Telepathy and telepathic devices (in English)
Telepathy and telepathic devices
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Imagine an extraordinary means of communication, which allows people to build devices that in an instant manner give to us multifunctional links with practically every corner of the universe. In this way we could carry out "live conversations" with aliens who live around stars from which the light travels to the Earth for many millions of years. This means of communication would also allow to have live conversations with our astronauts who visit these distant stars. Furthermore, this means of communication and technical devices which utilise it, would allow people to carry out conversations via thoughts passed directly from one mind to another - means without the use of speech. Even more, they allow people to communicate via thoughts not only with other people, but also with animals, insects, vegetation, and even with creatures that populate distant star systems. Devices which use this way of communication could replace eyes in blind people, so that these unlucky ones who were deprived their eyes could see again. Moreover, in contrast to our current mobile phones and radio broadcasting stations, which kill bees and cause cancer, devices operating on this extraordinary medium will be absolutely safe for health and for life. This extraordinary means of communication is called the telepathy. The content of this web page tries to explain most vital facts and findings that we already managed to accumulate regarding telepathy.

Part #A: What is telepathy, how telepathy works, and where the knowledge about telepathy presented here comes from:


#A1. Orthodox understanding of telepathy - what it states, why is wrong, and what limitations it has:

Motto: "According to the orthodox understanding, telepathy is a communication at a distance without the use of known physical senses. In other words, receiving something that arrives from nothing. Therefore, in this understanding we do not have a possibility to either learn the operation of telepathy, nor to build technical devices which utilise telepathy for the good of people. After all, how to master something that uses nothing?"

       The human science to-date developed the understanding of telepathy through the analysis of the ability of some people to intuitively perceive thoughts of others. Descriptions of just such an understanding can be found in many encyclopaedias and dictionaries. According to it, telepathy usually is described in dictionaries as - quote: "telepathy - the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas otherwise than by known senses" - see page 1604 in "The Oxford dictionary and thesaurus", 1999, ISBN 0-19-861317-2.); or "telepathy - communication between mind and mind otherwise than through the known channels of the senses" - see page 1510 in the "Chambers English dictionary", 1989, ISBN 1-85296-000-0.
       This orthodox understanding of telepathy is rather irrational - as for something that was authored by scientists. After all, it states that either telepathy allows people to obtain something from nothing (i.e. obtain information without the use of senses), or it implies that the science is ignorant in matters of telepathy because is unable to explain neither "from where" nor "how" this telepathic information arrives to the addressees. In both above cases the present scientific definition of telepathy is at least wrong, if not completely ignorant.
       In normal circumstances, when it would be so obvious that something is completely wrong or ignorant - as this is the case with the present scientific understanding of telepathy, the science would abandon this understanding already a long time ago, and worked out a better (more correct) one. Unfortunately, the "monopole for knowledge" which present "atheistic orthodox science" holds, and which is described in item #A2.6 of the web page totalizm.htm, makes this science to act in an irrational manner. What is even worst, in spite that the new (correct) understanding of telepathy is already worked out by the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the orthodox science rejects this understanding and does NOT recognises the existence of it. In this way humanity looses a chance for an advancement of its knowledge through a correct understanding of the idea of telepathy.
       This wrong understanding of telepathy, so stubbornly promoted by the orthodox science, has a whole array of limitations. For example, it does NOT allow to deduce the way for technical mastery of telepathy, nor it gives to people any clues about principles on which these devices that utilise telepathy for purposes of communication could be technically implemented.
       Although the orthodox science insists on this erroneous understanding of telepathy, the reader does NOT need to, nor actually should, act like this science does. In fact, the reader should learn and consider in his or her own actions and own life, the understanding of telepathy and telepathic devices described on this web page.

#A2. How the dipolar understanding of telepathy, introduced only by the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, opens for people the completely new horizons and potentials:

Motto: "According to the understanding of telepathy in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, telepathy is a kind of speech with the use of which intelligent counter-bodies of all objects existing in the entire universe converse with each other."

       According to explanations of the relatively new scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which additionally were reinforced with empirical findings, telepathy is a special kind of conversation carried out in another world. This conversation propagates through a parallel world (called the "counter-world") via sound-like vibrations which are formulated into a kind of spoken language called the ULT and which are sustained by substance which prevails in this other counter-world. In our world this sound-like vibrations can be defined as purely magnetic waves.
* * *
       One of the most vital consequences of the above dipolar understanding of telepathy is that it indicates the manner and a technical principle for a practical implementation of devices for telepathic communication. These devices are going to allow people not only to effectively exchange thoughts with each other, but also to communicate with all other inhabitants of the universe, e.g. with animals, insects, and even vegetation. One of such devices for the telepathic communication, which assumes the shape of a pyramid shown in "Fig. #2", is explained in details in Part #E of this web page.

#A3. What is this new scientific theory of the totaliztic science, called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which - amongst others, explained what is telepathy and how telepathy works:

       The essence of this new scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity boils down to the discovery and to subsequent formal proving, that the gravity field is a dipolar field - means NOT the monopolar one as so-far claimed this the orthodox science on Earth. (A dipolar field is every dynamic field which has two poles, namely an "inlet" (I) and "outlet" (O). A best example of a dipolar field is the magnetic field, in which the "inlet" (I) is the pole "N", while the "outlet" (O) is the pole S - where N and S are marked according to the cartographic notation. Another example of a dynamic dipolar field, is the field formed by a circulation of air in our home vacuum cleaner. The intake of this air to the vacuum cleaner is the pole (I), while the outlet is the pole (O). In turn a monopolar field is every static field, e.g. pressure field or electrical field.) The above in turn means, that the gravity field in fact is similar to a magnetic field, or to a field formed by flow of the air pumped through a vacuum cleaner or by a fan propeller. But gravity is completely dissimilar to all monopolar fields, for example to electrical fields or to pressure fields.
       The most vital consequence of the dipolar character of gravity is, that in fact our universe must be constructed according to principles of dynamic systems which form such dipolar fields. For example, in the dipolar gravity our physical world must be just a first out of two parallel worlds which exist in the universe. This happens so, because the gravity field has a concentric character (means a character in which it converges into a single point). So in order such a concentric field could simultaneously be a dipolar field, the force lines of it, after they converge into a single border point, must disappear from our world, penetrate through an invisible and impenetrable barrier of some sort, and then reappear in a completely different, separate from our, parallel world. Therefore, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, on the other end of gravity dipole, there must exist another world, called the counter-world. Both worlds, means "our world" and this other "counter-world", must relate to each other the same as objects relate to own mirror reflections. This in turn introduces a whole array of consequences. One of these is that both worlds, i.e. "our world" and this parallel "counter-world", must be filled up with substances of exact opposite attributes. Means, when the substance from our world called matter displays mass, inertia, friction, and the lack of intelligence in the natural state, this other substance from the counter-world, called counter-matter must have all attributes exactly reversed. And so, counter-matter must be weightless, self-mobile (i.e. capable of the self-initiation of motion), supper-slippery (i.e. not displaying any friction), and possessing intelligence in the natural state (i.e. capable of thinking in its natural state). In turn the entire separate world filled up with a substance which is able to think in the natural state, in fact is a kind of a huge natural computer. This natural computer, by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is called the "universal computer", or "UC". In turn the Christian religion calls it the God Father.
       Another consequence of the mirror-like relationship which must exist in the dipolar gravity between our world and the counter-world, is that each object from the universe, must exist in two separate copies, or components, at the same telepathy. Each of these copies, or components, coexists in a separate world. The copy from our world is simply a given object or a given physical body. In turn the copy from the counter-world is an intelligent counter-material duplicate of this object or body. So this counter-material duplicate is a carrier of intelligence, memory, etc., means in fact it works like a computer which controls a given body. After all, it is formed from the intelligent substance, which thinks in the natural state. (Religions call these two copies a "body" and a "spirit" or a "phantom".) Both copies of the same object are tightly linked with each other with forces of mutual gravitational interactions. Therefore, if one copy is moved (or transformed), the other copy must do the same. So if we are able to move, e.g. the copy (spirit) which is located in the separate counter-world, then the motion of this copy forces the physical original of the same object to move also. Just such a motion, which was initiated in the separate counter-world, is called the telekinetic motion. In a similar manner also a telekinetic healing works (i.e. the healed is this other copy from the counter-world, while the original body from our world automatically improves the health). Similarly to this telekinetic motion or telekinetic healing, the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains also in a simple manner all other phenomena, which the orthodox Earth science was unable to explain so far. For example, it explains what is telepathy, energy, gravity, time, ESP, God, memory, feelings, nirvana, acupuncture, and many more.
       The author of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is myself (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak). I had the honour to develop this new theory of the totaliztic science in 1985. Initially I intended to use it only for describing the manner on which gravity field works. But after it was fully formulated, it turned out that from just a simple form it transformed into this theory of everything searched for so long by people. This is because it provides replies to practically all questions that people could ask themselves. In order to give here some idea as to how wide range of questions it replies, I suggest to look at the subsequent web pages of totaliztic sciences listed in "Menu 2". The great majority of these web pages is actually based, or derived, on the knowledge which stems from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       One of the most vital questions, the answer to which is provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is the explanation what is telepathy and how telepathy works. According to this explanation, all objects which do exist in the universe, are in fact constructed like our present computers. Namely, they have their hardware (means their physical bodies) - which is contained in our physical world. They also have their software (means their counter-bodies) - which is contained in this separate counter-world. According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, in just a manner which is analogous to present computers, constructed are e.g. entire planets, trees, human organisms, and even such simple objects as pens or stones. The counter-body of every physical object that exists in the universe, is in fact a kind of computer memory, in which a huge amount of various programs is stored, which control the fate of the physical body of this object. These programs include a general program of the "fate" of a given object, various programs of "karma", which this object gathered, programs of "plans of action" which this object intelligently pre-programmed for itself, etc., etc. These programs are subsequently executed one after the other, according to principles of operation of the counter-world. Their subsequent execution causes that the physical body of a given object is subjected to various transformations, which we usually call the "course of life". In turn the sole fact that these programs are gradually run and they change a given physical body, we perceive just as the "course of life" of that body.
       The most interesting in this system of physical bodies and intelligent counter-bodies, is that these counter-bodies of all objects can in the counter-world communicate with each other. They do it in such a manner that physical bodies from our world do not know that this communication does exist. It is a bit like with these computer programs secretly installed in our present computers - which also communicate secretly with each other via the Internet, while the users of these computers do not know at all about the existence of such communication. (It is due to just such a secret communication between programs from our computers, about the existence of which we have no clue, that our bank accounts and passwords sometimes land in hands of various criminals.) Counter-bodies of all objects inhabiting the universe use for this secretive communication with each other a kind of "speech" which is propagated through the counter-world. This speech is propagating from one such counter-body to other counter-bodies via the sound-like vibrations of the counter-matter. These are such sound-like vibrations of the counter-matter that we call the telepathy.
       So let us summarise now the above explanation of telepathy that results from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and that is supported by empirical findings. It defines telepathy in the following manner. "telepathy is the sound-like kind of vibrations of the counter-matter, which propagate through the counter-world remaining undetectable in our physical world." These vibrations are typically carriers for a kind of "speech" formulated in a special language called the ULT. Counter-bodies of all objects inhabiting the entire universe communicate with each other with the use of this "speech".
       Further information about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity can be found in chapters H and I from volumes 4 and 5 of my newest monograph [1/5] "Advanced magnetic devices". Explanations what actually telepathy is, are contained in subsections H7 to H7.2 from volume 4 of this monograph [1/5]. In turn explanations of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity concerning the mechanism of release of technical version of telepathy and the construction of telepathic communication devices, are contained in chapter K from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. Free copies of monograph [1/5] can be downloaded via this web page. This theory is also briefly presented on several totaliztic web pages. The most extensive presentation of it is contained on the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It is also partially discussed on web pages telekinesis.htm, fe_cell.htm, free_energy.htm, timevehicle.htm, this telepathy.htm, or totalizm.htm - which are available under a number of internet addresses.

#A4. How the operation of "telepathy" is explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       According to descriptions contained in subsection H7 from volume 4 of newest monograph [1/5], and in subsection L6.3 from volume 7 of a slightly older monograph [8] "Totalizm", telepathic waves resemble sound waves from our world, only that they propagate through the counter-matter which prevails in the completely different world called the counter-world. This explanation stems from the previously discussed scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. According to this Concept of Dipolar Gravity, all objects are simultaneously submerged in two parallel worlds of a physical nature, namely (1) in our physical world, and (2) in another parallel world called the "counter-world". This "counter-world" is a scientific equivalent to the world of spirits described by religions. In this another world, similarly like in ours, also appropriate substance prevails. Only that it is drastically different than the matter from our world. This substance is called "counter-matter". Its extraordinary attributes include, amongst others, that it is weightless, and that it displays the perfect elasticity. Thus, if in this another world a new motion of an object is rapidly initiated, this motion must induce waves of vibrations of the counter-matter. These waves are similar to sound waves from our world - which also are initiated with a rapid motion of any object. These sound-like waves from the counter-world are called "telepathic waves". Similarly as this is the case with all other waves, also telepathic waves can be modulated, and we can impose onto them various information of a "speech" type. Therefore they excellently suit requirements of telepathic communication. Because counter-matter is weightless and does not display inertia, telepathic waves propagate with infinitively high velocity. Thus the telepathic communication devices have this advantage over our present radio communication devices, that they enable to communicate immediately in the real time, even if the distance between these ones who use this means of communication exceeds interstellar distances, or even intergalactic distances.

#A5. What benefits and prospects opens for us the understanding of "telepathy" according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       The findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that the telepathy is a sound-like kind of vibrations which propagate through the counter-world with infinitive speed, open for us a whole array of possibilities. For example, they allow to understand better the universe around us, provide further tangible evidence that God really does exist, etc., etc. However, the most vital possibility that is opened by these findings is that it gives us a chance to actually build "telepathic devices" of the type of pyramid shown in "Fig. #2". With the use of these devices people will be able to communicate with inhabitants of the entire universe. After all, the only thing that we need to build such telepathic devices is to know their principles of operation and a bit of good intentions. Actually the principle of operation of such device is already known to us. It is described in Part #E of this web page, and also in a separate treatise [7/2]. So the only thing that we still need to build this device is to yield from ourselves a bit of initiative and good will. This web page is aimed, amongst others, at explaining the operation of such extraordinary telepathic devices. But in order to carry out this explanation in a way which is understandable for all of us, it needs to address all matters in a systematic manner, starting from the very beginning.

Part #B: Biological telepathy and examples of mechanisms of unaware telepathic communication:


#B1. Where, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, people are dealing with the phenomenon of telepathy:

       Almost the only publications fully scientific, which actually describe telepathy, are dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Therefore we believe that this phenomenon is equally exotic, and equally unexplainable, as ancient Gods. But in reality it turns out, that it is very simple. Only that for our present (primitive) instruments it remains undetectable. But if we get to know it better, then we start to utilise it equally handy as presently we do this with radios.
       As the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals this to us, the manifestation of telepathy takes place not only during a direct exchange of thought information. Telepathy appears also in a whole range of other phenomena, which previously were not suspected to be linked to telepathy.

#B2. Which phenomena well known to people utilise telepathy in their operation:

       There is a whole range of phenomena known to us from the everyday life, which in principles utilise telepathic waves. Lets us describe briefly at least the most important out of these phenomena. Here they are:
       1. Radiesthesia. The most commonly know phenomenon the principle of which utilises the phenomenon of telepathy, is radiesthesia. For example, the search for water and minerals is nothing else than intercepting and reading by counter-bodies of water diviners the telepathic identification signals which in the counter-world are continually broadcasted by all substances and all objects of the universe.
       2. Human memory. Or more strictly the "operation of the brain as an input-output device", which explains, amongst others, the mechanism of human memory, as well as the existence of so-called "ULT" - i.e. the universal language of thoughts, the location of our intelligence, etc. As it turns out, the access of our brain located in the physical world to our memory stored in the intelligent counter-world is also accomplished through the phenomenon of telepathy. It just because the memory of each one of us is kept separately from our physical brain, that under hypnosis we are able to recall our previous reincarnations. This operation of the human brain is described in more details in subsection I5.4 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. It is also summarised below in item #B3.
       3. Resonance nirvana and nirvana of crowds. The name "nirvana" is assigned to an indescribable pleasure and happiness which appears spontaneously in some people when their moral energy overflows through valves from the counter-body popularly called "chackras". In resonance nirvana and also in the nirvana of a crowd, this overflowing of energy is caused by a kind of telepathic resonance similar to the one which appears when on a hall microphones are coupled with loud speakers via a squeaky tone. More about resonance nirvana and nirvana of a crowd is explained on a separate web page about nirvana.
       4. Crowd hysteria. This hysteria is a feeling of indescribable fear, panic, and despair, which overwhelms an entire crowd of people. Especially susceptible to the hysteria of a crowd are women of the Malay race. In Malaysia, because of this hysteria, sometimes in a hospital land female crews of entire factories. A hysteria of crowd is a reversal of the phenomenon of nirvana. It is also caused by a telepathic coupling of minds of members of a given crowd. More about this hysteria of a crowd is explained on a separate web page concerning nirvana.
       5. Flow of karma. This is described in more details on a separate web page named karma. It is also carried out through the phenomenon of unaware telepathy.
       6. Generation or dispersion of moral energy. As this is explained on a separate web page about nirvana, the generation and dispersion of moral energy is strongly dependent on the telepathic communication. It is because of this, that when we carry out any "good deed", we should do it anonymously - means in such a manner that no-one other knows that we are the author of it. Otherwise these others will spoil telepathically our outcomes of this good deed.
       7. So-called "Swiss net". It is an invisible net which is imposed on the surface of our planet, and is formed just by telepathic vibrations induced by the friction of our planet with counter-matter. The "Swiss net" is described in subsection H5.3 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5].

#B3. The model of the brain as an input output device:

       As we know, in the course of ages orthodox scientists tried to explain the principle, on which our brain operates. In order to illustrate somehow this principle, and also to introduce a simple mechanism that reveals the structure and operation of this complicated organ and explains the basic functions of the brain, our science introduced theoretical concepts of the operation of our brain, which are known as "models of the brain". Thus by the name "model of the brain" we should understand a type of illustrative analogy, which tries to explain how the human brain is build, on what principle it works, where the basic attributes of it come from - such as short-term memory, long-term memory, ability to learn and to forget, etc.
       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity, briefly described in subsection #A3 of this web page, introduced a completely new quality to our understanding of the operation of the brain and the essence of our intelligence. This concept explained, that the source of all intellectual attributes of people are not physical bodies, but these counter-bodies contained in the counter-world. Thus such intellectual attributes of people as their intelligence or memory, are NOT at all located in their brains, but in these counter-bodies from the counter-world. In such a situation, our brains must be redefined from carriers of these attributes, in organs which only reassure our access to this attributes contained in the counter-world. So the fact, that in our process of thinking we feel that this thinking is like "sinking" into a deep well of some sort that exists in the centre of our brain in fact means, that this brain is just a "communication channel" which links our physical body with the thinking counter-matter from the separate counter-world. It is this counter-matter that carries out the process of thinking for us.
       The fact of assigning to the brain the function of the basic organ that communicates with the counter-world, completely revolutionises our present understanding of the structure and operation of this organ. Furthermore, the fact that our brain communicates with the counter-world, shifts to the counter-world the location of many significant attributes, which until now were assigned to the biological brain, such as intelligence, memory, speed of thinking, instinct, etc. For this reason, the discovery that the brain is a communication device which links us with the counter-world, leads us to the formulation of a completely new "model of the brain", which for the first time was introduced to the use by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This new model of the brain is called here the "model of the brain as an input-output device".
       The "model of the brain as an input-output device" is the third theoretical model of this organ, so-far introduced to use. Let us now list all three models of this organ known so-far, briefly explaining their operation, basic properties, and the level of agreeability with the empirical findings.
       1. The model of the brain as the "collection of pigeon holes". It was the first and the oldest of models of this organ introduced so-far. It assumed that our brain works like a kind of a huge catalogue filled up with various grey cells, or "pigeon holes", into which data are introduced and then stored - similarly as documents are stored in closed files, or as data items are stored in computer memory.
       Unfortunately, against this model a lot of empirical findings certifies. For example, in many cases it was registered that the memory remains even when portions of brain are surgically removed (see [1I5.4] "Intersections of Holography, Psi, Acupuncture, And Related Issues" by D. J. Benor, American Journal of Acupuncture, Vol. 11, No. 2, April June 1983, pp. 105 118). This in turn contradicts the understanding of the brain as a collection of "pigeon holes" into which data is packed and stored. After all, if we surgically remove a significant portion of such "pigeon holes", then also their content should be removed and lost. Therefore, the long term memory needed to be explained in some another way. Contemporary medicine prepared another explanation of memorizing, based on the so called "holographic model of the brain".
       2. The "holographic model of the brain". This model is the second description of the operation of the human brain, introduced by our science so-far. It assumes that the information being memorised is distributed amongst all cells of the brain, similarly as this happens in a hologram, so that every cell contains a complete information about everything. Therefore, independently which part of the brain is removed, the same information is still preserved in other parts.
       But this "holographic model of the brain" still does not match the existing facts and empirical observations. There is an increasing number of facts clearly indicating that the memory of events can be preserved or passed on, even while the brain that registered them was non-existent (i.e. was already dead, or was not born yet). These kinds of facts originate from the so called "psychic" experiences. An example of such experiences can be learning about a murder directly from the victim, or learning about past life ("reincarnation") when the subject of this life is already dead, or remembering some special events, which would not happen to us, but to our parents. None model of the brain, which is based on the single-world universe, is able to satisfactory explain such facts. Therefore it is necessary to introduce one more model of the brain, which stems from the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       3. The "model of the brain as an input-output device". This one was unknown to human medicine, as the introduction of it was only proposed in 1985 in the original formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It leads to the explanations, which match perfectly all evidence in the existence. This is because it is based on a triple world universe, in which the counter-matter which is filling up the counter world, is the one that displays the intelligence and the attributes of a natural computer, i.e. it intercepts, stores, processes and outputs the information. Thus, the existence of such a thinking and memorizing substance, allows us to store and to process information in our registers contained in the software counter world, not in our physical brains. The model of the brain as an input output device postulates, that the entire memory of a given creature is accumulated and stored in the software registers from the counter-world. Also these registers are the source of intelligence of a given individual. To our world are only shifted these parts of this memory, which are needed in a given moment of time.
       The "model of our brain as an input output device" states, that we do not have in our heads any long term storage (memory) nor the powerful information processing device, but rather a primitive input output device with a short-term memory, which only exchanges information with registers contained in the counter world. Using "computer" terminology, our brain is not a computer itself with its own memory, but only the equivalent of an intelligent terminal. This terminal is able to perform some limited processing by itself, as it possesses its own short-term memory (i.e. memory so small that the packing of new facts into it requires the removal of facts remembered earlier). However, in all important cases requiring the long-term memorising, it refers to the information contained within the software counter world. The process of exchanging of this information between our own brain and the register contained in the software counter-world, is known by the name of "long term memory system". This system in practice works through the phenomenon of telepathy and because of the existence of an unique language which is understood by the entire counter-world and is called ULT.
       One of the most important consequences of the model of brain discussed here, is that it defines the intellect and the long-term memory, not as an attribute of the biological body, but as a software content of the counter-material duplicate of this body. Thus in this model, our biological body is only a vehicle and the access organ (interface), which allows the effective use of this intellect and memory located in a completely different world.
       The model of the brain described above provides an excellent explanation for all facts and phenomena observed to date, which in remaining models of the brain remained unexplainable. For example, such phenomenon as hypnosis is defined as switching our brain entirely onto the perception of signals from the counter world via our counter-body. Telepathy is an exchange of thoughts and messages between different individuals via sound-like vibrations that propagate through the counter matter, and also an exchange of information between our brain and our own long-term-memory stored in the counter-world. Dreams can be explained as adventures of our counter-bodies in the counter world, or adventures of our registers (souls) in the virtual world (this is why there are two types of dreams). Multiple personalities can be explained as switching our biological brain to cooperate with more than one register of memories. Reincarnation is simply linking the brain of an alive person with these registers, which belonged to a person who is already dead. Etc., etc.

#B4. The universal language of thoughts (ULT) - i.e. the language in which communicate with each other all counter-material duplicates from the entire universe:

Motto: "The existence of the ULT language causes that with the use of telepathy we can communicate with animals, vegetation, and even with UFOnauts who secretly keep coming to Earth from distant stars. This language is also a proof for the existence of God - as without God it would NOT be able to eventuate, as well as a proof for the creation of man by God - as in a purely accidental manner it would NOT be able to form just by itself in our minds." (For more data regarding the creation of man by God - see part #B of the separate web page about evolution.

       Another vital implication of the model of the brain as an input output device is that it postulates the existence of a "universal language of thoughts", i.e. a language in which the counter-matter thinks, and thus which is used by the entire universe. This language could be called the "language of God", as all mental processes of the universal intellect, and also all communications with this intellect, are going to take place through it. In all my publications, e.g. in monograph [1/5] and also on this web page, it is referred as the ULT (i.e. the "Universal Language of Thought"). This language is a natural equivalent to binary "machine code", in which our computers "think". It differs from the human spoken languages, and is the language in which all living creatures conduct their thought processes. It also is the language in which all creatures living in our universe can directly communicate with one another. It is not an exaggeration to claim that ULT is the "language of God". After all, it is the language with which the whispers of our own conscience are formulated - for more descriptions of the conscience see subsections I4.1.2 and I5.3 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5], and also the language, the mastery of which allows us to directly communicate with God. The existence of such an universal language not only enables brains to communicate with their counter-material duplicates, but also enables communication between one creature and another (e.g. humans with animals, humans with plants, UFOnauts with humans, etc.). It is extremely interesting that the existence of such an universal language was already suggested indirectly in the late 1950s by Noam Chomsky in his research concerning generative grammar.
       At this point it should be stressed that the existence of such a universal language of thoughts (ULT) introduces numerous philosophical implications. Probably the most important of them is that this language must consist only the "words" which correspond to the ideas and possibilities already recognized and applied in the universe. Practically, this means that we (humans) are not able to think or to imagine anything that exceeds the capabilities of the universe, as it simply would not have the appropriate "word" to be expressed in our minds. The philosophy of totalizm expresses this fact in the form of an intellectual law that prevails in our universe. This law states, that "every goal which is possible to image is also possible to achieve" - for details see subsection JB7.3 in volume 7 of monograph [1/5]. Please notice here, that the same law can also be expressed in other words, for example that "everything that someone is able to invent, must exist, existed, or is going to exist in the universe at some point of time and space", or that "whatever cannot be imagined nor invented, for sure does not exist". (Notice, that this is because "whatever cannot be imagined nor invented, for sure does not exist", human mind is unable to imagine infinitive "something", although it easily imagines infinitive "nothing" - for more details see item #I2 from the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which explains exactly how the evolution of God looked like). The problem with comprehending the above totaliztic law lies in the frequent mixing up goals with ways of achieving them. For example, the idea of an antigravitational field in the old (and wrong) concept of monopolar gravity, which was discussed in chapter HB of monograph [1/5], in fact represents only our demand addressed to the universe and requiring it to operate in a particular way. (I.e. it demands that the universe works in such a manner that antigravity must exist in our physical world.) Therefore, antigravity thus defined represents only the way of achieving a goal, not a goal itself. But if antigravity is limited to a pure goal only, i.e. to the formation of a force that repels one mass from other masses, than a number of possibilities for achieving it can be found. Two of these, e.g. the magnocraft and the telekinetic vehicle, are explained on separate web pages of totalizm, and also in chapters C, G, LC and M of monograph [1/5] (plus a whole range of old monographs, e.g. [1e], [2e], [1/4]).
       As it turns out, the experimental confirmation of the existence of the Universal Language of Thoughts (ULT) described above, just by itself is also an additional proof for the existence and operation of the so-called universal intellect (i.e. God). If we carry out an appropriate logical deduction, ULT language can only exist in the situation when the universal intellect also does exist. It is this intellect that must be capable of effective thinking in this particular language, and that uses it for communicating with all living creatures that populate the universe. After all, every language, including the ULT, is a kind of code. In turn, as this is explained in the web page about the evolution of humans, the eventuate of any code is impossible without the existence of intelligence of some sort which creates this code. In turn the fact, that the ULT does exist, is confirmed by a wealth of empirical evidence. The most convincing amongst this evidence is the capability of extraterrestrial UFOnauts to carry out telepathic conversations with people (this capability is already documented by overwhelming evidence accumulated so-far). If there is no such a language, aliens who originate from distant star systems would not be able to telepathically communicate with people - see treatise [7/2]. Other such evidence includes: the capability of some people to telepathically communicate with animal, insects, or even plants (some of such cases are described in subsection I5.4 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]), the clear perception of the ULT by people who just changed their country and language, the logical deductions of the existence of such a language completed by some scientists who worked on artificial intelligence (e.g. Noam Chomsky, 1950s). The very strong evidence for the existence of ULT is also the ability to build telepathic devices, which allow to exchange thoughts directly between minds of different creatures. If one analyses this matter logically, than the sole fact that building such telepathic devices is possible (frequently used for example by UFOnauts to communicate with people - see item #D3 in the further part of this web page; and recently proposed also to be build o Earth - see treatise [7/2]) confirms that the ULT language must exist.
       A very vital evidence for the existence of the ULT is the fact of telepathic communication between people and plants. The universal language of thoughts (ULT) allows us to communicate with every possible inhabitant of the universe - even including our pot plants. It has been confirmed with numerous experiments that pot plants grow better when someone talks to them with love and care. Moreover, there were experiments completed, which utilized encephalographs connected to plants, i.e. equipment similar to lie detectors - see experiments of Cleve Backster described in [7] and [7/2]. These experiments proved that plants react with panic to our thought intentions to harm or to destroy them. In television I also saw a program ("Facts or fiction"), in which they reported about a case, when the panicky reaction of a flower that was favoured by a murdered owner (this flower was connected to such an encephalograph) allowed an initial detecting which one amongst all suspects murdered the owner of this particular flower in the vicinity of it (the flower).

Part #C: Technical version of telepathy and practical applications of it:


#C1. What are the most common categories of telepathic vibrations:

       Telepathic vibrations which propagate through the counter-world can take two main forms, namely they can be (a) modulated, and (b) non-modulated. The modulated telepathic vibrations are all these which carry a kind of "speech" imposed onto it. This speech allows counter-bodies of all objects that populate the universe to communicate with each other. So they are in counter-world like equivalents of sounds which come out from speakers of our radios and television sets. In turn non-modulated telepathic vibrations are all these which our counter-bodies do not understand to contain a "speech". But these counter-bodies still perceive them and still read the information contained in them. After all, even these non-modulated vibrations always contain some sort of information. This is because in the counter-world they are like equivalents of a whistle or a siren from our world. But we remember, that even a whistle or a siren, although cannot be understood the same as speech, still always carry some sort of information. For example a whistle informs, amongst others, about our location, informs that we are still alive, discloses the power of our lungs, sometimes lets others to know that we are impolite or badly brought up, and in some cases it can even pass a message - e.g. via the use of Morse's code. Similarly a siren can raise an alarm, or inform about finishing a working day, and furthermore it informs everyone that someone just switched it on. A special version of the non-modulated telepathic waves is so-called telepathic noise. This noise is a kind of unpleasant signals which are damaging to our counter-bodies. In turn through these counter-bodies such telepathic noise can act destructively also on our physical bodies. The most powerful and the most destructive "telepathic noise" is generated by electrical sparks. This is why electrical sparks cause, amongst others, jamming of our telepathic implants (e.g. see the "MIR test"). It is also for this reason that people who live close to sparking high tension power-lines with the elapse of time fall victims of various illnesses. Very destructive telepathic noise is also generated by every version of friction. This is because of that reason why every earthquake which is just brewing up is always proceeded with an intense telepathic noise generated by the layers of rocks which move in relationship to each other thus creating powerful friction. Also this is why the telepathic noise generated by earthquakes which are just brewing up is sensed by animals which then begin to panic. Other widely known telepathic noise with destructive influence on people is so-called "radiation of underground water veins" - which is generated when water pushes its way through soil. This radiation belongs to a wider group of destructive telepathic radiation, by radiesthesia described with the general name of a "negative green".
       The telepathic waves are obeying the same physical laws that are obeyed by acoustic waves. Only that the action of telepathic waves limits itself exclusively to the counter-world. Thus, if their action someone wishes to shift to our world, then must utilise for this purpose a phenomenon which transmits them here, e.g. the "piezoelectric effect". Most vital laws which are obeyed by telepathic waves, and which help us in technical utilisation of this effect, include "the law of bouncing of telepathic waves from flat surfaces", "the law of focusing and concentration of telepathic waves by concave surfaces", and "the law of resonance instigation of vibrations in objects of a similar frequency of own vibrations". The interesting aspect of telepathy is, that already ancient Chinese had an entire branch of science which was researching consequences of bouncing, deflecting, concentrating, etc., telepathic waves, and their influence on health and on fate of people. This ancient branch of Chinese knowledge survived until today. People in the world know it under the name of "feng schui".

#C2. How to generate technical telepathy:

       Every motion of magnetic field generates telepathic waves. So technically it is relatively easy to generate such waves in a controlled manner. It is enough to flow an alternating electric current of a required characteristics through any coil or solenoid. The only difficult part is to modulate this wave in such a manner that it carries the "speech" which is understood by out intelligent counter-bodies. However, even the principle of this modulation is already known to us - see descriptions from item #E1 of this web page.

#C3. The most vital applications of technical version of telepathy:

       The most encouraging fact that is emerging from my research on telepathy, is that this extraordinary phenomenon can be produced with the use of appropriate technical device. In order to produce a technical version of telepathy, it suffices only to vibrate (means to accelerate and to decelerate) magnetic field. In turn this vibrating magnetic field is going to induce telepathic wave, onto which a useful information can be modulated. This possibility of technical inducing of telepathy opens the possibility of practical utilisation of this extraordinary phenomenon for countless applications. Let us list here the most important of such applications:
       1. Telepathic communication. The technical manner of producing telepathic waves allows to build devices for telepathic communication. An example of such a device is the telepathic pyramid shown on the photograph "Fig. #2" of this web page, and described in item #E1. English treatise [7/2], and also monograph [1/5], describe in tiny details the exact construction and principles of operation of several different out of such telepathic devices.
       2. Telepathic telescopes. They allow to receive pictures, thoughts, and feelings directly from minds of people who can physically be located at any distance from us, including other solar systems. Thus they allow to watch the everyday life and to listen to thoughts in selected members of other civilisations, and also to find out allies who live in these civilisations. In the sense of principles of operation "telepathic telescopes" are reversals of the operation of "telepathic projectors" - similarly as our optical telescopes are reversals of optical projectors. The operation of telepathic telescopes can be deduced from the operation of telepathic projectors described in item #C4 below. But if someone wishes to find out more about them, then a relatively comprehensive description of telepathic telescopes can be found in subsection K5.1 from volume 9 of newest monograph [1/5], as well as in subsection L6.3.3 from volume 7 of a slightly older monograph [8] "Totalizm".
       3. Telepathic projectors. These allow users to send pictures, thoughts and feelings directly to minds of living creatures which can be physically located at any distance, including other solar systems. Thus they allow to induce visions (similar to these which various saints experienced on Earth in old days) in selected individuals from these other civilisations, and also to advice our allies that live within populations from other civilisations. In the sense of principles of operation "telepathic projectors" are an exact reversal of the operation of "telepathic telescopes" - similarly as known for a long time on Earth optical projectors are exact reversals of optical telescopes. Telepathic projectors are described in more details in item #C4 below. More information on their subject is contained in subsection K5.2 from volume 9 of newest monograph [1/5], as well as in subsection L6.3.4 from volume 7 of a slightly older monograph [8] "Totalizm".
       4. Telepathic healing devices. Telepathy is a phenomenon that is very similar to that one which healers use for healing human bodies. Therefore, after telepathic devices are developed, it will be possible to build various healing apparatuses, which are going to heal people without the use of medicine or operations, just by an ordinary exposure of their bodies to telepathic vibrations. Effects of such healing with telepathic devices are already demonstrated to various people on UFO decks. More information on the subject of telepathic healing is provided in subsections I4 and L6.3.4 of monograph [8] "Totalizm".
       5. Telepathic detectors of earthquakes. Such earthquake detectors represent the most advanced application of telepathic waves. Their real operation is based on the principle, that incoming earthquakes generate telepathic waves of an extremely powerful amplitude. So these telepathic waves can be detected long in advance before the earthquake would strike, and utilised for warning people about an incoming disaster. Unfortunately the original such device, in present literature called "Zhang Heng Seismograph", was destroyed. But a "look-like" replicas of it were reconstructed in 1951 and now can be seen in Beijing (Peking), China. One such a "look-like" replica of this wonder device is outside of China, exhibited in Wellington, New Zealand. However, because the exact operation of this device was misunderstood, the present replicas have a wrong internal design. Also their explanatory information provides a false description of principles that they employ for the operation. In "Fig. #5" shown is a photograph of the New Zealand "look-like" replica:

#C4. The design and operation of so-called "telepathic projectors":

       Telepathic projectors are devices which allow to send pictures, thoughts, and feelings at interstellar or even intergalactic distances, and put these pictures, thoughts, and feelings directly to minds of their addressees. The addressees of these information do not need have any receiving device. This is because such pictures, thoughts, and feelings appear directly in his or her mind. Telepathic projectors are like equivalents of present cinema projectors. Only that (a) they work at interstellar distances, (b) they use the language called ULT that is described in item #B4 of this web page instead of human spoken language (in this way they allow to communicate effectively with any inhabitants of the universe), and (c) they allow communications between different civilisations in spite of differences in their technical advancements. The design and principle of operation of telepathic projectors is discussed more comprehensively in subsection K5.2 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. Because not every reader may have an access to this monograph, the most vital information presented there is repeated also here.
       The primary task of telepathic projectors is transformation of visual pictures, thoughts, and feelings of the being which uses them into beams of telepathic waves modulated in the ULT language, and then send these beams of telepathic waves directly to minds of distant addressees. In minds of these addressees the incoming signals are then converted back into pictures, thoughts, and feelings which were originally posted with this device, via the use of natural "operation of the human brain as a telepathic input-output device" working in the ULT language. Of course, in order the communication could be in both directions and in order users of these telepathic projectors could see exactly what consequences cause the information that they posted, these projectors must also contain so-called "telepathic telescopes" for one of their main components. These telepathic telescopes intercept telepathic waves generated and emitted by a given addressee, and convert these waves back into a visual picture of this addressee as well as the content of thoughts that this addressee just have and feelings that he or she just experiences. But because a simultaneous presentation of the operation of both these basic components, means presentation of the projector and simultaneously also the telescope, would make the presentation rather unclear, I am going top concentrate in explanations below exclusively on presenting the projector. In turn how operates the telescope, the reader can either deduce himself, or can read from exact descriptions of the operation of this telescope which are provided in subsection K5.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. (In order to deduce by yourself how such a telescope works, it is enough to remember, that a telepathic telescope works on principles which are exact reversal of principles of the telepathic projector discussed here - in a similar manner as an optical telescope is an exact reversal of an optical projector.)
       The schematic diagram of the telepathic projector is shown in "Fig. #1" below. In their general design and operation, the telepathic telescopes are very similar to a wide class of optical devices the principles of all of which originate from an "optical projector" - means from a reversal of an "optical telescope". (As we know, to this group of optical device belong, amongst others, projectors of slides, OHPs - i.e. overhead projectors, cinema projectors, video projectors - which project a television picture onto a large screen, and several others. All these from the principles of operation point of view are reversals of optical telescopes, binoculars, photo-cameras, movie cameras, video cameras, thermovision cameras, and a wide range of various optical measuring equipment including remote thermometers, spectrometers, microscopes, etc.) Of course, the operation of telepathic projectors must utilise the same kinds of physical laws as optical projectors do. Similarly as this is the case with present optical devices, from the point of view of sizes, most probably constructed will be a personal version of these devices. This will be similar to projectors used by teachers and lecturers. It will allow a fast sending of messages e.g. to miners trapped in mines, to our children hiding in other rooms or in nearby parks, to soldiers hiding in bunkers, to animals sitting in their burrows, to people covered by avalanches, to victims of houses collapses, etc. There will be also build long-distance versions, which will work on interstellar, or even intergalactic, distances. Such long-distance telepathic projectors allow to talk to, or to send messages to, any creatures or people who hide at invisible from the Earth sides of distant planets, who live behind suns and distant stars, who live on planets from an opposite side of the universe, etc.
       The general design and major components of the telepathic projector is similar to an optical projector - see the diagram shown in "Fig. #1". As this is the case with optical projectors, also the telepathic projector is composed of a main tube (t). For example in the magnocraft this tube takes the form of so-called central column of this vehicle, or a column with a side propulsor (see descriptions of the magnocraft presented in subsection G1.6 from volume 3 of monograph [1/5]). Inside of that tube "t" three most vital components of the projector are to be assembled. Namely, at the frontal part of this tube a focusing magnetic lens (f) is assembled. This lens during the work as a projector sends telepathic waves generated inside of the device into the direction of the addressee. (In turn, during the work as a telepathic telescope, the same lens "f" intercepts the telepathic waves which arrive from the addressee of a given communication and directs these waves onto the telepathyser contained inside of the telepathic projector.) In centre of the tube "t" a telepathyser "s" is placed. It is a kind of telepathic equivalent to present radio-emitter. Means, in the broadcasting function (as a projector) the telepathyser transforms the broadcasted pictures, thoughts, and feelings into telepathic waves. Then these waves are send into space by the magnetic lens "f" to arrive directly to the mind of the addressee. Notice, however, that independently from the broadcasting function (as a projector), the same telepathyser performs also the function of a receiver (as a telescope). In this receiving function the telepathyser converts telepathic waves which are returning from the addressee of a given session and are intercepted by the lens "f", back into visual pictures, and also into thoughts and feelings. In the third, rear part of the same tube "t", an optical lens "v" of the telepathic projector is assembled. In the projecting function, this optical lens allows the optical picture of the user of this projector (i.e. the picture of the sender of messages) to be taken and projected into the telepathyser. In this telepathyser the picture is converted into telepathic waves, which then the magnetic lens "f" sends directly to the mind of the addressee. In turn during the telescope function (as a receiver), this optical lens "v" allows the user to see a picture of the addressee which is formed by the telepathyser. Thus, in the telescoping function (as a receiver), this lens "v" works very similarly as a lens in present television cameras - from which television reporters read the content of the message which they have to broadcast. This message shows itself as a picture visible in the lens.
       The above three components, namely the magnetic lens "f", telepathyser "s", and the optical lens "v", carry out all functions of the telepathic projector. In the result, the user of this telescope which stands in front of its optical lens "v", sees in this lens the addressee with whom is just conversing, and additionally "hears" thoughts and feelings of this addressee. In turn the addressee of a given telepathic communication, which is physically located very far from a given user, in his own mind see a picture of this user, and perceives thoughts and feelings that this user sends to him or her. In this way, due to telepathic projector working in such a manner, an exchange of pictures, thoughts, and feelings occurs in both directions. But for this two-directional exchange of information, only the user, means only the broadcaster, must have such a telepathic projector. Because all pictures, thoughts and feelings that are send by this projector are expressed in the ULT language described in item #B4 of this web page, the addressee of these pictures, thoughts, and feelings, receives them directly in his or her mind, like if they arrive from his own counter-body. The mechanism which allows such an inner perception of these pictures, thoughts, and feelings, is the same which in item #B3 of this web page is described for the operation of the brain as an input-output device.

#C4.1. Principle of operation of the "telepathyser" - which represents the most vital component of the telepathic projector:

       In the telepathic projector discussed in the previous item #C4, the most vital component is so called "telepathyser". After all, it is just this telepathyser that translates optical pictures, thoughts, and feelings, into the ULT language, and then expresses them in the form of appropriately modulated telepathic waves. It is also this telepathyser that absorbs telepathic waves returning from the addressee and converts these waves into pictures, thoughts and feelings that are inserted directly into mind of the user of a given telepathic projector. Of course, the knowledge of the principle of operation of this telepathyser is NOT necessary at all for understanding how the entire telepathic projector works, nor what is possible to accomplish through the use of this projector. Therefore I separated this principle into a different (this) item, so that these readers who are NOT interested in technical details could skip through reading it. But this principle is needed if someone wishes to build one day such a telepathic projector. For just such technically inclined hobbyists I am addressing descriptions from this "technically oriented" item.
       The function of a "telepathyser" boils down to two-directional translation of pictures, thoughts, and feelings, into telepathic waves modulated with the use of the ULT language. This translation must be two-directional, means it must depend no both, translating optical pictures, thoughts, and feelings onto telepathic waves modulated with the ULT, as well as on translating such telepathic waves modulated with the ULT back into optical pictures, thoughts, and feelings. How exactly such a two-directional translation of thoughts and feelings is carried out is already explained in item #E3 of this web page on an example of the telepathyser called the "telepathic pyramid". Therefore, here this two-directional translation of thoughts and feelings into modulated telepathic waves will NOT be repeated. In this item I am going to concentrate exclusively on explaining how optical pictures are translated into modulated analogue telepathic waves (and vice versa).
       The telepathyser "s" is a very complex device. The schematic diagram of it is shown on the illustration from "Fig. #1". In the fulfilling of the function of two-directional translation of optical pictures into beams of analogue modulated telepathic waves, the most vital component of it is the so-called "electromagnetic screen" described below. This "electromagnetic screen" (s) we should understand as a kind of invisible surface formed from strongly ionised jell, which (the surface) is spread across the central part of the tube of telepathic projector - approximately a middle way between the magnetic lens "f" and the optical lens "v". The function of this electromagnetic screen is going to resemble slightly the function and operation of so-called "focusing screen" in some photo-cameras (e.g. in so-called "reflex" cameras) - but it is going to be transparent not "milky". Means, in the broadcasting operation of the telepathic projector, the screen is going to be a component which converts an optical picture carried by a beam of photons, into a beam of telepathic waves which (the waves) will be later emitted into the space by the magnetic lens "f". In turn during the receiving operation of the same telepathic projector, this telepathyser will convert a beam of telepathic waves into a beam of photons which carry an optical picture. The interior of the tube "t" in which this screen (s) is to be spread, will be filled up with a special "revealing substance" (g). This substance must be a kind of easily ionising jell, in which the so-called "extraction glow" can easily be induced.

Fig. #1 (oryginalnie rys. K4 z monografii [1/5])

Fig. #1 (K4 in [1/5]): Here is a schematic diagram of a telepathic projector. It illustrates the general design and main components of this unique device.
       (Originally this illustration is published as Figure K4 in monograph [1/5].) Generally, such a projector is constructed in the form of a tube "t", the interior of which is filled with transparent, gelatinous "revealing substance" (g). In the frontal part of this tube a projecting magnetic lens "f" is assembled. It has the form of a ring. In the end part of the tube a magnetic coil "v" is assembled, also shaped into a ring. In the clearance "I" of this ring an optical lens (v) is mounted. In the middle of length of the tube "t", across of it, an invisible for people "electromagnetic screen" (s) is spread. This screen is formed as a surface of collision of two oppositely oriented magnetic fields that originate from the lens "f" and from the coil "v". Across the screen "s" a powerful electrostatic field is directed, formed by two electrodes "e".

       The phenomenon which this "electromagnetic screen" is going to utilise for two-directional change of optical pictures into telepathic picture, and vice versa, is already partially known to us. I describe it here under the working name of "optic-telepathic effect". Similarly as all other phenomena of the counter-world, also this phenomenon works in both directions. So it is like an optical equivalent to commonly known phenomenon called the "piezoelectric effect". As probably everyone knows, the "piezoelectric effect" with an equal easiness converts telepathic vibrations into a stream of electrons which later manifests itself through changes in voltage on surface of a given crystal, as it converts changes in the flow of a stream of electrons (means changes in electric charges) into telepathic vibrations. In a similar manner this less known to people "optic-telepathic effect" converts the energy of a rapidly decelerated stream of photons which carry an optical picture, into energy of a beam of telepathic vibrations which also carry inside the same picture, while in appropriate conditions it is also able to work in an opposite direction when it converts the energy of a beam of rapidly dumped telepathic vibrations carrying in themselves an optical picture into the energy of a stream of photons which also express the same picture in an optical form. One of the best documented manifestations of this "optic-telepathic effect" is a phenomenon described in my publications under the name of an "extraction glow". This phenomenon causes, amongst others, the change of rapidly dumped telepathic vibrations or rapidly decelerated telekinetic displacement into a stream of photons which is noticeable as an emission of a white light. More complete descriptions of this "extraction glow", together with photographs which document the existence of it, are presented on several separate totaliztic web pages, e.g. on web pages about Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or about telekinesis. Therefore to these readers who wish to learn more completely the phenomenon and effect described here, I suggest to look also into these other web pages and to read about the "extraction glow".
       In order to form this invisible "electromagnetic screen" (s), which is to release technically the "optic-telepathic effect", approximately in a half length of the tube "t" in the telepathic projector must be spread a "collision surface" which is formed as a plane in which two oppositely oriented magnetic fields are colliding with each other. The first of these two fields is formed by the focusing lens (f) of the telepathic projector. In turn the second of these two colliding fields is formed by the viewing magnetic lens (v). This magnetic lens (v) is placed just by the optical lens "v". Across the collision surface an "athwart electrostatic field" must be acting. This field is formed by a pair of electrodes (e). In turn the collision surface must be paved with numerous ions of the "extraction glow generating substance" (g). This substance is distributed along the collision surface and within the reach of the athwart electrostatic field (e). In order to form the collision surface in the telepathic projector, across which both magnetic fields are bumping on each other, both magnetic lenses "f" and "v" used in the telepathic projector must be oriented with the same "O" (outlet) magnetic pole towards each other, so that their fields are repelling each other. (The "outlet" or "O" magnetic pole is the one marked as S according to the cartographic notation, or as N according to the notation used in present physics.) The surface along which this repelling of both fields takes place, is going to form the collision surface of the electromagnetic screen (s). In turn the athwart electrostatic field which is acting across this collision surface, is obtained through placing two electrodes (e), which are charged with static electricity, around the peripheral of the projector. These electrodes must be located in exactly the same plane in which the collision surface is positioned. In turn ions of the extraction glow generating substance (g), are obtained through filling up the hermetically closed tube (t) with some easily ionised transparent jell, liquid, or gas. The substance (g), which is used in the telepathic projectors, must be transparent, must either contain a large quantity of ions (as some solutions do), or be susceptible to easy ionisation (as some gases do), and also must fulfil all additional requirements, such as not causing corrosion, have significantly long life, keep transparent, etc. For example in telepathic projectors formed from propulsors of the magnocraft, this substance must be a gas which can be safely breathed - see descriptions from subsection G1.6 in volume 3 of monograph [1/5]. In most simple telepathic projectors, which can be build to see normally invisible "simulations" of UFOnauts operating in the so-called state of telekinetic flickering, we can use for such a substance an ordinary solution of kitchen salt in water.
       At this point the matter of magnetic polarity which forms the collision surface "s", requires a clarification. According to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, magnetic field is a circulating stream of counter-matter. Therefore each magnet or electromagnet can be compared to a kind of propeller, or a pump, which causes the counter-matter to rotate along closed circuits. As such, each magnet has two poles, one being an "inlet" (I) for the counter-matter, while the other being an "outlet" (O). In order to form the "collision surface", both magnetic lenses must be directed towards each other with their outlets (O). But currently magnetic poles are marked with letters N and S, not as "inlet" (I) or "outlet" (O). So how one can recognise which one of them is an inlet (I), and which one is an outlet (O) for the counter-matter. Well, when comes to the Earth's magnetic field, currently the inlet (I) for counter-matter is located near the north geographic pole, while the outlet (O) - near the south geographic pole. This is why northern polar lights are "falling from sky" while southern are "raising up" - as described in subsection H5.3 of monograph [1/5]. This is also why the "ozone hole" firstly appears near the southern magnetic pole. So when the collision surface in telepathic projectors is formed, both magnetic lenses must be so oriented, that their outlets (O) - i.e. these magnetic poles which represent the pole which prevails near the southern geographic pole of Earth, are facing inward towards each other. Note that if one considers the cartographic notation of magnetic poles, i.e. the one that appears on maps, then O=S. But if one uses the notation of magnetic poles from textbooks of physics, then O=N.
       To summarise, three basic components which decide about the work of the telepathyser described here are: both magnetic lenses (f) and (v), and an electromagnetic screen (s). Let us discuss now more comprehensively the design of each of these. As magnetic lenses in the telepathic projector can be used any two devices which have the capability to focus selectively telepathic waves of selected parameters, e.g. waves emited by a telepathyser, or by the body of an addressee. One of many devices which can perform such functions is the so-called Oscillatory Chamber from the Magnocraft - which is described in subsections F7.1 and G1.6 of monograph [1/5]. But because this chamber is not completed as yet, a much simpler such device can be used, which is just a ring made of ordinary coils of wire, or as we could describe it "coreless concentric coil". If one allows a pulsating electric current to flow through such a coil, it would produce a pulsating magnetic field, the propagation of which in space would be such that it would tend to intercept and focus telepathic waves which have the frequencies coinciding with the frequency of this field. Thus, such concentric coils of wires supplied with pulsating electric current, are devices which produce focusing impulses. In turn such focusing impulses, firstly select appropriate frequency of telepathic waves, secondly focus these waves on the electromagnetic screen. Now, if we have two such magnetic lenses, namely focusing one (f) and viewing one (v), by appropriate de-synchronization of their focusing impulses, it is possible to reject all telepathic waves except for these which are originating from the "addressee" with whom we are just conversing. This means that the appropriate control over pulsations of both magnetic lenses allows us to tune our projector at any object or person we wish.
       Generally the operation of electromagnetic screen (s) in the projecting function (i.e. broadcasting) is analogous to the action of so-called "transparency" in every known optical projector (e.g. in OHP which in past teachers used in schools). After all, both these devices are based on the utilisation of the same laws of nature. Only that instead of colourful pictures painted on this transparency, in the telepathic projector the picture is imposed in form a light pattern projected on the screen "s" by the optical lens (v). In this operation the electromagnetic screen of the projector intercepts the light pattern projected onto it by the lens (v), and converts this pattern onto modulated telepathic waves that carry this picture. Thus the whole trick of the operation of telepathyser boils down to the analogue translation on this screen (s) the picture from the form of pattern of light into a telepathic form, thus allowing this picture to be projected to the addressee. (And furthermore, during the operation of the same screen as a receiving device, carrying out the reversed process, i.e. translation of telepathic waves into a pattern of light - as this is done explains subsection K5.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5].)
       Let us now analyse, step by step, the operation of such telepathysers. The telepathic waves which carry a picture which is sent, are emitted in space from the addressee side, and then directed to the addressee by the focusing magnetic lens (f), similarly as this happens with the light after passing through the lens of an optical projector. So the only problem depends on generation of these waves on the invisible "electromagnetic screen" (s) formed along the collision surface of two magnetic fields. Because fields of both lenses "f" and "v" pulsate exactly with the frequency of the telepathic wave of addressee, this electromagnetic screen does not send telepathic waves to any other people apart from the addressee (i.e. the telepathic projector in an intentional manner does NOT converse with any other person apart the one to the frequency of which it was tuned). The surface of electromagnetic screen "s" is for the telepathic waves the same as a transparency in optical projectors. Namely, every optical picture which is projected on this surface and which causes the glow of ions of the revealing substance, is converted into telepathic waves, and vice versa. This two-directional conversion results from the transformation of energy of photons that form an optical picture, into the energy of telepathic waves, or vice versa, according to the action of the "optic-telepathic effect" which I already explained several paragraphs earlier.

#C5. Applications of telepathic projectors:

       There is enormous range of various applications that telepathic projectors can fill up. It is impossible to list here all these applications. Therefore I will concentrate on indicating only the most important of them.
       1. Communication at any distances, including interstellar and intergalactic ones. When we develop such devices, we will be able to communicate with any inhabitants of our universe, even with ones who do not have these devices yet.
       2. Communication between those who are physically separated. For example, crews of future flights to stars can communicate with the Earth.
       3. Communication with people who are cut from the rest of us. For example future victims of collapses of mines, avalanches, sunken submarines, cave explorations and mountain climbing which went wrong, etc., can be easily contacted via these devices, independently what equipment they have with them.
       4. Communication with people who are not able to communicate. For example unconscious divers, or people with very infectious diseases, can be contacted via these devices. Also free animals which roam wilderness can be contacted in the same way.
       5. Forced one-way communication with beings who refuse to communicate. If someone refuses a verbal communication, these devices still enable us to communicate with them at a distance.
       6. Issuing telepathic commands, suggestions, etc. For example, politicians and scientists can be ordered with just such devices to not get involved in UFO research, to support only wrong or disastrous ideas and projects, etc.
       7. Manipulation of views of whole societies and civilisations. If such a projector is placed on a satellite, and beams toward Earth a continuous message of the type "Scoff and ridicule everything that concerns UFOs", all people who easily can be suggested, will fall victims of that telepathic command.
       8. Healing and inducing illnesses. Many illnesses, for example cancer, depend on fact that the counter-material duplicates of sick organs have wrong frequencies and phase shifts of vibrations. Because of this property of some illnesses, they can be both, induced and healed simply by subjecting counter-material duplicates of these organs to appropriate, correcting vibrations. Practically this means that devices such as telepathic projectors, which emit very powerful telepathic vibrations, are capable to heal people who are sick with these types of vibrations, or to induce selected sicknesses in healthy people. To made it worse, such devices can act at any distances, thus a healing or causing sickness can be induced by someone who physically is located on a distant star system. It should be noted that this manner of getting rid of inconvenient people is widely used by our cosmic parasites, as described in subsections A3 and A4. One of the method of assassination that UFOnauts use, is to induce sickness in people via such telepathic projectors. Of course there is a whole range of health problems that can be induced in that manner. Although cancer probably is the most deadly, and the most effective of them, other illnesses also can be induced. For example to this category belong allergies, irritations, and also all illnesses which are self-infective when the immune system of a given person is down (immune system can be put down very easily by the action of such projectors emitting a destructive telepathic noise). Also various illnesses which change physical properties of components of our bodies can be induced that way. These include eyes cataract, or osteoporosis, for the induction of which the properties of some components of human bodies can be changed in a manner similar as psychokinesis changes properties of metals in bend spoons (e.g. for causing eye cataracts, eye lenses can be made milky). In case of eye cataract I already encountered a situation when it was definitely inflicted by UFOs - see the case of Evan Hansen described in subsection A4. Also various health problems based on phenomena similar to osteoporosis, such as spine pains, disk dislocations, various forms of rheumatism, etc., about which we know that they can be inflicted in that manner by UFOs, seem to especially like attacking the constructive UFO investigators. Thus, if someone is very close to completion of the telepathic pyramid, or is threatening UFO interests on Earth in any other way, should bear in mind that he/she could also be close to getting very sick in a mysterious and rapid manner (I was myself neutralized in that manner during the completion of this monograph, when I had a very bad lungs infection, stomach problems, and also prolonged pains in my spine - these artificially imposed health problems are described in subsection E2 of monograph [8]).
       9. Replacing of eyes for blind people and allowing to "see" through non-transparent objects. Simplified version of telepathic projectors will perceive the appearance of the surroundings of a giver person, and put the picture of this surroundings directly to the mind of this person. Thus for blind people they will replace eyes. In turn for people who can see they will allow to see also during the night, as well as see through solid obstacles, such as walls, soil, mountains, etc. After all, for telepathic waves all objects are transparent.
* * *
       It should be noted that our civilisation is continually confronted with effects of use of telepathic projectors. An excellent present-day example of such use is the telepathic pyramid described in subsection K2 of monograph [1/5]. Actually, although Mrs Daniela Giordano does not realise this, this pyramid was passed to her via such telepathic projector. "Simulations" of UFOnauts also use such projectors. Amongst many other applications, they utilise these devices for sending confusing and misleading messages to some people, usually from the group of "UFO contactees". Fortunately, cases of such false "contactees" can be identified, as the messages which they receive only sound very scientific, but are lacking specific solutions, are very vague, and also are contradictive to natural laws. In historic times the use of such devices also took place. For example the majority of visions, which were experienced by various religious figures and political activists (e.g. by Joanne D'Arc), were actually formed by telepathic projectors. Thus, in spite that we did not know the operation of these projectors, continually throughout the ages we were experiencing effects of their use on us.

Part #D: The utilisation of telepathy by UFOnauts:


#D1. Why the knowledge regarding everyday use of technically induced telepathy by UFOnauts allows us to build our own telepathic devices much faster:

Motto: "The same technical device can be invented and constructed completely independently by a whole range of different civilisations which neither help each other nor even are friendly towards each other."

       In item #A5 of this web page I explained, that a relatively new scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity provided us with a theoretical understanding of the phenomenon of telepathy. Simultaneously from the development of our radio communication it stems, that our planet reaped also technically to undertake the construction of the first telepathic communication devices. Both the above accomplishments concerning telepathy, means the knowledge of theory behind the phenomenon of telepathy as well as the capability to implement this theory technically, entirely stems from the Earth's science and technology, means have been invented, developed, and are proposed to be build on Earth. But if one remembers capabilities and unique attributes of telepathic communication devices, then it is enough to see headings of present newspapers, or glance at titles of various books, to realise, that telepathic communication devices identical to these that I am describing here are already observed operational on Earth from the beginning of time. Only that these already existing telepathic devices remain in hands of a hostile towards people creatures popularly called UFOnauts.
       Independently from telepathic devices, I also had the honour of inventing and developing a kind of discoidal space vehicle called the magnocraft. My magnocraft was invented solely on the basis of my professional interests in propulsion systems, i.e. without any influence or inspiration from extraterrestrial UFOs. At the beginning of my developmental work I accepted, that the magnocraft is just going to be a flying successor for an electric motor. This is what suggested to me the analogies and symmetries expressed in the so-called "Cyclic Table" (shown in monograph [1/5] as Table B1, and as Table K1 for slightly a different application). In this initial stage of the development of the Magnocraft, I was completely unaware of the similarities that exist between magnocraft and UFOs. This similarity become obvious only when the complete design and attributes of magnocraft become deduced. Actually these similarities were pointed out to me only by readers of my articles, who claimed that they have actually seen the magnocraft in operation with their own eyes - only they called it differently, i.e. "UFOs". Although at that stage I did not envisage any connection of my magnocraft and UFOs, just in case there was one, I followed these claims of my readers and tried to identify the differences or similarities existing between both these vehicles. Soon afterwards, with the weight of the evidence that I collected, I realized that in fact there are unknown vehicles popularly called UFOs already operational on Earth, which display all the attributes that have been theoretically predicted for the magnocraft. Subsequently the formal scientific proof that "UFOs are already operational magnocraft" has been worked out and published (see also item #D3 from below this web page). The first version of this proof appeared in the article [1P] "Konstrukcja prosto z nieba" ("The design straight from heaven") published in the Polish Journal "Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje", no 12/1981, pp.43 5. Unfortunately, in this first presentation of the discussed proof, for reasons which are clear only after reading the web page evil.htm, or subsection OC1 of monograph [1/5], the editor of the "Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje" would not publish drawings and photographs that were included to this article (similar to drawings and photographs that illustrate subsection P2 in [1/5]). Because of the lack of space, these photographs and drawings could not be also presented when the publication [1P] was then discussed in the article [2P] "Jak dowiedziono istnienia UFO" (i.e. "How the existence of UFOs was proven"), published in the magazine "Kurier Polski", no 119/1981, page 5. Thus, the complete version of this proof (together with a complete photographic and descriptive evidence) could be published only in New Zealand in the old monograph [1e] and in several other monographs that proceeded [1e] (see the list of these monographs provided in subsection F10 from [1/5]). The final proof presented in chapter P2 of monograph [1/5] is only an updated extension, with additional evidence, of this original proof firstly published in New Zealand in the old monograph [1e].
       The formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft" is a vital segment in the logical chain that forms the content of monograph [1/5] and this web page. (This is also the reason why in the next paragraph of this item the methodology of this proof is summarised, while the rest of this web page is based on findings which result from it).
       The formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft", presented in subsection P2 of the newest monograph [1/5], is based on a very old and countless times proven in action methodology adopted by present science and called the methodology of "matching the attributes". In this methodology two sets of independent attributes, which describe two different objects, are compared (matched) with each other, in order to prove that both these objects are identical. An oldest example of the use of this methodology would be an ancient hunter, who matches the attributes of a trail with attributes of an animal known to him, in order to determine as to whether this animal made the trail. This methodology is one of the most reliable, successful, and frequently used ways of identifying unknown objects. It is used in the majority of identification procedures, including criminal investigations (matching the evidence present in a site of crime with a suspect), medicine (matching symptoms with a disease), military reconnaissance, etc. In order to prove with this methodology that the magnocraft and UFOs are identical vehicles, a total match between the theoretically deduced attributes of the magnocraft and the observed attributes of UFOs has been documented and conclusively proven.
       The methodology of "matching attributes" applied here to prove formally that "UFOs are magnocraft which are already operational" also provides an additional benefit which should be explained here. It introduces the extremely important "postulate of interchangeability between UFOs and the magnocraft". According to this postulate, every correct equation, principle and fact established for the magnocraft, must also apply to UFOs; as well, every fact observed on UFOs must apply to the magnocraft. The practical utilization of this postulate on one hand allows for faster progress in the building of our magnocraft, through utilizing technical solutions that have already been implemented in UFOs. On the other hand it allows for the more rapid unveiling of the UFOs' secrets by applying to them all the findings concerning the magnocraft.
       For this web page the "postulate of interchangeability between UFOs and the magnocraft" has this consequence that everything that we managed to discover so far on Earth about the phenomenon of telepathy and about telepathic devices also to the telepathy of UFOnauts. In turn everything that here is explained regarding our findings of the use of telepathy by UFOnauts applies also to the Earth's telepathic devices.

#D2. The existence of UFOnauts is a fact - is stated by the resolution of the internet discussion list, about the "exploitation of Earth by UFOnauts":

      A historic resolution was accepted on 24 March 2003. Because it directly concerns phenomena of telekinesis and telekinetic motion induced technologically by propulsion systems of UFOnauts, I am going to present it here. The painful and prolonged fate of this resolution is described more comprehensively in subsection W4 of monograph [1/5]. The voting on this resolution was carried out in very dramatic circumstances and under a significant external pressures. However, although this resolution turned out to be a painful and expensive victory of totalizm, still it is a victory, and this is what matters the most. Here is the content of this resolution.
* * *
       The exploitation of Earth by UFOnauts: the collective resolution of the internet list regarding official recognition of formal proof on the existence of UFO, recognition of the formal proof on the occupation of Earth by UFOs, and recognition of the magnocraft as a technical explanation for UFOs
       We, 161 participants of the internet list, representing almost every area of life and almost every region of Poland, with a great concern observe the development of present situation regarding parasitic activities of UFOs on Earth. From one side we see the passivity of authorities and adverse of scientists towards increasingly larger problems that are induced by parasitic activities of UFOs on Earth, and we also see the growing tendency to ignore the prevailing collective opinions of majority of people and to base UFO-related decisions on claims just a few non-constructive individuals. On the other hand we notice the overwhelming accumulation of evidence on the continuous presence of UFOs on Earth, evidence of immoral interference of UFOnauts in our public life, and evidence of abductions of people to UFOs combined with biological exploitation of people in UFOs. We are also aware, that in 1981, in the Polish Journal Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje (no 13/1981, pages 21-23) for the first time a formal scientific proof was published, which stated that "UFOs are magnocraft". Starting from that moment, a growing number of scientific monographs is widely available for all interested, which formally prove the physical nature of UFOs, the parasitic interests of UFOnauts in Earth, the magnetic character of UFO propulsion systems, etc. Until present day these formal proofs transformed the knowledge on UFOs that is available so-far into a single consistent logical structure, proving via this structure that (1) UFOs do exist and they are material space vehicles piloted by morally degenerated relatives of people that originate from space, (2) that morally decadent owners of UFO vehicles occupy and exploit humanity in a hidden manner, and (3) that the design and operation of the space vehicle with magnetic propulsion called the "magnocraft" provides a complete and correct explanation for all technical aspects of UFOs. We are also aware, that very detailed descriptions of the magnocraft, as well as all scientific proofs that originate from magnocraft, are available in a number of scientific publications. Amongst these publications, at the time of voting this resolution the most up-to-date was the scientific monograph [1/4] by Dr Jan Pajak, entitled "Advanced magnetic devices" (4th edition, Wellington, New Zealand, 1998, ISBN 0-9583727-5-6). This monograph is distributed free of charge via numerous web pages, for example via pages text_1_4.htm or text_1_5.htm, and several others indicated by links from these sites. While being aware of all the above, and simultaneously knowing about responsibility that lies on our shoulders because of our representation of the cross-section of the entire society and all regions of our country, herewith we resolve the following.
       #1. We resolve that we officially recognise the formal proof that states that "UFO vehicles do exist". We know that this proof, carried out according to the scientific methodology of "matching attributes", is published and distributed constantly starting since 1981, and that no-one managed to undermine the merit of it. By recognising the significance and validity of this scientific proof, we simultaneously declare and remind, that it has the binding power and that its conclusions, and awareness consequences, should be considered in action of every person on Earth. Especially binding this formal proof is for scientists and for UFO investigators, who on the basis of it have the obligation to undertake the constructive research of goals and manifestations of UFO activities on Earth.
       #2. We resolve also, that we officially recognise merit of the formal scientific proof stating that "UFOs are magnocraft, which are constructed by technically highly advanced, although morally decadent, civilisations of evil parasites from space". We oblige everyone to respect the conclusions and significant consequences of this proof.
       #3. Furthermore we resolve, that we officially recognise the formal scientific proof, that "morally decadent owners of UFO vehicles occupy our planet in a hidden manner, and secretly carry out a large scale exploitation of humanity". We oblige every citizen of our planet to encompass the seriousness of consequences of this scientific proof, and to initiate actions that gradually neutralise this occupation and exploitation of people by UFOnauts.
       While resolving all the above, we simultaneously strongly encourage all interested, to urgently learn about scientific proofs contained in the monograph [1/4] indicated above, the official and popular recognition of which this resolution declares and also the multitude of consequences of which we are trying to realise with the assistance of this resolution. We also encourage to learn the design, operation, and propulsion system of the magnocraft, which is the space vehicle that represents an Earth's version of UFOs (means which displays all attributes of UFOs, carries the same operational capabilities as UFOs, and induces the same phenomena which are known from UFO observations).
       While issuing this resolution, and granting to it the character of a true representation of our collective views and wishes, we simultaneously hope, that the resolution finally is going to initiate constructive actions and initiatives regarding UFOs, so long-awaited by the society. For example we hope, that it is going to inspire the undertaking of systematic research on UFOs by scientists and by people responsible for our security and our level of informing. We hope, that in all matters regarding UFOs the society starts to draw from collective wisdom and stops following the claims of wrong but noisy individuals, who probably are manipulated by these parasitic UFOs. We hope, that this resolution breaks through the impasse to-date which surrounded the progress of people's rational understanding of the reasons, multitude, and technology of morally degenerated aggressors from UFOs. We hope, that it is to make people sensitive about immoral, parasitic, and hidden character of all activities of UFOs on Earth. We hope that it points the attention of authorities at burning issues of the defence of society from evil exploitation by UFOs. We hope, that it makes everyone interested in the scar from identification implant of UFOs, which (the scar) the majority of us is having on a leg. We hope, that it is going to initiate more intensive observations of UFO activity in our living space, and that it realises that with appropriate methods and devices which are sensitive at fast telekinetic motion, literally tens of visually invisible, telekinetic UFO vehicles can be registered in our sky in every moment of time (these telekinetic UFO vehicles are usually referred to, as "rods"). We hope also, that this resolution inspires all people to undertake an active self-defence against cosmic aggressors from UFOs.
       This resolution was taken on 24 March 2003, in the result of anonymous voting (which was based on pseudo-names) that was open for participants of debates on the internet list The results of this voting was unanimous - the entire 100% of voting participants gave their votes for accepting this resolution. The participants confirm that the voting had anonymous character, thus the results represent an exact reflection of actual views and wishes of people that voted. In turn because voters represented the cross-section through the entire society and through all regions of Poland, and also because the text of what was resolved represents the collective opinion of voters, this resolution is representative for the stand, wishes, and feelings of significant proportion of citizens of Poland aware of the seriousness of current situation.

#D3. Which evidence confirms that UFOnauts utilise devices which work on technically induced telepathy and that these devices work as described here:

       If one believes orthodox science on Earth, telepathy is intercepting of something by nothing. As such it cannot be utilised for practical purposes. Therefore the majority of us is extremely sceptical to every claim that UFOnauts utilise telepathic devices, and the construction of these devices also by people is just only the matter of time. After all, the majority of people typically are unaware of facts which are explained on the web page named "evil.htm". This means, that they are also unaware of the fact that the official human science and various leading scientists can be programmed just by such telepathic devices of UFOnauts to mislead people on purpose.
       Fortunately for us, the possibility of building telepathic communication devices was also analysed by the stream of development of our knowledge, which is alternative to the orthodox science and which is named the totaliztic science. (The name "totaliztic science originates from the fact, that the principles of this new science are based on the highly moral, progressive and constructive philosophy called totalizm - which is rejected by the "atheistic orthodox science".) According to this "totaliztic science", there are numerous groups of premises, which all unanimously confirm the actual possibility of building telepathic communication devices, disclose that just such devices are already used on Earth by "simulations" of UFOnauts and even reveal various details of the design and operation of these devices. Here are examples of these premises:
       (i) Sightings of the use of telepathic devices by UFOnauts. The most evidential confirmation of the fact, that telepathic communication devices can be build, results from the witnessing of the use of such devices by crews of UFO vehicles. As it turns out, telepathic devices are the basic manner of communicating between people abducted to UFO vehicles and crews of these UFO vehicles. The use of these telepathic devices in UFOs is described practically in every book which concerns cases of people being abducted to UFOs.
       (ii) So-called "MIR test" which SWITCHES OFF telepathic implants from UFOnauts that are inserted into left temples of practically all people on Earth. (I.e. you, the reader, also have such an implant without even knowing it.) UFOnauts in a secretive manner exploit every inhabitant of the Earth. From every man they rob sperm, while from every fertile woman they rob her eggs. Also every person must give out an amount of unique life energy called the moral - which UFOnauts rob via the special "chill chambers". However, the entire this robbery is completed by UFOnauts during nights and under strong hypnosis, when their victims sleep hard - so that later they do not remember anything from sessions when their biological resources are being harvested. In order to be able to have precise records from this robbery, and thus know for whom amongst people is just turn for a next robbery session, and also to control easier people during these robberies, UFOnauts secretly introduce implants to the body of every person on Earth. Each person carries inside several such implants. All these implants work on telepathic waves. Several areas in our bodies where we have such implants were already identified. For example, in the chinbone of the leg everyone has so-called "identification implant". From the introduction of this implant everyone also has a scar on the leg - this scar can be viewed on the first photograph from web page about UFOnauts. Everyone has also an implant in the spinal cord at the back of neck, in the place where usually there is a lock in our chains which some people have on necks. This implant allows UFOnauts to control our body - e.g. to cause with it that we faint, or are paralysed, or fall asleep, etc. Every person on Earth has also an implant in the left temple. This one is for "listening" to our thoughts and also for "putting thoughts and views to our heads". In some people this temple implant is inserted wrongly. After all UFOnauts insert it through the nose - what NOT always comes them out as well as they would wish. Therefore for some people, when a powerful magnet is close to their temple, this implant begins to irritate the brain. In such cases people begin to have unpleasant experiences, e.g. sweat, faint, shiver, etc. But if nearby of this implant powerful electric sparks are switched on, then these sparks generate so-called "telepathic noise" described in item #C1 of this web page. In turn this noise switches OFF the implant. Thus further placing a powerful magnet close to the temple of this person ceases to cause previous unpleasant experiences. In turn this very fact that a "telepathic noise" switches OFF the implant of UFOnauts is for everyone a tangible proof, that UFOnauts secretively use on people their advanced telepathic devices. More information on the subject of so-called "MIR test" - which is described here, and which allows to temporary switch off the UFO implant from our left temple, is provided in subsection U3.2.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/5].
       (iii) The mechanism of operation of telepathy This mechanism is explained by the new theory of totaliztic science, called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". On this web page the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is explained in item #A3 above. According to the totaliztic explanation of this mechanism, telepathic waves can be both generated and received - and relatively easy. After all, in order to generate telepathic waves it is enough to flow an electric current through a coil. In turn to receive telepathic waves it is enough to direct them on a quarts crystal of a similar frequency of own vibrations. Then these waves cause that the counter-body of this crystal begins to vibrate, and this in our world is going to manifest as vibrations of the crystal itself. Because of the existence of the piezoelectric effect, these vibrations can later be collected from the quartz crystal in the form of electrical impulses.
       (iv) The knowledge of the principle of operation of the telepathic pyramid. In a separate treatise [7/2] is described the design and operation of a telepathic communication device (transmitter and receiver) called the "telepathic pyramid". The most vital points of this principle of operation are repeated in Part #C of this web page. So this pyramid is a tangible proof, that telepathic devices can be build.
* * *
       We all perfectly know the proverb that "all roads lead to Rome". The attribute of this proverb is, that it is still going to remain true when we modify it into the form which states that "if several roads leads to Rome, than this means that Rome actually does exist and can be reached by us". Expressing this in other words, if several separate groups of premises indicate that telepathic communication devices are feasible and can be build, and even someone already now uses them on the Earth, we should not treat too serious claims of orthodox scientists who try to convince us to something completely opposite. After all, we know what kind of evil forces hide behind backs of such scientists. Not mentioning that scientists are already famous through the ages from the fact that they are constantly wrong and that they repetitively are forced to deny whatever they stated shortly before.

Fig. #2 (oryginalnie rys. K1 z monografii [1/5], oraz rys. C2 z traktatu [7/2])

Fig. #2 (K1 in [1/5]): The above photograph shows me (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) holding in hands the completed in Poland my own prototype of the "telepathic pyramid". This photograph was taken in September 1995, during my professorship at the Malaya University in Kuala Lumpur. It provides an illustrative evidence, that telepathic communication devices can be build. Notice also from descriptions in item #E1.1 of this web page, as well as in item #K2 of my other web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, that the simplified version of the above "telepathic pyramid" was already build and in 2015 it successfully intercepted the first "telepathic noise".
       Originally this photograph is shown as Figure C2 in the English treatise [7/2], and also as Figure K1 in monograph [1/5]. It shows an extraordinary technical device, called the "telepathic pyramid", which allows to utilise telepathic waves and mechanism of telepathy for communication on interstellar distances. The extraordinary attribute of this device is that it was given to humanity by an anonymous ally from stars - means by an extraterrestrial civilisation with a totaliztic philosophy. The exact design and operation of this device is described in chapter D of the English treatise [7/2], and also in chapter K of monograph [1/5] (English versions of both these publications are downloadable free of charge via this web site). Actually, almost the entire content of treatise [7/2] is devoted to the description of the extraordinary history and operation of this advanced device.
* * *

Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

#D4. On the Earth UFOnauts utilise various kinds of telepathic devices:

       "Simulations" of UFOnauts frequently utilise on the Earth their telepathic devices. For this reason, if one knows what to take notice of, then in our lives we can encounter numerous evidence, that telepathic devices were just used in our close proximity. (Unfortunately, this their use always is for a destructive purpose.) On this web page I try to indicate the most representative examples of just such evidence. Furthermore, I try to indicate also this places in monograph [1/5], in which more of such evidence is provided which could not be presented here because of limitations imposed on the size of memory available for this web page.

#D5. My personal witnessing of situations when UFOnauts used telepathic devices:

       I personally encountered several cases in my life, when effects of the use of telepathic devices become clearly noticeable for me. In fact almost entire subsections VB4.1.1, VB4.2, and VB4.2.1 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4] are devoted to the presentation of such cases. Several further such cases, when telepathic devices are used openly by UFOnauts for communicating with people, are described in subsection V2 from volume 16 (see over there the "close encounter from Dolomites") and also in subsection U3.2.1 from volume (see over there the test MIR) of that older monograph [1/4]. FOr a scientific exactitude I am going to provide here at least examples of most representative such cases. Here they are:
       1. Passing by and watching passively a clearly visible UFO vehicle, without even taking a photograph. Probably the best example of such a case was the sighting of a cigar shaped UFO on a top of the mountain in Weka Pass in New Zealand. It took place around the midday in December 1985. I was driving them in a car together with a colleague from Polytechnic in Invercargill (Miss Anne C.) and it was she that was the driver. We were driving from Hamner Springs to Christchurch. I know this road very well, because I was already passing through it tens of times. It was near this road that numerous UFO landing sites are located, photographs of which I show in my monographs. In one place well known to me, I noted a large silver cylinder through the window of the car. The height of this cylinder was comparable to the angular diameter of a full moon. I know this road well enough, to remember that earlier there was no such large and clearly visible cylinder on the top of this hill. Such, or similar, cylinder actually was not present in any place near this particular road. The cylinder stood on relatively tall legs, positioned vertically on a very top of a local hill visible from the road. It had proportions of dimensions and the general appearance of a new, large can of the type that one buys in a supermarket with some food tinned inside. The surface of this "can" is strongly waved in a horizontal direction. It looked as if it is well covered with new tin, newly made, and shining like a mirror. I show this strange object to my colleague. She acquitted my attention with remark that this is a new silos, and then without any further interest in this strange object she continued driving. This object in fact did resemble in appearance a cylindrical silos in which farmers accumulate their grain. It looked as if made of waved panels with well tinned, almost white metallic surface. But I could not understand why this farmer build his "silos" on a complete wilderness, and on a top of high hill. After all, it would be very difficult to arrive to this "silos", not mentioning winds, lightnings, and other problems. Furthermore, from the point of view of strength, easiness to bend the waved panel into a shape of a cylinder, and also the resistance of the grain slipping down, the waves on this "silos" should run vertically, not horizontally. So I expressed my doubts to the colleague. She again cut them short with some ignoring remarks about the unknown manner of thinking that farmers have, and still took no notice of this strange object. Her lack of interest was visibly many times more obvious from mine. This acted discouragingly on me. By seeing that she is completely not interested in this mysterious cylinder, I felt a bit out of place by being so intrigued and showing such interest in it. On the back sit of the car my photo-camera was lying, as usually ready for shooting. It was enough to reach it, press the trigger, and - as later I deduced - probably I would make then one of the most clear pictures of a cigar shaped UFO that was ever taken. Unfortunately, somehow I could not mobilise myself to reach back, take the camera, and press this button. (According to what I wrote in subsection V5.1 of monograph [1/4], and also I explained on the web page about time vehicles, it is possible, that in the original passage of time I managed to take this photograph of a UFO. But in the repetition of this time, even a more powerful telepathic command forced me to abandon this photographing.) So I was just watching passively this "silos" while we continued driving. At some stage it disappeared hidden behind other hills. Relatively soon afterwards we drive again on the same road. "Silos" was not present on the top of this hill. Because of its significant size, it is difficult to suspect that the farmer build it with a large difficulty and cost on a top of a hill, in order to soon afterwards dismantle it and shift into another place. It was also not present in any other point of this road. This absence of it completely eliminated a possibility, that my memory was wrong about an exact place where it was positioned. So my logic is telling me, that it is almost absolutely sure, that whatever I saw then, was not a new and shiny "silos" made of panel that was waved horizontally and covered with white tin. Really it must be a cigar-shaped UFO with shiny metallic surface. Analysing now the appearance of this UFO, I suspect that most probably it was formed from around 12 discoidal vehicles of K7 type. (Thus it was slightly similar to a flying complex shown in Figure F7 of this monograph.) The telepathic command emitted by propulsors of this UFO to ignore the sighting of it, was so effective that it paralysed even me. In spite of my orientation towards UFO research, still it forbid me to photograph this UFO, or even just to be more interested in it. It also forced us to passively continue our drive.
       2. Burning the engine of my car . The discussed Saturday evening, UFOnauts probably took telepathic control over my mind. I felt this as a strange deprivation of thoughts and a kind of extreme absent-mindedness. During the purchase of petrol I failed to check the water in car's radiator, although I always used to do this as a routine. Because of the same absent-mindedness I did not take a bottle with water into trip, although almost always I used to take water with me. Finally later, during the drive, I did not look at the temperature indicator in the engine, although almost always I repetitively do this during every drive. From this manipulation on my mind I awaken only, when on a complete wilderness, around 20 kilometres from a nearest house, during a pitch dark night, rapidly the engine from my car refused to work. It turned out that there is no even a droplet of water in it, that there is no any stream around, and also that I have no any dish with me to seek this water in darkness and to bring it to the car. Thus the burning of the engine was eminent. This in turn delayed the completion of field research on UFOs planned in advance. Interesting, that the victim of this "breaking with hands of the victim" fell also a person whom UFOnauts choose for the "pusher" in this framing. This person forced me to go into the trip this exactly day and on this exactly time. The above should be supplemented with the information, that this particular day I had nothing important on my mind, nor any circumstances existed that could explain this strange state of absent-mindedness that directly led to the disappearance of water in the radiator. As it turned out later, this evening in the radiator two holes appeared mysteriously and without any reasons. Water escaped through these holes.

#D6. So-called contactees, means receivers of the breakthrough knowledge posted to Earth by friendly totaliztic civilisations which try to help humanity:

       Totalizm explains contactees as people who receive telepathic messages from beings that populate other planetary systems. A technical device with the use of which this messages are broadcasted directly to the brains of contactees, is called a telepathic projector. A relatively comprehensive description of such a telepathic projector is provided in item #C4 of this web page. In case, however, if the reader wishes to read about this projector even more complete information, then he or she can find these in subsection K5.2 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5], and also in subsection L6.3.4 of slightly older monograph [8].
       Contactees so far were a phenomenon completely misunderstood by people. This happens in spite that humanity knows them since ancient times. For example all ancient so-called religious revelations actually were forms of this type of telepathic contact. In present times many contactees are exploited by UFOnauts, who with their assistance flood the planet Earth with the parasitic propaganda. Fortunately, there are also contactees, who receive telepathic messages of a totaliztic content that tries to help humanity, e.g. information and technologies which are useful for our future. Treatises, English [7/2] and also Polish [7B], that are available through this web site, are actually reports from such telepathic contacts that try to help the humanity.

#D7. How contactees can distinguish their contacts with representatives of totaliztic civilisations, from contacts with evil UFOnauts who only pretend to be representatives of totaliztic civilisations:

       On "Fig. #1" from a separate web page named nirvana, is explained the key for differentiating between simulations of UFOnauts (who love to impersonate representatives of totaliztic civilisations), and true representatives of such totaliztic civilisations. The key is there a phenomenon called "nirvana". Let us repeat here most vital information about principles of this differentiating.
* * *
       In recent years can be noted an increase in cases of so-called "contactees" - means telepathic contacts between selected people and representatives of cosmic civilisations. However, the problem with these contactees is such that the majority of people is unable to distinguish which one out of these contacts are with totaliztic civilisations which try to help tormented humanity, while which ones are with diabolic UFOnauts who try to harm humanity. After all, evil always assumes shapes of good, while devils always pretend to be angels. Therefore UFOnauts who always contact people exclusively for destructive purposes, in their contacts cunningly pretend to be helpers and protectors of humanity. An example as to how misleading and difficult to see-through are these messages to contactees from UFOnauts, is the content of web page which in November 2006 was available under the address
       As it turns out, nirvana is the key to distinguishing contacts with UFOnauts who pretend to be representatives of friendly civilisations, from true representatives of such totaliztic civilisations. Representatives of totaliztic civilisations always show themselves to people whom they contact. As an example of a contact with them see descriptions of messages from the being shown in "Fig. #3" of this web page, presented in treatise [7/2]. Thus, if a given contactee knows what to take notice of, then he or she can notice nirvana in them. In turn "simulations" of UFOnauts always contact in such a manner, that the contacted human could not see them. This is because they know jolly well, that people are going to feel the evil, hostility, unhappiness, and this characteristic "coldness" radiating from them, which are attributes of these unhappy creatures that live from robbery and are preoccupied exclusively with harming others. Further information about contactees are provided on a separate web page named truth.

Part #E: Telepathic gifts to humanity from a totaliztic civilisation from stars:


#E1. The gifting to humanity of guidelines as how to build a telepathic transmitter and receiver (named the "telepathic pyramid") that is composed of a "telekinetic cell" and a "telepathyser":

       As the addressee of the gift for humanity in the form of description of the design and operation of the "telepathic pyramid" was selected Mrs Daniela Giordano - the co-author of the treatise [7/2] and a slightly older version of it published as the treatise [7]. Here is how in these treatises [7] and [7/2] this gift she describes herself:
* * *
       One night around the summer 1978 I was sleeping in my bedroom. Unexpectedly my dream was interrupted. And as it sometimes happens when a film breaks during the projection of a movie, only a big black screen without borders remained in my view.
       On this black screen a "Being" appeared, possibly of male gender. Actually "He" was a little bit strange. He had a head quite big and round like a billiard ball. His skin was milky-white and it was possible to see thin, clearly blue and pink capillary vessels on His cutis. The pattern of these vessels reminded me of delicate wrinkles on the facial skin of a prematurely-born baby. The nose was just outlined, the mouth was only a short, horizontal cut on a little chin. But the eyes were big, clear blue in colour, sweet in glance, placed on very high cheekbones. It didn't appear that the skin of His face had ever known a beard. He had no hair at all. The neck was thin but not very long. The thorax, the arms and the hands were white-grey, maybe only a half-tone darker than His head - as if He wore a very thin and tight suit. I don't remember having seen nails or ears.
       Between His hands He held a pyramid of about 27.5 [cm] high (see "Fig. #3"). At the outside it was of lacteous colour and looked made of opaque plastic or perspex ("perspex" is the commercial name for a material made of "methyl methacrylate resins"; popularly it is also called "organic glass" or "plexiglass"). The inner space was not visible. With the open palm of His right hand He supported the pyramid's base while the open and tight palm of His left hand rested on the cusp of the pyramid.
       He was facing me as in a half-length photograph. He did not seem to be very slim nor fat. Surely you could not define Him as a lean guy. It gave the impression He had never done gym exercise in His life.
       He let Himself be watched by me for a moment before beginning to talk. He didn't move the mouth and His words arrived directly to my mind in Italian - as if I have had the ears over there rather than on the sides of my head. When He talked the pyramid emitted an intense and soft white pulsating light following the same rhythm as His words and emotions.
       "You must build a pyramid like this one", He said.
       "Why?" I replied. (I don't like strangers telling me what I should or shouldn't do.)
       "To talk better to each other", He answered.

(Here was the description of technical details of the telepathic pyramid. The reader can find these details in subsection K2.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5].)

       "... when you connect them, remember that all must have a ratio: that one between the pyramid and the spiral must be the same, the quartz and the frequency must be harmonic. Even the inner volume of the pyramid must be in the vacuum ...".
       I don't remember what else He said. He continued to talk and talk ... I was no more listening. At that moment all my efforts were concentrated on the attempt to break off that contact. I was aware that a part of my mind was connected with His, but His 'panzer-kamikaze' will (strong will) had really disturbed me. And I wished with all my strengths to come out of that situation.
       When I was a kid I had found out that to interrupt a bad dream or a nightmare it was enough to get angry with the character of the dream, or with the situation, or with myself. It worked also this time and I woke up still breathless and with my heart beating wildly. I found myself in my bedroom and it was still night.
Fig. #3: C1 from treatise [7/2]

Fig. #3 (J3 in [1/5]): The highly evidential illustration personally prepared by Ms Daniela Giordano in 2000, which shows the totaliztic being which with the use of "telepathic projector" gave via Ms. Giordano a gift to humanity in the form of descriptions of the design and operation of the "telepathic pyramid".
       The above illustration originates from treatise [7/2], where it is available as "Fig. C1". It is also shown in my monograph [1/5] as "Fig. J3". It definitely shows a being that originates from the civilization which practices the philosophy similar to our philosophy of totalizm. This is because in the same way as it forecasted by our philosophy of totalizm, the citizens of that civilization apparently also continually maintain themselves in the state of totaliztic (i.e. earned) nirvana. After all, on the face of this little creature clearly can be noticed this subtle emanation of happiness that always radiates from faces of all those ones who are experiencing nirvana. Because I personally experienced the totaliztic nirvana and I remember how I looked then, now I can recognize this emanation of happiness also on the faces of other people and beings (see the information explained on the web page named nirvana.htm to learn details about the "totaliztic nirvana").

#E1.1. The history of first phase of constructing the working "telepathyser" on Earth, i.e. the phase started when the humanity received the gift of "telepathic pyramid" in 1978, and finished with the success of LIGO in 2015 that probably represents the first in modern times interception of a "telepathic signal":

Motto: "If the door gets shut, check the window."

       The name "telepathyser" is assigned to a communication device which is scientifically highly advanced, although technically simple to manufacture, and which for transferring information uses "telepathic waves". (Telepathic waves are much safer in use, and faster, than the currently used by humanity radio waves, as they reach immediately any distant objects - including other galaxies, are able to penetrate through every object made of matter, and also do NOT cause cancer nor deaths of bees - for details see item #F1 from this web page.) The first instruction on how to build telepathyser the humanity received in 1978. This instruction was given to us by a mysterious being illustrated in "Fig. #3" from this web page. Because of its pyramidal shape, that first telepathyser was named the "telepathic pyramid". For receiving of this pyramid on behalf of the humanity, this mysterious being (or someone whom this being represented) selected Ms. Daniela Giordano - Miss Italy of 1966 and film actress widely known in the world. In order the telepathic pyramid could be built by ordinary people, its construction and principles of operation were deliberately designed by the gifting being so that this pyramid could be build by virtually any average hobbyist-handyman from Earth with the help of funds, materials and tools that are available today for such an average hobbyist - however provided that this hobbyist demonstrates the required labour input, motivation, experience, attention, wisdom, knowledge, etc.
       I experienced quite a shock when in May 2017 I discovered that the transmission of information to humanity explaining how to build a "telepathic pyramid" turns out to be NOT the only authentic and vital for humanity "transmission" received probably from the same, very friendly towards us and rather mysterious beings. Only that this other transmission, similarly as that one about the "telepathic pyramid", almost no-one officially researches, while today's governments and science does NOT advertise nor take seriously any of them and behave as if wishing that people do NOT know about the existence and content of these transmissions. This my shock of May 2017 was caused by learning that there was another, also certainly authentic, transmission that is characterised by very similar attributes as that transmission, which gave to the humanity the telepathic pyramid via Daniela Giordano. This another transmission in my opinion is so important for the humanity, that I decided to describe it in detail (and provide links to it) on 3 different my web pages, namely in item #A5 from my web page named portfolio.htm, at the end of the caption under "Video #A0" from the web page named magnocraft.htm, and in addition, in (v) from item #H1 of my web page named prophecies.htm. This is because that transmission contains a warning "We have come to warn you about your race and your planet" - to give which (warning) someone had to have in his/her disposal the principle of operation, the method, and a device, which for sure has NOT existed on Earth at the time of this transmission, while to my best knowledge - also do not exist on Earth even now. After all, this warning has been remotely "imposed on" (means NOT just "broadcasted instead") of the evening television news in UK, in my opinion deliberately done in this particular way to make sure that all more technically aware people realise that this message is authentic, because it is impossible to be implemented in the same way by humans. After all, to my best knowledge people do NOT have yet a working principle of operation, a method, and a device, which would be able to intentionally and in a controlled manner superimpose a second different understandable message on the continued broadcast which simultaneously is also transmitting an original message, so that original news every now and again can be perceived by the viewers of British television. To my best knowledge, the only technical device that has the capabilities allowing to remotely forward in this way a new message while the old message is still in the process of broadcasting to TVs, is the "Telepathic Projector". Unfortunately, neither then nor now, humanity owns such projectors (and probably humans will NOT have them for a long time yet, because "telepathy" belongs to these "taboo" subjects, which because of the tantrums of "luminaries" of today's official science, present scientists are NOT allowed to research).
       Unfortunately, since the receipt (in 1978) of the guidelines for the construction of the "telepathic pyramid", the matter of constructing it and implementing it to use, progresses forward with such great difficulties, like the proverbial "squeezing blood from a stone". (The probable reason for these difficulties, is the fact shocking for some people, that the construction of working telepathyser on Earth, actually became a kind of "battlefield" between two external powers, the first of which tries to inspire, advise and assist the people in this building, while the second is trying to deceive, to surround the matter of this construction with tradition of deception, lies and robbery, to hold back, to guide into a blind alley, etc. - as this is explained in item #C2.1 from another of my web page named free_energy.htm.) Perhaps precisely because of the above, that the being who gifted the telepathic pyramid to us, at some stage apparently decided that his expectation of constructing this pyramid by an individual earthly hobbyist is unrealistic, hence he changed the initial "plan A" to a different "plan B". In this new "plan B", rather than further stimulate earthly hobbyists to undertake the construction of this pyramid, he somehow managed to inspire professional scientists to build industrially a facility, which represents a large-scaled (but simplified and modernised) version of the "telepathyser" that uses almost identical principles of operation as principles used in the "telepathic pyramid". Descriptions of this large-scaled version of telepathic pyramid are disseminated on the internet under the name of LIGO. Unfortunately, that battle which in the matter of building the telepathyser is still raging on Earth, causes that the ideas of "telepathy" and "exchanging thoughts directly between minds" are kinds of "taboo" and "heresy" to present professional scientists. In turn, such official considering "telepathy" to be "scientific taboo" and "heresy", probably caused, that instead of giving to LIGO the highly useful for the entire humanity goal of learning how to intercept "telepathic waves", the constructing of LIGO was undertaken for a different goal - e.g. obtaining the Nobel Prize for detecting the existence of "gravitational waves", about the possibility of existence of which Einstein speculated over 100 years ago, although about which my Concept of Dipolar Gravity clearly states, that physically they do NOT exist, as if they existed, then they would annihilate gravity, and also even if they existed, still technically they would be completely useless for the humanity. In 2015 that LIGO facility encompassed the "academic success" of registering some kind of telepathic signals (probably a "telepathic noise") for the first time. However, scientists who built LIGO ignore numerous indications that they registered the "telepathic waves" that are highly useful for the humanity, but instead they still believe and still misleadingly keep announcing this around the world, that they registered these technically useless "gravitational waves". Thus, that particular "scientific success", still remains stained and inherent in a lie - as it is described in more detail in section #K2 from different my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, as well as in my blog entry number #267E (the addresses of this blog are listed below in item #H5 of this web page). So, in the present situation especially urgent becomes the correcting of this scientific lie, means urgent becomes the notification and convincing all concerned that in 2015 the LIGO actually intercepted a "telepathic signal", NOT "gravitational waves". (At making this correction of scientific lies is aimed, amongst others, also this item of the web page, as well as descriptions thematically associated with it, e.g. from abovementioned item #K2 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm, or from item #C2.1 of the web page free_energy.htm. In addition, I especially hope that also readers of this web page get involved in correcting of this scientific lie, which correcting is enormously important for the entire humanity - i.e. I hope that readers are to inform whomever they deem worthy to know the truth, about this scientific lying resulting either from ignorance of scientists, or from their premeditation, and depending on naming "gravity waves" the phenomenon, which actually represents "telepathic waves".) After all, only a persistent rectification of this type of scientific lying is able to stop the official science from the current uncontrollable wandering astray and ruining the entire humanity, and to gradually restore the science, and with it also the whole of humanity, once again onto the "path of truth" and towards morally correct behaviours.
       That success of LIGO in 2015, when for the first time in the modern history of Earth people have managed to register any telepathic signal, finished the first stage of quite vicious and intensive "battle" to build on Earth a working telepathyser. (It is worth to remind here, that in ancient times people were able to register telepathic signals and to build devices working on telepathic waves - for examples see item #E4 from this web page, as well as items #D1 to #D3 from another my web page named artefact.htm). Therefore, in this item I am to document briefly the history of this first stage of the "battle for telepathyser", which history includes events starting from the act of giving to us the telepathic pyramid in 1978, until that "scientific success" of first in the world intercepting a telepathic signal (probably a "telepathic noise") in 2015. This first stage in history of the "battle for telepathyser" is very important, because on how it will be accepted by people and how people react to it (including how you, the reader, accept it and react to it), depends now whether the next, second stage will involve already building increasingly more perfect prototypes of telepathysers so urgently needed by the humanity, or on cementing the lies of scientists, that they are able to intercept these useless "gravitational waves", and then on struggles of those increasingly fewer people standing by the truth, to officially correct that scientific lie. So here is the story of this first stage of the actual "battle for telepathyser" taking place in sight of increasingly more passive people who are too busy bingeing sandwiches in front of their television sets to also see that this "battle for telepathyser" is actually a symptom of our increasingly rapid rolling down towards a self-destruction:
       The builder of the first on Earth prototype of the communication device described here under the general name "telepathyser" was abovementioned Miss Italy 1966 and known in the world film actress, Ms. Daniela Giordano. Soon after she received in 1978 the guidelines from the mysterious being as to how build and how use the "telepathic pyramid", Ms. Daniela Giordano personally overcome a number of various obstacles, and she built herself the first prototype of this extraordinary device. Descriptions and illustrations of her prototype, as well as descriptions of experiments that Ms. Daniela Giordano carried out on it, are provided in the treatise [7] available in three different languages, namely in Polish, English and Italian. Unfortunately, this first prototype has not worked properly. In turn Ms. Daniela Giordano has NOT had either the conditions nor motivations to pursue the matter further by building next prototypes and making them work. Probably also the mysterious giver of the telepathic pyramid in advance predicted that this is what is to happen. This is probably why he chose this world-famous European actress and Miss Italy, so that with her personality and position she could provide the required publicity to the matter of donation of this pyramid to the humanity and cause in such a way that to the task of constructing this device will devote their time and effort also numerous other people.
       Through a chain of coincidences, at a time when Ms. Daniela Giordano experimented with her prototype of the "telepathic pyramid", I was developing theoretically, among others, ideas of two (from a the whole series) of my inventions - which later proved to be the constituent components of that pyramid, i.e. I was developing theoretically the idea of a "telekinetic cell" and the idea of a transceiver operating on modulated telepathic waves, which device I named the "telepathyser". What is even more intriguing, this chain of "coincidences" caused also that Ms. Daniela Giordano and I corresponded with each other - only that initially on topics quite different from the telepathic pyramid, in which we both have been interested (i.e. UFOs). However, after some time, Ms. Daniela Giordano described to me also her pyramid. In turn I with a shock immediately recognized in this device the presence of components which carry out the functions of a "telekinetic cell" and a "telepathyser" - i.e. devices which I previously invented myself. Of course, in this situation I could not remain indifferent to such a proof of the correctness of my theoretical inventions and developments, and to the confirmation resulting from it, that if the "telepathic pyramid" is to be build and "fine tuned" correctly, then for sure it will work. So I proposed to Ms. Daniela Giordano, that together we write and publish the treatise [7], in which we will describe her experience and we give descriptions of the telepathic pyramid, as well as supplement all this with my theoretical explanations as to how the telepathic pyramid works and how one can build it, plus additionally we encourage every hobbyist or handyman who feels up to such a task, to start the building of it, and then "fine tuning" ("harmonizing") it, in order to make it work. After a long work and many arrangements made painstakingly via correspondence at a distance, this treatise [7] was formally published in 1995 in 3 different languages (i.e.: Polish, English and Italian).
       Unfortunately, the building of a working "telepathic pyramid" is an extremely difficult task NOT because of the level of its technical complexity, but because of the amount of knowledge and experience that are necessary for the final "fine tuning" ("harmonizing") it and causing that it works. The point is, that the telepathic pyramid was deliberately so designed by a mysterious giver of it, that from the technical point of view it could be built in a "kitchen way" by practically today’s every devoted hobbyist, and only with finances, materials and tools that are available to an average among today’s Earthly hobbyists. The problem, however, is that although the physical building is easy and thus financially and technically possible for nearly every today’s hobbyist, the mutual "fine tuning" of its components into each other and the "fine tuning" of the entire pyramid into telepathic waves (i.e. the "harmonizing"), and thus causing that it works, is extremely difficult and requires a considerable amount of work, motivation, dedication, patience, experience, wisdom, knowledge, etc. How hard it is to "fine tune" it in and to cause that it works, to me personally realize my experience from the time of high school. This is because still as a student at the Lyceum of General Education in Milicz I participated actively in the work of "radio-communication group" by the "League of National Defence" in Milicz of that time. In this group, we learned, among others, the construction and use of radio stations (including the broadcasting with a key and Morse alphabet), and also we learned to built our own radio receivers. The building of these radio receivers boiled down to the procedure, that the National Defence League handed to us packages, each one of which contained the bulk packed all the parts that make up the working radio, plus each package contained also the wiring diagram of that radio. In turn we were given the task to personally assembly these parts together and to solder them together in the way indicated by this wiring diagram, then to "fine tune" the radio to make it work. It is worth to note here, that these radios were powered from the electricity grid, so that for our safety (OSH), in the room where these radios were assembled by us always was present an adult instructor ready, if necessary, to turn off the electricity in case when someone would be "kicked" by electricity (although no such situation occurred), and to occasionally provide us with an advice and explanation (but never to perform for us any work that we should complete ourselves). In spite that all radio parts which we were assembling, were already so selected in the factory, that each of them had the operating parameters required by the given radio to work, still after the physical mounting them together it always turned out that the radio is NOT working, because its individual parts are NOT "fine tuned" yet to each other nor to the radio waves that it supposed to receive. So in order to cause the radio to work, after its assembling and welding we still had to "fine tune" it, that is, in the words of that mysterious being who gave humanity the telepathic pyramid, we needed to cause that all parts of that radio have become mutually "harmonic". In the course of this "fine tuning" we discovered, that the physical assembling and soldering the radio took us then only about 10% of the time and effort required to make it work. In turn the remaining 90% of the time and effort we had put just in this "fine tuning" (i.e. "harmonizing") of the previously already assembled and soldered radio and in causing this way that it started to work. (Probably if at the same time we did NOT have to just learn how to carry out such "fine tuning" - "harmonizing", it is likely that our time and effort of such fine tuning would be reduced.) We also must remember here, that only looking at how complicated is the construction of a typical radio receiver, one already begins to understand how much time and effort it takes to only physically piece together and solder together its parts - means without this "fine tuning" ("harmonizing"). Thus, that particular experience gave me an excellent understanding of how much work it will require to "fine tune" ("harmonize") the telepathic pyramid and to cause that it works, after it already is physically build – remembering also that its individual parts mounted together are NOT yet so selected (as in these radios, which as a teenager I assembled) that their operating parameters were already suitable for the working pyramid, and also considering that to ensure that our telepathic pyramid actually works, one needs to build up two pyramids tuned to the same telepathic wavelength, after which one needs to make both of them to "converse" with each other. Furthermore, we need to remember that the "telepathic pyramid" consists of as many as 5 separate "functional systems", rather than two such separate systems that make up a typical radio which I then built (i.e. instead of (1) the system of receiving radio waves and converting them into electric vibrations, and (2) a system of speaker). I mean, the telepathic pyramid consists of: (1) the "system telekinetic cell" - which generates the electricity needed to power circuits of the pyramid with the electric energy necessary for its functioning (while the radio is supplied with electricity already generated and then only collected either from the grid or from a battery), (2) the "system of interception of telepathic waves" - which turns the message brought by telepathic waves into electrical vibrations (i.e. the function of which is corresponding to e.g. the operation of the antenna and circuitry of a radio receiver), (3) the "system of the transformation of the incoming message into the thought form that is understandable for the people" (means, that one which performs functions corresponding to the operation of today's speaker or screen), (4) the "system of transformation of sent message from the form of thoughts into the form of electric vibrations" (i.e. the one which function is corresponding to the operation of a microphone or a TV camera), and (5) the "system of changing the electric vibrations into telepathic waves and then sending these telepathic waves in space" (i.e. the one which function is corresponding to the operation of today's radio transmitters and antennas). Hence, the refinement and fine-tuning all of these 5 systems embedded into a single technical device called a telepathic pyramid requires a huge contribution of work, motivation, experience, observation, wisdom, knowledge, etc., which contribution is incomparably higher than that which is required, for example, to "fine tune" and to make work a radio receiver which is already physically built.
       By the way, I would recommend to the reader, that if he/she has a 15 to 18 year old son, then it is worth to try persuade this son to volunteer for the completion of the described above extremely educational assembly of a radio receiver. After all, all that one needs for this, is to find some old radio receiver, e.g. a Polish radio from the period between 1950 and 1980, which still works and still receives radio stations, and for which there is a valid wiring diagram. (In those years 1950-1980, in Poland there were laws in action, that wiring diagrams must be attached to every new radio and each television set sold in Polish stores. As an outcome, due to this extremely wise laws issued then by the Polish authorities, many ordinary Polish citizens from my generation, including myself, personally repaired their own radio receivers and television sets, thus developing in themselves while doing such repairing, the highest in the world common knowledge of electronics - NOT without valid reasons Englishmen have now this saying described in (1) from item #E1 of my web page named rok_uk.htm: "hire a Polish emigrant, and he will complete the job four times faster and for only about one-fourth of the price of an English professional". On the other hand, because of greed, copyrights, and monopolisations, countries other than Poland never included valid wiring diagrams with home electronic devices sold in their shops, which lack of diagrams deepened in their citizens the state of electronic ignorance and induced the general collapse of electronic skills, while over time even caused that now selling of electrical and electronic components for the use of ordinary citizens is in there either completely prohibited by law, or is hindered – as for the programmer of a washing machine it is described in the final paragraph from item #P5 of the web page named quake.htm, while for solar panels is described in items #A1 and #I2 from my web page named solar.htm.) Then together with the son this radio needs to be carefully dismantled into its component parts, so that these parts are NOT damaged. After the dismantle the reader needs to appeal to the ambition of the son to test his skills and perseverance through the re-piecing and soldering together these parts, in accordance with the wiring diagram for that radio. Of course, if the radio was completely dismantled, and parts of it thoroughly mixed, then after the reassembly, the radio is certainly NOT going to work - about what we really are after in this experiment. Therefore the most important and the most difficult, but at the same time most educational task for the son will be to work out and to learn for himself how to "fine tune" the radio and to make it work again (we know for sure that the radio is certainly able to work, as it worked before the dismantling). In 1962 to 1964 then 15 to 18-year-old youths from a small provincial township of Milicz in Poland were able to cope with such a task just by themselves - only that, according to my observations, the youths of that old times were much smarter, more self-reliant and less spoiled (pampered) than today's youths. If we have reasonable concerns that clumsiness of our son will expose him to an electric shock, then it is worth it to find a portable radio powered by low-voltage batteries. (In case of mounting the radio powered from the electricity grid, for health and safety (OSH) reasons it is necessary that during the assembly of the radio in the same room always an adult person is present ready to turn the power off, if the son forgets to disconnect the radio from the mains when touching a component which at high voltage should NOT be touched.) In just such a simple manner, our little investment to purchase an old radio, a soldering iron and an electrical multimeter, plus devoting to the son a required time for explanations, advices and safety, will test for us what really is worth the intelligence and perseverance of our son, while in case of a success, it is to repay itself afterward repeatedly through true interests and new employments horizons that this assembly of the radio opens for the son in the future. (For example, my own experience with building radio-receivers in the time of high school, plus subsequent experience in repairing television sets, later during the work as a university professor allowed me to lecture, among others, electronics at the university level - although by education I have a master degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in computer assisted machine design. In New Zealand I also lectured, among others, electrical engineering at one of NZ polytechnics.) Notice here that such assembly of a radio will be a success only if the son handles it personally - that is, if he does NOT assembly the radio with hands and with intelligence of adults who at every step will be "helping" him by doing work for him, instead of only advising and guiding him to sources of useful knowledge.
       Already during the process of writing treatise [7], of course, I also promised myself, that I will try to build a second in the world prototype of the "telepathic pyramid". Unfortunately, wandering throughout the world "in search of bread" and constantly changing country, place of residence and work, I have NOT really had the conditions to build such a prototype in my flats. Hence my own prototype I managed to build only during the holidays in Poland in 1995 - and it was only due to considerable help from my Polish friends and family members. Nevertheless, this my prototype still became the second prototype in the world, because it was ready around the time when the treatise [7] was published. Of course, my prototype also has NOT worked - as I was predicting this in advance on the basis of my abovementioned experience with building and with fine tuning ("harmonizing") of radio receivers in time of my high school, and with subsequent repairs of television sets. However, the building of my own prototype of this pyramid still allowed me to gather a wide range of practical experience, which I described in the second edition of our treatise on the "telepathic pyramid", i.e. in the treatise [7/2], published in 2000. In addition, it created a foundation on which I could later carry out further research and development on the "telepathic pyramid" - if by some miracle I would ever find myself in a situation that I could devote myself to building such a device and would have the required conditions and equipment to be able to build it properly. Unfortunately, such a miracle never came. Thus until today I also do NOT have the conditions required for actual constructing of the telepathyser - that is so much-needed by the humanity. Namely, I do NOT have the conditions required for constructing a device that would operate like the telepathic pyramid described here, nor even conditions for constructing any other among my numerous inventions - which situation is particularly painful in relation to the starship of my invention that I have named the Magnocraft (which has the potential to solve all international problems of the present humanity, including the problem of peace and security and the problem of economies suffocated by crisis), as well as in the case of my Time Vehicle (which would allow people, among others, to lead an immortal life, through repetitive shifting people to years of their youth after each time they reach an old age). Thus, on the subject of all these my breakthrough inventions I can now only theoretically speculate "what would be if ...".
       The publishing by Ms. Daniela Giordano and myself the descriptions of construction and operation of the "telepathic pyramid" in the treatise [7] and treatise [7/2], caused that to building of it also took a number of amateur-hobbyists, who let me know about their intentions. Unfortunately, I learned later that only 2 more prototypes of this pyramid were built physically in the manner that faithfully implemented guidelines of the mysterious giver. Of course, as in advance it could have been expected, instantly none of these prototypes did work properly - after all none of them passed through the required "harmonizing" (fine tuning). In turn, their builders discouraged by such failures to work abandoned further attempts to bring the construction of these devices to the final success. Thus, to summarize the described above progress in constructing the telepathic pyramid, to my best knowledge it appears that together with prototypes of Ms. Daniela Giordano and mine, in total only 4 prototypes of this device were built in the entire world with the notion that their physical structure tries to faithfully reproduce the guidelines communicated to the humanity by a mysterious giver. While all the remaining enthusiasts interested in constructing this device, confined only to purely theoretical talks and speculations as to how they should start to build this pyramid, and to the endless queries posted to me and to Ms. Daniela Giordano about details how and what they should do - without being able to realise that if we really knew exactly all the details of building this pyramid and fine tuning ("harmonizing") it to work, then it would be built already a long time ago. When exchanging the correspondence relating to these endless queries, with a shock I also noticed how those people who asked many questions, gradually strayed away with their own concepts of construction and operation of the pyramid, parting increasingly further and further away from the consistent with the operation of laws of nature construction and operation of this device described to us by the giver of the telepathic pyramid. As a result of this straying away, those enthusiasts that looked for someone to do the job for them (rather than to provide the required knowledge of principles) steered away clearly toward the deviations of construction that in advance displayed capabilities of bringing failures, and thus which seem to be induced in them by that external "bad" power seeking to prevent our progress. In addition, apart from questioning and inventing more and more costly deviations from the required design and principles of operation, these enthusiasts have never managed to start the actual building of this pyramid, and over the time their enthusiasm deflated so that they have forgotten about this device. In February 2016 I also learned quite by accident, that the telepathic pyramid probably provided to someone (e.g. to a group of international scammers from Nigeria) a convenient excuse, so that by using this excuse they could extort money from gullible people - for details of this scam see item #K2.1 from the Polish version of the web page dipolar_gravity_pl.htm, while for the description of the "battle for telepathyser", which (the battle) probably motivated this extortion (e.g. to wrap this device into the atmosphere of fraud and into the tradition of human greed), see item #C2.1 from the web page named free_energy.htm.
       Fortunately God works in mysterious ways to improve the knowledge and learning of the truth by people. Thus, although the situation and the state in which our civilization and the most of people are today, cause that have failed all the to-date attempts of constructing by individual hobbyists the properly working telepathic pyramid, there are still other ways to somehow continue the matter of this constructing. For example, professional scientists could somehow be inspired that e.g. in the name of getting a "Nobel Prize", from the taxpayers' money they constructed a research facility advertised around the world under the name of LIGO. In turn this LIGO actually represents a simplified functionally, modernized in terms of the design, and able to be build by industry, a large-scale version of the telepathic pyramid. How much and in what ways the design and operation of the LIGO facility is similar to the structure and operation of the telepathic pyramid, it is explained in item #K2 from my other web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. In 2015, the LIGO facility started to work properly and it intercepted successfully, either the first "telepathic noise", or still NOT deciphered yet by people, the first transfer of information from the mysterious giver of the telepathic pyramid - as this is described and explained more thoroughly in that item #K2 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, as well as in the entry number #267E from the blog of totalizm (addresses of this blog are listed below in item #H5 of this web page). Unfortunately, as we know, today's professional scientists "officially" do not believe in telepathy, nor in some mysterious being that strives to help the humanity. So probably these scientists will never be willing to accept the possibility that the telepathic pyramid was deliberately given to us by someone who tries to get in touch with us via the telepathic communication. This in turn means that the LIGO facility (which uses almost identical principles of operation as does the telepathic pyramid) probably will never be intentionally listening to the telepathic signals it receives to see if by any chance these signals contain an intelligent message destined for the mankind. On the other hand, already now - i.e. at the date of writing this history on 25th of February 2016, I am ready to bet that if the LIGO facility will be maintained in the working condition for a period of time sufficient for the mysterious giver of the telepathic pyramid to be able to figure out the frequency of telepathic waves into which the LIGO facility is tuned and which it intercepts, then one day the LIGO will receive intelligent and logical message directed through it to the whole of humanity. In other words, even if someone among those makers of decisions about the work and the future of LIGO, "officially" does NOT believe in telepathy and in mysterious beings helping the humanity to rise into a higher level of development and awareness, still he/she should maintain this facility in a working order, and repeatedly should check whether this facility already received (or is receiving) any intelligent messages - i.e. he/she should act in accordance with the Biblical principle of "Render therefore unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God" (see Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20: 25) - the command contained in which principle is explained more precisely in 6 from item #C4.2 of my web pages named morals.htm. This is because now it is merely a matter of time before the LIGO facility receives an intelligent message - only that NOT knowing yet, that whatever this facility receives may be an intelligent message posted to the humanity, the scientists who handle this facility may simply neglect the task and the trouble to decipher the message that it received. In turn, after the reception and deciphering of such an intelligent message, the correcting of the current "scientific lies" and the returning onto the "path of truth" has become much easier.
       Unfortunately, with the recognition of the fact that to the LIGO facility was already posted an intelligent message, and later with deciphering the message that was posted, also can be serious difficulties. The point is, that the giver of telepathic pyramid documented with its design and operation, that he is accustomed to communicate only through passing thoughts directly between minds with the help of soundless "universal language of thoughts" (ULT) described in more detail in subsection I5.4.2 from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5]. Meanwhile, here on Earth we continue to communicate through sounds - with the vocal speech and a particular human language. Hence the problem is whether that giver accustomed to the direct exchange of thoughts will develop a successful way to draw attention of the accustomed to the verbal speech Earth's scientists, that a given telepathic signal contains an intelligent message. After all, in order to overlook the need for examining a given message, just suffices that the giver makes a mistake resulting e.g. from unawareness of the details of the situation on Earth, for example, if judging by the number of people speaking Chinese, the sender of this communication will formulate it in a Chinese style, but post it to the English-speaking American scientists. The matter of noticing that message in vibrations or sounds received by the LIGO is additionally complicated by the fact that today's scientists are to judge such a message to be a "scientific heresy" and "scientific taboo" - the existence of which every self-respecting scientist who cares about his/her career, should NOT even contemplate. What worse, such a judgement of modern scientists, that telepathy is just a "scientific heresy" and a "scientific taboo", combined with the stubbornness with which today's science stands by its officially professed lies (consider here the position of the official science in matters of God or UFOs), may even completely jeopardize the development of telepathysers on Earth. After all, it is to cause, that if readers are NOT to help me effectively in the correcting, amongst others, the described here another scientific lie, which states that the LIGO facility supposedly received these useless "gravitational waves" (i.e. NOT technically useful for us "telepathic waves"), then the next stage of history of the building a working telepathyser will probably be limited to the fight for recognition of the truth of telepathy and to quarrels with scientists, rather than to building increasingly more perfect telepathysers. Therefore I have here an appeal to the reader. Namely, if the reader has an access to the source recordings registered by the LIGO facility, and if the reader believes that the truth must overcome today's lies of official science, then the reader should personally "take under a magnifying glass" these LIGO’s recordings and check whether or not he/she detects in them any intelligent messages (if YES, then also check what indicates that it is an intelligent message, how we can try to decipher it, and possibly what it says). After all, according to the entire array of already occurring extraordinary events documented in this history, which are too numerous for even a today's scientist to consider them to be mere "accidents" or "coincidences", such an intelligent message may hide in the recording of virtually all the telepathic signals intercepted by the LIGO facility, including this first recording of 2015. For me, there is no longer any doubt that sooner or later such a message is to come to us.
       While reading the above history of the first stage of building a working telepathyser on Earth, the reader may get an impression, that he/she reads a script for a "science-fiction" film, NOT a report of the totaliztic scientist from what actually has happened. However, all this is true, and in the historical sense all of it actually has happened. What even is more interesting, on the basis of my life experience, I am sure that this type of histories actually were unfolding in case of all breakthrough inventions, for example, among others, also in case of inventing and building a movie camera or printing press. Only that in the face of the human tendency to scepticism and to harassment of those who have had experiences which differ from experiences officially considered to be "normal", an enormous courage is needed to expose oneself to unwanted danger through revealing to others publicly the truth and through detailed reporting this truth for posterity so that next generations can learn and benefit from it. Thus, for the majority of important inventions of our civilization, such events as these described herein are NOT historically documented - but it does NOT mean that they took no place. For me, however, the need for disclosure of the truth was able to overcome the resistance resulting from a normal human fear of the consequences of the exposure for a persecution by influential people that like secrecies, darkness and undertones. Hence, these problems and tribulations with constructing a working telepathyser on Earth I decided to honestly describe on a number of my web pages and publications - which I recommend to read for learning about this uncomfortable for some and highly sensitive truth. For example, I recommend item #K2 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, repeated on the blog of totalizm in the entry number #267E (addresses of the blog of totalizm are indicated in item #H5 below on this web page). It explains in detail why the claims of official science, that in 2015 the science supposedly discovered these useless and actually non-existent "gravitational waves", disseminate among people a lie resulting either from committing by scientists a serious error, or resulting from a deliberate deception motivated e.g. by the avoidance of referring people to the controversial for today's official science achievements of Ms. Daniela Giordano and myself concerning the technically highly useful "telepathic waves", or motivated e.g. by the desire to get the Nobel Prize for "fashionable" today "applauding scientific antiques". (Notice the fact, that according to the findings of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, "gravitational waves" physically do NOT have the right to exist, because their appearance would cause the destruction and diminishing of gravity. In addition, even if the "gravitational waves" existed, they would be completely useless for technology of our civilization - after all, in order that, for example, humans try to send an useful message via the gravitational waves, it would be necessary to firstly accomplish an intelligent "cooperation" with huge space "black holes".) Another problem with insisting on this lie is that it, among others, devaluates the true achievement of the LIGO scientists. This true achievement is the construction of a working prototype of telepathyser capable of receiving technically the information transmitted via "telepathic waves". In addition, this insistence may cause that in the next stage of history of the development of telepathysers, instead of focusing on the construction of increasingly more sophisticated versions of the telepathic transceivers, the mankind will be wasting own time and effort on flame wars with scientists in order to force them to the official recognition that the telepathic waves do exist and have already been received by the LIGO facility, and thus that telepathy is true and should be utilised for the development and for good of humanity. That item #K2 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm explains also in detail "why" the highly intriguing similarity of the construction and operation of scientific LIGO, to the construction and operation of the "telepathic pyramid" described here, means that these scientists actually either intercepted of some kind of "telepathic noise" generated probably by a nearby nuclear reactor or a testing atomic explosion, or even already received the posted to us through telepathic waves an intelligent message from that mysterious giver of the telepathic pyramid - only that so-far they still have "no idea" that what they received may actually contain an intelligent message. In addition to the above discussed item #K2, I also recommend to the reader item #C2.1 from my other web page named free_energy.htm. It describes, among others, a fierce battle, which boils on Earth regarding the building of a functioning telepathyser, and which is carried out by some two external forces, the first of which is the force representing the "good", thus it is trying to help, prompt and properly orient the people, while the second force is representing (or simulating) the "evil", thus it is trying to deceive us, disturb, obstruct, cheat, direct people into a blind alley, etc. After all, the effects of this battle noticeably and painfully touch everyone, the fate of whom in any way is implicated in building of a working telepathyser on Earth.

#E2. The design and main components of the "telepathic pyramid":

       The external appearance, the design, and main components of the telepathic pyramid are illustrated in "Fig. #4". This device is around 27.5 cm height. {In the geometrical sense it represents a "isometric pyramid", i.e. the one in which height base-to-top (h=27.5 cm) is equal to the side dimension (a=27.5 cm) of the square base. The main dimension (h=a) is equal to around half of a unit of length named "cosmic cubit" - which seems to be used by many civilisations as a kind of universal unit of length.} The pyramid's main components include: "framework" (F) made of copper wire {of around d = 5 mm thick}, and the hermetic "casing" (P) shaped into a pyramid made of a glass or plexiglass that hermetically encapsulates this framework. The framework (F) is composed of eight straight pieces of thick copper wire (four pieces of around l=32.7 cm long for pyramid's sides, and four pieces around a=26.5 cm long for pyramid's base) welded together or bend in such a manner that they form edges of a pyramid that well fits inside of the casing. In turn casing (P) is composed of five plates (i.e. one square with side dimension of around "a=27.5 cm", and four isosceles triangles with the base equal to around "a=27.5 cm", and the height equal to around "hl=30.8 cm") which are made of robust milky or transparent material (e.g. glass or plexiglass) of around 5 mm thick. All these plates are so glued together that they form a pyramid in which the height "h=27.5 cm" is equal to the side dimension of the square base "a=27.5 cm". {Note that in the final, operational model of this pyramid, the casing must be made of milky-transparent material, because the operation of this device is based on the interference of standing waves of light formed by the pyramid, with the user's aura. Therefore a transparent casing would allow the disturbing noise light signals to enter the pyramid. However, from the first experiments with these pyramid, and also from the analysis of its operation, it is obvious that building a working prototype of this device is a laborious process which requires a lot of improvements and fine tuning (see subsection K2.6.1 in [1/5]), thus which almost for sure is not able to provide a working prototype in a first go. Therefore, for experimental purpose, it is much better to build first prototypes with a crystal-transparent casing, as such casing enables a better observation of the pyramid's interior during the first experiments. Only when the prototypes start to work and the user's thoughts start to modulate the pyramid's oscillations, then this transparent casing should be exchanged into a milky one.} The pyramid's casing (P) encloses not only the copper framework, but also all other components and circuits of this device, thus allowing to keep vacuum in the interior of this device. On each side wall of casing (P) a round "disk" (D) is assembled. These four disks are made of aluminium plate. One of them has a hole of around di=3 to di=5 mm in diameter in its centre. When they are glued to side walls of the pyramid, their location is so selected that they do not touch any other conductive component of the pyramid - especially spiral (C) and framework (F). {Disks (D) form a "telepathic resonance cavity", the four 'deflectors' of which - i.e. four disks (D), are concentrating the resonating telepathic signal on the quartz crystal (Q). My theories suggest, although this was not indicated in the original report of Mrs Daniela Giordano, that these disks are also performing additional function of plates of a vacuum capacitor - hence the importance of vacuum inside of the pyramid. The hole inside of one of these disks is to calibrate/select the frequency of telepathic wave that is allowed inside of the pyramid, and to define the initial conditions of deflection and resonance of this telepathic wave.} Inside of the pyramid a spiral "coil" (C) made of seven coils of a copper wire around dc=5 mm thick, is suspended from the pyramid's apex. This spiral (C) cannot touch the disks (D), although is connected with the frame (F). In the centre of pyramid, approximately at one-third of its height from the base, a quartz "crystal" (Q) is suspended. {This crystal should be spherical or ellipsoidal in shape. None of its dimensions should exceed the diameter "di" of the hole in one of aluminium disks. The exact positioning of this crystal is to be determined at the "fine tuning" stage of the pyramid's development, as the "telepathic focal point" in which it is to be suspended decides about the frequency of telepathic waves that act on the crystal, and thus determine the harmonic compatibility between the crystal and the resonance cavity of the pyramid. The usual way this crystal is suspended exactly in the "telepathic focal point" is by stretching it tightly with the same wires that connect it to the pyramid's circuitry.} The pyramid contains also two "inductors" (I1) and (I2). Each one of them is obtained through orderly winding respective number of insulated copper wire on a permanent magnet. The next component of the pyramid is a "tube" (T), called a "phial" by Mrs Daniela Giordano. This tube (T) is a vacuumed glass ampoule, the volume of which is filled up half volume with mercury, half volume with kitchen salt, and which has two electrodes inserted at both ends. In four corners of the Mrs Daniela Giordano's pyramid four "cascades of mirrors" (M) are placed. {However, I believe that these cascades should rather be placed in centres of each side, so that together with the tube (T) they could form effective optical interference cavity.} Each of these cascades is composed of three small mirrors, the dimensions of which are descending. {These four cascades of mirrors (M), together with the tube (T), are forming an effective optical "interference cavity". This cavity serves the formation of an optical connection between the user's biofield, and the electrical oscillations that are induced in the pyramid. Therefore, in the telepathic pyramid described here, the cascades of mirrors (M) which are deflecting back the light produced by tube (T), and which sustain the interference between the user's biofield and this light, are performing the function of a "thought microphone" and "thought speaker" which "intercepts" and "alters" the user's thoughts. Because of the use for formation of this cavity, the dimensions and shapes of individual mirrors should be so selected that in each of them around one-third surface of the tube is reflected, and that the largest mirror could fit the whole picture of the tube (T), whereas in the smallest mirror only around one-third of the picture/deflection of the tube is deflected.}
Fig. #4. (Rys. C2 z traktatu [7/2])

Fig. #4 (K2 in [1/5]): The general shape, design, and main components of the telepathic pyramid.
       This illustration is prepared as if all the elements were transparent, i.e. through subsequent components the elements, shapes, and connections placed behind them are visible. It represents a repetition of Figure N2 from monographs [1/3] and [1/2], Figure D2 from treatise [7/2], and Figure 1 from treatise [7].
       This device is shaped as a pyramid of around 27.5 [cm] high. Its wiring and main components are hermetically enclosed inside a pyramidal casing made of perspex or glass. The casing hosts: a copper frame (F) shaped like a pyramid and aligning each corner of the casing, a conical coil (C) also made of a copper wire, four aluminium disks (D1), (N2), (D3), (D4) attached to the side walls of the pyramidal casing - one of them (D1) should have a small hole in the centre, quartz crystal (Q) placed at one-quarter of the height, phial (T) placed in the centre of the base, two inductors (I1) and (I2), and four cascades of mirrors (M1), (M2), (M3), (M4) placed in four corners of the base. All these components should not touch each other, although they should be electrically connected together according to the original instruction. Their electrical properties should fulfil the condition of "harmonic" proportions.
       The pyramid casing is composed of five panels made of glass of perspex (one square and three triangles) glued together hermetically so that they form side walls and a base of an isometric pyramid. This casing contains inside a copper frame (F) and all other circuits and components of the pyramid. It also allows to maintain the vacuum inside. The copper frame (F) is composed of eight straight pieces of copper wire, soldered together or so bent, that they form edges of a pyramid. The phial (T) should be half filled with ordinary kitchen salt, half with mercury. It is recommended that it should work under a vacuum. Both inductors (I1) and (I2) are made of small bar magnets with copper wiring tightly winded around them. Each cascade of mirrors (M) is made of three small mirrors of descending heights. The copper frame (F) is simply eight pieces of copper wire joined together so that they form the shape of a pyramid. It is recommended that the whole pyramid should be under a vacuum.

#E3. The operation of the telepathic pyramid as a "telepathyser" which translates in both directions thoughts and feelings into telepathic waves modulated with ULT:

       The telepathic pyramid works in both directions. In one of these directions it works as a broadcasting telepathyser. In this case it (a) intercepts thoughts and feelings of the user directly from the mind of this user, (b) translates these thoughts and feelings of the user into telepathic waves analogue modulated in ULT language, and (c) emits these telepathic waves into the space, so that they can be received by another user who has an identically tuned similar telepathic pyramid. In the opposite direction the same telepathic pyramid works as a receiving telepathyser. Means it firstly (i) intercepts telepathic waves which are modulated in analogue manner in the ULT language, which arrive to it from somewhere else, then it (ii) translates these waves into thoughts and feelings, finally it (iii) puts these thoughts and feelings directly to the head of the user. Due to such an operation, two such telepathic pyramids identically tuned and hold in some distance from each other by two different creatures allow these creatures to "converse" in thoughts with each other via telepathic waves and without the use of any speech. Let us describe now both directions of the operation of this pyramid.

#E3.1. The operation of the telepathic pyramid as an emitting telepathyser:

       The explanation of the operation of telepathic pyramid as a broadcasting telepathyser should be started from realizing that the operation of this device as a telekinetic cell causes that in the circuitry of the resonator (R) a standing oscillatory wave is created. This wave oscillates (i.e. flows "to" and "from") the conical coil (C), thus generating in this coil pulses of magnetic field. In turn in the counter-world these pulses of magnetic field are inducing vibrations of counter-matter which are propagating through space as telepathic waves. In order this waves are capable of carrying our thoughts and feelings, it suffices to appropriately modulate it, i.e. so shape it that our thoughts and feelings are imposed onto them in an analogue manner. It is worth to emphasize, that such a wave would be generated by circuits of the pyramid described here, even if these circuits do not contain a telekinetic cell, but only were supplied into AC electricity from some outside source. In such a case the frequency of this AC electricity supply must coincide with the frequency of the resonator (R). (Notice that this "resonator" (R) mentioned here is simply an oscillatory circuit which is formed from a vacuum capacitor and from two inductors "I1" and "I2" of this pyramid. In turn the vacuum capacitor is formed in this pyramid from mutual electrical interaction between two electrodes, namely between frame "F" and coil "C".)
       The understanding of principles of analogue modulation of the carrier telepathic wave with thoughts of the user should be started from realising, that the process of our thinking always causes the generation of very subtle vibrations in our bio-field which surrounds our body. These vibrations can already now be registered, while an example of instrument which can detect them is an encefalograph used by doctors for registration of thought processes or by special services as a lie detector. If we spread hands in order to grab a telepathic pyramid, the hands form a closed circuit with our bio-field. In this circuit the bio-field is going to be much stronger than in other areas. Thus when we hold the pyramid in a manner illustrated in "Fig. #2" i "Fig. #3", then the vibrations of our bio-field which carry our thoughts and feelings are spreading along the central (vertical) axis of the telepathic pyramid. So the only thing that is still needed is a device which intercepts these vibrations of the bio-field and modulates with them the electrical oscillations in circuits of the pyramid. Such a device is to perform a function which is similar to the function of microphones in our present radio emitters.
       Such a device, which is capable to intercept even the most subtle optical vibrations and to turn them into electrical impulses, is something that was invented a long ago and that carries the general name of "optical interference cavity". In the pyramid described here such a cavity is formed by the tube (T) together with four cascades of mirrors (M) directed onto it. The substance contained in the tube (T), namely the vacuumed mixture of salt and mercury, produces light. This light is deflected from the cascades of mirrors back onto the tube (T) forming a special kind of interference cavity which is occupied by the standing optical wave. Such cavity is already utilised in optics, in operation of lasers, and in so-called "masers". Its property is that every outside optical signal which is introduced into it, is causing a cumulative disturbance in the standing optical wave that prevails in this cavity, thus drastically changing the parameters of the current which flows through the tube (T). This means that the flow of current through the tube (T) is strongly dependent on the momentary changes in the faint glow (i.e. user's aura) that penetrates through this interference cavity, similarly as in present microphones the flow of current is strongly dependent on the momentary changes in sound vibrations that are passing through this microphone. The result of such operation of the interference cavity from our pyramid is that the current which passes through the tube (T) is modified (modulated) with thoughts of the user. In turn such modulating the oscillations from the pyramid's circuitry will cause that in space is emitted not just an ordinary telepathic wave, but the telepathic wave modulated with the user's thoughts and feelings.
       The above descriptions indicate that during the operation of the telepathic pyramid the tube (T) should flicker with vibratory light which is a reflection of the user's thoughts and emotions. Therefore the tube (T) is an excellent indicator which tells about the correct operation of this device. Furthermore, the above descriptions indicate why in the final (operational) versions of this pyramid the material for walls must be milky. The point is that such milky material is decreasing the influence of noise optical signals originating from the environment, while transparent walls allow to enter easily these noise signals and to affect the interference cavity.

#E3.2. The operation of the telepathic piramid as a receiving telepathyser:

       Let us analyse how the telepathic pyramid operates as a receiving telepathyser. We begin from realizing that in the counter-world millions and millions of different telepathic waves are propagating themselves in all directions. Therefore the pyramid's design must allow to filter through all these countless waves, and select only these waves which most probably carry the telepathic thoughts from the another user. The function of such preliminary "filter", which allows the pyramid to be entered only by the right waves, is a hole in one of four aluminium disks (D). As we realize from subsection K2.4 in volume 9 of monograph [1/5], these four aluminium disks form a telepathic resonance cavity, in which the hole is performing the function of a "gate". This "gate" is letting inside only specific spectrum of telepathic waves, which includes waves to be processed. Therefore the diameter "d" of this hole (gates) is quite important. After being initially preselected, the telepathic waves enter the pyramid through the hole and propagate within the pyramid's interior in a manner identical to that displayed by sea waves which entered through a hole in a pier or a breakwater (the only difference is that the telepathic waves spread in a shape of a sphere - instead of a circle as sea waves do). The sphere of these telepathic waves is then deflected simultaneously by the remaining three (out of four) aluminium disks that form the "telepathic resonance cavity". After the deflection these waves meet again in a special "telepathic focal point" of the "aluminium pyramid", which lies approximately at the crossing of the deflection axes of three remaining aluminium disks, with the symmetry axis of the hole (which simultaneously should be the symmetry axis of the aluminium disk which holds this hole). Note, however, that this "telepathic focal point" of the "telepathic resonance cavity" in the pyramid discussed here, is slightly dislocated from the central (vertical) axis of the pyramid, is asymmetrical in location, and also it does not coincide with the focal point of the whole pyramid. The dislocation and asymmetry of this "telepathic focal point" is caused by several factors, the most important of which include: (1) the fact that telepathic waves enter the pyramid by only one hole, thus they are asymmetrical from the point of entry, and (2) the fact that the location of this point is defined by the location of aluminium disks (D) on the pyramid's walls (and also by dimensions of these disks). In that "telepathic focal point" the unique telepathic wave is created which could be described as a "standing wave". Its property is that it creates an oscillatory sequence of compression and decompression of counter-matter. Note that all other telepathic waves which cross through interior of the pyramid are only passing through this "focal point" and thus they fail to create this unique sequence of compressions and decompression of counter-matter. Thus they are eliminated from further influence on process of pyramid's operation. Now, if the appropriately designed quartz crystal (Q) (e.g. a crystal shaped as a sphere or as an "ellipsoid") is placed in this "telepathic focal point", then the counter-material duplicate of this crystal is subjected to these oscillating compressions and decompression of counter-matter. Because there are oscillating telepathic waves with various frequencies, only these waves are significant, the frequency of which is harmonic to the frequency of own vibrations of this counter-material duplicate of the quartz crystal (Q). Therefore the own frequency of the quartz crystal (Q) is the second "fine tuning" filter, which from a number of telepathic waves that enter the pyramid, selects only this one which carries the thoughts of the other user. These selected oscillating compressions and decompression of counter-matter, which act on the counter-material duplicate of the quartz crystal (Q), cause this duplicate to fall in resonance with the incoming telepathic wave. This resonance causes that the duplicate is vibrating violently, in tact of the incoming telepathic wave (note that because in the counter-world there is no inertia, this resonance is very sensitive, and truly reflects all thoughts that are superimposed (modulated) onto these incoming telepathic waves). Of course, because of the gravity connection between the material part of the crystal and its counter-material duplicate, the violent vibrations of the duplicate are transferred to our world and cause the material part of the crystal to also vibrate with the same frequency. In turn the vibrations of the material part of quarts crystal (Q), by releasing the "piezoelectric effect" in the crystal, produce vibratory electric current which is supplied to the pyramid's circuitry. These vibrating electric currents are later amplified by the pyramids components, as this was explained in subsection K2.4 of monograph [1/5], and then passed to the tube (T) which starts to emit strong vibratory glow, the pulses of which are reflecting exactly the thoughts of the another user that are intercepted by the pyramid. All what is now needed is a kind of "speaker" which would put these incoming thoughts directly to the mind of the receiving user.
       The function of such unique "telepathic speaker" is performed by the same interference cavity formed by the combination of tube (T) and a cascade of mirrors (M). Therefore, in the telepathyser described here, this interference cavity performs simultaneously two different functions, i.e. the function of a "telepathic microphone" and the function of a "telepathic speaker". Because such a unique device which is both, a microphone and a speaker, so-far has no distinct name, it needed to be named somehow. I named it "reciprocator", because of the main function which it performs. In case of the telepathic pyramid, for the incoming thought messages this "reciprocator" releases the mechanism which is an exact reversal of its action as a telepathic microphone. Namely it superimposes onto the user's subtle glow (i.e. onto his or her aura and biofield), the new vibrations which are the exact reflections of the thoughts received from the another user. In turn these vibrations of the aura and biofield, by the user are perceived as "someone else's thoughts superimposed on his or her own thoughts".
* * *
       Much wider descriptions of the telepathic pyramid are provided in subsection K2 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn the operation of this pyramid as a telekinetic cell is described in subsection LA2.4 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5], and additionally explained on two web pages, namely on the web page about telekinetic cells and about telekinetic generators of free energy. Readers interested in building such a device perhaps should review these descriptions.

#E4. The technical device called the Zhang Heng seismograph, which was also given to humanity by some anonymous totaliztic civilisation:

       As probably everyone is aware, present science is unable to predict earthquakes before they happen. Our current instrument, the so-called "seismograph" is indicating the occurrence of an earthquake only when this earthquake shakes the instrument itself. Therefore, present instruments are telling us about an earthquake only after it already strikes and does a damage. However, imagine that as long ago as in 132 AD (means almost 2000 years ago), a Chinese genius astronomer and mathematician named Zhang Heng build a device currently known under a wrong name of the Zhang Heng seismograph. (E.g. search engines provide descriptions of this device - if the name "Zhang Heng seismograph" is used for the key words.) It was able to warn about an incoming earthquake long time in advance. His device was so advanced, that - as I am going to estimate it later, even today it foreruns the state of our present orthodox science by at least further 100 years. To be more interesting, a replica of his wonder device until 2010 was exhibited in New Zealand. It could be seen in the national museum of New Zealand called Te Papa from the capitol Wellington. Unfortunately, soon after that devastating earthquake from Christchurch, the replica was unexpectedly and rapidly removed from the active exhibition in Te Papa museum. Possible reasons for this removal explains item #R2 from the web page named quake.htm, while briefly summarises the caption under "Fig. #D1" from the web page named seismograph.htm. This removal of the replica clearly proves, that for reasons described more comprehensively in items #R1 to #R7 from the web page named quake.htm, the present "atheistic orthodox science" refuses to carry out research and rebuilding of this telepathic apparatus. This is highly unfortunate, because I personally believe that the original device which this replica copies, was one of the scientific wonders of our planet. If in Wellington an original working device would exist, not just a replica, than New Zealand could proudly announce that this is the most advanced technical device that you currently can see on the New Zealand soil, and the one which belongs to a few sparse technical wonders of our planet.
       This Zhang Heng's instrument in fact was constructed like an ornamental fountain - see a photograph from "Fig. #5" below. When NO earthquake was approaching, it also worked as an ornamental fountain. The main chamber for storing water in this fountain had the shape of a parabolic antenna chamber made of a copper panel. This shape in a vertical cross-section resembled the shape of present parabolic satellite antennas. It had this attribute, that it focused exactly in own central point the majority of the radiation which arrived to this chamber from any place on Earth where just an earthquake could brew up. Eight dragon heads were attached in regular intervals to the circumference of the side walls of this antenna chamber. Water flown from mouth of each of these heads. In each dragon mouth a heavy metal "pearl" was placed. In turn under each of these heads a bronze frog was positioned, which in fact was a loud bell, only shaped like a frog. Streams of water which flown out of mouths of these dragons crossed an arch in the air and fall into open mouths of these frogs. But when an earthquake was approaching, then a heavy metal pearl which was kept in the dragon mouth from this side from which the earthquake was just coming fell down together with water and hit the bronze frog below. The hit of this pearl caused that the frog (which in reality was a loud bell) generated a loud bell noise. This noise constituted an alarm that warned people about the earthquake that just was approaching them.
       The principle of operation of the instrument described here is explained in details in my 2005 ICST conference paper available in Internet at the address Thus here I only summarise it briefly. This principle is based on the fact, that the energy of telepathic waves causes a significant difference in the friction and thus drag-force of water that flows out of mouths of these dragons. In normal circumstances, when NO earthquake was brewing up nearby of this device, water which flows from mouth of these dragons forms the so-called "laminar flow". This flow is well known from a very low friction and thus a low drag force. Thus such water was unable to throw heavy metal pearls from mouths of dragons. But when somewhere nearby an earthquake started to brew up, the mutual friction of layers of shaken rocks induced powerful telepathic waves which reached the antenna chamber of this fountain. The parabolic shape of this antenna chamber focused these telepathic waves on the inlet into the pipe that supplied water to the mouth of this dragon which was positioned on the side from which a given earthquake was coming. The energy of this telepathic radiation was changing the flow of water from previous "laminar flow" into the so-called "turbulent flow". In turn the turbulent flow has so large friction and thus so large the drag force, that it could thrown the pearl from the mouth of that dragon. The falling pearl raised the sound of alarm which informed all people around that the earthquake was just coming. So people had enough time to run out of buildings that were endangered with collapsing by this impending earthquake.
       Unfortunately for us all, the original Zhang Heng device was destroyed. (This should not surprise, taking under consideration what I wrote on the web page ufo.htm.) Until our times only non-technical descriptions survived made by laymen who saw it in operation, which tell us how it used to look like. But no key details of the operation of this device are known. These details needed to be re-invented and worked out from the very beginning (fortunately, I am quite good at such reinventing). Therefore, starting with a famous 19th century English inventor, Dr John Milne, who build his own seismographs that was used, amongst others, in New Zealand, as well as various other orthodox scientists, speculated how Zhang Heng seismograph may operate. Because they saw this device from the prospective of their own knowledge, they explained the operation of this wonder seismograph in the same way as present inertial seismographs operate. Namely, according to them, this device employs forces of inertia to initiate the alarm. One of such deduced designs of this device is shown on a drawing available from the web site So in their understanding this wonder device works almost exactly the same like present seismographs. On the basis of these speculations they come up with visual replicas of this device. However, my own study of the look-alike replica from Wellington, and also my own analyses of all what I already know about the Zhang Heng device, indicate that the assumptions that modern scientists took are completely wrong. After all, they try to explain this wonder device just as a version of present seismographs working on inertia forces. But in reality this device utilises the excellent amongst ancient Chinese knowledge of the "chi" energy, or - as we currently call it - "telepathic waves". The erroneous inertial explanation of orthodox scientists does NOT do the justice to this wonder device, and additionally introduces a lot of confusion. Furthermore, because it is erroneous, it makes impossible the construction of a prototype that would actually work. (All copies of this wonder device which were constructed by modern scientists refused to work! The reason was that these scientists reconstructed all of them for wrong principles of operation based on forces of inertia instead of "chi".)
       Myself I am interested in this device since 1993, means from the time when during my professorship in Malaysia I heard about it for the first time from my Chinese friends. Unfortunately I did not manage to establish then where the original of this devices is located, while I could not afford to fly to China and seek it there (only recently I learned that the original of this device was destroyed). But since Dr Pajak was unable to come to the seismograph, the seismograph come to Dr Pajak. In 2003, completely unexpectedly for myself, I found this device in the museum distant only by a few kilometres from my flat. Of course I immediately subjected it to functional analyses. In the result of this my research I come up with my own principle of operation for the Zhang Heng Seismograph. This my explanation was presented a couple of paragraphs higher, and it is also repeated in the caption under "Fig. #5". It is totally different from these proposed by other scientists, as it takes under account chi, on which the original "Zhang Heng seismograph" was based. In turn this "chi", according to my research, is simply a Chinese name for telepathic waves. Thus my explanation for the operation of this device reveals, that it employs telepathic waves (chi) for the detection of impending earthquakes. This in turn makes possible to detect the earthquakes a long time before they strike and inflict a damage.
       According to my estimates, the telepathic detector of impending earthquakes described here foreruns at least by 100 years the present level of our orthodox science. This is because our orthodox science needs at least 50 more years to learn what telepathic waves are, another 30 years to learn that approaching earthquakes are always sending an advanced warning which takes the form of a bunch of powerful telepathic waves, and then at least another 20 years to build working technical devices which would utilise this knowledge for warning people about approaching earthquakes. So previously (i.e. before 2010), when anyone known to me was already in New Zealand, I used to suggest to pop-in to the Te Papa museum and see with own eyes this ancient technical wonder, which is not going to be build on Earth not earlier than at least after further 100 years. (Technically it could be build already now. Unfortunately, the present condemning climate directed by the orthodox science against new ideas, makes this impossible.)
       While explaining this wonder device in subsection K6.2 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5], I presented over there also several vital reasons, why this instrument cannot work on inertia - as currently orthodox scientists explain it, but it must work on "chi" (i.e. on telepathic waves). Here are the most important of these reasons:
      1. Shape. It was very costly, and it was also very difficult in antiquity, to produce the antenna chamber of this instrument so that it is shaped into a parabolic concave mirror - i.e. identical to outlines of present satellite dishes. Thus the builder, Zhang Heng, surely would not shape the chasse of his device into such a difficult curve, if the principles of operation would not require it. In turn, only a device which works on principles of "chi" requires an antenna of strictly such a parabolic shape. Devices which utilise forces of inertia (as our present seismographs do) could be locked in a chasse of any simple shape, e.g. shaped just into an ordinary square box.
      2. Fountain. If this device works on inertia forces, it would not need to be build as a fountain. Water would only spoil its inertial operation. But water is absolutely necessary for harvesting the "chi" energy (telepathic waves).
      3. The location of dragon heads at a half-height of the fountain. If this instrument operates on principles of inertia forces, then outlets for streams of water should NOT be placed at a half-height of the antenna chamber. After all, when these outlets are by the bottom of the chamber then the pressure build up would be higher, and thus the work of the fountain would be much better. But the outlets at a half-height of the antenna chamber are absolutely necessary for utilisation of telepathic waves. After all, the focal point is located at a half-height on which telepathic waves are focused by curvature of the antenna chamber.
      4. Chi. Ancient Chinese used to know excellently properties of "chi" (telepathic waves). But they had almost no knowledge of mechanical vibrations of the ground and inertial forces.
      5. Symmetry. Devices which work on principles of inertial vibrations must operate symmetrically - as vibrations are always symmetrical. We excellently see this in present seismographs, where a line being drawn always deflects equally in both directions from the central point of equilibrium. So if the "Zhang Heng seismograph" would work on principles of inertia, then two (not one) "pearls" should fall out from mouths of dragons on opposite sides of the device. In turn "chi" would cause only the single one "pearl" to fall down from the mouth of a single dragon only. Ancient records of effects of operation of this device indicate, that always only one "pearl" used to fall down from this device.
      6. Alarm. This device served for starting a sonic alarm - this is why fogs used to make a loud bell-ringing sound. But if this is an inertial device, then it would make noisy alarm only when an earthquake already stroke and shook it. But no sound of alarm is needed then, because it would be accompanied by visual signs of earthquake - excellently noticeable to everyone, such as buildings that would fall down, furniture that would be dislocated and collapsing, floors that would wave, etc. These would silence any alarm. So the only justification for the use of sound alarm was if this alarm was made some time before the actual earthquake stroke, means when this device worked on principles of "chi".

Fig. #5
Fig. #5 (K6 in [1/5]): The above photograph shows an impending earthquakes detector - i.e. a device able to remotely detect and to rise alarms (depending on the sensitivity) up to several days before an earthquake strikes. Furthermore, as I explained this and documented in item #I1 of the web page named seismograph.htm, God directed events in such a "just", "fair", and "self-regulatory" manner, that universities from all cities and countries which soon supposed to be hit by killing earthquakes, received firstly offers and plans of development and research of the above device for early warning about impending earthquakes.
       Notice that a more comprehensive description of this wonder device is provided on the separate web page named seismograph.htm.)
       It takes at least further 100 years before present orthodox scientists learn how to build such devices. But surprisingly it was already build in antiquity by a Chinese genius named Zhang Heng. It utilised ancient Chinese knowledge of chi (means "telepathic waves") for issuing early alarms about approaching earthquakes. This "chi", means "telepathic waves" that the device utilises for the operation, one can imagine as a kind of silent sound, which: (1) propagates with infinitive speed, (2) every object is transparent to it, thus it penetrates even through objects so huge like Earth or Sun, and (3) it is partially deflected from practically every surface.
       New Zealand received a replica of this wonder device from the Municipal government of Beijing, in China. This replica was one of the first which was to leave China. Between years 2003 and 2010 I systematically viewed this replica amongst exhibits of the national museum of New Zealand, called Te Papa, from Wellington. Unfortunately, around the time when the powerful earthquake destroyed a neighbourly city of Christchurch, as described in item #C5 of the web page named seismograph.htm, this replica was rapidly removed from the active exhibition. I wonder whether real reasons for this unexpected removal were disturbing peace "supernatural" behaviours of this instrument in several days before the earthquake hit Christchurch - unfortunately it is not in my means to determine what these real reasons were. More information about this removal is provided in caption under "Fig. #D1" from the web page named seismograph.htm.
       As this is visible from the photograph in "Fig. #5", this so-called "Zhang Heng seismograph" takes a form of a copper fountain, in which water is pouring down from mouths of eight dragons directly into open mouths of eight frogs (toads) below. Dragons are attached to an antenna chamber curved into an approximate shape of present satellite antennas and filled up with water. Eight inlets to pipes that transfer the outgoing water, are located near the centre of the chamber. From these inlets water is supplied, via pipes, to eight outlets from the fountain, shaped like mouths of dragons and evenly spaced around the peripherals of the antenna chamber. The vertical position and configuration of these inlets, pipes, and outlets is so selected, that water which flows through them is displaying, as they call it in Hydromechanics, a laminar flow. In order to fine tune the configuration of dragons mouths and the intensity of this laminar flow of water, a special vertical shaft is provided in the centre of the chamber. This shaft is connected with jaws of subsequent dragons via sets of leavers. The mechanism of a shaft and leavers is to regulate the force of flowing water that is needed to remove the "pearls" from mouths of subsequent dragons. Therefore, this mechanism is also to regulate the force of an earthquake that is to trigger the alarm. Unfortunately present orthodox scientists interpreted this shaft just as an inertial triggering mechanism, similar as that one used in to-day seismographs.
       In order to start an earthquake alarm, in mouth of each dragon there is a metal "pearl". The size, weight, and shape of this pearl is so selected, that the laminar flow of water normally does not remove it from the mouth of a given dragon. But the so-called "turbulent flow" does remove the pearl from the mouth of a given dragon and causes it to fall down into mouth of a frog located below the dragon. The copper antenna chamber has its barrel-like curvature so selected, that it forms a kind of "parabolic mirror" for telepathic waves. (Ancient Chinese used to know telepathic waves excellently. They called them with the very general name "chi".) This parabolic mirror deflects telepathic waves and concentrates them on inlets to pipes that supply water to mouths of subsequent dragons from the opposite side of the chamber. In normal circumstances this telepathic waves carry to low energy, and also have too small amplitude and wrong frequencies, to disturb the "laminar flow" of water through mouth of any dragon. But when there is an earthquake approaching, this earthquake produces a powerful burst of telepathic waves ("chi"). These waves have the energy and the frequency into which the antenna chamber is tuned. The amplitude and energy of these waves focused onto an inlet that leads to mouth of a specific dragon, is sufficiently powerful to disturb the "laminar flow" of water, and to turn it into a so-called turbulent flow of water. As Hydromechanics teaches us, turbulent flows produce much higher forces of drag and friction than laminar flows. Therefore this turbulent flow is able to push the pearl out of the mouth of a selected dragon. The pearl falls down to mouth of a frog below. In turn this frog is actually a loud bronze bell. Thus, if a heavy metal "pearl" falls into it, it makes a loud alarm for the approaching earthquake. So everyone knows that a powerful earthquake is coming, and everyone prepares for it. Because the curvature of the antenna chamber deflects powerful telepathic waves from the earthquake like a concave mirror, i.e. back into the same direction from which they come, the single pearl that falls from the single dragon's mouth indicates also precisely the direction from which this earthquake is to come. So the device shown above not only informs that a powerful earthquake is approaching, but also informs from which direction it is to come (thus whether e.g. it is likely to cause a tsunami wave, a landslip, etc.).
       Even more precise description of the design and operation of the above device, can be found in subsection K6.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. In turn information about telepathic waves which one needs to know in order to understand better the operation of the above device, can be found in subsection H7.1 from volume 4 my monograph [1/5]. (Monograph [1/5] is available free of charge via this web site.)
* * *
       The telepathic seismograph described above introduces capability to save countless people from horrifying death. After all, our planet is shaken increasingly frequent, while millions of people are living in earthquake zones. Furthermore, this device carries also a huge commercial potential. If a price of it drops down to a price of present smoke alarms, then almost every family will try to have such a device in their home. After all, it is to warn about approaching earthquakes sufficiently in advance to allow everyone to effectively escape from the biggest danger. Therefore now, when the real principle of operation of this device is known, it is about a time we roll our sleeves, translate this principle of operation into present level of technology, and undertake a serial production of thousands of such devices.
       The Zhang Heng seismograph is described in a whole range of sources. Independently from the above description, it is also discussed in subsection K6.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5], as well as on a separate web page devoted exclusively to this seismograph.

#E5. Other examples of the breakthrough technical devices, given to humanity by totaliztic civilisations:

       From various data and descriptions that I encountered in my research to-date, it stems quite unambiguously that the breakthrough technical devices described above are not the only ones which were given to humanity by the totaliztic civilisation, and which were in fact constructed on Earth. I personally believe that there was on Earth a significant number of such technical wonders of the world. By these "technical wonders" I understand devices already completed and already proven in action, the principles of operation of which significantly exceed the state of science and technology at the time when they were build. Theoretically speaking, people should be able to build these devices only in a distant future in relationship to times when they actually were build. Their earlier appearance on Earth is a kind of sign, which we should start to notice. Here are most important amongst these "technical wonders of the world", about the existence of which I managed to learn until the present moment:
       #1. Thesta-Distatica. It belongs to the larger group of telekinetic generators of free energy. The operational prototype of this generator is owned by the Swiss Religious Commune "Methernitha" (for more detailed descriptions of this wonder device see subsection LA2.3 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5]). It generates free electrical energy from literally nothing, by a simple extraction, via a technical version of telekinesis, thermal energy contained in the environment.
       #2. Crystal radios. As I explained this in items #5 and #6.3 of a separate web page about telekinetic cells, over half a century ago primitive prototypes of telekinetic generators of free energy were already manufactured on Earth. They were called "crystal radios" or "crystal sets". They worked perfectly producing free electricity - only that in small amounts. In fact these were the only devices mass produced on Earth so far, which did not require any battery nor external energy supply, but in spite of this still correctly performed their functions. They did this because they contained a primitive version of the telekinetic cell of the design described on the above-mentioned web page, embedded into their electronic circuitry.
       Electronic engineers explain the lack of need for energy supply to these "crystal radios" by claiming that these radios extracted the required energy from their antennas. However, I never met a description of experimental research which would report on someone who actually measured the energy input from antennas to these radios, and verified whether this input in fact did cover the energy consumption that took place in crystal radios. The point is that since there was no experimental verification that such crystal radios really extract their energy from antennas, in reality they could operate because their circuitry released the phenomenon of reversal of friction which I am describing here – only that electronic engineers are unaware of this extremely vital fact. It is also meaningful, that apart from these "crystal radios" no other electronic devices were ever build on Earth that would be able to satisfy their energy consumption from antennas.
       Now it is enough to appropriately improve these old prototypes of crystal radios in order to receive telekinetic cells of the full efficiency and power. So let us begin the work, because without these devices our civilisation slowly is dying. In item #6 of the web page about telekinetic cells is proposed, step by step, how to transform in the most simple and fastest manner, a "crystal radio" in such a way, that the circuitry of this radio becomes converted into a telekinetic cell that could generate an abundance of free energy.
       #3. The Antikythera mechanism. It was an analog astronomical computer, which allowed to determine the location of heavenly bodies, dates of eclipses, etc. Analyses indicate that, for example, it was able to take corrections for the abnormalities in the orbital motion of the Moon with the precision much higher than many present computer programs do. This computer was build between the years 100 and 150 BC, probably by a Greek astronomer named Hipparchos from the Island of Rhodes. It had dimensions 33x16x10 cm. Around 30 hand-cut gears made of bronze was discovered - although it is believed that it had at least 7 more (a part of them disappeared). In the year 1900 it was discovered in the wreck of an ancient Roman ship near the island Antikythera (a half way between Peloponnese and Crete). At the beginning of November 2006 an article on this mechanism appeared in the "Nature", which later was summarised in two New Zealand newspapers, namely in the article "Ancient Greek computer yields its secrets" from page B3 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, December 2, 2006, and also in the article "Ancient computer found on seabed" from page B4 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, December 1, 2006.
       #4. Everlasting lamp. It continually produces light without a use of any energy supply. I described it in subsection H6.1.3 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5].
       #5. The Ark of the Covenant (the one from Bible). More comprehensively it is described in subsection S5 from volume 15 of monograph [1/5]. The available data document that this was the most important propelling device which, amongst others, cause the levitation of present UFO vehicles - this is why the Ark used to be carried by the so-called "levities". In present times this propelling device is called the Oscillatory Chamber.
       #6. A heater from Pakistan. It had a shape of metal amphora empty inside. It continually boiled water without consuming any energy. It was destroyed by an English scientist in 1950s, who cut it apart to see what is inside. (It was turned out to be empty inside.) The principle of operation of such heaters is described in subsection H6.1.3 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       In addition to the above, I analysed and personally guarantee as being technically sound, two further telepathic messages from our totaliztic allies from the stars, that ordered the completion of two further such devices. These telepathic messages are described in subsections K2 and K5.1.1 of monograph [1/5], and also in separate treatises [7/2] and [7B]. Furthermore, I also did some initial research on ancient versions of two further similar wonder devices, namely on the so-called "philosophers stone" and so called "orbs" (or "monarch apples"). Outcomes of this my research are published in chapter S of monograph [1/5].
       More information about the above, and other, extraordinary devices, is provided on web pages on New Zealand and on Zhang Heng seismograph.

Part #F: Potential benefits for the humanity from mastery of telepathic communication:


#F1. The replacement of present cell-phones with miniaturised telepathic devices described here, would stop the fast extinction of bees - perhaps saving in this way the humanity from the approaching "death by hunger":

Motto: "Cell-phones are allowed to continue the emissions of destructive radio-waves, frequencies of which resonate with bodies of bees - thus causing illnesses, wandering and extinction of bees. The lack of bees drastically decreases the production of food - thus inducing human hunger. The arrival of hunger is to induce social unrests, anarchy, and robberies. The anarchy and robberies kill farmers and destroy crops - thus eliminating the remaining production of food. The complete lack of food causes the death from hunger of almost the entire humanity. Is this the scenario of that 'wonderful future' which was prepared for the humanity by the jealous 'monopole for knowledge' of the 'atheistic orthodox science' to-date?"

       A huge worry and threat which hangs presently above the entire humanity, is a fast extinction of bees - which spreads over the entire Earth. On the subject of this extinction of bees alarms are sounding in practically all mass media. For example, only during a period of one month and only in two New Zealand newspapers that I read, appeared four articles on the topic of this rapid deaths of bees - here are their details. [1#F1] "Our bees, Einstein may be right", from page B5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, February 11, 2011 (this article describes the forecast of Albert Einstein, that if bees die out, then the humanity has only around 4 years to live before it also dies out from hunger). [2#F1] "Fears grow for our $5 billion bees", from page C4 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, February 12, 2011 (this article explained, that only in New Zealand bees generate around 5.1 billion dollars of income). [3#F1] "Researchers puzzle over decline in bees" from page B3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 7, 2011 (this article summarised, that the "work" of bees in the world's scale is worth around US$ 200 billions). [4#F1] "Bee deaths linked to loss of memory" from page B4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, March 11, 2011 (this article is based on the British research which revealed that the extinction of bees is caused by their loss of "sense of direction" and "memory" where their beehives are located).
       Many people see just money in this fast extinction of bees. But actually the money are NOT the most important in the problem that this extinction creates. After all, firstly (1) the extinction of bees is a proof of incompetence and cowardice of present scientists representing the so-called "atheistic orthodox science" which is described more comprehensively in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm. This is because in fear that they may endanger their well-paid and cushy professional careers, these scientists are afraid to officially name what kills bees. Secondly, (2) if bees really will die out, and if thus collapses the entire production of food which originates from flowers for the pollination of which bees are necessary, then the entire humanity may fall the victim of "death by hunger". In this way, the mass extinction of bees would become the reason for that mass extinction of humans which since a long time is forecasted by old prophecies - for description of these prophecies see item #H2 of the web page named prophecies.htm. Because the matter of "extinction of the humans because of hunger" caused by the extinction of bees and the lack of food originating from flowers is clear and well understood by everyone, in the further part of this item I am going to concentrate on the discussion of problem number (1), namely on reasons and consequences of incompetence and cowardice of present scientists who research the extinction of bees.
       The reason for which the present fast extinction of bees is the proof of incompetence and cowardice of present scientists, results from the fact that "unofficially" it is well-known why bees are dying out - namely the reason for their fast extinction is the extensive use of cell-phones the electromagnetic waves of which resonate with bodies of bees thus generating in these bodies electrical and magnetic fields which eliminate in bees the sense of direction and which cause illnesses, so that because of these hand-phones bees wander, get ill and die out. (In other words, bodies of bees are like miniature "antennas" which are naturally "tuned" into waves of our hand-phones, and thus in which these waves generate electric and magnetic fields which make for them impossible the completion of most vital life functions.) The knowledge, that radio-waves of cell-phones are culprits that kill bees, already a long time ago was empirically accumulated and disseminated by a Greek beekeeper, who proved experimentally that after placing his beehives in a place shielded by mountains, in which his cell-phones had NO reception, the extinction of bees ceased completely. The empirical discovery of that beekeeper from Greece is described more comprehensively in item #C5.1 of my web page newzealand.htm. Unfortunately, the problem is such, that knowing "unofficially" why bees die out, present "atheistic orthodox science" has NO courage to state this "officially" - as then a huge pressure would be created to abandon present cell-phones and the entire radio-communication, while the present orthodox science does NOT know (and does NOT want to know) anything else that could replace this telecommunication. On the other hand, the prospect of abandoning cell-phones would put under the fire of rich corporations these unfortunate scientists who would openly state that cell-phones are culprits which kill bees. In turn, it is well-known from many other cases, that these corporations would immediately destroy professionally such scientists - as this was already a case in medicine, when a researcher tried to act against pharmaceutical corporations.
       The present situation, when the "unofficially" it is already known what kills bees (and thus is known what potentially leads the entire humanity to the "death by hunger"), while "officially" NO scientist has the courage to state this openly, only confirms the thesis which I am explaining in item #A2.6 of my web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 of my web page named telekinetics.htm. Namely, it confirms that in the vital interest of the entire humanity lies the opening of the totaliztic "competition" to the "monopole on knowledge" of the present "atheistic orthodox science" as fast as possible, by creating formally the new "totaliztic science" which would be organised and financed as a completely independent body that "competes" with the orthodox science to-date. After all, the "totaliztic science" indicates a simple solution for the problem of extinction of bees and the lack of safe alternative for cell-phones and for radio-communication. Namely, this simple solution for the problem of extinction of bees and the lack of safe and healthy alternative to present cell-phones, boils down to building and to implementing devices for the "telepathic communication" described on this web page. After all, such telepathic devices would NOT use electromagnetic waves, while as such they would also prevent deaths and destruction caused by present cell-phones. Simultaneously they could be miniaturised fast, thus forming a healthy alternative to present deadly and dangerous cell-phones.
       The only problem with undertaking the research, development and miniaturisation of such "telepathic telephones" originates from the present "atheistic orthodox science" which never voluntarily is to agree to undertake such research. After all, the development of telepathic devices would be synonymous with proving the correctness of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and thus also synonymous with the beginning of establishing a "competition" for the present science - this competition would take the form of the so-called "totaliztic science" explained in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. In turn, establishing a new "totaliztic science" would mean the loss of "monopole for knowledge" by the present "atheistic orthodox science", and the same also the loss of cosy positions by many undereducated scientists who in the present situation of the lack of scientific "competition" and the tradition of "burying the truth" can still well camouflage their incompetence. Therefore, if nations and governments have the will to "survive" the increasingly higher concentration of cataclysms and unrests induced by incompetent actions of present "atheistic orthodox science" (the example of killing consequences of incompetence of which science is illustrated e.g. in item #I1 of the web page named seismograph.htm), then in the vital interest of these nations and governments lies, that in spite of opposition on the part of present "atheistic orthodox science", they must force fast establishing of the new "totaliztic science", which already for a long time knows the recipe how to save nations and entire countries from fast approaching hunger, unrest, chaos, anarchy, and annihilation of humans.

Part #G: Telepathic capabilities of animals:


#G1. The Polish snake "zaskroniec" (grass snake) which telepathically orders frogs to jump straight into its jaws:

       Appropriate utilisation of telepathy can bring numerous benefits. An example is here the ability of Polish snake named "zaskroniec" (grass snake) to order telepathically frogs to jump straight into its open jaws. This telepathic capability of the snake "zaskroniec", together with other supernatural capabilities of various animals, are described in more details in "part #F" (see item #F2) of the totaliztic web page stawczyk_uk.htm.

Part #H: Summary and the final matters of this web page:


#H1. Let us summarise here what this web page tries to realise to us:

       In present world it is extremely difficult to disseminate any new idea which has a potential to lift our civilisation to a higher level of development. After all, the present "atheistic orthodox science" acquired a character of almost a religion. It orders authoritatively to believe unconditionally in whatever it states. It also implies in its statements, that it is errorless. But simultaneously, this science is misleading the humanity on purpose. Therefore, all truly progressive and breakthrough ideas or inventions on the Earth, starting from the historic experiments with the construction of first airplanes and finishing on telepathic devices described on this web page, are always initially persecuted by this official atheistic science in an open manner. (Scientists begin to acknowledge such ideas and inventions only at the very end, when these become reality and when the science has no other option but to begin claiming benefits resulting from these ideas.) So it should not surprise anyone, that also descriptions of the mechanism of telepathy and the operation of telepathic devices provided on this web page, as well as the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity from which these explanations originate, are similarly persecuted and purposely ignored by the present official "atheistic orthodox science" on the Earth.
       On the other hand, explanations for telepathic waves and for the operation of telepathic devices provided on this web page, are extremely vital for our civilisation. After all, they can open a path to the release of humanity from all plagues which trouble us - including these "simulations" of UFOnauts which persecute people since the beginnings of time. Furthermore, these explanations unambiguously indicate the only correct path to the happy future of all people. (Which is to adopt the pedantically moral principles of behaviour - which due to telepathy we can learn.) So in spite of whatever various highly paid people would say about this web page, in a vital interest of all of us lies that the findings from this page are studied carefully and applied, or compared, to events from our everyday life.

#H2. Learn more about telepathy:

       This web site is to allow you to learn more about technically induced telepathy. All the descriptions needed to fully understand this extraordinary phenomenon, and to even consider building a telepathic device (i.e. a telepathic pyramid) which allow to communicate with the use of telepathic waves, are provided in several subsections of monograph [8] "Totalizm" (monograph [8] is downloadable free of charge from this web site). For example subsection L6.3 (from volume 7 of monograph [8]) presents basic information that I managed to gather about the phenomenon of telepathy itself. In turn subsections L6.3.1 to L6.3.4, and L6.3, from volume 7 of monograph [8] present various practical applications for the mechanism of telepathy. The information that you find in these subsections are the first hand details, because I actually researched this extraordinary phenomenon myself. So I am not just a bitter academician who negatively scoffs at it, but a person who knows from his own experience that telepathy does exist, and also knows how it is triggered and how it works. Have a pleasant reading!

#H3. The so-called moral laws state that our basic duty is to earn for ourselves the correct knowledge:

       Our universe in build in such a manner that "everything that is moral is also difficult to accomplish and requires putting into it a significant effort". After all, everything that is moral runs uphill in the so-called "moral field". This also concerns the learning of truth about the phenomenon of telepathy. After all truth is the essence of morality. There is even a moral law (what are moral laws it is explained in subsection K4.1.1 of monograph [8]) which states that every human has a personal responsibility for seeking truth and for increasing his/her knowledge. Thus, in spite that always there are going to exist some obstacles and some evil parasites, which are going to create obstacles in our path to truth, we must generate an effort to overcome these obstacles and to learn the truth that is on time and that concerns us. This learning of the truth is always our moral duty. The learning of such truth that was forbidden to us by evil parasites, one may start from truths contained in the monograph [8] Totalizm, offered free of charge from this web site.

#H4. There is a web page named skorowidz_links.htm which provides a list (index) of all topics discussed on the "totaliztic web pages":

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. The fullest content of "index" is provided on the Polish web page named skorowidz.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#H5. It is worth to return periodically to this web page:

       Unfortunately, the subject area of telepathy is a very complex one. It hides a number of aspects, which require skilful presentation. Simultaneously, because of the belonging of many of these aspects to the level of our science and technology, which still did not arrive to the Earth, their explanations require a huge amount of thinking and perfecting. Therefore, this presentation is still only just an initial realising, that "telepathy" and telepathic devices are actually possible, and that the knowledge on this subject is absolutely vital for our civilisation. In order this initial realisation is to be converted into a full explanation of all aspects of this difficult and delicate problem area, the above descriptions must be extended for additional aspects, improved, and shown from several different points of view. Therefore, it is worth to return periodically to this web page in order to check how the matter of explaining the telepathy develops and is presented then here.
       It is also worth to check periodically the "blog of totalizm" available at addresses: (posts from #89 - 2006/11/11) (posts from #293 - 2018/2/23) (posts from #293 - 2018/3/16)
All posts to blogs of totalizm (half of which is in English) are also available in my publication [13] disseminated free of charge through the web page tekst_13.htm.
       (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) Around half of posts on this blog are in English - these mainly report on the newest developments in the author's research. On this blog many topics and events discussed here are explained with additional details written as these unveil before our eyes.

#H6. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak):

       I have a pleasure to inform readers of my web pages, that to commemorate the 70th birthday of the author of this web page (i.e. myself), there was produced and published around 35 minutes long film by Dominik Myrcik, which since May 2016 is available for free viewing in The film is entitled "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" and it presents graphically most important among my scientific accomplishments. I am inviting readers to view it. The working green links, Internet addresses, promotional leaflets in three languages, and complete descriptions of all three language versions (i.e. English, German and Polish) of this excellently designed and produced HD and HQ film, are available on my web page named portfolio.htm - which was especially prepared for describing the film.
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. Therefore, if the reader sends a request to me, I suggest to let me also somehow know that he or she actually went through the trouble of reading my web pages and learning what these pages try to say.

#H7. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#H8. Copyrights © 2019 by Dr Jan Pająk:

       Copyrights © 2019 by Dr Jan Pająk. All rights reserved. This web page describes principles of telepathy and phenomena which allow the building and the use of telepathic devices, which I (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak) developed and described myself, and thus for which I reserve intellectual authorship for myself. Therefore I would like to remind these researchers who wish to repeat explanations provided here in their own publications, that I do NOT impose any conditions nor restrictions on the repetition of my findings concerning telepathy and telepathic devices, although my wish is that they include references to my research and publications during every presentation which is linked directly with my explanations (means, that they respect my authorship by indicating in their presentations that these explanations originate from my research contribution). Of course, the main purpose for which I promote the unlimited dissemination of my explanations concerning the phenomenon of telepathy and telepathic devices, is my desire that these phenomena, as well as a selection of other devices developed on their basis, are put into the service for our civilisation as soon as possible. In order to accelerate the accomplishment of this goal, onto all these who build in future any device of my invention which were described in publications and web pages that I disseminate free of charge, I impose a moral duty of designating 10% of the pure profit that the production and sale of these devices bring to them, towards the special fund for the research and development of further devices that will lift the advancement of our civilisation to a next level (e.g. the fund for research and development of the Time Vehicle described on the web page named immortality.htm, or Oscillatory Chamber described in the second volume of monograph [1/5] and Magnocraft described in the third volume of monograph [1/5], telekinetic cells described in volumes 9 and 10 of monograph [1/5], or the fund of research and development of the Zhang Heng Seismograph described in subsection K6.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]). Details of this fund are described in subsection AB2 from volume 1 of my monograph [1/5].
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