"Changelings" - creatures which illustrate outcomes of immorality
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25 July 2013

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If we look around in these present, stripped from morality times, then strikes us that a noticeable proportion of people in fact does not wish to work, but only tries to benefit from all these pleasures that the current world offers to us. These people do not want to dirty their hands with building or repairing cars, but they love to drive nice limousines. They do not wish to trouble themselves with farming or cooking, but they insist on eating in exclusive restaurants. They do not wish to wash nor clean, but like to live in nice hotels with clean bedding. Etc., etc. So what such people would do, if someone on Earth managed to build an interstellar spaceship, such as the magnocraft. Well, according to what is explained on a separate web page evil, they would immediately arrange a farm of slaves for themselves on a remote planet. Then they would force children of these slaves to do for them all works. In order to make these slaves even more useful, and to be able to utilise them e.g. as prostitutes and as servants, in this farm of slaves people would farm their own race, means their close relatives - other people. In the result of such a situation, these enslaved relatives of humans would only work for people, while people would do nothing else but enjoy life through various pleasures and deviations. Exactly as this is described above, creatures which we call UFOnauts are doing. Only that for them we are these farmed relatives whose children are doing all works. they in turn just sample various pleasures of life. Unfortunately, in last years the knowledge and technology of humanity grew too much, and as a civilisation we begin to notice that we are secretly exploited by them. So in order to shift us back in the development, these UFOnauts use, amongst others, also their secret weapon, which are changelings. This web page explains exactly who are these "changelings", and in what manner they gradually shift humanity back in the development.

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:


#A1. Goals of this web page:

       Actually this web page has only one main goal. It is to explain "who", "why" and "in what way" illustratively lets the humanity know and taste, how it feels when the life on the Earth is ruled by practitioners of the philosophy of so-called "evil parasitism". But because this explanation is NOT possible without a simultaneous revealing "who" exactly are these supernatural creatures, which by the folklore of Ireland are called "changelings", (while by the Polish folklore are called "podmieńcy") - and which enable people to taste a "hell" that is created by common practicing of this destructive and highly immoral philosophy of parasitism, this web page explains additionally (1) "ho" or "what" are these supernatural beings which by the Irish folklore are called "changelings", (2) how one can recognise that is dealing with them, and (3) how one can defend against being affected by the destructive consequences of actions of these evil-behaving creatures.

#A2. In the meantime the philosophy has changed, but facts remain unchanged:

       Some time after writing this web page I discovered that UFO vehicles and UFOnauts are temporary "simulations", means are not permanent creations - as are e.g. our cars and ourselves. More on the subject of this "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts one can read from other totaliztic web pages, e.g. from items #K1 and #K2 of the web page day26.htm. The fact of temporary "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts changes drastically the philosophical meaning of this web page. But it does NOT change facts described on this web page.

Part #B: Only in the "world without God" everything would be ruled by coincidents:


#B1. The "world governed by God" - like the one in which we live, must significantly differ from the "world without God":

Motto: "The atheism of present official science is the consequence of exclusively its inner imperfections, i.e. it does NOT results from its research on the external physical world that surrounds us, but is caused by its internal structure and by mechanisms of work which it voluntarily selected for itself" (for details see item #C2 on the web page telekinetics.htm).

       If someone (like it is officially done by present taxpayer-funded "atheistic orthodox scientists") "starts his or her research from learning about the reality that surrounds us, while later tries to extrapolate the results to God" (means, if this someone researchers the reality that surrounds us from the philosophical approach "from effects to causes"), then he or she comes to a highly erroneous and detrimental for the humanity conclusion, that "the world created and governed by God" and "the world without God" do NOT differ from each other at all. But if someone does as this is recommended by the philosophy of totalizm, explained in item #A2.6 on the web page named totalizm.htm, illustrated by the introduction to the web page named parasitism.htm, while in the real life implemented by research of the new "totaliztic science" - namely if he or she "starts the research from putting himself or herself in the situation of God, then extrapolates the results to the reality which surround us" (i.e. if this someone researches the surrounding reality "from cause to effects"), then it turns out for him or her, that "the world deprived of God" must drastically differ from "the world created and governed by God". The so-called "totaliztic science" newly created in 1985, carries out objective scientific research of the surrounding reality just from such a based on God "a priori" philosophical approach (i.e. "from cause to effects"), that is exactly opposite to the "a posteriori" approach (i.e. "from effects to cause) utilised by the official and old "atheistic orthodox science". Therefore, this new "totaliztic science" already managed to deduce theoretically (identify) a number of identification attributes, which must characterise the "world created and intelligently governed by omnipotent God", and which must decisively differ from corresponding attributes that would characterise the hypothetical "world without God". Below I am going to present a number of examples of these identifying attributes, which in each one amongst these two worlds must decisively differ from each other:
       1. The entire "world without God" would must eventuate from nothing (e.g. as the outcome of so-called "Big Bang"), while in the world created intelligently by God whatever is visible to people is formed through appropriate programming of the existing infinitively long, invisible, intelligent, so-called "counter-matter" - for more details on this subject see item #C12 of the web page named bible.htm, item #A3 of the web page named petone.htm, or items #C2 to #C4 of the web page named god_proof.htm. Note that the discovery and description of "counter-matter" accomplished for the first time in the world the new "totaliztic science". This accomplishment was achieved in times when the entire totaliztic science was composed of a single scientists (i.e. the author of this web page).
       2. In "the world without God" the conventional (scientific) dating of rocks would relatively well indicate age of the Earth. However, in the world governed intelligently by wise God, the Earth can be just around 6000 years old, but rocks can be intentionally so created by God, as if they already have many millions of years - for details see item #M1 on the web page named evolution.htm.
       3. In "the world without God" dinosaurs would really need to live on the Earth, while in the world governed by God "bones of dinosaurs" could be "simulated" (i.e. fabricated by God). In other words, in "the world without God" finding e.g. "bones of dinosaurs" would always means, that these "dinosaurs" really lived on the Earth at some stage. But in "the world governed by God", monsters called "dinosaurs" may NOT existed, while scientists still can find their bones - after all God which created man and all animals can easily "fabricate" also these bones for accomplishing His "superior goals" (as this is explained more thoroughly in item #H2 from the web page named god_exists.htm or in item #A1 from the web page named evolution.htm). After all in "the world governed by wise God" everything must serve to long-term plans of God, while every event serves towards superior goals which God tries to accomplish through it. On the other hand, in "the world without God" everything happens chaotically - i.e. without any plan, goal, nor order.
       4. In "the world without God" there would NOT exist any phenomena which would imply directly that, independently from our physical world inhabited by people, another world also exists - which is inaccessible for people and in which God lives (i.e. that exists also thhis "other world" which religions describe for us). On the other hand, in the world created and governed by God there is a lot of just such phenomena - only that ordinary people typically are unable to notice these, while the official science blinded by its atheism is too ignorant to take notice of them. So let us list here at least the most commonly known examples of just such phenomena - discovered (or interpreted correctly) only by the new "totaliztic science". All of them directly indicate that independently from our "physical world" there is also another parallel so-called "counter-world" inhabited by God. Here are these phenomena. (a) Dipolar character of gravity field, described on the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. It proves, that gravity field has two poles - similarly like the magnetic field, only that because of the concentric nature of gravitation the second pole of it disappears from our physical world and emerges in a different world (i.e. emerges in the world by religions called the "other world"). (b) The "transverse" nature of electromagnetic waves described in item #D3 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. This is because such "transverse waves" are created exclusively on the border between two media - e.g. we can frequently see them on the surface of seas, or on the surface of lakes. Such "transverse" nature of electromagnetic waves means, that these waves propagate along the border between our physical world, and the so-called "counter-world" that is inhabited by God. (Notice that all waves which propagate along an interior of any medium, have a different nature of the so-called "compression waves" - also called "longitudinal waves". Thus, if electromagnetic waves instead of propagating along a border between two worlds would rather propagate along the interior of our physical world - as this is claimed by the old "atheistic orthodox science", then instead of being "transverse waves" they must become "compression waves" also called "longitudinal waves".) (c) The existence of phenomena which can occur only in a different counter-world in which prevail conditions and laws that are opposite to conditions and laws from our physical world. To most commonly known amongst of such phenomena, which the old "atheistic orthodox science" do NOT recognise until today because of the impossibility for them to occur in our physical world, belong telekinesis and telepathy - described, amongst others, on web pages named telekinesis.htm and telepathy.htm. (d) The existence of magnetic field and electric field, which carry out forces of physical interactions through vacuum. But because vacuum is actually "nothing", physical forces have NO right to be carried out through it. This means, that the space which in our physical world is a vacuum, in other parallel counter-world inhabited by God is filled up with an invisible to people substance, called "counter-matter", which is able to carry out physical forces. Thus, these forces carried out by invisible to people (and undetectable to our instruments) "counter-matter" form magnetic fields and electric fields - as this is described in subsections H5.1 and H5.2 in my newest monograph [1/5]. (e) All phenomena described on the web page named god_proof.htm. Of course, in spite of official negation by the old incompetent "atheistic orthodox science", that there is NO place in the universe in which God could live, in fact there is even much more similar phenomena that document the existence of this other parallel world. To more thorough descriptions of them the new "totaliztic science" devotes a number of separate web pages - e.g. see also web pages named immortality.htm, petone.htm, soul_proof.htm, and several others.
       5. In "the world without God" woman would be just a "rounded copy of man". In turn in the world governed by God woman is wisely created to complement and to extend man. Thus together, man and woman, in the world governed by God form a single whole, which is much more perfect and had wider capabilities than any of these genders taken separately - as this explains more thoroughly item #B2 from the web page antichrist.htm. Simultaneously each out of these genders was created especially for implementing of whatever the other gender is NOT able to implement at the required level, means "women are excellent in doing what men are unable to do well" and vice versa. It is worth to emphasize, that the old "atheistic orthodox science" avoids official acknowledging, that "woman was created to complement and extend man". Therefore representatives of it, means individual scientists officially employed in scientific institutions, disseminate amongst people the contradictive to facts belief, that "woman is a copy of man". According to this belief, "women can do everything that men can do", and vice versa. For example, women can carry out all works of men, just alone can cope with upbringing of children, become heads of families or states, undertake even these decisions - consequences of which are to affect many people, fight in wars, and also "push" males out of their lives immediately after first fires of love become stabilised - all these in spite that the folk wisdom which accumulated many centuries of human experience clearly warns about dangers of domination of women over men (e.g. consider the old Polish proverb stating "biada temu domowi gdzie krowa przybodzie bykowi" - that can be translated as "woe betide the house in which woman bullies her man"). In other words, consequences of both situations described here, i.e. this that "woman is a copy of man" and this that "woman complements and extends man" are enormous and have a great significance in the present life. Some amongst these consequences, e.g. the outcomes of "upbringing of children without a father figure", are explained in item #G4 on the web page named will.htm. After all, in the world without God, for example homosexual couples (e.g. lesbians) could carry out the upbringing of children the same effectively as this is done by marriages of women with men. In turn, in the world governed by God, the upbringing of children by homosexuals would finish with depriving these children important qualities which can be provided to them only during the parenthood of two genders simultaneously (i.e. a mother and a father) - e.g. homosexuals would fail to teach these children the extremely important skill of listening to voices of their consciences. (Notice from item #G1 of the web page named will.htm, or from item #A2.7 of the web page named totalizm.htm, that deafness to the voice of conscience God punishes with premature death.) In addition, if instead of this false belief, the official science disseminated truth, that woman is created to complement and extend man, then this old science would need to also admit, that woman was created by someone sufficiently intelligent, that He foresaw advantages in giving to her just such attributes. Therefore, this inconvenient to feminists truth, that woman is to complement and extend man, and that as such, woman is NOT designed to live independently and parallel without an union with man, nor for independent upbringing of children, creating, decision making, governing, etc. - scientifically started to realise to people only the new "totaliztic science". Thus only the new totaliztic science is forced to remind people consequences of the "upbringing of children without a father figure". Also, this new science is forced to search for technical devices which define standards of lives in our present civilisation and were invented (and build) by women. Furthermore, this science is forced to ask whether someone knows a country on the Earth which was ruled by a woman, and which after finishing her rules would be in a better shape and situation than it was before this woman started her rules.
       6. In "the world without God" the life of intelligent beings (i.e. the life of so-called "intellects" described in item #E2 of the web page named totalizm.htm) would be ruled by the Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest". However, on the Earth this principle rules only over wild animals which are deprived of the organ of conscience. Unfortunately, the old "atheistic orthodox science" thoughtlessly, erroneously, and irresponsibly tells our civilisation, that the ruling of this principle extends also onto intelligent people. But the new "totaliztic science" discovered in 2012, that in the world created by wise and justice-loving God, the life of intellects is ruled by the principle of the "survival of most moral" (which can also be named the principle of "extinction of most immoral intellects" ) - for more details on this principle see items #G1 to #G6 from the web page named will.htm or item #A1 from the web page named totalizm.htm. This principle of the "survival of most moral" (or "extinction of most immoral") is exactly opposite to the Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest". It states that "in all situations which are to terminate lives of just some amongst intellects subjected to them, the highest probability of survival have intellects with the highest level of morality, while the lowest probability of coming alive from these situations have intellects with lowest level of morality". It is because of the work of this principle that e.g. medieval chroniclers which were aware of the existence of it, used to add to drawings of duelling knights a picture of an angel hovering above their heads and comparing two scrolls with lists of their sins, thus letting the viewer to know, that it was this angel which decided which knight must die in this duel. It is also because of the action of this principle that youths who at young age do NOT learn to listen to the voice of their conscience (because their parents failed to use the proverbial "rod" on them), usually is to die prematurely still at young age - as this is described in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm, and item #D3 from the web page named god_exists.htm. It is because of the work of this principle that countries, in which the use of proverbial "rods" is forbidden for disciplining children (for example New Zealand described in item #B5.1 from the web page named will.htm), experience an "epidemic of suicides" - because only the proverbial "rod" can teach listening to the voice of one's conscience, while people deaf to the voice of conscience are unable to generate their "moral energy" thus are getting into "mental depression" (as this is described in items #E1 to #E2 from the web page named parasitism.htm), while this "mental depression" typically leads to a suicide. This is because of the action of this principle that all immoral "finance companies" and banks "bankrupt" (i.e. are eliminated from the life by God) already after just a few years - as this is described in item #G4 from the web page named will.htm. It is also because of this principle that every war is lost by the most immoral side, while every aggressor is always defeated - as this is described in item #C5.2 from the web page named morals.htm and "Fig. #A1" and items #E3 and #I2 on the web page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm. It also this principle causes that all immoral countries are collapsing while in their place are created their new equivalents - as most commonly known examples of just such countries consider Hitler's Germany, Cambodia of Poll Pot, Soviet Union, or Libya under Gaddafi.
       7. In "the world without God" has NO rights to exist independent from views of people so-called "moral standards", "morality", "indicators of morally correct behaviour" (which indicators God created and issued to people so that humans can continuously match them to their lives), etc. In other words, in such a "world without God" cannot exist agreeable with the content of "holy books" (e.g. with the content of the Bible authorised (inspired) by God Himself), and independent from views of people, such "indicators of morality and morally correct behaviours", as whispers of "conscience", work of "moral laws", "moral field", "karma", etc. - described more comprehensively in items #C4 to #C4.5 from the web page named morals.htm. After all, the deprived of wisdom and blind nature cannot be interested that people are behaving in a moral manner. However, in "the world governed by wise God", this God created people for a strictly defined purpose, i.e. for the "pursue of knowledge" - as this is described in items #B1 to #B3 of the web page antichrist.htm. But in order people could fulfil the goal for which they were created, they must behave in a strictly defined manner - which today we know under the name of the "morally correct behaviour". Therefore wise God invented "morality" and created superior standards of "morally correct behaviours" - giving these standards to people in a number of abovementioned manners (e.g. through words of the Bible, whispers of conscience, work of moral field, moral laws, karma, etc.). In this manner God makes sure, that every person on the Earth has an easy access to these standards and indicators of morality. In turn these "intellects", which in spite of all these, still stubbornly try to behave immorally, God kills discreetly accordingly to the abovementioned principle of the "survival of most moral" - as this is documented in items #G1 to #G7 of the web page named will.htm or in the entire web page named quake.htm.
       8. In "the world without God" people themselves could define "morality" in any way this would suit them. For example, over there "morality" could be defined on this highly twisted manner - in which "morality" is defined by the old "atheistic orthodox science", and which is provided in item #B2 of the web page named morals.htm. Furthermore, e.g. politicians, scientists, or even individual mothers, could define in any way they feel what is in there "moral" and what is "immoral". Thus e.g. in such a world "homosexuality" could be announced to be "moral" in spite that the Bible authorised (inspired) by God clearly defines it as highly immoral and revolting. In turn e.g. "polygamy" in that world without God could be declared to be "immoral", in spite that the Bible recommends it to people as morally correct behaviour - for details see item #J2.2.2 from the web page morals.htm. However, in the world created and wisely ruled by omnipotent God, principles and requirements of "morality" are strictly predefined by this God and given to people for pedantic obeying as whispers of conscience, in the content of holy books (e.g. the Bible), in the course of "moral field", etc. - while people who do NOT obey them are punished with a premature death accordingly to the abovementioned principle of the "survival of most moral". Therefore, in the world with God prevails a different (true) definition of "morality" discussed in item #B5 of the web page named morals.htm. Also this definition cannot be treated lightly, because its disobedience is punishable with premature deaths - as this is documented in items #G1 to #G7 of the web page will.htm.
       9. In "the world without God" doing good and evil deeds (e.g. saying the truth and lying) would cost people the same effort. There would also be NO "moral polarisation", means there would be no subdivision into moral and immoral actions. In turn, in the world governed wisely by highly intelligent God, doing good deeds must climb "uphill" in the so-called "moral field" established by God in order to prevent the situation that e.g. "lying on one's back and doing nothing is the most moral activity in the world". (Note, that the existence of this "moral field" was discovered only in 1996 by the new "totaliztic science" - see #68 from subsection W4 in my newest monograph [1/5]. But the existence of this field still remains unrecognised by the old "atheistic orthodox science" until today - to the detriment and suffering of the entire humanity.) Therefore, in the world governed by God, doing everything that is "moral" (i.e. doing "good deeds") must require putting work and effort into it, while without any effort can be completed only immoral actions. In turn the existence of this "moral field" causes, that every human action must have a clear "moral polarisation", means that it always can be qualified either as "moral action" (i.e. the one that climbs "uphill" in the moral field) or as "immoral action" (i.e. the one that slides "down" in the moral field). In turn every person in this world is equipped in a special organ called "conscience", which is directly linked to the mind of God and thus which tells a given person whether action that he or she is just carrying out is moral or immoral. These are "intellects" which refuse to listen to the voice of their conscience, that are eliminated by God from the life (e.g. killed, terminated, bankrupted, etc.) - as this is explained in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm.
       10. In "the world without God" cataclysms would happen at random triggered by accidents, while people would NOT be able to defend themselves from these. In turn in the world governed by God cataclysms are events that correct the morality of communities which behave immorally - as this is described on the web page named quake.htm, while people can defend themselves effectively against cataclysms e.g. with the method described in #I3 from the web page petone.htm. Therefore in the world governed by God cataclysms do NOT destroy just at random, but they select to a destruction only these persons and communities which practice the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism - as this is documented in "Part #C" of the web page seismograph.htm, "Part #I" of the web page named day26.htm, or "Part #B" of the web page named mozajski.htm.
       11. In "the world without God" there would NOT be any exceptions. After all, in there everything would be ruled by the same laws of nature, which linear work would NOT be readjusted by a wise God to make them suit God's goals and intentions. In turn in the world governed by a wise God there are exceptions which allow God to intelligently select the best options which suit in a most effective manner the accomplishing of God's goals - for details see item #G5 from the web page named will.htm.
       12. In "the world deprived God" would NOT be also a need for dreams, nor sleeping, nor for higher feelings that are separated from our senses (i.e. such feelings as "love", "hatred", "respect", "contempt", "pity", "compassion", etc.) - thus, after shaping the life exclusively by the so-called "natural evolution", evolved would be only feelings like "pain", "hunger", "cold", etc.
       13. In "the world without God" everything that would exist could be seen. In turn in the world created and governed by omnipotent God there are creatures and phenomena which people's eyes (nor scientific instruments) so-far are unable to see nor document. To the most widely known such creatures, which in the world skilfully governed by the omnipotent God do exist objectively, inspire people, and complete tasks assigned to them, but which the old "atheistic orthodox science" is unable to see nor to document, belong amongst others: (1) "UFOnauts" and UFOs - described e.g. on the entire web page named ufo_proof.htm; (2) "Yeti" - described e.g. in items #E2 and #F4.2 of the web page stawczyk_uk.htm; (3) "devils" - described in the Bible, amongst others also under the name of "serpents" (the "creation" or "fabrication" of these "serpents" God openly admits in the Bible - e.g. see the Biblical "Genesis", verse 3:1, quote: "Now the serpent was the most cunning amongst beasts which the Lord God had created."); and also (4) various creatures described in further parts of this web page, which generally are "bodily representations of God" - while one kind of which by folklore is called "changelings" (these "changelings" are send to the Earth in order to demonstrate to people consequences of "immorality"). The most widely known such "bodily representation of God" is Jesus. More on this topic is explained e.g. in item #F5 from the web page named antichrist.htm.
       14. In "the world without God" the existence of God could NOT be formally proven - like the existence of God was proven formally (with the use of several different scientific methods) on the web page named god_proof.htm. After all, the existence of something that really does NOT exist cannot be formally proven, nor even cannot be thought of - as this is explained in subsection I5.4.2 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. This is because in our minds we do NOT have appropriate ideas (i.e. words in the language ULT) for describing whatever in fact does NOT exist in the entire universe. But if a reader do NOT believe in this discovery of the new "totaliztic science" described above, then I would suggest he or she invents something that surely does NOT exist in the entire universe, and then prove formally that it does exist somewhere. After all, then he (and also us) would have an opportunity to experience in person, that such an impossibility simply cannot be invented and proven.
       15. In the "world without God", the so-called random chances or "coincidences" would exist, while their appearance would be governed by permanent and unchangeable laws of nature. On the other hand, in the "world created and wisely ruled by the almighty God", such a thing as a random "coincident" cannot exist, but absolutely everything happens with the knowledge and a discreet control from the omnipotent God. (Although, in order to NOT deprive people of their "free will", the majority of events is intentionally organised by God in such a way that these events look as if they were caused, amongst others, just by some random coincidences - for details see, amongst others, item #C2 on the web page named tornado.htm.) After all, the occurrence of any "random coincident" in such a world with God would be a contradiction of the omni-knowledge of God and His absolute control over the entire universe that He created. Therefore, in such a world with God every event is skilfully pre-programmed and timely synchronised, so that it precisely implements goals and intentions of God - which timely synchronisation of events explains more thoroughly item #C3 on the web page named immortality.htm. In this world also exist an absolute justice and everyone gets what he or she deserves - as this is explained, amongst others, in (6) above. People who live morally are discreetly rewarded in it, while people who act immorally are in it punished discreetly - only that in ways which do NOT take away "free will" from those ones who witness their fates. Etc., etc.
       16. In the "world without God" the reproduction and evolution of all living creatures could NOT be governed by DNA, because being a "language", DNA codes can exist only in the "world created and intelligently governed by omnipotent God". As it is revealed by findings referenced in item #G2 from the web page named god_proof.htm, DNA code is a kind of "language", while languages can be formed only by intelligent creatures. Thus, in order DNA appeared in the "world without God", such intelligent creatures would need to exist in there earlier than processes of evolution would allow them to evolve.
       17. In "the world without God" there would NOT exist any phenomena which represent manifestations of works of God. Means, in such a world would NOT exist, amongst others, following phenomena which are quite common in our world: "miracles", "spirits", "poltergeist", "supernatural creatures" (e.g. creatures described in item #F4.2 of the web page stawczyk_uk.htm), "rains of living creatures" (e.g. rains of fish described in caption under "Fig. #D24" from the web page named milicz_uk.htm), "UFOs", cataclysms that affect immoral communities (such as these described in item #I3 from the web page named petone.htm), premature deaths of people deaf to voice of their conscience (such as these described in item #G1 of the web page named will.htm), etc., etc.
       18. In the "world without God," people would be subject only to regularities the origins of which are physical in nature. For example, fights in there would always be wan by strongest and fittest, pulling a trigger would always finish in tragedy for a person at which a shotgun would be aimed, etc. However, in the "world wisely ruled by the almighty God", people are subjected also to regularities of non-physical origins - which were established by God so that He could achieve His overarching goals much easier. For example, in the "world of God" each person receives the evidence which for this person represents a confirmation of the truth of whatever that person deeply believes - as it is explained in item #A2.2 from the web page named totalizm.htm, or item #F2 of the web page named will.htm. It is because of such regularities of non-physical origins, that e.g. for people who believe in superstitions, these superstitions actually do work; that people who believe in ghosts or UFOs, actually do see ghosts or UFOs; that people who believe in demons or in Satan are afflicted by demons or Satan; that believers in angels do see angels, etc., etc. In such a "world of God" also non-physical "moral laws" do work in there - such as the so-called "Boomerang Principle" described, among others, in item #B3 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm; moreover, in such a world, every war is always lost by the aggressor (as it is described in item #I2 from the page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm) - even if this aggressor is the strongest and the best-armed of the warring parties; people's lives are governed by the non-physical principle of the "extinction of most immoral" described above in "6" from this item, and also in items #G1 and #G4 from the web page named will.htm - which for humans actually replaces the Darwinian "survival of the fittest principle" which prevails only in the world of wild animals; etc., etc.
       19. In the "world without God" every action taken by people actually would be carried out by these people - and these people would decide the outcome of given action. For example, if one of the people would lift in such a world e.g. a stone, then the stone would actually be upheld by the strength of his own muscles. On the other hand, in the "world wisely ruled by almighty God" every human action only looks as if it was done by people, but the actual implementation of every human action is carried out by God while the outcome of it is decided by God. Thus, for example, if in the "world of God" someone decides to lift a stone, then that person has only an impression that these are his/her muscles that raise the stone, but the stone is actually raised by God in tact and in proportion to the efforts of that individual. As a result, in such a "world of God", it is God who decides whether a person will lift up the stone, or that stone is to behave as if it was too heavy, too rooted in the ground, or too far from the tools that are needed to allow to pick it up by that person. Such an involvement of God in every activity undertaken by people, allows that in the "world wisely ruled by the almighty God", it was that God who determines the outcomes of virtually everything that happens in it. In other words, it allows for all events taking place in such a world to meet the requirement described perfectly by the old Polish saying that "man is shooting, but bullets are carried by the devil" (in the Polish language: "człowiek strzela, jednak kule nosi diabeł"). In turn, such a requirement means that in this "world of God", if necessary, things can happen that defy logic and the laws of physics. For example, when someone close to us and loved by us is crushed by a huge boulder or by some other heavy object, then suddenly may turn out, that in order to free this person we can lift ourselves objects which weight many tons. Or that the "rifle shoots once a year without a cartridge". Or, when we carry out a string of repetitive tasks in our computer, then sometimes we catch ourselves that we issued an illegal command for a next amongst these tasks, but instead of acting wrongly, the computer still carried out correctly our originally intended task. Or, that no matter how hard we try, always in a text written by us we can find a specific proportion of errors which we originally did NOT seen in there. Or, that there are people who levitate or telekinetically interact with objects via their thoughts. Etc., etc.
       20. In the "world without God", the so-called "laws of nature" (and hence the performance of the entire universe) would be unchangeable - after all, it would be this permanency of the laws of nature and their infinitely long action, that would develop the entire universe. In turn, in the universe created and intelligently governed by the omnipotent God everything would be subjected to gradual changes (though these changes would be difficult to detect by humans). After all, in such world with God, this God is the one who designed and pre-programmed the action of so-called "laws of nature", and He did it in such a way, that all these laws in the best possible manner serve towards the achievement of the God's superior goals. Therefore, in order such new goals God was able to gradually identify and accomplish, God must continually both, improve the action of chosen amongst already existing laws of nature, and additionally pre-program the action of completely new laws of nature. As the result of all these changes, in such universe with God, the work of literally everything must be subjected to constant changes. (Just that these changes are rather slow and therefore imperceptible to humans.) In addition, there are regions of the universe, in which work of "laws of nature" must be quite different than in other regions of the universe (e.g. consider these regions in which God tests the work of new "laws of nature".) To summarise the above, in the world with God, the assumption of today's official science that supposedly "in the entire universe govern the same and unchangeable laws of nature" (the operation of which laws scientists learned on the Earth), is completely false - and therefore all findings of the science that are based on this assumption are also completely wrong. Therefore, for example, the fact that today the Earth revolves around the Sun, while our Sun is just one amongst trillions of stars, did NOT have to be true, for example, 6 000 years ago - i.e. immediately after the creation of the physical world. After all, then the Earth could be "flat as a pancake", could have several Moons, while the Sun could be like today's Moon. Only thousands of years later, God could improve this His creation and give the Earth and the Sun the attributes which we see today. Likewise it may be with history and with past - what today we learn during lessons of history, did NOT have to happen already in the first passage of time. After all, God rules also over time and changes history onto the one which most benefits the achievement of His superior goals. Thus only later, i.e. in next passages of time, God matches and fine tunes the history to the requirements of the future (accordingly to the action of the God's "omniplan" described in item #C3 from the web page named immortality.htm), and thus only later the history could gradually take the shape that we know today. The proof for all these constant changes, which is the most easily noticeable for humans, is the content of the Bible - means the book whose content God repetitively re-edits probably the most frequently - and thus the gradual changes in selected details of which even I manage to notice sometimes.
       Of course, there is much more of these differences - as this is emphasized by subsequent totaliztic web pages (e.g. see the web page named god_proof.htm). But examples explained above are already giving the reader a relatively good understanding what these differences are all about.
       The knowledge that the world created and governed intelligently by God must significantly differ from the world without God, is stubbornly ignored and silenced by the old "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. by the still monopolistic official science, which we learn in schools and at universities). After all, if this old science started to research and emphasize these differences, then with the elapse of time it would be forced to admit whatever is explained in item #B2 below on this web page, namely that the world in which we all live in fact is the world created and ruled by intelligent God. But the old "atheistic orthodox science" does NOT wants to admit this fact. The reason is, that for this science the "monopole for knowledge" and all benefits which result from this monopole, come from the fact that it practices atheism. Therefore, only the new "totaliztic science" was able to identify, discover, and reveal to people differences that exist between both these words. (Notice, that because of the lack of official recognition, even at the time of writing this item in May 2012, still the entire new totaliztic science was composed from just a single scientist, who investigated the reality around us on principles of a "hobby" and who was quite shabbily treated (persecuted) by representatives of the old official "atheistic orthodox science". Means, the entire this new totaliztic science was composed from just a single author of this web page.) Because of the significance of these differences for the philosophical and scientific foundations of the new "totaliztic science", these differences are reminded and emphasized on a number of totaliztic web pages. For example the reader can find their emphasizing in item #A1 of the web page totalizm.htm, item #G1 of the web page named will.htm, item #B2 of the web page antichrist.htm, and on a number of other totaliztic web pages.

#B2. The world in which we live manifests all the attributes of the "world created and wisely governed by omnipotent God":

Motto: "To tumble over a truth does NOT mean at all, that the tumbling one sees this truth."

       If each single one amongst these described in above item #B1, theoretically deducted (identified) by the new "totaliztic science" attributes that must characterise the "world created and ruled by God", someone systematically matches to the determined empirically attributes which characterise the reality in which lives the humanity, then it turns out, that the world in which we all live in fact demonstrates the presence of all attributes listed in item #B1. Simultaneously, a similar matching to attributes of our reality each one amongst listed in item #B1 theoretical attributes which would characterise the "world deprived of God", reveals that none amongst these attributes is present in the reality in which the humanity lives. Therefore the outcome of such a systematic matching of these attributes is the conclusion, that the world in which humanity lives displays the presence of all theoretical attributes which must characterise the "world created and wisely ruled by omnipotent God" and simultaneously displays absence of any amongst attributes which would need to characterise the hypothetical "world without God.
       Let us summarise here findings that stem from previous and from this item (i.e. from #B1 and #B2). If someone places himself in the situation of God - as this is done e.g. in the introduction to the web page named parasitism.htm, and then he analyses how the "world governed by God" should look-like, then it turns out that the world in which we live displays all the attributes that we identify for such a God's world. Simultaneously the world in which we live is drastically different from the "world deprived of God" - as this is illustrated more extensively in item #B1 of this web page. (That drastic difference allowed even to develop a "formal scientific proof for the existence of God" presented, amongst others, on the web page named god_proof.htm.) For example, in the world in which we live really exists and works "morality", while most beneficial actions require laborious climbing uphill in the so-called "moral field" - for details see item #A2.1 from the web page named totalizm.htm or item #F1 from the web page named rok_uk.htm. What even more interesting, in the world in which we live, immorality in fact is "punished", although in order to NOT deprive people so-called "free will" (explained more accurately in item #B1 of web page will.htm) this punishment comes only after a long time - according to an old Polish proverb "God justice is not rapid" (in the original Polish language: "Bóg nierychliwy ale sprawiedliwy"). This punishment is also purposely camouflaged by God - as this is explained in item #G3 of the web page named will.htm and item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm. In other words, the world in which we live is definitely "the world created and wisely governed by omnipotent God". Only that, to NOT deprive people their "free will", wise God carefully camouflages his actions from people - so that these appear as if are actions of blind forces of nature, or - in most drastic cases, as intelligent activities of UFOnauts.

#B3. The formal scientific proof completed with the method of "matching attributes", that the humanity lives in "the world created and wisely ruled by God":

       W podrozdziale P1 z tomu 14 mojej najnowszej monografii [1/5], a także w punkcie #B2 odrębnej strony o nazwie ufo_proof.htm, opisana została wysoce efektywna metoda naukowego dowodzenia, zwana metodą porównywania atrybutów. Procedura formalnego dowodzenia ową metodą sprowadza się do zrealizowania kilku kroków wiodących do formalnego wniosku końcowego. Jednym z pierwszych owych kroków jest teoretyczne zidentyfikowanie co najmniej 12 atrybutów które musiałyby występować w jakimś dobrze nam znanym obiekcie - np. w ziemskim statku kosmicznym z napędem magnetycznym, zwanym "magnokraftem". Innym istotnym krokiem jest przymierzanie każdego z tych co najmniej 12-tu atrybutów teoretycznych, do empirycznego materiału dowodowego jaki opisuje ustalone przez nas cechy jakiegoś nieznanego nam wcześniej obiektu, np. UFO - który to obiekt chcemy formalnie zidentyfikować. Ostatnim krokiem jest podsumowanie ustaleń i wyciągnięcie formalnego wniosku dowodowego. Jeśli bowiem każdy z teoretycznie wydedukowanych atrybutów owego dobrze nam znanego obiektu, np. "magnokraftu", faktycznie jest reprezentowany przez empirycznie ustalone cechy manifestowane przez ów ciągle nieznany nam obiekt, np. UFO, wówczas metodologia ta pozwala na wyciągnięcie formalnego wniosku końcowego, że ów nieznany nam obiekt (np. UFO) jest faktycznie tożsamy z tym obiektem teoretycznie nam już znanym (np. z magnokraftem) - czyli pozwala nam na formalne udowodnienie, że np. "UFO to już zrealizowane przez kogoś magnokrafty". (Aby więc uzyskać pełną wiedzę czym właściwie są UFO, wystarczy aby potem jedynie wyjaśnić lub formalnie udowodnić "kim jest ów ktoś kto już zrealizował UFO" - co autor tej strony uczynił w aż całym szeregu swoich opracowań, np. patrz punkt #105 w podrozdziale W4 z tomu 18 mojej najnowszej monografii [1/5], oraz patrz cały rozdział OD z tomu 13 owej monografii [1/5].)
       W punkcie #B1 niniejszej strony zestawione zostało takie wymagane co najmniej 12 atrybutów jakie nowa "nauka totaliztyczna" wydedukowała teoretycznie że muszą one cechować "świat inteligentnie stworzony i rządzony przez wszechmogącego Boga". Z kolei punkt #B2 tej strony przymierzał każdy z owych teoretycznych atrybutów, do empirycznie wykrytych cech rzeczywistego świata w którym my wszyscy żyjemy, oraz ustalił że faktycznie w naszej rzeczywistości każdy z tych atrybutów teoretycznych jest reprezentowany przez odpowiadającą mu cechę naszej rzeczywistości. Razem więc wzięte, punkty #B1 i #B2 tej strony reprezentują jądro procedury dowodzeniowej opisywanego tu wcześniej formalnego dowodzenia "metodą porównywania atrybutów". Aby więc sfinalizować ową procedurę dowodzeniową zrealizowaną w tamtych punktach, wystarczy że w niniejszym punkcie wyciągnięty zostanie formalny wniosek końcowy podsumowujący wynik tamtego "porównywania atrybutów" - co niniejszym czynię. Wniosek ten stwierdza, że ponieważ każdy z owych co najmniej 12 atrybutów wydedukowanych teoretycznie przez nową "naukę totaliztyczną" iż musiałyby one cechować "świat stworzony i inteligentnie rządzony przez wszechmogącego Boga" faktycznie pokrywa się z odpowiadającą mu cechą rzeczywistości w której my wszyscy żyjemy, naukowa metoda dowodzeniowa zwana "metodą porównywania atrybutów" pozwala na wyciągnięcie konklusywnego wniosku końcowego iż "świat w którym ludzkość żyje został stworzony i jest inteligentnie rządzony przez wszechmogącego Boga".
       Ponieważ logika dowodzi, iż NIE moglibyśmy żyć w "świecie stworzonym i inteligentnie rządzonym przez wszechmogącego Boga" gdyby ów Bóg fizycznie i obiektywnie NIE istniał, opisany tutaj formalny dowód naukowy, że "ludzkość żyje w świecie stworzonym i inteligentnie rządzonym przez wszechmogącego Boga" jednocześnie reprezentuje także formalny dowód naukowy że "Bóg istnieje fizycznie i obiektywnie". Ów dodatkowy "dowód na istnienie Boga" dodaje się do aż całego szeregu naukowych dowodów przeprowadzonych kilkoma różnymi metodami formalnego dowodzenia opisywanymi na odrębnej stronie o nazwie god_proof.htm.
       Opisany tutaj formalny dowód naukowy że "my wszyscy żyjemy w świecie stworzonym i inteligentnie rządzonym przez wszechmogącego Boga" ma tą dodatkową zaletę, iż jego moc dowodzeniowa jest podwójnie pewna i poprawna. Powodem tej jej podwójnej pewności i poprawności jest fakt, że na dodatek do owych wymaganych co najmniej 12 teoretycznych atrybutów wydedukowanych przez nową "naukę totaliztyczną" jakie muszą cechować "świat stworzony i inteligentnie rządzony przez wszechmogącego Boga", zaś jakie zestawione są w punkcie #B1 tej strony, tamten punkt #B1 zestawia też ponad 12 przeciwstawnych atrybutów teoretycznych które cechowałyby "świat bez Boga". Jak też wykazuje to punkt #B2 tej strony, żaden z owych ponad 12 atrybutów "świata bez Boga" z całą pewnością NIE cechuje rzeczywistości w której my żyjemy. To zaś empiryczne ustalenie reprezentuje sobą powtórzenie opisanego tu dowodu dodatkowo dokonane też metodą negacji z użyciem co najmniej 12 przeciwstawnych cech. Innymi słowy, z uwagi na sposób na jaki opisywany tu dowód został przeprowadzony, moc dowodzeniowa powyższego dowodu, jest podwójnie (lub w dwójnasób) pewna i poprawna.

#B4. In the "world created and governed by God" only two categories of people exist, namely: (1) these ones who live accordingly to God's commandments (i.e. "totalizts"), and (2) those ones who ignore God's commandments (i.e. immoral "parasites"):

       Nie należy mieć złudzeń - skoro społeczeństwo płaci naukowcom tym wyżej im bardziej skomplikowanymi problemami oni się zajmują, wynikiem takiej polityki płatniczej musi być niewymierne pokomplikowanie przez naukowców praktycznie każdej sprawy, przy jednoczesnym starannym "omijaniu" przez nich z daleka wszystkiego co grozi podważeniem "autorytetu" nauki. (To dlatego wyniki "nieopłacanych hobbystów" są zawsze wielokrotnie bardziej klarowne i wielokrotnie bardziej postępowe od wyników "płatnych naukowców".) W rezultacie, jeśli przykładowo rozważy się filozofie które rządzą ludzkim postępowaniem, wówczas się okazuje że doskonale płatni naukowcy namnożyli az tysiące takich filozofii. Każda z nich różni sie od innych jakimś tam szczegółem czy punktem widzenia.
       Jeśli jednak na sprawę filozofii według których żyją poszczególni ludzie rozważy się z punktu widzenia Boga, wówczas natychmiast staje się ona ogromnie prosta. Wszakże z punktu widzenia Boga, ludzie mogą żyć tylko według jednej z dwóch możliwych filozofii. Mianowicie, albo (1) żyją oni zgodnie z nakazami Boga, albo też (2) ignorują oni w swoim życiu nakazy Boga. Nakazy Boga według których ludzie mają prowadzić swoje życie spisane zostały dosyć starożytnym językiem w treści Biblii. Niestety, aby zmusić ludzi do mozolnego wspinania się pod górę "pola moralnego", owa Biblia NIE zawiera gotowych rozwiązań które popierałyby lenistwo i brak poszukiwania wiedzy. Dlatego Biblia wyjaśnia jedynie "co" należy czynić - jednak NIE zawiera odpowiedzi na pytania "dlaczego", "jak", "kiedy", itp. Odpowiedzi na owe pytania ludzie mieli mozolnie wypracować sobie sami - to dlatego zajęło im to niemal 2000 lat. (Ciekawe, czy inspirując treść Biblii Bóg wiedział, że naukowe wypracowanie uzasadnień dla jej nakazów zajmie ludziom aż niemal 2000 lat.) Na szczęście, niedawno wypracowania owego dokonała w końcu nowa filozofia totalizmu. Dlatego nowoczesnym już językiem "filozofia totalizmu" wyjaśnia te same wymagania które Bóg zawarł w Biblii, tyle że swoje wyjaśnienia "totalizm" dodatkowo uzupełnił uzasadnieniami "dlaczego", "jak", "kiedy", "jaki materiał dowodowy potwierdza tego poprawność", itd., itp". Aby więc żyć zgodnie z wymaganiami Boga, obecnie ludzie mają już aż dwa wybory, mianowicie mogą oni albo samodzielnie analizować i wykonywać "nakazy Boga" wyrażone starożytnym językiem w treści Biblii, albo też poznać i praktykować naukowo już rozpracowane "rekomendacje" zalecane im przez nowoczesną filozofię totalizmu.

#B5. When living in the "world created and ruled by God" one must NOT expect that "ignoring God's commandments" (i.e. leading a life of immoral "parasites") is going to escape punishment:

       Bóg jako istota wysoce inteligentna i świadoma, ma swoje plany i cele do osiągnięcia. Aby je urzeczywistnić, potrzebna jest mu pomoc ludzi którzy żyją zgodnie z jego wymaganiami (czyli pomoc "totaliztów"). Natomiast ludzie którzy ignorują w swych działaniach wymagania Boga (tj. ci których totalizm nazywa "pasożytami"), faktycznie są przeszkodami w urzeczywistnieniu planów Boga. Ludzie ci NIE powinni więc się spodziewać, że Bóg będzie tolerował takie zachowania. Faktycznie więc łatwo wydedukować, że tacy ludzie "ignorujący nakazy Boga" będą za to surowo "karani", a często wręcz szybko uśmiercani. Życie też dokładnie potwierdza tą możliwość. Jeśli bowiem rozważy się losy wysoce niemoralnych ludzi, zawsze sie okazuje, że są oni surowo karani, a wielu z nich jest szybko i efektywnie uśmiercana. Przykłady ilustrujące takie "karanie" i "unicestwianie" niemoralnych ludzi praktykujących filozofię pasożytnictwa wskazalem nie tylko w dalszej treści tej strony, ale również m.in. na w/w stronach seismograph.htm, day26.htm, mozajski.htm, oraz na całym szeregu jeszcze dalszych stron jakie wskażę w następnych częściach opisów które teraz tu nastąpią.

#B6. Practicing the philosophy of totalizm in the "world created and ruled by God" opens for us access to all fruits and rewards which God grants for leading moral lives:

       Oczywiście, mądry Bóg wcale NIE ogranicza się do jedynie "karania" tych co żyją niemoralnie. Zgodnie z "metodą kija i marchewki" opisaną w punkcie #C1 poniżej tej strony, Bóg także obficie "wynagradza" tych ludzi którzy prowadzą moralne życie. Rodzaje nagród jakie stanowią owoce ich moralnego postępowania opisane są na całym szeregu stron, np. w punktach #B2.1, #B4 i #B4.1 strony o nazwie mozajski.htm, czy w punkcie #A1 strony o nazwie totalizm.htm.
       Więcej informacji na temat korzyści odnoszonych przez tych co praktykują zaawansowaną formę filozofii totalizmu wyjaśnia punkt #P2 pod koniec niniejszej strony, a także rozdział JF z tomu 8 mojej najnowszej monografii [1/5].

Part #C: Metody które Bóg używa aby odwieść ludzi od praktykowania wysoce niemoralnej filozofii pasożytnictwa a nakłonić ich do ochotniczego praktykowania doskonale moralnej filozofii totalizmu:


#C1. Metoda "kija i marchewki":

       Najbardziej efektywną metodą zarządzania istotami aż tak niedoskonalymi jak ludzie, to metoda zwana "metodą kija i marchewki". Jest ona szerzej opisana w aż kilku moich publikacjach, np. patrz punkt #D1 na stronie god.htm. W metodzie tej opornymi zarządza się w taki sam sposób jak "osłami" - znaczy przed ich nosami zawiesza się "marchewkę" którą otrzymują jeśli dobrze się spiszą, zaś w ręku trzyma sie "kij" ("bicz") którym łomocze się ich po grzbietach jeśli NIE wykonują tego co powinni. Bóg używa tej metody na ludziach relatywnie często.
       Bóg sam musiał stworzyć aż kilka owych "kijów" jakimi może teraz potraktować wszystkich ludzi którzy ignorują Jego nakazy jak powinno się żyć. "Kije" te przyjmują wiele form. Forma "kija" jakiej opisaniem zajmuję się na niniejszej stronie, przez polski folklor ludowy nazywana jest "podmieńcami". Oczywiście, oprócz owych "podmieńców" Bóg nastwarzał sobie także sporo innych efektywnych "kijów". Przykładowo, są nimi też UFOnauci, duchy, rekiny, komary, potwory, kataklizmy, choroby, zachłanni bankierzy, złotouści politycy, paskudne rządy, złośliwi przełożeni, kłótliwi sąsiedzi, niewierne żony lub niewierni mężowie, "chochliki drukarskie", wszelkie uczucia oderwane od zmysłów a indukowane i sterowane w nas przez Boga (w rodzaju "miłości", "pogardy", "żalu", "litości", itp.), itd., itp. Opisami tych dalszych "kijów" Boga zajmują się jednak odmienne strony - np. patrz strony o nazwach: god_istnieje.htm, plague.htm, predators.htm, katowice.htm, katrina.htm, tornado.htm, landslips.htm, wtc.htm, shuttle.htm, military_magnocraft.htm, bandits.htm, oraz kilka jeszcze innych.

#C2. Narzucanie uczuć ludziom (np. "zażenowanie"):

       Dotychczasowe badania totalizmu ujawniają, że jednym z "narzędzi", czy "pomocy technicznych", które Bóg wykorzystuje do zarządzania ludźmi, są te rodzaje naszych "uczuć" które oderwane są od naszych zmysłów (a więc uczucia w rodzaju "miłości", "nienawiści", "żalu", "litości", "zażenowania", itp.). Jest tak ponieważ wszystkimi tymi uczuciami faktycznie bezpośrednio zarządza Bóg, nie zaś ludzie którzy je odczuwają. Dlatego z pomocą takich narzuconych ludziom uczuć, Bóg bezpośrednio steruje zarówno losami poszczególnych ludzi, jak i nastrojami (a stąd losami) całych społeczności i narodów.
       Doskonałą ilustracją, że tego rodzaju uczucia są "odgórnie narzucane" ludziom, jest odczucie rodzaju "zażenowania" które każdy odczuwa kiedy zaczyna się zapoznawać z tematami w rodzaju tych dyskutowanych na niniejszej stronie. Celem owego uczucia "zażenowania" jest uczuciowe zniechęcenie czytelników do zapoznania się z tą tematyką, zgodnie z zasadą działania "pola moralnego" stwierdzającą że "wszystko co moralne i potrzebne ludzkości musi mozolnie wspinać się pod górę pola moralnego, zaś wykonawca tego musi przełamywać się przez liczne opory i przeszkody jakie są proporcjonale do cywilizacyjnego znaczenia danego działania" (po szersze opisy tej zasady - patrz punkt #A2.1 na stronie totalizm.htm albo też patrz punkt #F1 na stronie o nazwie rok.htm). Pokonać w sobie owo odczucie "zażenowania" są zdolni tylko najbardziej moralni ludzie, którzy rozumieją że "wszystkie tematy badań są potrzebne ludzkości, a stąd że NIE wolno dyskryminować żadnego tematu badań tylko na bazie faktu iż odczuwamy jakieś 'uprzedzenie' w stosunku do niego". Dlatego w niemoralnych społecznościach poznanie tematyki takiej jak ta opisana na niniejszej stronie, nigdy NIE staje się możliwe. Z kolei bez poznania tej tematyki, dalszy postęp moralny danej społeczności NIE jest możliwy.

Part #D: Dlaczego i jak rozwój ludzi musi być sterowany:


#D1. Problemy jakie ma Bóg z wypracowaniem udoskonalących ludzkość procedur rządzenia wysoce niedoskonałymi ludźmi obdarzonymi "wolną wolą":

       Wszyscy pamiętamy z idealizujących życie lekcji w szkołach i na uczelniach, że ludzkość wszystko co ma zawdzięcza postępowi w nauce i technice, oraz że postępem ludzkości kierują bardzo mądrzy politycy oraz dalekowzroczni przywódcy ludzkości. Jeśli jednak się rozglądnąć po rzeczywistym życiu, wówczas się okazuje coś zupełnie odwrotnego. Przykładowo, okazuje się że większość ludzi dosłownie "staje na głowach" aby przeszkodzić swoim współziomkom wprowadzenie w życie czegokolwiek postępowego. Poszczególne zaś społeczeństwa tak zawzięcie prześladują swoich wynalazców i odkrywców, że wyraźnie widać już trwały trend w tym względzie, który na całym szeregu totaliztycznych stron opisany został pod zasłużoną nazwą "przekleństwa wynalazców" - po szczegóły patrz np. punkty #B4 do #B4.4 strony mozajski.htm czy punkty #G1 do #G8 ze strony eco_cars.htm. Z kolei politycy i przywódcy pańśtwowi już od dawna zaprzestali czynić cokolwiek innego poza wypłacaniem sobie coraz wyższych pensji oraz aroganckiego korzystania z rozlicznych przywilejów - póki ciagle są przy władzy. Co więc naprawdę jest grane?
       Powyższy paragraf stara się nam uzmysłowić, że gdyby rozwój ludzkości pozostawiony był samym ludziom, wówczas jako cywilizacja nigdy nie wydobylibyśmy się z epoki "kamienia łupanego". Wszakże niedoskonałość ludzi jest aż tak duża, że po pozostawieniu ich samych sobie, ludzie po prostu by pozjadali swoich najzdolniejszych osobników. Aby więc na przekór wrodzonej niedoskonałości ludzie ciągle zwolna osiągali coraz wyższy poziom swego rozwoju, "ktoś" musi tym rozwojem dyskretnie kierować. Wszyscy zresztą wiemy kim jest ów "ktoś" - wszakże ateistyczna nauka staje na głowie aby nam wmówić że "On" wcale NIE istnieje. Gdyby jednak faktycznie nie istniał, jakże by było możliwym że nasi niby wszechwiedzący i doskonale opłacani naukowcy do dzisiaj NIE są w stanie wymyślić jak powstał wszechświat i człowiek. Wszakże teorie "wielkiego bangu" oraz naturalnej ewolucji kryją w sobie tyle dziur, paradosków, oraz wewnętrznych sprzeczności, że faktycznie nikt racjonalnie myślący nie bierze ich poważnie pod uwagę. Gdyby ów "ktoś", kto jakoby NIE istnieje, faktycznie NIE istniał i NIE kierował losami wszechświata, to jakże wówczas byłoby możliwe że daje się wskazać setki naukowych dowodów na istnienie Boga, a nawet opracować nieobalalny formalny dowód logiczny na istnienie Boga. Gdyby ów Bóg NIE kierował inteligentnie losami wszechświata, to jakże byłoby możliwe że wszelkie katastrofy i nieszczęścia dotykają wyłącznie osobników, społeczności, miasta i kraje, które już ześlizgnęły się do poziomu tzw. "intelektu agonalnego" w ich praktykowaniu wysoce niszczycielskiej i niemoralnej filozofii pasożytnictwa - co jest jednoznacznie udokumentowane np. w punkcie #C1 totaliztycznej strony o nazwie day26.htm oraz w punkcie #B4 innej strony o nazwie seismograph.htm.
       Powyższe przykłady zaczerpnięte z ogromnej puli istniejących dowodów, ujawniają iż rozwój ludzkości faktycznie jest inteligentnie sterowany. Oczywiście, pytanie jakie natychmiast się nasuwa, to dlaczego "sterowanie" to ma miejsce i dlaczego na przekór tego sterowania życie na Ziemi jest tak pełne cierpienia. Odpowiedź na nie jest jednak łatwa do znalezienia na podstawie przykładów ludzkich zachowań jakie widzimy wokoło siebie. Mianowicie, ludzie są zbyt niedoskonali aby można było ich pozostawić samych sobie, zaś Bóg najwyraźniej ma swój istotny cel w utrzymywania ich tak niedoskonałymi. (Z moich badań wynika, że owa potrzeba aby ludzie byli wysoce niedoskonali wypływa z faktu że od niedoskonałych daje się więcej nauczyć niż od doskonałych, zaś zarządzanie niedoskonałymi wymaga wypracowania lepszych i bardziej wyrafinowanych metod, niż zarządzanie doskonałymi ludźmi - co szerzej wyjaśniłem np. w podrozdziale A7 z mojej najnowszej monografii [1/5] zaś skrótowo uzasadniłem np we wstępie do strony parasitism.htm.) Bóg musi więc tak nauczyć się sterować ludzmi, aby Jego cele zostały osiągnięte, zaś ludzie nadal mogli pozostawać na swoim poziomie niedoskonałości. Jak też ujawniają to moje badania, Bóg ciągle do dzisiaj doskonali już poznane przez siebie metody efektywnego zarządzania ludźmi, a na dodatek nadal poszukuje (i wypróbowuje) zupełnie nowych takich metod.

#D2. "Pomoce techniczne" które Bóg używa w celu sterowania moralnością ludzi bez pozbawiania ich "wolnej woli":

       Ludzmi można sterować na setki sposobów. O najbardziej błędne z tych sposobów nierozumni ludzie często zapytują, kiedy się wypowiadają w duchu "a dlaczegoż to Bóg ...", albo "jak dobry Bóg może tolerować taki ...". Niestety, metody działania na które każdy z wysoce niedoskonałych ludzi potrafi sam wpaść, nawet przy zgrubnym rozważeniu okazują się równie beznadziejne i bezużyteczne jak posunięcia dzisiejszych polityków. Bóg korzystałby z nich tylko gdyby był równie niedoskonały jak owi dzisiejsi politycy. Jako przykład ich beznajdziejności rozważmy przypadek że Bóg pojawiłby się w chmurach, nakazałby ludziom co mają czynić, potem zaś waliłby piorunami w tyłek każdego człowieka który śmiałby postąpić inaczej. Łatwo wydedukować nawet czysto teoretycznie, że w takim przypadku ludzie utraciliby ową "wolną wolę" opisywaną m.in. w punkcie #B1 strony will.htm - która jest Bogu ogromnie potrzebna, jeśli chce On osiagać swój cel "nieustannego powiększania wiedzy" w jakim faktycznie stworzył człowieka. Wszakże ludzie waleni piorunami za każde przewinienie baliby się uczynić cokolwiek sami - na wypadek że mogłoby to nie spodobać się Bogu i sprowadzić następne pioruny na ich tyłki. Aby więc NIE pozbawić ludzi ich "wolnej woli", Bóg zmuszony jest używać tylko takich metod sterowania ludźmi, które działają w sposób z którego ludzie NIE dostrzegają natychmiast iż są sterowani przez Boga. Ów kanon, czy zasada Boga, aby używać wyłącznie motod działania które pozostają nieidentyfikowalne, niewykrywalne i nieodróżnialne przez normalnie wyedukowanych ludzi, po odkryciu nazwałem "kanonem nieokreśloności" albo "kanonem niejednoznaczności". (Opis tego kanonu zawarłem aż w kilku totaliztycznych opracowaniach, np. patrz podrozdział JB7.4 z tomu 7 mojej najnowszej monografii [1/5], albo punkt #C2 na totaliztycznej stronie o nazwie will.htm.) Jedna z tych metod polega właśnie na wprowadzeniu do użycia "pomocy technicznej" w postaci "podmieńców" opisywanych na tej stronie. (Kilka dalszych metod też opiera się na "pomocach technicznych" w postaci "symulacji" UFO i UFOnautów opisywanych m.in. w rozdziale OD z tomu 13 owej najnowszej monografii [1/5].)

Part #E: "Changelings" - means the mystery which thorough researching will bring numerous benefits, while which further ignoring will be a source of increasingly larger problems:


#E1. Who are these "changelings":

       Creatures which in English are called "changelings", are known for a long time in folklore of many countries. For example in old Polish folklore they are known under the name of "podmieńcy" - which translates into English as "changelings". Also in the old Irish folklore they are called "changelings". Generally speaking, in old times this name "changelings" was used to describe evil supernatural creatures, which used to change places with people (usually with children) in order to be able to disseminate evil on Earth much easier and much more effectively. This is why in 2008 was recorded an American movie film (drama) entitled "Changeling", with Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich in main roles, which illustrated an evil which was caused by such changing a child by corrupted police from Los Angelos in 1930.
       Of course, changelings do exist also today. In fact, when someone learns how to recognise them (see item #B10 below), then discovers that there is a lot of them on Earth. Only that normal people usually have no idea about their existence. In fact, every institution which is vital for the society have at least one of them. Practically also a noticeable proportion of our leaders and most influential "people" on Earth, are actually just such changelings. Fortunately for us, presently we know exactly that these evil creatures which in old times were considered to be supernatural, in fact are only morally decadent relatives of humanity, who secretly arrived to Earth from the space. In present times these our relatives are called "UFOnauts". Our current knowledge about UFOnauts allows us to define much more precisely than in old times, who actually are these "changelings". According to this definition "changelings are UFOnauts who after undergoing appropriate plastic surgery are turned into the identical doubles for selected people, and then are secretly swapped for these people, so that the fact of changing them for humans remains unnoticed for even the closest family of the changed people". Victims selected by UFOnauts for such hidden swapping, are all these people who allow UFOnauts to accomplish (in the best manner possible) goals that UFOnauts intend to achieve through given swapping.
       Highly interesting is the process which UFOnauts use in order to place on Earth a next such their changeling. In this process UFOnauts-changelings are not send to Earth into vacuum - as in past some countries used to send their spies onto the territory of other countries. In order to place these changelings on Earth, UFOnauts use a very old trick which depends on "swapping" surgically likened UFOnauts with selected and well-known humans. The point is that every person on Earth must have a family, place of birth, history, documents, colleagues, etc. Therefore, if UFOnauts only send their own citizens to Earth, such UFOnauts would not be able to indicate where they were born, who are their parents, where they went to school, etc. But if surgically likened UFOnauts are swapped for selected people, then after the swapping these UFOnauts have their history, family, past, etc. But because the advanced medicine of UFOnauts makes such a changeling almost identical to the person for whom he or she is swapped, even members of the closest family of the swapped person usually have no idea that they deal with a UFOnaut, not with their own relative. The process of swapping an UFOnaut for a human is initiated with the selection of the human victim for the change. Human victims of this swapping are always selected very carefully, so that they best serve as the "scapegoats" of crimes which given UFOnauts are to commit, or so that they provide a given UFOnaut with possibly the largest influence on other people, etc. After the victim is selected, the preparation of the double begins. An UFOnaut undergoes a plastic surgery, so that he becomes a double almost identical to the person selected for a victim of the swapping. UFOnauts use for this purpose their ability to prepare with their advanced medicine an identical double to practically every human. (This ability is frequently showed to people on UFO decks.) But this double is a UFOnaut, not a human. As probably the reader already have heard, such UFOnauts-doubles were shown to humans on numerous occassions. Of course, UFOnauts make these doubles for a clear purpose of swapping them later for human originals. But because such a double looks identically to a given person, no-one later notices this swapping. In turn this UFOnaut-changeling may carry out various atrocities on the account of a given person whom he replaces on Earth. For example, he can pretend to be a suicidal bomber who blows himself up. (Only that in fact he does NOT blow himself up, but a short split of second before the explosion he switches on his state of telekinetic flickering and just disappears from the crime scene to a UFO vehicle which awaits nearby.) After the double is prepared, UFOnauts usually organise the confrontation. Such a confrontation depends on taking a human victim onto a deck of UFO. Over there in the state of full awareness (i.e. without the use of hypnosis) UFOnauts show to him or her the double they prepared. If the human victim confirms with his or her reaction that this double is sufficiently perfect, then UFOnauts arrange for the swap. The reaction which they seek on the UFO deck, is that the human victim recognises the UFOnaut-double as himself or herself. After the confirmation is obtained, certifying that the UFOnaut-double is sufficiently similar, UFOnauts arrange for the swap. The swap usually is arranged in such a manner that the closest family and friends must accept the changeling as a person whom they know, even if this changeling for some reasons seems to appear and behave slightly different. This practically means that the swap is carried out in the time critical or eventful for the victim and for his or her surroundings (e.g. in time of a loss or change of job, accident, death of someone close, illness, shifting, fire, etc.). In such case, even if someone from the surrounding detects, that a given changeling looks or behave slightly different than previously, usually such noticed differences are charged on whatever has just happened.
       Typical "changelings" seem to undergo through a standard course of fate. Firstly they substitute on Earth people especially selected by UFOnauts, whom for various reasons later are going to have a significant influence on many other inhabitants of Earth, e.g. rulers, heads of state, actresses, singers, murderers, bombers, etc. After the changing is carried out, the people who surrounds such changelings-UFOnauts begins to notice that their behaviour drastically changes. Sometimes also their appearance changes as well. As a rule they loose the feeling and understanding of behaviours which in our civilisation are considered to be acceptable. Thus they begin to sleep with small boys, hang their children behind windows of their flats, point loaded pistols at members of closest family, and do many other things which for these people who have grown with our civilisation seem to be unacceptable. With the elapse of time they cut off themselves from their family and relatives. They also become highly immoral. In various ways they corrupt morally many other people onto whom they exert influence, or they do something very destructive, what worsens the course of lives of a significant number of people. After completing their dark task for which they were send to Earth, they rapidly disappear in quite mysterious circumstances. Can happen that their bodies cannot be found. However, after the disappearance or death sometimes they are still seen by people who used to know them. Thus sometimnes about them a legend is formed, that they are still alive - only that they remain in hiding somewhere.
       Extremely interesting in this course of fate of typical changelings, is the problem of their final disappearance. After all, when their task on Earth is completed, they must somehow disappear from our society. In old days they used to simply leave their houses in order to never return - several such cases is discussed in item #B7 of this web page. However, today such a disappearance would induce too many questions. So they are forced to use a different method. The only solution is to fabricate their supposed death. With a small percent of cases they may do it in such a manner that their bodies are not found. For example disappear in the manner as in a New Zealand television program broadcasted near the end of October 2005 (probably on 21st October) disappeared someone named Ronald Jorgerson, who in 1963 was involved in a double murder from Remuera (according to this program, in his disappearance helped him the New Zealand police). However, these changelings are also unable to use at a large scale such disappearing without leaving bodies behind, because it would begin to be suspicious. So probably the most frequent manner of disappearing of such changelings from UFOs, depends on slowing down their own elapse of time. Their time is slowed down to such a level, that their hearts bit only several times during an entire day. In this way doctors may announce them to be dead. In turn after they are buried, they simply disappear from their grave with the assistance of their telekinetic propulsion system which allows them to move through soil and stones - as this is illustrated on the web page aliens. Such a manner of final disappearance of changelings would provide to be an explanation for the strange observation which is reported by folklore. Namely, for some reasons, in a proportion of graves only remains of coffins are being found after they are dig out, while remains of bodies buried there are missing. (It is probably because of this folklore observation that on the film "Omen" the content of a grave of a person involved in supernatural events was examined - on the film in this grave only animal remains were found.)

#E2. Dlaczego "podmieńcy" muszą wykazywać wszystkie cechy osób praktykująych wysoce niemoralną filozofię "szatańskiego pasożytnictwa":

       Niedoskonali ludzie mają to do siebie, że jeśli czegoś osobiście NIE doświadczą, wówczas NIE są w stanie zrozumieć jakie ma to konsekwencje. Ponieważ więc jednym z celów "symulowania" "podmieńców" jest zilustrowanie ludziom konsekwencji wysoce niemoralnego postępowania, owi "podmieńcy" muszą postępować z ludźmi wysoce niemoralnie. Innymi słowy, "podmieńcy" muszą demonstrować swoim postępowaniem filozofię tzw. "szatańskiego pasożytnictwa" dla wyperswadowania ochotniczego zarzucenia której przez ludzi są oni właśnie "zasymulowani". W ten sposób, poprzez osobiste doświadczenia jak to się czuje kiedy jest się "potraktowanym" przez owych "podmieńców" - czyli przez kogoś kto właśnie praktykuje filozofię "szatańskiego pasożytnictwa", ludzie się ilustracyjnie uczą że powinni ochotniczo zarzucić praktykowanie owej filozofii.

#E3. What such changelings are capable of, means their attributes and powers:

       UFOnauts-changelings posted to Earth, are equipped into extremely advanced technical devices, about which our earthly scientists even have not dreamed. The most important amongst such devices are inserted surgically into their bodies, as this is described in subsections M5 and N4 from volumes (respectively) 10 and 11 monograph [1/4]. Therefore people are unable to deprive UFOnauts these devices, even if would remove their clothing and taken away everything that they have. These devices provide UFOnauts-changelings with many unique capabilities. Thus in spite of fact that they cautiously try to hide from people the ownership of such devices, sometimes they can be caught on using them. Furthermore, various attributes of UFOnauts result also from their origin from a different civilisation and planet, and from adhering to an immoral philosophy which totalizm calls the philosophy of the "evil parasitism". The majority of attributes, characteristics, and capabilities of UFOnauts is discussed in details in subsection V8.1 from volume16 of monograph [1/4]. Here summarised are only the most important amongst them:
       (A) Attributes which result from advanced technical devices which are in their disposal. UFOnauts-changelings have extraordinary technical devices, about the existence of which people had no idea so-far, e.g. which allow them to read our thoughts, to look into our memories, to shift to the future and to see our fate, etc. They also can fly, without difficulties jump even over the tallest and the most dangerous barb fences, walk through walls - as if these walls were made of liquid, our bullets do not harm them, they look as if nothing can injure them, they can rapidly disappear from sight, hold back or accelerate the elapse of time, etc. Therefore, if someone has the opportunity to be "friendly" with one of them, then for people with keen eye even the most trivial matters can be a source of continuous surprises and puzzles. For example, they reveal attributes that are going to surprise us - e.g. they know our thoughts and feelings, they know what and where causes our pain, they know what and where is in our flat is - even that according to our knowledge apparently they never saw it, they also are able to find us without an error each time they need us, they know what is going to happen to us in the future, our cats are going to be afraid of them and to panics in their presence, our dogs are going to bark at them and attack them or going to run from them, when they try to do something for public view then everything becomes for them one long "series of coincides" and works perfectly the first time (i.e. their invisible camaraderie make everything so prepared, that it works the first time as it should), etc.
       (B) Attributes resulting from their low knowledge of the human culture and the lack of acceptance for it. In spite of careful training that they undergo before departure to Earth, UFOnauts do not know our culture completely. Therefore they say strange things which are completely unknown to us, they behave untypical, they make strange gestures and "satanic" grimaces which for the human culture are rather alien (e.g. grimaces typical for them depend on shaping mouth into a "childish kiss" form, or on sucking lips deeply into their mouths, as sometimes this is done by old toothless people), usually no-one from their environment seems to know complete details of their past, they sometimes can unexpectedly appear as if "they come out from earth", they live in eccentric conditions, they are unable to handwrite freely and usually seem to be "embarrassed" to write when someone watches them, they may do not like to eat or to drink in our presence, in toilet they never join other men urinating to a common urinal, they extremely rarely (almost never) have girlfriends with which they would have sexual intercourses, they rarely seem to be ill and never go to doctor, every now and again they disappear without a trace, etc.
       (C) Attributes resulting from the philosophy of "evil prasitism" which they adhere. UFOnauts-changelings adhere to an extremely parasitic philosophy. Thus in everything that they do, they surely prove that the name "parasites" is completely deserved for them. In addition to this, on Earth they are formed into a steep pyramid of mutual checking and supervision, in which each one of them is constantly watched, checked, make accountable, and scared by his/her superiors and camaraderie. The punishment for the slightest disobedience is the reassigning to a different planet, on which conditions prevail which are worse than on Earth. Thus behaviours and attributes that these UFOnauts demonstrate on Earth in all their actions, in every detail fulfil the definition of habits of parasites, that are members of a band that is ruled brutally with a fear and a blind discipline. For example, they have the tendency to suck themselves to someone like tapeworms, ticks, or leeches, thus it is impossible to get rid of them in any other manner than by force. An example of this sucking is not only occupation and exploitation of Earth, but also every other activity that they undertake. For example, UFOnauts that sucked themselves to a person, organisation, or a country, trying to destroy this someone or something, are impossible to be removed from the vicinity of their victim until this victim is dead. They are also very vindictive. If someone manages to hurt them, than they do not stop until they destroy this person. Their "coefficient of deception (fi)" amounts to fi=180 degrees (see subsection JB7.2 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4]). This means, that while carrying out some activities by which they try to destroy someone, they simultaneously are going to tell this person that they are trying to help him/her; if they say that they are afraid that something may happen, in fact they secretly try to cause it. For this reason it is correct to refer to them as to "smiling murderers", or "wolves in skins of lambs". When they attack, destroy, or try to murder someone, they always say compliments to this person, reassure him/her of their friendship and the will to help, and flood him/her with a sea of promises - which they never intend to keep. They are also masters in playing on low human feelings. Thus everyone around them is blackmailed, put in front of alternatives, excited, instigated, etc. They have a very low sense of humour, connected with high capabilities to spread sarcasm. Therefore everything that does not suit them they try to scorn, scoff, or turn into laughing stock (according to a rule that "if God does not let me to grow up to someone, then I am going to feel as if I am equal to him/her if I manage to put him/her down"). Periodically they disappear for a number of days, and no-one has then access to them (this is the time when they consult in UFOs their bosses, carry out their saboteur tasks, etc.). Whatever rotten and dangerous custom can be identified in morally decadent creatures, our cosmic parasites from UFOs skilfully use it on us. In respect of methods of acting, names "devils" and "witches" perfectly suit them.

Part #F: Przykłady sytuacji gdy istnienie "podmieńców" zostało faktycznie odkryte i potwierdzone:


#F1. Documented examples of changelings identified by people:

       The oldest historically documented case of just such a swapping of an UFOnaut for a human is described in subsection VB4.6.1 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4]. (This subsection VB4.6.1 describes a number of cases, when just such changelings from UFOs were noted, or just such swapping of UFOnauts for people were reported.) For example, on pages 18 to 21 of the book [1VB4.6.1] by Rodney Davies, entitled "Nadprzyrodzone zniknięcia" (the title of original book before the translation into Polish: "Supernatural Disappearances"), published by "Dom Wydawniczy LIMBUS", Bydgoszcz 1995, Poland, ISBN 83-85475-80-X, 255 pages, pb, a case of Romulus is described. (Romulus was the founder of Rome. He was also a killer of his twin-brother, Remus. I frequently wondered whether he killed his twin brother, because the special bond which twin brothers always have, allowed Remus to recognise that the true Romulus was changed for an UFOnaut.) As it turns out from these descriptions, Romulus displayed numerous attributes of just such a changeling-UFOnaut. After he finished his mission of founding the barbaric Rome and initiating the destructive direction of the further existence of this city, Romulus disappeared - as this happens to the majority of such changelings from UFOs. Some time later he show himself to a Roman senator Julius Proculus. But he was already wearing a cosmic suit. He announced to Julius Proculus, that now he is NOT Romulus any more, but a "god" Kwirynus and that he returned to heaven from which he originally arrived - see page 21 in the book [1VB4.6.1].
       I must admit here that I was always puzzled which one out of these two twin brothers sucking a female-wolf on a famous sculpture from Rome, is Romulus, and which one is Remus. But some time ago I examined carefully photographs of this sculpture shown in Internet. From these photographs seems to appear that only one of twins, i.e. this one who knees on one leg, has the "unkempt hair" standing upward. Thus, according to what about the anatomy and the growth of hair in UFOnauts is explained in item #B10 below, and also on the web page 26th day, probably he is Romulus. After all, this sculpture was made less than 200 years after Romulus disappeared. So people still remembered then how used to look like his hair growing upward on the head.
       Of course, Romulus is NOT the only changeling from UFO about whom we know from history. In Poland is well known another UFOnaut similar to him, named Pan Twardowski. He was also an influential politician in Poland during the years 1547 to 1573. Simultaneously, he did not hide his "supernatural" capabilities, similar to these ones which in present times are demonstrated by the magician David Copperfield. About his extraordinary fits the Polish poet named Adam Mickiewicz wrote even a poem entitled "Pani Twardowska". It is worth to add, that one day this Pan Twardowski went for a walk and never returned from it. His body was never found - so probably he returned to his home planet after he fulfilled the task of pushing Poland away from the course of morality and progress and after he helped the future kingdom of Prussia to separate from the body of Poland. The most recent example of a politician with a similar course of fate, is Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt. On 19 December 1967 he also disappeared in similarly mysterious circumstances as the Polish Pan Twardowski did. Further cases of "changelings" from UFOs, especially these who did a lot of harm to humanity, together with their characteristic attributes, are described in subsection VB4.6.1 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4].

Part #G: Benefits from using "changelings" on the Earth for, amongst others, illustrating to people consequences of practicing the highly immoral philosophy of "evil parasitism" (as this is planed to be done by Antichrist):


#G1. What is the goal of camouflaging UFOnauts-changelings amongst people:

       There is a whole range of different reasons for which UFOnauts place their changelings amongst people. To the thorough discussion of these reason two volumes 16 and 17 of monograph [1/4] are devoted. Let us list here at least most important out of these:
       (i) Control over all events on Earth. Through making sure that UFOnauts-changelings keep key positions in our governments and in every institution on Earth, their hidden occupational forces are able to extend a tight control over practically everything that happens on Earth. For example, if someone - like Dr Jan Pająk, for some reasons steps UFOnauts on toes, this network of changelings makes sure that he is removed very fast from every job in every country on Earth, which he managed to arrange for himself.
       (ii) Setting one group of people against other groups of people. For example, one group of such UFOnauts-changelings bombs with kidnapped airplanes the WTC skyscrapers. In turn other groups of changelings begin several wars because of the excuse of this bombing.
       (iii) Provocations. Whenever changelings who have power over people, need an excuse to pass a draconian law, to tighten tyranny, to arrest someone inconvenient, etc., they order other changelings to initiate provocations which provide a required excuse.
       (iv) Spreading a social unrest. It is enough that several UFOnauts-changelings finds a locality where many frustrated people live, and begins loud demonstrations in there. Then soon afterwards they are supported by a number of these frustrated people. In the result, social unrest is initiated, similar to the one described in the article "Paris rioting takes a nasty turn", published on page B9 of the new Zealand newspaper "Weekend Herald", issue dated on Saturday, 5 November 2005. This unrest from France had religious background. It was initiated in the area where Muslim emigrants from former French colonies live. At the time when I was writing this paragraph, it lasted continually for around 2 weeks. It destroyed thousands of small private businesses and cars. As television news reported it, only in one night from 6 to 7 November 2005 burned were over 1300 private cars. One needs to ask, in what manner burning over 1300 private cars helps the fate of Muslim emigrants settled in France? It only turns remaining French people against them, and increases their social separation. But this is exactly what UFOnauts are after. With all powers that UFOnauts have, they push to trigger the third world war on the religious grounds - as I explain this more comprehensively in item #I1 below. (Very similar unrest on religious grounds, which also had all attributes of intentionally provoked by UFOnauts-changelings, took place in England only several weeks earlier.)
       (v) Spreading terror, oppression and injustice amongst people. For example, in present times one group of changelings pretend to be terrorists and blow up everything that comes into their path. In turn other group of changelings devise draconian anti-terrorist laws. Later a third group of changelings is going to shoot-to-kill, lock in prisons, and torment innocent people with these laws. In this way, laws, which normally supposed to serve justice, by these changelings will be used to spread injustice and terror amongst people - similarly as older laws were already doing this during medieval inquisition.
       (vi) Spreading immoral role models. A number of such changelings lifted to the role of widely known personalities, commits various immoral acts. Then they allow to be caught on doing these immoral things. In this manner, such famous changelings provide very immoral role models to copy by the confused people. Furthermore, they spread belief, that immorality and deviations are OK, and that every famous person has a duty to behave in an evil manner.

#G2. What benefits UFOnauts draw from camouflaging changelings amongst people:

       UFOnauts widely utilise on Earth the method of introducing their own agents amongst people - as described here (i.e. depending on changing selected people for UFOnauts who previously were made identical to these people). Through the intense utilisation of this method of settling their agents on Earth, UFOnauts obtain a whole range of benefits. Let us list here at least the most important out of these benefits:
       (i) Multiplying our difficulties with recognition of UFOnauts who mix with people. Through changing UFOnauts for specific people, aliens deprive us a chance for a simple determining who amongst our society is a UFOnaut, and who is a human. After all, when some premises begin to suggest to us, that a given individual is a UFOnaut, then we rapidly meet sincere parents of this individual, or his school colleagues, or even we ourselves remember him from old times. Thus, all doubts that we have about their actions on Earth begin to depart from us. We tell then ourselves: "how such someone can be a UFOnaut, if we know so well his parents or his school colleagues?"
       (ii) Allowing to settle on Earth any number of UFOnauts. Due to the fact that UFOnauts are changed for real people, there are no limits to the number of UFOnauts that in a given time can operate on Earth mixed with normal people. In the historically critical time, such as this presently prevailing on Earth, UFOnauts are able to change for their agents practically a huge number of people. This in turn allows them to successfully control the fate of humanity by organising with hands of these changelings practically all provocations, assassinations, wars, destructive decisions, breakings, destructions, sabotages, etc. So it should not surprise anyone, that only in a small New Zealand Institute of Technology, in which I worked lately, I counted as many as 5 individuals, who looked and acted as UFOnauts, and who repetitively were caught by me on doing something that a normal human would not be able to do (e.g. on passing through closed doors or walls, or entering the toilet and then disappearing inside, so that when after a long observation of doors I entered this toilet, there was no-one inside). Unfortunately, in spite that I managed to recognise who probably belonged to such changelings-UFOnauts, it does not change the fact that in present circumstances on Earth I would only be punished if I try to disclose who these individuals are.
       (iii) The ability to control our civilisation in any way UFOnauts wish. After all, if UFOnauts wish to e.g. instigate a war between two sides that they choose, e.g. between Arabs and Americans, then it suffices if such changelings-UFOnauts pretending to be Arabs attack anything that belongs to Americans, then other similar changelings-UFOnauts who pretend to be Americans attack anything that is Arabic - announcing to all that this was a vendetta or making the accounts even. Then people do not have enough time to even blink, when both sides are at a war. In turn UFOnauts are jumping up from joy, because again they managed to destroy the peace, prosperity, and life of many people, by a simple instigating and setting up two groups of inhabitants of Earth.
       The hostility of present society towards everything that concerns UFOs, which is deeply programmed by UFOnauts into human psychology, causes that practically almost no-one is taking under account the rich source of knowledge which for centuries exists about changelings from UFOs. No-one also considers, whether these influential or famous people who let themselves known for doing highly immoral or destructive things, are actually people, or just such changelings from UFOs. In turn by not considering such a possibility, no-one thinks about our security from a danger that arrives from the space, nor thinks about a manner on which one could distinguish such changelings-UFOnauts from normal people.

Part #H: Historic review of kinds of activities completed by "changelings":


#H1. Classical examples of shifting humanity back with hands of changelings, means medieval "inquisition" and present "war on terrorism":

       In recent times a hostile process takes place around us. It demonstrates to us exactly how skilfully UFOnauts use these changelings to hold back the development of humanity and to push us down. Namely, in our sight and with our participation UFOnauts just arrange for humanity an equivalent of medieval inquisition, which is to enslave every single human, stop progress on Earth, and make impossible the development of any new idea. This hostile process which is to represent a present equivalent to medieval inquisition, is called the "war on terrorism". Let us look together into the principle on which UFOnauts used it again to impose on us this modern version of inquisition.
       In order to understand how this present version of medieval inquisition is imposed on us, let us remind ourselves how in medieval times UFOnauts managed to impose on humanity the original inquisition. Well, for this they firstly induced an overwhelming terror and fear amongst people. They used for this purpose exactly the same methods, which they use today. Namely they tormented people on all possible manners, arranged plagues, carried out various miracles and manifestations of their powers, etc. Then they induced amongst scared people a hysteria towards devils and witches. Of course, inducing such a hysteria was for them also an easy task. After all, in medieval times many UFOnauts-changelings impersonated people and acted openly in the society. Some of these changelings show to people what witches (means UFOnauts) may do, and how evil towards people they can be in their activities. Then other UFOnauts-changelings suggested, that these witches should be burned on stakes. Finally a special legal institution was established, called the "inquisition", which did nothing else but burned people on stakes. Of course, if this inquisition accidentally caught a real witch (means an UFOnaut), then this witch in the last moment disappeared from the burning stake, similarly as this is done by our excellent magician, David Copperfield. In the result, on stakes died exclusively innocent people. Enormous terror began to spread on Earth. Science and progress were stopped. Almost no-one had a courage co come up with a new idea in order to not be accused of witchcraft. And this is what UFOnauts were after. In such manner they stopped the progress of humanity for many centuries. The reason is that it requires many centuries before people finally learn that tormenting other people brings the same consequences also for tormentors. (And even when people finally they learn this truth, they seem forget it again after only around 60 years.)
       So how UFOnauts impose the modern version of old inquisition onto present societies on Earth. Well, they again start from terrorising and scaring people. Means again tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, wars, etc. Then they induce again a mass hysteria, only that this time towards terrorism. (After all, in devils and witches today no-one believes.) Of course, inducing this hysteria comes easily with the help of changelings acting today on Earth. It is enough that a large group of such UFOnauts-changelings acting in our society, this time pretends to be terrorists and blows up everything on their paths. In turn other group of UFOnauts-changelings starts to introduce draconian laws similar to these used by inquisition. (For example on 3 November 2005, the government and parliament of Australia introduced a law that anti-terrorist squads may arrest and put into prison everyone suspected of terrorism, even if they are unable to prove to this person any specific terrorist activity. In order to be even more interesting, to vote this law even easier, in the day of parliament voting the Prime Minister of this country revealed, that just a serious terrorist attack on Australia is prepared. Of course, in the situation of such a threat, the law was voted into implementation. But even politician from the same scared Australia describe it as "extreme".) So exactly the same as in the original medieval inquisition every person accused of witchcraft could be arrested and imprisoned, also presently every person accused of terrorism can be arrested and imprisoned without even considering that "people supposed to be innocent until proven guilty". Again hit by this law will be only people. After all, these UFOnauts-changelings who presently pretend to be terrorists and blow up everything around them, remain invincible. The introduction of this neo-inquisition comes easy for UFOnauts. After all, everyone believes that terrorists are Muslim, not UFOnauts. So no-one even tries to detect or watch these UFOnauts. If by accident any of them is caught, then his colleagues changelings working in anti-terrorism squads release him free. In the result, ever increasing "legal" terror begins on Earth. Soon everything will be like in medieval times. People can be arrested completely without reasons, and even shot dead without a need to prove them guilty. Already now shooting-to-kill people suspected of terrorism is foretold in Australia by the article "Shoot-to-kill powers tipped for soldiers", published on page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Monday, November 7, 2005. Practically this means that everything will be like during the medieval inquisition. An innocent citizen may go for a walk or to a shop, when a soldier begins to suspect him or her to be a terrorist and shoots him or her dead - as this was done in England to the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes described in the further part of this item. In this way again UFOnauts will accomplish what they wish - means even larger enslaving of humanity and stopping our progress and technical development.
       Let us look here at two cases which seem to indicate that "changelings" caught on acts of terror most probably are going to be released free by their colleagues (i.e. other changelings). On 4 November 2005 television news in New Zealand revealed, that Americans managed to catch in Afghanistan one of the top leaders of terrorist Al Qaeda. But the special services let him free. Another, even more meaningful case, was the one with Jakob Slevec from New Zealand. On Thursday, 15 September 2005 he brought to the hotel "Devonport" in New Zealand township Tauranga a huge box claiming that it is a bomb, and he threaten that he is going to blow this hotel up. Life in this township frozen for almost entire day, before anti-terrorist squads managed to incapacitate him and arrest. As it turned out, he caused loses estimated at around NZ$ 500 000. After he was arrested he was shown in television for a moment of time. I managed to notice, that his hair grew upwards on his head, while pupils of his eyes formed characteristic triangles - as this is described below in item #B10 of this web page. So what the New Zealand Police did after catching him. Well, they put him into an airplane and without any criminal charges, on the cost of New Zealand government sent him to Slovenia from which he supposedly originated. The article "Free flight home for bomb hoaxer" published in New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Saturday, 24 Sept. 2005, page A8, contains a photograph of his face. However it is carefully cut down in size so that it does not show his hair growing upward on his head, and taken under such an angle that his eyes look round. (Most visibly, other UFOnauts-changelings, who worked in this newspaper, make sure that the photo does not show what was the most vital about him.) The same article was repeated under the title "Free trip home for bomb man riles National" on page A11 in another newspaper "Weekend Herald", issue dated on Sat., 24 September 2005. But the photograph that was published over there does not show Jakob Slevec, but a politician from the New Zealand party "National". Interesting if a human, not a changeling from a UFO, is caught on scaring people with such a bomb, whether then the course of events would still be similar as above, or as in case of catching of a witch in medieval times.
       Many people take very lightly the danger that is growing for the entire humanity because of the introduction of these draconian anti-terrorist laws. They probably believe that when these laws are in power, still they will not affect lives of "innocent people". So to this passive humans I would like to remind that these laws are only tools, which in reality will be used by UFOnauts-changelings, not by people. So after these UFOnauts-changelings arrest someone inconvenient for them on the basis of these laws, the fate of this human will be similar as the fate of "innocent people" during medieval inquisition. After all, for UFOnauts all people are "guilty" because they are humans not UFOnauts. What these UFOnauts-changelings do then behind shut doors of prisons, this no-humans probably will learn. Anyway, the taste of what is going to happen then one may get from the famous in 2005 case of photographs of humiliating abuse of prisoners in the US military prison Abu Ghraib near Baghdad in Iraq by American changelings. Similarly the warning is the case of shooting-to-kill in London on 22 July 2005 in very suspicious circumstances an electrician from Brazil, someone named Jean Charles de Menezes - also completely innocent and only suspected of terrorism on the spot (he probably worked on something that runs against interests of UFOnauts). It is interesting that when mother of this victim visited in London the place where he was shot dead, she counted six television cameras pointed exactly at the spot where he was murdered. But the London police claims that no film survived from this shooting, because supposedly for some reasons all these cameras failed in the critical moment of time. (It is worth to notice, that when in some matter UFOnauts interfere, then in this matter rapidly a whole range of strange "coincidents" takes place, each one of which according to the theory of probability has no right to eventuate. These supposed "coincidents" always so change the current situation, that they work for the benefit of UFOnauts interests.)

Part #I: Examples of destructive activities of "changelings" on the Earth in present times:


#I1. Representative examples of present activities of "changelings" on the Earth:

       If we analyse more thoroughly the events which UFOnauts-changeling organise on Earth in present times, then this analysis starts to reveal a very clear goal. Namely UFOnauts try to initiate on Earth a murderous world war on the grounds of religion. All their present actions amongst people are so designed, that they are to instigate the mutual fight between Muslims and Christians. Actually almost every activity of UFOnauts-changelings on Earth, starting from the moment of evaporation of WTC skyscrapers in New York by UFOs, is aimed just at initiating such a religious world war. So let us now review the most important events, which are like subsequent steps in a "murderous staircase", that leads the humanity to just such a war:
       (i) The evaporation of WTC skyscrapers by UFOs (on 11 September 2001). Although it was carried out by UFOnauts-changelings, the details of it were so designed, that they "framed" Muslim terrorists, and thus turned Christians against Muslims.
       (ii) War in Afghanistan (7 October 2001). UFOnauts-changelings carried it out in such a manner, that, amongst others, it induced even a stronger hostility between practitioners of these two religions.
       (iii) Bali bombing (12 October 2002). It killed 202 people, in this a significant number of Christians. It caused the dissemination amongst many Christians a kind of deep dislike of Muslims. It is worth to add, that on 1 October 2005 the Bali bombing was repeated, causing deaths of around 26 people. This bombing ion turn make this earlier dislike even deeper.
       (iv) War in Iraq (19 March 2003). It is a perfect example how cunningly UFOnauts-changelings are able to manipulate a freeing of the nation from a tyrant, into a chaotic exchange of strikes between religions, where truth, justice, good, etc., are lost along the way. Interesting is to notice how skilfully UFOnauts-changelings acting at both sides, steer these sides one against the other. For example, consider the matter of these discriminating photographs taken by Americans in the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad on the order of changelings who pretended to be officers from American special services. (These photographs on 21 May 2004 were published by the "Washington Post".) Or consider the supposedly "suicidal" bombings of UFOnauts-changelings, described in next item of this web page, which murdered citizens of Iraq under the excuse that they attack Americans. Or consider the true goals of abductions and murdering by UFOnauts-changelings the representatives of various international charity organisations which try to help citizens of Iraq.
       (v) Judging Schapelle Corby (27 May 2005). A beautiful Australian lady, named Schapelle Corby, was used by UFOnauts in exactly the same role as in antiquity UFOnauts used the beautiful Trojan Helena. Namely they used her as an excuse to induce hostilities between two nations which predominantly follow different religions, namely between mainly Christian inhabitants of Australia, and mainly Muslim inhabitants of Indonesia. How exactly UFOnauts used her to induce hostilities between these two nations, it is described on the separate web page named "predators". Here it is enough to add, inhabitants of Australia and Indonesia, previously coexisting in harmony, after the court and verdict on beautiful Schapelle Corby never returned to the original peaceful coexistence.
       (vi) Bombing of the London metro (7 July 2005). This was the first large-scale operation of UFOnauts-changelings, in which UFOnauts committed so many errors, that their direct participation in the bombing become obvious. This bombing is described in details on the web page "predators". Also explained over there is the evidence that this bombing was organised by UFOnauts-changelings, not by Muslim terrorists. Errors that were committed by UFOnauts in London were so striking, that UFOnauts were forced to organise another "unsuccessful bombing" on 21 July 2005, just to frame Muslims into the responsibility for both bombings.
       (vii) Street violence in Birmingham, England (23 October 2005). It was the first example of a whole chain of street fights induced by UFOnauts-changelings on the religious and racial grounds. Several weeks after these ones, similar racial-religious fights were in Paris, while after next few weeks in Sydney, Australia. It is highly probable, that for organising these street fights in England, UFOnauts used the same advanced technology of "self-destructive text messages" (i.e. self-destructive "SMS") on the use of which UFOnauts were caught by the Australian police. Only that the English police was unable to detect the existence of these SMS. By the way, at the time of these street fight in England, English users of hand-phones have not had yet the access to the technology of the self-destructive SMS (but UFOnauts-changelings had).
       (viii) Street fights in Paris, France (November 2005). UFOnauts-changelings induced these ones several weeks after the fights in England. Their method and background were identical. These fights only enhanced the mutual hostility between both religions. As I described this in more details in item #B2 from the previous part of this web page, only during one night from 6 to 7 November 2005, over 1300 private cars were burned in Paris. Means over 1300 owners of these cars is to feel after this a deep dislike towards Muslims.
       (ix) Street violence in Sydney, Australia (11 and 12 December 2005). These Sydney fights illustrate in the best manner the brutality of UFOnauts in accomplishing their evil goals. They also demonstrate the technically highly advanced methods with the use of which UFOnauts-changelings induce presently such vicious fights between Muslims and Christians in ever increasing number of countries. The fights in Sydney were third in a row, amongst almost identical street fights between Muslims and Christians, induced on purpose by UFOnauts-changelings. They appeared soon after the first such fights which took place in England, and after the second identical such fights which took place in France. Therefore I am going to describe them here in more details. UFOnauts initiated the violence in Sydney on Saturday, 10 December 2005. The relatively good description of this violence is contained in two articles from New Zealand newspapers, namely in the article "Racism Fuels Volatility of Beach Suburbs", which appeared on page A7 of the newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Tuesday, 13 December 2005, and in the article "The mob sang Waltzing Matilda" from page B1 of the newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Tuesday, 13 December 2005.
       As a pretext for these violence, UFOnauts used the beating of two lifeguards from one of beaches in southern part of Sydney. Because this beating was done by a gang of young hooligans of a Mediterranean appearance (in Australia such bands of hooligans are called with a general name of "Lebanon Gangs"), a next day UFOnauts send thousands of "text messages" (popularly called also SMS - from "Short Message Service") to hand-phones of all strongest Christian hooligans in Sydney and vicinity. These "text messages" called all such Christian hooligans to come to the beach Cronulla in southern Sydney, and to defend the beach from these "Lebanon Gangs". On Sunday, 11 December 2005, on this beach Cronulla from the suburb of Sydney a huge crowd of hooligans gathered ready for fights. They all come to "defend" the beach from supposed Muslim gangs. The problem was, however, that this beach was not a site of Muslim gangs. So UFOnauts-changelings instigated the crowd of hooligans to go "downtown" and seek Muslims. On the way this crowd attacked everyone who looked like of a Mediterranean origin (by the way, one of the first victims was an Italian), destroying and trotting everything that stood on path of it. Of course, UFOnauts only waited on such a reaction of the crowd. Immediately after the police calmed down the violence, UFOnauts again send thousands of these "text messages", this time to young Muslims. This new wave of "text messages" called "Muslim brothers" to stand up for a fight and defence, and to not let the crowd of Christian racists to discriminate them. Of course, the consequence of this next wave of "text messages" was, that on Monday, 12 December 2005, streets were filled up with, this time, Muslim youth, who tried to take revenge for the attacks on their own people that took place the previous day. One of the atrocities which UFOnauts-changelings carried out that day to increase the religious hate, was to burn in Sydney the Christian church which was located near the Muslim centre. In such a manner, by using skilfully their technology and capabilities, UFOnauts destabilise increasingly more the racial and religious situation in Sydney and in the rest of the world. How it is going to finish, we will have opportunity to see in near future.
       Someone could ask, what evidence we have that these were UFOnauts-changelings, not Australian racists or these "Lebanon Gangs", which hide behind this next wave of religious and racial violence in Australia. It turns out that there are facts which clearly implicate UFOnauts. Let us list here the most vital of these facts. (1) The use of hand-phones to initiate and to escalate this violence. In order to use hand-phones for this purpose, several organizational and technical capabilities were necessary, which are only in disposal of UFOnauts. For example, a large organisation was needed, members of which were able to organise and to carry out such extensive events. Also needed were: an excellent plan of action, lists of hand-phone numbers of all most aggressive inhabitants of Sydney, to whom these "text messages" needed to be posted in order to be effective, etc., etc. So extensive and effective telephone campaign could only be organised by an underground organisation which was very efficient, well informed, and excellently equipped in modern technology - thus which actually does not exists in Australia, but which UFOnauts have over there. (2) The lack of possibility to trace by police who posted all these "text messages". This is the conclusive evidence for the direct involvement of UFOnauts in the organisation of these violence. As we know, present technology of hand-phones is especially organised in such a manner, that in normal circumstances the police is immediately able to trace every person who carries a given conversation, or who posted a given message. However, in Sydney thousands of text messages were posted, while the Australian police has NO idea who these "text messages" posted and is UNABLE to trace these who carried out sending them. In television Australian officials were speculating openly, that probably these messages originate from the USA, but no-one knew where they come from. Means that whoever posted them, was so clever and had such advanced knowledge and technology in the disposal, that was able to "walk around" this entire precise apparatus of spying which is build-in present hand-phone systems on Earth. Only UFOnauts have the required knowledge, technology, and a hidden access to these parts of telephone exchanges which work around police monitoring systems. (Most probably the violence in England and France was also organised via such "text messages", only that English and French police was not so good as the Australian police to detect the existence of these messages.) (3) Self destruction of these "text messages". These strange messages posted in Australia had the attribute, that they "self destructed" after being read by the addressee (like in a James Bond film). But the problem with these self-destructing messages is, that at the time of the violence in Sydney the hand-phones in Australia sill had no this technology available to ordinary users. After all, only around the time of these fights the first such technologies of "self-destruction of messages" were made available to users of hand-phones in England. In turn UFOnauts use this technology for a long time. For example, I encountered first such "self-destructing emails" already in 2001. In fact the majority of emails and messages posted by UFOnauts always destroy themselves, in spite that e.g. Internet supposedly do NOT have this technology (as yet). Thus, the fact that messages from Sydney destroyed themselves is another conclusive proof, that they were programmed and posted away by the advanced technology of UFOnauts. (4) The use of exactly the same method of instigation via "text messages" posted to individual hand-phones, to instigate both fighting sides. This means that the instigation was done by someone who do not belong to any of these two sides, but who has an access to the required organisation, technology, knowledge, who has a list of all hand-phone numbers of all Muslims and Christians in Sydney, and what the most vital, who is highly interested in instigating both sides to fights - means it was carried out by UFOnauts. Only UFOnauts have everything that is necessary for this. (5) The speed of reaction. The development of events in Sydney was too fast to be arranged by any human group. But simultaneously it was to perfectly organised to be just an accident or a spontaneous reaction of the crowd. (6) Both, the method of inducing the violence, as well as the tradition and goals of such activities, implicate UFOnauts directly. This manner of inducing hostilities, through the swapping of sides which are instigated against each other, is a trademark of UFOnauts. UFOnauts initiate in this manner practically every war and every fight.
       Out of all facts described above which indicate that UFOnauts intentionally induced and escalated racial and religious hostilities in Sydney, the most interesting is this use of advanced technology of "self-destructive SMS" which so far is still unavailable for normal Australians (see item (3) above). These SMS are short (up to 160 characters long) written messages which have coded into them the algorithm of destroying themselves soon after they are read. A more comprehensive description of these self-destructing SMS is provided on the separate web page "better humanity". For the first time these messages were introduced to the common use in England one day after the first wave of the Sydney unrest finished, namely on the highly meaningful day of 13 December 2005. (The date 13-th is highly meaningful because UFOnauts always use it for marking events on Earth the authors of which are UFOnauts themselves - for details see subsection V5.4 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4].) But the world learned for the first time about the existence of these self-destructing SMS on 14 December 2005 - this date one can check easily by typing to the google.com the key words: self-destructing messages 14 December 2005. Apart from England no users of any other country have the access to them. However, the ability of the systems of mobile phones used in the world (and also internet) for running this type of "self-destructing SMS" exists from the very beginning. Only that earlier it was not made available to ordinary users. But it was commonly used by UFOnauts. I personally encountered the use of this technology by UFOnauts a long time ago. After all, apart from texts of SMS messages, UFOnauts use it also widely for emails. I noticed already in 2001 that practically almost all emails posted by UFOnauts, are emails that self-destruct - in spite that the technology of self-destruction of emails officially does not exists until today. For me it was not difficult to notice, as UFOnauts send to me a lot of emails, the huge majority of which disappear from my email box immediately after I read them and exit the box. In my personal opinion, the fact that for initiating the first (original) wave of street fights in Sydney UFOnauts used just such self-destructing SMS, in spite that this technology of self-destruction of SMS is still unavailable in Australia, is just by itself the conclusive proof, that the street fights in Sydney were organised by UFOnauts-changelings. What is even more interesting, with the use of these self-destructive SMS (and also self-destructive emails) UFOnauts spotted the biggest weakness of people, and now they are capitalising on this our weakness. After all, people have this habit that they "do not believe until they can see". But because these self-destructive texts SMS cannot be shown in court rooms, they cannot be taken under consideration during determining who is guilty for these street fights. Means that similarly as this is the case with illusive for people UFO vehicles, also in the case of these SMS UFOnauts get away unpunished whatever they do, while innocent people are punish for all of this.
       The huge success which UFOnauts accomplished in unnoticed occupation of humanity during the last tens of thousands of years, results mainly from the perfection of their methods of action. For example, each time when UFOnauts organise an activity which sabotages humanity, while something in this activity points out the suspicion directly at them, then they immediately repeat this activity in a manner which frames human escape goats into it. A good example of just such a repetition of action of UFOnauts aimed at framing people into it, was the double bombing of the London metro, described in more details on the web page predators. As it is explained on this web page, when on 7 July 2005 UFOnauts bombed the metro in London, they make several mistakes in this bombing, which indicated to people their direct involvement. (These mistakes of UFOnauts committed during the bombing of London metro, are described on the above web page named predators.) Therefore two weeks later, i.e. on 21 July 2001, UFOnauts repeated the bombing of London metro in a manner that was intentionally "unsuccessful". During this repetition, UFOnauts make sure that London police catches several human scapegoats who were framed hypnotically by UFOnauts in carrying out this repetition of bombing. Exactly the same method of directing the suspicion onto human scapegoats, UFOnauts used also in Sydney, when the matter of sending by UFOnauts all these thousands of self-destructive SMS come out to light. Namely a week after the original unrests, means on 17 and 18 December 2005, UFOnauts organised in Sydney a second wave of street fights, this time "unsuccessful". This second wave of unrests from the very beginning was destined to be "unsuccessful". After all the main goal of it was to frame several human scapegoats into sending such SMS. Furthermore, posted were only a small number of ordinary SMS, instead of these tens of thousands of self-destructing SMS which computers of UFOnauts posted a week earlier for the original unrests. In addition, these SMS were posted to completely insignificant people for whom UFOnauts did not count in case of further unrests, thus whom could easily be spared. Finally the SMS this time were intentionally posted in such a manner, that the police could intercept them and await in right spots at these who got tricked by them into any action. In order to cause this "unsuccessful" repetition of unrests, UFOnauts ordered hypnotically to selected people, to send SMS messages which were calling to a next wave of street fights. Then they make sure that these SMS messages are registered by policing systems and that they are intercepted by police as a court evidence. Of course, the interception by the police, of this second wave of SMS messages posted by human escape goats, does not change the fact, that the police was UNABLE to catch even a single SMS message from the first wave of these thousands of self-destructing SMS originally posted by computers of UFOnauts. However, the sole fact, that in this second wave of SMS organised by UFOnauts especially for the use of police, it was possible to trace down several human scapegoats, shifts the suspicion out of the UFOnauts and again allows UFOnauts to wriggle out from the responsibility for this next crime committed on humanity almost openly. Of course, still remains for UFOnauts the problem of this web page which discloses the entire matter of using in Sydney these thousands of self-destructing SMS from the first wave. But knowing UFOnauts, I am sure that due to use several further tricks and several further framings of human scapegoats, UFOnauts wriggle somehow themselves out from this problem as well. After all, according to their methods of action, from now on UFOnauts will trouble Australia for a long time with various consequences and fallouts of these unrests. They can accomplish a lot of their evil goals in that way. For example, they can increase the level of fear in the population, increase the uncertainity of the future, and make worse the human conditions of living. They may create for changelings in governments an excuse for imposing further limitations on rights of citizens and for additional enslaving the population. Etc., etc. We must also remember that UFOnauts have tens of thousands of years of experience in effective cheating and enslaving of humanity. Furthermore, present people have this addiction, that they rather believe in a picture which they see on the cinema screen, than to believe in what researchers explain to them that really happened when this picture was being composed.
       The entire above body of evidence repetetively confirms that behind these racial and religious motivated street violence from Sydney, UFOnauts-changelings are hidden. It is about time we wake up from the present lethargy and begin to take notice what really happens around us.
* * *
       In this item I listed only the most important and the most widely known events "organised" for humanity by UFOnauts-changelings to induce the third world war between Christians and Muslims. In order to realise that all these are induced on purpose by changelings-UFOnauts, it is enough to compare their number and course with the number (i.e. zero), and course, of confrontations which (do not) take place between e.g. Christians and Buddhists, or Christians and Hindu. Of course, independently from these large events, almost every day small incidents also do happen, of the type: continuous abductions, murders, bombings, arsons, robberies, abuses, threats, etc. As I explained this already on the web page "Antichrist", when UFOnauts get aimed at something, then they are doing this continually, until they accomplish a success. Each one of these events and incidents leaves an ever larger number of believers in both religions increasingly deeper estranged towards each other. So if humanity does not undertake the fight with UFOnauts relatively soon, and does not reveal to the population that UFOnauts are responsible for turning believers in both these religions against each other, one day the patience of Christians and Muslims may in fact run out and people from both these sides may in fact begin the world war. But now still is time to prevent this disaster and to explain humanity what really our sworn enemy from the space is doing to us.

Part #J: Methods of acting of "changelings" on the Earth:


#J1. How changelings are bombing, so that the responsibility can be charged on people:

       Beginning from 2004 UFOnauts initiated the large-scale implementation of still another manner of escalating on Earth the mutual hatred and grudges between different groups of people. In general, this new manner depend on utilising "changelings" from UFOs - means utilising UFOnauts who with plastic surgeries were made to look like doubles of selected people. These changelings are to carry out bombings of appropriate groups of people. For example, in the first half of 2005, the favourite area of this type "suicidal" bombings carried out by such UFOnauts was Baghdad in Iraq. Not by accident from these bombings in Baghdad were dying (and still are dying) mainly locals, means Iraqi people. After all, for UFOnauts every human is an "enemy" - so their bombing is successful no matter which people die in it. Each single killed person increases the amount of mutual hate between people - and this is what UFOnauts are after. In July 2005 a similar suicidal bombing took also place in a popular holiday spot in Egypt. Killed over there were almost exclusively Egyptians. Similarly like in bombings from Baghdad in Iraq, for UFOnauts who carried out bombings in Egypt make no difference who died in it - they were mainly after inducing hatred between people. This hatred in turn is induced proportionally to the number of killed people - no matter who becomes the victim. Of course, the technology of UFOnauts is so advanced, that in the last moment before the explosion, these supposedly "suicidal" UFOnauts always disappear from the exploding car of train. After all, in the majority of cases human detectives still are unable to count afterwards from the pieces of human flesh torn apart, whether the bombers in fact died on the spot of bombing. Anyway, even if UFOnauts need to supply for human detectives some sort of evidence in the form of fragments of bodies of supposed bombers, then they still have these unfortunate people for whom the UFOnauts-doubles originally were changed. So it suffices that in the last moment before the explosion UFOnauts change again themselves for these unfortunate people whom they replaced on Earth to carry out the bombing on their behalf.
       The suicidal bombings of UFOnauts-changelings from UFOs are the newest invention of UFOnauts. This invention crystallized itself for UFOnauts by accident of 11 September 2001, when just such "changelings" from UFOs pretended that they are Arab terrorists, and piloted two aeroplanes into buildings of WTC in New York - as this is described near the end of this web page. In that tragic for the entire humanity bombing, our detectives were unable to count nor find out, that the leaders of these supposedly "suicidal" bombers had anatomy of UFOnauts, and that in the last moment they in fact disappeared from exploding aeroplanes. After the attack onto WTC, UFOnauts gradually improved their methods of supposedly "suicidal" bombings, until they managed to develop these bombings to the level from the end of 2005, when in fact they were carried out practically every day and when they murdered hundreds of people. So we should not be surprised, that in the majority of cases, UFOnauts pretending to be Arabs in fact blast their own countrymen, means other Arabs. After all, UFOnauts are interested in inducing via these bombings the ever-growing wave of mutual hatred between people. The know that in the final count this hatred is going to be directed against Europeans. So by continuing these bombings, UFOnauts step-by-step pile up a wave of hatred which one day may completely wash out from the surface of Earth our present technical civilisation.
       For one case of a supposed "suicidal" bombing of the London metro on 7 July 2005, I observed thoroughly the evidence which on this subject emerged from mass media. As it turned out the overwhelming majority of this material indicates that the London bombing was NOT arranged by people, but by UFOnauts-changelings. The comprehensive body of evidence certifying the carrying out this bombing by UFOnauts-changelings, which I managed to accumulate, I described thoroughly in item #10 of the web page "predators". I highly recommend to have a look at it. It reveals in an illustrative manner how UFOnauts organise present bombings, how they manipulate on our detectives so that these arrive to conclusions which suit evil interests of UFOnauts, what evidence indicates the direct involvement of UFOnauts in a given bombing, etc., etc.
       Although these supposedly "suicidal" bombings carried out by changelings from UFOs are the invention of recent years, the fact of swapping of UFOnauts for famous and influential people is as old as humanity itself. Evil UFOnauts used to change their agents for selected people since practically the beginnings of time. In historic times they utilised this changing on a massive scale for pushing humanity beyond the edge of morality, and for undermining peace and security on Earth. There is a significant probability that practically every influential or famous person on Earth, who was responsible for some dark events that drastically worsened the fate of our planet, in fact was NOT a human, but just such a changeling, means an UFOnaut who was made identical to a given human via a plastic surgery, and then was swapped for this person.

Part #K: What benefits the humanity rips due to researching the existence and activities of "changelings":


#K1. Jeśli się wie, wówczas można zacząć działać bazując na tej wiedzy, natomiast ignorancja wiedzie tylko do błądzenia i do popełniania pomyłek:

       Tylko rzetelna wiedza i znajomość danego czegoś pozwala nam podejmować właściwe decyzje z tegoż sprawie. Dlatego aby móc wyeliminować potrzebę bycia traktowaną przez szatańsko zachowujących się "podmieńców", ludzie muszą zacząć dokładnie ich badać i poznawać.

Part #L: Where we can find sources of knowledge about "changelings":


#L1. Where are sources of information about changelings:

       A lot of information is already accumulated on Earth about such UFOnauts who double selected people and are changed for these people. The best source of information about them is folklore of various nations. For example, in the folklore of Ireland there is a rich selection of legends about so-called "changelings", means about evil UFOnauts who are changed for people. In past I read a whole thick book (in English) exclusively on the topic of these changelings. (Unfortunately, I lost somewhere the title and editorial data of this book.) Furthermore, also old Polish legends told us about so-called "podmieńcy", means similar evil creatures who displayed the "supernatural powers" and who in old days were swapped for selected people in order to carry out evil deeds on other people. If someone analyses various sources, it turns out that with just such "changelings", means with doubles-UFOnauts changed for people, the history of humanity is filled up. Practically almost every vital change to worse in the history of Earth, especially the one which caused later the fall down of morality and progress, always was initiated by just such creatures. These were just such creatures that caused the appearance on Earth of all barbaric or destructive trends, organisations, institutions, and countries.
       The most recent source of information about these changelings is present UFO literature. Specific examples stemming from UFO research, when such doubles-UFOnauts pretended to be specific people well known to others, are widely described in UFO literature. They can be found e.g. in the famous book [1T1] by Professor John E. Mack, M.D., entitled: "Abduction - human encounters with aliens", Ballantine Books - a division of Random House, Inc., New York, May 1995, ISBN 0-345-39300-7, Library of Congress Card Number 93-38116, volume 464 pages. By the way, for writing this particular book Professor Mack was murdered by UFOnauts, more information about which is provided in item #D5 of the web page "predators". In UFO literature a relatively lot of specific information about these changelings is described, whom UFOnauts change for various people on Earth - most frequently influential or famous.
       However, the problem with present society is such, that hardly anyone reads UFO literature which reports about abductions to UFOs. On the other hand, in these books is continually highlighted, that in UFO vehicles are "working" (i.e. are robbing people from their biological resources) creatures from space which not only look identically to humans, but also use human languages and have human names. So it is an obvious thing to realize, that if UFOnauts identical to humans "work" in UFO vehicles, then similar to them - means equally identical UFOnauts, are changed on Earth for selected people, in order to mix with us, pretend to be our countrymen, and carry out all sabotages, provocations, setting ups, campaigns, distortions, damaging decisions, attacks, aggressions, from which our planet swarms lately. For God's sake, when we begin see through our eyes and begin to notice what so obvious is going on around us!
       An example of relatively large number of cases described in UFO literature, in which people abducted to UFOs confront their own doubles, is the article [2VB4.7] by Dr Karla Turner, entitled "Wzięcia - zagadka XX wieku" which was published in the Polish quarterly UFO, no 26 (2/1996), pages 53 to 66. The most vital fragments of this article is summarised in subsection VB4.7 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4]. On page 60 it describes the following, quote: "In the book Taken a description of one thing is provided, which Pat recalled without the use of hypnosis. She was in a compartment, in which a cloned body was shown to her - a copy of her own body. It was said to her, that this body is going to be used during her resurrection. The creatures told to her, that they work on the command from God and that they create new bodies which according to what the Bible says we are going to receive during the resurrection. They said to her, that they are doing this on the command from Jesus. ... This was the explanation which seemed to Pat the most appropriate. She is very religious person and when these creatures deal with her, they always appeal to her religious believes. In many other cases it is not so, in spite that the same events take then place. Lisa also was shown a copy of her own body, but she was not told about any work done on the command from God nor about any resurrection. She was told straight: 'If you are not cooperating with us, we will change you with this body and no-one is going to notice any difference'." Unfortunately, after Dr Karla Turner died from cancer (or as I believe - she was murdered by UFOnauts who induced in her the deadly cancer), no-one is returning to research on these two women, i.e. Pat and Lisa. However, I am ready to bet, that in later times they both were changed for these their doubles whom they saw on decks of UFOs. On the other hand, even if someone presently finds this Pat or Lisa and asks her "are you the original human, or a changeling from a UFO, means a double of the original human", I am ready to bet that would not receive an answer which would clarify anything. After all, so-far we still do not develop on Earth a method which would allow to distinguish for sure such a double originating from a UFO, from a true human. On the other hand, to count that UFOnauts will admit themselves that they are NOT humans, would be rather silly. At this point I would like to express my sorrow, that I do not have finances for research and that everything that I do is so persecuted. This is because given opportunity I would develop quite fast a method required to distinguish between people and such agents-UFOnauts - of course if only I have the access to necessary funds and to right conditions for research.

Part #M: Identification of "changelings":


#M1. Doskonałość wszelkich tworów Boga oraz następstwa tej doskonałości dla naszych metod rozpoznawania "podmieńców":

       Wszystko co Bóg tworzy jest absolutnie doskonałe dla wypełniania celu w jakim zostało to stworzone. To także dotyczy "podmieńców". To zaś oznacza, że np. fizjonomia i szczegóły anatomiczne "podmieńców" są dokładnie takie jakie by były u ludzi którzy wyznają dany rodzaj poglądów i którzy praktykują dany rodzaj filozofii. Fakt zaś, że istnieje ścisły związek pomiędzy czyjąś anatomią i wyznawanymi poglądami oraz filozofią, wyjaśniłem szerzej w punkcie #M1 strony o nazwie day26.htm. Fakt ten można też wydedukować teoretycznie z istnienia tzw. "programów życia i losu" opisywanych na stronie immortality.htm.

#M2. How to recognise UFOnauts-changelings camouflaged in our surrounding:

       Unfortunately, at the present level of our knowledge we still do not have a reliable manner of distinguishing between UFOnauts-changelings and true humans. Therefore in our efforts of identifying these enemies of humanity we must be enormously cautious. After all, we may take to be an UFOnauts someone who is an innocent human. This in turn would be an injustice and totaliztic sin. After all, otherwise than real UFOnauts, such innocent people would be harmed by every sign of prejudice or hostility which for this reason we could show to them. For this reason, even if we are almost sure that we identify a UFOnaut-changeling in our vicinity, moral would be to undertake towards him only such precautions, which would protect us against destructive outcomes of his possible hostilities and evil activities, but simultaneously would not affect him in any undesirable manner.
       On the present level of our knowledge we already may utilise several basic groups of premises to identify UFOnauts-changelings, for example: (A) anatomic difference between UFOnauts and people, (B) the extraordinary capabilities and attributes of UFOnauts, which result from enormously advanced technical devices which they use in their everyday activities, (C) outcomes of their evil activities oriented at destruction of humanity, etc. Let us discuss now separately each one out of these groups of premises, starting with the anatomy of UFOnauts:
       (A) Anatomy of UFOnauts-changelings. Because human civilization separated from the civilisation of UFOnauts around 40 000 years ago, and also because UFOnauts in their civilization use genetic engineering for perfecting their own race, there is several vital facial features, which differ in them from similar features in people. If someone knows these details, then it is possible to identify roughly these ones suspected of being UFOnauts-changelings (although about whom it is not sure that they really are UFOnauts). The detailed information what are these identifying features that allow to distinguish between UFOnauts and people, is provided by folk wisdom regarding "devils" and "witches" (as in old days UFOnauts were named), and also by present research on UFOs. This information is thoroughly analysed in subsection V8.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4] "Advanced Magnetic Devices", and also in subsection E7.1 from volume 4 of monograph [8] "Totalizm". For the scientific exactitude I am going to summarise here the most important of such facial features (monographs [1/4] and [8] describe many more of them). Here they are (listed in the order depicting how easy to notice they are):
       (A1) Triangular eyes. Eyes in UFOnauts are slightly different than in humans, and especially interesting. Namely they are slightly larger than in people, slightly wider positioned, and they have a slightly different shape. I had a good opportunity to have a close look at eyes of an UFOnaut and noticed that they have a shape like of a hen's egg which is directed towards the front with the most sharp end. (Human eyes in the frontal part are almost spherical.) This different shape means, that they are also slightly different from the optical point of view. This in turn causes that they have also a different appearance than human eyes. The different appearance of eyes of UFOnauts, resulting from their different than in people optical properties, with a bit of awareness on our part usually becomes the first anatomic detail that catches our attention. Namely, if UFOnauts look somewhere above our head, their irises viewed under appropriate angle appear as if they have form of sharp triangles with three straight sides. The sharp apexes of these triangles are pointed downwards. Simultaneously, in these rare cases when their eyes are of a colour other than black, so that the colour of their pupils does not blend with the colour of their irises, their pupils in such triangular irises assume then the shape of a vertical line similar to an exclamation mark. This in turn causes that their eyes then look more like eyes of a cat than eyes of a human. But when an UFOnaut looks straight at us, then his irises, as well as his or her pitch black pupils in eyes, look just as round as in all humans. So when an UFOnaut looks straight at us, it is difficult to distinguish his/her eyes from these in humans. Therefore the easiest way to notice whether someone looks like a suspected UFOnaut, is when we see him or her in TV, or look at his or her photograph. Then camera frequently captures their eyes under this special angle of viewing, for which their irises become sharp triangles. It is shocking how many such sharp triangular irises with pupils like vertical lines of exclamation marks one can notice in present television. What is even more interesting, majority of individuals who show such triangular irises, have also hair strangely standing up on ends above their forehead. After one realises what this means, one gets a shock. After all, the frequency of seeing such eyes and hair makes us aware how massive the occupation of Earth by UFOnauts is, and how complete and tight control over all our institutions UFOnauts extend presently.
       This is because of that similarity of irises of UFOnauts to sharp reversed triangles, with pupils looking like vertical exclamation marks, that old Polish folklore claimed that "devils" and "witches" (means former names for present "UFOnauts") have "cat eyes". Also for the same reason, such triangular eyes even present folklore from New Zealand describes with the expression "devilish eyes" or "devil eyes" (it is believed over there that these who have such eyes cannot be trusted). Examples of just such triangular (devilish) eyes one can see on quite easily available photographs of some amongst these terrorists that hijacked aeroplanes which hit WTC skyscrapers in New York. In fact these triangular eyes usually are the first anatomic detail which hits our own eyes when we are looking at a photograph or video of a UFOnaut. (A next such a detail, which usually confirms this first one, is the tendency of their hair to stand on ends above the forehead.)
       (A2) Standing or curled hair. In former "devils" - means present "UFOnauts", hair above the forehead grow upwards, not downwards like in people. Thus the majority of male UFOnauts combs their hair upwards. When recently UFOnauts learned from research on future that people managed to identify anatomic details which allow to recognise them, then for a better camouflage they started to promote on Earth a "fashion" which makes all males to have hair standing upwards. Of course, there are also bold UFOnauts - in such case it is impossible to identify them by their hair. Furthermore, numerous UFOnauts have also curled hair, similar to pubic hair in people, such as this visible on the photograph from "Fig. #M1". Probably from such curly hair originates an old Chinese belief, which states (in Cantonese): "Lin mow, ngaw pej, tap taw, mkwat tak kow." In English this means: "curly hair, hook nose, bow head, cannot be trusted".
       (A3) Buttocks-like chin. Chins of the significant number of UFOnauts are slightly different than chins of humans. Namely UFOnauts usually have a vertical groove surrounded with two characteristic buttock-like protrusions. These bulging protrusions make the chin of a typical UFOnaut very similar to a miniature human bottom. Especially characteristic is this vertical groove running between both bulging protrusions. The groove is so striking for us, that in order to hide it, UFOnauts who operate on Earth frequently wear now small beards. But because of this groove, even their beards look differently than human ones - they are composed like from two separate halves. (Such "subdivided" in half beards most prominently are visible on pictures of Jesus, whom male UFOnauts love to impersonate. Also, together with triangular eyes and pear-shaped head, they are quite noticeable on first photographs of Osama Bin Ladin - taken in times before he started to cut his beard to even the shape of it.) Therefore in recent times UFOnauts arranged on Earth the "fashion" for beards shaped like a vertical stripe which covers just this vertical groove - many UFOnauts wear now just such a "stripe". Notice that medieval witches (means female UFOnauts) also are drawn and described with such sticking forward, buttock-like chins with a groove running vertically through the centre of it. Of course, this "buttock-like" chin is not the only identifying feature that allows to distinguish former devils, means current UFOnauts, from people.
       (A4) Pear-shaped head. The scull of UFOnauts quite significantly differs in shape from sculls of humans. If we would describe sculls of humans, we could approximately compare them to spheres or ellipsoids. The horizontal cross-section is largest for them at a half of their height, means when it crosses through cheek bones. In turn sculls and heads of UFOnauts resemble more pears than spheres. Their horizontal cross section is the largest for the plane that passes slightly above temples of UFOnauts. In UFOnauts very prominent is also the bulging or raising up extension of the scull in the vicinity of their occiput. The best illustration of this bulging are x-ray photographs of the scull of mummy of the Egyptian pharaoh named "Tutankhamen". Of course, these differences in the scull cause also differences in the shape of face. A typical human face is round (or elliptical). In turn a typical face of an UFOnaut is like a triangle that in the lower part narrows down. Especially triangular are faces of female UFOnauts. (This is why faces of God's Mother whom female UFOnauts love to impersonate, on the majority of pictures are triangular and in addition have this vertical groove in the chin.) Also because of this triangular shape, that the face of Satan is frequently shown as resembling the face of a goat. The above more clearly can be noted in a real life than on images (especially that for images UFOnauts always expose the angle under which they are most similar to people). In the real life heads of UFOnauts are clearly wider just above temples, while heads of humans are clearly widest in the horizontal plane of cheek bones.
       (A5) Long, narrowing, pointed nose like a carrot. Noses of UFOnauts are usually very long with pointed ends. For me they resemble uniformly narrowing conical carrot. On the very tip of their nose, UFOnauts usually have a tiny groove located between two cartilage plates that form the sharp tip of the nose. A noticeable proportion of UFOnauts have a hooked nose looking as if it cracked in half of its length.
       (A6) The lack of fold of skin in ears. It is the same fold of skin into which human ladies pin their earrings. UFOnauts usually do not have it. Therefore, their ears grow from lower parts of their heads like ears in dogs.

Fig. #M1.

Fig. #M1. The face of a typical male "changeling". The face of a historic figure shown on the above photograph is very similar to a typical face of UFOnauts-changelings known to me in person and operating on Earth presently. Very typical for many changelings are his curled hair, large black irises in eyes showing the tendency to form a triangle that stands on its tip, and the chin with a vertical groove. The only thing that differs slightly from my own observations is the shape of nose. UFOnauts which I know in person have much longer noses that gradually narrow down towards the sharp end, and that finish with a kind of a small groove running between two cartilage plates that form the sharp end of the nose. Actually their long noses for me resembled uniformly narrowing carrots with sharp ends. But some of them had hooked noses. Furthermore, the UFOnaut-changeling shown here posed to the portrait in such a manner that our attention escapes the shape of his head, or more strictly the fact that his scull has the largest cross-section in the plane of temples, not in the plane of cheek bones as this is the case with humans.
       Please notice that numerous further photographs of "changelings" are provided on the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth. That web page "evil.htm" also provides more information about the anatomy of these devillish supernatural creatures.

       Of course, while analysing the above anatomic details of changelings it is worth to remember, that similarly like individual people, individual UFOnauts also differ amongst themselves in specific details of their anatomy. Therefore, if any of the above details is taken out of content and considered in separation, a significant mistake can be made - e.g. a human can be taken for a UFOnaut (or a UFOnaut for human). But the more of the above details in anatomy of a given creature coincides with the above list, the higher the chance that this creature is a UFOnaut.
       Notice, that details of anatomy of UFOnauts, and also differences between the anatomy of people and UFOnauts, are discussed on several other totaliztic web pages listed in "Menu 4" and "Menu 2", e.g. on pages "UFOnauts", "evil", "aliens", "26th day", "Malbork", or "Antichrist".
       (B) Extraordinary attributes and capabilities of UFOnauts. The enormously advanced technology which UFOnauts-changelings use on Earth, provides them with a whole array of extraordinary capabilities and attributes. For example, their telekinetic which utilises the phenomenon of "telekinetic flickering" allows them to disappear from the view, walk through walls, be subjected to injures but come out without any scratches nor blood, and be unaffected by all possible kinds of human weapon. Of course, changelings usually hide carefully these capability from people. However, sometimes still we can catch them when they enter lifts or toilets and disappear completely from there, or that they come out without a scratch when we would become injured. Other group of capabilities of UFOnauts result from their telepathic and hypnotising devices. These allow them to listen our thoughts and feelings whenever they wish (we sometimes can catch them on this listening), order specific behaviours or actions to our superiors, etc.
       (C) Actions of UFOnauts which work against humanity. If we analyse actions of any UFOnaut-changeling, then a striking pattern becomes obvious. Namely everything that UFOnauts do works towards harming of individual people and the entire humanity. Therefore one of the vital confirmations, that a given being is in fact a "changeling", is that it always implements activities which run against interests of humanity, and which work for the benefit of UFOnauts. At this point I should emphasize, that whenever I analysed actions of any person, whom because of various attributes I suspected to be a "changeling", then it always turned out that such a person somehow works against interests of humanity and for the benefit of UFOnauts. For example, it provided an immoral role model for others, it generated destructive decisions, it disseminated lying propaganda, distracted our attention from truth and facts, etc., etc.
       (D) Group wisdoms of nations. As it turns out, changelings from UFOs are somehow intuitively detected by the so-called "group wisdoms of nations". So when a given nation democratically elects leaders for itself, these changelings always have difficulties with becoming elected, in spite that they have in their disposal all these advanced devices for telepathic manipulation on public opinion. Therefore, in order to walk around these difficulties with becoming elected for leaders, changelings from UFOs invented a whole range of various tricks. Several out of these depends on e.g. forcing people to choose between two candidates, both of whom are changelings. Or to use the system of elections known as "Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system" (it is used, amongst others, in Germany and in New Zealand), in which changelings rejected by the group wisdom of the nation still grab power through a "back doors". In order to identify a changeling who was recognised in this manner by this group wisdom of the nation, it is enough to check which leaders of a given country still grabbed power in spite that the nation did not want to elect them for their roles.
* * *
       Of course, if we put the required amount of time and effort into appropriate research, we could easily devise fully reliable, because based on the so-called "revealing devices", manners of distinguishing between people and UFOnauts-changelings. After all, these changelings for their own security always are in the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering". (This state cannot be induced by present human devices, because people still do not know yet technical telekinesis.) Unfortunately, our civilisation still has NOT developed devices which would allow this state to be detected quickly. Thus, the only thing that we are able to notice so-far, are effects of this state, means e.g. the fact that such changelings are slightly lighter than normal people of their sizes, that normally they cannot be injured (unless they wish to prove to us that they can be injured), that they behave strangely, that do not know deeply our culture and customs - in spite that supposedly they are born amongst us, that their eyes sometimes look triangular, their hair above forehead naturally grows upward, while some details of their anatomy are more similar to anatomy of UFOnauts than people, etc., etc.

Part #N: Our defence from destruictive and detrimental activities of "changelings":


#N1. Najefektywniejsza obrona grupowa: wyeliminować potrzebę istnienia "podmieńców":

       "Podmieńcy" są "symulowani" przez Boga dla określonych powodów - np. jako metoda osiągnięcia nadrzednych boskich celów. (Powody te i cele już starałem się uświadomić czytelnikowi w początkowej części tej strony.) Stąd jeśli zanikną powody dla których owe istoty są "symulowane" na Ziemi, zaniknie również potrzeba ich "symulowania" i wysyłania wśród ludzi. Łatwo też wydedukować z treści początkowych części tej strony, że owe powody i potrzeby istnienia i działalności "podmieńców" na Ziemi zanikną tylko kiedy wszyscy ludzie zaczną ochotniczo żyć w doskonałej zgodzie z wymaganiami Boga. Znaczy, zanikną one tylko kiedy wszyscy ludzie zaczną żyć zgodnie z wymaganiami wyjaśnionymi przez Boga w treści Biblii zaś z użyciem nowoczesnego języka i dzisiejszych przykładów zinterpretowanymi w formie rekomendacji filozofii totalizmu. Podsumowując powyższe, najefektywniejszą metodą grupowej obrony ludzkości przed następstwami istnienia i działalności "podmieńców" jest podjęcie praktykowania filozofii totalizmu formalnego przez wszystkich ludzi.

#N2. Indywidualna obrona: wyeliminować potrzebę aby "podmieńcy" przykro doświadczali właśnie nas:

       Oczywiście, ludzkość przez długo jeszcze czas nie zdobędzie się na wysiłek powszechnego adoptowania i praktykowania wysoce moralnej filozofii totalizmu. Stąd również przez długi jeszcze czas NIE zaniknie na Ziemi potrzeba istnjienia i użycia "podmieńców" dla "korygowania moralności" najbardziej niemoralnych indywidualnych ludzi i całych społeczności. Na przekór jednak że cała ludzkość będzie długo jeszcze trapiona przez "podmieńców", indywidualnie każdy z nas może przed nimi łatwo się wybronić. Wystarczy wszakże iż każdy z nas zacznie pedantycznie praktykować wysoce moralną filozofię totalizmu formalnego, a w stosunku do niego zaniknie potrzeba aby owi "podmieńcy" jego też przykro doświadczali. Stąd indywidualna obrona przed następstwami przykrych dla ludzi działań "podmieńców" jest bardzo prosta: wystarczy zaprzestać zwracać uwagę co czyni reszta niemoralnego świata, a zacząć samemu pedenatycznie praktykować filozofię totalizmu formalnego.
       Warto tu też podkreślić, że podjęcie takiej indywidualnej obrony poprzez rozpoczęcie pedentycznego praktykowania filozofii totalizmu formalnego przynosi także cały szereg dodatkowych korzyści. Niektóre z owych korzyści opisane są m.in. w punkcie #C5.1 totaliztycznej strony o nazwie seismograph.htm czy w punkcie #I3 totaliztycznej strony o nazwie day26.htm.

#N3. How to defend ourselves against activities of these "changelings":

       There are numerous serious problems which make our defence fight with UFOnauts-changelings extremely difficult. The most important out of these is the fact, that presently we do not have on Earth any sure and reliable method of identifying who actually is an UFOnaut-changeling, while who is an innocent human. So how to fight with an enemy about whom we do not know who exactly he is and whom we are unable to distinguish from "our own people". A second significant problem of our defence fight with UFOnauts-changelings is their enormous technical advancement. In fact they are so advanced that "our bullets do not harm them", nor any other method of fight typically used amongst people works on them. Of course, there is more of such problems of defence fight with UFOnauts-changelings. Indicated here are only most important of these.
       Generally speaking, our defensive fight with UFOnauts-changelings depends on seeking and implementing increasingly more effective methods and means of our action, which lead to the permanent removal of UFOnauts from our planet, or which make impossible for UFOnauts to act against humanity. Unfortunately, finding such methods and means is enormously difficult. After all, UFOnauts cannot be affected by any technology nor weapon which humanity developed so-far. Thus, all equipment and methods of defence which humans used so-far against other humans, turn hopeless in confrontation with UFOnauts. If any human would be so much unwise that would use e.g. any our present weapon or method of fight against UFOnauts-changelings, then only innocent people would suffer, while UFOnauts would roll out of laughter. (Such an idiot or provocateur would only work against humanity and in favour of propaganda campaign of UFOnauts.) After all, the situation would repeat the medieval times, when people believed that UFOnauts could be burned on stakes, so in fact they burned innocent people while true witches, means UFOnauts, disappeared from stakes in the last moment - similarly as this is done by our great magician, David Copperfield. Therefore for the defence fight against UFOnauts it is necessary to develop completely new methods and equipment. To the description of such devices, methods, and strategy of our defence fight with UFOnauts devoted is the entire chapter W from volume 18 of monograph [1/4]. In this item I intend to indicate just the most important such methods of defence. Discussed here are only methods which can be used by practically every person, and which do not require any courses, defence equipment, organisation, etc.
       (A) The defence through lifting our awareness. This depends on lifting in ourselves the level of reliable knowledge on the subject of existence and activities of UFOnauts-changelings on Earth, and also depends on the dissemination this knowledge amongst other people. Practically it boils down to the learning ourselves and promoting amongst other people, the sound and verified knowledge about UFOnauts and about their evil activities on Earth, of the type offered on this web page and on all other web pages of totalizm available via "Menu 2" and "Menu 4". It is an extremely powerful method of defence. Unfortunately, it works with a significant time delay (so it requires a lot of patience). After all, people aware of the evil activities of UFOnauts-changelings, direct to UFOnauts, not to other people, the entire karma which UFOnauts generate on Earth. (Only that typically the return of karma takes place after at least 5 to 10 years - unless someone intentionally accelerates it with the method discussed in (C) below.) Furthermore, such aware people undertake intentional actions aimed at the development of new devices and methods of our defence against UFOnauts, at the development of technical devices which UFOnauts try to block, at the dissemination of moral ideas which UFOnauts try to squash, etc., etc.
       (B) The defence through doing only moral things. This depends on decisive refusing to do in our life anything that according to the philosophy of totalizm is an immoral activity. The point is that everything that UFOnauts do on Earth, according to the philosophy of totalizm is an immoral activity. So if all people refuse their participation in these immoral activities, then UFOnauts will be defeated in the completion of their evil intentions. It is also worth to add, that if we cease to act immorally, then our lives will get a decisive improvement. After all, we will not be forced to pay back the unwanted karma for our immoral actions. The imaginative examples of such moral defence could be: to protest and to make impossible for our governments to attack militarily another country only because this country somehow stepped on our toes, to refuse the taking part in torturing or humiliating prisoners to make them confess any secrets, to disagree with sacking of people from jobs only because they investigate UFOs, etc. Of course, if we learn principles of totalizm then we discover, that the large proportion of decisions and actions which many governments and superiors take, are immoral in the light of totalizm. Thus, in order to implement moral defence, according to totalizm we always must check every action we take, whether it is moral or immoral. We are allowed to implement only moral actions. But if it turns out that any action ordered to us is immoral, then before we implement it, we firstly supposed to change it into its own moral reversal. (E.g. instead of getting offended we should start a dialogue, instead of attacking we should help, instead of increasing a profit we should increase the employment, etc., etc.)
       (C) The defence through elimination of secrets. UFOnauts (means former "devils") love nights. After all at nights is dark. So they are able to abduct people to UFO vehicles, hypnotise, patrol, check, etc., while almost no-one amongst people is able to see them because of the darkness. This usefulness of nights for implementing everything that is immoral and evil suits UFOnauts so much, that gradually they spread the darkness also for the duration of days. They accomplish this through creating various laws, which shade darkness onto everything that previously was transparent and clear. A whole range of such laws is in action at present. Their comprehensive discussion is provided on the web page better humanity. Examples such laws include: (a) the "Privacy Act" and all privacy laws - means laws which disallow to reveal anything about individual people, (b) all security and defence laws - which disallow to reveal secrets of subsequent institutions, (c) every copyright law - which disallows showing any material without the agreement of the person who controls this material, etc., etc. The outcome is such, that in present times UFOnauts managed to extend night onto days. These laws become presently so absurd, that for example on Tuesday, 13 September 2005, at 22:40, news from the channel 3 of television of New Zealand, reported about a citizen of New Zealand who because of the cross of his telephone line with some other line accidentally overheard how criminals planned to commit a serious crime. As a law-obeying citizen he formally reported what he overheard to the Police. So how he was rewarded for this crime prevention? Well, the New Zealand Police charged him with committing a crime, because in a documented manner he broke the "Privacy Act" (i.e. the law which forbids to reveal private information) through the official repeating the private information that he accidentally overheard.
       All these laws which support keeping secrets in fact work against humanity and on the benefit of UFOnauts. None law-obeying person benefits from them. They only support thieves and criminals of various sorts, including UFOnauts into this number. So we need to initiate a decisive fight with these laws imposed on us by UFOnauts. We should exert pressure on our governments to withdraw these laws. Instead of allowing these governments to generate laws of the type "shoot-to-kill everyone suspected of terrorism", we rather should oblige them to establish laws along the lines, "truth can be published about every person without any restrictions, so that these responsible for terrorism could NOT hide in darkness of the law", and "copyright laws do NOT apply to cases when a given information is disseminated for reasons other than financial gains, e.g. to improve our security, to disclose a crime, etc." (Notice that at present copyright laws apply to all situations - thus from them one may be punished even if someone wishes to prevent terrorism or disclose a crime.)
       (D) The defence through the acceleration of karma returns. This available for everyone manner of defence fight against UFOnauts-changelings depends on use of the united power of our minds in order to accelerate the arrival of moment when karma is returned. It is described in details on the web page "plague". In order to defend ourselves against UFOnauts with this method, it suffices to close our eyes every day at 9:00 for a brief moment (can be at 9 p.m., or at 9 a.m., or both), and then to recreate in our mind a symbolic scene which depicts the deflecting back to UFOnauts every evil which UFOnauts try to unleash against us - including into this also the deflecting of viruses of bird flu which UFOnauts are releasing on Earth. In this simple activity several things is vital. Firstly it is vital that we always do it at 9 o'clock (our local time). The point is to symbolically synchronise the efforts of all people who take part in this form of the defence (this synchronising needs to be symbolic, not physical - means this method will still work even if clocks that people use show different or wrong times). Also the method utilises the symbolic meaning of the digit 9. The synchronisation of all efforts at 9 will cause that our minds will link together into a group effort. Thus all people who take part in this defence, will together pre-program the counter-world. This is because in the counter-world thoughts and feelings of each one of us sound like a loud speech and display, which over there can be heard and seen even at interstellar distances. Therefore such symbolically synchronised defence effort of many people, in the counter-world will sound like an increasingly loud voice of an united crowd. If there will be sufficiently many of such simultaneously defending minds, then their summarised effect will be like results of a common prayer of a large crowd, or like a powerful magic. In turn the digit 9 has a highly symbolic meaning. In numerology, apart from many other meanings it also means "overcoming an evil". Therefore the time 9 o'clock is especially well suited for implementation of this form of self-defence with the power of our minds. It is also vital that we form in our minds a kind of symbolic picture of what we wish to accomplish. For example, we should see creatures which for us symbolise UFOnauts, as these try to harm us with some form of evil, while we are deflecting this evil with the power of our will and cause that this evil hits UFOnauts themselves, inducing in them panics, suffering, damages, etc. (Notice that it is not important how we imagine these UFOnauts, or how we call them. The natural programs of the counter-world will find them anyway without an error. After all, the counter-world is intelligent, and it knows exactly whom we have in mind.)
       The method of self-defence described above works through the pre-programming of the counter-world onto the return of karma immediately. I tested the action of this method on a UFOnaut whom I know, and I am sure it is effective. In normal cases, when someone harms us, the karma for this harming returns to the culprit after a time when he already forgets what he has done. For this reason, the karma looses by then the deterring power. But through the appropriate re-programming of the counter-world with the will of many minds we cause that the work of this karma is accelerated. If there is sufficiently many of the re-programming minds, then it is possible to accomplish an immediate return of the karma. In such a case, the immediate return of karma will be a good deterrent for UFOnauts. For example, instead of felling down for an illness only around 10 years after they release on Earth the virus of "bird flu" described on the web page "plague", in such case UFOnauts may get infected immediately with an instant mutation of the same virus which they released. (After all, the biological weapon is a "two-sided sword" which is able to cut also through these ones who use it against others.) So these UFOnauts will get ill almost instantly. This in turn may persuade their colleagues and superiors to cease the further spread of this illness. The manner of self-defence described here is explained in more details in subsections I3.5, I5.7, and W6.3, from volumes respectively 5 and 18 of monograph [1/4].
       (E) The defence through the development of revealing and identifying devices. Our present civilisation have not developed yet purposely even a single technical device which would allow us to defend humanity against UFOnauts. After all, devices which are used by our army and police are effective only against other people, but powerless against UFOnauts. But a significant number of new defence devices which would be effective against UFOnauts is postulated in monograph [1/4]. Amongst numerous devices described there, on the present level of our defence fight, the most vital are so-called "revealing devices" and "identifying devices". They allow to detect UFOnauts who hide from us behind invisible to our eyes the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering", and also allow to distinguish conclusively UFOnauts-changelings from normal people. What is the most painful, our civilisation at present already have technical devices which could be used for this purpose. Only that firstly we need to complete appropriate research, which would explain how to use these devices in just such a new application. These already existing devices effective against UFOnauts are "thermovision cameras", and "noctovisors" (nocturnal goggles). Unfortunately I do not have access to any of them. (UFOnauts make sure that I never gat an access to these devices.) Therefore every reader who has an access to any of these devices, has a duty that in the interest of the defence of our civilisation he initiates research which would explain how exactly we can use these devices for identifying and detecting UFOnauts. I would be extremely grateful if results of such research are published fast, or shared with me - so that I could publish them.
       (F) The defence through discussing with UFOnauts the definition of "winning". Wherever a confrontation takes place between two sides, there always the final result of this confrontation is described with terms "win" and "loss". However, there is a problem with these two terms. For every situation, and also from every point of view, they mean something completely different. For example, for someone who in television watches, e.g. a game in tennis, these terms usually coincide with the verdict of the umpire of this game. So if this umpire is e.g. biased, but no-one is able to prove it, the verdict win - loss may be totally opposite to the true result. (Such a result of confrontation usually is described by the term "loss - loss" situation.) The situation is even more complicated when instead of just watching a game, we ourselves are one of the playing sides. If then our opponent is e.g. our superior (or a king of the country), then in spite that the umpire announces him to be the winner, in fact we also may win in this game because in the consequence we may receive e.g. a promotion at work. (such an outcome of the game usually is described by the term "win - win" situation, because both sides somehow win it.) The situation would be equally complicated when a male would play with a female, while both sides used the game as a tool for mutual seduction. (Then, no matter what would be the verdict of an umpire, the true result would become clear only in the course of further life.) Similarly as this is with the above example of games in tennis, situation looks also with the present confrontation of humans with UFOnauts. If according to the opinion of umpires (i.e. superiors of UFOnauts) who observe this game from a distant planet, the UFOnauts-changelings acting on Earth "win" this confrontation, this still does not mean that we were defeated, while they are truly victorious. I personally believe that the outcome would be then "loss - loss". The reason is that our civilisation would then truly be defeated, because it would be destroyed and forced to caves. However these ones who would defeat us, also would be at "loss", because without having anyone on Earth for exploiting, their superiors would direct them to tasks which may turn to be much worse than these which they carry out now. (Even if they would still remain on the ruined Earth, it would be for them like citizens of Paris or New York being delegated to Siberia or to Mongolia.) The problem with these UFOnauts who carry out the direct fight with us, is that they themselves are only the second lowest layer in a very high pyramid of mutual oppression. (I.e. the humanity is the lowest layer of this pyramid, these UFOnauts-changelings who fight with us are the second layer, but they are also exploited by their superiors, etc.) So whatever from the point of view of their superiors, who sit high in the pyramid of oppression, looks like a "win" in this present confrontation with humanity, for them still may turn to be a "loss". After all, in order their fate also improves, it is necessary to rearrange the entire pyramid of oppression, not just to freeze for further centuries the situation which presently prevails in the universe. In turn the simplest path to rearranging this pyramid of oppression, in the present situation leads through allowing totalizm to spread discreetly over the Earth. After all, then totalizm would force changes, while these changes will turn beneficial to almost everyone from the pyramid of oppression. (Even these ones from the very top of this pyramid will benefit from this. After all, it will open for them the possibility to introduce reforms and improvements to the system, which so-far were blocked by the lack of drastic changes.) So whether the final outcome of this confrontation will be "loss - loss" for both sides, or "win - win" for us and them, depends on how diplomatically these UFOnauts-changelings who presently fight with us will control the further development of the situation. After all, about the final consequences of this confrontation will decide NOT the outcome of the confrontation, but what happens to all sides after it finishes. (I.e. whether the outcome of confrontation is going to improve or worsen the general situation of these sides.) For the present difference in forces of humans and UFOnauts, every fight can not be directed in such a skilful manner, that for an outside observer it may look as a chaotic exchange of strikes, while for both engaged sides it may become the working out of a better future, thoroughly thought over. It happens that totalizts are presently the only group on Earth which has an open channel of dialogue with UFOnauts who occupy the Earth. (Probably the reason is that totalizts are the only group who officially recognise the existence of these UFOnauts and openly discuss with them.) Previously this channel was the internet list of totalizm, in which participated a lot of UFOnauts. Recently are, amongst others, posts to the "blog of totalizm" described in item #C3 of this web page. Although so-fare this channel was used mainly for mutual quarrelling with each other, it is time to start a serious discussion through it. We can start this discussion from an exact defining what both sides understand by the term "win". It is a common knowledge that discussions, not the use of force, decide about the final outcome of every confrontation. Also in spite that UFOnauts consider us to be an inferior race, we see all matters in a completely different prospective than them. This means that we are able to notice details which from their point of view escape attention.
* * *
       Our defence fight against UFOnauts takes place on many fronts simultaneously. Each one of us has a role to play. Only we decide whether this role is to die as a passive victim who do not even knows what hit him, or stand tall as a worrier hardened in battles for whom even UFOnauts have respect. Each one of us should gradually join the fight. In order to develop our defence, new people need to learn truth about the situation of humanity. In turn to win this confrontation humanity needs to disperse the present ignorance, apathy, and passiveness. Therefore, in the absolute dimension UFOnauts already help us to wake up from the present passiveness ("there is no such bad that would not turn into a good"). After all, the result of their present actions is like shaking every human on Earth separately and yelling to his (or her) ears. Man, why you sit passively on your own hands, when UFOnauts convert Earth in one huge, Hitler-style concentration camp. Do you intentionally invite UFOnauts to get at you after they finish with other equally passive people. Why you allow that changelings from UFOs decide about your fate. Why instead of the "war on terror" you do not begin to propagate the "war on UFOnauts", and also "war on secrets and on laws which promote secrets - e.g. the Privacy of Information Act", "war on copyright laws", "war on immoral and inhuman behaviour", "war on politicians who are in power in spite that the nation refused to elect specifically them", etc. Why you do not join our defence when the long-term fate of you and all whom you love are decided. Do you understand that a cleaning of any source must be started from the removal of mad and rot which poisons it.

Part #O: Reflexions:


#O1. How it is possible that most of people do NOT believe that "changelings" do exist, yet they still harm us:

       Until around a half of 2007 I believed that UFOnauts are simply cosmic relatives of humans, while "changelings" are UFOnauts who pretend to be people. But in 2007 I discovered that UFOnauts are products of advanced simulations - as I am explaining this in "part F" of the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth. So it appears that "changelings" are also such products of advanced simulations - as it is explained more comprehensively in "part #L" of the web page evolution.htm - about the so-called "natural evolution",

Part #P: Benefits from practicing the philosophy of totalizm:


#P1. Dlaczego totalizm jest "lekarstwem na wszystko":

       W punkcie #A1 strony o nazwie totalizm.htm przytoczona została definicja pojęcia "moralność". Definicja ta stwierdza, że: w świecie rządzonym przez Boga przez "moralność" należy rozumieć poziom zgodności czyichś działań i zachowań w codziennym życiu, z wymaganiami jakie Bóg nakłada na tryb życia ludzi. Z kolei "jedyna zasada totalizmu" (a wiec i jedyne "wymaganie" które totalizm nakłada na swoich wyznawców) stwierdza: "wszystko co tylko czynisz zawsze dokonuj pedentycznie 'moralnie' ". Innymi słowy, praktykując totalizm postępuje się w swoim życiu "pedentycznie moralnie" - czyli w absolutnej zgodzie i harmonii z wymaganiami nałożonymi na nas przez Boga. Z kolei takie "pedantycznie moralne" postępowanie, zgodnie z tym co wyjaśnia punkt #B6 niniejszej strony, powoduje że w życiu jest się "nagradzanym" przez Boga - zbierając wszystkie te owoce i nagrody które Bóg przyznaje za prowadzenie moralnego życia. Ponieważ zaś "moralność jest kluczem do wszystkiego", owe owoce i nagrody prowadzenia wysoce moralnego życia rozciągają się praktycznie na każdy obszar naszego istnienia, włączając w to nawet zdrowie. To dlatego filozofia totalizmu ma zasłużone prawo aby twierdzić, że totalizm jest "lekarstwem na wszystko". Nic dziwnego, że np. komentarz z Trzeciego Wydania tzw. "Biblii Tysiąclecia", dodany tam do wersetu 6:3 z "Księgi Rodzaju", stwierdza - cytuję tutaj ów komentarz: "Wraz z postępującym zepsuciem moralnym zmniejsza się witalność ludzi." Komentarz ten potwierdza więc, że ludzkość już od dawna wie iż "prowadzenie moralnego życia" udoskonala zdrowie. Tyle, że dopiero filozofia totalizmu wykazała i podkreśliła ten fakt analizami materiału dowodowego oraz przeprowadzeniem odpowiednich dedukcji logicznych. (Tak nawiasem mówiąc, to ludzie od wieków bezskutecznie poszukują prostrzego w użyciu niż "moralność", tzw. "lekarstwa na wszystko", które mogłoby być zażywane bez żadnego wysiłku czy starań, tak jak zażywane są dzisiejsze pigułki - o czym szerzej informuję m.in. w punktach #G1 i #G3 strony o nazwie healing.htm. Niestety, takie "bezwysiłkowe lekarstwo na wszystko" w świecie rządzonym przez Boga nigdy NIE może być znalezione - wszakże nagradzałoby ono "NIE czynienie niczego", co wyraźnie zbiega w dół "pola moralnego".)

#P2. Przypomnijmy tutaj sobie najważniejsze korzyści z praktykowania filozofii totalizmu:

       Już tylko na podstawie niniejszej strony staje się oczywiste że NIE ma bardziej korzystnego postępowania w naszym życiu fizycznym od praktykowania filozofii totalizmu. Wszakże, jak wyjaśnia to punkt #N2 tej strony, praktykując totalizm eliminujemy najistotniejszy powód dla którego ludzie doświadczani są przez opisywane tutaj niszczycielskie działania istot zwanych "podmieńcami". Jednak ochrona przed "podmieńcami" jest tylko jedną małą kropelką w ogromnym morzu korzyści z praktykowania totalizmu - jakie to korzyści wyjaśnione już zostały i uzasadnione w najróżniejszych totaliztycznych publikacjach. Przypomnijmy więc teraz sobie chociaż najważniejsze z nich, wskazując jednocześnie dokładne miejsce gdzie zostały one szerzej opisane w którejś z totaliztycznych publikacji. Oto więc owe najważniejsze korzyści z praktykowania filozofii totalizmu:
       1. Ci totaliźci którzy osiągnęli już minimalnie wymagany próg "moralności", są indywidualnie chronieni przed następstwami wszelkich kataklizmów. Kiedy bowiem kataklizm nadchodzi są oni albo "wyprowadzeni" z obszaru zniszczeń, albo też są cudownie ratowani. Wyjaśnia to punkt #G3 totaliztycznej strony o nazwie day26.htm.
       2. Szczególnie zaawansowani wyznawcy tzw. "totalizmu formalnego" nabywają cech owych "sprawiedliwych", już tylko dziesięciu z których wystarcza do oddalenia dowolnego kataklizmu od miejscowości w jakiej owych "10 sprawiedliwych" zamieszkuje. Wyjaśniają to i dokumentują punkty #B6 i #C5.1 z totaliztycznej strony o nazwie seismograph.htm, punkty #G3 i #I3 z totaliztycznej strony o nazwie day26.htm oraz punkt #A2.3 ze strony totalizm.htm.
       3. Dla osób praktykujących "totalizm formalny" nawet pogoda i natura zaczynają odnosić się przyjaźnie. Wyjaśniają to punkty #I4 i #I5 z totaliztycznej strony o nazwie day26.htm.
       4. Totaliźci otrzymują receptury postępowania w typowych sytuacjach życiowych, które gwarantują im spokojne, szczęśliwe, pozbawione przykrości życie. Wyjaśnia to punkty #A2 do #A2.6 z totaliztycznej strony o nazwie totalizm.htm oraz punkt #F1 z totaliztycznej strony o nazwie rok.htm.
       5. Praktykowanie totalizmu poprawia zdrowie. Wyjaśnia to szerzej punkt #P1 powyżej na tej stronie.
       6. Poznanie i praktykowanie totalizmu jest dzisiejszym odpowiednikiem poznania i praktykowania zaleceń zawartych w Biblii - tyle że totaliźci dodatkowo poznają odpowiedzi na pytania "dlaczego", "jak", kiedy", "jaki materiał dowodowy to potwierdza", itp. - których Biblia NIE udziela. (Odnotu że Biblia celowo pomija udzielania odpowiedzi na tego typu pytania, bowiem jednym z jej celó jest zainspirowanie ludzi do podjęcia badań, przemyśleń i do poszukiwań twórczych. Tymczasem udzielanie gotowych odpowiedzi by jedynie promowało lenistwo i bezmyślność.) Wyjaśnia to dokładniej punkt #B2.1 totaliztycznej strony o nazwie mozajski.htm.
       7. Praktykowanie totalizmu, podobnie jak realizowanie zaleceń zawartych w Biblii, gwarantuje korzystanie też z wszelkich korzyści pozadoczesnych jakie obiecują nam religie które wyznajemy. (Sam fakt, że faktycznie istnieje takie coś jak "życie-istnienie pozadoczesne", naukowo potwierdza strona opisująca naszą duszę, o nazwie soul_proof.htm.) Pozadoczesne korzyści z praktykowania totalizmu wyjaśniają dokładniej podrozdziały JF2.2 i JF2.3 z tomu 8 mojej najnowszej monografii [1/5].

#P3. Zamiast uprawiać pasożytnictwo, raczej praktykuj "intuitywny totalizm", potem staraj się swój "intuitywny totalizm" przetransformować na "totalizm formalny":

       Ludzie praktykują karaną przez Boga filozofię pasożytnictwa ze zwykłego lenistwa. Wszakże aby ją praktykować wystarczy w swym życiu kierować się wyłącznie chwilowymi zachciankami, pokusami, przyjemnościami, korzyściami materialnymi, kaprysami, itp. Nie wiedzą przy tym, że także praktykowanie tzw. "intuitywnego totalizmu" jest niemal równie łatwe, a oszczędza nam "kar" które Bóg zesyła na "pasożytów". Wszakże jedyne co praktykowanie "intuitywnego totalizmu" wymaga, to wsłuchiwać się w podszepty naszego własnego organu "sumienia", potem zaś wykonywać to co owo sumienie nam nakazuje. Na dodatek, kiedy już zacznie się praktykować ów "intuitywny totalizm", wówczas otwiera się dla nas droga do praktykowania bardziej zaawansowanego "totalizmu formalnego". Wszakże aby przejść na praktykowanie wysoce nagradzanego "totalizmu formalnego" (tj. tego co np. już pozwala nam chronić przed kataklizmami miejsce swego zamieszkania), wystarczy aby "intuitiwni totaliźci" poczytali sobie nieco o regułach i uzasadnieniach totaliźmu z najróżniejszych już istniejących i dostępnych za darmo publikacji, np. ze strony totalizm.htm, albo też z tomu 6 mojej najnowszej monografii [1/5].

Part #R: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#R1. Summary of this web page:

       This web page tries to realise, that amongst people really do operate secretly some supernatural creatures which look like just ordinary humans. The folklore calls them "changelings". These creatures are a "bad news". They bring to the humanity a whole ocean of disasters and human suffering. But, as I am explaining this in "part F" of the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth, and in "part #L" of the web page evolution.htm - about the so-called "natural evolution", these creatures are here to stay for a while. Therefore our civilisation will be troubled by them for many years to come - and all time they will bring disasters and suffering for humans.

#R2. How with the use of web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he or she is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#R3. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm currently available from addresses totalizm.wordpress.com and totalizm.blox.pl/html. (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#R4. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#R5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#R6. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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