Genezis of evil: evolution of moral relatives into immoral enemies (in English)
From where evil comes to Earth,
means the evolution of relatives into sworn enemies
(bilingual: in English For English version click on this flag and Polish Dla polskiej wersji kliknij na ta flage)
5 August 2014

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This web page illustratively explains the situation in which humanity may put itself. It accomplishes this explanation through a logical deduction of what could happen when the technical development of humanity carried out without simultaneous improvement of the level of our morality would allow the humanity to establish a colony on a distant planet. What then people from the planet Earth would do to their own relatives, means to the "blood from their blood". How it is going to happen that from such "good" creatures that we believe we are at present, humanity transforms itself into immoral and ruthless monsters who without even blinking an eye can murder and rob their own relatives, means can ruthlessly torment and destroy this "blood from their own blood". Then the web page changes the point of view to explain sources of all manifestations of evil on the Earth. Finally this web page explains, that from the absolute point of view "evil" is just one amongst means of accomplishing more superior goals.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. Let us have a careful look at the Earth from a completely different prospective:

Motto: "The further is the prospective from which we watch something, the clearer it can be seen."

       Historians know this well. In order to assess precisely what happens in a given place or time, it is beneficial to look at it from a different prospective (e.g. more distant, historic, cosmic, or just from the point of view of another person). So let us do this now. Let us have a look around us, so that we are able to work out what exactly happens to us, and what is going on around us.

#A2. What is the goal of this web page:

       This web page is aimed at describing the bitter truth about a tragic situation in which humanity is placing itself through its immoral behaviours. It also names this situation directly - as it should be named. Finally this web page illustrates that the humanity has no other option but to adopt at some stage the philosophy of totalizm in all actions.

#A3. An accomplishment of this web page is the presentation of situation which could happen only in the universe deprived of God:

       The situation described on this web page could happen only in the universe which is deprived of God. However, in the universe in which God supervises the development of humans, He undertakes various interventions that decrease chances that such a situation may occur. For example, people are educated earlier with the aid of intentional "simulations" about horrors of the occupation by highly immoral creatures with a superior technology - for details see item #F7 below on this web page. Furthermore, blocked is also for the humanity the access to technical devices which with their power exceed the level of morality in people - for details see the so-called curse of inventors described e.g. in item #B2 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. Thus, the sole fact that this web page identifies and reveals trends and situations which are characteristic for open interventions of God aimed at preventing the humanity from getting into situations described here, are one amongst most vital accomplishments of this web page. After all, it documents that God does exist after all and that He intervenes for the good of entire humanity - in spite of what about God is erroneously claimed by the official human science.

Part #B: How the humanity is going to spread evil if it does NOT stop the present insanity:


#B1. What we are going to do when we master interstellar travel?

       The regularities which exist in propelling devices and which are expressed with the so-called "cyclic table" lead to very interesting conclusions. Namely they state that if our present technical development remains uninterrupted e.g. with the destruction of humanity, then by around 2036 our civilisation is going to build the spaceship called the Magnocraft. (This spaceship is briefly described on numerous web pages, and also presented comprehensively in chapter F from volume 3 of monograph [1/4].) This silent space vehicle with magnetic propulsion will allow humanity fast and effective trips to other star systems. In the result, it will completely revolutionise the life on Earth. So let us review now, how this new life on Earth is going to look like after the Magnocraft is build - if humanity is going to insist in maintaining its present philosophy. (I.e. if humanity does not change its philosophy from the presently adhered immoral "parasitism" - that is described in chapter JD from volume 8 of monograph [1/4], into a moral "totalizm" - that is described in chapter JA from volume 6 of monograph [1/4] and monograph [1/5]).
       At this new stadium of the future parasitic existence of humanity, i.e. when our civilisation completes the most vital technological breakthrough - means after it builds the Magnocraft, a dramatic evolution is going to gradually unveil on Earth. This evolution will be initiated by the discovery of a cosy planet of dinosaurs, located somewhere in deep space, which awaits to be populated by people. After our civilisation finds such a cosy planet, surely one of our parasitic politicians, or one of the orthodox scientific lobby groups, is going to convince the rest of human population, that we should populate this cosy planet with our own kind, and also that we should use this populating as an opportunity to study phenomena connected with a development of a new civilisation, while this new civilisation is starting everything from zero. The justification for this move could be very simple. It could suffice to use an idea of spreading the human race beyond our solar system, and surely everyone would agree quite happily. In this way, our scientists are going to receive a permission to specially select a young, naive, and unexposed couple of village children. This couple is going to be designated to be settled on this other planet in order for our scientists to be able to "scientifically observe the development of a new civilisation from the very beginning". Most probably, our scientists would call this couple "Adam and Eve". They would pick them from a distant village buried somewhere in the middle of jungle, so that the children would know almost nothing about our civilisation. The Magnocraft of type K7 that they would travel to their new home, would probably be called "Eden" (see descriptions from subsection P6.1 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4]). Most of the trip, the children would spend in the centre of the spaceship, because from there they could see the column of magnetic field produced by the main propulsor, which would branch into individual circuits that wrap around the whole Magnocraft, thus looking from inside like branches and roots of a huge tree. For children this "magnetic tree of life" would resemble a real tree in their native village, under which they used to sit and to play. After the arrival to their new home, Adam and Eve would simply be "thrown out of the Eden" under some parasitic excuse - e.g. that the impulsive Eve did something that she should not (e.g. ate a fruit, that the captain of the Magnocraft forbidden her to eat). Then living on their own, although under the watchful but discreet supervision from our chief scientist, these children would start another human civilisation from a very scratch.
       In the meantime, in spite of all these astonishing technical advancements, people on Earth would still live very unhappy and unsatisfied lives of victims of institutional parasitism, which currently gradually takes over our civilisation, and which is defined in more details in subsection JD2.5 from volume 8 of monograph [1/4], and on a separate web page about the philosophy of parasitism. (After all, as this is explained in subsection JE6 from volume 9 of monograph [1/4], happiness and satisfaction results from "µ", not from the technical devices which are in our disposal.) Most of people would become extremely lazy, because the majority of repetitive jobs would be done by machines and by robots. The oriented towards parasitism people would be expecting to spend their lives mainly resting and experiencing all the pleasures available to such advanced beings as them. But unfortunately for them, the majority of pleasures that they are to expect in their lives, are being supplied by other people. After all, there are other people who give them sex, who keep them healthy, who maintain their social life and the functioning of their civilisation, who do for them all these non-repetitive works and services that cannot be done by machines, such as cooking, housework, cleaning, raising children, teaching, repairing, controlling and programming their robots, building and running their production factories, working in mines, disposing their garbage, etc. This in turn means, that in order to enjoy all these pleasurable things, which need to be provided by other people, the future parasites would require the ever increasing numbers of slaves. But the only way of having such slaves, without getting any moral hangover, would be to purposely farm people, who would be technically and scientifically less developed than Earthlings do.

Fig. #B1

Fig. #B1: The illustrative item of evidence which proves that on the Earth is "simulated" the situation as if the humanity has NOT evolved on our planet, but was settled here from a different stellar system. (The formal scientific proof completed with methods of mathematical logic and stating that "God created the couple of first people" is published in item #B6.2 of the web page on the evolution. In turn item Part #F of the same web page on the evolution provides some amongst vast body of evidence that humanity originates from the planet Terra in the Vega system.) The above photograph shows an imprint of "human" shoe that is around 550 millions years old. Why, and how, this imprint was formed on Earth, before any developed life forms were established on our planet, is explained on this web page, as well as in subsections A3 and V3 from volumes (correspondingly) 1 and 13 of monograph [1/4] (or is explained in volume 4 of the slightly older monograph [8e] "Totalizm"). Note that especially worth to see over there is the alternative history and real fate of the human race. In order to summarize in a few words the explanations presented there, humanity does not originate from Earth at all. People actually arrived to Earth from a huge and presently non-existing planet called "Terra" that hundreds of millions years ago used to exist somewhere within the Vega system in "Lute" (Polish "Lutnia") star constellation. It was the planet Terra where god evolved mankind. The Terra planet had gravity over 4 times greater than Earth. People from the planet Terra around 550 millions of years ago seeded life on Earth in order to prepare conditions for a human colony to be started here one day. So on the above photograph are shown footprints of a scientist from Terra who arrived to Earth to replenish life here. Independently from Earth, citizens of Terra replenished life and human race also on many other planets. So when in the result of a destructive war they blown out their own planet, these human colonies on other planets have survived. Unfortunately, several amongst these colonies degenerated morally and started to lead a life of "cosmic bandits and robbers" who have an enormously advanced knowledge and technology in their disposal, but who are completely rotten morally. This confederation of decadent relatives of humans with the elapse of time took a control over Earth and presently exploits and oppresses humanity ruthlessly, although in an invisible manner. Presently we know them under the name of "UFOnauts". However, because of their immoral behaviour, cunningness, explosiveness, anger, ruthlessness, wild cruelty, and hostility towards God, the Bible, as well as past people, used to call them "devils", "serpents", "dragons", etc.
       To what (hidden) kinds of actions these diabolic UFOnauts-serpents are capable, it is explained on several separate web pages, e.g. see the page named "26th day", and also in subsection A3 from volume 1 of monograph [1/4]. The above photograph is actually the Figure P31 from monograph [1/4] (also Figure E2 from monograph [8] - both monographs are downloadable free of charge via this web site). The photograph is also commented on a separate web page entitled "UFOnauts".
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

#B2. How, and from what resources, we will exploit our "savage" relatives?

       While inhabitants of Earth will lead unhappy lives because they do not have slaves, this cosy planet, which we populated with our own relatives, means with "the blood out of our own blood", would become saturated with primitive, stupid, strong, wild, and hansom people. Just a kind that our parasitic descendants would need for their slaves. In order to distinguish them from Earthlings, probably our parasitic descendants are going to introduce for them some disdainful name, for example the name "savages", or "groundhogs" - like in the film "Groundhog Day", the meaning of which name is explained in item #C8.1 from the web page about timevehicles. (After all, the adherers of parasitic philosophies show the disdainful attitude towards everything, that does not induce in them a fear or a respect. Thus in order to remind here constantly about the chronic disdainful attitude of the parasites towards others, in this whole chapter I am going to use the name "savages" for all slaves that the parasites farm.) So at some stage of the development of humanity, one of the parasitic politicians probably would gain a huge popularity, by putting forward a proposal, that we should transform this populated planet into a major supplier of slaves for our civilisation. The justification could again be very simple - e.g. our savage relatives grow up into barbarians who do not live according to our standards. Thus they need our constant care, supervision, and discipline. So our turning them into slaves is going to be "good for them". In the effect, a kind of enterprise would be started. It would select from the slave planet the most hansom, healthy, and strong savages, and would bring them to Earth in order to supply slaves to the most wealthy human homes. After a brief course, these savage relatives of humans would be used as prostitutes, as servants, as cleaners, as miners, and for every other type of heavy or dangerous work, that people would not like to do. In this way, just within a few generations from the moment of planting this new civilisation of our relatives, we would become a kind of cosmic parasite, exploiters, and invaders of a planet, which would be populated with our own kind. In this first stage of cosmic parasitism, we would carry out an open exploitation of our savage relatives. Of course, our relatives would be too naive, and too primitive, to realize what is happening. They would consider our representatives to be gods who live on Olympus, and who have various bad habits, although to whom they should be blindly obedient. Our governors appointed on this planet would promote this view by showing to naive relatives the operation of our weapon and technology, the "miracles" that they can made, etc. In order to induce even higher respect, the governors would wear a very "scary" clothing, and paint faces in a scary manner.
       Nothing can be stagnant. Therefore also our exploitation of the slave planet populated with our relatives would go through a gradual evolution. The first reason for this evolution would be a transfer of technology. In spite that our governors would act on this slave planet under very strict orders to not transfer any technology to our savage relatives, just by simple observing humans in action, the savage relatives would quickly learn. Therefore, they would create effective social structures, and at some stage they would learn how to make metals, how to build, how to make clothes, etc. Our politicians would get into a panic, because the fast development of the slave colony would introduce a danger of cutting out the supply of slaves. So they would force the change of exploitation strategy. Our human governors would be ordered to hide from local natives, so that locals would not know about our existence. In this manner humans would start to constantly hide from their primitive relatives. In order to make this hiding even more effective, we would need to also change all methods of acting on the slave planet. Thus instead of a direct and open action, which we used previously, we would introduce the hidden action, indirect, and not detectable for savages. We would also always study savages, and seek methods of controlling them for accomplishing our benefits, so that the savages would not be able to realize that they are controlled. For example, if we would like to destroy their building, we would not do it openly, but we would induce with our advanced technology a tornado, a fire, or a landslip, so that this destruction would look as if it is completely "natural" and "accidental".
       In order to increase the effectiveness of our hiding, we would use the increasingly more advanced technical devices. For example, each time we would operate on the slave planet, we would make sure that we switch on the invisibility shields, so that our less technically advanced relatives would not be able to realize that we actually do exist. Our hiding would be facilitated by the astonishing technical development that we would accomplish at that time, namely by the s-called "telekinetic flickering" - which independently from web pages about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and about telekinezis, is also described in subsection L2 from volume 10 of monographs [1/4] and [1/5]. In the meantime we would start to incorporate this "telekinetic flickering" into all our propelling devices. In this manner, every our vehicle, and also every our representative to the slave planet, would become invisible to eyes of our savage relatives. Furthermore, our governors would be forbidden to take slaves openly from the planet of our relatives. We would start to farm slaves, instead of taking them. For this, we would secretly harvest sperm and ovule from savages, and then clone and grow slaves from this "inferior" genetic material. We would grow them in our "factories" with the use of special industrial test-tubes, that would replace for them the natural wombs. In order to be able to later exploit these slaves on Earth, without having too much moral hangover, we would name them "biorobots". This name would remove from us the sense of guilt, that they are our relatives, while we are still exploiting them so ruthlessly.
       Of course, with the elapse of time we gradually learn how to milk sperm and ovule from our primitive relatives in a manner that they would not even notice it. For this we would abduct them to our vehicles in the middle of night, when they still are submerged into the sleep, while the entire process of extraction of their genetic resources we would carry out after we would previously hypnotise them. After the return to their beds, we would firstly erase thoroughly their memories. In order to keep a strict track, when there is a turn for each individual savage from the slave planet to be "milked out" from sperm or ovule, we would tag each single savage similarly as on Earth we tag cows on human farms, namely by attaching a number for each one of them. For this, each such a savage would have implanted a kind of telepathic transmitter into the bone of his/her leg between the knee and an ankle. This telepathic transmitter, on the signal from our spaceship, would reply with the identification details of a given savage. After implanting these tags, each tagged savage would have a small scar left on his/her leg. For the right handed savage men, this scar would be located on the right side of their right leg, around 27.5 (?3) cm from the floor. In turn for the savage women it would be located on the left side of their left leg, also around 27.5 (?3) cm from the floor. The appearance of this scar is shown on the first photograph provided on web pages on UFOs. We would keep abducting each one of these tagged savages onto decks of our spaceship during their sleep, regularly after around 90 days, and then milk them under hypnosis. Because in the mechanisation of this extraction of sperm quite significantly would obstruct a fold of the foreskin that covers male penises, we would cunningly manipulate into several parasitic religions on the savage planet the "god's order" to circumcise male penises for the religious reasons. In turn those people, who would not believe into any religion that practices circumcision, we would tell that they still need to circumcise for hygienic or sexual reasons, or to prevent sand from gathering under the foreskin. In the result of this systematic abductions and "milking" of reproductive resources, for example every savage female that is "milked" from her ovules, at the age of around 40, would be robbed from around 100 ovules. These 100 ovules we would subject to divisions and cloning, thus making this women to become a mother to at least 1000 of "biorobots", which would suffer excruciating exploitation and abuse on our own planet. Such a process would be sufficiently efficient, to be able to satisfy all our needs for slaves. The planet of savages would supply us with so many biorobots, that every parasitic family on Earth would be able to have even several of them.
       These biorobots would be used on Earth for doing all dirty work that we would not be prepared to do ourselves, and also that could not be done by machines. So these biorobots would work as servants in our houses, as our prostitutes and sex slaves, as surrogate mothers for our children - because bearing a child is a tiresome task and our (used to comforts) women would refuse to do it, they would also work in our factories and in our mines, explore free space for us, die for us as our soldiers, and do everything that is either unpleasant, dangerous, or immoral. When these biorobots would get sick, injured, unable to work any more, or old, we would dispose them on an industrial scale similarly as we do with unwanted animals, i.e. using gas chambers to put them to sleep, and crematoriums to get rid of their bodies. Of course, previously we would extract their skin to make nice leather covers for books and to produce tight fitting gloves, while we would use their hair to plot elegant rugs. These "disposal facilities" or "concentration camps for biorobots" we would develop on some unattended planets just to solve the problem of industrial disposal of millions of these biorobots which are unsuitable for further exploitation. (A "licence" for this efficient method of fast disposal of unwanted biorobots, we could later telepathically pass to some local Hitler from the planet of our slaves, so that this Hitler would not need to invent it from the scratch).

#B3. How we are going to keep our "savage" relatives in continuous slavery?

       Of course, because governors of the savage planet would already know about moral laws (described in subsection I4.1.1 of monograph [1/4]), they would never do any immoral and dirty work by themselves. They would always employ the local "heroes" to kill, to pacify, and to exterminate their own comrades for these governors. In this manner on the planet of slaves gradually would be build a complicated apparatus of oppression, that would be constructed of the telepathically programmed local collaborators and traitors. This apparatus wil be controlled by our own agents, which we will cuningly change for locals. (This changing will be easy for us - after all we will look identically as they do. Also we will know such things as "plastic surgery" and "art of makijage".) According to what is described in subsection JD4.2 and U4.4 of monograph [1/4], for such collaborators and traitors we would choose exclusively savages, who themselves reached already the philosophical state of a full-blown parasitism, and thus who without difficulties can be manipulated and telepathically or hypnotically ordered to do all sorts of atrocities. Moreover, these collaborators and traitors would be formed into special self-deadlocking human structures, the effectiveness of which is going to be multiplied - example of one of such structures is described in subsection O3 of monograph [1/4] and in subsection E2 of monograph [8]. This oppressive apparatus is to spread an unexplainable terror amongst savages, pushing everyone down, destroying everyone that is going to stick out, and effectively delaying the development of the entire savage civilisation.
       In spite, however, that we would know about moral laws, and try hard not to break them, still our oppressive activities on the slave planet, and the ruthless exploitation of all these slaves that we would have, would generate undesirable karma which we wouldn't like to receive back. (What is this "karma" it is explained on the web pages karma and 26th day, and in subsections I4.4 and JA3 of monograph [1/4].) So we would develop various techniques of dumping our unwanted karma onto the selected savages from the slave planet. We would select the most moral and the most good savages on the slave planet, to act as dumps for our unwanted karma. We would dump our bad karma on the most moral savages for two main reasons. The first reason would be to get rid of the karma for these our own crimes, which we would not like to receive ourselves back when their karma finally returns to us. The second reason would be to purposely confuse the savages, and to conceal the action of the moral laws from them. The point is, that by causing good and moral people on the slave planet to also experience all the bad events in the same manner as this happen to bad people, would made savages to believe that being good and moral does not pay off. Of course, savages would not know that their good and moral people are affected by bad events not because being moral remains unrewarded, but because we purposely dumped our bad karma onto them thus making impossible for them to rip moral rewards which they deserve.
       The appetite of our civilisation for the slave workforce would grow so fast, that a single slave planet would not be able to satisfy it forever. For this reason, after our space vehicles would be perfected sufficiently, we would decide to prepare another planet to become a similar slave colony. For this purpose we would choose a bare planet on a lifeless star system located quite close to our Sun, and we would start to prepare this planet for becoming our next slave colony. To accomplish this, we would design and implement a plan for turning the bare planet into timing with life slave colony. During implementing this plan we would probably leave there our marks and footprints, similar to these shown in "Fig. #B1". But populating this second planet of slaves would be our parallel project, the elaboration on which would duplicate the information from this web page, so it lies outside of the thesis of this page concerning the evolution of philosophy of "evil parasitism". So let us abandon discussing it any further and let us return to the further fate of our first slave planet.
       Because the elapse of time would keep bringing the further technical development to our first slave planet, at some stage we would be again forced to change our exploitation strategy. In order to keep our primitive relatives under control, we would be forced to make sure that forever they remain less developed from us. The reason would be that the slave planet that would supply us with all these slaves, would slowly try to develop itself to our own level, thus threatening that the savages not only would discover our existence and parasitic activities, but would also start to take a revenge for all these years of slavery. They could also start to free from our oppression all other planets of slaves that in the meantime we would manage to populate. So we would decide to permanently suppress this slave planet and to push it down. In this way from just cosmic parasites, we would evolve into "evil parasites" which are described in subsections JD8 and JD9 of monograph [1/4]. Evil parasitism is the most sinister version of the philosophy, which in chapter JD of monograph [1/4] is called the institutional parasitism. It manifests itself by not only having and exploiting slaves that are farmed on other planets, but also by intentional harming them in order to keep them enslaved forever. A primitive model of evil parasites could be harem owners in Eastern cultures, who castrated their eunuchs, to keep them enslaved until they die. (It is interesting that Eastern cultures somehow developed social structures, which are much more prone to all forms of parasitism than Western cultures. Also in Eastern cultures the parasitic institutions in agonal stage are tolerated by the society and kept artificially alive for much longer then in Western cultures.)
       After accomplishing the stage of "evil parasitism", to keep the slave planet in a state of continuous enslaving, and to make its freeing from our "protection" impossible, we would constantly fabricate various destructive phenomena on it. For example one time we would hit their planet with some planetoid that we redirected especially to cause such damage. The other time we would explode on it our vehicle, thus destroying the large proportion of its civilisation. We would also bring to it periods of slavery, feudalism, and "medieval" times. We would also use religious fanaticism to turn one group of savages to oppress others. We would fabricate various "natural" disasters and cataclysms, which periodically would push down their civilisation, and keep it in a constant darkness. Sometimes we would cause heavy destruction of the natural environment, so that the majority of them would die out from pollution and cosmic radiation. We would also constantly instigate savages to start wars between themselves, and we would steer fights and disagreements between various their races, countries, religions, ideologies, etc. These wars would sometimes overtake the entire their planet. In this way we would constantly push savages down and we would always keep them in the state of complete darkness and unawareness of being exploited.
       We would also complement these atrocities by regular assassinations of their best brains. For example, if from the research of their future we would learn, that a given person is going to contribute significantly to the development of the slave civilisation, we would either destroy this person and make him/her unable to accomplished whatever was in his/her reach, or we would assassinate this person. In order to destroy selected people we would use a whole arsenal of proven in action and effective methods. The key components of such destruction would be: (1) to cut such person from the connection with the rest of the world (e.g. by making his/her postman to intercept his mail, or by forcing him/her to move to a distant country), (2) to instigate his relatives and friends against him/her - so that he/she would not have a peace and conditions for work, (3) to make him/her very busy with a fight for survival - so that he/she would not have the time and energy to complete whatever normally he/she could accomplish, and finally (4) to deprive him/her of the source of income - so that he/she would have a bigger worry on the mind then to accomplish whatever was intending for the good of his/her countrymen. All these would be done with the use of undetectable methods, such as: (i) controlling of events by our agents-changelings which are going to occupy key positions in their society, (ii) post-hypnotic suggestions programmed directly to minds of people who interact with such a victim, (iii) telepathic commands, or (iv) manipulation on moods and on low instincts, etc. Of course, we would know about the action of moral laws. Therefore we would not carry out killings in a direct manner. We would either make savages killed by a local gunman who would be hypnotically pre-programmed by us for this killing, or we would arrange a "Titanic scenario" described in subsection A4 of monograph [1/4] to kill them, or we would fabricate any other "accidents", which would result in the death of selected savages.
       Independently from the above, we would also systematically murder all those on the farmed planet who would seem to be too inquisitive and trying to deduct our existence. Furthermore, we would hold back the technical and scientific progress of this planet by telepathically misleading its top scientists, by implanting various destructive ideas and fanatic religions, by manipulations on views of savages, etc. In order to carry out all such sabotages, we would use our own agents-changelings who would mix with locals and utilise our advanced technology to control them as well as to gain their admiration. Our saboteurs could work unnoticed, because they would look like locals (after all, we would farm our own kind), while for misleading our farmed slaves, we would develop in them the belief that aliens from space must look drastically different. To develop this belief about the different appearance of aliens from space, we would arrange on the savage planet a few theatrical spectacles, in which we would make to land on this planet some strange looking creatures which locals would take for aliens. These our local-looking saboteurs could pretend to be magicians. After all, they would be able to walk through walls or jump through aeroplane propellers, without getting hurt. They could also pretend to have psychic powers. This is because they could bend spoons, bend little pendants while these are still hanging from someone's neck, and move objects just by looking at them. Alternatively, they could pretend to be sent by God. After all, they could make miracles, disappear from view, revive the dead (by shifting backward their time), etc. By doing such extraordinary things, which would appear supernatural to locals, our saboteurs would gain their attention, obtain access to the top circles, and have a significant influence on the political life of the planet that we would farm. Therefore they could help to make decisions, which would turn to be the most disastrous for locals and would push them down.
       One of our strongest ambitions would be to make the social system on the enslaved planet to become identical to our own system. After all, we would consider our own system to be the most perfect in the entire universe. Therefore, we would spare no efforts to reinforce on the slave planet the atheism that we would adhere ourselves. Furthermore, we would try to organize amongst savages various permanent slavery systems that we would have already implemented on our own planet. In order to reinforce atheism, our basic strategy would depend, amongst others on (for details see subsection VB5.3.2 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4]): (1) organising increasingly barbaric religions and cults amongst slaves, (2) deviating morally some leaders of the existing religions and cults, and also (3) such directing the science of savages that this science will become an atheistic enemy of religion. Our intension would be, that through showing how corrupted and morally decadent various religions and cults become with the elapse of time, this would turn out of the faith all savages that would feel the need for having a religion. In turn to reinforce a permanent slavery, we would continually organise on the slave planet various regimes and social systems, that would try to implement slave structures practically. For example we would form countries and systems, such as Roman Empire or feudalism, which would entirely be based on the slave labour, we would build religious systems of enslaving, such as the Inca Empire or the Order of Teutonic Knights, we would form casts and social classes, such as in ancient India or in industrialised England, we would build military slave regimes, such as Hitler's fascism, etc., etc. We would never cease these efforts of imposing permanent slavery on the planet of savages. After all, we would try to make these savages similar to the most wonderful creatures of the entire universe - which we would believe that we are.
       Having in our disposal such advanced technology as telepathy and technical hypnotising, we would make sure that we also use it to our advantage. For example we would place a satellite in the orbit of our farmed planet, and make this satellite to telepathically order every single savage: "you must scoff, ridicule, and burn on the stake all those who try to research the existence of UFOs, or who try to establish the reality of UFO abductions". In this way, even if someone on the savage planet would get to realise the seriousness of their situation, all others would only scoff at him/her, never believing what he/she is saying, and then would quickly burn him/her on the stake. Due to use of such evil methods, we would keep forever our savage relatives in the state of stupidity and unawareness of being exploited.
       In order to force our own citizens to approve and to complete all these immoral atrocities that we would do on the savage planet, after we entered the stage of evil parasitism we would be forced to introduce on our own planet the duty of carrying so-called "indoctrination implants" described in subsections JD8 and U3.2 of monograph [1/4], and in subsection D3.1 of the treatise [7/2]. These implants would cause that all citizens of our parasitic civilisation would adhere to exactly the same philosophy of evil parasitism. Thus they would not have any moral resistance against doing all these atrocities, deviations and evil deeds, to which the evil parasitism is resorting. Unfortunately, forcing our citizens to obligatorily carry such indoctrination implants would also cause that as a civilisation we would loose the capability to generate new ideas. Thus starting from this point in time, we would freeze ourselves in the development. This in turn would cause, that apart from the need of having slaves as the source of labour, we would also need them as the source of new ideas and inventions. Thus the consequence of introducing in our society the indoctrination implants would be that our exploitation of the savage planet would enter into the next stadium of exploiting savages not only from the genetic resources, but also from intellectual properties, means from the new ideas.
       The stadium of exploiting the savage planet also from the intellectual properties would put our civilisation in a very difficult position. We would need to balance between two contradictions. On one hand we would be forced to hold back the savage planet from further development. After all, our own progress we would freeze with our indoctrination implants. So if we allow them to develop freely, there would be a danger that they overtake us in the technical advancement and perhaps for a change turn us into their own slaves. On the other hand we would need their technical and scientific ideas, because these would be the ideas that would push us upwards in our own development. In order to somehow balance between these two contradictions, we would need to constantly choose, which ideas we squash in our slaves at the spot, but which we allow to develop in the isolation, so that we could firstly parasite on them, and only then squash them. However, the ideas which we would allow to develop we would carefully cut off from all possibilities of being disseminated on the slave planet.
       After some 20 000 of years from the moment of starting exploiting the slave planet, our dependency on the biological resources supplied by savages would envelope all aspects of our lives. Practically every areas of economy and life on our planet would be dependent on the slaves, and on the biological resources robbed from the savages. We would become as Germany under Hitler, who finally even started to use hair from their slaves to plot rugs, and human skin to produce book covers and gloves. And so, the biorobots farmed from the sperm and ovule robbed from the savage planet would do all work for us. The moral energy robbed from savages would extend our lives and would add vigour to our bodies. The creativity generated by savages would become the only source of our progress. Even such thing as the artificial intelligence that would be needed to control precisely our machines and vehicles, in our civilisation would not originate from computers - which would be used by other civilisations for this purpose, but it would take the form of intelligent souls of our savages, which we would intercept and imprison in our technical devices, so that these souls would control the work of the devices. (In order to enslave these souls in a manner that they would accept, we would make them to believe during their life that they are former our citizens, "star-people", means one of us, and then we would discreetly convince them to commit suicides so that after the release from their bodies they could "return" to us - means allow us to imprison them in control mechanisms of our machines.) Due to this trick, our machines and vehicles would have personality, knowledge, and intelligence of humans, i.e. they would have conscience, senses, names, and we could talk to them and give to them by thoughts, or by words, any complicated orders, which they then would intelligently and with feeling complete for us.
       During reviewing all these forms of destructiveness, which our parasitic descendants are to carry out, in order to maintain their slavery-based lifestyle, one may start to ponder whether they are going to do to savages anything that is good. Well, the answer is: no! Evil parasites are doing exclusively evil deeds! They may carry out some actions, which from the receiving end may look like good deeds, but actually these actions always have evil intensions. Let us now have a look at a hypothetical situation, which by a savage would be perceived as a "direct intervention of angels", but which actually would be done for evil purposes. To understand this situation, let us assume that evil parasites decided to spread amongst savages a mock "scientific" theory, which would block further progress, because it would divert attention from telepathy, telekinetic travel, and from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In order to spread this theory, evil parasites would find a savage scientist, let name him "Einstein", and then hypnotically guide him through the entire process of putting together and propagating this ill-conceived theory. They would engage in this project a lot of their own scientists, and put a lot of effort. After all, the theory would need to be well prepared and would need to be cunningly though over. Of course, the effects would be as desired. This theory would completely extinguish the efforts of savages to seek amongst directions that would hide the immediate progress and technical accomplishments. But then our parasitic descendants would need to alter something in the past of the savage planet, via the use of their time vehicles - as described in subsections M1 and M6 of monograph [1/4]. After they completed this alteration of the past, it would turn out, that in the new passage of time, their "Einstein" drowned as a small boy. So all these efforts of evil parasites, would turn out to be wasted. What our parasitic descendants would do in such a situation. Well, in the new passage of time, they would send one of their people to save young "Einstein", when he was drowning. So that in the altered passage of time, his theory would again work as in the old one. In the effect of this saving, savage "Einstein" would later claim that "an angel miraculously saved my life when I was drowning as a young boy". For someone, who would look just at this individual incident, it would appear as if a good deed was done by evil parasites. But actually it would not be a good deed at all, as it would serve for a very sinister purpose. Therefore, if on the savage planet anyone would analyse the activities of "angels", and put the total outcome of their "good deeds" into a proper prospective, then it would always turn out that all these "good deeds" actually were done with evil intensions and served for very sinister purposes.

Fig. #B2

Fig. #B2: Anatomic features of former "devils" (i.e. present "UFOnauts"). The above photograph shows one of the best images of a "devil", about the existence of which I am aware. This image illustrates almost all vital anatomic attributes of creatures, whom because of their decadent morality, hostility towards people, and enjoyment in tormenting these who are dependent on them, in old times were called "devils" by people. The Bible authorized by God himself calls them "serpents", "dragons", "devils", and also in several other ways - see item #E1 of this web page. In present days these devilish creatures are called "UFOnauts". In fact they are close relatives of humans while their appearance is difficult to distinguish from ours.
       This photograph was taken from monograph [1/4] where it is shown as Figure N3. In turn extensive descriptions of anatomy of UFOnauts are provided in subsection V8.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4]. The most striking anatomic attributes of UFOnauts, which I always seek first, are their triangular eyes and the upward growth of hair above the forehead. The eyes of UFOnauts have slightly different shape and optical properties than eyes of humans. Thus when they are viewed from an appropriate angle, their pupils look like sharp triangles with straight sides directed downward with their apexes. But when an UFOnaut looks straight at us, his/her pitch black pupils in eyes look just round like in humans. Therefore the easiest way to notice that someone is a UFOnaut, when we see him/her in TV or look at his/her photograph. Then camera frequently captures their eyes under this special angle of viewing, for which they become triangular. It is shocking how many such triangular eyes one can notice in present television. What is even more interesting, in majority of individuals who show such triangular eyes, have hair strangely standing up on ends above their forehead. After one realises what this means, one gets into a shock. After all, the frequency of seeing such eyes and hair makes us aware how massive the occupation of Earth by UFOnauts is, and how complete and tight control over all our institutions UFOnauts extend presently. Because of this triangular appearance, the old Polish folklore stated that "devils" (i.e. "UFOnauts" who operate on Earth) have "cat eyes". In turn hair in UFOnauts who mix with people grows upward on the head. Thus the majority of UFOnauts comb their hair upwards. In a noticeable proportion of UFOnauts hair is curled (similar like in people is pubic hair). Another striking attribute is their head in the shape of standing pear which gives the higher horizontal cross-section in the plane of temples (i.e. not in the plane of cheek-bones like in people). Furthermore, noses of UFOnauts are pointed like carrots, and usually have a small groove at the very end. Many of them have noses bend in the middle like small hooks. In turn on their chins small protrusions do exist, which frequently have a vertical groove running in the middle which subdivides it into two like miniature human buttocks. Unfortunately, some of these anatomic features probably can appear also in people. Therefore detection of such attributes in someone should only inspire for undertaking a careful observation of such someone. After all, on the present stage of our knowledge the final assessing of someone as a UFOnaut, can be only accomplished when we catch such someone on causing some "supernatural" event, e.g.: disappearing after entering a toilet or a lift, passing through the wall or locked doors, avoiding a wound when getting a cut is obvious, rapid appearance of a series of strange "coincidents" all of which supports the intention of this someone, accidental letting us know that such someone knows our thoughts or pains, unaware revealing that they can telepathically issue orders to animals, etc., etc. In the vital interest of survival of our civilisation is to start taking notice of attributes described here. Notice, that details of the anatomy of UFOnauts, as well as differences in the appearance of UFOnauts and people, are also discussed on several further totaliztic web pages listed in "Menu 4" and "Menu2", e.g. on pages "ufonauts", "aliens", "26th day", "Malbork", or "Antichrist".

#B4. How we will make sure that our savage relatives will not realise that they are occupied and exploited by us?

       In order to exploit our savage relatives practically for infinitive time, it become absolutely vital that we will NOT allow them to realize, that they are occupied and exploited by us. Therefore in order to make for them impossible to realise the tragedy of their own situation, we undertake several preventive steps. Here is the list of most important such steps:
       (i) We are going to hide from them continually. Therefore, if we arrive to their homes, we do it only in the middle of nights when they are sleeping, while before we awake them we make sure that we hypnotised them with our hypnotising devices. If our vehicle is forced to patrol their planet, it is going to do it either at night, or after disappearing from the view through changing into the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering". If we decide to murder one of these savage relatives of ours, or destroy any city that they build for themselves, then we do it in such a manner that it will appear that this murder is an accident or a deadly disease, while this destruction was cause by the "act of God" - means we will carry out our evil deeds in manners described on the web page "predators".
       (ii) We place our own changelings to be their leaders. Because we will look almost identical to them, we will impose our changelings to be their leaders. In this way we will have a constant control over what they are doing. Of course, they will NOT know that these whom they elect supposedly in a "democratic" manner to become their leaders, in reality are our agents. After all, in order to not recognise our agents, each one of them will be placed in true their families, as a so-called "changeling" described in more details on the web page "predators". (Such a "changeling" is simply our own agent, who undergoes a thorough plastic surgery to obtain appearance that is identical to one of their people, and then changes place with this person. Because this agent is going to look exactly like a person for which it changes places, even his closest family will NOT know that he is NOT one of them, but one of us.) These our changelings will occupy all key positions in their society. Therefore we will be able to control their society in any way we want.
       (iii) We will keep destroying the evidence of our existence. Sometimes may happen that we leave on their planet some evidence of our existence. For example any of savages photographs our vehicle, or during a landing we leave in grass a permanent landing site. However, in such cases we must immediately send to this evidence our agents-changelings, and order them to destroy somehow this evidence, or neutralise the significance of it in eyes of savages.
       (iv) Our changelings pretending to be their scientists will continually tell these our "savage" relatives that we do NOT exists at all. Because we will have our agents-changelings practically on every key position in their society, we will cause that these agents will constantly tell savages that we do NOT exist at all, and that they are only inhabitants of the universe. If any of them starts to claim otherwise, we either murder him, or unleash around him such hysteric campaign of condemnation, scoffing, tormenting, discrimination, and telling others that he must be mentally ill, that none of his countryman will believe in what he says.
       (v) We will not allow them to learn true course of their own history. We will systematically destroy everything that contains any information about their fate and history. An example how in a completely secretive manner we will carry out such destruction of history is described on the web page about my family village Wszewilki and on the web page about memorial.

Fig. #B3

Fig. #B3: The painting prepared in 2002 by a famous Polish artist Henryk Jan Baca. It illustrates in a symbolic manner the present situation of humanity. The UFO vehicle approaching us from the space provides the key to understanding this painting.
       The contact with the author of this painting (e.g. in order to post him our comments or opinions) Other paintings of the same artist can be viewed at his web page

#B5. What we are going to do when our "savage" relatives, in spite of our suppression, still increase the level of their technology too close to our own level?

       In spite of all these our efforts, it still may happen that savages from the slave planet at some stage reach the level of development of their technology, which allows them to detect our hidden occupation of their planet. Furthermore, they discover the existence of moral laws, develop principles their own highly moral philosophy called totalizm, and learn to detect attributes of our immoral philosophy of parasitism, which we disseminate amongst them. This deprives us the ability to control their actions. Finally they invent the oscillatory chamber, become capable to built the Magnocraft, and begin to build devices for telepathic communication. This in turn will cause that they will be able to communicate with other civilisations from which so-far we intentionally cut them off. They also start to notice signs of our invisible existence and occupation of their planet. Thus they start to form structures and means for breaking away from our evil "protection". So what we do in such critical moment of time to keep them enslaved? Well, due to our present knowledge of evil parasitism we already are able to deduce what will be our reaction. Namely, we will do everything possible to destroy completely their too advanced for us technical civilisation, and thus cause that they must return to caves and on trees. After all, after destroying their technical civilisation we will assure next several thousand years of our uninterrupted occupying and robbing of their civilisation.
       In order to cause the complete destruction of the technical civilisation of these savages, we will unleash an entire series of hidden manners of their systematic destruction. Here are the most important out of these manners:
       (i) Initiation of murderous wars on their planet, including in this also world wars. In order these wars were especially destructive, we will try to carry them out on the religious ground. For this we will utilise our agents-changelings mixed with savages and performing functions of leaders in their societies, in order to quarrel believers of subsequent religions that we created on their planet and agitate these believers to start a destructive war. Implementing consequently the parasitic doctrine "divide and rule" we will continually instigate believers of one religion against others. In the result, at some stage we will manage to start another destructive world war on the occupied planet of savages. Outcome of this war will be that their entire civilisation become completely destroyed and shifted back in the development to the level of cave men. More information on this subject is presented in subsection O8 of monograph [1/4], and also on web pages predators, or military_magnocraft.htm.
       (ii) Technological forming with our advanced vehicles various destructive phenomena which will look like natural disasters. For example, by exploding our vehicles we will cause murderous tsunamis, we will constantly induce destructive hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc., etc.
       (iii) Unleashing murderous viruses and bacteria. We will also torment constantly their society with murderous illnesses and micro-organisms, which our scientists will raise in our laboratories. These in turn will initiate murderous epidemics which will cause carnage amongst their civilisation.
       (iv) Creating destructive economical-social conditions on their planet. This goal we will try to accomplish through causing that leaders of key countries on the planet of savages are our own agents-changelings whom we place amongst them. In normal circumstances such imposing on savages our own leaders that originate from our civilisation will be simple. It will boil down to mixing our agents-changelings with the crowd, as it is described on the web page predators, and in subsection V8 of monograph [1/4]. Then we will cause that some of these our agents-changelings become diverted to a political career. With the aid of our hidden methods of action, our agents-changelings become lifted to the role of leaders of all key countries amongst unsuspecting savages. In turn these mannequin leaders that we imposed on them will make sure to suffocate the economy of the planet of savages, to cause economic depression and to make all possible political "errors" in order to extend this depression as long as possible, to increase their unemployment, poverty, the lack of food, crime rate, addictions, dependencies, oppression, etc., etc.
       (v) Changing the civilisation of our slaves into the "exclusively female civilisation". Means, through the use of our advanced technology we start to influence the natural environment of the planet of our slaves in such a manner that the "sperm counts" in males from this planet are going to gradually drop down until diminishing completely. Simultaneously we develop on the slave planet intensive research on forming sperm from so-called "stem cells" - thus eliminating completely the need for the existence of males. In the result we receive an exclusively female civilisation - which provides us with benefits described in item #B6 below.
       Descriptions of further "pseudo-natural" catastrophes and tools with the use of which we will be able to torment savages in a manner undetectable by them, are presented on many totaliztic web pages, e.g. see pages destructive use of magnetic vehicles, predators, 26th day, landslides, plague, hurricane, tornado, and several others.

#B6. The transformation of the planet of our slaves into a civilisation of exclusively females:

       So on the slave planet we are going to practise intensely all these cruel methods of "evil parasitism". Unfortunately for us, these methods are going to slow down progress of the savage civilisation of our relatives, but will NOT be able to stop this progress completely. Seeing this continuous progress of our savages, we will become increasingly aware, that one day savages may discover our existence, and break away from our "protection". This would be a disastrous blow for our civilisation, as in the meantime we got used to slaves so much, that we could not envisage our lives without a continuous access to new "biorobots" and to other biological resources. So when savages would already reached the stage of development, when they started to build cars and space rockets, we would invented an extremely sinister plan of keeping them enslaved forever. We would decide to turn them into an exclusively "female civilisation". The idea would be, that by using our invisible methods, which savages would not be able to distinguish from "natural" causes, we would gradually decrease the sperm count in male savages, and eliminate all males from the savage population. For example, we would beam this civilisation with telepathic messages of appropriately designed content and frequency, we would expose it to cosmic radiation of a well selected destruction, we would introduce appropriate impurities to their atmosphere and water, etc. Simultaneously we would make savages to push forward intensive research on genetics, genetic engineering, cloning, producing sperm from stem cells, etc. So when we would manage to eradicate all males from the savage planet, their civilisation still could continue to multiply on principles of cloning or the use of sperm produced from stem cells (instead, like previously, on principles of male-female conception). When we would manage to gradually eliminate all males from the savage civilisation, then females would be only left on the slave planet. These females would still provide us with the genetic material needed to produce our "biorobots", and would still be able to multiply themselves by cloning. But because females do not display certain male qualities, which could threaten our dominance, such exclusively "female civilisation" would never initiate any attempts to detect our existence, or to break away from our "protection". In this way we could exploit such "female civilisation" forever. After we would developed this sinister plan, we would immediately put it into the action. For this, we would gradually decrease with our invisible methods the sperm count in male savages. We would also cause with the undetectable methods described in subsection JE5.4 of monograph [1/4] the increasingly large proportion of girls to be born on the slave planet. Furthermore, with the use of telepathic orders emitted by our "propaganda satellites", we would induce an emotional "war of sexes" on the savage planets. For this we would bombard every inhabitant of this planet with he telepathic information, that the opposite sex is completely unsuitable to live together, thus everyone should live either alone, or live in homosexual relationships with the same sex. Furthermore, we would order savages telepathically to attack the opposite sex at any opportunity, and to take revenge on it, because for everyone the opposite sex is a source of all personal problems.
       At this point it is worth to emphasize, that starting from 2009 the human civilisation on the Earth is ready to transform into the exclusively female civilisation. After all, it was in 2009 that people learned how to produce human sperm from so-called "stem cells" - for details see the article "Embryonic idea: a world without need for men", from pages A1 and A3 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, July 9, 2009; or the article "Scientists create human sperm" from page B3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, July 9, 2009. Furthermore, in 2009 the sperm counts in males of almost all countries in the world dropped down below 50% of the sperm counts in the same countries registered just only 25 years earlier (e.g. in New Zealand it dropped down by almost 80%).

Part #C: What consequences of these enslaving of our closest relatives will bring to our own civilisation:


#C1. How the hidden occupation of our "savage" relatives will facilitate the getting rid of human scum from our own planet:

       In every society a percent of citizens is dangerous to the rest of people and must be eliminated somehow. Their examples include murderers, criminals, perverts, degenerates, psychopaths, dangerous mentally ill, etc. Because descriptions from this item require the use of a general name for all groups of such people, I will use here the name "scum". In [E4] "The Concise Oxford Dictionary", 10th edition, ISBN 0-19-860259-6, page 1290, the word "scum" is defined, amongst others, as "a worthless or contemptible person or group of people" (also "a layer of dirt or froth on the surface of a liquid"). Thus it has a very similar meaning as "riffraff" from page 1231 of [E4] (i.e. "disreputable or undesirable people"), but is much easier to use. These people from the social scum, typically are too dangerous to allow them to walk freely amongst normal humans. Therefore in societies limited to their own planets, such as present societies on Earth, this human scum is locked away in a multitude of institutions, hospitals, or prisons. However, after locking them out, the society needs to spend on food, housing and treatment, supervisors, etc. So even when they are locked away, the society still is punished by them, because must loose resources to look after them and to watch them.
       Therefore when the humanity will enslave the planet of "savage" relatives described on this web page, the political leaders adhering to the philosophy of evil parasitism will surely invent a more convenient, although also more deceitful and parasitic, solution for the problem of getting rid of this dangerous human scum. This solution is already known for a long time. Less than 200 years ago England used it for getting rid of its human scum and black sheep from influential families (i.e. packed them onto boats and sent to Australia). In case of the future, parasitic Earth, instead of locking away this human scum in institutions or prisons, our societies will dump them to this slave planet, putting them in control there in the name of humanity. Therefore, the entire human personnel on this planet of slaves will be composed of various murderers, criminals, perverts, degenerates, psychopaths, etc., whom no-one wants to see on Earth. After we dump this human scum to the slave planet, our society will gain various benefits. For example:
       (i) The humanity gets rid of this scum from Earth cheaply, without spending governmental funds on locking them away in institutions, for feeding them, supervising, watching, etc.
       (ii) This scum becomes useful and productive. After all, it will govern and exploit for us the colony of our slaves. In this way normal citizens of Earth will NOT need to dirty their hands wish such immoral activities.
       (iii) We will please this scum without bearing any social costs. After all, on the planet of our slaves they will be allowed to rape, rob, murder, and do with local slaves whatever their twisted minds may wish to do. This pleasing of their deviations and lasts on slaves will not bother nor disturb anyone on our own planet.
       (iv) We will clean our own planet from the human scum, in a humanitarian manner, maintaining their dignity, pride and respect. After all, instead of explaining to the ones whom we will get rid of, that we are dumping them out from our planet, because there is no room for them amongst us, we will boost their pride and avoid getting accused of anything when we let them know that "they are posted on a honourable and responsible mission of representing our planet and governing on our behalf".
       (v) We will create favourable conditions for disciplining this scum easier. Because these ones whom we get rid from our planet in this manner will be delegated onto "a responsible mission and a diplomatic post", whenever they do something that we will not like, we can punish them incomparably more than when they do it on their own planet. After all, beyond borders of our own planet, each their action can be announced to be a "treason", "endangering of the security of their own civilisation", "cooperation with enemies", etc. In turn punishment for such "crimes" could be of any length.
       In the result of this simple action, the planet of slaves turns out to be not only a source of our good living, but also a dumping ground onto which in a "humanitarian" and unoffending manner we will get rid of all human scum that originates from our own society. All these whom we will send there in fact will be the unwanted human scum intentionally removed from our own society. In addition, this getting rid of the scum we will be able to carry out in the manner which will not offend anyone's rights, and thus which does NOT induce anyone's protests or reservations within our own civilisation - which by then will be used to complain practically about everything. After all, in these future times, humanity overpowered by the philosophy of parasitism will be enormously deceitful and trained in hiding of evil behind a smoke screen of supposed helping and doing good. So no-one will admit openly, that this human scum is dumped out of Earth, and everyone will talk of honour and responsibility which they receive due to these "ambassador" positions on the occupied planet.
       Unfortunately, in order this human scum could carry out well their tasks on a new planet, it will turn necessary to equip them into advanced technology and effective weapon. So they receive in their hands all these advanced vehicles, tools, and technical devices, which are described in item #B3 above. This in turn will introduce a risk to our own planet and our politicians. After all, if these human scum gets taste of power over others, they may return to Earth, remove our government, and take themselves the control over our planet. Therefore our politicians become very wary of them. Without telling them this, they will undertake towards this human scum a whole range of precautions. Here are some of such precautions undertook by future leaders of Earth:
       (a) This scum, since once removed from Earth, will not be allowed to return, until they stop being dangerous. Therefore, if for some reasons their mandate on one occupied planet will expire, then e.g. they immediately will be posted to another planet, etc. Or a trick will be invented especially to keep them there - e.g. that only on this planet after they reach an old age they can be shifted back by time vehicles to times of their youth. Of course, when they become old and infirm, and thus when they stop being dangerous, exceptionally they may be allowed to return to Earth. But best for the future politicians will be if this scum will even die on the occupied planet.
       (b) They will NOT allow spaceships of this scum to land on Earth. In spite that this human scum will supposedly represent humanity, their spaceship will NOT be allowed to land on Earth. Of course, used to lying future politicians will invent some good excuse for this. For example, that these spaceship could bring to Earth some unwanted epidemics or organisms, or that their design is prone to catastrophes. Therefore their spaceship will be forced to land on the Moon, or even on some distant planets. But the true reason for this disallowing their spaceship to land on Earth, will be the fear and distrust of our politicians, and their wariness that these well organised and equipped human scum may try to intercept the political power over Earth.
       (c) They will always equip this scum with devices at least one generation older and less effective from the equipment used by the police of these politicians. The politicians will try to make sure, that if these human scum tries to take power over Earth, then the police which protects these politicians would have a technical advantage over them. Of course, again this social scum will not be informed about the true reasons why they receive the outdated equipment. After all, always it will be possible to invent some deceitful although plausible excuse for this, e.g. that "savages" from the occupied planet are so primitive, that it would be a waste to use against them the newest equipment, or that the government does NOT have funds for replacing the old equipment with a new one. Of course, the fact that the scum will have slightly outdated equipment will not eliminate the danger that one day they still will be able to take the power over Earth. The reason will be that the occupation of the planet of savages imposes on them a strict discipline, makes them tough, provides them with continuous training in fight, and teaches them how to skilfully utilise any discontent of people from Earth for accepting their takeover of power. Due to this, scum will be incomparably superior in all fighting skills over the Earthly police, which in spite of having a better equipment, still will be incompetent, not used to make decisions, mutually disagreeing, lead by incompetent leaders who are relatives of the ruling dynasty, and deprived of support from the society. Thus, during the coup this police will be unable to yield any real resistance.
       In such a manner, these people who in the name of humanity will enslave their "savage" relatives, themselves will also be enslaved by this humanity. Only that none of them will normally be aware of this fact. Probably for them will then be coined the saying "as it is up in heaven, is also down here".
       The universe has an amazing ability to arrange payments for practically every action. Therefore, also the future humanity invariably must pay for dumping their scum to the planet of savages. Namely one day the scum will realise that they also are treated the same as these savages whom they are ordered to occupy. Almost for sure they arrange then a coup and overtake the power over Earth to initiate their own dynasty of rulers. How this change the life on Earth one can imagine easily. But simultaneously it is worth to notice, that for these savages from the occupied planet this may mean the long awaited independence from Earth. The reason is, that if new rulers on Earth will have a bit of logic, they will not risk that also their own dynasty is overthrown in future by next generations of well organised occupational forces from the planet of slaves. So just in case they will terminate the hidden occupation of this planet. Furthermore, they will probably remember, that they have a unique debt of gratitude towards the planet of slaves. After all, it was this planet that led them to overtaking the power over the entire Earth.

#C2. How the criminal methods that we develop against our savage relatives are going to be used against us:

       The most clearly it was demonstrated to us by Hitler's people during the second world war. Namely, every criminal method that was develop against enslaved nations, with the elapse of time Hitler's people used also against their own people who somehow fell into the disfavour of their regime. And so, for example concentration camps initially were build for Jews, then for other enslaved nations, and finally landed in them also Germans who somehow got in problems with their own authorities. Similarly was with methods of torturing, investigation, and punishment, with the use of criminal medicine, with propaganda, spying, etc., etc.
       Of course, Hitler's Germany are NOT the only historic example which demonstrated to us and confirmed the general rule that if any nation (or civilisation) develops some evil methods of acting against another nation (or civilisation), then it is just only a matter of time when the same evil methods will be used against its own citizens. Practically the same rule was historically confirmed also in the Roman Empire, Japanese Empire, in the regime of Adi Amin, in Cambodia of Pol Pot, and in all other places in which in past were introduced to the use (or just are being introduced) any evil methods of acting against people.
       Exactly the same rule will also act in the case described before when our human civilisation will rob and persecute our own "savage" relatives settled on some other planets. With the elapse of time, the same methods of hypnotic programming, telepathic confusing, cheating, lying, enslaving, robbing, tormenting, abducting, and murdering, which our "ambassadors" will utilize on the planet of these "savage" relatives, our own governments will secretly introduce in stages to the use on their own citizens. Therefore citizens of our own planet with the elapse of time will also be programmed telepathically and hypnotically - like these savages. Our own citizens will receive indoctrination implants and their thoughts will be checked. In turn these citizens who in some way get into problems with the government will be spied on and watched the same thoroughly like our savage relatives, will disappear rapidly from our planet, while in the distant cosmic space will be secretly created for them various concentration camps and exiles. In these camps and exiles they will be tortured and wasted away in the same manner as these "savages".
       In total, every evil that our system of slavery will develop for these "savages" that will be enslaved by us, in fact will be used also for enslaving us. In turn the enslaving system which we will prepare for others in fact will equally effectively enslave ourselves as well.

#C3. How the rest of universe is going to react to our atrocities?

       As it always happens in the crowded universe, there would be some civilisations, which would have a more totaliztic philosophy from that parasitic one adhered by our parasitic descendants. Thus, instead of admiring humanity, these adversary totaliztic civilisations would consider us to be morally sick and deviated, and would rather help those primitive savages that we would farm for our slaves. These cosmic adversaries of our wonderful civilisation would telepathically instigate some savages, instructing them about rules of moral behaviour, and also giving them the telepathic instructions as to how develop various defence devices. These devices would allow savages to see us, or to raise their technology to the level that we would not be able to dominate them easily. The existence of such telepathic deliveries of weapons to our savages would threaten our parasitic interests over the planet of slaves. In order to neutralize the activities of these totaliztic civilisations, we would place our warships around the slave planet, and not allow any other civilisation to visit our savages. We would also check who from savages receives the telepathic instructions, which reveal how to build the forbidden defence devices, and then we would give a "special treatment" to those selected savages. For example, if they turned out sufficiently harmless to make their liquidation unworthy, we would make them so preoccupied with something, that they would not have time left to build the defence devices. Additionally we would put any possible obstacle in front of them. We would also induce various psychoses which would scare them and turn others off them, or would make them to keep secret the details of the devices that they received telepathically and to squander these devices with the elapse of time. For example, we would spread telepathic suggestions, that all people who receive any specific telepathic messages are crazy and should be burned on stakes or locked into psychiatric hospitals. Our favourite trick would be to fake telepathic supplies of similar defence instructions, by choosing another set of savage contactees and supplying them telepathically with the information, which would sound very scientific, but which in action would turn to be a complete rubbish. By telepathically bombarding savages with two streams of information, out of which ours would be a complete rubbish, would completely confuse the savages, demobilising their reception of defence instructions from our totaliztic adversaries.
       Of course, civilisations which will help these savages, will be afraid to carry our an open help. After all, by then we become famous in the universe for our aggression and barbarism. Thus, by assisting our slaves openly, they would risk that we attack them. Therefore, they will be forced to provide the help and assistance exclusively at a distance, via so-called telepathic projectors. Their help will depend on teaching our savages how to build technical devices which will lift the level of science and technology amongst the savage civilisation. So in a sense it will be a kind of "supply of weapon" carried out telepathically at a distance. However, because supplied will be knowledge, not hardware, it will NOT be difficult for us to neutralize these supplies.

Fig. #C1.

Fig. #C1: This is a meaningful painting entitled "Christ-Antichrist". It illustrates that there is only a hidden difference between good and evil. It boils down to what is contained inside and what normally remains almost invisible to human sight, means to philosophy, faith, morality, knowledge, views, stands, inner discipline, etc. Although this hidden difference always is impacting the external appearance, still for people who are not used to seek the truth, the distinguishing between someone who is evil from someone who is good usually comes very difficult. After all the evil always pretends to be good, means that evil always tries to speak and to appear exactly like good. Thus the only thing by which one can distinguish between evil and good is what these two categories are doing to others. Although evil always tries to speak like good and appear like good, still evil spreads around itself only increasingly more evil deeds.
       The above picture was painted by a famous Polish artist, Henryk Baca - email (Readers are invited to visit his Internet web site with the gallery of paintings. This web site has the address: It would be interesting to know whether readers could tell, which image on the above painting presents Jesus Christ, and which one presents Antichrist? Exactly the same as this painting puzzles us which one is Antichrist, also in the real life he will be extremely difficult to recognize from the appearance and from words who really is good and who is evil. Therefore the Bible urges us to look at actions not at words.

Part #D: The above reveals how our future could look like - but how our past looked like, and how our presence is looking:


#D1. What if it is NOT us who do all such atrocities to someone else, but UFOnauts are doing these to us?

       At this stage let us logically reverse our point of view. Let us consider the situation that this is us - people from the planet Earth, who are these savages kept under constant control by parasitic relatives of ours, and who are exploited ruthlessly by these relatives. Let us consider the situation that our own relatives, who have the access to Earth with their UFO vehicles (means in their equivalents to our Magnocraft), who are technically more advanced by almost 600 million years, but who are completely degenerated morally, are farming us for the slave labour and for the exploitation of our biological resources. Furthermore, they use our planet for dumping onto it all type of murderers, criminals, perverts, degenerates, psychopaths, and other similar scum, which they do not want to tolerate on their own planet, and which causes that UFOnauts who enslave Earth are actually the worst scum and rejects of their own society. Let us also consider whether in the scenario that is described above, we ourselves (and also other people that we know of) would be able to recognize the situation, that our civilisation is under the occupation of such evil parasites. What should we do and how should we realise our situation? Also when we realise what is going on, how should we start to alarm other people and disclose to them the bitter reality of our situation? How should we tell other people that the planet Earth is under an invisible occupation of murderous UFOnauts, who commit on us every possible kind of atrocities that only someone is able to imagine. How we should explain to them, that creatures which occupy our planet, are the worst scum and decay in the entire universe, with which even their own civilisation does not want to have anything to do. How should we break successfully through the telepathic barrier, which is ordering our fellow humans to burn on the stake everyone who notices the existence of our cosmic parasites? After all, our cosmic parasite is not going to allow us to act freely - it has already preprogrammed telepathically minds of other humans to not believe in even a single word of what we are saying. It even formed on Earth special mutually deadlocking human configurations that disallow the increase of awareness of people (these configurations are described in subsection O3 of monograph [1/4] and in subsection E2 of monograph [8] "Totalizm").
       The above descriptions reveal reasons, why this web site was formulated in such and no other way, and presents such and no other content. The first of these reasons is to reveal scientifically and prove on the evidence available already, that our own planet, the mother Earth, actually is occupied by invisible to our sight relatives of humans, which presently are called "UFOnauts", while in past were called "devils", "wizards", "gremlins", "imps", etc. Another reasons is to provide scientific theories, explanations, and empirical observations, which support theoretically these efforts of disclosing our cosmic occupants and exploiters from UFOs. The final reason for formulating this web page in its present form, is to create scientific, technical, and philosophical foundations, that allow us to undertake a successful defence against our morally degenerated relatives from cosmos (i.e. UFOnauts).
       Because of the above reasons for such and no other formulation of this web page, it needs to be read very attentively. By learning what it has to say, we may save your children and grandchildren from the doomed fate to which we are so used, that we are suffering without even realising that our fate could be incomparably better if we have the chance to be free from the morally decadent oppressors that are arriving to Earth in their invisible UFO vehicles.

Fig. #D1a Fig. #D1b Fig. #D1c

Fig. #D1abc: Photographs that illustrate different manners on which this buttock-like protrusion on chins of UFOnauts can manifest itself. In combination with e.g. curled hair (like in Sai Baba), or hair growing upwards on the scull, this buttock-like protrusion represent one of the most visible anatomic details which allow to distinguish UFOnauts from people. After all, typically it does NOT appear on chins of people born on the Earth.
       Fig. #D1a (left): This buttock-like protrusion on the chin is clearly visible because this UFOnaut (in past called a "devil") has a well shaved face. The shape of this protrusion can be clearly noticed. The above photograph is a repetition of photo from "Fig. #B2" shown here again so that the reader could easier compare it with the remaining photographs of the row illustrated here. Please notice that further photographs of faces and heads of UFOnauts are shown in Figures #4 to #6 from the web page abot the church St. Andrea Bobola.
       Fig. #D1b (middle): Here this protrusion is slightly camouflaged by a non-shaved face. But still it can be noticed after a careful look at the chin - especially well it is visible if one clicks on this photo in order to see it enlarged.
       A photograph of the above political figure reveals that non-typical for people anatomical features which characterize creatures in past called "devils" while presently called "UFOnauts" are also present in various Earthly notables and in well-known historic personalities. For example, in the portrait of a far Eastern political dignitary these buttock-like protrusions on the chin are clearly visible. (In order to have a better look at them I advice to click on this photo and examine it enlarged.) Unfortunately this portrait hang quite high on the wall, when I photographed it under a sharp angle from the level of floor - what one can clearly see from the section of the cellar which was accidentally captured on it. Therefore the face and the head of this dignitary were distorted on the photo because of this sharp angle of the camera and they come out on the photo as if they narrow towards the top. However in reality on this portrait his face and head actually widened upwards, taking the shape of a "pear" (or more strictly the "triangular head of a frog" described more extensively in item #E1 below) so typical for heads and faces of UFOnauts - approximately the same as the head of this "devil" from the previous photograph "Fig. #B2".
       Fig. #D1c (right): Since the time when from visiting the future by their time vehicles UFOnauts realized that web pages of totalizm are going to indicate these buttock-like protrusions on their chins as their most significant identification feature, they immediately started to hide this feature through growing beards. Fortunately for us, if this protrusion is very prominent, then even the hair of beards does NOT want to grow on it evenly - but it separates into two angular clusters. Thus, just from the existence of this separation of beards into two side clusters one still is able to recognize whether a given individual displays anatomical features of an UFOnaut. To the widely known figures which have just such beards that grow in two separate clusters, belong - click on green links from their names in order to see their appearance: (a) the last Great Master of the Teutonic Knights, someone named Albrecht von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, the sculpture of whom stands as the last on the right in a row of sculptures of most significant Great Masters of this order displayed on the courtyard of the Malbork Castle - a photograph of this sculpture is discussed more comprehensively in the caption under "Fig. 17" from the internet web page named 26th day, (b) Osama Bin Laden, whose large beard in past clearly used to show a division into two side clusters - but recently (i.e. after web pages of totalizm disseminated the knowledge about the anatomy of UFOnauts) this beard is intentionally cut in such a manner that this division is hidden and masked, (c) a significant proportion of reproductions of the appearance of creatures which show themselves to various people claiming that they are Jesus. (It is known that "devils always pretend that they are someone extremely good - e.g. impersonating angels or even Jesus".) Probably most well-known reproductions of just such a creature, whose messages to people (and also various actions) were clearly devilish, although this creature impersonated Jesus, were painted by the Polish nun of very tragic life, named St. Faustyna Kowalska (1905 - 1938).
       Not all historical figures which had these buttock-shaped protrusions on their chins, tried to hide these under the hair of their beards. There was a significant number of dictatorial political leaders, who in the history become known as especially antihuman, and who grew no beards although had these characteristic protrusions. To these belong, amongst others: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Adi Amin, Pol Pot, and several others. Interesting, however, that when today one looks at their photographs, on the majority of these they are taken on purpose under such an angle of vision, that these buttock-like protrusions are almost invisible. So one needs to review a lot of their photographs to find such ones on which accidentally these protrusions were captured and shown.
       In the bum shaped chins of UFOnauts shown here, the most fascinating for me is the huge intelligence and sense of humor of God who designed these chins for UFOnauts. After all, the symbolic significance of such chins shaped like naked hairy bums pointed forward, is extremely meaningful. This is because to whomever the person having such a chin would turn his face, in fact he would symbolically turn also his naked bum. In turn there is no better way of showing the egoistic, self-centered, and arrogant attitude of UFOnauts towards the ones with whom these UFOnauts deal, than symbolically UFOnauts pointing bums at these other ones. So in His infinitive sense of humor God with this one small anatomic detail summarized perfectly the entire essence of attitude of UFOnauts towards all these with whom UFOnauts have anything to do. It does not matter that batches of UFOnauts arriving lately to the Earth probably have these buttock-like chins surgically removed. Even when these naked bums are removed from UFOnauts' chins, still they are symbolically pointing from these UFOnauts towards everyone to whom these UFOnauts turn their faces.

#D2. "Truth" become the first victim of the secret occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts:

       Did the reader pondered ever why people from the Earth recently are increasingly more reluctant to tell truths and to call things by their true name? This page discloses why! The reason is the secret occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts.
       It is because of the evil spread by these devilish UFOnauts, that when we look around us, we are unable to work out what exactly happens to us. Therefore let us assume again for a moment that we live on a planet which is very distant from the Earth. We are some cosmic scientists, who watch the Earth. For this watching of people we use a kind of technical devices named "telepathic telescopes". A comprehensive description of these telescopes is provided on a separate web page about telepathy, and also in subsection N5.1 from volume 11 of monograph [1/4]. These telescopes allow us not only to examine details of appearance of individual people, but also to check their anatomy, health, technical level, principles of operation of devices that they use, feelings, and even their thoughts. In fact, these telescopes allow them to even watch clearly details which present people still are unable to notice - such as for example the so-called "state of the telekinetic flickering" described more comprehensively on a separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (for security reasons on the Earth this state is always switched on by the evil creatures described on this web page). On the basis of pictures that these distant scientists receive, they try to deduce what actually is going on with the humanity. So let us consider now what these scientists are going to see on Earth, when they watch us from a distant prospective.
       The most vital finding which must immediately hits the eyes of everyone who watches humanity carefully, is this culture of omnipresent lies and avoidance of truth, which prevails amongst people. People on Earth put a lot of energy into the avoidance of telling truths and into not naming things what these things really are. Truths on Earth are called by every possible word, except for the word "truth". For example, if someone tries to discover real reasons why e.g. WTC buildings were evaporated, or tries to find out what really hit Pentagon on 11 September 2001, or tries to explain what really collapsed the exhibition hall in Polish Katowice, then other people name such someone either a "conspiracy theorist", or just directly a "crank". In turn the truth that such someone establishes, is either called a "conspiracy theory", or called a "nonsense". If someone believes that killing other people by initiation of aggressive wars from the moral point of view does not differ from murdering families by criminals who break into their houses, such someone is considered to be anti-patriot and an enemy of freedom and democracy. Researchers who try to wretch secrets of God, soul, afterlife, etc., are called "parascientists", while their findings are announced to be a "parascience". In turn people who sighted a UFO or an UFOnaut are either called "drunks" or "liars". When evil creatures which our ancestors called "devils", "imps", or "demons" while we call "UFOnauts", play mischievous tricks on someone, today we call this the "action of a Murphy's law" (instead of calling this the "action of the Pajak's serpent" described in item #D2.2 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity) - as also explained more comprehensively in item #H1 of a separate web page about evidence of UFO activities on Earth. When someone sees a friendly woman, he tells her a complement of a kind "how nice you look today" - even if on a given day she resembles more a witch than a woman. In turn politicians have a public lying written directly into their job descriptions and treat lying to be their professional duty. Of course, such examples can be multiplied infinitively. Wherever we look carefully, we immediately see some form of public lying taking place in there.
       Even small children know already, that the avoidance of telling the truth, or naming things what they are, are simply forms of camouflaged lying. Therefore such expressions and terms, which are commonly used in public life on Earth, as "conspiracy theory", "crazy", "patriotism", "defense of democracy", "freedom", "parascience", "Murphy's laws", "good look", "politics", and many more, are simply commonly used forms of public lies. In fact, when one analyses the culture of present people, then it turns out that it is a culture of public lying. Currently it is extremely rare that someone has a courage to tell a truth publicly. Truth is told almost exclusively in private and only to someone whom we trust greatly, as if in our civilization telling a truth was a highest form of crime.
       In life everything has its outcomes and consequences. The fact, that on Earth the public lies spread increasingly wide, introduces numerous consequences to practically every area of life. As an example consider the manner in which present people treat someone's honesty and a moral behaviour. It is not difficult to notice, that a bulk of present people publicly emphasize on every occasion how much they appreciate everyone who acts morally and honestly. But in spite of this, when the same people actually meet in their everyday life someone who really acts morally and honestly, then they immediately punish and condemn such a someone in al possible manners. If you do not believe in this, try to officially return a wallet with documents - which was left by robbers in a park or a staircase. Such a good-doer will be forced to prove that it was not him who did the robbery. For me very meaningful was also a case which some time ago, probably in 2006, took place in New Zealand. Some tourists, probably from Sweden, found a box full of money. What I recall from this case was that after giving money to authorities, they NOT only were deprived the customary "reward for the finding" - which in a majority of countries amounts to 10 percent of the value of a given finding, but also they were told to stop sightseeing (they were in the middle of a tourist trip) and to stay in one place on their own expense, so that they remain to the disposal of authorities until these authorities complete their investigations.
       Such shocking discrepancies between what actually is on the Earth, from what should be here, a careful watcher of the humanity can notice on every possible occasion. In practice almost everything on Earth starts to be now an exact reversal of what it really should be. And if one analyses reasons for it, then it turns out that the mechanism which propels the escalation of evil on Earth is this culture of public lying which lately spreads amongst people like a wild fire.
       Of course, someone who would watch humanity enough carefully to notice all these, for sure would also like to find out why such a public lying is spreading over the Earth so rapidly. After all, nothing happens without a reason, while behind every offensive some aggressive power always hides which carries this offensive out. This aggressive power must exist even when the offensive is an "offensive of lies". In case of the situation on Earth, the careful analysis of origins of the public lying produces shocking results. Namely it turns out that on Earth act two different categories of creatures similar to people. Both these categories look identically, and both are as physical as humans do. After all, they both are closely related to each other. They even can copulate with each other. But only one of them was born on the Earth. The second category is constituted by incomers from outside of the Earth, who secretly fly to the Earth in order to rob it quietly. They look exactly the same as people do, although they are NOT people at all. They are imposters who pretend to be people. They occupy key positions in the human society. In fact they are ones who rule the Earth. They are also interested in making people and Earth to experience continuous ferment and wars. Also they are interested to make people lie, act immorally, and cause that the humanity as a whole rolls down instead of climbing up. These creatures cause with their superior technology that average inhabitants of the Earth neither see their existence and activities, nor wish to know anything about them. So in spite that information on this subject hit eyes of humanity from every place and from every newspaper, and also in spite that the Bible warns people about these evil creatures several times on each page, the majority of people live in the ignorance of the existence and activities of these secretive intruders. However, these creatures are the main source of the public lies. These are them that create and promote lying and immoral role models on Earth. These are also them who make laws which punish moral behaviours and reward immorality. These creature are also responsible for instigating a ferment and for starting wars. People born on the Earth do not have yet technical devices which would allow them to notice the existence of this different category of bandit-creatures in our midst. In order people could unambiguously distinguish these creatures from humans, the construction of "revealing devices" is necessary, which would detect this extraordinary state of telekinetic flickering described on a separate web page about the so-called "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". However, already now these evil creatures can be initially recognized on the basis of the hint you recognize them by fruits of their actions which is provided in the Bible (see Matthew, 7:20).
       The web page which follows is on the subject of these evil creatures which push the humanity down into claws of lies and doom. It explains where these creatures come from to Earth, and how it happened that they act so devilishly towards people.

Part #E: Against a secretive occupant of the Earth warns us even the Bible:

       At this point it should be emphasized, that there is a formal scientific proof completed with methods of mathematical logic, which states that the Bible is authorized by God himself. The full text of this formal scientific proof is provided in item #B1 of the separate web page about the Bible. In turn the next item #B2 of that web page about the Bible, proves the same truth (that the Bible was authorized by God himself) with another method of physical proving. Finally the Part #C of that web page about the Bible, addresses more thoroughly all these miraculous attributes of the Bible which directly result from the authorization of this holy scripture by God himself, and which cannot appear in books written by human authors.

#E1. How the Bible passed to us the camouflaged description that the humanity is secretly occupied and robbed by UFOnauts, and that former "devils" and present "UFOnauts" are one and the same kind of evil creatures:

       The incredible side to the Bible is that in spite that it was created almost two thousands years ago (while some sections of it even longer ago), in fact descriptions that it has concern our present times. One of such currently actual descriptions from the Bible is the camouflaged information that the Earth and humanity is secretly occupied, exploited, and controlled, by creatures presently called "UFOnauts", while in past most frequently called "devils". Of course, this information is well camouflaged in the Bible. After all, if it is written openly and in our present language, then UFOnauts would remove it from the Bible a long time ago. This bible is contained in the Book of Revelation, 16:13-14.
       Here is the text of these verses, quoted from the "King James Version" of the Bible. Revelation 16:13-14:
"And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty."
       In order to understand what this verse says, we need to be aware several facts. The first of these is that our ancestors did use the same terminology as we do today. Thus what we presently call "UFO vehicles" they used to name "serpents" or "dragons". (This name probably was coined because of the layer of cracked "onion charcoal" which settles on the surface of UFO vehicles and which looks like a snake skin - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #E1 of the web page about Bible, and in item #B3 of the web page about evidence of UFO activities on the Earth.) Another fact is one examines more thoroughly the triangular face of a UFOnaut dressed into their typical mask, then this face looks like a had of a frog. The best way this frogs head is visible is the title page of the famous book by Whitley Strieber, entitled "Communion". In addition to this, a typical space suit worn by UFOnauts is usually back (like the costume of the "Batman" from American movies) and looks like a frog's skin - as an example see costumes from American films that imitate UFOnauts, such as "Batman" or "Spiderman". So in eyes of our ancestors UFOnauts would be described as black frogs. Because they would emerge to the ground from doors of UFO vehicles, allegorically these ancestors would describe them as emerging from "the mouths of the dragon". In turn the emerging of UFOnauts from the "the mouth of the beast" probably refers to these immeasurable evil that UFOnauts commit on people, and that are described on web pages on WTC, Katowice, landslips, Columbia, 26th day, bandits in our midst, destructive capabilities of UFO vehicles, plague, or predators. In turn the statement about the coming from "the mouth of the false prophet" can allegorically mean, that whatever false prophets are claiming, in fact lies in the interests of UFOnauts. But the most vital information is contained in verse 14. It states that "they are the spirits of devils". Means, this information places an equal sign (=) between creatures in past known as "devils", and creatures presently known as "UFOnauts". In this manner, in a well camouflaged and hidden from UFOnauts manner, the Bible informs us, that devils are in fact UFOnauts, that these UFOnauts control (occupy) the Earth, and that UFOnauts control the course of events on the Earth through influencing the decisions and words of these people who currently rule the Earth.

Fig. #E1: Appearance of typical mask of UFOnauts

Fig. #E1: In order to hide the fact that they are almost identical to us, the UFOnauts on official missions always wear masks. I wonder whether the reader is aware that if our ancestors are to describe a face of typical UFOnaut, then they would compare it to the face of a "frog". After all, typically faces of UFOnauts are triangular - similar to faces of frogs. They also have large, black, protruding eyes - just like frogs do. In the best way such a similarity of faces of UFOnats to faces of frogs illustrates the drawing from the cover page of the famous book [8] by Whitley Strieber, "Communion". On the same principle the entire UFOnauts in their similar to frog skins cosmic suits our ancestors would probably describe as "frogs". In such a context is shockingly correct the prophecy contained in the Bible, or more strictly in the Book of Revelation, 16:13-14, quote from the King James version: "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty." Remebering that with names "dragon" and "serpent" our ancestors described what today we call "UFO vehicles", this prophecy very clearly defines that these are UFOnauts who manipulate leaders of this world to push them to wars and to spread evil.
       Unfortunately, I do NOT have now a picture from the book "Communion", so I am showing another picture of the "frog" face of an UFOnaut. Although the face shown above is not so triangular as the face of a typical UFOnaut, still quite well it illustrates whom the Bible means in its prophecy about present times. It is worth to also notice, that from UFO research it is already known that the above "typical" face of a UFOnaut, is only a protective mask. UFOnauts are close relatives of people and they look almost identical to people (apart from a few minor anatomic details which for people not familiar with appearance of UFOnauts normally are difficult for distinguishing - e.g. that hair of UFOnauts usually naturally grows upwards, and thus look as if they are combed "up"). The mask shown above UFOnauts always put on the duration of dealing with people. This mask fits tightly to their face. It is supplied into convex slanted glasses which are merged with the mask itself and thus look like huge eyes. Thus it changes significantly the appearance of UFOnauts spreading amongst people an opinion that UFOnauts look differently than people. In turn this hiding from people the real appearance of UFOnauts allows them later to mix freely with humans on Earth, and even lead subsequent nations, while no-one amongst people even realises that is dealing with UFOnauts, not with humans.
       So if we impose the above mask onto the face of the "devil" from "Fig. #B2" shown earlier, then it turns out that it reflects almost perfectly a pear shape of head of typical UFOnaut, which we known from various commix books and popular UFO literature. So in spite that UFOnauts hide thoroughly from people their real appearance, simultaneously masks that they use for this hiding, only emphasize characteristic pear shape of their heads. In this shape the skull of UFOnauts has a biggest cross-section in the horizontal plane of forehead.

#E2. Other verses of the Bible which also confirm the occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts:

       Every more vital information given by the Bible to people's knowledge, for certainty is always repeated there not just once, but several times on many different ways. Similarly is with the information explained in previous item and stating that "evil-UFOnauts (serpents) since the beginnings of time secretly occupy, exploit, enslave, and torment humanity". It is repeated in the Bible many times and on the whole range of different ways. So let us review briefly and interpret at least these most vital places where the Bible confirms the secretive exploitation and occupation of the Earth (i.e. their ruling over the Earth) by evil creatures in past called "devils", "Satan", "serpent", "dragon", etc., while today described with the term "UFOnauts". (Please notice that the old name "serpents" and dragons" results probably from several their attributes. One of these is the scorched "onion charcoal" that covers the surface of their UFO vehicles, and that looks like skin of a snake. This charcoal is described in item #B3 from the web page about evidence of UFO occupation of the Earth. Another reason is this snake-skin like pattern on the skin of one amongst races of UFOnauts (i.e. the race "genetically modified" by ancestors of humans) - which (the pattern) until today is imitated by New Zealand Maoris in form of their famous face tattoos called "moko" - see the descriptions and illustrations from item #G1 of the separate web page about the church of St. Andrea Bobola in Milicz.) Here are these quotations from the Bible:
       Revelation 12:9 "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him." The above quotation confirms that an evil civilization to which people referred in past with several names such as "devil", "Satan", "dragon", "serpent", etc., in fact was hurled down to the Earth and is present on the Earth until today. The entire Earth is presently in the power of this evil civilization.
       2 Corinthians, 2:11 "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." This quote confirms what can easily be learned from the real life about methods of operations of UFOnauts on the Earth - namely that these methods are overflowing with intrigues, traps, cunning, lying, threats, blackmail, corruption, etc., etc. One of these methods remains to us several verses further the same 2 Corinthians, 11:14 "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." Numerous examples from real life, which document how these cunnings, tricks, and intrigues are implemented by UFOnauts in practice, are described on web pages of totalizm, e.g. on pages memorial, WTC, Wszewilki, 26th day, and many more.
       Genesis 3:1: "Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made." This verse confirms that UFOnauts are physical, similarly like animals and people. It is only their high technology that gives to them the attribute of illusiveness and invisibility to human sight. It also reminds us about the extremely cunningness of UFOnauts.
       Luke, 4:6 "And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it." Because the above words were stated by Jesus himself, while according to the Bible Jesus clearly agrees with the content of these words, in fact these are additional confirmations given to us in an indirect manner that the rule over the Earth is really given to Satan and is exerted by Satan with the full knowledge of God. (Although not with the approval from God. Therefore one day there will be an end to these rules of Satan.)
       Job, 1:12 "And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand. So Satan went forth from the presence of the LORD." In spite that this quote, and also information which accompany it, were kept to our times under the excuse that they concern possessions and fate of someone named Job, but in fact this Job symbolizes the fate of entire humanity that populates the Earth. So whatever affected him, in fact in symbolic and allegoric manner explains what really happens with the entire humanity!
       Genesis 3:1-4: "Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: ..." So it was the serpent which talks. As it turns out, this special "serpent" had also hands and legs like a human - could walk like people do. Furthermore, it had the intelligence and cunningness of a human. In fact finally he turned out to even be a close relative of humans, who originates from the same ancestors as Adam and Eve. And in spite of all these, in the Bible which God authorizes, the serpent is classified to the category of "animals", not "people". It is not any help for the "serpent" that he has a human body, appearance, behavior, and intelligence. God still calls him "serpent" or "devil" and consistently classifies to the category of animals. Why God does this in the Bible which God authorizes? It turns out, that through consistent refusal of qualifying the "serpent" to the category of "people", God sends us through the Bible a very important message. This message is explained in item #F3 of the web page totalizm. In turn the formal scientific proof that in fact "the Bible is authorized by God himself" is published in item #B1 of the web page Bible.
       Genesis 3:14-15: "And the LORD God said unto the serpent: «Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.»" These verses contain several extremely vital, although inscripted, messages. For example, that the evilness of UFOnauts results from intentional decisions of God. Also that UFOnauts do not eat normal food, like people do, but eat "dust". (The research on UFOs suggest that this "dust" is really a "life energy" that UFOnauts rob from people during nighttime abductions to UFOs.) These verses also confirm that in the struggle of humanity with UFOnauts, the UFOnauts are going to be defeated: a descendant of this woman is going to smash the head of UFOnauts which is to decide about their loss. But during this fight UFOnautrs destroy the transportation capabilities of this descendant. (This prophecy fits well to the present situation, when the intrigues of UFOnauts make it impossible the building on the Earth of the interstellar space vehicle called the magnocraft.)
       Item #B3 of the web page named God, and also subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of the newest monograph [1/5], provides a formal scientific proof for the existence of God, completed with methods of mathematical logic. In fact this proof indirectly confirms also, that whatever the Bible states is an absolute truth - after all it was authorized by omni-knowledgeable God. (The formal scientific proof that the "Bible was authorized by God Himself", completed with methods of mathematical logic, is provided in item #B1 from the totaliztic web page about the Bible.) Only that in order to NOT deprive people their so-called "free will", God in his absolute wisdom decided to express himself in such a manner that for these who wish to have a different opinion, such an opinion is acceptable. However, to these ones who are open to information passed to us by God, applies the following verse form the Biblical 2 Corinthians, 4:3-4 "But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not".

#E3. In this way we have two independent and trustworthy sources of reliable information, i.e. the Bible and totalizm, which confirm with their authority, that humanity cohabits the planet Earth with morally deviated creatures by the Bible called "serpents", "dragons", "devils", etc., while by present people called "UFOnauts":

Motto: "The bigger number of independent paths leads us to learning a given truth, the more sure and more vital this truth is. Because the truth about a hidden occupation of the Earth by "serpents-UFOnauts" is confirmed independently by both, the Bible authorised by God Himself, as well as secular findings of totalizm, this truth is twice as much sure and as much vital."

       The philosophy of totalizm determined the fact of a secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts through detailed and painstaking empirical research. The Bible the same fact passes to us as a personal message from God. Both these authoritative sources state the same. So it would be unwise on our part to disbelieve them both.
       For further information regarding the significance of this parallel confirmation of the secretive occupation of Earth by serpents-UFOnauts - see also items #F2 and #F3 of the web page totalizm.

#E4. Warnings and confirmations of the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts are visible practically everywhere - but we are blind to these (so-far):

       Independently from the Bible and the philosophy of totalizm, we are surrounded by an entire ocean of evidence for the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts. This evidence is contained in practically everything that surrounds us. Only that so-called changelings-UFOnauts who impersonate our scientists and figures of authority, for thousands of years are telling us something completely opposite. Because of this continuous telling us, we learned to ignore this evidence. But if we start seeing as we should, then we will notice this evidence in practically every area of the life. The most complete list of it is contained on the totaliztic web page about evidence of UFO occupation of the Earth. For example one class of this evidence each single one of us is carrying all the time. It is a scar from the identification implant inserted by UFOnauts into the shin bone from our legs. (This identification implant it is an advanced version of the "label" which we people pin into ears of our farmed cattle.) The scar everyone can see on his or her own leg - how it looks like it is shown on the first photograph from the web page about UFOnauts.
       These readers who would prefer to see the photographic evidence for the hidden occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts, a significant number of highly evidential photographs can find on web pages of totalizm. For example, such photographs are shown on web pages memorial, church of St. Bobola in Milicz, Bible, or aliens.

Part #F: Why God "simulates" a secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts?


#F1. In order to act justly God must know us well, in order to get to know us God must continually subject us to various "tests" and "exams" which we either "pass" or "fail":

Motto: "Religions and priests removed from the real lfe created in us a naive belief that God only creates and gives life, heals, spreads good, promotes knowledge and progress, etc. However, in order to be able to create and give life to something, God firstly needs to destroy and kill whatever is old. In order to heal, God firstly needs to bring illness. In order to allow us to appreciate a good, God firstly needs to treat us with an evil. In order to inspire progress, God firstly needs to unleash conservatism and backwardness. Etc., etc."

       God gives us everything that we have. Our existence and life, parents, education, job, salary, bread, health, home, partner, children, etc., etc. - all these are gifts from God which He granted to us for a temporary enjoyment, but which at any moment of time He can take away from us if He considers this to be justified. But in order to grant to us all these gifts justly, God must know exactly the value of each one of us in the system of criteria which He developed for us. Unfortunately, there is only one method of learning our true value. It is a "test" or an "exam". For this reason God must continually subject people to subsequent "tests" or "exams". As it is explained in item #C6 of the web page god.htm - about the secular and scientific understanding of God, to these tests and exams is subjected continually each one of us, as well as the entire human civilisation. In turn from outcomes of these depends whether we are qualified by God e.g. to a category of animals in human shapes, human trash, automates in human shapes, seekers of truth, moral people, etc., etc. Of course, in order to be able to subject people to such tests and exams, God must use evil, and also must utilise activities of devilish creatures such as present UFOnauts. With their assistance, God can "tempt" every human to various benefits, e.g. to cosiness of atheism or to laziness of the philosophy of parasitism, while from outcomes of these temptations God may qualify everyone to appropriate category. With the use of evil and devilish creatures God can also punish these ones that "fail" His tests or exams, while reward these ones who pass them. Of course, in order to have in His service this "evil" and "devilish creatures", God does NOT need to tolerate them in the universe, and with the huge amount of effort and knowledge so control them that they do whatever lies in His intentions. He can simply "simulate" the existence of "evil" and "devilish creatures" - as this is described in item #E7 of the web page god.htm - about secular and scientific understanding of God. After all, God invented "evil" and "devilish creatures". So He knows perfectly well how they supposed to behave. Also God repetitively creates and destroys everything that exists. So without any difficulty He can temporally create and then destroy e.g. UFOnauts and their vehicles - whenever He wishes so. He can also attach (i.e. "possess") His own awareness to the minds of these UFOnauts. Furthermore, when God Himself simulates the existence of "evil" and "devilish creatures", then these creatures do exactly what God wants them to do, and also after completing their tasks God simply "de-simulates" them back into the state of "non-existence". Therefore we, people, should take notice of their existence and activities just even for a simple reason that every manifestation of evil and devilish creatures that we encounter around us, in reality fulfils many useful functions, one of which is a hidden test and exam to which God just subjects us in order to continually monitor changes in our value as people. (Other vital function of evil is the upbringing of people into moral and fire-hardened "soldiers of God" - as this is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm.) In turn whether we pass or fail this exam, will determine our further fate.
       Of course, independently from being a "test" and an "exam" to which God just now subjected the entire humanity, present Godly "simulation" of the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts performs also a range of other functions. Subsequent amongst these functions I am going to explain systematically in part on this web page, in part on other web pages of totalizm. These readers who seek truth I am inviting to have a look at these explanations.

#F2. The biggest problem and skill of God is to maintain all people in the continuous lack of certainty that God does exist, but with giving simultaneously a chance to all most stubborn seekers of truth to individually earn such certainty for themselves:

Motto: "In order to understand God, we must place ourselves in His position and see our matters from His point of view."

       If we are to believe in claims of subsequent religious institutions, our planet Earth is packed with atheists, while only rare people believe in God. Also such an opinion prevails amongst a majority of people, who are convinced that in present times individuals who believe in God are a real rarity. However, the reality is an exact reversal of what is claimed by religious institutions. In fact, if someone seeks carefully around, then only with a great difficulty can find a true atheist. Practically, almost 100% of people, at the bottom of their heart believe in the existence of some superior being with attributes of God. The only thing which differs from person to person is the depth of their belief, and the name and definition of God in which they believe. This fact of the common belief in God is confirmed by all research done in this matter. One amongst such research was reported in the article "More than nine out of 10 believe in God", from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper from Christchurch named The Press, in the issue of that newspaper dated on Wednesday, June 25, 2008. This article informed about results of such research carried out in the USA. But it is well known that presently the USA belongs to one amongst the most atheistic countries of our planet, in the majority of schools of which teaching religion is forbidden. Thus, in other countries probably even a larger proportion of people believe in God. Similar results are yield from research on human psychology. This research always stresses that people have from the birth a natural inclination to believe in the God's existence. Even many murderers and sadists admit that they committed their crimes because "God ordered them to do so". So in reality the claims of religious institutions and beliefs of the majority of us, that the Earth is full of atheists, turns out to be a myth and an untruth. In fact the Earth is packed with people who believe in God's existence. Only that these believers are intentionally kept in the uncertainty about the God's existence. Furthermore, a significant proportion of present people is highly sceptical in relation to naive and full of errors explanations of God disseminated by present religions paralysed by their own age and sclerosis. Therefore the belief of these people in the religious explanations of God in many cases is too shallow to be able to force them to pedantically do whatever their religion asks them to do.
       Unfortunately, if we look on the humanity from the prospective of God, then it turns out that the situation when all people deeply believe in God is NOT at all in the interest of this God. This is because God created humans so that people continually increased their knowledge, searched for truth, created, developed, overcame obstacle, did not give up, etc. On the other hand, people who deeply believe in God typically cease to seek knowledge and truth. Also they cease their stubborn fight with obstructions of fate and in everything they begin to give up. From thinking seekers of truth and from creative inventors, such people deeply believing in God usually transform themselves into thoughtless pleasers and worshippers of God, who spend time on infinitive repetition of the same prayers. For example, as this is described in item #A2 of the web page will.htm - about the influence of "free will" of people on fate of the entire human civilisation, people who deeply believe in God cease to seek and to increase their knowledge, as they have a ready answer to everything that "God created it". They do NOT try to establish how God created everything, how this creation works, why God did this instead of doing something else, nor what God really is - because they are afraid to "offend God" or to commit a "blasphemy". They cease to do scientific research because "if God wants that we know this, He would reveal this to us". They do NOT improve their characters because "how God created me He must want me to be". They do NOT fight with illnesses, accidents, nor inconveniences, because "God appears to want me to suffer". They cease to create new inventions because they wait until "God gives these to them". They cease to fight against bad fortunes because "God appears to wish that it is so". They even cease to seek more effective and better accepted by God ways of praying - such as for example the way of praying described in item #G7 from the web page named will.htm. Etc., etc. In the result, a deep belief in God has a conservationist and destructive consequences. It freezes the progress of creativity, knowledge, technology, and faith. Thus, a society which is full of people that deeply believe in God, freezes in its intellectual and technical development, and thus also in its spiritual and religious development. If since the beginning of time the world was full of people who deeply believe in God, then we probably still would live in caves until today and we would NOT know fire, while instead of worshipping the only and intelligent God, we would worship e.g. thoughtless lightning flashes and thunders. (Notice, that the undesirable consequences of the deep belief in God by all people, represent such a significant subject of studies for the new so-called "totaliztic science", that to their discussion is devoted many sections from totaliztic web pages. For example, independently from this item and web page, the same matter - although from different points of view, is also discussed e.g. in item #L2 from the totaliztycznej web page named magnocraft.htm, in item #A2 from the totaliztycznej web page named will.htm, in item #A2 from the totaliztycznej web page named evolution.htm, in item #J3 from the totaliztycznej web page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm, in item #C4.4 from the totaliztycznej web page named morals.htm, and in various sections yet several further web pages.) However, as we can realise, such a freezing of progress of knowledge and development of people is NOT in interests of God. God does NOT want that people behave in such a manner. After all, according to explanations from item #B3 of the web page will.htm - about the influence of "free will" of people on fate of the entire human civilisation, and also item #C1 of the web page god.htm - about secular and scientific understanding of God, God created man in order people mastered the skill of stubborn searching for truth and "pursuing knowledge", thus becoming an active instrument in the evolution of the universe and helping God in increasing His own knowledge. From the God's point of view it is immensely vital that people seek knowledge and truth, are creative, continually improve themselves and their knowledge, display determination and stubbornness in implementing their intentions, etc., etc. So God has no choice but to find a way how to force people to seek knowledge and truth, and how to motivate us to put into these searches everything that we are capable of.
       Fortunately, NOT without effects God is infinitively more intelligent than people. Therefore He found a perfect solution to the problem of freezing of progress, knowledge, and technology by people who deeply believe in God. Namely, God continually keeps all people in the lack of certainty "whether God exists at all". In turn, to keep us uncertain about His existence, it is this God Himself who, amongst others, spreads atheism amongst people, who actively supports everything that noisily denies His existence, and who quietly blocks from noticing everything that confirms His existence. In the result of such moves, and numerous other similar steps described in the next item, God intentionally "confuses" people in the matter of His own existence. This confusion decreasing peoples' belief to such a low level, that "just in case" many of them begin to act as if God does NOT exist at all. These people begin actively and on their own risk seek the truth. They stubbornly fight with obstacles of fate. They create inventions and make discoveries. Etc., etc. In this manner, through continuous maintaining people in the uncertainty about the existence of Himself, God actually stimulates the search for knowledge and truth, scientific research, efforts, striving, progress, etc. So with people God acts similarly like people do this with a donkey - namely "in order to force a donkey to go forward, people intentionally pull it backward". This continuous maintaining people in uncertainty about the existence of God, allows also God to earn a whole range of other benefits. For example, it allows Him to subject individual people and the entire our civilisation to continuous tests and exams, thus allowing Him to distinguish between valuable people - which are worth to inspire and to protect, and a human trash - which can be donated to fate as examples that teach others.
       Of course, God does NOT destroy all evidence for His own existence. Several well-hidden items of such evidence God leaves on the Earth for those more stubborn seekers of truth. The philosophy of totalizm already managed to discover and identify some amongst these hidden items of evidence, and now disseminates these on various web pages - e.g. see the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific evidence for the existence of God. After all, if someone gets really stubborn, then God always allows him or her to earn the certainty about the God's existence. Only that He makes them to earn this certainty through their own effort and after many sacrifices. This is why, in spite that officially and loudly God allows His "simulations" to block the access to publications of totalizm, that He openly helps critics who throw mud on totalizm, and that He visibly promotes everything that discourages people from reading publications of totalizm, quietly God always opens the access to these publications and web pages for stubborn seekers of truth - about whom He decided that they deserve to get to know totalizm. This is why, if you (the reader) are NOT reading these words just with the intention that this allows you to throw mud on totalizm later, the sole fact that you come to read these words and descriptions, is a proof that you belong to these few seekers of truth whom God considers sufficiently mature and worthy to give them chances for thinking-over the matters that are described here.
       The above should be complemented with the information, that the topic of maintaining people in the continuous uncertainty about the existence of God, is also discussed in item #D1 of the web page ufo.htm - with scientific replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. do they exist, how they function, etc..

#F3. Methods with which God continually maintains people in the lack of certainty about His existence:

Motto: "God so shaped the reality, that true knowledge always must be sought with difficulties and earned with effort. In turn whatever is screaming and finds us by itself, never is a true knowledge but only misleading lies that pretend to be knowledge."

       As it is explained above, in very vital interest of God lies maintaining people in continuous uncertainty about the existence of God. So in order to keep people continually in this uncertainty, God developed and perpetually uses a whole range of various manners, ways, methods, tricks, etc. For example, God causes that after the birth, memories of our previous incarnations are blocked. Only very stubborn seekers of truth can later unblock these memories with the use of hypnosis. But even then their scepticism still forms barriers against recognising these memories for what they really are. God also so designed the human psychology, that everyone amongst us is especially untrusting and sceptical in all God's matters. Thus, a typical person would acquire the certainty of the existence of God only if he or she could see and touch God - of course, to NO living people God grants such a privilege.
       Amongst a huge number of methods, ways, means, tricks, etc., which God continually uses to keep people in the perpetual uncertainty about His own existence, one group of these is strictly linked to the topic of this web page. This is a wide use of "evil" by God, and His employment of "evil creatures". Namely, in order to be able to illustratively suggest to people, that God does NOT exist, in practically every area of life God noisily although anonymously (i.e. not under His own name) promotes the prevalence of "evil". Simultaneously, God also suppresses the emphasizing, and intentionally hides, all manifestations of a good and morality. Of course, God does all these in a way similar to an enthusiastic examiner, who uses various tricks and traps to check how well his students mastered a given subject area. Means, these people who allow to be misled by such noisy promotion and actually give out to temptations, God later mercilessly, and this time quietly, punish and persecute. In turn these ones who stand by morality and in the defence of good, God discreetly and quietly rewards later.
       In this noisy utilisation of "evil" for hiding His own existence, very handy for God is the use of "simulation" of the existence and a secretive activity on the Earth, of "evil creatures" which in most ancient times were called "gods", later - although still in antiquity, were called "devils", while presently are called with the ultra-modern term "UFOnauts". After all, God is a master in "simulation". He continually creates and destroys thousands of stars and planets, and millions of human existences. Thus, for the use in such a simulation, God is able to design appropriately, then temporally create, human-like creatures (i.e. "UFOnauts") to which He transfers (i.e. "possesses") His own awareness. Then with hands of these creatures God can subject people to any manipulations, temptations, tests, and tricks - which lie in interest of goals and intentions of God. Finally, when these temporally created creatures fulfil their duties, God again destroys them. The use of these creatures has also this advantage, that everything that God does with their hands, appears as if it has NOTHING to do with God. So it works perfectly towards making impossible for people to gain a certainty about the existence of God.

#F4. "Levels of induction into knowledge" and "barriers of awareness" in human searches for truths unknown earlier:

Motto: "Knowledge, truth, nor certainty we cannot receive from others as a gift, but we must earn these ourselves with the effort which is proportional to their significance."

       According to what is explained in item #C2 of the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific evidence for the existence of God, God is present practically in everything. A truth seeker have the same chance to discover or to confirm His existence e.g. in intelligent behaviours of elementary particles, in the complexity of a simplest grass blade, in the transverse nature of electromagnetic waves, etc., etc. So practically no matter what topic someone would begin to study in depth, at the very end of these studies he or she always will arrive to the existence of God. But from the point of view of God, in this lies several very troublesome problems. After all, God does NOT want to allow that all people and the entire human civilisation gains the certainty of His own existence. This certainty would deprive people of the so-called "free will". So instead of intelligent seekers of truth, such people would become pleasers and automats who obediently try to comply to requirements of God. Thus according to what is explained in item #B9 of the web page god.htm - about secular and scientific understanding of God, in all His contacts with living people God must obey the so-called "Canon of Ambiguity". Also the gaining by a whole civilisation a certainty that God does exist, would disallow God to subject individual people to various tests and exams. For example, God would NOT be then able to check whether someone can be convinced to atheism, to be nasty to other people, to do immoral things, etc. So in order to solve these problems, God was forced to take several prevention measures. An example of one of these is that God always makes sure that individual people have access to knowledge and truth about God, such as these provided here on this web page, but this access is limited for them, that in the world prevails an atmosphere of condemnation for this kind of knowledge and truths, while such knowledge and truth people must earn individually and with a great effort.
       In a practical manner God accomplished this effect of making difficult to access the knowledge and truth (amongst others, about Himself), through a drastic differentiating the manner of learning the knowledge that is already recognised by the entire humanity, from the manner of gaining the knowledge which still remains beyond the common recognition. (The existence of God, as we know, still remains beyond the common recognition.) Namely, in learning the knowledge that is commonly recognised, e.g. such knowledge the having of which the humanity already earned as a whole - thus which is taught in schools and at universities, lessons are systematically arranged, while the manner of presentation is carefully deprived of any doubts and supported with the authority of official science. (Of course, in many cases this does NOT prevent this "knowledge" from being opposite to the truth.) So in schools and on universities we gain a habit that we consider to be knowledge and truth only whatever can be learned from textbooks and whatever is NOT denied officially by anyone. However, the newly learned knowledge God formed in a completely different manner. Namely, He grouped it into layers, which are like separate "levels of induction into knowledge". Also every such a layer, or level of induction into a new knowledge, God protects with a very difficult for overcoming the so-called "barrier of awareness".
       If one is to show illustratively how God formed the learning of new knowledge and truth which previously remained unrecognised, then a good example would be a fortified "mountain castle" that is hidden in a jungle of ignorance. Every seeker of truth who is penetrating this jungle of ignorance, always finally encounters this "mountain castle" - although because of the density of the jungle never sees it in its entirety. The first thing that stands in front of his eyes is the lowest defence wall that obstructs his path. This wall is the first "barrier of awareness" - of a type of the doubt "does UFO exist" which is obstructing the path of present UFOlogists. After overcoming this first barrier the seeker of truth accomplishes the "first level of induction into knowledge" in his path to knowledge and to truth. For example, an UFOlogist who on the basis of his own efforts and searches finally manages to overcome his doubts "whether UFOs do exist", rapidly begins to see a wealth of information about UFOs, and countless prospects which this information opens to him. Unfortunately, ahead of him appears then from the dense jungle of ignorance the second defence wall of this "mountain castle", means the second "barrier of awareness". This second barrier of awareness is the doubt "on which principle UFOs fly". If the truth seeker overcomes also correctly this second barrier, then he arrives at the second "level of induction into knowledge" in his efforts to find knowledge, but again in front of him appears another wall - barrier. Etc., etc. Such a process of arriving to subsequent "levels of induction into knowledge" can be repeated many times on our path to learning any new truth. Only at the very end of these levels always it turns out that all of this leads to a more perfect knowledge and truth about God Himself. Also no matter on which level of induction into knowledge we already are, God always repetitively tests and examines our readiness to learn, our learning capabilities, our value as people, our morality, etc. Only from results of these tests it depends whether God recognises us worthy to accomplish a next level of induction into the knowledge, or rather He directs us "into bushes" and freezes our further development through causing that we do the "trotting in one place".
       In order to create for people the required "barriers of awareness" and "levels of induction into knowledge", God Himself generates on the Earth various chaos and disinformation. For example, with the use of various "personalities" described in item #B6 of the web page god.htm - about secular and scientific understanding of God, God Himself undermines in eyes of people every truth on every topic (in this God Himself undermines the truth about Himself), makes easier the promotion of erroneous views while makes more difficult the dissemination of views that are correct, creates examples and events which discourage people to truth and to Him, etc., etc. One amongst tools which God uses in such His continuous creation of "barriers of awareness" and "levels of induction into knowledge", are evil UFOnauts the existence and secretive activities of which on the Earth God simulates so skilfully.
       To summarise this item in other words, the stubborn learning of unrecognised earlier knowledge and truths, always at very end leads to gaining a better knowledge and truth about God Himself. In turn learning of knowledge and truth about God practically means gaining an access to many benefits, pleasures, and rewards, about the existence of which ordinary people have NO idea. This is why the "truth seekers" never receive new knowledge and certainty as a gift, but this truth and certainty they must earn with great effort. On the other hand these choirs of "barking dogs" which try to discourage them from learning a given truth are intentionally created by God to test, subject to trials, and to exam their ability to earn the knowledge and their value as people.

#F5. Knowledge and truth are worth to seek, as when we learn these once - they stay with us forever:

       In times when I began the formulation of totalizm I carried out, amongst others, also intense searches for truth about reincarnation. Within these searches I hypnotised many of my acquaintances and regressed their memories to times of their previous lives. Amongst a range of very interesting findings which I accumulated then, one is linked to the topic of this part of the web page. Namely, it turned out that the knowledge that someone accumulated in any amongst previous incarnations, stays with this person forever. This person does NOT need to learn such knowledge again, but just with a small amount of effort he or she can recall it in the present life. The recalling of the knowledge and shills from previous incarnations does NOT require any more effort than recalling the knowledge acquired e.g. during our high-school or university studies. Simply this knowledge awaits somewhere ready for use, covered only with a small layer of dust. So to be able to use it, we just need to remove this dust and to bring the knowledge to the light. This my discovery makes the earning of knowledge and seeking truths even more worth of investing our time into. After all, once we learn something, it remains with us forever.
       It is a common knowledge that every person has in a school or in a university significant difficulties with learning some subjects, while almost effortlessly he or she learns the knowledge from other subjects. I myself also belonged to this group. For example, the physics, mathematics, geography, history, philosophy, or professional engineering subjects, almost by themselves came to my head - sometimes just with a minimal contribution of effort. In turn e.g. languages used to consume a huge amount of my time and effort, and were progressing like a proverbial "blood from a stone". Well, from my research on reincarnation it stems, that this easiness with learning of some subjects in schools, originates from the fact that these subjects we learned already quite thoroughly in some previous our incarnations. So presently we need to only recall them in schools or in universities. As we can see, God is highly justly and so designed us, that fruits of the efforts which we put into learning new knowledge or new truths, do NOT die together with our bodies.
       Amongst cases of hypnotic regressions of my acquaintances to their previous incarnations, I had several very interesting confirmations of this permanency of learned knowledge. For example, my colleague - a languages' lecturer from the Polytechnic in Invercargill, New Zealand, gained a wide recognition as a hobby artist. She had a huge talent in practically every area of arts. After hypnotic regressing her to one amongst her previous incarnations, it turned out that she was in there a daughter of a professional artist in the former empire of Incas from the area of present Peru. Her father was professionally working in there as an artist, firing ornamental pottery, painting, carving, weaving, etc. She in turn was helping the father. So her excellent knowledge of a profession of artist survived in her until the present life, only that instead of the profession, it now become her favourite hobby. My other good acquaintance from Dunedin, New Zealand, had some strange attraction to sea ships. Whenever another ship arrived to the Dunedin port, she could not resist to at least see it from the ramp. If she could, she was entering the deck and the machine room, looked at engines and equipment, talked to the captain and crew members, etc. Every ship she learned she was able to describe for hours like a navy encyclopaedia, explaining its history, specifications, technical curiosities, etc. I was fascinated by this, because her knowledge about ships was quite non-typical for a woman. I myself was quite familiar with the navy subject, because I used to be a sailor and I even had my own yacht. When I hypnotically regressed her to one amongst her previous incarnations, it turned out that she was a daughter of a rich shipping magnate from the ancient Egypt. Her father owned a huge fleet of hundreds of sea boats, which reassured the sea merchandise of ancient Egypt with practically all Mediterranean countries. She initially helped the father, in turn when the father got old - she practically took over his business. Her work in the father's business required practically an excellent knowledge of everything on the subject of sea ships. This knowledge and interests later survived in her until today, means for several next her incarnations.

#F6. "Levels of induction into knowledge" through which I went myself in my searches for truth about UFOs:

       If we study the manner in which God acts, then with a shock we discover that His actions are much different from actions of people. One amongst many manifestations of these differences is just the existence of many "levels of induction into knowledge" in human learning of given truths, and the existence of "barriers of awareness" that block reaching each of these levels - as I described this in item #F4 before. About the existence of this multi-level opening of the knowledge and about "barriers of awareness" I know already for a long time. Already a long time ago I described these in subsection from volume 12 of monograph [1/4], and also in item #C1 and in the introduction to the web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself. After all, a good example of these is, amongst others, the level of knowledge of many present "UFOlogists". As we know, shockingly many amongst these supposed UFO investigators still are unable to break through the first "barrier of awareness" - which is described by the question "do UFOs really exist". So instead of beginning to operate at the level of awareness which is already sure of the existence of UFOs, these supposed "UFO investigators" continually trot in the same place and repetitively ask themselves and others like broken records the same question "do UFOs exist".
       In the most drastic manner the existence of this "multi-level organisation of new knowledge", and the existence of the "barrier of awareness", for myself was illustrated and experienced practically in my research of the phenomenon of UFOs. After all, it took me since the year 1972 until today, to overcome subsequent "barriers of awareness" that block the progress of our knowledge about UFOs, and to reach the present "level of induction into knowledge" in my path to the knowledge in this area. So let us now review what were these subsequent "levels of induction into knowledge" in the process of my learning the truth about UFOs. (The description of these is also presented in more details in subsections #A3 and #A4 of monograph [1/4].) Here these are:
       1. The discovery of the "Cyclic Principle" that governs the development of human propulsion systems (1972). This principle is described, amongst others, on the totaliztic web page propulsion.htm.
       2. The invention (on the basis of this Cyclic Principle) of the design and principles of operation of Magnocrafts and Oscillatory Chambers (years 1980 and 1984). Magnocrafts are described, amongst others, on the totaliztic web page magnocraft.htm, in turn Oscillatory Chambers - on the web pages oscillatory_chamber.htm and eco_cars.htm.
       3. The formal proving - after theoretical learning attributes of Magnocrafts, that "UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts" (1981). The formal scientific proof, stating that "UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts" is presented on the totaliztic web page ufo_proof.htm.
       4. The empirical proving that UFO vehicles and their Oscillatory Chambers leave physical marks on the Earth (years 1983 to 1990). Research carried out mainly in New Zealand allowed me to discover, and to document, such physical traces of a hidden operation of UFOnauts on the Earth as (1) UFO landing sites scorched magnetically on the ground by UFO vehicles, (2) long, glossy, underground tunnels evaporated in rocks by UFOs, (3) areas where UFO vehicles exploded (i.e. the Tapanui Crater, and the Tunguska taiga), and (4) so-called "crop circles" - means areas where crops were lied down by the brushing effect of swirling magnetic circuits of UFOs.
       5. The gradual discovery, on the basis of personally experienced persecution that originated from UFOnauts, that evil UFOnauts secretly occupy the Earth (years 1990 to 1996). This discovery took me a lot of time, because it required the completion of scientific analyses of a huge body of evidence. The evidence which supports this discovery is described, amongst others, on web pages ufo.htm, day26.htm, aliens.htm, and several others.
       6. The empirical experiencing on myself, that evil UFOnauts viciously attack and persecute human inventors and discoverers (years 1996 to 2005). These experiences allowed me, amongst others, to formulate the idea of so-called "curse of inventors" described amongst others on web pages boiler.htm, mozajski_uk.htm, fe_cell.htm, or newzealand_visit.htm.
       7. The discovery and the formal proving that "present UFOnauts and former devils are actually one and the same creatures" (1998). This discovery I described, amongst others, on this web page, and also on the totaliztic web page god.htm.
       8. The publishing of findings of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity about Magnocrafts and UFOs, UFOnauts, God, the design and operation of the universe, etc. (from 1999 to 2007). In the result of this publishing, amongst others monographs [1/4] and [1/5], were written, and also a whole number of web pages of totalizm was created that are entirely devoted to this subject area.
       9. The discovery, on the basis of personally experienced effects, methods, and goals of activities of UFOnauts on the Earth, that "this is God Himself who intentionally simulates the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts" (2007). This discovery was already accomplished in the first half of 2007. However, because of its importance and potentially widely-reaching consequences, the correctness of it I was subsequently verifying on the known evidence until August 2008. Only on 8 August 2008 I was sure enough of the truth of this discovery that I decided to publish it initially in then updated version of the web page pajak_jan_uk.htm, later on the totaliztic web page god.htm, while at the end of August 2008 also here on this web page, and finally on several further web pages of totalizm.
       10. The gaining of empirical confirmation, that our knowledge of the fact that "this is God Himself who simulates the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts", does NOT decrease for us the aggressiveness and nastiness of attacks of UFOnauts nor the severity of consequences of their occupation (2007 until now). Namely, in spite that initially I knew for over one year who really stands behind the manifestations of the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts, and in spite that by over one year I silently verified and confirmed this my discovery, the attacks and persecution which I experienced from these "UFOnauts" did NOT decrease their intensity nor nastiness at all. In this in turn I see still another message or warning from God, namely that this God's "simulation" of the secretive occupation of the Earth is for the humanity a very serious test and exam, which we people have a duty to treat so as if this occupation is physical and real.
       11. The merging of previously separate findings of totalizm about UFOnauts and God, into a single consistent whole that explains the goals and methods of God in His "simulation of the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts" (8 August 2008, until now). A product of this merging is, amongst others, this part #F of the web page.
* * *
       A highly interesting is my finding regarding the process of learning the truth by people who remain in email or postal contact with me. From their descriptions it stems, that they also must arrive to the learning the truth in such a "layered" or "stepped" fashion. Means, they also must put a lot of effort and dedication to overcome subsequent "barriers of awareness" which stand on their paths to learning the truth. Furthermore, also in their cases after they overcome subsequent out of such "barriers of awareness", they accomplish a next "level of induction into knowledge" in the matter of given truth.
       The above means, that in order to come closer to learning the truth, also you, the reader, must personally and with a significant difficulty overcome subsequent "barriers of awareness" which you will meet on your path. After all, God created our physical world so that no-one is able to give to others as a gift the truth and assurance, but these others must earn the certainty and truth by themselves. It looks also that the demonstration of our own attributes and skills in overcoming subsequent barrier is a reason for which God subjects us people to the present test for the "secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts".

#F7. Which evidence confirms that the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts is just a "simulation" generated by God in a software manner:

       Of course, when UFOnauts are "simulated" by the being so omni-powerful and omni-knowledgeable as God Himself, then for us people these in every detail are indistinguishable from the real ones. It means that these simulated UFOnauts look, feel, and behave like the real ones. Also their spaceships and their technical equipment utilises the true and working principles of operation, have the design that one day in the future will turn to work correctly also for people, form real and permanent effects and marks, etc., etc. But in spite of all these, still do exist various kinds of evidence, which confirm that UFOnauts do NOT exist objectively and permanently - in the same way as people or the Earth do exist, but they are just temporally simulated by God in every case when God considers this to be required. In fact this God's simulation of UFOnauts is carried out in such a perfect manner, that for people it looks like a permanent occupation of the Earth by really existing UFOnauts. Let us list here most significant examples of evidence, that it is God Himself who simulates the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts:
       1. These evil UFOnauts always do exactly whatever lies in the interest of God and as precisely as it lies in the interest of God. If we carefully analyse secretive actions of UFOnauts on the Earth, then it turns out that UFOnauts do NOT do whatever lies in their occupational interests, nor they do NOT do this in equally slack manner as creatures that practice the philosophy of evil parasitism would do this. Rather opposite, UFOnauts do everything as thoroughly as if it was done by God Himself.
       2. Effects of the secretive actions of UFOnauts on the Earth always precisely reflect the omni-knowledge of God. For example, effects of actions of UFOnauts never depend on accident. Means, UFOnauts e.g. always are seen by these people only who supposed to see them, never a good picture of UFOnauts can be taken, always they appear in places which lie in God's interests that UFOs appear there, etc., etc. UFOnauts always exactly know what we think, what we write on our computers and what we intend to do with this, what are our intentions, and where we are. Furthermore, UFOnauts never commit mistakes - in spite that they practice the philosophy of extreme laziness called the evil parasitism.
       3. UFOnauts admit in contacts with people that they are deprived of "free will". In UFO literature statements given by UFOnauts themselves are reported relatively frequent. In some of these statements UFOnauts admit that opposite to people from the Earth UFOnauts do NOT have the "free will". (UFOnauts also admit that their feelings are several times weaker than feelings of people.) If we consider what this means, the lack of the "free will" practically certifies that their minds must be controlled ("possessed") by someone completely different than they themselves. In turn the only being which is able to control minds of UFOnauts and control their bodies, is God Himself.
       4. Group karma which UFOnauts generate would destroy already every physically existing civilisation. The evilness of actions of UFOnauts is so huge, that karma which their activities generate would destroy their civilisation a long time ago - if their civilisation would exist physically and really. After all, activities of UFOnauts are carried out in the manner that allows them to avoid the generation of individual karma. However, these activities do NOT display capability to avoid the group karma.
       5. A significant proportion of evil that UFOnauts direct at people, is actually carried out with hands of immoral humans whom UFOnauts just "instigate" against others. It means, a major method of exerting evil upon people by UFOnauts is the method which religions call "tempting". In turn this "tempting" of people has only then a sense, when it represents a kind of "test" or "exam" to which these people are subjected by God. In order to serve this God as a precise tool for "examining" people, in fact UFOnauts must be simulated by God Himself.
       6. All manifestations of secretive activities of UFOnauts are consistent with each other, are perfectly planned, carried out, and keep happening since the beginnings of time. For example, all people who act to the detriment of humanity always display in their anatomy the presence of features that are characteristic for UFOnauts - as an example see "Fig. #G2" from this web page. This in turn means, that only someone with the knowledge, power, and eternity of God is able to give to these manifestations such a consistent character.
* * *
       Listed above are just these examples of the evidence for the God's "simulation" of the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts, which support the line of deduction and the subject area of this web page. In turn further examples of evidence in support of the same thesis that the "existence of evil UFOnauts and their secretive occupation of the Earth are intentionally simulated by God", are provided in item #F5 of the web page god.htm - about secular and scientific understanding of God,

#F8. In spite that a secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts is just a "simulation" and "test" software generated by God, it has for the humanity the same consequences as if it was the physical and real occupation:

       Everything that God does, He carries out with a huge seriousness, consistency, and perseverance. After all, it serves His superior goals. We people cannot count, that because the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts is just a software simulation carried out by God, this occupation is going to be less consequential and less severe than it would be if it is physical and real. After all, for each one of us separately, and for the entire humanity as a whole, this simulation is actually a final test and an exam which is going to decide about our value in eyes of God. Therefore, in spite that this is just a simulation, we people must treat it very seriously as if it was a reality. After all, if we "fail" this test, God may act as if the occupation is real. For example, if the level of this "failing" is going to be too low, and it proves that as a race of intelligent creatures the humanity does NOT fulfil certain quality criteria developed by God, then if needed God can destroy humanity completely, while in place of us He can create and settle down on the Earth entirely different intelligent creatures.

Part #G: If God simulates "evil UFOnauts", then what "hints" God gives to people so that people could protect themselves from the evil:


#G1. Why the anatomy of people (and all other creatures) is a faithful reflection of their souls:

       The theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains to us that a person as a whole is an outcome of combining together as many as three separate components, namely: (1) programmable substance called "counter-matter" which is a kind of liquid computer that can be programmed into assuming any possible shape and any possible behaviour, (2) a superior natural program which organises this programmable substance into particles, atoms, tissues, and then into a whole human body, and (3) like a kind of picture or hologram which is formed into the shape of a person from this "liquid computer" programmed by this "natural program". By religions these three basic components of the human being are called correspondingly (1) "spirit", (2) "soul", and (3) "body". Their more comprehensive description is provided in item #B7 of the web page evolution.htm, and in item #C1 of the web page nirvana.htm. Such three-component structure of the man described above, practically means that about our appearance really decides our "soul". After all, this is the "soul" which organises "counter-matter" (i.e. organizes the "spirit") into a precise physical shape (i.e. into the "body") which we later can see with our own eyes as anatomic details of a given person.
       As this is explained more comprehensively on the web page soul_proof.htm, our soul in fact is a composite of many different natural programs. Apart shapes and work of our body, these natural programs of the soul contain also many other information - for example contain descriptions of our character, personality, morality, history, age, habits, health, allergies, etc. Because all these information from our "soul" are mutually linked with each other, they all influence details of our appearance and our anatomy. In other words, because of the role which our soul performs, amongst others attributes of our character and personality are faithfully reflected in details of our appearance. This is why some people developed a skill of instant judging of someone's character through one look at the appearance of this person. This is also why the so-called "first impression" about a given person tells us almost everything on the subject of this person.
       There is a large body of evidence accumulated already, which confirms that someone's character, personality, morality, history, future fate, etc., are faithfully reflected in the appearance of this person. This evidence originates from many sources. One amongst most sure and drastic sources of this evidence are cases of so-called "multiple personalities", and so-called "possessions", described in items #F4 and #F5 of the web page soul_proof.htm. Other sources of our knowledge about links between the appearance (anatomic details) and content of the "soul" of a given person, is folklore - or more strictly the information told on this subject by old wise people. A similar knowledge contain also various sayings and proverbs. In recent years non-analysed information on this subject is also available in internet - which makes accessible the biographies and photographs of mass murderers, rapists, etc.
       But in spite of the existence and availability of this large body of data, links between someone's appearance and the content of their soul is rarely discussed in public. The reason is that so-called "people who have a lot to loose" - i.e. those described in so-called "twelve truths about truth" from chapter N of the monograph [5/3], do NOT want, and sometimes even are afraid, to discuss this extremely vital topic. This for us is even more precious the access to information from so-called "UFO research". After all, because UFOnauts are simulated by God just as highly "evil creatures", these UFOnauts are "model" bearers of all devilish details which people should learn in order to be able to distinguish between moral people and ones whose evil can endanger us. Furthermore, about the evilness of UFOnauts we can talk and write openly without a danger that someone can feel "offended". Therefore it is worth to openly discuss details of the appearance of UFOnauts just to learn more about us - means people.
       Theoretical explanations presented in this item that stem from the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also the empirical evidence indicated here, consequently reveal to us that anatomic details of the "body" of a given person are exact reflections of all attributes of the "soul" of this person. This in turn means, that the bodies of people (and other creatures), the soul of which is saturated with "evil", must also carry appropriate anatomic details which are exact reflections of the "evil" written into their souls. So if we learn to recognise these anatomic details with the use of which the evil manifests itself, then we also learn how to recognise people who are "carriers of evil" and thus who are potentially dangerous for us.
       Please notice that the topic of relationship between someone's appearance and facial features and his or her character, are also discussed in item #M1 of the web page named day26.htm.

#G2. Most vital anatomic details which already are identified as signs of "evil" written into the appearance of its bearers:

       Sources indicated in the previous item #G1 already now provide us with a range of clues, as to which exactly anatomic details are bearers of the "evil". As it turns out, already now we can indicate a whole range of such details. Here are most vital out of them:
       1. Eyes. In old Poland old-timers used to say that "devils have cat's eyes". Similar findings, although expressed more precisely, transpire from present documentary movies about mass murderers and about other criminals. These films also emphasize that in very "evil" people we are immediately hit by the appearance of their eyes. From these eyes not only that "radiates evil", but also their shape is different. Namely, in evil criminals colourful parts of their eyes are NOT round at all - as these are in moral people, but look like "vertical beams" - means in fact are quite similar to "eyes of cats". An excellent example of just such "evil cat's eyes" are eyes of the serial killer from Australia named Peter Dupas. His eyes looked like black vertical lines. These eyes were not only shown in the Australian TV documentary serial on his subject, entitled "Real Crime - Beyond The Darklands Australia (a part about Peter Dupas)", but also were commented as "evil" by numerous witnesses contributing to this documentary.
       2. Hairs. Another anatomic detail which also immediately hits eyes in people who live on the collision course with morality and law, are their hairs. These hairs also do NOT grow in them the same as hairs grow in moral people. This is why, both old people, as well as proverbs of many nations, emphasized that e.g. "people with curly hairs cannot be trusted". An example of a proverb which tries to express this information, is the Chinese proverb which in the Cantonese dialect states "lin moł nał pej nok ciong ji" that means "you should not trust a person with curly hair and hooked nose".
       Of course, there are further such details. But it is much better if in the next item these details are discussed on the example of illusive UFOnauts simulated by God, than in this item are elaborated on the example of people.
* * *
       There is a vital reason for which I am indicating here such information. It is the fact that since God simulates "evil UFOnauts" which look identically to people, then this also means that in the anatomy of these UFOnauts God for sure imprints also these details which for us are indicators of their evil. After all, if God does something, then God does it with a huge precision. Furthermore, behind every action of God hides also, amongst others, the intention to inspire and to teach people. Therefore, in the next item of this web page, which is to follow, I am trying to describe these anatomic details about which we already know that they appear frequently in "evil UFOnauts" simulated by God, but simultaneously they rather rarely are seen in moral people. For this reason it is worth to take a notice of bearers of such details.

#G3. How to identify our cosmic occupants who hide in the crowd around us:

Motto: "That our untrained eye does NOT see them, does NOT mean that they are NOT here."

       In our naivety we usually believe, that since on city streets we do NOT see hostile UFOnauts like during the second world's war our parents used to see Germans or Japanese, then this means that UFOnauts do NOT occupy us. However, the truth is such, that in fact the density of UFOnauts who occupy our planet, is presently much higher in the crowd around us, that during the second world war was the density of Germans or Japanese. Only that UFOnauts are almost identical to us. In addition they intentionally try to make themselves similar to us. In this way one needs to seek them carefully to be able to see them in the crowd which surrounds us.
       When someone is attacked by an aggressor, he starts his defence from counting forces of the aggressor. After all, such counting gives him an idea as to how he should carry out his defence. So a natural consequence of warnings contained in the Bible, stating that the Earth is on power of "devils", "serpents", "Satan", etc., should be counting how many of these "devils" or "serpents" actually torment our Earth. But unfortunately for us, not without reasons the Bible warns us, "Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made." (Genesis 3:1) - see item #E2 from the previous part of this web page. So in order to discourage the humanity against any effort to count the number of "serpents" that reside on the Earth, these cunning devils make a kind of proverbial scoff from every attempt to count them. The devils accomplished this through scoffing at medieval scientific debates on the subject "how many devils can fit on tip of a pin". Since times when this scoffing become a subject of common laughter, no-one on the Earth tries to count "serpents". So serpents can roam freely, occupying and robbing humanity without any danger that they become disclosed.
       When the research of totalizm revealed that the planet Earth is under a secretive occupation of UFOnauts, I decided that I should estimate how big are forces of this aggressor engaged on the Earth. The starting point for these calculations provided data regarding the distribution of the implant from UFOnauts that is drilled into human legs, and also data about the frequency of abductions to UFOs of people who have such implants. (The photograph of a scar on leg made during inserting such an implant, is shown as a first photograph from the web page about UFOnauts.) Results of these counting of UFOnauts I published in subsection U3.1.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]. As it turned out, one UFOnaut occurs on the Earth for every around 50 people. This is shockingly much. It means that the occupying forces of UFOnauts engaged on the Earth are much larger than were e.g. occupying forces of Germans or Japanese during second world war.
       In order to empirically verify the merit of this shocking counting, I decided to carry out additional empirical identification of UFOnauts in statistic samples which include around 50 people. In these research the point was to verify, that if on the Earth one UFOnauts occurs in every sample of 50 people, then the actual presence of this UFOnaut should be possible to detect. In my empirical checking I used the method described below. Outcomes of these checking were even more shocking. They revealed that in environments which I was checking, in every random sample of around 50 people at least 3 UFOnauts could be detected! Poor is this planet of ours!
       Because every aspect of the research which I carry out is open for the verification by other people, below I am describing the method of research that I use. Simultaneously I invite the reader to also use this method and check personally this so vital statistical density of occupying forces of UFOnauts on the Earth. Here are subsequent steps of this method.
       A. Selection of coherent sample of around 50 people for checking. In order the outcome was statistically valid, the sample of these around 50 checked cannot be deprived of its random character which to human crowds is given by everyday life. Therefore to the sample subjected to checking must be included all people who were thrown by life to be together e.g. working on the same level of an office building, or employed by the same institution, or completing the same kind of work, etc., etc.
       B. Anatomy - the key for initial selecting candidates for more careful checking. First indications as to whom we should subject to a thorough observation provides their anatomy. In spite that UFOnauts are our close relatives who originate from the same ancestors from the planet Terra as we do (see caption under "Fig. #B1" above), their civilization developed in separation from ours for almost 40 000 years. So in connection with their tendencies to "enhance" themselves genetically, this causes that their anatomy already starts to be slightly different from the human anatomy. Most vital out of these anatomical differences of UFOnauts that occupy us, include amongst others:(1) hair that grows upward on their heads (not downward like in the majority of people) and showing the tendency to curl, (2) prolonged chin, frequently having two bulging buttock-like protrusions, (3) quite a different nose which either is sharp like a carrot and has a vertical small groove at the sharp tip, or is crocked like a hook, (4) pear-shaped head, (5) large ears that stick out, (6) long palm hands with very long fingers the length of which almost exceeds 1.5 width of their palm hands (e.g. see fingers in Buddha, or in Osama Bin Laden), and several other attributes. The complete description of these attributes is provided in subsection V8.1, from volume 16 of monograph [1/5] and monograph [1/4]. In turn, photographic illustrations of these attributes, independently from "Fig. #D1" to "Fig. #G2" of this web page, are also contained on the web pages: church of St. Bobola in Milicz, aliens, UFOnauts, 26th day, Malbork, Antichrist, and several others. Unfortunately, as for now, just anatomy alone cannot be a basis for qualifying an individual to the occupying apparatus of UFOnauts. After all, it can happen that a given anatomic detail people also have - after all, as so-far, no scientific research were carried out on this matter. So the candidates selected initially on the basis of anatomy need to be confirmed through determining the existence of further attributes which are characteristic for UFOnauts. The more such attributes is confirmed, the higher probability that a given individual actually belongs to the occupying apparatus of UFOnauts. Here are further attributes which we need to seek:

Fig. #G1a Fig. #G1b Fig. #G1c

Fig. #G1abc: Typical anatomic features of UFOnauts. Already almost 40 000 years of separation from our cosmic relatives (who by the Bible are called "serpents", "dragons", or "devils", while by present people - "UFOnauts") has its consequences. For example, in UFOnauts it developed a whole range of anatomic features, which typically do NOT appear in people from the Earth. One amongst these features is the elongated chin with two buttock-like protrusions. Other such features include: hair that grow upwards on their heads, pear-shaped heads, carrot-like noses with a vertical groove at their sharp ends, "cat's eyes", carved down "dogs' ears", palm hands and fingers which are unproportionally long, e.g. palm hands themselves, as well as fingers, are over 1.5 width of their hands, etc.
       The features illustrated above, and also other anatomic characteristics which are common amongst UFOnauts, should become the first, but not the only, indicator that allows to identify UFOnauts. Therefore, seeing in someone e.g. hair that grow upwards on the scull, prolonged chin with buttock-like bulging, carrot-shaped nose with a vertical groove at the sharp tip, "cat's eyes", surgically cut "dog's ears", palm-hands and fingers in hands which are unproportionally long, e.g. palm-hands themselves, as well as fingers, are over 1.5 longer than the width of hands, etc., it should mobilize us to watch a given individual closely, and also watch outcomes of his or hers activities. But conclusions from our checking should depend on finding in a given individual behaviours or phenomena which are unique for the advanced technology of UFOnauts and cannot appear accidentally in people.
       Examples of such behaviours and phenomena unique for UFOnauts and impossible to appear in people, are e.g. knowledge of the future that results from the use of time vehicles by UFOnauts, disappearances of their bodies from graves (caused by their avoidance of real death through shifting back in time), attributes resulting from uses of personal propulsion systems which work on principles of telekinetic flickering (e.g. indestructiveness - e.g. the lack of wounds where people would experience cuts and bruises, ability to disappear, weightless, the lack of tiredness after tiring activities - e.g. walking upstairs, etc.), knowledge of our thoughts resulting from their mastery of telepathic devices, irresistible persuasiveness - means making us do things that we normally would NOT do, etc., etc.
       It should be added, that in monographs [1/5] and [1/4] (see in there subsections W5.1 from volume 18 and K5.1.1 (N5.1.1)) are described technical devices called revealing devices, which allow to confirm objectively someone's belonging to the occupational forces of UFOnauts. Unfortunately, so far UFOnauts successfully prevent all attempts to build these devices on the Earth.
       The above illustrations show:
       Fig. #G1a (left): This buttock-like bulges on the chin. It is clearly visible here, because this "UFOnaut" (in past called a "devil") has a well shaved face. Thus the shape of this bulging can be well examined. The above photograph is a repetition of the photograph from "Fig. #B2" provided here again so that the reader can compare it more easily with the remaining illustrations from the set shown here.
       Fig. #G1b (middle): The appearance of these two buttock-like protrusions on the chin viewed from the profile. This illustration shows also the "pear-shaped" head that is very typical for UFOnauts.
       The above illustration realizes also why Lenin must "die" soon after the revolution was completed. The reason is that UFOnauts from the very beginning planned to deviate the communism. So in order to have a human "ideal" which would NOT be responsible for these deviations, they removed Lenin from the power immediately when these deviations started to be implemented in the real life. Of course, the UFOnaut who impersonated Lenin has NOT died in this final assassination. The person who really died was the true Lenin - means the human with which this UFOnaut was changed. The manner in which UFOnauts carry out such "assassinations" and changing, is explained on the web page named changelings.htm. The above explains also why the appearance of Lenin drastically changed twice in the duration of his short life.
       Fig. #G1c (right): The appearance of the groove on the tip of nose, which (the groove) is frequently present on noses of UFOnauts. (E.g. such a groove has J. Stalin shown below in "Fig. #G2e".) However, we must be aware that - similarly like all other anatomic features of UFOnauts described here, a similar groove can also be present on noses of people. The example of nose shown on the above photograph does NOT represent a typical shape of the grooved nose of an UFOnaut. I show it here because this is the only photograph of the discussed groove on the nose that I have. As this clearly can be seen on this photograph, the above nose was broken by a hit from a side. In turn the breaking deformed the shape of this groove and widened it. (In UFOnauts this kind of nose typically narrows down conically with the distance from the brows, so that the tip of it is very "sharp", while the discussed groove at the tip is very narrow.) I should also add that in UFOnauts (former "devils") another kind of nose is frequently present, which the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz describes in the poem "Pani Twardowska" with the words "... nos jak haczyk ..." (i.e. "... nose like a hook ..."). This other kind of nose of UFOnauts is illustrated on the photograph Fig. #6a (left) from the web page sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm.

       C. Attributes the presence of which affirms us that we are on a right track. The identification in the verified individuals the attributes which are unique for UFOnauts only, and which are described in item D below, is very difficult. After all, UFOnauts are trained in hiding these. However, there is another group of attributes, which typically are present in UFOnauts, and which are not hidden by them so much. Here these are:
       C1. Acting towards harming humanity. UFOnauts are send to the Earth for one purpose only - to push humanity down and to harm our civilization. So whatever they do, it always is aimed at damaging humanity, means: instigates, torments, blocks, makes impossible, discourages, confuses, blinds, etc. But in order to hide this harmful activity, their noisy propaganda persuades people that everything that they do is for good of humans. Therefore if one looks more carefully at outcomes of action of any of these UFOnauts that are posted to the Earth, then immediately it hits us that these actions are highly contradictive. Namely, officially everything on their subject will tell us that whatever they do or did is "good" for people. But simultaneously, if one tries to measure or to define this "good", then it turns out that in fact it is "bad". The close look at it reveals that it is a source of persecution of people, a blockade which suppress the progress, that in fact it generated nothing specific, that it leads to nowhere, etc., etc.
       C2. Irresistible attraction to fame, leading, amazing of crowd, bragging, etc. These attract UFOnauts like lights attract moths. It is because of this attraction that the most of UFOnauts we can find amongst various leaders, politicians, magicians, singers, famous actors, etc. Even when the kind of a sabotage that they carry out on the humanity forces them to pretend ordinary people, they still will try to form their local "kingdoms", impose the tone, pretend to be greater than they are, continually brag about something, etc., etc.
       C3. Shocking laziness and habit of indulging in physical pleasures of life. This in turn results from the philosophy of so-called parasitism that they practice. Thus even if their propaganda makes out of them idols of accomplishments, if someone checks their actual productivity then it turns out that e.g. if they are leaders then everything is done for them by someone else - while they just sign under it. If they are famous scientists, then the main their publication is - at most two pages long. If they are philosophers, then in fact they "perspire" one sentence for which they are later known. Etc., etc.
       C4. Animal-like attitude towards sex. From the point of view of their attitude towards sex, UFOnauts display behaviours which are typical for animals, not for people. For example, UFOnauts display the tendencies to form their own harems, sexual intercourses they lift to the rank of the main goal and main occupation of their lives, they display a kind of cult of penis, they are unable to control their desires thus they rape every human they have a taste for, etc., etc. These animal-like attitudes of UFOnauts are illustrated in the best manner by several facts concerning them. Here are examples of some amongst these facts. (1) The UFOnaut described in the Bible under the name of Solomon, accumulated truly animal-like harem that was composed of 700 wives and further 300 concubines. (Facts, which conclusively indicate that Solomon was for sure an UFOnaut, are discussed in the caption under "Fig. #1c" from the web page bible.htm.) (2) In order to be able to have sexual intercourses even when their penises refuse to obey, many UFOnauts have special tubular stiffening and enlarging implants that are inserted surgically into their penises. (These artificial stiffening and enlarging implants inserted surgically into penises of UFOnauts are described, amongst others, in subsection JE9.5 from volume 9 of the monograph [1/4], while are illustrated on the photograph from "Fig. #1" of the web page about the philosophy of parasitism. In turn descriptions of rapes of human females with just such tabular and "empty" inside penises of UFOnauts are described in subsection T4 from volume 14 of the monograph [1/4].) By these tabular stiffening and enlarging implants UFOnauts can actually be identified and recognised, similarly as Hitler's police used to identify Jews with their famous order "You claim that you are NOT a Jew - so show your penis!" It is because of this tabular stiffening and enlarging implants, the UFOnauts-changelings which have it, never urinate to the common urinal together with human males (i.e. for a secretive urinating UFOnauts typically lock themselves alone in a toilet-cubical). (3) Since the time when web pages of totalizm disseminated amongst people the information about these tabular stiffening and enlarging implants in penises of UFOnauts, their occupational apparatus on the Earth initiated a large-scale action of hiding this their identification feature through pushing human males to make themselves similar to UFOnauts. Namely, UFOnauts mounted in Internet a huge anonymous campaign that persuades human males to "enlarge their penises". From this campaign is just a small step to initiate supplying also human males into the same stiffening and enlarging implants that many UFOnauts have in their penises. In turn, when these implants are introduced and spread amongst male population of Earth, we are going to loose another manner on which now we still can distinguish UFOnauts from humans through checking for the presence of this implant inserted in penises of UFOnauts.
       C5. Strangeness and difference. UFOnauts who are posted to the Earth put a lot of effort to not be noticeable and to "blend" with their environment. Therefore for example on the Earth both male and female UFOnauts act. Many UFOnauts have ordinary humans for their spouses or partners - with whom they may even have their own offspring. In the direct encounter with someone who knows them, the majority of UFOnauts is especially polite - their evilness comes out only when they are capable to act anonymously, e.g. under a pseudo-name in Internet, or controlling decisions in some decision group (i.e. when their anti-human or immoral decisions are later attributed to this group, not to them personally). In spite of all these, still we people are hit by some strangeness and difference which emanates from them. For example, almost always they pretend to be "emigrants" or "visitors" from distant places (probably to explain by this their strangeness to people who surround them). They never are specific about their past. Their relationships with human partners almost always are very "unusual" and typically are sources of many rumours and gossips. Their unusual fits, habits, and behaviours, almost always are sources of numerous gossips, puzzles, suspicions about practicing "witchcraft", etc. They also surprise with their wide knowledge - after all they travel a lot and they were practically everywhere - only that in their UFO vehicles, not in our Earthly means of transport), with their ability to read our minds (which is the fact, only that they hide it from us), etc., etc.
       C6. Relentless hostility towards God. The essence of success of the occupation of the Earth by UFOnauts, and also their style of living, is based on the immorality, and on everything that God forbids to do. Thus they are atheists and relentless enemies of trust in God. Even when they carry out a kind of sabotage (e.g. impersonating to be priests, saints, prophets, etc.) which forces them to pretend religious people, or even when they are in the environment which makes them to practice a religion, still atheism and the will to erode in people the trust in God hides behind every their word and action. It is because of this, that the Bible authorized by God consistently classifies them to the category of animals - as it is explained in item #F3 of the web page totalizm.
       D. Seeking and checking attributes which definitively confirm their belonging to occupying forces. If one has a good luck, and knows what to look at, then in individuals that he checks sometimes he can by accident notice attributes which directly result from their access to the advanced technology of UFOnauts. These attributes do NOT appear in people. So their finding is synonymous with a definite confirmation that a given individual belongs to occupying forces of UFOnauts on the Earth. Here are these attributes:
       D1. Almost "supernatural" capabilities. For example the ability to disappear, to walk through walls, the impossibility to get wounded, resistance to accidents, "indestructiveness" (including "misfires" of possible assassination attempts at these more disliked amongst them), knowledge of our thoughts, etc., etc. All these capabilities result from the secretive use by them these advanced technical devices which work on principles of telekinetic flickering, telepathy, etc.
       D2. Telekinetic weightless. Telekinetic personal propulsion system, which UFOnauts have surgically inserted into their bodies, gives to their movements this extraordinary weightless, and eliminates tiredness from them. (This personal propulsion system is described in subsection M5.2 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5].) Therefore, to the extraordinary aspects of their behaviours belongs, amongst others, that sometimes having to choose the use of a lift, or to walk upstairs, when no-one is looking they choose the stairs - in spite that they climb 8 or more floors up. They also are faster upstairs than a lift, and do not show over there any tiredness. Frequently, in order to impress common people, they climb upstairs to tops of highest towers or buildings - and they do this even when they already are heads of states (they wish to have "sporty" image). They also show a lack of tiredness during completion of any other physically exhausting activities. I saw one of them as not knowing that he is watched, he glided downstairs smoothly like a leaf - without moving his legs.
       D3. Knowledge of future. This results from the use by them time vehicles on practically everyday basis. The entire their advantage over people stems from this knowledge of the future, accomplished through so-called "time curriers" - see descriptions of these curries in item #C5 of the web page about time vehicles.
* * *
       For further information about occupying forces of UFOnauts residing on the Earth see also the web page changelings, and items #F2 and #F3 of the web page totalizm.

Fig. #G2a Fig. #G2b Fig. #G2c
Fig. #G2d Fig. #G2e Fig. #G2f

Fot. #G2abcdef: Genetic "conspiracy - plot", or a genetic evidence that the Earth is in fact under a secretive occupation of UFOnauts? The above photographs show examples of commonly known historical figures, which are known from their acts to the detriment of humanity, and in which are present anatomic features that coincide closely with similar features of UFOnauts. Thus all these figures look as if they are participants of some "genetic conspiracy". For example, all of them have these buttock-shaped bulges on their chins, hair, nose, and also other anatomic features which are characteristic for UFOnauts. And we must remember, that these particular features are extremely rare and it is very difficult to see them just on ordinary people from streets.
       Whenever I try to to point attention of people onto some kind of evidence that confirms secretive activities of UFOnauts on the Earth, one amongst numerous ways in which UFOnauts are undermining my evidence in eyes of other people, is the demurrer "he everywhere sees a conspiracy or collusion". So here are photographs which represent another objective proof for the secretive occupation of the Earth by UFOnauts. Regarding these photographs UFOnauts cannot accuse me that I "everywhere see a conspiracy or a plot". After all, the biologically it is NOT possible that all these historical figures that are commonly known as acting to the detriment of human race could "conspire" to carry in themselves the same rare genes. Thus the only explanation for the presence of the same anatomic features in all these figures is that in fact there is a secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts, and that the anatomy of these cosmic occupants is characterized by anatomic features that are illustrated here.

       Let us reming ourselves now who is shown on the above photographs. It is worth to take notice, that in spite of the existence of numerous photographs of each one amongst these figures, some UFOnauts from their surroundings make sure that on these photographs are NOT shown clearly these their anatomic features that are most characteristic for UFOnauts. Therefore it is very difficult to find for each amongst these figures such a photograph that would illustrate all these identifying features that are characteristic for UFOnauts. Fortunately, each photograph shown here illustrates at least two such features, namely hair that grow upwards of their heads, and these buttock-shaped protrusions that bulge on their chins.
       Fig. #G2a (top-left): Devil-UFOnaut. His photograph is repeated here to allow the reader comparison of the anatomic features unique for UFOnauts with features captured on the rest of photographs shown here.
       Fig. #G2b (top-centre): Albert Einstein. On both photographs shown here he is captured from such a correct side, that the photographs illustrate very well these anatomic features that are characteristic for UFOnauts (chin, hair, eyes, nose, etc.). Propaganda of UFOnauts makes from Albert Einstein a kind of "benefactor of humanity". However, if we thoroughly examine what consequences his "creativity" brought to humanity, then it turns out that whatever he produced is highly destructive. In fact "theories" of Einstein hold back and freeze creative accomplishments of physical sciences on the Earth by at least 50 years. This is because whenever a scientist discovers something that introduces a real progress (e.g. particles that are faster than light, non-explosive transformation or fusion of elements, immediate telepathic or telekinetic communication, etc.), UFOnauts that secretly push humanity down immediately hit this scientist with the authority of Einstein like with a kind of huge club. So such a scientist is silenced very fast and has no courage to come out again with his breakthrough discoveries. In turn his findings are forgotten, because no-one promotes them since these are contradictive to claims of Einstein. I will not elaborate here on the fact, that currently it is a kind of "scientific taboo" to investigate anything that is contradictive to the claims of Einstein. In the result, the entire progress of physical sciences was literally "suffocated" by Einstein in the second half of 20th century and at the beginning of 21st century. For the Einstein perfectly applies the statement from Biblical Evangel of St. Matthew, 7:17, quote: "A good tree bears good fruit, but an obnoxious tree bears bad fruit." (For a more complete understanding of reasons for so high destructiveness of the theory of relativity - see also explanations from item #H3 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm, and also explanations from items #J2 and #D5 of the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.)
       The philosophical justification "why" consequences of the "theory of relativity" turn out to be highly detrimental (destructive) for our civilisation, are presented in item #K1 of totaliztic web page fe_cell.htm, and in item #G4 of totaliztic web page eco_cars.htm.
       Fig. #G2c (top-right): Again Albert Einstein. UFOnauts proudly emphasize in their propaganda, that the article by Einstein, "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?", in which he refers to this famous equation E=mc^2, has just two pages of volume. However, is one thinks it over, the article cannot be longer. After all, the equation itself is a deformed equation for the kinetic energy, while children in primary schools "derive" it in a single sentence. The correctness of this equation cannot be verified quantitatively, so the article cannot contain descriptions of such verifications. No experiments can be based on this equation, so the article could NOT contain descriptions of such experimental research. From this equation nothing stems, therefore the article could NOT describe practical directives about applications of it. On the basis of this equation no technical device can be build, nor no law of nature can be discovered, so the article could not describe what this equation leads to. Etc., etc. So in fact, if one thinks it over, the theory based on this equation turns out to be the most poor, most unproductive, and the most destructive theory developed on the Earth so-far. In future it probably will be described by the expression Einstein's plague.
       Fig. #G2d (down-left): Adolf Hitler. In order to hide his hair that grows upwards on his head, Adolf Hitler typically photographed himself either in a hat or with the purposely hair oiled just before taking the photograph and thoroughly redirected from upward towards the side of the head. In turn to hide his buttock-shaped chin, almost all his photographs are taken either straight from the front view, or completely from the side.
       Fig. #G2e (down-middle): Joseph Stalin. On this photograph even the outlines of this groove from the tip of his nose is visible (i.e. the groove that is illustrated in more details on the photograph from Fig. #G1c).
       Fig. #G2f (down-right): Mao Tse Tung. In humans from Asia faces typically look slightly different than in Europeans. However, surprisingly in UFOnauts changed for people, these anatomic features typical for UFOnauts are similarly visible in all races. Thus for example hair that grow upwards of their heads, or buttock-shaped bulging on their chins, are clearly visible not only in UFOnauts from the race similar to Europeans, but also in UFOnauts from the race similar to Asians - e.g. see Mao Tse Tung above, or Pol Pot, and even in UFOnauts of Negroid race - e.g. see Adi Amin, and also "devil" from the photograph Fig. #6a (left) on the web page sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm.

Part #H: What we supposed to do to pass this present God's "test" or "exam" which checks the reaction of humanity for the "simulated" occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts?


#H1. What actions we should take to pass this God's exam which checks our reaction to the "simulation" of a secretive occupation and robbery of the Earth by evil UFOnauts?

       This web page illustrated in a meaningful manner how actually look like the present situation of humanity. As we can see, this situation is so configured, that we must somehow react to it. Our reaction is even the more important in the light of explanations presented in item #F3 from the web page wszewilki_uk.htm, which reveal, that God continually watches and judges our attitudes which we demonstrate in reply to every development of situation which affects us. Thus, a next question which we confront, is what actually we supposed to do now.
       Theoretically speaking, actions that we need to take seem to be simple. Namely, we should find a way to get rid these UFOnauts and their secretive occupation of the Earth. In turn, to get rid of them, it is enough that their existence becomes unnecessary. This is because in such a case God ceases the simulation of their existence and activities. (Of course, in order this ceasing could also be explained in an atheistic manner, God will create on other planets traces of activities of UFOnauts, so that the humanity is going to discover one day that these UFOnauts blown themselves up on principles of shifting from the stage of the "non-existing existence" into the complete "non-existence" - as this is described, amongst others, in item #B8 of the web page timevehicle.htm - about time vehicles.) In turn to make the existence of UFOnauts NOT needed for God, it is enough that the humanity passes the "test" to which God subjects us with the use of these UFOnauts. Practically, however, passing this "test" is going to turn extremely difficult. After all, in order the humanity passes it, a majority of people must individually accomplish all "levels of induction into the knowledge" described in item #F6 above, while the knowledge that is to stem from their accomplishments must gain the common recognition and must be introduced to the official educational system. But in order this happens, millions of people must overcome in person the "barriers or awareness" that are created by God with the use of these "evil UFOnauts", and in person acquire the required knowledge about God. It is NOT difficult to guess that this is going to take a lot of time, and will require a huge effort. Also, there will be a need for pedantic learning and applying in our lives even more detailed principles of totalizm and findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, as well as even more thorough getting to know UFOnauts and God - to which goal, I hope, I am contributing my own share through the formulation of this web page.

#H2. How in meantime we can individually defend ourselves against evil attacks of UFOnauts?

       As it is explained in item #H1 above, for as long as with our actions and attitudes all people make unnecessary the "simulation" of UFOnauts by God, these UFOnauts are going to appear on the Earth and trouble practically each one of us. So how we can individually defend ourselves against these attacks? Well, the strategy of our individual self-defence is simple. We just must prove to God that the use of UFOnauts has NO sense in our personal case. Unfortunately, a practical proving this is NOT as simple. After all, for this we need to learn totalizm thoroughly and pedantically utilise it in our lives - so that UFOnauts and their "tempting" turn out to be fruitless. Also in every situation we need to insist on truth, and act justly according to moral laws. We cannot also allow that motives for our acting include greed, thirst of power, seeking pleasures, nor other similar animal instincts. In every moment and situation we must remember and stick to the certainty, that everything that happens around us are subsequent simulations of God - so that God will NOT see further need for continuation of these simulations in our personal case.

Part #I: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#I1. The summary of this web page:

       The situation of humanity could NOT be any more tense than it is at the moment. So each one amongst us have a moral obligation to start acting.

#I2. I suggest to return periodically to this web page, and to delegate our friends to it, because the presentation of present situation of humanity presented here is going to be improved further:

       In order to realise what really is "going on" around us, it is worth to return periodically to this web page. From the definition this web page is going to be improved and extended further, as soon as the course of events on Earth, and also the next wave of murderous activities of UFOnauts, is going to continue the hidden tormenting of humanity.
       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm currently available under addresses and On this blog many events discussed here are also explained with additional details written as these events unveil before our eyes.

#I3. How with the use of web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he or she is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#I4. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#I5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#I6. Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak:

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