How plagues and illnesses are upbringing people into tough "soldiers of God"
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17 November 2014

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Separate web pages, which explain origins of earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, landslips and mudslides, etc., try to realise to us that all cataclysms, including illnesses, epidemics, and pandemics, in fact are Acts of God aimed at accomplishing of a whole number of superior God's goals. For example, they are upbringing people into tough and hardened in battles "soldiers of God" (as this is explained in item #B1.1 from my web page named antichrist.htm), they correct the human immorality, they restore justice by serving punishments to most immoral communities and individuals which practice the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism, they remind people which their decisions were breaking criteria of morality God" (as this is explained in item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm), etc., etc. Therefore, we should NOT treat any cataclysms as "sufferings at which we have NO influence because they were sent to us by some external and hostile powers", but we should accept them as "corrective Acts of God which we ourselves brought on us due to incorrect morality, behaviours, habits, etc., and which are intended to change our morality, philosophy, and traits of character - therefore against which we can defend ourselves effectively through appropriate correcting our morality, philosophy, attitude, character, etc." In turn, the most effective form of defence against all possible cataclysms, including illnesses, epidemics, and pandemics, is to initiate practicing the highly moral philosophy of formal totalizm which represents an exact opposite of this highly immoral, and thus punished by God, "philosophy of parasitism". Descriptions of such (based on work of morality) methods of self-defence against all kinds of cataclysms, are provided in a number of totaliztic web pages, e.g. in items #A2, #C1, #I1, and #H1 to #M1 of my web page named quake.htm. In turn examples of illustrative evidence which documents that these methods of self-defence based on mechanisms of morality are really effective, and thus that the practicing of the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm really prevents and protects against ordeals from cataclysms, is provided in items #I3 to #I5 of my other web page named petone.htm. This web page here illustrates various issues resulting from the "development in us by God the required attributes of character", from "correcting immorality", and from "punishments" of the most immoral communities with illnesses, epidemics, and pandemics (which correcting and punishments are intensifying in recent years according to the old prophecy described in "part #H" of the web page named prophecies.htm).

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       In English there are quite important sayings, for example "a true fireman is always prepared", or "hope for the best but prepare for the worst". This web page tries to realise, that in the present epoch of disasters, cataclysms, and "natural" catastrophes, it is good to be prepared even for what seems to be the most unexpected. For example, is good to always have at hand a reserve of food and most vital equipment - as it is described in item #P2 from this web page. It is also good to build inexpensively (as DIY - "do it yourself") a domestic solar system for a backup generation of electricity, in case that a disaster or weather anomaly cuts us off from the grid - i.e. to build a battery-based solar system mentioned in item #P3 from this web page, while described fully on my other web page named solar.htm. Furthermore, it is also good to accept our problems with optimism, NOT as disasters, but mainly as opportunities for spiritual growth and for accumulation of experiences. Especially, that the readiness for action and ability to learn, are these desirable traits of character in "soldiers of God", which, amongst others, God intensely tries to develop in us - according to the descriptions from item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. However, most importantly, it is good to know, that every problem that affects us, in fact originates from the human immorality. Thus, many amongst our disasters can be simply avoided through the practicing of the right kind of morality - i.e. the morality described in item #I1 from my web page named quake.htm.

#A2. As every parent learns this with the elapse of time, such upbringing of people which develops in them good and most desirable qualities of character, requires frequent use of the "principle of reversals" - in which whatever is pleasant and good is developed with the aid of whatever is unpleasant and evil:

       In item #F3 from a different web page named wszewilki_uk.htm, as well as in item #B5.1 from the web page named will.htm, is described the "principle of reversals" - which God uses to provide people with the required traits of character, and which God descriptively recommends also to human parents for the use on their own children. The operation of this principle is that, using the capabilities of so-called "omniplan" described in item #C4 from the separate web page named immortality.htm, God forms on the Earth such harsh living conditions, that are opposite to those which people wish to have prevailed. In turn these harsh living conditions stimulate people to fight for changes in their situation, which fight develops in them desirable traits of character, the ability to fight for their goals, the understanding of the misery and pain, a sense of justice, etc., etc. In other words, by treating people with whatever people do NOT like, God develops in them habits to actively fight for getting what they want and what they like, and also to appreciate whatever has been done and what they already have.
       Of course, people also have the opportunity to implement this principle in relation to the children that they raise. Its implementation is possible to accomplish through disciplining their children, through the use of consistent requirements, through allowing children to experience shortages, etc. For example, the old-time aristocracy of England produced the required conditions for their children by sending them to special "boarding schools", in which there was an iron discipline, while children even experienced shortages - as there were only satisfied their most basic needs. Unfortunately, a lot of people (especially mothers animally loving their children) do NOT like this God's principle of upbringing and recently use any excuse and also use the recent political climate in which even voices of hysterical women are taken notice of, to officially prohibit the use of this principle for any children and any people - which situation explains why recently the number of catastrophically badly educated children and people is rapidly increasing on Earth.
       God developed a whole arsenal of phenomena and natural disasters, which can be used to treat people for accomplishing conditions suitable to this "principle of reversals". One group of such phenomena and disasters used by God, are disease, epidemics, plagues, etc., described on this web page. However, when they are used, God must be very careful NOT to break the people's so-called "free will". Therefore, in every case of the use on humans of such a phenomenon or a natural disaster, God always makes sure that in it is included at least three sets of attributes that allow people with different views to explain this phenomenon or the disaster on their own way. These at least three sets of different attributes included in every disaster, are explained on a number of totaliztic web pages, e.g. in item #C2 from my web page named tornado.htm, in item #K1 from my web page named landslips.htm, as well as e.g. in item #J1 here from this web page. For the sake of maintaining the people's "free will", in old days God often used "evil creatures" which He created, such as "devils", "Satan", "witches", etc. However, after a recent change of awareness in humans, these former "devils" or "witches", God replaced in recent times with "simulated" by Him "evil UFOnauts". Therefore, in most recent times, many natural cataclysms, including outbreaks of diseases and pandemics described on this web page, are send in such a way, that embedded into them is also a highly realistic and convincing evidence for their spread by the "evil UFOnauts" - consequences and reflections of which fact the reader is also to find in the content of this web page.

#A3. The flow of narration of this web page is designed for beginers, while for readers who already know capabilities of the philosophy of totalizm, the web page allows a selective reading due to system of "references" to numbered topics of interest (items):

       If the reader of this web page is NOT familiar with other publications by the author, then reading the page in the order of its parts and items still is to provide entire information required to understand the main goal and message of it. This is because the flow of narration of this web page is arranged in the order of "logical reasoning" - as it is described in item #A2 from the web page named quake.htm. This means that firstly in parts #C to #F are provided philosophical analyses which led to the detection and to working out of methods for the prevention of calamities described here. Then in parts #G to #I are described most important methods for defence from these calamities. Then part #J briefly discusses evidence certifying for the real origins of these calamities. Finally, the rest of the web page (starting from part #K) provides information that is helpful in undertaking individual defence from illnesses, plagues, epidemics, etc.
       But if the reader knows already other publications by the author, then with the aid of a numbered system of reference "labels" assigned to subsequent parts and items of this web page, he or she can learn the additional goals and messages which are NOT discussed on other totaliztic web pages. For example, below I am going to list which such new goals and messages are explained in which items of this web page:
       (1) Requirements and conditions of effective defence from calamities and cataclysms are discussed in item #G2.
       (2) Outcomes of "individual defence" and "group defence" from calamities and cataclysms are explained in item #G4 of this web page.
       (3) Evidence which confirms, that the "defence from calamities and cataclysms based on practicing this 'right kind of morality' is really effective" is indicated in "introduction" and in items #G4 and #P1 from this web page.
       (4) Evidence which confirms that really "cataclysms are send by God in order to correct human morality, and thus one can defend from them effectively by practicing the right kind of morality" is indicated in item #J1 from this web page.
       (5) The explanation, that continuous "deviations" introduced by human imperfections to these "standards of morality" (that are required and commanded by God), force God to "correct" moral deviations by sending cataclysm onto selected communities is explained in items #E3 and #E2 of this web page.
       (6) The actual intensification of calamities and cataclysms caused by raising immorality of present people is documented in items #G2 and #B1 from this web page.
       (7) Additional "getting ready for unexpected" in case of undertaking a less effective "individual defence" is discussed in items #G4, #N1, #O1 i #P1 to #P2 from this web page.

#A4. In the meantime the philosophy has advanced, but facts presented on this page remain unchanged:

       Some time after starting this web page (i.e. in 2007) I discovered that UFO vehicles and UFOnauts are temporary "simulations", means NOT as relatively permanent creations as our cars and ourselves. In turn these UFOnauts and their vehicles are the source of the first amongst three basic interpretations of the evidence which is embedded into almost every more vital cataclysm - as this is explained in items #C2 and #J2 as well as caption under "Fig. #D8" from the web page named day26.htm. More on the subject of these "simulations" of UFOs and UFOnauts one can read from other totaliztic web pages, e.g. from items #K1 and #K2 of the web page day26.htm. This temporary "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts changes drastically the philosophical meaning of this web page and all other web pages about cataclysms. But it does NOT change facts described on this web page.

Part #B: The history of this web page:


#B1. Epidemics, plagues, illnesses - means constant threats which repetitively urge us to learn the content and the message of this web page:

       The humanity and the planet Earth are almost continually experiencing various "epidemics" of illnesses. But the most shocking is, that in spite of large numbers of these epidemics, so-far people keep failing to notice, that attributes of each of them provide further evidence for the truth of main "thesis" from item #B4 of the web page named tornado.htm, which states that "all cataclysms and misfortunes which affect people, are simply 'tools' used by God for the 'correcting the philosophy and morality of people' and for the 'return of karma' - only that their use is always so intelligently controlled by God that depending on someone's views they can be explained on many different ways (and thus they do NOT break the so-called 'free will' of people affected by them)". For example, the epidemics of AIDS can be explained as the "correction of immoral trend of breaking by people the ban of God regarding homosexuality" - expressed e.g. in the Biblical verse 18:22 from the "Book of Leviticus", quote: "You must not lie down with a male the same as you lie down with a woman". In turn e.g. the German epidemics of E.coli of 2011, which, amongst others, financially shocked farming in the Common Market, can be explained, amongst others, as the "correcting the immoral principle of limiting farm production in the Common Market (carried out, amongst others, through paying 'prizes' to these farmers in the Common Market, which decrease the food production by keeping their land 'unfarmed') in times when a significant proportion of inhabitants of the Earth is starving". Also each amongst these "epidemics" is neither the first or last out of such cases. We all probably still remember the most dangerous so-far out of such epidemics caused by virus SARS in march 2003. So let us start this web page from listing in the "reversed chronological order" the most important out of such cases from the last around 30 years, when the Earth was endangered by a catastrophic pandemic:
       (xv) German deadly E.coli (2011). In May 2011 in Germany was identified especially nasty strain of super-bacteria E.coli, which NOT only was resistant to antibiotics, but also fast killed a noticeable percent of its victims. Until the date of writing this note on 7 June 2011, it killed in Germany 24 people, while send to hospitals further around 2300 people (mainly females). Several information about the work of this strain of deadly "super-bacteria" is contained, amongst others, in articles "E-coli bug made deadly by rare 'glue' " from page B12 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald (issue dated on Saturday, June 4, 2011); or the article "Spanish cucumbers cleared of causing deaths" from page A17 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Thursday, June 2, 2011). In turn information about a probable mechanism of mutation of this super-bacteria and about principles of healing it, contain, amongst others, item #M2 of the web page named telekinetics.htm and item #G2.2 of the web page named healing.htm.
       (xiv) ESBLs (2010). In 2010 in several hospitals of New Zealand started to spread alarming epidemics of so-called "ESBLs", means a family of multi-resistant bacteria to which belong, amongst others, the formerly innocent "E.coli". These previously innocent bacteria become deadly dangerous and started to cause first deaths. Because of them, several hospitals wards needed to be closed in New Zealand. A brief information on the topic of these New Zealand epidemics was published in the article "Threat of fatal superbug grows worse every year" from page A4 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, February 14, 2011.
       (xiii) Swine flu (2009). In March of 2009 in Mexico mutated a virus of deadly flu called "swine flu". The pandemic of "pigs flu" is described more comprehensively in "part #L" of this web page.
       (xii) Deadly inflammations (2008). In August 2008 in Hong Kong appeared several cases of mysterious illness which kills small girls. About this illness wrote a brief article entitled "HK mystery illness claims third victim" from page W36 of the insert "World" to Malaysian newspaper "The Star", issue dated on Saturday, August 23, 2008. According to this article girls die because of inflammations. Two first girls died a week earlier aged 9 and 3, as a result of myocarditis - inflammation of the heart, and blood poisoning. The third girl died on 8 August 2008 in the result of encephalitis or brain inflammation, aged 7 years.
       (xi) Chikungunya (2008). In July 2008 Malaysia was strongly hit by a virus infection spread around by mosquitoes and called "chikungunya". This disease is quite similar to the "dengue" described in item (ii) below. In Malaysia numerous publications appeared about this deadly disease in August 2008. One amongst these was the article "Johor district worst hit by chikungunya outbreak" from page 19 of the Malaysian newspaper "New Straits Times", issue dated on Saturday, August 9, 2008. Symptoms of this disease include a high fever, powerful headache, fatigue, red rashes, mouth ulcers, severe joint pains - especially on arms and hands. These joint pains are so powerful, that the ill person is unable to carry out even a simplest task. Dies a significant proportion infected with this illness. One amongst natural remedies helping in healing this disease is the "coconut water" described in item #D1 of the web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits from the area of Pacific and about the philosophy of their consumption.
       (x) Strange "yellow fever" (2005). In December 2005, amongst Indians from Amazon jungle in Peru another deadly disease started to spread. It was slightly similar to the so called "yellow fever", although it was not this particular illness. Victims of it died during attacks of vomiting in which they vomited blood. More about this strange new illness can be found in a brief article entitled "Indians die in Peru" which appeared on page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper, "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Saturday, December 31, 2005.
       (ix) Bird flu (2004). For the first time cases of this illness were noted in 1997 in Hong Kong. It killed one child there. But people managed to eliminate it due to thorough cull of all domestic birds that existed in this city. Again cases of it appeared in 2003, also in Hong Kong. In 2004 it appeared also in Vietnam and Thailand. Until 2005 it spread only in these three countries of south-east Asia, namely China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Then, in the first half of 2005 it appeared also in Indonesia. On 1 October 2005 the total number of human victims in all these four countries amounted already to at least 65 people. The killing power of this flu was horrifying - it killed almost 80% of people infected with it. Then in October 2005 it rapidly started to spread over the entire world. It looked as if it was carried intentionally by UFO vehicles. After Indonesia, birds from Romania and Turkey were infected. Several days later the bird flu was found in several further countries of Europe and America. By the end of 2005 dead birds containing viruses of this disease were found practically in almost every country on Earth. At the beginning of January 2006 several further human victims of this flu died in Turkey. The epidemic of "bird flu" is described more comprehensively in "part #K" of this web page.
       (viii) SARS (2003). It was a virus acting quite similarly to present "bird flu". The epidemics of SARS appeared in Hong Kong in March 2003. It killed several thousand people. Fortunately for humanity, in case of SARS UFOnauts overlooked the factors explained in subsection JG9 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5], about the influence of gravity on the growth and power of micro-organisms. (This influence causes, amongst others, that e.g. the bacteria of extremely tasty "yogurt" refuses to grown in any other country apart from Bulgaria.) This overlooking caused, that the raised in Hong Kong viruses of SARS refused to adopt to the USA for which almost for sure were planned originally, although they hit hard Toronto in Canada which most probably has similar gravitational conditions as Hong Kong.
       (vii) Smallpox (2002). On Monday, 1 April 2002, UFOnauts initiated in the USA an epidemic of smallpox. Then this epidemic shifted also to England. Fortunately there was a vaccination ready for it. There was a lot of rumours about it (probably exaggerated), claiming that a huge number of people died before it was taken under control. Unfortunately, I never encountered any official statement about the total number of victims. More information about this epidemics is provided in subsection W4 from volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       (vi) "Haemorrhagic fever" (1995). It is similar to "dengue". The epidemic of it appeared in November 1995 in Nicaragua. Only by 5 November 1995 it took life of between 18 and 39 people. The article [2D4] about this horrifying illness, entitled "Mysterious and deadly disease hit Nicaragua" was published in "New Sunday Times" (Malaysia), on 5 November 1995, page 16.
       (v) Ebola (1995). On 10 to 13 May 1995 viewers of TV news in the entire world were shocked with pictures of the most deadly virus disease known to people. It was called "ebola". It erupted in the town Kikwit in Zaire. Until 10 May 1995 died 59 people in the duration of 6 days since infection. Until the end of 1995 it killed over 260 people, in this number many doctors and nurses which were caring for ill over there. It kills 90% of infected people by dissolving their body and internal organs. In 2014 ebola endangered the entire our planet with a world-wide pandemic.
       (iv) "Necrotising fascitis" (1994). It is also called the "flesh eating bacteria". It appears increasingly frequent in various parts of the world. It is a new strain of previously innocent bacteria "streptococcus group A", which in old times caused anginas and sore throats. But presently, when it enters an open wound, it eats human flesh and muscles a layer after a layer, changing them into a liquid form. If the part of body attacked by it is not amputated immediately, it causes a death within around 24 hours. In 1994 it killed 22 people in England and Wales, while the the number of cases in Canada increased 5-fold. In 1995 it also shifted to Hong Kong.
       (iii) "Pneumonic Plague" (1994). Another, perhaps not so well known epidemic, is the "pneumonic plague" which in September 1994 erupted in India, in a small town Surat from the province Madras, killing 60 people and infecting further 3000. This illness used to be considered to be completely extinguished on our planet.
       (ii) Dengue (1990). It is a kind of virus causing fever, carried around by mosquitoes in tropical countries (e.g. Malaysia). Previously it was relatively low dangerous and for example in Malaysia in the worst years 1982 to 1989 were reported only 500 to 2500 cases a year. But since 1990 this illness started to intensify over there, in 1995 reaching reported 6543 cases (supposedly non-reported cases reached over there around 13000 a year), out of this number 28 deaths. At the end of 1995 detected was also over there a new strain of this virus, called "Dengue 2", which is more deadly and aggressive than the previous one (see The Sun (Malaysia), 10 May 1996, page 9). Starting also from that year the number of cases is continually growing each year. In 2004 and 2005 it reached an epidemic proportions.
       (i) AIDS (1982). The epidemic of "aids" is presently the most well known, as it troubles humanity for the longest time. Although intense research of this illness are carried out continually since around 1982, so far we have not advanced in mastering it. Thus the number of people which fell ill is further increasing each year. In fact already for a long time AIDS are a pandemic. But because it kills slowly, people like stopped to be scared of it.
       The above epidemics are described also in subsections V8.3 and W4 from volumes respectively 17 and 18 of my newest monograph [1/5].

Part #C: In order to effectively defend ourselves from illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and all other cataclysms, we need to start our acting from the very beginning, means from learning "why" God send these to people:


#C1. Already is identified a wealth of scientific evidence for the existence of omnipotent God, only that NOT everyone sees benefits from learning the truth:

       The actual existence of God stems from the already proven as absolutely correct relatively new scientific "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory indicated to us an entire wealth of scientific evidence for the existence of God. It also allowed to develop a "formal scientific proof that God does exist". Both, the body of empirical evidence for the existence of God, as well as this formal scientific proof that God does exist", are published on a separate web page (different than this one) named god_proof.htm.

#C2. Logical and unbiased analyses of illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., clearly reveals that it is the God's intelligence which hides behind all such "attacks" of epidemics on people:

       If we carefully analyse history of subsequent epidemics and plagues, then become obvious, that these epidemic and plagues display "intelligence". One amongst examples of manifestations of this "intelligence" of epidemic illnesses is, amongst others, the fact that out of all possible combinations of their attributes and behaviours, always in real life appears such a combination which introduces by itself the highest impact on people with the lowest number of unexplained events - for examples see item #L4 of this web page. Of course, if epidemics and plagues display an "intelligent" attributes and behaviours, then this means that behind their origins hides some sort of intelligence. So let us try to answer in this item "whose" (or "what") is this "intelligence" that hides behind "intelligent" attributes and behaviours of epidemic illnesses.
       In item #F1 of this web page, and also in items #F2 and #F5 of separate web page named quake.htm, was explained that the most effective tool of God for correcting and lifting the morality of humans, are various calamities and cataclysms (in this number also ones discussed on this web page). After all, calamities and cataclysms NOT only teach and illustrate principles of work of morality, but also continually inspire human searches, mobilise people to act, and subject the humanity to various tests and exams. Therefore almost always when God discovers, that on a given area of the Earth the morality of humans dropped below the tolerable level, then He send to there an excellently planned cataclysm.
       Many people have aversion towards accepting, that it is God that intentionally sends on people very unpleasant calamities such as illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc. They rather prefer to believe, that God does exclusively things which people perceive as "pleasant" kinds of "good", while all "unpleasant" for them events - including these illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., are brought about to people by some hostile "dark powers". Thus, if also the reader inclines towards such a view, then I would suggest him to provide for himself replies to several questions, for example: "if whatever people perceive as 'good' must also be 'pleasant', then how to explain 'unpleasantness' that is done to us e.g. by a dentist before he heals our teeth?", or "if the long-term improvement of the situation of humanity requires experiencing short-term unpleasantness, then why to negate a possibility that such short-term unpleasantness is sent to people by God?", or "if the long-term happiness and prosperity of all people requires correcting or lifting the level of morality, then isn't it obvious that only the one who represents 'good' (i.e. good God) is going to do everything in its power to correct or lift the morality of people?", or "if the improvement of human morality requires subjecting people to unpleasant experiences, then why reject the possibility that these unpleasant experiences are sent by God?", or "would it be possible that God reigns absolutely over the entire universe, but allows some 'dark powers' to 'meddle' in His reign?"

#C3. There is also an empirical body of evidence which additionally confirms, that illnesses, plagues, epidemics, pandemics, etc., are intentionally induced by God in order to correct human morality:

       One amongst the most convincing examples of this evidence is presented in item #J1 from this web page.

Part #D: Knowing that it was God who created the physical world and people, let us learn the goal for which He did it, and we will understand "how" we should defend ourselves from illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and all other calamities and cataclysms:


#D1. Since omnipotent God put so much knowledge and effort into creation of the physical world and people, He did it to accomplish a vital goal - so let us learn this goal and we will find the key for our defence against illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and all other calamities:

       In order to learn this "goal of God for which He created people" - see items #B1 to #B5 from the web page named antichrist.htm. This goal turns out to be the "pursue of knowledge".

#D2. The maximisation of the goal of creation of people, means the maximisation of the "pursue of knowledge", imposes the requirement that people must be "maximally imperfect":

       It turns out, that creatures which already are absolutely perfect cease their "pursue of knowledge". Because they simply are already perfect, they utilise only the knowledge which they learned previously. However, God needs people who maximise the "pursue of knowledge", NOT ones who cease this pursue. Therefore He created people "maximally imperfect". This is because such highly imperfect people pursue knowledge the most fast and the most effectively. It is explained more thoroughly in item #B2 from the web page named antichrist.htm.
       The interesting part of this dependency of the "pursue of knowledge" from "human imperfection" is, that there is a specific "threshold of imperfection", below of which people cease to pursue knowledge. As it turns out, only males God created in such a manner that their imperfections lies above this "threshold of imperfection". In turn women God created in such a way, that their imperfection lies below this critical "threshold value". This is why almost never we hear about some breakthrough discovery or invention accomplished by a women. In turn if to some woman is assigned such an accomplishment, then behind this discovery or inventions really hides her loving husband, partner, member of family, etc.

#D3. Since the goal of God in the creation of people was the "pursue of knowledge", then in order this goal could be reached, God is forced to require from people the strictly defined behaviour - which at present is described by the name "moral":

       Maximally imperfect people have this attribute, that if they are left to themselves, then they do NOT want "pursue of knowledge", but they rather indulge with pleasures that stem from their imperfections - e.g. indulge in sex, eating, executing their power, etc. Therefore, in order to continually force people to still "pursue the knowledge", God has NO other option but to require from them the special kind of behaviours. These special human behaviours required from them by God, currently is called the "moral" behaviours. More on this subject is explained in item #C2 of the separate web page named morals.htm and in item #B3 of the web page named antichrist.htm.

Part #E: The attribute of human "morality" is, that it "continually becomes deviated" - thus God is forced to continually "correct it":


#E1. God gave to people the "standard of moral behaviour" which He expects from people:

       In order people knew exactly how they supposed to behave, God issued to the humanity the "standard of moral behaviour and action". This standard is described in holy books that are authorised by God, for example in the Bible. More information on the subject of this "standard of morality" issued to people by God, is provided in items #C3 to #C5 from the web page named morals.htm.

#E2. Human imperfections cause, that under various excuses people continually "corrupt" the "standard of moral behaviour" that was ordered from them by God, and replace it with their own "private version of morality":

       People have this characteristics, that in fact they are ruled by their own imperfections, NOT by the guidance from God. Therefore they make the use of every opportunity to "corrupt" the "standard of morality" that God issued to them in the content of holy books. Perfect examples of such a corruption can be laws which present politicians are enforcing in the matter of homosexuals - for descriptions of these laws see item #B4 on the web page named antichrist.htm, or laws which present politicians introduced in the matter of disciplining children - for their descriptions see item #B5.1 on the web page named will.htm. Of course, corrupting God's standard of morality is also carried out by churches and priests. Examples of church's corruption of morality can be so-called "cult of Mother Mary" - described in items #D1 and #D2 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm. or sexual abuse of children by some priests which ' recently is coming to light.
       This continuous "corrupting" by people of the "standard of morality" issued to the humanity by God, causes that instead of morality required by God, currently on the Earth is practiced the "deviated morality" which in fact is the sum of "private moralities" of various politicians and governmental advisers. How far this deviated "private morality" is already from the "standard of morality" issued by God, it is realised by descriptions provided in item #G3 from the web page named prophecies.htm. That item #G3 reveals to us, that everything which in times of Jesus was considered to be "good deeds", in present times turns out to be banned, illegal, and punishable by human laws.

#E3. Continuous deviations of human morality and the "creeping" of it increasingly far from the standard issued to people by God, causes that God is forced to equally continuously correct this morality with various tools and methods which are available for Him:

       Of course, in the situation when people continually deviate the morality which God gave to them, God has NO other option as to "correct" this morality with various manners, methods, and tools which are available to him.

#E4. The morality of humans just recently fell down to so intolerable level, that God is forced to unleash the phase of correcting it with cataclysms:

       How much the morality of humans lowered itself in recent years, is revealed the best in items #G3 to #G3.2 from the web page named prophecies.htm, and also in item #B4 from the web page named antichrist.htm. In face of such an escalation of wave of "immorality", God has NO other option but to begin intense "correcting of immorality" with the use of most effective tool which is in His disposal, i.e. with the use of cataclysms.

Part #F: Tools used by God for "correcting human immorality" include, amongst others, illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and a whole range of other calamities and cataclysms:


#F1. Illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and a number of other calamities and cataclysms, are first tools which God uses to correct the human morality:

       Ominpotent God developed a number of tools with the aid of which He "corrects" the immorality of people. One amongst first such tools are just various "calamities" which God can send to people, and which include, amongst others, illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, etc. Only when these tools turn out to be ineffective, God resorts to even more "heavy artillery" of the kind of wars, teachers (such as Jesus or Antichrist), and when also these do NOT work - then to the "elimination" of the majority of people and to "depopulation" of the planet from immoral people.

#F2. The understanding that illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and a number of other cataclysms, are "tools of God" for "correcting the human immorality", allows to develop various methods of defence against such calamities:

       After all, in order to defend from such illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and a number of other cataclysms, it suffices to start practicing the "right kind of morality" which God will NOT be forced to correct.

Part #G: Against illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and all other cataclysms we can defend effectively - so let us learn the correct principle of undertaking this defence (i.e. the principle based on application of mechanisms that make morality work):


#G1. General principle of our defence from illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and other calamities or cataclysms - means starting to practice the "right kind of morality":

       The principle of elimination of illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and all other calamities, disasters and cataclysms, is very simple. It is based on mechanisms of work of morality described here. It recommends that instead of practicing this deviated "private morality" of politicians, scientific advisers to governments, or most rich capitalists, we rather should begin to practice this "right kind of morality" ordered to people by God. When in this way we eliminate reasons for which cataclysms are send to us, then cataclysms cease just by themselves.
       Unfortunately, the practical implementation of this simple principle turns out to be quite complicated for a number of reasons. After all, for example, in order to practice this "right kind of morality", one firstly needs to know what it commands to us and how practically it should be obeyed. Thus, one must either learn thoroughly and then interpret correctly the content of old Bible, or learn thoroughly and implement the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm. Furthermore, it is also necessary to let God know, that one started the practicing of "His morality". Etc., etc.

#G2. How practically undertake our defence against all possible calamities, including illnesses, epidemics, plagues, pandemics, and also earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires, frosts, etc.:

Motto: "Remove reasons for arrival of cataclysms, and these disappear by themselves - means, cease to pretend a victim of harms send to you by some distant and hostile force, for the actions of which you have no influence, and cease to passively await until other people improve your situation, but take the responsibility that whatever affects you stems from your own morality, philosophy, behaviours, etc., and then appropriately correct your morality, philosophy and behaviours."

       The practicing of a "correct kind of morality" turns out to be the most effective and the most universal kind of medicine, helpful for practically everything - including the defence against all possible cataclysms (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires, frosts, etc.) and also including the defence from all kinds of calamities (such as illnesses, diseases, infections, pestilences, epidemics, plagues, murrains, contagions, pandemics, etc.). In items #A2, #C1, and #G1 to #M1 from the totaliztic web page named quake.htm, it was already explained how the practicing of a "right kind of morality" allows to defend ourselves from all possible cataclysms. So in this item is turn to explain also how the same "right kind of morality" allows to defend ourselves from illnesses, plagues, epidemics, pandemics, etc. But in order to enrich explanations from this item also by answers to questions "why", "from what it results", "which evidence confirms this", etc. - providing which answers is already the tradition for the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm, these explanations must start from the very beginning.
       God purposely caused, that "everything that is 'moral' must also be difficult and must require putting into it our continuous effort, knowledge, attention, care, thoughts, etc." After all, in the opposite situation the "lying down on our backs, and doing nothing, would be the most moral out of all human behaviours". Unfortunately for lazy people, such "lying-down on the back-side and doing nothing" would be the "most moral human behaviour" only in the non-existing "world without God" - in which supposedly lives the old so-called "atheistic orthodox science". In turn for the real world, in which we all live, laws prevail which make that the truly moral behaviour requires putting into it the continuous effort, thoughts and work - and we all continually experience these. It is so, because God established the so-called "moral field" which causes that the "morally correct behaviours" always require the continuous effort put into them. Because of the action of this "moral field", all morally behaving people must continually climb "uphill" in this field - as it is explained in item #A2.1 from the web page named totalizm.htm. It is just because of the existence and action of this "moral field" that discovering and telling truths is for everyone so troublesome. After all, "truths are the essence of moral-correct behaviours" - thus discovery and dissemination of these truths must be difficult and must require the continuous contribution of our effort and energy.
       A perfect example how difficult is to discover truths and to disseminate them amongst other people, is the finding of the philosophy of totalizm, that the intensification of epidemics, illnesses, plagues, pandemics, etc., always coincides in time with periods when the humanity begins to behave especially immorally and almost exactly opposite to commands of God. As an example which supports the correctness of this finding, consider the behaviour of humanity in medieval times - when on the Earth were unleashed medieval plagues, but also was unleashed church's Inquisition, feudal monarchs with absolute powers and criminal inclinations, habits of burning "witches" on stakes, etc. Then consider also the shocking immorality in behaviours and views of present people - perfectly illustrated by explanations e.g. from items #D1 to #D2 and from the introduction to the web page named antichrist.htm, as well as in subsections #G3 do #G3.2 from the web page named prophecies.htm. In turn finding of the totalizm that the "intensification of illnesses epidemics, plagues, etc., coincides in time with intensification of immorality", leads directly to an obvious conclusion that illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., are consequences of human immorality, while the most effective manner of correcting them and defending from them depends on the correcting of our own morality, philosophy, attitudes, behaviours, etc.
       Summarising the above, "scientific research of times and circumstances in which various illnesses, plagues, epidemics, pandemics, etc., troubled the humanity, leads to the development of methods that allow to prevent all possible calamities and cataclysms (including also these illnesses, plagues, epidemics, pandemics, etc.) through practicing the right kind of morality - which is required by God". Therefore descriptions from this item represent extension and complementing of attributes and guidelines that explained to us "how to recognise that a cataclysm soon is to hit the community in which we live right now" - presented in items #H3 and #H4 from the other web page named quake.htm.
       Thus, when - due to attributes described in items #H3 and #H4 of that other web page named quake.htm, we clearly recognise, that the city or community in which we live, is already "designated" by God for a not-too-distant hit by a cataclysm, then it is helpful to know about the fact established by the new "totaliztic science", namely that the "most effective manner of defence against illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., depends on appropriate correcting own morality, philosophy, attitudes, etc." Therefore, the next important question, the reply to which also is worth to learn, states: "how in practice we should correct our morality, philosophy, attitudes, behaviours, etc., so that by carrying out this correcting we effectively defend ourselves against illnesses and against all other cataclysms?" As it can be worked out from analyses of God's hints and actions, this practical correcting requires the fulfilment of a number of requirements and conditions. Let us list now and briefly describe the most important amongst these. Here they are:
       1. Understanding that each one of us is a part of a "group intellect" which is subjected to cataclysms as a whole, and thus that in order this entire "group intellect" changes its morality, philosophy, attitude, etc., we ourselves must first begin introducing this change into our own lives. In fact God sends cataclysms to entire so-called "group intellects". But these group intellects are composed of individual people, such as ourselves. So in order to change the morality of entire these group intellects, each single person which belongs to them, including ourselves, must change its morality. Thus, we must begin the change of morality from ourselves. In turn, when we change our own morality to the sufficient level, then God is to cause, that this is to count towards our own (individual) defence from cataclysms, as well as towards the defence of all group intellects to which we belong.
       2. Abandoning the waiting until other people are to improve our situation, and undertaking action ourselves. The problem of present times is such, that faults and responsibilities for everything are pushed onto other people. But moral mechanisms work in such a manner, that "whatever affects us is mainly the outcome of our own morality, philosophy, views, behaviours, actions, attitudes, etc." Thus, if it is us that wants to defend ourselves from cataclysms, then the defence activities must be initiated and carried out by us personally. In turn, whatever other people are to do, it is going to influence mainly the fate of these other people.
       3. Learning and starting to practice the formal versions of the philosophy of totalizm - means undertaking a cognitive decision, that in our further life we are going to try to act exclusively in the direction of "uphill in the moral field". After all, the truly improved situation always requires undertaking decisions and actions that run "uphill in the moral field".
       4. Proving to God our humility, humbleness, penitence, etc. - as this is explained in item #A2 from the web page named quake.htm. After all, God dislikes very much the arrogance, self-importance, high opinion about own talent, knowledge, abilities, etc. Thus, if someone displays these attributes in interactions with God, then instead of helping this person in implementing his role and in solving his problems, God rather "plays balls with him" - similarly like in times of Jesus God "played balls" with "Pharisees" in matters of faith, while like in present times God "plays balls" with present "luminaries of official science" (i.e. with professional scientists) in a whole number of extremely vital topics. (For examples of such topics, consider God’s "playing balls" with scientists in such key matter as "bones of dinosaurs" discussed in item #H2 from the web page named god_exists.htm - which bones mislead scientists in establishing the true age of the Earth and the humanity. Or consider the key topic of "red shift" in stars' light, discussed in item #D2.1 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm - which "red shift" confuses explanations for origins of the universe.) Of course, there is a number of methods for proving to God our humility and attributes linked to it. A simplest out of these methods depends on staying humble, shy, penitent, etc., towards everybody and during all times - this automatically is to prove that we display the same attributes also towards God. But not everyone can afford to continually demonstrate such a humble behaviour - especially if he or she is an "active totalizt" who fights for social recognition of the position of that philosophy in some matters vital for the entire humanity. Therefore, in such cases, when in relations with people one is forced to be "assertive", still in relation with God he or she needs to repetitively pay a kind of "personal declaration of obedience and humility" or a kind of "homage" - this also can be carried out on tens of different manners, e.g. through devoted and humble participation in repetitive ceremonies of own religion, or through repetitive (although just private) prayers and displays of penitence, humbleness, humility, obedience, etc. We must remember, that the precise implementation of the "morality ordered to us by God" is NOT possible if e.g. we have a problem with recognising God as our superior judge, supervisor, and employer, whose laws and orders we odd to obey pedantically - as this is explained in the "totaliztic definition of morality" described in item #B5 of the web page named morals.htm. Therefore, this repetitive declaration to God of our obedience, humility, humbleness, etc., is absolutely necessary.
       5. Finding the way to officially "notify God" and publicly "declare to other people" that we started practicing this "right" kind of morality (i.e. morality ordered to people by God). With this notifying and declaration is a problem, because God requires these to have some "public" ("ceremonial") form - as this is clearly let us known by God in the description of the "abandoning of sending a cataclysm" to the Biblical city called "Nineveh" - for details see verses 3:5-10 from the Biblical "Book of Jonah". But God allows that we ourselves find the most appropriate for our situation manner of carrying out this notifying and declaration - which do NOT expose us to experiencing the loss of "moral energy" because of it. The only thing that is vital, is that about this our notifying and declaration must learn several other people who are vital for us (i.e. our "witnesses") and thus who latter will watch and judge the progress in our change and send thoughts to God that report their judgements of this our change. Thus, it is possible to carry out this our notifying and declaration on thousands of various ways, e.g. in case of undertaking "individual defence" - also though writing an autobiography or a book, though publishing a web page, composing and public singing a declarative song, writing a poem, organising a dinner or a festivity on this occasion, announcing this declaration in a form of speech, etc., etc.
       6. Organising and implementing the public "ceremony" which formally initiates the beginning of change in our morality, philosophy, views, attitudes, behaviours, etc. Whenever our state is changed into a different one, it is necessary to carry out some public ceremony, from the moment of which this change begins to count, and which generates these human "witnesses" that later will watch our progress in this change. This is why are carried out e.g. ceremonies of weddings, baptisms, etc. Also in case of change in our morality, the carrying out of such a ceremony is necessary, as this is to notify the moment of starting our change, and clarifies to other people the kind of morality that we intend to practice starting from that particular moment in time.
       7. Systematic and everyday practicing of that "right kind of morality". I.e. choosing and implementing in our everyday lives only such words, actions, and behaviours, which lie in the direction of "uphill in the moral field", which continuously increase the level of our moral energy, etc. After we changed our morality and philosophy, we need to practice continually the new morality that we adopted, and we also need to always try to improve our methods of practicing this new morality and philosophy.
       8. "Whitening" or "removal" of "black sheep" which spoil the combined morality of the entire "group intellect" to which we belong. It so happens, that God corrects and punishes with cataclysms entire "group intellects". Thus, if amongst a given community live some "black sheep", which spoil its "group morality", then all members of this group intellect are to experience "hits" from God as if they are co-culprits in immoral activities committed by these "black sheep" - for details see item #B4 on the web page named parasitism.htm. Therefore, if any "group intellect" has such "black sheep" in its ranks, then it must either "whiten" them (i.e. must persuade them to start act morally for change) or must harmlessly "get rid" of them. Otherwise as a whole it is going to be responsible for immoralities committed by these "black sheep" (means as a whole it is going to be "hit" by God because of them). The process of "whitening" or "getting rid" of these "black sheep" is composed of several stages. The first (a) of these stages, is to identify who exactly is each one of these "black sheep". (Notice, that even in this "identifying" of "black sheep" the acting "uphill in the moral field" is also required - because present immoral law-makers and social habits established the so-called "privacy laws" which try to make impossible the learning who exactly does vicious immoral scams to other people.) After identifying all these "black sheep" acting within the community in which we live, we need to begin the stage (b) which is to sort them out in the order of amounts of suffering they inflict onto other people. (The more people suffer because of a given "black sheep", and the greater level of suffering this sheep inflicts on its victims, the more this "black sheep" contributes towards the arrival of a cataclysm to a given "group intellect".) Finally, (c), starting from the top of this sorted list of most destructive "black sheep", subsequently for each single one of them, we must find and implement some incentives to "whiten" their moralities, philosophies, and behaviours, or to "exile" them as far as possible from our "group intellect". Of course, for causing this "whitening" or "exile" entire thousands of different harmless ways and methods do exist, starting from personal talk, persuasion, and example, through a peer pressure, appealing to families and superiors, and even assigning wardens for keeping eye and warn about them. Because discussing all these ways and methods requires longer descriptions, in order to learn them I recommend to read my different web pages. The paragraph below explains only briefly how to initiate stage (a) of identifying local "black sheep".
       One amongst manifestations of the existence and work of previously described "moral field", is that in every case when someone undertakes something that is "moral" - thus that later for sure is going to turn out vital and good for the humanity (because it is implemented in the direction of "uphill in the moral field"), then always appear these "black sheep" which are to organise an "opposition" against this something. This phenomenon of unavoidable appearance of such "opposition" against morally correct actions, is called by myself the "curse of inventors". The "curse of inventors" is described more exactly in a number of totaliztic web pages - e.g. see item #G1 on the web page named eco_cars.htm or item #B4.4 on the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. The "curse of inventors" (means the "opposition" against morally correct actions) typically is raised by people who are "immoral to the bone" (i.e. by these "black sheep") - who in the preceding time learned to act mainly in the direction of "downhill in the moral field". (Such actions, that run "downhill in the moral field", means that run "along the line of the least intellectual resistance", are "immoral" according to the definition of the "moral field", and thus they are manifestations of the punishable by God philosophy of parasitism.) Although in real life practically never so-called "stereotypes" work reliably, and thus never the generalising who truly belongs to this group of "black sheep" turns out to be sure and repetitive (means never turns sure the generalising who really belongs to the group of people that always act "downhill in the moral field"), still roughly it can be indicated which categories of people most likely prefer such acting in the direction "downhill in the moral field". Therefore identification of "black sheep" from our community we should begin just from analysing "fruits of behaviour" of these categories of people first. The most easy to determine group of such people, includes (1) "criminals". This is because "criminals" become criminals only because in their lives they learned to do everything in the most easy manner, means just "downhill in the moral field". Another group of people who predominantly act "downhill in the moral field" are (2) elected "politicians". After all, just such elected "politicians" mainly want to keep in power - means to be "elected" again. So they are afraid of everything that is unpopular amongst "electors", means that could subject them to criticism. But it so happens that everything that goes "uphill in the moral field", means that is "morally correct", is always unpopular and criticised. Therefore elected politicians almost exclusively do only whatever runs "downhill in the moral field", means they do only whatever in the light of moral mechanisms is "immoral". After all, the popular opinion that prevails amongst politicians makes them to believe, that electors supposedly do NOT want to elect again these politicians who did anything "unpopular". (This opinion did NOT stop Sir Robert Muldoon from being elected several times to the parliament of New Zealand - in spite that he took and implemented almost exclusively decisions and actions that were "unpopular" because they run "uphill in the moral field". He later turned out to be the most morally acting amongst all heads of countries under rules of which I had the honour and privilege to live. More information about him and his rules is provided, amongst others, in item #B1 of my autobiographical web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm.) Still another group of people, who stereotypically always take only actions "downhill in the moral field" (i.e. immoral) are (3) "high salaries recipients". (It turns out, that already "high salaries" are earnings equal or greater than the values of around two average incomes from a given country.) After all, such people will NOT risk acting unpopular, i.e. doing something that lies in the unpopular although "moral" direction "uphill in the moral field", because in their own eyes this would endanger them to lose positions which allow them to receive such high salaries. This is probably because of their fear to do anything which would run "uphill in the moral field" - and thus which would be "moral", that Jesus about such "rich people" (i.e. people with earnings higher than average) said - I quote from the Biblical "Evangel of St. Mark", verse 10:25: "It is much harder for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle" (see item #A4 from the web page named god_proof.htm). Another category of people, about which can be generalised, that in majority of cases they force others to act in the direction "downhill in the moral field", means to act "immorally", are (4) "mothers trying to please their children" (e.g. "mothers of single children"). As it turns out, such mothers are able to do everything in their power to prevent their children from experiencing any difficulties, or even from experiencing a slightest inconvenience. This in turn forces other people, to push such children through the path that runs exclusively "downhill in the moral field", means forces them to act "immorally".
       Versions of the above requirements and conditions must be fulfilled in practically every method of defence against cataclysms, the principle of operation of which is based on utilisation of mechanisms of morality.
* * *
       Subsequent methods of defence from all kinds of calamities and cataclysms, based on work of moral mechanisms, are described in items #A2, #C1 and #H1 to #M1 from the separate web page named quake.htm.

#G3. In addition to the method of the defence against cataclysms through elimination of reasons for which cataclysms are to be send (i.e. by starting to practice this "right kind of morality"), there are also numerous further methods of cataclysms' prevention that too are based on mechanisms of morality:

       In total, until the time of most recent update of this web page, the new "totaliztic science" could be proud of working out as many as 6 different methods of cataclysms' prevention and defence against cataclysms. All these methods are described in items #A2, #C1, and #H1 to #M1 of the separate web page named quake.htm.
       Onto people who defend themselves, all these methods impose various requirements regarding the fulfilment of conditions described in previous item G2. Also, from the level of fulfilment of these conditions and requirements by subsequent defendants, depends how effective their defence is going to turn out. This is because with the utilizing mechanism of work of morality is a bit like with cooking. For example, everyone accomplished some level of cooking skills, also everyone at some stage of life cooked something. But outcomes of cooking can significantly differ for subsequent people. For example, one person may have difficulties even with boiling "hard eggs", and also when is brewing tea also manages to "burn it". In turn other person can be a "chef" in the most popular restaurant of the world. Similarly, in order to defend ourselves from cataclysms, one needs to fulfil a number of conditions, the most vital amongst which I already explained in item #G2 above. But one person may be able to fulfil these conditions to the level which would be accepted by God only if all other inhabitants of a given city the same conditions fulfilled at least to the same level. In turn other person is able to fulfil these conditions to the level at which for God he or she becomes one amongst these required at least "10 righteous", or even perhaps at the level that gives him or her the authority to suspend the arrival of a cataclysms just on his or her own - as this is described in items #J1 and #P5.1 on a separate web page named quake.htm.
       The efficiency of the method of defence against cataclysms undertaken by someone (i.e. the method based on mechanisms of work of morality) depends on "how agreeable is the morality and philosophy practiced by this someone with commands and requirements of God", "how exactly and to what level someone fulfilled God's conditions and requirements - as described in item #G2 above", "for how long and since when this someone practices the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm", "how much moral energy is delegated to this someone from other people practicing the philosophy of totalizm", and also from several other factors. Therefore, while encouraging here everyone to immediately begin his or her own defence against possible cataclysms, that him and his close ones can be affecting in the future, simultaneously I have a duty to explain, that NOT every method of such defence described in items #A2, #C1 and #H1 to #M1 of the web page named quake.htm, is available to every person instantly. The right to use of several such methods one needs to "earn" with many years of practicing the philosophy of totalizm.
       Reviewing these methods of defence it is worth to notice, that the telepathic device for remote detection of impending earthquakes described in item #M1 from the web page quake.htm, utilises the principle of operation that is based on the same phenomena of "telepathic waves" on which many so-called "healers" diagnosis and heals illnesses in people. Therefore, the mastery by people of the technical utilisation of telepathy is to allow for constructing the diagnostic machines which principle of operation is to be very similar to that Zhang Heng Seismograph - and thus which are going to erroneously indicate "who", "where", and "for what" exactly is ill, while in addition will also allow for a fast and effective healing all possible illnesses (but, unfortunately, also will allow the technical inducing selected illnesses - e.g. cancer). The possibility of building such telepathic machines for healing and inducing cancer was already demonstrated to people by UFOnauts - one amongst examples of just such a demonstration is described on item #B1 on the totaliztic web page named bandits.htm.

#G4. There are both "individual" as well as "group" methods of defence from cataclysms based on mechanisms of morality, but their outcomes slightly differ from each other:

       All possible cataclysms are send by God onto entire so-called "group intellects", i.e. onto entire countries, provinces, cities, villages, institutions, families, etc. Thus practically is a cataclysm is send onto one amongst these "group intellects", then "get hit" from it all people that are members of this group intellect. Only differences in this "getting hit" is how much subsequent people are harmed - as each single one amongst them may get harmed in a different way (depending from how morally they act).
       Because cataclysms hit into entire such "group intellects", single people are NOT able to prevent them individually. Thus individual people, even these ones exceptional moral power and authority, can at the most "delay" for some period of time the arrival of a cataclysm to a given "group intellect" - if this group intellect deserved a cataclysms (similarly as such a temporary "delaying of a cataclysm" is described by the method from items #J1 and #P5.1 of the web page named quake.htm). In turn to permanently prevent a cataclysm, i.e. to remove the possibility of a cataclysm for good, this favour from God must be earned by a whole given group intellect - means must be "earned" by all individual participants of this group intellect.
       The above reveals, that in fact there are two major categories of defences against cataclysms, namely (1) individual defence, and (2) group defence. Both of them slightly differ by their outcomes, although both of them practically boil down to pedantic practicing of the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm, and to the fulfilment of conditions explained in item #G2 above.
       An "individual defence" from cataclysms we should apply in cases when we are members of a "group intellect" which is composed of predominantly immoral people whom are unwilling to even consider of, or start a discussion on, a "group defence". So in order to still accomplish for ourselves and for our close ones some form of protection from cataclysms, we should just alone undertake the practicing of the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm. If in this practicing we will NOT manage to accomplish the level of perfection which will provide to us alone the moral capability of delaying a cataclysm just on our own - as this is described in items #J1 and #P5.1 of the web page named quake.htm, thus if a cataclysm comes and hits in the "group intellect" which we are members, then we still will suffer - according to an old Polish proverb "where woods are chopped there dangerous splinters are flying" (in original Polish language "gdzie drwa rąbią tam wióry lecą"). Only that our "individual defence" is going to cause that we "get hit" slightly less painfully and destructively than other members of the same "group intellect" - the morality of which is worse from ours. This is for that reason, when only we ourselves undertake an "individual defence" then we should also "prepare ourselves to unexpected" (according to the proverb "God helps those ones who help themselves") - as this is described in items #N1, #P1 and #P2 from the further part of this web page.
       In turn the undertaking of a much more effective and beneficial "group defence" is recommended in all cases when the majority of participants of the "group intellect" - to which we belong, have similar views and beliefs. It means, all members of this "group intellect" should begin practicing this "right kind of morality" - e.g. through adopting the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm, and giving a moral support mutually to each other. This in turn will completely eliminate the danger of a cataclysm arrival to this particular "group intellect" – as this is proven, amongst others, by the evidence from items #I5 and #I3 from the web page named day26.htm.

Part #H: What is all about this "right kind of morality" that has the power to defend people from cataclysms:


#H1. Let us get to know this "right kind of morality" that is required to defend ourselves from cataclysms - means let us know the "morality pedantically agreeable with that required and commanded by God":

       The definition and a more extensive description of this "true morality" are provided, amongst others, in item #B5 from the web page named morals.htm. (Notice in there the differences between the forced upon us by present official science, the false kind of "scientific morality", and this "true morality" required from us by God and defined by the Bible - while clearly and with the use of modern language explained to us by the philosophy of totalizm and by the new "totaliztic science".)

#H2. In the world created and ruled by intelligent God the practicing by people this "right kind of morality" (means the morality required and ordered by God) is non-negotiable and it cannot be interpreted on our own way:

       There are countless cases of evidence which all confirm the existence of omnipotent God. This in turn means, that such omnipotent God will NOT tolerate the "deviated morality" with which people in power or wealth try to replace the morality given to people by God.

#H3. The practicing of this "right kind of morality" imposes specific requirements onto people, e.g. "always do whatever runs uphill in the moral field", "rewards proportionally to the contribution", etc.:

       The most vital requirements of this "right kind of morality" are described, amongst others, in items #A2.1 to #A2.6 of the separate web page named totalizm.htm, while here on this web page these are summarised in item #G2.

Part #I: The practicing of this "right kind of morality" opens also for us an "entire ocean" of new capabilities and methods:


#I1. Morality is the "key to everything":

       When once we start to practice this "right kind of morality" then rapidly opens for us an access to almost unlimited capabilities. Only that each one amongst them is dependent on the level onto which we are capable to rise ourselves in our moral efforts. Thus in order to give here an idea as to what kinds are these capabilities, I recommend to "have a look" for example on item #D1 from the web page named nirvana.htm, or item #G2 from the web page named healing.htm.

Part #J: How the body of evidence which, amongst others, seems to suggest that "epidemics and plagues are brought to the humanity by hostile UFOnauts who practice the philosophy of evil parasitism", represents one amongst the most undeniable proofs which document, that in fact it is God that rules with "iron hand" over everything that affects people:


#J1. The most convincing proof of God's control over cataclysms - means the presence in every cataclysm at least 3 different sets of evidence which certifies three different ways of formation of this cataclysm:

       Every epidemics, plague, earthquake, tornado, and also every other cataclysm, always has build-in several sets of independent attributes, which document simultaneously at least three, and frequently four, different mechanisms of origins of it. These attributes, and also such at least three (and frequently four) different mechanisms of formation of given cataclysms that are described by these attributes, in the best manner are explained in item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm. They are also described on several further totaliztic web pages - for example see item #G2 from the web page named quake.htm. Thus, I am NOT going to repeat here their general descriptions, but only illustrate how these four sets of attributes is manifested in illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc.
       In fact every illness, epidemics, plague, etc., is (1) purposely send by God in order to correct the morality, philosophy, attitudes, behaviours, knowledge, etc., of all these people who in any way are affected by it. Thus people, whose views and philosophy allows them to understand and accept intentions and goals of God in correcting human morality, are also able to find a body of evidence which in fact documents God's origins of every illness, epidemics, plague, etc. Examples of such evidence can be, amongst others, the sole fact described here, that every one amongst these cataclysms contains written into it such at least 3, and frequently even 4, independent sets of evidence - as this is explained in item #C2 from the web page named tornado.htm, or the fact that illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., can be eliminated and healed e.g. via prayers and practicing the "right kind of morality" - as this is described on this web page or described in item #G1 from the web page named healing.htm. But in order to provide explanations for causes of illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., also for all other people, who NOT always are ready to accept their origins from God, and also in order to NOT deprive people the so-called "free will", in every cataclysm, epidemics, plague, etc., God embeds simultaneously further sets of attributes, which allow to explain these calamities in completely different (secular) manners. And so, every illness, epidemics, plague, etc., displays also (2) attributes which suggest its origins from the "nature". For example, it displays the existence of bacteria or viruses, which are unique for it, or some kind of destructive factor (e.g. poison, radiation, dust, etc.), which can be indicated as responsible for eventuation of it and for destruction of health that it caused. Furthermore, every illness, epidemics, plague, etc., displays also various attributes which suggest that responsible for origins and distribution of it are (3) mischievous actions of hostile towards people creatures, which in present times are called "UFOnauts", while in old times were called "devils". Examples of attributes of illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., which suggest their origins from UFOnauts (devils) this web page describes in items #C2, #K1 and #L4. Finally, in case of illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., God embeds into them also at least one set of attributes (4) which additionally documents their origins from immoral activities of humans. For example, in old times such (human origin) attributes could include the spread of a given illness (e.g. syphilis) due to immoral behaviour of people, or due to "passive toleration" by people of dirty habits, lack of hygiene, rats, poverty, etc. - as this is explained in item #B4 from the web page named parasitism.htm. In turn in present times examples of such additional attributes (embedded by God) which are intended to imply that illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., are consequences of "human passiveness" towards immoral activities of other people, can be the content of the evening news item from channel 3 of the New Zealand television broadcasted at 6 pm to 7 pm on Friday, 30 December 2011 (which item stated that President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, accused the USA that it secretly infects heads of South-American states with cancers); or can be the content of the article entitled "US censors papers on devastating virus" from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, December 22, 2011 (which article describes censorship of scientific papers about the H5N1 virus, i.e. "bird flu", which virus was mutated deliberately by American scientists on the government orders, to be able to infect humans). The same matter of censoring scientific publications with reports on American research regarding mutations of the murderous strain H5N1 of the virus of "bird flu" discusses also the article entitled "No way of stopping leak of deadly new flu virus, says bioterror chief" from page A19 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, February 10, 2012.
       At this point it is worth to bring to the attention of the reader, that the sole fact of simultaneous presence in every illness, epidemics, plague, etc., as many as four above sets of evidence simultaneously, is by itself the proof that in fact these calamities are send to people for accomplishing superior goals by intelligent being which has in its disposal the required knowledge and application power to generate and to reveal to interested people such sets of evidence. In turn the only intelligent being which has such enormous knowledge and implementation power is God. Therefore, this simultaneous presence in every illness, epidemics, plague, etc., the above four categories of evidence, is already a proof, that all illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc., are caused NOT by nature (bacteria, viruses, etc.), NOT by "simulations" of UFOnauts or devils, nor NOT by people, but by God Himself who sends these to humanity for accomplishing long-term goals of improvement in people their morality, philosophy, knowledge, etc. Furthermore, it is also an obvious proof that God really exists and with iron hand He rules over everything that happens on the Earth.

#J2. Why God has chosen to so control every cataclysms, that people with any philosophies and views can believe that this cataclysm was induced by causes in which they believe:

       The reason is to keep in people the so-called "free will" described, amongst others, in item #C2 of the web page named will.htm.

#J3. If this is God who brings illnesses and epidemics to people, then why He so "simulates" them as if they are initiated by UFOnauts:

       Religie wyrobiły w ludziach wysoce "idealistyczny" obraz Boga. Zgodnie z tym obrazem, Bóg czyni wyłacznie "dobro", zaś zło wyrządzają jedynie przeciwnicy Boga. Dla wielu też nadrzędnych powodów Bóg zdecydował się NIE zaprzeczać swoimi działaniami temu "idealiztycznemu" obrazowi siebie samego. Jednak Bóg jest jednocześnie świadomy, że kiedyś w przyszłości ludzie odkryją, iż za wszystkimi działaniami, zarówno tymi "dobrymi, jak i tymi złymi", kryje się jedyna i ta sama nadrżedna istota, czyli jedyny Bóg. Dlatego aby móc popierać "idealistyczny" obraz Boga upowszechniany przez dzisiejsze religie, a jednocześnie stwarzać logiczne wytłumaczenie dla "zła" które będzie też akceptowalne przez przyszłe pokolenia ludzi, Bóg znalazł wyjście typu "wilk syty i owca cała". Mianowicie, Bóg tymczasowo stwarza (tj. "symuluje") istnienie i działalność na Ziemi "szatańskich UFOnautów" wyznających filozofię moralnego zepsucia zwaną "pasożytnictwem". Nastepnie Bóg tak symuluje wszelkie choroby i epidemie dotykające ludzi, aby te wyglądały jakby były one celowo indukowane na Ziemi właśnie przez owych szatańskich UFOnautów.

#J4. How are "simulated" these UFOnauts who supposedly attack the humanity with biological weapons:

       Owi rzekomi nasi kosmiczni krewniacy (UFOnauci) zawsze po przylocie na Ziemię jakby starannie się przed nami ukrywali. Jeśli zaś już ktoś zdołą ich zobaczyć, wówczas wyglądają dokładnie tak jak my. Dlatego mogą mieszać się z nami na ulicy i w naszych miejscach pracy, zaś my nie potrafimy ich odróżnić od siebie. Ponieważ uważają się za lepszych od nas, a także aby efektywniej nas rabować, wielu z nich zostaje naszymi przywódcami, przełożonymi w pracy, sławnymi i wpływowymi osobistościami, itp. To właśnie od nich bierze się wszelkie zło nękające ludzkość. Z powodu ich szatańskiej natury i złośliwości wobec ludzi, kiedyś nazywano ich "diabłami". W dzisiejszych czasach jednak nazywamy ich "UFOnautami". Ci nasi kosmiczni krewniacy i pasożyci są tak zaawansowani technicznie, że swoimi urządzeniami mogą czynić się niewidzialni dla naszych oczu, przenikać przez mury, a nawet latać w powietrzu. Pod hipnozą uprowadzają oni nocami ludzi do UFO, gdzie systematycznie rabują ich ze spermy i ovule. Potem na swoich planetach hodują z tych ludzkich surowców biologicznych rodzaje niewolników, których UFOnauci nazywają "biorobotami", jednak które faktycznie są naszymi dziećmi. Ci ludzcy niewolnicy wykonują potem dla UFOnautów wszelkie brudne i ciężkie prace. Aby jednak rabunek spermy i owule pozostawał nieodnotowany przez ludzi, cywlizacja ziemska musi być utrzymywana przez UFOnautów na niskim poziomie rozwoju technicznego. Dlatego UFOnauci za wszelką cenę starają się zniszczyć naszą obecną, już dzisiaj zbyt dla nich zaawansowaną, cywilizację techniczną na Ziemi i spowodować powrót ludzkości na drzewa i do jaskiń. Religie prowadziły walkę z tym szatańskim najeźdzcą przez ostatnie co najmniej 2000 lat. Niestety walkę tą zawsze sromotnie przegrały. Najwyższy więc już czas aby ludzkość jako całość zbudziła się z dotychczasowego omamu i również włączyła się do aktywnej walki z tym diabolicznym najeźdzcą z kosmosu. Niniejsza strona stara się wskazać materiał dowodzący faktu, że jednym ze sposobów na jaki owi UFOnauci starają się wyniszczyć ludzkość, jest użycie broni biologicznej. Dlatego to właśnie owi szatańscy UFOnauci obecnie starają się spowodować na Ziemi jakąś światową epidemię morderczej choroby. (Np. ostatnio tzw. "świńskiej grypy", poprzednio tzw. "ptasiej grypy", zaś jeszcze poprzednio starali się oni wywołać wśród ludzi najróżniejsze inne epidemie - po szczegóły patrz punkt #B1 tej strony.) Nie mamy więc innego wyboru, a przed tymi skrytymi atakami UFOnautów musimy zacząć się bronić. W każdym odrębnym punkcie poniżej opisany jest kolejny aspekt rzekomego biologicznego ataku UFOnautów na ludzkość, oraz naszej obrony przed tym atakiem.

Part #K: An example of "correcting the human morality" through the attack of the "bird flu" which troubled the humanity from 1997 to 2006:


#K1. The "bird flu", means killing neo-medieval plague:

       Because of the principle on which karma works, for UFOnauts is extremely vital that people never realise that a given cataclysm is caused by UFOnauts. Therefore after every disaster which lately UFOnauts induced technically on Earth, always an "explanation campaign" is carried out. In this campaign, numerous UFOnauts-changelings described in item #D2 of the web page named predators.htm, pretending to be human scientists or leaders, explain to people which exactly "forces of nature", or which people, are supposedly responsible for a given disaster. In just such a manner UFOnauts acted in case of the tsunami which they induced on 26 December 2004. Also they do this for every tornado or hurricane that they technically create. Similar explanations their changelings provided also on the subject of evaporation of the WTC skyscrapers by UFOs, and downing the space shuttle Columbia. But what UFOnauts are forced to do, when after the release of the deadly virus of "bird flu" amongst people, almost no-one is going to be left alive on Earth to listen to such their explanations. Well, in such a case UFOnauts are forced to convince people already now, who apparently is responsible for this flu. Means they are forced to explain this before the flu is going to carry out the destruction. In this way, in our sight right now a propaganda campaign is unfolding, the goal of which is to prepare people to the arrival of the deadly plague. The manifestations of this campaign are news in television, as well as articles in the press of the type "Bird flu could kill 150 million" published in the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Saturday, 1 October 2005, page B1, or article "Bird flu patients appeal", published in the New Zealand newspaper "Otago Daily Times", issue dated on Friday, 30 September 2005, page 8. The goal of this campaign is to convince everyone, to not blame UFOnauts for this plague, but to blame Asians and the hostile nature. The sole fact that this campaign is so widely carried out lately, is for us a sign that UFOnauts push forward with the release of this neo-medieval plague on Earth.
       So how the scenario of this plague may look like if UFOnauts manage to implement it in the manner that they plan. From the information that can be logically deducted about the virus which UFOnauts prepared for us in their laboratories and plan to release it on Earth quite soon, it is sure that this virus will be fast and murderous. Out of the people who were infected with the version H5N1 of it, survived less than a half. And they are looked after by the best doctors available, and supported by all pharmaceutics which present medicine has in the disposal. So when the much worse version of the virus, raised in UFOnauts' laboratories especially to murder humanity, hits unprepared passers by from streets, the death ratio probably will be at the level of 80%. This in turn means, that from each 5 people on Earth that become infected with this flu, only around one survives. Furthermore, we must recall that during medieval plagues UFOnauts sprayed micro-organisms in all areas simultaneously. Thus we must consider, that when this time UFOnauts use against humanity this their biological weapon, their UFO vehicles will spread viruses of the bird flu in all countries and in all cities simultaneously. (As this is emphasised in item (iv) below, UFOnauts already now are doing so with the bird version of this flu, infecting with it birds from all continents.) So in several days after the virus of this flu is released by UFOnauts, people start to be infected with it in all corners of the world. (Notice that if this virus is spreading naturally, means was NOT sprayed by UFOnauts, then the infections would travel through continents similarly like fires consume forests - means in a line and systematically.) Sick and dying will rapidly be so many, that practically the entire public life become paralysed. Such a paralysing of our defences will be the goal of a simultaneous spraying this virus throughout the entire world. Radio and television will get silent. Shops and pharmacies will be closed. Water will stop running from taps. There will be no healthy people left to produce gas, fuel, nor electricity, and distribute or sell it. The public transport will diminish. Hospitals will stop working. The administration centres and offices become empty. There will be no-one to bury dead. Soon the air will stink so much from the decaying corpses, that in cities will be impossible to breathe. People will be forced to run to villages. These who will survive will be left on their own. There will be no food nor police. Some out of these who survived will rob and murder others. The state of chaos will last for at least 2 months before these who survive will be able to mobilise themselves and organise any form of defence. In 1918 a similar flu lasted for around 18 months before it extinguished itself. So we should consider the possibility that also from this incoming plague people will get infected and die during at least one year.
       So when we should expect this deadly "bird flu" epidemics caused by UFOnauts? Well, in order to be the most effective, UFOnauts probably decide to release it when after an exhausting winter a warm spring arrives for the majority of people. Only then organisms of people will be weakest and the most vulnerable. In addition, the warm temperature will be beneficial for the spreading of the plague. If UFOnauts in the meantime do not change their intentions, similarly as they changed it in the matter of inducing a murderous tsunami described on the web page 26th day, then the murderous plague of the "bird flu" we should expect around March 2006.
       Are there any specific premises which would suggest that these are UFOnauts, not the mother nature, who prepare for us this incoming epidemics of the murderous "bird flu". Yes, there are, and a lot of them. Let us list here the most vital out of these:
       (i) The campaign of explanations. Whatever cataclysm UFOnauts prepare for us, they always explain to us thoroughly whom exactly we should blame for it. The point is that "he who knows exactly, is not going to ask any further questions", and "he who does not stop asking, finally receives the correct answer". Due to an exhausting explaining to us who is guilty of a given disaster, UFOnauts prevent us from discovering that these are them who actually prepared it. As we know well, our planet in recent years was affected by many deadly viruses. For example "ebola" or "SARS" - see item #B1 of this web page. But only the incoming epidemics of the "bird flu" is receiving from UFOnauts so huge campaign of explanation. This in turn convinces that people who know how UFOnauts act should keep eyes widely open.
       (ii) The use of the virus from the bird that does not exist on Earth. On 3 October 2005 I saw in New Zealand television an interesting programme about the virus of "bird flu". A group of American researchers reconstructed the virus of bird flu, which in 1918 killed around 40 millions of people. The researchers found this virus in samples of tissues from people who died in 1918, which are still kept by American government. As it turned out, this virus have not originated from any bird that lives on Earth. So most clearly UFOnauts raised it in their laboratories from their own (cosmic) birds, and only then carried to Earth in order to test on people how effective it is.
       (iii) The randomness and the lack of logic in deaths from the "bird flu" to date. Whenever any illness develops naturally, then there is a clear cause-effect connection between subsequent victims. But if one analyses these 65 death which until October 2005 were caused by the present virus H5N1, then it turns out that they only have in common that they provide UFOnauts with an excuse for carrying out the present campaign which prepares the big epidemic. For example, victims of this virus from Vietnam are separate with a wide ocean from victims in Indonesia, and have no physical links with each other. Also these deaths appeared rapidly from 2003. It looks as if they started only because it was in 2003 that UFOnauts decided to release the plague.
       (iv) Spreading of infected birds from east to west. As we all know, migrations of birds occurs exclusively in a direction from south (e.g. from Africa) to north (e.g. to Europe), and vice versa. Birds never fly e.g. from east (e.g. from Indonesia) to west (e.g. to Europe). However, in October 2005 the virus H5N1, supposedly was carried out from Indonesia to Romania and Turkey. As a supposed evidence of this carrying out of the bird flu, in Romania were conveniently found two dead wild ducks infected with this virus. Of course, such a shifting of the virus is contradictive to the behaviour of nature. So the only rational explanation how these two infected ducks really found themselves in Romania, is that UFOnauts placed them there on purpose. UFOnauts also did it in such a manner that they make sure someone find these two dead ducks and initiate the alarm.
       (v) Previous multiple use of biological weapon by UFOnauts against humanity. UFOnauts have already a long historic tradition in killing people with the use of biological weapon. The most of evidence for the previous use of various biological weapon against humanity originates from medieval times. Old descriptions of medieval plagues reveal, that in many areas people noted independently from each other strange creatures, which most frequently were taken for devils, as these shortly before the plague erupted sprayed some sort of fog in selected areas. Soon afterwards, in these areas plagues erupted. Further evidence for the used the biological weapon by UFOnauts against humanity stems from a variety of other sources. For example, these are present in the Bible (e.g. see in the Bible how Egyptians were punished for enslaving Israelites - Exodus 12:29). Also the fact that the flu of 1918 originated from a bird that is unknown on Earth, proves as well that such intentional spreading of viruses by UFOnauts took place. Another evidence is the fact that UFOnauts murder a significant proportion of individual people by infecting them with various illnesses. At some stage I investigated a UFO abductee to whom UFOnauts demonstrated how this is done. Also myself is continually troubled by various illnesses only because I have the courage to fight with UFOnauts. Many times in my life I notices of cases of being infected by another nasty illness during a subsequent abduction onto a UFO deck. (For more details see e.g. subsection W4 from volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5].)
       (vi) An intelligent selection of the timing of the epidemic. If it is the "mother nature" which hits us, then the timing of epidemic would be purely coincidental. Especially that the evolution of this virus supposed to occur in tropical countries (i.e. in Vietnam and Indonesia), where the entire year similarly encouraging conditions prevail for the development of it. However, we can clearly notice that this epidemic "intelligently delays" the arrival, as if "it knows" that around March 2006 it will be able to cause the highest destruction amongst people.
       From what we know about UFOnauts, the above premises quite clearly disclose that the "bird flu" is not an accident, but their evil creation implemented on Earth according to an intelligent and well thought plan of murdering people.
       Can we prepare to this plague? YES we can, and even should! After all, when it arrives it will be too late for action. So it is good to already start stockpiling the required remedies, which boost our immune system and which fight flu - see #P2 and #N2 for details. Furthermore, it is vital to have also a sufficient supply of food in tins, drinkable water, fuel, and batteries, to survive the worst period - for details see the item #P1 from this web page. (Such a supply in present times is anyway worth to maintain handy at all times, as we never know what UFOnauts are going to do next.) Furthermore, what even more important, we should increasingly more openly talk and think that these are UFOnauts who prepare for us the deadly plague. If a sufficient number of people thinks and talks so, then for karmatic reasons UFOnauts will be forced to abandon the release of this deadly plague.
       After reading the above description please try also to recommend it to others. As I explained this on the web page 26th day, so-far the only manner of our defence from attacks of UFOnauts depends on informing as large number of people as possible that such an attack is coming. If a sufficient number of people know that it is coming, and know what to expect, then for karmatic reasons UFOnauts abandon the implementation of it (or shift this implementation to a different date when people already forget about it).

Part #L: An example of "correcting the human morality" through the attack of the "swine flu" of 2009:


#L1. The "swine flu" of 2009 as a more deadly version of the "bird flu":

       As this was already explained in item #B1 of this web page, the so-called "swine flu" appeared firstly in Mexico. The first official case of it was recorded on 18 March 2009. Był nim 5-cio letni chłopiec o nazwisku Edgar Enrique Hermandez, z małego prowincjonalnego osiedla położonego przy ogromnej hodowli świń w obwodzie La Gloria z meksykańskiego stanu Veracruz. Do końca kwietnia oficjalna liczba ofiar tej grypy w samym Meksyku wynosiła co najmniej 172 osoby (nieoficjalnie sugerowano że liczba ta może być nawet 2 lub 3 razy większa). W dniu 29 kwietnia 2009 roku w stanie Texas, USA, umarło małe dziecko które było pierwszą ludzką ofiarą tej grypy poza Meksykiem - patrz artykuł "First flu death in US" (tj. "pierwsza śmierć od grypy w USA") ze strony B1 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie datowane w czwartek (Thursday), April 30, 2009. Na przekór bowiem że w samym Meksyku owa grypa byłą mordercza, poza Meksykiem miała ona równie łagodny przebieg jak każda zwykła ludzka grypa.
       Wirusy "świńskiej grypy" łączą w sobie cechy aż kilku odmiennych gryp - tak jak to wyjaśniono w punkcie #L4 (1) poniżej na niniejszej stronie. Symptomy tej grypy obejmują zarówno wszelkie symptomy typowej ludzkiej grypy, tj. łamanie w kościach, bóle mięśni, bóle głowy, jak również charakterystyczną dla tej grypy bardzo silną gorączkę - bliską 40 stopni celsiusza, a ponadto biegunkę, mdłości i gwałtowne wymioty. Śmierć w następstwie "świńskiej grypy" polega na rodzaju "samobójstwa popełnianiego przez system immunologiczny chorego". Mianowicie, grypa ta powoduje tak silną reakcję obronną organizmu chorego, że usiłując zabić wirusy tej grypy dany organizm faktycznie zabija aż sam siebie. To dlatego na "świńską grypę" umierają głównie ludzie młodzi o silnych organizmach. Natomiast ludzi starych i słabych grypa ta oszczędza.
       Świńska grypa daje się leczyć dwoma lekarstwami, mianowicie tzw. "Tamiflu" (produkcji "Roche"), oraz podobnym do Tamiflu lekarstwem zwanym "Relenza".

#L2. Ociężała reakcja władz na "świńską grypę":

       Atak owej "świńskiej grypy" na Nową Zelandię jest doskonałym przykładem zasad na jakich operują dzisiejsze instytucje. Kiedy przez okres praktycznie całego kwietnia 2009 roku światowe telewizje raportowały spustoszenie jakie owa grypa czyni w Meksyku, decydenci w Nowej Zelandii popijali sobie kawę i udawali że problem wcale NIE istnieje. A mogli przecież zacząć natychmiast monitorowanie na lotniskach przyjeznych z Meksyku, oraz natychmiast izolować tych którzy byli w stanie grypę tą upowszechnić po całej Nowej Zelandii. W ten sposób upowszechnienie się wirusa owej grypy po odizolowanych od reszty świata wyspach Nowej Zelandii mogło być zapobiegnięte. Niestety, władze obudziły się z letargu i podjęły działanie dopiero kiedy w piątek 24 kwietnia 2009 roku wszystki uczestnicy szkolnej wycieczki do Meksyku z Rangitoto College w Auckland raptownie zachorowali na gwałtowną grypę, zaś ich rodziny podniosły alarm. Władze pobrały wówczas próbki ich wirusów, jednak wysłały te próbki do zbadania w Australii dopiero w trzy dni później. W międzyczasie zarażenia tą grypą swobednie się rozprzestrzeniały po kraju. Dopiero kiedy zostało oficjalnie potwierdzone, iż wszystkich 11 uczestników owej szkolnej wycieczki do Meksyku faktycznie ma "świńską grypę", władze zaczeły działać. Do owego jednak czasu "świńska grypa" rozprzestrzeniła się już po całej Nowej Zelandii i było już za późno aby ją opanować - co dosyć dobrze wyjaśnia artykuł "Delays may put thousands at risk" (tj. "Opóźnienia mogą postawić tysiące w niebezpieczeństwie") ze strony A1 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie datowane w środę (Wednesday), April 29, 2009. Jedyne co więc pozostało, to niwelować konsekwencje szerzącej się grypy.
       Wnioski wynikające z obserwacji reakcji obecnego świata na "świńska grypę" są raczej demoralizujące. Wykazują bowiem, że obecne ludzkie instytucje nadal NIE są w stanie zapobiec nadchodzącej epidemii nawet w państwach wyspiarskich które praktycznie są całkowicie odizolowane od świata. Jedyne więc co dzisiejsze włądze i instytucje potrafią uczynić, to "sprzątać trupy" po tym jak owa epidemia uczyni już równe spustoszenie wśród ludzi jak "zarazy" czyniły to w czasach średniowiecza.

#L3. Zależność morderczości wszelkich wirusów i bakterii, w tym wirusów "świńskiej grypy", od grawitacji miejsca w którym się one wymutowały:

Motto: "Natychmiast po przeniesieniu w miejsce o odmiennej grawitacji, wirusy wszelkich chorób tracą swoją morderczość."

       W 1996 roku, tj. na początku swojej profesury na Borneo, wypracowałem tam tzw. "równania grawitacyjne". Ich szerszy opis można poznać z praktycznie wszystkich moich najważniejszych monografii, począwszy od podrozdziału JG9 z tomu 8 mojej najnowszej monografii [1/5], a skończywszy na podrozdziale G9 z tomu 3 mojej znacznie starszej monografii [8/2]. Równania te stwierdzają, że wszelkie atrybuty praktycznie każdego organizmu silnie zależą od grawitacji miejsca w którym organizm ten się wyewoluował. Dlatego np. u ludzi grawitacja miejsca ich ewolucji wpływa na ich długowieczność, inteligencję, wzrost, ciężar, uczucia, zwrot karmy, itp. Również i w przypadku organizmów tak małych jak wirusy i bakterie, lokalna grawitacja miejsca w którym wirusy te czy bakterie się wymutowały, wpływa na praktycznie wszelkie ich cechy, w tym na ich morderczość. To właśnie z powodu owego uzależnienia morderczości wirusów i bakterii od grawitacji miejsca ich wymutowania się, jeśli np. zarazimy się jakąś chorobą w jednym miejscu świata, potem jednak przelecimy samolotem do zupełnie innego miejsca świata, owa choroba jest tam łatwo i szybko leczona przez nasze ciało.
       Istnieje cały szereg dowodów empirycznych na poparcie owego wniosku wynikającego z moich "równań grawitacyjnych", że "wirusy i bakterie tracą i zmieniają swoje atrybuty po zostaniu przeniesionymi w odmienne miejsce o innej grawitacji". Jednym z przykładów tych dowodów, jest fakt który zapewne odnotował każdy czytelnik, mianowicie że jeśli ktoś ma katar lub grypę w chwili odlotu samolotem do innego kraju, po przylocie na miejsce ów katar lub grypa niemal natychmiast zanika. Innym dowodem na prawdziwość tego wniosku są doświadczenia producentów tzw. "jorgut" czy "yoghurt" (tj. fabrycznie produkowanego "kwaśnego mleka"). Producenci ci wiedzą bowiem, że jeśli produkują odmianę jakiegoś jorgutu, którego zakwaszenie powoduje specjalna bakteria z jakiegoś kraju, np. bakteria słynnego "kwaśnego mleka" z Bułgarii, wówczas bakterię tą trzeba nieustannie dowozić z owego kraju, bowiem po jej wymutowaniu się w nowym miejscu jej oryginalne cechy zakwaszania mleka niemal zupełnie zanikają.
       Powyższa prawidłowość najlepiej się zamanifestowała właśnie w trakcie szerzenia się "świńskiej grypy". Mianowicie, na przekór że w Meksyku w którym wirusy "świńskiej grypy" oryginalnie się wymutowały, grypa ta zasiewała ogromne spustoszenie, osoby nią zarażone w innych miejscach świata początkowo przechodziły ją niemal tak samo lekko jakby była to "normalna ludzka grypa". Niestety, owa początkowa niewielka śmiertelność "świńskiej grypy" jest tymczasowa. Zaniknie ona natychmiast po tym jak w wyniku łańcuchów kolejnych zarażeń mających miejsce już w lokacjach o odmiennej niż Meksyk grawitacji, wirusy te wymutują swoją wersję która będzie już dostosowana do lokalnej grawitacji w danym miejscu ich szerzenia się. Jest więc to już tylko kwestią czasu kiedy "świńska grypa" także w innych miejscach świata zacznie być równie śmiertelna jak jest w Meksyku. Jedyna więc szansa aby ta grypa nie przekształciła się w "zarazę" która zdziesiątkuje całą ludzkość, jest że grypa ta z jakichś tam powodów sama zaniknie zanim jej wirusy wymutują swoje wersje już dostosowane do lokalnych warunków grawitacyjnych poszczególnych krajów. Czy jednak to się stanie, pokażą to nam już wkrótce nadchodzące czasy i zdarzenia.

#L4. Przejawy inteligencji w pojawieniu się, cechach, oraz upowszechnianiu "świńskiej grypy":

       Najbardziej szokujące w ostatnio atakującej ludzkość "świńskiej grypie" jest to, że grypa ta manifestuje jakby "posiadanie inteligencji". Znaczy, grypa ta wykazuje posiadanie takich cech, a także demonstruje takie zachowania, jakby była ona rodzajem "inteligentnego stworzenia" które rozwija w sobie cechy i postępowania jakie dokumentują zamierzoność i celowość. Wszakże ze wszystkich możliwych scenariuszy pojawienia się i upowszechnienia tej grypy, każde związane z nią zdarzenie nosi w sobie cechy inteligentnie tak zaprojektowanego i zrealizowanego, aby spowodować możliwie najsilniejszy wpływ na ludzi. Inteligencja "świńskiej grypy" zaczyna się rzucać w oczy, jeśli ktoś przeanalizować jej cechy, sposób jej pojawienia się, a także wzór jej upowszechniania się po świecie.
       Oczywiście, zanim przeglądnimy sobie przykłady dokumentujące "inteligencję" świńskiej grypy, najpierw musimy sobie zdefiniować co nazywamy "inteligentnymi cechami" oraz "inteligentnym zachowaniem" czegoś co należy do tzw. "natury". Przykładem "inteligentnych cech" w naturze może być ergonomiczny kształt banana opisany w punkcie #D3.1 strony fruit_pl.htm. Aby docenić "inteligencję" cech tego owocu, rozważmy jak jadłoby się banany gdyby te miały przykładowo zupełnie przypadkowe kształty i konsystencję, takie np. jak występują w kawałku zastygnietej lawy. Z kolei przykładem "inteligentnego zachowania" może być zachowanie huraganu "Nargis", którego atak na Burmę (Mayanmar) w dniach 3 i 4 maja 2008 roku, opisny jest w punktach #E1 i #E2 strony katrina_pl.htm. Lepsze zrozumienie jak "inteligentnie" działał tamten huragan Nargis daje nam porównanie jego zasady działania z np. działaniem typower burzy powodującej groźne dla życia ludzkiego wzburzenie morza. Jak z powyższych przykładów to widać, demonstrowanie "inteligencji" przez coś z natury polega na przyjmowaniu takich cech i takich zachowań, które pozwalają danemu czemuś najefektywniej osiągnąć swój cel. (W przypadku dowolnej choroby - w tym "świńskiej grypy", celem tym jest spowodowanie światowej pendemii i uśmiercenie możliwie największej liczby osób.) Jeśli coś w naturze wykazuje "inteligencje" wówczas to oznacza, że demonstruje to sobą cechy i zachowania które wystąpiłyby w tym czymś gdyby było to celowo inżynierowane i następnie zamierzenie sterowane w działaniu przez jakąś inteligentną istotę.
       Pendemia "świńskiej grypy" z 2009 roku zamanifestowała właśnie dziwnie wysoką "inteligencję" w powyższym zrozumieniu. Przeglądnijmy więc teraz przykłady tych aspektów "świńskiej grypy", w których w oczy rzuca się właśnie owa "inteligencja" z którą grypa ta spowodowała najsilniejszy wpływ na ludzi jaki był możliwy przy jej cechach i przy dzisiejszych warunkach na świecie. Oto owe aspekty:
       (1) Inteligentna kompozycja genetyczna. Mianowicie, grypa ta łączy w sobie geny, a stąd i cechy, aż kilku gryp poprzednio prześladujących ludzkość. Wygląda to niemal tak jakby ktoś (UFOnauci?) genetycznie inżynierował tą grypę właśnie w taki sposób aby nadać jej najbardziej mordercze cechy. I tak, było to raportowane, że w wirusach "świńskiej grypy" skoncentrowane zostały mordercze cechy co najmniej trzech odmiennych gryp, tj. zarówno typowej ludzkiej grypy, jak i tzw. "ptasiej grypy" opisywanej w "części #K" tej strony, a także zwierzęcej grypy która dotychczas upowszechniała się jedynie wśród świń. Po świecie krążą też pogłoski, że "świńska grypa" z 2009 roku zawiera w sobie także niektóre geny tzw. "hiszpańskiej grypy" z 1918 roku - która przecież należała do jednej z najbardziej morderczych chorób naszej planety. Co ciekawsze, wirusy owej "grypy hiszpańskiej" nie pojawiły się w żadnej innej grypie jaka zaistniała na Ziemi już po 1918 roku. Hiszpańska grypa faktycznie była więc już wymarła. Aby zaś geny tamtej "grypy hiszpańskiej" nagle mogłyby się znaleźć w wirusach "świńskiej grypy", ktoś by musiał najpierw dokonać "genetycznej inżynierii" owej "świńskiej grypy" - wbudowując w nią geny grypowe jakie od dawna były już wymarłe na Ziemi.
       (2) Zasada na jakiej "świńska grypa" zabija. Typowa ludzka grypa nigdy NIE zabija sama z siebie. Zabijają jedynie powikładnia które się pojawiają jeśli ktoś np. przeziębi grypę.
       (3) Pojawienie się i upowszechnianie poza "sezonem grypowym". Świńska grypa pojawiła się poza typowym sezonem grypowym. To zaś oznacza, że jej wywołanie NIE mogło być "naturalne". Ktoś lub coś musiało zaindukować tą grypę w sposób celowy i inteligentny, uzyskując w ten sposób jakieś tylko temu komus znane cele.
       (4) Miejsce powstania i ujawnienia swego działania. Kolejną inteligentną cechą "świńskiej grypy" jest miejsce w którym ona powstała i najpierw ujawniła swoje działanie - mianowicie prowincjonalny Meksyk którego nikt uprzednio NIE posądzał że może się on stać zaczątkiem światowej pendemii. Poprzez pojawienie się najpierw w Meksyku, grypa ta zdołała cichcem upowszechnić się po praktycznie całym świecie zanim ludzkie instytucje zorientowały się o jej istnieniu i podjęły pierwsze działania. Kolejnym przejawem inteligentnego zachowania tej grypy było że jej cechy silnie zależały od grawitacji. To zaś pozwoliło jej niepostrzeżenie upowszechnić się po wielu krajach, zanim władze owych krajów mogły się zorientować że mają już ją na swoim terenie.
       (5) Niepostrzeżone upowszechnienie się. Jeszcze innym przejawem inteligencji tej grypy było, że jej zachowania stanowiły jakby rodzaj "testu" który miał sprawdzić gdzie leżą tzw. "słabe punkty" w dzisiejszych organizacjach zwalczających pendemię. Dlatego po ujawnieniu przez ową grypę owych "słabych punktów", możliwe jest teraz inteligentne zaprojektowanie następnej choroby, która wykorzysta te słabe punkty aby zmasakrować ludność całego świata.
       Wykazywanie inteligencji przez "świńską grypę" teoretycznie rzecz biorąc może wywodzić się z dwóch odmiennych źródeł. Mianowicie, albo grypa ta (1) posiada rodzaj "inteligentnej zbiorowej duszy", która to "dusza" owej grypy wykazuje wszelkie cechy dusz opisywane na stronie soul_proof_pl.htm - o dowodach, zdjęciach i eksperymentach potwierdzających istnienie nieśmiertelnej duszy, albo też (2) ktoś inteligentnie steruje wszystkim co dotyczy owej "świńskiej grypy", czyli ktoś najpierw inteligentnie ją zaprojektował, zaś obecnie inteligentnie ją upowszechnia po Ziemi. Ja osobiście jestem skłonnym uważać, że w działaniu jest inteligencja z punktu (2) - tj. ktoś inteligentnie zaprojektował i upowszechnia ową grypę. Kim zaś ów ktoś jest, wyjaśnia to dokładniej punkty #C2 i #J3 niniejszej strony.

Part #M: Other attacks of illnesses, epidemics, plagues, etc. - which appear in times when the morality of humans drops down:


#M1. The number of plagues which are able to trouble the humanity almost have no limits:

       For example, a fraction of these plagues is briefly summarised in item #B1 of this web page.

Part #N: What to do to be prepared for the unexpected:


#N1. We need to prepare ourselves to unexpected - since the reaching of a "perfect morality" by the entire our "group intellect" is almost impossible in present immoral times:

       In item #G4 of this web page is explained, that because God sends epidemics and cataclysms on entire so-called "group intellects" (e.g. on entire cities or communities), our only "individual defence" in many cases is NOT going to suffice to stop these epidemics and cataclysms from coming. Therefore, in cases when we are able to undertake just such an "individual defence" - while the entire rest of the "group intellect" to which we belong continues with their "immoral behaviours", then we should prepare ourselves to unexpected - as this is recommended in item #S1 below. The further part of this web page explains how to carry out such a "preparation for unexpected".

#N2. The preparation to an illness includes the lifting of our immune resistance:

       The most important part of our preparation to the arrival of the pandemic, is to increase our immune resistance to attacks of flu viruses in ourselves and in our loved ones (i.e. to boost our immune system). We should not have illusions - we will survive this pandemic only when our organisms will be able to fight infections of flu. After all, UFOnauts will do everything that they can to expose every inhabitant of our planet to the pandemic virus. Thus, only the ability of organisms of subsequent people to fight illnesses of flu type, will decide whether they will be able to fight this virus. In turn, to increase our immune resistance, it is not enough to swallow several tablets of "tamiflu", for which the present world is so crazy. (How to get this medicine anyway, when it is not available on sale, while governments keep it as their reserves.) Thus, it is desirable to undertake a long-term and systematic action to increase our immune resistance. Each one of us should undertake it immediately (i.e. starting from today). How exactly we should increase this immune resistance to illnesses of flu type, almost every expert seems to have his or her own theory and own recommended medicines ("immune boosters"). Because it is difficult to find comparative data indicating the manner which is the most effective, and even more difficult is to find a manner about which all would agree that it is the best one, I will describe here how I increase my own immune resistance to illnesses of a flu type. What I am describing here does NOT guarantee the survival through the bird flu pandemic. However, it indicates the direction from which one can initiate ones own actions. In my own case three steps that I am describing here are relatively effective. They protect me quite well from a whole array of various illnesses related to flu, which at the opportunity of almost every abduction to a UFO, hostile towards me UFOnauts try to infect me. After all, I am the creator of totalizm which UFOnauts hate. So if UFOnauts would be able to do it in the manner unnoticeable to other people, they with a great pleasure would drown me even in a proverbial "spoon of water". Here are steps that I undertook to provide myself with the sufficient immune resistance to fight out all these numerous flu-like infections given to me by UFOnauts:
       (a) One apple after each meal. Before I describe here the manner with the use of which I continually increase my own immune resistance, I should explain, that the steps explained here I introduced only during a relatively recent part of my life. Initially I did not do anything for my health. So I was sick almost all the time. I was believing then, that I am a sickly person simply by nature. Only many years later I discovered, that practically all my illnesses display a whole range of attributes which prove that they are induced on purpose in me by UFOnauts. The first intentional action aimed at the increase of my own immune resistance I undertook as late as 1990. I was living in Dunedin. I took notice then of a frequently repeated in New Zealand saying, that "one apple a day keeps doctors away, one onion a day keeps everyone away, one garlic a day keeps even a Dracula away". I decided to try whether this saying actually works. Because I am not enthusiastic about eating onions or garlic, I decided to eat one apple after each meal (means I started to eat three apples a day). In the result of this simple action I obtained so significant decrease in the number of visits to a doctor's clinic, that the savings on fees for these visits exceeded my expenses on apples. (In New Zealand even a shortest visit to a doctor costs at least $50, plus costs of expensive medicines which he or she is going to prescribe. In turn a kilogram of apples costs from one to four dollars - depending on season and quality.) This eating of apples after each meal I carry out literally each day until today. Only that with the elapse of time I increased the assortment of fruits I eat, and presently I eat at least a half of apple, plus halves from at least two other fruits (different than apple), during each meal. (Kinds of these other fruits change depending on the season.) Although the eating of these fruits decreased drastically my susceptibility to various illnesses, it did NOT eliminate completely the cases of me falling victim of illnesses. Still around twice a year I was troubled by some long and irritating illnesses connected with a caught, cold, headache, vomiting, etc.
       (b) A glass of fresh juice every morning at an empty stomach. During my professorship in Malaysia in 1993-1996 I met my present wife. She in turn introduced me to fresh fruit juices, which every morning she was giving me to drink at an empty stomach. The juice she makes herself a moment before giving it to me for drinking, using a house juicer. The juice that I drink each time may be make from different fruits, depending what is currently available in fruit shops at a given season. However, the combinations which I drink the most frequently are: celery, carrots, and apples, or carrots and oranges. These ingredients are least expensive in New Zealand, always shops have them, have the most of micro-elements which our body needs to keep healthy, and are very tasty during drinking. In order this juice is pleasant for drinking, it is always sweetened (usually with honey, not with sugar). Almost completely I avoid now drinking the ready-made juices bought in shops, because firstly they are not fresh (i.e. they are made many days, and sometimes even many months, earlier), and secondly in order to increase their longevity they are saturated in factories with various chemicals. Therefore such factory-made juices in fact decrease my immune resistance to illnesses, instead of increasing it. After starting this every morning drinking of a glass of fresh juice on an empty stomach, I noticed that the number of cases of me falling ill decreased even more. For example, my falling ill to illnesses connected with cough and cold decreased to one a year, and in some years to even one each two years. So this juice significantly increases my permanent immune resistance to flu type illnesses.
       (c) Emergency increase of the resistance: "Echinacea" and "lime-tree flowers". In addition to the systematic eating of fruits and drinking of fresh juice every morning, in critical situations I use also two further herbal medicines to temporary boost my immune resistance. In the result of many trials and experiments I determined these two further medicines to be especially effective. Unfortunately, they are active only for a short period of time (i.e. for around 2 weeks). Thern one needs to make a break in their use also for around 2 weeks. As I found out, these two herbs have the ability to extinguish completely the development of illnesses of the flu type, even if the first symptoms of such illnesses appear. The emergency use of these two medicines does not allow the full development of a given illness, and it returns the health. Therefore I use them preventively in all situations when there is a direct danger of catching a virus. For example, I use them when someone next to me coughs and sneezes. Furthermore, I use them immediately in all situations when I notice first symptoms that I caught a virus, means when my throat and head begins to ache, when I start to sneeze, when a fever appears, etc. In both such cases these medicines prevent a full development of the illness. These emergency medicines are: (1) tablets 1000 mg (plus) of the American herb called the "Echinacea", and (2) tea that was brewed from "lime-tree flowers". In New Zealand tablets of "Echinacea" can be purchased in practically every supermarket. They are also available in every pharmacy. In times of my direct endangering with a flu virus I use one such tablet of Echinacea per day, usually taken before a meal. If I have a sore throat, then I simultaneously use one tablet of "Echinacea Throat Lozenges" made of the same herb. In very critical situations I complement this American herb with drinking of three glasses a day (usually between meals) of a tea brewed from "lime-tree flowers". (Note that this "lime-tree" is not the one which produces small lemons. It is a lime which originates from Europe, and which is famous over there from small, honey-aromatic flowers, and from timber which is perfect for carving. The Latin botanic name for it is the "Tiliae Inflorescentia" or "tiliae fix".) New Zealand has large lime trees in many parks - they bloom over there near the end of December. However, it is impossible to buy flowers from these trees in New Zealand pharmacies. Therefore I privately import them from Poland. (In Poland they are called "kwiat lipy" and sold practically in every pharmacy.) As I experienced, the tea brewed from these "lime-tree flowers" is a very powerful "immune booster". Therefore, if I use these two herbs (i.e. "Echinacea" and "lime-tree flowers") sufficiently soon, then they always make impossible the full development of an illness that just attacked me. Immediately after the threat passes, I stop using of these two emergency medicines. After all, they belong to the category of temporary "immune boosters", the work of which is based on principles of temporary mobilisation of immune resistance of the body. Therefore they loose their power after around two weeks of continuous use (the organism simply gets used to them and stops reacting). Thus, it is needed at least two weeks of break in their use, and a rest for our organism, before they can be used again with a success.
       Although three manners of increasing my own immune resistance described above were not proven in action on the bird flu, I personally count on them in case a pandemic strikes. After all, the flu-specific "immune boosters" which are promoted in mass media, of the "tamiflu" type, most probably I will NOT be able to purchase. After all, they are in government reserve. (Though my wife has at home a pack of Chinese spice called "star anise". It supposedly from it the "tamiflu" is produced.) Furthermore I believe in the assurance of experts that just "tamiflu" will NOT be able to prevent this nasty plague. After all these tablets ("tamiflu") were available when people were infected with the H5N1 virus in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. And in spite of this still over a half of infected people has died.
       (d) "Royal jelly", "dehumidifier" and other experiments. Medicines which really increase my immune resistance, and which are described in items (a) to (c) above, are mot the only ones which I checked experimentally. In supermarkets and pharmacies continually are offered various products, which supposedly are doing miracles. So I tried myself previously several out of these, e.g. so called "dietary supplements" and "spirulina". Unfortunately the majority of them would not work. In spite of using them, my immune resistance remained at a previous level. Perhaps that similarly like this is the case with Echinacea and lime-tree flowers, our body also gets used to them and in order to maintain their effectiveness one needs to break their use after two weeks (I used them continually for long periods of time). However, my experiments with the ancient Chinese syrup called the King To "Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa" finished with a success. (The name of this syrup "Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa" and the producer "King To" are placed on the packing - the web page and email of the producer are as follows: and Chinese call it also the "mother and son", because in old times at the packing of this syrup a picture of mother and son was printed.) This ancient Chinese medicine in fact is able to squash and reverse symptoms of incoming throat ache and angina - if it is applied immediately after one feels the first itching in the throat, what usually happens around 3 at night (in such cases it is enough to lick slowly, like we usually do this with lozenges, the content of a single table spoon filled with this powerful medicine). The effectiveness of this medicine results from the fact, that it restores the balance of "yang" and "yin" energy. (These energies, and their influence on our health, are described on the web page tropical fruit.) In turn sore throats and anginas are actually induced by an excess of the "yang" energy in our body, caused e.g. due to eating in evening some deep fried dish (e.g. a large portion of oily potato chips, fried fish, etc.). However, if this medicine is not available, then it is worth to know, that the same effect provides a timely dissolving in mouth several "Echinacea Throat Lozenges" described earlier. A fast elimination of sore throats and anginas is of a large significance in our defence against flu. If someone allows these illnesses to develop, then they weaken the body, so that later flu viruses may easily take a control over it and kill us. Around two months ago (i.e. in September 2005) I initiated experiments with another "immune booster". It is "royal jelly". So now each day immediately after getting up from the bed I eat at empty stomach a single tablet of 1000 mg of this "royal jelly". Only then, i.e. after finishing all my morning activities and before I eat a breakfast, I drink a glass of fresh natural fruit juice described before. I must admit, that this "royal jelly" actually improves how I feel. So clearly it has some beneficial influence on human body. But I still need to determine how it influences my susceptibility to infectious illnesses of a flu type. Already one time after I started taking it, I had a situation that I was forced to use Echinacea and lime-tree flowers because I was initiating a flu. So most clearly for illnesses of a flu type, this Royal Jelly is less effective than the herbs I use. Another "immune booster" which I also tried, is a "Grapefruit Seed Extract". I used it to heal a prolonged cough in times when I had no lime-tree flowers which for such a prolonged cough is the best medicine. As it turned out, this oil from grapefruit seeds is able to heal a persisting cough. But it has an unpleasant side effect. It kills some beneficial micro-organisms in our stomach and thus initiates tummy problems. A noticeable decrease of susceptibility for illnesses gives for me also the use of a device called a "dehumidifier" in my bedroom. It removes water and other liquids from the air. In turn miniature droplets of water which float in the air are actually vehicles in which viruses and bacteria travel. (All signs also indicate that UFOnauts always use mist from some sort of liquid to carry out the "biological weapon" that they spread.) This "dehumidifier" deprives viruses and bacteria the ability to arrive to our bodies. In this way it decreases noticeably the frequency with which we catch various illnesses.
       My own experience to-date confirm the popular knowledge, that for prevention of illnesses related to flu, cold, angina, anthrax, etc., very vital is the speed of taking the first portion of "immune boosters" after symptoms appear. From the time of appearing first symptoms of an illness, until the time when this illness takes the full control over my body, in my case I have no more than two hours. If during these first two hours I do not take required "immune boosters" then the illness develops and does NOT allow to be squashed in the seed. (Myself in such cases I take all "immune boosters" which I have handy, means Echinacea tablet, Echinacea Throat Lozenges, Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, and sometimes also the "lime tree flower", in Polish called "kwiat lipy" - although this flower requires the troublesome brewing like a cup of tea.) In my case the additional difficulty erases from the fact, that symptoms of my illness usually appear around 3 am - i.e. in the middle of night. After all, in my case they most of the time are caused by purposeful infections spread on my during the night abductions to UFOs. Therefore not only that I have a short period of time (less than 2 hours) the react and to take the medicine, but in addition I must judge rationally in the middle of my sleep the symptoms of illness and mobilise myself to get up from the bed and take my "immune boosters". (In addition, after each such an abduction to a UFO I am full of pain and physically exhausted.) But in case of "natural" infections (i.e. these ones not caused medically by evil UFOnauts) the prevention should be easier. After all, for them first symptoms of an illness should appear during the daytime.
* * *
       Results of my humble health experiments clearly suggest, that there are two different principles of operation on which these "immune boosters" work. Thus there must also exist two different kinds of "immune boosters". In spite, however, that I am very interested in them, so far I never encountered a clear and illustrative explanation of this matter. So in spite that my private empirical experiments are very primitive in comparison to refined research carried out by professional medics and pharmacists, I try to present below conclusions which I reached on the basis of my experiments. These conclusions in a very simple, clear, and illustrative manner explain how "immune boosters" work. In turn from my own experience I know, that in spite of enormous advancement of medicine, ordinary people experience the lack of simple explanations and principles, of the kind which I am describing here. In turn without the knowledge of these principles, the use of "immune boosters" may turn out to be completely unproductive.
       The first one out of two different principles of operation of "immune boosters", which I confirmed empirically with the use of my private experiments, could be called a "permanent" one. It can be explained very simply with the use of comparison of our immune system to a huge army of miniature humanoids. We keep this army inside our body so that it fights infections. However, in normal case we are unaware of the existence of this army, so we do not take much care that it has the weapon and ammunition which is required for our fight with viruses. So in spite that each one of us have inside this army, in the majority of us every soldier of this army is somehow incompletely equipped. Some of the have no "rifles", others have no "ammunition" that is required for the fight, etc. The permanent lifting of our immune resistance depends on the equipping this our internal army with everything that it needs to fight effectively with viruses. And it needs a lot of micro-elements which usually are missing in whatever we eat every day. Therefore, in order to equip this army properly, as I explained this above, I myself begin every day from drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice on an empty stomach, while after every meal I eat one apple. In turn when UFOnauts send to us a plague of the "bird flu", then I even start to eat additionally one raw onion a day and one segment of garlic a day - in spite that I am not crazy for their taste.
       Another principle on which "immune boosters" work can be called a "temporary" one. It depends on a temporary "irritation" of this army of miniature soldiers which we have in our bodies. This "irritation" is accomplished due to eating appropriate "spicy" medicine which induces our immune system do hyper-active behaviour. The outcome of this eating is that our miniature soldiers rush throughout the body and attack every unknown virus or bacterium which they encounter. Thus the eating such "temporary" immune boosters could be compared to shaking a tree on which a nest of wasp is located. This shaking irritates wasps, so that they become very angry and attack everything what they find in the vicinity of their nest. Therefore such "temporary" immune boosters lift for a short time our immune resistance much above the normal (means "permanent") level. In turn after such a temporary lifting this immune resistance, our body become capable of fighting the infections which normally would kill us. Unfortunately, there is a problem with these "temporary immune boosters". Namely our body get used fast to their existence. After around 10 days of continuous using them, the miniature soldiers from our body stops getting irritated when we take a given medicine and return to the normal manner of defending themselves from new viruses. Therefore, even if we continue to use a given medicine, our immune resistance gradually returns from this artificially lifted "temporary level" to a much lower "permanent level". (Therefore it is vital that our "permanent" level of resistance was also high.) Thus we need to stop taking such "temporary" immune boosters after around 2 weeks, because they cease to be effective anyway even if we continue their use. (Probably for this reason the "Tamiflu" has only 10 tablets in a single pack. Perhaps the producers of this medicine intended, that after 10 days the taking is stopped so that is given a rest to the body.) Only after having around 2 weeks of rest, we can take them again with a success. So practically these temporary "immune boosters" should be used only at the time of direct endangering, e.g. when someone next to us got ill and sends viruses to us, or when we ourselves feel the first symptoms of infection. (E.g. the "Tamiflu" supposedly should be taken only when one identifies symptoms of the flu in oneself.) These temporary "immune boosters" are able to reverse symptoms and to squash the illness - but only when they are taken immediately after the first symptoms appear. To the group of such "temporary" immune boosters which I confirmed experimentally on myself as especially effective for illnesses of the type: flu, cold, cough, angina; and thus which I always use in case of feeling endangered by these illnesses, belong: (1) tablets from the American herb called "Echinacea" (both kinds - i.e. for sucking with the content of around 100 mg of Echinacea, and for swallowing - with the content of around 1000 mg), and (2) tea brewed from the Polish "lime-tree flowers" (in Polish called "kwiat lipy"). I personally believe, that this highly sought "Tamiflu" also belongs to the "temporary" immune boosters, although I do not have means to check this.
       As a kind of curiosity I should add here, that the basic resource from which the "Tamiflu" is produced, is the "shikimic acid". In turn this acid in natural state is contained in seeds of Chinese spice called "star anise". This spice has the shape of pods similar to miniature Soviet stars. The chemicals contained in them must be very powerful, because one such 75 mg tablet of the "Tamiflu" is approximately a weight equivalent of just a single star (pod) of "star anise". I eat "star anise" relatively frequent in tropical Malaysia in various Malaysian dishes, and I know that I do not have an allergy to it. This spice in past could be purchased in food shops and in stalls with spices in almost entire world. However, in recent times television and internet inform, that the dry seeds of "star anise" fast disappear from shop shelves. Interesting whether people rapidly got taste for adding star anise to their food, or they believe that these stars powdered just before taking on a home coffee mill or a mortar and pestle, are the source of "shikimic acid" and thus for people who could not purchase "Tamiflu" they represent some sort of chip substitute for this medicine.
       At the end of this item I would like to add, that the existence of the described above two types of "immune boosters" provides also the explanation what actually are these "homeopathic remedies" which so much ponder professionals. In the light of the previous explanations, these remedies are simply "temporary immune boosters" which irritate our internal army in a very selective manner. In the result of this irritation, the army is getting "furious" only against a specific kind of illnesses. Thus only this kind of illness this army is hyper-actively battling.

Part #O: How to defend ourselves when the plague reaches us:


#O1. Which medicines are indicated by various sources as working against a flu:

       In previous item #N2 were provided descriptions of various medicines which I tried myself in action, and which I plan to use during a possible plague. In this item I am going to present descriptions of remedies, the use of which is recommended by various other sources. (These remedies I also will take into account - if such a need arises.) The majority of descriptions presented here is based on various articles which in October 2005 appeared in New Zealand newspapers. But some originate from other sources. Here they are:
       (1) Remedies recommended against the bird flu by the orthodox medicine. Here are most important out of these:
       (1a) Isolation ("isolation is the best defence"). The conventional medicine recommends, that in case when the plague erupts, we should stay mainly at home. We should go to public places only when it is absolutely necessary. Therefore many inhabitants of New Zealand plans to spend the duration of pandemic in their holiday accommodation located on coasts of seas or lakes and far from cities and human settlements. In case of the necessity to go to public places, the medicine recommends to put masks on, or at least to cover mouth and nose with a double layer of some textile, e.g. handkerchief or scarf purposely moisturised with water mixed with a bit of alcohol or other disinfectant. On hands it is good to wear disposable gloves. If possible, for the duration of pandemic one should avoid coming close to other person (even to a healthy one) at less than 1 meter of distance.
       (1b) Hygiene. Our own hands we should consider to be continually dirty and covered with the virus, unless just we washed them thoroughly with soap. One should avoid touching mouth, nose, and face with own hands. For wiping out and sneezing one needs to use paper tissues disposed immediately after a single use. All touched and used surfaces of furniture and objects should be disinfected at least once a day.
       (1c) Pharmaceuticals. In New Zealand newspapers so far no specific pharmaceuticals are indicated against the bird flu. It is believed that after the plague erupts, it will be better known to medicine, so doctors could recommend something specific. So far they inform that immediately after first symptoms are detected, people begin to take "tamiflu" (if symptoms are strong than even two tablets a day) - however no tamiflu can be bought over there without a prescription. Furthermore, they recommend to use paracetamol (2 tablets 4 times a day) to bit temperature down, or use panadol (adults) or pamol (children). (It is worth to notice, that in this lowering temperature to a normal level, the orthodox medicine recommends an exact reversal of what is recommended by folklores. In folklores it is believed that an illness one needs to sweat out from oneself - see healing with methods described in (3c) and (3d) below.)
       (2) Remedies against flu offered by the so-called "alternative medicines". Alternative medicines offer a whole range of various remedies against flu and related illnesses. Here are some of these remedies, the descriptions of which I encountered so far:
       (2a) Colloidal silver It can be bought in shops of alternative medicines. It supposed to help for flu. But one needs to use it only when symptoms appear, because the long-term use of it causes a permanent change of the colour of skin known under the medical name of "argyria" condition.
       (2b) C vitamin. Some believers in alternative medicines claim, that large (like for horses) doses of C vitamin have anti-flu action. The doses that they indicate are many times larger than these recommended by orthodox medicine. But the use of this vitamin supposed to be short, started immediately after first symptoms of flu appear.
       (2c) Herbal "immune boosters". Alternative medicines recommend a whole range of these. Independently from the American herb "echinacea" described in previous item #N2 (which I tested in action myself and consider it to be excellent), in New Zealand is believed that similar action display also "olive leaf", "bovine colostrum", and garlic. I add to this number also tea brewed from "lime-tree flowers"), which I know from Poland and which I confirmed in action many times as extremely effective, but healing properties of which are unknown in New Zealand (although New Zealand has a large number of lime-trees planted in parks).
       (2d) Tincture from amber. When I still lived in Poland, this amber liqueur was famous as a remedy for various colds and flu-type illnesses. But outside of Poland it remains unknown. It is infused by dissolving small crumps of amber found on Baltic beaches in a bottle of any alcohol, e.g. vodka, rum, etc. (There is some "trick" in this infusion, which I forgotten already. This is because normally amber is resistant for attempts of dissolving. Thus it is smashed in a "mortar-grinder" and soaked in pure spirit, or something along this line.) When the illness gets us, we simply drink a glass of this tincture. Supposedly it helps (I must admit that I never tried it myself).
       (2e) Acupuncture. Unfortunately, this one needs to be carried out by a professional, and requires special equipment. Thus the use of it during a plague is out of question. (Unless we have an acupuncturist in our close family.) Fortunately the needle acupuncture has several alternatives. Two out of these, described below in (3a) and (3b), can be implemented by everyone and in circumstances of a plague.
       (2f) Light acupuncture. It is similar to needle acupuncture and the same effective. But instead of inserting needles it energises acupuncture points with a beam of light of a required frequency. Typically this light is red. It has this advantage over needle acupuncture, that no needles are used (needles usually turn off people from a normal acupuncture.) Furthermore, ill person may self-apply it, if only knows the location of acupuncture points that heal a given illness and if has a required source of light. The location of acupuncture points can be indicated by an acupuncturist, then we can mark them exactly with a permanent pen. One may also find them in atlases from acupuncture literature. (It is worth to know, that in our ear duplicated are all acupuncture points from the entire our body.) In turn the source of light used for this acupuncture is very similar, if not identical, to laser pointers shaped like pens and sending red beams of light. (Such pointers are frequently used by lecturers to indicate details of a discussed picture on a large screens.)
       (3) Methods of defence against flu used in old times, which I learned from folklores of various countries. The complete list of these methods, together with their descriptions, is provided on a separate web page named healing. Below I am describing only these methods, which perhaps even today may turn useful for flu.
       (3a) "Rubbing eggs". This is a manner of lowering the fever and healing serious illnesses, used in old China and learned by me from the Chinese folklore. It supposed to work due to absorbing by a boiled egg the destructive energy of given illness. The principle of this method is similar to principle of acupuncture, only that it can be implemented by practically everyone (even by the ill person on himself or herself). It does not require the knowledge nor equipment of an acupuncturist, and also it does not require inserting needles that usually discourages people from true acupuncture. (Therefore this manner of healing could be called an "acupuncture for non-scholars" or a "frictional version of acupuncture".) It depends on rubbing the chest of an ill person, and sometimes also his or her back, with a specially prepared hard-boiled egg of hen twice a day. The direction of rubbing strokes during this rubbing must be from the top of the chest to the down of the chest (i.e. not sideway, nor in the down to up direction). In order to prepare the egg for this process, one needs to hard-boil it first and then immediately after boiling take the shell from it (i.e. when the egg is still very hot - the more this egg is hot during the rubbing, the better). Then one needs to remove fast the yolk from it (rubbing is done with only the white part of the egg). Finally, for a better absorption of the energy of given illness, in place of the yolk one places a coin. Chinese recommend that the coin should be a silver or a copper one, because these two metals best interact with the energy of illness. In order the egg does NOT disintegrate during the rubbing, it is wrapped in a single layer of a thin cloth from natural fibre, e.g. in a nappy, thin handkerchief, or a thin bandage. All these activities should be done as fast as possible, so that the egg does NOT cool down. Then, holding the egg by this cloth in which it is wrapped, we rub it into chest of the ill person. This rubbing is to be continued until the egg is cool. The most intriguing for me in this method is that the energy of an illness intercepted by the egg causes in it various permanent structural changes. For example, the destructive energy intercepted by this egg from an ordinary fever causes that a new copper coin inside may corrode completely. In turn the energy of a dangerous illness intercepted by this egg, e.g. from a typhoid, causes that in the egg strange fibres appear similar to bird down (in case of typhoid these fibres materialised in the egg are black, while other illnesses generate white fibres).
       The most extraordinary in the rubbing eggs is, that it has an indicator embedded into it, which reveals whether this method is healing a given illness. Namely, after the first rubbing for a given illness we examine the content of the egg. If in the white we find some sort of fibres (down), this means that the method heals one of illnesses that just trouble us and therefore we should continue the rubbing. (Each person knows exactly how an egg should look like, so without difficulty should detect the down - if it exists.) If after the rubbing the white does NOT contain any down, it means that the egg does NOT intercepts the destructive energy from an illness and therefore there is no sense to continue this rubbing for a given illness.
       (3b) Flour rubbing and a pad. It is also very old Chinese method for elimination of fever and illness. It depends on wrapping a handful of special flour into a thin cloth to create a pad - similarly as this is dome with a boiled egg described above in (3a) for rubbing eggs. (But the flour is NOT heated.) Then an ill person is rubbed with this pad of wrapped flour over the bare skin on the chest. It seems to be vital that the rubbing is done from the top to down of the chest. After the chest is rubbed, the pad with this flour is left to lie in the middle of the chest for around 15 minutes. Similarly as this is with the rubbing eggs, this flour absorbs into itself the destructive energy of the illness. In the result, a delicate down appears in the flour - for some illnesses (e.g. for the typhoid) this down is black. (For a normal fever this down is white.) Notice, that the presence or the lack of this down, similar like in rubbing eggs, also is here an indicator whether this method is helpful for a given illness. The flour most effective for this method, is the especially prepared one - purchased in shops with traditional remedies of Chinese folk medicine (such shops exist only in countries with large proportion of Chinese population, e.g. in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Malaysia). However, when we do NOT have such special flour, we can use the starch flour from tapioca, described in more details on the web page tropical fruits, and briefly mentioned also on the web page Wszewilki.
       I also encountered a case, when both above methods of rubbing (i.e. with egg and flour) were joined into a single one. In this joined method of rubbing, Chinese make a kind of dense dough by putting the white from an egg (i.e. without the yolk) to a pure flour. After this dough is shaped into a hard ball, they rubbed with it the chest of an ill person, without wrapping the dough into any cloth. The rubbing was carried out in the same manner as described above for the egg and flour.
       (3c) Compote from onions. This is an old Polish manner of healing used in cases of some illnesses, e.g. colds. In this manner one boils compote from onions. Means several onions sliced thinly one boils in slightly over a litre of water, until the onion becomes soft. In the final stage of boiling one adds sugar to make it sweet - so that the boiled onion and water taste like a compote. The ill person eats a large quantity of this pleasant in taste compote - around 1 litre by a single ill person, when the compote is still hot. Then the ill person is wrapped into blankets in order to "sweat out the illness". In old Poland it was believed that the "illness leaves body with the sweat". (The Chinese would express this, that the dangerous energy of the illness is removed from the body together with the sweat.)
       (3d) Sauna. Folklore medicines of some countries, e.g. Finland, recommend a hot sauna when an illness is going to overcome us. The hot sauna causes the sweating. In turn with the sweat also an illness is leaving us. I must admit, that once in my life I tried this method when I was just getting a bad flu. (By the factory of matches in Bystrzyca, Poland, existed then the so-called "dry sauna" - means a sauna which for causing the sweating uses very hot air, not steam.) After around an hour spend in this sauna my flu disappeared as if someone removed it with a hand. Unfortunately, in case of a plague it would be difficult to use a sauna, unless someone has a private one in his or her home. However, the "compote from onions" described above in (3c), causes almost the same outcome as a sauna does - i.e. it induces a powerful sweating in our own bed.
       (3e) Hot ginger tea. In case of flu, traditions of two countries, namely India and Korea, commonly use the drinking of hot tea brewed from ginger. In normal case this tea is brewed from fresh ginger roots (if these are unavailable, then dry ones must do). This tea works through heating inside and through inducing intensive sweating.
* * *
       Please notice that methods folklore healing of various illnesses are described on the separate web page named healing.htm.

Part #P: The survival of a long period of lack of everything that always occurs just after natural disasters:


#P1. How to plan our survival in case of a killing pendemics, e.g. of a "bird flu", a "swine flu", "ebola", etc.:

       Here we are. After UFOnauts attacked humanity in various other ways described in further parts of this web page, now they are preparing themselves to unleash against us their most deadly tool of destruction, means a biological weapon. The body of evidence which documents the scary fact that UFOnauts, not the "mother nature", prepare for us the pandemic of "bird flu", is discussed in next item #K1 of this web page. Here, in this item, I am going to discuss how we could and should defend ourselves against this plague.
       While explaining below how we could and should defend ourselves from any cataclysmic pandemic, including "bird" or "swine" flu, I should simultaneously remind, that according to findings of the philosophy of totalizm, all cataclysms, including into this "pandemics", are actually kinds of "camouflaged punishments" served to communities which practice an advanced form of the philosophy of parasitism. Therefore the most sure form of self-defence against all cataclysms, is to start a moral life which follows recommendations of the philosophy of totalizm - as this is documented in items #I5 and #I3 from the web page named day26.htm. But if it is already too late for the change of philosophy, while a cataclysmic pandemic is on its way, then it is worth to at least initiate these "orthodox" defence preparations described below. So here are very typical actions, marked below with labels (1) and (2), which we all should implement immediately and from now, in order to undertake our self-defence against the incoming epidemics of the bird flu (and also in order to defend ourselves against all other cataclysms with the use of which UFOnauts systematically destroy us lately). The implementation of these three activities we should carry out until the situation diminishes, which makes the present world so unstable, destructive, and so hostile towards people.
       (1) Prevention. The prevention of any incoming pandemic, e.g. the "bird" or "swine" flu, as well as the prevention of any other cataclysms with which are punished the most immoral communities, is very simple. It depends on starting to practice the morally correct philosophy - as this is described e.g. in item #G3 from the web page named day26.htm or e.g. in items #A2 to #A3 of the web page named totalizm.htm.
       (2) Survival. The survival through any pandemic, e.g. the "bird" or "swine" flu, is going to depend on how well we prepare for it. This means that practically our survival will be an outcome of our immune resistance to the virus, the gathering appropriate knowledge about this plague, and also the level of our prepareness of the required supplies and living conditions for the duration of this plague. In order to survive this murderous pandemic, we need to carry out quite an extensive preparation, the draft guidelines for which are provided below. It is not good to believe, that if someone managed to get from somewhere a packet of "tamiflu", then such someone has already all the required magical weapon against this illness. So let us discuss now how we could prepare ourselves to this pandemic to have some chance to survive through it.
       Our preparation to the incoming pandemic we could initiate from gathering the required knowledge. This knowledge is good to start building from learning and accepting the scenario of this plague. We need to realise, that in order to survive through the pandemic, we need to learn the worst scenario and prepare ourselves for it. Means, we should NOT base our preparations on a restricted scenario which official bodies publish, as they are limited in what they can reveal (e.g. because of various watchdogs can endanger their jobs if they tell the truth, because UFOnauts may control some of them, etc.). We should rather deduce ourselves the worst scenario from information provided between lines of official publications. One may also learn it from the item #K1 of this web page, where it is already sketched. After learning the worst scenario of the plague, we should learn as much as we can about the mechanics of action and ways of infecting of the virus of this plague. (E.g. we should read everything about this virus that is available in newspapers or internet, stated in television, etc.) Especially we should notice descriptions of how to prevent the infection (washing, disinfection, keeping a distance, masks, etc.). Finally we should also read a bit about recipes for survival in situations when we run out of food. For example, it is worth to know how edible vegetation looks like in our area, soap from which trees is nourishing, how during trainings of survival skills they teach to feed on earth worms (one swallows them alive, after washing them in water from the soil), etc., etc.
       After gaining the knowledge about the incoming plague, we should prepare in writing a detailed list of resources which we need to survive through the pandemic. On this list we should place everything that we need to survive, not just only a pack of "tamiflu". (This medicine, in fact, is NOT absolutely essential to survive through the pandemic.) During the preparation of this list we need to ask ourselves the following questions:
       (i) in what manner, and with what substances, we are going to boost immune systems in ourselves and in our family before and during the pandemic,
       (ii) what we are going to eat during the first stage of pandemic, when we must remain in home, while none shops nor institutions are going to work - e.g. whether we have enough sugar, flour, oil, tins, and salt to survive through this period (we must remember, that this first stage of the pandemic may last even around 2 months),
       (iii) how we are going to cook our food and drinks, when the supply of electricity and gas is going to cease - e.g. whether we have any camping oven or barbecue with the supply of fuel,
       (iv) how we are going to prevent our food from getting bad when electricity goes off and our fridges refuse to work - e.g. do we have any large containers made of Styrofoam, to which we could shift our food from the fridge when the electricity goes off,
       (v) what we are going to drink when the water supply ceases (we need around 1.5 to 2 litres of water or a liquid per person per day), in which container we are going to keep our supply of drinking water, and when and how we accumulate it,
       (vi) what else we need for the everyday living in circumstances when there is no electricity, water, gas, fuel, when flush toilet does not work the rubbish men are not coming, and there is no any external help to come and rescue us (e.g. do we have a torch, a supply of batteries, some plastic bags for rubbish, etc.)
       (vii) what we are going to use to disinfect our hands and body after touching the infected surfaces, people, or products,
       (viii) how we are going to isolate from ourselves (where we are going to place) these our close and loved ones, who just get infected - e.g. do we have a separate room for them, or we need to create some partitions in our room,
       (ix) through what we are going to breathe when there is a need to give food or water to our sick loved ones, or when we are forced to go to streets and risk the intercepting of viruses from other people - do we have masks, (x) how, on what, under what, and where, we are going to sleep if the stench from decaying bodies or the lack of food forces us to leave the city and to shift to a village - do we have any tent, sleeping bags, etc.,
       (xi) how we leave city for village if there is such a need - e.g. do we secured for ourselves a car and fuel, (xii) from what and how we are going to learn what happens in the world when there is no electricity (e.g. do we have a radio or TV set on batteries),
       (xiii) from what finances we are going to do purchases at the time when the pandemic already erupted - i.e. do we have any cash in our hands. Etc., etc.
       As we can see, the list of resources required to survive the pandemic is rather extensive. The subsequent positions from this list we should shift onto three separate sub-lists, namely:
       (a) A sub-list of all these items that we already have, only that we need to check in what state they are to be able to rely on them when the pandemic strikes,
       (b) A sub-list of all the items which are absolutely critical for our survival, or which are always useful to have in our home, or which we need and use anyway, and thus which we should purchase or gather almost immediately without waiting until the pandemic erupts, and
       (c) A sub-list of everything that is too expensive or that apart from the pandemic we normally would NOT use, thus with the purchase or gathering of which we should refry until the moment when from TV, radio, or newspapers we learn that the pandemic in fact already erupted.
       Immediately after preparing these sub-lists, we should make sure that we accumulated everything that is placed on the sub-list (b). After all, when the pandemic strikes it will be too late for gathering everything that we need.
* * *
       The above is worth complementing with the information, that in the manner described here we need to defend ourselves not only against the pandemic of e.g. "bird" or "swine" flu. In the same manner we should prepare ourselves practically to every cataclysm which is unleashed lately to "punish" most immoral communities. For example, against tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, etc. Only that for cataclysms which destroy our houses, for example for tornados or earthquakes, the goods necessary for our survival described in item (2) above, and in separate item #P2 below, should be kept handy packed in an easily accessible place and ready for an immediate taking in case of a danger. And in the present situation of a global sliding down in claws of the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism, these may be needed literally any moment.

#P2. What supplies some people accumulate to survive through any cataclysm (e.g. the plague of "bird flu", pandemic of "ebola", etc.):

       In the last week of October 2005 in almost every newspaper from New Zealand one could find advices of various experts explaining what supplies one should prepare for himself or herself in order to survive through the expected at that time pandemic of the bird flu. Although in item #P1 of this web page I provided guidelines how to develop ourselves what we should prepare for the arrival of that one, or any other plague, it is a good idea if now we review together what other people are preparing for themselves, or what they advice to prepare (and why it should be this and not something else). In turn the review of this list of other people perhaps inspires us to prepare something else that we have forgotten before, but that may turn to be important for our survival.
       It is worth to remember, that the preparation to e.g. the arrival of a plague (pandemic) does not differ too much from preparing ourselves to e.g. a hit of tornado, earthquake, or deluge. Thus if we carry out this preparation once, practically for some time we will be also prepared for all other catastrophic phenomena, the hit of which we should consider at any moment in present situation of the hidden destruction of humanity by UFOnauts.
       The starting point of these preparations is to make assumptions arising from the predicted scenario of this plague, and also from the number of people in our own family. (After all, depending on how many of us lives in a single house, and how long we are going to remain without any external help, we are able to count how much we need of food, water, gas, toilet paper, etc.) In general, in newspapers and in Internet it appears to prevail a consensus, that in case of a plague we need to be prepared for around 2 months, means 60 days, of a complete silencing of public life. In the duration of these two months most probably will work noting, means there will NOT be electricity, water, and gas; shops and institutions will be closed; radio and television will not broadcast; etc. Only after the elapse of these two months, all these people who were infected earlier and managed to heal already, will gradually return a normal course of things. (After all, if someone heals a given illness, then he or she cannot be infected with it again. Therefore, the ones who recovered will restore the most important public services, such as electricity, water, transport, radio, television, shops, hospitals, burials, etc.) In our preparations we should be prepared to survive without external help during these first 60 days of the plague. Here is what other people accumulate, or advice to accumulate, in order to survive through these first 60 days:
       (1) Funds. We need to be prepared, that when the pandemic really strikes, then firstly people begin to panic, secondly events start to happen very fast. Therefore it is worth to have funds handy to be able to buy fast whatever we still are lacking (it would be good, if there is only minimum of such items, because in shops draconian scenes will happen). After all, banks may be surrounded, while credit cards may stop work. The amount which is worth to keep handy for just such eventuality should be at least equivalent of what we spend for food in a month (even better - in two months).
       (2) Food. Here are kinds of food which other people accumulate, or advice to accumulate, listed in the order of their significance and usefulness (notice, that the key for selection of a given kind of food in this case is the possibly longest lasting in fresh state):
       (2a) Rice. Out of all kinds of foods that one may buy right now for a case of plague, the first position takes rice. The reason is probably that it is relatively chip - so everyone is able to buy a sufficient amount of it, it can be kept any length of time, it can be eaten on many different ways - even in a raw form, it can substitute other kinds of food, and rice just by itself suffices to keep us alive. People seem to buy large quantities of rice, usually 10 or 20 kg bags per family. If we are late with our shopping, and there is no rice left for us, then we should remember, that there are various other products slightly similar to rice, means all groats, cereals, beans, and even raw grains - such as barley. When the plague makes us truly hungry, then everything that is edible and that we have in our homes may save us from the need to leave home for streets, and to catch the virus.
       (2b) Flour, flour dry products, edible serials. Flour dry products include spaghettis, pasta, dried bread, crackers, etc. In turn serials include oatmeal, corn flakes, muesli, etc. These products always are useful at home. They can be stored for a long time. Many of them can be eaten raw. So it is desirable to have a sufficient supply of them. We need to remember that in addition to flour, we buy also dry yeast and a baking powder. Furthermore, I personally would advice to buy a bit of tapioca starch. as It has healing properties - e.g. heals diarrhoeas, as I described this in item #J1 from my web page named fruit.htm (about tropical fruits), and in item #B1 from my web page named healing.htm (about folklore methods of healing). Furthermore, it is a component for "rubbing flour" described in item #O1 of this web page. In turn healing properties of this flour may turn to be very beneficial in situation when our fridge and cooking facilities may not work.
       (2c) Milk, cheese, eggs, etc.. Powdered milk will replace the lack of real milk because it can be stored sufficiently long. If it is possible, it is also worth to buy special long-life milk in cartons or tins. (E.g. the milk "long life - UHT" can last fresh for around a half of year.) Cheese and eggs also have relatively long life. So they can be purchased almost immediately and kept as our food reserve.
       (2d) Tins (meat, fish, fruit, vegetable). These always are useful in every household, and can be stored for quite a long time. If we purchase the kinds of tins which we like most and use typically, then we are able to accumulate them significantly in advance. While buying tins we should also remember about a hand-operated tin opener.
       (2e) Sugar. Apart from normal sugar, it is a good idea to accumulate also a bit of honey, chocolate, and sweets.
       (2f) Fats (oil, margarine, butter in tins, etc.). These are necessary for frying and as additions to foods.
       (2g) Salt, spices, additions, etc.. It is desirable to accumulate a bit larger supply than normally of everything that we typically use for the preparation of our meals, and that can be stored for a longer time, means salt, spices, tea, coffee, whitener, etc.
       (2h) Dry salamis and long lasting vegetables. Some dry salamis and kinds of dry meat can be stored for many months. In fact the more dry they become the tastier they are. There are also various kinds of fruits and vegetables which can be stored relatively long. Examples include apples, pears, onions, garlic, pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, etc.
       (3) Water and liquids. With water is quite a serious problem. Typically we need around 2 litres of water per person per day, and this just for drinking and cooking only (plus further water for washing). But during the plague water supply may not work. So if we do not have a hand operated well near our house, we must accumulate somehow this entire supply of water soon after the pandemic erupts - when the water supply still works. This practically means, that for a family of 2-people we need to accumulate in some closed containers at least 240 litres of water (i.e. an equivalent of one full bath). In order to do this we need to buy:
       (3a) Lockable plastic containers (or canisters). These must be water tight and with lids. If it is possible - also transparent. Unfortunately, canisters appropriate for this purpose usually have only 10 litres of capacity and are quite expensive. Normally we would need around 24 of these for a small family - this would be quite expensive. Furthermore, canisters for water practically cannot be used for anything else apart storing water. Therefore it is much wiser to buy large square plastic boxes, instead of such canisters. These boxes usually have the capacity sufficient to store the entire our supply of water - means typically above 100 litres each. Furthermore, normally they can be used for storing various small items in our homes, and only in critical moments we can remove these items from them and fill them with water. During purchase of such boxes we need to make sure that they have strong handles making their carrying much easier, and also have hermetic cover with secure lock. This is because our water reserve must be protected from dust and from viruses.
       (4) Fuel and stoves. During the plague we must be able to cook our food. In turn electricity and gas most probably will cease to supply. So if we do not have any oven for cooking in our house and do not have a sufficient supply of fuel in our garage, we better start thinking what we will use for cooking. In New Zealand people usually purchase for this purpose:
       (4a) A portable "barbeque" (for liquid gas). The reason for which it is a portable gas "barbeque", not a tourist oven, is the capacity of gas cylinder that they use. The "barbeque" usually use large gas cylinders with high capacity, which last for many hours of cooking. In turn tourist ovens are not suited for the use of large cylinders. Usually they last only for cooking a few fast meals. Furthermore, such a portable "barbeque" we can later use for many purposes, e.g. in summer for parties, and also for picnics. But while purchasing a barbeque it is worth to remember that there are at least two basic kinds of these. The first kind have burners for cooking almost identical to these which we use in our kitchen stoves - this is the one which we should purchase. But there are also different barbeques, which have only a "grill", and thus which are NOT suitable for cooking our meals. (The purchase of such one would be a mistake - they only allow us to grill meat on them.)
       (4b) Gas cylinders (or other fuel). During first 60 days of the plague, even if we cook carefully, we still may need to cook at least for 60 hours. This in turn means that we need one or more gas cylinders which allow us to store at least 20 kg of liquid gas (even if we intend to cook very little, still we should purchase at least 9 kg cylinder). We also need to remember about gas lighter or about a supply of matches.
       (5) Pharmaceutics and hygiene. Independently of a supply of the products which we normally use, for example toothpaste, toothbrushes, or a supply of our normal medicines, it is worth to buy additionally several further supplies, e.g.:
       (5a) Antiviral medicine. Although there is a very slim chance, to actually be able to purchase these in the present situation, currently there are two antiviral medicines, which are considered to be effective against the "avian flu" - if these are taken not later than 48 hours (i.e. 2 days) since catching the virus. These are: Tamiflu, and Relenza. Furthermore, in case when the pandemic really erupts, all experts in the entire world will work on an effective vaccine against this virus. However, such a vaccine cannot be expected to be ready sooner than around a half of year after the pandemic erupts.
       (5b) Immune boosters. From descriptions contained in items #N2 and #O1 of this web page, we should select these anti-flu medicines which we intend to use in case of a plague and buy quickly a required supply of these. We also need to remember, that such medicine is only effective, if we take it not later than in around 2 hours after the first symptoms of flu appear. (If the medicine is too late, the flu already manages to get out of control. Furthermore, in case of the bird flu - which utilises for killing our own immune system, the use of medicines too late sometimes may only make the matter worse.) So we should always have these medicines in the reach of our hands.
       (5c) Spirits and pure alcohol. These will be needed by us for disinfection, refreshing, washing, moisturising, etc. It is worth to purchase a supply of these. A lot of spirit we will use during the plague for disinfection, so it does not need to be an edible spirit (it can be a chipper salicylate spirit or even denatured alcohol). But it is good to have a bit of edible spirit or alcohol as well, so whenever needed we can disinfect our mouth.
       (5d) Disinfectants. We will need a lot of these. After all, during the plague we should disinfect systematically every furniture and equipment which we intend to use. The most frequently recommended disinfectant is just an "industrial bleach".
       (5e) Masks, disposable gloves, wiping clothes, etc.. These also is good to purchase in advance. After all, during the plague sometimes we will be forced to venture outside of our house. Then it is good to wear masks and disposable gloves.
       (6) Cooler. A "cooler" is a kind of a box made of Styrofoam. In this box always the upper lead is detachable, so that the box acts as a kind of hermetic container for cold air. In more elegant versions, the Styrofoam on side walls is covered with some nice plastic foil, and usually supplied with handles for carrying it, and sometimes also in wheels. These elegant versions work the same good as simple ones made just of Styrofoam. This kind of "coolers" perfectly replace a fridge. If we shift frozen food to them, then such food will keep frozen for several weeks. In tropical Borneo I managed to keep food frozen in just such a Styrofoam box for almost two weeks. Thus, these "coolers" may easily replace our fridges when there is no electricity. Furthermore, if normally we keep in them everything that we would need in case e.g. an earthquake, flood, or tornado, then we obtain our portable set for life support, ready for immediate use in case of any rapid cataclysm and a necessity for a fast evacuation of our house. In present times it is handy to have such a thing ready for the instant use.
       (7) Emergency equipment. Independently from the above, to be able to survive in our own homes without light, water, nor electricity, we should also make sure that we have in a working order, or that we purchase:
       (7a) Radio for batteries (and/or television set), plus a supply of batteries. After all, we would like to know what happens in the world and when the life starts to return to normal. Of course, if we could afford it, than even better would be to also have a portable electricity generator and a supply of fuel. In such cases we could use our normal radio, lights, and TV set.
       (7b) Sources of light (e.g. a torch plus a supply of batteries). It is worth to buy also several candles (or/and a kerosene lamp plus a supply of kerosene). After all, batteries for electrical torches have a short life. So if we need to do something in darkness, then a candle or a kerosene lamp is much better option than a battery torch. (But we must also remember about matches for igniting these candles or kerosene lamp.) Furthermore, e.g. a kerosene lamp normally we can use for ornamental purposes in our flat.
       (7c) Many plastic bags, paper towels, paper tissues, toilet paper, etc. We must remember, that when water ceases to run, than our toilet flashes will not work as well. So we need something to eliminate our house rubbish, refresh ourselves when there is no water, sneeze, wipe our noses, etc.
       (7d) (Optionally) Tent, mattress, sleeping-bag, etc.. During the plague it can happen that for some reasons (e.g. the lack of food, smell of decaying bodies, or our safety) we will be forced to leave the city. If we consider such a possibility, than we should consider whether we need something for sleeping and moving outside of city, means a tent, mattress, sleeping-bag, strong shoes, maps, etc.
       (8) Food for pets and animals which we own. We must also remember about our animals (i.e. about cats, dogs, birds, goats, cows, pigs, etc.). If we do not prepare enough food for them for the duration of the plague, then almost for sure we are going to loose them. This is because the food for animals is the last thing the supplying of which during the plague will be on head of anyone. In fact a lot of countries which have some rare and precious animals, already prepared a plan how to secure their survival even if the entire society ceases to operate. So let us calculate what and how much we need for our animals for the duration of the plague, and let us gather this already now in a sufficient amount.
       (9) I also recommend a copy of the Bible. It has the already proven ability of saving lives.
* * *
       At the end of this item I would like to remind, that independently from the above preparation to the arrival of this plague, we should also do everything in our power to assist in preventing this plague. This in turn means, that even if we ourselves do not believe in methods of prevention described in "part #G" of this web page, still we should implement these methods whenever we have an opportunity for it, even "just in case" and because implementing them does not cost us anything while it may help a lot.

#P3. The DIY (i.e. "do it yourself") constructing of a cheap domestic solar system for the backup generation of electricity:

       Because there is NO doubt "whether" a world-wide cataclysm is to arrive, but only we do NOT know yet "when" it is to happen and in "what form" this cataclysm is to appear, in spare time it is worth to start already now all more vital preparations. In turn one of projects for such a preparation, which every DIY ("do it yourself") person is able to undertake cheaply on his or her own, is to build for own home a domestic solar system for the backup generation of electricity from the sunlight. How to start such a project, and how to implement it, I described this more thoroughly on my web page named solar.htm.
       My web page named solar.htm I particularly recommend to the reader also for a completely different reason. This is because on a well-known example of solar energy it clarifies common misconceptions about making IMMORAL decisions. Namely, people commonly believe that any method of generating electricity from solar energy is good for the humanity. However, the truth is that, like everything that people do, also solar energy can be implemented either in an immoral manner, or in accordance with the criteria of morality. Thus, for example, the instalment in our own home the solar system which on the web page solar.htm is called the "domestic battery-deprived system" is a HIGHLY IMMORAL decision - which fact is explained in more detail in items #A1, #B5 and #F3 from that web page named solar.htm. In turn, if anything is implemented in an immoral manner, then mechanisms of morality severely punish us for it. For example, in the case of immoral decisions, moral mechanisms cause that in the long-term work these decisions do NOT solve the problem due to which they were taken, and only shift for a later date the need for a morally-correct solving of that problem, while additionally they escalate the strength of that problem. As examples of such previous well-known immoral decisions, for the implementation of which humanity is now punished, in item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm I described, among others, the implementation of pesticides (which in the long-term effect killed off beneficial insects, while the harmful insects become resistant to them), I described antibiotics, as well as I described, among others, the official implementation of the theory of relativity into our science and education. In turn the present commonly undertaken such an immoral decision, is the instalment in private homes such "battery-deprived domestic solar systems". Some people, who have installed such systems themselves, are already affected by long-term "punishments" - what these punishments are, I would advice to ask those unfortunate individuals who allowed themselves to be tricked into these immoral battery-deprived domestic solar systems.

Part #R: Home methods of healing illnesses and old remedies:


#R1. There is a separate web page named healing.htm devoted to old methods of healing various health problems:

       For the topic of home and folklore healing of various illnesses is devoted a separate totaliztic web page named healing.htm.
       Some amongst these illnesses, e.g. healing the tropical illness called "dengue" with juice from papaya leaves, or healing diarrhea with soup from tapioca roots, are described in items #E1 and #J1 from the web page named fruit.htm.

Part #S: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#S1. Summary of this web page:

       If one analyses scientifically manners on which God works, described e.g. on totaliztic web pages named god.htm, or god_proof.htm, or expressed in numerous proverbs (e.g. "God helps those ones who help themselves"), then it hits our eyes that God supports and respects people who are well prepared. Therefore, if God in His infinitive wisdom is forced to "punish" a given (especially immoral) community e.g. with a calamity or a cataclysm, then typically God hits them according to the "Rule of Contradiction". This means, that God either hits them in the moment of time and with a calamity to which they just are NOT prepared, or hits them in time and with a calamity which they are NOT expecting. For this reason, to numerous manners of calamity prevention through the use of mechanisms of work of morality (described in "part #G" of this web page), it is also worth to add one more manner of effective prevention of specific disasters - which is to prepare ourselves thoroughly for their arrival. This preparation works according to the general Principle of Romans' behaviour, which states that "if you wish to have peace you need to prepare yourself to a war". For these reasons this web page explained thoroughly methods of defence with which it is possible to stop the arrival of epidemics and all other cataclysms to a given community, and also explained how to prepare ourselves on the arrival of these calamities - if our situation is such that we are NOT able to implement the sufficiently effective measures of such defence.

#S2. I suggest to return periodically to this web page for further information:

       In order to keep checking how unfolds our defence against various cataclysms, as described here, it is worth to return periodically to this web page. By the definition, this web page is going to be improved and extended further, as soon as the course of events on the Earth is going to advance even more. It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available via addresses or On this blog many events discussed here are also explained with additional details written as these events unveil before our eyes.

#S3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#S4. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#S5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#S6. Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used to say in creative circles, the repeating person is to provide a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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