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To stand, or not to stand in 2020, that is the question (a checking on readers' opinion as to whether I should stand as a candidate for 2020 NZ parliamentary elections)
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In 2014 there were parliamentary elections in New Zealand (NZ). I myself (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk - the author of this web page) stood as an "Independent" candidate for these elections in the electorate called "Hutt South" (i.e. the electorate located at the suburb of the NZ's capitol city of Wellington). A post-election report as to how I did in 2014, together with my election programme and with descriptions of numerous scientific findings that I accomplished due to my personal conversations with thousands of voters which I visited in homes during my 2014 election campaign, are presented on my reporting web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. Although in 2014 I received quite a good number of votes (as for an "Independent" candidate!), of course, I lost that elections for the incumbent candidate from the Labour Party. I realised that the major reason why I was defeated, was that voters somehow still are unaware, that our physical world is purposely designed in so intelligent manner, that if something is NOT subjected to a continuous human effort of maintaining, repairing and improving it, then it quickly degenerates and collapses. The software mechanism which causes this degeneration and collapse is called the "moral field". ("Moral field" is described, amongst others, in item #C4.2 from my web page named morals.htm. It works similarly to "gravity field", but in a more intelligent manner - e.g. it is "dynamically shifting back" in the sense that its characteristics cause that fates of practically everything from the physical world behave like a bird in the air – i.e. to everything must continuously be applied work and effort, even if it is just to remain on the same level, as whenever the work and effort stops, a given something is to fall down, desintegrate, collapse, etc.) The "dynamically shifting back" action of this "moral field" causes also, amongst others, the gradual deterioration of all political systems, including democracies. Thus, if e.g. a democracy is left on its own and remains unimproved for several years, then it gradually develops such undemocratic behaviours, culture and legal climate, that it starts to deteriorate and may collapse or turn into a form of despotism. Actually, what we currently see in the world today are effects of leaving previous political systems, including democracies, unchanged and unimproved for too-many years. As a scientist I see this process and dangers that it brings about. Thus, already in 2014 elections I suggested a set of quite drastic reforms and changes which would improve the current democracy. The most vital among these reforms and changes, namely (a) the attempt at implementation of the "nirvana political system", and (b) the creation of a special "verification office" which all governmental decisions and laws would check to see if these comply with God's commandments and with criteria of specified in the Bible. The reform (a), namely the implementation of the "nirvana political system" is described in (a) items #A1 to #A4 from the web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm. In turn the reform (b) is described in items #J1 and #D1 from my 2014 election-reporting web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. (The most vital amongst them briefly I repeated and clarified here - i.e. on this web page.) Unfortunately, so-far I seem to be almost the only candidate standing to elections, who openly acknowledges the truth, that "absolutely all humans are imperfect beings - including myself, all other scientists, and all politicians", and therefore I also seem to be almost the only candidate who sees that it is a kind of "Sisyphean task" to try to improve the situation of a nation through just the replacement of one group of such humanly-imperfect politicians with another group of similarly humanly-imperfect politicians. It is therefore obvious, that in order to really improve the situation, there needs to be a vital improvement done to the entire current political system of democracy. Therefore, I believe that even if I would stand in a number of elections, still I could NOT win any of them - until the time when voters start to understand the importance of the message, which I provided in motto to item #G1 from this web page, and which states "Democracy is currently the most perfect political system which the humanity has developed for itself so-far - but if democracy is enriched by strict adherence to God's commandments and to criteria described in the Bible, then it would become even a more perfect political system." On the other hand, if democracy remains stagnant and non-improved for further several years, than one after another democratic systems will collapse and become replaced with various forms of despotic political systems" - on which process a lot of people is to loose and to suffer. Thus, I have a patriotic and a scientific duty to repetitively test, whether voters already realize the validity of both above messages.
       It so happens that since 2014 the collapse of democracies progressed a lot in the entire world. Everyone who watches news probably noticed this. If the reader belongs to the "fearing of God" category, he/she probably also noted that the patience of God regarding misbehaviour of people is close to ending - as it was predictable and described in numerous prophecies mentioned in items #H1 to #H3 from my web page named prophecies.htm, also described in items #U1, #T2 i #T1 from the web page woda_uk.htm, as well as on the entire web pages named 2030_uk.htm. (The content of the web page "2030.htm" in 2018 was presented also in 35-minute long free film in the Polish language, available in under the title Zagłada ludzkości 2030 meaning "The Great Purification of 2030s".) The most noticeable so-far among countless manifestations of the incoming dangers and fulfilments of prophecies was that started in China on 2019/12/8 the deadly outbreak (pandemic) of coronavirus - which two months later already spread to almost the whole world - and yet it is NOT the most dangerous event among of what can come after it. Such development are asking for someone with a good knowledge of God's methods, as well as with proven wisdom, experience and vision of the future to start channelling activities of government into the right direction.
       In 2017 were, and in 2020 will be, another parliamentary elections held in New Zealand. Thus, if myself and New Zealand, receive a "second chance" and if our circumstances permit it, then in 2017 and in 2020 I have the decision to make, whether I should stand again as an "Independent" candidate for the "Hutt South" electorate. (Why my standing as a candidate for 2017 or for 2020 elections can be called a "second chance" - is explained in item #E2 of this web page.) So far I tend to believe that my decision about the standing should be NO. However, there is a number of reasons, which I am to explain below, and which suggest, that I should also thoroughly consider the possibility of making the decision YES. Thus, probably the best way to check which final decision I should make, would be to consult the whole situation with readers of my web pages (unfortunately too few of which are also voters from my electorate) to seek their opinion - which I am doing now through this web page. This is why at the beginning of 2020 I updated this web page (which was published on 7 April 2015), so that I could be able to make an informed decision by including questions addresses to readers in item #D2 below, while these questions are designed to gather the information which should help me in making this important decision about elections of 2017 and 2020.
       Notice, however, that because this web page refers generally to "democracy" - as to the system which prevails in a number of different countries, and also because this web page NOT only explains "what" should be done, but it additionally explains "why" it should be done in that way, "how" in the best way it could be done, and also "what" kind of my scientific research and empirical examples from the real life confirms that this particular way of solving that kind of problems is the correct and effective one, the reading of this web page would turn beneficial to every reader - NO matter in which country he or she currently resides. This is also the reason for which questions from item #D2 below is addressed to all readers of this web page, NOT just to voters from the "Hutt South" electorate in New Zealand (actually, for the best of my knowledge, it is an extremely rare situation that a voter from my electorate ever reads my web pages.)
       The main goal and reason for me making a decision regarding a possible standing for NZ elections previously in 2017 and currently in 2020, would be an attempt to implement several particularly beneficial modifications to principles on which the government and the Parliament function. This is because the historical research, which I carried out and which I described in items #C4.2 and #A4 of my web page named morals.htm, confirm that these improvements would turn in the long-term operation to be highly beneficial for all people involved. Hence my sense of duty suggests that I should do my best to at least attempt to implement these improvements. The idea and principles of the proposed improvements have been derrived from outcomes of my research on the mechanisms of the so-called "true morality" described more comprehensively in items #A1, #A4, #B2, #B3, #B6 and #B7 of the web page named morals.htm. The most important amongst these intended improvements would be the mentioned above (a) the implementation of the "nirvana political system" briefly summarised in items #A1 to #A4 from my web page named nirvana.htm. The work of the "nirvana political system" is based on the philosophical truth discovered by my philosophy of totalizm and stating that for everything that people have already designed and implemented, there is a possibility of developing an even better alternative. For example, for all political systems existing on Earth so far, including the current capitalism and communism, each one of which uses either "fear" or "money" to force people into work, there is an incomparably more perfect alternative, which under the name "nirvana political system" I described in items #A1 to #A4 from my web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm. In that "nirvana political system" people would voluntarily carry out all the required "moral work" in order to generate for themselves the so-called "moral energy" (zwow) which they would need in order to keep themselves diring the entire life in a wisely and far-sighteddly designed and pre-programmed by God into our souls and bodies state of ineffable happiness of the miraculous phenomenon of "nirvana" - which I described more thoroughly on the web page named nirvana.htm (especially see in there items #D3, #D2 and #C6). Therefore, in this "nirvana political system" there would NOT be any of the bad consequences of all previous systems designed by imperfect people, i.e. there would be NO: unemployed, unfortunate, money, exploitation, rich or poor, crimes, addictions, paying for whatever we need, waste, poor quality products (i.e. shoddy products that quickly fills with rubbish our feeder Earth), etc. (After all, in nirvana political system money would be replaced with the happiness of the miraculous phenomenon of nirvana).
       Another quite significant among such intended improvements would be the mentioned above reform (b), namely the creation of a special "verification office" which all governmental decisions and laws would check to see if these comply with God's commandments and with criteria of specified in the Bible. To this verification would need to be subjected all decisions taken by the government, as well as all new laws passed by parliament. These decisions and laws would need to undergo a systematic checking and correcting from the moral point of view, so that they would NOT violate any criteria of the "true morality" - reasons for the urgent need of carrying out such checking and correcting are briefly summarized in items #B1 to #B8 of this web page and more thoroughly are explained in items #C4.2, #A4 and #C4.7 of the web page named morals.htm, as well as in item #J1 from my previous election reporting page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. Further ideas of improvements would also involve: (c) my attempt to initiate a series of social, political and economic reforms, which already seems to be urgently needed in NZ - a short summary of the most important amongst which reforms is provided in "part #D" from my previous election reporting web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm (some amongst these urgently needed reforms are also represented in a set of examples from "part #C" of this web page). Regardless of the abovementioned improvements, an additional goal and reason for my standing to these elections would also be an increase of knowledge. After all, I am a scientist and the creator of the currently most moral philosophy of the modern world called totalizm. In turn standing as a candidate to the NZ elections would require an election campaign to be carried out, during which I would personally talk with thousands of voters about problems that plague their lives - similarly as I was talking with thousands of voters during my previous election campaign of 2014. This talking would provide me with a lot of data and experience, which after rethinking would allow me to enrich my knowledge and enhance further my philosophy of totalizm. Finally, one amongst other reasons urging me to stand in these elections, would also be my scientific curiosity and precision. After all, my active participation in the elections of 2017 or 2020 would, among others, allow me to scientifically compare the results and findings which I have achieved in the previous elections of 2014, with the results of 2017 or 2020 elections.
       Unfortunately, apart from the above possible benefits to all my fellow voters and coutrymen, that could potentially be brough-about, or at least explained to voters due to my possible standing in these elections, there are also many disadvantages, obstacles and risks deterring me from making a YES decision on the standing in elections of 2017 or 2020. For example, my previous participation in NZ elections of 2014 yielded rather unspectacular results. After all, then my candidacy for an MP received 103 votes - as described in item #N4 of my webs page from that time named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. So I am having the question as to whether it was caused by imperfections of my campaign, or by actual lack of voters' interest in improving their own situation. After all, moral principles and proverbs state quite clearly that it is NOT allowed to make people happy against their will, while they themselves do NOT want their fate to be improved, and also that God helps those who help themselves. So if my unspectacular results in previous elections were NOT solely due to imperfections of my campaign, then my standing to the next elections would NOT make any sense. In addition to this, my possible standing in 2017 or 2020 elections seem to be deterred and discouraged also by (i) my age, (ii) the fact that in the case of standing for these elections I would be practically forced to disconnect myself from the life and loose the whole half a year of my life, while devoting the entire my time to the campaign (as the only thing that I would need do then, would be to run my campaign), (iii) the fact that standing in these elections would, of course, dissipate my humble funds and resources, (iv) the fact that I do NOT know in New Zealand even a single case when an immigrant standing to elections as an "independent" candidate would ever win the election, (v) the fact discovered during my participation in the elections of 2014, that "independent" candidates are "disadvantaged" in many ways in relation to party candidates, (vi) the fact that standing as a candidate to elections exposes to various dangers, (vii) the fact that as a result of confronting and discussing during the campaign life's problems of thousands of potential voters would also reveal to me so many further immoralities, injustice, frauds, etc., about which normally I do NOT have a clue because typically they are NOT disclosed to the public, that this revealing would only unnecessary suppress my optimism and faith in goodness of people (after all, the carrying out an election campaign forces to break the last component from the principle "do NO evil, speak NO evil, see NO evil, hear NO evil" illustratively expressed by the symbol of "four wise monkeys" from Eastern cultures that are described in item #B1.1 from my web page named antichrist_pl.htm), and (viii) a whole series of still other reasons.
* * *
So here I am standing at a crossroad and I do NOT know what decision I should make - this is because from my point of view both decisions, i.e. NO as well as YES, would be equally correct and simultaneously equally incorrect, while the key to a possible difference between them is held by voters - the opinions of which at this stage remain unknown to me. (Hence originates the paraphrasing of Shakespeare's famous question in the header of this web page.) Therefore, I hope that my readers, would contribute to making my final decision on this very important matter of elections in 2017 or 2020. After all, due to the existence of this web page I can now estimate the readership that it enjoys, and also I hope that some readers will volunteer to answer my questionnaire from item #D2 of this web page, that examines the opinions from readers. (NOT mentioning the fact, that some readers may also share with me their comments through emails - but then please note that due to a chronic lack of time, I can rarely afford timewise to respond to emails that come to me.) Thus, by visiting this web page readers are automatically helping me to make an informed decision whether in 2017 or 2020 I should maintain my initial belief that I should NOT stand for NZ elections of 2017 or 2020, or rather I should change this initial belief into YES, and put forward my candidacy.

The content of this web page is authorized by Jan Pajak, means by a researcher of New Zealand and Poland, and WorldCat Identity (see the web page, who in the early part of 21st century stand out from the crowd of still-living discoverers and inventors of these two countries and he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and at that time the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of a scientific "hobby" forced by official disapproval of his research area, although, unfortunately, about his existence and results of research almost no-one wants to know in New Zealand, while to annul, deny and mute down his discoveries and inventions many inhabitants of Poland conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and trying to leave for future generations only lies, trash, poisoned water, polluted air, destroyed fertility of soil, and devastated nature.

Part #A: I begin and finish every most important my attempt with a prayer - so if your beliefs and wishes allow this to you, then please join me now in my prayer and repeat it with me:


#A1. The prayer - if you wish to join me in repeating it, then just suffices that you read it carefully with the asking and seeking spiritual attitude:

       Holy Father, if this does NOT interfere with Your superior goals and plans, then I am asking sincerely to support with Your divine power the implementation of the compatible with Your will parts of the goals and intentions of your servant, Jan Pajak - the author of this web page.

#A2. If your worldview allows it, I also invite you that after you have finished reading this web page, then together with me you also thanked God - just as I do in item #P1 near the end of this web page:

#A3. Reading this item (#A3) you can omit - it merely explains why I am the scientist who everything that is important starts and finishes with a prayer, and why I also recommend to you, the reader, to do the same:

       Although now this may seem unusual, in my adult life until 1985 I considered myself to be an "atheist" and confessed to the so-called "scientific worldview". However, in 1985 I developed a completely new theory now disseminated in the world under the name of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory is quite remarkable, because it literally shows to us everything from a completely opposite point of view than it is done by any other existing scientific theory. (This is why it can also be called the "theory of everything".) But most importantly, it scientifically proves to us the existence of God. As such, for those who accept it, this theory gradually persuades to transform the whole of their views about life and about the world around us - that is, to accept the philosophy of totalizm for the philosophy that is to be practiced everyday of their life. It also completely changes the foundation of our approach to virtually all matters. For example, in science it commands the approach "a priori" to research - practically now implemented only by the new "totaliztic science" described e.g. in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page telekinetics.htm. During decision-making process it commands to look for directions from the "moral field" described, amongst others, in item #J1 of the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm and in items #C4.2 and #C4.7 of the web page named morals.htm. For disasters it recommends the based on morality methods of defence described on my web page named quake.htm (e.g. see items #I1, #I2, or #J1 in there). Etc., etc. But this groundbreaking work of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity introduces also adverse implications for its dissemination. After all, most people have acquired in their youths the views and habits that allow them a comfortable life free from the need to improve themselves - thus because of such views and habits those people typically do NOT like to change just when somewhere appears a new theory which they are NOT forced to learn. This unwillingness of people to recognize the findings of new theories most perfectly is expressed by the adage often repeated at my alma mater in Poland (in which I first lectured and conducted research), i.e. the adage stating that "in results of experimental research immediately believe everyone - with the exception of their author, and in results of theories no-one believes - except for their author". According to this Polish saying, I firmly believe in results of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity. So in my personal life, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity caused that now I already know for certain that God does exist. Knowledge is, as you know, more reliable than just belief. After all, one can always stop believing, but one NEVER stops to know - see just such a replacement of our beliefs by knowledge being foretold in the Bible - e.g. see [1#F4] verse 4:13 from the "Letter to Ephesians", which can be interpreted, that the final situation which we all are to accomplish, is when our child-like belief in God, which is changeable and tossed around by blows of science, is replaced by the mature knowledge of God. It is because of the new knowledge that provided to me the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that from a former atheist with "scientific-views" - for which I considered myself before the year 1985, I gradually transformed into the present "totaliztic scientist" who considers himself a "servant of God" and who prays fervently before starting any more significant action while thanks God after this action is finished.

Part #B: What all this is about?


#B1. In this "part #B" I am trying to explain to readers "why" I am contributing so much effort, work and thinking into what is described on this web page:

       The word "why" is extremely important for people guided by reasoning and NOT by emotions - and just such persons I would like to see among my helpers and supporters. This is because of this word, in this "part #B" of the web page I am trying to briefly summarize the goal for the attempt of achieving which, among others, I wrote this web page, i.e. to briefly summarize why the reader should trust the results of my research showing that in fact he or she would help himself or herself, his/her closest ones, and his/her descendants, if he or she would actively help me in becoming elected as a New Zealand MP - so that I could attempt to use my knowledge, experience and authority for trying to improve the work of democracy, i.e. to cause that all governmental decisions, and all laws passed by the parliament would be checked whether they violate any criteria of "true morality" (i.e. the morality described in items #B5 to #B7 from the web page morals.htm), and if it would turn-out that they somehow violate these moral criteria, then to suggest to the government or Parliament such changes and improvements to these decisions or laws, that they would still achieve their goals, but would NOT violate any criteria of the "true morality".
       Of course, one does NOT need to explain here, that the actual achievement of the above goal would be synomous with carrying out a kind of bloodless "moral revolution". After all, as so far no one, never, and nowhere checked nor corrected the governmental decisions and laws for the fulfilment of criteria of "true morality" - the devastating outcomes of which situation we can clearly see around us. In turn as we know, carrying out any revolution, even moral and bloodless, is NOT easy and requires a huge effort. This is why to actually accomplish such a moral revolution, I am to need an information-support from readers of this web page and from future voters. Thus, in order to reach to their consciousness I wrote this web page. In turn to convince them of the rightness of whatever I am trying to accomplish with my actions, I wrote down this "part #B" of the web page.
       I should also add here, that if in fact the conditions from items #E2 and #E3 of this web page were met, then in my election program for 2017, the described above efforts to improve democracy would be my ultimate goal, but NOT the only one. This is because then it would place for myself also several other goals, which the key idea would be to ensure that the morally correct refinement of democracy and the government, would have a chance to get a permanent nature - NOT was just a kind of temporary experiment. These goals I have thoroughly described in my previous election program for the parliamentary elections of 2014 - see, amongst others, items #D1 and #D5 from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, while I briefly summarized them in item #G1 of this web page. For example, I would try to restore the scientific balance between the fully secular deistic and atheistic education, means initiate also a formal program to educate young people in the secular knowledge of principles, methods, tools, requirements and criteria of the "true morality" required from the people by God - through the implementation of the official teaching of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm in high schools and at universities, to be undertaken in parallel with there currently taught atheistic views and theories such as the "theory of evolution" or the "big bang theory". (I am emphasizing here the world "secular", as in spite of acknowledging the existence of God, both, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm are fully secular theory and philosophy - which try to correct the deviations of truth introduced to practically almost all religions, and which try to base our knowledge of God on verifiable by everyone research and experiments.) I would also try to end the current monopoly of the old "atheistic orthodox science" on research and on education, creating for this old official science a true "competition" through the establishment of at least one "totaliztic university", which would entirely be based on principles of the new "totaliztic science", and thus which finally would begin to make accountable the old, official "atheistic orthodox science" for lies with which this old official science now buries the whole of humanity. (To these lies of the official science I tried to draw the attention of readers, amongst others, in item #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm.)

#B2. If you were God, then probably you would also pass to people a set of requirements, the compliance with which people would need to learn during their physical lives, so that they began to be suitable for everyday life together with you in the next world which you would create after the end of the present world - which set of your requirements people would call "morality":

       If you read my publications or web pages, then probably you also know that I am the scientist, who was the first in the world that has developed a whole range of formal scientific proofs for the existence of God. One of these, carried out with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is presented in item #G2 from my web page named god_proof.htm. In turn a next item #G3 on the same web page indicates and links next such proofs. Thus, although it is in human nature, that in the results of theoretical research no-one believes - except for the author, but in the results of experimental research everyone believes - except for the author, my proofs for the existence of God no one yet could undermine or overthrow (although were taken numerous such attempts), hence these proofs remain in effect, and everyone should take them into account in his or her actions. After all, they replace the to-date "faith" that God exists, into the "knowledge" and "certainty" that God surely does exist.
       Since God does exist, immediately everyone has the question "for what purpose God created man/people?". The answer to this question I gave already on my web page named antichrist.htm - starting from its item #B1. Thus, I will not repeat here that answer. For the purpose of this web page it is enough to say, that God has important goals to be achieved with the assistance from man. One of these goals is to reside and to live together with people already in the next world which God is to create probably shortly after the year 2656 AD - for details see item #A3 and "Table #A1" (with historic epochs of the humanity) from my web page named humanity.htm. However, in order such residing with the people was for God a pleasure, NOT an anguish, God must properly educate them beforehand. This educating is quite logical and I am ready to bet that if you, the reader, had the power of God, then you would also firstly start the proper upbringing of all the people, with whom you later intend to reside and live. But in order to educate people onto such as God needs them, God uses certain methods. Their beginning is to issue a set of laws and principles, written in the Bible, and then the systematic teaching people that they are required to incorporate permanently into their characters the habits of pedantic and voluntary compliance with these laws and principles. These laws and principles imposed on us by God and defining how we should behave and act in our lives, now are called morality.
       Speaking of "morality", it is also worth mentioning here, what the logic (and the Bible) tells us that is to happen to those people who do NOT learn the permanent habit that in everything they do they observe these moral laws and principles required from us by God. Well, the truth is very simple - they all become useless to God, and thus will be disposed of. This is just why, in order to accomplish the upbringing of that required for God number of 144,000 of people who will permanently learn the principles of morality, and whom in the Bible God calls the "righteous" (for the actual meaning of the word "righteous" see item #I1 on my web page named quake.htm), God is raising up on Earth billions of human candidates - amongst which then God will choose the number of most moral and obedient people which He needs.

#B3. In fact, there is NO other way to practically teach the disobedient and imperfect people, that they have to acquire the lasting habit of fulfilment of moral requirements, apart from an abundant rewarding those people who maintain a strict morality, while at the same time severely punishing these people who break the moral requirements (especially that those who violate the moral criteria become useless and disposable for God):

       Think about what you would have done if you were in the place of God and wanted to teach morals to highly imperfect and disobedient people. Well, every time when they would break the laws issued to them by you, you would issue for them a solid knock out, while in cases when they would adhere to these laws, then you would reward them lavinishly. After all, if we think about it thoroughly, there is NO other way. Exactly so acts God. Namely, each time when people break the laws of morality commanded to them in the Bible to comply with, God severely punishes those people. In contrast, each time when people do something in accordance with the laws contained in the Bible, God rewards them handsomely. Unfortunately, in addition to this principle of punishment and rewarding of people, God must also oversee the fulfilment of yet another principle. Namely the so-called "free will" - which He gave to us for many important reasons described, among others, on my web page named will.htm. So if God immediately punishes or rewards people, He would also destroy their "free will". After all, everyone would then feel the fear of God and fear against doing whatever the morality forbids to do. But we supposed to learn to act morally as "volunteers", NOT "under duress". (After all, only "voluntarily" means also "permanently", while "under duress" means "only when we are watched".) So in order to punish and reward us without violating our free will, God uses a very wise and far-sighted principles, namely, the whole work of "moral mechanisms" that are to teach us morality, God subdivided into two operations, namely the short-term operation ("judgmental") and into the working in an opposite way the long-term operation (actually "rewarding" or "punishing" us). The goal of the short-term operation of moral mechanisms is just to maintain the existence of our "free will" and to judge our character. God accomplishes this goal by causing that whatever we do, in the short term work of moral mechanisms brings for us only the "illusory results". In turn the actual punishments and rewards for every human action God serves to us only in the long-term operation of moral mechanisms, i.e. only after the elapse of so-called "return time" since we completed that action - when the long-term effects of every human action begin to become exactly opposite to the short-term effects of that action. (Such work of moral mechanisms, subdivided into two opposite operations, is explained in more details, among others, in items #C4.2.1 and #C4.2 from my web page named morals.htm.) Due to both these operations, people with immoral and unruly tendencies can reveal to God their true intentions and character traits, while God still in the long-term serves out to them the justice that they deserved - note the proverb "God's mill grinds slow but sure".
       For the moral mechanisms to be allowed to examine and "judge" the character of a given person in their short-term work, their work is so pre-programmed that in the short-term (immediate) work moral mechanisms hold back and make difficult the implementation of morally correct actions of people, while simultaneously in their short-term (immediate) work moral mechanisms help and facilitate the implementation of immoral actions of people. Therefore, only in the long-term work of these moral mechanisms the morally correct conducts of people are rewarded, while the immoral conducts are punished. The first and most important amongst punishments served to people who acts immorally, is the invalidation of all these "illusory benefits", that a given immoral conduct generated as a result of short-term (judgmental) work of moral mechanisms. In other words, due to the described here pre-programmed work of moral mechanisms, the real benefits bring to people only and exclusively the morally correct conducts - i.e. those conducts which do NOT break any criteria of "true morality". In turn, all immoral actions always in the final effects do NOT bring any benefits at all, but only generate various penalties. The empirical analysis of the long-term consequences of any past human behavior confirms, that in practice the described here principles of work of moral mechanisms (i.e. principles for the first time in the world discovered, described and popularised by the philosophy of totalizm) actually take place and systematically occur in real life. Hence, the further ignoring of the work of moral mechanisms in human actions is at least foolish, if NOT the bringing of intended damage to ourselves and to others.
       Of course, the above principles of work of moral mechanisms is known to folklore for centuries, while the knowledge about them the folklore disseminates since a long time - amongst others, in the form of proverbs. For an example of this folk wisdom compare the above my descriptions of the work of moral mechanisms with the old Polish proverb stating "out of something bad always comes something good" (in the Polish language: "NIE ma takiego złego co by na dobre nie wyszło"), and also with the reversal of this old Polish proverb stating that "out of something good always comes something bad" (in the Polish language: "NIE ma takiego dobrego co by na złe nie wyszło"). The Polish nation is NOT the only one which noticed the work of the principle described here, and which expresses this principle in the form of a proverb. The same moral principle is illustrated also in proverbs of other nations - out of which the most completely both parts of it are illustrated probably by the Chinese proverb stating that "bad husbands always have good wives, while good husbands always have bad wives" - explained more comprehensively, amongst others, in item #B2 from my web page named antichrist.htm. Notice here, how wisely and how long-term beneficially for all parties involved, the evil that results from the truth of this Chinese proverb is morally corrected by the suggestion provided in the Bible and explained in more details in item #J2.2.2 from the web page named morals.htm.

#B4. Moral principles are so wisely designed by God, that everything that people do, can be done both ways, i.e. either in a moral manner, or in an immoral manner:

       During our school years, the official science that monopolizes our education (which in the next item #B5 is also called the old "atheistic orthodox science") has strengthened in us the belief, that supposedly every problem has only a single correct solution. However, as I illustrate this in item #C2 below, the everyday life, and also the new so-called "totaliztic science", continually prove to us, that in reality every problem has a number of different solutions that may be, but NOT need to, differ amongst themselves only by the level of fulfilment of moral criteria, and several of which in some cases may be equally correct. In other words, according to the new "totaliztic science" every problem has multiple solutions, among which in some cases correct may be even a few of them. An excellent example of such a number of correct solutions is today's car, which by almost every company is built differently, but which in a physical sense by almost all of these companies is built correctly and perfectly fulfils the transportation functions for which it was designed.
       The existence for each problem as many as a number of possible solutions that are physically correct and some of which may differ from each other only in moral terms, in conjunction with the fact, that people have simultaneously both, the "free will", and a set of moral requirements to comply with, mean together, that absolutely everything that people do, depending on the wishes, inclinations and character of doers, can be done either in accordance with the requirements of morality, that is morally, or by breaking the criteria of morality, that is immorally. Practically every action and every goal of human behaviour can be accomplished in several different immoral ways, and at least on one moral way. Examples of morally correct solutions to common problems of today's life are indicated in item #C2 from this web page. In turn methods developed by the philosophy of totalizm, which indicate how to find a morally correct solution to the problem which currently bothers us, are described in a whole range of my web pages - for example in item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, or in items #C4.2 to #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm.

#B5. Our official, so-called "atheistic orthodox science", does NOT recognize the existence of God (professional scientists themselves seem to want to "play" God), so this science is forced to avoid researching and recognising the "true morality" required from people by God - after all, this true morality works in so intelligent manner, that the learning how it works reassures people in the certainty of the existence of wise and omnipotent God:

       The institution of our present official science is saturated with atheism into its roots - NOT without a reason a popular name of the present official science reads the atheistic orthodox science (this name is typically used in cases where the old official science should be distinguished from other sciences, e.g. from the new totaliztic science described more comprehensively in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm). Of course, being "atheistic institution to its roots", the official science cannot, as the proverb says undercut the branch on which it sits and carry out the actual research on the "true morality". After all, moral mechanisms must act intelligently and hence their performance demonstrates to people that in order the morally correct behaviours could be enforced from the people in our physical world, the physical world must be intelligently governed by all-powerful God. Of course, the "atheistic orthodox science" does NOT want to run research, that reveal to people the actual existence of God. Hence, it does NOT research the "true morality", but only researches a human imitation of morality, popularly called "ethics", or "scientific morality" - i.e. the imitation of morality described in more detail in items #A1, #B6 and #B7 of my web page named morals.htm. In addition, in order to prevent people from the realising, that there are iron "standards of morality" given to people by God and described in the Bible, this official science significantly distorts its "scientific morality" in relation to the "true morality". Of course, by distorting its "scientific morality", the official science officially lies to the humanity (though NOT only in matters of morality, but also in most of whatever it is officially stating - for details see item #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm and item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm).

#B6. Since our official "atheistic orthodox science" does NOT research nor teach the "true morality" - the maintaining of its monopoly on education causes that the today's people do NOT have a way to learn the rules of "true morality" nor learn how to follow these rules:

Motto: "To improve our fate in the future, we have to base our actions on lessons of the past."

       In spite that the humanity for centuries already knows, that every kind of monopoly is highly harmful to humans, still in many areas of human activities, these monopolies are still artificially maintained. For example, in the private sphere people keep a "marriage monopoly", although God clearly suggests in the Bible, that humans were created for polygamy - which fact is explained in item #J2.2.2 from the web page named morals.htm. In turn in the public sphere people still maintain the "monopoly of official science on research and on education" - and this in spite that this monopolistic science chronically lies to people in virtually everything that it officially states (which a fact of that chronic lying by science is already indicated in item #B5 above), and also in spite that there is already a new "totaliztic science" which, by definition, is trying to straighten this lying - i.e. there is already a "competition" to the official science, also indicated in item #B5 above.
       The continuous existence of this monopoly of official science on research and on education, coupled with the fact explained in item #B5 above that the official science is NOT researching nor teaching the "true morality" required from the people by God, and in combination with the fact that because of the influence of the official science and the pressure of the society also religions have abandoned already the teaching of the "true morality" (which fact I am explaining more comprehensively in items #A4 and #C4.2 from the web page named morals.htm), all these taken together mean that practically no one in the modern times teaches people how they really should behave and what is to happen to them if they keep breaking the criteria of true morality. (Teaching of the "true morality" is unofficially carried out by the philosophy of totalizm and the new "totaliztic science", but being officially and continuously persecuted and silenced, this philosophy and new science do NOT have a major impact on the knowledge of "true morality" by the population.) As a result, the knowledge of "true morality" - which is the most important knowledge that people should voluntarily learn, now is NOT available almost anywhere for people. In turn, how the people may behave morally, if they do NOT have a way to find out what the moral behavior actually is. After all, the moral behaviour does NOT depend on the avoidance of disciplining children - which the ban of children disciplining the present official science shows as an example of "scientific morality" (for details see item #B5.1 from the web page named will.htm). It also is not the granting of the rights to enter into same-sex marriages and to raise children by homosexuals (for details see item #B4 of the web page named antichrist.htm).

#B7. Because of the general lack of knowledge about the "true morality", virtually almost all decisions made by today's governments, as well as almost all laws passed by present parliaments, are breaking various criteria of "true morality" - for which breaking the moral mechanisms must later serve appropriate punishments, the first of which is the loss of all beneficial consequences of those decisions and laws:

       The paradox of our times is that almost every household has at least one copy of the Bible - but in spite of this, if someone is asked today to list, for example. 10 God's commandments, then he or she with a difficulty can summarize or name three or four of them. And we must remember that these God's 10 commandments are only the beginning, NOT all, of the moral requirements imposed on people by God. So how the present people are expected to follow principles of "true morality", if they do NOT have a clue what these principles state? The result is such that the majority of actions and decisions of today's people are breaking some moral principles and criteria - for which breaking these people are then severely punished by moral mechanisms. Of course, if individuals break the principles and criteria of "true morality", the penalties served for this primarily affect only them and their loved ones. But, unfortunately, because of the lack of knowledge about "true morality", moral principles and criteria violate also the present governments and parliaments in practically almost all governmental decisions and laws. In turn penalties for violations of morality by governments and by parliaments fall on entire countries and nations which are ruled by these governments and parliaments. This in turn becomes already a serious problem for the entire our civilization. After all, for this reason almost all people suffer, while the entire our civilization stubbornly heads towards a disaster. To eliminate this problem, it becomes necessary to start "looking at the hands" of governments and parliaments, and verify for the compliance with the criteria of "true morality" everything that they do. Unfortunately, in order to carry out such a verification, the person that is to made it must have a significant knowledge, experience, and authority in matters of "true morality". He or she must also be characterised by great courage and stubbornness - as he or she will have many powerful enemies who will try to destroy such a person, and also will be subjected to enormous pressures. Thus, finding such a person is not so easy. Fortunately, I am just that kind of character - as the reader probably already noted by reading my publications and attacks continually directed at them. Thus the use of this my potential for the initiation in New Zealand of the moral verification described here, is the reason why I have set goals to achieve - for which goals I need now an active support and assistance from readers, while to clarify which goals I prepared this web page.
       The matter of a chronic making almost exclusively immoral decisions by today's governments and parliaments, is already discussed relatively well in items #C4.2 and #A4, from my web page named morals.htm, and also in item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. To persons interested in this matter I therefore propose to have a look in there. It is because I also provided in there examples of punishments that for such breaking of criteria of "true morality" are served by the intelligently acting moral mechanisms.

#B8. To restore to the government and to parliament the ability to make morally correct decisions and laws, it is necessary to elect to a significant position of authority (e.g. for a "Member of Parliament" or "MP") someone like Dr Jan Pajak - which is going to verify in terms of fulfilment of the moral requirements, all decisions and laws proposed by government and by parliament, while if he detects that these decisions or laws break any criteria of morality, then he is to suggest such a transforming them, that they meet their original goal but do NOT break any moral criteria:

       Each person has the opportunity to choose one of two different reactions to the shocking fact revealed by my research, namely that today's governments and parliaments make almost exclusively immoral decisions and laws, which moral mechanisms must then punish, among others, with the cancellation of all their beneficial consequences. Namely, each person can either react with indifference and passivity, allowing that the situation is going to roll down further until a disaster. However, each person may also choose acting - i.e. help me to initiate the moral verification described here and the moral improvement of activities of the government and parliament. In the case when all (or almost all) voters choose the passivity, it is NOT difficult to predict what the future will bring. However, in the case if voters actually help me, then in the joint effort with them we would initiate moral improvements, which certainly would enter to the history books.
       The topic of systematic checking whether the governmental decisions and the laws passed by parliament do NOT break any moral criteria, and if they break - then suggesting such improvements of these decisions and laws that would allow them to achieve the same final goals, but were morally correct, is explained widely, amongst others, in item #J1 from my previous election web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. In turn the issue of adding to secondary schools and to universities the obligation to teach the philosophy of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - so that in New Zealand starts to increase the number of people capable of making decisions and actions in the way that is NOT breaking any moral criteria, is explained in more detail in item #G1 below on this web page. To those interested in these matters, I therefore propose to have a look in there.

Fig. #B1a

Page 1
Fig. #B1b

Page 2

Fig. #B1ab. Here is an enhanced, 2 pages long version of my election flyer for the 2014 election campaign. This flyer is copied from my web page reporting on outcomes of my previous 2014 campaign for parliamentary elections in New Zealand - i.e. is copied from "Fig. #M1" of my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. In case I would decide to stand also for elections in 2017, the flyer which I would then use would probably be quite similar to the above one. (Click on any page of this flyer to see it enlarged.)
       Notice that this flyer is already quite outdated, because it has been prepared as part of my preparation for the NZ parliamentary elections of 2014, reported widely on my other web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. However, most important of its messages probably will remain valid even in 2017 - about which year I still need to decide (with the help from readers of this web page) whether I should stand as a candidate for the NZ parliamentary elections. In the case of me standing to those elections, that flyer would be, after further refining, printed on both sides of an A5 size paper leaf - i.e. In the size in which was printed my flyer for the New Zealand 2014 elections, shown in "Fig. #A1" from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. I decided to show this flyer also here for a number of reasons, for example: (1) because I hope that readers may send to me their opinions about it - which may help me to improve it further - so that it is ready in case I ever need to use it; (2) because in a brief form it summarises all for what I am standing and thus what would be the most important in my attempts at standing for the NZ parliamentary elections of 2017; (3) because it allows readers to compare of what I represent to what represent other politicians and candidates for these elections; and for still several others reasons.
       Copying of the above flyer is NOT blocked. Thus, the reader can copy and keep it somewhere in own computer for printing and/or for analysing in a spare time later, or to print it and discuss it with the reader's family and/or friends. This copying and printing is completely safe, because this flyer is stored in a safe photograph format called "jpg" - to which computer viruses are unable to attach themselves. Therefore, I would recommend to the reader to print it. After all, it would remind the reader about elections of 2017 and about facts described in item #G1 and in the introduction to this web page. Furthermore, this flyer also provides links to addresses of this web page - to which it may be worth having a look again in the future. The copying of it, saving it in own computer, and printing it, one can carry out in several ways, for example by clicking onto it above with the right-click of the mouse, and then saving it to own computer's disk, or through a direct loading it of the addresses and, or addresses and (Click on any of the two pages/sides of this flyer to more accurately see it enlarged - its high resolution allows a maximum zoom for a precise analysing of every detail of it, for example, the humorous composing of situation by the lowest icon on "page 2" of above flyer - i.e. next to this icon with the slogan "no entanglements ...".)
       Page 1: The first page of the abovementioned my election flyer. It summarises my major goals for accomplishing in case if I am elected to the NZ parliament.
       Page 2: The second page of the abovementioned my election flyer. It summarises major reasons for which the most beneficial for the voters would turn out to be voting for my "Independent" candidacy. It also provides two (main and spare) internet addresses of the election web page (should my decision be YES and such an election web page needed to be developped), i.e. addresses and - to prevent the situation that occurred during my 2014 election campaign and that is described in (2014/8/23) from item #N3 of my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. So if the first of these addresses fails to work, then the reader can find the same web page on the second (spare) address.

Part #C: Examples that show how difficult problems can be solved without violating any criteria of "true morality", means examples of solutions that in the long-term operation of moral mechanisms would NOT have to be punished with the cancellation of their beneficial consequences:


#C1. Even if I was elected as MP, still all decisions would democratically make the government, while all laws would be designed and voted by parliament, while I could only suggest their moral improvement, but finally there would be a voice in the parliament which would start to emphasize the importance of obeying moral criteria, thus it does NOT hurt to present here for the reader a few examples of how difficult problems could be solved without breaking any criteria of "true morality":

Motto: "Today's politicians, in their behaviours that do NOT know the mechanisms and principles of 'true morality', can be compared to 'drivers who have already been issued with driving licences and hastily race through busy city streets', but they have NOT yet learned 'road code'."

       (This item will be written and published only after a while - so I propose to look at it in the future.)

#C2. Morally correct solving of difficult problems about which I know, that they awaited for a long time to be solved - provided here for a discussion as examples of how to repair these problems without breaking the criteria of "true morality":

Motto: "A ban can be issued by practically everyone, even by immature children, but letting to do things in a manner which is to benefit all interested people requires a great deal of wisdom, knowledge and experience."

       Here is a set of major problems, which, according to my understanding, are lowering the "standard of living" NOT only for many today's inhabitants of New Zealand, but also for many inhabitants of the entire world. Each problem is supplied with a suggestion stemming from the principles of the philosophy of totalizm, for a possible way that this problem could be best solved without breaking the criteria of "true morality". (These problems are listed here in the order ranked by their adverse impact on the "standard of living" of people.) Regardless of the provided below ways of solving each of these problems, each of them can also be solved on many further ways. But solutions which I provided below rise the most steeply uphill in the so-called "moral field" (what is this "moral field" - it is explained in more detail in item #C4.2 from my web page named morals.htm). Therefore, the implementation of these particular solutions would bring the most of practical benefits in the long-term work of moral mechanisms. Notice also the general feature of all such agreeable with criteria of "true morality", and thus best possible solutions for every problem, namely that the totaliztic ways of solving problems are based on the principle of a "well-defined allowing", and NOT on the principle of "banning".
       The last sentence above emphasizes to us the secondary "reward", which is also released by every procedure carried out in agreement with the criteria of "true morality" (i.e. every action performed "morally"). As I explained this in item #B3 above, the primary reward of every morally correct procedure is to avoid becoming punished by moral mechanisms - since in the long-term work of moral mechanisms every immoral conduct is punished with the loss of all the "illusory benefits" that these conduct initially brought to us. In turn this secondary and additional reward for the observance of moral criteria in our actions is that if these actions are carried out in accordance with the moral criteria, then they always boil down to a targeted "allowing", i.e. they increase the total number of life opportunities that open up to people to be chosen from. In other words, morally correct acting always is to increase the so-called "civil liberties". It is easy to notice also that the actions that violate the criteria of morality always boil down to some form of "bans", i.e. they always reduce the "civil liberties" and escalate the number of prohibitions and restrictions. Therefore, due to recent making by governments almost exclusively immoral decisions and actions that mostly boil down to "prohibiting" and to the subsequent shutting down the possibilities of people, these "civil liberties" in recent times have been significantly eroded. So if things continue to roll down along the same path, then soon in the currently started "neo-medieval epoch", the situation will be reached again which already existed in the original Middle Ages. Namely, for ordinary people practically everything will be forbidden, and whatever someone would do, a personal enemy of him or her having power or money will be able to throw him or her to a jail, or even put him or her to death. So I feel sorry for these our descendants, to whom can come to live in such times - if right now, when it is NOT too late, we do NOT take appropriate actions to prevent politicians acting immorally to restore such a "medieval" situation of prohibitions imposed practically onto everything.
       Please note also that the indicated below moral solutions to common problems are NOT provided here as a kind of my "election promises" - i.e. that, for example, I am promising to implement them - if I am elected. After all, in the event of being elected, my ultimate goal and the highest priority of actions would be directed towards the improvement of the political system through the introduction of checking the governmental decisions, actions and laws for their compliance with the criteria of "true morality" (and if they would be found to break the criteria of morality, then to properly improve them so that they accomplish the same intended goals, but do NOT break any criteria of "true morality"). In other words, it is absolutely NOT my intention, to "replace the government and parliament" in doing what they are democratically elected to do. The solutions provided below are just a kind of examples supporting the truth of totaliztic thesis from my explanations in item #B4 of this web page, namely the thesis that, in fact, "every human problem can be solved in many different ways, which mutually differ in levels of their compliance with the criteria of "true morality" - including also ways which do NOT break any moral criteria". (Notice that this totaliztic thesis is completely opposite to what the monopolizing our education so-called "atheistic orthodox science" falsely tells us during our education - namely opposite to the warping our later thinking telling us during learning in schools that supposedly "each problem has only one correct solution".) In addition, these solutions are also cited here as topics for starting a public discussion, as well as to check among others in item #D2 below, what are the views of majority of people on these morally correct ways to eliminate problems faced by our community and our country. Note also here, that it is easy to deduce, and even practically find out during meetings with politicians, that no politician today would dare to publicly come out with suggestions of these ways of solving common human problems.

A. Problems of country

Problem #A1: multiplying the "red tape", the increase in bureaucracy, and forcing onto people the governmental ways of doing things
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: failures to solve people's problems, disappointments after visits to governmental offices, falling of people who are unable to "break through the walls of indifference" into addictions and suicides, attacks on unemployment benefit offices and staff, resorting of desperate people to terrorism, etc.
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: the introduction of a maximum 5-year employment contracts deadlines (non-extendable) for state officials and for the directors of all existing institutions that are NOT privately owned. Such a system of short contracts is already for long-time used by scientists and by university professors, and it has proven itself to be extremely effective. After all, always a "new broom sweeps well", thus new bosses and new employees would seek ways of improving their effectiveness. (It should be stressed here, however, that such a maximum 5-year non-extendable deadline for employment contracts of state employees would only be used for state officers - i.e. in old days commonly called "bureaucrats". This is because the government also employs a number of other professions, e.g. teachers or police officers, whose professional effectiveness typically increases along with the length of their employment. Hence, these occupations should be excluded from the solution described here.)

Problem #A2: sending New Zealand soldiers to fight in other countries
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: gathering unwanted karma of aggressors, which is to cause, that after the elapse of "return time" for karma, soldiers from other countries will come and fight in New Zealand
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: announcing New Zealand to be a militarily neutral country, which in its actions behaves similarly like present Switzerland.

Problem #A3: The lack in New Zealand of a law and the office for "grievance-time-limit, forgiveness, reconciliation and amnesty"
Consequences of delaying the solution of it include: in theory the infinitely long period of investigating to prosecute those people who once committed some kind of crimes (in practice, however, the investigations and attempts to prosecute those people are abandoned after just a couple of years - thus in power remains only a threat that the authorities will prosecute if something is to reveal the identity of criminals to the authorities), the depriving of many families (e.g. those of murder victims) the chance to learn the truth, to close the case, to heal the memories, to bury remains of their loved ones and to put the matter to rest, because the criminals till the end of lives are afraid to disclose what happened to victims and where their bodies were hidden, the loss of very substantial body of knowledge and many secrets along with their carriers, because those carriers of knowledge and secrets till the end of their lives are afraid to reveal what they have done (e.g. consider the extremely valuable to humanity information, secrets and skills, dying out together with soldiers of so-called "Werewolves" underground organisation described in item #E2 from my web page wszewilki_uk.htm), loosing forever a lot of valuable for the humanity treasures and artefacts, the location of which know those ones who participated in their hiding but, unfortunately, until the end of their lives they are afraid to admit their participation, and thus give details of the hiding places, the loss, deviation and blurring historical truths, etc., etc.
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: New Zealand enacts laws that after a certain "grievance-time-limit" elapses from the date of committing a specific offence (or crimes), this law would guarantee a full and unconditional "grievance-time-limit elapse, forgiveness, reconciliation and amnesty", but only in exchange for at least anonymous (while - if the person requesting this "grievance-time-limit elapse, forgiveness, reconciliation and amnesty" would agree to it, then even fully named) providing the testimony that would reveal all still remembered details of that crime - which would later allow to save from oblivion the knowledge about it, and also save any possessions that without this testimony could be lost. Note here that this legal "grievance-time-limit" should be so chosen for this law, that it is greater than the so-called "time of karma return" for the individual people, but at the same time short enough to still allow the repairing of at least some of the wrongdoing caused by a given crime – e.g. selected somewhere within the range between 20 to 50 years. The point is that in fact everything that people do, including activities which imperfect human laws typically qualify all as "crimes", can be made both in a moral or immoral manner (for more details see item #B4 of this web page). Thus, if a given offence was committed in an immoral way, then after the elapse of this "grievance-time-limit" the offender in the meantime would already be punished by the "moral field".
In addition to this law, a special office should be established, staffed for example by priests or monks, which office in a manner chosen by the confessing offender (e.g. anonymous or implicitly named) would record the testimony, would grant the grievance-time-limit elapse, forgiveness, reconciliation and amnesty that would guarantee the legal release from further liability and proceedings in respect of that offence, that would provide all interested parties (and also, for example. would anonymously publish on the Internet for inspection by the public) copies of testimonies just given (those copies would e.g. to families of victims explain what exactly has happened, sometimes also why and when it happened, what were e.g. the last words or wishes of the dead, where the bodies were hidden, etc.), would organize the meetings between offenders and families of their victims, which meetings in spite of (e.g. on request offenders) being anonymous, still would allow victims' families to ask any questions to former criminals and receive calming answers for these questions - which hopefully would soothe their wounds, etc., etc. It is also worth to add here, that religions and the Bible ask to forgive, but the majority of human laws so-far officially do NOT know such things as grievance-time-limit, forgiveness, extending the hand to reconciliation, calming conscience, memory relief, healing memory wounds, etc. So while for many crimes in practice all the investigations and attempts to prosecute definitively end after a couple of years, still presently there is NO legal "grievance-time-limit" for them, after which could be legally and without fears open the channel of communication between the two parties involved, and thereby also begin the process of obtaining replies, elimination of question marks, burying the remains of loved ones, healing memory wounds, closing cold cases, etc., etc.

B. Problems of government, parliament, politicians, and politics

Problem #B1: practically almost all decisions of government and all laws voted by parliament break various criteria of "true morality" - for explanations see items #C4.2 and #A4 from the web page named morals.htm.
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: moral mechanisms have no choice but to serve severe punishments for the decisions and laws that break criteria of "true morality". These punishments are started from invalidation of all long-term benefits that result from these decisions and laws. Thus the outcome of such punishments is that everything the government erects, i.e. even roads, railways, bridges, buildings, etc., is wasted or destroyed after the elapse of so-called "return time" of karma (a consequence of which waste and destruction is that citizens must later live through a difficult period of time)
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: it is enough that someone in the position of authority who has the required knowledge, e.g. Dr Jan Pajak, elected as an MP, is allowed to verify all the governmental decisions and all laws of parliament whether these are agreeable with criteria of "true morality" - while in case they are NOT agreeable, he would suggest how they should be improved in order to accomplish the same final goal, but they do NOT break any criteria of "true morality".

Problem #B2: almost all politicians display symptoms that can be called the "ideological bankruptcy", as almost all their activities are limited to current spending of tax-payer money (usually in manners that break moral criteria) - without attempts to develop and to implement long-term visions, ideas and plans for the improvement of situation or for perfecting the political system - of the kind of visions, ideas and plans described on this web pages.
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: the differences between different politicians limit themselves to proposals as to how spend the taxpayer money and to dispose the country's resources, while they do NOT present long-term solutions nor ideas for the improvement of the current situation - so that there is NO way to identify and to elect MPs who in long-term would be good for the country because they would have plans and ideas that would cause the growth, development and blooming of the nation and country, instead of its gradual shrinking and getting poorer
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: on the occasions of meetings with politicians voters should be inspired, while press, radio and television should be encouraged, to ask what given politicians think about the ways of resolving problems described on this web page, that are faced by the nation and the country, and also ask how these politicians are going to solve such problems. Such questioning would also inspire politicians to start considering the morally correct ways of solve these problems - i.e. the ways consistent with principles of the philosophy of totalizm. Furthermore, such questioning would also enable voters to identify whether they should vote for given politicians.

Problem #B3: the situation when politicians are forced to care exclusively for the interests of rich people
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: continuous impoverishment of the country and increasingly difficult living conditions of the population - which over time may lead to a high emigration of the best workforce, to social unrests, to chaos, anarchy, destruction, hunger, depopulation, etc.
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: so change the electoral laws and procedures, that winning an election would be possible for politicians without borrowing funds for election campaign from rich sponsors and thus without making debts which later these politicians need to repay to these rich sponsors by returning to them various political favours which typically break criteria of "true morality".

Problem #B4: making decisions by politicians which break criteria of "true morality", and thus later turns out to be a waste of taxpayer money
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: invalidation of beneficial consequences of almost every governmental decision in the long-term work of moral mechanisms
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: the introduction to the duties of the special MP the obligation to verify all the governmental decisions and laws for their compliance with criteria of "true morality". It would have also this additional advantage, that the candidates for MPs would need to start learning the principles of work of moral mechanisms, and that there would be a single person in Parliament who would be responsible if a given decision or action would turn out to produce immoral (unwanted) fruits.

Problem #B5: politicians failing to fulfil their election promises
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: selecting the wrong politicians who are ruining the country, instead of building it, continuation of the country's downward path
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: the introduction of the "official registry of election promises", to which access would have practically every citizen of the country (e.g. published on the Internet), and making the right to stand again for elections in the next term, dependent on the fulfilment of a certain proportion (e.g. 80%) of the election promises that were officially registered.

C. Problems of economics

Problem #C1: fuelled by the human greed a sharp increase in the difference between the income of the rich and the poor (e.g. too high salaries for CEOs and directors, while too low for workers), and caused by this difference the increasingly urgent need to re-distribute human incomes.
Negative consequences of delaying the solving of this problem: more than 90% of the wealth of the Earth is concentrated in hands of just a few percent of richest people; rich people are already standing above the law; almost anything can be bought - including the administering of justice; system of earning and production is aimed at exploitation, NOT at satisfying human needs; good of people and countries is ignored; a number of abused people is growing; rapidly grows the social discontent and the risk of riots, revolution and the subsequent collapse of democracy straight into the clutches of autocracy or despotism; people are not rewarded any more for what they already know and do, but for whom they know and who supports them; cronyism and nepotism are growing; swells corruption, which already has paralyzed increasingly more democracies; more often there is no money for decent wages (above the so-called "living wage") of those who keep the humanity alive (i.e. for ordinary workers and farmers); in the pursuit of profit people forget about God, truth, morality, justice, honour, human dignity, right to live in peace and prosperity; etc., etc.
How this problem could be truly and completely repaired without breaking moral criteria: I know that this truth may induce hostilities of a lot of people earning above-average sums, but only the reduction to zero of the differences between the earnings of persons in high positions and the salaries of ordinary workers, are able to cause the total and morally-correct solving of the problem of ever increasing difference between the rich and the poor, and hence also to completely eliminate the evil that this issue is generating and will intensify. In other words, it is necessary that someone brave in the position of authority at last introduced the law, that in the whole country (e.g. in whole New Zealand) each place of employment and each position offers exactly the same wages (salaries), and that each employed person must be allowed to collect a salary from only one job, while the benefits correspondingly lower from that "national salary" only receive all people currently on social benefits and on the unemployment (dole). This is because in my globetrotting I noticed, that the levels of social discontent and the severity of problems of a country, are always proportional to a difference between the highest and the lowest-earning people that prevails in there. (This is why e.g. New Zealand had one of the highest levels of general life satisfaction and social happiness during the rules of the most excellent head of country that I ever watched, i.e. Sir Robert Muldoon described in item #B1 of the web page pajak_jan_uk.htm - who just through appropriate laws managed to maintain in NZ one of the smallest differences in levels of earnings, and also who did not allow that anyone takes salaries from more than one job. Not without reason Sir Muldoon become famous in the world from his saying "New Zealanders who emigrate to Australia increase the level of IQ in both these countries".) Of course, instantly many well-earning people are to jump here and ask, how then will be rewarded those individuals who have higher qualifications or experience, who studies longer, or who work on very important and responsible positions, etc. The answer is here a supplement in English called a "perk" - i.e. a non-financial benefit which can be made available to persons employed on certain positions, but which remains the property of the company (means which the company and the economy of the state do not lose through the dismissal of a given person), and about the granting of which decides the owner or the management of given company (e.g. free corporate apartment on the duration of employment at a given position, company car - sometimes with chauffeurs, free vacation trips, travel vouchers for petrol, free tickets to the chosen means of transport, an invitation to the prestigious corporate dinner eaten together with the owner or a director of given company, etc. - notice here that this type "perk" is sometimes also granted already, in spite of the existence of differences in employees' wages), as well as the authority and the honour of the position - e.g. before the Second World War, many military officers and high government officials in Poland voluntarily resigned from their salaries for the good of the country (i.e. they worked for free, and specifically just because of the authority and the honour of the position which they occupied). Other critics of this morally-correct solution to the driven by human greed problem of growing inequality in earnings of people, which is ruining the world today, are probably to jump up here and accuse it that it supposedly does NOT allow to penalize baloney-makers and lazy workers, nor for rewarding good working people (after all, if everyone receives the same earnings, then some people would be tempted to follow the communistic saying "whether you stood or dozed, still you earn two thousand"). This accusation, however, is also invalid because shoddy and lazy workers always can be punished (if only in the country there is an appropriate legal climate, which in many countries in already lacking these days) - e.g. by firing them from the job. After all, due to maintaining in the country of a pool of unemployed people, with respectively lower benefit from the salary of workers, would already suffice that everyone would try to keep his/her job. In addition, there still would then also be a large range of various punishments and rewards, with which the employer would be able to lift the motivation of employees. For example, shabby and lazy workers could be deprived of a "perk", shorten holiday, prevented from the selection of most convenient hours and days of work, allocated disliked days and hours, etc., while the good workers the employer could treat in an opposite way (notice that the "equal pay" is also to eliminate the present "legal neurotics" regarding "discriminations", thus punishing and rewarding employees then again will be OK). By the way, present days, when virtually everywhere earnings are increasingly diverse, the number of shoddy and lazy workers is only increasing, instead of decreasing. This is because it turns out, that the financial incentives are almost everywhere awarded along with e.g. favouritism, flattery, denunciation, sex, etc., and NOT for actually a better job - which fact only increases the frustration of solid employees and their reluctance to perform really good job. Notice also at this point, that showing only those areas of controversy, the described herein, morally-correct solution is displaying also a range of advantages over the current differentiated payments for work. For example, it eliminates the need that in order to increase profit and earnings the production must be shifted abroad and thus it increases the unemployment in the country. It prevents depletion of the country finances because of the dumping of large sums abroad by those receiving astronomical salaries. It is focused on meeting human needs and on the increase of public satisfaction with life, NOT on exploitation. It motivates people to care about the economy of the whole country, because a healthy economy in the country will increase the income level that all are to receive. It triggers economic initiatives, because it motivates brightest to set up own businesses that would generate the "perk" that would increase their standard of living. It completely eliminates the need for strikes and social unhappiness, because in the country there would NOT be people who earn less than others, and also (as in every wisely ruled household) each person would receive as much as the economy of the country would allow. It minimizes taxes and bureaucracy, because politicians and the administration can no longer take the most of the country's income. It reduces earnings of only a small number of people that now earn fortunes, but it increases the wages of the vast majority of ordinary population. It restores a sense of social justice, and hence the danger of riots. It eliminates greed which is the reason and the source of a large proportion of other immoralities being committed. It significantly reduces the evil of cronyism and nepotism. It demonstrates the compliance with the requirement from the Bible, that people should get rich slowly. Etc., etc.
How through long-term adjustments this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: the introduction of the maximal allowable income for directors and for persons of high positions, and then a subsequent decrease (in a few steps) this maximal income, until after a specific number of years it would become equal to the lowest income. For example, initially this highest earnings could NOT amount to more than 50 times of the lowest wages in a given institution (including wages of part-time workers and the lowest earnings of fraction-time workers). Furthermore, this highest earning would be dependent on effects of work of a given director or person - e.g. in order a director could receive such highest earnings, the institution led by him/her would need to be amongst e.g. 20% of the country's best institutions. (Notice here, that this number "50 times" is NOT accidental, but it stems from the research by computer science regarding the maximum difference between the effectiveness of programming aby best and worst programmers with the same education and work experience - for details see item #J3 from the web page named magnocraft.htm.)

Problem #C2: continuous increase in the cost of electricity and energy.
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: a rapid decline in the comfort of living and in the common "standard of living"
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: the introduction of a true and strong competition for energy companies through providing the government-maintained sale of low-cost energy generation devices for so-called "renewable energy systems" (e.g. "solar panels"), and by teaching people how they themselves could gradually install these devices on principles of "Do It Yourself" (DIY) - as it is explained in detail on the web page named solar.htm, and also in item #D1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.

D. Problems of science

Problem #D1: chronic misleading of the population by the official science - as it is explained in item #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm and in item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: the mislead by the official science people and the entire humanity is going towards the cataclysm - as this is explained, amongst others, in item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm.
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: Offcialy open at least one "totaliztic university", which would base the entire its activity on the approach to research, principles, and methods of the "totaliztic science" described in more details in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm. Such an university would introduce the competition to the research and educational monopoly of official science - forcing the official science to stop spreading untrue theories and information and thus stop discredit itself in eyes of population and politicians that finance it

E. Problems of education

Problem #E1: too low knowledge about principles of work of moral mechanisms
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: most of people make and implement almost exclusively immoral decisions for which the moral mechanisms are forced later to punish them with the elimination of all benefits that these decisions and implementations brought about. In the result, efforts of the nation to improve its situation are similar to "Sisyphean task of filling up a bottomless barrel" - as this is explained in item #C4.2 from the web page named morals.htm.
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: implement in high schools and at universities the compulsory learning of the secular Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm - especially in these their aspects, which teach how to make morally correct decisions and actions which do NOT break any moral criteria - as this is explained in item #G1 on this web page and also in item #J1 from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.

F. Problems of youth

Problem #F1: damaging in long-term wrapping youth in "cotton wool" and the lack of disciplining of children and youth - as this is explained in item #B5.1 from the web page named will.htm.
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: the "cotton wool" and undisciplined youth is NOT prepared well for the real life
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: the elimination of unwanted consequences of the work of moral mechanism illustrated by the Polish saying from item #B3 above, stating that "there is NO such good thing that would NOT turn into bad" - for example, returning to medically non-harmful corporal punishment of youth - as this is commanded in the Bible, as well as returning the "rough and tumble" upbringing of children

G. Problems of nation

Problem #G1: the "telepathic noise" which harms the minds of all humans
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: intensification of the "neo-medieval epoch" described in item #K from the web page named tapanui.htm and in item #A3 from the web page named humanity.htm.
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: the elimination of nuclear explosions and all other uses of nuclear energy - as this is explained in item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm

Problem #G2: the lack of renaissance motivations amongst people
Consequences of delaying the solution of it: increasingly deeper sliding into the "neo-medieval epoch"
How this problem could be solved without breaking moral criteria: the introduction of research on the Magnocraft, Oscillatory Chamber and Time Vehicle at "totaliztic universities" (i.e. at universities described in problem #D1 above).
. . .

       I am aware that the above item does NOT present all problems from the group of most urgently awaiting to be solved. Unfortunately, their solving requires a significant contribution of my thoughts, time, and labour - i.e. the quantities which I am chronically missing. Therefore I intend to continue a gradual expanding this item, as far as it allows me the free time in my disposal and the lack of more urgent research. Thus, it is worth to look again at this item after some time elapses.

#C3. After learning of the above problems and morally correct ways to solve them, the reader can now engage in discussion about them, asking e.g. candidates for politicians what they think about these morally correct solutions, as well as discussing these solutions at every opportunity that may arise e.g. in the Internet, the press, radio, television, discussions with friends, etc., etc.:

       As I described it already in the preceding items of this web page, especially in "part #B", the source of all human problems is in the breaking of criteria of "true morality". In order to be able to eliminate that source, we must first start with the commencement of discussions on such solving our problems that this would NOT break any moral criteria. So far this discussion undertook no-one. But it is urgently needed. After all, without it no-one will have a courage to initiate real solving of these problems. Thus, almost a kind of the "patriotic duty" of every citizen is that now - once we know from what these problems originate, everyone should start to question politicians, decision makers, colleagues, internet correspondents, radio, television, newspapers, etc. - what they think about these morally correct solutions for problems that trouble almost everyone. On the other hand, even just the mere starting such a discussion will initiate processes which in the future should lead to peaceful positive changes. In addition, to the person starting such a discussion, it also reveals what are the views and vision of the world in the person with which this debate was started - and thus also, for example, in cases of questioning politicians, it also answer the question "is it worth it to vote for this politician?".
       There is no doubt that some of the above solutions are quite drastic and controversial - hence even I would NOT implement them without subjecting them to the public discussion if I would have such a capability. Anyway, the powers for their implementation or rejection has only the government or the parliament. But it is good that these are so drastic and so controversial, because they "awake" people from a sleep and persuade them to the discussion. So it is worth to start a public discussion about these solutions and take them under our considerations. After all, such a discussion is able to break through what in problem #B2 from item #C2 above can be called the ideological bankruptcy of present politicians. That's why the exposing here these problems and proposals for their morally correct solving is the first attempt to make such a public discussion - in this case made via emails (see item #R6) and via the Internet (see the feedback questionnaire available in item #D2 below).

Part #D: Polling of feedback and opinions from readers regarding matters discussed on this web page:


#D1. Goals and characteristics of the voluntary internet questionnaire provided in item #D2 below:

       The goal of a questionnaire from item #D2 below is to assist me in making my final decision as to "whether I should stand as an Independent candidate to NZ parliamentary elections of 2017". To fulfil this goal, the questionnaire displays following characteristics:
1. Voluntary - you can look at this web page, but leave out the questionnaire unfilled.
2. Anonymous - I am only interested in readers' opinions gathered due to this questionnaire (the sole scientific question which I ask about participants, but which does NOT need to be answered, is to establish the proportion of genders amongst those who choose to fill up this questionnaire - i.e. see question no 12).
3. Using only YES or NO answers - i.e. answers which are easy to select with a single click of mouse, and also later are easy to process mathematically.
4. Correctable and improvable - after gaining some initial answers for the "version 1" of this questionnaire (provided below), I can improve the questions to e.g. "version 2", or even further, to gain a more precise understanding of the opinions prevailing amongst readers.
5. Repetitive - readers interested in matters discussed on this web page can repeat their replies to this questionnaire (especially when the version of it changes from 1 into a further one).
6. Decisive - replies which I am to gather due to this questionnaire are to become my primary guidance in making my final decision about standing, or NOT standing, in NZ elections of 2017.
7. Open for everyone - the questionnaire is addressed to every person who may look at this web page, NOT just to voters from the New Zealand electorate called "Hutt South" - in which I would appear on voting papers, if finally I would decide to stand for elections of 2017.

#D2. Here is the anonymous and voluntary questionnaire regarding readers' opinions
(version 1 - designed on 7th April 2015):

       Here is a set of questions for which I would like to get YES or NO responses from readers. Questions are accompanied by round "radio-buttons" - at which the readers can click with a mouse to select their answers to given questions. After selecting all responses, the answers can be "send" to me by clicking at the button "post anonymous replies" placed at the end of this questionnaire (i.e. instead of the question number 13). Notice that even though I would have preferred that readers replied to all questions, this anonymous opinion polling is so designed that the reader can also give me answers to only some questions - leaving non-clicked those questions for which the reader is unsure of his/her answer, or deems them unworthy of answering.

The questionnaire: (Notice that when your browser uses large prints then scroll bars appear along the right and bottom edge of the questionaire window below, thus allowing you to place the text that you read in the centre of your vision area. You can also scroll this questionnaire with arrows from your keyboard - but firstly you need to click on it.)
The questionnaire should be displayed within this frame.

Part #E: The conditions that must be met for me to stand as a candidate for New Zealand parliamentary elections of 2017:


#E1. In the matter of 2017 elections I will have to make two important decisions, each of which needs to meet a set of different requirements and conditions:

Motto: "The only constant situation in the physical world is that everything is constantly changing. "

       Because in our physical world, "everything flows", we cannot expect today, that in 2017 is to prevail the conditions and situations similar to those that prevail today. After all, we still remember very vividly that just a single day of 11th September 2001, in which WTC skyscrapers in New York were evaporated, was able to change the situation in the entire world, bringing to Earth the dark times of the current "neo-medieval epoch". So when we approach the time of elections in 2017, it will be necessary to check, whether the situation of both myself as well as New Zealand and the world, is still continuing to foster the implementation of the ideas which are described on this web page. Therefore, according to the schedule from item #F2 of this web page, firstly, around November 7, 2016, I intend to make a preliminary check and decide whether the preliminary conditions are met for my decision "YES" and for a possible my active preparation to the parliamentary elections of 2017. And then, on the day of announcement of dates of these elections, I need to make a major decision as to whether I will be able to stand as a candidate to these elections. Both these my decisions at the right time are to be publish and explained in items #M2 and #M3 from this web page - of course, if then my own, New Zealand, and the global situation allows for such a publishing. In turn the requirements and conditions that must be fulfilled that these decisions are YES, are described in items #E2 and #E3 below.

#E2. The fulfillment of which preliminary conditions are required, so that I could consider at all the active preparation for the New Zealand parliamentary elections of 2017:

       For the preliminary YES decision (i.e. for starting my active preparation for a possible participation in 2017 elections - but still without yet deciding whether I am to stand as a candidate), these conditions are as follows:
(1a) encouraging feedback - i.e. a prior information that comes to me in response to the content of this web page and to other ways of consulting the public that I may use, would confirm that there is a public support for my idea of improving the democracy by introducing checks and corrections to governmental decisions and to parliamentary laws regarding the compliance of these decisions and laws with the criteria of "true morality",
(1b) unchanged situation of NZ - i.e. in 2017 New Zealand would still exist and would remain relatively safe and democratic country,
(1c) friendly laws - i.e. the laws in force in New Zealand would then continue to allow my standing as an "independent" candidate for the NZ parliamentary elections of 2017,
(1d) access to required means and resources - i.e. I will have an access resources and means to meet the material demands of standing to elections as an "Independent" (e.g. I will have the required funds, designs of flyers, supporters and friends to help me, etc.), and
(1e) unchanged personal situation - i.e. my personal situation in 2017 (e.g. health, energy, creativity, enthusiasm, sharpness of mind, etc.) would favor taking an active part in the New Zealand parliamentary elections.
       As can be seen from the above, these conditions to be met are numerous, while their scope is very wide. Thus, their fulfilment, for example, by a "pure coincidence" would be impossible. So in order these conditions are met, necessary is a deliberate intervention from God. It is precisely because of the need for such a deliberate intervention of God, that the possible fulfilment of all the above conditions can be called a "second chance" given to all of us by God. (Notice that the "first chance" were the elections of 2014, while the "third chance" for sure is NOT going to happen.)
       A strong link with the use of name "second chance" for described here my attempt to implement moral improvements of democracy, has the finding of the new "totaliztic science" described in item #D5 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. This finding states that the action of moral mechanisms is so pre-programmed, that "a country or a nation, which is the first in the world to implement a new invention or a new idea, is then rewarded with leeding the world in the practical application of this new invention or idea". Because the idea being considered for implementation on this web page is the permanent improvement of democracy, while democracy is the most perfect system of government which can be earned by a society and the importance of which for the future of humanity is even emphasized in the Bible, I do NOT need to explain here what consequences may brings to a nation taking the world's lead in the practical application of this idea.
       I should also add here, that if these initial conditions are met, and my initial decision is YES (although the major decision still may be "NO"), then beginning from 7th November of 2016, I will start active preparations for a possibility that I am to stand as a candidate to these elections, i.e. I start to develop a separate web page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm that is to present and explain my political manifesto and proposals for these elections (after all, as from then this web page here will be retained only as a kind of reference, report, and archive regarding my previous actions), I start calling on my supporters and volunteers to initiate their help in preparations to these elections, etc. - for examples of matters that must then be initiated, solved, and carried out, see descriptions from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.

#E3. What final requirements and conditions must be met, for me to make an active attempt to stand as a candidate in the NZ elections of 2017:

       If all of the prerequisites listed in item #E2 above are met, then at the day of the announcement of date of the NZ parliamentary elections of 2017, or as soon as possible afterwards, becomes necessary to make a final decision as to whether I will stand as an "Independent" candidate in these elections. To make this decision to be YES, it is necessary that:
(1) all initial conditions are met - i.e. met are all these initial requirements and conditions that are listed above in item #E2 from this web page, and in addition
(2) public support - i.e. the additional requirement and condition would also be met, namely that as a result of my consultations with public and potential voters (carried out, amongst others, via this web page), I noted that there is a sufficient public support for the ideas for which I am standing and which I explained in this web page while summarised in item #G1 below.
       If my situation at that time would permit it, the final decision in the matter discussed here would be published and explained in more detail in item #M3 from this web page. Since after publishing this decision I am to cease making any further changes and improvements to this web page, that decision, as well as the entire content of this web page, will be available to interested readers for as long time after that date, as long it proves to be possible.

Part #F: The most likely schedule of dates relevant to my decisions regarding parlamentary elections in New Zealand of 2017 (prepared in April 2015):

#F1. Why I prepared this schedule:

       I am accustomed to acting accordance with schedules. That's why I prepared the schedule with important dates to remind both, myself and the readers of this web page, what and when is to take place. For this reason, I am also publishing this schedule below in item #F2. Please do notice, that in this schedule, I assumed that God will give to myself and to New Zealand the "second chance" - described in item #E2 below. Of course, in reality, this "second chance" may NOT appear. In order it does NOT appear it suffices that any of the requirements and conditions specified in item #E2 of this web page is NOT fulfilled. After all, in 2017 my personal situation can change and I will NOT be able to stand as a candidate for the parliamentary elections. This "second chance" may also disappear because as from 11th September 2001 our civilization has already entered into the "neo-medieval epoch" - described, amongst others, in item #A3 from the web page named humanity.htm. So if this "neo-medieval epoch" starts to deepen too quickly, it can also happen that by 2017 New Zealand may NO longer exist as a country, or that although it is still existing, however, it is NOT going to carry out democratic elections, or that it exist and is carrying out democratic elections, however, due to the breaking of too many moral criteria in governmental decisions and laws, it starts to be involved in chaos, anarchy, lawlessness, shooting, etc., similar to these from present Ukraine. After all, in the current "neo-medieval epoch" everything may happen, and everything may come completely unexpectedly. If you do NOT believe me and think otherwise, then consider for a moment what would happen if for some reasons the government would NOT receive the financial credit which it needs to pay unemployment benefits, pensions, and salaries to governmental employees (and such a situation may happen quite easily). Do you still believe, that in such a situation in the country the rule of law and order would last for very long?

#F2. Here are the expected dates of the most important steps that need to be implemented in order to make by 2017 the final decision on whether or not I should stand as a candidate for the New Zealand parliamentary elections of 2017 - please check these dates:

The schedule of dates relevant to making my decision on the New Zealand parliamentary elections of 2017
(developed on the assumption that in 2017 God will be willing to give to me and to New Zealand "another chance")

- 25 March 2015 - The date of starting the preparation and programming of this web page.

- 7th April 2015 - The date of first publishing of this web page - thus the beginning of my gathering the readers opinions.

- 7th November 2016 - making a preliminary decision as to whether I should start to actively prepare myself for the NZ elections of 2017, although this preparation would still leave a room for a possibility of my final "NO" decision.

- The day when the date for 2017 election in NZ is announced, or as soon as possible afterwards - I will make the final decision as to whether I should stand as an "Independent " to these elections, and the announcement of this my final decision in item #M3 of this web page.

Note: The further part of the electoral schedule could be developed, published and implemented only in the case if my final decision to stand up with my candidacy in 2017 elections is a "YES". At the same time, in both cases, i.e. for the decision "YES" as well as for the decision "NO", the development of this web page and this schedule will be discontinued, and in the case of the decision "YES" I would prepare my political manifesto and continue my reporting on a different page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm.

Part #G: Why I prepared this web page as early as on 7th April 2015:


#G1. Would you vote for Dr Jan Pajak and actively support his efforts to improve the current democracy through adding to it the mechanism of fulfilment of moral criteria in all governmental decisions, if God gave "another chance" to him and to the country, and if you again experience the idleness of election promises and the Sisyphean task of voters' attempts to make situation better through just the replacement of one group of politicians with another group of politicians:

Motto: "Democracy is currently the most perfect political system which the humanity has developed for itself so-far - but if democracy is enriched by strict adherence to the criteria of "true morality", then it would become even a more perfect political system."

       I have always been fascinated by the stubbornness with which people in their activities refuse to take into account lessons from life and history, which previously were given to them. For example, consider elections. On the occasion of every election, people get excited, because one group of them hopes to be able to get rid of those politicians who have previously disappointed their hopes. Simultaneously another group of people hopes to be able to maintain in positions the same politicians, because they opened the door to fortune for them. Typically, both these groups over time get disappointed. There can be several different reasons for these disappointments - the most important among which can be that the use of logic, thinking, and the use of the life lessons from the past, frequently can be non-existent amongst typical voters, while it is almost impossible to convince the people annoyed with life to take a real action and foresightedly do something beneficial for their future. On the other hand, the logic, thinking, and past lessons from real life quite well confirm the truth of statements from the introduction to this web page, as they clearly reveal, that in order to really improve the situation of a nation, it is necessary to peacefully introduce improvements and "true morality" to the entire political system, NOT just replace one group of imperfect politicians with another group of similarly imperfect politicians. What is even more important, the real life and past history teaches us, that the nation has to hurry with this peaceful introduction of improvements and "true morality" to the political system, because when the social discontent exceeds a certain threshold, then typically riots erupt. On the other hand, all riots and the social unrests are immoral by the definition. Hence NOT only that they will NOT improve the situation of the people affected by them, but even they significantly worsen the situation of these people. As a result, if the with the introduction of improvements and morality to the political system the nation awaits too-long, then all people lose - after all, if they initiate fighting, chaos, anarchy, famine, diseases, natural disasters, etc., then these destroy the lives of rich and poor in the same way. (Notice that brief definitions of the name "true morality", which I am using frequently in this item and on this web page, are provided and discussed in items #B2 to #B6 from the web page named morals.htm. These brief definitions state something along lines: the "true morality" is "the level of obedience of people to the requirements imposed onto humans by God". Thus, the defined by God "true morality" significantly differs from the humanly defined "scientific morality" discussed in items #B2 and #B3 of that web page morals.htm. Actually, whenever I use the word "morality" in this web page, or in other my publications, I always mean the "true morality". If I refer to the "scientific morality", I always name it in full.)
       For the parliamentary elections of 2014 I was bringing up several projects of enhancements, including the project of peaceful improvements of democracy through adding the moral requirements to governmental decisions and laws - as explained in more detail in item #J1 from the web page reporting about my previous elections and named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, and later repeated in items #B4 and #B7 from this web page. In case I decided to stand as a candidate in the elections of 2017, I would keep the validity of my previous projects, inclusively with the improvements of the democracy through adding moral requirements to governmental decisions and laws. After all, according to the best of my knowledge and expectations, the implementation of this extremely important project in real life, in the long-term work would solve practically almost all of the country's problems today. This is because my project, which I believe is able to solve almost all the country's problems, depends on adding to the set of responsibilities of government and parliament the special requirement of systematic checking of every decision and action of the government, as well as every law newly-enacted by the parliament, whether they are consistent with the criteria of morality - and in cases where it would turn out, that these decisions or laws violate any criteria of morality, then propose such improvements to these decisions or laws, that they would continue to achieve their initial goals, but they no longer would break any criteria of "true morality". In other words, this project NOT only that is to create a robust mechanism for adding moral requirements to the entire work of the government, but it also make the MP especially established to perform this moral checking, to be personally and directly responsible for the outcomes of work of this mechanism. If this project is implemented, then the actual working of it in real life was guaranteed in advance by the summarized in item #B3 above, while explained thoroughly in items #C4.2 and #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm, quite revolutionary discovery of the new "totaliztic science". (What is this "totaliztic science", in more details explain items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm.) This is because the discovery reveals the fact, that only those human conducts and activities that are consistent with the criteria of morality, actually bring benefits in the long-term work of moral mechanisms. In turn all the activities that violate any moral criteria, in the long-term work of moral mechanisms are only severely punished. Moreover, the most important punishment that is served for every immoral human conduct or activity, is the invalidation of all the beneficial consequences of these conducts or activities. Item #J1 from the different web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm even provides descriptions of examples, how were invalidated the beneficial consequences of the immoral inventions and implementations of pesticides, antibiotics and the theory of relativity - all of which initially looked as if they are to bring countless benefits to people, but all of which benefits in the long-term work of moral mechanisms have been invalidated - thus turning these inventions and the theory into present curses of mankind. Of course, much more of my web pages provide similar examples for invalidation of all benefits - e.g. see also items #F1 to #F3 from my web page named solar.htm (which show how already now are cancelled the supposed benefits from immorally forced onto people the "battery-deprived solar energy systems), or see "Fig. #1" from my web page named p_e.htm (which illustrates how the immoral tradition of origins of rocket propulsion systems is already gradually invalidating the beneficial consequences of the uses of these rockets), see item #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm (which, amongst others, explains how the immoral efforts of present official science to maintain its lucrative monopoly on research and on education is firing back by forcing this science that it itself cancels all the benefits of its taxpayer-funded activities, because this science lies to the humanity in practically almost every official statement it makes), or see item #I2 and the caption under "Fig. #A1" from web page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm (which explains why every war is lost by the aggressors). The research of new "totaliztic science" described herein revealed also empirically the shocking discovery reported, among others, in items #A4, #C4.2 and #C4.7 in the abovementioned web page named morals.htm. Namely, this research has revealed, that because of the wide-spread lack of knowledge about the work of moral mechanisms, as well as the lack of moral checks on the governmental decisions and on the newly-enacted laws, currently practically almost all the governmental decisions and laws violate various criteria of the "true morality". This in turn causes, that the beneficial consequences of practically almost everything that today's governments and parliaments decide, make, or enact, with the passage of time are cancelled by moral mechanisms. Thus, the implementation of the abovementioned my project would change the fate of beneficial consequences of practically almost everything that today's governments and politicians do, from the previous cancellation of these benefits by moral mechanisms, into the future long-term multiplication of these benefits by the same moral mechanisms. In turn, on such a drastic change of fates of these benefits would greatly gain literally all inhabitants of the country.
       Historical facts and logic suggest also, that the empirical findings of the new "totaliztic science" described here, have a "double-edged" action. This in turn means, that if the current situation continues, while governments of the future will continuously make almost exclusively decisions and laws that violate various criteria of morality, then the situation NOT only that never is to improve, but over the time it is to become increasingly worse and more tragic. In other words, NOT only that the recently arrived to Earth "neo-medieval epoch" (described in item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm) will continue, but the characterizing it: immoral conducts, injustices, greed, oppressions, wars, famines, pestilences, chaos, anarchy, climate change, natural disasters, etc., will be increasingly stronger sweeping over the world and destroying increasingly more human lives. Thus, if this process begins to run increasingly faster, then it may even happen, that in 2017 our country is NOT going to exist, or that it still will be here, but will be seized by such a chaos, anarchy, fighting, brutality and tyranny, that it will NOT held democratic elections anymore, while the majority of its citizens will be forced to flee the country - as it already happened with Ukraine, as well as with Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and several other countries.
       That finding of the new "totaliztic science", that practically almost everything that today's governments decide or make breaks various criteria of "true morality", and thus causes that the beneficial consequences of practically almost all government activities are invalidated over time by the moral mechanisms, introduces a series of serious consequences. For example, it causes that from my project on the implementation of the moral improvement of democracy through checking and correcting all the decisions and actions of government, would actually benefit virtually all citizens of the country, starting from these poorest, and ending on these richest. Unfortunately, there is one problem with the implementation of this project in real life. This problem is the fact, that in order to check the morally and then properly adjust and refine all the decisions, actions and laws of the government, the MP selected for this function would need to have an excellent knowledge of the moral mechanisms and the extensive experience in the use of the findings of my philosophy of totalizm for resolving all kinds of life problems. Meanwhile, in New Zealand so far there is NO a party candidate for MP, who would possess the required knowledge and experience. Thus, in order to overcome this problem of the lack of adequate candidate, in 2014 I offered that if my intentions receive the required support from the voters, then I will take responsibility for performing these checks and improvements in the parliamentary debates. My offer regarding this matter I described thoroughly on my previous election web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm - especially see item #J1 in there.
       Unfortunately, my offer of 2014 that I undertake the checks in parliamentary deliberations whether the decisions and laws enacted fulfil the criteria of morality, has NOT received the recognition from voters. In fact, in the elections of 2014 I got 103 votes - means in order to be elected for an MP I ran short of further 14,000 votes. So in 2014 I obviously disappointed all those 103 people who hoped that the democracy and the political system of our country will be advanced onto a more effective level, as I was forced to abandon my attempt to implement of what is described in this web page (i.e. abandon the implementation of the abovementioned project of moral verification and improvement of the government decisions, actions and laws.)
       Although there may be many causes for that lack of the required number of votes in 2014, the only cause onto which I have an influence, and thus which I may be able to fix myself in the future, is my lack of knowledge about the characteristics of NZ voters, and the lack of knowledge by these voters of my capabilities. So in order to fix in the future the effects of this cause, in March 2015 I deduced (and become aware) that if God will give to myself and to New Zealand the "second chance" explained in item #E2 of this web page, and allows us to improve the situation, then in the next parliamentary elections of 2017 I should consider the trying to repeat the implementation of the same project of moral improvement, refinement and transformation of democracy and the political system. In turn, to learn the views and wishes of the voters, this web page should initiate such an attempt with the questionnaire from item #D2 of this web page. So if it does NOT turn out in the future, that my activities unintentionally run against long-term plans of God or against wishes of voters, then this web page and the questionnaire from item #D2 of it, is to be subjected to a repetitive improvements until 2017, and is to be constantly available to all interested people at two Internet addresses - namely at the address, and at the address Since links to both these addresses are also listed on the election flyer from "Fig. #B1", I suggest to the interested readers to print out that flyer, so that when the right time comes for me to decide what I should do, this flyer is to remind also to readers the internet addresses at which they should have a look.
       If in fact this "second chance" was given to me and to our country, then the described above efforts of moral improvement of democracy and government decisions would be my ultimate goal of action - though NOT the only goal. This is because the logic dictates that to my election program for 2017 I should then also try to include additional goals, whose general motto would be to ensure that the morally correct refinement of democracy and the government would have the chance to acquire a permanent character, and NOT to be just a kind of temporary experiment. The projects of these activities I already described previously on the web page with the election program for 2014 - amongst others see items #D1 and #D5 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. For example, I would try then to restore the healthy balance between the atheistic, and the scientifically and secularly oriented the deistic education, means initiate also the program of formal education of young people in the knowledge of scientific principles, methods, tools, requirements and criteria of the "true morality" required from people by God - through the introduction of the official curriculum for the deistic Concept of Dipolar Gravity and deistic philosophy of totalizm in high schools and at universities to be undertaken in parallel with currently taught in there the exclusively atheistic views and theories, such as the "theory of evolution" or the "big bang theory". (Note that I deliberately highlight here the word "secular", because in spite of confirming the existence of God, both of them, i.e. the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm are completely secular scientific disciplines, which try to repair the distortions of the truth that have crept to virtually every modern religion, and which try to build their knowledge of God on the scientific research and experiments verifiable to everyone.) I would also try to end the current immoral monopoly of the old "atheistic orthodox science" on research and on education, through the creating for this old official science a real "competition" by the establishment of at least one "totaliztic university", which would entirely base its (or their) actions on the principles of "totaliztic science", and thus which finally would begin to make accountable the old "atheistic orthodox science" for all these lies with which this old official science now buries the whole of humanity. (Onto these lies of the old official science tries to draw the attention of readers, amongst others, item #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm, and item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm.)
       The history seems to prompt us, that almost certainly will come the time of a next disappointment - this time with the elections of 2014. (I believe that this disappointment is to come for certain - as in the current political system the elections are able to only replace one lot of imperfect politicians with another lot of similarly imperfect politician, but are unable to improve the entire current political system of democracy, in the way as the implementation of my project described here is capable to improve this system.) In turn, without the improvement of the whole political system, the situation can only get worse, while for sure never is to get better. After all, a stagnant democracy develops increasingly more political traditions, political culture, and legal climates, which all by their nature are immoral, thus which all only can increase the injustice, inequality and idleness in almost the entire nation. Meanwhile, the disappointment with any elections has the potential to pile further the level of social dissatisfaction and frustration. What even worse, as time passes, the increasingly deeper sinking of the humanity into the present "neo-medieval epoch" (described in item #A3 from my web page named humanity.htm) probably also starts to seriously trouble practically all the people. All this taken together urges readers to consider again whether they could and should fill up the questionnaire from item #D2 of this web page, in case God actually gives to me and to our country the "second chance", as stated in the introduction to this web page. In turn, due to filling up the questionnaire, readers are to provide me with the information that is needed before 7th November 2016 to enable me to make the correct decision. After all, the other option is that perhaps voters choose to continue to be passive, thus they limit themselves to taking passively of whatever is to be served to them, to their close ones, and to their descendants, by politicians that stubbornly refuse to recognize the existence and work of mechanisms of "true morality".

Part #H: How you can help me make my decision regarding elections of 2017:


#H1. Simply, voluntarily reply to my questions from item #D2 of this web page:

       Should you wish give me a voluntarily advice regarding whether I should, or I should NOT, stand for the NZ parliamentary elections of 2014, then fill up the questionnaire from item #D2 of this web page.
       If you wish to learn more about my goals and outcomes of my previous standing for elections in 2014, then visit the reporting web page on outcomes of my previous efforts available in internet under the name pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.

Part #?: (The next part of this web page awaiting to be developed in the future - here would be the title of this part)


#?1. (The title of the matter which will require to be discussed in this item)


Part #M: The reporting back of the developments, circumstances and my decisions regarding matters described on this web page (i.e. about my standing to NZ parliamentary elections of 2017 in order to try to implement an improvement of democracy by starting checks whether parliamentary decisions are consistent with the moral criteria):


#M1. The final decision deliberated here requires an analysis of the situation and actual taking up two different decisions:

       What are these decisions is explained in items #E1 to #E3 and #F1 from this web page.

#M2. The initial decision (i.e. if at all I will be preparing myself for the NZ parliamentary elections of 2017):

       It will be published here at latest on 7th November 2016 - of course, only in the case if my situation would then allow me to prepare such a publication.

#M3. The major decision (i.e. whether I will stand as an "Independent" candidate in NZ parliamentary elections of 2017):

       This major decision will be published here NOT later than at the day of the announcement of the date for the NZ parliamentary elections of 2017, or as soon as possible after that day (depending on how quickly the information about that date gets to me) - of course, only if my personal situation would then be allowing me to prepare such a publication.

Part #N: Breaking news:


#N1. Our proposals for the new national flag of New Zealand as examples of quantifiable maximization of symbolic messages, which inspire progress and direct the nation towards a better future:

Motto: "Life in own country, and also on Earth, can be compared to a team effort of cooking a dinner in which we all participate - i.e. if one of us succeeds with accomplishing something new and really good then soon we all are to benefit from it, but if anyone of us botches something then soon we all are to suffer because of it."

       In May 2015, the Government of New Zealand decided to check whether the citizens of this land and country are ready to change the flag design which is to represent them. Among other things, the Government issued an appeal to citizens, that during the period from 5th May 2015 until 16th July 2015, citizens submitted their own designs (proposals) as to how they believe the future new NZ flag should look like. Soon a lot of such designs for a proposed future flag was submitted. My check on 21st July 2015 revealed that that day were officially accepted 10293 new flag designs. In July 2015 all these designs were available for inspection by interested people at the address:
       It somehow happened so luckily, that with my person, and also with the philosophy of totalizm which I am the human creator, is connected the "story" or the "history" standing behind the so-called "logo of totalizm". In turn that logo represents probably the highest density of symbolism, which is currently used on Earth - which fact the reader can verify, for example, through the reading a Polish-language web page from the address, or through the reading, for example, the English-language descriptions of this logo specified in subsection H1 from volume 5 of my monograph [8] entitled "Totalizm". Knowing how many symbols and information can be encapsulated in the relatively small "logo of totalizm", I have an excellent example and guidelines as to how should be designed e.g. such a thing as the new flag for NZ - which should also express a highly symbolic and informative message.
       In addition to having an excellent model and guidance in the form of this "logo of totalizm", for many years I also closely cooperate with the talented Polish citizen currently living in Germany, who already earlier had repeatedly demonstrated to me his graphical capabilities and talent. Therefore, being a citizen of New Zealand, and actively participating in the NZ public life, I decided that in addition to just following closely the developments regarding the new NZ flag, I also have a kind of "citizen duty" to actively support together with that Polish talented artist the initiative of designing a new lag for New Zealand - through creating and submitting also our own designs for a highly symbolic and informative flags. This item presents designs for a new NZ flag which we have developed together.
       On this web page (e.g. in items #B4, #B8, #C2, etc.) is emphasized several times, that everything that people do, can be done either in compliance with the criteria of "true morality" (i.e. can be done "morally"), or can be done in such a way that it breaks various moral criteria (i.e. can be done "immorally"). In turn in item #C2 of this web page, as well as in a number of other my web pages, I already provided various examples as how to carry out specific tasks so that they do NOT break "moral criteria". For example, in item #N1 from the web page named solar.htm I explained how to install in a "moral" manner the solar security lights sensitive to movements, while in items #B5 and #F3 over there is also explained what conditions must be met by the domestic solar power generation systems in order to NOT break any moral criteria. In turn items #A7 and #B5 from my web page named p_instruction.htm explain how to put together "moral" playlists of music, while item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm explains e.g. how to make decisions which do NOT break any moral criteria, as well as explains why the use of pesticides, antibiotics and the theory of relativity is breaking various moral criteria, thus turning these into three biggest current "curses of humanity" that have fallen on our heads because of clumsiness and ignorance of our official science. In addition, that item #J1 also reveals what are the next three largest dangers, that in the near future the official science also can bring about to the humanity with its immoral and messy behaviours. Item #I2 and the caption under "Fig. #A1" from web page bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm explain why every war is won by the morally acting side (i.e. by defenders), while is lost by the immorally acting side (i.e. by the aggressor). Etc., etc. Thus, in this item here I have an excellent opportunity to summarise how to utilise the present knowledge of work of "moral mechanisms" offered to us by the philosophy of totalizm, for the development of such flag designs, which NOT only that do not break any moral criteria, but in addition which climb most steeply uphill in the moral field (thus which are to provide the maximum of benefits in the long-term work of moral mechanisms).
       In a theoretical and general manner the explanations as to "how" we can make a design which does NOT break any moral criteria, are provided in items #C4.2 to #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm. In turn theoretical and general explanations as to "how" (and "why") we could develop e.g. designs which climb the most steeply "uphill" in the moral field (thus which are to yield the greatest long-term benefits), are summarised and illustrated in "Fig. #I1" from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. However, in order to really learn how practically one should do this, we weed to go together "step by step" through actual examples of designing flags for NZ described and illustrated below on this web page.
       In order to design a flag, which is to climb as steeply as possible "uphill" in the moral field, one needs to put a lot of thoughts into doing it in a way that maximises the number of positive goals and consequences that the final flag is to accomplish. But because the number of ways in which this can be done is practically unlimited, in our designs of the flag we just utilised the example of "logo of totalizm", to just set for ourselves the following three main goals (from almost unlimited number of goals which can be set for such a design):
       1. Highly universal, timeless and positive symbolism and informativity expressed by each amongst our proposals for NZ new flag: In other words: (1) the use in our project only the symbols that are known virtually throughout the world and by all people, while (2) avoiding the use of symbols that are only local to NZ (e.g. avoiding of the use of "kiwi bird", "tiki", and fern leaf or spiral - all of which are local symbols used by Maori, but virtually unknown outside New Zealand - with the exception spiral and ends of fern shoots that are also used locally by the Chinese as the "charms" to symbolize success and wealth), (3 ) the use of only symbols that are timeless and NOT relate to present age (e.g. do NOT refer directly to the game of rugby or to the NZ rugby team "All Blacks"), (4) the use of symbols, which are positive (e.g. just because of the NZ favourite rugby team "All Blacks", in New Zealand is very popular the colour black, which, however, due to its use in funerals, on flags pirates, and in the current wars, has already made around the world a highly negative associations - thus if black must be used, as it is the case in the symbol of "vacuum of space" on the flag from "Fig. #N3", then its blackness must be dominated by some positive colours), and (5) the use of only symbols with which positively identifies the most of people, not just, for example, only some fans of sport, rugby, wars, beer, Pavlova, etc. Thus, in spite that flag-designs discussed here contain only a few such timeless, universal and positive symbols, each of them brings together a multitude of different meanings and information. For example, the symbol of the star constellation "Southern Cross" (Crux), informs the viewer of given flag that New Zealand is a country located under that stellar constellation, that "Southern Cross" traditionally had, and continues to have, a great importance for the citizens of this country, that this country is proud to be predominantly Christian, as it does have the courage to place a cross on its flag (a lot of today's countries would have objections about having any cross on their flag - after all, every cross is also a symbol of Jesus, and thus the symbol of Christianity), and that it is a kind of "good omen" which inspires many people of this country to initiate their own "way to stars". In addition, each of the stars of the "Southern Cross" is shown as the seven-pointed star (i.e. has 7 arms), which is to confirm the religiosity of many New Zealanders and the historical relationship of New Zealand and God - expressed, amongst others, with words of the current national anthem of that country "God Defend New Zealand". After all, the number 7 is a "sacred number" - because God created our world in seven days, in the Bible the seventh day of the week is sacred, etc.
       2. Dynamic linking of graphic symbols to form the graphic expression of complex ideas: Each of the symbols of our proposals flag is dynamically linked to other symbols existing on these proposals, thus together with them forming more complex ideas cultivated by the country and the nation represented with this flag. For example, dynamic placement of New Zealand's outline within the star constellation "Southern Cross" (rather than, as on other flags, near the "Southern Cross"), symbolically transports that country to stars and between stars, thus informing abut the striving of many New Zealanders towards and "for the stars".
       3. Writing into every flag a kind of "graphic story" about New Zealand and its nation: Our proposals for the new NZ flag are actually kinds of "graphic stories" that with the help of well-known symbols express timeless positive truths about the country called New Zealand and about the New Zealand nation. In the most ideal situation the story from a best flag would tell the onlooker (1) most vital facts from past about which the nation can be the most proud of, (2) the essence of the present times with which every citizen would identify himself or herself, and (3) everything regarding the future direction towards which the entire nation strives. In addition, the "graphic story" told by flag's symbols should be timeless, positive, and inspiring the imagination of every onlooker - so that everyone could interpret flag's story in own way. The content of "graphic stories" that are expressed by our designs of proposed flags can be realised from descriptions in items #N1.1 to #N1.3 below.
       In total our two-persons strong designing team prepared three different proposals for a new NZ flag. In each of these proposals symbols (and stories expressed by them) fulfil our goals listed above. This in turn caused that our flag projects received such an enormous symbolic significance, that this entitles us to believe, that so-far there are NO other projects of flags, which would have symbolism even wider than our flags. (This is precisely for such reason that in item #N1.6 below I challenge anyone who feels up to take my "glove" to create a flag which would have the symbolic significance even higher than our flags.) Since in each of our projects of flags, the symbols they use and interpretation of these symbols are different, each of them is now described and illustrated in a different item below.
       Notice that there is the web page by "WordPress" for "rating" the flags designs - to help in choosing the best flag. You can find this web page at the address: (click on this green link to see it). It also shows designs of all our 3 flags described below in items #N1.1, #N1.2 and #N1.3 and named "NZ Waka" (#12103), "NZ Nourisher" (#12372), and "NZ Future" (#12633). Apart from the explaination as to what this rating is all about (provided in its menu option "FAQ"), that web page has also the menu option "Rate the Flag". If you click on this "Rate the Flag" menu option, then it allows you to "push up ratings" for the flags that you like. This "push up" of ratings works on the principle, that after pressing the "left arrow" (or the "right arrow") in your computer's keyboard, the web page dispalys for you two flags selected at random, and asks you to click on the flag that you like the best or to NOT click at all (you should NOT click on any flag if you do NOT like any amongst the two flags just displayed for you). Thus, e.g. if you feel that the symbolism of flags that we designed is important and well reflects your system of values, and thus would like to "push up" the ratings for any of our 3 flags shown below, then you would need to keep pressing e.g. the "right arrow" on your keyboard, until on the screen appears one amongst our flags, and then click on our flag. In the flag database our flags have the numbers: #12103, #12372, #12633 (of course, you can recognise them by their appearance shown below, NOT by their numbers). Because there is so many flags in the database, it sometimes may take a while of continuous pressing the "right arrow" on your keyboard, before any amongst our 3 flags appears on the screen.

#N1.1. Our flag design No. 1 entitled "NZ Waka" (i.e. "NZ Boat"):

       The symbolism of our design No. 1 for the NZ flag (entitled "NZ Waka" and shown in "Fig. #N1" below) stems from the fact, that the first nations living in NZ, i.e. the Maori and settlers from England, came to that land in boats. A boat in the Maori language is called "Waka" - hence the name for this flag. Therefore, in addition to the outline of New Zealand, this design includes also the symbol "ear of cereals" (i.e. the symbol of "nourishment" and prosperity - which is the role of New Zealand as the "nourisher" of the world). However, this "ear of cereals" has been modified to simultaneously become a kind of a boat and sail for the whole NZ, and also to constitute its foundation and the base. Furthermore, this "ear of cereals" is not just grain and sail - but also the symbol of oars and the "ships of history", in which Maoris and other settlers arrived to NZ. Thus, the flag symbolically tells of the country which is the "nourisher", as well as the country which is the "Waka" with the sail and oars, which is sailing westward. Because the westward direction symbolises the elapse of time (since sun indicates the passage of time by moving westward), the westward direction of "Waka" symbolises the team effort of carrying the entire NZ towards a better and brighter future. Cereals are NOT vegetation native to NZ. Thus the presence of "ear of cereals" on the flag symbolises the multicultural and multi-origin nature of NZ society, in which every community contributes towards the wellbeing of all of us. The green colour of NZ outline symbolizes its nature and beauty. In turn, by placing this outline between stars of "Southern Cross", the flag dynamically illustrates the symbolic "pathway to the stars" that the people of this country follow. Each star from the flag is a seven-pointed star (i.e. has 7 arms), as number 7 represents holiness. Thus seven-pointed stars from the flag emphasize the connection of NZ traditions with God, expressed for example by the NZ anthem "God Defend New Zealand". Links to God is indicated also by the Southern Cross (after all, every symbol of a cross is also the symbol of Jesus).
       In item #N1.7 below on this web page I described a group of quantitative indicators, which my scientific training allowed me to develop, and which for every flag in existence on Earth allow to determine several numbers that quantitatively describe the level of excellence of that flag. Thus, let us now determine the numerical values of these indicators of excellence for our flag "NZ Waka". And so, the indicator for this flag representing the number of "complete symbols" and marked with the letter "s" is equal to s = 4. After all, the flag "NZ Waka" uses 4 separate symbols, namely: (s1) blue background of the flag, (s2) green outlines of NZ, (s3) the Southern Cross, and (s4) golden "ear of cereals (barley)". The indicator named the "span of symbolism" and marked with the letter "n" is equal to n = 23. After all, on this flag the symbols express following separate ideas: (n1) blue background of NZ flag = tradition (current/previous NZ flag is blue - see "Fig. #N4" below), (n2) the nature of NZ (the clear sky of NZ is blue), (n3) ocean/seas surrounding NZ (on the maps blue colour is a symbol of the seas and oceans), (n4) green outlines of NZ = environmentally conscious country (green colour is recognized in the world of colour of the care about the environment and nature), (n5) beauty and tourist attraction of NZ (NZ is full of meadows and hills covered with green grass and green picturesque forests), (n6) "ear of grain" (barley) = the nourisher (grains are sources of bread), (n7) agriculture as the foundation/base of economics of NZ (NZ is an agricultural country), (n8) beer as the favourite beverage in NZ (beer is the product of malted barley used for brewing beer), (n9) historical ties with England and Europe and multicultural NZ (grain was brought to NZ by settlers from England), (n10) prosperity, wealth (golden colour of the "ear of grain" is the colour of gold, and thus a symbol of the country "flowing with milk and honey"), (n11) boat ("ear of grain" placed on a blue background symbolizes also with its appearance a boat heading along the blue ocean), (n12) the passage of time, progress, better tomorrow (the boat is turned towards the west), (n13) paddle (each grain in the "ear of grain" is arranged like an oar in the boat used in ancient times), (n14) the even distribution of grains/oars in the "ear of grain" - this uniformity also means the "team action", means the common paddling towards a better future for NZ society as a whole, (n15) a slight bent of the "ear of grain/boat" with its front down = dynamic "straining" to defeat oncoming waves of difficulties (i.e. "frozen" symbolism settings suggesting that NZ collectively, through the effort of all on that boat, are getting ready to overcome incoming waves of difficulties so that NZ is to carried to a better future), (n16) outlines of "ear of corn" + outlines of NZ = sail and sea travel (the arrangement of NZ outlines over ear of grain/boat symbolizes the sail on the boat), (n17) historical colonization of NZ by Maori (boats with sail and oars were used by Maoris that originally settled in NZ), (n18) Southern Cross = the position of NZ in the southern hemisphere under the Southern Cross, (n19) God and the faith (each cross is also a symbol of Jesus), (n20) 7-pointed star of the Southern Cross = holiness (the number seven is a sacred number), (n21) red colour of the centre of each star = symbol of love, vitality and life, (n22) white edging the circumference of each star = white colour is a symbol of innocence (including the innocence of Jesus on the cross), (n23) inserting an outline of NZ in the Southern Cross precinct = "path to the stars". The calculated from the above parameters the indicator named "packing of symbols" and marked with the letter "p" is therefore for this flag p = n/s = 23/4 = 5.75.

Fig. #N1

Fig. #N1: Here is our suggestion number 1 entitled "NZ Waka" (i.e. "NZ Boat") for the new flag of New Zealand that our team has developed.
       The above flag design entitled "NZ Waka" was submitted to the "NZ Flag Consideration Project Secretariat Team" on Tuesday, 2nd June 2015. At that time the total number of submissions to the Gallery was around 2579 flag designs. The "submission form" had room for only up to 200 words-long description of the flag's symbolism. You can view the above flag entitled "NZ Waka", together with that up to 200 words long description of symbolism with which it was submitted, at the Internet address In turn the same flag already included into the "Gallery" of flag designs, but this time visible without the text describing the symbolic message that it tries to convey, you can also find by searching through the entire Gallery available at the Internet address However, because this "Gallery" already contains several thousands of flag designs, looking through all of them to find just the above flag would be too laborious. Therefore, the best way to find in there the above flag is to use the "searching program" visible on the right side near the beginning of this "Gallery", and provide this program with the "keyword" Pajak - to see all flags co-authored by Jan Pajak, or with the "keywords" NZ Waka - to see the above flag amongst all flags that refer to NZ as to "Waka".
       For a scientific exactitude I should also reveal here, that our work on design of our flags started on 20th May 2015. But due to a prior thinking over that matter, already then we had an approximate idea as to what message and symbols the flag should convey. The design of the above flag was ready on 1st June 2015. But it took a further day to write down in English the explanation for the message and symbols that it conveys. Thus, this flag was submitted only on 2nd June 2015 - i.e. 12 days after we started an intense work on it.
       Notice that for this flag the determined above values of its excellence indicators are as follows: s = 4, n = 23, p = 5.75 (definition of each of these indicators is provided in item #N1.7 from this web page). This in turn means, that out of the pool of all flags shown on this web page, the above flag is the most perfect in almost every way, in this more than 5 times better than the current NZ flag shown in "Fig. #N4" below.

#N1.2. Our flag design No. 2 entitled "NZ Nourisher":

       The symbolism of our design No. 2 for the NZ flag entitled "NZ Nourisher" (shown in "Fig. #N2" below) stems from the role of a "nourisher" that New Zealand fulfils for a number of other countries. Symbolically this role is underlined by a hand with the "ear of grain" that holds and supports the Earth with NZ in the centre. In turn the young (greenish) "ear of grain" symbolizes also the rebirth, spring, and also the prosperity as well as the care about the nature, world and NZ (the "green" movement). This is because the green "ear of grain" is in colour of youth, i.e. it is the "ear of grain" that is not yet fully gold or yellow, but green just like young vegetation. Above the outline of NZ extends long white cloud which is a reference to the Maori name "Aotearoa" for that land, which name means the "Land of the Long White Cloud". Moreover, in the middle of this long cloud can be seen a small white cloud in the shape of a heart - symbolizing the "land of extremely loving and cordial people". Similarly like on every other our project, the symbol of Earth with NZ is built into the constellation "Southern Cross", NOT just placed next to it, which location symbolizes the dynamic "striving to stars", at which is aiming New Zealand and many New Zealanders. (Means, it also symbolises the modernity, education, knowledge, progress, etc.) Notice also the embedment of holy number 7 into each 7-pointed star - symbolising the holiness and thus also the closeness of people of New Zealand to God.
       Let us now determine the numerical values of indicators of excellence for the flag named "NZ nourisher" - i.e. the indicators described in item #N1.7 from this web page. And so, the indicator representing the number of "complete symbols" and marked with the letter "s" is for it s = 7. After all, this flag uses 7 complete symbols, namely: (s1) blue flag's background, (s2) bluish globe, (s3) green outlines of the NZ, (s4) white cloud over NZ, (s5) green hand supporting Earth, ( s6) green "ear of barley", (s7) the Southern Cross. The indicator named the "span of symbolism" and marked with the letter "n" is for it n = 23. After all, symbols of this flag express themselves following separate ideas: (n1) blue background of NZ flag = tradition (current/previous NZ flag also has the blue colour), (n2) naturalness (NZ clear blue sky is blue colour), (n3) bluish sphere of the Earth = ocean/sea surrounding NZ (on the maps bluish colour is a symbol of the seas and oceans), (n4) green outlines of NZ = environmentally conscious (green colour is recognized in the world as the colour of the care about the environment and nature), (n5) beauty and the tourist attractiveness of NZ (NZ is full of meadows covered with green grass, green forests and picturesque hills), (n6) green "ear of grain" (barley) = nourisher for the rest of the world (grain is a source of bread), (n7) agriculture as the foundation/base of economics of NZ (NZ is an agricultural country), (n8) beer as the favourite beverage in NZ (beer is produced from barley), (n9) historical ties with Britain and Europe and multicultural nature of NZ (grain was only brought to NZ by settlers from England), (n10) prosperity, wealth ("ears of corn" are also a symbol of wealth, or the country "flowing with milk and honey"), (n11) growth, progress (green ear of corn symbolizes youth, growth, hope for the future), (n12) revival (green spring), (n13 ) green hand = help and contribution for the rest of the world, (n14) export of food and agricultural products, (n15) white cloud = Maori ("Aotearoa" meaning "Land of the Long White Cloud"), (n16) nature, (n17) the heart-shaped cloud = land extremely cordial and loving people, (n18) = Southern Cross = NZ position on the southern hemisphere under the Southern Cross, (n19) God and the faith (each cross is also a symbol of Christ), (n20) 7-pointered star of Southern Cross = holiness (the number seven is a sacred number), (n21) red colour of the centre of each star = symbol of love, vitality and life, (n22) white edging the circumference of each star = white is the colour symbolizing the innocence (including the innocence of Jesus on the cross), (n23) inserting an outline of the NZ into the Southern Cross precinct = "way to the stars". The calculated from above parameters the indicator "packing of symbols" marked with the letter "p", is therefore for this flag p = n/s = 23/7 = 3.28.

Fig. #N2

Fig. #N2: Here is our suggestion number 2 entitled "NZ Nourisher" for the new flag of New Zealand that our team has developed.
       The above flag design entitled "NZ Nourisher" was submitted to the "NZ Flag Consideration Project Secretariat Team" on Wednesday, 3rd June 2015. At that time the total number of submissions to the Gallery was around 2825 flag designs. The "submission form" had room for only up to 200 words-long description of the flag's symbolism. You can view the above flag entitled "NZ Waka", together with that up to 200 words long description of symbolism with which it was submitted, at the Internet address In turn the same flag already included into the "Gallery" of flag designs, but this time visible without the text describing the symbolic message that it tries to convey, you can also find by searching through the entire Gallery available at the Internet address However, because this "Gallery" already contains several thousands of flag designs, looking through all of them to find just the above flag would be too laborious. Therefore, the best way to find in there the above flag is to use the "searching program" visible on the right side near the beginning of this "Gallery", and provide this program with the "keyword" Pajak - to see all flags co-authored by Jan Pajak, or with the "keywords" NZ Nourisher - to see the above flag amongst all flags that refer to NZ as to the "nourisher" of the world.
       Notice that this flag the set of calculated above values of its excellence indicators is: s = 7, n = 23, p = 3.28 (definition of each of these indicators is provided in item #N1.7 below on this web page).

#N1.3. Our flag design No. 3 entitled "NZ Future":

       The symbolism of our design No. 3 for the NZ flag entitled "NZ Future" (shown in "Fig. #N3" below) originates from the bright and prosperous "future" toward which continually strives the entire New Zealand and all its inhabitants. The main symbol that tells us about that bright and prosperous "future" is the "rising" sun of the golden colour with 3 gold rays. This is because the golden colour, which on this design have the rising sun and its 3 rays, is also an universal symbol for "wealth" and for "bread" (cereals) - which symbol refers to future NZ as to the country "flowing with milk and honey". Because the sun is located to east from NZ, it symbolises the "dawn" and "rising". Thus, it also emphasizes the role that NZ performs for the rest of world, as sun which rises first in NZ illuminates later the entire Earth from East to West. In other words, the rays of the sun illuminating NZ from east symbolize the "morning" - means only the beginning of incoming bright future and prosperity, in which each day the world begins to be illuminated from New Zealand. The background colour of the flag is black - which colour symbolically emphasizes the darkness, which the sun shining from the direction of NZ is to illuminate and which also symbolises the darkness of vacuum of free space that people of NZ are to overcome in their proverbial "reaching to stars", as well as which colour refers to traditions of NZ (for example consider the history of "All Blacks"). In turn the colour of NZ is green - thus emphasizing its beauty and care for nature. The proverbial "reaching of NZ to stars" is additionally emphasized by placing outlines of it amongst stars of the "Southern Cross" - thus making the impression of NZ flying to stars and approaching these stars. The star constellation of "Southern Cross" symbolises NOT only the location and goals of NZ, but also the closeness of NZ and New Zealanders to God (as every kind of cross is also the symbol of Jesus). This closeness to God is additionally reinforced due to use of 7-pointed stars, as number 7 is the holy number (God created the world and us in 7 days, seventh day is declared in the Bible as holy, etc.), and in addition is reinforced by the use of just 3 golden rays which also represent the Holy Trinity which is the "light for the world".
       Let us now determine the numerical values of indicators of excellence for the flag named "NZ Future" - i.e. the indicators described in item #N1.7 from this web page. And so, the indicator representing the number of "complete symbols" and marked with the letter "s" is s = 4. After all, this flag uses 4 separate symbols, namely: (s1) black flag background, (s2) green outlines of NZ, (s3) the Southern Cross, and (s4) sun with three golden sun-rays. The indicator named the "span of symbolism" and marked with the letter "n" is for it n = 18. After all, symbols of this express the following separate ideas: (n1) black flag background = NZ tradition (e.g. the tradition of the team "All Blacks"), (n2) emptiness and black vacuum of space (which space is also the "way to the stars"), (n3) the darkness of world that the light from the NZ is trying to illuminate, (n4) green outlines of NZ = environmentally conscious (green colour is recognized in the world as the colour of care about the environment and nature), (n5) beauty and tourist appeal of NZ (NZ is full of meadows covered with green grass and green picturesque forests), (n6) 3 golden sun-rays = affluence, wealth, bread (golden colour is the colour of wealth), (n7) east, better times coming (the sun rises from the east), (n8) radiation of knowledge and skills to the rest of the world, (n9) God and the faith (3 rays are also a symbol of "Holy Trinity" that is the "light to the world", (n10) the beginning of the future (morning of humanity), (n11) the passage of time, progress, (n12) the expansion into space (3 rays illuminate a black space/background), (n13) secularity of life in NZ and the separation of country from church (3-rays pass outside of the NZ contour), (n14) Southern Cross = position of NZ in the Southern Hemisphere under the Southern Cross, (n15) God's care (each cross is also a symbol of Christ), (n16) 7-spoke star of the Southern Cross = holiness (the number seven is a sacred number), (n17) red colour of each star = symbol of love, vitality and life, (n18) inserting outline of NZ into the Southern Cross = path to stars. The calculated from the above parameters the indicator named "packing of symbols" and marked with the letter "p" is therefore for this flag p = n/s = 18/4 = 4.5.

Fig. #N3

Fig. #N3: Here is our suggestion number 3 entitled "NZ Future" for the new flag of New Zealand that our team has developed.
       The above flag design entitled "NZ Future" was submitted to the "NZ Flag Consideration Project Secretariat Team" on Thursday, 4thd June 2015. At that time the total number of submissions to the Gallery was around 2935 flag designs. The "submission form" had room for only up to 200 words-long description of the flag's symbolism. You can view the above flag entitled "NZ Waka", together with that up to 200 words long description of symbolism with which it was submitted, at the Internet address In turn the same flag already included into the "Gallery" of flag designs, but this time visible without the text describing the symbolic message that it tries to convey, you can also find by searching through the entire Gallery available at the Internet address However, because this "Gallery" already contains several thousands of flag designs, looking through all of them to find just the above flag would be too laborious. Therefore, the best way to find in there the above flag is to use the "searching program" visible on the right side near the beginning of this "Gallery", and provide this program with the "keyword" Pajak - to see all flags co-authored by Jan Pajak, or with the "keywords" NZ Future - to see the above flag amongst all flags that refer to future of NZ.
       Notice that for this flag the set of determined above values of its excellence indicators is as follows: s = 4, n = 18, p = 4.5 (definitions of these indicators is provided in item #N1.7 below on this web page).

#N1.4. Our work is not completed yet, so it is worth to look here again:

       The designing of something completely new can also be defined as "a physical completion of a perfect idea through going around the imperfections and limitations of the physical world that prevent us from perfect implementation of this idea". In other words, we can have a perfect idea in our mind, for example, for the described here proposal of New Zealand flag, but then it turns out that various restrictions imposed by real materials, colours, manufacturing, human eyes, prevailing laws, etc., cause that during the physical implementation of this perfect idea we are forced into various compromises and simplifications, which allow us to physically realize this idea only in a rather imperfect form. Therefore, in order to somehow come closer to the perfection of original idea from our mind, often we are forced to try a number of different compromises and simplifications - which in turn lead us to the designing of several different versions and implementation of a given idea. Although the majority of people do NOT know this, each of these versions and implementation differ from others by how steeply it climbs up, or slides down, in the "moral field" - as I already explained this in item #N1 above. This is how also looks the situation with designing of NZ flag proposals - the perfect idea of it can only exist in someone's mind, while each version of the physical implementation of this perfect idea is just a different set of simplifications and compromises with which we express that perfect idea, and which perfect implementation cannot be achieved because of limitations of the physical world that seriously limit our capabilities.
       The above situation means that both, the work on the development of a next implementation of our ideal vision for the flags of NZ, as well as the improvement and expanding of descriptions from this web page, will continue until the time when either a deadline comes, or when the end of need for a further refining arrives. So if before that deadline or end we manage to prepare the next version of the flag, then the description and illustration of it will be also included into the herewith presentations. The physical preparation of flag design, which would be more perfect than previous designs, must, of course, be also more laborious. Thus, the more perfect a given design is to be, the longer period of time it takes to physically develop and refine all details of it.
       Because of the reason explained here, our work (and cooperation) is not complete yet, and it will continue in the near future - thus I suggest that the reader looks here again after some time. After all, even if before the closing date we do NOT have the time to prepare a next flag design, still something new and worth seeing will probably appear in the meantime on this web page.

#N1.5. The information for readers who wish to make their own contribution to the development of a new flag for NZ:

       The chance for designing own proposal for a new NZ flag is open practically to everyone. So I hereby encourage readers to try their capabilities in this area. I also provide links to web pages which they should read for this purpose.
       Of course, both in NZ, as well as in the world, there are many excellent designers who probably come out with amazing designs for a new flag. Thus, by coming up with the above projects we do NOT expect that our ones must immediately earn the honor of becoming the new flag for New Zealand. Our contribution of the work and thoughts will already become morally worthy adding, if with the help of our designs, among others, we can inspire other designers of the new flag, that through appropriate selection and proper configuring of symbols, they can symbolically write into their designs the kinds of "graphical stories" which provide the most vital information regarding the nation and the country. Of course, in order our designs fulfil the function of such "guiding examples", they must be published together with a precise explanation as to what their symbols represent and what graphically they are "telling" to the onlookers - which publishing and explaining I am trying to accomplish on this web page (e.g. compare the descriptions of symbolism of our proposals for the flag, with illustrations of these proposals provided in figures #N1 to #N3). The point which I am trying to make here is summarised in the "motto" to item #N1 above. Namely, if due to mutual inspiring, support, and example, anyone amongst us comes out with a really good design for the future NZ flag, which symbolically is to tell a positive story about our country and nation, and with which we all are to identify, then we all will benefit later by having the flag that we all are going to be proud of.
       There are two different ways of preparing a new flag design. The "traditional" way depends on the use of traditional method of paper and painting, after finishing of which the final design can be photographed with a digital camera (or a hand-phone) to be submitted as a JPG file. The "digital" way depends on the use of any amongst graphical tools, a number of which is currently available in computers and in Internet, to produce the final design already in JPG (JPEG) format. I am pretty sure that the reader of these words either himself or herself has the ability to prepare a flag design using one of these two ways, or knows someone with whom can create a co-authoring team to design the flag together. Therefore, if after reviewing descriptions and images of our designs presented here, the reader is so inspired that comes up with his or her own idea for a NZ flag that climbs even more steeply "uphill" in the "moral field" than our flags, and if still is enough time to complete this design, then I would strongly encourage him or her to act. After all, if his or her design turns out to be successful and it becomes a new flag for NZ, then we all will benefit from it.
       Should the reader like our designs presented here to the extend, that would like to include some symbols or ideas to own design, then it is worth to notice that this web page is copyrighted © by Dr Jan Pajak, while several symbols and ideas included into these designs are new and for the first time introduced in NZ (and probably also in the world) by co-authors of above designs. These new symbols and ideas include, for example: the "ear of cereals" used as a symbol of boat (Waka) and "ships of history", the insertion of outlines of the country into the star system as a symbol of "reaching to stars", "7-pointed star" as the symbol of faith and holiness, three rays of golden sunlight as the symbol of Holy Trinity, etc. Thus, if the reader would like to use these unique to our design symbols or ideas, it would be advisable to write to us firstly an email, so that we could find a consensus about the way in which our unique intellectual and artistic contribution is somehow morally acknowledged - as it is requested in the copyright statement near the end of this web page.
* * *
       For readers who wish to make their own contribution to the design of a new NZ flag - I am providing here links to official government web pages concerned with the new flag design discussed here (just click on any green link below):
(1) Already submitted projects of flags are displayed on the web page with the address (every day is submitted around 100 of new flag designs):
(2) Guidelines for designing of the NZ flag are provided on the website:
(3) The form for submitting a new design is provided on the web page:
(4) Legal "Terms and Conditions" concerning the projects of new NZ flag:
(5) "What do you stand for?" - feedback from New Zealanders on what for them is the most vital in New Zealand and thus also in new NZ flag:

#N1.6. I am challenging here everyone - "develop (on principles of a hobby - just as I do it) a proposal for the NZ flag, for which the qualitative indicators of excellence will be better than for the flags shown on this web page":

       Next item #N1.7 defines qualitative indicators of flags' quality, that my scientific training allowed me to develop. These indicators allow to determine practically for every flag in existence, a digital value (i.e. a number) that expresses the excellence of the design of that flag, as well as allow for a precise numerical comparison of the quality of designs of various flags. Therefore, for reasons which I have already explained in the motto to item #N1 and in previous item #N1.5 from this web page, herewith I challenge anyone who feels like to "pick up my glove" that I have thrown here, to do on principles of a hobby everything that is necessary and that lies in his/her capabilities, so that in the "Gallery" available at the web page we can find a flag for which he/she is the author or a co-author, while the quality indicators of which will be better than the indicators for flags shown on this web page, i.e. for which flag s >23, p > 5.75, n <= 7.
       This challenge to the artistic and intellectual competition regarding the NZ flag, I address particularly to those people with whom intertwined my NZ life, means to all New Zealanders with which I share my and their daily life and frequently meet them on streets, in busses and in trains, to my former professional colleagues (and current faculty staff and the brightest students) from the New Zealand universities and polytechnics in which I lectured and which today probably still employ people who remember me (i.e. from the Departments of Computer Sciences and IT existing at tertiary educational institutions that evolved from the former Southland Polytechnic in Invercargill, Otago University in Dunedin, Aoraki Polytechnic in Timaru, the Polytechnic in Hutt Valley, and also from the School of Engineering at the Canterbury University in Christchurch), as well as to all the voters from the electorate "Hutt South", with a considerable percentage of which I have personally met and talked during my election campaign of 2014.
       Rules which are to decide who is a winner in this challenge, already partially describes item #N1.7 that follows. In turn, in every matter which item #N1.7 is NOT addressing, or is NOT including a clear resolving of a specific situation, these rules can be clarified via emails in a mutually acceptable manner, while outcomes of such clarifications can be published here for other people to benefit from them.
       The prize in this challenge will be the honour of winning it, the pride and courage to participate in it, the good fulfilment of "citizen duty" to which the Government calls us, and the awareness of personal contribution towards various advantages which are to rise from this competition for all interested parties. Of course, no matter of what the results of this challenge will be, I will describe here these results thoroughly after passes the official deadline for the submission of new flag proposals.
       Amongst advantages that potentially could arise from accepting this challenge, the most important is the capability to add a few more well-designed flags to the pool of flags already available for evaluation and for selection as the next flag of New Zealand - after all, the better flags will be available to choose from, the more we all shall gain by being later proud of the new flag, which we will have the opportunity to select for ourselves. Another benefit is that the challenge brings a potential that their projects of flags add also scientists and university lecturers, who without being challenged in normal circumstances probably would NOT answer to the appeal of their government, but whose strict scientific thinking, knowledge and proficiency in the use of computers and graphical software, access to rich libraries and to consultation with their colleagues from art departments and a wide selection of helpers, ensure that the flags with which they come out will be really of a top quality. An additional benefit of this challenge, which also is worth mentioning here, can be the further refinement and practical testing on numerous examples from real life, the numerical method of assessing the level of excellence of flags, described in item #N1.7 below. Designing a flag with a high saturation of symbolism is also to induce numerous educational benefits. After all, it will allow the society to become acquainted with rules of reading symbolic messages, thus allowing later to look differently at other highly symbolic sources of information - for example, at the content of the Bible, in which virtually every verse hides in itself several levels of symbolism that transfer highly useful, although well hidden, information.

#N1.7. How to evaluate quantitatively the level of excellence of each flag, means the method of lining up the flags in terms of their excellence:

       In everyday life we rarely think about how perfect is a given flag. We just either like it, or not, and if we are emotionally connected somehow to the country which uses it, then we accept the flag just the same as that country. This, however, was of looking at flags is "vague" (immeasurable, intangible), and hence it is NOT suitable to, for example, selecting the "best flag" from a group of several thousand flag submitted as candidates for future flag of New Zealand. In the case of having to choose, regardless of the use of "immeasurable" criteria such as the "artistic taste", "sense of proportion", "impression made", etc., it is necessary to also have some quantitative criteria capable of also being quantified, and thus allowing for an almost automatic "sifting" through the least successful designs.
       All indications suggest, that the team involved in the selection of four "best" proposals for future NZ flag, which later will be subjected to a choice by the citizens of the country in a public referendum, just are working on a quantitative criterion for assessing the quality of each flag. This is only by such fact can be explained that collecting of opinions from citizens of NZ on the topic What do you stand for?. Also, from what has already been displayed in the abovementioned web page with views of citizens gathered so far, it looks that this quantitative assessment criterion will boil down to the check of "which" and "how many" of ideas, with which citizens of NZ most often identify themselves, is represented on a given flag. This is probably why on the abovementioned web page these already submitted ideas are described by "keywords" of the kind: future, history, tradition, nature, respect, etc.
       At this point I should therefore clarify, that there are even better indicators for the quantitative assessment of the level of excellence of given flags. These indicators stem both, from the manner for which "logo of totalizm" was formulated, as well as from the manner on which are formulated our flag proposals shown above in Figures #N1 to #N3. The first amongst these indicators could be called "spam of symbolism" and marked e.g. with the letter "n". That indicator of symbolism could be defined as follows: span of symbolism for a given flag is the total number of "independent ideas" which are expressed by all the symbols contained on that flag, while with which identify themselves a significant proportion of the population represented by that flag. In other words, "n" is, among others, and also the number that expresses how many amongst the "keywords" which were collected by the flags' quality evaluation team, and which are displayed by that team on the web page, is contained in the symbolism of a given flag. The greater the number "n", the more perfect a flag, because the greater proportion of the population will identify itself with it. For each of the flags shown on this web page I calculated and indicated the value of this number "n".
       The second and even better indicator of excellence of flags can be named "packing of symbols" and marked e.g. with the letter "p". That indicator of packing could be defined as "p = n/s", where "s" is the number of "complete symbols" present at a given flag - for example, for the flag shown in "Fig. #N1" value s = 4, because that flag has 4 complete and distinct symbols (i.e. (1) blue background of the flag, (2) green outlines of NZ, (3) the Southern Cross, and (4) a golden "ear of grain/barley"). The reason why "p" is a better indicator than "n" is that a large value of "p" means also the lack of "clogging" of flags with various symbols, but simultaneously the simplicity of its sewing and design and the large span of its symbolism. Since, however, to determine the "p" it is necessary to previously determine "n" and "s", thus for each flag it is worth to specify the value of each of these three indicators.
       Of course, in order to be able to accurately describe quantitatively any flag, it is necessary to precisely define the basic concepts such as "independent idea" (which every symbol expresses), or as "complete symbol" (provided on given flag). For example, a "complete symbol included into a flag, it is a symbol of an object that people deem as a whole (because as an independent whole it occurs e.g. in nature, or in given form it can be produced in mass numbers), and all the components of which are shown on the flag with the use of the same colour and with the same type of contour". For example, a "complete symbol" is e.g. the stellar constellation "Southern Cross" - but only if all of its stars are shown as identical. Also the outlines of all the islands of NZ are such a "complete symbol" - but only if they are also shown with the same colour and contour. If, however, any of the stars of "Southern Cross" was shown in a different colour, size, or pattern, or if on a flag appeared also some other star which do not belong to this constellation, then the flag will now contain two or more such "complete symbols" arranged from stars. The similar situation is with the "independent idea".
       I should add here that quantitatively can also be defined several further indicators for assessing flags. For instance, the "innovation factor" would be the "difference" between the number of "innovative" graphic symbols which are contained only on a given flag and which well describe the country, minus the number of "repeated" graphical symbols also appearing on the evaluated flag, but already used in any other flag officially in use in the world today. Thus, for example, in the current flag of New Zealand, regardless of how we define a "graphic symbol", still that "innovation factor" would be equal to zero, because all the graphical symbols of it are also used e.g. on the current flag of Australia and on several other flags in use today. (That's partly why NZ is trying to change its present flag to a different one.) I do NOT determine the innovation factor for our flags shown on this web page, because that process would involve examining all the flags of the world - for which task I simply have no time. However, for example for flags from "Fig. #N1" this factor would be at least 7 - if the term "graphic symbol" is defined in a manner that is the most suitable for the quantitative assessment of flags.
       What is most important, the definition of "moral field" illustrated in "Fig. #I1" from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm allows also to develop quantitative indicators that express the "moral quality of flags" - thus which reveal how steeply these flags climbs "uphill" in the moral field or slide down in the moral field. (After all, according to what is explained in item #B3 of this web page, only the flag steeply climbing "uphill" in the "moral field" will bring numerous benefits in the long-term work of moral mechanisms.) However, for many reasons I will not describe here these moral indicators - for example to NOT make too-complicated the already complex descriptions from this web page, or because the day has only 24 hours of time, while I have too many different research topics that for a long time have been awaiting my fine-tuning. I will only explain here, that the higher is the flag's "n", the more steeply a given flag climbs uphill in the moral field. At the same time, the more of its "complete symbols" is also used on other flags currently in use in the world, or the more of its "complete symbols" is highly controversial for some social groups (as are symbols from the current NZ flag), the more it directs itself, or slips, downward in the moral field.

Fig. #N4

Fig. #N4: Here is the current flag of New Zealand. It is almost identical to the current flag of Australia (the Australian flag uses 7-pointed stars and has two stars more).
       For this flag the indicator representing the number of "symbols" (denoted by the letter "s") is s = 3 - because this flag has only 3 distinct symbols, namely: (s1) blue background of the flag, (s2) flag of England, and (s3) Southern Cross. The "span of symbolism" (marked with the letter "n") is difficult to determine, because I cannot find descriptions of ideas which the original creators of this flag had in mind for its individual symbols. But I suspect that each symbol represented for them just one idea, for example (n1) blue background of the flag = NZ as an island, (n2) flag of England = NZ as a colony of England, (n3) = Southern Cross = location of NZ. If so, then for this flag n = 3 and p = 1, while the symbolic significance of the above flag would be more than five times lower than that for the proposed flag shown in "Fig. #N1" above.
       As you can guess, the majority of flags already submitted to the Gallery have also similar parameters. The reason is that most of them express only a single idea with each separate symbol. Thus, their "packing of symbolism" typically also is close to p=1. This in turn means, that such flags either have NOT much to say to the viewer about the country that they are to represent, or are over-cluttered with various symbols.

#N2. Why the active life is moral while complacent life is immoral - explained on the example of an active and morally correct preparing ourselves to the arrival of important for us events which can be predicted that the future may bring to us:

Motto: "Like a true fireman, always be ready" (typical motto on sundials from New Zealand public parks)

       Those readers, who have travelled around New Zealand, probably noted its uniqueness. For example, in spite that towns of that (until recently) very rich country usually lack of what is the most common in European towns, e.g. they lack the market square and the city hall, in practically every town of New Zealand our eyes hit a few other repetitive features very characteristic for New Zealand. And so, in a significant proportion of NZ towns somewhere at the entrance to them there is a huge statue of whatever that town is famous for - e.g. in Cromwell the gigantic statue of locally grown fruits, in Gore the huge statue of a giant trout, in Rakaia the huge statue of a giant salmon, in Te Kuiti the giant statue of a sheep and a person shearing it, etc., etc. (As a witty curiosity I should add here, that the township of Avondale, which is simultaneously a south-west suburb of Auckland, decorates a huge Pająk. Regrettably, it was NOT at all erected to declare or to brag, that the inhabitants of that township recognise and follow the moral accomplishments of Dr Pająk - whose attention was directed at this township because of remarkable reincarnation, appearance and wisdom of the colleague from work who had a home not far from that statue.) In turn inside of almost every NZ town, by default there is erected a local museum, a monument with lists of the names of inhabitants killed in wars from distant countries, as well as a park with a large central lawn where mandatory is a band rotunda and a sundial. I have always been fascinated by these sundials. After all, regardless of timekeeping, according to the English excellent tradition each one of them bears an engraved "motto" that expresses an important message of wisdom. The most etched in my memory is the motto from the sundial in the near-cathedral park in Invercargill, stating "like a true fireman, always be ready" - which message of wisdom I quoted as the motto for this item. This is because in a perfect way it expresses the principle of active preparation for whatever is predictable that it may come. It is this principle that conscientiously was practiced throughout the entire life of both myself and my parents. It was the active preparation of ourselves according to the wisdom of that motto, that in spite my family was one of the poorest in the post-war village of Wszewilki, still we always had enough to eat and never suffered from an excessive cold. It is also because of the systematic doing of what this motto orders, that in spite of repeatedly losing a job in my professional life, that under various excuses I was denied unemployment benefits, and that I was forced to wander "in search of bread" around many countries of the world, also I always had enough to eat, and so-far I never had to live under a bridge or ask someone for a bowl of hot soup. Probably also due to the habit of acting in accordance with that motto, that with the elapse of time I developed my philosophy of totalizm and my theory of everything named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. These in turn revealed to me later that getting ready and keeping active attitudes to life is ordered to us by canons of so-called "true morality", and at the same time that all forms of complacency and passive attitudes to life are highly immoral.
       Complacency and passive attitudes to life turn out to be highly destructive and nasty forms of immoral vices. After all, nowadays they are widespread. Almost everyone already somehow is affected by them today, for example when losing precious time of life on watching television programs of low-cost and "WC quality" - instead of carrying out any real life activities that are useful for someone. In addition, these vices are highly contagious and just the sole example of them spreads onto others. They also spread like cancers onto ever larger areas of our lives. On the other hand, their elimination is as difficult as getting rid of addictions. Not without reasons, in the prayer "general confession" ("Confiteor") from each Catholic Mass, directly to the complacency and to passivity we refer with the words, "... I sinned ... in what I have done and in what I have failed to do ..."
       There is a whole array of reasons (and the resulting explanations) for which the complacency and passivity are highly immoral vices. However, to NOT dwell here excessively, I only briefly summarize for the reader the "energy-based explanation" for reasons why complacency and passivity are highly immoral behaviours. Other of these reasons also stem from the principles of work of mechanisms of "true morality", described in more detail by the philosophy of totalizm. In addition, they are closely linked with each other by the so-called "principle of unanimity" described, amongst others, in item #D5 of the web page named morals.htm. This "energy-based explanation" why a complacency and a passivity are immoral, stems from the findings of the new "totaliztic science", that carrying out any morally correct activity increases in us the amount of a special kind of energy called "moral energy". This moral energy is absolutely essential for our life - totalizm compares its work to the "oxygen for the soul". After all, entire our vital life functions are driven by it - for examples see items #D1 to #D11 from the web page named totalizm.htm. Thus, during the everyday life we constantly consume and disperse this moral energy. So if we cannot keep up with the generation of it at least at a rate equal to the rate at which we lose it, then its resource in our counter-body is to be completely exhausted and we must die because of "moral suffocation". In turn, because this energy is generated only when we are active, while complacency and passive living cause excessive wear and dissipation of moral energy, the complacency and passivity are for us highly destructive, and thus very immoral. After all, in drastic cases these vices directly lead to premature deaths. The empirical confirmation that the life passivity and complacency just cause a rapid decrease in the level of our moral energy is a "mental depression" in which state almost chronically remain all individuals that are too passive in their lives. This is because the direct cause of depression is just a decrease in the level of moral energy to almost zero - for details see item #C6 from the web page named nirvana.htm. (Unfortunately, even today - i.e. in the second half of 2015, after more than a quarter of century of explanations by the philosophy of totalizm that the cause of any mental depression is a deficiency of moral energy, the official human science still refuses to recognize and use the knowledge of this cause for the rapid treatment of people who fall into a depression - which refusal each year increases by a few million the number of human deaths on the entire Earth caused by the "moral suffocation".)
       The highly immoral complacency and passivity cannot be turned into moral life activities by just taking a single decision of the kind "as from today I become active". After all, some form of complacency and passivity is rooted in the habits of virtually every of our behaviour. Therefore, the elimination of our complacency and passivity needs to be carried out in "small steps", at the beginning by eliminating of these vices from one area of our life, e.g. the best from that one which for our gender traditionally remains the most representative for our mission in life - for men typically it is the abandoning of a part of our passive television viewing in order to begin an "active improvement and repair of everything within our flat, house, garden, or farm" (e.g. see my web page named solar.htm). Then, after the acquisition of the habit of watching of only the most valuable TV programs, while in the earned that way time carrying out the required repairs and perfecting of everything around us, we can gradually expand our active approach to life also into other areas.
       Of course, like every other form of immorality, also life complacency and passivity is severely punished by God - in line with the long-term work of the "moral field" described in items #C4.2 and #C4.2.1 from my web page named morals.htm. In turn, as everything that God does, also such punishing is carried out in a way that is the most educational for people. Thus, every punishment received by someone always shows the presence of a number of features that are to educate and to form a bridge between that punishment and the immorality which brought it about. For example, (1) the punishment for immorality always has a "self-regulating" character, that in a large number of cases, after an analyzes, can be identified by people. (The "self-regulating" character of all punishments from God is described in more detail in items #B2.3, #B3 and #B3.1 from my web page mozajski_uk.htm.) It shows also (2) a cause-effect relationship with the immorality which brought it about. In addition, (3) every punishment for immorality always depends on becoming struck (accordingly to the "Boomerang Principle") with one of the consequences, which are generated by the immoral conduct which brought that punishment. (Notice that the outcome that is generated by our immoral complacency and passivity, is to deepen that complacency and passivity through inducing it also in other people and through allowing it to induce increasingly more of other forms of passive behaviours. Hence, a major punishment for complacency and passivity, examples of which I am to describe in more details already in the next paragraph and also in items #B2 to #B2.3 of the abovementioned web page named mozajski_uk.htm, is to impose onto a particular person or into a group intellect some form of the "forced passivity".)
       In the previous paragraph I explained that the main and typical punishment for chronic (recurring) practicing a "voluntary complacency or passivity" by someone, is the imposing of some form of "forced passivity" at this person or at this group intellect, carried out after the elapse of so-called "time of return". This is because so-far in all cases of punishing a repeatable (serial) complacency or passivity that I noted and analyzed, the punishment was precisely to be affected by some form of "forced passivity". Here are the most representative examples of just such punishments, at which I have already come across. (1) For several years now, I personally know formerly a highly passive person, who immediately after the retirement became ill with the "Autoimmune Disease". Because of that disease now this person must be passive NOT only because of a habit, but also because of being forced into it - as she lost the ability to move or to perform any action without a help. Also, in spite that she is doing now everything in the power of both herself and of modern medicine to recover at least a part of her former capacity to act, all her efforts are in vain. (2) I know well a case of a high-ranking politician, in whose power was to prevent the adoption by the government in which he was an important figure, a highly immoral law that allows to lock people in prison for a long time, without proving that they are actually guilty of anything. This law caused suffering of many people. As the reader may guess, that politician landed later in jail because of precisely this law. After personally tasting this "forced passivity", he put everything in his power to get out of prison. For example, he spent a fortune on lawyers, his foreign allies pressured and urged to release him, and even his political supporters organized a series of demonstrations and public protests. However, all this in vain. He was still in prison many years later - i.e. when I was finishing writing this item. Nor there was any indication that he ever comes out of that prison while still alive. (3) I know and closely watch a country, in which inhabitants (considered as a group intellect) are very complacent and passive. By benefiting from this complacency and passivity, successive governments of that country introduced in there so many laws restricting democratic freedoms of its citizens, and eliminating their influence on the decisions of governments, that now even if those inhabitants have wished so, still they no longer are capable of carrying out any change or reform. Thus today the leaders of that country may do whatever they want without encountering any real resistance. Hence, the only thing that remains to its inhabitants, is to last in that now already "forced complacency and passivity". However it so happens, that this "forced passivity" is a main reason for increasingly accelerated degeneration of the entire political, economic and social system of that country. But because this degeneration cannot be stopped because of that state of "forced passivity", it is already known in advance, that one day it must end with the civil unrest - means with a "death" of the current form of this group-intellect with its hitherto-existing political-economic-social system, and with a "birth" at its place of an entirely new group-intellect with a new such system. However, since in the current "neo-medieval epoch" (i.e. the epoch described in item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm), similarly as in the original Middle Ages, each political change caused by social unrest leads today to the introduction of some form of autocratic or despotic governments, it is already known in advance, that in that country after the arrival of social unrests the democracy is to fall, while after a short period of the chaos that will follow it, the political power over that country will be taken by an individual person - thus beginning the period of the cult of personality and a new dynasty of rulers. These in turn eventually impose forcefully on the inhabitants of that country the need for active attitudes - thus confirming my finding described in items #B2.3 and #B3 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm, that every punishment meted out by God always displays a "self-regulating" character.
       Analyses of these punishments issued by God for complacency and passivity in life, that I carried out within the framework of my research for the preparation of this item, drew my attention to the highly shocking for me finding, which previously I overlooked in my research, and also at which previously no one else has directed an attention yet. To further ascertain the correctness of this shocking finding, in items #B2.1 and #B2.2 from my web page named mozajski_uk.htm, I grouped together all cases of punishments from God that I investigated scientifically so-far, and the descriptions of which I provided in my publications, whereupon I also analyzed those cases whether they show the correctness of the same finding. It turned out that YES - hence this finding I can now cite here as a definition that is almost scientifically confirmed. Here it is: when God punishes of an intellect for a series of related immoralities, a component of this punishment is the irreversible deprivation of this intellect of the benefit for obtaining of which the intellect carried out that series of immoralities. I explain now in other words what the definition states. Well, in every divine punishment for immorality, that had committed an intellect, we can distinguish a whole range of components, for example: (1) the elimination of benefits for achieving of which a given immorality was committed, (2) the additional increase of severity of the problems which supposed to be eliminated by that immorality, (3) the emphasizing of teaching elements embedded into a given punishment, etc., etc. (These teaching elements usually work on the "principle of reversals" in detail described in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, while summarized briefly in item #A1.1 from the web page totalizm.htm. Typically they illustrate meaningfully the harm of perpetrated immorality, and thus they morally educate both the intellect which committed a given immorality, as well as all other intellects that are aware of fate of the offender.) Most of these components of punishment has a reversible nature - for example (2) the further intensification of problems can then be reduced, or even completely eliminated, by taking a series of morally correct actions for repairing these problems. However, the first component of that punishment, i.e. (1) the elimination of benefits for achieving of which a given immorality was committed, cannot be reversed. I mean, the intellect which has been punished with the elimination of these benefits, will NOT recover these benefits until the end of his/her/its life. (Notice here that the end of life for group intellects might look slightly different than for individual intellects - e.g. the death of communist Poland took place at the moment of time of the birth of the current 3rd Polish Republic.) Means that since the receiving of a divine punishment, until the death, this intellect is NOT going to benefit from achieving of for whatever he/she/it committed a given series of immoralities. (If the prevention of this benefiting would require, e.g. that someone prematurely dies, then that someone actually is to die.) Thus, if for example a banker or a politician commits a series of frauds or other immoralities to get rich and to live in luxury afterwards, then from the moment of receiving a divine punishment, until the death, he/she is not able to use his/her wealth and those luxuries (e.g. because he/she lands in a jail, or someone is to "remove" his/her fraudulent wealth, or because he/she permanently becomes ill or even dies prematurely). If a mother (or a parent) commits a series of immoralities because she (he) believes that these will intensify the love and the gratitude to her (him) from her (his) child, and hence at old age she (he) will receive more care from that child, then from the time of arrival of the punishment, until the death, actually she (he) is NOT going to receive a care from that child. Etc., etc. Additional descriptions of the irreversibility of this component of divine punishment provides also sub-item #B2.3 from my web page named mozajski_uk.htm.
       The above my finding, that the punishment of elimination of the benefits for serially committed immorality, God makes irreversible, explains the philosophical riddle, which is described in more detail in "Part #T" from my web page named solar.htm. Namely, it explains the riddle of how it became possible that on 11th September 2001 the entire our present civilization crossed the "point of NO return" in its efforts to commit suicide, and thus that starting from that day the destruction of the present mankind, described by the old Polish prophecy from items #H1 to #H3 of the web page named prophecies.htm, is inevitable and remains only a matter of time. The point is that according to the philosophy of today's official science (which philosophy, however, applies only to a world without God), such "point of NO return" does not exist in lives of group intellects. After all, for example, if a group intellect (e.g. the entire our civilization), say consumed all of its energy resources (or finances), it still should be able to discover a new source of energy (or financing), which opens to it a possibility of further extending of its life. However, an error of this philosophical belief of our official science depends on the assumption, that the humanity lives in a world without God. However, in reality we are living in the world ruled with an iron hand by the all-knowing God. And our God with an iron consequence implements the principle that the serial immoralities committed by all intellects - including all group intellects, are punished with irreversible withdrawal of the benefits that these immoralities were supposed to yield. It so happens, that our civilization as a whole has committed many different serial immoralities and has already begun to receive irreversible punishments for those immoralities. In turn the number of those irreversible punishments and their scope, are now so vast that, as from 11th of September 2001, the entire our current civilization has lost the ability to survive through of what is coming and what is gradually increasing, and hence as a whole it must die. So in fact, in its efforts to commit suicide, on 11th of September 2001 entire our present civilization passed through the "point of NO return" - which point broadly is described in the abovementioned "part #T" from the web page named solar_pl.htm, and hence the arrival of its death has already become irreversible.
       A habit acquired in my youth to actively prepare myself for whatever the logic or experience tell us that it is coming, or that it may come, I obviously practice until today. It is, amongst others, because of this habit, that I added to my flat an off-grid supply in solar electricity - described on the web page named solar.htm. It is also for that reason, that our garden by the flat, measuring 12x6 meters, which at the time of flat acquisition in 2012 resembled a wasteland covered with bushes and shown in "Fig. #4" from the web page p_c.htm, I am gradually turning now into a kind of miniature "garden of dreams" partially visible at photographs #G1 and #N1c from the web page named solar.htm - in which the clearly edged lawns are surrounded with a band of flowers and fruit trees, where over all the fences are climbing fruiting vines of various species, and also which has its own composting pit, miniature pergola and numerous seats for resting in summers, while which at nights around Christmas, the hanging solar lights for Christmas-trees turn into a kind of waterfalls of fire and lights pulsating with colours and the breath-taking with beauty. It is also because of this habit of preparing myself for whatever may come, that in advance I prepared a flyer shown below in "Fig. #N5" - in spite that each of the new flags for New Zealand, which we designed and described above in items #N1.1 to #N1.3 statistically has a chance of less than 0.01% (i.e. nearly zero) to get the privilege of attracting the attention of qualifying committee and thus become eligible for being incorporated into the group of four flags that in March 2016 are to be included into a public referendum that will subject these 4 flags to the choice by all residents of NZ. It is also because of the significance of the implementation of this motto in people's everyday life, that I decided to prepare this item, for which one of the goals is to clarify the fact, that in our daily life we must not wait complacently and passively until the future "surprises" us, while the major goal of which is to explain to the reader on the illustrative example of our projects of flags for New Zealand, that the so-called "true morality" (i.e. that morality which is described and defined in items #B5 to #B7 from my web page named morals.htm) requires from us to prepare ourselves in advance to whatever can be predicted that it is coming and for us is very important, while we made sure that the actions we are taking in these preparations are in conformity with the moral laws (i.e. that our actions do NOT break any moral criteria).
       In a number of my web pages I explained, that everything that we do, we can do both in a morally correct manner, i.e. without breaking any moral criteria, as well as in an immoral way, i.e. by breaking moral criteria - for the clarification of these rules see items #C4.2 and #C4.2.1 from the web page morals.htm, or items #B1 to #B8 from this web page. The long-term work of "moral field" is also so pre-programmed by God that for every morally correct action we are handsomely rewarded, while for every immoral action we are severely punished. Although so far I am the only scientist in the world that researches these rewards and punishments, already until now I managed to notice that in this rewarding and punishing God uses several repetitive rules and regularities (of the type already described above during explaining reasons for which the complacency and passivity are immoral vices, and also discussed in item #B2.3 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm). These rules and regularities people are able to notice, identify, understand, describe, and then take into account in everything that they do. Actually my philosophy of totalizm is committed to the task of getting to know these rules and regularities. Only that there are so many of them, and they work in such a complex manner, that in the future probably will have to be created a whole separate discipline of the new "totaliztic science", before they all will be completely understood and described. However, even while researching them only by myself, still I already have managed to identify and to describe a lot of them. For example, I already established, that if we do anything immoral, breaking with this some moral criteria, then after the so-called "time of return" we will be severely punished by the "moral field" with the invalidation of any benefits brought to us initially by a given immorality, and in addition also punished with the escalation of problems for solving of which we originally have committed a given immorality. Therefore, e.g. in our active preparations to whatever may come, we must always try to meet at least two requirements. Namely: (1) we must take care to be ready to the arrival of any major version of future that may come, and also (2), we must also ensure that whatever we prepare is to comply with the requirements of true morality (i.e. that it is "moral"). In this item of the web page I am going to provide now an example, how in practice I tried to fulfil these two conditions in my preparations to almost zero-possibility that one of our proposals for a new flag for New Zealand may receive the honour of being selected to the group of four flags that in March 2016 will be put to a public referendum. Of course, I am aware that in the face of what is happening in New Zealand, Europe, and in the world, the describing here an example of preparations for acting on the flag is a trifle, seemingly undeserving our attention. But for me, this trifle turns out to be extremely helpful. With the help of it I can indicate right solutions for what in the world is happening right now - without exposing myself to attacks, harassment, pointing fingers, persecution, etc., and without condemning that what I write is to be sabotaged by people whom God as a punishment already deprived the wisdom and eyes. After all, the solutions that the example of this flag allows me to explain here, have their application in every situation, even in the most dangerous out of these that just are unfolding before our eyes.
       When, together with the graphically talented Pollack who helped me, we began designing a new flag for New Zealand, of course we tied to make our flag to win and we put into this design all of what we were able to. (Note that "Pollack" is the word derived from the Polish noun "Polak" and it means "a person of the Polish origin" - it can be used as the positive synonym of a quite derogatory word "Pole".) Thus, in spite that on the day of finishing writing of this item (i.e. on 5th August 2015) the documented were 10292 submitted designs of new flags for NZ, and thus that statistically our flag had less than 0.01% of chance to be incorporated into the next phase of selection, we still have to reckon with the fact that such a possibility exists, and thus that according to the motto of this item, just in case we should be prepared for whatever may come in this matter. In order to get ready, first we had to check what would happen in case of the occurrence (YES) and non-occurrence (NO) of such possibility. The planning for our dealing with alternative NO was easy - we would simply then do nothing (of course, except for the adding to the end of descriptions from this item a proper information for readers). But our actions in case of an alternative YES turn out to be complicated. The reason for the complication of it is the prevailing attitude that New Zealanders appear to show in matters of the flag. Namely, for most of New Zealanders seem to be quite indifferent what their state-flag is. Thus, our primary task for the possibility that the alternative YES is to come, would be to overcome this indifference, and to draw the attention of voters to the advantages of our flag. Of course, these advantages are described in items #N1.1 to #N1.3 from this web page. Unfortunately, during almost three quarters of year 2015, while this web page existed (i.e. during around 200 days), into this web page looked only about 50 people - and the majority of them probably were from Poland, NOT from New Zealand. So the only morally correct way to draw in this case the attention of voters to the advantages of our flag, could be to actively re-visit people in their homes, to knock to their doors, and to persuade individually each one of them why they should vote for our flag in a coming referendum. Of course, if I undertook such rounds from home to home, then I would need some kind of a written document-flyer about our project of flag - which I could personally hand in to those people with whom I would spoke. But designing and preparation of such a flyers is a very long process. Therefore, our main task to prepare for what could possibly happen, is to design this flyer and to prepare it for printing - in case I need to use it. The today's appearance of this flyer is shown below in "Fig. #N5". Because relatively recently, means in 2014, I once already carried out such rounds from house to house to persuade the inhabitants to vote my candidacy for a member of NZ parliament, a lot of people whom I potentially could encounter during the attempt to convince then to the benefits of our flag project, potentially previously met me in 2014, and I have talked to them. Therefore, it could prove to be advantageous, that on the other side of the flyer about the flag I could remind about that my personal handing in 2014 of almost ten thousand election flyers. Perhaps some of the people with whom I spoke then may be reminded of myself and this may inspire them to examine more closely our project of flag only because nowadays rather a few candidates in the world can demonstrate that they in person have given away nearly 10,000 flyers!
       To the awareness of many present people somehow have not come yet, that since 2001 the era of growth and prosperity has already left the Earth - as described, amongst others, in item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm. In spite of this, still too many people practice of whatever the citizens of their country were accustomed to do in previous eras, i.e. the complacency and the passive awaiting for whatever the future is to bring - without preparing themselves in advance to even of what is quite obvious and almost certain. The result of this complacent and passive attitude to life is that almost everything that happens today turns out to be a "surprise" for both, the current governments and for the people who are affected by it. Thus, if for example, a drought arrives, which recently occurs almost every year, some farmers are "surprised" by it and may declare bankruptcy because they need to sell off their flock in the absence of the required supply of feed. If a more abundant than usual rain is to fall, which also is the norm lately, the authorities are "surprised", while people are suffering because, to their "surprise" they cannot reach shops, and often the supply of electricity is interrupted by a flooding or storm. If a frost or snow comes, which happens almost every year during the winter, everyone also seems to be "surprised" by them and the life ceases, while old people are dying from a lack of heating in their homes. When Europe is flooded with crowds bringing anarchy, chaos, lawlessness, immorality, etc., all are "surprised" - in spite that about just such a scenario I am warning since March 2009 in item #H3 from my web page named prophecies.htm. Etc., etc. Would not it be better if instead of complacently and awaiting passively for with what the future again "surprises" us, people have returned to the proven in action methods of our ancestors and actively prepare themselves for what the logic clearly tells us that inevitably it may soon come? Would not it be better, if you right now check "what" and "where" you have ready for the situation of just such event, in case that e.g. already the next night there is another "freak of nature" - instead of looking after the event (often in vain) for whatever you then may need - the list of whatever in such a situation could be useful for you is in items #P2 and #P1 from the web page named plague.htm. (Note, that these items of the web page "plague.htm" do NOT include a dog. After all, a dog cannot help in the defence from non-bipedal plagues.)
* * *
       On Tuesday, 11 August 2015, means in 6 days after I finished writing this item #N2, I received an email from the chairman of the committee for the election of a new flag. He informed us, that the projects of flags that we have registered were not included into the "long list" of the top 40 flags that will be subjected to further selection. These "long list" of 40 flags selected for further assessment, on 11th of August 2015 was published on the Internet at the address It was also published in the article "10,000 flag designs cut to 40 options", from page A2 of newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Tuesday, August 11, 2015). In this way the fate of our three flag projects are already decided. Of course, this does NOT decrease the validity and usefulness of this item of the web page, in which our flag projects are just an example, on the basis of which I explained to the reader the problem of immorality of the complacency and passive attitude towards life, and the consequences which such complacency and passivity brings about to intellects that are degenerated by them. Because of the continuous validity of this item #N2, the content of this item I am leaving without any change - in spite that our flag projects already dropped out from the further race (means I am living this content as I originally wrote it a few days before the announcement of that "long list" of 40 flags).
       On Tuesday, 1st September 2015, the selection committee for the new NZ flag announced the final four flags, which will be submitted in the national referendum for selecting by all New Zealanders the best one amongst them. In September 2015 these final four flags could be viewed on the Internet, e.g. at the address, or the address, or at any other addresses revealed by search engines after typing the keywords final four NZ flags. The announcement of these four final flags had quite a meaningful "side effect". Namely, it initiated a kind of squabbles, rumours and protests, that tried to include into the referendum also the fifth flag named Red Peak (First to the Light) - which was NOT included into the group of these final four ones. The squabble over that fifth flag provided an occupation for politicians and press of NZ, practically for at least a month. In this way the attention of the nation can still be diverted from what really important is in need of an urgent action. On Wednesday, 23 September 2015, at 18:33, in the evening TV news on channel 1 from TVNZ, was provided an information, that the "Green" party (obviously frustrated by the futility of parliamentary discussions on the subject of this flag), proposed a resolution that the flag "Red Peak" will be included as fifth one for the incoming referendum. Next day the parliament and the government accepted that resolution.

Fig. #N5a

Page 1
Fig. #N5b

Page 2

Fig. #N5ab. Here is the two-page-long flyer that was actively prepared for an eventuality that one day there may be a need to promote the project of a new flag for New Zealand, in the design of which participated also the author of this web page. Note that the content of this flyer was also translated into the Polish language and published on the Polish equivalent of item #N2, and this Figure, from the web page named pajak_na_prezydenta_2020.htm - see "Fot. #N5ab" in there. (Click on the selected page of the above flyer to see it enlarged - the resolution of it is so selected that it clearly shows every detail.)
       The project of the above flyer has been prepared in accordance with the requirement of so-called "true morality", stating that in our daily life we must demonstrate activity, while combat complacency and passivity. One form of morally correct life activity, is to actively prepare ourselves for the incoming of everything, the arrival of which, or the possibility of the arrival of which, can be predicted in advance, and also which is of the primary importance to our lives - i.e. to prepare ourselves accordingly to the proverb that God helps those who help themselves.
       Descriptions of reasons and procedures for the drafting of the flyers' designs are provided above in item #N2 of this web page. They are aimed at explaining on an example of this flyer, how in a way that does not break any moral criteria, we can make active preparations for everything quintessential to us that might come, means how to make this preparation in a way that is compatible with principles of the philosophy of totalizm.
       Notice that on 5 August 2015 (i.e. on the date of finishing the writing of this item #N2 and writing this caption under "Fig. #N5"), a statistical chance of each of our flag projects, that from the indicated then number of 10,292 designs of the new flag accepted for further selections, it is to be our project that would be selected for future evaluation in the national referendum, is negligible. After all, it amounts to even less than 0.01% - i.e. virtually this chance is almost zero. If, however, in spite of having so insignificant chance, through some exceptionally happy blessing from God, our flag was given the honour of having been subjected to for further assessment and to the referendum, then the above flyer can quickly be printed out, and I can almost immediately start its distribution and its discussion in homes of voters - similarly as in 2014 I distributed to homes and discussed with inhabitants my election flyer - which 2014 distribution I described in more details in item #N4 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.
       Page 1: The first page of the abovementioned flyer that promotes our design of the new flag for New Zealand. This page of the flyer briefly summarizes and explains everything that is the most vital in the design. Of course, now that the above flyer's design is polished to an end, the flag illustration shown in this flyer, as well as the descriptions of this flag, if needed, can be quickly changed into the illustration and description of any amongst our three flags that we have developed and which are shown in Figures #N1, #N2 and #N3 from this web page.
       Page 2: The other side of the abovementioned flyer that promotes our project for NZ flag. It is intended to remind the viewer, that one of the authors of this flag (i.e. me) the reader probably already knows and talked to in 2014. After all, during the election campaign of 2014 for the New Zealand parliament, I knocked in person to doors of almost all the houses in my electorate called "Hutt South". Thus, in 2014 I spoke, shook hands, and handed my election flyers (the one whose heading is reminded on the above flyer) to virtually anyone whom I found in home at that time. In 2014 I distributed almost 10,000 flyers (i.e. almost ten thousand) promoting my candidacy for the NZ parliament. Means in 2014 I accomplished the "feat" of personal distribution of flyers, which has no equal in today's political reality of New Zealand. But just such a "feat" was a typical behaviour of politicians in the "good old days" - when the honour of representing the voters, politicians needed to earn with their own actions, instead of buying it with money obtained by their political parties from rich people in exchange for promises of future returning these "investments" through giving to these wealthy investors the political favours on the receiving of which they will be counting.

Part #P: The final prayer:


#P1. The prayer of thanking God - if you wish to join me in repeating it with me, it is enough that you just read it carefully with attentive and spiritual attitude of thanksgiving:

       Heavenly Father, please accept these sincere thanks for everything that you have done so that your servant, Dr Jan Pajak, could implement whatever is described on this web page, and whatever he carried out additionally in connection with his goals and intentions, that is, for the inspiration, for giving him strength and motivation to do whatever he have already done, or to accept impossibility of doing whatever turned out to be impossible to do, for inspiring help and cooperation of those people who had helped him, and for the limiting of actions of his opponents to only whatever these opponents already did, for Your help in the piecing together the knowledge which has opened the actions already completed by him to the notice of Your servant, and for the inspiration to correctly interpret and write down this knowledge in order to share it with other interested people, as well as for all other forms of help and Your superior decisions which do NOT have to even be perceptible for us, but which in Your superior knowledge and foresight You decided to make in the matters described on this web page.

Part #R: The final information:


#R1. Summary of this web page:

       No-one of us lives in a void, but lives among other people who support us and supply us in whatever we need. So we have towards these other people an obligation to do something also for their own good. But there is no a better deed than adding our own contribution in making life of people around us, as well as the world, much better than they were when we joined this physical world.
       Please notice, that this web page is just initial and temporary - this is because I do NOT know whether it is going to be developed later (it depends on the advice that I am going to receive from readers in response to the major question as asked in it regarding my standing as a candidate for NZ parliamentary elections in 2017).

#R2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#R3. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further progress in feedback from readers and regarding decision towards which I start to incline.

       Up to the day when the date of NZ 2017 elections is decided and advertised, I intend to regularly update and improve this web page (the current content of it I consider to be temporary). Therefore, I invite you to revisit it after some time from now, in order to check out what is new on the matter of reader's feedback and decision towards which I am inclined on the elections discussed here, or what new become already known to me.

#R4. Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas and presentations providedd on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas, inventions, theories, illustrations, tables, etc., which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions, photographs, illustrations, tables, etc., mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, discovery, invention, photograph, illustration, table, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).

#R5. Author of this web page (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak):

       I have a pleasure to inform readers of my web pages, that to commemorate the 70th birthday of the author of this web page (i.e. myself), there was produced and published around 35 minutes long film by Dominik Myrcik, which since May 2016 is available for free viewing in The film is entitled "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" and it presents graphically most important among my scientific accomplishments. I am inviting readers to view it. The working green links, Internet addresses, promotional leaflets in three languages, and complete descriptions of all three language versions (i.e. English, German and Polish) of this excellently designed and produced HD and HQ film, are available on my web page named portfolio.htm - which was especially prepared for describing the film.
       For any correspondence, and in matters directly relating to elections described here, emails can be directed at the following my address:        Unfortunately, due to the chronic lack of time I am experiencing continually, I do NOT promise that I reply to every received email. After all, the day has only 24 hours, while the majority of those hours I spend to achieve the most important goals that I set to accomplish on a given day.
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