Bandits from UFOs eager to stub our backs (in English)
Bandits from UFOs eager to stub our backs
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25 August 2013

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What you could do when you know that a relative of yours, looking like every other person in a crowd, threatens your life and intends to secretly push a knife into your back. After all, you have no method to defend yourself from him, because you do not know who is him in the crowd which surrounds you. Besides, you do not have means to defend yourself, because in every aspect this relative dominates over you in strength, cunningness, and experience as a murderer - not mentioning that he is armed up to the teeth in all possible technology that serves to hidden killings. So probably the only thing that you could do, is to begin yourself a pedantically moral life - so that on your own example you could show him the barbarism of his own behaviour, and to count that perhaps the "mirror" which creates your particularly moral behaviour, and in which he can see the barbarism of his own behaviour, is to suffice to remove his reasons for carrying out the murder. This web page explains that practically each one of us is continually in just such a situation of a person exposed to a push of knife into the back by a bandit relative. Therefore, this web page indicates most important kinds of threats that this bandit relative of ours is creating for us, and also indicates most important methods of our peaceful self-defence with the use of which we can individually try to save ourselves.
* * *
In 2007, i.e. already some time after writing this web page, I discovered that for immensely vital reasons UFO vehicles and UFOnauts are temporary "simulations", means are NOT permanent creations - as permanent are e.g. our cars and ourselves. These vital reasons for which UFOs and UFOnauts are "simulated", in a most simple manner were summarised in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm extended by items #L1 to #L5 from the web page named magnocraft.htm. More on the subject of this "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts can be learned from other totaliztic web pages, e.g. from items #K1 and #K2 of the web page named day26.htm. The fact of such a temporary "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts slightly changes the philosophical meaning of this web page. But it does NOT change facts described on this web page, nor change suggestions embedded into it as to what attitude we should adopt while interacting with these evil UFOnauts.

Part #A: Humanity is unaware that an evil enemy secretively hides amongst it, which does NOT spare the efforts to kill people and to send humanity back to caves and on trees:


#A1. Do you realise that on the Earth secretly operate creatures presently called "UFOnauts", (while in past called "devils") whom you would NOT be able to distinguish by appearance from typical people, and who cannot wait to kill secretly selected people:

       A problem with the situation described in introduction to this web page is that in fact in danger of a sudden death is practically every one of us. As this is proven by the implant visible on a leg of every citizen of Earth, a photograph of which (the implant) is shown on the first illustration from the web page UFOnauts, practically each one of us is continually robbed, exploited, and assessed as a candidate for a kill. (This repetitive assessment of each one of us either for an exploitation, or for a kill, is carried out through analyses of our behaviour and our suitability for the exploitation by cosmic relatives of humanity, presently known as "UFOnauts", while in past called "devils".) In turn when someone does not meet various strange requirements of UFOnauts, or steps somehow onto their toes, then is secretly murdered. This web page explains most important manners and tools with the use of which this secretive murdering of people is carried out by our bandit relatives from distant cosmos.
       The shocking consequence of analysing of this systematic murdering of people, and also other atrocities committed on Earth by UFOnauts, is realising, that in fact there is a deep truth contained in claims of medieval people. As it is widely known, in medieval times practically every disaster on Earth was attributed to secretive activities of "devils". In turn totalizm has proven formally, that these former religious "devils" are actually today's "UFOnauts". (The formal scientific proof that "religious devils are present UFOnauts", is published in subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4]. Free copies of monograph [1/4] are available, amongst others, via all menus from this web page.) So if one translates these claims of medieval people onto present language, they simply state that "behind practically every harm which affects people from Earth, always secretive activities of UFOnauts are hiding".
       As it turns out, there are rational reasons for which UFOnauts so viciously, although in a hidden manner, destroy humanity. I explained these reasons on separate web page "evil", as well as in subsection A3 from volume 1 of monograph [1/4]. If we also summarise briefly these reasons here, they boil down to the fact, that the current technical development of humanity endangers the civilisation of UFOnauts because they may loose countless benefits which their civilisation draws from the hidden exploitation of humanity. (I.e. benefits which UFOnauts draw from the exploitation of people abducted at nights by UFOnauts into UFO vehicles, where under hypnosis these people are robbed from their biological resources, means from their sperm, ovule, moral energy, etc.) So in order to not allow such development of science and technology on Earth, which would enable people to detect the invisible occupation and exploitation of humanity by UFOnauts, these our cosmic oppressors and robbers decided to destroy our present technical civilisation on Earth. Therefore they attack this civilisation with all possible tools and manners, only a small fraction of which is listed below on this web page. It is worth to add, that UFOnauts already carried out once such a complete destruction of the human civilisation around 12.5 thousands years ago. They caused then that humanity returned to trees and to caves, and was forced to begin everything from the very beginning. And in these times (i.e. before the previous destruction) the human civilisation was much more developed technically than is presently. Remains of this previous human civilisation are described in books by Erich von Däniken. These remains are also researched by a private organisation named the "Ancient Astronauts Society", which somehow is continually persecuted by the official Earth's science. A brief information on this subject is also described on a separate web page about evidence of UFO activities on Earth.
       There is a huge body of evidence for the fact, that UFOnauts hide behind every disaster which affects people. UFOnauts are responsible for practically everything evil that happened to humanity, beginning with every tornado and almost every hurricane or typhoon, through murdering of J. F. Kennedy and M. L. King, and finishing with both world wars, practically every local war, and also the most recent phenomenon of religious terrorism. After all, in thorough analyses all these events display the presence of attributes which are unique for methods of acting of UFOnauts. The evidence which documents the hiding of UFOs behind all major cataclysms, disasters, and unrests, that happened after the year 2000, is presented systematically on this web page, and on other web pages linked with this one.
       This web page systematically reviews most important methods and tools of destruction used by UFOnauts for secretive extermination and tormenting both the entire humanity and individual people. UFOnauts secretly unleashed these tools against humanity and presently let them loose practically almost every day. We should notice from the list below, that UFOnauts use against humanity exclusively such methods of destruction which for the majority of people look like illnesses, accidents, coincidents, acts of terrorism, human sabotages, acts of God, etc. - means look like everything else but what they really are, i.e. a hidden attacking of humanity by satanic UFOnauts. The aim of UFOnauts is that people should NOT realise that UFOnauts systematically destroy human civilisation, so that people would not initiate their self-defence. Effects of action of some of these tools of destruction are already discussed on this web page. Others are discussed on different web pages indicated from this one with green links. In several cases the discussion of these effects is provided in text of monographs indicated on this web page.
       It is worth to notice, that methods and tools of destruction and tormenting of humanity by UFOnauts presented on this web page, are briefly summarised also (but from a different point of view) in item #4 of web page predators, and also in item #20 of a separate web page 26th day.
* * *
       Since we managed to explain ourselves, that (a) UFOnauts have reasons to exterminate us, (b) UFOnauts are sufficiently barbaric to have no objections against systematic extermination of people, (c) as our cosmic relatives, they are identical to us in their appearance so that no-one is able to recognise them when they change for our leaders in order to even better exterminate and torment us, and also (d) they have such methods and tools of extermination which allow them to carry out the destruction in a manner that is difficult for us to recognise, now we can proceed with a systematic review of each group of their methods and tools for our extermination. So let us begin from learning the most horrifying tool, which is a murderous "machine of UFOnauts for purposeful induction of cancers".

#A2. Where this indescribable evilness of UFOnauts comes from - which in past made people call them "devils", while now it pushes UFOnauts to destroy humanity:

Motto: "UFOnauts were NOT called "devils" in past because they were born already devilish. Their indescribable evilness results from their "imprisoned immortality" implemented in the society which is stripped out of morality."

       If one studies descriptions of "devils" - means present UFOnauts, then one is shocked by the depth of evilness and savagery which these creatures in past revealed to people. On the other hand, loving other people, and being loved by others, many present inhabitants of the Earth consider these old descriptions of the evilness of UFOnauts to be grossly exaggerated. Especially that from reports of people abducted onto decks of UFO vehicles comes back to us a propaganda picture, in which they are polite and supposedly peaceful. But because simultaneously people do not know the mechanism with which these evilness of devils-UFOnauts is created, almost no-one amongst people is able to accept and to understand, that this monstrosity of UFOnauts in fact does exist and that it has rational origins. Therefore in this item I am going to explain the mechanism which causes that UFOnauts in reality are even more barbaric and more evil than we know this from old descriptions of "devils". Only that the bandit society from which UFOnauts originate trained in them the ability to hide well these their true monstrosity.
       The monstrocity of UFOnauts results directly from the fact that in their disposal they have time vehicles described on separate web pages, and that they use these time vehicles for avoiding their deaths by repetitive shifting back in time to years of their youth. In turn such a repetitive shifting back in time leads to the so-called "imprisoned immortality". This "imprisoned immortality" has, however, this attribute, that it makes happy only these people who before shifting back in time to years of their youth managed to accomplish the so-called state of totaliztic nirvana. But the planet of UFOnauts at times of constructing the first time vehicles was too immoral to enable the inhabitants to accomplish this totaliztic nirvana. In the result, instead of happiness, this "imprisoned immortality" brought to UFOnauts only suffering, disillusion, and everlasting hell. After all, by having time vehicles in their disposal, UFOnauts are unable to refrain from avoiding deaths through repetitive shifting back in time to years of their youth, but simultaneously each such a shifting back in time makes them increasingly more unhappy. The outcome is that with each return in time to years of their youth, they become increasingly evil, until their monstrosity reaches the level that each one of them in fact deserves the name of "devil" or "Satan". Below I am going to explain now, step by step, how this infinitive depth of evilness was created in UFOnauts, and how it is increased with each of their shifting back in time.
       Let us imagine for a moment a planet from a distant star, on which present UFOnauts used to live in times just before they acquired their time vehicles. On this planet the life most probably was similar to that which currently prevails on Earth. Means, inhabitants of that planet walked over head of others in the chase of money and richness. On streets everyone was in danger. After all, each form of public life of that planet taught people exclusively of banditism, mutual exploitation, and the lack of scruples. Into the duties of politicians the obligation to lie was permanently inserted. In their homes was also not funny. In television appeared exclusively killing, murders, tortures, death, destruction, etc. Children were playing with tools for spreading the death and calamity. In turn parents completely lost the control over the upbringing of their children, because the government established laws in there which punished severely all parents who tried to execute any discipline over their children. (I.e. laws similar to ones which ban smacking, which in November 2006 were pushed through the New Zealand parliament - see the article "Smacking ban gets the votes to become law", from page A1 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, November 21, 2006.)
       Of course, such a social situation exerted a destructive effect on psychology of inhabitants of that planet. After all, whatever they wished to accomplish in their lives, it was made impossible for them. The society in which they lived make this not accomplishable. So all inhabitants of that planet were continually unhappy. Furthermore, they continuously lived in fear, uncertainty of tomorrow, frustration, stress, psychological torturing, and disappointment towards everything. In the result, in souls of these inhabitants grew for many years the feeling of unhappiness, bitterness, disillusion, contradiction, vindictiveness, etc. Each of inhabitants of this civilisation at an old age become a psychopath, which should not be approached without a long stick. Means, every old person was over there was a disappointed by life oldie, which is always grumpy, boring, disturbed, vindictive, unhappy, etc. Of course, everyone was such just inside. After all, outside he or she needed to pretend that is smiling and needed to behave politely - after all obtaining a job and social life required this from him or her. But when a policeman and superior stopped to watch, then this monster that was inside of them was creeping outside.
       In just such a situation this civilisation rapidly become owners of time vehicles. Each one amongst inhabitants of it, could then shift the character of such a borer, complainer, shrew, wretch, etc., to a young body - as this is described for the "imprisoned immortality" in item #B7 of the web page about time vehicles So rapidly this entire civilisation become populated with people who had young bodies, but simultaneously had inside personalities and characters of these oldies, means unhappy, shrew, and breathing with vindictiveness. In the result of all this, the immorality, evilness, viciousness, and aggressiveness of the entire this morally ill society become even deeper. The life on this planet become a true hell. After all, every citizen transformed into a monster which is saturated with indescribable evilness. In addition, this monster was forced to bottle up its true feelings. This is because the society in which he or she lived required continuous smiles and polite behaviours. Of course, this cycle of deepening of their evilness never finished. It is increasing with every cycle of shifting of citizens of this planet backward in time to years of their youths, according to principles of the "imprisoned immortality".
       From just such a civilisation originate UFOnauts who secretly keep arriving to Earth. Also such creatures are these changelings who keep in their hands all key positions on Earth. Although they are trained to pretend to be polite and civilised, in fact the depth of their savagery and evilness simply cannot be described to humans. Now these UFOnauts-changelings looking identically like people rule over people in such a manner, that they make sure the humanity becomes also similarly evil and similarly unhappy as they are. This is why they continually spread on Earth the death, killings, murders, suffering, destruction, wars, disasters, persecution, etc., etc.
       The depth of UFOnauts' evilness cannot be expressed in any words or compare to anything that we know on Earth. In order to at least partially realise it, one needs to be aware that all evil that happens on Earth originally comes from these UFOnauts. Not without valid reasons old-timers used to call them "devils". For example, these are their UFO vehicles which do to people all this evil that is described on the web page about destructive use of UFO vehicles. These also are them who carried out all the evil described on web pages bandits amongst us, WTC, 26th day, Columbia, landslips and mudslides, Katowice, Katrina, tornadoes, hurricanes, plague, Możajski, evolution, and predators. But what is even worse, all this extreme evil is committed by UFOnauts actually without logical justification and without the reason. Means, UFOnauts are doing it just from the "bottom of their evil hearts", and only in order to satisfy their desire to spread destruction and to inflict pain to their own relatives from the Earth.
       In order to get at least a rough idea about the quantitative level of monstrosity of UFOnauts, we can use a principle of approximation. For this we should firstly recall the most immoral and unpleasant old person which we encountered in the entire our life (i.e. someone about whom we would not feel bad to call him "a dirty old man"). Means, we should recall the most immoral and nasty old grumpy person, evil, jealous, stingy, boring, etc., which we ever encountered in our lives. The point is, that in the evil society of UFOnauts, every single old person after living through the entire live within a parasitic and highly deviated society, is going to have a character and a personality at least so deviated as the biggest "dirty old man" from the Earth. Then, the character of this most "dirty old man" that we know of, we should compare to a charm and to the born morality of an average small child. This comparison gives to us an idea, as to how much the character of a person can get twisted during only a single life. Finally, the difference of morality, characters, and personality of this dirty old man and an average child, should be multiplied by around 1000 - because so many times approximately each UFOnaut who occupy the Earth repeated his life and thus made deeper the level of deviation of his morality, character, and personality. When we do all these, then we are going to have a rough idea how evil are the UFOnauts who secretly occupy the Earth. We are also going to understand why our ancestors called them "devils", and why these "devils" draw a huge pleasure from murdering people and from purposely bringing various harmful cataclysms onto the humanity.
       It is worth to know, that UFOnauts are evil not only to people, but also in relationships between themselves. As this stems from my contacts with them, the decisive majority of UFOnauts is lied upon and cheated by their superiors in even the most basic matters. For example, in spite that each one of them uses a time vehicle, only a few sparse ones amongst them are trusted enough to be informed how time vehicles really work. In the result, a majority of UFOnauts who occupy the Earth learn about the operation of time vehicles from my publications. They also do not have an idea about the existence of "true immortality" described in Part #D of the web page about time vehicles, nor about the possibility of building time vehicles which implement such true immortality. And all this in spite that this superior category of time vehicles is used in the universe since the most ancient times. (Only that by civilisations which do NOT belong to the bandit confederation of UFOnauts.) I will not elaborate here about the fact, that the subject of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, totalizm, and the role of the totaliztic nirvana. in accomplishing everlasting happiness UFOnauts also learned only from my publications - although they could be informed about this by their own decision makers and scientists who know about these matters since thousands of years.
       Knowing from the above descriptions how monstrous UFOnauts really are, we should not be surprised now, that from the "pure monstrosity of their hearts" they will continually repeat efforts of sending to the Earth their evil Antichrist. After all, for these devilish creatures there is no greater pleasure than seeing how people suffer because of them!
       The above reason why UFOnauts are so devilish and so mischievous is also explained in item #C9 of the separate web page about time vehicles.

Part #B: Secretive murdering of individual people by evil UFOnauts through the use of a "machine for inducing cancers":

       French people have their guillotine. Americans have their electric chair. In turn UFOnauts have their "machine for inducing cancers". But opposite to people who typically carry out executions only after a public court, UFOnauts murder with their machine in a secretive manner. In the majority of cases even the victims of these murders themselves have no clue that they were subjected to an execution. In this Part #B of the web page is going to be provided, or indicated in other written sources, a bit more details about this murderous machine of UFOnauts. But before we proceed with presentation of this machine, firstly in Part #A before we needed to remind ourselves briefly, why you (the reader) are also threaten by this machine, for what reason UFOnauts frequently murder people lately, in what manner they carry out such murdering, and why this murdering is done secretly, at nights, in the manner which is typical for devilishly cunning bandits.

#B1. UFOnauts demonstrated to human abductees the deadly "machine for inducing cancers":

       In subsection O5.3.3 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4], a report is presented from a person abducted to a UFO. This report describes a "machine for inducing cancers" which was shown to him in the UFO. UFOnauts threaten with this machine some undisciplined people, demonstrating, that inducing a cancer in someone is just a matter of pointing this machine. Summary of this report is also presented in item #77 from subsection A4 in volume 1 of the same monograph [1/4].
       The machine of UFOnauts for inducing cancers is quite unusual. It works in both directions. It is able to not only induce in someone a cancer, but it also can eliminate this cancer - if from the research on future UFOnauts discover that the inducing of it worked for their disadvantage. In fact UFOnauts demonstrated the work of this machine in both directions to the person who reported me about its existence - i.e. firstly they induced a cancer in this person, then they removed this cancer. Such a two directional operation of this deadly machine makes the use of it twice as immoral. This is because UFOnauts not only induce in someone a deadly cancer with this machine, but later additionally in a premeditated manner they allow this someone to die from this cancer - in spite that at any moment of time they were able to stop this cancer and to eliminate it. In fact, I already managed to determine about the methods of action of UFOnauts, that practically in everything that they do they always do it in such a manner that at any moment of time later they are able to reverse the outcomes of it - if these outcomes turn out to be working against their benefit. I even know cases when after causing someone's death, UFOnauts later returned this someone back to life (for descriptions of several such cases, for which I used to know in person people who experienced them, see subsection I4.1.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/4] - see there item #4D).
       In spite that many people with whom I cooperated have died mysteriously and rapidly on cancer - most probably killed by UFOnauts with this "machine for induction of cancers", so-far I had almost no data on the subject of effects of use of it and the manner it works. Only the death of my beloved cat Teecee, described in item #B3 below, provided me with first such data. So presently I am able provide descriptions of what actually happens after UFOnauts use on someone this deadly machine.
       In fact, already now when I learned symptoms of the use of this deadly machine on someone, it turns out that previously I encountered a significant number of cases of people who displayed symptoms of the use on them this particular killing machine. Only that not knowing what these cases represent, for the majority of them I failed to record their descriptions and bibliographical data of publications in which they were presented. The only case, a relatively good description of which I included into one of my web pages, is a massive extermination of workers who used to work on the removal of rubbles from the place where UFO vehicles evaporated WTC skyscrapers in New York. These descriptions are provided in item #2 of a separate web page about evaporation of WTC skyscrapers by UFOs.

#B2. Specific cases of people murdered by UFOnauts by technical induction of a cancer in them with the use of this deadly machine:

       As it turns out, only from a small circle of people whom I used to know in person, already a number of them was murdered most probably by the use of this machine for inducing cancers. Unfortunately, when I had an access to data on them, I failed to gather detailed descriptions of all their symptoms. Now in turn is too late for this. Only things that I described were general cases stating what have happened with them. These cases were presented on several my web pages, and also in monograph [1/4]. In order to learn fate of some of them, it is worth to have a look at item #2 from the web page about New Zealand, and also at items #77 and #78 from subsection A3 in volume 1 of monograph [1/4]. (This monograph can be downloaded free of charge via this web page, and also via a number of other web pages listed in "Menu 4".)

#B3. How "Teecee", means my four-legged friend, companion, and teacher, was murdered with the "machine of UFOnauts for inducing cancers", and what knowledge emerges for all of us from his painful death:

Motto: "Beloved Teecee - you were so small, but for me you were like a whole world."

       These readers who are interested in my fate, probably know that since 23 September 2005 I am an unemployed. Also, because of my stubborn disclosure of secretive occupation of Earth by UFOnauts, these UFOnauts used against me their organisational machine and influences in order to not let me find a next job. Although even without their obstacles, finding a job would be very difficult. After all, in present times almost no-one wishes to employ a person after 60. Not mentioning about the fact that I not only seek a source of income and bread, but also a special kind of job in which I could carry out my research and development works on devices of my invention, for example on telekinetic cell, or on Oscillatory Chamber.
       I do not have many chores since the time when I become unemployed. If I am allowed to draw an unemployment benefit, then probably I would be obliged to carry out various jobs for the city (for which I could be called when taking an unemployment benefit). But the institution established in New Zealand for giving away unemployment benefits proved to me, that according to the New Zealand law I am not eligible for such a benefit. (Anyway, not only me. Politicians in New Zealand consider it vital to be able to announce in their speeches that they maintain a low unemployment - which they define NOT as a number of people remaining without a job, but as a number of people in that country who take an unemployment benefit.) Therefore lately I have practically almost no duties to fulfil. So the majority of my time I spend at home by my computer or books, carrying out scientific research and working on the improvement of these numerous web pages which I authorise. In turn at home for the majority of time my only companion was a cat called "Teecee". Teecee was a beautiful cat, vigorous and full of life. After all, at the time of his death he had less than 8 years, means he was in his best age. He was big, in average he used to weight 8.6 kilogram. He was also very beautiful, with soft, dense, and thin fur, extremely pleasant in touch. Sometimes I called him "Teecee the Golden Eye" because he had such beautiful golden eyes. Other time I called him "Tiger-Tiger" because he looked like a small tiger. He liked to hunt, but never killed nor harmed whatever he managed to catch, but he always brought it home for a gift. Even butterflies he caught so gently, that when after bringing them home for a gift they were let free, they flew without any problems. Because he was my main companion during the majority of the day, we grew very fond of each other. Everything that was to be done, we always did it together - he and I. He always walked with me trustfully, more like a dog than a cat, with a tail proudly straighten up into the air. He knew that is very loved and returned this love. Also he limitlessly trusted that is safe in my presence and under my care - I am sorry Teecee, that I fail your trust and did not manage to protect you against the revenge of barbaric UFOnauts. Even when I worked by my computer, he liked sometimes to sit on my knees and with an interest watch the screen. As I "talked" to him relatively frequent, he developed an understanding for many words and reacted appropriately to their meanings. In fact, I estimated that because of his almost human treatment that he received, he reached an intelligence of a child of several years old.
       A photograph of my beloved Teecee is shown as "Fig. #B1" below. Please take a notice of the burned tips of his ears. As from this photograph it can be seen, even one day before his death Teecee looked beautiful and proud, while his features were full of expression of returned love.
       The announcement that something is brewing I received from comments to my blog This blog was opened in order to create a channel for a dialog and mutual understanding with UFOnauts that are occupying the Earth. As it turned out, the majority of comments for this blog in fact originated from UFOnauts. Unfortunately, in recent times these UFOnauts started to utilise this blog as a forum for increasingly more vicious and savage attacks on myself and on totalizm. Initially I used to delete these barbaric comments. But with the elapse of time there were so many of them, while their language was so vulgar and hurting, that on 13 September 2006 I was forced to close further commenting of this blog. Shortly before closing these comments three UFOnauts wrote under this blog meaningful comments. Exact working I do not remember now, after all I deleted these comments. But they expressed something along the lines that it is already a year since they cause firing me from the job, and that although I do not receive any unemployment benefit, somehow I still do not squeal from the lack of funds for living. So it is about a time to "fix" me financially in some other manner.
       While reading these comments I had no idea that for this financial "fixing" me, UFOnauts are going to use the most barbaric and animal-like manner that one can invent. Namely that they are going to murder my Teecee - means my four-legged companion and the sunshine of my days. After all, because I am a practitioner of totalizm, who in accordance to this philosophy ties to love and to understand even my enemies and tormentors, I cannot imagine that in order to take revenge on someone, UFOnauts may in fact harm someone completely different than the direct addressee of their revenge. Although during my Professorship in Cyprus I learned the Turkish proverb "if you cant bit up a neighbour - bit up his donkey". But the main idea of this proverb I considered appropriate only for wild nomads from deserts, but not for representatives of the cosmic civilisation which is already over 500 millions years old, and in addition is the closed cosmic relative of humanity.
       One must admit, that before UFOnauts destroy someone, they select thoroughly the object of their attack. In my opinion they selected my Teecee for murdering for many different reasons. The most important out of these probably was that they knew about my love to this cat. So by murdering him they accomplished several goals with one go. For example they ruined me financially. They also destroyed me emotionally. Not mentioning that the murdering my beloved Teecee represented also a meaningful threat which reminded me what UFOnauts can do to these people who somehow are inconvenient for them. Another equally vital reason for murdering Teecee probably was, that his eyes always detected the presence of UFOnauts in the flat and turned black from the fear. So whenever Teecee looked horrified in a particular spot in the flat, I knew that it is there where UFOnauts hide in their invisible to human eyes state of telekinetic flickering.
       On Sunday, 17 September 2006, in evening before going to bed, as usually I played with Teecee. As always he was a full of life, playfulness, and spontaneity. I did not know that this is the last time I saw him in such a state. This evening I did not know yet, that UFOnauts in their sinisterly twisted minds just deduced that since I love Teecee so much I will not spare my sparse funds to rescue him when they "fix" it. Thus by "fixing" Teecee they fixed also me both financially and emotionally. After all, the sick Teecee meant for me the suffering and worrying about his health, and also significant expenses for veterinary doctors. On Monday morning, 18 September 2006, when I got up from the bed, I experienced a shock which shattered me into pieces. My beloved Teecee lied almost without life. He breathed with a huge difficulty. When examining him thoroughly I noticed that ends of his hair on the back and on the neck looked as hair which someone burned with a hot flame. In fact Teecee looked as if someone hit his chest cavity from the upper side by a short burst of a hot flame. It was immediately obvious, that UFOnauts did something to him. After all, that night Teecee did not leave the flat even for a moment. Also there was no flame in the flat itself. The veterinary doctor after x-raying him discovered that almost the entire his small lungs were flooded with a fluid. So the doctor was forced to pump out this fluid via a thick needle inserted to his chest (i.e. "aspirate" him). After the pumping out the fluid from lungs, Teecee could breathe slightly better. But in order to check why this liquid appeared in Teecee's lungs, the veterinary doctor completed a scan. The scan indicated that Teecee has in lungs an area of a strange change. Samples of tissue taken from this changed lung were send to a laboratory. Tests indicated a kind of unknown earlier cancer tissue. This tissue had all attributes of a malignant cancer. But it could not be qualified to any type of cancer known to these veterinary doctors. The unusual attribute of it was also, that it originally appeared on Teecee's lungs, while it is known that lungs are typically attacked by secondary cancer, while the primary cancer usually develops elsewhere.
       In the meantime I published my message number #88 on the blog This blog was intended as a communication channel with UFOnauts. Also at that time it was obvious that the change in lung's tissue of Teecee, for sure was caused by UFOnauts - almost certainly with the use of their famous "machine for inducing cancers" which UFOnauts scare various people on decks of their UFO vehicles. So making the use of this message number #88 I appealed to to UFOnauts to content themselves with my financial ruin - which they accomplished by this attack on Teecee, but to save Teecee from the death. But UFOnauts did not save Teecee. This makes their murder twice as immoral. After all, they were able to reverse the effects of the use of this deadly machine, because the machine works in both directions. But most clearly for their barbaric natures deprived humane feelings, the sole fact that by killing Teecee they are able to give me so much pain, brought them too much pleasure to reverse this act. The health of Teecee still rapidly deteriorated. He displayed symptoms which people know from very intense radiation illness. (For example, similar symptoms displayed the most affected victims of the Chernobyl catastrophe which also was triggered on purpose by an UFOnaut. Furthermore, similar symptoms appeared in workers employed for the removal of rubbles from WTC skyscrapers in New York, which were evaporated by UFO vehicles.) Lungs of Teecee saturated again with fluid each 3 days, and then my suffering cat began to suffocate and needed to go for a next process of "aspiration" in order to be able to breathe slightly easier. After the third "aspirate" in a row, when the fate of Teecee began to look very hopeless, the troubled cat needed to be subjected to surgical opening of his chest. Veterinary doctors needed to check whether it is possible to remove somehow this cancerous area, while after removing it whether it would be possible to remove with the chemotherapy the reasons for the flooding of his lungs. Unfortunately, after surgical opening his chest cavity, it turned out that a whole surface of his lungs is covered with tens of small, millimetre size, stains from just initiating further starters of this cancer. Furthermore, the upper part of his right lung was already collapsed. So in order to save him suffering, poor Teecee needed to be put to ever-lasting sleep without awaking him from the operational anaesthesia. So he was dead in only 10 days after UFOnauts used on him this murderous "machine for inducing cancers". For me the death of Teecee was the tragedy which I am unable to even describe. My heart disintegrated into small pieces. My feeling of sorrow, pain, loss, and grieving I am unable to even express in words. My entire world was shattered. Even until today I did not recover from his loss. Whenever something reminds me him, and practically everything reminds him, I am unable to refry from crying like a kid. After all, Teecee was my four-legged companion in everything that I did, object of my huge love, and also a friend who faithfully lasted on my side when almost an entire world looked as if abandoned me in troubles. Since the moment of his death, my entire world looks completely different than before.
       While feeling this tremendous pain and grieving after the loss of beloved Teecee, even more than previously I experience the solidarity and compassion towards all these millions of other people on Earth, who lost, or are going to loose, someone close to them. It does not matter who is the person who feels the grieving, nor where lives or what religion is practicing. If such a person loved someone like humans do, at the moment of lost of this beloved one is also going to suffer like humans do. Love and feelings of suffering and grieve belong to these primary attributes of humanity, which are felt by almost all people. Do not matter whether these people are white, yellow, or black, nor what religion or political system they practice. Only UFOnauts are deprived of all feelings. So let us do not adopt the barbarism of UFOnauts, and let us stay humans. Let us not kill anyone. Also under no circumstance we should send our soldiers to other countries so that could play aggressors and kill. We ourselves also should not volunteer to service in any army, but rather use all force and means we have to keep far from army. After all, everyone whom our soldiers kill, or whom we kill ourselves, leaves behind many grieving ones who loved him or her, and who are going to suffer in a manner about which the killer is not even able to imagine. And we must remember that each such grieving person who is going to pass through this painful process of loss, sadness, and despair, becomes forever a sworn enemy of the killer and also all group intellects (institutions) which the killer officially represents. (This is because of the easiness with which some countries send their soldiers to kill, present Earth is so full of mutual hatred and the desire of revenge.)

Fig. #B1

Fig. #B1: My beloved companion and four-legged friend named Teecee. Please take the notice of his sad eyes - in which the foreseeing of death is visible. In spite of his small sizes, his meaning in my life was equally huge as his loving heart. It was this humble Teecee that managed to teach me so much about the love, and about the appreciating the value and fragility of life. I am unable to describe the sadness, grief and the feeling of tragedy which fill me from the time when Teecee was murdered so brutally by barbaric relatives of humanity. My entire world got shattered into small pieces at the moment of his death. My heart is overflowing with the pain which I am unable to even express. Teecee, I never forget you and you will always remain in my heart and my memory.
       This photograph was taken less than 24 hours before the death of Teecee on Wednesday, 27 September 2006, around 12:30. At the time of taking this photo Teecee already suffered enormously. After all, the upper part of his right lung was already collapsed. Also the entire lungs were like a single open wound. Teecee died in consequence of the use on him the machine of UFOnauts for inducing cancers at night from Sunday to Monday, 17 to 18 September 2006. This machine must beam a kind of radiation at Teecee. The radiation was so powerful that it burned ends of Teecee's fur on the back and on the neck. Even on the above photograph the burned tips of both his ears are well visible. Starting from that particular night he had intensifying symptoms of like powerful radiation illness. In fact, his symptoms were very similar to these which are displayed by all dying workers who were employed on the removal of rubbles after the evaporation by UFOs of WTC skyscrapers in New York. (Similarly like my Teecee, these workers seem to be also killed secretly, one by one, by UFOnauts, most visibly also with the use of the same machine for inducing cancers. UFOnauts probably do not want that there are living witnesses who know that WTC buildings were in fact evaporated by UFO vehicles.) Ten days later Teecee was already dead. At the time of death he was only 8 years old. Taking under consideration his good standard of living, good food, love, and attentive veterinary care, which he continually received, without difficulties he could give me happiness and pleasure of his companionship for at least further 8 years. After all, it is known that cats well taken care of may live even 21 years. At this point I must admit, that each time I look at this photograph I am unable to stop from crying. This is because in spite that at the moment of taking this photograph Teecee already suffered a lot, on the photograph he shows a happy expression on his face - just because of my proximity and because of the vast love with which he always was manifesting.
       As a boy who originates from the village Wszewilki I always used to live in proximity of home animals. But always I had a dog, not a cat. I must even admit, that until the time I got to know Teecee, I did not like cats and I preferred dogs. So Teecee was my first cat in the entire life. He completely captured my heart with his love and dedication. In fact now, looking backward from the prospect of the entire this grieving, sadness, and suffering, that his death induced in me, I still would adopt him again - if the time turns back. In fact also, if you, the reader, spend alone a significant amount of time, I would vigorously recommend you to get a cat or a dog for companionship. It will soothe your nerves, give you unconditional love, teach the sense of life, and make you even a better person. But do not buy for this purpose any thoroughbred creature with numerous vices. Rather adopt a homeless or unwanted cat or dog, for which you feel a sympathy from the first sight. After all, in such a case not only you help yourself, but also you provide a home and a future for this creature - which without you most probably would need to die soon. In turn when you feed it, bath it, comb it, and love it, you will see how beautiful and pride creature become out of it. No thoroughbred brats could compare to it.
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

#B3.1. Data and learning that we gathered from Teecee's death:

       I have the pleasure to admit this with great honour, that beloved Teecee turned out to be a formidable teacher. He taught with the use of method of personal example, which is so rare in present times. He did this both, in his short life, as well as in his death. He taught me to show all around as much love as we only are able to yield from ourselves. After all, the sense of life depends on loving of everything that surrounds us. So let us stop wars and fighting - there is enough room both on Earth and in empty space for all of us. Let us open our hearts to everything that lives, the same as did it my four-legged friend with his huge heart overfilled by love. His life philosophy in matters of love were very simple - if you love someone, show this to the loved one right now and immediately, do not postpone this to later. Also enjoy every moment you spend with the one that you love. Another thing that Teecee also taught me on the example of his death, is to appreciate life and be aware of the fragility of it. After all it may last even less that 10 days from the moment when someone's evilness reaches us, until the time that we are no any longer amongst these still alive. So let us enjoy every moment that the fate allows us to live through, and let us appreciate every beam of sunshine which reaches us in our lives. Also let us make the best out of the time we have, so that later we do not need to be sorrow when we run out of time.
       One of the most vital informative detail which the death of Teecee brought to us, is that his suffering provided us with the ability to notice exactly the effects of the use of this "machine for inducing cancers" used by evil UFOnauts. After all, this machine can be used by UFOnauts on practically everyone of us. So it is good to know how it operates, and what we should seek after it is used on someone. And so, thanks to Teecee we already know, that if this machine is switched onto a full power, than it has the ability to burn endings of hair and fur, and also to burn everything that sticks out from an even surface - as an example see the burning of tips of Teecee's ears clearly visible on the photograph from "Fig. #B1". This burning is clearly visible with naked eyes. In case of hair (or fur), some last 2 to 3 mm on very tips of every hair in the entire burned area have a changed colour into a strongly rusty. Furthermore, these final 2 to 3 mm of each hair are twisted, curled, and changed in the appearance exactly the same as hair burned by some sort of hot flame. The death of Teecee revealed also, that the most eagerly UFOnauts use this killing machine on lungs of victims. (Although the person who reported to me the existence of this machine, claimed also that the machine is able to immediately induce a cancer in any internal organ at which it is pointed.) After all, independently from Teecee, also a significant number of workers who were employed on the removal of rubbles from WTC skyscrapers in New York had attacked their lungs in almost the same manner as this happened with Teecee. Furthermore, it is already known that this machine works with a speed of lightning. From the situation of a normal state of health, this machine can cause the death in less than 10 days - if the significant power of the killing dose is used. If the machine is used on the organ located in the interior of the chest cavity, then the victim displays symptoms of a powerful radiation illness. Lungs of this victim are flooded with fluid. It cannot breathe. The number and size of cancerous spots is growing rapidly. Another information is that the cancerous tissue which this machine induces, has all characteristics of malignant cancer, but cannot be qualified to any known categories of such cancer (unless doctors have also in their database a cancer induced by this machine). A next matter which the death of Teecee seems to explain is this puzzle of medicine, which by a strange coincidence was described only two days after the death of Teecee in the article "NZ discovery helps lung cancer patients live longer", which appeared on page A13 from the New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Friday, September 29, 2006. In this article was explained, that for some reasons the cancer of lungs is the most deadly out of all kinds of cancers. It also kills the fastest. Furthermore, there is almost no medicine for it which would be helpful. So perhaps it is possible, that the reason for such deadliness of attributes of this particular cancer, is that a significant proportion of cases of it represents actually a special kind of cancer which was induced technically by UFOnauts with the use of their deadly machine.
       There is also another highly intriguing secret, the existence of which was demonstrated to me by Teecee through his death. Namely when Teecee was still alive, until the last moment before his death, numerous cats from the neighbourhood were gathering continually in front of our doors and windows. Teecee was very friendly. Thus many other cats liked to visit him and stay in his company. Frequently they jumped spontaneously through open windows to our flat, in order to play with Teecee or to lie in his vicinity. Sometimes there were several of these cats around, e.g. around four. Also, almost all the time we could see at least one or two these cats, as they played not far from our windows or doors. But in the moment of death of Teecee all these drastically have changed. In spite that intrigued by this state of things I many times looked for these cats on purpose, I was unable to see any of them nearby. Most clearly they all hide and keep far from the vicinity of our flat. This their behaviour could NOT be explained e.g. by a smell, as the flat was still without changes - i.e. it was not cleaned or washed. Also Teecee died in a hospital, not in the flat, and his body remained in the hospital. Thus the flat could NOT be saturated with a smell of death. (Teecee died in veterinary surgery many kilometres from the flat, and his body remained in this surgery until his cremation.) So how these other cats knew that something bad happened to Teecee? It is known to me that Chinese believe that cats see spirits of dead. I remember also from somewhere that ancient Egyptians as well believed similarly that cats are able to see dead. In turn myself I established beyond any doubt that eyes of cats see UFOnauts in their state of telekinetic flickering. This is because when my electronic devices revealed the nearby invisible presence of UFOnauts, I also noticed that Teecee see them as well, and with a horror watches what they are doing. For this reason the escape of all cats from our vicinity can be explained e.g. that after the death the spirit of Teecee started to show itself to other cats in the vicinity of our flat. In turn knowing that this is a spirit, not alive Teecee, these cats started to panic and become afraid to show in the vicinity of our flat. I must admit here, that apart from this only spiritualistic explanation, I do not see any other rational possibility which would explain why all cats from the neighbourhood so rapidly were afraid to appear or to stay in the vicinity of the former flat of Teecee. This thesis seemed to be confirmed by catching one of these cats far from our flat. It was a good friend of Teecee and in past it frequently used to jump to our flat by an open window to visit Teecee. But when this cat was carried inside of the same flat on fourth day after the death of Teecee (i.e. on Sunday, 1 October 2006), it was unable to hide its horror. It either hide his eyes in the manner characteristic for highly scared cats - i.e. by hiding its head under the hand which holds it, or it watched something with a visible horror as this flown around the space of the flat. Whatever this cat saw, it was something very definite. The cat followed this something with its eyes in the same manner as it would do when it would observe a flying bird. Unfortunately, I was not able to establish whether for sure it was the spirit of Teecee, or just one of these UFOnauts invisible to human eyes - which arrived to the flat to enjoy the pleasure of watching my pain and grieving. Although interestingly, in the first moment after this other cat was brought to the flat, this something that scared it was firstly located in the spot where Teecee typically used to lie in times when was alive. (Although an UFOnaut could also hover in this spot.) Only after a while this something started to fly through the volume of flat, approaching the cat several times and appearing as if stopping motionlessly for a while in front of the face of this cat. I should add to the above, that after around 2 weeks of time since the death of Teecee, other cats started to behave as if they were not scared any more.
       In less than a month after the death of Teecee, I was informed about another case of a very loved cat, which also rapidly go sick and died of cancer, while the tips of both its ears, as well as ends of its fur, were burned with something similarly like on Teecee. So it may appear that for some reasons UFOnauts intentionally kill the most loved cats of people with the use of their deadly machine for inducing cancers. If you, the reader, also have a cat which you love much, perhaps you should keep checking tips of its ears. If you notice signs of strong burning on these tips, this may mean that UFOnauts also issued a death sentence for this cat. Of course, if in fact UFOnauts systematically murder all most loved cats and other pets, then we should ask the question "why" they do this. Would it be possible that is true this persisting rumour that UFOnauts require for some their own purpose a kind of biological energy which is generated by people only when they feel a pain, despair, or grief. Is it possible that just in order to extract from people this "energy of pains" UFOnauts for thousands of years continually torment practically all inhabitants of the Earth?
       In order to summarise this report, the death of beloved Teecee was not wasted. Thanks to his suffering we learned first data about the action of a murderous "machine of UFOnauts for inducing cancers". Furthermore, only because of the death of Teecee and the indescribable pain and grieve that this death caused in me, I prepared this web page. After all, if not my feelings to Teecee, I would rather concentrate my efforts on improvement of other web pages of totalizm, than on writing this scary web page. So we can say that Teecee, in spite that was just a cat, actually still contributed to humanity a rather vital gift. This contribution takes the form of knowledge which I described here, and also the form of unconditional love which originally radiated from him, but which now I try to pass onto other people.

Part #C: Examples of criminal use by UFOnauts of their advanced medicine for destruction and tormenting of individual people:

       As this is a custom amongst professional bandits, UFOnauts are nocturnal creatures. They generate the majority of evil at nights, when we sleep. So there is a rule in operation, that if the anyone's illness is induced or increased during the night, while the health of this ill person is worse in the morning than was in evening, then this illness for sure is caused and intensified by UFOnauts. Here are descriptions of a range of illnesses and intentionally induced suffering, to which UFOnauts subjected myself during nights, and on the passing of which to me I managed to catch them.

#C1. The destructive use of medicine with which UFOnauts treated me repetitively (and probably are going to continue such their treatment):

       In fact UFOnauts use their advanced medicine for equally murderous purposes as this was done by Hitler's doctors. Here are the most important manners in which UFOnauts utilise their medical knowledge for extermination and tormenting people: (Notice that a bit of further details on a similar subject is provided on a separate web page about "plagues". In turn another summary of the same manners, but carried out from a different point of view, is provided on the web page about "landslides and mudslides".)
       (i) A vicious causing such damages in my body, which make difficult and painful the preparation of documentation and the accomplishing of the goals assumed. UFOnauts are masters of hidden torturing of people. In fact, I suspect that these were them who taught Hitler's people how to torture prisoners. Almost for sure also UFOnauts-changelings were initiators of photographing of prisoners in the prison Abu Ghraib from Iraq near Baghdad (for the first time published on 21 May 2004 by the "Washington Post" - as explained in Part #I of this web page). UFOnauts utilise in a perfect manner their evil medical knowledge regarding hidden manners of inducing pains in people. They use it for obstructing the accomplishment of our goals, and for blocking various human activities. For example, whenever I have something to do, for which highly functional fingers are required, rapidly at nights, from no-one knows where, along the centres of my fingernails deep cuts rapidly appear. These cuts split my finger nails into two halves. The cuts cause, that any use of fingers induces powerful pains and becomes a torture. Of course, thoughtless people would suspect that these cuttings of my fingernails are cracks that originate from the lack of the E vitamin or zinc. But I know that when fingernails crack from the lack of the E vitamin or zinc, then (a) they crack in all directions - not just along the central axis of the finger, (b) cracks are not so deep (long) that they split the fingernail practically into two halves, (c) cracks do NOT appear only in the middle of nights during the abductions onto a UFO deck - but prefer to appear during a daytime work when these fingernails are bend, and also (d) these fingernails crack mainly when something is NOT right with our eating - not only when we intend to carry out a job which runs against interests of UFOnauts. In a similar manner, when I have an intention to carry out activities which UFOnauts do not like, but for which a high physical fitness is needed, then in a morning I awake with a powerful back ache (i.e. UFOnauts in the "goodness of their hearts" try to save me from the effort of completing this work, by shifting at night my disc in the spinal cord). In the result, a next day every my movement becomes an agony. Still another kind of a "trick" UFOnauts use on me when in some matter, which they do not like, a lot of walking is required a next day. In such a case during a night abduction onto a UFO deck, as a standard UFOnauts use to "bit" the muscles out from the bones under my foot (i.e. probably during a night abduction into a UFO, they apply a strong strike with a big hammer to the sole of my foot). So in the morning I woke up with a powerful pain in my feet which almost refuses to support me. For several next days after such a "treatment" from UFOnauts, a walking is an agony. But after I published these descriptions, UFOnauts changed the kind of painful damage to my body. Namely, in the first half of April 2006, when I was about to work hard on the development of the internet web page "wszewilki_2007.htm", UFOnauts secretly dislocated my right a hip joint during a night. Thus, for around three next weeks every step I took, was for me a torture, and I was almost crying from the pain while walking. When this pain finally subsided, UFOnauts dislocated the joint in my left shoulder at a night, thus making painful the hand which I also use for typing. Then, for at least next four months they kept refreshing this pain by occasionally dislocating this joint again at nights. Of course, the pain inflicted upon me by UFOnauts never stops me completely from completing my tasks. Thus in spite of the suffering inflicted purposely by UFOnauts, I slowly persevere and still make sure that I complete whatever I intended. Always on such occasions I am surprised by their twisted logics. After all, UFOnauts know jolly well that in spite of the pain which they inflict upon me, I still complete whatever I intended. They also know jolly well, that their sadistic actions I later describe thoroughly on my web pages, or in my publications. In the result, the evil that they impose on me makes to them almost the same damage as to me.
       (ii) The induction illnesses in me during times when these illnesses obstruct most the preparation of documentation against UFOnauts. UFOnauts love infecting me with viruses of illnesses similar to flu and cold, or with various fungi infections of respiratory system. They carry out such infecting when I plan to gather this part of the documentation which requires a fresh mind and a clarity of thinking. The participation of UFOnauts in inducing such illnesses in me, usually can be recognised firstly by the intensity of the infection and by the speed of development of the illness (i.e. in such cases UFOnauts always treat me with a "horse dose" of the infecting agent, so that the illness develops with a shocking speed). Secondly it also can be recognised by the kind of memories and feelings which remain in me after the night abduction to a UFO - i.e. the abduction during which UFOnauts infect me with a given illness (e.g. always on the occasion of infecting me with an illness, some female UFOnauts cannot resist to rape me). For example, when not long ago I was preparing the writing of the web page on landslips and mudslides, UFOnauts infected me with a ghastly version of flu, which dragged until the time of finishing that writing. More on the topic of intentional infecting me with illnesses by UFOnauts is written in subsections E2 and E6 from volume 4 of monograph [8].
       (iii) The induction of physical exhaustion for the duration of time when I plan a creative writing. It is known that one cannot be creative when is exhausted physically. In turn the majority of what I do requires the creative mind. UFOnauts know this perfectly well, thus they sabotage my creativity on several different, evilly cunning, manners. For example, at nights which proceed my actions that require a creative mind, they send to me cosmic prostitutes of some sort, which "have with me their wicked ways". In the result, a next morning I awake completely exhausted from the energy, and painful all over as if a tank rolled along my body a last night. Simultaneously, I notice the presence on my body of all signs of being sexually violated - which are described in subsection U3.7.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]. These signs indicate that I was raped during the night, and probably not just a single time. Sometimes such rapes may take place as many as 4 times a week (in spite that I have already over 60 years of age, thus that the UFOnauts should allow me to get retired from their wicked ways). Another manner of bringing to me a heavy head during days when I plan creative tasks, is to deprive me of rest at nights. With various manners UFOnauts simply disallow me to fall asleep a given night. In recent times they most frequently prevent my sleeping through directing at me a pillar of a field, or a telepathic command of some sort - which induce an extreme anxiety. In past they liked to use for the same purpose a repetitive tickling directed at ever changing parts of the skin, carried out with objects in a state of telekinetic flickering. Sometimes they resorted also to inducing rapid noises each time I fell asleep.
       (iv) The carrying out some medical "experiments" on me, about which I do NOT know what they are for, although knowing the barbarism of UFOnauts I believe that these are not for good. Independently from manners of obstructing my goals via the use of evil medicine of UFOnauts, which are described above, these morally degenerated creatures from cosmos carry out on me a whole array of further medical experiments, about which I still did not discover what these are for. Here are some of them, which are repeated on me on regular basis. (a) Shooting under my skin some sort of dissolvable crystals. It is carried out relatively regular with around a month gaps between subsequent shootings. After the shooting, these crystals cause a nasty wounds of the size of average bumps from mosquito bites. After the night during which UFOnauts carry out such shooting of a next crystal, my organism behaves as if it was poisoned. My kidneys are then in strong pain. The places these crystals are shot into, do not want to heal for around 3 months. I noticed that the favourite place where UFOnauts shoot these crystals coincide with the location of various glands under my skin. For example, they lie under my ears, in centres of my cheeks, under the chin, and also in several other places on my body. (b) The burning of square marks on my skin (most frequently the face skin). These marks look like the skin was accidentally burned due to a touch with a hot square electrode. The biggest out of these burned squares, scorched above my right cheek around 15 January 2004, has the side dimension of around 7 mm. Others have smaller side dimensions. On one of these, located under the right eye, the skin of my face was burned so strongly, that it is completely black. (c) Shooting me something under toe nails. UFOnauts carry out this every several years. Usually this finishes with a permanent damage to the nail and then with a continuous pain which later radiates from this damaged nail for many years. Recently UFOnauts did this to me with the nail from the large toe on my left foot. Although I am not able to deduce for what purpose these medical "experiments" supposed to serve, for sure they are sources of strong pains, various unpleasant feelings, wondering, and psychological uncertainty. Also I never know whether these medical experiments constitute some kind of a slow and unnoticeable sending me off to another world.
       (v) Biological and sexual exploitation. UFOnauts secretly occupy the Earth for the purpose of robbery. Namely, they rob from people various biological resources, including moral energy, body fluids, tissues, organs, foetuses, etc., etc. The most important amongst these robbed biological resources is the sperm milked from men and ovule taken from women. From these UFOnauts raise later on their planets a kind of slaves for doing all heavy, dirty, or dangerous works. These slaves UFOnauts call "biorobots". More on the subject of these our children called "biorobots" is provided in subsection U4.2 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]. Simultaneously, in the situation when someone is already abducted to a UFO deck in order to be subjected to such a robbery over there, frequently this person is also raped by someone amongst UFOnauts. There are numerous indicators, which are described in subsection U3.7.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4], from which one can recognise cases when during such an unaware night abduction to a UFO is subjected to a rape. As it turns out, if someone is not too ugly, he or she can be subjected to this rape on decks of UFOs even several times each week.
* * *
       There is one curious aspect of these medical tormenting carried out by UFOnauts, which I would like to share here. This is that I am ready to bet, that this tormenting is also known to numerous other readers, who are also subjected to such criminal medicine of UFOnauts, only that they have no clue what they are dealing with. Perhaps this web page realises to them, that they are victimised by UFOnauts, not just being sickly.
       UFOnauts use their time vehicles and the mastery of time travel for preventing people from noticing that they carry out any medical experiments on someone in his or her own bedroom. Namely, they slow down for the duration of these experiments the natural elapse of time. In this way, when for the outside world only several seconds passes, for the victim of these medical experiments several hours may pass. In turn, when the time is slowed down, the victim may hear an extraordinary sound. This sound may only be heard when the elapse of time for a given person is slowed down. Me personally this sound resembles a loud rustling of soft aluminium foil (type used for cooking). Other people compare it to the sound of gargling of water in gumboots during walking, or to a sound that long, wet grass produces when someone walks through it. It can usually be heard when one still sleeps but is close to awakening. After one awakens, the sound rapidly is cut off - i.e. devices of UFOnauts return a normal speed of time. If you, the reader, ever have heard such loud rustling during your sleep, this means that you are an object of experiments of UFOnauts - not that a pack of mice ravages your bedroom only at the times when you sleep. More about this extraordinary sound, including the mechanism of creating it, is described in subsection C1 from my Polish treatise [3b]. This strange sound is also described in item #B6 of the web page about timevehicles.

#C2. The use by UFOnauts of fungi spores and viruses for infecting selected people:

       UFOnauts have this extremely evil habit, that when they are against of whatever we are doing, then they try to find a well hidden and highly cunning manner of effective stopping these our activities. In my personal case such stopping is frequently carried out by forwarding me for inhalation at nights clouds of spores of a fungi illness of some sort. Symptoms of this infection with these spores are similar to symptoms of just an ordinary flu. But the healing of this illness is impossible with the same medicines as flu is healed. In fact anti-flu medicines only make worse the situation of this infection. On the basis of my analyses to-date, I suspect that this infection is carried out with spores slightly similar to a famous anthrax.
       A bit more about this intentional infecting with illnesses the people who work somehow against interests of UFOnauts, is explained in subsections VB3.2, VB3.3 and VB4.7 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4], and also in subsection V8.3 from volume16 of the same monograph [1/4]. In turn a specific case of such a fungi infection whyich I experienced myself, is discussed in item C2 from subsection A1 of the treatise [7/2].

Part #D: Hidden methods of squashing progressive ideas, knowledge, and inventions by systematic murdering and persecution by evil UFOnauts individual creators, researchers, and carriers of a progress:

#D1. UFOnauts hold back progress on Earth, amongst others, through the use of the so-called "curse of inventors":

       This "curse of inventors" is a name for a process of systematic although invisible extermination and persecution by evil UFOnauts of all creative people on Earth who carry out anything that represents a significant progress for our civilisation. The most thoroughly this curse is described in items #G1 to #G9 of the web page named eco_cars.htm. In turn fates of several examples of famous people whom I used to know in person, and who were affected by this "curse of inventors" are described in items #H1 to #H2 of the web page named newzealand_visit_pl.htm.

#D2. Three-dimensional torturing of people selected by UFOnauts for destruction:

       UFOnauts are very vindictive creatures. No wonder that in past they were called "devils" and "Satan". If for some reason they select someone for destruction, then they carry out this destruction in a highly systematic, although well hidden, manner. I continually have the opportunity to experience how this destruction looks like. After all, for reasons mentioned at the beginning of Part #I of this web page, I am subjected to this destruction continually for as log as I am able to reach with my memory. So I am going to summarise here briefly what this destruction is all about.
       Independently from cyclically repeated assassinations - described in item #D3 below, and also independently from continuous obstructing everything that we do - according to principles of the "curse of inventors" described in the previous item #D1, the majority of such destructive actions of UFOnauts can be defined as a "3-dimensional torture". In subsection VB3.2 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4] this special kind of torture I described under the name of complex "persecution". In general terms, this torture depends on inflicting a pain to the destroyed person in all 3 dimensions in which we live, namely in dimensions (1) physical, (2) emotional, and (3) mental. (These three dimensions are described also on web pages about totalizm, and about moral laws, as well as in subsections JE3 and JC11.8 of monograph [1/4]. These dimensions result from the fact, that according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity we live simultaneously in 3 worlds, namely in (1) our physical world, (2) counter-world, and (3) virtual world. In each of these worlds our living processes manifest themselves in a different manner, which we perceive just as such processes which are (1) physical, (2) emotional, and (3) intelligent mental processes.) In each out of these 3 dimensions UFOnauts organise for us completely different source of the pain which works simultaneously but also independently from sources of pain inflicted in remaining dimensions. Here are examples of such independent sources of pains from different dimensions, which in my own case UFOnauts seem to continually trouble me:
       (i) A physical pain. This kind of pain UFOnauts induce in our physical body. Most frequently such continuous physical pain UFOnauts inflict through the use their criminal medicine on me at nights - as this is described in item #B1 above. So whenever a previous painful problem is healed, which UFOnauts inflicted me during a previous abduction, e.g. smashing of muscles under my feet, or pulling a disc in my spine cord, or longitudinal cut along my fingernail, immediately UFOnauts inflict me at night a next (different) equally painful bodily harm. For example, during a subsequent abduction at night they pull my hand from the arm-joint or leg from a hip-joint, or shoot a painful crystal under my skin, or pull my muscle, etc., etc. So practically I am continually subjected to various physical pain. Also I do not remember a time when noting annoying and disturbing my activities would just cause a pain. UFOnauts make sure, that although the sources of my pain continually keep changing, the disturbing pain itself always stays with me.
       (ii) An emotional pain. This is inflicted by UFOnauts simultaneously with a physical pain, but by causing some other events which this time inflict emotional pain. A best example of such an emotional pain can be the murdering of my beloved Teecee described in item #B3 of this web page. Although this murdering was just one event in a long chain of continuous emotional torturing which lasts for the duration of many years. Other manifestations of this torturing include, amongst others, continuous sending me abusing emails and letters, criticising, offending, scoffing, and ridiculing in practically all interned discussion forums, continuous accusation of supposed committing various moral or spiritual offences or organising religious sects, dissemination of lies on my subject, etc., etc.
       (iii) A mental pain. This is inflicted by UFOnauts through various purely mental tortures. Such tortures depend, e.g. on a continuous confrontation with evidence of counter-acting against every effort that I undertake. Thus, e.g. my efforts of finding a job are fruitless, all my internet web pages arte sabotaged and have limitations imposed about a number of visits, everything that I try to organise is disorganised by someone, etc., etc. Other forms of purely mental torture frequently used by UFOnauts depend on inducing almost a continuous fear. In turn such a fear they induce e.g. through sending emails with threats and suggestions of assassinations, through arranging continuous dangers in places of living, through destruction of economical foundations of our lives, through threatening health and lives of our loved ones, through demonstrative sabotages in our own computer the vital software which we use, through destruction or demonstrative changes of whatever we prepared in our computers, continuous setting up warious traps on us, etc., etc.
* * *
       Really, it is extremely difficult to endure such continuous torturing on thousands of well hidden manners. It stops me from being surprised that this devilish occupation and exploitation of the Earth by UFOnauts cannot be removed from our back since the beginnings of the settling of humanity on our planet. After all, in history of Earth to-date it is extremely difficult to find people, who were able to endure all these on long term and just in the name of improving the fate of humanity.

#D3. The arranging of secretive accidents and hidden assassinations for contributors of a progress:

       The best example of such a secretive assassination can be a deadly car "accident" which UFOnauts arranged for a world famous UFO researcher, Professor John E. Mack, M.D., the author of a famous book [1T1] entitled: "Abduction - human encounters with aliens", Ballantine Books - a division of Random House, Inc., New York, May 1995, ISBN 0-345-39300-7, Library of Congress Card Number 93-38116, volume 464 pages (presently also available in the translation to Polish under the title "Uprowadzenia - spotkania ludzi z kosmitami"). A wider description of the contribution of Professor Mack to our knowledge, as well as a description of this fatal car "accident" with the use of which UFOnauts killed him, is presented on the web page on predators, and also in item #C9 of the web page FAQ - questions. I personally recommend highly the reading of the Professor's Mack book [1T1]. This is because it provides one of the best reviews of evidence in support of the occupation of Earth by evil UFOnauts. Only that Professor Mack almost never interprets the evidence which he accumulated. Therefore his book is best read in conjunction with the monograph [1/4].
       In 2005 a very long list of UFO researchers who were systematically murdered by UFOnauts was provided on an English web site carrying the address:
       In my own case I counted as many as almost 30 "accidents", all of which displayed every attribute of well camouflaged assassination attempts. All of them displayed also signs which are characteristic for attempts arranged by UFOnauts. Some of these "accidents" are discussed in monograph [1/4] - as an example see there subsection A4 from volume 1 (take the notice of items #2, #3, #77), or subsection VB4.5.1 from volume 17.

#D4. Secretive abducting forever of inconvenient people by UFOnauts:

       A significant number of people is secretly abducted forever by UFOnauts. Unfortunately for us, the majority of these abductions are so organised by UFOnauts, that they look like accidents, people getting lost, drowning, etc. Only in very sparse cases all data indicate that a given disappearance forever was caused by abduction to a UFO deck.
       An example of just such an abduction forever is the fate of so-called "Sandringham Company". Namely in 1915, at Gallipoli (Turkey), UFO vehicles induced a powerful yellow fog, to which an entire company of soldiers marched in sight of numerous witnesses, to never be seen again. The fate of this company is described in more details in subsection VB4.5.1 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4]. A wide description of this company is also provided in item #7 (with mentioning in #2) of the web page about cloud UFOs.
       Another example of a similar abduction forever by a UFO was the fate of a New Zealander named Patrick Fisk. He lived in the place named Oropi - 10 km from Tauranga. On 5 December 1956 he wend in a car for a job-related trip (he was a tax man). In the place locally called "The Summit", which was positioned on top of the pass between Te Whaih and Ruatahuna, he stopped for a moment by a roadside to eat a sandwich which was prepared by his wife. The partially eaten sandwich and open thermos with tea was later found at a sit of his car. He himself disappeared without leaving a slightest trace. The characteristic attribute of this case was, that - as this always is the case with matters involving UFOnauts, everything in the investigation of his disappearance went mysteriously wrong. For example, all police files of this case were lost - supposedly in fire. (This disappearance of his files resembles my own case of stealing by UFOnauts of the well-protected article about solving Rubik's cube 4x4=16 - which is described in details in the introduction #A1 to the web page about solving Rubik's cube 4x4=16.) The summary of the disappearance of Mr Fisk is described in the article "The tax man who vanished", from page A8 of the newspaper named The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, December 4, 2006.
       The abduction to a UFO of someone named Travis Walton in 1975, which also supposed to be "forever" - fortunately finished otherwise, is shown in an American documentary entitled "Fire in the sky" (1993). More information about this film was provided in subsections O5.4 and P6.1 from volumes, respectively 12 and 13 of monograph [1/4].

#D5. Arranging by UFOnauts spectacular killings of people who attempted pioneering endeavours:

       If one is to believe in press articles and television news, everything looked like an instruction quoted from the chapter "how to abduct people in way which does NOT induce anyone's suspicions" in a textbook for UFOnauts. On 11 January 2007, 39 years old Australian adventurer named Andrew McAuley, left Fortescue Bay, Tasmania. He intended to cross alone in kayak from Tasmania to New Zealand. No-one previously accomplished such a fit of crossing the Tasmanian Sea in a kayak. So he had a chance to be the first who accomplishes such crossing in a kayak. He had a significant experience in the use of sea kayak in similar conditions. So he prepared himself for this trip very thoroughly. His equipment included, amongst others, the satellite telephone which kept him in touch with the land all the time, and also a computer which allowed him to be in touch with family and friends via internet.
       Problems started when he was around one hundred kilometres from the destination. (This destination was Milford Sound in New Zealand.) At first completely unexpectedly his batteries for the satellite telephone got flat. As he was an experienced adventurer who for long time used this kind of equipment, we should not suspect that he forgotten to charge his batteries, or that he wrongly calculated the electrical capacitance of batteries taken in this trip. After all, we already know jolly well, that the nearby presence of invisible UFO vehicle causes a rapid flatting down batteries. But before he completely lost his link with the land, he managed to send a last message about a rapid exhaustion of his batteries, giving his current position and the expected time of arrival at the destination point. Soon after the silencing, exactly at 7:19 on Friday, 9 February 2007, the rescue centre in New Zealand intercepted a garbled message on the maritime distress channel. Someone identifying himself as "kayak one" asked for help - for details see the article "Kayaker's family wait to see if search will go on" from page A2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, February 12, 2007. This request for help was very strange though. Firstly it was supposedly send by a radio, while this adventurer had no radio but just a satellite telephone. Secondly, English was his native language, so how then this message could be send in a garbled English. Tertiary, the voice from the recording of this request for help was described by his own family as NOT his voice. For example in the article "Now he may never be found" published on page A1 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, February 12, 2007, his own brother, Michael, stated that - quote "the voice on the message did not sound like his brother". So someone impersonated this adventurer - but who and why? In the result of this request for help, the rescue centre send helicopters and airplanes for search. On Saturday, 10 February 2007 his kayak was found turned upside down. The kayak was only around 80 km from the destination of his trip. But neither him, nor his body, was ever found. Later examinations of the kayak indicated, that the kayak was in a perfect technical condition and could continue the trip. The only thing which was missing, was a 70 cm tall fibreglass safety bubble that set on the back. This safety bubble was to maintain the right positions of the kayak in the wavy sea at nights. Although even in case of cutting it from the kayak the bubble still should float nearby, it disappeared completely. Most clearly it stood on the way of something that approached the kayak from the above.
       If one assumes that this entire event was NOT fabricated in a purposeful although very clumsy way by UFOnauts, then nothing in the case makes any sense. But such sense immediately appears when one accepts that these were UFOnauts who decided to kill the adventurer, and thus UFOnauts fabricated the entire chain of strange events. UFOnauts had a valid reason to kill him. After all, he was showing a positive example to other people - this never is liked by evil UFOnauts who enslave humanity. Therefore they "arranged" an accident for him, and make sure that his disappearance is loudly announced and it gives a discouraging example for all others who could follow his trail. The killing described here is not the first one, nor probably the last one, such a case when UFOnauts murder courageous people who took at some accomplishments not attempted yet by other people.
       One more curious aspect of the above mysterious event, is the fact that this particular expedition was filmed for a documentary film. As this was explained in the article "Kayaker 'not your typical blokey adventurer'" ze strony A4 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, February 14, 2007, which (article) discusses the matter of that film, one amongst most vital reasons for which the "Australian Geographic Society's journal" sponsored this film, was that the kayaker could inspire others with his qualities such as self-reliance, responsibility for one's own actions, innovation, teamwork, and collaboration. However, most clearly some dark forces were interested in not letting this film gave others a positive role model to follow. Although a film crew was not present at the time when this courageous adventurer crossed the sea, nor when he was killed, still his departure from Tasmania, as well as the rescue efforts and the moment of finding the overturned kayak, were captured on film. So from the filming point of view the above case is very similar to another killing of the Australian hero named Steve Irwin - frequently called also the "crocodile hunter". Steve Irwin was also providing a positive role model for others, and also died during filming a documentary. (He died on 4 September 2006). Although he was killed by the barb of a stingray, still it is known that UFOnauts are able to induce telepathically attacks of animals on people. (It was just such a telepathic steering that around 2005 UFOnauts induced with it a world-wide epidemic of attacks of dogs on people.) So most clearly UFOnauts do not like courageous people, who can inspire others to positive actions, and about which documentary films are just recorded.
       At this point I should also reveal, that soon after on the servers of totalizm I published this information that emphasizes the positive role of inspirers, which people of this calibre fulfil in the human civilisation, some dark powers published an article, the content of which contradicts of what I state here. This article is entitled "Admirable adventures or foolhardy glory-hunters?", and it appeared on page A17 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, February 16, 2007. It presents contra-arguments against almost everything that I state here about the positive meaning of this kind of endeavours. It also skilfully tries to discourage others to undertaking in their lives anything that is courageous and new.

Part #E: Methods of simultaneous destruction of large numbers of people by UFOnauts through a secretive arranging of various cataclysms which are fabricated so that they look like "natural":

#E1. Technical control exerted by UFOnauts over destructive elements so that these elements kill crowds of people for the evil aliens:

       Starting from 11 September 2001, UFOnauts carry out a kind of invisible war with humanity. In this war they unleashed against people, amongst others, various destructive elements over which they have a complete control. Listed below are these destructive elements which are most repetitively used by UFOnauts. Their common attribute is, that for all of them we already have learned manners with the use of which UFOnauts control them. These manners are described either on separate web pages indicated below (e.g. see the web page hurricanes), or in subsections of monograph [1/4] also indicated below. Here is the list of destructive elements unleashed lately very frequently to destroy humanity:
       (i) The technical inducing of destructive waves of tsunamis. Everything seem to indicate that apart from illnesses spread over the Earth by UFOnauts, such tsunamis soon are going to become a second basic tool of UFOnauts in a massive destruction of our civilization. For example, on 26 December 2004 UFOnauts induced technically a murderous tsunami in the Indian Ocean. This tsunami killed around 300 000 people. An exact description of this tsunami, together with the presentation of a voluminous body of evidence that conclusively proves that it was induced technically by UFOnauts, is provided on a separate web page. In "Menu 2" and "Menu 4" this web page is available under the name "26th day".
       From the characteristics of this tsunami appears that for UFOnauts it was a kind of practical test for the effectiveness of their methods of mass murdering of people with the use of tsunami waves. After their success with that test, we should expect that soon UFOnauts are going to hit us with similar tsunamis in all sensitive areas of the globe (e.g. in Europe, USA, south of Africa, etc.). It is worth to keep eyes on UFOnauts and to watch out what these murderous aliens are preparing for us.
       (ii) The technical inducing of powerful earthquakes. These seem to be used by UFOnauts mainly to destroy individual cities. There is increasingly more of these lately.
       (iii) The intentional formation in Indonesia a so-called "mud volcano". On 29 May 2006, in the township Sidoarjo from the island of Java, in Eastern Indonesia, the drilling in search of crude oil caused the formation of an extraordinary "mud volcano". Since that time the volcano ejects thousands of tons of boiling, poisonous mud, which gradually floods the entire plain on which the eruption of this volcano was caused. For example, in November 2006 buildings of the former township Sidoarjo were completely flooded with poisonous mud, above the roofs, so that nothing was visible from them. Scientists explain that the volcano was created when an underground lake was opened by the drilling, in which the mud was bottled under a huge pressure. All data indicate that amongst directors of this drilling company that caused the ecological disaster, worked an UFOnaut-changeling. This UFOnaut on purpose insisted to drill just in that particular place, in spite that all circumstances pushed not to drill there. For example, the drilling was carried out in the middle of the densely populated township - while normally it is not done in towns. Also the drilling was done in the middle of fertile plains, in which in addition there were no geological premises for an existence of any crude oil.
       (iv) The technical inducing of murderous tornados. These are released in a technical manner through spinning of the air by magnetic circuits of invisible UFO vehicles. These for a long time are already used by UFOnauts as a proven in action tool for selective destruction of individual buildings and other structures that UFOnauts selected for wiping out.
       (v) The technical inducing of hurricanes, typhoons, and powerful winds. These are released technically by UFOnauts through dragging so-called "low-pressure whirls of counter-matter" with large UFO vehicles onto selected areas of destruction. An example of just such a hurricane induced technically by a UFO vehicle was the famous Katrina. Such hurricanes are used relatively frequent for destruction of crops and cities, and thus for deepening the deficit of food, fuel, housing, and other resources on Earth, as well as for scaring and subduing people.
       (vi) Powerful and rapid falls of rain, together with flash floods caused by these falls. For some time now these are used by UFOnauts for eroding "morale" of subsequent societies.
       (vii) Mudslides, landslides, and snow avalanches, induced technically by UFO vehicles invisible to humans eyes. These in recent times become a real plague for mountaineer countries, such as New Zealand or Switzerland - for details see the web page about landslides and mudslides.
       (viii) Draughts and waves of heat, as well as biological disturbances that they cause. E.g. attacks of locust.
       (ix) Extremely low temperatures. These are used for paralyzing operation of entire societies.
       (x) The induction of paralyzing fogs, clouds, so-called "whirls of clear air", etc. These in turn cause traffic accidents, communication problems, collisions of airplanes, chaos, confusion, etc. More on the subject of technological induction of clouds and fogs by UFOnauts, together with photographs of these phenomena, is presented on a separate web page named UFO-clouds.
       (xi) Changes introduced to mechanisms that decide about the permanent climate on Earth. Examples of such changes include, amongst others: quiet increase in the "ozone hole", acceleration of the "glass-house effect", changes in the course of ocean currents, creation of "wind tunnels" along the surface of Earth, which cause the melting of glaciers in mountains and on polar caps, parting huge portions of ice from Antarctica, etc. How UFOnauts form the majority of these destructive phenomena is described, amongst others, on the web page about hurricanes, and also in subsections H5.4 and H5.3 as well as in chapter KB of monograph [1/4].
* * *
       In an invisible and undetectable for people manner UFOnauts attack our civilization on every possible destructive manner.

#E2. The imposing of various decisions by UFOnauts or by leaders of subsequent countries, which decisions bring later cataclysmic consequences:

       If one analyses the most vital decisions taken by governments and leaders of subsequent countries, then must arrive to the conclusion, that out of all decisions possible for taking, selected and implemented are always such ones which introduce the most cataclysmic consequences for given society and for the rest of the world. What is even more interesting, these decisions cannot be excused by the lack of information or by ignorance of decision makers. This is because many of them display the attributes of stubborn and intentional sabotaging of own country and the entire humanity. So the actual explanation for taking such fatal decisions can only be the secretive activity of UFOnauts-changelings operating in governments of subsequent countries. Let us review now at least examples of decisions of some governments, which seem to be the most catastrophic in consequences:
       (i) The resuming of hunt on whales. According to what I explained in item #5 of the web page evolution of humanity, all evidence seems to indicate that whales and dolphins are the only still alive animal relatives of people. But against these beautiful and almost humanly intelligent animals powerful governments of several countries are conspiring, including Japan, Iceland, and Norway - see item #6 of the web page evolution of humanity. For example, Japan murders whales already for many years under an excuse of supposed "scientific research". In turn Iceland resumed hunting whales in middle of October 2006. Similarly fast and ruthless are murders of dolphins. If it goes like this for much longer, soon people will NOT have any animal relatives still left alive.
       (ii) Ozone hole. This one is increasing fast, amongst others, because of the stubbornness with which many countries still are producing their fridges with chemicals that deplete the ozone layer. In October 2006 this ozone hole reached the size which was the biggest one since times of starting to monitor it. In turn with this hole increase also cases of skin cancers, chronic illnesses of numerous animals and vegetation, etc., etc.
       (iii) Warming up the Earth's climate. This is also caused by a malicious releasing of huge amounts of thermal energy by UFO vehicles - the mechanism involved is explained in item #B15 of the web page about military applications of UFO vehicles. Of course, UFOnauts managed to skilfully convince people that this warming up is caused solely by the stubbornness with which many countries refuse to decrease the emissions of glass-house gases. (Of course, the emissions do contribute, but are not the sole reason.) In turn this warming up of the climate introduces various murderous consequences, such as the latest fungi infection called BD (Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis) which murdered entire populations of frogs in the Southern and Middle America, while on summer 2006 started to kill frogs also in Spain. (A description of this infection is contained, amongst others, in the article "Climate link to deaths of amphibians" from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, October 26, 2006.) It seems to be only a matter of time before the change of climate causes also that people begin to die like these frogs.

Part #F: Turning against people the human technology:

#F1. Technical arranging of various cataclysmic catastrophes by UFOnauts:

       UFOnauts are also masters in hidden causing of mass-scale "accidents" which so-far were believed to be caused by unfortunate coincidents. But in fact these are simply very skilfully "arranged" disasters. Here is the review of most significant out of such "accidents":
       (i) Downing the space shuttle Columbia by UFOnauts. As it turns out, UFOnauts also intentionally downed the American space shuttle Columbia. How exactly they carried out this downing, and also what evidence indicates their hidden involvement in this destruction of Columbia, it is explained in a separate web page. In "Menu 2" and in "Menu 4" this web page is available under the name "Columbia". Furthermore, evidence regarding this downing of the space shuttle Columbia by UFOnauts is also presented in subsection O8.2 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4].
       The key evidence, which documents conclusively the intentional downing of the space shuttle Columbia by a UFO, is the photograph taken at the moment when a UFO vehicle approached the shuttle. This photograph captured both, the flying shuttle, as well as the UFO vehicle which approached the shuttle. The photograph was published under the name "lightning bolt". Unfortunately the author of this photograph does NOT believe himself in the existence of UFOs. Thus the trajectory of the UFO which approached the space shuttle Columbia he explains on his photograph as a huge lightning (so-called "megalightning") which appeared in the vacuum of cosmic space. (He does NOT explain, however, how the electricity of this lightning was generated and accumulated in the vacuum of cosmic space - means without the presence of friction.) The author of this photograph also does NOT agree to show his photograph - with my own explanation as to what it shows, on the above totaliztic web page about "Columbia". But even in spite that I am not allowed to show his photograph on my web page on Columbia which explains in details what it actually captured, the sole fact that the photo does exists, and that together with a misleading explanation (that it presents a megalightning) it can be found on various web pages authorised for showing it, is a sufficient evidence that the space shuttle Columbia was in fact downed by a UFO.
       (ii) Sabotages carried out by UFOnauts with their advanced technical devices, on human technical devices or buildings, and camouflaged to look like "accidents", human errors, acts of terrorism, fires, acts of God, etc. Numerous examples from this category of tools of UFOnauts for hidden destruction, unleashed unnoticeably with the advanced devices which UFOnauts have, are described on the web page demolition of hall in Katowice. Some amongst these tools include, amongst others: sinking human ships and submarines (e.g. the "accident" with the Titanic), shooting down our airliners, derailing trains, melting nuclear reactors (e.g. "Chernobyl"), so-called "blackouts" (means cutting off electricity from entire cities or countries, including hospitals), evaporation or collapsing of bridges, dams, sections of highways, etc. According to my personal opinion, all these acts of deadly sabotages UFOnauts usually carry out just in order to kill individual people they are after. But that along the way hundreds or thousand more people die, it does not seem to bother UFOnauts. (More information on this topic is provided in subsections O6 and O8 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4].)

#F2. The polluting of the soil in New Zealand by deadly poison "dioxin - TCDD":

       Starting from 1962, until 1987, subsequent governments of New Zealand provided financial support for the production and spaying along the entire territory of New Zealand of the extremely poisonous herbicide. This weedkiller is called in New Zealand 2,4,5-T. But the chemical composition of it is similar to the murderous substance sprayed by Americans during the Vietnam War and called the "Orange Agent". One of the components of it is the poison called "dioxin - TCDD", which does NOT decay chemically. This poison, after being sprayed, accumulates in the soil and then enters the food chain of animals and people. For a long time it was known in New Zealand that this substance causes permanent genetic damage and human mutations, that it instigates various kinds of deadly illnesses, such as rare cancers and diabetes, that causes murderous birth defects, etc., etc. But in spite of this knowledge, a whole range of subsequent governments of New Zealand insisted to produce and to spray it, while one health minister of this country claimed in TV that is ready to drink it in order to prove that it is harmless (but he did not support his words with actions and did NOT drink this poison). At present, New Zealand have a huge problem with consequences of so many years of spaying of this weedkiller. It appears that the poison contained in it may already be in the food chain of this country and it slowly poisons consumers of the food produced in there. About the horrifying consequences of this spraying, and also about the many years long conspiracy of subsequent governments which tried to hide these consequences, there was a TV documentary entitled "60 Minutes", broadcasted on Monday, 23 October 2006, on channel 3 TVNZ, at times 7:30 to 8:30. Some amongst matters raised in this documentary are also discussed in the article "Dioxin - case scientist to quiz accuser", from page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, October 25, 2006. (A similar article entitled "Call for full inquiry into dioxin claims" appeared also on page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, October 25, 2006.)
       The problem with this case of poisoning the soil of New Zealand by several subsequent governments, as described above, is such that practically in various forms similar cases take place in almost every country of the world. Almost in every country local governments support various forms of poisoning of the soil, water, or air. Substances with which this poisoning is carried out may change from country to country. In one country it can be poisonous chemicals, in other radioactive isotopes, murderous smokes, or human sewage poured into rivers or seas. Also excuses under which this poisoning takes place can in each case be different. In some countries governments may claim that do not wish to jeopardise the competitiveness of their economies, in others that they are too poor, or that they need nuclear weapon to defend their nations. But the consequences for people always are the same. The health and the lives of people are increasingly at growing risks, while the future of our planet is secretly sabotaged.

Part #G: The organising of large-scale intrigues by UFOnauts, which induce self-destruction of various groups of people through the wars, terrorism, oppression, etc.:

#G1. Evaporation of WTC skyscrapers by UFOs and the "war on terror":

       UFOnauts are masters in "dividing and ruling". They continually instigate one groups of people, like nations, countries, religions, or ideologies, to start wars or fights against other similar groups of people, nations, or countries. In turn humans mesmerized by these UFOnauts, fall victims of these instigations since the most ancient times until practically today , in spite that they are warn about them by practically every religion.
       The list of murderous attacks of UFOnauts on humanity from the most recent times includes also WTC skyscrapers in New York. These skyscrapers were evaporated by UFOs literally in the sight of thousands of people who observed this evaporation in real time or on screens of their television sets. A huge range of evidence in support of the fact, that these were invisible for human sight UFO vehicles which evaporated WTC buildings (not an attack of Islamic terrorists), is presented in a whole range of separate web pages of the physical name wtc.htm.

#G2. Formation of conditions on Earth, in which people release various mechanisms of self-destruction and social degeneration:

       UFOnauts who secretly occupy our planet mastered practically the ability to form such conditions in a whole range of disciplines and areas. In turn these conditions push people to self-destruction. Let us list here at least some of them. Here they are:
       (i) Creation and spreading of animal-like models for human behaviour. To such models are included, amongst others: spreading the "fashion" on Earth for a wide-spread use of drugs by young people, promotion of smoking and alcohol consumption, the promotion of the model of sexual promiscuity in TVs and films which encourages the spread of venereal diseases, support for advertising the excessive eating which causes obesity amongst people and leads to various illnesses that result from this obesity, promotion of a rule in TV and films that "if you do not like someone than kill him or her", forbidding to discipline children, supporting criminals and crime, secretly punishing on a multitude of different ways people who live moral, just, and honest lives, forcing on people the "privacy of information acts" which protect criminals and deviated behaviours, and an entire array of other actions aimed at hidden release in people tendencies for self-destruction.
       (ii) Secretive murdering of outstanding inventors from Earth, almost all creative people, rational UFO investigators, etc. Best examples for this category of UFO-caused destruction can be the fate of Polish/Russian creator of the first aeroplane on Earth, Aleksander Możajski (1825 -1890), the fate of the outstanding UFO researcher, Dr Karla Turner, or the inventor of diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel (1858 - 1913). In fact there is a kind of curse of inventors in action on Earth. I described this curse in more details on separate web pages about telekinetic cells and about New Zealand.
       (iii) Hypnotic and telepathic pushing mentally unbalanced people to commit mass murders. The reader probably met reports that almost all mass murderers hear "voices" in their heads. These voices most frequently introduce themselves as "God" or "Jesus". But there are also cases, when these voices acknowledge that they are devils". (As an example of such voices of a "devil" - see claims of someone named Charles Carl Roberts, who on Monday, 2nd October 2006 murdered 5 girls from the religious group "Amish" from Nickelmines in Pennsylvania, USA - for details see the article "Killer angry at life, angry at God", which appeared on pages A1 and B1 from the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, October 4, 2006.) These voices always order to a given psychopath to murder specific people. Well, as it turns out, these voices are nothing else than telepathic commands issued remotely by UFOnauts via the technical devices called "telepathic projectors". These projectors are described in subsection N5.2 from volume 11 of monograph [1/4]. UFOnauts use telepathic projectors in order to force with them mentally unstable people to commit mass murders. In one of such mass murders, which was organised on 13 November 1990 in a small New Zealand settlement called Ara Moana (frequently also spelled as "Aramoana"), it was planned that I supposed to die myself. The description of this case of assassination attempt on my own life is provided in item #77 from subsection A4 in volume 1 of monograph [1/4]. Please notice that in September 2006 in New Zealand a film was completed about this mass murder in Ara Moana. The film has the title "Out of the Blue". (UFOnauts most clearly were not pleased with this film, because repetitively lied various obstacles on the paths of its creators - for an example see the article "RI5 rating pleases director" from page A4 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, October 4, 2006.) If you, the reader, have an opportunity to see this film, I would encourage to have a look at it (but then I suggest to see simultaneously this item #77 from subsection A4 in volume 1 of monograph [1/4]).

Part #H: Killing large numbers of people with biological weapon and with criminal medicine of evil UFOnauts:

#H1. Pandemic of the bird flu:

       UFOnauts induce illnesses in people. Recently they kill in this manner not only individual people, but also entire communities. In fact the majority of epidemics which lately continually trouble our civilisation carry various characteristics that suggest that most probably they were intentionally induced by UFOnauts. For a better description of the problem of murdering people by UFOnauts via the spread of murderous plagues on Earth, see a separate web page named plague.

#H2. The release on Earth a whole range of other murderous micro-organisms (e.g. AIDS, Ebola, etc.):

       Murderous micro-organisms released on purpose by UFOnauts induce illnesses in people. Recently such micro-organisms kill not only multitude of individuals, but also entire communities. In fact the majority of epidemics that lately plague our civilization carries some attributes suggesting, that probably they are intentionally induced amongst people by UFOnauts. The problem of exterminating people by UFOnauts through spreading murderous micro-organisms on Earth is addressed on a separate web page named plague.
       A lot of data about UFOnauts spraying illnesses over the Earth is provided in old descriptions of medieval plagues. For example, during medieval plagues it was noticed, that wherever such a plague supposed to appear, earlier strange hooded creatures were seen there at nights, which then were taken for "devils", as these sprayed a kind of mist (i.e. UFOnauts were seen in protective garments, as they sprayed viruses of a given illness). In fact there is a folklore belief, that the famous "scythe" which is always carried by a symbolic figure of death, in reality originates from just such a device for spraying viruses of plague, which is carried by a UFOnaut-devil wearing a protective anti-bacterial clothing.
       Equally many details regarding various illnesses spread by UFOnauts is contained in old spoken folklore about devils and dragons ("dragons", similarly as "serpents", or "devils", are simply one out of numerous old names for present UFO vehicles). For example in Buchara, Uzbekistan, lives a worm popularly named a "serpent worm" or a "fiery serpent", means a stringy worm long for around 1.20 metre which lives under human skin. The Latin name for this worm is "Dracunculus (=Filaria) medinensis". According to Uzbekistan legends, in every moonless night a huge dragon was coming, which was spreading these stringy worms. (I remind that the name "dragon" is one of many names that in old days people used to attribute to UFO vehicles - as I explained this in details in subsections O1 and O5.4 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4]. Probably UFO vehicles were considered to be such flying snakes because of the cracked "onion charcoal" which covers the shell of these vehicles, and which after being lit up by glowing propulsors of the UFO vehicle, looks as it is a snake skin.) So this legend most probably is just the report from old time eye witnesses who noted a UFO vehicle spreading the serpent worms. The above legend is described in the Polish book [1VB4.5.1] by Barbara Klimuszko, "Biologia 5/6", Warszawa 1998, ISBN 83-85722-77-7. In turn the biological information about the serpent worm is provided in the book by Czeslaw Jura, "Bezkregowce", Warszawa 1983, ISBN 83-01-04489-6. Interesting that the English name for the same worm is "fiery serpent". Under this particular name the worm appears even in several places of the Bible - e.g. see Numbers 21:6-9. In order to explain somehow such a strange name for a skin worm, some UFOnauts-changelings spread a story, that a reason was the fiery swelling of the body in place where this worm bite someone. But I personally believe that really correct is this story from Buchara, i.e. that old-timers knew that this worm is spread over the Earth by UFO vehicles and by UFOnauts, which in these old times were called, amongst others, "serpents".
       Independently from large-scale epidemics which kill lots of people, from time to time UFOnauts release repetitively in various social environments small deadly infections. Their example can be undetermined infections with "flesh-eating bacteria" ("streptococacal A" bacteria), which in the first half of October 2006 killed three people in Christchurch, New Zealand - e.g. see the article "Flesh-eating bug: patients given all-clear" from the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, October 17, 2006. It appears, that UFOnauts repetitively spread over the Earth such deadly cases of infections, so that later no-one is surprised nor investigating the causes, when UFOnauts release one of their large-scale pandemics.

#H3. Medical checkups and "healing" carried out on people abducted to UFOs sometimes turn out to be hidden assasinations of these people:

       In UFO literature numerous cases are described when people abducted to UFOs report then that they were subjected over there to detailed medical examinations and procedures. (For examples of an entire array of such reports see the book [1T1] indicated in item #C2 of this web page.) UFOnauts asked for aims of these checkups and procedures always explain that they "heal" a given abductee from the illnesses and problems that he or she have. But the UFO literature usually forgets to check later and report back, what actually happens to these people "healed" by UFOnauts. I checked fates of some of them. It turned out that all of them died at an accelerated rate. (A best example of one amongst such victims, is the co-author of my Polish treatise [3b], who very soon after such healing sessions done by UFOnauts developed a bad cancer.) I personally believe that while telling cunningly to these abductees that they are "healed", in fact UFOnauts secretly murder them. This actually lies in the nature of diabolic UFOnauts, who never carry out good deeds, and only spread an ocean of evil over the Earth.

Part #I: Methods of our self-defence against the "simulated" evilness of UFOnauts:


#I1. Let us disclose every case of a hidden attack of UFOnauts on our nation, country, or civilisation - so that we know full range of circumstances in which their evilness is uleashed:

Motto: "UFOnauts are not 'afraid' of people, nor weapons which people have. They are not 'afraid' of God, nor punishment which God serves to ones who behave immorally. The only thing which UFOnauts are 'afraid', is that people identify their goals and methods of secret occupation and exploitation of our civilisation."

       In order to be able to effectively defend ourselves against someone's aggressive attacks, it is necessary that we use for our defence something that our aggressor is either afraid of, or desires. Only when we use such something as a tool of our defence, we are able to stop further attacks of this aggressor. The above applies also to the evil UFOnauts, who since the beginning of time occupy, exploit, and torment the humanity. In order to stop these secretive attacks of UFOnauts against humanity (the numerous examples of which I indicated on this web page), it is necessary that we use as our weapon thing which they really are afraid of, and things that they desire. Unfortunately, we have a little choice in matter of the means of our defence. The majority of things that we, people, are afraid of, or that we desire, does not act on UFOnauts at all. For example, UFOnauts are not afraid of our weapons, our army, nor our prisons. After all, their state of telekinetic flickering protects them completely against whatever our weapon could do to them. They also can escape from every our prison. Also UFOnauts are not afraid of punishments of God, nor karma, hell, nor other things which sometimes are effective against human criminals. After all, due to the use of so-called "imprisoned immortality" - described on web pages about time vehicles, and simultaneous abandoning the accomplishing of totaliztic nirvana before every shifting back in time to years of their youth, in fact UFOnauts live in a hell throughout the eternity. So neither the hell, nor God's punishments, scare them at all.
       Fortunately for us, humanity still is having something, that UFOnauts desire, and that they are scared of. For example, UFOnauts desire these biological resources which their civilisation robs from the humanity, and without which their civilisation would collapse. In turn UFOnauts are afraid of very much that their secretive occupation of the Earth is detected and disclosed by people. After all, at the moment when people disclose this secretive occupation of the Earth, UFOnauts loose their access to these countless biological resources without which their civilisation is unable to exist. Therefore in our defence against evilness and aggression of UFOnauts we are able to effectively use as our weapon the fear of UFOnauts that they become detected and disclosed in their secretive occupation of the Earth, and also their fear to loose the access to biological resources which they secretly rob from people.
       In order to make sure that their secretive occupation of the Earth is not detected and disclosed by people, UFOnauts always use the method of action which has embedded a so-called "feedback". Means, whatever harm they cause amongst people, they always check back through their UFOnauts-changelings, whether people become aware that this harm is caused just by UFOnauts. When they detect that people begin to suspect the involvement of UFOnauts in this harm, then UFOnauts immediately stop further repeating this particular harm in relationship to the group of people who begins to realise it. Therefore, the major method of our defence against aggression of UFOnauts should boil down to disclosure in public for as much people as possible, every fact that indicates the participation of UFOnauts in a given manner of harming the humanity. About every case when UFOnauts do something harmful to humanity, we must write openly, we must tell this to others, we must indicate to others evidence of the UFO involvement in this case of tormenting humanity, etc., etc. Only such persistent disclosure of the participation of UFOnauts is going to stop further repetitions of the same harm being inflicted onto the same group of people.

Fig. #I1.

Fig. #I1: Here is an extremely old church painting which discloses UFOnauts who supervise the crucifixion of Jesus. Not many amongst us is is aware that UFOnauts persecute all creative people and all progressive ideas on Earth. Thus by the definition UFOnauts persecuted also Jesus and his breakthrough ideas. Only that in Bible they are described under the name of "Satan" - as this is the name by which UFOnauts were known in times of Jesus. These were UFOnauts that caused the crucifixion of Jesus with their methods of telepathic induction of hysteria of crowds and post-hypnotic suggestions. Also UFOnauts tried later to squash ideas disseminated by Jesus. But in case of these ideas they suffered a defeat. The obstacles that UFOnauts build up were broken through, while Christianity, in spite of their vicious attacks, managed to spread over the Earth.
       (The original caption for the above illustration is provided under Figure O7 for monograph [1/4].) The majority of people usually are unaware, that evil UFOnauts supervised the crucifixion of Jesus. Two UFO vehicles, which inside carry clearly visible faces of UFOnauts watching the crucifixion, are shown in the above old religious painting from the Orthodox Basilica in Georgia. Both UFO vehicles can be seen as they hover in the air slightly below hands of Jesus on the cross. In turn on enlargements of both these UFO vehicles, which are reproduced below the entire painting, in each vehicle a large, long face of a UFOnaut can be seen, as he looks outside of the vehicle through the transparent floor. (In order to notice these faces, one needs to look at the enlargements of both UFO vehicles from the side directions - means either after rotating the picture, or our head, by the angle 90 degrees in relation to how normally we look at this picture.) It is extremely interesting, that facial features of the UFOnaut who watches the crucifixion through the floor of the UFO vehicle from the right side of the picture (i.e. the UFO which is visible on the left side of a person looking at this picture), look shokingly similar to facial features of Osama Bin Laden. Is it possible that both of them originate from the same civilisation - see also item #12 from web page about Antichrist. Actually in a symbolic manner, UFO vehicles are also shown as a standard feature on practically every picture with the crucifixion of Jesus present in Greek Orthodox churches. Usually they can be seen there as a kind of zigzag, or a curved latter "M", which is pinned to the cross near both hands (nails) of Jesus. Reasons why evil UFOnauts were so hostile towards Jesus, that they make Him to be crucified by hypnotically and telepathically angered ancient Israelites, becomes obvious if the reader reviews the logic of a formal proof presented on the web page ufo.htm. This formal proof states that the morally decadent cosmic relatives of humans, whom currently we call UFOnauts, by ancient people used to be called "devils" or "Satan". So these were UFOnauts who fought with Jesus and his moral ideas. Only that, as UFOnauts always do it on Earth, they carefully hid pretending to be people and impersonating most important figures of ancient Israel and Rome. Means, these were UFOnauts that hypnotically pre-programmed ancient Israelites to crucify Jesus, because Jesus initiated spreading on Earth the totaliztic philosophy of Christianity, which runs against evil interests of UFOnauts on Earth.
       Let us consider again the story of crucifixion of Jesus from the simple point of view of physical and moral outcomes of confrontation between Jesus and His enemies. This is because the biblical story bears close similarity to our everyday lives. As it frequently happens to us all, Jesus simply tried to put forward various progressive ideas, while His powerful enemies-UFOnauts did not want His progressive ideas spread amongst people. So these enemies-UFOnauts used their physical brut force in order to silence Jesus and thus to stop the spread of His ideas. So in a physical sense Jesus lost this confrontation with His brutal enemies and was crucified. But He was victorious in this confrontation on the moral arena. Because He did everything morally, moral laws rushed to His aid. These laws caused, that the physical victory of His enemies was subsequently invalidated by the action of moral laws themselves. In the result, the moral victory of Jesus was later transformed into his physical victory, by the sole action of moral laws. This extraordinary mechanism, with the use of which every moral victory is transformed with the elapse of time into a physical victory, is described more comprehensively on two separate web pages about moral laws and about karma. (A case of wrestling with UFOnauts on both moral and physical arena, taken from a real life, is also discussed on the Polish-only web page containing a report from the jamboree "Wszewilki-2006.)
       This "rectifying" action of moral laws can also be utilised in our own confrontations from everyday life. Although we are not dying on a cross like Jesus did, many of us frequently confronts very powerful aggressors, which try to impose their will on us. In many such cases these ours enemies are UFOnauts-changelings themselves, who look exactly like people do and who pretend to be our superiors and leaders. If in such cases we utilise the action of moral laws, these laws help us to fight the aggressor. In the result, no matter how powerful the aggressor is, in the final count we still always win moral confrontations. The method that we must follow to accomplish such wins via moral laws, is described in my publications under name the of method of Jesus - e.g. see subsection W6.2 from volume 18 of monograph [1/4]. This method is extremely effective. It always works when I use it. Also historic analyses that I carried out indicate that this particular method always worked in history of Earth. (As a most well-known to everyone example, consider the aggression of Hitler against Poland in 1939, or the older case of the partition of Poland by Germany, Austria, and Russia.) So let us learn how to use the method of Jesus effectively in our everyday lives. After all, this method has the potential to transform our situation dramatically.

#I2. The self-defence is simple - it suffices that we always behave morally:

       The main reason for which UFOnauts are "simulated" on the Earth, is to illustrate for people where leads the technological progress without a simultaneous moral development. Thus in order to defend ourselves against the evilness of UFOnauts it suffices to begin to act always morally - for more details see items #I1 to #I5 of the web page day26.htm.

Part #J: The ending and conclusions, plus organisational and legal matters of this web page:


#J1. Conclusions from the above presentation of evidence:

       Let us be realistic. We have no slightest chances to organise any institutional defence from UFOnauts. (I.e. to organise the defence which would be carried out by some sort of institution, e.g. government, army, police, church, etc.) After all, our institutions on Earth are overflowing with UFOnauts-changelings. Furthermore, UFOnauts are completely deprived of attributes which for us people constitute the essence of "being a human". Thus they do not have slightest reluctance to immediately murder everyone who would try to organise any form of institutional defence. In fact, in spite of being our closest relatives, the evil activities and the parasitic philosophy which UFOnauts practice do not make them humans, but very intelligent animals. So how we could defend ourselves from them in such a situation?
       There is one kind of defence against UFOnauts, which already once proved its effectiveness in action. It is to undertake a common individual defence, means to carry out a kind of unorganised "popular uprising". In the result of this everyone is defending himself, or herself, without forming any organisation or army. It was just through such individual defence that around 2000 years ago Christianity triumphed over UFOnauts - then called "devils" and "Satan". This victory was accomplished in spite that UFOnauts used then all their evil methods and tricks to squash ideas disseminated by Jesus. E.g. they used mass murdering of Christians, throwing them to lions, etc. It is a fact, that soon after the victory of Christianity, when the institution of the church was formed, UFOnauts still managed to twist secretly some ideas of Jesus. But still many of these ideas managed to resist the extinction and survived in various forms until present days. So presently a time has come that we again all undertake such an unorganised individual defence against diabolic UFOnauts. Of course, encouraging here to undertake this individual defence does not mean at all that we do not wish that the politicians or army joins the defence efforts. It only means that knowing about the level of saturation of our institutions with leaders who look like people but in fact are UFOnauts-changelings, we must not count that still there are amongst them true people who would organise such an institutional defence. However, if in spite of all, such people do appear, then their authority and position would be able to make a huge difference to undertaking and continuation of our defence.
       This web page indicated a whole range of methods of our spontaneous individual defence from UFOnauts. One quite significant amongst them all, about which we should NOT forget, is to show to UFOnauts themselves the level of their animal behaviour in whatever they do to us. Means to show them how they act like animals by murdering us, tormenting, infecting, harming, spreading deadly intrigues, instigate wars, etc. The realisation of this their animal-like behaviour is like showing to UFOnauts a "mirror" in which they finally can see a true image of themselves - so that they can realise how ugly and deprived of human attributes they are. After all, UFOnauts do not know about their own animal behaviour. Their propaganda tells them since their childhood that they are the most wonderful creatures of the universe. They in turn believe in this uncritically. However, if due our efforts they finally are able to look at themselves in such a "mirror" deprived of their own propaganda, then perhaps they slowly start to understand that they should not act any longer in the same way with their closest relatives. This their understanding would help both, us and them. After all, in spite of their animal-like behaviour, UFOnauts actually are our closest relatives. So somewhere on the very bottom of their souls, completely tramped over and covered with rubbish, some remains of their humanity must still exist. So let us allow that a beam of hope reaches these remains and allow them to glow. UFOnauts will only benefit from this.
       All methods of our defence indicated on this web page belong to the category of so-called "unidentifiable passive defence". Means it is a defence, which for UFOnauts is going to be extremely difficult to distinguish from a normal human behaviour. Thus it will be also extremely difficult for squashing. In general, it depends on doing in our lives always whatever is agreeable with our conscience (and thus is moral). Means, on doing whatever many people do anyway in their normal lives without even knowing that it is an exact opposite of whatever noisy propaganda of UFOnauts pushes us to do. For example, we should trust in God, always act morally, avoid animal-like behaviours, believe in love and justice, avoid harming anyone, promote love, honesty, peace, and progress, address karma to UFOnauts, develop and implement new inventions, take care of our natural environment, etc., etc.
       Of course, in order we could defend ourselves with such peaceful and deprived of barbarism methods, and also in order UFOnauts could reap various moral benefits from our defence, we must be aware what actually UFOnauts do to the entire humanity as well as to individual people. So in order to maintain this awareness web pages like this one are necessary. In spite that UFOnauts probably do not like the truth which is described here, in fact this mirror reflection back to them of the picture as to what they do to us, serves exclusively to their own good.

#J2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#J3. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further updates of the descriptions of hidden destruction and tormenting of humanity by UFOnauts:

       In order to see how the updates of this web page on evidence of murderous activities of UFOs and UFOnauts on Earth is going to eventuate and progress further, it is worth to revisit it from time to time. From the definition this web page is going to be subjected to further improvements and extensions, as soon as possible new information come to my hands, or some events take place which will inspire me for carrying out the update. So if in the future you wish to learn these news, then perhaps you should revisit this web page. This is because I am going to update it periodically, as soon as the further developments give reasons for reporting any further details.
       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm which currently is available at addresses and On this blog many events discussed here are also explained with additional details written as these events unveil before our eyes.

#J4. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. try to say.

#J5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#J6. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea and/or research is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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