Replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. do they exist, how they function, etc.
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15 October 2013

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We live in strange times. Thousands of ordinary people continually experience God. But highly paid human scientists that have expensive telescopes able to see to the ends of the universe are NOT able to unambiguously confirm whether God does exist. Our governments finance expensive programmes for seeking life in a distant cosmos. But none government seems to be able to establish who are these UFO vehicles and UFOnauts which at nights are abducting their citizens. Our newspapers are full of reports of people who encountered UFOs or were abducted to a UFO. But simultaneously the same newspapers publish authoritarian statements of numerous costly experts who keep reassuring the society that there are NO such things as UFOs. So what is really going on? This web page tries to explain this!

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       The main goal of this web page is to explain in simple words of an entire complex of puzzles which surrounds UFOnauts and UFO vehicles. For example, this web page tries to define who or what are UFOnauts and their UFO vehicles, unambiguously reply to the question "do UFOnauts exist and leave material evidence of their existence", "do UFO vehicles exist and leave material evidence of their existence", what evidence confirms physical existence of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles, etc., etc.
       Expressing the above with other words, this web page assumed several ambitious goals concerning UFOnauts and UFO vehicles. Let us list here the most important of these goals:
       1. Replying to most vital questions which we ask ourselves and others regarding UFOnauts. For example, whether UFOnauts do exist, whether they are physical, can we touch them, what philosophy they practice, why they appear on the Earth, etc., etc. As it turns out reasons for appearance of UFOnauts are very sinister and very hostile towards people. UFOnauts exploit us ruthlessly, in a manner even worse than we exploit our cattle and wild animals.
       2. To disclose that UFOnauts adhere to a highly immoral philosophy called the evil parasitism. This philosophy boils down to exploiting others. This is why in old days present UFOnauts used to be called "devils".
       3. To explain to the reader, that UFOnauts are just another tool which God uses in order to faster and more effectively accomplish His superior goals. For example, the evil deeds of UFOnauts (in past called "devils") allow God for a wider and better controlled use of the "carrot and stick method" described, amongst others, in item #D1 from the web page named god.htm.
       4. To provide free scientific publications on the topic of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles. These publications assumed the honourable task of the distribution (free of charge) of reliable information about currently ignored subject areas regarding UFOnauts and their parasitic activities on Earth. The newest and the most current amongst these publications is the scientific monograph [1/5]. entitled "Advanced Magnetic Devices", which is the next (fifth) edition of previous monograph [1/4] In order to download any of these publications to your computer (free of charge), simply click on one of the web pages marked "Text [1/4]" in menu, or any other text that you wish to read.
       (Notice that in order to increase the reliability of downloading, and also to decrease the chances that UFOnauts accomplish a success in their sabotages, all web pages and all publications that are available here, are also available at every other internet addresses of totalizm.)

#A2. What the new "totaliztic science" determined on the topic "from where UFOnauts come to the Earth":

       UFOnauts do everything that in their power to pretend, that they arrive to the Earth from some distant stellar system. However, the new so-called "totaliztic science" (means the new science defined and described, amongst others, in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm) determined, that in reality UFOnauts and UFOs are temporally created by God here on the Earth and just for a brief periods of time - when they are to demonstrate their activities to carefully selected persons. In other words, UFOnauts are temporily "fabricated" or "simulated" by God in order to assist God in more effective accomplishing His superior goals. Unfortunately, the proving this fact of temporally creation of UFOnauts and UFOs by God (or their "simulation' or "fabrication") requires lengthily presentations which exceed sizes of this web page. Therefore for a more comprehensive studies of this topic I recommend to have a look at chapter OD from volume 13 of my monograph [1/5], or review any amongst several totaliztic web pages which also discuss this matter - e.g. items #L1 to #L5 from the totaliztic web page named magnocraft.htm, or selected parts from web pages named tornado.htm and day26.htm. Unfortunately, in spite that UFOnauts are just temporally "simulations" by God, still they act exactly as if they are permanent occupants of the Earth. Therefore we must defend from them equally decisively as from any other occupant - hence the non-typical content of this web page.
       It turns out, that UFOnauts and UFO vehicles are NOT the only examples of what God skilfully "simulates" (or "fabricates") on the Earth to induce vivid controversies amongst people and in this way force the humanity to laborious searching for truth and pursue of knowledge - as this is explained in item #B1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. An example of other such "fabrications" (or "simulations") are geological layers which suggest the age of the Earth reaching many millions of years - while in reality the Earth was created by God only around 6 thousands years ago (the topic of these geological layers and the simulated history of the universe is discussed e.g. in item #A2 from the web page named evolution.htm). Another widely known example is the simulation by God of "bones of dinosaurs" - described, amongst others, in item #H2 from the web page named god_exists.htm.
       God does NOT keep in secrecy, that it is He who created UFOnauts, and He quite openly writes about this fact even in the bible that He authorised (inspired). Examples of such God's statements on this subject are discussed in item #E2 from the web page named evil.htm. Only that when the Bible was written, there was no yet the present word "UFOnauts", thus to these evil creatures the Bible refers with names "devils", "serpents", "Satan", etc. Furthermore, in order to NOT deprive people of their "free will", similarly as everything else that God does and explains, these statements needed to be written in sufficiently ambiguous manner, that everyone can interpret them accordingly to his or her view of the world - for more information on the subject of such necessary "ambiguity" contained in everything that God manifests to us, see item #C2 on the web page named tornado.htm.

#A3. What motivated me to prepare this web page:

       Quite a shocking story is described on the separate web page, which in "Menu 1" is available under the name "evil". Originally this story supposed to explain "what would happen when the humanity builds the interstellar space vehicle named the Magnocraft". However, as it turned out, the story is a logical deduction which reveals to us where all this evil we see on Earth comes from. The story begins when, after constructing the Magnocraft, humanity discovers a cosy unoccupied planet of dinosaurs. So it decides to arrange a human colony on it. But in order to observe the development of a new civilization practically from zero, it sends to the planet a pair of village orphans named Adam and Eve. The Magnocraft which carries them to a new planet is called the "Eden". When descendants of this Adam and Eve wildly multiply on the new planet, a politician on Earth drops onto an idea, that at nights we could harvest sperm and ovule from them under hypnosis. Then from these harvested reproductive resources we would raise a kind of intelligent slaves which we would call "bio-robots". Soon these bio-robots would do practically all works for people. In turn the society on Earth would get so used to their services, and would get so lazy, that could not exist any further without them. However, the wild relatives of people living on this planet of dinosaurs in the mean time would develop technically so much, that the further secretive harvesting of their sperm and ovule would become impossible. So another politician from Earth would invent that in order to be able to exploit them infinitively long, we should shift them back in the development by destroying their technical civilization. But in order to disallow our wild relatives to realise that they are being destroyed, their gradual annihilation we would carry out NOT by an open murdering them, but through hidden release of "natural" destructions with our advanced technology. So on one occasion we would murder them by technologically causing a powerful tsunami. On other occasion we would destroy them with a killer hurricane. Then we would release a virus of murderous "bird flu" which we would develop especially for this purpose in our medical laboratories. Etc, etc.
* * *
The final part of the above story explains where the evil comes from which we presently see all over the Earth. In order to understand the origin of it, it suffices to reverse the situation from above story described on the web page "evil". It is enough to realise, that these primitive beings settled on the planet of dinosaurs, are actually people from Earth. In turn their parasitic relatives from space are UFOnauts. UFOnauts are ones who in past settled humanity on Earth in order to be able to exploit us later in a secretive manner. Also UFOnauts are ones who secretly try to destroy the present technical civilization on Earth, so that they would accomplish the shifting us back in the development, and the same could infinitively extend their unnoticed exploitation of humanity.

Part #B: Let us clarify one amongst the largest puzzles of our times, namely "do UFOnauts exist" and "do UFO vehicles exist":


#B1. Let us define the terminology "UFOnauts" and "UFO vehicles" used in the content of this web page:

       In present times the development of the language does NOT follow the development of highly specialised knowledge. Therefore every word is presently used in many different meanings. For example, even if we discuss such a simple subject like "cats", it is NOT unambiguous whether we also have in mind e.g. "lions". For this reason, every precise presentation in fact should be started from a precise defining at least the most important terms amongst the terminology discussed in it. Thus the presentation from this web page we begin from defining the word "UFOnauts". Here is the definition of this word in the understanding of it in which it is used on this web page, and also in all publications and presentations of the author of this web page.
       UFOnauts are physical intelligent beings, which do NOT originate from the Earth nor were born from the Earthly parents - but which have human-like appearance and characteristics, which after appearing on the Earth induce various physical manifestations of their existence and presence, which close proximity in good conditions can be perceived with human senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch (i.e. which in correct conditions can be seen, heard, smelled, touched, and sometimes even with which people can have sexual intercourses), with which people can communicate intelligently, and the presence and behaviour of which in especially good circumstances can even be recorded with human devices - e.g. can be photographed, filmed, detected with UFO detectors, etc.
       Because these UFOnauts always arrive to the Earth in UFO vehicles which typically accompany them or are hidden somewhere near by, below is also presented the definition of the terminology "UFO vehicles" in such understanding of this terminology in which the author of this web page uses it here and in all his other publications:
       UFO vehicles are advanced flying machines of UFOnauts, which were NOT produced on the earthly technology, but the design, principles of operation, and the technology of the production of which can be understand by human scientists and can be replicated or invented from the very beginning on the Earth, which operation leaves on the Earth physical marks and induces various phenomena and manifestations that can be detected with the use of earthly devices, and which nearby presence in correct conditions can be noticed with the use of human senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch.

#B2. Whether we can prove the existence of "UFOnauts" and "UFO vehicles":

       YES, the "existence of UFOnauts", and also the "existence of UFO vehicles" can be proven scientifically and empirically - and in many different ways. Several such ways of proving are presented below - as an example see the next item #B3. But before we begin the review of ways of proving the existence of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles, we first need to define what we actually understand under the expression that something do "exist". The point is, that in the imprecise human terminology we can say about something that it either "do exist" or "do NOT exist". So people do NOT know any states which may lie between these two, e.g. the state which would mean the "non-existing existence" (for more information about the "non-existing existence" see item #B8 from the web page timevehicle.htm, or item #F7 from the web page god.htm). Therefore, let us define now what precisely we understand under the terms "exist" and "not exist".
       By the term "exist" we will describe everything that forms any manifestations that can be identified by people and perceived with the use of either (1) human physical senses (i.e. sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste), or with the use of (2) technical measuring or detection devices build by people, or else with the use of (3) logical deduction ability of the human mind. The definition of the term "exists" incorporates into itself also terms that are related to it, such as "existed" or "will exist", which locate this existence in the time continuum either in past or in the future.
       By the term "not exist" we will describe everything that displays attributes which are opposite to whatever do "exist", means everything that canNOT be detected with the use of anything that people have in their disposal.
       It is worth to notice that after the above defining of the term "exist", it can be proven scientifically that "UFO vehicles do exist", and also that "UFOnauts do exist". After all, e.g. "UFO vehicles" can be sensed and detected in all possible ways - i.e. with our physical senses, with our instruments, and with our logical deductions. (Appropriate body of evidence is indicated below.) In such defining the term "exist" it can also be proven scientifically and on many different ways that "God does exist" - as this is done e.g. on the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm. What even more interesting, the philosophy of totalizm proves, that practically "everything what can be thought of and defined, actually do exist, or existed, or will exist somewhere in the huge universe". This is because if something really does NOT exist, then also would NOT exist the word in the so-called "Universal Language of Thoughts" (ULT) which would be able to describe it. More about this subject is explained in item #B4 from the totaliztic web page telepathy.htm.

#B3. Let us learn a method with the use of which the formal scientific proof that "UFO vehicles do exist" was formulated and proven valid:

       The totaliztic web page ufo_proof.htm, and also subsection P1 from volume 14 of the newest monograph [1/5], as well as subsection J2 in older English monograph [1e], present the logic of deductions and also photographic evidence for a formal proof that "UFOs do exist and they are Magnocraft that are already completed by some other civilization". (Both these monographs [1/4] and [1e] are DOWNLOADABLE free of charge via menus from this web page.) This formal proof was accomplished with the use of extremely reliable formal scientific methodology called the "method of matching the attributes". This method is also described below, when the formal proof that "UFOnauts are modern name for beings which religions used to call devils" is presented. Since no-one managed to abolish this formal proof for the existence of UFOs, it remains in power all the time, and it should terminate the previous period of arguing about the existence or non-existence of UFOs. Now we should start the period of time when we thoroughly research these extraterrestrial vehicles and their evil crew members. After all, such researching of UFO technology may accelerate on Earth the completion of technical devices which UFOnauts already use, but which still remain unknown for our civilization. Examples of such devices include: magnetic propulsors, telepathic communication devices, time vehicles, moral energy extractors, and many more - for details see subsection W5 from volume 18 of monograph [1/4], or subsection D10 in monograph [8] - both monographs downloadable free of charge from this web site. In turn researching evil crew members of UFO vehicles will accelerate our understanding reasons why UFOnauts exploit people, and help humanity to free itself from claws of these cosmic parasites.

#B4. Find a UFO implant in your own leg to have your personal and private proof that UFOnauts and UFO vehicles do exist:

       Absolutely every person on Earth, including in this number also you - the reader (as well as all these ones whom you love the most), are fitted by UFOnauts with a special identification implant located in a shinbone. This implant is our equivalent to the "tag with a number" which dairy farmers who have large stock pin to ears of every their cow and every bull. If body of a given person does not heal easily, then after this implant is installed in a leg, the drilling through muscles and shinbone leaves a small scar, usually around 2 mm in diameter. Under this scar a cavity in the muscle can be sensed with your finger. The scar looks like this (see it in the middle of the photo shown below):

Fig. #B4. A scar left by a UFO implant in a leg
Fig. #B4: A typical appearance of a scar left on a leg by a UFO implant.
       This scar you should be able to find on your own leg, and also on legs of all your close ones. (Unless your young body healed so well, that left no scar after the UFO implant. But even then you should be able to detect this scar in deflected light as a mat patch on the skin, and also feel it with your finger as a cavity in the muscle underneath of it.) The scar usually is located around 27.5 cm from the floor (with the accuracy to around 3 cm). Males typically have it on the right side of their right leg. In turn females typically have it on the left side of their left leg. But in typical cases it is not so impressive as the one on the above photo. (Typically it is only around 2 mm in diameter, while on the above photo it is over 10 mm.) This scar is formed when UFOnauts drill through the muscles in the leg, in order to install a special identification implant inside of the shinbone. This implant is fitted by UFOnauts to practically every person on Earth. So I recommend to find it on your own leg, and also on legs of your loved ones. After all, "seeing is believing". Remember that every person have it, only that not on every leg it is visible so clearly. The visibility of this scar depends on the individual healing-susceptibility of the owner at the time when the implanting was carried out by UFOnauts. Therefore, if you do not see it immediately on your own leg, this does not mean that you do not have it, but only means that on your leg it is slightly less visible than in others (still you can find it by examining your leg under the light deflected from your skin, or through pressing your leg with a finger to detect a cavity in muscles under this scar). The presence of this post-implant scar in practically every person on the Earth, the author of this web page discovered and revealed in his publications for the first time in the world. This is why exact descriptions of this scar can be found, amongst others, also in subsection U3.1 from volume 16 of the newest monograph [1/5] "Advanced magnetic devices" (in English) - which monograph raports exclusively about unique discoveries of the author of this web page (i.e. about dioscoveries for the first time in the world accomplished by the author of this web page). A copy of monograph [1/5] everyone can download free of charge by clicking onto its (green) links present, amongst others, in this web page.
* * *
       The presence of this characteristic scar on someone's leg is a proof that this person carries a UFO implant in his or her shinbone. The basic function of this UFO implant is very similar to the function of "earrings" installed by farmers in cows, or to the function of radio-collars which are installed by scientists to wild animals in order to trace their current position. Namely this implant contains a miniature telepathic transmitter and receiver. On a telepathic command from a nearest UFO, this device emits to UFOnauts identification details of a given person. Due to this implant, UFOnauts are able to find every inhabitant of Earth at any moment of time. So it is very useful for evil UFOnauts when they intend to abduct a given person to a UFO vehicle in order to extract from this person various biological resources, such as sperm, ovule, moral energy (for the explanation what "moral energy" is, see a web page on the philosophy of "totalizm.htm"), and many more valuables that you have and are not even aware that you are robbed from them by UFOnauts. At this point I should reveal to you a rather shocking finding, namely that you are also systematically abducted to a UFO vehicle not less frequently than once per each 3 months. Almost the only noticeable by you consequence of these abductions is the migraine which in some people starts in mornings after abductions in the spot under your left temple where another of your UFO implants is positioned. (But not all people experience these migraines.) What is worse, during these UFO abductions most probably you are not only robbed, but also raped. The only thing that differentiates you from all these unfortunate individuals about which UFOlogy books write horrifying stories, that most probably you do not know yet that you are being abducted to UFOs and possibly also raped in there. Therefore this web site is to draw your attention to this bitter truth. For more details about your own abductions to UFOs see chapter U from volume 16 of monograph [1/5]. In turn the descriptions of symptoms which allow you to identify whether you are being raped by UFOnauts (and if so - how frequently it happens) you can find in subsection U3.7.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/5].
       Unfortunately, from the research to-date regarding the purpose of this implant, it appears that independently from the operation as an active processor which identifies a given person, the same implant fulfils also several other functions. One such a function is especially devilish. Namely, the implant can be used by UFOnauts for a hidden murdering of the owner. On a signal from a nearby UFO, this implant is able to send a powerful pain signal into the person's nerve system from the leg. The pain-shock caused by this signal is so powerful, that it effectively paralyses the entire leg. On me personally this shock makes an impression that I am hit by a lightning. So if the carrier of this implant is just, e.g. swimming in a deep river, then this pain-shock causes his or her drowning. Present criminal medicine would claim that such a person drowned because his or her "leg was crump". However, in old days the folklore used to state, that such a person drowned because "devils drowned" him or her. As this becomes clear from further parts of this web page, such an old folklore statement is in fact much closer to the truth than the modern medical explanation. More information about the sensation of a paralysing pain that this implant may trigger, is provided in subsections VB4.5.1 and U3.1 of slightly older monograph [1/4].
       At this point I would like to remind an old English proverb: "seeing is believing". After you see the above scar on your own leg, and also on legs of all your loved ones, it becomes easier for you to believe in a bitter truth that I stubbornly try to realize to people amongst others via this web page. Namely that our planet is secretly occupied and exploited by evil UFOnauts and we need to start defending ourselves from them otherwise UFOnauts soon will murder us all.
* * *

Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

#B5. Let us get to know some examples amongst a huge ocean of empirical evidence which document conclusively that "UFO vehicles do exist":

       An entire ocean of empirical evidence which documents the existence of UFO vehicles and UFOnauts was already accumulated on the Earth. A part of this extensive body of evidence is indicated and systematically discussed on the totaliztic web pages explain.htm, evidence.htm, or ufo_proof.htm.

#B6. See photographs of UFOnauts in action:

       Aczkolwiek Although UFOnauts carefully avoid being photographed, during many years a lot of photographs of these evil creatures were made. In order to see the most interesting out of these photographs see the internet page aliens.htm or malbork.htm. This web page describes an underground UFO base that is located under an old castle in Malbork, Poland, showing two photographs of UFOnauts (one of these photographs was taken in the Malbork castle).

#B7. Where scientific information about UFOnauts and their devices comes from:

       As it turns out, there is a huge body of evidence present on the Earth, which informs us very well about UFOnauts, and also about technical devices utilised by UFOnauts. Only that our scientists scared by news of the extremely miserable fate that persecutes all these researchers who devote their efforts into the research on the parasitic UFOnauts, are too afraid to initiate the research of this evidence. (Extraordinary persecution and disasters which affect everyone who devotes himself to the constructive research on UFOs are described under the name "curse of inventors" on several internet web pages of totalizm, e.g. on the web pages fe_cell.htm - see item #11 in there, boiler.htm - see items #D1 and #F1 in there, and newzealand_visit.htm - see item #G1 in there.) In spite of these secretive persecution of UFO researchers, recently this evidence was investigated thoroughly. Some outcomes of this research are described in monograph [1/5] available free of charge via this web page. The example of such outcomes can be the photograph of the propelling device used by UFO vehicles, which is called the Oscillatory Chamber. (Photographs of such a chamber are shown on this web page as "Fig. #B7" below.) This chamber generates a powerful magnetic field, which by UFO vehicles is utilised for the formation of lifting and stabilisation forces. A simplest such an Oscillatory Chamber assumes the shape of a transparent cube filled with electric sparks. But in order to control easier the magnetic output from it, two such cubes are formed into a configuration called the "twin-chamber capsule". Such a "twin-chamber capsule" takes the shape of a smaller cube inserted inside of a larger similar cube. The dimensions of both these cubes must fulfil the unique set of mathematical relationships. On photographs shown below, left one shows a powerful magnetic stream yield from the inner Oscillatory Chamber of such a twin-chamber capsule, during a day-time flight of a UFO. In turn the right photograph shows a square burning of the grass which reflects the shape and dimensions of the outlet from such "twin-chamber capsule" of a UFO vehicle type K5 - compare the size of this scorching with the diameter of the white reference circle of 1 meter, which lies by it. (Such a square scorching of the grass can be found in the centre of rings of burned grass that appear in the areas where UFO landed.) The most interesting in this landing is that mutual relationships of dimensions of both Oscillatory Chambers (the inner and the outer one) in that UFO fulfil exactly the ratio of dimensions which must be obeyed by both chambers in every "twin-chamber capsule".

Fig. #B7a. A photograph of a UFO Oscillatory Chamber. Fig. #B7b. Scorching of grass by the oscillatory chamber from a UFO.

Fig. #B7: Two illustrations from monograph [1/4] which document operation of UFOs.

       On the left is shown Figure S5 from monograph [1/4]. It presents a photograph of the outlet from the UFO so-called "Oscillatory Chamber", taken during the flight. For more comprehensive explanations and illustrations as to how this Oscillatory Chamber. looks and operates, see descriptions and illustrations from chapter C in monograph [1/4].Notice that the Oscillatory Chmber is a device which propels UFOs, similarly as our present engine is a device which propels our cars. On the right is shown Figure S3 from [1/4] (also Figure M7 (top) from monograph [1e]. It presents a square scorched mark left on the grass by such cubical "oscillatory chamber" of a landed UFO type K5. This means that it shows the same propelling device, which during the UFO flight was captured on the other photograph shown above (note a scorched square located in the centre of the ring scorched by side propulsors of the same UFO vehicle). The material character of this capsule is clearly visible. For details of the construction and operation of such a capsule see chapter C in monograph [1/4], chapter F in monograph [2e], or chapter F in monograph [1e]. Note that the white circle visible on this photograph to the left from the square scorched in the grass, is used for visual dimensioning of UFO landings - this circle has the diameter of exactly one meter, while its arrow points towards magnetic North.
* * *
Above photographs are also shown and extensively discussed on the web pages explain.htm, tapanui.htm, and propulsion.htm.
* * *
(Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.)

Part #C: Technical, economical, philosophical, etc., benefits that result from realising that "UFOnauts do exist" and that "UFO vehicles do exist":


#C1. What we miss:

       Perhaps by being too busy with denying the existence of UFOs and UFOnauts, we are missing out on many valuable lessons. For example, as a civilization we are loosing an excellent chance to learn about advanced technology of UFOnauts. We are also failing completely to investigate the real reasons why UFOnauts fly to Earth from another end of galaxy, in order to hide from people after they arrive here. After all, everyone knows that if someone hides from us, this someone has something very dirty to hide. Also we know almost nothing why UFOnauts abduct people to their UFO vehicles.
       In turn as individual people, we got so confused by all this authoritative denying of the existence of UFOs, that we loose an opportunity to learn a bitter truth. This truth states that every inhabitant of Earth, including into this also you - the reader and all these whom you love the most, is systematically abducted to UFOs, where is brutally robbed from everything that have the most precious. Summarizing all this, instead of denying the existence of UFOnauts and UFOs we better start to watch hands of these immoral creatures and to become beware of their evil ways with people.

#C2. What we could gain:

       Apart from being the subject of one of the greatest controversy of our times, UFOnauts and UFO vehicles bear the potential for uplifting the level of our own awareness and technology! Here is the list of most important technical accomplishments, that we could speed up by observing UFOs and learning from UFOnauts:
       1. Magnetic propulsion systems for flying vehicles. These sparse technical details of UFOs, which in spite of arguing we still managed to gather, indicate that UFOs use magnetic propulsion systems. These propulsion systems operate on the principle of magnetic repulsion between the pulsating magnetic field created by UFO propulsors, and the environmental magnetic field naturally generated by Earth, Sun, or Galaxy. The operation of this propulsion system for UFOs, becomes easily understandable if one analyses a similar flying vehicle, which was designed entirely on Earth and called Magnocraft. (This Magnocraft is described in monographs [1/4], [1e], and [2e], which are DOWNLOADABLE free of charge via Menus from this web site.)
       2. Telekinetic flickering. We already learned that UFO vehicles and UFOnauts use the so-called telekinetic flickering, for obtaining the visual invisibility. This flickering depends on very fast (i.e. occurring with the frequency of around 2500 Hz) switching between the visible material state, and the invisible telekinetic state. Thus UFOs are like individual frames in motion pictures, or like fast propellers in airplanes - they flicker so fast that human eyes are unable to notice their presence. But simultaneously they can see us very clearly. The description of this telekinetic flickering is contained in subsection L2 from volume 10 of monograph [1/4].
       3. Telepathic transmitters and receives. UFOnauts use them to communicate with people. These are described in chapter N from volume 11 of monograph [1/4], and in treatises [7/2] and [7].
       4. Telepathic telescopes and projectors. These are devices which allow to observe individual people or other creatures on distant planets and star systems. They also enable to insert at large distances thoughts and pictures directly to minds of selected people (i.e. to form so-called "visions" in these people). They work at any distances and through any obstacles, because there is no barrier which would stop telepathic waves. Also they deliver messages and pictures instantly independently from the distance. UFOnauts use these devices to continually observe (secretly) individual people, even when these people hide in their homes or in underground bunkers. More on these extraordinary devices is described in subsection N5.1 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4], and also in subsection D5.1 of treatise [7/2].
       5. Time travel. UFOs already utilize time travel. How they do this is described in chapter M from volume 10 of monograph [1/4]. Also monographs [1e] and [2e] have chapters devoted to the description of time vehicles.
       In addition to the above very tangible benefits, open research of UFOs may bring to us various intangible accomplishments. The most important out of these would be the freedom and independence from this evil parasite from the space, who sucks our blood since the beginnings of time. Others would include higher philosophical maturity and life wisdom, increase of prosperity on Earth, morality of co-existence, happiness of individual people, etc., etc.

#C3. Doubting is actually a lack of reliable knowledge:

       If our grandfather sees our present colour TV set, a poor man would experience a shock. Knowing this, it is rather strange that we ourselves have serious difficulties with understanding, that if someone shows to us effects of the operation of a technical device that is going to be build in, let us say, around 1000 years of time, we probably would loose our senses too. Thus it is even less understandable, why people are so reluctant to accept that in the huge universe there are some relatives of humans, the technical development of which is by around 600 millions of years older than that of people. These our older relatives are UFOnauts. Even more difficult for some people is to understand, that in spite of that advanced technological development, these relatives of humanity may have totally rotten morality. To be honest, their morality is so bad, that in old times people used to call them "devils". (The use of name "devils" for them will be formally proven in further part of this web page.) Let us consider now what happens when such morally degenerated relatives of people have access to Earth. Well, they surely exploit and rob people from everything that they consider to be useful for them - similarly like morally degenerated subordinates of Hitler used even human skin for covers of books, while human hair for weaving carpets. In order to not be detected and caught on this parasitic robbery, these evil relatives of humans are forced to constantly hide from people. Therefore people only sometimes are able to see them by a pure chance. What is even worse, because in appearance they are so identical to people, they constantly change into influential humans on principles of "changelings" described comprehensively on the web page predators. In this manner they become our leaders, scientists, superiors, and colleagues, while we think that they are just people. In turn when they mix so with us, they efficiently and fast sabotage every our action that runs against their interests. Furthermore, they surround Earth with their warships, so that no other civilization, which would not be so morally deviated as them, has any physical contact with humanity. The more exact description as to how life looks like under the undetectable (for normal people) rules of these parasitic occupants of humanity from the space, is presented on the web page evil and also in subsection A3 from volume 1 of monograph [1/4] , the free copies of which are downloadable via this internet site.
       Whatever explained above, for some people may appear to be improbable. But it is worth to know, that everything that this web page states is based on research, evidence, and on reliably verified information. Furthermore, one need to remember that everything that we see around us today, in old times would also appear to be improbable. For example, already Greek and Roman mythologies described that Greek and Roman "gods" had in their "palaces" a kind of "container" with what looked like "water", and in which they could view people and events located too far to be seen with naked eyes. Already in my times a female teacher was laughing at this mythological description using it as a "proof" that the Greek and Roman mythologies are pure fantasies. But her students, including myself and my class colleagues in this number, see television on everyday bases, and sometimes even see holograms. If in turn a present television set is shown to anyone from old times, such an old-timer would also described it as "a kind of container with water in which reflections of distant events and people can be seen".

#C4. Technical devices of UFOnauts:

       UFOnauts use a whole range of technical devices, the capabilities of which would make us wonder if we know about their existence and operation. Actually their devices are capable of doing technical magic, means are able to complete in a technical manner what black and white magic is accomplishing with the use of powers of human mind (for more information about magic see the internet web site nirvana.htm). Let us summarise now the most vital capabilities of technical devices of UFOnauts:
       1. Flights with infinitive speeds. These are accomplished due to triggering the phenomenon of technical telekinesis. A description of principles on which these flights are done, is provided in subsection H6.1 and L1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4] and also in subsection L6.1.1 from volume 7 of monograph [8]. In turn basic information on technical telekinesis is provided on the web site telekinesis.htm.
       2. Telepathic communication. It allows instant communication with even the most distant points of the universe. Principles on which this communication is carried out are described in subsection H7.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4] and also in subsection L6.3.1 from volume 7 of monograph [8]. In turn the description of a telepathic transmitter and receiver is provided in treatise [7/2]. Basic information on telepathy and telepathic waves is provided on the totaliztic web site telepathy.htm.
       3. Invisibility. UFOnauts are able to become invisible to our eyes and present technical instruments. Thus they can be in the same room as us, but we do not see them. This invisibility is accomplished due to putting their bodies into a state of a very fast flickering, called a "telekinetic flickering". In this state they flicker between physical state and a telekinetic state with frequency of around 2500 Hz. Thus they flicker many times faster then an aeroplane propeller, and than picture in cinemas, the changes of which we also almost cannot see with our eyes. Descriptions of the state of telekinetic flickering are provided in subsection L1 of monograph [1/4], and also in subsection L6.3 from volume 7 of monograph [8].
       4. Indestructibility and passing through solid objects. UFOnauts and UFO vehicle are indestructible. They can also fly through solid matter such as walls or rocks. Thus they can fly directly into our flats and houses, by passing through walls, windows, and furniture. For this purpose they use the same phenomenon of "telekinetic flickering" which makes then invisible to our sight and cameras.
       5. Ability to change the elapse of time. UFOnauts are able to shift in time both forward and backward. They can also slow or accelerate the elapse of time. They use this capability to change events which already took place. How they do it, it is described in subsection M1 from volume 10 of monograph [1/4], and in subsection L7 from volume 7 of monograph [8].
       6. Hypnotising and making people sleep in a split of second. Whenever UFOnauts intend to abduct anyone on deck of their UFO vehicle, in order to rob or rape this person, they firstly hypnotise and put him/her into a deep sleep. Only then they have their evil way with this person. For more details about reasons, principles, and devices, used for this evil purpose, see subsections A3 and N3.3 from monograph [1/4] or subsections E1 and H6.2 from monograph [8].

#C5. Why UFOnauts hide from people:

       Our confusion and the lack of knowledge about UFOs does not result at all from the non-existence of UFOs (as this try to impose at us people who are manipulated by UFOnauts), but actually are caused by the fact that UFOs and UFOnauts purposely hide from people. These technically highly advanced vehicles, which we popularly call UFOs, in reality utilise various capabilities, that are created by their magnetic propulsion system, in order to hide from people like thieves and bandits. They accomplish this hiding on several different principles, two most popular out of which include (1) the formation of so-called "magnetic lens" around their vehicles, in the result of which these vehicles completely disappear from our sight (it is because of such a "magnetic lens" that a UFO vehicle shown on a photograph from "Fig. S5" in [1/4] does not reveal the entire hulk, but only an outlet from the oscillatory chamber), and (2) switching on the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering", in which UFO vehicles are flickering with the frequency of around 2500 Hz, means much faster than individual frames in motion movies, or spinning propellers of aeroplanes, thus human eyes are unable to notice them.

#C6. Finishing the to-date silent war between humanity and UFOnauts:

       In spite that we do not notice it, around us a silent war between humanity and UFOnauts is raging all the time. This war depends on UFOnauts trying to destroy us and shift us back in the development with their undetectable methods, while we are trying to clumsy defend ourselves without knowing that this is not "nature" that constantly attacks us. More information about this hidden war of UFOnauts against humanity is provided on following web pages (their reviewing is best to carry out in the order listed here): evil, changelings, predators, 26th day, Columbia, WTC, and tornadoes. hurricanes.

Part #D: In fact UFOnauts hide much more mysteries than just a question "whether they DO exist or DON'T exist" - researching UFOs we learn more about God Himself:


#D1. Why God keeps people in the continuous uncertainty of His existence:

Motto: "In order to understand God, we must place ourselves in His position and see our matters from His point of view."

       If we are to believe in claims of subsequent religious institutions, our planet Earth is packed with atheists, while only rare people believe in God. Also such an opinion prevails amongst a majority of people, who are convinced that in present times individuals who believe in God are a real rarity. However, the reality is an exact reversal of what is claimed by religious institutions. In fact, if someone seeks carefully around, then only with a great difficulty can find a true atheist. Practically, almost 100% of people, at the bottom of their heart believe in the existence of some superior being with attributes of God. The only thing which differs from person to person is the depth of their belief, and the name and definition of God in which they believe. This fact of the common belief in God is confirmed by all research done in this matter. One amongst such research was reported in the article "More than nine out of 10 believe in God", from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper from Christchurch named The Press, in the issue of that newspaper dated on Wednesday, June 25, 2008. This article informed about results of such research carried out in the USA. But it is well known that presently the USA belongs to one amongst the most atheistic countries of our planet, in the majority of schools of which teaching religion is forbidden. Thus, in other countries probably even a larger proportion of people believe in God. Similar results are yield from research on human psychology. This research always stresses that people have from the birth a natural inclination to believe in the God's existence. Even many murderers and sadists admit that they committed their crimes because "God ordered them to do so". So in reality the claims of religious institutions and beliefs of the majority of us, that the Earth is full of atheists, turns out to be a myth and an untruth. In fact the Earth is packed with people who believe in God's existence. Only that these believers are intentionally kept in the uncertainty about the God's existence. Furthermore, a significant proportion of present people is highly sceptical in relation to naive and full of errors explanations of God disseminated by present religions paralysed by their own age and sclerosis. Therefore the belief of these people in the religious explanations of God in many cases is too shallow to be able to force them to pedantically do whatever their religion asks them to do.
       Unfortunately, if we look on the humanity from the prospective of God, then it turns out that the situation when all people deeply believe in God is NOT at all in the interest of this God. This is because God created humans so that people continually increased their knowledge, searched for truth, created, developed, overcame obstacle, did not give up, etc. On the other hand, people who deeply believe in God typically cease to seek knowledge and truth. Also they cease their stubborn fight with obstructions of fate and in everything they begin to give up. From thinking seekers of truth and from creative inventors, such people deeply believing in God usually transform themselves into thoughtless pleasers and worshippers of God, who spend time on infinitive repetition of the same prayers. For example, as this is described in item #A2 of the web page will.htm - about the influence of "free will" of people on fate of the entire human civilisation, people who deeply believe in God cease to seek and to increase their knowledge, as they have a ready answer to everything that "God created it". They do NOT try to establish how God created everything, how this creation works, why God did this instead of doing something else, nor what God really is - because they are afraid to "offend God" or to commit a "blasphemy" ("profanity"). They cease to do scientific research because "if God wants that we know this, He would reveal this to us". They do NOT improve their characters because "how God created me He must want me to be". They do NOT fight with illnesses, accidents, nor inconveniences, because "God appears to want me to suffer". They cease to create new inventions because they wait until "God gives these to them". They cease to fight against bad fortunes because "God appears to wish that it is so". What even more strange, they do NOT try to improve their methods of praying to God, nor they seek better and more effective methods of praying - outcomes of which would prove that God wishes people appeal to Him in just such a way (of the kind of the method discussed in item #G7 from the web page named will.htm). Etc., etc. In the result, a deep belief in God has a conservationist and destructive consequences. It freezes the progress of creativity, knowledge, technology, and faith. Thus, a society which is full of people that deeply believe in God, freezes in its intellectual and technical development, and thus also in its spiritual and religious development. If since the beginning of time the world was full of people who deeply believe in God, then we would live in caves until today, we would NOT know fire, and instead of the only and intelligent God we would worship e.g. thoughtless lightning flashes and thunders. As we can realise, such a freezing of progress of knowledge and development of people is NOT in interests of God. God does NOT want that people behave in such a manner. After all, according to explanations from item #B3 of the web page will.htm - about the influence of "free will" of people on fate of the entire human civilisation, and also item #C1 of the web page god.htm - about secular and scientific understanding of God, God created man in order people mastered the skill of stubborn searching for knowledge and truth, thus becoming an active instrument in the evolution of the universe and helping God in increasing His own knowledge. From the God's point of view it is immensely vital that people seek knowledge and truth, are creative, continually improve themselves and their knowledge, display determination and stubbornness in implementing their intentions, etc., etc. So God has no choice but to find a way how to force people to seek knowledge and truth, and how to motivate us to put into these searches everything that we are capable of.
       Fortunately, NOT without effects God is infinitively more intelligent than people. Therefore He found a perfect solution to the problem of freezing of progress, knowledge, and technology by people who deeply believe in God. Namely, God continually keeps all people in the lack of certainty "whether God exists at all". In turn, to keep us uncertain about His existence, it is this God Himself who, amongst others, spreads atheism amongst people, who actively supports everything that noisily denies His existence, and who quietly blocks from noticing everything that confirms His existence. In the result of such moves, and numerous other similar steps described in the next item, God intentionally "confuses" people in the matter of His own existence. This confusion decreasing peoples' belief to such a low level, that "just in case" many of them begin to act as if God does NOT exist at all. These people begin actively and on their own risk seek the truth. They stubbornly fight with obstacles of fate. They create inventions and make discoveries. Etc., etc. In this manner, through continuous maintaining people in the uncertainty about the existence of Himself, God actually stimulates the search for knowledge and truth, scientific research, efforts, striving, progress, etc. So with people God acts similarly like people do this with a donkey - namely "in order to force a donkey to go forward, people intentionally pull it backward". This continuous maintaining people in uncertainty about the existence of God, allows also God to earn a whole range of other benefits. For example, it allows Him to subject individual people and the entire our civilisation to continuous tests and exams, thus allowing Him to distinguish between valuable people - which are worth to inspire and to protect, and a human trash - which can be donated to fate as examples that teach others.
       Of course, God does NOT destroy all evidence for His own existence. Several well-hidden items of such evidence God leaves on the Earth for those more stubborn seekers of truth. The philosophy of totalizm already managed to discover and identify some amongst these hidden items of evidence, and now disseminates these on various web pages - e.g. see the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific evidence for the existence of God. After all, if someone gets really stubborn, then God always allows him or her to earn the certainty about the God's existence. Only that He makes them to earn this certainty through their own effort and after many sacrifices. This is why, in spite that officially and loudly God allows His "simulations" to block the access to publications of totalizm, that He openly helps critics who throw mud on totalizm, and that He visibly promotes everything that discourages people from reading publications of totalizm, quietly God always opens the access to these publications and web pages for stubborn seekers of truth - about whom He decided that they deserve to get to know totalizm. This is why, if you (the reader) are NOT reading these words just with the intention that this allows you to throw mud on totalizm later, the sole fact that you come to read these words and descriptions, is a proof that you belong to these few seekers of truth whom God considers sufficiently mature and worthy to give them chances for thinking-over the matters that are described here.

#D2. The simulation of the existence of evil UFOnauts is one amongst methods with the use of which God continually maintains people in the lack of certainty about His existence:

Motto: "God so shaped the reality, that true knowledge always must be sought with difficulties and earned with effort. In turn whatever is screaming and finds us by itself, never is a true knowledge but only misleading lies that pretend to be knowledge."

       As it is explained above, in very vital interest of God lies maintaining people in continuous uncertainty about the existence of God. So in order to keep people continually in this uncertainty, God developed and perpetually uses a whole range of various manners, ways, methods, tricks, etc. For example, God causes that after the birth, memories of our previous incarnations are blocked. Only very stubborn seekers of truth can later unblock these memories with the use of hypnosis. But even then their scepticism still forms barriers against recognising these memories for what they really are. God also so designed the human psychology, that everyone amongst us is especially untrusting and sceptical in all God's matters. Thus, a typical person would acquire the certainty of the existence of God only if he or she could see and touch God - of course, to NO living people God grants such a privilege.
       Amongst a huge number of methods, ways, means, tricks, etc., which God continually uses to keep people in the perpetual uncertainty about His own existence, one group of these is strictly linked to the topic of this web page. This is a wide use of "evil" by God, and His employment of "evil creatures". Namely, in order to be able to illustratively suggest to people, that God does NOT exist, in practically every area of life God noisily although anonymously (i.e. not under His own name) promotes the prevalence of "evil". Simultaneously, God also suppresses the emphasizing, and intentionally hides, all manifestations of a good and morality. Of course, God does all these in a way similar to an enthusiastic examiner, who uses various tricks and traps to check how well his students mastered a given subject area. Means, these people who allow to be misled by such noisy promotion and actually give out to temptations, God later mercilessly, and this time quietly, punish and persecute. In turn these ones who stand by morality and in the defence of good, God discreetly and quietly rewards later.
       In this noisy utilisation of "evil" for hiding His own existence, very handy for God is the use of "simulation" of the existence and a secretive activity on the Earth, of "evil creatures" which in most ancient times were called "gods", later - although still in antiquity, were called "devils", while presently are called with the ultra-modern term "UFOnauts". After all, God is a master in "simulation". He continually creates and destroys thousands of stars and planets, and millions of human existences. Thus, for the use in such a simulation, God is able to design appropriately, then temporally create, human-like creatures (i.e. "UFOnauts") to which He transfers (i.e. "possesses") His own awareness. Then with hands of these creatures God can subject people to any manipulations, temptations, tests, and tricks - which lie in interest of goals and intentions of God. Finally, when these temporally created creatures fulfil their duties, God again destroys them. The use of these creatures has also this advantage, that everything that God does with their hands, appears as if it has NOTHING to do with God. So it works perfectly towards making impossible for people to gain a certainty about the existence of God.
       More exact explanations as to how God simulates UFOnauts and UFO vehicles, and also which items of evidence confirm the truth of this God's simulation, are presented in parts #B, #E i #F of the totaliztic web page god.htm - about secular and scientific understanding of God, and in part #F of the totaliztic web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. This web page concentrates mainly on discussing consequences of this situation for our understanding of UFO manifestations and phenomena that accompanies UFOs.

#D3. In addition to maintaining people in the lack of certainty about the existence of God, the simulation of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles by God serves also several further purposes - for example helps to subject people to God's tests and exams:

       God acts in a completely different manner than people do. For example, every action of God fulfils several intended goals, each one of which serves well interests of God. (For comparison, every action of people usually has just one intended goal, but it induces several unintended "side effects" which typically spoil this intended goal.) Therefore the simulation by God of creatures so evil as UFOnauts, independently from helping God to keep people continually in the lack of certainty about the existence of God, has also several further goals that support intentions of God. Let us list at least the most important amongst these goals.
       One amongst goals accomplished by God through the simulation of the existence of evil UFOnauts, is the subjecting of people to continuous tests and exams. After all, as we know, through creation of the religions and authorisation of Holly books - e.g. the Bible, God clearly explained to people how they supposed to behave in order to be rewarded, and which behaviours God is going to punish. So in order to check whether people obey the the behaviours and duties which He commanded, God is forced to repetitively subject everyone to various tests and exams. For example, God must subject everyone to temptations of atheism, laziness, lack of morality in actions, discipline, indulgence, etc., etc. Then, depending whether someone passes or fails these tests and exams, God serves the justice through everyday making life pleasant for one group of people, and creation of the hell on Earth for other people. Of course, it would NOT be good if these tests and temptations God formed under His own name. Therefore very useful for these are evil creatures which God simulates, and which in past were called "devils", while now we call "UFOnauts".
       Another vital goal which God accomplishes through the simulation of evil UFOnauts and their vehicles, is the motivation of people to creative seeking and research, and the inspiration of progress of knowledge. For example, with the use of UFO vehicles God demonstrates principles of operation and designs for human propulsion systems of the future. In turn, through attempts to explain principles of flight of UFOs, people are motivated by God for research and for creative seeking the truth.
       Still another goal which God accomplishes through the simulation of evil UFOnauts and their vehicles is the allowing these most stubborn "truth seekers" to get to know God much better. Because God Himself simulates the existence and activities of UFOnauts, the through research on products of this God's simulation, provides people with the shortest path to the learning about God Himself. After all, through researching what God simulates, in reality we are researching God.
       A further goal which God accomplishes through the simulation of evil UFOnauts and their vehicles is the providing people from the higher levels of awareness another proof for the actual existence of God. As it is explained on the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs for the existence of God, God intentionally leaves on the Earth a whole array of well-hidden evidence for his Own existence. These items of evidence are intentionally so formed by God, that they serves for proofs of the God's existence only to these people who accomplished the required "level of induction into the knowledge" (for details see item #D5 below). The remaining people can trip over these proofs and freak noses on them, and still will NOT notice that these are proofs for the existence of God. The fact of simulation by God Himself the creatures and devices so physically manifest like UFOnauts and UFO vehicles, is just another amongst such proofs for the existence of God - which, however, one can recognise as such a proof only after one accomplished the appropriately high "level of awareness".
       So as the above reveals, through the simulation of evil and evil creatures, God in fact spreads amongst people such qualities as good, universal justice, progress of knowledge and technology, better getting to know God's nature, etc., etc.

#D4. Two opposite explanations, i.e. (1) atheistic and (2) the one which considers the existence of God, which God inscribed into His simulation of the existence of UFOnauts:

       In order to NOT take away from people the so-called "free will", everything that God does, He always must do it in such a manner that it fulfils the so-called "Canon of Ambiguity". This canon is described more comprehensively on several totaliztic web pages, for example in item #B9 from the web page god.htm - about the secular and scientific understanding of God, and also in "part #F" of the web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself, and in "part #C" of the web page will.htm - about maintaining of free will of individual people while controlling the entire human civilisation. So I am NOT going to write here on this subject. I am only going to concentrate on explanations of the influence that this canon has on the manner in which God simulates the existence of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles.
       The consequence of the "Canon of Ambiguity" is, that everything that God does, He always must do in such a manner that it can be explained in two different ways. The first out of these two ways must be completely "atheistic". In turn, the second explanation must be such, that all people who believe in God and who seek knowledge and truth - as God ordered us to do, it allows to determine "how exactly God accomplished this". In the matter of simulation of the existence of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles by God, the aspect most difficult for explaining is the matter of complete disappearance of UFOnauts at the moment in time when they stop being needed by God. Therefore God must write in into His simulation the seeds for such explanations which in the future will allow to determine why UFOnauts and UFO vehicles existed in the past, but then rapidly disappeared. In case of "atheists" the seed of the explanation of the present "existence" and future "non-existence" of UFOnauts God embedded into the phenomenon which the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described under the name "non-existing existence". This phenomenon of "non-existing existence" is explained in more details in item #B8 of the web page timevehicle.htm, and also in item #F7 of the totaliztic web page god.htm. In turn in case of people who believe in God and who according to commands of God stubbornly seek knowledge and truth, the seed of the explanation for the present existence of UFOnauts and for their future non-existence, God make available to people through inspiring myself to the forming and publishing thoeries and explanations which, amongst others, I am presenting on this web page, means theories and explanations of the kind which describes the need and principles of the simulation of UFOnauts by God Himself.

#D5. Since God simulates the existence of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles, then why people have such difficulties with getting certainty of their existence, that even many so-called "UFOlogists" are unable in the entire their lives get beyond the asking repetitively the same question "do UFOs and UFOnauts exist at all":

Motto: "With knowledge, certainty, etc., is like with water in the English proverb, that 'you can lead horse (donkey) to water but you cannot make it drink'."

       The moral and highly progressive philosophy called totalizm explains that independently from the so-called "gravity field" our lives are also ruled by still another kind of invisible field called the moral field. This "moral field" causes, that into accomplishing everything that is moral us people must put our personal effort. After all, everything that is moral lies "uphill" in this "moral field". Therefore doing in lives moral things is like climbing uphill in gravity field - means always requires putting into specific amount of effort. In turn when we review the list of things that are moral, then it turns out that apart from telling truth, doing whatever is good and justly for others, etc., highly moral is also gathering knowledge. When anyone amongst us gathers new knowledge, then he or she also moves "uphill" of this "moral field". This in turn requires putting a specific effort. Therefore gathering knowledge, establishing truth, gaining certainty, reaching point of being convinced, etc. NEVER comes to us without an effort. We always must trace these with our personal contribution of work and gather these with significant effort - like farmers gather grain and harvests. Only information which represents confusion and untruth find us by themselves and we have them without any effort.
       Of course, as this is the case of every truth and knowledge, also accomplishing the progress in our knowledge of UFOs requires the contribution of effort and climbing upwards in the moral field. But the majority of so-called "UFOlogists" and UFO researchers are NOT prepared to put any effort in the matter of UFOs. They expect from the life that the explanation of the UFO puzzles is going to find them all by itself, in the same manner as television advertising about the newest (and thus also the most expensive) products are finding them. In turn since these "UFOlogists" are NOT prepared to put their own effort into the gaining knowledge and truth about UFOs, their supposed "research" in fact are "infinitive trotting in the same place". This is why the majority of so-called "UFOlogists" never in their lives go beyond the "barrier of awareness" defined by the question "do UFOs really exist".
       Interesting is the manner in which God does that gaining any new knowledge, in this number also knowledge about UFOs, comes with such a difficulty and requires putting into it so much effort. As it turns out God formed every knowledge in kinds of like layers, which can be named "levels of induction into knowledge". In every topic and in every matter there is at least a dozen of such subsequent layers. In addition, in front of each such a "level of induction into knowledge" God placed a special "barrier of awareness". So in order someone could lift his or her knowledge onto a higher "level of induction into knowledge", he or she always must firstly overcome the "barrier of awareness" which stands on his or her way. For example, in order to learn the knowledge about UFOs, every person must firstly overcome in himself or herself the "barrier of awareness" described by the question "do UFOs exist". So until the time when someone overcomes this barrier, he or she is NOT going to learn anything constructive on the subject of UFOs. But when he or she overcomes this barrier, then in front of his or her eyes opens a huge prospect of knowledge about UFOs, e.g. all that about UFOs and UFOnauts explains this web page. However, simultaneously in front of this person appears another barrier of awareness - e.g. described by the question "on which principle UFO vehicles do fly". Etc., etc.
       More about "levels of induction into knowledge" and "barriers of awareness" which allow gain new knowledge only by these people who put into the learning their personal effort, explains item #F4 on the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. In turn item #F6 of that web page "evil.htm" describes "levels of awareness" through which I went myself in my path to the knowledge about UFOs and UFOnauts.

#D6. It is worth to invest our effort in the accumulation of knowledge, because whatever we learn is going to remain in our memory forever:

       In item #F5 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. is explained that there is one kind of knowledge which we learn practically without any effort. This is the knowledge which we learned in one amongst our previous reincarnations. God so formed our soul, that the knowledge and truths into learning of which we already put the required effort, remain with us forever - in next reincarnations we just need to recall them without any effort. This is why in school sometimes we have huge difficulties with learning some subjects, while other subjects "get to our heads all by themselves". The subjects which "get to our heads all by themselves" are just these ones into learning of which we already invested the required effort in one amongst our previous reincarnations. This is also why as children we could display knowledge and talents in something that in present life we had NO opportunity to learn. While learning, tracing truth, earning certainty, etc., it is worth to remember that everything into which we put an effort in our present life, remains with us ready for use in all next lives. In turn for learning everything that we failed to learn in the present life, we are going to be send again somewhere and sometime to learn it again. So it is NOT worth to postpone the learning, finding truth, acquiring certainty, etc., onto our next reincarnations. After all, it may happen that in order to learn what presently we failed to learn, a next time we are going to be placed in much worse and more difficult position than the one in which we are at present.

#D7. Whatever God simulates to confront it with people, He always gives to it 100% authenticity:

       If we consider what "tools of simulation" are in the disposal of God, then it can be deduced without any difficulty, that people could classify these tools into two major categories. Namely (1) "tools of simulation" which people are or will be able to learn and understand, and (2) "tools of simulation" which lie beyond learning capabilities of human minds. For example, if God decides to simulate e.g. the arrival of a UFO vehicle to the Earth, then He can accomplish this simulation with the use of both categories of tools. It means God can either (1) create a UFO vehicle which will be designed and will work exactly as if it was a spaceship constructed by higher advanced technically cosmic relatives of humans, or God can (2) use some phenomena from the same group which God used to create human souls or create laws of nature, then make on people an impression with the use of this phenomena that people see a UFO vehicle.
       As it turns out, in God's simulations with which people are confronted, God always uses only such tools which for people are identifiable and can be recreated in entire 100%. This means, that for example, when God simulates UFOnauts, then everything in this simulation can be learned by people, researched, recreated on the Earth, etc. SO we can state that "all simulations of God are authentic in 100%". This means that UFO vehicles simulated by God have exactly the same design, principles of operation, materials, phenomena employed, etc., as these would appear in UFO vehicles if these vehicles were sent to the Earth by some cosmic relatives of humans. In turn UFOnauts have the appearance, characters, behaviours, vindictiveness, principles of behaviour, etc., exactly the same as they would display if they are morally decadent relatives of humans, if such relatives arrived to the Earth from the space.
       In other words, because God simulates everything with 100% authenticity, although we should be aware that UFOnauts are just simulations of God, we simultaneously must also treat these UFOnauts as if they really do exist and do operate secretly on the Earth.

Part #E: Let us take notice of the scenario according to which UFOnauts with their UFO vehicles and technical devices are simulated by God:


#E1. Who are UFOnauts - or more strictly what scenario God gives to His simulation of UFOnauts:

       Research to-date reveal conclusively that God so simulates UFOnauts as if these evil creatures were close relatives of people, who live on different planetary systems. Actually UFOnauts are simulated as if they live in a civilization that is around 600 millions years older and technically more advanced than humanity. Unfortunately, this civilization practices a philosophy of life, which in volume 7 of monograph [1/4] and in volume 3 of monograph [8] is called "evil parasitism". Adherers of this philosophy are going through their lives chronically avoiding to work, living from robbery and at the cost of others, and seeking only easy gains without putting any work into them. These morally degenerated relatives of humanity were the ones, who actually settled people on Earth, in order to be able to ruthlessly exploit us later. An alternative history of humanity, which describes the fate of our civilization that emerges from recent research on UFOs, is presented in subsection V3 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4] "Advanced Magnetic Devices", and in subsection E7.4 from volume 4 of monograph [8] "Totalizm". If someone ask us whether there is any material evidence that UFOnauts are actually our close relatives who are around 600 millions years older from us, then apart from the above subsections V3 and E7.4 in [1/4] and [8], he/she should also look at Figure O32 in monograph [1/4], or at Figure B1 in treatise [7/2], or at Figure E2 in monograph [8]. These Figures show a photograph of an imprint left rock that was made by a shoe of an UFOnaut. This imprint is around 550 millions years old. This shoe was imprinted on Earth, when ancestors of the present UFOnauts started to spread the first forms of life on our planet, in order to gradually prepare it for the arrival of people, whom they could later exploit forever.

Fig. #E1. UFOnauts shoe imprint, 550 mln years old - Fig. O32 in [1/4] and Fig. B1 in [7/2].

Fig. #E1: (originally Fig. P31 in monograph [1/4]). It presents an imprint of UFOnaut's shoe conventionally dated at 550 millions years old. So already then UFOnauts supposed to be enough advanced to NOT only be able to fly to the Earth from distant star systems, but also were able to initiate the life on our planet.

#E2. How to recognise UFOnauts:

       UFOnauts have this nasty habit of sending their spies and saboteurs to change for selected people Earth. Then these spies mix with people from streets and collect data about our civilization, in order to be able to exploit us better. Although as many as several different races of UFOnauts sends their spies and saboteurs to Earth, the most frequently encountered ones are from the race that is the most similar to humans, because it was from their race that our Adam and Eve originated. UFOnauts from this race are almost like us - someone may talk or be friendly with one of them and may be totally unaware that is dealing with a UFOnaut, not with a person. Actually, if someone watches TV, then should not have difficulties with spotting in various TV programs several out of them. But because our civilization separated from theirs around 40 000 years ago, and also because UFOnauts in their civilization use genetic engineering for perfecting their own race, there is several vital facial features, which differ in them from similar features in people. If someone knows these details, then it is possible to identify these cosmic spies and saboteurs from UFOs. The detailed information what are these identifying features that allow to distinguish between UFOnauts and people, is provided by folk wisdom regarding devils and witches, and also by present research on UFOs. This information is thoroughly analysed in subsection V8.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4] "Advanced Magnetic Devices", and also in subsection E7.1 from volume 4 of monograph [8] "Totalizm". For the scientific exactitude I am going to summarise here the most important of such facial features (monographs [1/4] and [8] describe many more of them). Here they are (listed in the order depicting how easy to notice they are):
       (1) Triangular eyes. Eyes in UFOnauts are slightly different than in humans, and especially interesting. Namely they are slightly larger than in people, slightly wider positioned, and they have a slightly different shape. I had a good opportunity to have a close look at eyes of an UFOnaut and noticed that they have a shape like of a hen's egg which is directed towards the front with the most sharp end. (Human eyes in the frontal part are almost spherical.) This different shape means, that they are also slightly different from the optical point of view. This in turn causes that they have also a different appearance than human eyes. The different appearance of eyes of UFOnauts, resulting from their different than in people optical properties, with a bit of awareness on our part usually becomes the first anatomic detail that catches our attention. Namely, if UFOnauts look somewhere above our head, their irises viewed under appropriate angle appear as if they have form of sharp triangles with three straight sides. The sharp apexes of these triangles are pointed downwards. Simultaneously, in these rare cases when their eyes are of a colour other than black, so that the colour of their pupils does not blend with the colour of their irises, their pupils in such triangular irises assume then the shape of a vertical line similar to an exclamation mark. This in turn causes that their eyes then look more like eyes of a cat than eyes of a human. But when an UFOnaut looks straight at us, then his irises, as well as his or her pitch black pupils in eyes, look just as round as in all humans. So when an UFOnaut looks straight at us, it is difficult to distinguish his/her eyes from these in humans. Therefore the easiest way to notice whether someone looks like a suspected UFOnaut, is when we see him or her in TV, or look at his or her photograph. Then camera frequently captures their eyes under this special angle of viewing, for which their irises become sharp triangles. It is shocking how many such sharp triangular irises with pupils like vertical lines of exclamation marks one can notice in present television. What is even more interesting, majority of individuals who show such triangular irises, have also hair strangely standing up on ends above their forehead. After one realises what this means, one gets a shock. After all, the frequency of seeing such eyes and hair makes us aware how massive the occupation of Earth by UFOnauts is, and how complete and tight control over all our institutions UFOnauts extend presently.
       This is because of that similarity of irises of UFOnauts to sharp reversed triangles, with pupils looking like vertical exclamation marks, that old Polish folklore claimed that "devils" and "witches" (means former names for present "UFOnauts") have "cat eyes". Also for the same reason, such triangular eyes even present folklore from New Zealand describes with the expression "devilish eyes" (it is believed over there that these who have such devilish eyes cannot be trusted). Examples of just such triangular (devilish) eyes one can see on quite easily available photographs of some amongst these terrorists that hijacked aeroplanes which hit WTC skyscrapers in New York. In fact these triangular eyes usually are the first anatomic detail which hits our own eyes when we are looking at a photograph or video of a UFOnaut. (A next such a detail, which usually confirms this first one, is the tendency of their hair to stand on ends above the forehead.)
       (2) Standing hair. In former "devils" - means present "UFOnauts", hair above the forehead grow upwards, not downwards like in people. Thus the majority of male UFOnauts combs their hair upwards. When recently UFOnauts learned from research on future that people managed to identify anatomic details which allow to recognise them, then they started to promote on Earth a fashion which makes all males to have hair standing upwards. Many UFOnauts have also curled hair, such as visible on the photograph from "Fig. 2". Probably from this originates an old Chinese belief, which states (in Cantonese): "Lin mow, ngaw pej, tap taw, mkwat tak kow." In English this means: "curly hair, hook nose, bow head, cannot be trusted".
       (3) Buttocks-like chin. See a following sculpture of a devil (i.e. a UFOnaut), which normally is presented as Figure N5/3 in monograph [1/3] and as Figure C4d in treatise [4B] (click on it - if you wish to enlarge it):

Fig. #E2a. Devil-UFOnaut - see Fig. N5 (3) in [1/4] and Rys. C4d in [4B].
Fig. #E2a: It presents the best known to me image of the actual appearance of a typical "devil" (UFOnaut) that was reproduced from the Journal "The Unexplained".
       Notice a typical for these devils ending of a chin that sticks forward, and that has two buttock-like protrusions. They make the chin of a typical UFOnaut very similar to a miniature human bottom. Especially characteristic is this vertical groove running between both protrusions. This chin and groove are so striking for us, that in order to hide them, UFOnauts who operate on Earth frequently wear small beards. But because of this groove, even their beards look differently than human ones - they are composed like from two separate halves. Therefore many UFOnauts wears now beards shaped like a vertical stripe which covers just this vertical groove. Notice that medieval witches (means female UFOnauts) also are drawn and described with such sticking forward, buttock-like chins. Of course, this "buttock-like" chin is not the only identifying feature that allows to distinguish former devils, and current UFOnauts, from people.
       (4) Pear-shaped head (looking like slightly triangular). The scull of UFOnauts slightly differs from in shape from sculls of humans. If we would describe sculls of humans, we could approximately compare them to spheres. The horizontal cross section is for them the largest at half of their height, means when it crosses through cheek bones. In turn the scull and head of UFOnauts resembles more a pear than a sphere. Their horizontal cross section is the largest for the plane that passes slightly above temples of UFOnauts. Of course, these differences in the scull cause also differences in the shape of face. A typical human face is round. In turn a typical face of an UFOnaut is like a triangle that in the lower part narrows down. This is because of this triangular shape, that the face of Satan is frequently shown as resembling the face of a goat. The above more clearly can be noted in a real life than on images (especially that for images UFOnauts always expose the angle under which they are most similar to people). Then heads of UFOnauts are clearly wider just above temples, while heads of humans are clearly widest in the horizontal plane of cheek bones.
       (5) Long, narrowing, pointed nose. Nose of UFOnauts is always very long with a pointed end. For me it resembles uniformly narrowing conical carrot. On the very tip of their nose, UFOnauts usually have a tiny groove located between two cartilage plates that form the sharp tip of the nose.

Fig. #E2b. Face of a witch in a side view
Fig. #E2b: This photograph shows the image of a typical witch, as these creatures are remembered by the New Zealand folklore.
       Witches are one of many old names used in past for describing evil creatures that presently are called "UFOnauts". The witch shown on this photograph was marching in Wellington, New Zealand, during a Christmas Parade of December 2003. It displays all facial features that are typical for faces of UFOnauts. Namely a long nose like a carrot - in this case curved like a hook, a split end of the chin with two bulges that look like a miniature human bottom, the chin itself slanted down in relationship to the neck to form a kind of hook, and a narrowing down pear-shaped skull that gives the face a triangular shape. (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)
       (6) The lack of fold of skin in ears. It is the same fold of skin into which human ladies pin their earrings. UFOnauts do not have it. Therefore their ears in the lower part from their heads like ears in dogs.
       Of course, while analysing the above details it is worth to remember, that similarly like individual people, UFOnauts also differ amongst themselves in specific details of their anatomy. Therefore, if any of the above details is taken out of content and considered in separation, a significant mistake can be made - e.g. a human can be taken for a UFOnaut. But the more of the above details in anatomy of a given creature coincides with the above list, the higher the chance that this creature is a UFOnaut. So let us start to take notice of the details described here. After all they may turn to be a large step forward in the difficult process of lifting the awareness of our situation.
       Notice, that details of anatomy of UFOnauts, and also differences between the anatomy of people and UFOnauts, are discussed on several other totaliztic web pages listed in "Menu 4" and "Menu 2", e.g. on pages "evil", "changelings", "aliens", "26th day", "Malbork", or "Antichrist".

Part #F: Impact of UFOnauts on the situation of humanity:


#F1. Rotten philosophy of UFOnauts:

       UFOnauts practice in their lives a morally decadent philosophy called the "evil parasitism". A more extensive description of this philosophy is contained on the internet page parasitism.htm and also in chapter JD from volume 8 of monograph [1/4]. In general this philosophy boils down to use in the life a principle "do not obey in your life anything that you are not forced to obey". This practically means that evil parasites are atheists who do not obey in their lives neither moral laws - means laws established by God, rules of ethics, nor anything that keeps in discipline and morality a normal society and makes it working. In the result, consequent application of this principle leads to completely rotten morality of the UFOnauts. They are converted into a society of bandits and robbers who are deprived of any principles and who live exclusively from enslaving and robbery of others, including humans from Earth.
       Because of the philosophy that UFOnauts adhere, they actually are kinds of cosmic robbers and bandits. Only that in order to hide from people these their repulsive activities, they constantly tell naive people, that they are coming to Earth to help humanity. But if they really would help people, as many naive people believe it, then they would not need to hide from us like bandits!

#F2. Several curiosities emerging from research on UFOnauts, means do you know that:

       #1. On Earth one UFOnaut supervises each around 25 people. The occupational forces of UFOnauts on Earth are enormously huge. But because they hide from people we have no idea about their size. Moreover, as the research on the "UFO abductees" (means on people who are aware of being abducted to UFOs) prove this, UFOnauts do not live on Earth, but their recuperation bases are located on nearby planets, mainly on Mars and Venus. The rough calculation of numbers of these alien forces constantly working on Earth to carry out abductions and exploitation of people is published in treatise [7/2], and also in subsection U3.1.2 of monograph [1/4]. I would like to invite you to verify these my calculations, as by reviewing their logic you will be more sure that they are correct. The calculations indicate that one UFOnaut is assigned to each around 25 people on Earth, while one UFO vehicle corresponds to around 100 people on Earth. The reason why we do not see these powerful alien forces is that they constantly hide from people. They have technical devices that allow them to remain invisible to human sight, even if there is a lot of them hovering in our space. But occasionally our aeroplanes hit air turbulences created by their invisible vehicles, and only then there is a trouble.
       #2. UFOnauts are close relatives of people, only that they are around 600 millions years technically more advanced while morally more decadent than humans. An alternative history of our civilization and its links with UFOnauts is provided in subsection E7.4 from volume 4 of monograph [8]. Only because they are close relatives of people, they can reap numerous benefits from exploiting people, such as using human offspring for their bio-robots, means for servants, prostitutes, and workers (it is for the industrial production of these bio-robots that UFOnauts rob sperm and ovule from humans), recharging their life energy with the energy robbed from people, etc.
       #3. UFOnauts live almost 20 times longer than people do - the length of their lives can even reach around 1600 Earth years (means is as long as our ancestors attributed to witches). But this enormous longevity does not result at all from the advancement of their medicine, or from a good nourishment, but from the fact that their planet has gravitation almost 4.5 times greater than the gravitation of Earth. (The direct link between the gravitation of a given planet, and longevity of people who live on it, is explained in subsection JF9.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/4] "Advanced Magnetic devices" and in subsection M9.1 from volume 8 of monograph [8] "Totalizm".
       #4. UFOnauts have almost 20 times lower than people level of feelings. Their feelings are so low, that they are unable to even feel when someone jabs them with a needle (as we remember, such jabbing with a needle in medieval times was one of numerous cruel methods of identifying witches and wizards, means medieval equivalents to present UFOnauts). More details about low feelings of UFOnauts is provided in subsections JF9.5 and V8.1 of monograph [1/4] and in subsections M9.5 and E7 of monograph [8].
       #5. Male UFOnauts in our understanding of the matter are actually impotents and in order to carry out sexual intercourses, they must have special stiffening plastic structures inserted into their penises. Their sexual impotency results from this low level of feelings (i.e. they are unable to accomplish a sufficient level of excitement that is available for people). A description of this impotency of UFOnauts is provided in subsections JF9.5 and V8.1 of monograph [1/4] and in subsection M9.5 and E7.1 of monograph [8]. This plastic stiffening structure surgically inserted into penises of UFOnauts is perceived by human females that they rape, as a kind of cold pipe. It is also referred to in ancient manuscripts.
       #6. UFOnauts brutally exploit people on thousands different manners. For example, from every person on Earth they rob a unique kind of energy called "moral energy" - more details on this energy is explained on the web page totalizm.htm. The description of a chamber which is used by them for robbing people from this energy, is provided in Polish treatise [3b]. From each person on Earth they also rob sperm and ovule, from which they later clone on an industrial scale their bio-robots, means their slaves and workers. In order to quickly find people when there is a time for a next instalment of this robbery, every person on Earth has a special identification implant installed in his her leg. After the instalment of this implant an unique scar is left on the outer side of legs, around 27.5 cm (+/- 3 cm) from the floor. This scar is shown on the first photo of this web page. In turn the descriptions of it are contained in subsection U3.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]. Thus every person on Earth can easily verify that is in fact cruelly exploited by UFOnauts under a deep hypnosis. Almost every person on Earth is also raped by UFOnauts at some stage of his/her life. How to recognise whether someone is falling a victim of such rapes is described in subsection U3.7.1 of monograph [1/4].
       #7. Presence of invisible UFOnauts in our own flat can be detected e.g. with the use of an ordinary remote controller for a TV set. (This detection works because magnetic circuits of an invisible UFO absorb infrared light that is emitted by such a controller.) Numerous methods and manners of detection, when invisible UFOnauts arrive to our flats, are described in subsection E6 from volume 4 of monograph [8].
       #8. If UFOnauts are compared to people, it turns out that they are inferior in almost every aspect. In order to rob and to exploit humanity, UFOnauts adhere to a very parasitic ideology, which makes them believe that they are a superior race of beings. (In past this ideology was given to the pupil of UFOnauts, Hitler, who on its basis created later the ideology of fascism.) Each single UFOnaut is blindly believing in this ideology of superiority. However, the reality is such, that actually UFOnauts are beings who in almost every possible area are inferior towards people from Earth. For example their morality is rotten and stinks at interstellar distances. Their feelings cannot be even compared to ours. In turn their scientific and technological development is frozen in one spot millions of years ago. Even in such areas as for example intelligence or longevity, where they dominate over people, actually it is not because of them, but because of the gravity of the planet on which they live (if we swap planets with them, they would live shorter than us, and their intelligence would be also lower). So if not the fact, that they continually destroy humanity and push us down, soon in every possible area we would excel over them.

#F3. UFOnauts like to impersonate the most important Figures on the Earth:

       For details see the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth, and changelings.htm - about so-called "changelings".

#F4. We should not have illusions that UFOnauts impersonated important figures only in the past:

       We should have no illusions that UFOnauts only in past used to change themselves with key people. For sure they are doing this also today. Practically in every institution that is vital for our civilization in fact rule UFOnauts, not people. One can notice them practically everywhere - only needs to carefully look around. The only problem is that so-far we do not have yet a method of absolutely sure proving that someone is a UFOnaut. (If we have such a method - we would experience a huge shock. After all many important people would then turn to not be people at all.) So we must analyse and deduce. The guidelines are provided by the appearance, behaviours, and "supernatural" capabilities.
       In order to detect the truth, we need to begin asking inquisitive questions. Here is several examples of such questions, from which we could start. (1) On what principle and on the basis of what phenomenon Sai Baba carries out his miracles. (2) On what depends the capability of David Copperfield to levitate, to disappear from the view, and to walk through walls. (3) Which phenomenon Uri Geller utilises for bending spoons. (4) What is the principle of reading human thoughts by a British "mind controller" named Darren Brown. What is the most important, we also should ask how it is possible that present orthodox science does not provide answers to above questions, nor even tries to find such answers. Also it is worth to ask, why answers to all these questions are provided in the monograph [1/4] which describes principles of operation of advanced technical devices used, amongst others, by UFOnauts.

Part #G: Interdependencies between UFOnauts and Earthly religions:


#G1. Formal proof that "creatures by religions considered to be devils are actually present UFOnauts":

       In subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of my slightly older monograph [1/4] a rather extraordinary formal proof is presented. It proves formally that the "religious devils simply represent an ancient name assigned to evil creatures which in present times are called UFOnauts".
       The scientific method used to prove formally that "religious devils are present UFOnauts", is described in subsections P1 and P2 of my newest monograph [1/5] under the name of "matching attributes method". This method turns out to be undeniably effective in all circumstances, when the identity of two objects or two subjects of analyses is to be proven. It is used for example by medical doctors to match symptoms with an illness and to prove that a given person has a specific illness. It is used by detectives to match traces left on the crime scene with a specific suspect. Hunters with the assistance of this method match trails with animals that they seek. Military intelligence uses it to detect the presence of specific weapon of the enemy. Etc., etc. This particular method is proven as infallible in countless number of cases. The enormous proving power of this method originates from the fact that it is based on observations and on details established empirically (not e.g. on theoretical speculations). Therefore the logical apparatus of this method strictly reflects the actual reality.
       Generally speaking, this proving method depends on selecting a series of unique attributes, which characterise one of the two objects, the identity of which is to be proven. Then it is determined empirically, that all these attributes are also displayed by another of these two objects. Displaying the identical attributes by both objects under analysis is the proof, that these two objects are identical. As this is demonstrated in subsection P1 of monograph [1/4], from the point of view of probability, for the conclusive proving of the complete identity of any two objects, it is enough if these objects have in common at least 12 matching attributes. Therefore, in the proof discussed here it is enough to prove that the religious devils and present UFOnauts have 12 classes of attributes in common.
       A choice to carry out the proof described here with the use of "method of matching attributes", is almost obvious. After all, from religious sources we can easily define at least 12 classes of unique attributes, which according to religious sources were displayed to "devils". These 12 classes of attributes can even be so selected, that the fact of their presence in devils is indicated not only by a wealth of historic and literature sources, but also it is known to almost every person from popular information spread verbally and disseminated by popular media type: newspapers, periodicals, TV and radio programmes, etc. Then these 12 classes of attributes characteristic for devils, can be easily compared to attributes of UFOnauts which are excellently documented by existing observations of these creatures, and which also are commonly known to people already, because their descriptions are contained in newspapers, TV and radio programmes, popular books, etc. The proof discussed here that "religious devils are present UFOnauts" is to be accomplished, if each one out of these 12 classes of attributes unique to devils, is present also in UFOnauts. According to calculations provided in subsection P1 of monograph [1/4], the theory of probability completely excludes any chance, that two completely unrelated categories of creatures, could be similar to each other in such 12 basic classes of attributes just by a chance.
       In order to conclusively prove with the "method of matching attributes" discussed here that "religious devils are present UFOnauts", it is enough to prove that both these groups of creatures are characterised by at least 12 classes of attributes in common. Here are subsequent classes of attributes of religious devils, which clearly are present also in observations of UFOnauts, and thus which are used as the body of evidence to carry out the proof discussed here:
       #1. Details of anatomy. Both devils and UFOnauts display the same unique anatomy, and a whole range of very characteristic details of the appearance. In order to list here several such details, it is known that both, the religious devils and present UFOnauts exist in several mutually different races and sizes. For example, some of devils and present UFOnauts have the size reaching only around 25 cm, while others may grow to the size of 2.5 meters tall. Historically it is known that some races of devils had horns. But it is known that various ancient people also used to have horns - as an example consider old sources regarding Alexander the Great, or Moses. (Having horns by various ancient people should not surprise anyone - after all, according to subsection V3 of monograph [1/4], people are close relatives of UFOnauts.) From UFO observations it is known that there are races of UFOnauts which have horns. Although in recent times these horn-carrying races were forbidden to fly to Earth because of the process of "awakening" of humanity, still some of them sporadically break this order. Therefore not long ago cases were described when horn-carrying UFOnauts were observed in Central Asia. Furthermore, ancient UFOnauts, which are described by commonly known Greek and Roman mythologies, rather frequently had horns. It is also well known, that the majority of UFOnauts have "devilish" appearance of faces and "devilish" anatomic details - this is especially clear from the description of appearance of UFOnauts presented in subsection V8.1 of monograph [1/4]. A Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz mentions also "chicken legs" that were characteristic for many devils. As this is explained in subsection V8.1, such "chicken legs" are also common in UFOnauts.
       #2. Ability to become invisible and to disappear from the view. In case of devils this ability is commonly known. After all, when religious devils act around people, people are unable to see them, unless devils themselves decide to show up. In turn in case of UFOnauts the ability to become invisible for human eyes result from their personal propulsion system. This personal propulsion system introduces for UFOnauts the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering". More on the subject of invisibility of UFOnauts is explained in subsections L2 and U3.8 of monograph [1/4].
       #3. Ability to fly in the air. Of course, from religions everyone knows that devils fly in the air all the time. In turn from research on UFOnauts it is known that the personal propulsion system of UFOnauts allows them to fly in the air. UFOnauts do not need to walk like people do. For more details see chapters R and E of monograph [1/4].
       #4. Ability to walk through walls and solid objects. For religious devils it is a natural ability, about which everyone knows. This is because of this ability, devils are capable to rapidly materialise themselves in any possible place. They also are able to get anyone, independently where someone would hide from them. When UFOnauts are concerned, it is well-known that without difficulties they walk through walls and other solid objects. Examples of reports which describe this ability are contained in subsection T2 of monograph [1/4]. In turn the "state of telekinetic flickering" from which UFOnauts acquire this ability is described in subsection L2 of monograph [1/4].
       #5. Indestructiveness. For example religious devils and also present UFOnauts cannot be killed with human bullets. In case of UFOnauts this indestructiveness also results from the "state of telekinetic flickering" which is given to them by their personal propulsion system - for details see subsections L2 and V8.1 of monograph [1/4].
       #6. Spreading the smell of "sulphur". Religious devils were famous from the fact that they were surrounded by this characteristic smell of "sulphur". In turn present UFOnauts are famous because they spread a smell of "ozone" each time when their magnetic personal propulsion system is switched on. (For details see subsection E6 in monograph [1/4].) Of course, someone may ask, why in this case religious sources do not report that devils spread the smell of "ozone". The reason is simple. Ozone was discovered only in recent times. Ancient people did not know about the existence of this unique smell. So in spite that with their noses they sensed the smell of ozone, they were forced to describe this smell with the use of something that they used to know well. In turn the most close to the smell of ozone is the smell of sulphur. Therefore old time people used to state that devils smell like sulphur. (Notice that ozone was discovered only in 1840 by German chemist named Christian Friedrich Schoenbein. Thus the discovery of this unstable form of oxygen took place long after folklore knowledge accomplished the finding that "devils smell sulphur".)
       #7. Relationship with fire. About devils it is commonly known that they have a complete mastery of fire, and that are capable to induce fire whenever they wish. This is why various fire products, such as matches, fire starters, fire fuel, etc., usually bear names connected with devils. In turn for the relationship of UFOnauts with fire certifies almost every report from UFO observation and almost every photograph of a UFO. After all UFO vehicles in the majority of times are surrounded with the cloud of glowing fiery plasma. UFO propulsors spit fire and sparks. Furthermore, as this is described in a Polish treatise [3b], UFOnauts are capable to induce fires on every their wish.
       #8. Supernatural powers and ability to play "devilish tricks". About devils it is well known that they had supernatural powers, and that were able to play various "devilish tricks" on people, which exceeded beyond the human understanding. In turn from UFO observations it is known, that every single one of these supernatural powers of devils, is also displayed by present UFOnauts. Furthermore, every trick that long ago was carried out by devils, presently can be carried out by UFOnauts. For example, subsection N5.2 of monograph [1/4] describes a technical device which allows to place in human minds any vision picture that they wish.
       #9. Knowledge of whatever is unknown to people, e.g. the future, or human thoughts. In case of devils, their knowledge that exceeds human capabilities, is well known to everyone. And so devils know the future, could read human thoughts, know everyone by his/her name, know every little sin that a given person ever committed, etc., etc. But if someone analyses thoroughly present encounters with UFOnauts, it turns out that also present UFOnauts display all these attributes. For example only in monograph [1/4] subsection V5 describes the principle that UFOnauts use to learn the future, while subsections N4 and U3.2 describe technical devices with the use of which UFOnauts learn our thoughts and memory content.
       #10. Doing exclusively evil to people. Devils were well-known from hostility towards people and from continuous doing every possible sort of evil to humans. In turn subsections A3, JD2.4, JD9, and V3 of monograph [1/4] disclose, that also UFOnauts are hostile towards people and are the primary source of every evil that affects tormented humanity. Only that opposite to religious devils, the source of evil spread by UFOnauts can be precisely identified and unambiguously explained. This source is the philosophy of "evil parasitism" which is practised by UFOnauts, and the immoral consequences of which result from the mechanism of action of this philosophy. More about evil parasitism is provided in subsections JB5, JD2.4, JD8, and JD9 of monograph [1/4].
       #11. Seeking human souls. Everyone knows well that religious devils used to seek human souls. But, as this explains subsection U4.1 of monograph [1/4], also present UFOnauts similarly seek human souls.
       #12. Adversary to God. Religious devils were known as sworn adversaries of God. Their name literally means "adversary" of God. As it is already known, and explained in this monograph, present UFOnauts are sworn atheists. They oppose moral laws established by God in all their actions. They impersonate Jesus and other holy people. They lead astray various religions and cults on Earth. Etc., etc. For details see subsections from VB5.3 to VB5.3.3, and JB4 of monograph [1/4].
       Of course, attributes unique for devils do not finish on the above 12 major classes which most easily hit our eyes, and thus which are considered in this proof. For example, several further such attributes, which already are discussed in this monograph, but which are not listed in the above evidence, include, amongst others: tempting people by devils (or hypnotic programming of collaborators by UFOnauts), whispering sinful thoughts by devils (or manipulations on human minds by UFOnauts), having sexual intercourse with humans by devils (or raping people by UFOnauts), growing "dog ears" by some races of UFOnauts (and also having identical "dog ears" by some races of UFOnauts), residing of devils under the ground and frequent emerging from the underground in sight of people (and having by UFOnauts temporary underground bases in caves and tunnels; e.g. in Poland under the Babia Gora, under the Lysa Gora, under Sobotka, and under the Malbork Castle; in turn in New Zealand under the "Saddle Hill" between Mosgiel and Dunedin), unreliability, evilness, changeability, sadism, revenge, unpleasantness, hostility, etc. in devils (and also exactly the same attributes in UFOnauts that occupy Earth), having bat-like wings by devils (and also wearing by UFOnauts the costume of "human glider" described in subsection VB5.1.1 of monograph [1/4] which is characterised by large insertions similar to winds of bats), etc. Therefore in future versions of this proof, for the purpose of proving with the method of matching attributes, any other set of further or different attributes also may be used if needed.
       The evidence referred above documents conclusively that every one out of listed here 12 classes of attributes characteristic for religious devils, in fact is also manifested in numerous observations of UFOnauts. In turn according to the scientific method of "matching attributes", such a manifestation of precisely the same 12 classes of attributes both by religious devils and by present UFOnauts, represents a formal scientific proof that "religious devils are present UFOnauts". This in turn means that the evidence and logical deductions presented and referred in this subsection, after they are shaped into a form of proving method based on the "matching of attributes" and described in subsection P1 of monograph [1/4], entitle us to formally declare that the proof discussed here is accomplished. From now on the fact that "religious devils are present UFOnauts" should be considered to be formally proven.

#G2. Consequences of this formal proof that devils and UFOnauts are one and the same creatures:

       Formal proof that "creatures which religions used to call 'devils' in fact are the same creatures which presently we call UFOnauts" introduces various consequences for our understanding of these evil creatures. For example it realised to us that:
       1. Devils in fact are physical creatures similar to people. In the biological sense they actually are our close relatives.
       2. Supposed "supernatural powers" of devils told us by religions, in reality originate only from advanced devices which UFOnauts have in their disposal and the operation of which ancient people were unable to understand. For example, their invisibility results from the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering" described on the web page named telekinesis.htm.
       3. Evilness of devils (UFOnauts) result from their atheism, immoral philosophy which they practice, and also from the fact that in order to extend infinitively the robbery of humans and to draw various benefits from this robbery, UFOnauts try to shift us back in the development by systematic destruction of humanity and by pushing us down. The philosophy practiced by UFOnauts is called the "evil parasitism" (for more details about this evil philosophy see the web page totalizm.htm). It is because of this evil philosophy that UFOnauts rob, rape, and murder people at every occasion. In turn methods that they use to destroy humanity are described on the web page named predators.htm.
       4. Present UFOnauts, similarly like former "devils", in fact are present in every place and influence the course of every event on Earth. Because they are identical to people, many of them changes with humans, then as so-called changelings, they become our leaders, politicians, superiors on key positions in important institutions, scientists, and office colleagues. In turn performing secretly these key functions they continually sabotage the progress of humanity, push us down, bring to us poverty, unhappiness, unemployment, economical depressions, crime, terrorism, argue that UFOs do not exist, and make for us impossible to learn that we actually are occupied by them.

#G3. Why religions lost the war with UFOnauts:

       As this is explained in subsection V9 of monograph [1/4], totalizm is not the first philosophy on Earth, which tries to define methods of acting of UFOnauts, and which prepares a defence of humans against UFOnauts. For thousands of years these methods and defence strategies were also being developed by various religions. Unfortunately religions totally failed in this deadly confrontation with the sworn enemy of humanity. Therefore now we need to analyse, why religions were defeated by UFOnauts, so that we can avoid making the same mistake again.
       There is several mistakes, which religions committed in their fights with UFOnauts. (Recall from subsection V9 that religions call UFOnauts with an ancient name "devils" or "Satan".) We need to be aware of these mistakes, so that we do not make them again. Here they are:
      #1. Religions interpret the advanced technology of UFOnauts ("devils"), to be of a "supernatural" origin. Thus, the fact that UFOnauts ("devils") are invisible for human sight, can fly in the air, can walk through walls, our bullets are unable to harm them, etc., religions explained as originating from supernatural powers of these creatures. Unfortunately such an explanation do not inspire people to create technology that would counter-balance the technology of UFOnauts. In turn, without equally powerful technology, humans are unable to defeat UFOnauts ("devils"). But totalizm takes a different view. It states that all powers of UFOnauts (formerly "devils") have a technical origin. Thus we can also accomplish the same powers, simply by advancing our knowledge and technology.
      #2. Religions explain the telekinetic state that propulsion systems of UFOnauts ("devils") creates, as an immaterial existence. This in turn causes, that UFOnauts ("devils") become considered by people as belonging to a spiritual realm, identical to the one to which God belongs. So according to religions, it is impossible to physically fight them. In turn totalizm states, that UFOnauts (formerly "devils") are as physical as we do. So we can fight them, harm them, kill them, and physically get rid of them from our planet. Only that before we are able to do all this, we need to advance our knowledge and technology.
      #3. Religions differently than totalizm explain the reasons why UFOnauts ("devils") are so evil, and why they do all this harm to people. According to religions UFOnauts ("devils") are so evil because they compete with God and try to gain human souls. In turn totalizm explains that all the evil that UFOnauts (formerly "devils") do, stems from the parasitic philosophy that they adhere to, and from the need to have access to intellectually primitive slaves.
      #4. Religions limits the defence against UFOnauts ("devils") to only a moral self-improvement. This means that religions do not make our success in defence against UFOnauts ("devils") dependent on a physical getting rid of UFOnauts from our planet and from our living space. In turn as long as UFOnauts ("devils") have an access to our planet, they can freely carry out their evil deeds. In turn totalizm states our goal more realistically. It teaches that in order to accomplish these 1000 of years of prosperity and happiness that the Bible prophecies are talking about, humanity must firstly physically throw UFOnauts back to this bottomless cosmic space where they belong.
       The above items reveal, that what totalizm tries to accomplish presently, is exactly what religions were trying to do for thousands of years. Only that methods of accomplishing the common goals are different in totalizm than in religions. For example totalizm tries to fight UFOnauts exactly the same as we fight all other hidden and deadly enemies - i.e. by getting them physically rid out from our living space. In turn religions try to be "nice" to UFOnauts, allowing them to operate freely in our living space, and only advising people not to do what UFOnauts ("devils") with their hidden methods make people to do.

#G4. "Devils are UFOnauts" - what this means for us:

       Let us now summarise facts. (1) A scientific "method of comparing attributes", which is proven in action countless number of times, conclusively proves that "religious devils are actually present UFOnauts". (2) The research on reasons of the presence of UFOnauts on Earth reveals, that these creatures arrive to our planet in order to rob people from biological resources. (3) The research on philosophy of UFOnauts reveals that these evil creatures adhere to a version of an extremely destructive, immoral, and atheistic philosophy, which in subsection JD2.4 of monograph [1/4] is called "evil parasitism". (4) Empirical observations of people abducted to decks of UFOs reveal, that many UFOnauts are so identical to people, that on streets, in offices, nor in television we are unable to distinguish them from humans. (5) Both, the folklore tradition of "changelings", as well as newest empirical observations described on the web page predators.htm, reveal that in order to enslave and sabotage us better, many UFOnauts pretending that are humans become our leaders, superiors, and colleagues from offices. All these facts combined together introduce a whole array of extremely vital consequences for our civilization. Let us list some more important of these:
       #1. Everything that religions asked us to take on belief, totalizm is starting to prove with scientific methods that in fact all this is true. In other words totalizm changes believes into knowledge (as we know, we always may stop believing, but we never stop knowing). And so, totalizm has proven that God exists for sure (for details see the web page god.htm). Totalizm also has proven, that religious commandments are simply archaic manners of expressing the action of moral laws (for information what "moral laws" are and how they work - see the web page totalizm.htm). On this web page a proof of totalizm is presented that the religious devils do exist and in fact they are sworn enemies of people. The problem depends on this, that religious truths are expressed in archaic language and utilise archaic methods of action. Therefore in order to understand what they state, one firstly needs to translate this into ideas of totalizm or the Cocept of Dipolar Gravity. For more details see the web page named totalizm.htm.
       #2. What religions innocently name "the presence of Satan on Earth", in fact is a brutal "occupation of Earth by UFOnauts. The planet Earth since the beginning of time is under a hidden occupation of UFOnauts (devils). Our main goal must be now freeing the Earth from this evil occupation. In order to accomplish this goal, we should not keep fighting devils exclusively with religious methods, but we must start fighting them with military techniques. This practically means that soon humanity must begin an open military war with UFOnauts (devils). According to prophecies contained in the Bible, this war will finish with our victory and with getting rid of UFOnauts (devils) from Earth by throwing them into bottomless pit of cosmos - where in fact they belong.
       #3. Religions and totalizm have exactly the same goals. This is because both of them try to free our planet from the claws of Satan and from hordes of his devils (UFOnauts). Only that each of them uses different methods for getting rid of these UFOnauts (former "devils"). Therefore, our freeing from Satan would be much more effective, if religions could join forces with totalizm. After all, totalizm offers much more effective methods of fight with devils (UFOnauts), than religions do. (It is a common knowledge that religions fight with Satan for several thousands of years already, while this Satan is currently even more strong than it was when religions were established.) So all people could adopt various methods proposed by totalizm, and join actively our fight for freeing the Earth from claws of former devils or present UFOnauts.
       #4. Totalizm explains why religions so-far were constantly defeated in their fight with Satan. Reasons of this defeat are explained in subsection VB1.1 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4]. In brief, they boil down to fighting mainly with effects of manipulation of UFOnauts (former "devils") on our own feelings and thoughts (i.e. on teaching people to resist "temptations of Satan"). While totalizm teaches, that our planet is not going to free itself from these devils (UFOnauts) for as long as humanity do not start to treat them as we treat every other aggressor and occupant, means until we starts to fight out UFOnauts with our military power.
       #5. Totalizm explains what these 1000 years of prosperity and happiness are about. As we know, the Bible promises to us, that these 1000 years arrive to Earth after we manage to remove Satan and hordes of his devils (UFOnauts). So these 1000 years of prosperity and happiness are simply times when we are not occupied and exploited any more by parasitic aliens (devils).

#G5. Face of a typical male UFOnaut:

       During my research on the occupation of Earth by UFOnauts (former "devils"), I had (and still have) many opportunities to meet in person UFOnauts "changelings" who permanently reside on Earth and fulfil functions of cosmic spies and saboteurs. With one of them I even had an opportunity to be "friendly" for a period of around 4 years. Therefore I managed to learn quite well facial features and typical anatomic details of such average UFOnaut, as well as his attributes. (These attributes, by the way, exactly match these ones listed in the formal proof that "devils are UFOnauts", only that UFOnauts who reside permanently on Earth and mix with crowd, usually well camouflage them. However, if one observes them for a longer period of several years, with the elapse of time gradually manages to catch them on doing things, which normal people do not do. For various reasons at this instant of time I do not want publish photographs of UFOnauts whom I know in person, and about which I know that they still carry out their spying activities on Earth. But in order to give here some idea as to how a typical facial appearance of these UFOnauts look like, below I am presenting a portrait of a historic person, the face of which is the most close to the known to me appearance of a typical UFOnaut that mixes with the crowd on Earth. Here is this appearance:

Fig. #G5. Typical appearance of a UFOnaut face.

Fig. #G5: The face of a typical male UFOnaut.

       The face of a historic figure shown on the above photograph is very similar to a typical face of UFOnauts that are known to me in person, and that operate on Earth as cosmic spies and saboteurs. The only thing that differs slightly from my own observations is the shape of nose. UFOnauts which I know in person have much longer noses that gradually narrow down towards the sharp end, and that finish with a kind of a small groove running between two cartilage plates that form the sharp end of the nose. Actually their long noses for me resembled uniformly narrowing carrots with sharp ends.
       Of course, similarly like subsequent people differ from each other, also subsequent UFOnauts may look quite differently. For example the image shown above has black hair. But many UFOnauts have red hair, or are light blonds. Furthermore, in order to hide their characteristic pointed chin, they frequently wear beards.
       These UFOnauts mix with crowd, hiding carefully their extraordinary capabilities, which are in their disposal because of the advanced technical devices that they have. Only sometimes during a more careful observation one may discover, that they know much more and are capable to do incomparably much more than normal people. (For example: after an event that should cut them deeply, they do not bleed, they never slip and fall down in places where normal people usually fall, they know our thoughts, feelings, and deepest secrets, they know the future, they do not form a strong shadow, their weight is less than the weight of normal people of the same posture, in the toilet they do not urinate to a common urinal so that no-one can see their penis - the majority of them carries plastic insertions in their penises, on photos they come out as if the emit some additional radiation, dogs and cats get crazy in their presence, and many other - for details see subsection V8.1 in [1/4].)
       Further descriptions of the appearence and anatomy of a typical UFOnaut that mixes with crowd, are contained in subsection V8.1. from volume 16 of monograph [1/4]. I invite everyone to have a look at these descriptions.

#G6. Devils always pretend to be angels:

       We know from countless experience, that evil always imitates good to deceive people. For example, robbers who wish to lure a traveller to rob/him her, firstly pretend to be friends who are going to help or to show something interesting. Cheaters who are going to rob someone's money, firstly pretend that they intend to give money and help this person. Thieves who are going to steal something, firstly make very good offers to their victims. Various dictators and tyrants always tell their nations that everything they do is for good of people. Etc., etc. The rule seems to be that "a devil always pretends to be an angel", or that bad always pretends to be an opposite of what it really is. Otherwise no one is going to let himself/herself into a deception. So we should not be surprised that exactly the same principle is used by UFOnauts. Actually in spite that UFOnauts are former "devils" (as this is formally proven in the paragraph to the left), in reality they continually impersonate "angels" and other holy personalities. So there is a high probability the in every case when someone claims that met an Angel, Mother Mary, or Jesus, in reality had an encounter with a UFOnaut who impersonated these holy persons. As this stems from analyses, female UFOnauts especially stubbornly impersonate holy personalities, while their most favourite occupation is to impersonate Mother Mary - for details see the internet page evil.htm.

#G7. Male UFOnauts love to impersonate saints or Jesus:

       As it turns out, pretending to be good have some magical power for evil UFOnauts. If we consider in what circumstances the largest number of images of male UFOnauts was recorded, it turns out that it was when they either impersonated Jesus, or when they pretended that they are human saints. An image of Jesus with a nose and beard of a UFOnaut can be seen on the picture painted from the real apparition by St. Faustyna - see the web page
1 (click there in Menu on the word "Patronka" and then scroll for the picture of Jesus). The fact, that this picture actually presents a male UFOnaut who impersonates Jesus is explained on the web site evil.htm. In turn images of various saints who have clear anatomy of UFOnauts could be seen on several following web pages (shockingly, all of web pages indicated below UFOnauts sabotaged at the beginning of 2005, so now they cannot be viewed any more):
2 (see there the bold image on the right side of header), or
3 (click there in Menu on "Patron" and then "Zakonu" to see Pallotti - the patron of the order).

#G8. The appearance of female UFOnauts:

       The appearance of faces of female UFOnauts slightly differs from male UFOnauts to a similar extend as faces of women on Earth slightly differ from faces of men. However, several details remains unchanged. Especially hitting in eyes in female UFOnauts are: the pear-shaped head and clearly "triangular face" which results from this pear-shaped scull, sticking out and pointed chin, long pointed nose, and hair which either naturally grow upwards like in male UFOnauts, or are curled like hair in Sai Baba. More descriptions of appearance of female UFOnauts is contained in web sites devoted for Antichrist - e.g. see the page antichrist.htm. These web pages on Antichrist reveal also why the true appearance and characteristic features of faces of female UFOnauts must be seek in holy figures.
       As this is explained in the previous section above, "evil always tries to impersonate good", while evil female UFOnauts love to impersonate holy females on Earth. But because female UFOnauts do not reside on Earth permanently, most frequently they come for "visiting performance" on Earth, impersonating Mother Mary. Therefore many paintings of Mother Mary actually reveals the facial features and attributes which are very characteristic for female UFOnauts. Especially on such paintings hit the eyes: decisively triangular face (which is the outcome of pear-shaped scull of UFOnauts), a pointed chin which frequently has the characteristic vertical groove running through it (so typical for UFOnauts), and a long, sharply ending nose. As examples of images of Mother Mary, which display all anatomical features of female UFOnauts (especially notice this triangular face, a long pointed and subdivided chin, as well as long and sharply ended nose), it is worth to look at the old paintings shown on the following internet sites (it is also worth to take notice in there on the "alien" appearance of infant Jesus, who is not similar at all to human babies):
4, or
5 (in order to see this painting, you need click in the Menu on "Obraz Matki Boskiej"), or
6 (on this page click in Menu onto item "Obraz").

#G9. Why pictures of female UFOnauts are able to perform miracles?

       The secret of miracles performed by holy pictures lies in capabilities of the so-called "moral energy". As this is described in subsection I4.3 of monograph [1/4], if people pray to any object, then they donate to this object their moral energy. In turn this moral energy gives to the object capabilities that normally are considered to be "supernatural" - e.g. it can heal people, fulfil wishes, shift from place to place, etc. Therefore every object of worship to which pray numerous people with the elapse of time acquires the capability to perform miracles. A best example of such objects are wooden totem poles from the Island of Borneo, and also extraordinary trees from Malaysia locally known as "Datuk" (see a photo of one of them shown below). To these totem poles and also to these trees "Datuk" local people pray similarly as Christians pray to holy pictures. So after some time these totem poles and trees acquire so high powers, that they are capable to carry out miracles. So if anyone tries to cut them down, then they are able to immediately kill a person that threatens them. In Malaysia was famous such a holy tree that used to grow near city Ipoh. It stood on path of a newly build highway. When on the command of authorities workers arrived to cut it down, everyone who came close to this tree with a chainsaw fell down covered in blood. The tree in a supernatural manner was doing to these people exactly what people intended to do to it. (More information about Datuk trees is provided in subsection I6.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/4]. In turn information on the role of moral energy in performing miracles, is provided on the web site on medieval Malbork castle in Poland malbork_uk.htm on the occasion of miracles performed over there by the figure of Mother Mary.)

Fig. #G9. Holy tree DATUK.
Fig. #G9: One of the holy trees of Malaysia locally called "Datuk". These trees can be recognised by miniature red temples attached to them. Local people successfully pray to these trees, similarly like Christians pray to holy paintings. Trees reciprocate this praying by performing miracles, similarly as holy paintings do it in Europe. A bit more information on the subject of such trees and stones called "Datuk" is provided in caption under "Fig. #D1" from the web page named malbork_uk.htm.

Part #H: What formal steps were undertaken to inform the society in matters of UFOnauts:


#H1. Bitter truth is better than sweet lie:

       It is very painful to learn the bitter truth that UFOnauts (former "devils") harm humanity by pretending that they are even the most holy people on Earth. However, knowing about this fact we become even stronger. This is because now we are able to detect and neutralise their evil manipulations in all areas where they could harm us the most.

#H2. The resolution:

(I.e. the resolution by the internet list, on "exploitation of Earth by UFOnauts".) A historic resolution was accepted on 24 March 2003. Because it directly relates to the parasitic creatures currently called UFOnauts, which by religions are called "devils", "fallen angels", or "hordes of Satan", I am going to present it here. The painful and prolonged fate of this resolution is described more comprehensively in subsection A4 of monograph [1/4]. The voting on this resolution was carried out in very dramatic circumstances, under a significant external pressures, and with intensive sabotage of UFOnauts. During this voting UFOnauts demonstrated to the participants of the internet list the power of their occupational forces, and their control over the development of situation. However, although this resolution turned out to be a painful and expensive victory of totalizm, still it is a victory, and this is what matters the most. Here is the content of this resolution.
The exploitation of Earth by UFOnauts: the collective resolution of the internet list regarding official recognition of formal proof on the existence of UFO, recognition of the formal proof on the occupation of Earth by UFOs, and recognition of the Magnocraft as a technical explanation for UFOs
       We, 161 participants of the internet list, representing almost every area of life and almost every region of Poland, with a great concern observe the development of present situation regarding parasitic activities of UFOs on Earth. From one side we see the passivity of authorities and adverse of scientists towards increasingly larger problems that are induced by parasitic activities of UFOs on Earth, and we also see the growing tendency to ignore the prevailing collective opinions of majority of people and to base UFO-related decisions on claims just a few non-constructive individuals. On the other hand we notice the overwhelming accumulation of evidence on the continuous presence of UFOs on Earth, evidence of immoral interference of UFOnauts in our public life, and evidence of abductions of people to UFOs combined with biological exploitation of people in UFOs. We are also aware, that in 1981, in the Polish Journal Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje (no 13/1981, pages 21-23) for the first time a formal scientific proof was published, which stated that "UFOs are Magnocraft". Starting from that moment, a growing number of scientific monographs is widely available for all interested, which formally prove the physical nature of UFOs, the parasitic interests of UFOnauts in Earth, the magnetic character of UFO propulsion systems, etc. Until present day these formal proofs transformed the knowledge on UFOs that is available so-far into a single consistent logical structure, proving via this structure that (1) UFOs do exist and they are material space vehicles piloted by morally degenerated relatives of people that originate from space, (2) that morally decadent owners of UFO vehicles occupy and exploit humanity in a hidden manner, and (3) that the design and operation of the space vehicle with magnetic propulsion called the "Magnocraft" provides a complete and correct explanation for all technical aspects of UFOs. We are also aware, that very detailed descriptions of the Magnocraft, as well as all scientific proofs that originate from Magnocraft, are available in a number of scientific publications. Amongst these publications the most up-to-date is the scientific monograph [1/4] by Prof. dr Jan Pajak, entitled "Advanced magnetic devices" (4th edition, Wellington, New Zealand, 2003, ISBN 0-9583727-5-6). This monograph is distributed free of charge from numerous web sites listed in "Menu 2", for example from sites text_1_4.htm, xext_1_4.htm, or text_1_5.htm, and several others indicated by links from these sites. While being aware of all the above, and simultaneously knowing about responsibility that lies on our shoulders because of our representation of the cross-section of the entire society and all regions of our country, herewith we resolve the following.
       #1. We resolve that we officially recognise the formal proof that states that "UFO vehicles do exist". We know that this proof, carried out according to the scientific methodology of "matching attributes", is published and distributed constantly starting since 1981, and that no-one managed to undermine the merit of it. By recognising the significance and validity of this scientific proof, we simultaneously declare and remind, that it has the binding power and that its conclusions, and awareness consequences, should be considered in action of every person on Earth. Especially binding this formal proof is for scientists and for UFO investigators, who on the basis of it have the obligation to undertake the constructive research of goals and manifestations of UFO activities on Earth.
       #2. We resolve also, that we officially recognise merit of the formal scientific proof stating that "UFOs are Magnocraft, which are constructed by technically highly advanced, although morally decadent, civilizations of evil parasites from space". We oblige everyone to respect the conclusions and significant consequences of this proof.
       #3. Furthermore we resolve, that we officially recognise the formal scientific proof, that "morally decadent owners of UFO vehicles occupy our planet in a hidden manner, and secretly carry out a large scale exploitation of humanity". We oblige every citizen of our planet to encompass the seriousness of consequences of this scientific proof, and to initiate actions that gradually neutralise this occupation and exploitation of people by UFOnauts.
       While resolving all the above, we simultaneously strongly encourage all interested, to urgently learn about scientific proofs contained in the monograph [1/4] indicated above, the official and popular recognition of which this resolution declares and also the multitude of consequences of which we are trying to realise with the assistance of this resolution. We also encourage to learn the design, operation, and propulsion system of the Magnocraft, which is the space vehicle that represents an Earth's version of UFOs (means which displays all attributes of UFOs, carries the same operational capabilities as UFOs, and induces the same phenomena which are known from UFO observations).
       While issuing this resolution, and granting to it the character of a true representation of our collective views and wishes, we simultaneously hope, that the resolution finally is going to initiate constructive actions and initiatives regarding UFOs, so long-awaited by the society. For example we hope, that it is going to inspire the undertaking of systematic research on UFOs by scientists and by people responsible for our security and our level of informing. We hope, that in all matters regarding UFOs the society starts to draw from collective wisdom and stops following the claims of wrong but noisy individuals, who probably are manipulated by these parasitic UFOs. We hope, that this resolution breaks through the impasse to-date which surrounded the progress of people's rational understanding of the reasons, multitude, and technology of morally degenerated aggressors from UFOs. We hope, that it is to make people sensitive about immoral, parasitic, and hidden character of all activities of UFOs on Earth. We hope that it points the attention of authorities at burning issues of the defence of society from evil exploitation by UFOs. We hope, that it makes everyone interested in the scar from identification implant of UFOs, which (the scar) the majority of us is having on a leg. We hope, that it is going to initiate more intensive observations of UFO activity in our living space, and that it realises that with appropriate methods and devices which are sensitive at fast telekinetic motion, literally tens of visually invisible, telekinetic UFO vehicles can be registered in our sky in every moment of time (these telekinetic UFO vehicles are usually referred to, as "rods"). We hope also, that this resolution inspires all people to undertake an active self-defence against cosmic aggressors from UFOs.
       This resolution was taken on 24 March 2003, in the result of anonymous voting (which was based on pseudo-names) that was open for participants of debates on the internet list The results of this voting was unanimous - the entire 100% of voting participants gave their votes for accepting this resolution. The participants confirm that the voting had anonymous character, thus the results represent an exact reflection of actual views and wishes of people that voted. In turn because voters represented the cross-section through the entire society and through all regions of Poland, and also because the text of what was resolved represents the collective opinion of voters, this resolution is representative for the stand, wishes, and feelings of significant proportion of citizens of Poland aware of the seriousness of current situation.
* * *
       Independently from this item and this web page, the resolution discussed here is also published and discussed on several other totaliztic web pages, for example on pages: ufo_proof.htm, antichrist.htm, or explain.htm.

#H3. Continuous informing about the development and outcomes of totaliztic research:

       Another action oriented towards neutralisation of consequences of secretive activities of evil UFOnauts on the Earth, is the opening and maintenance of channels of information about the development and outcomes of totaliztic research. The most vital such a channel are "blogs of totalizm". These blogs can be found under addresses listed in item #J3 below.
       Independently from blogs of totalizm, many matters presented on this web page are also publicly discussed on various internet forums. One amongst such English speaking forums, on which the matters of God, UFO, totalizm, etc., are discussed most frequently, is the Google discussion group with the address and
       Due to this continuous informing, these people who are contributing their effort to learning, in fact receive a chance for learning information and knowledge that they seek.

Part #I: Our defence against evil UFOnauts:


#I1. How we can defend ourselves from evil UFOnauts simulated by God:

       For us it is very lucky coincidence that the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts is simulated by God. This is because the fact of this simulation means that God is going to annihilate UFOnauts at the moment when they become unnecessary.
       The above means, that - at least theoretically speaking, there is a simple method of defence against secretive attacks of these evil UFOnauts. In order to defend ourselves effectively from them, it is enough to establish, through scientific research, all reasons for which these UFOnauts are needed by God, and then disseminate amongst people and implement in everyday life, such human behaviours which are to cause that UFOnauts become obsolete. Of course, practical implementation of this defence is NOT going to be so simple at all. Therefore this defence is going to be elaborated on a separate web page. After all, in order to eliminate the need for the existence of evil UFOnauts, people must change drastically their morality, e.g. always acting pedantically morally, always telling the truth, not harming other fellow humans nor animals, etc., etc. Such in turn drastic moral change in all people will be hugely difficult.

Part #J: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#J1. Summary of this web page:

       The Earth is like a productive orchard, which cannot yield fruit plentiful enough to satisfy everyone, because it is infested with cosmic worms. These leaches suck almost all our life energy. So it is about a time, we sweep this cosmic vermin back to the bottomless pit of cosmic space where they belong. But in order to accomplish this sweeping, we must develop methods of defence and implement these methods practically. This is because UFOnauts cannot be ignored forever nor removed through waiting until they leave us voluntarily. It is necessary to take an active defence against them through change of our behaviours and attitudes and through adopting principles of pedantically moral ways of doing everything.

#J2. How with the use of web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he or she is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#J3. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available under several address, e.g.: and (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#J4. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#J5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#J6. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
* * *
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