadnego wkładu np. do technicznego dorobku ludzkości. To zaś oznacza, że ów "słaby czynnik" anty-cywilizacyjny faktycznie działa na Antypodach aż do dzisiaj.
       Na obecnym etapie możemy jedynie spekulować co stanowi ów "słaby czynnik" wyniszczający cywilizację ludzką, jaki działa na Antypodach. Wszakże jest aż cały szereg kandydatów do tej roli. Najbardziej oczywisty z tych kandydatów jest południowy biegun ziemskiego pola magnetycznego. Biegun ten może w jakiś sposób modyfikować dzialanie praw natury, tak że owe prawa zamiast stymulować rozwój cywilizacyjny - jak to czynią w okolicach byłej Atlantydy, na Atypodach raczej blokują i niszczą rozwój cywilizacyjny. Owo więc pośrednie działanie na Antypodach południowego bieguna magnetycznego mogłoby być odpowiedzialne za brak postępu cywilizacyjnego u ludzi zamieszkujących Antypody. Innym kandydatem na ów "słaby czynnik" jest kierunek ruchu tzw. "przeciw-materii" - czyli rodzaju płynu opisywanego przez teorię wszystkiego zwaną Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji. Na Antypodach płyn ten przepływa w odwrotnym kierunku niż na półkuli północnej Ziemi, formując w ten sposób cały szereg zjawisk fizykalnych takich jak tzw. "dziura ozonowa", ulatywanie zorzy polarnej w górę (zamiast w dół jak na półkuli północnej), itp. Jeszcze innymi kandydatami na owe "słabe czynniki" mogłyby być odmienne polaryzacje światła słonecznego, działanie innych ciał niebieskich, itd., itp. Bez względu jednak na to co działa wyniszczająco na ludzi zamieszkujących Antypody, fakt jest że coś jednak tam działa. Jego efekty dają się wszakże odnotować.
       Podobnie jak narazie zupełnie NIE wiemy co wyniszcza ludzi zamieszkujących Antypody, również narazie NIE wiemy jaki jest mechanizm tego wyniszczania. Wszakże teoretycznie rzecz biorąc działanie wyniszczające owego "słabego czynnika" może się dokonywać na tysiące różnych sposobów. Przykładowo, hipotetycznie może on wyniszczać ludność Antypodów poprzez odwrócenie cech męskości i żeńskości. Znaczy może powodować że np. kobiety na Antypodach nabierają nieco więcej cech męskich niż kobiety na północnych obszarach Ziemi, zaś mężczyźni na Antypodach nabierają nieco więcej cech żeńskich niż mężczyźni na północnych kontynentach. Owe niewielkie różnice mogą z kolei wystarczać aby ludność Antypodów miała negatywny przyrost naturalny i z upływem czasu wymierała. Albo przykładowo ów słaby czynnik może powodować że obie płci na Antypodach są nieco bardziej agresywne niż na północnych obszarach Ziemi. Natępstwem tego może z kolei być, że np. zamiast formować małżeństwa, populacja Antypodów tak się boi przeciwnej płci że albo woli mieszkać samotnie, albo też wiąże się w homoseksualne związki. Jakikolwiek jadnak by NIE był ów cywilizacyjnie wyniszczający mechanizm działania owego "słabego czynnika", fakt jest że ów czynnik działa w praktyce. Wszakże na Antypodach zanika jedna cywilizacja za drugą. Coś więc musi powodować takie cywilizacyjne wyniszczanie.
       Oczywiście, obecny poziom wiedzy ludzkiej jest zbyt niski aby teoretycznie wydedukować co naprawdę jest grane na Antypodach, że cywilizacje tam zanikają. Dlatego jedyne co nam pozostaje to gromadzić obserwacje i wyciągać z nich wnioski. Niniejsza część tej strony służy właśnie temu celowi. W następnym punkcie będę starał się gromadzić obserwacje tego co zdaje się być charakterystyczne dla Antypodów, a co raczej NIE występuje z równą mocą w północnych regionach Ziemi.

#G2. Ciekawostki opisujące odmienne niż w innych częściach świata tendencje mieszkańców Nowej Zelandii (odnotuj że podobne tendencje występują też w Australii):

       Oto kilka cech opisujących ludność Nowej Zelandii, których istnienie typowo powodowałoby zdziwienie w większości innych rejonów świata.
       Kontrybucja emigrantów. Jak to wyjaśniono w artykule ze strony A3 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie z wtorku (Tuesday), June 10, 2008, w 2006 roku każdy emigrant statystycznie (tj. w przeliczeniu "na głowę") przysparzał gospodarce tego kraju $3545, zaś każdy urodzony w Nowej Zelandii przysparzał statystycznie tylko $915 (w oryginale angielskojęzycznym "each immigrapnt makes net impact of $3547, against $915 for NZ-born").
       Najstarsza żarówka świata. Mieszkańcy Nowej Zelandii zachęcani są do aż tak oszczędnego obchodzenia się z elektrycznością, że to w tym właśnie kraju znajduje się najstarsza żarówka świata która do dzisiaj świeci. Na jej temat istnieje nawet specjalna strona internetowa o adresie Na temat owej żarówki ukazał się artykuł o tytule "At 107, oldest lightbulb still a real livewire" ze strony B1 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), May 8, 2008.
       Polityka polityków. W 1993 roku ówczesny przywódca kraju (Prime Minister) o nazwisku Jim Bolger sprzedał za grosze koleje państwowe Nowej Zelandii w obce ręce. Oczywiście, obcy właściciele szybko koleje te zdewastowali, tak że już wkrótce przestały one wypełniać przynależne im funkcje transportowe. Kiedy więc w 2008 roku z powodu zdewastowania i niskiej zdatności użytkowej rząd Nowej Zelandii zmuszony został odkupić owe koleje za bardzo słone pieniądze aby móc im przywrócić publiczną użyteczność, na prezesa przedsiębiorstwa nimi zarządzającego rząd ten wyznaczył nie kogo innego a właśnie owego Jim'a Bolger - po więcej szczegółów patrz artykuł "Govt: We paid top dollar for rail" (tj. "Rząd: odkupienie kolei kosztowało nas ciężkie pieniądze"), ze strony A1 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie datowane w środę (Wednesday), July 2, 2008.
       Polityczne dowcipy. Wcale nie jest prawdą że powodem dla którego w Nowej Zelandii nie słyszy się politycznych dowcipów jest to że ci co usiłują je opowiadać lądują w Iraku, zaś ci co ich słuchają lądują w Afganistanie. Faktycznie w Nowej Zelandii można usłyszeć polityczne dowcipy zaś ja już natknąłem się aż na dwa z nich. O pierwszym z tych dowcipów dowiedziałem się zaraz po tym gdy był on opowiedziany przez Sir Roberta Muldoon (tj. byłego Prime-Ministra Nowej Zelandii) w dniu 6 marca 1992 roku podczas harytatywnego przemówienia w Szkole Podstawowej z Methven. Stwierdzał on że "Nowozelandczycy którzy emigrują do Australii podnoszą poziom IQ w obu tych krajach". (To zapewne z powodu owego dowcipu, zgodnie z artykułem "Kiwis flee nest in record numbers for new life in Australia" - tj. "Kiwi odlatują w rekordowych liczbach aby założyć gniazda nowego życia w Australii", ze strony A1 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie z czwartku (Tuesday), November 25, 2008, w roku do października (October) 2008 wyemigrowało do Australii 47300 Nowozelandczyków - co stanowi ponad 1% całej populacji Nowej Zelandii.) Ów dowcip Sira Muldoon jest cytowany w niemal każdej biografii tego niezrównanego polityka - w mojej opinii największego jakiego Nowa Zelandia kiedykolwiek miała. Drugi z dowcipów politycznych jakie poznałem w Nowej Zelandii przeczytałem w artykule "Great Survival helps NZ have last laugh" (tj. "Wielka przyżyciówka pomaga Nowej Zelandii zaśmiać się jako ostatniej"), ze strony B5 gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z poniedziałku (Monday), March 30, 2009. Ów dowcip stwierdza, cytuję "Hilary Clinton raz była zapytana przez Newsweek o dowcip. "Oto jeden bardzo dobry" odpowiedziała. "Helen Clark, były pierwszy-minister Nowej Zelandii: jej przeciwnicy kiedys odnotowali, że w przypadku wojny nuklearnej dwie rzeczy które wyłonią się z gruzów są karaluchy oraz Helen Clark". (W oryginale angielskojęzycznym: 'Hilary Clinton was once asked by Newsweek for a joke. "Here is a good one," she replied. "Helen clark, former prime-minister of New Zealand: her opponents have observed that, in the event of a nuclear war, the two things that will emerge from the rubble are the cackroaches and Helen Clark." This week Miss Clark emerged spectacularly from the rubble. Her appointment as administrator of the United Nations Development Programme is probably as close to tailor-made as it gets.')
       Koszta tradycji. Rolnicy Nowej Zelandii mają swoje tradycyjnie nawyki z jakimi NIE bardzo chcą się rozstać. Przykładowo corocznie wylewają oni cały ocean niebezpiecznych chemikaliów na swoje pola oraz w pyski swojej trzody. Spora proporcja owych chemikaliów jest już zakazana w wielu innych krajach świata. Jak też informuje artykuł "NZ exports at risk after insecticide found in beef" (tj. "Nowozelandzki eksport jest zagrożony z powodu chemikalii owadobójczych znalezionych w wołowinie") ze strony A10 gazety Weekend Herald, wydanie datowane w sobotę (Saturday), July 5, 2008, Nowa Zelandia może utracić zagraniczne rynki zbytu właśnie z powodu nadmiernych ilości zakazanych chemikalii obecnych w jej produktach rolnych. Z drugiej zaś strony, oprócz swych produktów rolnych, Nowa Zelandia obecnie NIE ma już niemal nic innego do zaoferowania światu na sprzedaż.
       Dzieci a dyscyplina. Anglicy mają powiedzenie "Spare the rod and spoil the child" (tj. "pożałuj rózgi a popsujesz dzieciaka"). Od niepamiętnych czasów generacje dzieci były więc uczone dyscypliny przy pomocy klapsów i rózgi. Tymczasem jedna nowozelandzka posełczyni na sejm tak się zawzięła przeciwko klapsom, że sama jedna przeforsowała w sejmie prawo, iż każdy Nowozelandczyk który wymierzy klapsa swemu dziecku jest przestępcą i należy go za to wsadzić do więzienia. W ten sposób ona sama jedna jakby "zaszachowała" cały naród. Nie pomogły żadne pochody, protesty i apele tysięcy Nowozelandczyków. Wszakże - jak stwierdza to artykuł "Poll reveals we're still smacking" (tj. "Badania wykazują że my nadal dajemy dzieciom klapsa") ze stron A1 i A3 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie datowane we poniedziałek (Monday), May 26, 2008, w świetle owego prawa większosć rodziców staje się zwykłymi przestępcami bowiem ciągle czasami dyscyplinuje swoje dzieci poprzez danie im klapsa. Kiedy w końcu zdesperowani rodzice zgromadzili wymaganą liczbę wielu tysięcy podpisów które miały zmusić rząd do przeprowadzenia referendum w owej sprawie wymierzania dzieciom klapsów, najpierw rząd oświadczył że jest za mało podpisów bowiem ktoś tam kto podpisał ową petycję NIE był uprawniony do głosowania. Po zgromadzeniu zaś owych brakujących podpisów wymaganych do rozpisania referendum, rząd oświadczył że jest już zbyt późno aby referendum to przeprowadzić. Więcej danych na ten temat w artykule "Smacking petition runs out of time" (tj. "Na petycję w sprawie klapsów jest już za późno"), ze strony A1 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie datowane we wtorek (Tuesday), June 24, 2008. Jedyna pociecha dla sfrustrowanych tym prawem rodziców, że rząd który prawo to uchwalił podczas wyborów w 2008 roku został odsunięty od władzy (jak niektózy twierdzili - w dużej proporcji właśnie dzięki głosom obywateli sfrustrowanych tym prawem.)
       Lawinowa ucieczka Nowozelandczyków. Przez długi czas fakt masowej ucieczki Nowozelandczyków był jednym z tych tematów jakie się wstydliwie przemilcza. Dopiero na początku 2008 roku niektóre gazety owego kraju zaczęły nieśmiało przypominać rządowi, że brak pracy i zarobku, upadająca ekonomia, zamykanie rozwoju, itp., powoduje że młodzi i ambitni mieszkańcy Nowej Zelandii po prostu uciekają z owego kraju. W ten sposób Nowa Zelandia traci sól swego narodu - znaczy najbardziej zdolnych i niezbędnych gospodarce fachowców. Jak też się okazało, ucieczka ta jest masowa - z trochę ponad czteromilionowej Nowej Zelandii corocznie ucieka około 1% jego mieszkańców. Przykładowo, w artykule "Record numbers leaving to Australia" (tj. "Rekordowe liczby wyjeżdżają do Australii") ze strony A1 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie datowane w czwartek (Thursday), October 23, 2008, ujawniono że w roku kończącym się we wrześniu (September) 2008 roku do Australii wyemigrowało 47200 Nowozelandczyków (tj. ponad 1% całej populacji kraju).

Part #H: Shutting down the civilisational development through using a "special treatment" which on Antipodes (e.g. in New Zealand) typically is served to inventors and to discoverers:


#H1. Highly destructive curse of inventors persecuting all creative people, and New Zealand victims of this curse:

       The reader most surely NEVER heard of an important technical invention or a vital discovery accomplished on Antipodes - e.g. on the New Zealand soil or on the Australian continent. The reason for this is simple. These hostile for people natural laws which prevail in this area of the Earth cause that inhabitants of Antipodes practice such a version of morality, acquired such behaviours, and developed such intellectual climate, that these make really impossible accomplishing anything outstanding - as this is explained in item #B7 of the web page seismograph.htm, or in item #B4.4 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. This is why so-far NO any breakthrough could be contributed from that area towards the technological accomplishments of the entire humanity.
       Probably almost everyone knows about the "curse of pharaohs". It seems to persecute investigators who try to research contructively origins of the humanity by investigating secrets of pyramids and ancient Egypt. Some people perhaps are aware, that there is also the "curse of Jagiellons" operational in Poland. It tends to kill everyone who tries to research the medieval period in Polish history, i.e. the period of open activities of "devils" and "witches", and also the period when Poland from an European superpower was reduced to an insignificant country that later was subjected to partitions by its neighbours. But almost no-one is aware, that there is also the "curse of inventors" operational on our planet. This curse causes, that every morally acting inventor, who tries to contribute to our civilisation something really new and of immense importance, is persecuted on hundreds of subtle ways, and frequently even killed at the end. As an example consider the fate of Rudolf Diesel (1858 - 1913), who developed the famous Diesel engine. He was plagued by this "curse of inventors" throughout the entire of his life, until he finally disappeared overboard (i.e. most probably was thrown out by someone) while crossing the Channel to England. If one reads biographies of known inventors whom creates something that fulfills the definition or "real progress" - as this real progress is defined in item #G4 of the web page eco_cars.htm, then it turns out that none of them is spared from persecution by the "curse of inventors". Practically almost no inventor is benefiting from his or her own invention, no matter how valuable and profit-generating this invention would be. Also many of them died alone, abandoned by all, in poverty and relative obscurity, sometimes their bodies being discovered many days after their deaths. If there are exceptions from this rule, these usually are due to families of inventors, which (the families) took a good care of them, and also because of other sources of incomes than just the inventions. So in spite that practically everything that our civilisation ever accomplished, is owned to the creativity of inventors, when come to paying back for their efforts, inventors are abused and punished for doing their contributions to humanity. Well, New Zealand - similarly to the rest of the world, has its own share of morally acting inventors, who were, or still are, plagued by this "curse of inventors". In several sub-items below I am attempting to list some of these:
* * *
       Please notice that the definition and quite a complete presentation of the mechanism of work of the "curse of inventors", is provided also in item #B4.4 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm, in "part #G" of the totaliztic web page named eco_cars.htm, and in items #D1 and #F1 of the web page boiler.htm. This curse is also discussed quite comprehensively in item #K3 of the separate web page fe_cell.htm - about telekinetic cells, and also in item #D5.3 of the web page immortality.htm - about the immortality acquired technologically through building "time vehicles". Therefore, if someone is interested in this topic then perhaps he or she should look at the above web pages.
       Fortunately, I managed to learn methods and principles with the aid of which inventors can defend themselves from effects of the "curse of inventors" (and also from effects of "inventive impotency" which stems from this curse) - although, unfortunately, for me currently it is too late to apply these in cases of my own inventions. But still I described these methods and principles on my web pages - for the benefit and information of other inventors. Explanations how to implement such defences, the reader can find e.g. in item #H1 to #H3 of the totaliztic web page named eco_cars.htm.

#H1.1. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected Richard Pearse - i.e. the New Zealand developer of one amongst three first airplanes in the world:

       Richard Pearse originates from the New Zealand township named "Pleasant Point". He was one of three people who invented and build an airplane independently from each other. This is because the "curse of inventors" forced the aeroplane to be invented three times, before the world could learn that it can be build at all. The first aeroplane inventor was the technical genius of Polish origin, named Aleksander F. Mozajski. (He worked for the Tsar's Russia, thus he had double nationality: legally he was a Russian, but by birth he was a Pole). His strange fate is described comprehensively on the web page Aleksander Możajski available via "Menu 1". The Mozajski aeroplane was successfully flown in summer of 1882 (means 21 years before Wright Brothers). Unfortunately it was effectively suppressed by bureaucrats of the Tsar's Russia. The drawing from "Fig. #B4", reproduced from an old Russian encyclopaedia, depicts an official demonstration of the flight of the Mozajski's aeroplane to officials of the Tsar's Russia. The second successful inventor and builder of the aeroplane was a doomed New Zealander named Richard Pearse (1877-1953). His aeroplane was successfully flown on March 31, 1902. Unfortunately, neighbours of this inventors and other New-Zealanders, started to call him such names because of his vanguard interests, and make his life so miserable, that because of them Richard Pearse landed in a mental hospital. Thus, the outcome of such operation of the "curse of inventors", was that the world never learned about accomplishments of these two first pioneers of aviation. Only the third successful flight carried out on 17th December 1903, this time by the aeroplane build by Wright Brothers of the USA, finally managed to get through the hermetic blockade which the "curse of inventors" is continually imposing on progressive inventions. (Notice that the doomed fate of Richard Pearse is explained in volume 18 of my monograph [1/5]. In turn all three inventions of aeroplanes are described in subsection V1 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5].) At the moment a monument to Richard Pearse and to his aeroplane can be seen near a small township Pleasant Point, in the South Island of New Zealand (near Timaru). I suggest to see this monument, as it opens our eyes to the fact that "something is going on" regarding inventions and fate of inventors, that people are not aware of.

Fig. #H1 (T3 in [1/5]): Monument for Richard Pearse

Fig. #H1 (T3 in [1/5]): Monument for Richard Pearse and Dr Jan Pajak - means the invention and an inventor destroyed by own countrymen. The above photo shows a monument to Richard Pearse and to his aeroplane. It is erected near a small township Pleasant Point in the South Island of New Zealand. It marks a spot where the Pearse's aeroplane was successfully tested in flight.
       In spite that Richard Pearse build and flew his aeroplane around a year before Wright Brothers, the "curse of inventors" disallowed the outside world to ever learn about his invention. In turn the stress and psychological persecution he experienced from his own countrymen, who called him, amongst others, the "Mad Pearse", caused that he died in a mental asylum.
* * *

Fig. #H2 (T2 in [1/5]): Aeroplane of Aleksander F. Mozajski (flown in 1882)

Fig. #H2 (T2 in [1/5]): The first aeroplane was build and flown in Russia in summer of 1882 (i.e. 21 years before the Wright Brothers). It is shown on the above illustration reproduced from an old Russian encyclopaedia. Unfortunately, the "curse of inventors" caused that the world never learned about this aeroplane, while the design and prototype of this wonder machine gathered dust in vast archives of the Tsar Russia. More details about the Mozajski aeroplane can be found on the web page mozajski_uk.htm - about Aleksander Możajski who build the first airplane in the world. (Click on the above photograph to enlarge it.)
       Usually people do not realise, that before a string of favourable coincidents helped the world to learn about the aeroplane of Wright Brothers, aeroplanes were forced to be invented, build, and successfully flown by three separate inventors who never knew about each other. These inventors were: Aleksander F. Mozajski (of the Tsar-Russia), Richard Pearse (of New Zealand), and Wright Brothers (of the USA).

#H1.2. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected Bruce Simpson - i.e. the New Zealand developer of a pulsating jet propulsion system:

       Bruce Simpson originates from Tokoroa. He invented and actually constructed an effective, light, and simple propulsion system which he called "cruise missile" (I believe he used this name for publicity reasons). Unfortunately, the "curse of inventors" make him bankrupt prematurely. So he is unable to benefit from his invention. Obviously, the appealing name he gave to his propulsion system did not help in the production and sale of his propelling device. Neither helped him, that in spite he called his invention the "cruise missile", he actually worked on a simple and light propulsion system for general use, which could also be utilised e.g. in light aircraft, for safety motors in gliders, or for propelling boats in grassy or muddy waters. The mysterious fate of his invention and the meaningful manner he was made bankrupt, were presented on the TV programme "Sunday", broadcasted in channel 1 of TVNZ, on Sunday, 25 April 2004, 7:30 to 8:30 pm.

#H1.3. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected Bruce DePalma - i.e. the New Zealand developer of a telekinetic generator of electricity of over 100% energy efficiency:

       Bruce DePalma lived in Waiatarua (West Auckland). He invented an effective generator named "N-Machine", which utilises the reversal of friction (telekinesis) for generating free electricity. A basic description of his invention is provided in subsection LA2.2 of monograph [1/5]. The most troublesome technical problem of his generator, which haunted DePalma for many years and which hindered the industrial implementation of his invention, is that it produced extremely high amperage, but simultaneously a low voltage. But after years of research, Bruce DePalma supposedly found a solution to this voltage problem. Unfortunately, before he managed to implement this solution in his device, he unexpectedly died in a New Zealand hospital on Thursday, 2 October 1997, in the result of a massive internal bleeding. With him probably died also the solution to this voltage problem. Movies disseminated lately illustrate, that apart from various natural causes, just such an internal bleeding like the one that killed De Palma, could also be induced technically by a weapon system that emits a powerful beam of ultrasonic waves. However, it is a public secret that there is no ultrasonic weapon in the peaceful New Zealand. More about the death of this inventor is provided in subsection W4 from volume 18 of monograph [1/5].

#H1.4. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected John Britten - i.e. the New Zealand developer of super-speedy motorbikes:

       John Britten worked and lived in Christchurch. He was a real technical genius. He is most known for his famous super-bikes (see the photograph from "Fig. #B5" below). These bikes were unbeatable on competitions. I had the honour to get to know him personally. We negotiated undertaking together the development of the Oscillatory Chamber and the Magnocraft - unfortunately the completion of these our plans was initially hold back by my loss of the University job in 1990, and the need to seek my bread outside of New Zealand, and then was cut out completely by the death of John. John died rapidly of a cancer, in the top years of his inventive creativity. Shortly before his death he invented an effective "wings flapping mechanism" for his version of the "muscle propelled aircraft" that he was developing but run out of time to finish it. We can and should ask a question, whether his death was just a "coincident", or perhaps was a premeditated outcome of the "curse of inventors".

Fig. #H3. A super-bike of the famous New Zealand technical genius, John Britten

Fig. #H3 The most important museum in the entire New Zealand, the so-called "Te Papa", in 2004 hold an exhibition on the 3rd floor, where the above super-motorcycle constructed by the New Zealand technical genius, John Britten, was shown. (This motorcycle was still exhibited there in January 2010, when I carried out the subsequent update of this part of the web page.) Unfortunately, this extremely creative inventor and designer, unexpectedly died of cancer around 1995, in the middle of most creative years of his life, at the age of around 45.
       At this point we should ask ourselves the question, whether his death is just a "pure coincide", or the action of the "curse of inventors". After all, amongst friends of John Britten rumours can be heard, that shortly before his cancer appeared, John invented an effective "wings flapping mechanism" for his version of "muscle propelled aircraft" that he was developing. In turn it is easy to deduce, that the completion on the Earth of an advanced muscle propelled aircraft, would introduce an immense progress to our civilisation. But it is also known, that the "curse of inventors" acts the more brutally the greater progress of the humanity a given invention is able to introduce.

#H1.5. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected Peter Daysh Davey - i.e. the New Zealand inventor and developer of vanguard boiler of liquids:

       Peter Daysh Davey lived and worked in Christchurch. He invented a new principle of operation for liquids boiler - see "Fig. #H5". But our energy-starved civilisation desperately needs new principles of operation for energy devices. Unfortunately, this inventor was so persecuted by agents of the "curse of inventors" described here, that until his death his heater never received permits required to be put into a production - in spite that the inventor fought for receiving such permits for over 60 years since his boiler was invented. More information on the subject of this boiler and on the shocking fate of its inventor, is provided on the separate web page boiler.htm - about the shocking history of revolutionary boiler which bits all possible records. In turn more information about Peter Daysh Davey himself is provided in item #H2 below.

#H1.6. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected also myself (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) - i.e. the inventor also living in New Zealand who developed principles of operation for a whole array of unknown earlier devices described on many totaliztic web pages:

       Of course, I consider myself to be also a victim of this "curse of inventors". I also invented many new technical devices and accomplished numerous important discoveries. Also continually I strive to be able to build at least one amongst my inventions. But continually I am encountering another highly immoral individuals, whom for own hidden agendas or low motives, unexpectedly throw me again on my knees, deprive me job and sources of income, force to continually change places of living and to search for bread, and destroy my chances for completion of any amongst my numerous inventions. Thus, I personally invested a lot of thinking, research efforts, and philosophical searches to determine why all this happens. Initially I though that all this is my own fault, and thus I even started to hide from colleagues and from superiors my real potentials and my real scientific interests. Only after years of wondering, finally my philosophy of totalizm allowed me to explain what is the mechanism of phenomenon which hides behind my continuous problems. I named this mechanism the "curse of inventors" - although it could also be called the "anti-creative vices of the community amongst which we live". After all, the operation of the "curse of inventors" is so pre-programmed, that every inventor or discoverer is always made dependent and subjected to the power of the most immoral (because the most deeply submerged into the philosophy of parasitism) representatives of a given community amongst which such an inventor or discoverer lives and works. In this way, inventors and discoverers always are subjected to the "bullying", pressures and persecution which are the most representative to the lowest level of the philosophy of parasitism (and thus also the lowest level of morality) which is already achieved by a section of the community or the society amongst which these creative people live. In other words, with use of the "curse of inventors" God makes dependent the increase of prosperity and technical progress in every community from the level of morality of that community, by throwing inventors and discoverers who live amongst this community to "be devoured" by the most immoral and most parasitic representatives of that community. This in turn causes, that implementation of a given invention or discovery always is forced to follow the most steep so-called "line of the greatest resistance" which a given community is only able to generate on the paths of its inventors and discoverers - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #B4.4 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm, and item #G1 from the web page named eco_cars.htm.
       Of course, God ingeniously designed the "curse of inventors", and implements it with the "iron hand", to create a mechanism that causes the "moral self-prosecution" of immoral communities and immoral nations. Unfortunately, the "by-product" of the "curse of inventors" is, that individual inventors, like myself, who are pulled into this mechanism, become innocent victims of the community amongst which they live and work.
       Even if one does not share my views, still by just looking at the sheer volume of inventions that are strangely being hold back, suppressed, or destroyed, one must admit that something really weird is going on, and that something or someone is intentionally suppressing important inventions.

Fig. #H4</b> (11 in [6/2]): The Wimshurst electrostatic machine

Fig. #H4 (11 in [6/2]): Dr Jan Pajak and a Wimshurst machine - means one of my own suppressed inventions. This photo presents myself (Dr Jan Pajak) holding a brand new Wimshurst electrostatic machine, which I purchased with the intention to use it as a starting component in constructing an effective free energy device called the "telekinetic influenzmaschine" - for details see the web page telekinetics.htm - about devices of telekinetics. Originally this is Figure 11 from my monograph [6/2]. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.) In 1989 I completed extensive research on so-called "free energy devices". These devices utilise the reversal of friction for generating free electricity. In the same way as friction spontaneously converts motion into heat, free energy devices spontaneously convert thermal energy contained in the environment into motion of electrons in a wire. Thus they cool down the environment, while simultaneously they generate electricity literally for free - means without any need for supplying them into fuel or into any other form of energy. I invented my own free energy device, which in volume 10 of my monograph [1/5] is described under the name "telekinetic cell". Principles employed in the operation of this telekinetic cell are explained on my web pages on "free energy" accessible via the Menu. I also worked out principles of operation for another entire class of free energy devices, which carry the general name "telekinetic influenzmaschines" (for example, the famous Thesta-Distatica from Switzerland, which at the moment is the most successful free energy device on our planet, belongs to this class of telekinetic influenzmaschines). Then I decided to build these devices. However, as soon as I completed their detailed designs and purchased components, I lost my University job in 1990. This loss of lecturing job at the university, make completely impossible any attempt at the completion of free energy devices that I invented. After all, in such a situation, the finding of a next job and survival became the first priority.
       The photograph above shows me holding in hands the brand new Wimshurst electrostatic machine, which is the main component for constructing telekinetic influenzmaschines. Just behind my back, at the height of my shoulder blades, a cluster of buildings from the university campus is visible. It was there that I hoped to complete a telekinetic influenzmaschine. Unfortunately I lost my lecturing job in there before I managed to accomplish this goal. Please notice that principles of operation and design of telekinetic batteries of my invention, as well as telekinetic influenzmaschines (means the another class of free energy devices into which the famous Thesta Distatica from Switzerland belongs), is elaborated in details on my other web page which, amongst others, can be viewed at the following addresses: free_energy.htm, and fe_cell.htm.
       Further on the horizon, the above photograph shows also the characteristic conical shape of the "Saddle Hill". According to Maori legends this hill hides a "Taniwha lair" inside, as it is described near the end of this web page. I personally know a UFO abductee who claimed to be abducted into a UFO vehicle which hovered inside of a huge cave that supposed to exist inside of that hill.

#H1.7. Regularities noticeable in the manner on which this highly destructive curse of inventors affects its victims:

       It is worth to notice, that examples of inventions and inventors affected by the "curse of inventors", that I am listing on this web page, do not exhaust at all the huge pool of similar cases. Further such cases are presented on my web page on "free energy" and also in my monograph [1/5]. Cases that I presented here are mainly aimed at illustrating: (a) categories of inventions which are suppressed and persecuted most severely, (b) kinds of obstacles that are raised on paths of these inventions and inventors, and (c) ways on which inventors are persecuted by this "curse of inventors".
       It is quite easy to determine, that the most severely persecuted by the "curse of inventors" are people who developed any flying vehicle, any kind of motor, or any king of energy generating machine - means the devices which introduce the greatest progress to our civilisation. This in turn clearly indicates that the regularity is at work, that the severity of action of the "curse of inventors" is proportional to the significance a given invention has for our civilisation.

#H2. Peter Daysh Davey - means the New Zealand inventor persecuted by the "curse of inventors" whom it is worth to get to know - after all, he is a carrier of the "world record", as his invention was blocked for over 60 years (i.e. for over 2/3 of the length of his life):

       In the New Zealand city of Christchurch for over 92 years lived and struggled the inventor named Peter Daysh Davey. In order to see a photograph of this inventor taken in 1990 - click on this green writing and see the senior gentlemen with a beard (the second person on this photo is me - i.e. Dr Jan Pajak). In order to see a photograph of this version of his boiler, which I photographed around 1990 - click on this green writing (also visible is a coin which has 32 mm in diameter). In turn to see the design diagram of this boiler - click on this green writing. This particular inventor is a holder of a "world record", and according to my estimates he should be placed in the "Guiness Book of Records". Namely, during the Second World War (i.e. in 1944) he invented a new principle of operation for boiler of liquids. Extraordinary fate of this inventor and his boiler, persecuted by the "curse of inventors" described before, are presented on the web page boiler.htm - about the shocking history of revolutionary boiler which bits all possible records. The boiler was patented by its inventor. The inventor also constructed working prototypes of it. Unfortunately, for next over 60 years someone systematically obstructed for him the introduction of this boiler to a production. On Wednesday, 30 January 2008, channel 1 of the New Zealand television show a brief news report (lasting around 3 minutes) about the inventor and about the boiler. This news report was broadcasted in the evening news almost exactly at 11 pm. (Probably a disk DVD with the recording of this report can be purchased from the channel 1 of New Zealand television.) Simultaneously a local newspaper from Christchurch, named The Press, in issue dated on Wednesday, January 30, 2008, published on page A13 the article entitled "Sax notes lead to off-beat boiler". This article informs about the existence of the boiler and the inventor. At the beginning of February 2008 the content of this article was available in the Internet under the address At that address also the audio slideshow could be accessed if one clicked in there at the link "Watch audio slideshow of Peter Davey". On 30 January 2008 the inventor of this boiler had his 92nd birthday. Simultaneously his fight for the permit to undertake the production of the boiler lasted for the record over 60 years. In this brief report from TV news, the inventor still expressed his hope that he will be able to overcome the obstacles and to implement his boiler to the serial production. Simultaneously, to the same report a critical opinion from an "expert-consultant" was included. On me this expert make an impression that he is very disappointed that he cannot state that the boiler has no right to work. This is because the news item demonstrated that the boiler actually works immediately after it is placed in cold water, and that it boils water in just several seconds.

Fig. #H5

Fig. #H5: Mr Peter Daysh Davey demonstrating his "sonic boiler". This boiler in quite mysterious circumstances was "returned" to him shortly before taking the above photograph. The extraordinary history of the invention of Mr Davey, together with the history of mysterious returning this boiler, is described on separate web page boiler.htm - about the shocking history of revolutionary boiler which bits all possible records. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.)
       The above photograph was taken several days after 92nd birthday of Mr Davey on 30th January 2008. There are facts which seem to imply, that so senior age of this inventor was accomplished due to drinking the water boiled by his boiler discussed here. After all, the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity informs, that if water is appropriately telekinetised, then it acquires the attributes of the mythological water of life which gives health and longevity to living organisms which drink it. (More information about the "water of life" is provided in item #E6 from the web page boiler.htm - about the shocking history of revolutionary boiler which bits all possible records.)
       In my personal opinion the boiler invented by Peter Daysh Davey is so unique and so advanced, that if this depends on me, I would display a prototype of it in the honorary place of the special section devoted to the New Zealand inventors and scientists from the National Museum of New Zealand named Te Papa. Namely, I would display this boiler next to such exhibits as the first airplane of the New Zealand inventor named Richard Pearse (shown in photograph from "Fig. #B3" above), and the first model of the atom developed by the New Zealand scientist named Ernst Rutherford. After all, these three contributions to our civilisation, went through similar turns of fate, while their creators experienced very similar treatments from other New Zealanders in times when they created their contributions to our civilisation.

#H3. Technical wonders of the world:

       I personally believe that currently on Earth there are numerous technical wonders of the world. The "Zhang Heng seismograph" described above is only one of them. By these "technical wonders" I understand devices already completed and already proven in action, the principles of operation of which significantly exceed the state of science and technology at the time when they were build. Theoretically speaking, people should be able to build these devices only in a distant future in relationship to times when they actually were build. Their earlier appearance on Earth is a kind of sign, which we should start to notice. Here are most important amongst these "technical wonders of the world", about the existence of which I managed to learn until the present moment:
       #1. Thesta-Distatica. It belongs to the larger group of telekinetic generators of free energy. The operational prototype of this generator is owned by the Swiss Religious Commune "Methernitha" (for more detailed descriptions of this wonder device see subsection LA2.3 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5]). It generates free electrical energy from literally nothing, by a simple extraction, via a technical version of telekinesis, thermal energy contained in the environment.
       #2. Crystal radios. As I explained this in items #5 and #6.3 of a separate web page about telekinetic cells, over half a century ago primitive prototypes of telekinetic generators of free energy were already manufactured on Earth. They were called "crystal radios" or "crystal sets". They worked perfectly producing free electricity - only that in small amounts. In fact these were the only devices mass produced on Earth so far, which did not require any battery nor external energy supply, but in spite of this still correctly performed their functions. They did this because they contained a primitive version of the telekinetic cell of the design described on the above-mentioned web page, embedded into their electronic circuitry.
       Electronic engineers explain the lack of need for energy supply to these "crystal radios" by claiming that these radios extracted the required energy from their antennas. However, I never met a description of experimental research which would report on someone who actually measured the energy input from antennas to these radios, and verified whether this input in fact did cover the energy consumption that took place in crystal radios. The point is that since there was no experimental verification that such crystal radios really extract their energy from antennas, in reality they could operate because their circuitry released the phenomenon of reversal of friction which I am describing here – only that electronic engineers are unaware of this extremely vital fact. It is also meaningful, that apart from these "crystal radios" no other electronic devices were ever build on Earth that would be able to satisfy their energy consumption from antennas.
       Now it is enough to appropriately improve these old prototypes of crystal radios in order to receive telekinetic cells of the full efficiency and power. So let us begin the work, because without these devices our civilisation slowly is dying. In item #6 of the web page about telekinetic cells is proposed, step by step, how to transform in the most simple and fastest manner, a "crystal radio" in such a way, that the circuitry of this radio becomes converted into a telekinetic cell that could generate an abundance of free energy.
       #3. The Antikythera mechanism. It was an analog astronomical computer, which allowed to determine the location of heavenly bodies, dates of eclipses, etc. Analyses indicate that, for example, it was able to take corrections for the abnormalities in the orbital motion of the Moon with the precision much higher than many present computer programs do. This computer was build between the years 100 and 150 BC, probably by a Greek astronomer named Hipparchos from the Island of Rhodes. It had dimensions 33x16x10 cm. Around 30 hand-cut gears made of bronze was discovered - although it is believed that it had at least 7 more (a part of them disappeared). In the year 1900 it was discovered in the wreck of an ancient Roman ship near the island Antikythera (a half way between Peloponnese and Crete). At the beginning of November 2006 an article on this mechanism appeared in the "Nature", which later was summarised in two New Zealand newspapers, namely in the article "Ancient Greek computer yields its secrets" from page B3 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, December 2, 2006, and also in the article "Ancient computer found on seabed" from page B4 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, December 1, 2006.
       #4. Everlasting lamp. It continually produces light without a use of any energy supply. I described it in subsection H6.1.3 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5].
       #5. The Ark of the Covenant (the one from Bible). More comprehensively it is described in subsection S5 from volume 15 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The available data document that this was the most important propelling device which, amongst others, cause the levitation of present UFO vehicles - this is why the Ark used to be carried by the so-called "levities". In present times this propelling device is called the Oscillatory Chamber.
       #6. The drum that thunders. This is unknown device described by old legends from south-east Africa, which supposedly induced thunders and thus was called the "drum that thunders" by nearby tribes (in the local language its name was the "Ngoma Lungundu"). Until historic times it supposed to exist in the cave from the holy mountain Dunebue from the area of present Zimbabwe in Africa. The access to it was guarded by albino lions (in that part of Africa considered to be holy and having supernatural powers), and a snake with two heads. This in turn indirectly seem to suggest that the device emitted a kind of powerful radiation which caused genetic mutations amongst local population of lions and snakes. Near the place of hiding of this device lived a tribe locally named "Lemba". The unique attribute of that tribe is that 52% of its members carry a Y chromosome know as the "Cohen Modal Haplotype" (CMH) that is unique to ancient priestly Jewish community - descendants of Aaron, Moses brother). No other tribe in Zimbabwe have such CMH chromosome. In the language of that tribe "Lemba" the device was called "the voice of God". An information about this extraordinary device is contained in a small article [1#H3] entitled "War of words over African artefact", from page A18 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, May 31, 2010.
       Professor Tudor Parfitt from Modern Jewish Studies at the University of London learned about the legend on this device. He searches for Jewish tribes lost in Africa. Thus, when in the Museum of Human Science from the capitol Harare of Zimbabwe he encountered a clay artefact which still in years 1940s someone found somewhere in Zimbabwe, he declared that this artefact is what remains from that "drum that thunders". In turn about the drum itself he proposed a hypothesis that it was the biblical Arc of the Covenant, carried in antiquity to this part of Africa by Jewish priests and then carefully hidden in a cave. But claims of this Professor sound highly controversial. For example, a photograph of the artefact shown in the abovementioned article [1#H3] clearly reveals, that it looks like remains of an old cradle for a child, made of clay. For it being such a cradle indicate also both, the rounded and arched shape of that clay artefact, as well as its dimensions (length 1.14 meter, diameter 64 cm, height 68 cm). Furthermore, this artefact has a round shape, while it is known that the Arc of the Covenant was square.
       #7. A heater from Pakistan. It had a shape of metal amphora empty inside. It continually boiled water without consuming any energy. It was destroyed by an English scientist in 1950s, who cut it apart to see what is inside. (It turned out to be empty inside.) The principle of operation of such heaters stems from phenomena described in subsection H6.1.3 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. According to my estimates, this principle was almost identical to the principle of operation of the telekinetic boiler described on the web page boiler.htm - about the shocking history of revolutionary boiler which bits all possible records. Only that surfaces of it washed up by hot and cool water were additionally looped through the oscillatory circuit with the resonating electrodes of it. Therefore the hot and cold water which washed these surfaces released the action of so-called Seebeck Effect, thus generating on these surfaces electric charges which were needed to supply this amphora in energy required to its operation.
       In addition to the above, I analysed and personally guarantee as being technically sound, two further telepathic messages from our totaliztic allies from the stars, that ordered the completion of two further such devices. These telepathic messages are described in subsections K2 and K5.1.1 of monograph [1/5], and also in separate treatises [7/2] and [7B]. Furthermore, I also did some initial research on ancient versions of two further similar wonder devices, namely on the so-called "philosophers stone" and so called "orbs" (or "monarch apples"). Outcomes of this my research are published in chapter S of monograph [1/5].
       More information about the above, and other, extraordinary devices, is provided on web pages on telepathy and on Zhang Heng seismograph.

#H4. A detector of impending earthquakes - means the unique ancient device which warns about earthquakes long time before these earthquakes strike:

       Another apparatus which clearly realises the action of the "curse of inventors" in New Zealand, is a detector for remote detection of impending earthquakes - means earthquakes which are still brewing up. New Zealand lies on the area that is constantly endangered by earthquakes. Every now and again a powerful earthquake kills in there a significant proportion of inhabitants. So such an apparatus carries the potential for saving lives of thousands of people. But in spite of the fact that since around 2003 I am almost yelling that I am able to build this apparatus, so-far I still remain unemployed, while my scientific and technical knowledge and my knowledge of the operation of this apparatus remain unutilised.
       In Wellington, capitol of New Zealand, operates the National Museum of New Zealand. It is named Te Papa. (At the time of updating this web page in January 2008, entries to this museum were free of charge - similarly like entries to the majority of New Zealand museums.) Amongst a large number of exhibits shown in this museum, two I would recommend for especially careful examining. These two exhibits are rather unique. One out of these two recommend for seeing, is a remote detector of impending earthquakes. This detector is wrongly named the "seismograph of Zhang Heng". Why this remote detector is worth seeing - it is explained in this item. Another exhibit also worth seeing is the motorcycle of John Britten. This motorcycle is shown in "Fig. #B5" below, while described in item #B3 of this web page.
       As probably everyone is already aware, present science is unable to predict earthquakes before they happen. Our current instrument, the so-called "seismograph" is indicating the occurrence of an earthquake only when this earthquake shakes the instrument itself. Therefore, present instruments are telling us about an earthquake only after it already strikes and does a damage. However, imagine that as long ago as in 132 AD (means almost 2000 years ago), a Chinese genius astronomer and mathematician named Zhang Heng build a device currently known under a wrong name of the Zhang Heng seismograph. (E.g. search engines provide descriptions of this device - if the name "Zhang Heng seismograph" is used for the key words.) It was able to warn about an incoming earthquake long time in advance. His device was so advanced, that - as I am going to estimate it later, even today it foreruns the state of our present orthodox science by at least further 100 years. To be more interesting, a half-size replica of his wonder device is exhibited in New Zealand. It can be seen in the Te Papa museum in Wellington. I personally believe that the original device which this replica imitates, was one of the scientific wonders of our planet. If in Wellington an original working device does exist, not just a "look-like" replica, than New Zealand could proudly announce that this is the most advanced technical device that you currently can see on the New Zealand soil, and the one which belongs to a few sparse technical wonders of our planet.
       This Zhang Heng's instrument in fact was constructed like an ornamental fountain - see a photograph from "Fig. #B1" from this web page. When NO earthquake was approaching, it also worked as an ornamental fountain. The main chamber for storing water in this fountain had the shape of a parabolic antenna chamber made of a copper panel. This shape in a vertical cross-section resembled the shape of present parabolic satellite antennas. It had this attribute, that it focused exactly in own central point the majority of the radiation which arrived to this chamber from any place on Earth where just an earthquake could brew up. Eight dragon heads were attached in regular intervals to the circumference of the side walls of this antenna chamber. Water flown from mouth of each of these heads. In each dragon mouth a heavy metal "pearl" was placed. In turn under each of these heads a bronze frog was positioned, which in fact was a loud bell, only shaped like a frog. Streams of water which flown out of mouths of these dragons crossed an arch in the air and fall into open mouths of these frogs. But when an earthquake was approaching, then a heavy metal pearl which was kept in the dragon mouth from this side from which the earthquake was just coming fell down together with water and hit the bronze frog below. The hit of this pearl caused that the frog (which in reality was a loud bell) generated a loud bell noise. This noise constituted an alarm that warned people about the earthquake that just was approaching them.
       The principle of operation of the instrument described here is based on the fact, that the energy of telepathic waves causes a significant difference in the friction and thus drag-force of water that flows out of mouths of these dragons. In normal circumstances, when NO earthquake was brewing up nearby of this device, water which flows from mouth of these dragons forms the so-called "laminar flow". This flow is well known from a very low friction and thus a low drag force. Thus such water was unable to throw heavy metal pearls from mouths of dragons. But when somewhere nearby an earthquake started to brew up, the mutual friction of layers of shaken rocks induced powerful telepathic waves which reached the antenna chamber of this fountain. The parabolic shape of this antenna chamber focused these telepathic waves on the inlet into the pipe that supplied water to the mouth of this dragon which was positioned on the side from which a given earthquake was coming. The energy of this telepathic radiation was changing the flow of water from previous "laminar flow" into the so-called "turbulent flow". In turn the turbulent flow has so large friction and thus so large the drag force, that it could thrown the pearl from the mouth of that dragon. The falling pearl raised the sound of alarm which informed all people around that the earthquake was just coming. So people had enough time to run out of buildings that were endangered with collapsing by this impending earthquake.
       Unfortunately for us all, the original Zhang Heng device was destroyed. (This should not surprise, taking under consideration what I wrote on the web page ufo.htm.) Until our times only non-technical descriptions survived made by laymen who saw it in operation, which tell us how it used to look like. But no key details of the operation of this device are known. These details needed to be re-invented and worked out from the very beginning (fortunately, I am quite good at such reinventing). Therefore, starting with a famous 19th century English inventor, Dr John Milne, who build his own seismographs that was used, amongst others, in New Zealand, as well as various other orthodox scientists, speculated how Zhang Heng seismograph may operate. Because they saw this device from the prospective of their own knowledge, they explained the operation of this wonder seismograph in the same way as present inertial seismographs operate. Namely, according to them, this device employs forces of inertia to initiate the alarm. One of such deduced designs of this device is shown on a drawing available from the web site So in their understanding this wonder device works almost exactly the same like present seismographs. On the basis of these speculations they come up with visual replicas of this device. However, my own study of the look-alike replica from Wellington, and also my own analyses of all what I already know about the Zhang Heng device, indicate that the assumptions that modern scientists took are completely wrong. After all, they try to explain this wonder device just as a version of present seismographs working on inertia forces. But in reality this device utilises the excellent amongst ancient Chinese knowledge of the "chi" energy, or - as we currently call it - "telepathic waves". The erroneous inertial explanation of orthodox scientists does NOT do the justice to this wonder device, and additionally introduces a lot of confusion. Furthermore, because it is erroneous, it makes impossible the construction of a prototype that would actually work. (All copies of this wonder device which were constructed by modern scientists refused to work! The reason was that these scientists reconstructed all of them for wrong principles of operation based on forces of inertia instead of "chi".)
       Myself I am interested in this device since 1993, means from the time when during my professorship in Malaysia I heard about it for the first time from my Chinese friends. Unfortunately I did not manage to establish then where the original of this devices is located, while I could not afford to fly to China and seek it there (only recently I learned that the original of this device was destroyed). But since Dr Pajak was unable to come to the seismograph, the seismograph come to Dr Pajak. In 2003, completely unexpectedly for myself, I found this device in the museum distant only by a few kilometres from my flat. Of course I immediately subjected it to functional analyses. In the result of this my research I come up with my own principle of operation for the Zhang Heng Seismograph. This my explanation was presented a couple of paragraphs higher, and it is also repeated in the caption under "Fig. #B1". It is totally different from these proposed by other scientists, as it takes under account chi, on which the original "Zhang Heng seismograph" was based. In turn this "chi", according to my research, is simply a Chinese name for telepathic waves. Thus my explanation for the operation of this device reveals, that it employs telepathic waves (chi) for the detection of impending earthquakes. This in turn makes possible to detect the earthquakes a long time before they strike and inflict a damage.
       According to my estimates, the telepathic detector of impending earthquakes described here foreruns at least by 100 years the present level of our orthodox science. This is because our orthodox science needs at least 50 more years to learn what telepathic waves are, another 30 years to learn that approaching earthquakes are always sending an advanced warning which takes the form of a bunch of powerful telepathic waves, and then at least another 20 years to build working technical devices which would utilise this knowledge for warning people about approaching earthquakes. So when you are in New Zealand, I suggest to pop in to the Te Papa museum and see for yourself this ancient technical wonder, which is not going to be build on Earth not earlier than at least after further 100 years. (Technically it could be build already now. Unfortunately, the present condemning climate directed by the orthodox science against new ideas, makes this impossible.)
       While explaining this wonder device in subsection K6.2 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5], I presented over there also several vital reasons, why this instrument cannot work on inertia - as currently orthodox scientists explain it, but it must work on "chi" (i.e. on telepathic waves). Here are the most important of these reasons:
      1. Shape. It was very costly, and it was also very difficult in antiquity, to produce the antenna chamber of this instrument so that it is shaped into a parabolic concave mirror - i.e. identical to outlines of present satellite dishes. Thus the builder, Zhang Heng, surely would not shape the chasse of his device into such a difficult curve, if the principles of operation would not require it. In turn, only a device which works on principles of "chi" requires an antenna of strictly such a parabolic shape. Devices which utilise forces of inertia (as our present seismographs do) could be locked in a chasse of any simple shape, e.g. shaped just into an ordinary square box.
      2. Fountain. If this device works on inertia forces, it would not need to be build as a fountain. Water would only spoil its inertial operation. But water is absolutely necessary for harvesting the "chi" energy (telepathic waves).
      3. The location of dragon heads at a half-height of the fountain. If this instrument operates on principles of inertia forces, then outlets for streams of water should NOT be placed at a half-height of the antenna chamber. After all, when these outlets are by the bottom of the chamber then the pressure build up would be higher, and thus the work of the fountain would be much better. But the outlets at a half-height of the antenna chamber are absolutely necessary for utilisation of telepathic waves. After all, the focal point is located at a half-height on which telepathic waves are focused by curvature of the antenna chamber.
      4. Chi. Ancient Chinese used to know excellently properties of "chi" (telepathic waves). But they had almost no knowledge of mechanical vibrations of the ground and inertial forces.
      5. Symmetry. Devices which work on principles of inertial vibrations must operate symmetrically - as vibrations are always symmetrical. We excellently see this in present seismographs, where a line being drawn always deflects equally in both directions from the central point of equilibrium. So if the "Zhang Heng seismograph" would work on principles of inertia, then two (not one) "pearls" should fall out from mouths of dragons on opposite sides of the device. In turn "chi" would cause only the single one "pearl" to fall down from the mouth of a single dragon only. Ancient records of effects of operation of this device indicate, that always only one "pearl" used to fall down from this device.
      6. Alarm. This device served for starting a sonic alarm - this is why fogs used to make a loud bell-ringing sound. But if this is an inertial device, then it would make noisy alarm only when an earthquake already stroke and shook it. But no sound of alarm is needed then, because it would be accompanied by visual signs of earthquake - excellently noticeable to everyone, such as buildings that would fall down, furniture that would be dislocated and collapsing, floors that would wave, etc. These would silence any alarm. So the only justification for the use of sound alarm was if this alarm was made some time before the actual earthquake stroke, means when this device worked on principles of "chi".
* * *
       Notice that you can see the enlargement of each photograph from this web site, simply by clicking on this photograph. Most of the Internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it with your own graphical software.
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Fig. #H6 (K6 in [1/5])

Fig. #H6 (K6 in [1/5]): The above photograph shows an impending earthquakes detector - i.e. a device able to rise alarms before earthquakes strike. Notice that a more comprehensive description of this wonder device is provided on separate web pages seismograph.htm and telepathy.htm.)
       It takes at least further 100 years before present orthodox scientists learn how to build such devices. But surprisingly it was already build in antiquity by a Chinese genius named Zhang Heng. It utilised ancient Chinese knowledge of chi (means "telepathic waves") for issuing early alarms about approaching earthquakes. This "chi", means "telepathic waves" that the device utilises for the operation, one can imagine as a kind of silent sound, which: (1) propagates with infinitive speed, (2) every object is transparent to it, thus it penetrates even through objects so huge like Earth or Sun, and (3) it is partially deflected from practically every surface.
       New Zealand received a replica of this wonder device from the Municipal government of Beijing, in China. This replica was one of the first which was to leave China. Between years 2003 and 2010 I systematically viewed this replica amongst exhibits of the national museum of New Zealand, called Te Papa, from Wellington. Unfortunately, around the time when the powerful earthquake destroyed a neighbourly city of Christchurch, as described in item #C5 of the web page named seismograph.htm, this replica was rapidly removed from the active exhibition. I wonder whether real reasons for this unexpected removal were disturbing peace "supernatural" behaviours of this instrument in several days before the earthquake hit Christchurch - unfortunately it is not in my means to determine what these real reasons were. More information about this removal is provided in caption under "Fig. #D1" from the web page named seismograph.htm.
       As this is visible from the photograph in "Fig. #B1", this so-called "Zhang Heng seismograph" takes a form of a copper fountain, in which water is pouring down from mouths of eight dragons directly into open mouths of eight frogs (toads) below. Dragons are attached to an antenna chamber curved into an approximate shape of present satellite antennas and filled up with water. Eight inlets to pipes that transfer the outgoing water, are located near the centre of the chamber. From these inlets water is supplied, via pipes, to eight outlets from the fountain, shaped like mouths of dragons and evenly spaced around the peripherals of the antenna chamber. The vertical position and configuration of these inlets, pipes, and outlets is so selected, that water which flows through them is displaying, as they call it in Hydromechanics, a laminar flow. In order to fine tune the configuration of dragons mouths and the intensity of this laminar flow of water, a special vertical shaft is provided in the centre of the chamber. This shaft is connected with jaws of subsequent dragons via sets of leavers. The mechanism of a shaft and leavers is to regulate the force of flowing water that is needed to remove the "pearls" from mouths of subsequent dragons. Therefore, this mechanism is also to regulate the force of an earthquake that is to trigger the alarm. Unfortunately present orthodox scientists interpreted this shaft just as an inertial triggering mechanism, similar as that one used in to-day seismographs.
       In order to start an earthquake alarm, in mouth of each dragon there is a metal "pearl". The size, weight, and shape of this pearl is so selected, that the laminar flow of water normally does not remove it from the mouth of a given dragon. But the so-called "turbulent flow" does remove the pearl from the mouth of a given dragon and causes it to fall down into mouth of a frog located below the dragon. The copper antenna chamber has its barrel-like curvature so selected, that it forms a kind of "parabolic mirror" for telepathic waves. (Ancient Chinese used to know telepathic waves excellently. They called them with the very general name "chi".) This parabolic mirror deflects telepathic waves and concentrates them on inlets to pipes that supply water to mouths of subsequent dragons from the opposite side of the chamber. In normal circumstances this telepathic waves carry to low energy, and also have too small amplitude and wrong frequencies, to disturb the "laminar flow" of water through mouth of any dragon. But when there is an earthquake approaching, this earthquake produces a powerful burst of telepathic waves ("chi"). These waves have the energy and the frequency into which the antenna chamber is tuned. The amplitude and energy of these waves focused onto an inlet that leads to mouth of a specific dragon, is sufficiently powerful to disturb the "laminar flow" of water, and to turn it into a so-called turbulent flow of water. As Hydromechanics teaches us, turbulent flows produce much higher forces of drag and friction than laminar flows. Therefore this turbulent flow is able to push the pearl out of the mouth of a selected dragon. The pearl falls down to mouth of a frog below. In turn this frog is actually a loud bronze bell. Thus, if a heavy metal "pearl" falls into it, it makes a loud alarm for the approaching earthquake. So everyone knows that a powerful earthquake is coming, and everyone prepares for it. Because the curvature of the antenna chamber deflects powerful telepathic waves from the earthquake like a concave mirror, i.e. back into the same direction from which they come, the single pearl that falls from the single dragon's mouth indicates also precisely the direction from which this earthquake is to come. So the device shown above not only informs that a powerful earthquake is approaching, but also informs from which direction it is to come (thus whether e.g. it is likely to cause a tsunami wave, a landslip, etc.).
       Even more precise description of the design and operation of the above device, can be found in subsection K6.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. In turn information about telepathic waves which one needs to know in order to understand better the operation of the above device, can be found in subsection H7.1 from volume 4 my monograph [1/5]. (Monograph [1/5] is available free of charge via this web site.)
* * *
       The telepathic seismograph described above introduces capability to save countless people from horrifying death. After all, our planet is shaken increasingly frequent, while millions of people are living in earthquake zones. Furthermore, this device carries also a huge commercial potential. If a price of it drops down to a price of present smoke alarms, then almost every family will try to have such a device in their home. After all, it is to warn about approaching earthquakes sufficiently in advance to allow everyone to effectively escape from the biggest danger. Therefore now, when the real principle of operation of this device is known, it is about a time we roll our sleeves, translate this principle of operation into present level of technology, and undertake a serial production of thousands of such devices.
       The Zhang Heng seismograph is described in a whole range of sources. Independently from the above description, it is also discussed in subsection K6.1 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5], as well as on a separate web page devoted exclusively to this seismograph. Furthermore, outcomes of research on the design and principle of operation of this mysterious device were presented in my paper for the international scientific conference ICST-2005. This paper can be reviewed under the address of the conference ICST-2005.

Part #I: Diminishing "thrust for knowledge" - means why on Antipodes (e.g. in New Zealand) so much awaits to be discovered and documented:


#I1. Why in New Zealand so much still awaits to be discovered:

       Until around 1840 New Zealand remained a wilderness cut out from the rest of the world. In turn after that time people who inhabited it were mainly preoccupied with other matters that tracing its secrets. At present a unique intellectual climate was formed in New Zealand, which causes that the majority of researchers of that country is NOT prepared to risk a lost of job just for the sake of researching some "taboo". Therefore until today that country still hides inside many mysteries that the rest of the world would like to learn about. In turn the fact that e.g. in New Zealand actually work some secretive breaks and obstacles which make impossible the discovery and investigation of all mysteries that exist in there, in itself is another evidence that Antipodes in fact have some anti-civilisation powers which are more significant than the instinctive "thrust for knowledge" that exist in people. These powers were in past, and still are at present, the main reason why Antipodes do NOT contribute their own share to the technical development of our civilisation. So it turns out that these are NOT Antipodes that carry out the rest of the world on their backs, but the rest of our civilisation that carries out the inhabitants of Antipodes.

#I2. "Sleeping Giant":

       The biggest attraction of New Zealand, which still is awaiting for its discoverer, is a gigantic human figure of the Sleeping Giant that hides somewhere in wilderness of the Coromandel Peninsular. The existence and appearance of this figure is explained comprehensively in item #B2 of the separate web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs that God really does exist, and also in in subsection V3 of my older monograph [1/4].

#I3. Further curiosities of New Zealand, about the existence of which I have heard, however which I was unable to research myself because of the lack of funds or time:

       On this web page, and also on the original page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand, a whole array of intriguing mysteries and facts is described. These mysteries and fact exhaust the list of the ones that I managed to investigate and describe myself. However, independently from these ones, New Zealand still hides a huge number of further mysteries that still awaits for someone to discover them. Perhaps you (the reader) is the person who is to discover these.
       Here is a list of further mysteries still awaiting in New Zealand to be discovered and documented, about the existence of which I already have heard, but which jet were NOT discovered nor documented officially: (1) a mythical invisible crystal located in the geographical centre of New Zealand, which can be touched, but not seen (perhaps it is an Oscillatory Chamber working in the so-called state of telekinetic flickering - for details see telekinesis.htm - about telekinetsis induced technically); (2) a secret school of Maori wise men which still operates until today, the entry examination to which depends on psychokinetic throwing down from a table of a fist-size stone without physical touching this stone; (3) two pyramids from the Coromandel Peninsular; (4) mysterious the Great Wall of New Zealand which is like a miniature version of the Great Wall of China, the Wall of Peru, or the Hadrian's Wall in Britain (build in 122 AD); (5) legendary tribe of the so-called mist people and their underground city under the Fiordland; and many more. So perhaps you should do something to investigate these.

#I4. There are also further indicators of the "diminishing thrust for knowledge":

       One amongst such indicators is the situation with the present educational system. This situation is best described in the article "Academics against primary standards" from page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, November 25, 2009, or the article "Sorting out the facts from the fiction about national standards" from page B5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, November 30, 2009. Namely, these articles report about a loud opposition which was unleashed in New Zealand near the end of 2009, when the government of this country decided to introduce national standards to primaryu schools. As then it turned out, previously teachers of that country could teach whatever they wished, or even instead of lessons take pupils to museums, cinemas, or on the football field, because there were no national standards nor requirements what and when children should learn (i.e. there were no national standards meeting of which would be required from all schools of the country). This fact of non-existence of such national standards explain the curious experiences which I had after arriving to New Zealand, namely that some students of Universities and Polytechnics were unable to solve even very simple mathematical problems which in Poland children learn to solve already in primary schools.

Part #J: The cult of activities that generate explosive flow of "moral energy" (for example use of force, muscles, salvaging instead of prevention, etc.)


#J1. The philosophy of totalizm illustrates that everything based on an "explosion" is always destructive, while everything based on an "implosion" is always beneficial for people:

       Laws of nature were so designed by God, that everything that has a character of an explosion always turns out to be destructive and detrimental for people, while everything that has a character of an implosion always turns out to be constructive and beneficial for people. In order to give here several examples, combustion engines, and also thermal electricity generation, work on principles of an explosion. As we can see around, they cause pollution of the environment, poisoning of the nature, changes of climate, etc. In turn e.g. electrical motors, solar batteries, or photoelectric cells, all these work on the principle of an implosion. Thus these are very beneficial for people and for the environment. Present space rockets work on principles of explosion and also are destructive. In turn the Magnocraft and time vehicle will work on the principle of an implosion, thus their completion and use will prove hugely beneficial to the humanity.
       A perfect illustration differences between consequences of an implosion and explosion are two opposite philosophies currently disseminating all over the Earth, which on the totaliztic web page are called totalizm and parasitism. Totalizm works on principles of an "implosion" because the practicing it causes the sucking so-called "moral energy" from our physical world and pumping it to another so-called "counter-world". In turn the philosophy of parasitism works on principles of an "explosion" because practicing it opens an explosive movement of "moral energy" accumulated in the counter-world into our physical world. Of course, all secondary human activities which are consequences of practicing one amongst these two main philosophies, also cause either implosive or explosive behaviours of moral energy. For example activities which cause an implosion of moral energy are all forms of: prevention, helping, building, discovering and inventing, restoring peace, etc. In turn activities which cause explosions of moral energy are all forms of: destruction, obstructing, forbidding, denying and holding back, wars, etc.
       From the point of view of God distinguishing between nations in which dominate implosive or explosive philosophies, behaviours, and actions, is very simple. After all God "sees" the flow of "moral energy" (which for humans remains invisible). Therefore for God societies which in great majority act implosively look like huge vacuum cleaners which suck moral energy and condense it in the counter-world. In turn societies in which dominate explosive behaviours for God look like craters of active volcanoes which blast moral energy. Most clearly God is NOT prepared to tolerate societies with such explosive philosophies and behaviours. If one analyses all large-scale natural catastrophes which happened on the Earth during last tens years, then it turns out that victims of these catastrophes always fell societies and areas the philosophy and activities of which was just based on such explosion of moral energy. For example the tsunami of 26 December 2004, the earthquake from Haiti on 13 January 2010 (described in item #C3 of the totaliztic web page seismograph.htm), as well as all natural catastrophes described on totaliztic web page, e.g. on katrina.htm or seismograph.htm, destroyed societies and areas in which inhabitants induced such explosive behaviours of moral energy. Thus, on the basis of the above findings one can state that societies which avoid behaviours that induce implosive movement of moral energy, while develop behaviours that cause an explosive movement of moral energy, risk that soon will be a target for another natural catastrophe.
       The matter of justification for natural disasters from God's prospective, is elaborated also in item #B1 of the totaliztic web page seismograph.htm.
       Let us list now examples of common to Antipodes human activities, effects of which boil down to causing just such explosive movements of "moral energy":

#J2. The glorification of physical development, force, muscles, sports, etc., with a simultaneous loosing the development of intellect, knowledge, wisdom, etc.:

       The development of humanity takes only the place when simultaneously with the physical development also intellectual and spiritual development takes place. However, on Antipodes clearly dominates the cult of muscles and physical strength, in turn the intellectual development in people seems to be gradually lost someone on the way. This is visible e.g. from the number of sport programs which are broadcasted in televisions of Antipodes, from the number of sport pages in newspapers there, from the financial spending on the development of sport in comparison to e.g. the funding of the development of scientific research, etc., etc. (For an example of research funding see the article "The complicated science of money distribution" from page B5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, December 14, 2009.)

#J3. "Oops - let's do salvage" instead of "prevention" attitudes towards the nature and the environment:

       In matters of nature people can either far-sightedly, productively, and wisely prevent its destruction, or thoughtlessly destroy it first and only then wake up "oops - we need to salvage whatever is still left". Although in a purely theoretical manner inhabitants of Antipodes vigorously discuss the matter of necessity to protect the natural environment, as so-far their actions are limited to mainly such theoretical discussions. Also, as so-far in their relationship towards nature one can see typical for Antipodes behaviours, means a lot of force, but not much knowledge, wisdom, and far-sighting. (For example, I never saw any other country in which the erosion of life-giving black soil would be so advanced as in New Zealand - e.g. check item #B1 on the web page landslips.htm.)

Fig. #J1

Fig. #J1. A gigantic hole in the Earth that is formed industrially. It was photographed from the height of around 10 km on 14 July 2008. In order to appreciate how huge it is, it is enough to compare it to the size of white factory buildings that are visible by the edge of it. This hole exists in the north-west part of Queensland, Australia. When the industrial acquiring of minerals is to be ceased in this place, the hole still will remain in there. After all it is too gigantic to bury it out. In turn the existence of it will introduce numerous threats. For example, it is going to be a giant trap for animals and people. It is going to attract criminals and criminal activities. It introduced a so-called "carb" to the Earth's crust, from which with the elapse of time the fault line may develop (means may develop the crack in the Earth's crust which becomes the initial point of earthquakes). It is also going to make this area ugly forever. Local authorities are going to have constant headache with it, as they will NOT know what to do and how to secure it. Etc., etc. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Similar gigantic holes in the ground do exist also in New Zealand. These are formed in there in areas of open gold mining in Otago and Coromandel, and also in areas of open coal mining on the West Coast. Only that so-far I had no opportunity to photograph any of these New Zealand holes. However photographs of the most famous amongst these New Zealand holes, i.e. the hole from the open pit gold mine called Martha Mine from the township Waihi in Coromandel, interested readers can see on illustrations to newspaper articles, e.g. to the article "Kiwi goldminers riding high" from page C3 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, May 13, 2010. In conditions of high instability of the Earth crust and continuous earthquakes, these New Zealand holes introduce even more varieties of threats.
       In spite that the humanity acquires from the ground a lot of minerals, the formation of gigantic holes such as the above one is NOT so frequent. In fact probably the majority of these holes exist in Antipodes. For example, the article entitled "7 amazing holes", which appeared on pages U10 and U11 in the supplement "Streets" to the Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times, issue dated Friday, July 25, 2008, list only 7 such widely known holes. In this number 2 holes are of a natural origin (i.e. (a) the so-called "sinkhole" from Guatemala, i.e. the "hole" which appeared in there by itself at the beginning of 2008 and which so-far swallowed around a dozen of homes and killed at least 3 people, and (b) the "Great Blue Hole", that exists in ocean, 60 miles off the mainland of Belize). In turn the remaining "holes" described in that article are of a human origin. The most famous amongst these include: (1) the "Kimberley Great Hole" from South Africa, remaining from the diamond excavations mine that was closed in 1914 - presently this hole constitutes the largest and the most dangerous "trap" in the world - it has the depth 1097 meters, in 2/3rd is filled with water, is abandoned and falling in misuse, while its vertical, smooth, impossible for climbing walls make impossible coming out of this trap for everything that accidentally falls into it, (2) the "Bingham Canyon Mine", Utah, USA - this "hole is used still until today and represents the biggest man-made hole in the world - it is 2.5 miles wide and 3/4 miles deep, (3) the "Mirny Diamond Mine", Serbia, 525 metres deep and 1200 metres in diameter at the upper top, (4) the "Diavik Mine", Canada, this "hole" is so large, and located on such remote wilderness, that it has its own airport capable of accommodate the Boeing 737 airplane.

Part #K: How shortages of food shaped the culture of tribes that inhabited New Zealand in past:


#K1. Consequences of desperation caused by hunger:

       Out of all shortages that may affect people, hunger leads to the most unusual acts of desperacy. It is known that for example people plagued with hunger resort to stealing, looting, robbery, and even cannibalism. For this reason for me it is difficult to understand why in New Zealand for the cannibalism of Maoris the significance of physical hunger is suppressed while disseminated is the spiritual explanation. Namely, this explanation states that Maoris ate other people to acquire their "mana". (The word "mana" in the Maori language means a kind of "primary energy" a bit similar to the "moral energy" introduced by the philosophy of totalizm - means like a symbol of significance and status, which is gathered by a given person in the duration of his or her life. Many researchers consider that this word is related to the biblical name "manna" - means to something that people receive from God.)
       W rzeczywistości wszystko jednak wskazuje na to, że ludożerstwo weszło na stałe do kultury i zwyczajów Maorysów nie z powodów duchowych, a z powodu okresowego i powtarzalnego brakowania w dawnej Nowej Zelandii czegokolwiek co nadawałoby się do jedzenia, a także z powodu wygody użycia ludzi jako formy rezerwy żywnościowej. Kiedy bowiem jedzenie było dostępne, wówczas np. niewolnicy (których tam zjadano najczęściej i najpowszechniej) byli przydatni jako siła robocza, a także do innych celów. Kiedy zaś brak było żywności, wówczas ludzi łatwo było znaleźć i zjeść. Ciekawe poglądy na temat powodów ludożerstwa Maorysów wyraża artykuł "Canibalism had little to do with consuming enemies' mana, says historian" (tj. "Ludożerstwo nie miało wiele wspólnego ze zjadaniem mana wrogów, stwierdza historyk"), ze strony A6 nowozelandzkiej gazety "Weekend Herald", wydanie datowane w sobotę (Saturday), July 12, 2008.
       Oczywiście, kiedy Maorysi pozjadali już wszystkich swoich niewolników, a desperacja śmierci głodowej nadal zaglądała im w oczy, wówczas zjadali też kogoś ze swego grona. Najczęściej też w tym celu wybierali jakiegoś młodzieńca, którego mięso było relatywnie miękkie, zaś naiwność ułatwiała jego bezdramatyczne zgładzenie. W programie telewizyjnym [2#K1] referowanym poniżej, zawarty był opis jak to się odbywało. Mianowicie, kiedy głód zaczynał doskwierać, starsi wojownicy zabierali młodzież na "wyprawę zwiadowczą". Wyprowadzali ją wówczas gdzieś ponad przepaść i zaczynali wskazywać coś ważnego w owej przepaści. Kiedy zaś któryś z niedoświadczonych młodzików zbyt moco się wychylił aby to zobaczyć, jeden ze starszych wojowników dyskretnie (nieodnotowywalnie dla innych młodzików) popychał go w przepaść. Potem, gdy młodzik już roztrzaskał się na dole, inni przynosili jego zwłoki do osady oznajmiając że miał śmiertelny wypadek. Aby zaś jego mięso nie zmarnowało się w czasach powszechnego głodu, jego współplemieńcy go zjadali.
       Z tamtych trudnych czasów do dzisiaj przetrwało aż kilka zwyczajów utrwalonych jakby na stałe w systemie genetycznym Nowozelandczyków. Jednym z nich jest zwyczaj który możnaby opisać powiedzeniem "huzia na Józia". Mianowicie, w Nowej Zelandii jeśli komus "powinie się noga" i z jakichś powodów nadejdą dla niego trudne czasy, wówczas inni współziomkowie zamiast mu pomagać, wszyscy zgodnie na niego napadają i go dobijają. Zwyczaj ten wyraźnie widać np. w programach telewizyjnych i gazetach, kiedy jakiś polityk, sportowiec, lub ważna figura, z jakiegoś małoznaczącego powodu znajdzie się w kłopotach, zaś nagle wszyscy inni na niego napadają i go wykańczają. Wszakże to dokładnie takie zachowania musiały być wypracowane w dawnej Nowej Zelandii aby umożliwić głodnemu plemieniu zjedzenie któregoś ze swoich współplemieńców. Mi to zachowanie przypomina ilustratywną scenkę z filmu "Galaxy Quest", 1999, kiedy to jeden błekitnoskóry mieszkaniec jakiejś odległej planety zranił sobie nogę, zaś z tego powodu wszyscy jego współplemieńcy na niego napadli i go zjedli. Innym zwyczajem przetrwałym z tamtych trudnych czasów wśród Maorysów, jest tradycja nadawania sobie "strasznego wyglądu". (Taki "straszny wygląd" Maorysi i Maoryski przyjmują dzisiaj nawet podczas zwykłego tańca lub śpiewu. Przykładowo "wyłupiają" swe oczy aby wyglądać jak opanowani szałem, przyjmują straszne miny, pokazują język, czynią groźne gesty, itp.) Chodzi bowiem o to, że jeśli ktoś potrafił przyjmować "straszny wygląd", wówczas miał większą szansę że jego współplemieńcy bali się go na tyle, że nie odważyli się go wybrać do zjedzenia podczas następnego okresu głodu.
       Jak szeroko upowszechnione było ludożerstwo wśród niektórych plemion Maorysów świadczą badania archeologiczne maoryskiego cmentarzyska odkrytego podczas poszerzania lotniska pasażerskiego w Auckland. (Badania te opisane są w artykule "Airpot dig unearths cut-up Maori bodies" - co znaczy "Wykopaliska z lotniska ujawniają poobcinane ciała Maorysów", ze strony A5 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), June 25, 2009.) Niemal każde ciało tam odkryte miało najbardziej mięsiste części powycinane i brakujące. Chociaż więc (aby nikogo nie urazić czy zadrażnić) w tym artykule wogóle NIE użyto słowa "ludożerstwo", jego dowody stają się oczywiste z ustaleń owego wykopaliska.
       Na temat ludożerstwa panuje interesująca opinia, że ci co odwołują się do zjadania ludzi muszą mieć ku temu ogromnie istotne powody - np. są bliscy głodowej śmierci, lub zmusza ich do tego jakaś silna wiara czy religijne obrządki. Podobno bowiem Bóg tak stworzył ludzi, że smak ludzkiego mięsa jest ogromnie nieprzyjemny. Przykładowo, z czasów kiedy podczas drugiej wojny światowej zagładzani na śmierć więźniowie Hitlerowskich Obozów Koncentracyjnych czasami uciekali się do skrytego przeżuwania swoich wcześniej już zmarłych współwięźniów - tak jak to wyjaśniono w podpisie pod "Fot. #1" ze strony karma.htm, przetrwały rumory że ciało ludzkie ma bardzo nieprzyjemnie "słodki" i niemal niemożliwy do przełknięcia smak. Na przekór tego, z jakichś powodów smak ten był dobrze poznany i opisywany w niemal wszystkich folklorach świata. Przykładowo, w folklorze Mongolii znana jest nawet legenda która wyjaśnia dlaczego "świstak" (powszechnie zjadany w Mongolii) ma mięso o smaku ciała ludzkiego. Legenda ta opisana jest pod tytułem "How the Marmot Got to Have Human Meat" (tj. "Jak świstak otrzymał ludzkie mięso") na stronie 27 z angielskojęzycznej książki [1#K1] pióra John'a Man, "Genghis Khan", Bantan Press, 2004, ISBN 0-593-05044-4.
       Fakt kanibalizmu niektórych dawnych mieszkańców Antypodów dowodowo potwierdza tezę tej strony. Z kolei owa teza pomaga nam lepiej zrozumieć metody działania jedynego Boga - czyli wydatnie przyczynić się wypracowania lepszej przyszłości dla wszystkich ludzi. Dlatego jak każda prawda, kanibalizm dawnych Nowozelandczyków powinien być otwarty dla badań, podobnie jak otwarty dla badań jest kanibalizm w obozach koncentracyjnych Europy oraz kanibalizm niektórych dzisiejszych mieszkańców Europy (np. ów głośny przypadek z marca 2001 roku, kiedy to mieszkaniec Niemiec zjadł innego mieszkańca Niemiec). Niestety, w przeciwieństwie do Europy, gdzie badacze mają prawo zgłębiać i dyskutować otwarcie wszelkie historyczne fakty, w tym zaistniałe tam przypadki ludożerstwa, w Nowej Zelandii prawdę na temat ludożerstwa wstydliwie się ukrywa, zaś tych co ją poruszą zawzięcie się atakuje. Jak o tym przykro się przekonał nawet sam przywódca Nowej Zelandii, o ludożerstwie nie wolno tam nawet zażartować. Kiedy bowiem zapytany o powody dla których nie wziął udziału w maoryskim obiedzie stwierdził on żartobliwie, że u nich to on byłby na obiad, rozpętał tym prawdziwą burzę polityczną - po szczegóły patrz artykuł "PM joke inflames dispute with Tuhoe" (tj. "Żart premiera rozpalił kłótnię ze szczepem Tuhoe"), ze strony A2 gazety The New Zealand Herald, (wydanie datowane w piątek (Friday), May 14, 2010) albo artykuł "Key gaffe receives global ribbing" (tj. "Gafa Key'a sprowadziła globalne wyśmiewanie się") ze strony A4 gazety Weekend Herald (wydanie datowane w sobotę (Saturday), May 15, 2010). Mnie osobiście zaszokowały także niektóre fragmenty programu telewizyjnego [2#K1] o nazwie "60 minutes" nadawanego w poniedziałek dnia 6 października 2008 roku, o godzinie 19:30 do 20:30 na kanale 3 telewizji nowozelandzkiej. W programie tym dyskutowano właśnie niektóre tezy ludożerswa Maorysów zaprezentowane w książce [3#K1] "This Horrid Practice" (tj. "Ta Straszna Praktyka") pióra Paul'a Moon, Profesora Historii na AUT - Auckland University of Technology. W owym bowiem programie zawarte zostały wypowiedzi kilku indywidułów które w opisanym poprzednio stylu "huzia na Józia" zaatakowały profesora tylko dlatego że ośmielił się badać ten temat. Podobnie ataki na owego professora opisane zostały w artykule "So little time, so many questions unanswered" (tj. "Tak mało czasu, a tyle pytań bez odpowiedzi") ze strony B7 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie ze środy (Wednesday), October 8, 2008. Opisuje je także jeszcze inny artykuł "Story upsets Maori" (tj. "Relacja obraziła Maorysów") ze strony A3 tej samej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie ze środy (Wednesday), October 8, 2008. Dopiero niemal dwa lata później natknąłem się na artykuł o tytule "The view of a Maori with Pakeha ancestry" (ze strony B4 gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), January 14, 2010), w którym piszący realistycznie przypomina jak przed przybyciem Europejczyków jedne szczepy Maorysów atakowały, gwałciły, zabijały, oraz zjadały inne szczepy, tak że dożycie wówczas Maorysa do wieku 40 lat było niemal cudem. Miejmy więc nadzieję, że logika i zdrowy rozsądek w końcu zapanuje i że ci co dotychczas starali się segregować prawdy według ludzi których one dotyczą zrozumieją w końcu, że każda prawda jest równa i że badania każdej prawdy służy stopniowemu wypracowywaniu lepszej przyszłości dla wszystkich mieszkańców Ziemi.

#K2. Funny and interesting history of the township Riverton from the southern end of New Zealand:

       With the cannibalism of Maoris is connected quite a funny and interesting history of a small town of Riverton located on the southern end of New Zealand. It is worth that the reader learn that history, as it is a kind of unique specimen in the world. Only on Antipodes such events could take place.
       I learned the history of that town Riverton from some old tourist brochure which title nor editorial data I do not remember (but I remember in which library it was available some time ago). So I am repeating here in my own words whatever I remember from that old description.
       In the vicinity of present Riverton used to live a Maori tribe. Typically for Maoris of that time it practiced cannibalism. So when it was visited by the first devoted European missionary who intended to convert them into Christianity, these Maoris simply placed him in a big pot, cooked, and then eaten. But it probably was not well cooked, because after eating him the entire tribe got a nasty diarrhoea. So when the surrounding bush got too slippery to still run into it, these Maoris send their delegation to a local shaman so that he advised them what they supposed to do to be healed from that nasty diarrhoea. The shaman visibly sympathised with the European missionary, after all in some sense the missionary was his "professional colleague". So he informed his tribesmen that the diarrhoea is a punishment from God for eating the religious man. In response to this the chief of the tribe declared that if God heals his tribe from that nasty diarrhoea, then out of the appreciation this chief gives to the first other European which is to visit their tribe his own daughter for wife and a large area of land for settling in there. And this what happened. Only that a next European who visited this tribe was an Australian pirate. The chief quickly gave him his daughter for wife - as he declared earlier. He also gave him a large area of land, so that he could settle in there. The pirate settled on this land and started a settlement on it (probably for other his comrades). In that way with the elapse of time a next New Zealand town was started called Riverton - currently inhabited by their distant descendants.
       The township Riverton is located just around 30 km to north-west from Invercargill. When passing through this area it is worth to pop in there for a short visit. This is because there is no such other township in the entire world.

#K3. Sea bird called the "mutton bird" - means until today surviving relict from old period of the lack of food and the necessity to eat even sea birds:

       Practically almost nowhere in the world people eat sea birds. But sea birds are eaten in New Zealand. Their eating is a relict that survived until today from times when there was almost nothing different to eat in there. I personally would recommend to people visiting New Zealand to try one such a bird - called the "mutton bird".
       The name "mutton bird" is assigned to a small sea bird of a size of a middle chicken. Its unusual attribute is the taste of like fish, linked to a powerful smell that it spreads. In fact it is believed that this one is the most stinking bird of the world that in spite of everything is still eaten by people. Because of this powerful stink, when because of my lack of knowledge I bought the first such a bird and took it to eat in my flat, the flat was so saturated with the stink of it, that later for several months I had difficulties with entering it. Therefore this particular bird should be purchased already boiled and heated in micro-oven, ready to eat with hot potato chips. Also it should be eaten in the fresh air, preferably on a seat in park. This bird in the state ready to eat (i.e. hot and with potato chips) one can purchase in only one place from the entire New Zealand. This place is the fish shop in the city of Invercargill. (The bird is also sold in several other places of New Zealand, but over there it is sold raw, while because of its stink it cannot be boiled in a flat.) Thus if someone passes through Invercargill, trying to eat this bird should be written to his itinerary of the trip. For an European the experience is unforgettable. I would say, that this "mutton bird" by taste is probably the most difficult to forget wild bird of the world. Also in no other place of the world one can experience so strongly smelling (although eaten by people) bird like that "mutton bird".
       At this point it is worth to add, that the only other equally smelly delicacy as that "mutton bird", is a fruit called durian. In a fresh state (i.e. directly from the tree) the best tasting "durian" can be tried only in Malaysia. (Durian grows also in several other countries, but in taste is in there inferior in relationship to the taste of durians from Malaysia.) Officially it is considered in there to be the most tasty fruit of the world. Its description and a photograph are provided in item #D4 on the totaliztic web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits from the area of Pacific and about the philosophy of consuming them.

Part #L: Strange supernatural creatures, the evidence of activities of which appear repetitively in New Zealand:


#L1. Scary 3+1 fingered beings:

       It is enough to go in New Zealand to any museum to see carvings and images of these scary beings. They do NOT look like "angels". They have 3+1 clawed fingers and toes, while on their faces one can clearly see the pattern which Maori people try to copy with their "moko" tattoos, while their penises are almost always erected and supplied with what looks like plastic extensions. In times of arrival of Maoris to present New Zealand these strange beings controlled almost every aspect of the life of Maoris. Slightly more information about these scary creatures, as well as several further photographs, are shown in "part #G" of the web page sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm - about the church of St. Andrea Bobola in Milicz. In turn a photo of sculpture of one amongst them is shown below in "Fig. #L1".
       As my research seems to indicate, these strange 3+1 fingered beings extend their activities NOT only over New Zealand, but also at the entire planet. For example, on "Fig. #4abc" and "Fig. #6ab" from the web page sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm shown are photographs of sculptures of such beings existing in the South Korea. In time when I was in the South Korea, I noticed how fast and efficiently these beings "organised" the removal of one sculpture of them, which I found in there and photographed. It is also known that such beings were known and acted in Australia - for example in "Fig. 7b" from the web page aliens.htm is shown the appearance of a "bad witch" with 3+1 fingers and toes which originates from the folklore of Australia (Clock here to see the photo of "bad witch" from Australia with 3+1 fingers).

Fig. #L1

Fig. #L1: Here is a Maori carving of one amongst these mysterious creatures with mischievous characters, 3+1 fingered hands and feet, continually erected penises, and habits of "sexual maniacs" or "addicts to sex". Although Maori tradition is very laconic about a female version of these creatures, from folklore of other nations we know, that this race had also shapely females (such as the one shown in "Fig. #G2" from the web page named malbork_uk.htm) which also displayed behaviours of "nymphomaniacs". (E.g. traditions of worriers from the tropical jungles of Borneo state, that after getting aroused, these females had the habit to bite-off balls of Earthly man whom they got somewhere in the jungle to rape him.) These creatures belonged to the same race as the Maori god named "Uenuku" - described in item #D1 from this web page. In old times they controlled practically every aspect of life of former Maoris. Maoris consider them to be their "spiritual ancestors" - as this is described in item #D1 above on this web page. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)

Part #M: Antipodes perfectly suit requirements of a "??? Free Zone":


#M1. Let us utilize the natural isolation of Antipodes and their small usefulness for the rest of our civilisation, and let us turn them into the "Telekinesis Free Zone (TFZ)":

       On a separate web page named tfz.htm, are described vital reasons for which our civilisation should already now consider a decision about establishing immensely important "Telekinesis Free Zone" (TFZ). Because Antipodes are ideally suited for establishing such a zone, already now people should consider and psychologically agree, that in there this zone is going to be established one day.

Part #N: Summary of this web page:


#N1. The most vital evidence which confirms the truth of thesis of this web page:

       If one looks around more carefully, then it hits eyes a huge body of evidence which consistently seems to confirm the truth of the thesis of this web page (i.e. thesis that "conditions which God created on Antipodes work destructively on people who live in there for long durations"). The confirming power of this evidence most easily can be noticed when the trends and situations which prevails on Antipodes is compared to similar trends and situations that prevail in northern regions of the Earth. So let us list here at least the most significant categories of such evidence.
       (1) The lack of edible fruits. In every area which God designated to become a permanent settlement by humans, God prepared such natural environment which is to benefit long-term living of people. The key element of preparation of a given area for human settlement is to establish on it the kind of vegetation which produces tasty and nutritious fruits. Thus various edible and tasty fruits and berries, can be found even on Siberia and Alaska. In turn on empty and sandy coral islands, on which there are NO even sources of fresh water, God spread "holly coconuts" - means the most useful fruits of the world described more comprehensively in item #D1 of the web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits of the Pacific area and about the philosophy of eating them. On the other hand, if we look closely at Antipodes, then in fact God did NOT replenished in there any vegetation that would produce edible fruits. For example, in New Zealand originally there were NO edible fruits, as well as NO anything that would be considered edible. So the only things that primary inhabitants of New Zealand could eat were worms, shellfish, sea fish, sea birds, and of course themselves (cannibalism). There were no even fish completely fresh water, while after the Tapanui explosion of 1178 destroyed over there also edible "moa" birds. So everything that presently exists in New Zealand, was brought there and replenished by people. And so Maoris brought in there potatoes and kumara, and also pigs, polar dogs, and rats. In turn white settlers brought in there the remaining edible vegetation and fruits, all remaining animals, and even fresh water fish. The fact, however, that people brought finally fruits to Antipodes does NOT change the fact that God did NOT prepare these for the arrival of people. This in turn implies that God knew that Antipodes are unsuitable for the area of human settlements.
       (2) The careful avoiding of Antipodes by ancient travellers who utilised ESP (e.g. "feng shui") in their decision making. Antipodes were clearly avoided by ancient travellers who used ESP (e.g. used "feng shui") in support of their decision making. For example, ancient Chinese knew exactly the location of New Zealand, they repetitively send their exploratory fleets in there, but their knowledge of "feng shui" and "chi" energy clearly told them to NOT maintain with New Zealand any permanent trade contacts, nor initiate in there any settlements. Even more thoroughly ancient Chinese avoided Australia.
       (3) The total extinction of as many as several subsequent human civilisations which took place only in New Zealand. As this is going to be explained in part #D of this web page, in New Zealand the verbal tradition of Maoris contain information that until today several subsequent civilisations were destroyed in there. Unfortunately, Australian Aborigines do NOT cultivate this kind of traditions. However, it is still possible to estimate that in Australia at least several hundreds different civilisations were destroyed.
       (4) The role of some scary creatures with 3+1 fingers in the colonisation of New Zealand by Maoris. If one analyses thoroughly the verbal folklore of Maoris, then it turns out that they were persuaded to colonise New Zealand by such scary creatures with 3+1 fingered hands. The creatures in NO way resemble "angels" send by God. Slightly more information about them, and several further photographs of them, are shown in part #H of the web page sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm - about the church of Saint Andrea Bobola from Milicz.
       (5) The different modifications of natural laws that prevail on Antipodes and that cause the destruction of various qualities which suppress civilisational development in people who live in there. Although these modifications are impossible for quantitative description, they definitely cause that on Antipodes everything works on slightly different principles than on the rest of our planet. Work of some factors are even opposite to work of similar factors on northern parts of the globe. Several examples in support of these modifications are presented in part #F of this web page.
       (6) The fascination with power, body, physicality, etc., by people who live in Antipodes. This fascination in my opinion is a vital indicator that on Antipodes work slightly different modifications of natural laws than in the rest of our planet.
       (7) The shutting down the civilisational development. On Antipodes unique powers are at work, which make impossible the civilisational development that would be independent from the rest of our world, to be carried out by local inhabitants of this region. Thus practically all the progress and civilisational development of Antipodes always originates from an "import".
       (8) The diminishing "push for knowledge". This diminishing push is discussed in part #I of this web page. An example of symptoms of that diminishment is that e.g. in New Zealand there are almost no local people who would research anything the disclosure of truth about which could be annoying to someone else. Another example is the present state of education in there.
* * *
       Of course, in each above class there is a huge body of evidence which supports the main thesis of this web page. Therefore each class above is going to be discussed in separate part of this web page that is to follow. And so, evidence for class (1) above is discussed in part #B of this web page, for class (2) - in part #C, etc.

#N2. How this web page eventuated:

       This web page is in fact a product of the same destructive forces which act on Antipodes, and the existence and operation of which this page tries to disclose. Namely, this web page in fact eventuated because I am an unemployed person (however without getting an unemployment benefit). So if in New Zealand existed conditions which would create a need for my expertise and work, then I would be preoccupied with solving specific problems that result from this work. But since I do NOT have a work, my attention is directed towards the more philosophical questions of the type "why it is so", "what are reasons for this", etc., etc. In addition, the lack of work causes also that I do NOT risk the lost of job because of the publication of outcomes of my findings. After all, if I am an employed person, then knowing the rather different reaction to truths on Antipodes than the reaction that truths generate in northern regions of the Earth, I would be scared to publish anything about truths which I try to analyse with deductions from this web page.
       To the thesis and evidence which are presented on this web page I did NOT arrived as an outcome of a single burst of ideas or a single coincidence. In fact these represent a final product of a relatively long chain of deductions, developments, findings, thinking, drawing conclusions, etc., etc. So let us list now main links of this chain, revealing where this thesis and evidence comes from.
       1. The formal scientific proof for the existence of God. This proof initiated all deductions. This is because it indicated that practically everything that exist in the huge universe was created by God, and also that absolutely NOTHING happens on the Earth and in our lives without the knowledge, supervision and the approval of the most superior being of the universe called God by people. This in turn means, that God is perfectly aware of conditions that He created on subsequent continents and lands, and thus He known where these conditions are beneficial for the settlement of people, and where these conditions work to the detriment of people. Of course, because of reasons described on the web page will.htm, God gave to us the so-called "free will" in whatever we decide to do. So in spite that God knows that everyone who binds his future with Antipodes is going to be destroyed, God cannot "force people to be happy" and make impossible for them to settle on Antipodes - if someone insists on the option of his or her own destruction.
       2. The preparation of the Earth for the arrival of humans. As I illustrated it, amongst the others, on the web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits of the Pacific area and about the philosophy of eating them, wherever God wished to see human settlements, He appropriately prepared the natural environment before he created and settled humans in there. For example, God replenished edible fruits in there, and also created conditions that are beneficial for the advancing of level of human civilisation.
       3. The "Principle of Dipolarity". This principle is described in subsection I4.1.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. According to it, God never creates of just a single pole of anything, but He always creates two opposite poles. As an example consider two poles of magnetic fields and electric fields, or consider good and evil. In other words, in order to guarantee conditions that are beneficial for the development of human civilisation, God needed to create a "positive pole of civilisational development". (It is located around Atlantis.) On this positive pole God so selected the action of various laws of nature, force fields, and conditions, that the human civilisations that settled in there could develop physically, spiritually, technically, socially, could prosper, could live in relative comfort, etc., etc. In turn since God created on the northern hemisphere of the Earth such an area which is beneficial for the well being and for civilisational development of humanity, from the Principle of Dipolarity" it stems that God also was forced to create an exactly opposite area on the Earth, in which prevail hostile towards people conditions which are to cause that people are going to be destroyed in there while their civilisational development is going to be blocked. Because the area that is beneficial to the well being, progress and civilisational development of humanity is located concentrically around the place where in past was established the mythical Atlantis, everything indicates that this opposite area that is hostile towards human settlement should be located on the opposite side of the Earth - means in Antipodes. So the only thing that we need to do now to confirm the existence of it, is to check whether on Antipodes God really created such hostile towards people conditions.
       4. Identification of evidence for the hostile towards human settlements conditions of Antipodes. For many years already, means practically since 10 October 2003, I am developing the totaliztic web page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand. On that web page I am gradually describing and illustrating with photographs everything that I encountered as extraordinary or mysterious during my "hobby" research to-date of that country. No wonder, that as time elapsed, the volume of that other web page was growing. Around the time of my birthday in May 2008, this volume exceeded 300 kB. This practically means that I was NOT able to upload it to several free servers from services of which I am benefiting. (These free servers have a limit imposed on the volume of web pages that are NOT to exceed 300 kB.) Therefore in July 2008 I decided to split that web page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand into two smaller web pages. At the previous address and previous name I left everything that is related to the nature of New Zealand. In turn to this (new) web page I decided to shift everything that relates to people that live in New Zealand. However, at the moment when I was carrying out the selection and shifting to this web page all descriptions that related to people who populate New Zealand, I was hit by a strange regularity. Namely, everything that concerns the nature of New Zealand can be a subject of pride. But everything that concerns people who populate New Zealand not only that is unsuitable for bragging about, but sometimes makes us almost blushing. It looks almost as if God is disappointed that people settled in New Zealand. This strange regularity started to realise to me that conditions which prevail in New Zealand in fact are agreeable with whatever we should expect that this is going to prevail on this "negative pole" of human settlements that results from the "Principle of Dipolarity". What even more interesting, it turns out that such hostile towards people conditions which prevail in New Zealand, prevail also in the remaining parts of Antipodes - in spite that e.g. in Australia these conditions are hostile on an entirely different manner. Thus, although my findings do NOT belong to optimistic ones, and although I noted many times how inhabitants of Antipodes react to everything that does NOT represent telling them complements, still I believe that I have a scientific duty to make available these findings to all these people who wish to be informed. Thus the rest of this web page is devoted to the presentation of these my findings.

#N3. Summary of this web page:

       In the content of this web page the thesis is presented, that God most clearly does NOT wish to see permanent settling in Antipodes humans which he created for life on the Northern Hemisphere. In turn people who in spite of everything settle in there and tie fate of their descendants with Antipodes, God clearly treats in a "special" way which is reserved to "experimental guinea pigs" and to these humans that rebel against His wish. I also provided here examples of evidence which support the truth of this thesis. Of course, there is much more evidence in support of the truth of this thesis than that already provided on this web page.
       Unfortunately, both the thesis of this web page, as well as evidence in support of it, for many inhabitants of Antipodes may turn to be rather sensitive. So it is rather difficult to discuss them scientifically without exposing oneself to the risk of unnecessary inducing someone's emotions. Therefore, only some amongst items of evidence that are known to me (these least sensitive), I decided to discuss here. I do hope, that the evidence which relatively low sensitivity allowed me to brave with presenting it here is sufficient for indicating the most significant trends that distinguish Antipodes from the rest of the world. Thus, on the basis of it, interested readers should be able to find further related evidence on their own - should they wish to investigate the matter further. From my side I only can promise that in future I may add slightly more items of evidence - if only I encounter such form of it that has only a very insignificant potential for inducing someone's emotions.
       Of course, the source of the situation described on this web page is God Himself. I am just a "messenger" who reads the message - means a person who repeats whatever on a given subject should hit everyone's eyes (if someone does NOT closes his or her eyes on purpose). I also do NOT even try to convince anyone to believe in whatever I described here. I only consider to be my scientific duty to make these items of evidence and thesis available to interested people, while whether they draw any conclusions from them this is just their private matter.

Part #O: The final information of this web page:


#O1. The message passed via this web page:

       The atheistic science, which in recent times strives to become a kind of new religion on the Earth which denies God, insists that there is only "one truth" which this science just disseminates amongst people. This "only truth" supposedly is in an obvious manner indicated by scientifically researched facts and evidence. But the criminology, as well as actions of present lawyers and politicians, teach us that this atheistic science is completely at wrong. (This shocking error of the atheistic science is also confirmed by practically everything that we analyse more thoroughly, e.g. natural environment, climate, economy, science, UFO manifestations, ghosts, miracles, etc.) Namely the criminology, as well as lawyers and politicians, illustrate to us meaningfully that when one deals with an intelligent being then this "only truth" can be intentionally camouflaged, while facts and evidence can be so presented, that they cease to indicate what the truth is. After all, the mind and various hidden goals of such intelligent being allow it to "fabricate" and "reinterpret" facts and evidence, so that these indicate something completely different that the "only truth".
       If we take the highly dangerous assumption that the universe is deprived the intelligent God - means take the assumption on which is based the present atheistic science, then this "only truth" can be recreated from facts and from the existing evidence. But unfortunately, such a recreation of the "only truth" from facts and from evidence becomes unreliable when we acknowledge the increasingly wider evidence which confirms that the infinitively intelligent God does exist. After all, if such intelligent God does exist, then His intentions and plans become unknown to people. In turn in capabilities of such immensely wise God lies that when He created the physical world and man, then He was able to create also facts and evidence which does NOT need to coincide to this scientific "only truth", but which can support this still unknown to people goals of God. In other words, facts and evidence may be intentionally "fabricated" by God, or intentionally "reinterpreted" by "bodily representations of God" send to the Earth. Thus, such "fabricated" or "reinterpreted" facts and evidence avoid supporting laziness and cease to reward "lying down", because they make impossible the learning of truth without putting any effort into solid research. After all, even in prayers of Christians is contained the request "and lead us not into temptation" - which reminds us that God sometimes creates situations which can "lead into temptation" some people (in turn it is known that it would be difficult to "lead into temptation" if there is no "fabrication" of some facts or some evidence). Therefore, in order to find this "only truth" for the humanity, we should NOT limit our searches to just a single path (this one which is used by present science), but we must also explore other ways of investigation. One amongst such different ways of investigation is indicated by totalizm - which not only is the philosophy of moral acting in our lives, but also is an alternative version of science which tries to repair errors committed by present atheistic science.
       The theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed to us a whole range of scientific evidence and proofs that the intelligent God does exist and that it was Him who created the physical world and man. Some amongst these evidence and proofs are indicated and discussed on the totaliztic web pages god_proof.htm, soul_proof.htm, or immortality.htm (on this last web page see item #D5). In the light of this evidence and proofs a new significance gains the totaliztic exploration of different ways of learning which are presented on this web page.

#O2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#O3. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#O4. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#O5. Copyrights, disclaimer, etc.:

Copyright information. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pająk. All rights reserved. The majority of texts and photographs presented on the totaliztic web pages originate from monographs of the author of this web page. Thus copyright statements from these monographs apply also to totaliztic web pages.
       Notice however that each photograph which supports a conclusion from my research reported on this web page, but which does NOT originate from my own collection, has the copyright holder or owner specified under it.
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Disclaimer. Notice that views expressed on totaliztic web pages are NOT always shared by owners of other than mine photographs shown with them, even if these owners kindly agreed to allow me to use their photographs. Although photographs represent the most objective type of evidence, still the situation that they capture usually can be interpreted on several different ways.
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This web page belongs to a longer chain of totaliztic web pages which are devoted to topics, curiosities and mysteries previously ignored scientists. (Amongst others, this web page also allows to download scientific monographs on these topics, curiosities and mysteries.) The chain includes all totaliztic web pages offerred in "Menu 2" from the left margin of this web page.
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