The battle for Milicz
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5 July 2015

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Battle for Milicz

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Battle of Milicz

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Bitwa o Milicz

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Each death is sad. However, death of young people saddens the most. It is also a huge loss for our civilization.

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:

       In the south-western part of Poland there is a small township named Milicz. (Until the time of finishing the Second World War it was named in German "Militsch".) The rest of Poland knows not much about this town, as beside of extensive forests, numerous mosquito, fragrant lime trees, and plentiful tasty carp-fish, Milicz is unaware of having other attractions that it could offer to visitors from a distant world. The town already got used to leading its half-sleepy life, resigning from competing for attention of the vibrant outside world. However, it has something, that in other towns and cities is NOT visible so well. Namely, it has very educational history. For example, it has a battle in the fairly recent history, which in fact was a moral summary of all battles of the world. This web page is just about that particular "battle for Milicz". Everything that this web page describes, actually did take place in real life.

#A1. What and when motivated me to write this web page:

       Around 1985 I discovered the existence and operation of extraordinary laws of the universe, called the moral laws. With the elapse of time I discovered also, that these laws with an equal iron fist rule the fate of both, individual people, as well as entire nations, countries, and even planets. About these laws I write in item #I2 of this web page. Because my profession is the very noble job of a teacher, amongst many moral laws my special attention attracted the moral law which states that "every event from the physical world God carries out in such a manner that the educational impact of this event on people is maximized". Thus, when in June 2004 I started to record the history of Milicz - which I knew well from my family stories, my attention was attracted by the fact that the battle for Milicz that took place in the last phase of the World War Two, actually summarized in itself the moral essence of all battles of the world. This inspired me to bring somehow to light the moral essence of this battle for Milicz, and show it to the reader. Although probably still in an imperfect way, after many subsequent improvements this web page hopefully implements that my intention.

Fig. #A1 (A1 in [1/5])

Fig. #A1 (A1 in [1/5]): To people equipped by God into the organ called "conscience" applies the principle of the "survival of most moral" - described comprehensively in item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm, while briefly discussed also in items #E3 and #I2 below on this web page. The principle of the "survival of most moral" was discovered only in 2012 by the new "totaliztic science". For people it fulfils the same role as the Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest" - which, however, prevails only in the world of wild animals which do NOT have organs of conscience. Unfortunately, the old and incompetent "atheistic orthodox science" erroneously extrapolated it also to people. Because of the action of the principle of the "survival of most moral", all wars always are win by the most moral side, while lost by the most immoral side (means typically lost by aggressors who attacked someone that wanted to live in peace) - for more details see item #C5.2 on the web page named morals.htm. Only that in order to fulfil the so-called "canon of ambiguity" - which God uses always in order to NOT deprive people their "free will" (that "canon of ambiguity" is described, amongst others, in item #C4.1 of the web page named morals.htm and in item #C2 of the web page named will.htm), the omnipotent and justly acting God always so controls the course of every war, that depending of human views the win and the loss can be explained on a whole array of different ways - as this is outlined more comprehensively, amongst others, in item #C2 of the totaliztic web page named tornado.htm. Of course, the old, slack, and incompetent "atheistic orthodox science" explains these outcomes of wars on its "own" atheistic" and erroneous manner - i.e. as the result of work of the Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest". But because until the time of the creation of the new "totaliztic science" that old "atheistic orthodox science" held the absolute "monopole for knowledge", previously NO-ONE challenged the nonsense that the old science told to naive people and to immoral politicians - for more details see item #C1 on the totaliztic web page named telekinetics.htm.
       The above painting portraits a medieval battle in Korea. Hits from it the scary enthusiasm with which people are inclined to kill each other. The picture reveals, that in the "human nature" - intentionally designed by God as much imperfect as it was only possible, existed (and still exist) an array of low vices such as desires, inclinations, wants, habits, addictions, etc. In turn people must learn how they can overcome these own low vices in order societies could live in peace and prosperity. Independently from desires and inclinations which throw people into wars, to these belong also, amongst others, power, sexual desires, greed, wish to dictate, etc., etc. To the overcoming these desires and inclinations supposed to motivate "religions" which God gradually created and gave to subsequent nations and races of people. Unfortunately, as we clearly can see it in present times, religions did NOT fulfil their function and the humanity still is following its desires and tendencies. Obviously, the humanity needs something even more perfect than religions and believes. In turn the only thing that is really more perfect than belief, is knowledge. So it appears, that the third millennium which the humanity is just entering, must evolve the knowledge on which human behaviours are acceptable, and which must be curbed and controlled. Let us hope, that instrumental in formulating this new knowledge, turns out to be the new "totaliztic science", the product of which is, amongst others, this web page.
* * *
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#A2. What are goals of this web page:

Motto: "Totalizm teaches us, that the only ideas worth our support are these ones which require from us to live for them not to die for them."

       The main goal of this web page and the illustrative evidence which I presented here to readers, is to publish my factual documentation in support of the thesis, that "fate of every war and every battle in general, while the World War Two and the 'battle for Milicz" in specific, is governed with an iron hand by moral laws". Additional goal of this web page is to point the reader's attention at a simple fact, that every war is extremely immoral, murderous, and destructive, that every war is senseless, that a war never solves problems the appearance of which provided convenient excuses to initiate it, and that all of us together, as well as each one of us separately, should do everything possible so that our civilization never again experiences even a single next war. On the occasion of these goals, on this web page I show how really looked like the war and the "battle for Milicz" when it was viewed from the prospective of just ordinary and frequently innocent people who were sucked into it.

#A3. An appeal to readers for further memoirs from the "battle for Milicz":

       Our common memory of the past disappears very fast. After all, these people who shaped the past are just gradually dying out. In turn the new generation typically starts to appreciate the significance of history and the meaning of roots from which they come to existence only when it is already too late to save this history and roots from vanishing. Therefore, herewith I have an appeal to these readers who in person went through and still remember of any fragments of either the "battle for Milicz", or the liberation of any settlement that is close to Milicz - e.g. Sulmierzyce, Cieszków, Sułów, Ostrzeszów, Twardogóra, Oleśnica, Żmigród, etc. Namely, in such a case please write to me and post me your memoirs from what you lived through and still remember (my addresses are indicated below in item #J2). If it turns out that these memoirs contains any learning values or any lessons for the future, then I am going to try to publish them on this web page.

Part #B: Different facades of every truth - including the truth about the "battle for Milicz":


#B1. Three main facades of histories written by people:

       In subsection B7.2 from volume 2 of the newest monograph [8e/2] "Totalizm" it was explained that every truth can be embedded into one amongst several possible facades. Each of these fasades differs significantly from others. For example, historical truths can be formed in at lest three different facades (or "faces of truth"), namely: (1) personal history, (2) official history, or (3) folkloristic history. All these three different "facades" of historic truth are to be explained in more details in next items that are to follow. In addition to this three facades of the history told by people, there is also a completely independent "true history" - means the true and actual course of historical events which these three human histories try to describe. Unfortunately, for reasons explained further below, this "true history" is known only to God Himself. Only God knows what is the absolute truth about a given course of events. In turn histories described by humans always hide various inherited errors which practically never can be eliminated by people.
       In order to illustrate better to the reader that such three different facades of the historical truth really do exist, and that they really differ mutually, in next "part #C" of this web page I am going to present the existing and available for me examples for each one of them, all of which present the same "battle for Milicz".

#B2. Personal histories - means memoirs of individual people:

       A "personal history" is simply a memory of experiences of individual people from a given period of time. As such, it is always from the so-called "first hand". Therefore, the personal history typically is very "human" - means it reflects not only "what happened", but also "how it felt", "what impression it make", "what conditions prevauiled at that time", etc., etc. Unfortunately, because individual people see only a small fraction of events that take place, persoanl histories only report this small section. In turn what happened in other place, or in the same place but in other time, this personal histories usually are unable to reveal. Personal histories have also this attribute, that if they are NOT written immediately after a given event, then with the elapse of time they gradually fade away the sharpness of their details.
       An example of personal history from the "battle for Milicz" is provided in item #C1 below.

#B3. Official history - means documentation of events developed by professional historians:

       The "official history" is the one which we can found in history textbooks. It is prepared by professional historians on the basis of various "official sources" (e.g. facts, written orders, reports, official chronicles, etc.). As such, it is "dry" - means it concentrates mainly on events and dates, while misses everything that enriches "personal histories" - means misses feelings, moral lessons, motives, circumstances, conditions, weather, appearance, views, etc. It is worth to notice, that also the official history NOT always must be correct and in reality it frequently contains various errors. For example, if the basis for describing a given event is e.g. an order of some general which determined target destinations and dates, it may happen that in reality these target destinations were NOT accomplished in the designated dates, because e.g. the enemy put much greater resistance than expected, or e.g. a column of soldiers went through a more circum-navigational path. Furthermore, it is commonly known that "official histories" are frequently "manipulated" do accomplish various political goals.
       An example of "official history" of the liberation of Milicz is provided in item #C2 below.

#B4. Folkloristic history - means the prevailing opinions of people about specific sections of the history:

       The "folkloristic history" is simply the one which people repeat to each other during private talks and discussions. Similarly like so-called "gossips", also every "folkloristic history" is a product of many people. After all, it originates from chains of repetitions "from mouths to mouths" of a section of historic information. Almost everyone out of this chain of people who repeats a given history, not only repeats what have heard before, but also adds to this some own components which he heard in the meantime from other people. In the result, as the number of repetitions is growing, also the "folkloristic history" gradually deviates from the so-called "historic truth".
       A best illustration of the mechanism of this deviation of the "folkloristic history" from the so-called "historic truth", is a socialising game in which I used to take part relatively frequent. Namely, in this game a row of people sits next to each other. The leader of the game reads from a paper a sentence and then whispers it to the ear of the first person in the row. Then this first person repeats the sentence to another person, also whispering (so that other people are NOT able to hear what the sentence says), which repeats it to another in the row, etc. When the sentence arrives to the last person in the row, the leader of the game together with the last person in the row, write together the final content of this sentence on a piece of paper. Then all have the fun comparing the content of both pieces of paper containing the initial and the final content of the sentence. As it turns out, the sentence which arrived to the end of the row typically differs significantly from the sentence stated at the beginning of the row. This is because in the result of numerous repetition of this sentence, it becomes significantly deformed - although typically still it contains the key elements of it. Depending on the content and emotional state of the repeating row of people, this deformation has various character. For example, soon after the Second World War all people were optimists, thus deformations had an optimistic character. In present times people are rather pessimistic. Thus present deformations are rather pessimistic.
       Because of this tendency for deviation from so-called "historic truth", all "folkloristic histories" have more cultural significance than the function of chronicles. After all, they mainly record what people of given times felt together about a specific topic. In turn historic facts are treated in them rather loosely.
       In case of "folkloristic history" about the "battle for Milicz", which I am quoting below, the number of repetitions of it "from moth to mouth" amounted to at least four people. After all, the war caused that the inhabitants of Milicz and the vicinity were changed into new ones in almost 100%. Also in times when I listened to this history, almost all eye-witnesses of the "battle for Milicz" were already killed in the result of some mysterious "coincidents".
       An example of the "folkloristic history" of the "battle for Milicz" is provided in item #C3 below. Moreover, practically almost the entire remaining part of this web page, with exceptions for items #C1 and #C2, in reality are various versions of such "folkloristic histories".

#B5. "True history" and the God's control over the past:

       Amongst people with philosophical inclinations an idea of "true history" is also used. Namely, this "true history" supposed to be real course of given events which people are trying to learn and describe. Unfortunately, for people this "true history" is never know. It is only known to God. In turn everything that people know is charged with various errors. Furthermore, in recent years undermined is even the very existence of such "true history". The essence of this undermining in best way expresses the following philosophical question: "if there was a tree in the bush which was never visited by people, and this tree fell down when there was NO television nor human witnesses around, then whether this tree really existed and whether the falling down of this tree actually did happen?". In spite of apparent naivety of this question, the philosophically correct answer to it is NOT neither obvious nor easy. For example physicists introduced even a hypothetical animal called the cat of Schrödinger in order to be able to explain to students of physics the events which occur without the presence of witnesses.
       If one things carefully about this, then the "true history" could exist only if the elapse of time has just a single course (means if time runs only in one direction - i.e. always forward), and thus if even God was unable to shift time back or forth. After all, in case when time can be reversed and shifted back and forth, then God can shift time back completely without our knowledge and then change various details in events that already took place. In turn when some details are changed in events that already occurred, then there could NOT exist such a thing as the "true history" simply because the history has NOT one, but many different versions and courses - depending after which out of such subsequent passages of time it is described.
       As it stems from findings of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, God described on the totaliztic web page evolution.htm - about the evolution is in fact able to shift time back and forth. Descriptions of how this shifting time back is carried out are provided, amongst others, in items #C3 to #C4.1 from my web page named immortality.htm (about shifting time back, immortality, and about living forever). What even more interesting, a body of evidence is already accumulated, which proves that God frequently changes events which already took place. This evidence indicates, that changing the past is the most frequently used by God method of controlling the fate of people - for details see subsection JG5.1 from volume 6 of monograph [8e/2] "Totalizm". Examples of evidence which proves that God really changes the past, are presented, amongst others, in items #D6 to #D6.1 from the web page timevehicle.htm - about time, shifting time back, and time vehicles, and also in subsections N7.2 and N7.3 from volume 11 of the monograph [1/5]. In turn such a frequent changes of events that already took place, practically have this consequence that the hypothetical "true history" in reality have no right to exist. After the history which already took place is continually subjected to changes. In turn continual changes of events which already happened in past, means that we people never have the chance to describe the past without committing significant errors in this description. In the result, every description of history in existence contains various significant errors and deviations from what really have happened.

Part #C: Representations of "historic truth" in examples of histories of the "battle for Milicz":


#C1. The personal history of the "battle for Milicz":

       By some lucky coincidence in February 2009 I was contacted by a reader of this web page - let us refer to him with the pseudo-name "Miliczanin-1931". He was in Milicz during the "battle for Milicz". So he had personal experience and memories from that battle. The reader was born in 1931. Thus at the time of the "battle for Milicz" he was 14 years old. Means he was in the age when one remembers exactly all important events. The description of the battle for Milicz which he prepared and posted to me is "from the first hand". I am presenting this description below. Drawings shown underneath were also prepared by him. His history illustrates perfectly all key elements of the "battle for Milicz", especially it illustrates: the experience of Russian soldiers i battles and their professionalism in solving the emerging situation in comparison to arrogance of Germans combined with their complete lack of battle experience, the firepower advantage of Russians over the outdated weaponry of Germans (e.g. consider the chances of hand-reloaded German riffles in confrontation with automatic "pepeshas"), relatively moral for this brutal war, and direct behaviour of Russians in comparison to deviated intentions of Germans, and also several further elements. Notice that the expression "side of the railway station" means the back of the town-hall located on the opposite side than the stairs by the main entrance visible in the drawing from "Fig. #D1" below (i.e. stairs by which Germans shot dead the Russian emissary). Possible emails for "Miliczanin-1931" can be directed to me, means to the author of this web page, while I will redirect them to him - to respect his anonymity. So here is the personal history of the "battle for Milicz" described by "Miliczanin-1931":
* * *
       There was an extremely nervous atmosphere in the town already several days before the liberation of Milicz by the Russian army. Frequent controls of documents by German police, checking the "ferdunklungów" - means the blackening of windows, so that the enemy could not see the town. In the direction of then Breslau (i.e. present Wrocław) marched a stream of escapees and individual groups of Wermacht (i.e. German army). Military barracks in Milicz were already empty - previously they were occupied by companies of German cavalry. Their evacuation probably took place at night to not cause the panic of civilian population. Such evacuations looked on many different ways, but always silent and orderly ("ornung mus zein") without yelling nor fighting.
       The getting a place on a wide-span train (because in Milicz there was also a narrow-span railway) bordered with a miracle. The same was for a narrow-span train. In turn the bicycle transport was rather impossible in weather conditions that prevailed then - i.e. deep snow and frost over 20 degrees Celsius. This is because starting from around 1941 all winters until around 1946 were more severe than usual. So the remaining means of transport were sleighs and horse wagons. But even this last mean of transport was also not easy, as the severe frost was solidifying grease on axels and wheels instead of rotating were slipping along the road covered with snow. In these years snow was not removed from the roads. Two days proceeding the liberation were different from previous ones in which we were living. Tickets for food rations ceased to be used - but generally available food was also not there. Armed representatives of the "arbeitz-dinstu" (soldiers) were watching queues to bakeries to make sure that no-one got more than one loaf of bread without a food ticket.
       On the last day before the liberation, means on 21 January 1945, the central square of the town on the side of Maltzans castle (I will describe the directions in such manner) was covered with suitcases, bundles, baskets - probably full of properties of inhabitants of Militsch (i.e. present Milicz) who counted on some doubtful miracle in the form of authorities providing a transport, or a casual opportunity to get a lift - as everything was filled up fully. Between this cavalcade of civilians, single vehicles of Wermacht drove from time to time - which, however, would NOT give lift to civilians. All of them were following the main road towards Breslau (i.e. present Wrocław).
       The darkness come early - the blackout was in power. The rest was covered in darkness. I returned "home" on Wisenstrasse. Our "home" at that time was one amongst these modular wooden structures mounted on the spot from ready-made prefabricated components then mass-produced in factories from such materials as wood, tar-board, glass and bricks. These wooden structures were used in Milicz for all possible purposes, e.g. as living compounds for "arbeitzdinst", as a kind of "hotels" for Polish workers and for bombed Germans from other towns, and also for the location of German red cross. Outside of Milicz they become famous as barracks used for prisoners of German concentration camps. There was around ten such kinds of temporary designs in Milicz - if I remember correctly. The Wisenstrasse on which our "home" stood was located on the peripherals of Milicz towards the direction of railway station. It began near the building of transformer by the famous "oaks alley", while its extension finished on the bridge through the stream called “Młynówka” by the street that leads to the railway station. On this street were also located the fire brigade barrack and the building of so-called "de-lousing" house - means a kind of baths where clothes brought from concentration camps were disinfected and washed. These clothes were being given later to bombed Germans who needed a material assistance. After the return "home" I found in there the son of German neighbour from behind the wall (whom the leader of 3rd Reich deprived the ownership of a cigar factory). His name was Jochan Schultz. He was still in his years before the conscription to army, but he already worked as a helper to electrical assembly men. He was with his colleague. Both were dressed in uniforms of "arbeitzdinst", armed in rifles, pockets full of ammunition, but nothing to eat. So the fate make so that the "heren folk" needed to ask a Polish family for a cup of hot coffee and a couple of slices of bread. After this begged meal they went into the dark and frosty night no-one knows where and for what.
       The day of liberation, means Monday 22 January 1945, awakened non-typically. It was still completely dark when in the air spread a strange tension of uncertainty induced with some unknown sound - neither the grunt nor buzz nor growl.
       When the day already arrived and the visibility returned, we discovered that apart from this unknown sound an absolutely silence prevails and there is no-one alive around - what until that day never happened before. We went with our father in the direction of town-centre to see with our own eyes what actually happened. We arrived as far as the fork of streets separation before the town square from the direction of Wrocław, when we encountered a tank standing in there with a group of soldiers that were looking at a map. After "establishing our identity" with our hands up, and determining that we are Polish citizens, they asked us to show on their map in which place they just are and in which direction lies the town of Krotoszyn. Then they let us free while themselves drive their tank in the direction of Krotoszyn. After we recovered from the shock we noted that the corner shop which existed in there has the broken wall (probably by a shrapnel) and the entire interior of it is splashed by something of a red-beetroot colour - it was the effect of hitting the jar with marmalade.
       It was the first shell shot in the town during this "battle for Milicz". It was difficult to calm down after such meeting with the army which we did not know, but which liberated us. We returned "home" to share news with our mother.
       However, the curiosity took better of us above the fear, and we went again - this time in the direction of the central square. On the square only sparse bundles and suitcases remained after the crowds of yesterday escapees. At the exit of the street which in past led from side of the Barycz river, half-body of a man lied down rolled over by caterpillars of tanks. For the first time in my life I saw a dead person half in a suit, the rest just a bloody pulp on the background of a white snow. He was the first dead in the "battle for Milicz", while tanks individually or in groups were driving in the direction only known to them along the exit road from Milicz toward Krotoszyn. At the square in Milicz these tanks were arriving by the main road from the direction of Wrocław, or more strictly - as I learned later - by the road from the direction of Twardogóra which near the church of St. Anna (i.e. just before Milicz) is joining the road from Wrocław. Close to the midday (because watches were NOT so available to teenagers as today), from the direction of Wroclaw a tank arrived entirely covered with soldiers amongst which there was a civilian woman. This woman soon disappeared in a gate from one of buildings and it was then that the main "battle for Milicz" began. After a while in front of the town-hall a small "tankette" drove in. A Russian soldier with a tube like on a sailing competition walked to the stairs of the town-hall and started to talk something through this tube. In the reply a shot was fired. The Russian soldier fall dead. The remaining soldiers took him to the tankette and then someone shoot from a German "panzerfaust". The tankette started to burn. Its crew died. Then events started to roll with a flashing speed. From tanks that were passing through the central square and that were pulling artillery guns and mortars behind, Russian soldiers speedy detached two artillery guns. They positioned one such a cannon on the side of the square from the direction of Wrocław, while the second gun on the opposite side of the town-hall. They unloaded several boxes of artillery ammunition and started the shelling directly at the town-hall. Apart from crews of these artillery guns several soldiers with their "pepeshas" ready to shoot were protecting the gunners and sporadically shoot in windows of the town-hall.
       The precise positioning of both these cannons can be realised when one imagines the section of footpath of the town-square from direction of the railway station and moves in mind this footpath so that it passes through the centre of the town-hall building. On both ends of this parallel moved footpath stood two cannons directed with their barrels at walls of the town-hall. So one can see how shells shot from these cannons penetrated walls of the town-hall. When the calibre of these cannons is concerned, I do not know much about this. In turn the length of their barrels was around one to one and a half of metre.
       The town-hall soon started to burn. For an explanation - as it later turned out, in the town-hall were hidden two companies of armed "arbeitzdinst" - i.e. at least 300 teenage Germans. After the front of Russian passed through Milicz, these two companies planned to come out from the hiding under the cover of night and to kill Russian soldiers that were to stay in Milicz, as well as kill all remaining people from Milicz who did NOT evacuate - as being commanded by the German authorities. Supposedly Russian soldiers were informed about these plans by this civilian woman who arrived on the tank.
       I wonder whether the reader knows who were the "arbeitzdinst". These were militarised units of both German teenage boys and girls of an older age. The younger teenagers belonged to the "hitlerjungent". Such units were formed as "regiments of labour" with military training. Within boundaries of Milicz were two such regiments. It is difficult to determine their age and the age limit between the "arbeitzdinst" formation and the "hitlerjungent" formation, because teenagers then considered to be something noble to wear uniforms of "Hitler-jungent". But the "hitlerjungent" was the younger part of teenagers which roughly could be described as still in the age of "primary school". In turn "arbeitzdinst" was the older teenagers in the period before the conscription to army, which could be roughly described as in the "age of Lyceum" (I do not know in what exactly age then was the conscription to army). The "arbeitzdinst" were uniformed into brown-greenish colour uniforms, thus differing from "Wermacht" (i.e. German army) the uniforms of which were in the colour, as then it was popularly described, "feldgrau" - means rotten-green. The symbol of "arbeitzdinst" was a rifle crossed with a spade. One company of "arbeitzdinst" was located in barracks near the town-council on the edge of later sport playgrounds (presently in the direction of hospital). The second company of "arbeitzdinst" was located on the back of farmhouse behind the railroad of narrow-rail train. Each of these units accumulated at least one company of youths. It is difficult to tell how big was such a company, but roughly it consisted of around 150 young persons.
       By the wall of town-hall from direction of the railway station (I am using such definition of directions as they are more sure than geographic directions) stood a one-storey adjusted building in which chalets and kitchens were located. It formed a whole with the rest of the town-hall. It was on that building that most frequently burning "defenders" were jumping. They probably wanted to run towards the buildings neighbouring with the town-hall and the central square to save themselves in that manner. But on their path were series from "pepeshas" of soldiers that protected shooting cannons. The town-hall burned out. The nigh fall down. Because the wind blow in the direction towards the railway station, and there was the wooden barrack in which we lived, we needed to protect it on the roof from igniting because piles of burning documents the fire from town-hall was lifting up into the air, and then they rained fire onto our home.
       By the morning everything got quiet. Again the curiosity got better of us and it overcome the fear. We needed to satisfy it and go to the town square to see the destruction. There was no army. The town-hall fire was at the last breath. On the footpath of the central square, from side of the railway station around fifteen bodies were lying down covered with snow. All of them lied on their stomachs - probably when running they tripped on the edge of footpath and so collapsed. All of them were males in the teenagers' age dressed in uniforms of "arbeitzdinst". In this way the "battle for Milicz" ended.
       With regards - eye witness of these several hours from the history of Milicz from sixty-four years ago.
* * *
       The reader "Miliczanin-1931" enclosed three illustrations together with his descriptions. Unfortunately, to these illustrations applies what "Miliczanin-1931" expressed beautifully in his email to the author of this web page, quote: "While sharing my recalls regarding Milicz, I do not pretend to be a chronicler or a historian. I am an amateur who is playing with computer, internet, and present modern devices as printers and scanners, and I treat them as a kind of "hobby". This causes that I do not invest in this my "hobby", and devices which I utilise for a "fun" originate from junk of the younger generation. This in turn is reflected by the age of this equipment - and thus also by the quality of whatever I am creating with the aid of it (the equipment is already several years old). To my grandchildren I turn for an assistance only in critical moments of "technical hopelessness" - because being 78 years old I am a kind of exception going into these bytes, scans, and other folders." Bearing the above in mind I decided NOT to force readers to the compulsory reviewing drawings of "Miliczanin-1931" through the presentation of these drawings as permanent Figures which would ornament this web page. However, if the reader has no objections against viewing illustrations of relatively low quality of drawing and scanning, then can view these through clicking on green heading at the beginning of descriptions to each one of them. So here are these three illustrations to the "battle for Milicz" prepared in person by "Miliczanin-1931" and make available for viewing by interested readers.
       The plan of the balle in the centre of Milicz (click on this "green" writing to see that plan of the battle). Plan of the "battle for Milicz". The direction of geographical north (i.e. the direction to town Krotoszyn) coincides with the upper frame of this plan. The "side of the railway station" coincides with the right hand of the person viewing this plan, in turn the "side of the Maltzan palace (margrave’s palace)" coincides with the left hand of the person viewing this plan. On this plan were shown all objects which are mentioned in my description, for example the central square and town-hall from Milicz, the path of Russian tanks through this square, the stairs at the main entrance to the town-hall and the location of burned tankette, the position of both cannons that shelled the town-hall, and the location of the barrack in which we lived then.
       The appearance (up) and interior (down) of the barrack in which "Miliczanin-1931" lived in 1945 (click on this "green" writing to see that barrack). The marking of compartments in this barrack (see the lower part of the plan): A, B, C - the German family Schultz, D - the living quarters of my parents, E - hotel for Polish workers that travelled to Milicz, F - another Polish family. To see the location of such barracks in Milicz, in this number the location of the barrack which stands in Milicz until today, see the map from next illustration.
       The map of Milicz before the World War Two (click on this "green" writing to see that map). Notice that in German the present Milicz was called "Militsch". This map was printed in 1928 on the basis of documents from 1890. It reflects quite well the plan of this town in 1945, i.e. in time of the "battle for Milicz". The enlarged dots mark the location in Milicz of six barracks of the design shown above. It is worth to notice that one amongst these historic war barracks stands in Milicz until today. It is the barrack which stands by the railway station. In years 1960s it was used as a hall for youth that travelled to schools in Milicz by trains. Because it is related to similar barracks used by Germans in concentration camps, at present it has already a significant historical value.

Fig. #C1a. Fig. #C1b.

Fig. #C1ab: The appearance of the town-hall from Milicz presented on German postcards issued in 1936. (Courtesy "Miliczanin-1931".) The above photographs are probably last photos of that town-hall, taken before it was burned in January 1945. (Click on the selected photograph to see it enlarged or to shift it to other area on the screen.)
       Fig. #C1a (left): The frontal view of the town-hall. It was here that events took place which are described in item #C1 of this web page.
       Fig. #C1b (right): The appearance of entrance stairs to the town-hall. It was under these stairs that the Russian "tankette" arrived with emissaries that suggested the surrender to underage "defenders" of this townall. It was also by that stairs that the Russian emissary was shod dead by Germans while his tankette was burned with a German "panzerfaust".

Fig. #C2.

Fig. #C2: Appearance of the central square and town-hall from Milicz, captured in the overhead view looking from east towards west. (From German postcard of 1936, courtesy "Miliczanin-1931".) In the building of town-hall clearly visible are these public toilets on its eastern side, which low-located roof tempted young German "defenders" of Milicz in their attempts to run for life during bombardment of the town-hall by Russian cannons - as this is described in item #C1 above. The actual existence of these toilets with low roof, documented on this photograph, confirms the truth and correctness of the report from item #C1 above. (The report from item #C1 was prepared and published in February 2009, while the above photograph was found and scanned only in May 2010.)
       It is worth to notice on the above photograph, that at the moment when it was taken the airplane which took it was located approximately above the historic "small church" of Milicz (under the invocation of Saint Michael Archangel), described in item #28 from a separate web page named milicz_uk.htm, and also in item #C1 of the web page named sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm. In fact, the asymmetrical deformation of the ideally square central place of Milicz, visible above in the right-low corner (means in north-east corner), is a remain of the first location of this historically oldest church and cemetery of Polish Milicz. After all, in the original design the central square of Milicz had in its north-east corner a small place with the church and the cemetery, similar to the square and church of St. Elisabeth which until today exist in the north-west corner of the central square of the Polish city named Wrocław.

#C2. The official history of the "battle for Milicz":

       Here is an example of just such official description of the liberation of Milicz presented in the book [1#C2] by Ryszard Majkowski "Dolny Śląsk", 1945 WYZWOLENIE:
* * *
       "4th Panzer Army commanded by general-lieutenant D. Leluszenko, attacked with its main forces along the left side of the Barycz river. On the right wing of this army attacked the 6th Mechanised Corpse (commanded by colonel W. Orlów), while on the left 10th Panzer Corpse (commanded by colonel N. Czuprow). On 21 January 1945 soldiers of general Leluszenko liberated Ostrzeszów and Milicz. "

#C3. Folklore history of the "battle for Milicz":

       There was a beautiful sunny day. The air was infiltrated with smell of life and hope. In such a beautiful day it is particularly unpleasant to die. An absolute calm reigned around. Almost all inhabitants of Milicz (then called "Militsch") and neighbouring villages already have run away towards the western side of Germany. In turn these sparse ones which thought that they are Poles, and therefore remained on the spot, sat in houses scared, hiding in their cellars. For some reasons supposedly even birds got silent as if in an expectation of some incoming tragedy. After some time in that absolute calm a distant roaring of tens of tank engines started to rumble, as it slowly approached Milicz from the southern direction. Just this roaring alone must suffice already in order to make heart attack in these weakest in nature. Some time later these tanks roared and rumbled along streets of Milicz. Soon later one could hear a deafening explosion of the German "iron-clad fist" ("Panzerfaust"). After this explosion desperate cries of several Russians could be heard as they were baked alive not able to exit the burning tank. A black pillar of tar smoke has shot up over the centre of Milicz from a burning tank. The deafening roaring of tanks for a moment has declined as if to a whisper after this explosion. It make an impression of a group of monsters getting together and debating what to do next. However, soon later tanks again started to roar, gradually spreading over streets of Milicz and encircling around the town-hall. Suddenly all of them started to shoot. Booms of their guns almost merged together. Simultaneously the town-hall burst into flames set afire by Russian soldiers who ignited it with flame throwers after they come closer and shot at it from apartment-houses located at the southern side of the central town-square. The town-hall fast turned to rubbles and begin to collapse. A moment later calm started to reign. Even tanks silenced their engines. These silence was then interrupted by several long series of shots from Russian "pepesha" (PPSh-41, see "Fig. #E2" below), and by sad cry of dying young Germans, whom bullets did not kill at once. However, several single pistol shots cut out soon even these cries of young Germans.
       The most horrifying was in it all, that these young people from both combat sides, who have been killing each other in Milicz, actually were as all of us, means they loved somebody, were loved by somebody, they had their dreams and hopes, they had looked to the future optimistically, etc. If they have faced each other in other times or in other conditions, almost for sure they would become and stay friends. However, the political ambitions of their leaders, as well as diabolic forces that presently control our planet, have caused that instead of live and let others live, they have been forced to kill and to be killed. Let us consider for a moment, who really pushes people to murder their follows. Are these other people, or leaders-changelings who operate on Earth on the behalf of these diabolic creatures in the power of which the Earth stays today, and which for centuries were called devils, serpents, Satan, bad witches, etc., while recently are called UFOnauts. After all, if one carefully examines photographs of leaders from the period of the Second World War, than almost all of them had their hair growing upwards on their heads - which the anatomical detail is NOT at all typical for humans populating the Earth. If you still have any doubts who hide behind this whole evil on heaping on the Earth, you should read about UFOnauts from the web pages military_magnocraft.htm, bandits.htm, katowice_uk.htm, predators.htm, or ufo.htm, and many other pages similar to these ones.

Part #D: The folkloristic description of the course of battle for the town-hall in Milicz:

       As this is explained in item #B4 above, folkloristic histories and descriptions typically state how people imagined that something has happened, NOT how something really has happened. After all, such descriptions are coined when a chain of people repeats a given history mouth-to-mouth, while each one of them adds to it some his or her impressions. In the result, such folkloristic descriptions more reflect what people "feel" about a given topic than what is really a historic truth about this topic. This is especially valid for the history of Milicz, because after the World War Two practically almost no eyewitnesses of these events remained in Milicz. In this part, as well as in further parts of this web page, provided are examples of just such folkloristic descriptions. These descriptions I have heard during my childhood and I am repeating them here. It is worth to notice how much different these are from the report of eyewitness (an example of which I presented in item #C1 above), and also from the official history represented by the example from item #C2 above.

#D1. The townhall in Milicz:

       Before the war Milicz had an interesting town-hall. The appearance of it is shown in photographs from "Fig. #D1" of this web page (which is the repetition of the photograph "Fig. #28" from web page about the town of Milicz.) Unfortunately, this town-hall was destroyed during the liberation of Milicz by the Red Army.

Fig. #D1.

Fig. #D1: The appearance of the town-hall from Milicz, build in 1851.
       (This illustration is a repetition of the illustration "Fig. #28" from the web page about the town of Milicz.) This town-hall was destroyed during the "battle for Milicz" in final days of the Second World War. At that time Milicz was being taken by the Russian army of major Lagin, while in the town-hall young soldiers of Hitler barricade themselves. During my childhood ruins of this town-hall still were the most prominent component of the Milicz central square. In turn the underground tunnels that led to this town-hall from the fortified castle in Milicz, were still in good state even in times when I attended my Lyceum, i.e. in 1960 to 1964. It was near this town-hall that from underground tunnels numerous entrances led to underground prison cells in which in medieval times countless people were imprisoned or walled up alive - if they were inconvenient for authorities of the Milicz township.
* * *
       Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

#D2. The German garrison in Milicz:

       The German garrison that defended Milicz was composed of just juvenile boys aged around 16. As it was repeated after the war, in the final phase of the war Hitler gave some barbaric order that every male in the age of 16 to 60 years has to defend the Third Reich until the last droplet of his own blood, otherwise he will be executed. This order may shock at present, considering the latest findings that ordering others to fight to the death, Hitler himself just escaped from punishment and responsibility. After all, the recent genetic research of the scull which supposedly originated from Hitler, revealed that Hitler only simulated his own suicide, so that he could easier escape from Berlin in last days of the war and live later cosily hidden in some forgotten part of the world - for more details see the article "Skull tests reignate theories Hitler escaped bunker" from page A14 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, September 28, 2009. Of course, these males which were older than 16, for a long time served already in the German army. Thus such 16 years old boys conscripted and left to defend Milicz, were more suitable to play scouts than to enter the military service. A significant proportion of these juvenile boys in German uniforms were pupils of initial classes of the Lyceum of General Education in Milicz shown below in photograph from "Fig. #D2" (which is a repetition of the photograph "Fig. #30" from the web page about the town of Milicz.) They were conscripted to the army, because in this Lyceum was left practically no-one that could serve in the army. After all, their colleagues from older years were conscripted to the Hitler's army already much earlier, while in that last stage of the war their corpses for a long time were scattered on battlefields of the Eastern or Western Front. The Germans who were defeated on all fronts simultaneously, trained fast these boys in shooting and frantically fast wore them into German military uniforms. In turn after they were already in uniforms, similarly as all other people serving in the German army, they were subject to being shot dead immediately if they refuse to take part in a battle.

Fig. #D2.

Fig. #D2: The Lyceum of General Education No 1 in Milicz. It is this lyceum that I (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) had the honour to attend and finish.
       (This illustration is a repetition of the illustration "Fig. #30" from the web page about the town of Milicz.) The majority of German "soldiers" that confronted in Milicz the attacking Red Army, were juvenile pupils of the initial classes of that particular lyceum. They were juvenile, inexperienced, and badly prepared to the battle. In turn their thoughtless leader choose the position for the battle which was the worse of all possible positions. It deprived the possibility of tactical withdrawal in case of an unfortunate turn of events. In turn such a hopeless position changed their defence into a suicidal mission. In total their resistance was completely senseless, while their fate was actually a sure death verdict issued to them by their own commanders.
       A huge symbolic meaning have also the place in which the execution of these juvenile defendants of Milicz in German uniforms took place. To be shot dead they were lined against the wall of a building which their families used earlier for storing animal carrion. Although Russian soldiers who carried out this execution surely had no idea what this building was used for, still by some command of the fate they led the German juveniles straight under the wall of that particular animal mortuary. (This "animal mortuary" stood on the eastern side of Milicz town in quite a distance from the first buildings of this town - so that the stink of it would NOT disturb citizens.) In the time when German juveniles realised that they are going to be shot dead, through their minds probably passed thoughts of the kind "I will die now shot dead like an animal, while my body will rot nearby like animal carcasses." The disgraceful meaning of just such their deaths compared only with the symbolism of the lack of dignity in deaths which their own country prepared earlier to military prisoners taken captivity by German armies.
       Considering the tragic fate of juvenile "defendants of Milicz" in German military uniforms, we should be also aware, that if they refuse to obey the order to join the German army, they would also be shot dead "for desertion" - but this time by their own countrymen. In the last phase of the war Hitler issued an order that every German male who refuses this indiscriminate conscription to the army must be immediately shot dead without any martial court. Thus, just such a situation in which were placed these juvenile defendants of Milicz - when no matter what they would decide to do, in every case a death awaited for them, incline us to seriously reconsider whether a conscription to an army is legal in the light of laws that prevail on the Earth - as this is discussed in item #F3 of the web page memorial. (For sure conscription - means a compulsory army service, runs against commandments of the moral laws.)

#D3. How folklore described the battle for the town-hall in Milicz:

       Now is a turn to report the "folkloristic history" of the defence of Milicz town-hall. In times of my youth I have heard this history as it was repeated by old people from Wszewilki. When it is compared to the eyewitness report from item #C1 of this web page - means with the information from so-called "first hand", then one clearly sees that because of the discrepancies this folkloristic history has more cultural and curious value, then that of a real report. One should NOT be surprised of this. After all, when this history arrived to my ears, usually it contained information from at least so-called "fourth hand", while sometimes even from "fifth hand" or "sixth hand". The reason was that until that time in Wszewilki has NOT survived even a single eyewitness of the events. By then all autochthones were killed - as this is described in item #G1 from this web page, and also in items #E1 and #E2 from the web page wszewilki_uk.htm - about the history and curiosities of the village Wszewilki. Thus actually this history was already then quite deformed because of subsequent repetitions during passing it from mouth-to-mouth. Ss here is this folkloristic history - as I remember it today:
* * *
       According to folklore stries, the German garrison of teenage "soldiers", which intended to defend Milicz, took its position in the town-hall of Milicz. Thus, when the Red Army corpse led by the major Lagin entered Milicz, these young boys, commanded by an officer that was equally young and inexperienced like them, barricaded themselves inside of the town-hall of Milicz. But the position which they took for defence from the military point of view was hopeless. After all, it disallowed them a tactical withdrawal in case when they were confronted by overwhelming forces of the enemy. Thus such wrong position transformed their defence into a suicidal mission. When the first Russian tank entered the town-square of Milicz, these juvenile "defenders" of the town shoot to it with the "iron-clad fist" ("Panzerfaust"). The tank was burned, blocking later for a long time the entrance to the town-square from a side street. The crew of this tank was fried alive inside. It is buried in Milicz in a place that someone show me in the past, but which presently I forgotten where it was exactly. Only thing that I remember, is that I was wondering then how it happened that Russians were buried in that particular place - as somehow this place looked unfit for them. Of course, after realizing that the town-hall of being defended, Russians immediately surrounded it from all sides and flooded with fire and led. Russian soldiers with fire-throwers managed to get very close to the town-hall, taking positions in the houses that were neighbouring the town-hall from the southern side of the town-square. From that positions they treated the town-hall with streams of fire. Russian fire-throwers and powerful tank guns from tens of tanks caused, that within around a half of hour the entire town-hall was collapsing while everything in it was burning. German juveniles locked in that town-hall received a good taste of what their older colleagues less than 6 years earlier served to Polish soldiers on the Westerplatte and in the Gdansk post office. But they had no much time to contemplate the action of the moral laws, because their inexperienced and unused to battles officer surrender them immediately after the town-hall started to burn and they were endangered to be roasted alive. Unfortunately for them, the mechanised column of Russian tanks that captured Milicz had no transport nor provision for prisoners of war. Its task was to make a quick punch forward and close the break in the encircling of German army, not taking care of surrounding Germans. In addition Russians had freshly in minds all these atrocities that Germans committed on prisoners of war that they took before. Therefore, immediately after surrounding to Russians, these juveniles from Milicz wearing German uniforms were let outside of the town, by the line of empty trenches that run the eastern side of the town. In that times by the trenches stood a brick building of the knackers' mortuary, means a kind of empty barn in which at these difficult times the surrounding farmers were storing dead animals (these animals were later taken from the building by knackers to be converted into soap). Russians lined these juvenile boys in Hitler's military uniforms beside this knackers' mortuary, and treated them with a long series from pepesha. Even several years later still on bricks of this knackers' mortuary one could see a row of bullet holes which illustrated the height at which this pepesha was pointed. The place of death of these boys in a sense was a kind of symbolic return of karma for what Hitler's armies used to do to other captured soldiers and civilians several years earlier. After all, these juvenile German "soldiers" from Milicz were dying in the place in which only slightly earlier their own families gathered dead animals. They also were shot dead in a similar manner as their older colleagues from German army used to shoot to their prisoners of war. Russians had also no time to burry them properly. After shooting them, they simply thrown them into an empty trench nearby, the digging of which probably was earlier done by the same boys. Then along this trench a heavy Russian tank went in a zigzag, collapsing the top part of the trench and burying bodies of Germans by a shallow layer of soil. In the result, their decaying bodies could be dug out still in times when I went to the primary school. Their decaying remains were mixed with ammunition pouches full of German rounds, and sometimes even with remains of their weapon and equipment.

Part #E: The technology and war machines which decided about the "battle for Milicz":


#E1. Tanks which decided about the "battle for Milicz":

       The course of the "battle for Milicz", the army which was liberating Milicz, and also the phase of the war when this battle was fought - all these were decided by Russian tanks. Let us have a look now how these Russian tanks looked like, and also how looked like other basic tanks that took part in that war. Photographs of these tanks were taken in 2007 and 2009.

#E1.1. The Russian tank "T-34":

       In Poland the Russian tank "T-34" is well known. After all, for many years after the World War Two, it was also the main tank of the Polish army. Because in Poland many people adhere to the rule that they "prise others, while unappreciate their own", many Poles are ignorant of the operational advantages of this tank. On the other hand, all wars in which this tank took part confirmed in practice, that all operational parameters of Russian tanks, which are vital in battles, always are superior in comparison to similar parameters of other tanks. In turn when the Second World War is concerned, then even the most biased experts have serious difficulties with avoiding to acknowledge, that the Russian tanks "T-34" were then the best tanks in the world, and in reality these were them that won that war.

Fig. #E1.1.

Fig. #E1.1: The above photograph shows a tank named T-34 from the Soviet Army. The person photographed with it is me, i.e. Dr Jan Pajak. Such T-34 tanks were ones which won the Second World War. Just such tanks like the above one were rolling over streets of Milicz during the "battle of Milicz". Folklore stories claim that just such a tank was destroyed with an "iron-clad fist" ("Panzerfaust") at the moment when it was entering the central square of Milicz. The burned skeleton of it was supposedly later haunting for some time at the entrance to Milicz central square in a small street that leads fo the square from the castle. In turn the crew of it, which was burned alive, rests buried in Milicz. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       The Soviet tank T-34 turned out to be the best tank of the Second World War. In fact, in connection with an extremely effective strategy of the utilization of this tank applied by the Russian Army, it was it that won the World War Two. The strategy of Soviet Army in applying this tank depended on very fast breaking the front by two powerful columns of such tanks which carried infantry on their backs, and surrounding with them a section of German army. When both columns meet each other some distance behind the German front, they closed the circle and then completely annihilated all Germans that happened to be inside of this encircling. For this reason, through such a systematic use of this strategy of punching two holes in German front, tightly surrounding with tanks a section of German army, and finally annihilating completely all Germans inside of the encircled "cauldron", soon Germans ceased to have sufficient numbers of soldiers on the Eastern Front to defend themselves effectively. So this Eastern Front soon become known to Germans as a kind of "black hole" into which continually were send new soldiers, in order to soon disappear in it forever. As we also know, in the second stage of the war German soldiers who received the marching orders to the Eastern Front, treated these orders as a death verdict for themselves.
       In turn the strategy of Allied Forces was outdated and failed completely to utilize the speed, operability, nor the breaking power of tanks. Namely Allied Forces were attacking Germans along a linear front, pushing them out simultaneously along the entire front. But in principle they did NOT surround nor annihilate Germans. Thus tanks in Allied Forces were used similarly like recently in Iraq - means similarly like a self-propelled guns and machine guns with their own shield which protected crews against fire of small calibre. Because of this low-efficiency of the strategy, relatively small German forces of the Western Front were able engage and hold back the entire Allied Army, preventing this army from liberating the Europe.
       Tanks "T-34" shown above went into the serial production in 1936. They weighted 32 tons. Each one of them was 6.1 meter long, 3 meters wide, and 2.45 meter high. Each was crewed by 5 men. The maximal speed of it is 56 km/h. Range 186 km (115 miles). It has 85 millimetre gun, with the range of effective firing 3 050 meters. It also has a whole array of technical innovations which additionally increased its advantage and its effectiveness. For example, all side surfaces of the shield were slanted. Thus they deflected incoming bullets. So in order to destroy it, it was necessary to hit precisely into one of its weak spots, which were rather sparse, e.g. between its corps and the tower. Its shield was grooved sharply - so that it make impossible the sticking of magnetic mines. The design of it was simple and reliable. Thus it was breaking down rarely and was easy to repair. Almost in every aspect it was superior technically over other tanks of its times. The book [1#E1.1] by George Forty, "World War Two Tanks" (Osprey 1995, ISBN 1-85532-532-2) provides quantitative data on the number of tanks produced during the war by subsequent countries. According to data from pages 166 and 170 of that book, over 40,000 tanks T-34 were produced by the Soviet Union during that war.

#E1.2. The American tank "Sherman" M4:

       When on the eastern front Russian tanks annihilated numerous armies of Hitler from Moscow till far beyond Berlin, on the western front American "gas-guzzlers" called "Sherman" M4 were trying to scare Germans with roar of their powerful engines. Here is how these American tanks looked-like.

Fig. #E1.2.

Fig. #E1.2: The American tank M4A3E8 Sherman. The person photographed with it is also me, i.e. Dr Jan Pajak. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.) It was widely used by the Allied Forces on the Western Front of the World War Two. But because of the outdated strategy of Allied Forces, this tank did NOT perform a leading role in winning the war. In time when Soviet tanks systematically annihilated German forces on the area from Moscow till well behind Berlin, Allied Forces hardly managed to push out Germans from several small countries located at the western edge of the Europe.
       Tanks Sherman had rather a bad opinion. During the Second World War many tanks Sherman were "given" to Russia within the frame of war assistance. But Russian tankers resisted as they could to be assigned to this tank, as they considered it to be a kind of self-propelled, motorised coffin. A similarly low opinion about tanks Sherman had both the soldiers of Western allies, as well as Germans. Germans used to call it the "Tommy cooker". The reason was that in soldiers’ slang Germans referred to British as to "Tommys". In turn Sherman tanks had this tendency to ignite easily and to cook its crew inside - means cook Tommys. Similarly English soldiers also had quite a derogatory name "Ronson" for Sherman tanks. This is because the name "Ronson" had in those times a popular petrol lighter, the producers of which used the slogan "lights first time, every time" - means which lighter behaved like Sherman tanks hit by German missiles. It is worth to add, that a significant amount of information about this bad opinion of Sherman tanks can be found in internet after putting key words Ronson or Tommy cooker to any search engine (e.g. to ).
       The tank "Sherman" M4 weighted 34 tons. It was 7.5 meter long, 3 meters wide, and 3.43 meters in height. It was crewed by 5 men. The maximal speed of it was 48 km/h. It had the road range of 161 km. It had 76 mm gun. But it was relatively easy to destroy. It was the tallest amongst mass produced tanks that took part in that war, thus was also the easiest to hit (for tanks works the principle that the lower they are the more difficult to aim at them and hit them in motion - and thus they are more difficult to be destroyed). The shield of it had many vertical surfaces, thus it was susceptible to penetration by cumulative charges. The smooth surface of the shield make it easy for magnetic mines to stick to it. The complicated design decreased the reliability and extended durations of repairs. Large consumption of fuel limited its operational capabilities. In the result of this huge fuel consumption, Sherman tanks used to significantly slow down the speed and flexibility of the entire offensive of Western allies, as supplying these tanks into fuel always created an immense strategic problem. Because of this, the war on the Western front needed to be so carried out, that it was suiting these tanks, instead of the use of these tanks suiting the war. Thus, although this tank looked impressive, in the military sense it was just a "sitting duck" which awaited to be shot. According to data contained on page 126 of the abovementioned book [1#E1.1], in years 1942 to 1944 (i.e. during the World War Two) the USA produced in total 49234 tanks Sherman M4.

#E1.3. The British tank "Valentine":

       Here is the British tank called "Valentine V" from June 1942. It also took part in the Second World War fighting on the western front.

Fig. #E1.3.

Fig. #E1.3: Myself, i.e. Dr Jan Pajak, photographed with the British tank "Valentine V" from 1942. This tank was a basic tank of the British army. It was produced by the Vickers Amstrong Ltd., Engineers Newcastle upon Tyne. In years 1940 to 1944 constructed were 6 855 such Valentine tanks in the UK, and further over one and half thousands in Canada - out of which almost all (apart for 30 kept for educational purposes), were send to Russia. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Amongst all tanks used in large number on fronts of the Second World War, many considered the British Valentine tanks to be the worse ones. They were slow, had weak petrol engines of the volume of just 9.6 litre - i.e. volume lower than in 2014 had some luxury cars, e.g. produced by GM or Chrysler (Dodge). they had many weak spots, and were relatively easy to destroy. Their weaponry was miserable. For example, it is known that Russian tankers resisted as they could to be assigned to these tanks or to American "Shermans", because Russians considered them to be "motorised coffins". (During the Second World War almost the entire Canadian production of these tanks, means 1390 of them, were "send" to Russia within the frame of the war assistance.) In addition, it was produced in an many as 11 different design versions and in a whole range of further applications (e.g. as self-propelled guns or as fire throwers). These versions frequently breakdown (failed to work) - while each one of them required numerous spare parts which were different from these for other versions. Thus this tank did NOT play any vital role in the winning the Second World War. The only situation in which it become useful, were battles in narrow streets of towns. This is because its barrel was shorter than its corpse, and also because of its small size, it was able to manoeuvre in narrow streets, shoot in there sideways, and even turn back on slightly wider streets.
       Sending to fronts such shabby tank by a former superpower (i.e. by Great Britain) until today induces an embarrassment. For this reason about this tank is almost no information in the official war literature. The only place in which I found some sparse description of the performance of Valentine tanks, is the book [1#E1.3] by Robert Kershaw, entitled "Tank Men" (Hodder & Stoughton, 2008, ISBN 978-0-340-92347-4). So here is several quotations from that book about British tanks Valentine. Page 155: "More causalities came from breakdown and from problems with the supply of spares than from enemy action." Page 221: "... unfortunately armed with a piddling little 2-pounder pop-gun and Besa machine gun. British tank crews had already realised it was 'bloody useless' against 50 mm long-barrelled Panzer Mark III... British tank crews felt exposed in their vulnerable tanks. Hamilton summed it up as 'really like being a lightweight in the ring with a heavyweight'. German tanks were 10 mph faster and had five-man crews against British three or four." Page 371: ... Valentines and Shermans were coffins."
       The tank "Valentine V" weighted 17 tons. It was 6.68 meter long (i.e. 17ft9in), 2.64 meter wide (i.e. 8ft7.5in), and 2.27 meter high (i.e. 7ft5.5in). Its maximal speed amounted to 24 km/h. The range (after a single tanking) was 145 kilometres. It had 4 crew members. Its armour in the thickest place was 60 mm. It was armed in 75mm/2.95in gun (tzw. two-pounder "2 pdr"), and in the coaxial machine gun Besa 7.7mm/0.303in.

#E1.4. The German tank "Panther":

       After writing about tanks which won the Second World Was, it is also worth to described the tank which lost this war - briefly describing its performance. So here is the best German tank from time of the Second World War called the "Panther" (click on this "green" message in order to see this tank). While writing about tanks which won the Second World War, it is worth to show also a tank that lost this war - informing briefly "why". So here it is, the most perfect German tank from times of World War Two, called Panther. Similarly like it was with allies armies, also Germans were unable to utilize fully the military benefits of this tank. After all, the entire their strategy of using tanks was based on experiences from battles of World War One. In addition to the out-dated and inadequate strategy of using this tank, it had also many drawbacks. For example it was too "tall" (54 cm taller from the Russian tank T-34) - and thus more easy to hit. It was slow - what turned out to be fatal in races along huge spaces of Russia. It was also "fragile" - and thus did NOT perform well in difficult environmental conditions. The design of it was very complicated and contained many unnecessary parts - thus repairs of it were long, while a number of spare parts which it required - large. It also had a number of "weak spots".
       The construction of tank "Panther" initiated in 1942 with the intention of replacing with it the predecessors "Panzer IV" and "Panzer III" which under every aspect turned out to be militarily and technically clumsy and inferior. Until the end of war produced were around 4800 these tanks "Panther". It weights 44.8 tons. It is 6.87 meter long, 3.42 meter wide, and 2.99 meter tall. It is crewed by 5 men. The maximal speed of it is 46 km/h. It has a cannon of 75 mm with range of 3 km. (But from a distance of 3 km its shots were unable to penetrate the armour of T-34 and bounced from Russian tanks.) It was relatively easy to destroy. The armour of it had several almost vertical surfaces which would not bounce bullets. The smooth surface facilitated the sticking of magnetic mines. The complicated design decreased its reliability and extended repairs. Slow speed limited its operational capabilities on huge spaces of Russia. So in spite that it was the best development from the entire family of five subsequent improvements of the German tanks, still it was very inferior in comparison to its main opponent - Russian tank T-34 (from the photo above).

#E2. Personal weapon of figting sides, means "pepesha" machine guns against hand-reloaded, single-shot rifles:

       In spite of natural for Germans technical genius, in the Second World War the quality of personal weapons of Germans was decisively inferior in comparison to the quality of Russian personal weapons. For example, Germans tried to win the war with the help of a hand reloaded, single shot rifles which were designed almost a half of century earlier! But it turned out that such rifles were useful only in shooting to unarmed prisoners. However, when confronting Russian soldiers armed with excellent "pepesha" machine guns, this single shot rifles gave almost no chances to Germans to survive these confrontations.

Fig. #E2.

Fig. #E2: The machine gun of the Russian army PPSh-41 from times of the Second World War. It was known under a popular name "pepesha". It was just from such a "pepesha" that were executed the young "defenders of Milicz" in German military uniforms, which in 1945 barricaded themselves in the townhall from Milicz and then burned the first Russian tank that entered the Milicz town square. It was also such "pepeshas" that in fact turned out to be one amongst components of the weaponry of the Red Army that decided about the winning of the Second World War by Russians.
       The Russian "pepesha" was the weapon the construction of which by Russians was inspired by a similar weapon of the Finish production, originally called Konepistooli m/31 Suomi (Suomi M-31 SMG) - see the web page about Finish weapons and history of Finish-Soviet wars. That Finish automatic weapon (i.e. the ancestor of "pepesha") was designed in 1931 by Aimo Lahti and used very effectively by Finish army during the Finish-Soviet "winter war" in years 1939-1940. In this war Russians still used only hand loaded rifles. So they were bitten so effectively by the Finish ancestor of pepesha, that on the basis of several conquered samples of this weapon they produced their own version of this effective machine gun and introduce it to the mass equipment of their army already since 1941. In turn Germans had NO previously any defeat from an enemy that had a highly effective hand machine guns. Although in September 1939 they were significantly roughed up by the Polish infantry which used a lot of RKMs Browning model 1928 (originally made in Belgium), but German won this war - thus they did NOT feel endangered by this kind of automatic weaponry. So to war with Russia they went equipped mainly into a hand-loaded rifles "Mauser" (Karabiner 98k) designed still in 1898. Although some German soldiers had machine pistols called "MP40" or Schmeisser, but this pistol in military sense was hugely inferior to pepesha and had a lot of technical drawbacks. For example, the distance of deadly fire was for it just 200 metres (for pepesha it was 500 metres), its cartridge frame had 32 rounds (the drum of pepesha had 71 rounds). Also it frequently jammed. Thus the pepesha and the deadly stream of led that it spread in the range of to 500 metres, turned out to Germans quite an unpleasant surprise. Also in spite that various more aware Germans started then frantically work on their own version of machine gun which would represent an effective counter-balance for the Russian "pepesha", for a whole array of strange reasons triggered by the action of so-called moral laws (e.g. streams of erroneous beliefs of Hitler, bureaucracy, court orders, etc. - see item #I2 below) their efforts got complicated. This machine gun Germans developed only in 1943. They called it MP43, or "Machine Pistol 43". However, to the common use they introduced this machine gun only ion the last phase of the war - when their defeat become decided by "pepesha" and by tanks "T-34". (By the way, this German machine pistol "MP43", which Germans managed to introduce only in the last stage of the war, was also intercepted and appreciated by Russians, while after small improvements it becomes an ancestor for the famous and extremely effective AK-47, (i.e. “Kalashnikov") - which until today is spreading huge fear and destruction amongst enemies of these ones who use it.)
       It is worth to notice, that every weapon, in this number also the above pepesha, looks approximately like a lizard - if it is looked at from the direction of being shot at. This probably is why the New Zealand Maoris the magical weapon of the UFOnauts who used to oppress and persecute them considered to be a kind of murderous lizards called "moko-moko" - as this is explained more comprehensively on the web page about the church of St. Andrea Bobola from Milicz.

#E3. Every war is won by the level of morality of fighting parties, NOT by their weappon:

Motto: "If you seek an idea which is worth your contribution, devote your energy to making alive, improving, and constructing - e.g. to the idea of shifting time back and living forever, but under no circumstances support ideas which require killing, enslaving, or destroying."

       It is enough to see captions under this photographs from "Fig. #E2", and the previous "Fig. #1" to understand, that the decisive about wining any war is NOT at all the level of technical advancement, economical power, or number of soldiers, but the level of morality and consequences that result from this level - e.g. the will and tradition of historical "learning", improvement of own strategy, or "drawing conclusions from what happens on fronts". After all the fates of people are ruled by the so-called principle of the "survival of most moral" - which in the best way is discussed in item #B1 from the web page changelings.htm. This principle was discovered only in 2012 by the new "totaliztic science". As this new "totaliztic science" determined, in relation to people equipped by God into the organ of "conscience", this principle fulfils the same function as in the world of wild animals deprived of conscience fulfils the Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest". Unfortunately, the lack of competence and the moral blindness of the old so-called "atheistic orthodox science" caused that this old human science overlooked that the principle of the "survival of fittest" does NOT apply to people. Therefore, officially this science still erroneously and misleadingly insists until today, that people also are ruled by this animal principle of the "survival of fittest". Therefore, I am encouraging here the reader to learn descriptions and evidence on the topic of both these principles (especially these ones presented in items #G1 to #G7 from the web page will.htm), and then make up his or her own mind whether the principle of the "survival of fittest" applies also to people - as this is told us by the old "atheistic orthodox science", or rather that to people applies this new principle of the "survival of most moral" - discovered only in 2012 by the new "totaliztic science".
       Unfortunately, if one looks carefully at fates of last wars, e.g. Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Afghanistan, or Iraq, then one easily discovers that present military leaders and politicians even from these most developed countries are "hermetically closed for learning and for drawing conclusions from lessons of the history". So when they finally start a war with some opponent who will be equal to them in the military sense, and whose position represents the moral justification thus who has a will and a tradition to learn, to draw conclusions, and to immediately implementat the findings, fates of these militaries and politicians, as well as fates of countries which they supposed to defend, will be a repetition of the fate of Hitler, his accomplices, Hitler's army, German technique, and occupation, subdivision, and penance of Germany that followed the war. As a person that was born in Poland and that loves his motherland dearly, I am very disappointed that both political and military leaders of Poland also seem to belong to that group of "lesson-hermetic" who stubbornly refuse to draw conclusions from history lessons - see item #I2 below. And Poland is just an independent nation and country, which could afford to choose its own path to the better future. In turn the long history of Polish martyrdom causes, that it has NOT just the right, but also a moral duty, to show to other nations the correct path in the matter of wars, by the adoption of neutrality and by insisting on the active implementation of the principle "never again".
       More information about "why" and "how" every war is lost by the aggressor, is provided in item #I2 from this web page.
       The fact of loosing of every war by the side which displays the lowest level of morality (i.e. typically loosing it by the "aggressors" according to the principle of the "survival of most moral") is discussed also, amongst others, in item #C5.2 from the web page named morals.htm. In turn the abovementioned principle of the "survival of most moral", which rules over outcomes of every war, is presented most comprehensively in item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm.

Part #F: "When two elephants fight the grass suffer" (Korean proverb):


#F1. Four abandoned graves of German soldiers by the dirt road from Milicz to Stawiec:

       When the main group of juvenile scouts in German military uniforms barricaded themselves int he Milicz town-hall, four of them was posted by the bridge on Barycz river with the order to blast this bridge when Russians appear. But Russians arrived from the south. So juvenile scouts by the bridge saw with their own eyes, as after a rapid explosion of shooting, the streams of Russian led and fire instantly reduced the town-hall into a pile of burning rubbles. So they run for life. Probably they originated from the village Stawiec (German "Steffitz"), because they run for lives along initially the present Krotoszyńska Street, and later uphill of the old road that leads from the junction near Wszewilki to the village Stawiec. (This old road is actually a section of the historical "Amber Root" which in past led from the northern gate of Milicz, the so-called "Gniezno Gate", through the village Stawiec, towns Rawicz and Poznań, to Gniezno, then to Gdańsk. Presently it runs in the middle between two relatively new roads, the eastern one of which leads to Cieszków passing by the building of former waterworks of Milicz, while the western one leads to Rawicz.) Unfortunately for these juvenile German "soldiers", in the same as they direction was send a Russian motorised reconnoitring patrol. Of course, sharp eyes of the Russian patrol fast noticed these four German juveniles. The patrol seem to have an excellent sharp shooter. The shooter took all four Germans in gaps of just several meters from each other. Then some local Samaritan, who remained in the area because he considered himself to be a Pole, but probably knew in person these juvenile "soldiers", buried their corpses on the side of this dirt road, in places where they fell down, traditionally honouring their graves with their own military helmets hanged on bayonets inserted into the soil. But with the elapse of time disappeared even these bayonets and helmets. One day perhaps their bones will be discovered on the occasion of cleaning the side of this dirt road.

#F2. Snipers and casual witnesses:

       Russian snipers were really excellent sharp shooters. When the shooting started for the town-hall of Milicz, a female inhabitant of Wszewilki went in front of the southern wall of her barn and with the curiosity watched the vicious battle that was just raging in Milicz. She was a Pole, an autochthon, not a German. (This is why she would NOT run inside of the Germany, when the Russian army approached, as it was done by the majority of other inhabitants of Wszewilki.) She considered the attacking Russian army which just arrived to Milicz to be "friends". However, in the course of battle a Russian sniper went at the bank of the Barycz river, to check whether under the bridge do NOT hide any German soldiers. This sniper from the height of the river bank spotted the human figure standing in front of her barn. So he decided to NOT risk that she turns out an observer of the German army posted to direct the canon fire. In spite that the distance to this figure exceeded over 1 kilometre (as bullet flies), still he managed to kill her with a single shot. The poor lady fell down form the "friendly fire". As this indicates, when nearby a battle is carried out, then it is better for civilians to not get out from their hiding places.

Part #G: The war does NOT end when politicians sign peace documents:


#G1. The epidemics of "neck breaking" amongst autochthons from Milicz:

       In old times the vicinity of Milicz belonged to Poland. Thus a significant proportion of local inhabitants considered themselves to be Poles and refused to escape inside of Germany from the attacking Russian army. However, by some strange "convergence of coincidents" (I personally believe that it was an organised act, although well hidden, on the part of some dark force), practically all amongst these autochthons about the existence of which I knew, soon after the war were killed on a multiple of ways.
       Out of numerous ways on which the killing of these autochthons from the vicinity of Milicz took place, most puzzling for me seems to be a strange "epidemics of breaking necks" by autochthons that were somehow connected to my family. About the mysterious "breaking the neck" by one amongst these autochthons, whom I still remember until today as a sparking with the sense of humour, polite, nice, slim, and physically very fit man, namely someone named Waloha from the village of Wszewilki near Milicz, I am writing in items #E1 and #E2 from the web page wszewilki_uk.htm - about history and curiosities of the village Wszewilki. But with the fate of my family was connected also another autochthon named Count Haupfman Nietzke von Kolande. He was the estate owner that included the village named Kolenda distant by around 10 kilometres to the east from Milicz. It was him who employed my grandfather as an equerry - as this is explained in item #B2 of the web page about me (Dr Jan Pajak). In spite of a German-sounding name, by his genealogy he also considered himself to be Polish. After all, one of his ancestors was a mayor of the city of Wrocław in old times when Wrocław (as well as Milicz) still used to belong to Poland. He even used to speak Polish very well. So he did NOT escape from the incoming Red Army. He was a professional soldier - then already retired at the rank of Captain. So he was interested in the Russian army. Thus, after Red Army entered Milicz, he drove a motorbike to Milicz in order to see Russian soldiers. But when returning home in some mysterious way he "break his neck". He was buried in the family tomb located in his village Kolenda near Sulmierzyce. His wife also is buried in there, only that on the communal cemetery.

Part #H: Remnants of the "battle for Milicz":


#H1. Remnants of the murderous hardware after the battle for Milicz:

       In times just after the war still another souvenir existed after the German garrison from Milicz. It was a wealth of German weapon and ammunition, which was piled up in several warehouses of Milicz. One such a warehouse, which existed by the present Krotoszyńska Street, accumulated huge numbers of German riffles. In order to make impossible the use of these rifles by unauthorised people, immediately after the liberation Russians placed them in a line over the edge of the footpath in present Krotoszyńska Street, so that their barrels lied on the footpath, while their triggers hanged in the air above the road. Then along so positioned riffles a heave Russian tank rolled, with its caterpillar wheels pressing the rifles just by the edge of footpath. The caterpillar wheels of the tank acted like huge scissors, breaking each rifle approximately in the area of the lock. Thus soon after the war the present Krotoszyńska Street was littered with thousands of German military rifles broken in such a manner.
       Of course, Russians did NOT manage to discover and to neutralise all reserves of German weapon and ammunition. Therefore Polish youngsters who after the war arrived to Milicz, used these remnants of the war as kinds of toys. For example, they used to catch fish in the Barycz river by throwing German grenades into water. A son of my neighbour from Wszewilki just in such a manner lost both his hands. Namely, when he intended to stunt fish with such a German grenade, he had a bad luck to use a grenade which was sabotaged at the stage of production. (In the last stadium of war, for the production of German weapon and ammunition mainly foreign slave workers were used, means prisoners and prisoners of war. Therefore, they frequently sabotaged their own production, although when they were caught on this sabotage they were immediately shot dead.) In the result, the grenade exploded in hands of the son of my neighbour, taking both his hands up to the shoulders. Other, much bigger accident took place with a huge pile of German airplane bombs, which lied on the ground just behind Cieszków on the right side of the road to Zduny. As it was told then, people saw an older man as he knocked into these bombs with his walking stick. Then a powerful bang was heard. The older man could not be found anymore. In the place where these bombs used to lie until today a huge and deep hole in the ground does exist, now filled up with water.
       Ruins of the Milicz town-hall for a long time scared people in the centre of the town-square with their burned out windows. Even in the second half of 1950s, i.e. in times when I attended to the primary school, still one could enter cellars of the town-hall through a number of holes. In turn from these cellars one could enter a labyrinth of underground tunnels which exist under the town of Milicz. (These tunnels are described on the web page milicz_uk.htm - about the town of Milicz.) Then these ruins were partially cleared. On their place lawns with flowers were arranged, which beautified the central-square of Milicz for several next years. In turn the lawns were turned into a paved area that existed in the central square of Milicz in 2004.

#H2. The dump of rubbles left from the burned town-hall of Milicz:

       The town-hall of Milicz was a relatively large building. Thus, after it was burned down, a large pile of rubbles was left in centre of the town-square. These rubbles were removed within the scope of first after-war community services for the town of Milicz. To dump these rubbles the old and dry riverbed of Barycz was selected, which passed between the present bridge on this river, and the first building of Milicz - the one that previously used to be painted in yellow and used to stand just by the old bed of river Barycz, as it was an old tannery of Milicz. (About this old bed of Barycz river and about this tannery I am writing in item #8.3 from the web page wszewilki_milicz.htm - about sightseeing the village Wszewilki and the town Milicz, so-far available only in the Polish language. Presently this old bed of the river Barycz is buried around 5 meters deep under the new encircling road which near the bridge through Barycz separates itself from the road to town-square in Milicz.) The rubbles left from the Milicz town-hall was carried to this dump site in "lorries" which were pushed by hands along specially laid rails which led from the town-hall to the old riverbed of Barycz. As the eye-witnesses claimed who saw with their own eyes these "lorries", in the rubbles was more human bones than ashes and bricks - this should NOT surprise as learning the information from item #C1 of this web page, that in the town-hall from Milicz was burned alive around 300 under-aged "defendants" of Milicz. Independently from this rubbles, to this after-war rubbish dump were later dumped all other remains from the war, as well as rubbish produced by people and by factories from Milicz. I remember that still in times when I was already going to the primary school, stood in there remains of some tankette - I believe that it was this burned "tankette" described in item #C1 of this web page. This "tankette" was abandoned approximately at the extension of the former riverbed of "Młynówka" which at that time was flowing along the peripherals of the park. Probably until today the location of this "tankette" under the layer of rubbish and soil can be detected with the "magnetic mines finder". Later this area was used exclusively as the rubbish dump for the entire town - until it was filled up with rubbish completely to the present level (which occurred around 1970s).

#H3. Macabre souvenir from the war in the Church of St. Andrea Bobola in Milicz:

       In times just after the Second World War, undergrounds of the Evangelic church from Milicz (i.e. the church shown in "Fig. #H3") were open and accessible for curious people. Only that at that time the church was already converted into the Roman Catholic church. I knew in person some young people, who ventured into these undergrounds. They told, that the undergrounds were filled up with coffins. One macabre details which hit their eyes, was the dried body in a German military uniform, pinned with the bayonet from a Russian military rifle to one of these coffin. This German was probably a member of that miniature German garrison, which defended the town-hall of Milicz. When his comrades surrounded to Russians, he probably run from the town-hall through this underground tunnel which at that time linked the town-hall with cellars of the Evangelic church. Then he hid from Russians in undergrounds of that church. However, ha had a bad luck to be discovered by Russians. So Russians pinned him with the bayonet through his heart to the pile of these wooden coffins. Then the bayonet was broken, so that the corpse of that German was hanging from a coffin. Soon afterwards it dried out like a mummy. For several next years this dried dead body in the German military uniform was a macabre attraction for chance visitors in these undergrounds.

Fig. #H3 (29)

Fig. #H3: The church of Saint Andrea Bobola in Milicz. Before the World War Two it was the evangelic church, while after the war it was converted into the Roman Catholic church. For me it has a sentimental value, as it was this church that I (means Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) was christened in it, took my lessons of religion, was receiving my first holy communion, and also received my confirmation of faith.
       (This illustration is a repetition of the illustration "Fig. #H3" from the web page "Wszewilki-Milicz" (in Polish) that described unofficial walking tracks and manners of sightseeing of Milicz, and also a repetition of the illustration "Fig. #29" from the web page about the town of Milicz.) Presently this is the Catholic church under the invocation of Saint Andrea Bobola. This photograph was taken in 2003. The church was constructed in years 1709 to 1712. The more accurate description of it is provided on the separate web page about the church of Saint Andrea Bobola and about the town of Milicz.

Part #I: Moral lessons that stem from the battle for Milicz:


#I1. Recommendation of totalizm: "support only these ideas which require that you live for them, not die for them":

       An extremely moral, peaceful, and progressive philosophy has been developed in 1985, called totalizm. The unique feature of it is, that that it ascertains that "for totalizm it is required to live, not to die". The source of just such stand of totalizm is a package of rigorous laws of the universe called the moral laws. These moral laws rule with the iron hand over repercussions of everything that we only do in our lives. Among others, they cause, that only these human achievements are permanent, which have been accomplished in a moral manner. (Please notice that the term "moral" has been used here in the totaliztic, not in religious, apprehension. Namely, the philosophy of totalizm ascertains, that "moral is everything that is lifting every concerned person uphill in this so-called moral field".) In turn all human achievements which have been accomplished in an immoral manner, e.g. through war and through hurting other people, elapse relatively fast and in the final effect they cause the reversal of themselves. This is because moral laws substitute them by their exact opposite. Therefore, according to totalizm, it is never possible to achieve anything permanent with the assistance of war, unless this war is purely defensive. (For purely defensive wars moral laws make an exception and they treat them as our moral duty - for details look subsection JC11.1 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4].) This timeless truth reveals also for us the history of the battle for Milicz. It is proper to remember about it, when we become confronted in life with situation that we must take a stand regarding any war or aggression. According to totalizm, moral laws, and bitter historic experience, we should always persist in such cases to "never again". If we do not believe, that it is necessary to insist for all aggressive wars to "never again", let us consider for a moment what about the today's repercussions of their war would say all these young people who died during the battle for Milicz described on this web page (independently whether these would be fallen German or Russian soldiers). Let us consider whether they would confirm that YES, for whatever they can see today around it was proper to die, or rather NO - means they would also said to us "never again"?

#I2. War, and the action of moral mechanisms - means "why" and "how" every war is always lost by the aggressor, while the short-term benefits and gains of this aggressor always are invalidated during the long-term work of moral mechanisms:

Motto: 'Every war begins from the "immorality" of someone's aggression propelled by the "greed", while moral mechanisms always in the long-term work "punish" this immorality, amongst others, through the invalidation of all benefits that a given immoral behaviour brings about in a short-term - this is why for every war it is easy to predict in advance who in the final count is to loose it, because always it is lost by the aggressor and won by the defenders.'

       On a whole range of internet web pages of totalizm a newly discovered kind of laws of the universe is described. These laws strongly influence our lives. They are called the moral laws. Moral laws are very unusual. On one hand they work repetitively, ruthlessly, and non-negotiable - similarly like physical laws. For example the moral law called the "Boomerang Principle" always returns to a giver exactly the same amount and kind of feelings that this giver earlier served to someone's else. The return of these feelings is carried out by the Boomerang Principle in the equally non-negotiable manner, as the physical law of "action and reaction" always returns to a hitting person the force of his hit. On the other hand, behind the work of moral mechanisms and laws stands a superior intelligence and knowledge of God himself - as this is explained in a number of totaliztic publications, for example in items #C4.2 and #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm, in item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, in item #G1 from my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm, or in subsection I3.6 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Moral laws do NOT act blindly and non-preferentially - like physical laws do, but their action is characterised by extreme intelligence and dependency on the current course of the so-called moral field. For example, if someone kills, then in normal situation according to the action of moral laws he himself also must live through being killed, so that he experiences himself the same feelings as his victims do. But if someone kills in the self-defence, then the only thing that awaits him in the future, is a bit of emotion - as this is explained in more details in subsection JC11.1 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4]. This is because the moral laws impose on everyone the duty of self-defence against aggression. Thus they do NOT punish these people who are forced to kill in self-defence. But returning to the presentation of moral laws on the web pages of totalizm, these laws are described not only on the web page about the philosophy of totalizm and about the reversal of totalizm - means the philosophy of parasitism, but also on web pages about nirvana, morality, karma, time vehicles and Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Because in every war all laws and phenomena reveal their action in an extreme manner, also the action of moral laws most clearly hits eyes just in events taking place during wars. Let us summarise now briefly these outcomes of moral laws action, which become clearly visible just on the base of descriptions from this web page concerning the battle for Milicz. Here are the most important of them:
       (1) In the final count every war is always lost by an aggressor. From the moral point of view in every war there is a struggle between an "aggressor" and a side that is "defending itself". In turn, according to moral mechanisms the "aggressor" is always the one who sends its army to attack a territory which does NOT belong to it. The side "defending itself" for moral laws is always the one who defends its own territory against an attack of an aggressor. Moral laws in every such a war have a very simple action - namely they always in the final (long-term) count cause that the war is lost by an aggressor and won by the side defending itself. In other words, they always implement the principle of the "survival of most moral" already described comprehensively in the caption under #Fot. #A1" and in item #E3 from this web page, and also in item #G1 of a different my web page named will.htm. In turn this principle runs the appropriate moral mechanisms, which cause that the war is always lost by an aggressor and won by the defender, and which at the end of the war always are invalidating all the benefits and successes that the aggressor achieved earlier in that war, and thus that after the war the situation of the aggressor becomes much worse than it was before starting the war. (Only that in order to NOT deprive people of their "free will", these moral mechanisms are purposely so disguised that they look as if the war is won by the militarily "stronger" side, while lost like by a "weaker" side.) An example of just such an action of moral mechanisms and laws is not only the Second World War described on this web page, but practically every war that only occurred on Earth - starting from the ancient ones (e.g. from that carried out by Alexander the Great), and finishing with the present wars. In my opinion a best example of just such action of moral laws is the Finish-Soviet war of 1944-5, by Finish called the "Continuation War". This war was won by Finish, in spite that they fought against a powerful Soviet army, which just annihilated Germans. Of course, the main reason for which Finish won this war was the action of moral laws. After all, in this war a small army of Finland represented the defending itself, while a huge army of Russia was the aggressor. In turn Germans could be broken by Russians only because the moral laws them (Russians) treated as defending themselves, while the Hitler's army these laws treated as aggressors.
       (2) In the initial phase of every war the development of situation is such that it clearly and unambiguously reveals to everyone who is an "aggressor" and who "defends itself". Means, in the initial (short-term) phase of every war, it is the "aggressor" who sends its army to the territory of the side "defending itself" (typically for immoral reasons - which can be described by the word "greed" clearly explained to us by religions). Moreover, the way in which moral mechanisms work (explained more thoroughly in item #C4.2 from the web page named morals.htm), cause that the "aggressor" initially (i.e. in the short-term work of moral mechanisms) accomplishes various successes and benefits - until the moment of time when with its actions it documents illustratively to everyone that truly it behaves like the "aggressor". The reason is, that practically every aggressor before sending its army firstly convinces many people that its aggression is done for the "right purpose" and for "good causes". Only after all those who are open to the truth receive a clear illustration who really is the immoral "aggressor", the moral mechanisms and laws get into action and the aggressor begins slowly and gradually loose a given war and also loose all successes and benefits accomplished in the short-term. In the final result, the situation of the aggressor after the war is much worse as it was before starting the war.
       (3) The appearance of the "black hole" in every war - as a last warning to the aggressor. After the initial (short-term) "overwhelming successes" of the aggressor - which are planned in advance by moral mechanisms and laws to document illustratively who is the aggressor and who is the defending itself, while described in more details in item #C4.2 from my web page named morals.htm, in every war comes a period of so-called "black hole". In this period the aggressor is forced to pour into the war ever increasing number of people, resources, equipment, money, etc., which after being thrown into the "war theatre" simply disappear forever. A perfect example of just such a "black hole" was for Germans the eastern front in the Second World War. The "black hole" is a kind of final (moral) warning which the moral laws give to the aggressor for consideration - in order to persuade it to fast finish the war, establish peace, and compensate the damages done to the attacked side. If this black hole is unable to discourage the aggressor for the continuation of the war, while the war is still carried out, then the third stage of the war takes place (i.e. the "finishing of the aggressor"). In that phase the aggressor experiences (usually on its own territory) all these "pleasures" which previously it served to the side that it attacked, and which are served to it due to the action of the "Boomerang Principle".
       (4) The action of the moral law named the "Boomerang Principle" - the amount of created suffering is equal to the amount of received suffering. The action of the Boomerang Principle reveals itself in every war in this manner, that the side which inflicts to the other a kind of suffering, some time later is exposed itself to the suffering of the exactly the same character. If for some reason the suffering received have a lower intensity than the suffering inflicted, then the time of their action is appropriately extended, so that the total amount of suffering is equal on both sides. Thus the Boomerang Principle causes that for suffering is in power a special kind of energy balance - the amount of inflicted suffering is always equal to the amount of received suffering. The action of this law is perfectly visible on fate of Germany after the Second World War. Although the suffering of German after the war had a lower intensity than the suffering which Germans inflicted to others during their aggression, their suffering spread into a longer period of time. Also the demolition of the Berlin Wall in 1989 did NOT finish it, but they last still until now because of the disproportions and inequality which emerged in both parts of Germany in the result of the Second World War, and because of the "peaceful raid" on Germany of people who in a quiet way gradually escalate similar types of suffering that the Nazis escalated during the World War II.
       (5) Moral laws prepare the outcome of every war a long time in advance before this war began. The outcome of every war is prepared by moral laws a long time before a given war starts. This preparation "a priori" is possible for God because of the use of so-called "omniplan", "space-time", and "reversible software time" in which we live - described more comprehensively on separate my web pages, e.g. in items #C3 to #C4.1 from my web page named immortality.htm, and also on web pages about time vehicles or about Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In general, this preparation of the outcome depends on the creation for the defending itself such a situation, that it has some kind of initially unaware superiority over the aggressor (e.g. in case of the Second World War this superiority was given to Russians, amongst others, tanks T-34 which were much better than tanks of Germans, also a better strategy of the use of these tanks, as well as machine guns "pepesha" shown in "Fig. #E2"). Simultaneously for the aggressor the moral laws prepare an illusive impression of having an advantage - e.g. it can believe in its "fire power", or in "advanced technology". But in the action it always turns out later that in conditions into which the aggressor unwisely puts itself, these points of supposed advantage turn out completely useless.
       (6) NO war solves problems the appearance of which was utilised as an excuse to initiate it, but only intensifies these problems - so let us learn to negotiate instead of bombarding. Every war after is finished turns out to be completely useless. It only destroys the fighting sides, but never solves their problems. After all, like every other immoral acting described e.g. in item #C4.2 from the web page morals_pl.htm, in items #G1 and #N1 from the web page pajak_re_2017.htm, or in item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, also every war because of its immoral nature, escalates only the problems for solving of which it supposedly was started. Human problems is only able to solve the pedantically moral acting which does NOT break any moral criteria. Therefore, at the final end of war, these problems still needs to be solved in a peaceful manner through negotiations. A perfect example how opposite are outcomes of the war to these expected by the aggressor, can also be the Second World War. Hitler initiated this war as an excuse to extend the territory of 'Germany. But in time when Hitler was initiating it, Germany occupied practically the biggest area in the entire its history. Not only then belonged to Germany almost a half of present Poland, but also present Austria, Czech and Slovakia. Furthermore, if Germany would then concentrate on multiplying its prosperity instead of war, almost for sure in the later date to Germany would peacefully join also Switzerland, Italy, and Spain - all these countries before the war show such inclinations. (Nothing is so persuasive to people as the prospect of living in prosperity.) In the result, if Hitler do NOT start the Second World War, by today Germany would become a superpower which would envelop almost the entire area of present Common Market (EWG), while the level of prosperity in that country would be just unimaginable. But we all know how the situation changed in the result of that war.
       (7) Every aggressive war deprives the esteem, respect, authority, and good name. These attributes in turn take centuries to be restored (sometimes even thousands of years), and people still may keep reminding someone their lack. After all, it is commonly known that whatever someone did once, in the encouraging conditions he or she can do it again. Therefore, in spite that after the war politicians flood with polite comments the former aggressor and friendly show teeth in diplomatic smiles, many amongst them shares feelings of the attacked nation and on the bottom of souls harbours feelings keep eye on these our former aggressors and do not allow them to do too well, as in encouraging circumstances and when they have an aggressive leader, they have a potential to do again what they did once before, or the principle "since once they attacked others, they are able to attack also us - thus better to keep far from them and have nothing to do with them."
       (8) Fate of individual people that fight on the side of the aggressor, with the elapse of time become similar to the fate that this aggressor prepared to people that fight on the side that defends itself. Means, to the fate of people who fight on the side of the aggressor applies the moral law called the Boomerang Principle.
       (9) Every aggressive war deprives the "free will" all people sucked into it. Especially strongly it deprives the aggressor from the free will. How and why this deprivation of free will takes place, and what it means exactly, is explained more comprehensively in next item #I3 of this web page.
* * *
       The most clearly the action of moral mechanisms and laws described here is illustrated in captions under illustrations "Fig. #E1.1" to "Fig. #E2" from this web page.

#I3. Every war deprives people of their "free will" which originally was given to them by God:

       The biggest blessing that God gave to humans, and which distinguishes people from animals, is the aware "free will". Also the biggest punishment that can be imposed on someone, is just the deprival of this "free will". It is why, if someone is a criminal, the society deprives him just the "free will" through locking him in a prison. It is also why everyone who somehow is imprisoned, while his free will is taken away from him, fight till the end to regain it.
       In the history of humanity every now and again trends appear, with the assistance of which one group of people tries to deprive the free will of other group of people. A best example of these trends was the political system of "slavery" - in which owners of slaves deprived their slaves of free will. After the fall of slavery system, certain social groups invented another manner for taking away free will from people. It was the "drudgery" - means binding serfs to the land and to the owners of that land. When also this manner of depriving the free will was gradually abolished, again certain groups in the human society invented another manner of depriving people of their free will. It was obligatory conscription to the army, that used an excuse of a "patriotic duty" - although in fact it was just placing in the situation that a given person can be forced to kill without the regard to his belief in God, his personal philosophy, or views. (This obligatory conscription to the army I discuss in item #F3 of the separate web page named memorial. It is just because of this obligatory conscription breaks not only someone's free will and someone's human rights, and also breaks commandments given to us by God, it is worth to undertake a serious discussion as to whether it is legal in the light of the existing laws. This is because for sure it is NOT moral.) Next to a war, this obligatory conscription to an army, are at present two main remnants of the slavery system, which still are operational in the human societies. After all, similarly as in the slavery system, they both deprive humans their "free will" given to them by God.
       The loss of free will is NOT only the biggest punishment that can be imposed onto a human being, but it also introduces an array of various implications that do not limit themselves to morality nor to religion. For example, it can be a reason for loosing the health. The mechanism of this loss is such, that only these people who have a free will can generate for themselves the so-called moral energy - sometimes called also the "zwow" energy (from the Polish words "zasób wolnej woli"). This energy "zwow" is absolutely vital for life and for health. For example, people who have a deficit of "zwow" are immediately falling into a depression, and nothing is able to heal them from this depression until they rebuild in themselves the level of "zwow" - as this is explained in item #C5 of the web page about the philosophy of parasitism. This is why cosmic civilisations, the citizens of which are deprived of free will because of the slavery system that they practice, are unable to generate this moral energy. Therefore such cosmic civilisations are forced to rob moral energy that they need from other civilisations - in this number from the human civilisation on the Earth (for details see item #E1 from the web page memorial).
       The life energy generated from "zwow" by people that have the free will, can be sucked (robbed) from humans and then transmitted to other people. Devices used for such a "sucking" of the life energy, and for saturating with it other beings, are widely utilised by UFOnauts on people abducted to decks of UFOs. Both kinds of these devices (means sucking devices and saturating devices) are described in the Polish treatise [3b]. The devices used for sucking this energy in the treatise [3b] are called "cold chambers" - e.g. see verses no {5550} and {5120} in [3b]. What even more interesting, UFOnauts that rob this energy from people can live without sleep - this suggests that the conversion of zwow energy into the life energy is carried out mainly during the sleep. Interesting is also that UFOnauts who do NOT eat meet, intensely promote "vegetarianism" amongst humans - most clearly the life energy carries in itself the taste preferences from the robbed into the robbing one. More about both these energies is explained in subsection I5.6 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       An example of one amongst numerous manners on which wars deprive people their free will is illustrated in "Fig. #I3" below.

Fig. #I3.

Fig. #I3: An example of situation created by every war, when all people sucked into it are deprived of "free will" by this war. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.) This situation shows a typical scene of execution of Korean patriots by a firing squad of Japanese occupants. Myself (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak) photographed this scene after it was faithfully reconstructed in the "Independence Hall of Korea" located in the town Cheonan from the South Korea. (In fact the content of this scene has a link with descriptions of my life in Korea, presented on a separate web page named Korea.) The scene clearly illustrates how a war is taking away the "free will" from people sucked into it. For example, each Japanese soldier that carried out this execution was forced to kill whomever was placed in front of his barrel, without the regard to his faith in God or to his personal philosophy. (Some amongst executed people were women.) This is because if he would refuse to shoot, then he would be shot himself under the excuse of the disobeying orders. In turn almost every person who was executed admitted his or her guilt towards "crimes" he or she was accused, only because Japanese received "quotas" from their government how many Koreans they must force to "confess" to the guilt and then execute. Thus, in order to meet these "quotas", Japanese used very "persuading" methods of forcing "confessions", such as pulling finger nails with pliers, scorching with red-hot steel rods, overfilling with water and then jumping at stomach of a victim, tearing apart genitals, etc., etc. With such "methods of investigation" almost everyone confessed to everything that was accused.
       At this point it should be noticed, that the above situation symbolises the majority of situations which appear during every war, and which the final effect is the depriving people of their free will. For example, these juvenile "defenders of Milicz" described in item #B1 and in the caption under "Fig. #D2" from this web page, also was placed in just such a situation. After all, Hitler issued an order that every male capable of holding a weapon must be conscripted to the army, and if he refuses - he must be immediately shot by a firing squad. So if these juvenile defenders of Milicz refused to join the Hitler's army, they would be shot by their own people. But since they not refused to participate in this supposed "patriotic duty" - they were executed by Russians.

#I4. Czy w drugiej wojnie światowej "warto było umierać"?:

       Najbardziej w tym wszystkim makabryczne było, że owi młodzi ludzie z obu walczących stron, którzy nawzajem wymordowali się w Miliczu, faktycznie byli jak każdy z nas, znaczy kochali kogoś, sami byli przez kogoś kochani, mieli swoje marzenia i nadzieje, patrzyli optymistycznie w przyszłość, itp. Gdyby spotkali się w innych czasach lub innych warunkach, niemal z całą pewnością zostaliby przyjaciółmi. Jednak polityczne ambicje ich przywódców, a także szatańskie moce jakie obecnie kontrolują naszą planetę, spowodowały że zamiast żyć i dać innym pożyć, zmuszeni zostali aby zabijać i być zabijani. Zastanówmy się przez chwilę kto naprawdę popycha ludzi do mordowania swoich bliźnich. Czy są to inni ludzie, czy też przywódcy-podmieńcy działający na Ziemi z ramienia owych szatańskich istot w których mocy Ziemia ciągle do dzisiaj się znajduje, a które od wieków nazywane były diabłami, serpentami, szatanem, złymi czarownikami, itp., zaś ostatnio nazywani są UFOnautami. Wszakże jeśli się dokładniej przyglądnąć zdjęciom przywódców z okresu drugiej wojny światowej, u niemal wszystkich tych przywódców włosy nad czołem porastały pod górę głowy - który to szczegół anatomiczny wcale NIE jest typowy dla ludzi zamieszkujących Ziemię. Jeśli zaś nadal masz wątpliwości kto naprawdę kryje się za całym złem piętrzącym się na Ziemi, poczytaj sobie o UFOnautach z totaliztycznych stron katowice.htm, evil_pl.htm. predators_pl.htm, czy ufo_pl.htm.
       Jeśli dzisiaj rozglądnąć się dookoła, nasz świat wcale NIE wygląda lepiej niż wyglądał przed drugą wojną światową. Wprawdzie poprzenosiliśmy nasze tyłki z konnych dorożek na wyłożone plastykiem siedzenia samochodów, jednak jak wówczas ciągle ludzkość jest trapiona przez takie same bezrobocie, kryzysy ekonomiczne, zachłanność bogatych i cierpienia biednych, niesprawiedliwość, głód milionów mieszkańców Ziemi, itp. Gdyby więc obraz dzisiejszego świata pokazać tamtym młodym ludziom którzy zginęli podczas "bitwy o Milicz", jest więcej niż pewnym że wszyscy oni mieliby dla nas tą samą wiadomość. Mianowicie, wszyscy oni powtarzaliby nam jednogłośnie "NIE warto umierać z powodu ambicji polityków", "ludzie zaprzestańcie wojen", "odsuwajcie od władzy wojowniczych polityków", całą dostępną wam mocą promujcie neutralność i wdrażajcie zasadę "nigdy więcej wojny", itd., itp.

Part #J: Characteristics of every war are also proofs that God does exist:


#J1. In the universe without God war would look-like completely different:

Motto: "In the universe governed by God everything is judged by criterions of morality."

       People who claim that God does NOT excist must have a cement instead of brains. After all, if they use their logic and ask the question "whether the world deprived of God really would look the same as our present world", then only someone completely thoughless would NOT notice significant differences. For example, in the world without God would NOT exist such phenomena as morality, conscience, link between fates and practiced morality, similarity commandments in all religions, miracles, supernatural phenomena, etc., etc. - for detailed descriptions of differences between a hypothetical (because non-existing) "world without God" and our world ruled by omnipotent God see item #B1 on the web page named changelings.htm.
       Jednym z przedsięwzięć ludzkich które ujawniają najwyraźniej owo zarządzanie światem fizycznym przez Boga, są właśnie wojny. Jak bowiem każdy może łatwo to sobie sam sprawdzić, we wszystkich ludzkich wojnach wyraźnie dają się odnotować następujące regularności jakie musiałyby być zupełnie nieobecne we wszechświecie bez Boga:
       1. Każda wojna posiada wyraźnie zdefiniowany cel moralny jakim jest podnoszenie stanu moralnego co najmniej jednej z biorących w niej udział stron. Aczkolwiek historycy ograniczani przez najróżniejsze naciski, stereotypy i tradycje, typowo unikają podania owego celu, cel ten relatywnie łatwo daje się poznać poprzez porównanie sytuacji moralnej walczących stron przed i po danej wojnie. Oczywiście, sytuację tą najwyraźniej widać w porównaniach moralności panującej przed i po drugiej wojnie światowej. Odnowa moralna wprowadzana przez wojny, zakwalifikuje owe konflikty zbrojne do tego samego zbioru narzędzi Boga co trzęsienia ziemi, tsunami i inne mordercze kataklizmy opisywane np. na totaliztycznych stronach o nazwach seismograph_pl.htm oraz day26_pl.htm.
       2. Każdą wojnę zawsze wygrywa strona która opowiada się po stronie moralności i ludzkich wartości wynikających z moralności (np. prawdy, wolności, sprawiedliwości, itp.). Ta zasada wygrywania wojny przez stronę o wyższym potencjale moralnym jest potwierdzana przez wszystkie wojny znane nam z historii, począwszy od wojny trojańskiej, termopilów oraz krzyżackiej bitwy pod Grumwaldem, poprzez obie wojny światowe, a skończywszy na niedawnych wojnach w Korei, Wietnamie, Afganistanie czy Iraku.
       3. Każdy najeźdźca i okupant z czasem zostaje wyrzucony z najechanego i okupowanego przez siebie kraju. Wszakże każdy najeźdźca zaczyna daną wojnę od wysoce niemoralnego aktu - jakim jest najechanie odmiennego kraju. Ponieważ zaś wygrana każdej wojny należy do strony która opowiada się za moralnością, każdy najeźdźca przegrywa zaczętą przez siebie wojnę.
       Już sam fakt że w wojnach pojawiają się takie regularności które bazują na definicji moralności jaka NIE mogłaby być sformułowana i sprawdzana w świecie pozbawionym Boga, są już same w sobie dowodem że wojny są jednym z narzędzi używanych przez Boga. Jako zaś takie, wojny o przebiegach i wynikach jakie znamy z historii ludzkości są także dowodem że Bóg istnieje i że zdecydowanie interweniuje On w sprawy ludzkości.
       Niestey, natura ludzka jest taka, że u ludzi którzy "wierzą w Boga" zanika pęd do wiedzy - tak jak to wyjaśniono w punkcie #J3 poniżej. Aby więc pęd ten ciągle utrzymać, Bogu potrzebni są również ateiści. Dlatego aby NIE odbierać ludziom tzw. "wolnej woli" w wyborze przez nich wyjaśnienia kto steruje i zarządza przebiegiem oraz wynikami wojen, Bóg zawsze starannie ukrywa swoje istnienie i swoją bezpośrednią ingerencję w ludzkie sprawy - tak jak wyjaśnia to punkt #D1 strony ufo_pl.htm. Dlatego przykładowo dla przebiegu i wyników wojen, Bóg opracował rodzaj jakby "standardowego scenariusza" którego celem jest ukrycie Jego roli oraz faktu że wynik danej wojny jest z góry przesądzony stanem moralnym walczących stron. W owym "standardowym scenariuszu" niemoralna strona która ma przegrać daną wojnę, zawsze na początku odnosi spektakularne zwycięstwa i niemal ją wygrywa. Potem następuje długi okres zmagań w którym wygląda jakby obie strony miały równowagę sił. W końcu strona moralna z wielkim wysiłkiem wykorzystuje jakieś błędy które popełniła strona niemoralna i zwolna wygrywa daną wojnę. W sumie ów scenariusz sprawia wrażenie że o tym kto wygrywa daną wojnę decydują przypadki i siła fizyczna walczących stron.

#J2. Goals which God used to accomplish through wars:

       Jak się okazuje, Bóg wykorzystuje wojny do wydobywania uwikłanych w nie społeczeństw ze szponów wysoce niemoralnej filozofii zwanej filozofią pasożytnictwa oraz do pobudzania u nich "odnowy moralnej". Stąd wojny faktycznie są jednym z narzędzi używanych przez Boga do "korygowania moralności" wybranych społeczeństw. Wojny są więc bardzo podobne w swojej funkcji do często obecnie używanych przez Boga "kataklizmów" - opisywanych w punktach #B1 i #B4 strony o nazwie seismograph_pl.htm oraz w punkcie #E2 strony o nazwie day26_pl.htm.
       Niestety, z chwilą opracowania przez ludzkość bomby atomowej, możliwości wojny uległy drastycznej zmianie. Wszakże przed czasami bomby atomowej wojna była w stanie moralnie skorygować dowolne społeczeństwo, jednak NIE była w stanie zniszczyć całej ludzkości. Natomiast po opracowaniu bomby jądrowej, "światowa wojna nuklearna" jest w stanie zniszczyć całą ludzkość. Stąd Bóg w ostatnich czasach jest już ostrożniejszy w użyciu wojen jako narzędzi do korygowania moralności wybranych społeczeństw. Wszakże obecnie niemal każda wojna ma potencjał aby przekształcić się w "światową wojnę nuklearną" - a tym samym też i potencjał aby zniszczyć całą ludzkość. Do zniszczenia zaś całej ludzkości Bóg NIE może dopuścić - wszakże ludzie są Bogu potrzebni. (Po wyjaśnienie dlaczego Bóg potrzebuje ludzkość patrz punkt #B3 na totaliztycznej stronie o nazwie wil_pl.htm.)

#J3. One always can stop believing, but one almost never stops knowing:

Motto: "Knowledge induces hunger for more knowledge."

       Używając kryterium czyjegoś stosunku do Boga, aż do roku 1985 każdą osobę na Ziemi dawało się zakwalifikować do jednej z dwóch kategorii, mianowicie albo do kategorii (1) "ateistów", albo też do kategorii ludzi (2) "wierzących w Boga". Jednak opracowanie w 1985 roku nowej naukowej teorii wszystkiego zwanej Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji, dodało jeszcze jedną kategorię ludzi do owych dwóch już istniejących uprzednio. Mianowicie dodało ono kategorię ludzi (3) "wiedzących o Bogu". Reprezentancji tej kategorii (3) są na jeszcze wyższym poziomie bliskości do Boga niż osoby "wierzące w Boga". Wszakże oni wiedzą z całą pewnością że Bóg istnieje, wiedzą kim jest ów Bóg, jak działa, gdzie rezyduje, dlaczego stworzył ludzi i czego wymaga od ludzi, a ponadto doskonale znają swoje osobiste dowody jakie im potwierdzają owo istnienie i działanie Boga. Jak zaś wiadomo, zawsze można przestać w coś wierzyć, jednak nigdy NIE przestaje się czegoś wiedzieć. Na dodatek, jedną z cech wiedzy jest, że zawsze pobudza ona głód jeszcze większej wiedzy. Stąd osoby które poznały i zaakceptowały ów Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji, a stąd włączyły siebie do grona (3) "wiedzących o Bogu" wykazują zupełnie odmienny pęd do wiedzy, niż osoby z kategorii (1) "ateistów" i osoby z kategorii (2) "wierzących w Boga". Ów ich pęd do wiedzy wypełnia zasadę "kocham swego Boga i stwórcę, a stąd chcę go dokładniej poznać aby móc mu lepiej służyć". Ponadto, w imię poznania swego Boga pęd ten pozwala aby zadawać wszelkie pytania na temat Boga - a stąd pozwala aby naukowo wyjaśnić "dlaczego Bóg toleruje wojny, kataklizmy i nieszczęścia". Wysoce pouczającym jest więc poznanie różnic w cechach osób z obu tych trzech kategorii. Aby poznać te różnice poniżej krótko streścimy każdą z nich:
       1. Ateiści. W typowych przypadkach ateistami zostają albo osoby które mają jakąś ułomność za jaką nabyły się one trwałego żalu do Boga, albo też osoby które pozbawione są zdolności do krytycznego myślenia i jednocześnie przez zbyt długi okres czasu pozostawały pod wpływem obecnego ateistycznego systemu edukacyjnego. Takie pochodzenie ateistów powoduje, że typowo prowadzą oni "wyprawy krzyżowe" przeciwko Bogu, budując w tym celu cały "ateistyczny gmach nauki" jakiej zasadniczym celem jest udowodnienie że Boga NIE ma. Przykładem takiej ateistycznej "wyprawy krzyżowej" przeciwko Bogu są działania opisane w artykule "Hawking: discoveries leave no place for God" (tj. "Hawking: odkrycia nie pozostawiają miejsca na Boga"), ze strony B1 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z piątku (Friday), September 3, 2010. Budowanie tego "gmachu ateistycznej wiedzy" dostarczyło ludzkości "pędu do wiedzy" który na uprzednim etapie jej rozwoju był głównym i praktycznie jedynym motorem postępu. Problem jednak z owym "gmachem ateistycznej nauki" jest, że opiera się on wyłącznie na "fizykalnym materiale dowodowym", który wszakże został stworzony przez Boga, a stąd który może być przez tegoż Boga manipulowany i fabrykowany w dowolny sposób. W ten sposób ateistyczny pęd do wiedzy prowadzi do poznania jedynie "rzeczywistości pozornej", tj. tylko małego fragmentu "rzeczywistości prawdziwej" celowo stworzonego przez Boga w dany sposób dla osiagnięcia jakichś tam nadrzędnych boskich celów. Nie pozwala on jednak na poznanie "rzeczywistości prawdziwej" która dodatkowo obejmuje Boga, jego cele i metody działania, oraz boskie motywacje tworzenia takich a nie innych "rzeczywistości pozornych". Stąd "rzeczywistość prawdziwą" są w stanie poznać jedynie osoby z kategorii (3) "ludzi wiedzących o Bogu". Dokładniejsze pojęcie jak odmienna może być "rzeczywistość pozorna" od "rzeczywistości prawdziwej" daje poznanie strony o nazwie evolution_pl.htm.
       2. Wierzący w Boga. Jak to ujawniają dedukcje przytoczone w punkcie #F2 strony o nazwie evil_pl.htm, w punkcie #A2 strony o nazwie will_pl.htm, czy w punkcie #C4.4 strony o nazwie morals_pl.htm, gdyby świat zamieszkały był wyłącznie przez osoby z kategorii (2) ślepo "wierzących w Boga", wówczas do dzisiaj ludzie zapewne ciągle mieszkaliby w jaskiniach, nie znaliby ognia, oraz składali Bogu ofiary z ludzi. Wszakże wierzący wierzą że "wszystko pochodzi od Boga", nie mają więc motywacji poznawczej ani pędu do wiedzy, zaś każde nieszczęście traktują jako dar od Boga którego NIE wolno kwestionować ani z nim walczyć. Jedyne co potrafią to bałwochwalczo i bezmyślnie czcić Boga, bez końca schlebiać Bogu przez odklepywanie paciorków wychwalających jego wielkość, oraz uznawać za bluźnierstwo wszelkie pytania na temat Boga. Ich pęd do wiedzy i zdolności poznawcze są więc zamrożone na każdym możliwym polu. Ich życie sprowadza się do konsumowania tego co Bóg im daje, bez wprowadzania jakiegokolwiek postępu.
       3. Wiedzący o Bogu. Ci drastycznie różnią się od wierzących. Wiedzą wszakże że Bóg z całą pewnością istnieje - tak samo pewnie jak matematycy wiedzą że liczby istnieją, zaś fizycy wiedzą że istnieje grawitacja, energia i materia. Każdy z nich zna też co najmniej jeden swój osobisty dowód na istnienie Boga. Z kolei ta ich wiedza budzi w nich głód jeszcze większej wiedzy o Bogu. Nie boją się więc znajdować odpowiedzi na wszelkie pytania które wynikają z miłości do swego Boga i stwórcy. Ponieważ zaś rozumieją swego Boga, zaczynają także analizować moralną potrzebę i celowość niektórych co bardziej przykrych aktów Boga, takich jak nieszczęścia, kataklizmy, wojny, itp. Z kolei zrozumienie zasad działania moralności, streszczonych w punkcie #F1 strony rok.htm, zmusza ich do nieustannej walki z przeciwnościami losu i z następstwami ludzkiej niemoralności. Poprzez nieustanne zadawanie sobie pytania "dlaczego Bóg to spowodował", "jak Bóg tego dokonał", "czym Bóg się kierował", itp., zwolna są oni w stanie poznać "przeczywistość prawdziwą" w jakiej ludzkość żyje i się rozwija. To dzięki ich pędzie do wiedzy, możliwe stało się znalezienie odpowiedzi np. dlaczego Bóg pozwala na wojny, a także zrozumienie, że Bóg NIE może dopuścić do wybuchu "światowej wojny nuklearnej".

#J4. Let us NOT panic - in the universe ruled by God the "world's nuclear war" will NOT happen:

       As well all know, every now and then various "false prophets" inflate their own "ego" by scaring other people with something. And so, we can hear from them, e.g. that the "end of world" is just approaching" - for details see item #N1 from the web page named quake.htm or see item #B8 from the web page named seismograph.htm. Or we hear that powerful people of this world just are planning the initiation of the "world nuclear war". Thus, I would like to take the opportunity of the war topic of this web page, to guarantee the reader that such a "world nuclear war" never will happen. Namely, on the basis on my findings regarding goals, methods and motivations of God’s actions, herewith I am guaranteeing that in the universe created and intelligently ruled by God, this God never allows the starting of the "world's-wide nuclear war" - means a war in which atomic bombs would be attacking the territory of practically almost every country on the Earth, while all Godly creatures would be completely destroyed by these bombs. (About the fact, that the universe is really ruled by intelligent God, certifies NOT only evidence accumulated in the content of this web page, but also the large body of scientific evidence presented e.g. in the content of web page named god_proof.htm, web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, or in a number of other totaliztic publications.)
       Although for various important reasons God may sometimes allow that here or there someone throws or explodes a nuclear bomb and destroys with it a city or even a significant region, or that somewhere happens a destructive nuclear catastrophe - similar to that one from Friday on 11 March 2011 in Fukushima, Japan (described more comprehensively in items #C7 and #I1 of the web page named seismograph.htm and in items #M1 to #M1.3 of the web page named telekinetics.htm). However, for the "world's nuclear war" capable of annihilating the entire humanity God cannot allow. Therefore such a war will never happen on the Earth. I am giving for this my personal guarantees based on my many-years long research of principles of God's actions and motivations which God applies in His activities.
       If any politician with over-inflated ego insists to start a "world's nuclear war" in this newest situation when the raging of such a war threatens the annihilation of the entire humanity, then God has NO other option but to intervene personally and somehow deprive this politician his power. After all, the continuation of existence of the humanity is absolutely necessary for God to accomplish his superior goals. Therefore, in the newest history is already known several situations, when such a "world's nuclear war" was avoided on the Earth just because of a series of strange events that bordered with miracles. Out of the entire array such events, for me personally the most meaningful is the one described in the next item #J5. This event NOT only that reveals methods which God uses when is forced to correct in person the initiated by people deviations from the direction imposed at us by God, but also confirms a number of findings of the new so-called "totaliztic science" described, amongst others, on the web page immortality.htm - about accomplishing immortality through repetitive shifting back in time after each living to an old age. (E.g. it confirms the finding of the new "totaliztic science", that God repetitively shifts time back and erases completely from human memories and from the history of the humanity every event which does NOT agree with goals, plans, and intentions of God. Or confirms also the finding, that the life of every person is predefined in advance by the so-called "program of life and fate" which God uploaded to the soul of this person.)
       The sole fact, that the history already noted on the Earth numerous occurrences of just such "corrective" actions of God, should be for every one amongst us the sufficient demonstration of the will, power, and implementation capabilities of God in correcting such historical events initiated by people, which disagree with goals, intentions, and plans of God. The destruction of the entire humanity by some idiotic "world's nuclear war" only to satisfy the over-inflated ambitions of individual politicians, is just such an event which for sure disagree with goals, plans and intentions of God. (The superior "goal" which God plans to accomplish continually through the creation of the humanity and through the control over the development of humans, and the accomplishing of which such a "world's nuclear war" would make impossible, is described in item #B1 from the totaliztic web page named antichrist.htm, in items #B4 and #C1 of the web page named tornado.htm, and also on a number of other totaliztic publications.) In turn the disagreement of the annihilation of entire humanity with goals, plans and intentions of God, is for us a sufficient guarantee that God will NOT allow the starting of a "world's nuclear war" which would kill practically all people, and also that God is to make an example from His treatment and fate of these politicians and their supporters, who are pushing to start such a war.

#J5. Is there any historical example of a God's method used for prevention of the "world's nuclear war", and what this example reveals to us:

       Wygląda na to, że przykład taki istnieje. Jest on udokumentowany niezwykłym kamieniem istniejącym w Polsce. Ów kamień zawiera na sobie wyryty rok 1962 jako rok w którym w innym przebiegu czasu rozpoczęta została "trzecia wojna światowa" - tj. wojna w której użyta została broń jądrowa. Wygląda więc na to, że Prezydent John Fitzgerald Kennedy faktycznie rozpoczął "trzecią (nuklearną) wojnę światową" - tyle że wojna ta rozegrała się w innym przebiegu czasu, tj. w przebiegu czasu który następnie został cofniety do tyłu przez Boga i kompletnie "wymazany" z pamięci i z historii ludzkości. Fakt niezliczonego dokonywania przez Boga takiego powtarzalnego cofania czasu i "wymazywania" tych przebiegów historii jakie NIE popierają planów i intencji Boga, jest opisany np. w punkcie #B4.1 odmiennej strony o nazwie immortality.htm. Dokonajmy więc tutaj przeglądu tego co jest już wiadomo o owej wymazanej z historii "trzeciej (nuklearnej) wojny światowej".
       Przy granicy wodnej "Mokrego Stawu" zlokalizowanego w Polsce na "Babiej Górze" (tj. na górze dawniej szeroko znanej w całym świecie z działalności "diabłów" i "czarownic"), znajduje się niezwykły kamień. Kamień ten opisany jest w podrozdziałach C5 i D1 (8) z polskojęzycznego traktatu [4b]. Jego niezwykłość polega na tym, że już w pradawnych czasach ktoś wyrył na nim staroniemieckie słowo "Richter" oznaczające "sądzenie" lub "wyrok" oraz daty trzech kolejnych wojen światowych. Daty te to lata 1914, 1939 oraz 1962. Jak jednak wiemy, wojna światowa z 1962 roku wcale nie wybuchła w naszym przebiegu czasu. Cudem została ona uniknięta w trakcie słynnego "kryzysu kubańskiego" zaistniałego w okresie rządów Prezydenta John'a F. Kennedy'ego. Problem jednak polega na tym, że cud jaki spowodował uniknięcie owej wojny światowej z 1962 roku, wcale NIE spowodował zmiany w "programie życia i losu" jaki zawarty był w systemie genetycznym prezydenta USA, Johna Kennedy'ego. Stąd Kennedy nadal dążył swoimi działaniami do wypełnienia tego "programu życia i losu" zawartego w jego genach, usiłując rozpocząć ową trzecią wojnę światową przy innej okazji. Bóg NIE miał więc już innego wyjścia niż ponownie zainterweniować i spowodować zamach na Kennedy'ego. Dzięki tej interwencji mamy obecnie historyczny przykład jak wygląda przebieg jakichś zdarzeń których zaistnienie jest zarządzane bezpośrednio przez samego Boga, a ponadto mamy też potwierdzenie poprawności niektórych ustaleń na temat działania czasu (opisywanych na w/w stronie immortality.htm). To dlatego obecnie możemy porównywać algorytm przebiegu zamachu na Kennedy'ego (29/5/1917 - 22/11/1963) np. z algorytmem zamachu na Martin'a Luther'a King (15/1/1929 - 4/4/1968) lub np. z algorytmen odparowania przez UFO budynków WTC w Nowym Jorku z dnia 11/9/2001 (odparowanie to opisane jest na stronie o nazwie wtc.htm).
       Tak nawiasem mówiąc, to do publicznej wiadomości docierają coraz to bardziej intrygujące informacje na temat Prezydenta John'a F. Kennedy'ego - po ich przykład patrz artykuł "Mistress tells of JFK's honesty and abuse" (tj. "kochanka opowiada o JFK'a szczerości i wykorzystywaniu") ze strony A15 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie z wtorku (Tuesday), February 7, 2012; albo artykuł "JFK's teen mistress reveals 'matter-of-fact' seduction" (tj. "nastoletnia kochanka JFK ujawnia faktyczne uwiedzenie"), ze strony B2 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z wtorku (Tuesday), February 7, 2012. Czy jest to możliwe, że był on pierwszą publiczną figurą oddającą się "nałogowi seksu" - na wiele lat wcześniej niż do takiego nałogu publicznie przyznał się najsłynniejszy do niedawna mistrz golfu.
       Śmierć prezydenta Kennedy'ego może więc nam służyć jako historyczne potwierdzenie, że Bóg jest zdeterminowany aby NIE dopuścić do "światowej wojny nuklearnej". Stąd jeśli kiedyś ponownie zjawi się na Ziemi jakiś polityk który się uprze aby wojnę taką spowodować, wówczas ów polityk zniknie z "areny politycznej" w raczej zmyślny i wymowny sposób zanim zdąży on rozpocząć taką wojnę. Oczywiście, gwarancja niemożności rozpocżęcia przez ludzi "światowej wojny nuklearnej" wcale NIE oznacza, że broń nuklearna nigdy NIE będzie użyta na Ziemi. Wszakże jeśli takie użycie będzie zlokalizowane, zaś lekcje z niego wyciągnięte będą podobnie ucząco służyły dla dobra ludzkości jak dawniejsze lekcje z Hiroshimy, Nagasaki i Chernobyla, a także najnowsza lekcja z katastrofy w Fukushima, Japonia (esencja tej najnowszej lekcji opisana jest w punktach #M1 do #M1.3 strony o nazwie telekinetics.htm oraz w punktach #I1 i #C7 strony o nazwie seismograph.htm), wówczas Bóg może pozwolić na lokalne eksplodowanie jednej lub nawet kilku bomb atomowych.

Part #K: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#K1. The summary of this web page:

       This web page binds together information about two important issues. On one hand, it reveals facts about the "battle for Milicz" - which we cease to remember because people who used to tell them are gradually dying out. Because this battle contained an essence of all battles of the world, the web page reveals the atmosphere that accompanied such battles. On the other hand, this web page emphasized mechanisms of operation of these moral laws, which can be identified in extreme events taking place during the battle for Milicz. I do hope, that the reader finds both these issues interesting, and that he or she draws from this presentation correct conclusions for the future.

#K2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#K3. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. Therefore, if the reader sends a request to me, I suggest to let me know somehow that he or she actually went through the trouble of reading my web pages and learning what these pages try to say.

#K4. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#K5. Copyrights © 2015 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2015 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas and presentations providedd on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas, inventions, theories, illustrations, tables, etc., which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions, photographs, illustrations, tables, etc., mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, discovery, invention, photograph, illustration, table, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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