Evidence of continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth (in English)
Evidence of continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth
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25 January 2014

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Let us imagine for a while, that we are the only living, thinking, and self-aware being in the entire universe - means that we are in the situation of God described in volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], before He created humans. Let us also imagine that we already learned the entire knowledge about ourselves and about the empty universe that surrounded us - and that thus we started to be bored for the lack of anything else to learn or to do. In such a situation we arrived to an idea that in order to assist us in our further "pursue of knowledge" we should create "humans" who are very similar to us - i.e. who also are living, thinking and self-aware. After all, the appearance of such people opens for us a huge ocean of new knowledge to learn - so that we stopped to be bored. In addition, this created for us many companions - so that we ceased to be lonely. The amount of new knowledge to learn we additionally increased by creating highly imperfect people (i.e. people such as these described in item #B2 from the web page named antichrist.htm). After all, such maximally imperfect people constantly committed many more errors than would commit perfect people, and thus confronted us with many more intellectual challenges and problems to solve.
       Unfortunately, the "pursue of knowledge" by people turns out to be possible only when fulfilled are numerous conditions described in items #L1 to #L5 from the web page named magnocraft.htm - for example, when these people lead their lives according to a set of principles known generally as "morality". Therefore, the biggest intellectual challenge turned out to be the management of these imperfect people. Such people were very undisciplined and chronically refused to do what lied in our goals and plans. So initially we tried to force them by showing our power and authority. But this caused that many of them escaped from cities which we build for them. Others become just our thoughtless servants. Finally we dropped into an idea of controlling them from a hiding, like one can do it with a donkey, using a "carrot and a stick" for directing them where they should go. In the role of a "carrot" we used numerous "rewards" that we served to them for a correct behaviour. In turn for the role of one amongst various our "sticks" we started to temporally create (or more strictly - to "simulate") the existence of evil creatures which these people were scared enormously, and which initially we called "devils" while later we renamed into "UFOnauts". These creatures harmed people on hundreds of different ways. The web page that follows describes forms assumed by the management of people with this "stick" in form of evil UFOnauts after many centuries have passed.

Part #A: The characteristics of evidence in support of continuous presence of "simulations" of evil UFOnauts on the Earth:


#A1. The objective existence of UFOnauts and their continuous activities on the Earth were already proven scientifically with use of the reliable proving methodology called the "method of matching attributes":

       The formal scientific proof for the objective existence of UFOs was already published in Internet on a totaliztic web page named "ufo_proof.htm" (click on this green link to see that web page named "ufo_proof.htm"). In turn the same proof in the published form is presented in subsection P2 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5]. (Copies of monograph [1/5] can be downloaded to your computer free of charge via this web page.)
       In turn reasons for which UFOnauts so carefully hide from people their continuous presence on the Earth are explained more comprehensively on several totaliztic web pages, e.g. on pages evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth, or bible.htm - about the Bible authorized by God Himself.

#A2. What consequences bears the fact, that UFOnauts and UFO vehicles are temporary "simulations" carried out by God, instead of creatures and machines that exist permanently (as permanently exist e.g. people and our machines):

       The justification "whether" UFOnauts and UFO vehicles are really temporary "simulations" carried out by God, instead of e.g. creatures and devices that exist permanently (similarly like permanently exist e.g. humans and their machines), in my opinion is determined to the sufficient level of certainty in my newest monograph [1/5] (for example, you can have a look at the content of subsection "OD5" from volume 13 of [1/5], or at subsection "QB1" from its volume 15). Similarly exhaustingly and from various points of view was also explained "why" God "simulates" UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - for appropriate explanations see e.g. subsection "QB2" from the abovementioned monograph [1/5], or see totaliztic web pages devoted to UFOs, e.g. item #K1 from the web page named day26.htm, or items #A5, #J1 and #K1 from the web page named evolution.htm. Therefore, the discussion of questions "whether" and "why" I will NOT repeat on this web page.
       However, since this web page presents various categories of evidence for the objective existence of UFOs and UFOnauts, it is worth to explain in it "what are consequences" of the fact that UFOs and UFOnauts are temporary "simulations" carried out by God. After all, neither ordinary people, nor even long-term researchers of UFOs, are unaware of these consequences. So let us discuss here briefly at least most vital amongst these consequences. Here they are:
       1. UFO vehicles are "simulated" extremely precisely. This means, that if people got somehow blueprints of design of a UFO vehicle, and constructed such a vehicle accordingly to this design, then our earthly copy of that UFO vehicle would also fly exactly the same perfectly as fly God's "simulations" of UFOs. Furthermore, such our copy would also display all attributes and capabilities of real UFO vehicles, and also would induce all these phenomena which are induced by real UFO vehicles. It is just because of the precision of these God's "simulations" of UFOs, that to our research relates (and applies) the so-called "postulate of interchangeability of UFOs and Magnocrafts" described on many totaliztic web pages, e.g. in item #J4 of the web page magnocraft.htm or in subsection P2.15 from volume 14 of monograph [1/5].
       2. UFOnauts are "simulated" extremely realistically and well. It means, that the practiced by UFOnauts philosophy of so-called "evil parasitism" described in volume 13 of monograph [1/5] is exactly the same as the one that would be practiced by beings that originate from a civilisation that is overwhelmed by this philosophy. Also UFOnauts behave on the Earth exactly the way that would behave creatures which secretly occupy and exploit the humanity. So in spite that UFOnauts are just faithful and realistic "simulations" by God, in fact they are the same dangerous for people and the same ruthless in their activities on the Earth, as would be actual occupants and exploiters of the humanity.
       3. UFOnauts are absolutely obedient to will and to plans of God. For example, they destroy and attack only these communities, which deserve a "punishment from God" due to practicing the persecuted and eliminated by God philosophy of parasitism. We can also defend effectively against their attacks and persecution with the use of methods described in item #A2.3 of the web page totalizm.htm, item #B4.4 of the web page mozajski_uk.htm, item #C5.1 of the web page seismograph.htm, or item #I3 of the web page day26.htm.
       4. Bodies of UFOnauts do NOT need to correspond to our understanding of the structure and work of bodies. In other words, bodies of UFOnauts can e.g. be formed from substances with "inanimate" attributes (similar to our rubber, plastics, metals, stones, etc.), and still these bodies will behave and work like human bodies. These bodies of UFOnauts can also have completely different temperatures from human bodies, e.g. be fully frosted, or highly hot, and still will work well. They may also have completely different size, configuration, and anatomy than human bodies.
       Many people are unaware that after mastering the capabilities of so-called "counter-world", whatever we consider to be an "inanimate" matter, in fact can behave like living creatures. Known are cases when even selected people mastered the ability to give to inanimate objects attributes of living creatures. For example, Chinese practice the centuries long tradition that their dead are buried in family graves from the area where their clan originates. So even when some amongst them died far from the home, his or her body was still brought back to his family cemetery and buried only in there. Of course, in old times there were no fridges. Thus bodies of dead people decayed very fast. Therefore, in times that proceeded the existence of fridges and fast transport, in China existed the magical profession of the "death walkers". On page 94 of the book [1#G3] by Frena Bloomfield, "The Book of Chinese Beliefs" (Arrow Books Ltd. (17-21 Cornway Street, London W1P 6JD, Great Britain), London 1983, ISBN 0-0993190-0-4, 213 pages), is provided a description of that ancient Chinese capability of causing that bodies of dead people marched by themselves. Individuals who had this skills were called in cases when someone died far from the home, while present fridges and fast transport were NOT invented yet. In such a case the "death walker" cast appropriate "spells", while the dead body was standing on its legs and started to rhythmically walk just on its own to wherever it was directed by such a "death walker". A report from the march of such bodies, quoted after the witness from Hong Kong (see [1#G3] page 94) who in person experienced and remembered such an event, is provided in item #H2 of the web page sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm, and also in subsection I5.7.1 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. (Notice that further items #H3 to #H5 of the abovementioned web page "sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm" discuss more examples of well known in past cases when to inanimate objects were given by selected people attributes of living creatures. Other examples of these cases include so-called "Zombies", "walking monuments" from India, or "rope climbers" from India.)
       At this point I should emphasize, that if some people were in past able to force inanimate objects to behave like living creatures, then such a capability is "normal" for God. So no-one should be surprised, that "bodies" of UFOnauts can be cold and display attributes of e.g. rubber or plastics, and still behave like human bodies. Actually there are reports of eye-witnesses of UFOnauts, who describe their bodies as similar to rubber. (As an example see description of that man who bite out a "nipple of female UFOnaut" and stated that it tasted like if made of rubber - provided in subsections JG9.4 and JG9.5 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5]). No-one should also be surprised, that the described below in item #B8 on this web page "faeces" with which UFOnauts jocosely "bombard New Zealand", are identified in our laboratories as forms of some minerals instead of "human faeces" - although they smell, look, and behave like human faeces.
       I personally was once fascinated by eyes of an UFOnaut. They were completely "deprived of life". On me they make an impression as if they were either dead spheres made from black asphalt, or were plastic buttons painted on black (such as black buttons placed in toys for eyes). After all, if one looks into eyes of a human, then always one can see in them life, depth, transparency, and almost sparks of thoughts oozing from them. But eyes of that UFOnaut were fuzzy, non-transparent, and completely "dead". I remember that looking in them I was thinking how he can see anything at all with such eyes. Some time later a reader of my monographs wrote to me. He also noted and described for me such shocking attributes of like "deprived of life" eyes of an UFOnaut.
       5. UFO vehicles and UFOnauts are "simulated" for accomplishing specific (superior) God's goals. For example, they are to realistically illustrate to people where leads the practicing of highly immoral philosophy of parasitism, they are to inspire people to research and to creative searches, they are to test the intelligence and philosophies of people, they are to demonstrate how inadequate and inefficient is the present official human science, they are to induce the need to change and to improve various human institutions, they are to "punish" these "group intellects" which already slide into claws of the "parasitism", etc., etc. Thus the "simulation" of UFO and UFOnauts by God will cease only at the moment when these goals are to be accomplished. Therefore, our defence against UFO and UFOnauts should depend on researching goals and intentions of God, and on voluntary meeting these goals and intentions - so that God is NOT forced to impose these on us e.g. by sending such "simulations" which are to trouble people with series of highly unpleasant phenomena, events, cataclysms, etc. (For an example of one amongst many possible methods of our effective defence - see item #C5.1 on the web page seismograph.htm or item #I3 on the web page day26.htm.)

#A3. The enormity of the material evidence on the "simulation" of UFOnauts on the Earth who pretend that for centuries they secretly occupied and exploited the humanity:

       Inhabitants of the planet Earth are exposed to the "heavy artillery" of enormously advanced technology of UFOnauts. This technology tries to make impossible for people the understanding of the difficult situation in which humanity finds itself. Therefore UFOnauts systematically hide from people, abduct us from our bedrooms only during nights and only after arriving in the so-called state of telekinetic flickering, order every person under hypnosis to negate any statement which would reveal the fact of existence of UFOs, telepathically bombard Earth with the subconscious order to NOT take any notice of the evidence which confirms the existence of UFOs, countless agents of UFOnauts systematically sabotage on Earth all evidence certifying the existence of UFOs, scoff, persecute, and murder rational UFO researchers, changelings-UFOnauts pretending to be our superiors or leaders continually take destructive decisions which push our civilisation down, etc., etc. In the result, all mentally weak people on Earth do not allow even a smallest thought to come to their heads that UFOs do exist, while our planet could be under an invisible occupation of these immoral cosmic bandits and robbers. On the other hand, none fact in which we commonly believe, is as widely and as extensively documented, as the existence of UFOs and the secretive occupation of Earth by morally decadent UFOnauts.
       So let us now review the most commonly known evidence, which documents the existence of UFOs and the secretive occupation of Earth by these evil creatures from space. (Notice that extensive descriptions of the entire this evidence are contained in monograph [1/4].) Here is the list of the most vital categories of this evidence:

Part #B: Material evidence for the continuous presence and activities of UFOnauts on Earth:

       To the category of such material evidence belongs everything that can be seen, touched, photographed, and that is relatively permanent, means that it does NOT fly away but one can find it and repetitively examine and research. Here are subsequent examples of such evidence.

#B1. UFO landing sites:

       "UFO landing sites" are areas above which UFO vehicles hovered for the period of time sufficiently long to cause some sort of permanent marks. Most frequently such permanent marks have the character of magnetic burning of vegetation, caused by a powerful magnetic field from the UFO propulsion system. An example of just such a freshly burned UFO landing site from a discoidal UFO vehicle type K3, with the grass burned to the red colour, is shown below on "Fig. #B1 (a)". In turn the appearance of a UFO vehicle type K3, which landed in that place, is shown in "Fig. #B1 (b)".
* * *
       Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.
       If you wish to shift a given Figure (i.e. a photograph or a drawing), i.e. to move it into another part of the screen where you are just reading a description of it, you need to do as follows: (1) click on it to make it appear in another window, (2) the "downsize" this another window (with a given photograph or drawing) through "grabbing" its right-bottom corner with your mouse and then dragging this corner upwards-left to receive the size of this different window that you wish to have (notice that since you downsize a fist such a Figure, all next clicked on will appear already downsized - unless you enlarge them in the same way), and then (3) drag this another window with the picture you wish to relocate to the area of this web page where you wish to look at it (to move it you just grab it with your mouse by the blue stripe on the top of it). Notice also that if you scroll (with scroll bars) the text of the page when you read it, this another window (with the drawing) will disappear. In order to return it into the new position, you need to click on its "icon" (name bar) on the lowest part of the screen.

Fig. #B1a. Fig. #B1b.

Fig. #B1ab: The appearance of UFO landing site in grass and the principle of formation of these landings. Fresh UFO landing sites in grass typically can be noticed as rings of red, magnetically scorched grass - visible on the left photograph (a). This ring is formed by spinning magnetic circuits formed from a super-powerful magnetic field yield to the environment from spherical propulsors visible on the drawing (b) on the right part of the above Figure. (Click on this photograph or drawing to see it enlarged.)
       Fig. #B1a (left): A typical landing site of a discoidal UFO vehicle type K3. Notice however, that the red colour of magnetically scorched grass visible above, is maintained in such a UFO landing site only for the duration of up to several hours after a UFO has landed on it. Later this red grass gradually becomes yellow and dark, as time elapses, in order to finally transform the colour into a typical greyish-yellow colour of dry and weathered old grass. Originally the above illustration was published as a Figure O1 (b) in chapter O from volume 12 of monograph [1/4].
       It was the first UFO landing site investigated by the author in New Zealand. The site was found in the morning, on 6 December 1978, in a paddock belonging to Barry Badman (Wrights Bush, No 8 RD, Invercargill, New Zealand). It was only about 70 metres distant from the home of this farmer. When the above photo was taken a few hours after the vehicle departed, the grass scorched by the spinning magnetic field of the UFO was still reddish in colour. This particular landing site represents the situation illustrated in Figure F38 (b) from volume 3 of monograph [1/4]. Note the central patch scorched by the column of the magnetic field from the main propulsor displaced to the right of the site (in reality towards the magnetic south direction). It touches (from inside) the ring scorched by the spinning field of side propulsors.
       The side view of the UFO vehicle type K3 which propulsors scorched the above landing site is shown on the next "Fig. #B1 (b)". On that other illustration clearly marked are spherical side propulsors of that UFO, which yield the spinning magnetic field that scorched the grass into a shape of a red ring. Notice that in UFOs type K3 the centres of the n=8 spherical side propulsors are placed in equal distances from each other on the circumference of a circle of the diameter d=3.10 meter. This means that when a UFO type K3 hovers just above the ground then the diameter of the ring scorched by it is maximum d=3.10 m. But if this UFO hovers a bit higher then this diameter must be smaller, because the spinning magnetic circuits of discoidal UFOs always bend towards the centre of these vehicles in which their single main propulsor is located. Notice that a UFO of each bigger type scorches a ring twice as big as that from a previous type. For example a UFO type K4 scorches a ring of the maximal diameter d=6.20 m, UFO type K5 - a ring of the maximal diameter d=12.41 m, ... , while the biggest UFO type K10 scorches a ring of the maximal diameter d=397.22 metres (notice that landing sites of UFOs type K10 are so big, that they become visible only when viewed from an aeroplane).
       Fig. #B1b (right): The external appearance of discoidal UFO vehicle type K3, which formed the UFO landing site shown in "Fig. #B1a". Originally the above illustration was published as the Figure F1 (a) in chapter F from volume 3 of monograph [1/4].
       The general shape and outlines of this vehicle are strictly defined by the set of mathematical equations derived from the design and operational conditions (these equations are listed in Figure F18). Its dimensions are also defined by these equations. The vehicle's shell is made of a mirror like material whose degree of transparency and light reflectiveness can be strictly controlled. Thus, when the crew makes this shell transparent, elements of the internal structure (e.g. propulsors, compartments, separatory walls, etc.) can be seen by an outside observer. In the above illustration seven spherical propulsors (out of a total number of n=8) placed in the horizontal flange are visible. Each of these propulsors contains inside a twin chamber capsule composed of two Oscillatory Chambers. The eight vertical partitions divide the vehicle's flange into eight separate chambers, each housing one side propulsor. The horizontal separatory ring placed at the top half of the flange separates both magnetic poles (N and S) in each of these side propulsors, thus forcing the magnetic field which is produced to circulate through the environment. On the upper part of the flange three lamps of the SUB system (i.e. equivalent to the position lamps in aeroplanes) are indicated see also Figure F30. In the centre of the vehicle the single main propulsor and its twin chamber capsule are shown. Within the ring shaped crew cabin a pilot's seat is visible.

#B2. "Angel hairs" dropping from UFOs:

       UFOs are dropping a gelatinous substance called "angel chairs". Descriptions of this substance is provided in subsection O5.4 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4].
       Just such a substance, similar to the jelly formed from stock left after boiling pig trotters, is well known to UFOlogists. Most frequently they call it "angel's hair", although other folklore names can also be used, such as "star jelly", "star slough", "star shot", in Welsh "pwdre ser" meaning "the rot of the stars", and more - for further descriptions see the book [1O5.4] "Mysteries of the Unexplained", Reader's Digest, 1982, ISBN 0-949819-35-2, page 188. (Note that the book [1O5.4] describes, amongst others, "angel's hair" found on 21 January 1803 near Swiebodzice on Lower Silesia, Poland, and reported in the English publication called "Report of the thirteenth meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 30:62-63, 1860, page 203.) A collection of cases of actual finding "angel's hair" in this monograph is reported in subsection P2.2.
       The Theory of the Magnocraft explains that the "angel's hair" is used in spherical flying complexes of UFOs, as a hydraulic neutraliser of the pressure between two main propulsors mutually attracting each other. Such application of angel's hair is illustrated in part "b" of Figure P9, and explained in subsection F3.1.1. Spherical complexes of UFOs are formed through coupling together two saucer-shaped vehicles of the same type with their bases - as this is illustrated in part #1 of Figure P9 in [1/4]. After such coupling, concave areas in floors of both vehicles joined together, form a significant empty space that appears in the centre of such a spherical complex. On both ends of this space main propulsors of vehicles are placed, which are oriented towards each other with opposite magnetic poles, e.g. with (N) pole pointing towards (S). Because these propulsors must attract each other, they form significant forces which compress concave floors of these vehicles. In order to neutralise these forces, in the empty space between concave floors of both vehicles coupled together, this jelly substance "angel's hair" is packed - on Figure P9 (b) it is marked with the symbol "A". Due to filling up of the entire empty space between both concave floors, the non-compressible angel's hair act like white in eggs, which makes impossible to crush a thin shell of eggs with the uniform pressure of even the strongest athlete. (Readers probably know the experiment which illustrates the enormous difficulty of crushing an egg between two hands locked together.) Of course, after both UFOs which form a given spherical complex, separate from each other, their angel's hair falls down to the ground, covering grass, trees, fences, etc. The jelly and gluey consistence of this substance gives to trees that are covered with it, an appearance of Christmas trees decorated with long hair of some unearthly creatures. This is because of the strange appearance of such trees, that the name "angel's hair" most probably was coined for this jelly from UFOs. Then perhaps the same name was also given to a similar decoration of Christmas trees.
       "Angel hairs" are described more comprehensively in subsection O5.4 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4].

#B3. "Onion-shaped charcoal" falling from UFOs:

       The name "onion-shaped charcoal" is assigned to a very unique substance which is formed only by UFO vehicles on the outlets from the N poles of their magnetic propulsors. The consistency of this onion charcoal resembles a fragment of an onion. This charcoal is formed during horizontal flights of UFOs at low heights. During such flights, the magnetic field of the vehicle is intercepting fragments of dry organic matter that are present in the air, such as pieces of dry grass, leafs, pieces of paper and old newspapers, etc. The mechanism of this intercepting of dry organic mass is explained in item #2H5.2 from subsection H5.2 in volume 4 of monograph [1/4]. Such fragments of organic matter mixed with dust stick then to the shell of UFO vehicles at the outlets from "N" poles of their propulsors. The most of them is glued to the outlet "N" from the most powerful main propulsor, shown as (M) in part (b) of Figure A1 in [1/4]. After sticking to these outlets, the organic matter is subjected to the action of a very powerful pulsating magnetic field produced by a given propulsor. This field, like a huge microwave oven, fast dries out and turns the organic matter into layered carbon, that sticks to the outlet from a given propulsor. Simultaneously, it compresses this matter into cracked layers, the curvature of which reflects the shape of the UFO shell. Thus e.g. the organic matter that sticks to the dome-shaped area of upper dome of a UFO, obtains a shape of a spherical bowl. So when a UFO during a subsequent landing touches earth with these charcoal layers, especially with these thicker ones that are accumulated on concave area of the dome near the main propulsor, fragments of charred organic matter may fall down from the UFO shell. People who examine former UFO landing sites can find these spherical and layered like an onion fragments of the charcoal near the centre of selected UFO landings. After being found, this charcoal looks like a fragment that fell off from a charred onion. Typically it is composed of bowl-shaped layers, that can be mutually separated from each other. After being touched, these bowls usually tend to disintegrate into individual flakes.
       At this point it should be clearly emphasized, that because the "onion-shaped charcoal" is in fact formed due to sucking of external organic matter by magnetic field of UFO vehicles, this charcoal is simultaneously a vital scientific evidence in support of the correctness of the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Furthermore, it is also a vital evidence in support of the correctness of the explanation of magnetic fields as streams of circulating counter-matter, provided by this scientific theory. This scientific value as the evidence in support of the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is equal for this charcoal of its evidential value in support of the fact that UFO vehicles continually operate on our planet and continually occupy and rob the humanity.
       Before such a layer of black "onion-shaped charcoal" falls off from a UFO shell, it gives to this vehicle a very unique appearance. After all, it sticks around propulsors of the vehicle, which by themselves emit a fiery glow that rhythmically intensifies and then darkens with the frequency slightly slower than the rhythm of human breathing. Thus such black layer that rhythmically glows from the inside, resembles an appearance of irregularly cracked snake skin, or dried mud. Only that in UFOs it is additionally lightened from inside, with the fiery glow of sparks from oscillatory chambers of the vehicle, while the intensity of this lighting is waving slowly. For observers that are not familiar with such a mechanism of forming and cracking of these natural carbon residues, this black skin that glows on cracks, similar to a "snake skin", makes an impression of looking at a skin of some sort of living creature that has fire inside. No wonder that probably just because of this appearance, in old days UFOs were called "dragons", and qualified to the same category as snakes - their descriptions are contained in subsection O1 from [1/4]. In turn various present UFO observers, perhaps also because of this appearance, suggest that UFO vehicles are raised and bred like animals, not build in factories like machines.
       The most correct illustration of the appearance of this black surface of a UFO, covered with cracked black residue of the onion-shaped charcoal that glows on cracks, was shown in American film [2O6.1] of 1993 entitled "Fire in the sky". This highly documentary film shows a UFO of a large type, most probably K6, allowing rather accurate observation both the interior and exterior of it. It is based on an actual UFO abduction of someone named Travis Walton. He was a wood cutter from White Mountains, Arizona, USA. The abduction took place in 1975. In the sequence of this film, when a UFO approaches Travis Walton in the hanging position to abduct him onto the deck, the convex shell of the upper dome under the main propulsor of this UFO is well visible, as it points towards the ground. The cracked residue of the onion-shaped charcoal that covers this shell, is lightened cyclically from the inside with sparks from the main propulsor glowing blood-red. In the result, this charcoal gives to the UFO vehicle an appearance of like a belly of a monster, that is filled with blood and that is bursting with fire.
       Although the above description of the layer of an onion-shaped charcoal may seem to be simple, the explanation for the mechanism of formation of it, is rather complex. It originates from the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", described in chapters H and I of monograph [1/4], and also on a separate web page called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. According to this concept, our universe is composed of two parallel words, that coexist in the same space. These are called "our world" and "counter-world". The first of these, our world of matter, is well known to human senses and described by present orthodox science. However, senses and orthodox science ignore the existence of another out of these two worlds. Thus, religions remained previously the only source of our information about the counter-world. But this counter-world is tangible to the same extend as our material world. Only that physical laws that govern it, are reversals of our laws. Similarly to our world, it is filled up with appropriate substances. Also every material object keep an exact duplicate in it - means has there like a kind of "spirit". For example on Kirlian photographs we can see duplicates of objects from that other counter-world. In turn a phenomenon of telekinesis depends on just ordinary grabbing such a duplicate, and shifting it to another place. This shifting of the duplicate existing in the counter-world, subsequently forces the dislocation of the material part from our world as well. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity indicates even how to build devices, which allow to induce telekinetic dislocations in a technical manner. Already working prototypes of such devices are described in separate treatise [6], in chapter K of monograph [1/4], and on a separate web page about telekinetic free energy generators.
       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains that all magnets, including also propulsors of UFO vehicles, are simply equivalents to vacuum cleaners, fans, or pumps. They pump loose particles of invisible and weightless substance that fills up this other counter-world. More exactly the pumping is described in subsection H5.2 of monograph [1/4]. This substance is sucked in at the "N" pole, means at the "Inlet" pole of every magnet, while it is blown out at the "S" pole, means at the "Outlet" pole of this magnet. The circulation of this substance in the counter-world is even reflected in visual effects produced by polar lights. For example, polar lights observed near the southern pole of Earth, sometimes make an impression that streams of light like burst upwards from Earth and ascend into the space. In turn northern polar lights appear as if waves of light are arriving from the space and fall down onto Earth. In case of powerful magnetic fields, this flow of the substance from the counter-world may cause the intercepting and carrying of particles of matter. For example, the circulation around Earth of this invisible substance, dislocates particles of ozone in the upper atmosphere. This causes an increase in density of ozone near the northern pole of Earth. Thus e.g. an "ozone hole" in the Earth's atmosphere always firstly appears near the southern pole. Also the gathering of land masses and continents at the northern hemisphere, that is not understood by the present orthodox science, can be explained by the long-term action of this circulating substance making pressure on land masses. The thrust of this substance, that acted for millions of years, caused a gradual drifting towards north of almost all land masses. In turn the extraordinary symmetry of shapes of Arctic and Antarctic, can be explained by the modelling of the configuration of continents' masses in the crust of our planet by the distribution of dynamic pressure of this substance.
       In magnetic fields involving huge energies, such as fields created by UFO propulsors, the circulation of this invisible substance from the counter-world discussed here, is very intense. It can lift and carry straws of grass, pieces of newspapers, and other similar small organic objects. According to the direction of this circulation, such objects are only going to stick to the "N" pole of a given propulsor. After sticking, they form residues of an "onion-shaped charcoal" on this pole.
* * *
       In spite that the onion-shaped charcoal still is known only to a small number of UFO researchers, since the time when I identified the existence and the origin from UFOs of this substance, only in New Zealand took place three relatively famous cases of finding it. Let us review these cases.
       (i) Cromwell (February 1991). In February 1991 one of the citizens of Cromwell - i.e. a small town in New Zealand, namely Mr Ross Ritchie, then living at 2 Syndic Street, Cromwell, New Zealand, informed me about finding on his garden a scorched mark that had pieces of such a charcoal. Miniature pieces of mica were shining in his charcoal. A natural conclusion of this finding was, that a given UFO vehicle arrived to Cromwell from the area of these mica deposits. It is known that on a ridge of mountain range located approximately to the north from Cromwell there are near-surface deposits of mica. So most clearly this particular UFO vehicle arrived to Cromwell from a northerly direction. The sample of onion-shaped charcoal from Cromwell was given to authorities for research. Unfortunately, noting about outcomes of this research ever returned to the finder. Most probably authorities ignored this case of UFO landing.
       (ii) Alford Forest (around 1 February 1992). A significant amount of onion-shaped charcoal was found on the farm of Rex & Janet Milne, Alford Forest, R.D. 1, Ashburton, New Zealand. This crop circle appeared around 1 February 1992, simultaneously with the crop circle shown in part (b) of Figure O3 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4]. In this particular case the finding of this onion-shaped charcoal had a huge evidential value. The reason was that two attention seekers from Ashburton at that time approached television and claimed that it was them who fabricated all two crop circles found at that time near Asburton. The history of these crop circles, as well as claims of these attention seeking boys, is described in several subsections of monograph [1/4], namely in subsections VB4.3.1 from volume 17, O5.4 from volume 12, and H5.2 from volume 4. Because the fact of the existence of this charcoal was not known widely at that time, the finding of it in the crop circle reassured that this UFO landing was NOT fabricated by both attention seeking boys. Unfortunately, the entire New Zealand already set their minds that these boys fabricated the crop circles, and no-one was prepared to recognise the condemnation of their truthfulness documented by the presence of this onion-shaped charcoal.
       (iii) Dunsandel (12 September 2006). A sample of onion-shaped charcoal was also found in the place of landing of a famous in entire New Zealand case of 12 September 2006 - described in detail in item #B3.1 below. The newspaper article [4-DP] from page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, September 14, 2006, states that this substance was found on the paddock of Miss Tanya Haigh located in Dunsandel from the South Canterbury (i.e. around 40 km south from Christchurch). Another article, entitled "Odd rock checked after meteor", which was published on page A3 of the newspaper "The Press", from Christchurch, New Zealand, issue dated on Thursday, September 14, 2006, suggests that this substance found on her paddock Miss Tania Haigh living in Lincoln near Christchurch.
       Independently from relatively famous and widely known in New Zealand cases described above, I personally found onion charcoal on quite a number of UFO landing sites. Example of flakes of this substance which I found on a UFO landing site from the park in Timaru (New Zealand) is shown below in "Fig. #B3.1(a)".
       "Onion-shaped charcoal" is described more comprehensively in subsection O5.4 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4].

#B3.1. The case of dropping of a lump of "onion-shaped charcoal" from the four-propulsor UFO, the spectacular flight of which above New Zealand on Tuesday, 12 September 2006, was witnessed by hundreds of people:

       On Tuesday, 12 September 2006, four-propulsor UFO lost in a spectacular manner a lump of the "onion-shaped charcoal" described here. It was dropped on the paddock near a New Zealand settlement of Dunsandel in South Canterbury. The general appearance of "onion-shaped charcoal" is shown below on photograph from "Fig. #B3.1 (a)", while the photograph of that particular lump from Dunsandel was published in the newspaper indicated under that Figure. Because this particular case of dropping of such substance by a UFO vehicle was very meaningful, and also because it induced a high interest in press and television of New Zealand, I decided to describe it here in a comprehensive manner. So here is the course of events which accompanied this dropping of a lump of onion-shaped charcoal by a four-propulsor UFO.
       Just before 3 pm on Tuesday, 12 September 2006, inhabitants of middle part of the South Island of New Zealand were shocked by a powerful bang. The bang was so intensive that eye witnesses described it as "the daddy of all booms". In fact it caused the vibrations of not only buildings, but even the ground, so that it was registered by two seismograph stations to which it firstly arrived in the form of vibrations of the ground, and a moment later in the form of vibrations of air. Simultaneously with this powerful bang the shocked eye witnesses of this event spotted on the sky a fast flying silvery object surrounded with red spinning light. This object flew on the sky from north-west towards south-east. The object descended under the angle of around 30 degrees. It reached the surface of the ground near the settlement of Hinds in Southern Canterbury, or more strictly near the village Dunsandel.
       A colour illustration showing the trajectory of the flight of this object, together with descriptions of this flight, was published in the article [1-NZH] entitled "'Daddy of all booms' rattles south", which appeared on page A3 from the edition of New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald dated on Wednesday, September 13, 2006. The description of this flight, but this time without any illustration, appeared also in the article [2-DP] "Booming meteor startles the south" which was published on page A3 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Wednesday, September 13, 2006.
       The flight of this object induced a huge sensation in the entire New Zealand. For next two days it was reported in practically all newspapers and all television news. A whole range of New Zealand experts speculated in television about how big this meteor must be, what happened to it later, etc. But NOT even a single person mentioned in television, or in newspapers, that in fact it could be a landing of a UFO vehicle, not a meteor. In the result of this fame, all farmers in the vicinity of the area where this object reached the ground began to seek the "debris of a meteorite". "Debris" were found by a farmer from a small settlement of Dunsandel - as it laid on her paddock. In evening of the same Tuesday she gave her finding to local police. The next day (on Wednesday) the substance which she found (see Fig. #B3.1(a)") was shown in all television news. A photograph and a description of it appeared later in the article [3-NZH] "'Meteor fragment' could be space junk" which was published on page A7 of New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald dated on Thursday, September 14, 2006. A description of the same lump of onion-shaped charcoal, but this time without a photograph, was also published in another article [4-DP] entitled "Mystery paddock rock no meteorite" which appeared on page A5 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, September 14, 2006.
       Since the first moment I saw this event commended in TV, for me personally the sonic boom, the flight, the red glow, the silver surface, and the spinning lights of this strange object induced a suspicion that it was a four-propulsor UFO that prepared itself for landing in New Zealand. After all, this object arrived approximately from the north, while meteorites do NOT come to Earth from this particular direction. In turn this lump of the substance which was found in Dunsandel, since the very beginning reminded me a piece of the onion-shaped charcoal dropped by this four-propulsor UFO in the place where the vehicle landed. Therefore I began to carefully watch the unfolding of events in this matter since the beginning of it. Soon it turned out that I was right - it was a flight of four-propulsor UFO vehicle, not a meteorite. In turn the substance that this vehicle dropped was really a lump of the onion-shaped charcoal. Here is the evidence which documents that it was a UFO vehicle, not a meteorite:
       (i) Flight of this object in the direction from north-west to south-east. Our solar system has practically all cosmic objects moving in the same plane. This plane cuts through the Earth around equator. Therefore if any meteor falls to Earth, then the direction of flight of it lies approximately in the plane east-vertical-west. Never meteorites arrive to Earth from northerly direction. However, they can curve their trajectory into such a direction after they reach the Earth's atmosphere. But in such case their trajectory keeps the same tendency and continue curving - what was NOT the case in the flight discussed here. But the object described here arrived to New Zealand from a northerly direction, flying along a straight path, what is clearly shown on the illustration published in [1-ZNH], and also what reported numerous eye witnesses. So it could NOT be a meteorite. It was either a piece of satellite, or a UFO vehicle.
       (ii) Leaving a lump of onion-shaped charcoal in the area of landing. Only UFO vehicles form onion-shaped charcoal on outlets from their propulsors. This charcoal sometimes splits from their shell and falls to Earth. This is especially frequent during landings of a given UFO vehicle. Because for the object described here, such an onion-shaped charcoal was found in the area of landing of this object, for sure it was a UFO vehicle, not e.g. debris from a satellite.
       (iii) Witnessing a whirling lights during the flight. In two articles from New Zealand newspapers, namely in [3-NZH] and [4-DP] was reported that eye witnesses noticed that the object was silver but surrounded with red glow, and that this glow was spinning. The existence of such a spinning motion is characteristic to UFO sightings. Descriptions of such spinning lights overflow UFO literature. So for sure it was a UFO vehicle. (For a meteorite the spinning motion would surely cause the deviation of the flight path into a curvilinear trajectory. But this object flew along a straight path.)
       (iv) The manifestation of all characteristics of a four-propulsor UFO. In fact everything that characterised this particular objects is unique to four-propulsor UFOs of the appearance shown in "Fig. #B3.1 (b)". Just such four-propulsor UFOs frequently land near Dunedin, and they always do it in similar manner, namely with a sonic bang, whirling lights, silvery shiny surface, etc. (Local folklore states that just such four-propulsor UFOs have a hidden underground basis located inside of the "Saddle Hill" between Dunedin and Mosgiel - see item #G1 of this web page. This is probably a reason why there is a lot of sightings of just this type of UFOs near Dunedin. One of these sightings is described in subsection Q1 from volume 14 of monograph [1/4].)
       (v) Two bangs - one magnetic and one sonic. Four-propulsor UFO vehicles form very loud bangs when they cross the sound barrier. The reason is that their magnetic whirl is not as much effective as in discoidal UFOs. So this whirl is unable to neutralise the cone of frontal pressure that is formed in front of flying UFO vehicle. But what is even more interesting in the UFO vehicle described here, that this UFO formed two bangs. These two bangs were reported in articles [1-NZH] and [2-DP]. Furthermore, printouts from seismographs with curves which registered two separate bangs were shown in television news. The first weaker bang seismologists described as spreading through the ground, while the second stronger - as spreading through the air. Such two bangs are typically formed by UFO vehicles. The point is that UFO vehicles form both, a magnetic wave, and a sonic wave. The first weaker bang, which always propagates with the speed of light, is formed by a magnetic wave induced due to the flight of this UFO. Only the second, lauder bang, propagating with the speed of sound, is induced by the acoustic wave induced by this UFO vehicle. At this point it is worth to notice, that also such two bangs were noticed during the UFO explosion of 1908 in Tunguska, Central Siberia - as this is described in monograph [5]. Furthermore such two bangs were also registered by seismographs when a UFO vehicle induced technically the famous tsunami of 26th December 2004.
* * *
       To summarise the above, the object described here for sure was a four-propulsor UFO vehicle, which on Tuesday, 12 September 2006, landed in New Zealand, loosing during this landing a significant lump of onion-shaped charcoal. But something difficult to understand happens with our society. After all, in spite of the obviousness of this UFO landing, no-one in New Zealand had a courage to officially admit that it was a UFO vehicle. As this can be seen, our civilisation already reached a state in which people are too scared to even mention a UFO in their public appearances. Just only this situation is also a proof, that the planet Earth is secretly occupied by evil UFOnauts of the appearance identical to people, and that these UFOnauts with their advanced devices and cunning methods scared and terrorised people so much, that now everyone is terrified to discuss the truth regarding UFOs.

Fot. #B2.1 (a)

Fig. #B3.1 (a): Several flakes of the "onion-shaped charcoal" which was found on the UFO landing site from the Timaru park, New Zealand. The colour and consistency of this substance depends on the kind of impurities and organic matter that are sucked by propulsors of the UFO vehicle during a given flight. Most frequently this charcoal falls to earth at the first touch of the UFO shell and the ground. Therefore UFOs rarely manage to accumulate a thick layer of this substance. So the flakes similar to these shown above are found most frequently. But sometimes large lumps of this extraordinary substance can be found, as this took place with the famous in entire New Zealand case from Dunsandel. Unfortunately, the photograph of this large piece of the onion charcoal has copyrights imposed on it, while I have not managed to gain the agreement of the owner to publish this photograph here. It is worth to add that these ones who officially investigated this substance would not admit that it originates from UFOs. Thus in newspapers and in TV news this substance was declared to be a "space junk". The big lump of it found in Dunsandel had approximate dimensions 15x7x3.5 cm. In onion charcoal it is worth to notice the characteristic organic matter charred and scorched that is visible in the body of this substance. A photograph of this large piece of the "onion charcoal", which I cannot show here for copyright reasons, was published on the occasion of a famous in entire New Zealand case, when a four-propulsor UFO flew with a huge bang around 500 kilometres in sight of numerous eye witnesses around 3 pm, on Tuesday, 12 September 2006. When this UFO finally landed on a paddock near a farm from Dunsandel, Southern Canterbury, the above piece of "onion-shaped charcoal" dropped from it. This piece was passed by the owner of the paddock to local police. Subsequently a photograph of it appeared as an illustration to the article [3-NZH] from page A7 of the New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Thursday, September 14, 2006.
       After researching this large piece of the charcoal from Dunsandel, it turned out that the density of it amounts to around 1/10 (10%) of the density expected for a typical meteorite. So this density was very similar to the density of the onion-shaped charcoal. Furthermore, on the fact that it was a piece of onion-shaped charcoal which fell from UFO shell also certifies the presence of charred organic matter visible on the above photograph. Finally the descriptions of the appearance of this piece provided by eye witnesses also confirm that it was a piece of onion-shaped charcoal. Articles [2-ZNH] and [4-DP] describe it as "glazed and subjected to high temperatures", and also as "a cross between volcanic foam and a chunk of West-Coast coal". So there is no doubt that it was the onion-shaped charcoal splinted from a UFO vehicle.
       If someone wishes to see a photograph of this large piece of the charcoal famous in New Zealand (declared to be "space junk"), then should vist page A7 from the newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Thursday, September 14, 2006.

Fig. #B3.1(b)

Fig. #B3.1 (b): The appearance of a four-propulsor UFO of the first generation. It was just such a UFO vehicle that flown on 12 September 2006 above New Zealand in a highly spectacular manner with a huge bang. Such a UFO vehicle resembles a kind of cubical hut, with pitch roof and four barrel-shaped propulsors attached to each corner. Pillars of highly concentrated, black magnetic field extend from these four propulsors down to the ground. It is this magnetic field that has the ability to suck from the ground dust and organic matter, forming from these the layer of "onion-shaped charcoal" on inlets to the "N" poles of each propulsor of this vehicle. With the elapse of time the onion-shaped charcoal fall from these propulsors in thin plates or thick chunks of the appearance similar to the one shown on the photograph from "Fig. #B3.1 (a)". Originally the above illustration was published as a Figure D1 (b) in chapter D from volume 2 of monograph [1/4]. A cubical crew cabin in the above UFO vehicle is constructed of the material resembling a typical silver mirror. This material does NOT allow magnetic field to penetrate through it, while the degree of transparency and reflection of light is regulated in it by the crew. Therefore, for an outside observer such a cubical crew cabin of this UFO sometimes looks like a metallic, shiny mirror. At other times (especially at nights) it looks like a hut made of completely transparent glass. Around the surface of this like a hut spins a single wave of magnetic whirl. This wave ionises the air causing that the air glows in a red or blue colour (depending on the direction of vehicle's flight). Therefore such a silver vehicle surrounded with a spinning glowing air from a distance can be confused with a meteorite. But attributes of it still then must be different from attributes of a meteorite.
       During fast flights above four-propulsor UFO in fact forms a loud sonic bang of the crossing through a sound barrier. The reason is that the magnetic whirl of this vehicle is too weak and too ineffective to prevent the formation of such a sonic bang. The bang, though, allows us to distinguish such four-propulsor UFOs from discoidal UFOs shown previously in "Fig. #B1 (b)". Discoidal UFOs fly in complete silence.

#B3.2. New Zealand is shockingly frequent raided by four-propulsor UFO vehicles the sonic bangs of which and fiery glowing plasma clouds are repetitively reported by numerous eye witnesses:

       Let us consider the following case, a description of which I encountered in a brief article entitled "Search for plane crash called off", which was published on page A9 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Tuesday, January 30, 2007. In this article was written, amongst others, quote: "... two golfers at Te Kauwhata reported hearing an explosion and seeing a ball of flame going down over the lake." ... "at Lake Waikare, northern Waikato" ... "No aircraft has been reported overdue." Means, reliable witnesses reported a descending ball of fire and a sonic bang, but it was not an aircraft. So what was it? Why no-one from authorities tries to establish what such events really mean and what kind of threats to citizens of the country hides behind these events?
       Until the time of the case of a highly public dropping in New Zealand a large piece of the "onion charcoal" described previously in item #B3.1, I encountered in New Zealand press literally tens of reports of people who saw landings, or flights, of four-propulsor UFOs. But previously after each encountering such reports, and after a brief reflection about the close-mindedness of local people, I kept forgetting fast all these reports. In the result, tens of these reports remain undocumented. But after the case described above in item #B3.1 I decided that each next such a case that I encounter, I am going to describe briefly on this web page. The case described in the first paragraph above, was the first out of these documented new reports concerning raids of four-propulsor UFOs at the territory of New Zealand.

#B4. Landslips and mudslides formed technically by UFO vehicles:

       Descriptions of the formation, as well as photographs of such landslips and mudslides formed technically by UFO vehicles are shown on a separate web page about murderous avalanches of soil and mud.

#B5. Tunnels evaporated during underground flights of UFOs:

       Tunnels evaporated during underground flights of UFOs are illustrated and described on several web pages. For examples see a web page about the evaporation of WTC by UFOs. In Poland such tunnels do exist under the mountains called "Babia Góra", "Łysa Góra", and "Sobótka". In New Zealand such tunnels are hidden in several hills, e.g. in the "Saddle Hill" located between Dunedin and Mosgiel.

#B6. Explosion sites caused by blasts of UFOs:

       There is several such sites. The best known one lies in the Central Siberia, in the area called Tunguska. The description of this Tunguska explosion, and also some photographs of this site are presented in monograph [5] the free copies of which are available via this web page.
       Less known site of a UFO explosion lies in the vicinity of the New Zealand town Tapanui. The description of this UFO explosion site near Tapanui in New Zealand is provided in a separate web page named UFO explosion near Tapanui. Also this explosion is described in scientific monograph [5].

#B7. Splinters from UFO vehicles and sections of UFO shells:

       These are found on Earth extremely rarely. However, sometimes people are lucky to find them. The most famous such a splinter was found in Central Siberia on the side of a small river called "Ważka". This splinter is described in subsection O5.4 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced Magnetric Devices". Another UFO splinter, unfortunately originating from a UFO explosion - and thus mixed with sand and then melted by the heat of explosion and aerodynamically shaped during the flight in the scorching air, is in my private collection. Itys photograph and description is provided in "Fig. #G5" of the web page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand, and also in "Fig. #7" of the web page tapanui.htm - about the UFO explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand.

#B8. Consequences of emptying toilets from "simulations" of UFO-vehicles onto roofs of New Zealand buildings:

       UFOnauts show a significant "sense of humour" towards New-Zealanders who refuse to acknowledge the objective existence of UFOs. Namely, all available data indicate that UFO vehicles empty sewage tanks from under their toilets in the air high above New Zealand. Since 2003 the most favourite country over which this emptying of UFO toilets frequently takes place seems to be just New Zealand. In the result, roofs of a number of New Zealand houses, as well as roofs of cars, are frequently covered by fresh muck of a well known brown colour and not very pleasant smell. For example, the article [1#B8] "More mystery showers of unidentified muck" from page A2 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, September 25, 2003, indicates as many as 7 such cases from that time, plus one case dated 11 years earlier. It also shows a photograph of a new roof covered with such "bombardment" which took place in Te Awamutu.
       The problem with this emptying of UFO toilets over roofs of New Zealand houses is such, that local scientists - quite afraid to use the word "UFO", are unable to explain what actually this muck is. Although it appears familiar and smells in a known manner - described as the smell from a "long drop", laboratory research cannot confirm it to be "human faeces". Most clearly local laboratories either do not have idea, or do NOT wish to have an idea, how really "faeces of UFOnauts" look like and with which properties these faeces differ from the human ones. It is pity, because it would be enough to read for this subsection JG9.4 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       Highly interesting from the point of view of confirmation that "UFO and UFOnauts are temporary 'simulations' of God", are series of bombardments of houses in New Zealand with simulations of "faeces of UFOnauts" which took place in January 2011, and which are described in articles: [2#B8] "Another family pelted with poo" from page A5 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, January 19, 2011; [3#B8] "Splat! Mystery gunk strikes again" from page A7 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, January 20, 2011; and [4#B8] "Plane poo leak '99% unlikely' " from page A5 of the newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, January 22, 2011. According to these articles, samples of the "poo" that bombarded then New Zealand houses were subjected to investigations in various New Zealand laboratories. But each one of these laboratories stated that this substance is something different - although victims of the bombardment claimed that it looks and smells exactly the same as human poo. Explaining these facts from a different prospective, only God has the required knowledge, capabilities, motivations and needs to force people into active searches for truths, and the "sense of humour", to so "simulate" these "bombardments" of New Zealand's houses with "simulations of poo", that no-one was able to find out so-far with what was really bombarded. Pity that New-Zealanders do NOT read my publications! .
       Of course, this highly scoffing in nature "bombardment of New Zealand with 'simulations' of UFOnauts’ poo" did NOT finish in January 2011. For example, in May 2011 I encountered another article [5#B8] entitled "Flying poo has locals ducking for cover", published on page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, May 26, 2011. The content of this article repeats previous stories with such poo - i.e. on the roof of a shop and a nearby car from Tutira near Napier, at 8:45 a.m. from the sky fell yellow muck which looked-like human poo (the article presents a photo of a "sample" of it), which smelled like a human poo, and even contained pulp from "toilet paper" in it, but "experts" again denied that it is a human poo while simultaneously were unable to state what this muck actually is. I am starting to get overwhelmed by the curiosity "for how long the matter of these bombardments of New Zealand with 'simulations' of UFOnauts' poo must be repeated, before experts and decision makers of that country do or explain something constructive in this matter?"

Part #C: Photographic evidence for the continuous presence of UFOs and UFOnauts on Earth:


#C1. Photographs of UFO vehicles taken during their patrolling flights above the Earth:

       On the Earth is already accumulated a huge body of photographic evidence for the existence of UFO vehicles. For example, only on a single totaliztic web site explain.htm - about scientific interpretation of authentic photographs of UFOs in the light of the "Theory of the Magnocraft", shown and scientifically explained are around 20 authentic photographs of UFOs. In turn on the web page day26.htm - about the tsunami induced by UFOs on 26th December 2004 shown are 18 objective photographs, out of which each single one represents another proof that UFOnauts do exist and they do work towards the destruction of humanity. Even more similar photographs of UFOs is shown and interpreted on the web page explain.htm - about interpretation of UFO photographs. And the photographs which are shown there are only a small droplet in a huge ocean of objective photographic evidence that exists on the subject of continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth.

Fig. #C1a Fig. #C1b Fig. #C1c
Fig. #C1abc: Examples of three authentic photographs of a UFO vehicle of the same type K7. According to the evidence described in subsection P6.1 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced magnetic devices" (disseminated free of charge via this web page), it was just such a UFO vehicle type K7 named "Eden" that was used by UFOnauts for bringing to the Earth the first pair of humans, namely Adam and Eve. But it should be emphasized that UFOnauts-changelings (secretly acting on the Earth) announced to be "hoaxes" each one from the above photographs. Originally the above photographs are shown in "Fig. P26" and "Fig. S1" from volumes respectively 13 and 14 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced magnetic devices". (Click on above photographs to see these enlarged.)
       Fot. #C1a (left): A frame from a large set of daylight photographs of a UFO vehicle type K7 taken by an anonymous photographer who used the pseudonyms "N.N." over San Jose de Valderas (Spain) about 8:30 p.m. on June 1, 1966 - see page 159 of the book referred in the monograph [1/4] under the number [1P2] (by Adolf Schneider, Hubert Malthaner: "Das Geheimnis der unbeakannten Flugobjekte", means "The secret of the unidentified flying objects", znaczy "Sekret niezidentyfikowanych obiektów latających", Hermann Bauer Verlag KG - Freiburg im Breisgau, West Germany, 1976, ISBN 3 7626 0197 6). This photograph (a), as well as the photograph from part (b), both show a spherical complex of two K7 type UFOs coupled together by their floors. Both series of photographs (shown above in parts "a" and "b") were taken when a UFOlogy research organisation from Spain received a strange anonymous telephone call which informed them that in that particular day and place a UFO vehicle is to appear. Two members of this research organisation, namely this "N.N." and someone named "Antonio Pardo", took their photo-cameras in that place and have taken photographs shown above. Unfortunately the crew of this UFO vehicle expected to be photographed, so it flew over there in the so-called "state of magnetic lens" - when the UFO vehicle is almost invisible and strongly deformed. This is why the outlines of both vehicles are distorted by the strong action of the "magnetic lens". The areas affected by this lens are concentrated around the propulsors of the UFOs. Thus the flanges containing the side propulsors are only partially visible, whereas the spherical bowls that cover the ceilings of the crews' cabins are completely diminished. The UFO photographed here has also a kind of "landing undercarriage" (visible on the photograph), which looks similarly to the ski undercarriage of present helicopters. On high quality copies of this photograph a faint outline of the spherical bowl at the top of the upper vehicle is slightly distinguishable (this bowl protects the sperical main propulsor).
       Another photograph from the same long series shown above on "Fig. #C1a" that was taken anonymously by someone marked as "N.N.", is also discussed comprehensively in item #L1 of this web page. In that item #L1 it is explained how UFOnauts-changelings used the authority of the official science in order to declare the photographs shown here to be "hoaxes". In fact it looks that UFOnauts on purpose allowed to photograph their vehicle in Spain in order to be later able to scoff at UFO researchers and to be able to spread around the world a false claim supported by scientific authorities, that photographs of this UFO vehicle are fabricated "hoaxes".
       Fot. #C1b (middle): A single frame from another series of photographs of the same Spanish UFO vehicle type K7, photographed over San Jose de Valderas (Spain) around 8:30 pm on 1 June 1966. Photos from this series were taken by someone named Antonio Pardo. Because these were taken from a different point than photographs from part (a), the background (bushes) on which this UFO is captured look slightly different.
       THe documentary value of photographs from parts (a) and (b) is increased even more just by the fact that the same UFO vehicle was photographed from two separate places by two independent photographers. Furthermore, each out of both photographs shown above belongs to a whole series, so that in fact the existence in this UFO features of the hulk, that are NOT visible clearly because of the action of "magnetic lens", can be confirmed by the analysis of other photographs from the same series.
       Fot. #C1c (right): A frame from the long series of colour photographs of a low flying UFO taken by Paul Villa of Alberquerque, New Mexico, USA, on 16 June 1963. The best reproduction of this series is published in one of the earlier issues of OMNI magazine (probably 1979 issue). Selected photographs are also reproduced in [1S1.1] "The Unexplained", Vol 1, No 1, 1980, page 10 (in colour). The UFO illustrated above represents a "detached configuration" formed from two K7 type vehicles, whose manner of coupling is explained in Figures F10 and S1 of [1/4]. The outlines of a lower vehicle, flying in the inverted position, are warped by the action of a "magnetic lens" and therefore only partially visible. In high quality copies of these photographs, eleven "black bars" running between the side propulsors of the lower and upper vehicle are clearly distinguishable. The shape of these black bars is unfortunately impossible to determine here. But in similar cases, eye witnesses have firmly reported them as square in cross section. For more information on the "detached configuration", and also about an exact appearance of UFO vehicles of K7 type, see volume 3 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced magnetic devices". (disseminated free of charge via this web page).
       The above photograph from "Fig. #C1c" is discussed comprehensively on the web page memorial.htm - about the history of "tricks" of UFOnauts with pillars of light beamed from UFO vehicles. It was explained in there how UFOnauts-changelings used a cunning "trick" in order to declare a "hoax" also this authentic photographs of a UFO vehicle.

#C2. Photographs of UFOnauts invisible for human sight, which were accidentally captured in our homes and on our family photographs:

       It is shocking, how many invisible for human sight UFOnauts is accidentally photographed in our flats and homes. Several examples of such photographs is shown on the web page "aliens".

#C3. Photographs of UFO-shaped clouds in which hide UFO vehicles:

       These are presented and explained on a separate web page about cloud-UFOs.

#C4. Photographs of miniature, computer-controlled UFO probes which frequently fly into our flats:

       These miniature discoidal probes are repetitively captured on our photographs and videos. If they are photographed from the top-side or from underneath during a motionless hovering, then on photographs they come out round. Thus, then they are called "orbs". In turn, if they are photographed in a side view or during a fast flight, then on photographs they come out as "rods", or as long segmented tapes. Examples of their photographs are shown on web pages "landslips", "UFO", and "aliens".

#C5. Photographs of tornados induced technically by UFOs:

       These are presented and explained on a separate web page about tornados.

Part #D: Videos and films which captured UFO vehicles in flights:


#D1. Flying UFO vehicles were already captured on a huge number of movie films:

       I personally lost already a count of the number of various films on which flying UFOs were captured. A significant number of these films I am indicating and describing in my monograph [1/4]. Below in items that follow I am going to indicate just the most famous or most authoritative amongst these films which recorded flights of UFO vehicles.

#D2. The famous film of Kaikoura UFO from New Zealand, the authenticity of which so-called "sceptics" did NOT manage to undermine until today:

       A colour film of the famous in the entire world so-called "Kaikoura UFO" is described more comprehensively in item #77 from subsection w4 in volume 18 of monograph [1/5]. On "Fig. P23" from volume 13 of monograph [1/4] is shown a single frame from that film - showing a UFO captured above the town Kaikoura in New Zealand. This film was probably the longest film of flying UFO that was ever recorded on the Earth. In fact it is several hours long. The UFO vehicle captured on it was shown as it manoeuvres around a flying airplane in which the filming crew was positioned. The authenticity of that film was never undermined - although numerous so-called "sceptics" did everything in their power to devaluate its evidential value.

#D3. A UFO filmed by Chinese astronomers:

       Scientists from the Chinese Purple Mountain Observatory, filming the solar eclipse on 22 July 2009, on their film captured also a UFO vehicle which was flying and manoeuvring near the Sun for 40 minutes. On Tuesday, 8 September 2009 the description of this UFO film was available in Internet at the address www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/ufo/rss. The film of Chinese astronomers is one amongst several UFO films which so-far were recorded by scientists. About this film was also published an article entitled "UFO report 'no surprise' " from page 4 of the New Zealand newspaper Otago Daily Times, issue dated on Friday, September 11, 2009.

Part #E: Reports of people abducted to UFOs:


#E1. Numerous cases when people abducted to UFOs reported their experiences after the return to Earth:

       A report of a New Zealand female abducted to a UFO is provided in chapter UB from volume 16 of monograph [1/5]. In turn a brief discussion of such reports is provided in subsection V6 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5].
       Quite a meaningful and characteristic case of a probable "abduction to a UFO" was unveiling in New Zealand television in January 2011. A diver-amateur from Wellington, New Zealand, went to dive for lobsters in a lone place and disappeared. On the shore was left his car and clothes. For 3 days the television (and entire New Zealand) was watching searches for his body by police and divers. Then rapidly he, highly confused, entered a police station distant at almost 300 kilometres. Authorities did NOT explained to the society neither how he got in there, what happened to him, nor why he did NOT use his own car to get there, but only locked him immediately for the mental assessment - so that I had no way to learn anything else about him. A brief statement on his topic appeared in the article "Diver walks into police station 270 km away" from page A5 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, January 13, 2011. But I know cases of UFO abductions which were very similar to his fate. For example, almost identical events affected Travis Walton which fate was presented in the film "Fires in the sky" discussed in subsection V5.4 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5]. Similar events are described in my Polish treatise [3B]. From these other cases we can learn that just such events typically mean several-days long abduction to a UFO deck and later letting the confused victim to go in a completely different place that the area from the one where he was abducted.

#E2. Tragic consequences of the attempt to "abduct to a UFO" on the "Pass of Diatlov" from Russian "Ural" mountains:

       On 25th of January 1959, 10-people strong team of mountaineers from the "Svierdlovsk Polytechnic" (today "Polytechnic in Jekaterynburg") went on a climbing expedition. They started the expedition from the town of Ivdiel, while their goal was a mountain in Ural by local Manses called the "Cholat Siahl" - what name can be translated as the "Mountain of Dead People". One of these participants soon turned back, because he started to be troubled by the rheumatic pains. Bodies of remaining 9 were later found on the pass below the mountain, spread along a trail of their panic night escape from the tent in which they slept. To run out faster from that tent, they cut it open in despair. The reasons for their deaths turned out impossible for determining, although all signs indicate that they were killed by a UFO vehicle. This is because their bodies were crushed, as if they were hit by something very hard, massive and powerful - similar to a fast flying UFO vehicle. Their dead bodies had signs of being burned by some powerful radiation - similar to the magnetic field and plasma oozing from the propulsors of a UFO. In turn on the snow, apart from their own footsteps, there were NO any other traces of anything that could chase, attack, and kill them. In addition, these particular nights people saw UFO vehicles near the "Mountain of Dead People". Until today on the "Pass of Diatlov" on which they died, stands a symbolic tombstone devoted to them.
       That the team of Russians was "attacked" by a UFO (which probably intended to abduct them onto the deck) certifies also strongly another similar event which took place around 1995 in the New Zealand Tapanui Crater - described on the web page named tapanui.htm. In Tapanui also a team of investigators sleeping in tents was "attacked" by UFOs, also all they panicked and run for life, also UFOs chased them until they reached nearby homes. Fortunately, in Tapanui no-one was hit by a UFO nor killed.
       In February 2011 descriptions of fates of these 9 Russians, and also their photographs, were available in internet. In the original Russian language these descriptions could be found at the address infodjatlov.narod.ru. (For example, photographs of the killed by UFO participants of that expedition, taken during the entire their trip, can be found under the address infodjatlov.narod.ru/fg3/index.htm.) In turn Polish-language descriptions of their fate were available under the address strefatajemnic.onet.pl/extra/smierc-na-przeleczy-diatlowa,1,4156852,artykul.html. Independently from this note, tragic fate of that team of Russians is also described briefly in subsection UB3 from volume 16 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       Highly intriguing in the fate of that team is the "warning" which tries to remind us that "in your behaviour always mind the name of place in which you stay". As this is explained in e.g. item #C4 from the web page named seismograph.htm or in item #H4 of the web page named landslips.htm, for example "earthquakes" and "mudslides" are lately troubling primarily inhabitants of these all settlements which carry "holy names", such as for example "Christchurch", but which do NOT behave in a "holy" manner. In turn, in events described here a team of mountaineers went to the "Mountain of Dead People" and really become "dead". Because on that "Mountain of Dead People" similar cases of deaths repeated themselves practically every now and again, local authorities closed this mountain completely and at present NO-ONE can visit it anymore.
       UFO vehicles rather rarely destroy or kill in an open manner. (However, on a noticeable scale they do it from hiding - when it best serves their goals and excellently illustrates their methods of acting.) After all, UFOs are God's "simulations", while God has to His disposal numerous more "discreet" than UFOs methods of destroying and killing these ones who try to obstruct accomplishing His goals - for examples see abovementioned web pages seismograph.htm, landslips.htm, or day26.htm. The above event from the "Pass of Diatlov" is one amongst rather very rare such well documented cases of almost an open killing by UFOs. Another similar event, about which I also know, was an attack of a UFO vehicle on the small village named "Saladare" in Ethiopia. That attack took place at 11:30 on the morning of 7 August 1970. The event lasted only about ten minutes, but during this time a red glowing ball of a UFO vehicle, surrounded with the highly destructive so-called "plasma saw", swept over the village, destroying houses, knocking down the stone walls of a bridge, uprooting trees, and melting asphalt and metal cooking utensils. That the destruction caused by this UFO vehicle, had its origin in the magnetic whirl, is confirmed by the fact that no fire was started in the environment which was filled with flammable materials, and also that all metals were molten. Description of this event was presented in the book [4P2.7], "Into the Unknown", Reader's Digest, Sydney, 1982, ISBN 0 909486 92 1, page 313. A summary of that attack was also discussed in subsection P2.7 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       Many religions pre-programmed their believers into a blind belief that God only builds and only does good deeds. (Only very sparse religions, e.g. Hinduism, explain to their believers the need for the existence of "God Destroyer" - who by destroying and eliminating everything that is old, makes place for a new.) For such people that blindly believe in exclusively "good doing" activities of God, there are difficulties with the acceptance, that such God’s "simulations" as UFOnauts and UFOs, also can destroy and kill. So for the use of such people I am explaining here, that God knows the future, and thus He knows perfectly well which persons will act in the future to the detriment of human race and against God’s intentions. Thus, if there is a need to spectacularly send someone to other world for accomplishing various superior God's goals, then God always selects just such individuals. More information on this subject is provided on a separate web page devoted to descriptions of "why God tolerates pain and suffering" - named god_exists.htm.

#E3. Underground bases of UFOs:

       Underground bases of UFOs in Poland exist under the castle in Malbork, and under the hill called "Wzgórze Partyzantów" in Wrocław, while in New Zealand they exist under the "Saddle Hill" near Dunedin.

Part #F: Evidence which originates from palaeontology:


#F1. Evidence of human activities on the Earth left from times when there were no people yet on our planet:

       A whole array of evidence for the operation of humans on the Earth in times when the humanity did NOT exist on our planet, was found already. Below I am indicating only these amongst such items of evidence, which I managed to document so-far. Here these are:
       1. Imprints of human shoes. There are imprints of "human" shoes 550 millions years old left by UFOnauts when they seeded the first forms of life on Earth (see Figure P31 in [1/4], or "Fig. 1" on the web page on the secular view of God, and on the web page about UFOnauts).
       2. Remains of human skeleton. In 2007 in a cave from the north part of Spanish "Ataquerca Hills" remains of a human skeleton were found (i.e. jaw and tooth) that are already around a million years old. This finding is described, amongst others, in the article "Fossil find reveals humans in Europe a million years ago" from page B2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, March 29, 2008.

#F2. Remnants of previous technical civilisation on Earth, which UFOnauts managed to destroy in the same manner as presently they try to destroy our current human civilisation:

       We have also all this material evidence, about which books of Erich von Däniken were written. The most spectacular examples of this evidence, are huge megalithic structures which exist on Earth until today, and with the construction of which even the present advanced technology would have significant difficulties. In order to provide here several examples of these, they include: Egyptian and American pyramids, highland city of Machu Picchu from Peru, Great Wall of the Incas from Bolivia, and so-called "Wall at SANTA" from Santa in Northern Peru (South America), gigantic stone heads from Negroid civilisation of Olmecs from Mexican state of Veracruz and Tabasco and from surrounding areas of Central America, Drawings on the highland plate Nazca, carved mountain from Sri Lanka (so-called "Citadel of Sigiriya"), city "Petra" from Jordan carved entirely in solid rock, gigantic sculptures from the Easter Island, etc., etc. This evidence is investigated by research organization called the "Ancient Astronauts Society" that strangely is forced by someone invisible to "work underground" and on the private expense of its members (i.e. is forced to further the progress on the same principles as I am forced to do my research). Other evidence for the existence of another highly advanced human civilisation on Earth, are descriptions of flying machines "Vimanas" from ancient India (examples of such flying machines are discussed in subsection P5 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4]), descriptions of ancient civilisation from Atlantis, which had machines controlled with human thoughts, and also various archaeological findings the technical level of which is equal or even higher than the technical level of present civilisation on Earth (e.g. see the principle of operation of the so-called Zhang Heng seismograph, which cannot be explained nor replicated by the present science and technology on Earth.) This ancient material evidence clearly indicates that before our present civilization, there was already another human civilization even more advanced than ours. Unfortunately UFOnauts managed to destroy it completely around 12500 years ago, so that humanity needed to start again from the very beginning, while UFOnauts could occupy and rob us without obstructions for the next 12500 years.
       It is worth to add here, that some remains of this previous technical civilisation on the Earth are presented and illustrated in item #D3 from the totaliztic web page eco_cars.htm - about "zero emission" cars of our future.

#F3. Human sculls cut out from whole crystals of quartz:

       In item #D3 of the web page telepathy.htm - about telepathy and devices which utilise telepathic waves is shown and described so-called "telepathic pyramid". This pyramid is a kind of telepathic transmitter and receiver that works on intergalactic distances. The technical description of it was given to the humanity by our anonymous allies from cosmos. The internal design and electronic circuitry of this "telepathic pyramid" quite precisely correspond to the design and distribution of compartments in the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops. This in turn suggests an obvious conclusion, that probably all pyramids that presently exist on the Earth are remains after just such telepathic devices for interstellar communication.
       A key electronic component that is required for constructing and for work of the "telepathic pyramid" is an ellipsoidal quartz crystal. Thus if in fact all pyramids on the Earth are remains of such interstellar devices for telepathic transmission and reception, then these ellipsoidal quartz crystals should be found in interiors of pyramids. As it turns out, really in several American pyramids in past were found large quartz crystals that were artistically carved into shapes of human sculls. Such "human sculls" carved from whole quartz crystals today are displayed in the museum in Paris, and also in the British museum in London.
       What even more interesting, these quartz crystals artistically carved into shapes of human sculls are clearly tuned to some telepathic wave of a specific frequency. This is because we know that inside of them strange phenomena take place which can be interpreted, amongst others, as the resonation of telepathic waves inside of these crystal sculls.
       As this is explained in item #L1 of this web page, in item #K3 of the web page fe_cell.htm - about telekinetic cells, and also in item #B3 of the web page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand, a noisy campaign targeted towards destruction of the evidence for the hidden activities of UFOnauts on the Earth is carried out on our planet for a long time. An interesting manifestation of this campaign which I encountered not long ago, is that some anonymous "scientists" started to attack just these crystal sculls from American pyramids. These "scientists" claim that the sculls for sure are "fabrications" and therefore should be removed from museums and thrown to rubbish. The argumentation which supposed to certify about such a "fabrication" of these sculls is that in opinion of these anonymous "scientists" the sculls could NOT be prepared by ancient Indians, because these Indians had no appropriate tools. The tools that Indians had supposedly are unable to carve hard quartz crystals. Thus these "scientists conclude, that these sculls must be fabricated in 19-century Europe. The article with the "scientific nonsense" is published under the title "Scull's magic may be only in movies" from page B4 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, April 21, 2008.
       For me personally is shocking the arrogance with which some masked "scientists" tell increasingly bigger lies to naive humans - like these ones about the "fabrication" of quartz sculls from American pyramids in 19-century Europe. After all, when using a similar argument about the "lack of required tools" the same "scientists" should also claim that the famous gigantic drawings from the highland plate in Nazca should be "fabricated" in the Europe as well, because ancient Indians had no airplanes from which they could see what they are drawing. Following the same erroneous line of thinking, also the majority of ancient walls from both Americas should be a futuristic "fabrication" of Europeans, because even present people have no required tools to cut huge stones into such complicated shapes and then fit these stones together with such enormous precision. Unfortunately for these masked "scientists", the drawings from Nazca and walls from both Americas so-far is difficult to announce "fabrications". After all almost everyone knows that these existed a long time before Europeans come to Americas. However, in face of growing arrogance of these supposed human "scientists" we have no guarantee what else they are going to claim to be "fabrications" in a near future.

Part #G: Evidence which originates from history:


#G1. Ancient mythology and the existence of ancient "gods":

       In addition, we have a branch of ancient verbal history, which for diverting our attention from the merit of it, many close-minded scholars call "mythology". (Of course, one needs to ask question, whether these are really close-minded "scholars", or perhaps rather are "changelings" and intellectual saboteurs from UFOs, who only pretend to be our scholars.) This verbal history also describes various ancient "gods" that used to be extremely hostile towards people. All attributes of these gods correspond to characteristics of present UFOnauts. Examples of descriptions of behaviours of these "gods" from the area of present India in times before the previous advanced human civilisation was destroyed on Earth around 12500 years ago, are described in subsection P5 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4].
       There is an interesting aspect of ancient mythologies, which confirms their factual character of the verbal history which reports precisely the knowledge about ancient equivalents of present UFOnauts. This aspect is the fact that two separate mythologies, namely these describing Greek and Roman gods, report to us exactly the same "organisational structure" of their gods, and the existence of exactly the same jobs (professions) in the hierarchy of gods that used to control humanity at that time. Only names of subsequent gods were different in these two religions. Various close-minded academics insist on telling us that this identity of the "organisational structure" of Roman and Greek gods results from the fact that Romans supposedly "copied" their gods from Greeks. But these academics ignore the commonly known fact, that at times when Romans were forming their knowledge of gods, they did not have any contacts with Greeks (nor vice versa). In turn, if one considers the matter rationally, both these ancient mythologies report the same organisational structure of the "headquarters", or the "occupational government", of UFOnauts on Earth, who were send down to Earth in order to occupy and to rule over it. After all, this ancient "headquarters" or "occupational government", similarly like present governmental institutions, or embassies of different countries, had a strictly defined organisational structure. On the top of it, the chief governor, ambassador, or head of some sort needed to be posted, who ruled over Earth with his wife and sometimes also with his daughter. In times of ancient Rome this chief governor was someone named Jupiter, who ruled over the Earth with his wife Juno and daughter Minerva. In turn during times of ancient Greece, this head was Zeus, who ruled with his wife Hera and daughter Athena. What even more interesting, the governor named Zeus was also reported by ancient Indians, because in Indian Sanskrit exists a chief god named Dyaus - whose name is simply a different writing of the same sounding name Zeus. To assist the governor in this ruling over Earth, he had engineers, climatologists, genetic engineers, communication officers, pilots, translators, etc. - similarly like for UFOnauts we observe it now on UFO vehicles, while for people we observe it now in present embassies. Interesting, that amongst these ancient gods a special position existed of like an "engineer responsible for undergrounds". In ancient Rome it was occupied by Vulcan, while in ancient Greek it was assigned to Hephaistos. The existence of this position certifies, that already in these ancient times UFOnauts placed enormous attention to the hiding of their vehicles from people in underground bases evaporated by their vehicles, such as UFO bases discussed on web pages Malbork, 26th day, or Wrocław. Of course, as time elapsed, UFOnauts who occupied subsequent positions in this occupational government of Earth were exchanged for others, although the organisational structure remained almost unchanged. This is why names of subsequent Roman and Greek gods are different, although their organisational structure remains the same in both "mythologies". In turn this identity of organisational structure in both "mythologies" is additional conformation that in fact these "mythologies" one needs to take NOT as folklore stories, but as a precise verbal report about organisation of ancient UFOnauts that occupied and exploited our planet.
       What is even more interesting, ancient mythologies of Greeks and Romans confirm also the conclusion deduced in item #C1 of the web page evil. It states that Earth is a dumping place where the civilisation of UFOnauts disposes own murderers, criminals, perverts, degenerates, psychopaths, dangerous mentally ill, etc., whom are unwanted on their own planet. The reason is that ancient mythologies much more clearly than present UFO research disclose the true character and lifestyle of UFOnauts. Thus they disclose, that these UFOnauts are blood thirsty psychopaths who enjoy murdering, raping and robbing humans. Especially interesting is that many ancient Goddesses, including Hera and Juno, were not getting pregnant with humans in spite that they copulated with every hansom man who crossed their paths (although many of them had adult children from previous times). It looks like female UFOnauts send to Earth are sterilised on purpose in a similar manner as in some mental hospitals on Earth sterilised are mentally ill females. (So these Goddesses had only children whom they conceived before the sterilisation and before ousting to Earth - means impregnated before on their planet it was discovered that these Goddesses are mentally ill.)

Part #H: Evidence which originates from religions:


#H1. The existence of religious "devils":

       Furthermore, we have enormous religious evidence for the existence of "devils" trying to destroy humanity - which (the evidence) must originate from something or from someone. The shocking aspect about this "devils" is that their anatomy, appearance, capabilities, activities, and also their behaviour, correspond exactly to what presently we know about UFOnauts. In fact, subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4] publishes a formal scientific proof, that "religious devils are present UFOnauts".
       Photographs of "devils" are shown in "Fig. #4" from the totaliztic web page sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm - about the church of St. Andrea Bobola in Milicz, and in "Fig. #7" from the totaliztic web page malbork_uk.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of the Malbork Castle.

Part #I: Scientific evidence in support of the continuous presence and activities of evil UFOnauts on Earth:


#I1. An entire discipline of UFOlogy:

       We have also on Earth an entire discipline of UFOlogy which could not eventuate if there is no such thing as the existence and operation of UFOnauts on our planet. Many problems of present UFOlogy is addressed (in Polish) on the blog of totalizm.

#I2. Activities of UFOnauts in space around Earth and on planets other than Earth:

       We have pictures of pyramids and human faces on Mars (see Figure P32 in monograph [1/4]). We have a photograph of the "Yeti" creature strolling along the Mars' surface - see #E6 on the web page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand. We have also pictures of UFO vehicles leaving Earth, that were taken by the Hubble telescope (click here to see this photograph, or see Figure P29 in monograph [1/4] for both - seeing the picture and for reading the detailed description of it.)

Part #J: Outcomes of evil activities of UFOnauts on Earth, the characteristics of which disclose the use of advanced alien technology:


#J1. Outcomes of continuous sabotages carried out by UFOnauts on Earth:

       To this kind of evidence belong, amongst others, facts regarding the bombing of the London metro by changelings from UFOs, (this evidence is described on this web page), evidence for the fact that e.g. WTC skyscrapers in New York were evaporated by a UFO vehicle, or evidence that the space shuttle Columbia was downed by UFOs.

#J2. Effects of generating by UFOnauts various disasters that torment people:

       To this category of evidence belong, amongst others, findings described on the web page on hurricanes, typhoons, and tornados which reveal that many hurricanes and practically all tornados on Earth are technologically induced by UFO vehicles, evidence for the fact that e.g. the murderous tsunami of 26th December 2004 was intentionally induced by UFOnauts, or the evidence that in 1178 around the township of Tapanui in New Zealand a UFO vehicle was intentionally exploded in order to bring to Earth the darkness of medieval period.

#J3. Systematic murdering of rational UFO researchers:

       One does not need to be a genius to notice, that whenever appears on Earth some rational researcher, who intends to find out the truth about UFOs, then this researcher is murdered very fast in a well camouflaged manner. In this manner on 9 January 1996 Dr Karla Turner was murdered (by inducing in her a malignant cancer). Also in this manner on 27 September 2004 murdered was mentioned already on this web page Professor John Edward Mack, M.D. (October 4, 1929 - Sep 27, 2004), the professor of psychiatrics on Harvard (USA) and the Pulitzer prize winner (UFOnauts caused that he was hit by a silver Peugeot 306, which was apparently driven by a drank driver - which is very easy to be manipulated telepathically). A long list of rational UFO researchers killed by UFOnauts is published in subsection W4 from volume 18 of monograph [1/5]. Even a longer list of UFO researchers systematically murdered by UFOnauts is presented on the web page (in English) rense.com/general64/liquid.htm.

#J4. Controlling the views of society:

       It is not difficult to notice, that views of the society are controlled in various ways, so that people do not realise the tragic situation in which they are. In order to notice this control one needs to realise that the existence of such overwhelming body of evidence for the existence of UFOs and for a secretive occupation of Earth by UFOnauts, as the evidence listed in this item, does NOT suffice to be noticed by people. Furthermore, there are also cases of even more direct evidence for this control of views. Examples of these are relatively frequent cases when UFOnauts induce murderous panics, similar to the "stampede" from Baghdad on 31 August 2005, discussed near the beginning of this web page. The point is that if UFOnauts are able to induce telepathically a panic and stampede, they are also able to change views with the same tools.

#J5. Blocking of progress of morality and blocking of development of religions on Earth:

       Another kind of evidence for the occupation of Earth by morally degenerated UFOnauts, is the fact of continuous blocking on Earth the improvements of religions, the progress of knowledge on God, and the moral development of people. If this blocking is not imposed, it would NOT be possible that e.g. proverbs from Roman times are still valid until today, while our main religions were NOT improved for the last 2000 years. It would not also be possible that practically every cult on Earth is deviated and commits various monstrous crimes, while public prayers in recent times finish with lost court cases undertaken against these people who organise such prayers (see the article "Costly fight in the name of Jesus" from page B2 of the issue of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post dated on Tuesday, August 16, 2005). Also there could NOT be these continuous attacks on the moral and peaceful totalizm which did nothing wrong to anyone.

#J6. Suffocating the world's economy:

       Even if we assume that our economists do not know what they are doing, still just by accident and ordinary probability around a half of their decisions should be correct. But if we assume that they know what they are doing, then our economy on Earth should constantly improve. However, the reality is such, that since around 1970s the economic situation on Earth very fast and systematically worsens. Keeping jobs and income becomes ever increasingly difficult. The number of unemployed is constantly growing. The uncertainty of the future increases. People are more and more in debt and more and more exploited. Such a situation simply would not be possible if our planet is NOT secretly occupied by evil creatures of some sort, which are very interested in maintaining people in continuous slavery and fear, and which disallows people to work for the good of entire civilisation. For the fact that behind economic events in fact hide invisible oppressors of humanity, the most clearly is indicated by my own fate overfilled with continuous losses of jobs, and with systematic depriving me possibility to carry out my research on subjects that interest me and that serve for the good of humanity (e.g. in New Zealand I was dismissed from job by three subsequent employers in a row). This my fate is relatively well described on two web pages, namely on pages about me, and my job search.

#J7. Systematic blocking of new inventions on Earth and murdering or persecuting inventors:

       The simulation of UFOnauts who are portraid as if they occupy our civilisation, are very concerned that the humanity develops technically too fast. So in order to block our technical development, a situation is created as if these UFOnauts resort to a whole range of diabolic tricks. Examples of these tricks include: systematic murdering of creative people on the Earth, forcing humanity that all breakthrough inventions must be invented several times before they can be disseminated amongst people, "locking" most important inventions and disallowing these to get into mass production, and many more. The mysterious phenomenon of such blocking the progress of the humanity, called the "curse of inventors" is discussed on several totaliztic web pages, for example in item #G1 of the web page eco_cars.htm, in item #K3 of the web page fe_cell.html, and on the entire web page about Aleksander Możajski and New Zealand. The meaning of this blocking is shocking - the civilisation which is NOT occupied in a secretive manner (as it happens to us) has no rights to persecute its most creative people on so many devilish ways.

Part #K: Evidence of our repetitive abductions to UFOs which is detectable on our own bodies and in our homes:

       To this group belong e.g.: scars from UFO implants that in majority of us are well visible on the side of our leg (a photograph and description of such a scar is shown on the first Figure from the web page UFOnauts), the implant in our head near the left temple, which sometimes we can feel as prickling or movements in our brain (this implant is described in subsection U3.2 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]), blue bruises on our body left after our night abductions to UFOs (these are described in subsection U3.3 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]), evidence of our rapes on UFO decks (these are described in subsection U3.7.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]), and many more. In turn the description of various evidence of repetitive presence of invisible UFO vehicles in our homes is presented in subsections U3.6 and U3.8 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4] (including into this the evidence of "super-slipperiness" discussed also on this web page, which frequently appears in our homes although usually is unnoticed.)

#K1. Scars from identification implants, present on legs of all of us:

       A photograph of just such a scar, together with a brief description of it, is provided on a first photograph from the separate web page about UFOnauts. In turn the comprehensive description of the identification implant which causes this scar to appear when it is inserted into the shine bone of every inhabitant of the Earth, is presented in subsection V3.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4].

Part #L: How UFOnauts hide from people their intense interfering into matters of Earth:

       If one knows what should take notice of - as this is revealed in previous parts of this web page, then evidence of continuous and highly destructive activities of UFOnauts on Earth is visible literally everywhere. The shocking for people who know about this huge ocean of evidence that certifies for the continuous interference of evil UFOnauts into matters of Earth, is how it is possible that the majority of people and scientists do not notice this evidence, nor do not wish to know about it. As it turns out, in order to accomplish just such a silencing effect, UFOnauts use on Earth a whole array of their cunning tricks and advanced technical devices. This part of the web page tries to present at least the most vital of them.

#L1. How UFOnauts use the authority of the Earth's science for authentic photographs of UFOs announce to be "fakes":

Motto: "Swines are not called swines because they never had opportunity to see pearls, but because of what they do to these pearls when they encounter them."

       One area, where the orthodox science commits excessively many cardinal errors, are scientific judgements of the authenticity of UFO photographs. According to these judgements, all UFO photographs subjected so-far to such research, were announced by someone to be "fakes". If with a similar enthusiasm our orthodox science would put down also all other evidence, then probably we would still live in darkness of medieval age, because no progress could be made for many centuries. Let us now consider an actual case of such "scientific" analysis of an authentic UFO photograph, which analysis against the logic and sense of proportion qualified this photograph to a "fake" on the basis of premises which actually confirm this photograph to be authentic.
       This is easy to deduct theoretically, and also it is confirmed by numerous empirical sigtings, that magnetic field of a UFO interferes very strongly with electromagnetic radiation. The elaboration on this interference is provided in several subsections of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced magnetic devices" - e.g. see there subsections F10.3 and P2.10 from volumes correspondingly 3 and 13. An intentional overlooking this fact in analyses of UFO photographs, in many cases provided an excuse to qualify as "fakes" these UFO photographs which in reality are conclusively authentic. Such a case is shown in "Fig. #L1ab" below. It originates from page 208 of the book [7P2] Allan Hendry (Foreword by J. Allen Hynek): "The UFO Handbook", Sphere Books Limited, London, England, 1980. Figure "Fig. #L1a" below shows the outcome of an analysis of the authentic UFO photograph (in the original version shown in "Fig. #L1b"), on which a computer analysis called "digital image enhancement" revealed a form which resembles a thick "rope" that runs upward from the centre of the UFO vehicle being photographed. However, theories described in volume 3 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced magnetic devices" reveal, that this thick "rope" in reality is light intercepted by the "central magnetic circuit" of this UFO. (This "central magnetic circuit" of a UFO is shown on "Fig. #L1c" below, which illustrates force-lines of highly concentrated magnetic field of this UFO spreading upwards from the main propulsor of that space vehicle.) This invisible for human eyes circuit of highly-concentrated magnetic field yielded from the main propulsor of this UFO, must fulfil the following conditions that results from theories presented in monograph [1/4]: (1) it must be located exactly in the area shown on this photograph (i.e. in the very centre of the UFO vehicle), (2) it must take dimensional proportions exactly as shown on the analysed photograph (this is because of dimensions of the so-called "twin-chamber capsule" from the main propulsor of this UFO - see data from Table F1 in [1/4]), and (3) the interference of this column of magnetic field with light should make an impression that it has a shape of the column with square cross-section - and actually on the photograph discussed here the square outline of this column of magnetic field is clearly visible. (Please notice what kind of a hoaxer would hang his or her false UFO on a rope the thickness of which reaches almost 1/8, or 12.5%, of the outer diameter of the photographed UFO vehicle.) Furthermore, the same computer picture reveals also edges of the "topside alignment cone" and "complementary flange" that are visible on the upper surface of the UFO vehicle. These edges are unique and very characteristic for a UFO type K7 - see also "Fig. #C1" above. But so-called hoaxers would not have a way to learn about the existence of these edges on this particular type of UFO. Thus, the presence of these edges on the photograph additionally confirms the authenticity of the above photograph. Therefore, actually all additional attributes of the vehicle photographed, that are invisible on the original photograph and that were revealed only after the computer enhancement technique discussed here was applied to this photograph, actually confirm (not deny), the authenticity of this photograph. But it does not stop "scientists" who carried out the analyses of this photograph to treat it in the manner contradictive to the logic, and to qualify it as a "hoax". This in turn gives us the right to draw the painful conclusion, that the value of all computer analyses of UFO photographs carried out so-far, is at lest doubtful, if not completely useless. Therefore, the revision of verdicts should be carried out for the entire spectrum of UFO photographs sentenced by orthodox scientists in this shabby manner. Furthermore, it should be also remembered, that these scientists, and also scientific institutions in which these scientists carried out their highly unjust verdicts, have now a moral obligation to say sorry to the authors of photographs affected by these unjust verdicts, and also to repay authors of photographs appropriate compensations for social suffering and persecution that were served because of such unjust verdicts. After all, if any officially paid court gives an unjust verdict, which later is invalidated above any doubt, the affected person receives a compensation and official apologies. Scientists do not have a moral right to be exempted from such moral responsibility for hurtful outcomes of unjust verdicts that they were paid to make, and that then were used as legal basis for official condemnation procedures. Rather opposite, they should be treated equally, as they represent institutions of the highest knowledge on our planet and they draw hefty salaries for their services.

Fig. #L1a Fig. #L1b

#L1b (middle)
Fig. #L1c
Fig. #L1abc: Here is an example which illustrates how the authentic photograph of a UFO vehicle is announced by scientists to be a "hoax". Thus the example reveals also how wrong can be conclusions from "scientific" analyses of UFO photographs, carried out by scientists who have no clue about the subject that they authoritatively deny. Originally the above photograph is show on "Fig. P28" from volume 13 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced magnetic devices". (Click on the selected amongst above photographs in order to see it enlarged.) The above photographs illustrate how genuine photographs of a UFO type K7 are claimed by scientists to be hoaxes, only because the computer technique of "digital image enhancement" revealed a form that resembles a thick vertical "rope" running above the centre of the UFO. The deductions from item #L1 above (as well as from subsection P2.10 of [1/4]) indicate, however, that this thick "rope" is in fact an effect of the light being dissipated by the "central magnetic circuit" of this UFO. This invisible circuit of the highly-concentrated magnetic field yielded from the vehicle's main Oscillatory Chamber: (1) must be positioned exactly in the indicated place, (2) should take the presented proportions of dimensions, and (3) its interaction with light should produce the impression of a rectangular column - in fact appearing on the image (hoaxers would not use a rectangular rope of the dimensional proportions shown above!). Moreover, the same computer image also revealed edges of the "topside alignment cone" and the "complementary flange" visible at the upper side of the vehicle. These edges are distinguishable features for the UFO type K7 - see "Fig. #C1" above. But the so called hoaxers could not possibly have known about them. Therefore, the edges additionally testify to the authenticity of this photograph.
       Fig. #L1a (left): A computer image of the UFO obtained from the authentic photograph of a UFO (shown in part "b"), produced with the use of the "digital image enhancement" technique and published on page 208 of the book [7P2] by Allan Hendry (Foreword by J. Allen Hynek ): "The UFO Handbook", Sphere Books Limited, London, England, 1980. This computer image is claimed to be the "undisputed proof" that the authentic UFO photograph discussed here is a hoax. No UFO investigator to date has had the courage to argue with such "scientific evidence" and to provide a fair interpretation of this authentic UFO image. It is also worth to remember, that in a very similar manner in the name of science hundreds of other authentic photographs of UFOs were "burned on a stake". Of course, immediate a question erases "whose interests serves" this kind of scientific inquisition and what are motivations of people that carry it out. After all, there is no doubt that it shifts back the development of our civilisation and extends the unpunished exploitation of the humanity by evil aliens.
       Fig. #L1b (middle): An original photograph of the K7 type UFO, taken by an anonymous photographer calling himself "N.N." on 1 June 1966 over San Jose de Valderas, Spain - see page 161 of the book [1P2] by Adolf Schneider and Hubert Malthaner: "Das Geheimnis der unbeakannten Flugobjekte" (means: "The secret of the unidentified flying objects"). Hermann Bauer Verlag KG - Freiburg im Breisgau, West Germany, 1976, ISBN 3 7626 0197 6. It is one of a series of photographs of the same UFO vehicle taken by two independent photographers, namely by "Antonio Pardo" and by this "N.N." - example of photographs of both these photographers were shown before in "Fig. #C1". It was this original photograph from part (b) that was subjected to the "scientific" analysis that led to the supposed "proof of hoaxing" from part (a).
       Fig. #L1c (right): The course of so-called "magnetic circuits" in a UFO vehicle type K6. These "magnetic circuits" are simply strands of super-powerful magnetic field which intercepts and bends light thus forming the effect of so-called "magnetic lens" described in subsection F10.3.1 from volume 3 monograph [1/4] - "Advanced magnetic devices" (disseminated free of charge via this web page). It is this thick strand of super-powerful magnetic field yielded to the environment from the main propulsor of the UFO shown in photographs from parts "a" and "b", that was declared by some under-educated "scientist" to be a thick square "rope" on which supposedly was hanging the "fabrication" used for claimed "hoaxing" of this photograph.
       It is worth to notice here, that these magnetic circuits that intercept the light and that are formed in the centre of the UFO by the main propulsor, in case of being viewed from the inside of a UFO vehicle they look as a "tree". In fact in the UFO vehicle of the K7 type called "Eden" - which brought to the Earth Adam and Eve, these "tree-like magnetic circuits" grow vertically in the centre of the vehicle, were called the tree of life. In more important Christian Basilicas these circuits are symbolised until today by black, swirled, vertical, columns which support the baldachin in the so-called "confession". (What this "confession" is, it is explained in item #16 of the web page wroclaw_uk.htm - about curiosities and puzzles of the city of Wrocław, and also in item #17 of the web page milicz_uk.htm - about curiosities and puzzles of the town Milicz. One can see these "confessions" e.g. in the Basilica of St. Peters in Vatican, as well as in several Basilicas from Poland, e.g. from Gniezno, Kraków (so-called "Kościół Mariacki"), and Święta Lipka - for the description of this last one see item #C6.1 on the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm - about time, time travel, and time vehicles.) The evidence in support that the biblical "Eden" in fact was a UFO vehicle type K7, is presented in subsection P6.1 from volume13 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced magnetic devices" (disseminated free of charge via this web page).

#L2. How UFOnauts with the use of various "tricks" combined with loud accusations, scare authors of authentic UFO photographs from publishing their photos:

       Masked UFOnauts that secretly operate on the Earth after impersonating human scientists use also various "tricks" to scare authors of authentic photographs of UFOs for publishing these photos. Examples of such "tricks" are described on the totaliztic web page memorial.htm - about the history of a "trick" of UFOnauts with pillars of light generated by UFOs. Most frequently they resort to various ways of the public humiliation of the authors of authentic photographs of UFOs through insinuating somehow that these authentic photographs of UFOs are supposedly "fakes".

#L3. Science - or rather a "smoke screen":

Motto: "In science it is extremely difficult to distinguish a true eagle from a stuffed eagle. But if something holds back the progress and discourages research - then most probably it is just such a stuffed one, not a real one."

       UFOnauts look exactly like people do. After all they are our closest cosmic relatives. This in turn allows them to infiltrate humanity with their agents, who mix with the crowd and who help these cosmic oppressors to secretly exploit people for many thousands of years already. On a separate web page completely devoted to their description, these agents of UFOnauts are called changelings. As this stems from my estimates presented in subsection V3.1.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4] (which - estimates are based on the scars from identification implants inserted by UFOnauts into the shine bone of every person on Earth), a huge number of these UFOnauts-changelings operate on our planet. All data indicate that one of them operates amongst every less than 100 people. These changelings can be found in practically all key positions on Earth. So we should NOT be surprised, that many of them impersonate Earthly scientists. A trick which they implement after they join the scientific community, is to invent various scientifically sounding fables with unambiguously defined goals. Namely, these scientifically sounding fables are aimed either at hiding the continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth, or are to discourage human scientists to carry out research in directions which UFOnauts consider to be dangerous for their occupational interests on Earth. So in fact products of activities of these changelings who impersonate human scientists, are not representing fruits of science, but a kind of "smoke screen" or a kind of breaks that hold back our progress. Let us have a look here at several most known examples of just such "smoke screens" created by these UFOnauts-changelings.
       A very successful "trick" of the "smoke screen" type, accomplished by these UFOnauts-changelings, which significantly contributed to a huge number of atrocities that are committed every day on people by UFOnauts who secretly occupy our planet, are so-called "Murphy's laws". Before an UFOnaut-changeling dropped onto the idea of insinuating to people that such Murphy's Laws in fact do exist, every atrocity committed on humans by UFOnauts was called by our ancestors exactly with the correct name - namely that it was an action of "devils". (As this is explained more comprehensively on some web sites, e.g. on the web site about God, "devils" is an old name for evil creatures which presently are called "UFOnauts".) For example, if something rapidly disappeared in spite that only a moment earlier the owner put it down in a well known place, in past people were describing this with a saying disappeared as if a devil covered it with its tail. In turn today, when such a situation takes place, we are saying, "o, just a Murphy's law is at work". But in spite that we all believe so intensely in the existence of these "Murphy's Laws", in fact neither the existence nor the operation of these laws can be confirmed in a scientific manner. So these laws do exist, or not? Why we refer to them, if it is impossible to prove scientifically, that they in fact do exist? After all, e.g. in case of UFOs, people avoid the use of the word UFO supposedly just because they believe that the existence of UFOs was NOT confirmed formally. (It actually is untrue, as in 1981 a formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs was published. This proof was repeated in subsection P2 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4]. The brief discussion of this proof is provided on several web pages of totalizm, e.g. in item #A1 of this web page, or in item #C2 of the web page about time vehicles.)
       The fact that the existence and operation of these supposed "Murphy's Laws" cannot be proven scientifically, but simultaneously thousands of people every day are affected by their "operation", is very meaningful. After all, from the everyday life we know that in every case where something is taking place, but it turns out to be extremely difficult to prove, always a mischievous intelligence hides behind it. For example, all cases of cunning stealing and cheating, carry just such attributes. Expressing this in other words, the fact that the existence of supposed "Murphy's Laws" cannot be proven scientifically although many people are persecuted by them, means that behind them someone's mischievous, although invisible, intelligence is hiding. But if one analyses what this intelligence is, then there are only three possibilities to choose from. Namely, these are either other people, or God, or UFOnauts. The nature of operation of supposed "Murphy's Laws" automatically eliminates other people from a suspicion that these are their actions. When God is concerned, the action of these laws is too negative and too one-sided for Him. So the only intelligence which can hide behind these laws are UFOnauts. The fact that Murphy's Laws are simulated by UFOnauts is actually confirmed by the track record of UFOnauts. Namely, we already know jolly well, that UFOnauts always use all resources available to them trying to make impossible to people to gain any evidence of the existence and continuous operation of UFOnauts on Earth, that would be convincing for everyone.
       When one analyses these supposed "Murphy's Laws", then it turns out that their operation perfectly hides inborn mischievous behaviour of UFOnauts. As it is explained in item #A2 of the web page about bandits amongst us, and also in item #C9 of the web page about time vehicles, UFOnauts are extremely evil. In fact the depth of their evilness and inner deviation cannot be compared to anything that we know from the Earth. In addition to being so evil, UFOnauts have in their disposal extremely advanced technology. After all, their civilization is already around 500 millions years older than ours. For example, they have devices which allow them becoming invisible to human sight, and which also allow them to fly in the air like birds, or to pass through walls and furniture - as if these are made of a liquid not of a solid mater. These devices of UFOnauts are described under the title "state of telekinetic flickering" in item #C1 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. UFOnauts also are able to e.g. slow down the speed of elapse of time at every their wish. So when such an invisible for our sight UFOnaut is present in our flat, and he notices that we e.g. just dropped down something heavy, then only from his inner need to harm and to cause a pain, he will slow down the elapse of time and so change the trajectory of the falling object that the impact of this object is going to cause the destruction of something that is most precious for us. In turn us, in our naive outlook, and in the lack of knowledge about the need to cause pain which UFOnauts feel all the time, are going to claim that "Murphy's Laws" just acted upon us. After all, one such a law states that "dropped tool always falls where it causes the most damage". In a similar manner these invisible UFOnauts for a simple need to satisfy their thirst to cause pain, are going to hide from us whatever we just need the most, or will spoil our computer when we need it badly, or will cut us from the internet connection when we are just receiving an important email. In item #A4.1 of a separate we page about Wszewilki of tomorrow I described how in my own case, whenever I need to be physically fit, or whenever I have a lot of work to do, UFOnauts always keep abducting me at night and then they cut my fingernail in two - so that it induces severe pain when I type something on a keyboard. Or they infect me at night with an illness - when I should present myself somewhere healthy and full of energy. Or they pull a disk from my spine cord - when I supposed to carry something heavy. Or they hit strongly my foot - when I supposed to walk a lot. Or they shoot some crystals under the skin of my face, which causes a wound to last for months - when I supposed to look hansom. Or they pull out at night my tooth filling - when I am in a new city and still have no access to a dentist. They always do such things to me when I sleep - around 3 am, so that I go to bed healthy, and woke up ill, bitten, and in severe pain. Of course, in my case, I already know that all these are damages inflicted on purpose by UFOnauts. So I do not recognize actions of supposed "Murphy's Laws", and I send my karma for all these atrocities to a correct address. But other people still believe that similar cases and events affect them because of the action of these supposed "Murphy's Laws". So these laws perfectly fulfill their role of a "smoke screen" which is imposed by UFOnauts, so that they can hide behind them all mischievous behaviours and atrocities.
       Please notice that "Murphy's Laws" are NOT the only kind of a "smoke screen" and the "breaks for a progress" which UFOnauts introduced on purpose into the human science. Other ideas with similar functions include "Occam's razor" - which effectively holds back, amongst others, the scientific research on subjects of UFOs, God, souls, devils, angels, etc.. To the same category belongs also the "theory of relativity" - which successfully blocks new research in directions encompassed currently by the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. An extremely destructive for humanity is also the Second Law of Thermodynamics. After all, it is skillfully utilized by UFOnauts who impersonate administrators of science to effectively block on Earth the development of so-called telekinetic generators of free energy, such as e.g. telekinetic cells.
       In the area of engineering we also have a similar situation. For example UFOnauts introduced there various "blocking technologies". One example of these can be the present technology based on radio waves - which effectively blocks the development on Earth of technologies based on telepathic waves described more comprehensively at the web page about telepathy. Another example of such a break for the progress is the technology of inertial seismographs - which is used by UFOnauts to skillfully block the research on a development of telepathic devices for the detection of impending earthquakes, similar to the famous Zhang Heng seismograph. Of course, what I indicated here is just a small droplet in a huge ocean of cases of intentional pushing humanity down, misleading, confusing, etc. Actually descriptions of other similar cases are overflowing practically every book concerning the fate of inventions - as I described this more comprehensively in item #11 of the web page fe_cell.htm - about telekinetic cells, devoted to the explanation of the so-called "curse of inventors".

Part #M: The ending and conclusions, plus organisational and legal matters of this web page:


#M1. Of course we can - but is it wise:

Motto: "The fact that in present times people can apparently get unpunished when they spit on God, on rational UFO researchers, on builders of telekinetic generators of free energy, or on adherers of the philosophy of totalizm, does NOT mean at all, that someone's joining such an organised manifestation of spitting is wise or moral. After all, no one really knows what mechanisms and consequences this spitting may trigger one day. And we need to remember that life demonstrates to us continually how improper behaviour is always punished severely in the final count. Only that the life always serves punishments for wrong behaviour without explainations attached, so the unwise punished person does not really know what is hitting him, and why."

       As it is explained on web pages humanity.htm - about a better humanity and partia_totalizmu_uk.htm - about the party of totalizm, in our everyday life we are surrounded with increasingly tight ring of limitations and bans. Do not deposit chuming gum on street because you are going to pay a fine, do not cross a street outside of pedestrian crossing because you are going to be hit by a car, do not criticise your government because agents of it will somehow persecute you, do not photograph because you will be accused of spying, do not inform because you break the Privacy of Information Act, do not forget to fasten belts in your car because in case of an accident you do not get insurance, etc., etc. In the result, the venting of increasing frustration is done by many people in areas where their experience taught them that they are not going to be immediately arrested, bitten, imprisoned, fined, made redundant from jobs, etc. In this way for example many frustrated although thoughtless people make the use of hue and cry of orthodox scientists against God. So they begin to behave as if it is absolutely sure that God does NOT exist. Or they allow to be misled by official claims of UFOnauts-changelings that UFOnauts do not exist, while all reports on UFOs are simply creations of imagination of alcoholics and drug users. Or they are impressed with sarcasm of loud condemnation of totalizm by agents of dark forces and they join the choir of condemners of this moral philosophy - in spite that they know nothing about it. Or they conveniently forget that Biblical texts were written in conspiracy when agents of cosmic occupants of the Earth watched hands of writers. So such frustrated people begin to condemn the Bible for supposed inconsistencies or ambiguity of the texts. Of course, all these things people can do. This is why God gave them the so-called "free will". So they can support with their actions the misleading reassurances of orthodox scientists that God does NOT exist. They can also join histeric condemnations of reliable UFO research. They can scoff at totalizm as much they wish, and practice parasitism if they desire so. They can also consider the Bible to be just a book of fables of ancient people. But the question which it is worth to ask is "whether it is wise to act that way". After all, the fact that something can be done, does NOT mean that we get away without a punishment for doing it. After all, what happens if a given activity has a punishment written permanently into it, about which no-one wished to loudly warn us earlier. Or, if one supports with vigorous action a matter which actually is going to have a catastrophic consequences to the doer and to all other people. On the other hand, every area being spitted at by frustrated people, as described above, in fact does contain a true potential for bringing a serious punishment to a spitting person, or for causing a catastrophe which is to hit this person in a manner that he will not even know what hits him.
       Let us consider here for example the matter of present turning by people their back sides to God. After all, none of these people who turn their back sides to God has any specific evidence that God in fact does NOT exist. Rather opposite, numerous evidence and scientific proofs confirm the existence of God - as an example see descriptions from the web page about the universal intellect (God). In turn, if God does exist, while people behave immorally as if He does NOT exist and as if he did not established any moral laws, then really is anyone so unwise to believe that such a behaviour gets unpunished. After all this God continually tests us - amongst others to document for us how immoral we really are. All this until a time. One day God will have already an exact illustrative documentation as to how we broke his moral laws. What then happens to us? Only those deprived logic can still believe that they get away unpunished. What even more interesting, the majority of people who turn their back sides to God, would not have a courage while facing an important person, e.g. a president of a superpower, to turn their back side to this person, or to say into eyes what they truly thing of him, or what they dislike about his actions. And such an important person at most shakes only several scared countries on Earth. But simultaneously these people dear to turn their back side to the most superior being which shakes the entire universe and which openly states that is going to judge exactly everyone later, to reward or to punish whatever he or she did in entire life. Is such a turning one's back side to God a wise behaviour?
       Or let us consider the matter of persecution of a rational UFO research. After all, even the Bible warns us that the Earth is ruled by Satan and by his devils. In turn the name "Satan", "devils", or "fallen angels" in biblical times were assigned to the same beings which presently we call "UFOnauts", while their breathing fire vehicles w call now "UFO vehicles". So if the Earth is ruled by these evil creatures for thousands of years, then this practically means, that such creatures cannot be recognised by us, because they are so similar to people. Furthermore, it also means that in fact these creatures live amongst us, occupy prominent positions in our civilisation, and skilfully use entire their intelligence and the entire human propaganda machine (which they control) against these ones who try to disclose their presence on Earth. So these people who join the present persecution of rational UFO researchers actually support with their actions the further keeping humanity enslaved by these evil creatures. This in turn means the arrival to people soon even more suffering, destruction, wars, terrorism, enslaving of people, etc., etc. So it is highly unwise to allow that anyone continues the present persecution of rational UFO researchers. It is as if we allow that in a next home secretly lives a well-known murderer who at nights raids our own bedroom, while we sit passively and do nothing to get rid of him, and we even spit at a detective who investigates this murderer.
       The above analyses from this item I am presenting for a specific reason. I wish to inspire people to understand one vital truth. Namely, the fact that if in some matters we do not see instant effects triggered by given causes, this still does NOT mean that such effects do not exist at all. In other words, the real live is not like television or computer games. If in the real life we do something wrong today, then consequences of this wrongdoing may hit us only after tens of years - when we least expect this. Then we get a hit without even realising what actually hits us. Therefore even if we can do many things, not always doing them is wise or moral. In turn it is worth to be wise and moral in our lives, as it saves ourselves and other people from a lot of pain in later times.

#M2. Conclusions from the above presentation of evidence:

       There is no other truth on Earth which would have so much evidence in support of itself, as the truth about the existence of UFOs and about the secretive occupation of Earth by UFOnauts. However, in spite of all this, if one asks about UFOs any passer by from a street, for sure is going to receive the answer NO. So how in such circumstances to NOT realise why UFOnauts consider humans from the planet Earth to be the most stupid beings from the entire universe. How in such circumstances maintain the faith in the sharpness of human minds and in the wisdom of human scientists. How to stop UFOnauts from the complete destruction our present civilisation which they already started? What is so wrong with us, that we so stubbornly refuse to take notice of the truth which countless evidence is constantly attacking us from practically all sides?
       Please notice, that the above compendium of evidence for the existence of UFOs, and for the continuous although hidden operation of UFO vehicles on Earth, is presented also from a slightly different point of view on separate web pages named "predators" "26th day", and "aliens".

#M3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#M4. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further updates of the evidence on continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth:

       In order to see how the updates of this web page on evidence of UFO activities on Earth going to eventuate and progress further, it is worth to revisit it from time to time. From the definition this web page is going to be subjected to further improvements and extensions, as soon as possible new information come to my hands, or some events take place which will inspire me for carrying out the update. So if in the future you wish to learn these news, then perhaps you should revisit this web page. This is because I am going to update it periodically, as soon as the further developments give reasons for reporting some further news.
       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm, currently available under uddresses totalizm.blox.pl/html and totalizm.wordpress.com. On this blog many events discussed here are also explained with additional details written as these events unveil before our eyes.

#M5. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#M6. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#M7. Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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