Designs and principles of operation of zero emission cars
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27 November 2016

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Every even the longest journey begins with a first step. In turn the chance of success of this journey is the higher, at the earlier step we define exactly the goal which we wish to reach and the path we intend to take in our way to this goal. This web page defines just such a goal in the journey of humanity to the car which does NOT generate any pollution nor emissions, which permanently solves the ever-increasing problem of approaching "energy crisis", and simultaneously which is economic, safe, and easy in everyday use.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       Two most serious problems which threaten the complete destruction of present technical civilisation on the Earth, are (a) the growing pollution of the natural environment, and (b) the inevitably approaching so-called "energy crisis" - means the exhaustion of energy sources to-date. Therefore the main goal of this web page and the illustrations included into it, is to present feasible and realistic goals which our civilisation can accomplish on its path to cars which (a) are eco-friendly - means which do NOT pollute the natural environment, and which (b) permanently eliminate the problem of approaching "energy crisis" - means prevent the complete exhaustion of energy resources, not mentioning that which also (c) are economical, safe, and easy in everyday use.

#A2. This web page supports goals of the larger "public domain" research and development project:

       This web page is a part of the "public domain" (voluntary) international research project. Although the main idea and goals of this project are explained comprehensively in items #A1 and #A2 of the web page boiler.htm, for the consistency of presentation I am briefly explaining this idea also here. The idea of this "public domain" research project originates from Informatics and from Internet - the immense success of which was accomplished in recent years due to unleashing the creativity and research inclinations of ordinary people through a body of freely disseminated software, commonly known as the "public domain" software. The idea is that if we manage to unleash also the creativity and research inclinations of ordinary people in the area of energy devices, than the humanity could accomplish similarly immense progress in relatively short period of time. The opening and coordinating such a "public domain" international and voluntary research on energy devices is a significant breakthrough, as oppositely to Informatics and to Internet, energy research so-far was carried out exclusively by professional (paid) scientists in large research institutions, and had no competition - hence displayed numerous bad characteristics typical for all "monopolies". For example, paid scientists have developed various destructive traditions and fashions which tend to suppress investigations in various new directions that may hide the "real progress", while they simultaneously promote the development of "false progress" - see the explanations from item #G4 below. Thus, establishing a "public domain" competition for official energy sciences, opens new directions for research and for development - especially in new areas which for various reasons professional (paid) scientists are not able, or refuse to investigate. In order to initiate this long-term project on the "public domain" international (voluntary) research in new energy phenomena, principles and devices, I prepared several web pages which are widely available in Internet. On these web pages I described thoroughly a number of new energy devices, outlined the novelty of their principles and phenomena, as well as potential benefits which their development may bring to our civilisation. Then these web pages appeal to the hobbyists from the entire world to voluntarily produce such devices, to research them, and to freely exchange information and research findings about them. Simultaneously, I voluntarily (and free of charge) guide and coordinate these developments from the scientific point of view. An example of energy device which so-far accomplished the highest success in the "public domain" project described here, is the "telekinetic heater" - see the description of international efforts to build and research it presented in items #G1 to #G5 from the totaliztic web page boiler.htm.
       Of course, I experienced that the task of putting together such an international team of unpaid hobbyists is many times more difficult than a task of just managing and coordinating work of paid colleagues-scientists employed in academic institutions. After all, such hobbyists are not rewarded materially for their efforts - thus for them goals need to be set reasonably while motivating factors must be encoded into the descriptions of devices and must significantly differ from whatever is used to motivate paid scientist. Also, voluntary researchers cannot be subjected to work discipline nor expected to endure perseverance - so they need to be managed extremely gently, they cannot have any deadlines - so accomplishing any outcome require a high patience, they do not fit into any formal structure - so boundaries of such a team are in the permanent state of flux, not mentioning that their levels of expertise, concentration span, determination, and motivations vary enormously and are different than these in academics. I should say, that after the experience of coordinating such a voluntary team of unpaid hobbyists, the coordination of interdisciplinary projects between various academic departments and industry turns out to be an extremely easy task. However, in spite of all this, this voluntary and unpaid international team of hobbyists already accomplished significant successes, which are described on various totaliztic web pages.
       Independently from this web page, other web pages which also provide ideas and devices for the "public domain" research project include, amongst others: boiler.htm, seismograph.htm, fe_cell.htm, free_energy.htm, telekinetics.htm, or magnocraft.htm and oscillatory_chamber.htm.

Part #B: Basic definitions and ideas:


#B1. What kinds of "zero emission cars" emerge from research and analysis so-far:

       The term "eco-cars" is a name for cars that do NOT pollute the air nor the natural environment, but simultaneously are economic, safe, and convenient in use, as well as they permanently solve the ever-increasingly paralising for our civilisation the so-called "energy crisis".
       As so-far, our civilisation developed two highly promising futuristic principles of operation of such eco-cars. Namely, they operate either on the principle of (a) present combustion cars which instead of a fossil-fuel (e.g. petrol) burn hydrogen and thus exhaust steam instead of carbon-based gases, or on the principle of (b) present electrical cars that are supplied in electricity in a manner that gives the car the performance which is required by users.
       Of course, it is commonly known that present laboratories officially work on a whole range of further improvements for present cars. For example hybrid-cars or cars with fuel cells are being constructed. But all these further versions of cars, unfortunately, still burn a fuel based on fossil oils or are based on organic matter (biofuels) which is grown instead of food crops taking soil which should be used to feed hungry nations. In turn because crude oil deposits and soil reserves for plants sooner or later are going to be completely exhausted on the Earth, these numerous further versions of cars that use fossil or biological fuels are just a temporary shifting (postponing) till later the searches for a true solution for the problem of fuels, which (the delay) is unworthy the investment of human efforts. As such, they represent the "false progress" defined in item #G4 from further part of this web page. So in spite that the research on such car versions generates "publicity stuns" which make an impression that "something is done" to improve the situation with fuels, in reality all these further designs just only disperse human efforts and attention, while do NOT providing a permanent solution for the problem.

Part #C: Hydrogen-fuelled combustion cars that themselves generate hydrogen through the dissociation of water - means the so-called cars on water:


#C1. Descriptions of presently existing cars on water:

       "Cars on water" that were already developed and are used by devoted hobbyists contain a small "dissociator of water" of a conventional kind. This dissociator splits water into hydrogen and oxygen, while consuming the electricity from the car's battery. For safety reasons typically oxygen is immediately vented into the air. In turn hydrogen is added to the mixture of the fuel and petrol that is supplied to car's cylinders. After this mixture of hydrogen, air, and fuel is burned in the cylinder, the temperature of burning in cylinders is significantly increased. Simultaneously the hydrogen flame that is created in the cylinder works like a kind of "dynamic catalyser". In turn this increased temperature of burning in cylinders, in connection with the catalysing effect of the hydrogen flame, causes a whole array of highly beneficial outcomes. For example, this causes that the burning of fuel is much more effective and efficient. So it generates much more energy from the unit of fuel. It eliminates smoke from the exhaustion fumes. It improves the performance of the car. It saves a significant amount of fuel. Etc., etc. Initial information on the subject of present "cars on water" are presented in item #G2 of the separate web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy.

#C2. Conventional dissociation of water in already existing "cars on water" - means how to "do it yourself" to build the dissociator of water for your own car:

       A "conventional dissociator of water" for assembling into our "car on water" is very simple. I have heard a claim that with the method "do it yourself" and while using for the construction just recycled materials, it can be build for the cost of around 50 dollars. Simultaneously the use of it in family cars of a type "gas-guzzlers" allows to save around 100 dollars per week.
       The main component of the "conventional dissociator of water" is the oval-shaped "dissociation chamber" (D) in which the process of dissociation is carried out - see "Fig. #C1" below. This chamber is entirely filled up with "water" (W) supplied to it from a separate, larger "water tank" (T). This water (W) is subjected to dissociation. In order to intensify the process of dissociation, this water has an addition of around one table spoon of "baking soda". The upper part of this "dissociation chamber" (D) is subdivided by a vertical "separatory partition" (S) into two like separate "sub-chambers, namely on the anode (+) and cathode (-) chamber. In the centre of each of these two sub-chambers a vertical electrode is placed. (Hobbyists typically reuse for this purpose graphite cores from large old batteries. Because these electrodes require sometimes to be changed, it is desirable to assembly them in a manner that allows an exchange for new ones without spoiling the hermetic enclosure of the entire dissociator (D).) The electrode called "anode" (A+), which releases oxygen (O), is connected to the terminal (B+) of power supply. In turn the electrode "cathode" (C-), which releases hydrogen, is connected to the terminal (B-) of the power supply. Both electrodes (A+) and (C-) are connected with wires to appropriate collectors (B+) and (B-) of the car's battery or dynamo. After starting the car's engine, electrodes (A+) and (C-) (supplied with electricity) dissociate water (W) into two gases, namely into hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). Each one of these gases gathers in the upper section of the sub-chamber (+) and (-) in which it is produced. So for safety (see item #C3 below) both these gases are separated from each other. From this sub-chambers these gases are supplied to two separate "water vents" (VH) and (VO) through non-flammable pipes (PH) and (PO). These "water vents" are to cut off a possible flame if e.g. the car's "sneezing into carburettor" would cause it somehow. These have a form of small chambers (e.g. bottles) filled with water, in which each gas must bubble itself through the water. In case of an accidental igniting of hydrogen, or e.g. igniting pollutions in the pipe with oxygen, the flame would get cut off in this water. Of course, water in these "water vents" evaporates relatively fast. So if these vents are supplied in water individually (like on the drawing below), then they require frequent manual replenishing of their water. If these vents are connected through small pipes to the main water tank (T), then their supplying in water is automatic from this tank. After bubbling through "water valves", oxygen (O) is vented to the air through the pipe (FO) far from any source of heat or sparks. In turn hydrogen (H) is supplied through pipe (FH) to the air that flows through the carburettor to cylinders.
       At this point it needs to be clearly emphasized, that this separation of oxygen (O) from hydrogen (H), accompanied by the venting oxygen to the atmosphere, should be carried out in "cars on water" for reasons of safety - as this is explained in item #C3 below. The aim is to make more difficult any accidental ignition of hydrogen by mixing hydrogen with the air only in the last stage of feeding hydrogen to cylinders. After all, if to the cylinder the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is supplied, means hydrogen would NOT be separated from oxygen (and oxygen would NOT be vented to the atmosphere), then the rich in oxygen mixture of both these gases supplied to the carburettor would be easy to ignite. Thus, it could experience an accidental ignition. This in turn would introduce an additional danger of accidental fire or explosion.

Fig. #C1.

Fig. #C1: The design and main components of the conventional dissociator for the "car on water" - courtesy Szod. (Click on the above drawing to see it enlarged or to shift it to a different area of the screen.)
       Symbols: A - anode (A+) that releases oxygen because it is connected to the plug (B+) of the car's battery or dynamo, B- and B+ - plugs of car's battery or dynamo that supply the dissociator in the direct electrical current, C - cathode (C-) that releases hydrogen because it is connected to the plug (B-) of the car's battery or dynamo, D - the main chamber of the dissociator, FH - outlet of the hydrogen to the intake of the air to the carburettor, FO - vent of oxygen to the atmosphere, H - hydrogen (on the above drawing marked with the Polish name WODOR), O - oxygen (on the above drawing marked with the Polish name TLEN), PH and PO - inflammable pipes that supply hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) to water vents (VH) and (VO), S - a vertical partition which subdivides the upper half of the dissociator (D) into two sub-chambers, T - water tank, TD - a pipe that supplies water from the water tank (T) to the dissociator (D), VH and VO - two water vents which cut off a possible flame which could move upwards the pipes (FH) or (FO) which forwards hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O), W - water used for fuel.
* * *
       Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.
       If you wish to shift a given Figure (i.e. a photograph or a drawing), means to move it into another part of the screen where you are just reading a description of it, you need to do as follows: (1) click on it to make it appear in another window, (2) the "downsize" this another window (with a given photograph or drawing) through "grabbing" its right-bottom corner with your mouse and then dragging this corner upwards-left to receive the size of this different window that you wish to have (notice that since you downsize a first such a Figure, all next Figures clicked on will appear already downsized - unless you enlarge them in the reversed manner), and then (3) drag this another window with the picture that you wish to relocate to the area of this web page where you wish to look at it (to move it, you just grab it with your mouse by the blue stripe on the top of it). Notice also that if you scroll (with scroll bars) the text of the page when you read it, this another window (with the drawing) will disappear. In order to return it into the new position, you need to click on its "icon" (i.e. on the "program's button" from the taskbar) in the lowest part of the screen.

#C3. Problems of OSH (i.e. "Occupational Safety and Health") linked to the hobby modifications of factory-made cars into "cars on water":

       The main problem of "cars on water" is that they burn hydrogen. However, since times of the "Hindenburg" airship disaster on 6 May 1937, we know perfectly well that hydrogen is a highly dangerous gas. Of course, the danger it introduces can be minimised, but we need to be very careful with this gas. Therefore during our hobby research and development of an own "car on water" we need to place a lot of emphasis on matters of safety, especially taking care of following matters (amongst others):
       1. Explosiveness of hydrogen. Hydrogen forms a dangerous explosive mixture already in a small concentration in the air. It explodes in a wide scope of concentrations starting from several percent till up to tens of percent. So hydrogen is a highly dangerous gas and if someone is not taking appropriate precautions it may cause a disaster. Therefore it is worth to remember warning on its subject. One cannot ease his or her alertness during experiments with this gas.
       2. The need to have handy a good fire extinguisher. When building and testing one's own dissociator, and also when using a car that contains it, we must remember to always have a reliable fire extinguisher kept handy.
       3. The use of only inflammable and non-melting materials. When constructing our own dissociator of water, we must remember that all its components must be made of non-flammable and non-melting materials. Therefore every recycled material and part used for building this dissociator we should test in person that it really does NOT ignite from a fire and it does NOT burn nor melt under high temperature.
       4. The introduction to the design various technical safety features. These features should be though in such a manner, that they would minimise the danger of fire or explosion. Their examples include "water vents" included into the installation being constructed, placing of outlets for hydrogen and oxygen so that the danger of igniting and exploding is minimised, etc., etc.
       5. Separation of oxygen from hydrogen. Without the access to oxygen or air, the hydrogen gas is not going to ignite nor explode. Therefore in the design of own installation one needs to maintain the separation of hydrogen from oxygen and air for as long as possible.
       6. Advices and knowledge of practitioners. Before one initiates his own bobby research and development on a "car on water", one should study thoroughly comments of other people who earlier carried out similar activities. Therefore, the best would be to get in touch and talk or correspond with someone who already carried out such research and development. In case of a lack of such possibility, then at least one should study carefully what on this subject is written in several different sources available in Internet.
* * *
       Of course, the dangers from hydrogen can actually be managed through appropriate safety features and precautions. In turn the reward for this management of dangers is providing our civilisation with a car which ceases to pollute the natural environment - means which generates "zero emissions". It is for this reason that already in 2008 several models of cars running on hydrogen entered the automobile market. Item #C8 below is entirely about these cars. The only problem is that in these cars hydrogen used to propel them is NOT produced yet from water in cars themselves, but this hydrogen is accumulated in their tanks similarly like present petrol. However, in spite that carrying in these cars large tanks filled up with hydrogen increases a threat of starting a fire and explosion, still benefits from the use of hydrogen as fuel overweighs in them technical problems and inconveniences.

#C4. The contribution towards future development of our civilisation which "cars on water" provide already now:

       The hobby experiments on the development and use of present "cars on water" are extremely inspiring. Namely, these experiment create on the Earth a required intellectual climate in which the humanity begins to take notice of a whole array of areas which otherwise would become overlooked. Let us list now and summarise briefly these areas, in which the work of hobbyists who build their "cars on water" already revealed a huge learning potential that previously was overlooked.
       1. The development of "cars on water" induces interest of human researchers in the optimisation of burning and in the composition of flames. Namely, so-far in cars almost everything was optimised, except for the flames and burning processes. And so, engines of our cars obtain continually improved structure, materials, cooling, oiling, ignition, etc., etc. But as so-far, no-one optimised the composition of flames nor the dynamics of the burning process. This in turn means, that in matters of cars we are almost like these bakers who for the improvement of their bread changed only the flour and components of the dough, but never take any notice of the composition of flames and the temperature of the oven. However, it turns out that in the optimisation of flames and burning hides the highest potential for saving on fuels and for elimination of the pollutants of the natural environment.
       2. The development of "cars on water" reveals the catalysing capabilities of various flames. Means, with flames is like with tastes of food - i.e. it is the more desirable when we better choose ingredients that form it. However, human science so-far searched just energy and efficiency in flames, not its catalysing capabilities.
       3. The development of "cars on water" provides significant economical results, as it decreases significantly the fuels consumption and the air pollution. Means, people who invest in "cars on water" in fact draw significant financial benefits from it. For example, during rather a simple experiment described in item #G2 from the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy, it turned out that in typical today American "gas-guzzler" just the introduction of a conventional dissociator of water decreased the use of fuel from above 20 l/100km (i.e. around 12 miles/(US)gallon or 14 miles/(UK)gallon) to just around 5 l/100km (i.e. around 47 miles/(US)gallon or 56 miles/(UK)gallon). This means that the saving on fuel was in there around 75% - i.e. two-third of the cost of fuel. Although in more efficient Japanese or Korean cars the outcomes are probably going much smaller, still the saving on fuel and the decrease in detrimental exhaustion gases should be clearly noticeable in these as well.
       4. The research and development on "cars on water" unleashes from suppression the unlimited creative potential which is hiding in huge numbers of individual hobbyists. An important problem of present development of cars depends on the fact that typically we expect that this development should be carried out by "paid professionals" - means by scientists from universities and by engineers from factories. Unfortunately, present educational systems "kill" the creative talent in such "paid professionals", putting on their eyes the proverbial "blinkers". Thus, such "paid professionals" rarely are able to introduce something truly new that would fulfil the definition of "real progress" from item #G4 below. A perfect test for the existence of their "blinkers" were heated debates carried out about "cars on water" in Internet in June 2008. (Examples of such debates are these from the Google threads or In these discussions experts typically denied the reality and already established facts and claimed stubbornly like broken records that such "cars on water" supposedly do NOT provide benefits which actually were already proven in an experimental manner. Fortunately "cars on water" unleash from the suppression the creativity and "down to earth" logic of huge crowds of ordinary people who do NOT have these "blinkers" on eyes and whose creative potential was wasted before.
       5. The development of "cars on water" is an evolutionary factor which is to cause the transformation of present combustion cars in the future "cars of free energy". The main reason why it is worth to advance technologies of "cars on water", is that the gradual mastery of the telekinetic dissociation of water which gives the efficiency of over 100% (described in item #C5 below) one day will allow to accomplish a breakthrough. Namely it will allow to eliminate completely the fuel burning in cars in the future. It is going to gradually turn cars into kinds of self-propelling generators of free energy which burn exclusively pure water that they dissociate telekinetically themselves into hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore the version of the "car on water" described here is the first step towards such a breakthrough. The second step will come when the conventional dissociator of water will become replaced by the telekinetic dissociator of above 100% efficiency. This telekinetic dissociator will supply additionally the cylinder into the mixture of hydrogen with the air, similarly as this is done in the car on water described here. In turn the third, final step towards the breakthrough will be when the burning of petrol will be completely eliminated and replaced with the burning of just the mixture of the air and hydrogen.

#C5. Futuristic principles of operation of "telekinetic dissociators of water" with over 100% energy efficiency for "cars on water" of our future:

       The general design and principles of operation of "telekinetic dissociators of water" of the energy efficiency over 100% is quite similar to the "conventional dissociators of water" shown in "Fig. #C1" above. The main difference between these two kinds of dissociators of water boils down to the fact that (a) electrodes of "telekinetic dissociators of water" do vibrate (oscillate) with frequencies that coincide to frequencies of own vibrations of water particles, and also (b) that both their electrodes and both dissociation chambers are made of special materials which perform the function of "catalysers" for the dissociation of water.
       In order to a possibly the simplest manner explain how the principle of operation of "telekinetic dissociators of water" is to be implemented, it is necessary to recall the design and principles of operation of a special kind of telekinetic heaters for boiling water, which is described comprehensively on the web page boiler.htm - about the telekinetic heater for water which bits all possible records. That telekinetic heater vibrates intensely during boiling of water. Therefore, after learning the design and operation of that telekinetic heater, at this point it is enough to add that the "telekinetic dissociators of water" are similar to "conventional dissociators of water" shown above in "Fig. #C1", only that each electrode is replaced in them just by such telekinetic heater tuned to the required frequency of oscillations. Of course, in order these "electrodes" which actually are "telekinetic heaters" could oscillate with the required frequency, such a telekinetic dissociator of water must be supplied with the pulsating electrical current, not by the direct current. Thus additional components of such "telekinetic dissociators of water" become two different "oscillatory circuits" which are to provide the pulsating electrical current of the required frequency to each of these "electrodes".
       The telekinetic dissociation of water of over 100% energy efficiency is also described (but for a more theoretical point of view) in subsection K3.2 from volume 10 of the monograph [1/4] "Advanced magnetic devices" disseminated free of charge, amongst others, via this web page.

#C6. Estimates of energy efficiency in the "telekinetic dissociators of water" for "cars on water" of our future (over 2000%):

Motto: "What can be invented, can also be implemented."

       Let us consider the process of dissociation of water from the point of view of a kind of energy the supply of which this process requires. It is easy to deduce, that this process is composed of two transformations which must be supplied in energy on two different ways. The first of these is the energy of "splitting" inter-atomic binding, means separation of water particles into loose atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. The second transformation depends on the neutralisation of electric charges in ions of hydrogen and oxygen. In telekinetic dissociators of water the process of "splitting" inter-atomic binding is completely satisfied with the energy that originates from the technical telekinesis. Thus is does NOT require any energy supply from an outside source. So the only energy which must be supplied to telekinetic dissociators of water, is the electric energy which neutralises electric charges of ions. However, this energy is even smaller than 5% of the entire energy released during the burning of hydrogen and oxygen. This in turn means, that telekinetic dissociators of water are going to display the energy efficiency amounting to over 2000% in relationship to amount of thermal energy yield during the burning of hydrogen and oxygen that is produced by them. In other words, after burning the hydrogen that these dissociators produce in car engines, the excess of energy generated by these engines will be sufficiently large to be directed back to these telekinetic dissociators in order to self-supply their perpetual operation.
       The major problem that present people have with accomplishing over 100% energy efficiency is of a philosophical type. Namely, as this is explained in item #D1 of a separate web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs that God really does exist, the atheistic scientists believe (and together with them the rest of present society also believes so), that in an accidentally formed universe the majority of goals and intentions is impossible to accomplish or implement. So they even do NOT try to accomplish some goals that they decided to consider impossible. However, it turns out (as totalizm explained this on the above web page), that the real universe created by God was on purpose designed so intelligently, that "everything that is possible to mentally invent, is also possible to accomplish" (or that "what can be invented, can also be implemented") - for justifications see subsections B7.3 and I5.4 from monograph [8/2]. Thus, the over 100% energy efficiency is also possible - we just need to find a way how to accomplish it.
       Further explanations, which on basis of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, justify why the present official human science is completely at wrong rushing with denying that devices of over 100% energy efficiency are impossible - while this science is still unable to explain what "energy" really is, provides item #I1 from the web page telekinetics.htm - about experimental construction of telekinetic devices.

#C7. What are going to be advantages of future "cars on water" and future "engines on water" which utilise "telekinetic dissociators of water" described here:

       The future "cars on water", and the future "engines on water", which will generate all on their own the fuel (hydrogen) through the telekinetic dissociation of water, will display a whole range of extraordinary advantages. Let us list and repeat here the most vital out of these benefits.
       1. Safety which is much higher than presently. Namely these cars and engines will be incomparably more safe than present combustions cars or engines which use e.g. petrol. After all, otherwise than this in present engines which need tanks with flammable fuel, these "cars on water" and "engines on water" will just have storages of inflammable water. The flammable fuel (hydrogen) they will generate just a short while before it is to be burned and only in the required (small) quantities at once. Thus such "cars on water" and "engines on water" will NOT be able to ignite nor initiate a fire or an explosion of themselves nor e.g. a whole car - as we frequently see this happening with our present cars or engines. Also the hydrogen-air mixture that they are to burn is much safer than the present mixture of the petrol with the air, because it is difficult to ignite, while in case of leakages it is to simply escape into the air instead of spilling over the engine.
       2. High economics of the use. These cars and engines will be extremely inexpensive in exploitation. After all their fuel is to be just an ordinary water the huge reserves of which we have all over the Earth. This water is going to be telekinetically dissociated by them (with the efficiency of over 100%) into hydrogen and oxygen by the excess of energy which these engines will generate through the burning of hydrogen.
       3. The lack of pollution. Neither such cars on water nor engines on water are going to generate any air pollution damage. After all, from their exhaustion pipes just water vapour (steam) is going to escape.
       4. The lack of detrimental affecting of the nature. These cars and engines are NOT going to outbalance the nature. After all, their fuel is to originate from the dissociation of water, while their products of work simply are to restore this water. Furthermore, to supply them into fuel, the humanity does NOT need mines nor oil refineries.
       5. The maintenance of the validity of the accumulation to-date of the technological and scientific know-how. All to-date accomplishments of the humanity in the area of building combustion cars and engines remain valid for them. Thus everything that the humanity knows on the subject of increasing their longevity, perfection of work, scientific foundations, experiences in design and building, maintenance, use, etc., is to remain valid for them.
       Although many people is NOT aware of this, in order to get cars and combustion engines to the present level of perfection, entire generations of engineers and scientists worked on them for over 100 years. So if the humanity changes the technology and begins to use e.g. exclusively electric cars, then the entire this luggage of knowledge and experience would get lost - the same as already once it happened with steam engines and with locomotives. But if the humanity maintains the use of combustion cars, only that turns them into "cars on water", then the entire accumulation of knowledge and technology is going to be saved.
       Many people believes that is it not worth to invest into the transformation of present combustion engines into engines that burn a mixture of hydrogen and the air. They believe that it is much better for our civilization to get rid of combustion engines all together and replace them with electric motors. Although such complete replacement of combustion engines may sound realistic and attractive, there are going to be numerous situations on Earth, when it turns out impossible. As examples consider tradition, bobbies, or sport - although there are also countless other reasons at work. In future it will be impossible to forbid people who cultivate a tradition of hobby which requires combustion engines, or who practice a motor sport, to remove completely combustion engines from whatever is the essence of their tradition, hobby or sport. After all, if for example someone wishes in the future to enjoy for a hobby the present motorbike "Harley-Davidson" (and I am ready to bet that there is going to be many such people), then it will be impossible to do so after replacing in it the combustion engine with an electric motor. After all, whatever would be received then would NOT be a "Harley-Davidson" any more. But then it is possible and feasible to replace in this motorbike the presently used fuel by a mixture of hydrogen and the air. In turn, after such a replacement of the fuel, and after the introduction of slight technical changes which this replacement would require, what would be obtained still would have all attributes of the motorbike "Harley-Davidson". Of course, this motorbike is indicated here as an example. In the future everything that presently uses a combustion engine, a jet engine, or a rocket propulsion, can be used in the same manner as today only after a small conversion to allow in engines use the mixture of hydrogen with the air for fuel while in rockets use the mixture of hydrogen with oxygen. In turn such a conversion will require only the replacement of present carburettors with "telekinetic dissociators of water" described here, while for petrol just water will be stored in their tanks. The entire rest of their design, principles of operation, manners of work, controllability, engine longevity, validity of designs, theories and research, technical improvements, culture, human habits, etc., etc., will then remain without any changes.

#C8. Accomplishments of our civilisation to-date on the path to "cars on water":

       The situation of our civilisation illustrated by growing prices of petrol and by rapid warming of the Earth's climate, caused that in 2008 several car producers went to the market with prototypes that are propelled by hydrogen instead of petrol. Of course, it is going to pass several years before such cars propelled by hydrogen fill up roads of our planet, and then still more years before their tanks filled up with hydrogen are replaced by telekinetic dissociators of water. However, the sole fact that already now such hydrogen cars are build and that these cars gradually pave the way through technical difficulties which block this new technology, is a highly optimistic sign for the future.
       The first news about a car propelled by hydrogen I read in the article "Zero emission car in production", which appeared on page C5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, June 18, 2008. That article described a car on hydrogen developed by the Japanese company "Honda". The fuel for this car was hydrogen (or more strictly a mixture of hydrogen and the air). In turn instead of combustion gases it emitted hot water vapour. The liquid hydrogen used in that car for fuel was tanked in it to a special tank from which the engine acquired this hydrogen as it was used.
       Another good news about further prototypes of cars on hydrogen which went on the market in 2008, appeared in a large article "Running on hydrogen" from pages T8 and T9 of the addition "Star Two" to Malaysian newspaper The Star, issue dated on Tuesday, 26 August 2008. That article describes already three prototypes of such cars that already were tried in 2008, and which tanked liquid hydrogen for their fuel. These cars were: "BMW Hydrogen 7" - which burns a mixture of hydrogen-air in a conventional piston car engine, and two new cars that already work on the principle of so-called hydrogen "fuel-cells". In this principle, hydrogen and the air are converted into electricity in these "fuel-cells", while this electricity later propels electric motors that turn wheels of these cars. Two cars already on the market in 2008, that use this hydrogen fuel cells technology, were Japanese "Honda FCX Clarity" (which drives 432 km on a single tank full of hydrogen), and American GM "Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell" (which drives 256 to 320 km on a single tanking of hydrogen). The above article, amongst others explains also advantages and drawbacks of cars propelled by hydrogen. For example, the article stressed several times that instead of combustion gases such cars emit just water vapour from their exhaustion pipes. They also have greater range than electrical cars, while their tanking procedure is faster than charging batteries in electric cars (their full tanking in 2008 took around a half of hour). In addition, this article described a GM slide demonstration which show the difference between what happens when there is a fuel leak in a hydrogen car versus a gasoline powered car. Because hydrogen is lighter than air, the hydrogen car had a thin flame shooting upwards at the rear of the car. The gas car, meanwhile was completely engulfed in flames. To the list of most vital drawbacks of these cars, about which wrote that article, presently belongs, amongst others, the technical difficulty with storing liquid oxygen in tanks, small number of fuelling stations that tank liquid hydrogen (e.g. in the entire USA in 2008 was just 61 hydrogen fuelling stations, compared with 180,000 petrol stations), large energy losses caused initially by conventional production of hydrogen, and later by burning this hydrogen in still low-efficiency cars, "uncleanness" of present methods of hydrogen production - which (methods) still generate greenhouse gasses, and high cost of new technology. (E.g. present hydrogen "fuel-cells" contain precious metals such as platinum and palladium.)
* * *
       From the mastery of technology of hydrogen propelled cars, to building "cars on water", is just a small step. This is because it is enough to develop telekinetic dissociators of water of over 100% efficiency, to accomplish such a transformation. After in hydrogen cars the tanks filled with hydrogen are replaced by such telekinetic dissociators of water, our civilisation will obtain "cars on water".

Part #D: A car that runs on electricity which is stored in the "accumulator with capacitance lasting for thousands of years", means the car that runs on electricity stored in the so-called Oscillatory Chamber:


#D1. What is this Oscillatory Chamber:

       The name Oscillatory Chamber is assigned to a new kind of energy storing and converting device of my own invention, which intercepts and stores energy in the purest possible form, namely in the form of magnetic field of an extremely high density. Because of just such principle of operation of this accumulator of energy, the chamber is able to accumulate in relatively small space theoretically unlimited amounts of energy. So in practice in a size similar to present car batteries, such an Oscillatory Chamber is able to store the amount of energy that would suffice for several thousands of years of use of present cars. As such these "Oscillatory Chambers" can effectively replace batteries from present electric cars. The design and operation of "Oscillatory Chambers" is described in chapter C from volume 2 of monograph [1/4], and also on several web pages. In internet the most extensive description is on the web page oscillatory_chamber.htm - about the Oscillatory Chamber which is fully devoted to the Oscillatory Chamber. In turn a summary regarding this chamber is also provided in item #9 from the web page magnocraft.htm - about the design and operation of the Magnocraft, and in item #D1 of the web page propulsion.htm - about advanced magnetic propulsion systems. Photographs of the Oscillatory Chamber are shown below on "Fig. #D1".

Fig. #D1a. Fig. #D1b.

Fig. #D1ab: Experimental prototypes of the Oscillatory Chamber constructed by the Polish hobbyist who wishes to remain anonymous. The Oscillatory Chamber is this small, transparent, plastic box visible on the left photograph (a) at the height of his left hip. Remaining devices visible on this photograph (a) are power supply devices, and measuring equipment. (Click on these photographs to see them enlarged or to shift them into a different section of the screen.)
       Fig. #D1a (left): It shows the Polish hobbyist, who worked on the research and development of the Oscillatory Chamber, together with his experimental station that is composed of: (a) one of his prototypes of the Oscillatory Chamber, (b) an impulse generator (of his own construction) that supplies electric power, (c) a deflecting electromagnet, and (d) the measuring equipment. Photographed in August 1989. As this is visible on the above photograph, this Polish hobbyist was running all his experiments in his private time and in a room of his small city apartment, while putting up with the immense disgust of his wife. Later he was forced to cease his experiments because his wife threaten him with divorce.
       Of course, his prototype of his chamber still requires further perfecting to become a powerful magnetic field producing device, and it may take many years before the first chambers will be deployed. But his undisputable achievement is to demonstrate that the principles of the Oscillatory Chamber are valid and applicable in a technical manner, and to pave the way for further more advanced research.
       I am always puzzled by the paradox, that just a single hobbyist managed to accomplish so much in the development of this wonder device. After all, he worked in his own time designated for resting, everything that was in his disposal was just several kitchen utensils and a corner of his bedroom, and he was forced to spend his private small earning on materials, prototypes and measuring equipment. Simultaneously we have in the world thousands of these well equipped university laboratories which receive from taxpayers millions of dollars in research grants. Unfortunately, their supervisors stubbornly ignore my countless applications to allow the research and development of the Oscillatory Chamber in their laboratories. After all, this would disturb comfortable lifestyles of academia. On the other hand it is not difficult to predict how much could be accomplished if this device is allowed to be developed officially in some well equipped scientific laboratory.
       Fig. #D1b (right): A night, black and white photograph of a model of Oscillatory Chamber of this Polish hobbyist. It shows the fascinating appearance of glowing strands of rotating electric sparks. This photograph was taken in May 1987.

#D2. Senator McCain promised to award 300 millions dollars to the inventor of the energy accumulator that displays attributes of the Oscillatory Chamber:

Motto: "This 'green' car battery of a new generation, which is to become the salvation of humanity, and to the inventor of which Senator McCain promised to award 300 millions dollars, was already invented in 1984 - it is called the Oscillatory Chamber."

       The presidential candidate of 2008 in the USA, Senator John McCain, on Tuesday 24 June 2008 publicly promised that he is to award a prize of 300 millions USA dollars to this inventor who invents the beneficial for the natural environment accumulator of energy of a new generation, applicable for propelling cars. His promise was immediately announced throughout the world. Already the next day it was repeated by almost all television news in the world, and by a number of newspapers. For example, in New Zealand it was published in the article "McCain offers $394m for greener car battery", from page B1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, June 25, 2008. In the next week this promise was commented in the article "Bravo to those extending the knowledge frontiers" from page B5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, July 1, 2008.
       As a kind of curiosity I would like to explain at this point, that I already invented on 3 January 1984 just such an accumulator and converter of energy of a new generation that is hugely beneficial for the natural environment. It is called the Oscillatory Chamber. Its exact descriptions, together with the history of its invention, are provided in chapter C from volume 2 of the monographs [1/4] and [1/5] distributed free of charge, amongst others, via this web page. This "Oscillatory Chamber" is just an extraordinary accumulator and converter of energy (of a new generation) applicable, amongst others, for propelling electric cars. After all, the amount of energy which it is able to accumulate in the volume and weight of the present car battery, suffices for propelling a car for several thousands of years. Furthermore, it does NOT generate any pollution. It stores energy in the purest form of a pulsating magnetic field. This pulsating field allows for an easy withdrawal of this energy via ordinary transformer wiring, and also allows the direct use of this energy for propelling of cars. It is just because of such a wide range of applications of the Oscillatory Chamber, and also because of the enormous commercial potential of this device, that many researchers - such as the Italian research group which shows their video of the Oscillatory Chamber under the address or, already undertook research and development of a prototype of the Oscillatory Chamber.
       Of course, the announcement of the Senator McCain indicated above, has the value mainly as a moral (i.e. not financial or actual) support for research and development on the Oscillatory Chamber. After all, it was announced just as a promise for the case when the Senator wins the presidential election, not as the actual or existing grant for research and development. On the other hand, the Polish proverb warns us not to count on promises (in the original, Polish wording: "obiecanki, cacanki, a głupiemu radość"). However, even just being a promise only, it still has a huge value as an emphasis of the weight and urgency of the technical implementation of the idea of Oscillatory Chamber. This is because it realises to everyone that the development of situation with crude oil deposits on the Earth unavoidably leads to the situation that one day the "Oscillatory Chamber" becomes an absolute necessity for the humanity. Especially that after being build, the Oscillatory Chamber will serve humanity in tens of different ways. For example, it is also a basic technical device that is necessary for constructing the so-called "time vehicles" - as it is explained more comprehensively in items #A1 and #B6 of the web page timevehicle.htm - about software time, about travelling in time, and about time vehicles. In turn by being a "heart" and the most vital component of these "time vehicles", the Oscillatory Chamber becomes absolutely necessary for the humanity when people become mature enough to deserve the overcoming of death and living forever through repetitive shifting time back (to years of their youth) after each reaching an old age. (For more information on the subject of defeating death with time vehicles and gaining a technical access to living forever - see subsection N3.2 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5].) This day is nearer everyday that passes. In turn during this critical time it becomes valuable like gold the expertise of researchers who have already some experience in research and development of the "Oscillatory Chamber". Therefore I personally would recommend to everyone who has access to appropriate prototyping capabilities and to ability to carry out laboratory research, to join these researchers who already work on the development of the "Oscillatory Chamber". An investment of the interests in this extraordinary accumulator and converter of energy surely one day must turn to be hugely beneficial.
       It is worth to complement the above with the information that, as the reader probably already knows, the matter of financing the research and development on the Oscillatory Chamber on basis of the promise of Senator John McCain, received a conclusive ending on Wednesday, 5 November 2008. In that day Senator McCain lost the election for president of the USA to Senator Barack Obama. In turn Senator Obama never promised in his election campaign to finance any developmental works on the device of the Oscillatory Chamber type.

#D2.1. The moral law that "in life everything must be earned" - means why in my life almost never I was benefiting from rewards that I was about to win:

       The above item #D2, which describes the "illusiveness" of that award of US$ 300 million promised on behalf of the Americans by Senator McCain, for the invention of the device that would display features of my "Oscillatory Chamber", is NOT neither the first nor the only reward for my inventions, discoveries, scientific achievements, etc., for which I fulfilled the requirements or conditions for receiving it, however, from which I never saw a penny nor I got any benefit. In fact throughout my entire life, from time to time with whatever I did I was fulfilling the conditions for obtaining or for winning, various awards, but almost always something has happened that these awards I was NOT able to receive. To be honest, until today I receive a message every now and then from someone that is fascinated by my scientific achievements, in which message that reader is of the opinion, that he considers me, and also strongly believes, that sometime in the future I will be recognized by all people, to be the "scientist of all times" which has made the highest known intellectual contribution to the development of our civilization. At the same time, however, such opinions of recipients of my achievements do NOT change the fact, that my my life of a professional scientist I was losing jobs on average about every two and a half year, that there never were public research funds for research that I am carrying on (hence everything that I did I was financing from my personal savings), and that even now after my retirement, the lack of space for scientific work, to use the home table and a computer (which constitute almost the only equipment used for analyzing the results of my current "hobby research"), I am forced to compete with my own cat. (For some reason, our cat loves hanging out on the keyboard of my computer, and treading onto this keyboard when I am working on the computer.)
       A best example of just such a win, from which I was unable to benefit, was the reward of 10000 British Pounds, that I wan from the Journal "Sunday Mirror", but paying to me of which was refused. This particular case is described also in detail in item #F2 of my web page named artefact.htm. But in order to NOT force the reader to break his coninuity of reading I repeat here the brief description of it.
       The reader perhaps remebers the craze of "crop circles" that in 1980s and 1990s gripped England and many other countries (including New Zealand - see Fig. #E1 from my web page named newzealand.htm). In 1990 the English magazine named "Sunday Mirror" (Mirror Group Newspapers Ltd, Holborn Circus, London EC1P 1DQ, UK) has offered a reward of ten thousand UK pounds, to the person who is to explain what are, and how are formed, these famous English "crop circles". About that reward I learned from the article "Field of Dreams" (OMNI, Vol 13 No 3, December 1990, pp. 60-67, 121-122, 124, 128). Soon afterards I formally filled up my claim to that prize, providing the "Sunday Mirror" with a comprehensive explanation as to how, why, and also because of what, these English "crop circles" are appearing on crop fields of UK. My formal claim to that prize I also legally registered at the law office of Dunedin, NZ, passing this office as my "legal deposit" all the documentation about these "crop circles" and about my explanation for their origin. After all, already then in my numerous monographs I already have published a detailed explanation as to how these English "crop circles" are formed as "trails left by magnetic circuits of Magnocraft-type vehicles hovering at low heights". A present description of this my explanation is still presented with almost no change, briefly below on "Fig. #D2abcd", and also, amongst others, in item #C6 and on "Fig. #C6ab" from my web page named ufo_proof.htm, and in item #D8 and on "Fig. #D8abc" and "Fig. #D8de" from another of my web page named explain.htm, while in greater detail e.g. in subsections G11.3.2 (and also G3.1.6 and on "Figure G13"), as well as in subsection V5.1 from volumes 3 and 17 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Unfortunately, in spite that no one has ever refuted or even challenged the validity of this my explanation, and in spite that with my formal proof described, amongst others, on the web page named ufo_proof.htm I have proven scientifically that UFOs do exist physically and objectively, and that they form, amongst others, sucvh "crop circles", the editors of the "Sunday Mirror" wrote to me a letter in which they simply refused to pay to me the reward that I deserved. Perhaps knowing my track record these editors feared, that the received reward I may use for financing my research and for the development of my inventions, and that in this way the reward would only be used to a benefit of our civilization.

Fig. #D2a Fig. #D2b
Fig. #D2c Fig. #D2d

Fig. #D2abcd: illustrations of the principle of formation of "crop circles" by Magnocraft-like vehicles (ie. by the Magnocraft and by UFOs), animated by my graphically talented friend, Dominic Myrcik. This principle animates my explanation as to how such crop circles are formed by Magnocrafts, i.e. an explanation illustrated in Fig. #C6b from my web page named ufo_proof.htm and in Fig. #D8 from my web page named explain.htm, as well as is shown in "Fig. G13" and well described in subsection G11.3.2 from volume 3 of newest monograph [1/5]. (Notice that with the formal scientific proof I proved also the fact that "UFOs are Magnocrafts which were already constructed by someone and are already flying" - this formal proof is presented for inspection in volume 14 from my newest monograph [1/5].) This principle is illustrated here on the example of the appearance of a crop circle, above shown from three different viewing directions, when this crop circle was paved in the rye by rotating "magnetic circuits" from a configuration of these vehicles named "flying cluster" and formed from two "spherical complexes" of UFOs type K6, out of which the right one hovers in the magnetic whirl mode, while the left one in the throbbing mode of operation of its propulsion system. (The name "magnetic circuits" simply means highly concentrated bundles of magnetic field force lines that connect the outlet S of each magnetic propulsor from this configuration of UFOs or Magnocrafts, with an inlet N of each other propulsor of this configuration. The above illustrations, these magnetic circuits are shown as black rays curving between the propulsors, which just next to propulsors are colored red or blue for indicating magnetic poles N or S, to, or from, which these circuits penetrate. These are just such magnetic circuits that sweep the grain at the moment of penetration into the ground, precisely bending the to the ground, similarly like would bend the hair of a sweeping brush, each individual stalk of grain. In turn, the "flying cluster" is the name of one amongst six basic classes of magnetic couplings into flying configurations that Magnocrafts or UFOs may form during flights and that I illustrated with examples on "Fig. G6" from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]. A feature of these clusters is that individual vehicles or even the entire configurations of vehicles, are in them coupled with each other without contact just through these magnetic circuits.) Notice that the actual crop circle formed in England just by the shown above configuration of a "flying cluster" of UFOs type K6, only that working in a slightly different and more complex way (described in more detail in chapter G from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5]), is shown in Fig. #C6a from that web page named ufo_proof.htm. (Another, even more spectacular "crop circle" formed from a "flying cluster" coupled out of many UFOs of various types, is shown in Fot. #D8d from my web page named explain.htm.) In turn a night photograph of just such a flying cluster of UFOs type K6, revealing with magnetically ionized air the course of glowing magnetic circuits of both UFOs, only that documenting the cluster formed from two single UFOs flying in a standing position (i.e. NOT from the two "spherical complexes"), is shown as Fig. #C4a on the same my web page named ufo_proof.htm. In order to reveal the polarity of subsequent propulsors of these vehicles, inlets to their N poles (inlets "I" of the magnetic field) are lit with yellow-orange color, in which typically poles N glow in UFOs, while the outlets from the poles S (outlets "O" of the magnetic field) are illuminated with the color blue-green, in which typically glow in UFOs the S magnetic poles. In order to simplify somehow the illustrated here animation, for which the flying configuration of UFOs has a very complex courses of their magnetic circuits, on the Figure shown above the number of magnetic circuits is limited in relation to the number produced in a cluster formed from actually flying UFOs. This is because in reality UFOs produce magnetic circuits which connect each outlet of each propulsor with the opposite outlet of any other propulsor of these vehicles - which, if had been faithfully shown above, then this would only confuse the clarity of illustration. The above illustration I am showing here to realize, how dismissive for the development of knowledge and for the advancement of our civilization, as well as how incorrect morally and scientifically, was the decision of the English magazine "Sunday Mirror" to refuse to pay that owed to me prize of 10,000 pounds for an explanation of the origin of crop circles, described in item #D2.1 of this web page. How many additional research and what kind of additional growth of human knowledge I would be able to finance if I had the sum of 10,000 English pounds - as all results that are described in my publications are funded solely from my modest private savings. (Click on any out of the above illustrations, or at any green link from this web page, to view in a separate window the enlarged illustration or website, indicated by the green link rthat you have clicked.)
       Fig. #D2a (top-left): The appearance of a "crop circle" and the cluster of UFOs which formed it, viewed from the direction almost along the axis of this cluster.
       Fig. #D2b (top-right): The appearance of a "crop circle" and the cluster of UFOs which formed it, viewed from the direction perpendicular to the axis of this cluster.
       Fig. #D2c (down-left): The appearance of a "crop circle" and the cluster of UFOs which formed it, viewed more from the above and from the direction nearly perpendicular to the axis of this cluster.
       Fig. #D2d (down-right): Here is the prepared also by Dominic Myrcik animation of the side appearance of a single discoidal UFO vehicle (and a Magnocraft) type K6, hovering motionlessly in a standing position. UFOs and Magnocrafts type K6 have the following dimensions: height (floor to the top of the dome) H = 5.85 meters, the maximum diameter D = 35.11 meters - see "Table G1" from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5]. Notice that the standing position shown above, and also the shown polarity of the propulsors and the course of the magnetic circuits would have a single UFO vehicle typically only when flying in the vicinity of the north magnetic pole of the Earth. A similar K6 UFO vehicle, only that formed into a spherical flying complex through magnetic coupling together two UFOs type K6, was actually photographed over Sweden (means NOT far from the N pole of the Earth), and it is shown in Fig. #C2 from that web page named ufo_proof.htm.

#D3. How we know that the Oscillatory Chamber can really be build:

       Our planet is full of people that are highly incompetent, sceptical, close-minded, and deprived of creative abilities. For them practically almost everything seems to be impossible. Perfectly on their subject writes the motto from the back cover of the book [2P4] by Richard Milton, "Forbidden Science", Fourth Estate (6 Salem Road, London W2 4BU), London, 1994, ISBN 1-85702-302-1, 265 pages, pb. On the back cover this book is stated, amongst others, quote: "'In this fascinating and well-argued book, Richard exposes a curious feature of many professional scientists: they are averse to new ideas' - Focus."). In turn a good illustration of the action of such sceptics deprived the imagination, is the fate of the airplane of Wright Brothers. Namely, the main newspapers ignored the reporting about the historic flight of the airplane of Wright Brothers in 1903, because the Journal Scientific American suggested that this flight was a swindle. In the result, for five next years the authorities in Washington D.C. still would NOT believe in the actual flight of the machine heavier than air. Unfortunately, such close-minded people typically decide about undertaking new directions of research and development. So it is NOT difficult to predict that they will do everything in their power to block possible developmental works on the Oscillatory Chamber. Therefore, in order to anticipate the repetition of their old argument formulated according to the template "flying machines heavier than air never can be build", only that in the newer wording along the lines "the Oscillatory Chamber never can be build", below I am going to provide facts which confirm that in spite of criticism and claims of such sceptics deprived of imagination, still the Oscillatory Chamber can be build. Here are these facts:
       1. First prototypes of the Oscillatory Chamber, which confirmed that the principles of operation of this energy accumulator are correct and can be implemented technically, were already build on the Earth. For example, a Polish hobbyist who wished to remain anonymous, build the prototype of the Oscillatory Chamber which generated a rotating spark - see "Fig. #D1" above. Descriptions of his experiments are provided in subsection C8.2 from volume 2 of the monographs [1/4] and [1/5]. A similar prototype of the Oscillatory Chamber with already rotating stream of sparks build also Italian investigators. Their prototypes are already shown on video in Internet - see a video from the address
       2. In ancient times a working prototype of the Oscillatory Chamber was already build on the Earth. In the Bible it is described under the name of the "Ark of the Covenant". Subsection S5 from volume 14 of monographs [1/4] and [1/5] provides a wealth of evidence in support of the fact that the "Ark of the Covenant" actually was a working Oscillatory Chamber. A well-known example of such evidence is the name "Levites" for priests who carried the Ark. This name has a link with the ability of these priests to "levitate" when the powerful magnetic field of that ancient Oscillatory Chamber (i.e. the Ark of the Covenant) was repelled by the natural magnetic field of the Earth, thus lifting Levites up into the air.
       3. On the Earth survived until today folklore records of the ancient technical documentation of Oscillatory Chambers used in the starship called "vimana". Old books from India inform us that the humanity had already in past flying starship similar to the Magnocraft - which used Oscillatory Chambers in their propulsion systems. It was in times just before the previous catastrophic collapse of the Earth's civilisation around 12500 years ago. In the ancient Indian books these Magnocraft-like starships most frequently are called vimana. Their descriptions are contained in Sanskrit texts such as "Jadhurweda", "Mahabharata", "Ramajana", and "Rigweda". An analysis of selected facts described in these old texts is provided in subsection P5 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4]. The technical documentation of the design and operation of Oscillatory Chambers from these "vimana" starships seems to survive until today in various folklores. Examples of such survived technical documentation of Oscillatory Chambers, recorded on Tibetan holy pictures called "thangka", and also on Persian rugs, are shown in "Fig. #D3" below.
       In the European culture no many information survived on the subject of that previous technical civilisation on the Earth, which was destroyed around 12500 years ago. The only commonly known in Europe references to this civilisation are legends about Atlantis. However, these references are supported by numerous remains of a global and rapid catastrophe dated just at around 12500 years ago. Such remains include, e.g. evidence that the Siberian permafrost occurred so rapidly around 12500 years ago that in stomachs of mammoths got frozen even their last meal. In the same time Sahara changed from a blooming garden into the present desert. Simultaneously New Zealand just then emerged from under the sea. These kinds of evidence are additionally supplemented with countless legends from folklore of other than European cultures. These folkloristic records from other cultures state that before the global catastrophe a highly developed technical civilisation prevailed on the Earth which had flying machines (similar to the Magnocraft) and which had cities-kingdoms spread all over the Earth. Unfortunately this civilisation got involved in a cosmic war supporting the side which lost that war. In the result a powerful bombing attack on these Earthly cities-kingdoms caused a significant rotation of the Earth's crust, connected with a huge deluge and a rapid change of climate. This in turn destroyed completely the previous advanced human civilisation, forcing sparse survivors to start everything from the very beginning. However, still remain until today traces of radiation in ruins of various cities of that old civilisation (for example, in Mohendjo Daro in India there are the most radioactive human skeletons found on the Earth so-far). Probably also until today survived documentation of most vital technical accomplishments of that civilisation, e.g. "Oscillatory Chambers" for its "vimana" starships. More information about this distant history of humanity is provided in subsection V3 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4]. Brief reference to this subject is also provided on several web pages of totalizm, e.g. see item #D2 of the web page evidence.htm - about evidence of continuous activities of UFOnauts on the Earth.
       4. There is a huge body of evidence which confirms that Oscillatory Chambers are already used in UFO vehicles as sources of energy and propelling forces for these extraterrestrial starship. Numerous items of this evidence are described and illustrated in subsections S1 to S6 from volume 14 of monograph [1/4]. These items include e.g. reports of people abducted on decks of UFOs, who actually saw operational Oscillatory Chambers on these decks. An example of the drawing of a UFO Oscillatory Chamber drawn by one such a UFO abductee, is shown below in "Fig. #D4a". Also photographs were taken which document the presence of Oscillatory Chambers in UFO propulsion systems. Interestingly, these photographs confirm the actual existence of required proportions between dimensions "ao" and "ai" (where "ao=ai(sqrt(3))"). This proportion is unique for Oscillatory Chambers and it must be maintained in so-called "twin-chamber capsules" - see item #D5 below. Just such photographs of Oscillatory Chambers from ascending UFOs are shown for example in "Fig. #C9abcd" from the web page explain.htm - about the scientific interpretation of authentic UFO photographs in the light of the "Theory of Magnocraft". In turn the characteristically shaped burning of the vegetation left by a UFO Oscillatory Chamber is shown in "Fig. 7" from the web page ufo.htm - about hostile UFOnauts and their technology. It is also worth to add, that the description of the Oscillatory Chamber which originates from a different historic source, is provided in the classical and widely known book [1S5] by Jonathan Swift "Gulliver's Travels". It seems that the content of that book was inspired by actual travels of an inhabitant of the Earth who was abducted by UFOs and was taken on a round trip around other inhabited planets of the universe. In chapter III of this book, describing the trip to Laputa, the interior of a "flying island" (i.e. a UFO vehicle) of Laputans is described. The device which causes the flight of that round island was a "magnetic stone" (i.e. the Oscillatory Chamber") positioned in the very centre of the "island", the slanting of which caused the change in the direction of flight. Since UFOnauts were able to build the Oscillatory Chamber, this device surely can also be build by humans from the Earth.

Fig. #D3a. Fig. #D3b.

Fig. #D3ab: Examples of extremely old technical documentation that survived on the Earth until today, and that explains the design and principles of operation of Oscillatory Chambers used in ancient "vimana" starships from ancient India. (Click on these photographs to see them enlarged or to shift them into a different section of the screen.)
       Fig. #D3a (left): An ancient diagram of the Oscillatory Chamber. It was found in a manuscript originating from Tibetan Buddhists. It was published in the Polish book [1Fig.S7] by A. David-Neel "Mistycy i cudotwórcy Tybetu", Wydawnictwo Przedświt, Poland. All facts seem to indicate that this symbolic drawing illustrates either a stylised technical design of the Oscillatory Chamber, or the entire spherical propulsor containing such a chamber. While analysing this drawing, one may notice clusters of needles which exactly correspond to the following description of a UFO Oscillatory Chamber provided by Mrs Betty A. Luca (see also "Fig. #D4a" below): "inside had thin protruding stems with tiny glass droplets on the end".
       In the course of later research I learned that Tibetan Buddhists from Nepal have a long tradition of producing technical drawings of this particular device. They call these drawings "thangka". Interestingly, one of meaning of the word "thangka" is a "chamber" (like that one from the name "Oscillatory Chamber"). Copies of such "thangka" drawings are now even a kind of tourist attraction of present Nepal. However, in past these drawings used to be a holy rarity and extreme treasures.
       The relevance to this drawing seems to also have the information, that almost all ancient sculptures show Buddha as having a different anatomic makeup from other people (e.g. his all fingers have the same length). A vital detail is that Buddha has extraordinary long ears (unlike typical human ears), i.e. almost touching his shoulders, but the same sculptures show other people surrounding him as having normal, human ears. The Buddhist legend from China about the so-called "Eighteen Immortals" (portraied in "Fig. #B1c" from the web page immortality.htm) admits openly that people having such long ears were not ordinary mortals, but beings that show supernatural powers similar to those displayed by UFOnauts today. For example, one of these Eighteen Immortals, named "Nantimitolo" or "Timing Dragon Lohan", who lived on Earth at the time when the King of the Sea flooded China (i.e. most probably at the time of the Tapanui Explosion - see monograph [5]) was known from his ability to fly a mythological creature then called a "dragon". (In turn analyses presented in subsections O1 and R4 from monograph [1/4], and summarised in item #B3 of the web page evidence.htm - about evidence of continuous activities of UFOnauts on the Earth, while illustrated in item #E1 of the web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself, represents one of a few ancient interpretations for UFO vehicles.) On the other hand it is reported by numerous eye-witnesses that some UFOnauts have these kinds of ears. Although Buddha is recognized as a historical figure and in many present publications he is assigned a "human" biography, a significant number of facts about him remain unclear. Some ancient sources directly claim that he was one of the Immortals and held supernatural powers. Thus, such a vital anatomic difference as "ears of an Immortal" appearing on sculptures of Buddha could mean that his first priests had access to extraterrestrial technologies and in fact could know the design and operation of the Oscillatory Chamber.
       Fig. #D3b (right): Photograph of a Persian rug which contains a folklore documentation of the design and operation of eight-sided Oscillatory Chamber of the second generation, which somehow survived until present times.

Fig. #D3c.

Fig. #D3c: A photograph of another "thangka" which originates from Buddhist monks of Tibet. From this photograph one can see relatively clearly that this illustration is actually a technical drawing of a device of the Oscillatory Chamber type, which is very similar to the device illustrated in part (a) of this "Fig. #D3". However, for some reasons this technical drawing received a religious interpretation. Probably both drawings of the "thangka" shown here illustrate technical details of the same "Oscillatory Chamber", only that the above drawing shows two such chambers, placed one inside of the other, means assembled into the configuration called the "twin-chamber capsule" - which is shown on "Fig. #D5a" below. In turn the "thangka" from "Fig. #D3a" shows the operation of just a single Oscillatory Chamber, means it does NOT contain the second inner chamber. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged or to shift it into a different section of the screen.)
       The original of the above drawing of the "thangka" is owned by my acquaintance from Malaysia. This acquaintance treats it with a great respect as a kind of family treasure and antique. The glass which protects this antique induces light reflections, causing that the photographing of this "thangka" turns out to be an extremely difficult task which took me several subsequent vacations in Malaysia for repetitions of my attempts and experiments. The above photograph is the most clear one which so-far I managed to take after many attempts of eliminating the reflections from the glass that protects this original drawing of the "thangka".

Fig. #D4a. Fig. #D4b.

Fig. #D4ab: An illustration which documents the similarity between the appearance of the Oscillatory Chamber observed on a UFO deck, with the predicted appearance of Oscillatory Chambers build on the Earth. (Click on these drawings to see them enlarged or to shift them into a different section of the screen.)
       Fig. #D4a (left): A reconstruction drawing of the Oscillatory Chamber seen on deck of a UFO. This transparent cube was sighted by Mr Robert Luca on a UFO deck. It contained electric sparks which looked like lightnings frozen inside. (Compare this illustration "Fig. #D4a" with "Fig. #D4b" that shows the predicted appearance of an Oscillatory Chamber of the first generation.) The above diagram and description are reproduced from the book [2S1.4] by R. E. Fowler, "The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two" (Prentice Hall, Inc., USA, ISBN 0 13 036624 2, page 70) by kind permission from Mrs Betty A. Luca, copyright holder. It presents the outer Oscillatory Chamber from the "twin chamber capsule" which constituted the main propulsor of this UFO. The above illustration introduces a breakthrough in our certainty of the principles described in chapter C of monograph [1/4]. It not only that confirms through an eye witness's report that the Oscillatory Chambers are already utilized in the propulsion of UFOs, but it also proves that our intention to built the Oscillatory Chamber on Earth is feasible, valid, and one day will lead us to a success in constructing this device.
       Here is how Mr Robert Luca describes this device in his report: "Then there's a box on the other side that's behind this bench and I can see from standing. It looks like a glass cube and it fascinates me 'cause it's filled with, looks like black smoke. It looks like there's lightning inside it or something gold. Looks like it has streaks of gold running all through it - a bright, bright gold. It's a cube, maybe not a yard square. No, it's less than three feet and it's got all little lightning bolts inside it. It's all black with these gold streaks running through it (Figure 13). It looks like the lightning has been frozen right in its path."
       Fig. #D4b (right): The assumed appearance of the Oscillatory Chamber of the first generation in shape of a cube. It will look like a plain glass cube or a regular crystal. Their cross-section, thus also their external shape, is to depend on the generation to which a given chamber belong. Oscillatory Chambers of the so-called "first generation" are to have square cross-section. In turn Oscillatory Chambers of so-called "second generation" will have octagonal cross-section, while Oscillatory Chambers of the "third generation" - sixteen sided cross-section. Streaks of bright shimmering sparks of golden colour will run horizontally around the inner surfaces of it's side walls. These sparks will look as if frozen in their positions, although from time to time they will rapidly move their plots like a knot of snakes writhing around their prey. Therefore the operational Oscillatory Chamber will give an impression of a crystal packed with a living energy, or even a living creature preoccupied with some mysterious activity. Depending on the generation of a given chamber, these zigzagging strands of sparks will look slightly different. In chambers of the first generation the sparks will be uneven diameter - some very thick while other very thin, directed quite chaotically, sometimes splitting, imprecisely layered, and looking as if handmade by a incompetent blacksmith. In Oscillatory Chambers of the second generation all spark become the same thickness as if made by a watchmaker on a precise machine, although sometimes still crossing each other. In turn in Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation all sparks become exactly the same thickness, orderly lined up each one parallel to all others, and looking as if someone wound them precisely around the interior of the chamber. The broken lines indicate the column of produced magnetic field generated by the chamber and distributed along the "m" magnetic axis. When the chamber is viewed from the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field force lines (i.e. exactly as it is illustrated in the above drawing) then this column will trap the light and thus it should be seen by the naked eye as a "black bar" extending in both directions from the chamber - see the description of such "black bars" presented in subsection F10.4 of monograph [1/4], and also on the web page ufo_proof.htm - about the formal scientific proof which proves that "UFOs do exist". Also this field should cause the inside of the chamber to be non transparent. Therefore when viewed from the side direction the chamber should look as if it is filled with black smoke. If viewed along the magnetic field force lines, the passage through the chamber should be transparent, except for the cases presented in "Fig. #D5" - when a given Oscillatory Chamber bends the "Circulating Flux" generated in the "twin chamber capsule".

#D4. My to-date (fruitless) efforts to be able to officially initiate the construction of working prototypes of the Oscillatory Chamber:

       Since the time I invented the Oscillatory Chamber on 3 January 1984, I continually carry out .... In many cases it is clearly visible that my efforts to build the Oscillatory Chamber are obstructed NOT just by the impersonal so-called "curse of inventors" described, amongst others, in item #D1 of the web page boiler.htm - about shocking fate of a needed invention, but also by well-defined human-like creatures the existence and nature of which I am explaining in more details in item #F8 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. ...
       (This item is in the process of writing. The completion of it will be continued. Please come again and see it a bit later.)

#D5. How after being constructed, the Oscillatory Chamber is going to be integrated into the structure of cars:

       Just a single Oscillatory Chamber is NOT much use as an energy accumulator. The reason is that the entire its energy would be yield to the environment in the form of an extremely powerful magnetic field. But its usefulness as an energy accumulator is created when two such cubical Oscillatory Chambers are arranged together to form a configuration called the "twin chamber capsule" - shown below in "Fig. #D5". Such a "twin chamber capsule" is composed of one small "inner chamber" (I) freely suspended (floating) in the centre of the "outer chamber" (O). To insure the free flotation of the inner chamber without the danger of distending and damaging the outer one, the side dimension "ao" of the interior of the "outer chamber" must be the "square root of 3" times larger than the outer dimension "ai" of the "inner chamber", i.e. both chambers must obey the mutual ratio of dimensions (C9) stating that: ao = ai(sqrt(3)).
       Notice that this particular ratio (C9) of dimensions "ao = ai(sqrt(3))" is very important from the evidential point of view, as it allows to confirm on photographs and on scorched marks left on the ground that UFOs conclusively do utilise Oscillatory Chambers in their propulsion systems. Examples of photographs which prove this particular ratio present in Oscillatory Chambers from ascending UFOs are shown in "Fig. #C9abcd" from the web page explain.htm - about the scientific interpretation of authentic UFO photographs in the light of the "Theory of Magnocraft". In turn the characteristically shaped burning of the vegetation left by Oscillatory Chambers from a UFO that also confirms this ration is shown in "Fig. 7" from the web page ufo.htm - about hostile UFOnauts and their technology.
       When both chambers of a "twin chamber capsule" yield exactly the same output, the force lines of a magnetic field produced by the "inner chamber" (I) are forming a close loop with the magnetic field produced by the "outer chamber" (O). This loop is locked inside the capsule. Therefore in such a case both chambers may produce an extremely high magnetic field, but this field will be entirely "circulated" inside of the capsule, and no magnetic flux will appear outside of the capsule. The magnetic flux trapped in such a looping and hermetically locked inside a twin chamber capsule is called the "circulating flux". In illustrations from "Fig. #D5a" it is labelled (C). The "circulating flux" (C) performs an important function in the "twin chamber capsules", as it bounds and stores the magnetic field which later may be used as the capsules' stored energy. (This stored energy later can be used to supply into energy a car, a Magnocraft, or a UFO vehicle, that is propelled by such a "twin chamber capsule".) Therefore the "circulating flux" (C) in "twin chamber capsules" of the future will represent the equivalent to "fuel" from the contemporary propulsion systems. In the future such "twin-chamber capsules" will be built so that their main and only function will be to accumulate energy. The entire energy stored within such accumulators of the future will take the form of the "circulating flux" (C), so that outside these capsules there will be no noticeable magnetic fields.
       The energy contained in the "circulating flux" (C) from such "twin chamber capsules" utilised as accumulators of energy can be retrieved very easily. Simply the magnetic field of such capsules is to be treated as the primary winding from present transformers. Therefore this energy can be directly utilised for propelling electric motors from present eco-friendly cars.

Fig. #D5a. Fig. #D5b.

Fig. #D5ab: Here is the so-called "twin-chamber capsule" obtained through combining together two Oscillatory Chambers placed one inside of the other. Such capsule is susceptible for control over its magnetic field yield to the environment, with the change of the amount of energy contained in it. (Click on these drawings to see them enlarged or to shift them into a different section of the screen.)
       Fig. #D5a (left): The so-called "twin chamber capsule" formed from two cubical Oscillatory Chambers of the first generation. Such a capsule is the basic arrangement of two Oscillatory Chambers, formed to increase their controllability. The "twin chamber capsule" is formed from two oppositely oriented chambers placed one inside the other. Because of the need for free floating of the inner (I) chamber suspended inside of the outer (O) one, the side edges "ao" and "ai" of both these Oscillatory Chambers must meet the equation (C9): ao=ai(sqrt3)). Because of the opposite orientation of magnetic poles in both chambers, the so-called "resultant magnetic flux" (R) yield to the environment from these arrangements is obtained as a difference between outputs from chambers having opposite orientation of poles. The principles of forming this "resultant flux" are illustrated in "Fig. #D5B". The "twin chamber capsule" allows full control over all the attributes of the produced magnetic field. The subjects of control are the following properties of the "resultant flux" (R): (1) strength of the field (fluently controlled from zero to maximum), (2) Period (T) or frequency (f) of pulsations, (3) ratio of the amplitude of the field's pulsations to its constant component (ΔF/Fo), (4) character of the field (i.e. constant, pulsating, alternating), (5) variation in time F=f(t), e.g. whether the field is linear, sinusoidal, or changing according to a "beat type curve", (6) polarity (i.e. from whichever side of the arrangement the N and S poles prevail).
       Symbols: O - outer chamber, I - inner chamber, C - "circulating flux" trapped inside the capsule, R - "resultant flux" yield from the capsule to the environment.
       For an example of the photographical evidence that dimensions of Oscillatory Chambers in UFOs really do obey the proportion (C9): ao=ai(sqrt3)) - see "Fig. #C9abcd" from the web page explain.htm - about the scientific interpretation of authentic UFO photographs in the light of the "Theory of Magnocraft".
       Fig. #D5b (right): Principle of combining together the outputs from both chambers of the "twin chamber capsule" shown in part "a" of this illustration, into the "resultant flux" (FR). The case of producing the "resultant flux" whose variation in time reflects a "beat type curve" is considered. The outer chamber (O) produces the greater flux "FN" whose variation in time (determined at its north, "N" pole) is represented above by the curve "Fo". In turn the inner chamber (I) has the opposite polar orientation - see part "a" of this illustration. Therefore in the direction where the north, "N" pole of the "outer chamber" (O) prevails, the "inner chamber" (I) extends its south, "S" pole. The variation in time of the output "FS" from this "inner chamber" (I) is represented by the curve "FI". If two fluxes "Fo" and "FI" of the opposite polarity are combined together, the "resultant flux" (FR) represents the difference in their values: FR = Fo - FI. This difference of fluxes is yield outside the twin chamber capsule forming the "resultant flux" (FR) - see the magnetic flux marked "R" in the part "a" of the above illustration "Fig. #D5". In turn the entire output "FI" of the "inner chamber" (I) remains trapped inside of the capsule as the "circulating flux" (C) that circulates internally between the inner (I) and outer (O) chambers - see the magnetic flux marked "C" in the part "a" of the above illustration "Fig. #D5". Note that in further deductions the shape of the resultant beat type curve "FR" (means the "resultant flux" (R) yield to the environment from the capsule) can be roughly represented by pulsing curves containing the constant component "Fo" and the pulsating component "ΔF".
       For an example of the photographical evidence that Oscillatory Chambers in UFOs really do generate the magnetic field in the form of just such a "beat type curve" - see "Fig. #C5ab" from the web page ufo_proof.htm - about the formal scientific proof that "UFOs do exist".)

Part #E: The electric car that is supplied by the electricity that is generated in it by the so-called telekinetic cell:


#E1. What is this telekinetic cell:

       The name telekinetic cell is assigned to a new kind of telekinetic device which draws thermal energy from the environment and converts it into electricity. Telekinetic cells after are assembled into electrical cars are able to supply electricity that is required for running these cars. So they are able to replace batteries from present electrical cars. The design and operation of "telekinetic cells" are described on web pages fe_cell.htm - about telekinetic cells, and free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy.

Part #F: Still further principles of operation used for propelling "eco-cars":

       Principles of operation of cars described in this part solve one present problem - namely they eliminate their polluting of the natural environment. But they do NOT solve another problem - that of energy crisis. After all, their important drawback is that their principles of operation do NOT contain a chance for a definitive solving in near future the problem of energy supply. Means, they do NOT promise a solution of the kind which can be accomplished through following any of the paths described before in parts #C to #E of this web page. Therefore cars described below eliminate emissions, but still just delay for later the need to solve the energy crisis which soon is going to paralyse our civilisation.

#F1. Pneumatic cars - means cars propelled by compressed air:

       Recently (2008) are also constructed pneumatic cars propelled by compressed air. The cost of driving along 100 kilometres is comparable in these cars to costs of electric cars, and amounts to just around several dollars. It is mainly the cost of electricity which is used to pump the air into pressure bottles. Currently electric cars have this drawbacks that their batteries must be exchanged every several years, and these are significant costs. In pneumatic cars there is no such a problem, thus costs of exploitation are significantly lower. These cars utilise piston engines of a different design that combustion engines, so to increase their efficiency. Also important in them is the recovery of the energy during breaking the car (means pumping the air back to the pressure bottles). Example animations and information that illustrate the work of such engines (in Polish) can be seen at the address The driving distance of pneumatic cars from one charging of their bottles is supposedly equal to 200 to 300 km, while their maximal speed can supposedly exceed 100 km/h. Some people believe that because of low costs of exploitation these cars are presently a best option beneficial for the natural environment. Into their most vital drawbacks are included dangers introduced by carrying in them pressure bottles with highly compressed air - means like carrying small bombs.

#F2. Cars propelled by flywheels:

       In years 1990s a significant publicity was given to the development of cars propelled with mechanical energy accumulated in fast rotating flywheels. As I still remember, on such principles of fast spinning flywheels were constructed then, and tested in use, numerous city buses. (Because of significant sizes, such spinning flywheels were especially suited for the use in large-sized buses.) But this project probably fell down, because presently nothing can be heard of it. After all, apart from obvious advantages, such as complete lack of emissions, these cars on flywheels had also a whole array of drawbacks. Most vital of these included the large size (and thus also weight) of flywheels, and also dangers resulting from large velocities of spinning these flywheels and potential destruction that a damage of such fast spinning flywheels could cause.

Part #G: The "curse of inventors":


#G1. What is this "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotency":

Motto: "Wise God intentionally directs the physical world in such a way, that the progress of knowledge is forced to follow the line of the greatest resistance."

       The "curse of inventors" is a name to a paralysing avalanche of continuous problems, disasters, and unpleasantness which falls on heads of the most creative "progress makers". Victims of this curse are all creative people who with their activities bring a real progress to our civilisation. For example, typical victims of the "curse of inventors" are all inventors of new peaceful devices which are vital for the progress of our civilisation, discoverers of new and productive phenomena, politicians and social activists who attempt to introduce various more just and progressive social systems, managers of institutions who try to make the production more modern, etc., etc. For victims of this curse its action looks like a kind of very vindictive and repressive punishment served to them by some "evil power" for opposing to this power and introducing a given progress to the humanity. As such, the "curse of inventors" initially seems to be a highly mysterious "punishing" mechanism. After all, it "punishes" with an iron consistency, amongst others, every real progress-maker. It is also responsible for stopping from introduction to life countless urgently needed by people inventions, discoveries, improvements, changes, modernisations, etc.
       The real function of the "curse of inventors" becomes visible if one analyses the mechanism of its work. As it turns out, it works through a skilful placing on the path of every inventor and discoverer, only the most immoral representatives of the community or nation in which this inventor or discoverer works. In this way, the mechanism of work of this curse in fact punishes also the entire community or nation, which with its passiveness allow that in its ranks such highly immoral individuals live and act. After all, the "inventive impotency" which through their persecutions, destructions, and "bullying" of inventors, such immoral individuals cause amongst a given community or nation, in the final effect always punish also the entire this community or nation. Therefore, in reality the "curse of inventors" is the mechanism of moral "self-punishment" of immoral communities and nations, for tolerating in their midst highly immoral individuals and for allowing this immoral individuals to "bully" and to persecute the most creative members of these communities or nations - for more information about this moral mechanism of self-punishing of entire communities or nations, see item #B4.4 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm.
       If we would attempt to define formally what is this "curse of inventors" from the point of view of its impact on inventors and discoverers, then we could state that the "curse of inventors" is a sequence of negative events of almost "supernatural character" which continually persecute all these inventors and "progress makers" whose creative contribution serves directly towards lifting up a given community, nation, and the entire our civilisation to a higher level of advancement. Note, however, that the "curse of inventors" does NOT persecute these inventors nor discoverers who add their contribution to something destructive (e.g. to a new kind of weapon) - means to inventions that are to push the humanity into the state of even higher barbarism. It also does NOT persecute these creative people, the work of which does NOT contribute towards the technical advancement of their community and the humanity (e.g. artists, actors, sportsmen, etc.). The above could be summarised that the "curse of inventors" is like a manifestation of such purposeful directing the creative life of victims by some secretive supernatural power, that these victims are stopped from advancing the humanity in the area of technology, science, morality, etc. This "purposeful directing" of lives of victims of this curse is so intelligently controlled, that these victims are passed through a chain of dependency from increasingly different and bad wishing people with the lowest for a given social group level of morality - i.e. who practice the philosophy of parasitism. These parasitic people of lowest morality, who decide about the fate of their victims, form a kind of the "line of the highest resistance" against implementation of a given invention or means of progress, that this particular social group is able to create. This "line of the highest resistance" if formed by piling in front of the inventors or progress makers various obstacles, difficulties, disasters, disappointments, etc., the final effect of which always is either complete stopping, or at least significant obstructing, the implementation in real life the inventions or means of progress, which these victims try to implement. Thus, although the "curse of inventors" is "organised" by a supernatural power, in fact the obstructions which prevent victims of the curse from accomplishing their goals is caused by specific humans which can be named, shamed, and even pointed with fingers (i.e. the harm of the curse is NOT caused by this "supernatural power" which limits its actions to just "organising" the chain of immoral people who decide about the fate of curse's victims).
       The "curse of inventors" can be used for measuring the value of a given invention or discovery. This is because creators of inventions or discoveries which total action turns out highly detrimental for our civilisation, and also these ones who "stole" or "cheated" an invention or discovery from others, are NOT punished with this curse at all. But real inventors and discoverers, the accomplishments of which are to turn out to be of breakthrough value to our civilisation, are always viciously "persecuted" by this curse. The power of this persecution is the more high the more positive and needed is going to turn out the product of their creativity.
       The extensive explanation of the "curse of inventors" is presented in item #K3 from the totaliztic web page named fe_cell.htm. The above descriptions of this curse represent only a summary of this mysterious phenomenon. Independently from these descriptions, and independently from presentations indicated in further items from this part #G of the web page, the "curse of inventors" is also discussed in items #B4 and #B5 of the totaliztic web page will.htm, in item #B3 of the totaliztic web page telekinetics.htm, in items #B4.4, #I1 and #I2 of the totaliztic web page mozajski_uk.htm, in item #E1 of the totaliztic web page evolution.htm, and marginally it is also mentioned on several further totaliztic web pages.
       In turn descriptions of the "inventive impotency" are also presented in item #H4 from the totaliztic web page quake.htm, in item #H4 from the totaliztic web page free_energy.htm, in item #L2.1 from the totaliztic web page magnocraft.htm, and on several yet other totaliztic web pages.

#G2. Examples of victims of the "curse of inventors":

       On various totaliztic web pages a number of victims of the "curse of inventors" is indicated. For example, the web page newzealand_visit.htm in item #H1 describes fates met by several inventors from New Zealand. The entire web page boiler.htm describes the life and the struggle of another such New Zealand victim of the curse. The web page mozajski_uk.htm explains how, because of the action of this curse, the airplane must be invented from the very beginning as many as 3 times by separate inventors who did NOT know about each other - before it became acknowledged, repeated, and permanently implemented as the technical accomplishment of humanity. In turn (3) from item #K3 of the totaliztic web page fe_cell.htm describes how this "curse of inventors" messed up the fate of inventor of the cinema camera - i.e. someone named William Friese-Greene (1855-1921).
       Here I am NOT going to repeat again the same (above) examples and descriptions. I only intend to indicate here examples of further inventors who become victims of this curse because they contributed toward the progress and the development of the car industry. Here are such examples:
       1. Rudolf Diesel (1858-1913) - the inventor of a most perfect car engine. He was plagued by this "curse of inventors" throughout the entire of his life, until he finally disappeared overboard (i.e. most probably was thrown out by someone) while crossing the Channel to England.
       2. Jozef Ganz (1898-1967) - the inventor and designer of an ancestor (and a blueprint) for the greatest success in car industry, means for the car "Beetle". The fate of the inventor of the ancestor for the car Volkswagen, popularly called "Beetle", is extensively described in the book [1#G2] by Paul Schilperoord, entitled "The True Story of the Beetle: How Hitler Confiscated the Design of a Jewish Genius". In turn briefly this fate is summarised in the article entitled "Hitler stole Beetle concept from Jewish designer" from page A14 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, October 5, 2009.
       Here is how the fate of Jozef Ganz is described in the above book [1#G2]. Jozef Ganz was a Jew born in Hungary. In the First World War he served in German army, thus after the war he shifted to Germany. In 1930 he designed a very promising car which he named the "May Beetle" - see "Fig. #G1" below. This car started to be produced by a German manufacturer Standard, which called it "Superior". It perfectly suited the requirements of "people's car" because of the price - the cost of it was just 1590 Reichsmark (what was less than a half of price of other inexpensive cars from that period). In February 1933 this promising car was exhibited under the name "Volkswagen" (i.e. "People's car") at an automotive fair in Berlin. In the same year Hitler got to power. Hitler visited the fair and immediately recognised the value of this car as a popular car "for people". But because the designer of that car was a Jew, Hitler ordered the invention to be stolen. In 1933 Hitler personally drew a sketch showing the appearance of this car and ordered Ferdynand Porche to develop this project further. Soon the car was produced in the factory from the especially established for this purpose new town now called Wolfsburg (still the seat of Volkswagen). Simultaneously Gestapo arrested Jozef Ganz. After leaving the prison, Ganz escaped from Germany initially to Switzerland, then to France, and finally to Australia. He died in Australia in 1967 in obscurity. The book [1#G2] was written, amongst others, on the basis of his personal files and documentation which he accumulated in his life and which were left after his death.

Fig. #G1.

Fig. #G1: The appearance of the car "May Beetle" designed by Jozef Ganz around 1930. According to descriptions from the abovementioned book [1#G2], it was this car that become an ancestor and a blueprint for developing and for industrial implementation of the biggest automobile success in the world, i.e. for the "beetle" mass produced by Volkswagen. In spite of this, the designer of the above "beetle" for the entire his life was persecuted by the "curse of inventors". The financial compensation was refused for him. Thus instead of satisfaction and recognition for his creative contribution to the technical advancement of humanity, he experienced bitterness and disappointment. He died in 1967 in Australia in obscurity. (Click on the above photograph in order to see it enlarged.)

#G2.1. Examples of "group intellects" which also fell victims of the "curse of inventors":

       Apart from individual people, the philosophy of totalizm distinguishes also so-called "group intellects". To their kind belong everything into the body of which more than one person is included, and which simultaneously leads its "own life". Examples of separate "group intellects" are entire families, institutions, factories, countries, and even entire civilisations - for more details see item #E2 on the web page totalizm.htm. As it turns out, these "group intellects" also are subjected to the action of "moral laws", in this number also to the action of the "curse of inventors" described here. Thus, if there is a "group intellect", which with its activity should significantly contribute towards lifting the level of human civilisation, then this group intellect begins to experience various unfortunate events and problems.
       A positive example in which a strong action of the "curse of inventors" was successfully broken through, was the "cosmic race" of Soviet Russia. This race was extremely constructive for the entire human civilisation. After all, it forced also other countries to undertake intense cosmic research - thus it permanently lifted the scientific level of our entire civilisation. Therefore the Soviet Russia which initially led the race, encountered on its path rather impossible obstacles and problems. Fortunately, it managed to break through them, for a long period of time becoming a scientifically leading country of our planet. Therefore, as the country which initiated and spread the "cosmic race", the Soviet Russia is going to remain recorded forever in the history of our planet.
       Another example of the "group intellect" which also is troubled by the "curse of inventors", was described in the article "Sci-fi theory offered for collider jinx", from page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, October 19, 2009. According to this article, scientists working in the "CERN's Collider" from Switzerland, begin to suspect that their huge research facility is "hated by God" because it continually encounters some negative obstacles which make impossible for it to carry out research on nature. Of course, as it is typical for present scientists, they do not explain their continuous problems and obstacles with the "curse of inventors" described here, but they invent far-stretched theories about the "time firing backward" in order to explain their failures and obstacles.

#G3. The principle of operation of the "curse of inventors" - means forcing "progress makers" to follow the "line of the highest resistance":

       The principle of operation of this "supernatural power" which turns inventors and discoverers into victims of the "curse of inventors", is very simple. Namely, this power intentionally controls the fate and the course of life of a given creative person in such a manner, that this person in its path through the life continually encounters the greatest possible obstacles which is able to create the society in which a given inventor lives and works. In other words, this "supernatural power" forces a given inventor to move in his life along the so-called "line of the highest resistance". This forcing to follow the path of the "highest possible resistance" depends on placing such a creative person under the control of superiors, and on making him depended on people, who in the social circle in which this inventor lives have the lowest level of morality (i.e. who practice the philosophy of parasitism in their personal lives). Means, the entire creative life of such an inventor or "progress maker" is ruled by people who either have small minds, are simply stupid, jealous, or bullish, have some personal complexes, phobias, or mental problems, or they tend to scorn at capabilities of others, etc., etc. This forcing depends also on such directing a given inventor, that he experiences all resistance and obstacles which exist in a given society. For example, it may depend on continuous putting a given "progress maker" into life situations which are the least suitable for implementing goals that this person tries to achieve. In the result of such an intentional directing the life of a given "progress maker", in his path through life he is encountering and forced to overcome the highest possible resistance that the society and conditions in which he lives is able to create on his path to the goal.
       On a separate web page named totalizm.htm is presented a new philosophy of everyday living called "totalizm". The extraordinary aspect of this philosophy is that it explains the dependence of the fate of people from a level in which these people implement in their actions the work of three moral quantities - which by the philosophy of totalizm are called the: "moral field", "moral energy", and "moral laws". (The most brief explanation possible, what are these three moral quantities, is provided in item #C1 of the totaliztic web page named stawczyk_uk.htm.) One amongst principles of acting (laws) which iron obedience in human lives the philosophy of totalizm is recommending to us, states that every human action is morally the more correct, the more steeply it climbs uphill in the "moral field" along the so-called "line of the highest intellectual resistance". (This is because the "line of the highest intellectual resistance" represents the most steep slope of the so-called "moral field" - for the comprehensive description of the "moral field" and the above principle of action that is recommended by the philosophy of totalizm, see subsection A4.1 from volume 1 of the monograph [8/2] entitled "Totalizm".) The same philosophy of totalizm explains also that progress making for the good of human civilisation is one amongst the most morally correct activities. Because every morally correct action must climb uphill in the "moral field" (means it must follow the path along this "line of the highest resistance"), this means that on the path of every person which makes progress for the good of humanity, continually must appear various obstacles which form such a "line of the highest resistance". In turn such obstacles continually placed on the path of people who make progress, cause this unpleasant phenomenon that is described here under name of the "curse of inventors".
       Philosophical deductions of the previous paragraph clearly indicate that from the point of view of the philosophy of totalizm this forcing the "progress makers" to follow the "line of the greatest resistance" is only a kind of continually repeated moral "lesson" or "message" which tries to realise to people that there is such a thing as "moral field" and that tries to illustrate the operation of "moral laws" which require 'every moral action to climb uphill in the "moral field" - means every moral behaviour must be implemented along the "line of highest intellectual resistance" '. Because in the human society this "line of the highest resistance" is always formed by actions of individuals with the lowest level of personal morality, this stubbornly repeated moral "lesson" or "message" states something along the line that "what you people can accomplish as a society or civilisation, is defined by the level of morality amongst least moral members of your society". In other words, this stubbornly repeated to us "lesson" or "message" tries to illustrate to us that the "level of life of all people does NOT depend on the level of morality in people at the top, but on the level of morality of people at the very bottom". Therefore, in order to lift the level of living of the humanity, is NOT enough to concentrate (as so far) on the increase of morality of the people at the top, but on the increase of morality of people at the very bottom of the social pyramid. This is a shocking moral lesson the acknowledging of which, as so far, the humanity refuses decisively.
       The manner on which this moral "lesson" or "message" is served to us, me personally resembles a manner of teaching son which I saw in past in someone whom I know well. Namely, the son of this someone refused to acknowledge that he should NOT crawl beyond the edge of the couch. So in order to pass to this son the "message" or "lesson" that it is NOT recommended to ignore the edge of the couch, each time when the son fell down from the couch and started to cry, this someone placed him again on the couch and allowed him to experience again what is going to happen when he goes beyond the edge of the couch. After more then ten such repetitions, the message finally got to the awareness of this son that the edge of the couch is also the border beyond which for his own good he should NOT venture. I believe that the "curse of inventors" contains an opposite "moral message" which however is passed to us with the use of similar principles.
       In my opinion this "supernatural power" which stands behind the "curse of inventors", and also behind all other phenomena which hold back the progress of humanity, will trouble people with this "line of the highest resistance" for as long as we all comprehend finally the moral lesson which is expressed in this way, and we all start to implement this moral lesson in our everyday lives. This practically means, that soon the technical progress of humanity will diminish completely. Instead of creating and implementing new inventions and principles of operation, scientists and engineers will just "churn" repetitively the same old ideas and principles. After all, already now in some countries, e.g. in New Zealand, no breakthrough inventions can be implemented to mass production, because the moral level of the society so escalated the "line of the highest resistance", that creators of breakthrough inventions in there are unable to break themselves through obstacles which hinder their goals. Even if a New Zealand inventor builds a working prototype of his breakthrough invention, still these amongst his countrymen who form the "line of the highest resistance" are rendering his life so unpleasant and so difficult, that he is unable to implement his invention to a mass production - for details see descriptions from web pages newzealand_visit.htm, boiler.htm, or mozajski_uk.htm, indicated in item #G2 above. In the result, instead of breakthrough inventions and discoveries that constitute a "real progress" described in the next item, only the "false progress" is introduced in there. Also it is clearly visible, that the escalation of the "line of the highest resistance" is just occurring in practically all countries of the world. Thus, the impossibility of implementing new breakthrough inventions and discoveries, similar to that one already occurring in New Zealand, and the replacement of "real progress" by just a "false progress", soon is going to prevail on practically the entire Earth.

#G4. How differs the "real progress" which is held back by the "curse of inventors", from a "false progress" which is promoted by this curse:

Motto: "The 'real progress' provides principles and phenomena for the future, the 'false progress' utilises principles and phenomena provided in the past."

       A problem with "progress" depends on the fact, that - like everything in our physical world, it can be "falsified". A best example of the "false progress" which we see almost everyday, is the "progress" in the so-called "car industry". This is because when we watch television or read newspapers, we are bombarded with noisy claims of supposed "progress" that various car producers introduced to their models. But if we scientifically analyse what their "progress" really is, then it turns out that it represents just a different use of the same principles of operation and phenomena which we already know well for at least one hundred years. In other words, the "false progress" is the name which we can use for all improvements which represent just different applications of principles and phenomena that are known to the humanity already for a long time. The "false progress" is "looking in past" and instead of lifting our civilisation to a higher level of development, it causes that the civilisation continually trots in almost the same place. Of course, the example of the "car industry" indicated here is just one amongst countless examples of the "false progress". In reality almost everything that "new" happens around us, including into this all present "cosmic programmes" and the huge majority of scientific research, practically represents another examples of such "false progress". Of course, creators of the "false progress" do NOT experience the action of the "curse of inventors". Rather opposite. They are rewarded by the "curse of inventors" because due to forming with their activities a "smoke screen of a false progress" which keeps decision makers and politicians in belief that there is a progress in areas where the true progress is none, they actually prevent the occurrence of the "real progress" on the Earth.
       A completely different matter is the "real progress". This one does NOT "chew" again and again principles and phenomena that are already known to us for a long time. It discovers and introduces to the use completely new principles and phenomena. Therefore, instead of drawing from the past - as this is done by the "false progress", it provides for the future. Unfortunately, examples of such "real progress" appear on the Earth extremely rarely. It is its creators that are always heavily punished by the "curse of inventors".

#G5. Who implements the "curse of inventors" that forces the "progress makers" to follow the "line of the highest resistance":

       This "line of the highest resistance" along which progress makers are forced to work their path, in fact is formed by people with the lowest level of morality that practice the philosophy of parasitism and that act in social circles in which given "progress makers" are operating. But the sole existence in the society of such parasitic people with low level of morality just by itself is insufficient to create the "curse of inventors". After all, if inventors walk through their lives in a random manner, then on their paths they would encounter NOT only such immoral people. Therefore the iron consistency with which the "curse of inventors" works in real life, is also (amongst others) the proof, that the fate of these inventors is skilfully directed by some intelligent "supernatural power". This power makes sure, that in their path through life these inventors and progress makers encounter in all key matters exclusively such people with the lowest level of morality - which turn their lives into a hell and thus create for them the "line of the highest resistance" which forms the "curse of inventors".
       Of course, the question for which I seek an answer since a long time, stated: who is this "supernatural power" which so brutally punishes every progress makes with action of this "curse of inventors". With the elapse of time I managed to find the reply to this question. In past this reply used to shock me, because it turned out that this is God Himself. But now this reply does NOT surprise me at all. After all, in order to accomplish His superior goals God must act according to the iron rules which He established. In turn the principle that "every morally correct action must climb uphill in the 'moral field' - means must run along the 'line of the highest resistance' ", is highly convincing and logically justified. After all, it grooms the humanity to become hardened in action "truth seekers", on the subject of which I am writing in item #A3 from the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm and additionally explain in item #B5.1 of the totaliztic web page will.htm. So, although consequences of this "necessity to make progress along the line of the greatest resistance", affect unpleasantly also my own life, at present I accept fully this principle. Also I spiritually support and even admire the necessity of it, the intelligence behind creating it, and the beneficial in long term consequences of it for the good of humanity.
       The main problem with so implemented "curse of inventors" is that for the individual victims it tastes like "evil" and "punishment". This is in spite that the final goal of it is the "good" of the entire humanity. I personally would compare this curse to a "symphony" played by an "orchestra". In this comparison the "listener" of this orchestra is a given inventor, "sounds" generated by "musicians" are problems brought by this curse onto the head of a given inventor, the "conductor" of the orchestra is God, while each one amongst "musicians" of the orchestra is just an individual parasitic person whose immoral actions are used by this curse to cause troubles for the inventor. Thus, whether the "symphony" of such an orchestra for the "listener" is going to sound "pleasantly" or "unpleasantly", it depends only on the quality of "sounds" that each "musician" is generating. After all, the "conductor" is NOT generating "sounds", but only "organises" the "sounds" generated by each "musician", so that these sounds for the "listener" are forming a continuous "symphony".
       The above I should complement with the information, that there is a "byproduct" of the fact that every progress maker is always inevitably punished with this "curse of inventors" which work is intelligently organised by God Himself. This "byproduct" is the significance of the "curse of inventors" as another proof that God really does exist. After all, in order to organise the action of the "curse of inventors" with such an iron consequence for each "progress maker", this God must really exist. In turn the fact that every progress maker is really affected by the action of this "curse of inventors" every reader can realise after reading biographies of more moral inventors and discoverers. So through studying the biographies of morally acting inventors and discoverers every reader can find additional confirmation for the existence of God, in addition to the entire list of scientific conformations that is already published on the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm.

#G6. How corrected is the "injustice" that results from the action of the "curse of inventors":

       Action of the "curse of inventors" exposes people who act morally onto a kind of obvious "injustice". After all, people who stubbornly make progress for the good of humanity act in the most moral manner - similarly like people who always tell truth. In turn for such a moral acting they deserve a reward, not a punishment. On the other hand, the action of the "curse of inventors" displays a character which is identical to punishment served to these people. So because behind the action of this curse hides justice-loving God, we should expect, that this God applies towards all "progress makers" some kind of a hidden "compensation" for the consequences of this "injustice" that they experience as results of the action of the "curse of inventors". As so far, the only form of such "compensation" which hit my eyes in the result of studying biographies of various morally creative people, is the "rewarding after death". Namely, practically every person who during the life is heavily punished by the "curse of inventors", after the death begins to be appreciated and rewarded (or at least so appreciated and rewarded is every person whose accomplishment is described in the literature). This "rewarding after death" can be noted even in cases which seem so "hopeless" like the fate of Jozef Ganz described in item #G2 of this web page. Namely, after the death of a given "progress maker" the truth about his real contribution always somehow seems to come to light. Thus, the good name of these people with the elapse of time always gains the recognition and becomes restored.
       But I personally believe that the "rewarding after death" as described above, is just only one amongst several different forms of rewarding which God gives to progress makers for their morally correct work. Only that these different forms of rewarding probably are hidden from our sight behind similar mechanisms as the one described in item #G3 above. Therefore I am going to carry out research on further possible manners of "rewarding" with which God restores the "justice" towards these people who for the more general good needed to be punished undeservedly with the "curse of inventors". In turn when I identify and learn another such manner of Godly rewarding, I will immediately describe it on a totaliztic web page. Of course, we cannot also exclude completely the possibility, that God does NOT established any methods of rewarding the injustice that is caused by effects of the "curse of inventors" - as this seems to stem from analyses of the item #E1 on the web page evolution.htm, and from content of the web page soul_proof.htm. After all, God created us and thus He owns us, thus He has the right to do with us whatever He wishes.
       On our present level of civilisation, practically every "progress maker" would prefer that the compensation for his morally correct activities comes still during his life and in the form of recognition, fame, and fortune. Unfortunately, fame and money (fortune) are these negative tools with the use of which the "curse of inventors" is implemented. After all, money, power, and fame, are main goals of activities of all these immoral people which form the "line of the highest resistance". Therefore, God uses them as temptations and motivations with which He triggers the immoral behaviours and attitudes amongst these immoral people who form the "line of the greatest resistance". So God is NOT able to also use the same means for rewarding morally correct work of people affected by the "curse of inventors". This probably is the main reason why practically almost all progress makers, in this number also inventors and discoverers, are rewarded for their contribution to the humanity in a non-material manner - e.g. after their deaths.

#G7. The problem of passing responsibilities for "injustices" which result from the action of the "curse of inventors":

       We should admit that the situation of God in implementation of laws and principles of morality is quite complicated. After all, this God was forced to create and to maintain the "moral field", and to make sure that "everything that moral must move uphill in this moral field, means must move along the line of the greatest resistance". However, people still do NOT understand benefits of so created "hard life" described in items #A3 and #A4 of the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm. For this reason God still needs to listen to prayers of all these inventors and creators of progress, who frequently ask "God, I am acting morally and in everything what I do I try to help other people - so why you punish me for the good that I try to spread". So in order to maintain these two contradictions, so-far God used "scapegoats". Namely, long ago God invented and created so-called "devils" onto which later the responsibility for effects of the "curse of inventors" can be pushed. This is why in the period of vivid beliefs in "devils" no-one questioned the methods of action of God.
       But times change and present people gradually cease to believe in "devils" and in their "evil actions". Therefore, in order to have creatures which still could be charged with the responsibility for whatever is NOT good to charge God, presently is "simulated" the existence and action on the Earth of "modern" evil creatures, namely so-called "UFOnauts". After all, if the humanity allows to be convinced, that the Earth is occupied and exploited by technically highly advanced, although morally decadent UFOnauts, then there will be another kind of creatures which similarly to "devils" can be charged with the responsibility for all evil and injustice which results from principles of the "curse of inventors" kind. This is why the "simulations" of UFOnauts on the Earth are increasingly more frequent and increasingly more clear - as this is illustrated on web pages ufo_proof.htm, or explain.htm. This is also why "simulations" of UFOs and UFOnauts are so convincing, that even I myself was absolutely certain in years 1990 to 2007, that our planet is under a secretive occupation of these cunning creatures - and I expressed this my former certainty in the content of monograph [1/4].

#G8. So-called "Murphy's laws" also are a form on which is manifested the principle that "moral must always follow the line of the greatest resistance":

       Probably we all have heard about so-called "Murphy's laws" - i.e. these ones which state, amongst others, that "a slice of bread always falls on a rug with butter pointed downwards", or that "a hammer always falls where it is to cause the most of damage". If we consider the matter thoroughly, these "Murphy's laws" also represent another amongst countless manifestations of the same principle which causes the "curse of inventors". After all, the only difference between outcomes of "Murphy's laws" and action of the "curse of inventors" is that victims of the first are supposedly falling all people, while victims of the second fall only morally acting "creators of progress". But in reality, "Murphy's laws" do NOT persecute all people. This is why experiments carried out by scientists never were able to confirm that these laws really work. This means that behind "Murphy's laws", similarly like behind the "curse of inventors", hide the intelligence of God. So both of them do NOT work in enough blind manner that scientists could confirm them.
       If we complement the essence of the "Murphy's laws" with findings of research on the "curse of inventors", then these laws could be defined in a following manner: "Murphy's laws are attempts of describing clearly visible consequences of action of the 'moral law' which states that every morally beneficial behaviour must follow the so-called 'line of the greatest resistance' ". So if during someone's morally beneficial behaviour, this "line of the greatest resistance" requires that e.g. a slice of bread falls on an expensive rug with butter directed down, or requires that a hammer falls where it causes the most of damage, then it happens so. But if a given action does NOT bring moral benefits to anyone, then events described by the "Murphy's laws" do not happen at all.

#G9. Benefits which results from learning about the existence and work of the "curse of inventors":

       The learning about the existence and work of the "curse of inventors" is the source of various benefits for every person. Thus let us list here at least the most vital out of these benefits:
       For inventors and progress makers, learning that such a curse does exist, and getting to know how it works, brings a significant relief from "tortures" which they experience. After all, it realises that such their "tortures" are justified, that in spite of affecting painfully every inventor, these "tortures" serve to a higher good and goal, and that in spite of the taste of "punishment" and "injustice", problems of these inventors are going to be "compensated" one day. Furthermore, the appearance of the "curse of inventors" reveal to these inventors, that what they are doing is moral, needed, and beneficial for people, that it is going to contribute to the "real progress", and that in fact even "supernatural powers" appreciate the highly moral and progressive character of it and expect that these inventors in spite of everything are going to overcome the obstacles created by immoral people and accomplish their goals.
       For those awaiting the completion of specific inventions and discoveries, learning this curse allows to understand why development of even small inventions, or dissemination of even insignificant discoveries, takes so much time and encounters so many obstacles. After all, the implementing these inventions and discoveries must overcome countless obstructions and problems which immoral people continually erect on their path.
       For individuals who study mechanisms of the operation of universe, the learning how this curse works reveals an important information about the operation of the "moral field". According to this information, people who wish to act morally - but do NOT know which one their action would be the most moral in given circumstances, should simply implement an action which runs directly along the "line of the highest intellectual resistance" - for details see volume 1 of the monograph [8/2] "Totalizm". This is because such an action for sure is going to turn later to be perfectly "moral". In turn people who implement an action that from its nature is "moral" (e.g. they introduce a progress, or do something for the good of other people), should realise that their action is going to run along the "line of the highest resistance". Thus problems, laboriousness, and offences which they are going to experience during completing such a moral work, is NOT a sign that God does NOT like what they are doing, but a sign that they do a morally vital work, while every moral work must run uphill in the "moral field" - thus also their work must progress along the "line of the highest resistance". For many people it is extremely vital to learn truth that the appearance of obstacles and problems during implementation of morally correct actions is "natural", resulting from the existence and work of the "moral field", and NOT meaning e.g. "disgust of God" or "bad luck". After all, many people believe in so-called "bad luck, "omen", etc. Thus, when any difficulties and problems appear in whatever they do, they consider this their activity to be "unlucky" and they abandon it. However, the reality is completely opposite - the appearance of difficulties means that God actually appreciates and approves this their activity as "moral", and that God expects them to "prove" themselves through overcoming these obstacles and completing the action.
       For people researching or tracing progress of our civilisation the knowledge of the existence and work of this curse explains many shocking puzzles of the history. For example, it explains why so many most creative people on the Earth experienced the fate which we would NOT wish to even our enemies. Explains why inventions and scientific accomplishments of a given country are dependable on the level of morality that prevails in that country. Explains also why some individual people as well as some whole countries rather prefer to stole the results of progress that work these out by themselves.
       For these people who confront the dilemma of the selection between a moral and an immoral behaviour the knowledge of the "curse of inventors" realises clearly that the moral behaviour requires a significant effort and dedication, because it always moves along the "line of the greatest resistance".
       For people who see this ocean of evil that prevails around us, the learning about the "curse of inventors" explains why there is a justification for this evil. It explains, that in order every moral action of people could climb uphill in the "moral field" (means along the "line of the highest resistance"), our reality must be so organised that always most immoral and the most stupid must occupy vital positions, and then from the height of these positions they must persecute these ones who live morally and creatively. It also explains why, if someone moral and honest appears amongst such people, this someone always lands harmed and exploited.
       For people of good will who intend to improve the situation of our civilisation, the learning of principles of the "curse of inventors" allows to understand, that the situation of all of us is going to improve only when the morality of people with the lowest moral stand and with the parasitic philosophy is improved. Thus, instead of separating with borders the rich from poor, rather borders should be removed. Instead of exploiting the weak and defenceless, they rather should be supported and helped. Instead of cutting off the access of underprivileged to knowledge, rather this access should be made easier. Etc., etc.
       For people wishing to get to know God, the "curse of inventors" is one amongst the best windows that open their insight into the character, personality, and methods of acting of God. It is also a direct proof that God really exists. After all, just by a pure "coincidence" this curse could NOT be able to work so regularly, reliably, and with such an iron consistency.
       For people who try to find proofs that God continually and directly intervenes into lives of individual persons, the "curse of inventors" is one amongst most easy to confirm such proofs. After all, in order to fulfil the so-called "canon of ambiguity" (described, amongst others in item #C2 of the web page will.htm), typically God carefully hides His interventions into fates of people behind the screen of "coincidents", "accidents", "dreams", "astrology", "Feng Shui", etc. Therefore, just by analysing lives of individual people, or even researching crowds of many random selected people, the God's interventions cannot be confirmed. But if we select a special "class" of persons, such as e.g. "all creators of the so-called 'real progress' ", then in their lives and fates we can already see a clear trend - like the "curse of inventors" described here. This trend results from the fact, that in relation to such a clearly defined class of people God always applies the set of clearly defined and always the same principles and methods of His action - which God later implements with an iron consistency. Thus, although such a trend could NOT appear just by accident e.g. in a chaotic world, in the world ruled by God, in which fates of individual people from a given "class" are organised by God always in the same way, this trend becomes clearly visible.

#G10. Shocking evidence of blocking the discussion in internet on the "curse of inventors":

       As this is explained in item #E2 from the web page faq.htm, every more vital extension or improvement introduced to totaliztic web pages, is discussed with potential readers. After all, such a discussion sometimes allows to additionally improve various non-clear details of this improvement. Therefore on 10th of October 2009, after finishing extensions of this web page for above items #G1 to #G7 that discuss the "curse of inventors", I routinely placed on Google discussion forums two-language versions of posts which address the curse. The English language version of these posts was available at addresses and In turn the Polish language version was available at addresses and Unfortunately, already one day later I got a shock. Namely, soon texts of both these posts were deleted. The Polish post was completely deleted from the Internet, while in the English post someone deleted the text of my post, but left untouched nasty comments that in the meantime were added to it. It is known, that in order to delete anything from these forums, a given "deleteour" must either have the rights of an "administrator", or must have some "supernatural powers". For example, I am NOT able to delete myself, nor to alter, any post which I authorised and previously placed on these forums. Means, that this deletion of my posts tries to realise to everyone that someone with significant rights or with "supernatural power" does NOT want to allow that the knowledge about the "curse of inventors" is disseminated easily all over the world. (In spite that in the present situation of the humanity this knowledge is so vital for people - as it allows them to understand "what is going on" when they do any morally desirable work.)
       The above information is also highly teaching just on its own. After all, everyone can now check that my posts at the addresses indicated above were deleted. This deletion in turn means, that the "curse of inventors" is implemented on the Earth with an iron consistency - so that even my descriptions and explanations of the operation of this curse cannot be disseminated without obstacles and without the need to overcome this "line of the highest resistance" which is formed in front of them.

Part #H: How inventors and discoverers can defend themselves effectively from consequences of the "curse of inventors" and the "inventive impotency":


#H1. In order to be able to adjust the level of human technology to the moral level of the humanity, God intentionally separates the correlated talents of people and makes dependent the technical progress from outcomes of moral cooperation between people:

Motto: "God purposely so assigns talents to people, that these ones who receive 'creative minds' do NOT receive 'implementation capacity', while these ones who received 'golden hands' or 'fortunes' God does NOT give sufficient 'brain power' to allow them to invent and build new inventions just by themselves."

       Although people still are NOT aware of this fact, practically every inventor and every discoverer both in past as well as at present experienced on own skin the action of a nasty phenomenon which is described under the name of the "curse of inventors" in items #G1 to #G5 of this web page. Also in spite that a majority of countries and institutions is still unaware of the existence of these type of phenomena, almost every country and every institution of the present world was already affected by the "inventive impotency" which paralyses every new technical idea - and which (the inventive impotency) is a consequence of this "curse of inventors" escalated in a given country. (This "inventive impotency" is described more comprehensively in (1) from item #B7.1 of the web page named seismograph.htm.) As the result of the action of these two destructive phenomena, the progress of humanity was already frozen, while the "competitive edge" of many present companies and entrepreneurs was destroyed. So if inventors (and also discoverers and ambitious companies) knew about the existence and action of the "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotency", then for sure they would ask the question "how one can defend himself from these destructive phenomena". Unfortunately, such a defence is NOT easy because the problem is that both, the "curse of inventors" as well as the "inventive impotency", are ruled by laws and mechanisms of the so-called "group morality" - described more comprehensively in items #F1 to #F4 of the web page named morals.htm and in items #B1 to #B4 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. Therefore even the most moral individual inventors and discoverers, and also even the most morally acting institutions, typically are NOT able to avoid being affected by consequences of the action of these destructive phenomena. After all, mechanisms of the "group morality" are so designed, that consequences of "immoral" behaviour of any "group intellect" (e.g. a given community or a country treated as a single "living organism") punish painfully everyone who is a member of such a group intellect, and who failed to proof to God that he or she actively fights with immorality in his or her own surroundings - as a proof of just such a work of the "group morality" consider e.g. the recent tsunami in Japan described in item #C7 of the web page named seismograph.htm, or the earthquake from Christchurch in New Zealand - described in item #G2 of the web page named prophecies.htm. Thus, at these more moral, but passive, members of a given community - as described in item #B1 and #B4 of the web page named parasitism.htm, nasty consequences of action of the "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotency" are brought about by other (i.e. more immoral) people and institutions. It turns out, however, that in spite of everything, actually there are methods and manners of self-defence against these unpleasant phenomena. These methods and manners are to be explained in descriptions that are to follow now.
       But before we learn these methods and manners of self-defence, we should remind to ourselves "how" - according to findings of the new so-called "totaliztic science", both these phenomena work. As this new "totaliztic science" established, both these phenomena are intentionally induced by the "self-regulatory moral mechanisms" established by God and described more comprehensively in item #B3 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. In order to be able to release the action of these "self-regulatory moral mechanisms", God intentionally so assigns talents and capabilities amongst people, that "these ones who received 'creative minds' do NOT receive the required 'implementation capacity' that would allow them to implement products of their 'brain power', while these ones who received 'implementation powers' (i.e. received to their disposals fortunes, funds, factories, workshops, prototyping facilities, talents of so-called "golden hands", etc.) do NOT receive from God the required 'creative minds' that would allow them to invent and develop inventions and discoveries - which later their 'implementation power' would allow to introduce to the physical world". As the result, creative people with inventions, ideas, discoveries, etc., in order to implement creative products of their minds, must come into cooperation with people who have the required implementation powers. In this way such inventors and discoverers make their own fate, as well as the fate of their inventions and ideas, dependent on these people with implementation powers. Thus, if the so-called "group morality" of such community is NOT on the required high level, this cooperation "hits rocks" of human imperfections and a given new idea is NOT implemented. A best example known to me of an extremely important and useful invention which "hit rocks" just because of human imperfections, are fates of "free energy generators" called "Testatika" and "Thesta-Distatica" - described in item #D2 from the web page named free_energy.htm. Thus, all methods and manners of self-defence against consequences of action of the "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotency", boil down to finding such "breaking-through" guidelines and advices "with whom" an inventor or discoverer should cooperate, and "what requirements" this cooperation should met, that it successfully allows to implement a given invention or discovery.
       Methods of self-defence against consequences of action of the "curse of inventors" and against consequences of "inventive impotency" seeks and develops the new so-called "totaliztic science". It researches the surrounding reality from the so-far ignored by the official human science "a priori" philosophical approach to research. Philosophical and scientific foundations of this new science, and also its goals and accomplishments to-date, are already described on a number of web pages which I authorise. To these readers who wish to learn more on this topic, I would recommend to look e.g. to item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm, item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm, or items #F1 to #F3 of the web page named god_exists.htm - where the "totaliztic science" is described relatively well. This new "totaliztic science" determined, that the key to our self-defence against consequences of action of the "curse of inventors" is the human characteristics called the "moral inertia" (i.e. human characteristics described more thoroughly by the so-called "totaliztic mechanics" - outlined, amongst others, in chapter JG from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5]). This is because that characteristics stems directly from one amongst most vital findings of the new "totaliztic science", which (finding) is described in more details in item #B2 of the web page named antichrist.htm, and which states that "in order people could effectively 'pursue knowledge', God created them maximally imperfect". So before we can constructively consider methods with which inventors and discoverers can effectively defend themselves against action of the "curse of inventors", we first must learn more about what exactly is this "moral inertia" and in what manner it affects inventors and discoverers.

#H2. What is this "moral inertia" and what means the discovery of the new "totaliztic science" that the "curse of inventors" is a consequence of making dependent the fate of inventors and inventions from "intellects" which display too low value of that "moral inertia":

       By the term "moral inertia" the new totaliztic science understands the "effort which needs to be contributed in order a given individual or group intellect changes its behaviour from a moral - means such which is dictated by principles and by laws of morality and also by conscience, into an immoral behaviour - means such which serves only this intellect in satisfying its personal desires, greed, stinginess, ambition, access to power or fame, etc." It is worth to add, that the reversal of "moral inertia" can be called the "immoral inertia". The "immoral inertia" is a difficulty with which it comes to discourage someone against immoral behaviour. Intellects which have a small "moral inertia" have simultaneously large "immoral inertia" - and vice versa.
       Thus, the "moral inertia" displays the same attributes, as attributes that are well-known to engineers from the "mechanical inertia" or "electrical inertia". Only that instead of ruling over the speed of change of mechanical motion (or electrical motion) this "moral inertia" rules over changes in moral classification of human behaviours. In order to explain what are these changes of moral classification of human behaviour, we use here an example. Let us imagine, that in the ditch near a road lies a big box full of money (e.g. lost by a bank). If (a) by this road goes a single person (which has a very small "moral inertia), then after finding this box full of money this single person may easily be tempted to take it for himself or herself - even if previously this person behaved relatively morally (after all, the Polish proverb states that "opportunity makes a thief"). But if (b) the same road is followed by a group of several people (whose moral inertia is higher than such an inertia of a single person), then there is already some chance that this box is NOT going to tempt them and that they are going to do with it whatever the morality orders them to do - i.e. give it back to the legal owner. In turn if (c) this box is spotted by a whole large bus full of people who do NOT know each other (which bus has already the required high level of the "moral inertia"), then it is sure, that the box is to be returned to the legal owner of it.
       Similarly like with this illustrative "box of money", is also with fates of inventors and inventions. It turns out, that at the moment when a prototype of an invention is already build, this prototype begins to "tempt" people in which power this prototype is. Of course, this "tempting" appears even if at the beginning of "cooperation" of a given inventor with this "implementing intellect" everything looked nice and both sides make various morally-correct mutual obligations. After all "humans are highly imperfect creatures" - as this is explained, amongst others, in item #B2 of my web page named antichrist.htm (available at a whole range of addresses indicated, amongst others, in "Menu 3"). Therefore, in order to guarantee, that a give inventor works on his invention in conditions in which all "temptations" (which surely will be unleashed at the moment when the prototype of this invention is already build) are neutralised by the required "moral inertia" of institutions and private persons engaged in this project, a given inventor should agree to cooperate towards the implementation of his invention only if he estimates that this "moral inertia" is sufficiently high in these intellects with which he intends to cooperate.

#H3. So how the inventor or discoverer can defend himself or herself with the aid of this "moral inertia":

       The general principle of self-defence of inventors and discoverers against the action of the "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotency" boils down to going into the cooperation regarding the development and implementation of his or her inventions only with such institutions or individuals, which have possibly highest value of "moral inertia". In order to be able to find such people or institutions, it is good to know "by what" and "how" this "moral inertia" can be increased, as well as "what" decreases it. And so - as this clearly stems from the previous illustrative example of a "lost box of money", the more people and more institutions is engaged in a given invention project, the higher is going to be their moral inertia. So if the inventor has the choice, whether to cooperate with an individual banker or financier, or with a whole institution, he should rather choose a whole institution. Similarly if he has a choice between a "small institution" or a "large institution" - he should choose the large one. The "moral inertia" is rapidly increased when the project is joined by more than one institution. So if the inventor has e.g. some "excuse" and possibility, to include to the project of implementation of his invention also several further institutions, then he should do so. The moral inertia is also increased by decision makers who have "old fashioned" (traditional) principles and moral values. In turn previously occurring "immoral activities" of an institution practically mean that it has a small moral inertia. Therefore like a "plague" an inventor should avoid institutions in which something was in past detected to be "immoral", or in which all decisions are taken by a single person (e.g. its manager or owner). The "moral inertia" of every institution is decreasing fast as this institution ages. Thus, "old institutions" may have "moral inertia" close to zero - inventors also should avoid them. Every "secrecy" and "keeping an invention in secret" causes a complete "killing" of moral inertia of the team which keeps this secret. Therefore in the interest of inventors lies to NOT sign any agreements which oblige them to keep secrecy over their invention, and also to inform about the fact and circumstances of implementation of their invention as many people as only possible. Etc., etc. - further guidelines the reader can deduce by himself or herself by recalling how to increase e.g. the related to moral one, so called mechanical or electrical inertia.
       Some countries increase the "moral inertia" of implementing inventions of its citizens to a factory production, by creation of special institutions which assist in this implementation. (One amongst such countries is Germany.) In these institutions inventors can build a prototype of any their invention all by themselves, while these institutions later assist them in implementing such a prototype to a factory production. Unfortunately, both countries in which I lived or live now, i.e. Poland and New Zealand, do NOT have such institutions.
       The above guidelines reveal, that in fact these factors facilitate getting a technical implementation of a new invention and preparing it to a factory production, which (factors) inventors traditionally (but erroneously) consider to be "obstacles" in implementation of their inventions. For example, traditionally inventors try to keep their inventions in secrecy - because they are afraid that someone-else implements these inventions much faster. They also prefer to cooperate in implementation of their invention and in building prototypes with individual financiers or individual "golden hands" (instead with large institutions) - because large institutions they consider to be "white elephants" unable to undertake progressive decisions. But it appears that keeping secrecy and cooperation with individual financiers (or individual "golden hands") usually is the most vital reason for collapsing of an implementation of a given invention. So it is worth to see the problem of development and implementation of new inventions as the new "totaliztic science" advices this to us above (unfortunately, I discovered this too-late for my own inventions).
       The topic of self-defence of inventors and discoverers against consequences of action of the "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotency", is also discussed in item #H4 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm.

Part #I: God punishes these who practice the philosophy of parasitism, while cars can be one amongst His tools:


#I1. "Why" and "how" the practicing of the philosophy of parasitism is punishable:

       The philosophy of parasitism is a kind of extremely destructive philosophical illness. Everyone who slips into this illness to the level of so-called "agonal intellect" cannot be saved and must die. Therefore God punishes with deadly natural catastrophes every community which is already deeply in claws of this destructive philosophy - for more details about this punishing see items #B1 to #C4 of the totaliztic web page seismograph.htm.
       Punishments served by God to intellects which practice the philosophy of parasitism are intensified accordingly to the level of slipping down into claws of this destructive philosophy. Descriptions of subsequent levels of these punishments are provided in item #B7 of the web page seismograph.htm. For "group intellects" a clear signal that a given community already entered the parasitism to the depth that it begins to deserve "God's punishments", is the "inventive impotency". This impotency manifests itself, amongst others, by so powerful action of the "curse of inventors" described in items #G1 to #G7 of this web page, that a given nation and country is already unable to implement even a most miserable new invention. In turn the "God's punishments" which follow this "inventive impotency", typically have the form of murderous catastrophes, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, fires, etc., etc. - which kill thousands of people.
       Before God starts to destroy a given parasitic community with some murderous catastrophe, firstly He treats this community with a series of warnings. Let us learn now an example of just such a warning.

#I2. Cars "Toyota" as an illustrative example of serving the "God's warnings":

       Since around 1995 our civilisation is ruled by an extremely misfit generation which I call "Midases in reverse" - see the description of this generation in items #I5 and #I6 of the totaliztic web page tapanui.htm. This misfit generation is, amongst others, responsible for pushing into claws of parasitism practically almost every country of our planet. In present times the philosophy of parasitism is practiced by even such previously totaliztic countries as e.g. Japan. Various symptoms of practicing this destructive philosophy of parasitism by Japanese are described quite illustratively in the article [1#I2] "Toyota - symbol of a nation's fall" from page A19 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, March 10, 2010. For example, in present Japan completely disappeared the ability of subordinates to point notice of their superiors at errors and inaccuracies which are committed in their sight. The majority of people in there is already afraid to take even a smallest risk - e.g. through implementation of an improvement or an invention. People in there started to assume anti-social tendencies. Etc., etc. One amongst consequences of such sliding down of the entire society into claws of the philosophy of parasitism, is that e.g. in new Japanese cars a number of technical imperfections and errors started to grow fast.
       In first months of 2010 God utilised these technical errors and imperfections which overgrew into new cars of the Toyota company, to serve a clear warning to the entire Japanese nation. This warning took form of an entire series of unfortunate accidents which started to trouble new Toyota cars. These accidents rapidly become so numerous, that the president of Toyota was forced to publicly apologise before the American Congress - as an example see the abovementioned article [1#I2].

Part #J: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#J1. Summary of this web page:

       Every journey truly begins after we define the goal to which we wish to get. This web page indicates several goals on our path to constructing a car on the Earth which is NOT going to pollute the environment, and which is going to be economic and convenient in everyday exploitation.

#J2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#J3. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm currently available under addresses and (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#J4. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk):

       I have a pleasure to inform readers of my web pages, that to commemorate the 70th birthday of the author of this web page (i.e. myself), there was produced and published around 35 minutes long film by Dominik Myrcik, which since May 2016 is available for free viewing in The film is entitled "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" and it presents graphically most important among my scientific accomplishments. I am inviting readers to view it. The working green links, Internet addresses, promotional leaflets in three languages, and complete descriptions of all three language versions (i.e. English, German and Polish) of this excellently designed and produced HD and HQ film, are available on my web page named portfolio.htm - which was especially prepared for describing the film.
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#J5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
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