Evaporation of WTC buildings in New York by UFOs
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7 May 2013

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When we love someone very much, then one amongst manifestations of this our love is that we long for getting to know this someone more and more. After all, "getting to know" means to "understand" and to "approve". I love my God very much, thus since a long time I put a lot of effort into getting to know Him. As my knowledge about God is growing, also my astonishment for His wisdom and knowledge continually is raising. For example, let us consider such a matter as His ways of motivating of people to increase their knowledge.
       In 2007 I discovered with a huge surprise and awe, that the so-called "UFOs" and "UFOnauts" are simply temporary "simulations" (or "fabrications") carried out on the Earth by God in order to motivate people for a more intense and more effective "pursue of knowledge". More information on this subject provide numerous totaliztic web pages - for example (amongst others) item #C2 from the web page named tornado.htm. But before I accomplished this discovery, I adhered strongly to exactly the same views, which at present are adhered by a significant proportion of people - namely that UFOnauts are simply cosmic relatives of humans, which (relatives) practice a highly immoral philosophy called the evil parasitism (i.e. the philosophy which persuades to exploit and to harm everything that is around us - just in order to draw from it various material gains). Because of their practicing of this immoral philosophy, these technically highly advanced (although decadent morally) UFOnauts supposed to secretly occupy and exploit the Earth and the humanity.
       This web page was prepared and published in 2005, i.e. in times when I still believed in the secretive occupation of the Earth and humanity by evil UFOnauts. Thus, the page still maintains its original (first) formulation. After the discovery that UFOnauts are just temporary "simulations" of God, I still left the original formulation of it to be able to demonstrate with it how high is the level of perfection of God's "simulations", and to what actions God is forced to resort in order to persuade people to undertake the "pursue of knowledge". This is because learning these facts, from one hand allows the reader to get to know better his or her God, while on the other hand it persuades, that we should start to treat very seriously and responsibly our duty to contribute in person to the goal in which God created people - and which (the goal) is described more comprehensively, amongst others, in item #B1 of the totaliztic web page named antichrist.htm. After all, the fulfilment of this goal God expects from each single one of us, while failing to fulfil it is linked to rather unpleasant consequences to all these unwise people who in that way disappoint their God. This is because from research of the so-called "totaliztic science" it stems, that these people who do NOT contribute towards the "pursue of knowledge" on some available for them manner, God turns into a meaningful "illustration" and "example" which allow other people to increase their own knowledge, but which are NOT too pleasant for the individuals that are used as such an illustration and example.

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:


#A0. Introduction to the first (original) version of this web page:

       On a separate web page which in "Menu 1" is available under the name evil, a shocking truth is disclosed. (This truth originally was published in subsection A3 from volume 1 of my older monograph [1/4].) It states that a morally degenerated, although technically advanced civilisation which uses UFO vehicles, reaps a whole multitude of material benefits from enslaving and exploiting humanity. For example, sperm and ovules that they secretly "milk out" from people during night-time abductions to UFO decks, allow them to rear the so-called "biorobots". These biorobots are actually human descendants, who in the parasitic civilisations of UFOnauts carry out all dangerous, difficult, or dirty works. They are used as servants, slaves, prostitutes, waiters, nurses, miners, workers in factories, soldiers, space explorers, etc. In turn the live energy extracted from people during these night abductions to UFOs, is extending life of UFOnauts and allows them to quickly regenerate their own energy by saturating themselves with human energy in special "rest chambers". Unfortunately for UFOnauts, these countless material benefits that draw from invisible exploitation of humanity, are going to rapidly cease when the humanity discovers the fact that is unnoticeably exploited by UFOnauts, and when it undertakes the necessary steps to free itself from these invisible invaders and exploiters from the space. After all, the fact that UFOnauts are still invisible for human sight and cameras, is only the outcome our scientific backwardness and their technical advancement. But when people advance technically to a level similar to UFOnauts, they start to build revealing devices, which are going to show all these invisible UFOnauts.

#A1. Goals of this web page:

       This web page has several goals. One of these is to realise to readers that the collapsing of WTC was the most mysterious event of our times. Another goal is an attempt to explain who really collapsed WTC.

#A2. How it is possible that most of people do NOT believe that "UFOnauts" do exist, yet these supernatural beings still collapsed WTC:

       Until around a half of 2007 I believed sincerely that UFOnauts are simply cosmic relatives of humans, while WTC skyscrapers were collapsed by these "black sheep" of the human family. But in 2007 I discovered that UFOnauts are products of advanced "simulations" - as I am explaining this in "part #F" of the web page evil.htm (about origins of all evil on the Earth). So it appears that WTC skyscrapers were also collapsed by these "advanced products of simulations" - as it is explained more comprehensively in a number of totaliztic web pages, for example in items #L2 and #L4 from the web page named magnocraft.htm (about the design and operation of Magnocrafts), or in "part #L" from the web page named evolution.htm (about the so-called "natural evolution").

#A3. How my discovery from 2007, that UFOs and UFOnauts in fact are "advanced simulations", changes the interpretation of facts described on this web page:

       Although this web page was written when I still believed sincerely, that UFOnauts are cosmic relatives of humans, who practice the highly immoral philosophy of "evil parasitism", my discovery of 2007, that UFOs and UFOnauts in fact are just "simulations" does NOT change much in the interpretation of facts described here. After all, in the light of existing facts (presented on this web page) still is obvious, that WTC was, after all, evaporated by UFO vehicles. The only matter that changes, is the reply to the question why the evaporation of WTC took place? In turn, to allow the reader find the answer to this question, I suggest him or her to consider what was located inside of WTC and the symbol of what was WTC, then read about other similar events described e.g. in "part #H" from the web page named tapanui.htm, or e.g. in item #I3.1 from the web page named petone.htm. What is the most interesting, when we once find the answer to the above question "why?", then it turns out that we know also the reply to practically all puzzling events that occurred already after the evaporation of WTC (even these ones which we see in today's television news, because they repetitively occur also in present times).

Part #B: Collapsing of WTC - means the most mysterious event of present times:


#B1. The evaporation of WTC skyscrapers: the spectacular beginning of a series of attack of UFOnauts on humanity:

       In order to make impossible for the martyred humanity to free itself from this invisible cosmic exploitation, UFOnauts secretly carry out on Earth several "programmes of enslaving". All these programmes are aimed at the infinitive extension of the period when humanity is kept in slavery and in exploitation. The restrictions on progressive research directions described in subsections VB5.1.1 and VB5.3.1 of monograph [1/4] , as well as blocking of the development of moral and progressive philosophies, such as totalizm, is only one manner of possible ways of blocking the development of humanity that are constantly imposed on us by these evil parasites from UFOs. Another highly effective manner of pushing us down, depends on continuous attempts to destroy the entire technical civilisation on Earth. This another way of destroying humanity for UFOnauts may even look much more promising. This is because after they manage to destroy our technical civilisation, they would obtain only crowds of wild savages roaming the Earth, which would return to trees and live in caves. This in turn would mean that UFOnauts would obtain the undisturbed opportunity to exploit humanity for further tens of thousands of years. Of course, the most effective way of destroying our civilisation would be to push all developed countries into a murderous world's war. For this reason it is important to watch these UFOnauts. After all, not without valid reasons in monograph [1/4] they are called "evil parasites", while in old days they used to be called "devils". We need to carefully and constantly keep eye on their hands, so that we could detect their attempts of starting a third world war on Earth, and not allow them to provoke us.
       During writing monograph [8] "Totalizm" a development of tragic events took place. For my understanding of activities of evil parasites on Earth, these events represent just a subsequent attempt of UFOnauts to throw humanity into a chaos of a destructive third world war. These tragic events had this property, that they were filmed, and they left after themselves numerous material evidence. Therefore everything that I write here about them, can be scientifically verified by the interested people. The carrying out of this verification would have such an advantage, that myself I do not have conditions to do laboratory research on these events. I also do not have access to material evidence regarding these matters. Thus all interpretations that I am presenting here I deduced only theoretically on the basis of documentary videos that were shown in TV. Of course, because I am only a human, in spite of my in-depth knowledge of technology of UFOs and methods of UFOnauts' action, I could make mistakes during carrying out my observations and analyses. Therefore the conclusions that I am presenting here are only my scientific speculations, which to obtain the status of a verified scientific proof, require an in depth, rational, and unbiased laboratory research. This is why these readers of this subsection who have the capacity and funds for laboratory research, need to verify by themselves what I am saying here, and make up their own mind about my hypothesis.
       According to my interpretation of events, an active and very evil attempt of UFOnauts to provoke humanity to a destructive world war, took place on Tuesday, 11 September 2001. In order to express it in a few words, this deceptive attempt of UFOnauts to destroy humanity boiled itself down to the destructive use on skyscrapers of WTC in New York the ability of an invisible UFO vehicle to evaporate tunnels in solid objects. This devastating capability of UFOs is unknown to human scientists or to normal people, therefore almost no-one could recognize what happened in New York, in spite that this happened in view of millions of people, and also in spite that many cameras which filmed the collapse of WTC skyscrapers captured also UFO vehicles which caused this collapse - as an example see the web site www.orbwar.com/orb-over-wtc2-wtc1-9-11-attack.htm. But if someone would know the UFO technology and technical capabilities of UFO vehicles, than he/she would notice, hat an invisible UFO vehicle, working as a huge plasma saw, evaporated in New York two skyscrapers and one smaller building of WTC, killing people which were in these buildings at that time. The UFO vehicle did all this destruction is such an invisible manner, that no-one noticed that it was a UFO, which did all the damage, so that the whole responsibility for the destruction and deaths was put on Islamic terrorists and on their suicidal attacks. Of course, the disclose of the destructive role of an invisible UFO, in this evil attempt to ignite a third world war, requires a more detailed explanations and evidence. Therefore in this subsection I am going to describe thoroughly the whole event. I start from summarizing the facts which are well known by almost everyone. Then I present these facts, which prove that it was a UFO intentional evaporation, not heat from aeroplanes' fuel, which destroyed buildings of WTC. In my descriptions I will concentrate on these facts and material evidence, which document the effect of use of a UFO vehicle for the destruction of WTC buildings, and thus which reveal that it is a UFO which stays behind the whole WTC terrorist plot.
       In this enormously tragic day for the whole human civilisation, i.e. on Tuesday, 11 September 2001, several UFOnauts sent to Earth as human changelings impersonating Islamic terrorists, attacked with four hijacked airplanes four targets in the USA. The aeroplanes that they used for these attacks, were hijacked airliners with many innocent people on board. Two targets of these UFOnauts-changelings were twin skyscrapers from New York, called "World Trade Centre" or "WTC". (At 8:25 and 9:03 am of that tragic day, these skyscrapers were attacked by aeroplanes of the AA airline - flight no 11, and by the UA airline - flight no 175.) Remaining two targets of these UFOnauts-changelings pretending to be Islamic terrorists, were Pentagon (AA flight 77), and some other target not identified so far, to which a fourth hijacked aeroplane was going (UA flight 93), before it crushed in Pittsburgh. In case of both WTC skyscrapers from New York, the direct hits with two aeroplanes caused fire and significant damage, but were not able to cause collapse of these buildings. After all, both skyscrapers were build out of high performance steel, in the form of extremely strong structure, usually referred to as "a tube in a tube". Their design assumed the resistance to a hurricane with the velocity of wind reaching 270 kilometres per hour. Therefore, the structure of these skyscrapers was hundreds of times more strong, than it was required for them to not collapse in a windless weather. This structure was also about 5 times stronger than the force with which aeroplanes hit it. Furthermore, this structure was so designed, that it worked on "compression and tension" (i.e. not on "bending" nor "stiffness" - as structures of normal buildings work), this means that it was not susceptible for weakening e.g. in the result of high temperatures. Therefore, after around one hour since the attack of these UFOnauts-changelings pretending to be terrorists has passed, when it become clear that these two skyscrapers are not going to collapse only in the result of damage inflicted by the aeroplanes, an invisible UFO vehicle rushed to the action. This invisible UFO vehicle, at 9:50 am, thrust itself into the southern skyscraper near its top, about ten floors above the area that was burning. After it was inside of the skyscraper, the UFO vehicle switched on the action of its "plasma saw". The "plasma saw" started to evaporate the whole structure of this building, literally turning the entire building, together with all people inside, into a rapidly expanding cloud of evaporated steel, cement, glass, etc. Then this invisible to outsiders UFO vehicle started to act identically as it would try to evaporate an underground tunnel in the building, of the type described in my monographs. (E.g. see descriptions of UFO tunnels from subsections F10.1.1 and O5.3 of monograph [1/4] - these tunnels are also described comprehensively in subsections B5 and B8 of the Polish treatise [4B].) The vehicle started to fly downwards along the axis of this building, flying from the roof almost to the foundations, and turning the entire building into a cloud of fast solidifying vapours. These vapours, after decompressing themselves into the environment, fell down as a solid dust. In the result of this evaporating action of a UFO, the majority of the skyscraper, together with the bodies of almost all people who were inside of this building, were evaporated by this invisible UFO and changed into a fine dust of solidified vapours. All this was captured on numerous photographs and films, so that every interested person can now verify for him/herself the truth of what I am stating here - simply by reviewing these numerous films distributed around the world by American TV companies. Unfortunately, people - including American scientists, do not know technical capabilities of UFOs. Therefore they were not able to realize what they are looking at. Furthermore, the evaporation of buildings was carried out in a full sunlight, which makes impossible to notice the plasma saw that was formed by this UFO. Also UFO formed a type of plasma, which is almost invisible, i.e. the flame of which is totally transparent. Finally, the cloud of evaporated components of the buildings, caused an effective hiding of the UFO vehicle, which was operating in the centre of this building, from human eyes and from human cameras.
       Unfortunately, the destruction of the first skyscraper would not satisfy UFOnauts. Therefore, at 10:29 am they repeated the manoeuvre of evaporating a WTC building, this time destroying the remaining, northern skyscraper. They turned this second building also into a cloud of vapours, which after solidification fall down on the streets of New York in the form of grey powder. Finally, at 17:25, the same UFO vehicle again turned itself into a huge plasma saw, and undercut from the foundations a normal size building, known as WTC number 6. In the result, also this third WTC building has collapsed. After it collapsed, in the centre of this WTC building no 6, a huge crater was left, shown below in "Fig. 1". This crater was very similar to an entrance to underground UFO tunnels shown in Figure O6 of monograph [1/4] - see an example from "Fig. 2" below . This crater by itself was very unusual. After all, when a building collapses, normally a huge pile of rubble remains on its place, not a crater-shaped hole in the ground. Furthermore, this crater documented also the manner in which a UFO vehicle did its destructive job of cutting out the foundations of this building in order to collapse it. The dimensions of this crater, which was possible to approximately estimate on the basis of aerial photographs of the rubble left after this UFO attack, document that the evaporation of the WTC in New York was accomplished by a UFO vehicle of K6 type, the dimensions of which are: outer diameter D=35.11 meters, height (base to top) H=5.85 metres. The UFO type K6 has 6 permanent members of the crew, although it can be deduced that during this attack a human must be additionally present on the deck, who was taking on himself the karma for moral consequences of this attack.
       In order to understand the physical mechanism on which this evaporation of WTC skyscrapers was carried out by a plasma whirl of a UFO, it is necessary to understand the principle of operation of a UFO vehicle in the so-called "magnetic whirl mode". This principle is extensively described in numerous publications. For example, it can be found in subsection F10.1 of monograph [1/4], also in subsections G9.1, G9.1.1, G7.2, and G13.2 of an older monograph [1e], in subsections G9.1, G9.1.1, G7.2, and G13.2 of an older monograph [2e], and in subsection G2 of monograph [5/3e]. (Please notice, that all publications referred on this web page can be downloaded free of charge to one's own computer from addresses listed here in Menu from the left margin.) Generally speaking, it boils down to appropriate synchronisation of pulses of the magnetic field produced by side propulsors of this vehicle. (A UFO type K6 has n=20 of such side magnetic propulsors.) This synchronisation of pulses causes, that around a UFO vehicle a spinning "magnetic waves" are formed, similar to these formed in the stator of an electric motor. But the magnetic field formed by UFO propulsors is so powerful, that it ionises the air around this vehicle. In the result, this ionised air is following the spinning waves of magnetic field, forming a kind of a very powerful spinning "plasma saw" which tightly surrounds the UFO vehicle and which spins around hulk of this spaceship. As we know, plasma is very destructive. Presently people use it to build "plasma cutters". These cutters are able to evaporate even the most hard and most strong materials. Therefore the spinning "plasma saw" that surrounds a UFO vehicle is so destructive, that it is able to evaporate in the rocks, or in any other solid substances, long glossy tunnels. Of course, in case it is used for evaporation of tunnels in WTC skyscrapers, it turns into solid vapours the entire structure of these skyscrapers, destroying them completely.

Fig. 1

Fig. 1: The above photograph for me personally is a symbol of how uninformed (if not intentionally misled) are people on Earth. This photograph shows an underground "tunnel" that after the "collapse" of WTC buildings in New York, appeared in the place where previously stood one of these buildings. But in what strange manner this building needed to "collapse", that instead of a pile of rubbles sticking high up, it left a tunnel in the ground?
Or, perhaps, it was not a "collapse" at all, but an evaporation of this building by a UFO vehicle that remained invisible to human eyes? Such an evaporation could be accomplish by an invisible UFO in exactly the same manner like the evaporation of underground tunnels in rocks (one from a large number of such tunnels evaporated by UFOs is shown in "Fig. 3" below.) If a UFO evaporated WTC buildings, then almost entire structure of these buildings would be turned into a cloud of solidified droplets of evaporated building materials that so intrigued eye witnesses of the WTC disaster, and that were captured on films by numerous cameras. In turn, the effect of such an evaporation of WTC buildings by an invisible UFO could in fact be a tunnel similar to the one shown on the above photograph, instead of a pile of rubbles that is typical for all collapses. Such a tunnel would be left in the ground if this UFO got slightly carried away and overdone with the depth of the evaporation.
       Notice that UFO vehicles evaporated a number of underground tunnels that are already identified on our planet. Unfortunately, orthodox scientists refuse to acknowledge the technological origin of these tunnels. One of them is shown in "Fig. 2" below. Several further ones are shown and discussed in subsection O5.3 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4] - see over there photographs O6 (a) to O6 (e). In turn comprehensive description of the evidence from this web page, which proves that the WTC buildings were in fact evaporated by a UFO vehicle which remained invisible to human eyes, is contained in subsection O8.1 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4].
* * *
       Above should be complemented with the information, that evil UFOnauts which secretly operate on Earth, continually torment humanity since the beginning of time. Independently from the crimes described on this web page, they committed countless other atrocities on humanity. For example, another web page similar to this one, named "26th day", describes evidence that the murderous tsunami of 26 December 2004 was in fact induced technologically by UFOnauts. Furthermore, as this is described more comprehensively on a separate web page named "Columbia", on 1 February 2003 UFOnauts downed American space shuttle Columbia. In Poland, and also in several other countries, UFOnauts murdered numerous people by collapsing roofs of halls full of visitors. Information about one amongst such collapses, taking place in the Polish town of Katowice, is provided on the web page "Katowice". In Philippines, UFOnauts caused a powerful avalanche of mud for murdering people. It is described on the web page "landslips". In turn Americans, New Zealanders, and Australians are tormented by UFOnauts since old times with technically formed hurricanes and tornados described on web pages "hurricanes", and "tornados". Furthermore, since around half of 2005 UFOnauts maintain a threat for humanity to unleash a murderous pandemic of the "bird flu" described on the web page "plague". Therefore I suggest to have a look also at these separate web pages "26th day", "Columbia", "Katowice", "landslips", "hurricanes", and "plague", which are accessible via "Menu 2" or "Menu 4", to also check the evidence presented over there on further cases of this continuous tormenting of humanity by the sadistic UFOnauts.
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site, simply by clicking on this illustration. Most of the Internet browsers that you may use, including into this number the "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.

#B2. How in 2005 UFOnauts systematically murdered workers who removed rubbles from the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers in New York (see also the web page on predators):

       What is going to do a monstrous killer, who realises that there are eye-witnesses to his crime. Well, he is going to kill all witnesses of his crime - one after the other. This web page tries to prove that WTC skyscrapers from New York were evaporated by UFO vehicles (not - as it is commonly believed, destroyed by the attack of Muslim terrorists). Numerous evidence of the direct participation of UFOs in the evaporation of WTC buildings was lying down in WTC rubbles from the "Ground Zero" in New York. Thus, all people who worked on removal of the WTC rubbles from that "Ground Zero", in fact were eye-witnesses of this colossal atrocity committed by UFOnauts on humanity. No wonder, that murderous UFOnauts decided to kill all these eye-witnesses, one by one. They are carrying out these killings right now.
       In light of the above, no-one should be surprised by what is reported in the courageous article by Marcin Fabjanski entitled "Wszyscy wdychali śmierć" (i.e. "All inhaled death") from the Polish magazine "Przekrój". On 11 September 2005 the text of this article (in Polish) was available in Internet at the address: przekroj.pl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=391&Itemid=49 (Whether it is still there I am not sure, as I know how fast UFOnauts rush to sabotage everything that discloses their secretive occupation of Earth.) The article states, amongst others, quote in my own translation from Polish: "All inhaled death. The death got Polish workers who four years ago worked on the removal of rubbles from the World Trade Centre in New York - already 19 of them are dead. Some of them are returning to Poland to die. [...] In the Mount Sinai hospital they confirm that further 50 is just dying. [...] Polish workers received masks with Hepa filters, but even these would not protect efficiently from the killing exhaustions of the "Ground Zero"; [...] - Firstly was a malignant cancer of the thyroid gland. Then arrived: an infection of the pancreas, a destruction of the bile duck, asthma, rapid overweight (gained 20 kilograms in a half of year), the shrinking of the hole in throat to a half of diameter, asbestosis. He was six times in a hospital, went through two operations during one year, and soon the third one is coming. Victims of the deadly air from the "Ground Zero" sometimes die rapidly - they go along a street, experience an attack of exhaustion, and their lungs collapse. [...] Research in the Mount Sinai School of Medicine of August 2005 indicate, that amongst 11 768 workers and volunteers being investigated, who at some stage worked on the "Ground Zero", 51 percent requires immediate psychiatric assistance. Rescuers from the WTC significantly more frequently than rescuers from any other action, who also were confronted with death, experience attacks of panics and fear. For this research governmental financing was found, but not for healing." Translating the above into our language, UFOnauts systematically murder (and also telepathically and hypnotically torment) even all these witnesses, who only worked on the removal of rubbles from the area where UFOs evaporated WTC buildings. After all, when the humanity awakens from the present blindness one day in the future, and begins to see what UFOnauts are doing to our civilisation, then these witnesses may confirm the fact of evaporation of WTC buildings by UFOs. What a nasty race of evil creatures is occupying our planet! How in such situation not to do all humanly possible to desperately defend ourselves from these satanic UFOnauts!
       Of course, someone who does not intend to accept the fact that our planet is occupied by evil UFOnauts, could begin to argue that these workers from WTC are dying because they inhaled asbestos and other filth, not because UFOnauts secretly kill them one by one. In case of such pro-asbestos and pro-poisoning arguments, I would suggest to consider the following facts:
       (i) Selective killing exclusively eye-witnesses of the removal of rubbles, which (the witnesses) are the most dangerous for UFOnauts. At the time when the WTC skyscrapers began to "collapse" (i.e. were evaporated by UFO vehicles), a cloud of vapours was spreading practically over the entire New York. Thus almost every inhabitant of New York inhaled sufficiently large amount of these vapours, to die by now - if the vapours in fact contained the evaporated asbestos and/or poisonous ingredients. But the reality is that - as we can see, dying are only eye-witnesses of the removal of rubbles, not all New Yorkers. This in turn means that the asbestos and poisonous vapours are only an excuse used to cover up the mass murder which UFOnauts are just committing on these eye-witnesses, not the true reason for deaths of these people. (Whenever UFOnauts murder someone, they always do it in such a manner that the death appears to have a completely different reason than a murder committed on this person by UFOnauts.)
       (ii) The lack of protection from masks. Even the article from "Przekroj" (indicated above) states that workers who were employed to remove WTC rubbles, received good quality protective masks. In normal cases such masks suffice to protect workers from asbestos and from poisons. (Unfortunately, masks are unable to protect anyone against murderous UFOnauts, who model their killing to look like asbestoses or poisons.)
       (iii) Killing through suffocation when victims of UFOnauts are just walking along a street. There is one kind of death which is very clearly attributed to UFOnauts. It is killing people by surrounding their heads with an invisible for human sight, although hermetically impenetrable for the air, hulk of a UFO vehicle which operates in the so-called state of telekinetic flickering. UFOnauts murder in this manner a number of people. Victims of these murders usually just walk somewhere. Then they rapidly feel suffocated, their lungs collapse, and they die. No-one see on such occasions that their heads are surrounded with a hulk of invisible to human sight, although hermetically closed for the air, UFO vehicle hidden from the human sight by this state of telekinetic flickering. (The outcome of such surrounding of the head of victims with the hulk of an invisible UFO vehicle is the same as that shown in gangster films when people are murdered through wrapping a plastic bag around their heads.) In various literature there is a number of descriptions of just such a manner of murdering people by UFOnauts. I encountered them already in books. This manner of killing is also described in item #14 of the web site predators, where a case is described when UFOnauts used it for suffocating a significant part of the crowd during the alleged "stampede" from Baghdad on 31 August 2005.
       (iv) Non-typical secrecy surrounding the entire case. Consider why the fact of dying out of eye-witnesses who took part in the removal of WTC rubbles from New York, is kept in such a secrecy. Only UFOnauts have both, the reasons for silencing this case, and also the apparatus for pressurizing people and journalists that is required to silence such a matter. On the other hand, without such reasons, and also without the power that is needed to "cork" this matter so hermetically and to silence it, the maintaining of this secrecy would be impossible. After all, we all know openness of Americans and we know that if American journalists would know what really is going on in this matter, then they would spread the word throughout the entire world. Only UFOnauts are vitally interested that the truth does not come out from hiding. Also only UFOnauts are NOT able to afford the letting of people know that UFOs evaporated WTC buildings.
       The above facts quite unambiguously indicate that UFOnauts are hiding behind deaths of eye-witnesses of WTC rubbles. After all, in the future these eye-witnesses could reveal the truth regarding the real cause of the "collapse" of WTC buildings. Because at the stake are all these huge benefits which UFOnauts are drawing from the occupation of Earth, they are NOT going to allow people to learn the truth regarding their occupation of Earth and tormenting of humanity.

#B2.1. Human victims of the systematic murdering of workers who removed rubbles from the evaporation of WTC buildings in New York, display symptoms which are characteristic for the use of a cancer inducing machine of UFOnauts on them:

       In item #B1 of a separate web page about bandits secretly operating amongst us, and also in subsection O5.3.3 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4], a murderous machine of UFOnauts is described. It induces a cancer in people and in animals. Victims affected by this machine display symptoms which are very similar to these shown by victims of the removal of rubbles after the evaporation of WTC buildings in New York. Presently we learned better what symptoms this machine induces. On 27 September 2006 UFOnauts punished me severely for the stubborn disclose of evidence of their evil activities on Earth, through murdering with this particular machine my beloved cat called Teecee. So I had a sad opportunity to observe in person the consequences of the use of this machine. I described these consequences on the above web page about bandits secretly operating amongst us. I recommend to have a look at this sad web page. It opens our eyes on several disturbing consequences of the secretive occupying of Earth by morally degenerated UFOnauts. It also explains how all of us can, and also should plus have a moral obligation, to defend ourselves against recent murderous offensive of these UFOnauts.
       In February 2012 I found an article which reveals, that also participants of special services, e.g. police, which took part in helping victims of WTC evaporation, also started to massively get cancers. That article is entitled "Cancer rates triple for cops caught up in 9/11", while it appeared on page A19 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.

#B3. Which evidence confirms that UFO vehicles can evaporate solid matter, such as buildings and rocks:

       Of course, while I am providing the above interpretation for these events that are painful for the whole humanity, I am also aware that numerous so-called "sceptics" may attack me asking "do we have any evidence on Earth, that plasma saw of UFO vehicles actually is able to evaporate tunnels in rocks or in any other solid matter". Well the answer is YES! I research such UFO tunnels for many years. This research is well presented in my English publications indicated before, as well as in my Polish publications. For example, apart from monograph [1/4], and from older monographs [1e], [2e], [5/3e] indicated before, it is also described in subsections P2.3 to P2.3.2 of Polish monograph [1/3] and in subsections A1, B5, and B8 of my Polish treatise [4B]. Thus, at this stage of my research I am already able to indicate several cases of underground tunnels evaporated by plasma saws of UFOs. Examples of tunnels evaporated in this manner are shown in photographs from Figure O6 of monograph [1/4] and on Figure B4 in Polish treatise [4B]. (Both these publications are available in Internet under addresses listed here in "Menu 4".) One of these photographs is also shown in "Fig. 2" below. Others are available as photographs from Figures M17 and M18 of my English monograph [1e], Figure K9 of English monograph [2e], and Figure 29 of monograph [5/3e]. The most widely-known of such underground tunnels evaporated by UFOs include:
       (1) The system of underground tunnels discovered by Juan Moricz in June 1965 in the province Morona-Santiago of Ecuador. It is described and illustrated in two books by Erich von Däniken, namely in [1O8.1] "In Search of Ancient Gods", Souvenir Press, Leeds, England 1973, and in [2O8.1] "The Gold of the Gods" (first published in Germany by Econ Verlag under the title "Aussaat und Kosmos"), Souvenir Press, 1972, ISBN 0-285-62087-8 (then reprinted by Redwood Press, Ltd., Townbridge, England, 1973).
       (2) "Cocklebiddy Cave" located in the Nullarbor Plain in Southern Australia.
       (3) "Deer Cave" from the nature reserve named "Mulu" in Malaysian Province Sarawak from the Northern Borneo (not far from city "Miri").
       Out of these three tunnels, the most easily accessible for research is the Borneo tunnel evaporated by two K8 type UFOs, and called the "Deer Cave" - see a photograph of it shown in "Fig. 2" below. It is open for tourists and practically everyone who can afford a ticket to Borneo, is able to see it and to research it. The appearance of this tunnel is also shown in Figure O6(d) from monograph [1/4]. In turn Figure O1 from monograph [1/4] shows how such an underground tunnel is evaporated by a plasma saw of a UFO, and what attributes must characterise it because of this manner of evaporation. It is worth to notice that also in Poland there is a similar UFO tunnel evaporated under the mountain called "Babia Góra". Unfortunately in 1930s the commonly known entrance to this tunnel, located not far from the BV mountain shelter, was destroyed. In turn no other entrance could be found so-far. The detailed descriptions of the UFO tunnel from the "Babia Góra" mountain, are presented in the Polish treatise [4B]. At the time of writing that treatise [4B] several people in Poland were still alive, who actually entered this UFO tunnel under "Babia Góra".

Fig. 2.

Fig. 2: The above photograph shows the underground tunnel called the "Deer Cave" and located in Northern Borneo, which was evaporated in rocks by a UFO. Unfortunately almost no-one knows about the origin of it from a UFO.
On the other hand, if people knew that UFOs are able to evaporate glossy tunnels in rocks, if our orthodox scientists are familiar with the mechanics of evaporation of such underground tunnels by UFOs, and also if much more people saw these UFO tunnels with their own eyes, then many disasters and suffering could be prevented on Earth. For example, UFOnauts would not dare then to evaporate WTC buildings with their invisible vehicle (see also "Fig. 1"). After all, in such a case everyone would immediately recognize that WTC buildings in New York were evaporated by invisible UFO vehicle. Also then everyone would send to UFOnauts with his/her feelings the karma for causing this New York disaster (in present situation this karma is posted to other people, thus it is locked within our own planet).
       Published information about the mechanism with which the WTC buildings were evaporated by an invisible UFO is contained in subsection O8.1 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4].
       In turn more information about the "Deer Cave" from the Northern Borneo (this shown above) is provided in subsection O5.3.1 from the same volume 12 of monograph [1/4].

#B4. Which evidence confirms that WTC skyscrapers were evaporated by UFO vehicles:

       While explaining here, that both skyscrapers of the World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York were evaporated via a purposeful technological action of a UFO vehicle, not destroyed "naturally" by a fire started from the attack of these UFOnauts-changelings pretending to be terrorists, I am fully aware that numerous sceptics, especially these manipulated by UFOs, are going to ask "where is the evidence?". Well, until today I managed to discover that there is a wealth of evidence to prove my point. This evidence originates from numerous phenomena and countless cases, the mechanism and properties of which are the outcome of a UFO acting as a huge plasma saw. The evidence must appear each time when a UFO vehicle starts to act in a manner typically used by UFOs to evaporate underground tunnels, as this happened in the WTC. Because the destruction of WTC took place in the sight of numerous cameras, all this evidence and facts are recorded on photographs, and on documentary films. Therefore they are distributed throughout the world via TV and newspapers. As such, these items of evidence are available to interested parties for research - should anyone have a doubt about them. Here is the list of these items of evidence:
       #1. Mechanics of destruction of both WTC skyscrapers from New York. Television illustrated to us on numerous occasions how high buildings tend to collapse. After all, during almost every demolition work done e.g. in an explosive manner, films are recorded which then are shown in television. The buildings that collapse always are collapsing downwards, namely along forces of gravitational pull. (This means buildings never collapse sideways or upwards.) At the same time, the points of weaknesses, which are the first to give away and to disintegrate, always are placed in them in the spots where forces are the most significant, that means at bases of buildings - not at their tops. But when someone analyses the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers in New York, then it becomes obvious that it displayed properties completely absent in natural collapse of buildings, although these properties are always present during the use of plasma saw of an invisible UFO. Examples of such properties include: (1) the initiation of the destruction in the point at which an invisible UFO was able to thrust inside of the building - in case of WTC around 10 floors above the point of explosion and fire, (2) powerful ejection and side dispersion of products and substances evaporated from the buildings by this UFO - for the UFO plasma saw these products are ejected sideways and along any other free paths, e.g. along shafts of lifts, and along staircases, (3) the location of area of destruction in the point, where at a given moment of time a UFO vehicle is, not at the point in which there are the most powerful forces which act at a given structure, or in which the destruction of the structure is highest, (4) the progressing course of destruction, which is similar to gradual chopping of long objects by some kind of circular saws, (5) the existence of only a single source or a single point of destruction, which shows definite properties of a circular plasma saw. Etc., etc. If someone revises films, which registered the destruction of discussed WTC skyscrapers, then such person must immediately notice, that their disintegration resembles a carrot systematically fragmented by rotary system of cutters from to-day food processors. Therefore, the disintegration of these buildings took exactly such a course, as it should take in case when the buildings are evaporated by an invisible UFO vehicle which formed a spinning plasma saw. Simultaneously it was completely different from cases when buildings would collapse as the outcome of an explosion and fires.
       #2. The presence of two clear stages in evaporation of WTC buildings. If someone reviews again the destruction of WTC skyscrapers in TV or on a film, then should clearly see two different stages in the destruction of these buildings. In the first stage the evaporation of buildings took place when a motionless UFO vehicle hovered inside of a building on a constant height, while the entire upper section of the building was collapsing down onto it and was systematically evaporated by it. But when the entire upper section of the building was already evaporated, the second stage began. In this second stage the UFO vehicle descended gradually down along the building, evaporating on its way the entire structure from the top down to foundations. It should be clearly stressed here, that the appearance of such two drastically different stages of the destruction is contradictive to the mechanics of collapsing of buildings, and also contradictive to laws of physics that govern this collapsing. So in a real and natural collapsing, these two stages have no rights to appear. However, these stages are natural and highly characteristic for the case of destruction of a building through evaporating it by a UFO vehicle that operated in the magnetic whirl mode of operation.
       #3. The centrifugal dispersion of debris in the first moments of evaporation of buildings. In case of evaporation of WTC skyscrapers by an invisible UFO vehicle, the very important is the first moment of initiation of the destruction. This moment must resemble a situation of switching on a circular saw, which is controlled by the crew which sits inside of it. Thus it is going to be characterised by several attributes, out of which the most important is the powerful centrifugal dispersion of debris and solid vapours, which takes place in the first moment of switching on the plasma saw. In effects this first dispersion is going to resemble a small explosion with a mainly horizontal blow. In fact, when one sees the registered on films first moments of the supposed "collapse" of both WTC skyscrapers, this first moment of switching on the plasma saw of a UFO is clearly visible. It causes the rejection of debris and solid vapours at the distance that exceeds the width of the buildings themselves, before these debris and vapours start to fall down. Furthermore, on films which captured the moment of switching the plasma saw by this invisible UFO, also is clearly visible the stream of vapours bursting upwards in the tunnels of lifts and staircases. These vapours spray upwards and appear above the roof of the building. The force of blow of these first debris and vapours is too large and too dynamic, to be explained just as effects of crushing and breaking the structure of the buildings.
       The centrifugal dispersion of products of vaporisation are best illustrated on films, when the invisible UFO descends the plane of evaporation to the level into which the aeroplane hit. Then it is possible to clearly notice how fires and vapours are streaming horizontally at large distance from the building, thus completely contradicting the phenomena that should accompany the gravitational collapse.
       #4. The switching of the plasma saw of a UFO in a point which had the temperature acceptable for UFOnauts. Before the UFO vehicle could switch on the destructive action of its plasma saw, firstly it needed to thrust itself inside of the building in a manner that was invisible for external observers. Thus, this entering of the building to initiate the destruction, the UFO was forced to accomplish in the invisible for cameras and for human eyes "state of the telekinetic flickering" (described in subsection L2). This in turn means that during such entering the building, neither the vehicle nor its crew, were protected with the magnetic whirl from the action of high temperatures and fires. Thus the UFO vehicle could not enter the buildings in points into which the suicidal terrorists hit, means where still the fuel of aeroplanes was burning and where the temperature was too high to endure it by UFOnauts. It needed to enter the buildings much higher, where the temperature was just right for the UFO crew and for the UFO devices. This in turn means, that the spot in which the destruction was started, was not coinciding with the spot in which aeroplanes ignited the fire and explosions, but must start much higher. Of course, this is against the logic and our knowledge of mechanics of destruction of buildings. After all, the fall down of building should be initiated either in the points where aeroplanes hit - because these points had the highest destruction level, or near the base of the buildings - because over there the highest forces prevailed. The initiation of destruction from almost the top of both buildings, is completely contradictive to a mechanism of falling down. Thus it provides the further evidence, that both these buildings were evaporated by the plasma saw of an invisible UFO.
       It should be stressed here, that the initiation of destruction in the areas of the building, where temperature was possible to endure by a UFO crew, provides us with a very vital empirical confirmation about the lack of resistance of UFOnauts in the state of telekinetic flickering on the action of extreme temperatures. I previously suspected this lack of resistance theoretically, and deducted it from medieval methods of destroying "witches" with a fire (see subsection V8.1). But until the UFO attack on WTC I had no opportunity to verify it practically. Thus the WTC destruction confirms empirically that UFOnauts and UFOs acting in the state of telekinetic flickering are NOT resistant for the action of extreme temperatures. Therefore the destruction of WTC provided me with the required proof that there is this weakness in UFOs. If UFOnauts could take the high temperature in the state of telekinetic flickering, they would initiate the destruction of WTC buildings in the exact spot into which aeroplanes hit. But it happened differently. This means, that currently UFOnauts show us the principle of operation on which we can build the effective weapon against UFOnauts invading our country, city, or home in the state of telekinetic flickering. This weapon are either "fire throwers", or even better the "throwers of liquid air". For example a stream of liquid air thrown onto a UFOnaut in the state of telekinetic flickering, causes the insertion of super-could air inside of the body of such a UFOnaut, and an immediate freezing of the internal organs of this UFOnaut. In addition, it is possible to spray such liquid air inside of buildings. In turn such a freezing of internal organs of a UFOnaut is going to be equally destructive for it, as for people turns out to be a gun bullet. Thus invisible UFOnauts are not indestructive. Due to the WTC we are now sure how we can destroy them.
       On Wednesday, 15 May 2002, in channel 1 of TVNZ, at 9:35 to 10:35 pm, a TV documentary from the USA series "Real life" was presented. It had the title "How the Twin Towers Collapsed". I watched it and was amazed how biased some scientists can be, and how they can ignore even the basic truths, if these run against current fashion or against an official stand of authorities. The explanation for the destruction of WTC that this film was trying to "sell" was coinciding with the official stand of authorities about this destruction, namely that the fire from burning aeroplane fuel caused the creeping of steel of buildings' structure, and this initiated their fall down. People who according to this film investigated the destruction, were even trying to pinpoint a small concave bending in a steel beam, as the apparent "proof" that this bending was caused by such thermal creeping. But while showing this unfortunate beam, they would not notice that the film simultaneously captured the characteristic "lines of melting" on the same beam, which coincided with almost identical "lines of melting" present on walls of underground tunnels evaporated by UFOs (some of these lines can be seen on the photograph of a UFO tunnel from Figure O6). Actually this film offered no evidence, which under thorough scrutiny would prove itself to really originate from fire and really become the cause of the collapse (what is fully understandable, because it was a UFO which destroyed WTC buildings, only now people try to explain this destruction with a fire). What make me upset the most in this film, is that now certain people are trying to put the blame for the destruction of this building onto the designers and builders. This looks to me almost as blaming an architect of a house which was purposely bombed by a nuclear weapon, that he/she failed to design this house in such a manner that it could not be destroyed by this bomb.
       #5. A fragment of a UFO tunnel formed in the WTC building no 6. Very meaningful evidence for the evaporation of WTC buildings by an invisible UFO vehicle, provides the WTC building no 6 of a normal height. This building supposed to fall down because of the bombardment with debris from both WTC skyscrapers. But in fact, after it collapsed, it shown a crater in the foundations, which had the appearance almost identical to the appearance of the entries to underground tunnels formed by UFOs. On this web page it is shown in "Fig. 1". This crater was cleaned from debris. This means that the plasma whirl of a UFO that hide in it worked until the moment when the building finished to collapse. Furthermore, the location of this crater in the foundations of the building reveals, that this time instead of evaporating the structure of the building, UFOnauts simply cut off the foundations of this building with the use of plasma whirl of their vehicle.
       By the way, the determination of dimensions of this crater allowed to pinpoint the type of the UFO vehicle that destroyed WTC. According to the findings to-date, the vehicle which destroyed WTC was a UFO type K6, the dimensions of which were provided before.
       #6. State, consistency, and segregation of solidified powder that was left after the evaporation of both skyscrapers. According to my estimate, the significant majority of mass of both skyscrapers was evaporated in the result of action of plasma saw formed by an invisible UFO. After the solidifying this huge mass fall back on the streets of New York. Thus New Yorkers were tramping over a thick layer of this powder, without realising that it hides the key to truth, and a scientific proof, for the real fate of WTC and people inside of it. The powder, which after the evaporation of buildings by a UFO fall down on streets of New York, in the sense of its structure and consistency must be identical to the powder, which is streaming from underground tunnels evaporated by UFOs. But simultaneously it must drastically differ from the powder that is formed during e.g. forceful or explosive crushing of concrete and glass. The grains of this powder must have the shape of small spheres or bulbs, means the shape typical to the solidified in the air droplets of vapours from solid substances. These droplets must also represent the exactly mixed together components of both buildings. Thus they must contain droplets of steel, mixed with droplets of cement, gypsum, glass, charred human bodies, and other materials present in these buildings.
       The powder that fall down on the streets of New York after the evaporation of WTC buildings, was actually researched by two research agencies of the USA (of these was a FBI laboratory), while the results of these research were discussed in the report that, amongst others, was also shown in New Zealand TV. As it was mentioned in this report, the powder that fall down to streets of New York actually represented the mixture of solidified vapours of components present in structures of both buildings, means solidified vapours of various metals, cement, gypsum, glass, etc. Thus the research confirmed that it was not a powder formed during e.g. crushing the subsequent components of these buildings. As the report was indicating, the researchers of this powder were puzzled where the huge amount of energy came from, which was necessary to evaporate such enormous amount of components of buildings. But shockingly no-one tried to investigate the matter further. In the discussed report researchers noticed also the unusual segregation of these vapours. Just under the buildings, streets of New York were covered with the layer of solidified vapours from heavy components of buildings, means from metals and glass, thick by tens of centimetres. But the further from both buildings, the less heavy components of these vapours were deposited, thus incorporating vapours of gypsum, carbon, calcium, etc. This means that powder from evaporated victims of UFOnauts that were trapped in WTC buildings, was spread the most far away from the buildings and was located close to peripherals of the fallout area of this powder.
       The segregation of vapours in itself is the significant evidence for the evaporation of WTC buildings by a UFO. If the evaporation of this powder was caused by some ordinary physical phenomenon, not by a UFO, e.g. due to mutual friction of selected components of the falling building, than the evaporation would occur only on the substances which were subjected to this friction, e.g. only gypsum, or only glass. But if this evaporation was caused by the plasma saw of a UFO, than evaporated were all components which were combined into this building. Therefore in case of evaporation of these buildings by a UFO, the streets of New York must be covered with a mixture of all possible substances that appeared in structures of these buildings. Only that the gravitationally heavier substances fall down closer to these buildings than substances gravitationally lighter - thus causing this unusual segregation of vapours that was clearly noted in the UFO attack from New York.
       I seems to be quite shocking that New Yorkers were walking on a thick layer of solidified droplets of steel, glass, cement, charred ashes from their relatives, etc., without even asking the obvious question: where these droplets come from. Families of thousands of victims were not receiving bodies of their close ones for burial, because these bodies were evaporated, but still New Yorkers would not try to establish what has happened, and why, with these bodies. In turn American "experts" seem to overlook that only a small fractions of WTC materials was left in form of debris. Surely, in such circumstances no one should be surprised that UFOs incarcerate and exploit humanity from the beginning of times, and still the majority of us refuses to notice what is going on. It is pity that many official institutions in the USA (e.g. NASA) authoritatively deny the existence of UFOs, in spite that it was a UFO vehicle that firstly evaporated the most symbolic buildings of their country, together with bodies of people that just were in these buildings, then two UFOs shot down the most prestigious vehicle of the USA, namely the space shuttle Columbia. Then UFOnauts treated them to the hurricane Katrina. Not mentioning that since the oldest times UFOnauts torment Americans with various plagues, hurricanes, and tornados. Really, "the most disadvantaged we are with this matters, which we stubbornly refuse to learn"!
       #7. The amount of thermal energy required for the evaporation of WTC buildings. If someone calculates the balance of debris that were left after the destruction of WTC, than it turns out that ruins contained only a small fraction of the original mass of these buildings. This means that the majority (by my estimation perhaps even as much as 70%) of the initial mass of these buildings was literally evaporated. In turn in order to evaporate such gigantic amount of solid building material, an equally gigantic amount of energy was needed. Thus very simply it can be estimated, that this energy was not able to be provided neither by the fuel from burning aeroplanes, nor by the gravity energy of the buildings. If someone is not able to accept that these buildings were evaporated by the energy originating from an invisible UFO, I would propose to such a person to calculate for me and exactly pinpoint from where originates this huge energy needed to turn into fine vapours such enormous mass of concrete, steel, glass, human bodies, etc.!
       The shockingly small number of ruins that were left after the collapse of these buildings, is the striking material evidence for the fact, that the majority of the mass of both buildings was simply evaporated by a UFO and turned into a solidified powder. After all, the majority of mass of these buildings was dispersed over New York in the form of a thick layer of solidified powder, which fall down on streets of New York, and then quickly was washed out with the rain purposely "arranged" by UFOnauts. From the size of both skyscrapers this would mean, that their ruins should pile up like a huge hill, towering for many stories above the ground level. But in reality they were difficult to notice from the level of street. Some people speculated, that there is so few of them because the debris submerged into underground parkings and cellars. But after these parkings and cellars were dug out, it turned out that they are almost empty.
       #8. The temperature necessary for evaporation of structure of buildings. As we know from physical sciences, the temperature necessary for evaporation of subsequent components of structure of both skyscrapers, is significantly higher from the temperature required for only turning this structure into a liquid. After all, in order to evaporate a metal or a concrete, it is necessary to exceed the temperatures of boiling of these substances, which are huge. For example, according to the data contained in a table from page 119 of the book [3O8.1] by Ros E. Bolz, "Handbook of tables for applied engineering science", CRC Press, 1987, ISBN 0-8493-0252-8, the temperature of melting of pure iron, in which iron turns into a liquid, is 1670 degrees C. In turn the temperature of boiling for this pure iron, in which it starts to turn into vapours, is amounting to as much as 2870 degrees C. Such huge temperatures cannot be formed due to an ordinary burning of aeroplane fuel. Especially if this burning takes place in an enclosed space with a difficult access for oxygen. The only phenomenon, which people currently are able to cause, and which would cause the evaporation of building materials for such a huge scale, is a thermonuclear explosion. But a plasma whirl of a UFO without difficulty is able to evaporate any possible materials and in such huge amounts. On Borneo, I examined in person a huge tunnel called "Deer Cave", which has over 140 meters in diameter, and which was evaporated by two UFOs of K8 type that flown across a mountain. This tunnel is shown here in "Fig. 2", and also on Figure O6 from monograph [1/4], in Figure P6 from Polish monograph [1/3], and Figure B4 in Polish treatise [4B]. About the capability of a plasma whirl to evaporate solid materials we already know for sure, because the human technology already uses "plasma cutters" which are utilised for cutting even the most hard materials (similarly as a plasma whirl of a UFO, these cutters also evaporate various materials, only that on a much smaller scale).
       #9. The fall down to streets of New York of a mass of undestroyed papers and documents. The plasma saw that is formed by a spinning magnetic field of a UFO has this property that it is able to evaporate only these solid objects, which resist to the blow of this plasma, means which are stationary and thus washed and ionised by the powerful magnetic field that spins around a UFO vehicle. But light and electrically isolative objects, such as pieces of paper, which are taken with spin of the plasma whirl, and are whirling together with the UFO magnetic field, thus not inducing in themselves any ions nor destructive thermal energy, are going to remain unaffected by this plasma saw. Therefore, in case of destruction of WTC buildings by a plasma whirl of an invisible UFO, the documents and papers that were filling up this building were spin by the plasma whirl of a UFO, but not destroyed. Thus in these buildings a paradox situation took place, when the most powerful components of these buildings were evaporated and turned into powder, while pieces of paper from these buildings were only spin and blown on streets of New York. And in fact, after the evaporation of WTC buildings by an invisible UFO vehicle, the streets of New York were covered with hundreds of tonnes of documents and pieces of paper, which were not destroyed nor evaporated by the plasma whirl of this UFO.
       #10. The presence of huge amount of rubble shaped into "aerodynamic" stones. If a building collapses in an ordinary manner, the fragments of it, like concrete, tiles, bricks, gypsum plates, etc., are crushed and lie later in piles as crumbled material. The characteristic attribute of this crumbled material is the presence of many sharp edges, sharp corners, and rectangular, multi-sided shapes. But if anyone sees a tunnel evaporated in rocks by a UFO (e.g. the "Deer cave" illustrated here in Figure O6), than his/her attention is focused on a huge number of rounded, aerodynamic stones that pile on the bottom of such a UFO tunnel. The characteristic property of these stones is, that they all have exclusively rounded, convex sides, and also that they lack of any sharp edges, corners, or decisive concave holes or bores. These stones are remains of the native rock, which were broken away at the moment of evaporation of the tunnel by a UFO, while during the flight in the air they were melted by the plasma whirl of a UFO and formed into such round, convex, aerodynamic stones. When in TV the process of removal of remains of WTC was shown, one detail which was hitting continually, was that the large amount of remains of WTC was formed into just such aerodynamic "stones" with rounded surfaces and without any sharp edges - i.e. exactly in the manner that is visible on debris piled at the bottoms of UFO tunnels. Such aerodynamic, rounded debris have no right to be found in ruins of collapsed buildings. The presence of a huge amount of such aerodynamic "stones" is another evidence that WTC buildings were evaporated by a plasma whirl of an invisible UFO.
       #11. The disappearance of colours. In my research of UFO landing sites in New Zealand I managed to notice the unique capability of a magnetic whirl of a UFO for elimination of colours. All objects which in a natural state show bright colours, after getting in contact with a magnetic field of a UFO loose their colours and take a colour that resembles rust or ashes. This unique capability of UFO magnetic whirls to neutralize colours, can be an attribute which allows to distinguish a "natural" collapse of a building, from an evaporation of such a building by a magnetic whirl of a UFO. In a building that collapsed "naturally" all colourful surfaces and objects must keep their original bright colour, even if they are physically broken or destroyed. But in a building that is evaporated by a plasma saw of a UFO, all vivid colours are going to disappear. Thus everything that remains after the destruction, but that was washed out with a magnetic field of a UFO, is going to take a characteristic appearance of rust or ash. If someone is looking at colour documentary films of the destruction area of WTC, than it turns out that everything in this area is having this characteristic lack of colours that is so unique for magnetic whirl of a UFO. In the area of WTC destruction, even a small object could not be found, that would maintain its natural colour.
       #12. The lack of bodies of victims. During collapses of buildings, in rabbles always bodies of victims can be found. But the bodies of a large number of victims that died in WTC were never found. They simply were evaporated without living a trace. The only remains which were falling down to earth were light fragments of bodies such as fingers, ears, or fragments of skin, which were cut away by a plasma whirl of a UFO from the rest of the body. After spinning with this plasma, such light parts fell down without being destroyed, similarly as pieces of paper did.
       Immediately after the evaporation of WTC buildings by a UFO, the number of victims that perished in this tragedy was estimated at around 6000 to 7000. But the exact list, which was prepared later, and which included all people that were officially submitted to American authorities as perished in this tragedy, included 2823 people. (I.e. this number of 2823 people was broadcasted on Friday, 31 May 2002, in evening news of channel 1 TVNZ, at 6 pm.) Out of this confirmed number of 2823 people that definitely perished in the WTC, bodies of around 1700 people were never found. This means that after the evaporation of WTC by a UFO, the total disintegration and turning into vapours, resisted only fragments of less than 10% of people who were in these buildings.
       The additional evidence for the destruction of WTC buildings by a plasma saw of a UFO is almost a complete lack of people who survived. As it is known, in normal collapses of buildings always some people are falling between fragments of structure in such a fortunate manner that they stay alive. But in New York, no-one who remained in the parts of buildings that were evaporated by UFOs, managed to survive. It should not surprise, because everything that was within the radius of destruction of this UFO was simply evaporated.
       #13. The presence of the invisible UFO vehicles at the spot. During a careful watching of footage that was shown in TV during these tragic events, in evening on 12 September 2001, in one of reports that were shown in New Zealand TV (unfortunately I do not know on which channel, as I was watching two channels almost simultaneously, i.e. 1 and 3) I noted a clear outline of a white-grey outlet from the octagonal oscillatory chamber of an invisible UFO. It was exactly similar to an outline of the UFO oscillatory chamber that is shown in Figure S8, and described in subsection S6 of monograph [1/4]. Only that the white-grey outlet from the oscillatory chamber of an invisible UFO that I saw filmed in New York, had the shape of a complete octagon. This means that the camera was directed straight at the propulsor of this UFO, and along lines of the magnetic field of this vehicle. Probably because of the manipulation of evil parasites, this video was immediately removed from the dissemination and I never saw it again, but still it stays somewhere in archives, therefore the interested people should be able to find it - if there is a need to analyse it scientifically. (For example, I was informed at some stage that New Zealand TV keeps in archives records of everything that ever was broadcasted by it, and that a member of public can buy a tape with the recording of any possible fragment of the broadcast, if he/she knows the date, time and channel of the broadcast. Therefore people who would be interested in detailed research of the development of events described in this subsection, probably are able to buy copies of appropriate recordings from the address of a given TV channel in New Zealand. For channel 1 of TVNZ: TVNZ Archives, P.O. Box 30-444, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. For channel 3 of TVNZ: TV3 Network, Level 3, Bldg C, 72 Abel Smith Street, P.O. Box 1334, Wellington, New Zealand.)
       The outlines of a whole UFO vehicle of the K6 type, that was operating during these tragic events in the area of WTC buildings, was captured by two private video cameras. Fragments of two videos, which show such a UFO, in 2001 and 2002 were available to interested people on a Japanese Internet site with the following address: When I analysed these videos on 12 October 2001, on one of them contours of the filmed UFO were so clear, that it was possible to measure the ratio of D/H=K for this UFO vehicle. As it turned out this ratio amounted to K=D/H=6. This in turn confirms again that WTC buildings were attacked by a UFO of K6 type.
       I should also add here, that on 6 January 2006 I had opportunity to view in internet another video, which also managed to record a UFO vehicle that supervised the effective evaporation of WTC buildings. This video was accessible on the web site with the address Although from this another video it seems to be impossible to determine the type of UFO vehicle which was registered there, still the sole fact that the UFO was present there, and that it was recorded in the video tape, provides an additional evidence for the confirmation of fact, that these were UFO vehicles - not Arabic terrorists, who evaporated WTC skyscrapers in New York.
       #14. The generation of buzzing sounds of the frequency of around 3000 to 3300 Hz, i.e. frequency which is characteristic for pulsating magnetic field of the UFO type K6. In subsection N5.1.1 from volume 11 of monograph [1/4], described is a manner of measuring of frequency of pulsations in a UFO magnetic field. This measurement depends on simulation of the unique sound which was generated by a UFO vehicle when it flies during a snow storm. The pulsations of UFO magnetic field during a snow storm caused the vibration of snow flakes, which in turn generated a unique kind of sound. The reader of monograph [1/4], who heard this sound, managed to generate later almost an identical sound with the use of an impulse generator with changeable frequency of output. As it turned out, the sound which was identical to the one generated by this UFO, was formed during the frequency of pulsations of the level of 2500 Hz. Therefore this subsection N5.1.1 from volume 11 of monograph [1/4] informs readers that one type of UFO vehicles (unfortunately we do not know which type) generates a magnetic field which has the frequency of pulsations of around 2500 Hz.
       By some strange coincidence, when UFOs evaporated the WTC buildings, television cameras also recorded quite unique buzzing sounds. These sounds were generated by the UFO vehicle of K6 type, which carried out the evaporation of WTC buildings. The mechanism of this generation was identical to the described previously mechanism of the generation of sounds by snow flakes. Namely, the pulsating field of the UFO vehicle which carried out the evaporation of WTC buildings, caused the vibrations of particles of dust which spread during this evaporation. In turn this vibrating dust induced a unique sound. A reader of monograph [1/4] carried out a synthesis of just such a sound with the use of impulse generator. It turned out that such a unique sound is generated for the frequency of pulsations of around 3000 Hz to 3300 Hz. From research of this reader two practical benefits stem. Namely, firstly we know now that UFO vehicles of the K6 type generate magnetic field which vibrates with the frequency at the level of 3000 to 3300 Hz. Secondary, the sole fact that a sound of the frequency typical for UFO vehicles was recorded during the evaporation of WTC buildings, is for us a conclusive proof that UFO vehicles evaporated WTC buildings.
       #15. Disturbances in radio-communication which appeared during the evaporation of WTC, and which are well-known to UFO researchers for cases of nearby presence of UFOs. As this is well-known to every UFO investigator who analyses cases of encounters with UFOs, when a UFO vehicle appears nearby, the radio communication starts to fail. A similar phenomenon appeared around 20 minutes before WTC buildings were evaporated. At that time command centre of rescue operation issued to fire fighters that were in WTC buildings a radio order to immediately evacuate buildings. But the fire fighters never heard this order. This mysterious disturbance in radio-communication with fire fighters poses a serious puzzle for investigators of that tragedy. Initially it was suspected that a relay that operated in WTC building failed. But later it was discovered that one of the fire fighters, who was outside of the range of field from a UFO, actually transmitted a radio message, thus in reality the relay must remain operational. The puzzle of this disturbance in radio communication remains unexplained for orthodox investigators of this tragedy until today. Of course, if these investigators take the presence of a UFO under account, then the reason for this lost of communication would become understandable.
       #16. Impossibility of reading voice records from "black boxes". For a direct participation of evil parasites from UFOs in the tragedy discussed here, points also out the fact that UFOnauts make it impossible to restore the conversations that took place in cockpits of the hijacked aeroplanes. UFOnauts accomplished this with their difficult to detect methods (by people usually considered to be strings of "coincidents"), very effectively, although each time with a different method. Thus no records of voices from so-called "back boxes", that were recorded in these aeroplanes, could be recovered. This incapacitating of voices recordings UFOnauts partially accomplished by destroying "black boxes" from some aeroplanes, partially - by the destruction of voice records in these black boxes that it was possible to find. After all, in these conversations terrorists could remark something about the participation of UFOs in the entire plot.
       #17. Stubborn denying by many al Qaeda members the involvement of their organisation in the attack, and claiming that it was NOT al Qaeda who organised the attack. The unusual attribute of this attack of supposed Arab terrorists on the USA (and thus also on the entire humanity), is that these al Qaeda members, who actually were familiar with entire activities of this organisation, stubbornly denied that the attack was really planned and implemented by the al Qaeda. The reason is that these members knew, that no-one in their ranks actually planned nor carried out this attack. It is probably for this reason, that members of al Qaeda so stubbornly claimed, that the attack was fabricated by the government of the USA - in order to provide an excuse for the "war on terror". Of course, such a claim results from the omitting UFOnauts in considerations. After all, if one does not consider UFOnauts (who actually organised this attack without informing about it members of the al Qaeda), while one knows for sure that members of the al Qaeda did NOT planned nor executed this attack, who else apart from the government of the USA remains to be suspected of organising it? Therefore this frequently repeated claim of members of the al Qaeda, that this was NOT their organisation which carried out the attack, the manifestation of the which claim is this "bouncing back of accusations", is still another evidence, that the attack was in fact organised by UFOnauts and carried out without informing the al Qaeda human members.
       #18. The surprise of the accused perpetrator of the destruction. On 11 December 2001, almost all TV agencies in the world were showing a video tape that was released by American special services, and which recorded the conversation of Osama Bin Laden (i.e. the accused organiser and perpetrator of terrorist attacks on WTC). This tape was recorded during one of meals that Osama had with his followers. Due to my familiarity with techniques and methods of operation of UFOnauts, during looking at this tape I was shocked to notice, that it is rather a proof for the responsibility of UFOs for the destruction of WTC. For example, according to my best knowledge, the tape itself was not recorded by people, but by invisible UFOnauts. Furthermore, the tape documents the surprise of people recorded on it, both by the sole fact, and by the date of the attack on WTC, as well as by the effects of this attack. In turn such a surprise of people, who are accused of designing and carrying out this attack, actually means that this attack was not organised by them, but by UFOnauts who later only turned them onto scapegoats.
       I start from explaining, which evidence from this tape convinces me, that invisible UFOnauts were recording it. The first of such evidence, that this tape was recorded by invisible UFOnauts, not by people or by a hidden camera, is the fact that the tape clearly reveals the action of an intelligent operator, who is not seen by the conversing people. For example, whenever any of the people starts to talk, immediately the camera "zooms" at this person, showing him in a close up. This means that the camera was operated in the "life" style by an intelligent person who saw exactly what is happening. But all participants of the conversation behave exactly in the manner, as if this operator does not exist. Thus the film reassures us that the participants of this conversation did not see the filming person. (I.e. these people behaved like people who believe that no side witness sees them - sometime even scanning with eyes through the place in which they were recorded by this invisible UFOnaut.) For me this is the evidence, that the filming was carried out by an invisible UFOnaut, who hide itself in the state of telekinetic flickering, not by some human operator, or by a hidden automatic spying camera. Another evidence for the recording of this tape by invisible UFOnauts, is the fact that the tape has no author. It simply, after the recording, was planted by UFOs to be found by American authorities, so that Americans got it without knowing how. The next evidence is the content of the conversation itself. (From this content it clearly stems, that people who took the part in this conversation have no idea that they are filmed by an invisible UFOnaut.) Finally the rather significant evidence for the recording of this tape by an invisible UFOnaut, are technical details which disclose that the recording was done in the state of telekinetic flickering. For example the voice and picture on this film have embedded into them so many characteristic deformations, waving, incontinuities, and vibrations - which disclose their origin from the state of telekinetic flickering, that even the mother of Osama Bin Laden would not recognise from this tape the voice of her own son. Therefore in the article [4O8.1] "Videotape a fake, says Osama's mother" published in the Malaysian edition of the newspaper The Star, issue dated on Monday, 24 December 2001, page 29, mother of Osama stated, quote "the voice is unclear and uneven" and thus the tape is not original and therefore fabricated. The production and planting of this tape by UFOnauts, makes from it the evidence (next after the instruction letters discussed in item C from #B5 below), which most clearly was fabricated by UFOnauts and planted to confuse people. The obvious goal of this evidence is to turn Osama Bin Laden a voluntary "escape goat", who took on himself the responsibility for the attack and for the destruction, that actually was accomplished by UFOnauts.
       Now let us discuss reasons for which this tape proves that the attack at WTC was organised by UFOs, not by people of Osama. On the tape one can find several of them. According to the statement of Osama contained on this tape, he himself did not know that, and when, the attack on WTC is going to be carried out - although the world charges him with the responsibility for this attack, and also in spite that the attack was executed apparently with hands of people for whom he is a leader. His lack of knowledge about the fact, and about the date of this attack, stems quite clearly from the manner in which for "saving his face" he explains this lack of information and the lack of knowledge amongst his own people. (Probably his own people questioned him how it could happen that the attack was carried out, while he himself, nor anyone around him, know anything about it.) On the tape he claims that this lack of information about what is happening, is the outcome of the conspiracy principle on the basis of which his people are acting. But in the light of my knowledge about the method of operation of UFOs, if he was a leader of apparent terrorists, and he was not informed that the attack is going to be carried out, and when it is to take place, this means, that the organising of this attack in fact was accomplished not by his people, but by UFOnauts. Furthermore, from the tape also results that Osama Bin Laden was highly surprised with the effects of the attack. In spite, that he owned his own building company, and he had a sufficient knowledge of the building structures, he could not understand how the buildings of WTC have collapsed. (From his statement on the tape was obvious, that he could understand the collapse of three or four floors, which were hit by aeroplanes, but he was very surprised that the entire buildings have collapsed.) So how to charge with responsibility for an attack someone, who is surprised with the sole fact and with effects that it brought?
       The above I should supplement with an explanation, that in exactly the same manner as presently UFOnauts are "setting up" Osama Bin Laden into the responsibility for this attack, in the past the same UFOnauts were setting up (while in the future are going to set up) other people into all atrocities that UFOnauts themselves are committing on humanity. It is very good that we now are starting to learn exactly the methods with which UFOnauts are hiding their responsibility for the evaporation of WTC, so that in the future we can easier decode similar methods, with the use of which UFOnauts are going to commit their next atrocities on humanity.
       #19. The lack of serious destruction caused by the previous similar hit of a large bomber B-25 into a New York skyscraper. One of the most meaningful evidence for the fact, that it was NOT a hit of airplanes which caused the disintegration of skyscrapers from New York, but a secretive evaporation of these WTC skyscrapers by a UFO vehicle, is the fact that previously a large airplane hit in 79th floor of a skyscraper, and this hit had no noticeable consequences for the structure of the building. In morning on July 28, 1945, an army bomber B-25 lost control in the morning fog over New York, and it hit 79th floor, on the north side, in the Empire State Building from New York. (The Empire State Building was then the tallest building in the world - it is that one which on 86th floor has the famous in the entire world observation deck with view at the whole New York). Both, the size of this bomber, as well as the amount of fuel that it carried, were comparable to these from the airplanes that are charged with collapsing of the New York WTC skyscrapers. The hit of this bomber was so powerful, that one of its engines break through all internal walls and through the shaft of a lift, while after it flew out a window on the other side it fell onto a roof of other building below. In the result of this hit of the bomber B-25 into the Empire State Building 3 crew members of the bomber died, and further 11 people in the building were killed. But the fire that the bomber ignited was possible to extinguish quickly.
       The information about this hit of a bomber B-25 into the New York's "Empire State Building" was disseminated on 1st May 2006, on the occasion of 75th anniversary of opening of this building. I heard it in TV news, and also read it in two newspaper articles, namely in the article "Grand old lady of New York turns 75 today", which appeared in the issue of New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald dated on Monday, May 1, 2006, page B3, and also from the article "Star skyscraper at grand old age", published in the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Monday, May 1, 2006, page B1. Out of other curiosities contained in these articles, my eyes were hit by the height of this skyscrapers, which for the "Empire State Building" amounts to 381 meters (with antennas - 443.2 meters), which the height for 42 years make it the tallest building of the world, and also the date it was open for use on 1 May 1931 (the opening was carried out by the American president Herbert Hoover), what makes it at the moment of hit by the B-25 bomber a 14 years old building (means a relatively old and fragile one).
* * *
       When one reviews evidence presented in this item, then it amazes why some people still stubbornly claim that these were Arab terrorists who collapsed WTC skyscrapers. Well, how to show an important view to someone who intentionally closes his eyes? (There is an excellent proverb in English which describes such a situation. It states "you may lead a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink".)

#B5. Conclusions that emerge from the analysis of evaporation of WTC buildings by UFO vehicles:

       The above empirical pieces of evidence lead to rather shocking conclusions. Namely they prove, that UFOnauts viciously and mercilessly are attacking our planet, and with all their means they try to provoke a destructive third world war amongst people. From the moral point of view, the evil parasites which currently incarcerate Earth, put us in the defence situation, which is called "you or me" in subsection JC8 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4].
       The basic finding of this subsection, that invisible UFO vehicles purposely and actively evaporated in New York WTC skyscrapers and killed thousands of innocent people, introduces numerous implications. Especially that this atrocity was carried out by UFOnauts only to increase the effects of a supposed "terrorist" attack that they secretly fabricated by themselves, so that it could build up the thirst of revenge and divide humanity into two camps. Let us now list here at least the most important of these implications. They include:
       A. The presence of a human scapegoat on a UFO. The logical deduction seems to suggest, that on the deck of a UFO vehicle, which evaporated WTC skyscrapers in New York, at least one human born on the planet Earth was present. This deduction stems from the logical assumption, that UFOnauts know the action of karma and moral laws - after all, they continually brag in front of people about this knowledge. In turn, if UFOnauts know about the action of karma and moral laws, then probably they would NOT take on themselves willingly the karma for such a massive attack of terror. The best manner of carrying out this terror attack, with a simultaneous avoiding taking karma for it, would be to have someone on the deck of their UFO vehicle, who would become an "scapegoat" for this attack, and thus onto whom the karma for this attack would be charged. From what I know so-far about methods used by UFOnauts for passing the destructive karma onto people, and what I described in subsection T4 from volume 14 of monograph [1/4], the person who was taking onto himself this huge karma, most probably was piloting the UFO vehicle which evaporated WTC buildings. This in turn means that if UFOnauts do not execute this person immediately, than there is someone on Earth, who in his unaware memory is carrying the truth about this barbarous act of terror. One day this person may start to remember everything, and may start to talk.
       B. The inevitability of long preparations and planning. UFOnauts needed to prepare this act of sabotage for a long time. After all, they needed to choose and to teach this person who piloted the UFO vehicle during carrying out the evaporation of WTC buildings, and who was taking the karma for this atrocity. They also needed to manipulate hypnotically and to convince to the suicidal "devil's pact" all these people, who hijacked the aeroplanes and who carried out this act of terror (if these were people, not "UFOnauts-changelings" - as this is explained in next item C below).
       C. The "devil pact" of terrorists with UFOnauts, or rather impersonation of Arab terrorists by "UFOnauts-changelings". From the existing evidence it clearly emerges, that the entire attack on America (and thus also on the whole human civilisation) of September 11, 2001, was organised by UFOnauts. So the question which immediately arises, who actually were these supposed Arab terrorists that hijacked aeroplanes and that carried out this suicidal attacks. Means, whether they actually were so-called "changelings" - means UFOnauts who were changed for selected humans in order to carry out this crime on humanity. Or they were true Arab terrorists, who make a secretive "devil pact" with UFOnauts. At this moment of time I am inclined to accept that they in fact were "UFOnauts-changelings". I am persuaded by the increasing evidence on this subject matter, which reveals itself recently. For example, this possibility is supported by almost the entire evidence presented on the web page named "predators". But I am still not able to exclude completely the possibility, that these were Arab terrorists carefully selected by UFOnauts, who make a special "devil pact with UFOnauts". So let us now review below the logic of my original deductions which suggested that they could be Arab terrorists bound with UFOnauts by an extraordinary "devil pact".
       Knowing methods of acting of UFOnauts I suspect, that at the time when UFOnauts were in the planning and preparation stage for this sabotage, they contacted several carefully chosen religious fanatics, presenting themselves as "angels" or "messengers of God". Then they convinced these religious fanatics to carry out the attack, arguing that in this manner they fulfil the "wish of God", and simultaneously making with them a "devil's pact", that their lives are going to be miraculously saved. Most probably the pact depended on this, that UFOnauts gave the future terrorists a verbal promise, that in the last moment they save them from death by teleporting them from the disintegrating airplanes. (Of course, UFOnauts surely would not intend to fulfil such a promise, as why they would not risk that after surviving, terrorists are going to talk about the whole attack and about the pact.) In order to increase the convincing power of their promises, UFOnauts probably demonstrated to naive terrorists the "miraculous" ability to extract them from the flying aeroplane and to carry them into a safe place. After all, only by such a "devil's pact" with the beings who claim to be "angels" or "messengers of God", one can explain the willingness, with which 19 hijackers took part in this suicidal act of terror and carried it out without any second thoughts or without changing later their minds. (Although the fact, that several out of these hijackers had characteristic "devil eyes" with triangular outlines, as described more comprehensively on web pages which discuss the anatomy of "UFOnauts-changelings", e.g. on the web pages "UFOnauts", "evil", "aliens", "26th day", "Malbork", or "Antichrist", and also described in subsection V8.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4], conclusively indicates, that in each of the hijacked airplanes, independently from possible human hijackers at least one UFOnaut-changeling must be present who supervised the entire operation.) Also, only with the knowledge of hijackers about the role of UFOs in the entire act of this terror, can be explained the reason for which the fourth aeroplane needed to be destroyed, when terrorists were threaten with the falling into hands of American authorities. (The fast and decisive death of terrorists, is the identification sign of all acts of terror that are arranged by UFOnauts - so that humanity never is able to learn the truth.) The same knowledge of terrorists that was dangerous for UFOnauts, explains why voice recordings from the last moments in aeroplanes did not survive in any of the "black boxes". After all, in the last moments terrorists could start yelling in cockpits "angels - why you are delaying this promised taking us from here and saving our lives".
       It is highly significant that in almost all cases of grave acts of terror and mass murders that are carried out on Earth, the culprits of these acts clearly are stating, that they were ordered to do so by some supernatural beings or by some supernatural voices. It seems to be a rule, that UFOnauts telepathically or hypnotically force into having a kind of "pact" with them, practically every person who later is carrying out some significant atrocity or mass murder.
       The possible existence of this "devil pact" of WTC terrorists with UFOnauts can be deduced theoretically only on the basis of the knowledge of methods of action of UFOnauts that incarcerate Earth. But on 29 September 2001 I learned that actually does exist material evidence, which seems to confirm and document that this pact in fact could be made in reality. This is because American authorities discovered an instructive letter of terrorists, written by hand in the Arabic language, and having 5 pages. All terrorists received this letter from someone unknown. Three different copies of this letter were found in luggage of three different terrorists that took part in the attack analysed here. This letter was written with the surprisingly detailed, professional, and Swiss (not Arabic) precision. In my personal opinion such a high care of details, professionalism, the knowledge of the subject, and precision, directly indicate, that the real author of this letter is an expert UFOnaut, who specialises in sabotages on Earth. The content of this letter was discussed on Saturday, 29 September 2001 at the beginning of TV news in channel three of TVNZ, starting from 6 pm. In one of the fragments of this letter that were then discussed, it was directly stated that terrorists should not be afraid, because all the time they are going to be under the direct care of "angels". (From UFO research it is known quite well that some UFOnauts present themselves to people with whom they need to be in touch just, by pretending that they are "angels", "messengers of God", and sometimes even "God Himself" or "Jesus Himself".) But interestingly, apart from this reassuring about the constant protection of "angels", the letter contained also the directives, which in advance assumed that the "angels" are not going to keep their side of the pact and that they so preprogrammed their protected, that investigators later should not be able to find the trace of this pact of UFOnauts with terrorists. Thus the WTC terrorism should be seen exclusively as an act of a religious fanaticism. For example the letter ordered that in the last moment, when the aeroplane is going to hit the target, terrorists must loudly yell "Allah is great". (In case of surviving of "black boxes" with records from these last moments in cockpits, such yells were making completely different impression, than for example cases when terrorists would start to yell "hey angels - when you start to carry out this promised by our pact taking us alive from the aeroplane".) In the subsequent TV news, which that day on 29 September 2001 I saw on the German channel DW operating in New Zealand, at 22:10 was quoted a different fragment of the same letter. In this different fragment it was explained whose commands terrorists should listen. Amongst others the letter ordered, quote: "... obey God, His messengers ...". Thus again this letter confirms that the terrorists were in physical contact with some beings, which gave them orders, and which pretended to be "God's messengers", while probably one of them was even pretending to be the "God Himself". (Just as a curiosity I should add here, that this channel DW was cancelled soon after reading this letter.)
       D. The contempt of UFOnauts towards capability of investigators to establish the truth and towards my chances to convince people to the truth that I managed to establish. The direct involvement of UFOnauts in the WTC attack discloses that evil parasites show extreme aplomb that the are not going to be caught. They seem to be completely sure that American scientists who investigate the collapse of the WTC buildings are not able to establish the truth. They also seem to be sure that my findings regarding the truth are not going to be taken seriously. If UFOnauts suspect that there is a slightest danger that any American scientist can discover and prove to his/her authorities that it was a UFO that caused the evaporation of WTC buildings, or that I have any chances to convince the general public that my findings have the merit, than surely they would not risk such an obvious act of aggression against America and against humanity. But obviously UFOnauts are sure that presently in the USA the knowledge of UFOs is not higher than it was in ancient Greece, and that there the USA has no even a single scientist, who would be able to notice what is going on, and to convince the authorities to take a decisive action. Also UFOnauts seem to be sure, that my own research and publications never are going to be taken seriously by Americans. This opinion of UFOnauts so-far perfectly proves itself to work in practice. In spite of these countless paradoxes of UFO attacks on skyscrapers in New York, which literally "break noses of people", actually so-far no American scientist even tried to ask questions, which in this matter are screaming to be asked. Also the outcomes of my own research presented in this subsection are not noticed, in spite that they are disseminated since that tragic event took place. It appears that UFOnauts already have noticed that the science on Earth developed the culture of chasing material gains instead of chasing the truth. UFOnauts are obviously also sure that we, Earth scientists, lost our ability to reveal the truth if it runs against the popular believes and against the prevailing fashion, over which UFOnauts have a full control.
       E. The telepathic manipulation of humanity towards the world war. Starting from the moment of evaporation of WTC buildings, UFOnauts carry out the quite obvious and clearly visible campaign of telepathic manipulation of people on Earth, which is aimed at initiating the third world war. After all, UFOnauts are vitally interested in making people to behave irrationally, to make them seek vengeance instead of seeking the justice and punishing those guilty ones, and to push humanity to nuclear destruction of Earth. The fact of the existence of this campaign can be noted from nervousness and irritability that people in the whole world rapidly become after this terrorists attack. It is also visible from the fact, that immediately after this attack the whole our planet was heated with some kind of telepathically induced fever. For example on Friday, 14 September 2001 even so close and friendly countries as New Zealand and Australia, almost started a serious conflict. The reason was the fall down of the New Zealand airline "Air New Zealand", and the ownership by Air New Zealand of the Australian airline called "Ansett". The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Miss Helen Clark, was then blocked at the Melbourne airport, while New Zealand was forced to send a military aeroplane to Australia to pull the Prime Minister out of trouble. This problem would not cease after being solved, but was carried out for a long time, undermining the friendly relations that previously existed between these two countries. Of course this was only a tiny incident amongst explosion of violence and vengeance that after 11 September 2001 started to escalate on Earth. A whole series of further similar incidents is described on a separate web page named predators. Let us pray that this time the murderous intentions of UFOnauts to initiate a world-war on Earth will fail.
       F. Typical character of this atrocity. The New York attacks are only one case in continually organised by UFOnauts sabotages against humanity. These sabotages are very difficult to notice by confused people. They are targeted at destruction of leading countries that decide about the fate of whole humanity (such as presently is the USA, and in past was Germany, or Roman Empire). For example, numerous whispered rumours are claiming, that UFOnauts openly appeared to Hitler, and passed to him the policies and orders - Hitler supposedly was very scared of them. Thus in fact it was UFOnauts, not Hitler, who initiated the Second World War. Hitler only obeyed orders of UFOnauts. Similarly was with the First World War - it was also UFO civilisation that manipulated into humanity the assassinations in Sarajevo that initiated it, and that than instigated telepathically people to act against each other. The evidence available so far seems to clearly indicate that in the result of terrorism manipulated by UFOnauts into several assassins, died the president of the USA, John F. Kennedy, and also died Martin L. King. To the class of direct attacks of UFOs on the USA the cases of "collisions" of American aeroplanes with UFOs described in subsection O6.1, can also be classified. But in spite of all this, many naive "UFOlogists" in the USA, refuse to rationally research the real intensions of UFOnauts and the real capabilities of UFO vehicles, but instead are spreading various myths like that "UFOnauts are allies of the USA". If the USA has such allies, does it still needs any enemies!
       G. Symbolism of this tragedy. If one analyses our present situation, it turns out that the atrocity committed by UFOnauts on WTC is immensely symbolic. Actually the entire human civilisation is like one of these aeroplanes hijacked by mannequins of UFOnauts, to be used for destroying the WTC. In fact humanity is forced with terror by murderous UFOnauts to inevitably advance towards its own destruction. The only chance for our survival, is to stand up against these terrorising UFOnauts, and to refuse to move in the direction into which UFOnauts force us with their terror.
       H. The depth of moral decadency of UFOnauts. UFOnauts are extremely degenerated psychopaths, which from the moral point of view are so deviated, that they cannot be compared to anyone on Earth. Even the professional murderers from Hitler's concentration camps, or followers of Pol Pot, are looking next to UFOnauts like immature kindergarten pupils. The constant evolution of evil, which was infinitively deepen during thousands of years in the civilisation that practices the institutional parasitism, and that lives out of robbery of other civilisations, causes that the psychology of UFOnauts is already deviated to the depth, that is unimaginable for us. They are so degenerated, that they are unable do distinguish between good and evil, or between "moral" and "immoral". The only thing that they know, are low feelings. Thus practically UFOnauts are capable of any possible atrocity, that one may only imagine, and the only thing that still holds them back from the immediate murdering of the entire human population, is the enormity of various benefits which they reap from exploitation of humanity and the fear of karmatic consequences of such colossal murder.
       I. Everyone is endangered. No-one is safe on Earth, until the time when UFOnauts are completely and permanently removed from our planet. In the WTC tragedy described here, side by side were dying these people who believed that their blind on UFO activities government is taking care of their safety, as well as these people who believed that by keeping far from politics and from UFOs, and by being busy with their own matters, they are not incurring a danger of offending anyone, and thus are safe. No-one should believe that because is not interested in politics or in UFO, therefore is not going to be attacked by UFOnauts. The truth is such that the life of everyone on Earth is in a constant danger. Everyone is exploited and endangered only because is a human. Even if someone "keeps the distance", still does not know the time when is going to die in a manner similar to these countless mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons from New York, only because accidentally is in a wrong place at a wrong time, when evil parasites are carrying out a next attack on humanity. The keeping passiveness and distance is the highest stupidity, because in such a manner one actually helps UFOnauts to kill us without any resistance, and to remove one passive person after other. The our only chance is to stand up and to start actively defend our planet from these evil parasites from the space! It is not much sense to attack their human mannequins, because the removal of one group of traitors and collaborators causes, that UFOnauts replace them with next ones. The only way that is able to improve our situation, is to find a way to hit directly at UFOnauts themselves. How to prepare ourselves to such a direct hitting at UFOnauts, is explained in monograph [1/4].
* * *
       I am aware that the truth regarding the tragic events described in this subsection is able to shock even the most open-minded people. But this truth is a sound of alarm, and pointing our attention at the fact, that a deadly enemy is holding a knife at the throat of humanity, that is turning people against people, and that is trying to throw us into the chaos of mutual murdering each other. We should pray that the universal intellect gives to us the wisdom and strength to not be provoked, and that instead of attacking each other, we finally start to defend ourselves from this invisible and evil aggressor from space! Do we need more macabre evidence, to wake us up from our lethargy! After all, UFOnauts are not going to stop their murderous tormenting of humanity, until "they or us".

#B6. Controversy which is induced by the unexplained aspects of the attack of UFOnauts on Pentagon:

Motto: In events unfolding naturally everything displays consistency which is natural for these events. In events secretly controlled by UFOnauts always something disturbs the natural course of things. So in order to recognise them, it is enough to open our eyes and minds for the acceptance of truth.

       Let us remind ourselves the course of events to-date, which parallel to the tragedy of WTC skyscrapers from New York, caused almost equally tragic destruction of Pentagon buildings in Washington DC on September 11, 2001. In this particular day, which was incomprehensibly tragic for the entire our planet, five individuals who identified themselves as Arabs, hijacked the airplane of the "American Airlines", flight number 77, departing from the Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia and bound for Los Angeles. The airplane had 59 passengers and crew members on board. The official version of the events states, that at 9:38 a.m. of the local (Washington) time, the airplane crushed into the south-west side of Pentagon building. In the result of this crushing, 125 people from the building have died. Also there were no survivals amongst 59 passengers and crew members of this airplane, nor amongst 5 terrorists who hijacked it. But in spite of the enormous public interest in these events, and also in spite of the huge influence that these vents exerted on the fate of entire our planet, almost all aspects of these tragic events were wrapped into secrecy. For example, the first news item about this attack supposedly did not even state that it was the airplane which crushed - but used the term "unidentified object", photographs from this attack on Pentagon instead of being officially made accessible to everyone, rather needed to "leak" to press, while the constructive and detailed descriptions of what and how happened over there are surprisingly stingy on details and difficult to get hold of even now. Such a state of things probably caused, that the lack of reliable official information was replaced by various "conspiracy theories". All these theories probably were born from the assumption, that if something is so strongly being hidden from the society, than most probably there is something important to hide. Are these theories holding any merit? This needs to be established in the course of an opened discussion over the evidence. It is impossible to conclude, that only the official version of events is the correct one, when almost the entire evidence which support it are kept secret. The largest number of these "conspiracy theories" appeared in Internet - as an example see the web page www.asile.org/citoyens/numero13/pentagone/erreurs-en.htm. One such a conspiracy theory was presented in the book by Thierry Mayssan's entitled "L'Effroyable Imposture" (i.e. "The Appalling Fraud"). As it was claimed in mass media, this book supposedly states that the attack on Pentagon was staged by the US government in order to create an excuse for the "war on terror". In support of these statements adherers of such "conspiracy theories" indicated the following evidence. (1) Eye witnesses of the events mutually contradict each other. (2) There is no even a single photograph or film which would show that Pentagon was in fact slammed by an airliner. (For a contrast, there are numerous photographs and video frames which show crushes of airliners into WTC skyscrapers.) (3) On photographs of the destruction no airliner wreckage is shown. (4) The damage on the building of Pentagon is inconsistent with this which should appear when an airliner crashed into it. (E.g. the hole in the front wall seems to be smaller from dimensions of the airplane, while the shape of this hole does NOT coincide with the shape of the airplane. If Pentagon was hit by an airplane, not e.g. by a cruise missile loaded with explosives, than why in this building died as many as 125 people, while the crushing of a similar size bomber B-25 into a similarly populated "Empire State Building" from New York, described previously in #19 from item #B4 of this web page, caused the death of "only" 11 people. Etc., etc.) So in order to clarify the matter completely, a group of legal watchers of this event went to court in order to exercise their rights according to the Freedom of Information Act, and to get from the government the security video from the attack on Pentagon. About this video it was known that it does exist and that it was taken by the parking security camera. In 2002 fragments of this video "leaked" to press. But the film was kept in secrecy - supposedly because there was an ongoing investigation on someone named Zacarias Moussaoui (who was accused of the cooperation with al Qaeda terrorists). The film was released only after the clear court order. The release of it occurred on Wednesday, 17 May 2006 (means almost 5 years after events recorded on it took place). Immediately after it was released, it was shown in television of almost the entire world. (E.g. in New Zealand it was shown in all evening news on 17 May 2006.) The most vital frames from it were also reproduced in press. For example, some of its frames were published in New Zealand in at least two newspapers, namely in the excellent article "Proof or fuel for the conspiracy theorists?", which appeared in the newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Thursday, May 18, 2006, page B1, and in another very brief article entitled "Hijack jet tape shown", which appeared in the newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, May 18, 2006, page B1. But instead of silencing these conspiracy theories, the film only increased the controversy. After all, to the four categories of evidence listed before, which supported these "conspiracy theories", the film added several further categories. For example, (5) the very blur object which emerges from the right side of one of frames in fact more resembles a nose of the "cruise missile" than a front part of "Boeing 757" airliner - which airplane, according to the official version of events, supposed to slam into Pentagon. (6) Similarly to all other previous films, also this film does not show the entire object moving in direction of the Pentagon building, in spite that it was shot with the speed of a frame a second. So on the basis of this film still cannot be confirmed that the object which slammed into the building of Pentagon was in fact the "Boeing 757" airliner. In addition to the above, the film induces in the viewer a number of questions, which because of the weight of argumentation of conspiracy theorists, some expert should clarify during the release. For example, it is not clear from the film, why it does not contain even a single frame which would capture the entire airliner moving towards the Pentagon building. After all, the area in front of this building which was encompassed by the viewing angle of the camera that has taken this film is too wide in comparison to the height of the building, in order for Boeing 757 flying with a normal speed to be able to cross it entirely during the time less than one second. So is it possible that the object which slammed into Pentagon flied much faster than Boeing 757 was able to fly, and therefore the space captured on this film the object passed during the time much shorter that 1 second. Or perhaps the mechanism of the camera jammed and therefore the time gap between two most important frames amounted to 2 seconds, or the dimensional proportions of height to width of subsequent frames were deformed during the publishing of the film (i.e. the angular width of the area in front of the building compared to the angular height of the building shown on this film, in the published versions of this film do not correspond to their true dimensions existing in the area of these events, so that this makes impossible the correct estimates of the time needed for the object to fly through the area so wide). During viewing of this film it is also unclear which fragments of it had so direct and so vital evidential value to the investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui, that it was justified to make this film secret for so long period of time.
       Although this web page concentrates the attention mainly on explanation of the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers by UFO vehicles, it cannot keep silent in increasingly lauder controversy which grows around the matter of simultaneous attack of UFOnauts onto the building of Pentagon. After all, an old Polish proverb says that "there is no smoke without a fire" (i.e. "nie ma dymu bez ognia"). As this comes out clearly from argumentation of conspiracy theorists, the surprising aspects of this tragic attack of UFOnauts on America and thus also on the entire human civilisation do NOT limit themselves to the WTC skyscrapers. It is visible increasingly clearer, that the parallel attack of UFOnauts on Pentagon was as much saturated with puzzles and mysteries as this is described in the first part of this web page for the evaporation of WTC by UFOs. For example, according to the logic, and also according to the official version of events, the attack on Pentagon of September 11, 2001, was carried out by the airliner AA flight no 77 - which supposed to slam into the Pentagon building. But according to evidence revealed by "conspiracy theorists", this attack was carried out most probably by an American "cruise missile". After all, no film which captured the moment of explosion in Pentagon actually shows any airplane. Simultaneously the film described above - which for some mysterious reasons was kept secret during all these years, while was released only on Wednesday, 17 May 2006 (means only almost 5 years after the attack) and only because of the court order, in fact captured some fuzzy object which actually looks like a nose of a "cruise missile". In turn such a huge discrepancy between the official version of events and the facts available to the general public, persuade to have a close look at the merit of argumentation of these "conspiracy theorists". After all, their theories try to determine rationally and openly what actually has happened in this tragic day - means they seek the truth. Unfortunately, the majority of these "conspiracy theories" cut off their explanations from the existence of UFOnauts and from the possibility that this attack was carried out by the highly advanced technology of UFOnauts. In the result, the only thing that remains for them, is to accuse their own government of conspiracy, or more strictly to accuse that this government secretly shot a "cruise missile" into the own Pentagon building only to have later an excuse to start the "war on terror". But if one considers the fact, that this attack on Pentagon was in fact completed by the advanced technology of UFOnauts, while Arab terrorists were used in it only as "scapegoats", then the entire matter gains rapidly a simple explanation. Just in case, that this explanation may inspire someone to have another look at the evidence concerning the entire controversy, and thus to come closer to the truth, below I try to outline what this explanation is.
       If one accepts, that this attack on Pentagon was carried out by UFOnauts, then everything becomes clear and understandable easily. For example, the participation of UFOnauts explains in a simple way this discrepancy between the official version of events, and the evidence which is pointed out by the "conspiracy theories". (The official version states, that Pentagon was hammered by the airliner AA flight no 77, while conspiracy theories reveal evidence which seems to suggest that Pentagon was hit by a "cruise missile".) Namely, by the time when the airplane AA flight no 77 approached Pentagon, UFOnauts obtained enough time to have a good look at the destruction caused by similar slamming of airliners into the WTC skyscrapers. So they had already a good knowledge that hitting Pentagon with an airliner would have a lot of drawbacks. For example, firstly they already knew then from the analysis of outcomes of the slamming of airplanes into WTC buildings, that the airplane will NOT cause a destruction to the extend that UFOnauts wanted, nor that it will take the number of human victims that they were after. Secondly, from a technical point of view, hitting a relatively low building of Pentagon with an airliner piloted by amateurs, would be very difficult to carry it out. Therefore UFOnauts most probably decided to use the hijacking of this airliner just as an "scapegoat" which unambiguously indicated who was later to be blamed for this attack. Simultaneously, the attack UFOnauts decided to carry out with the "cruise missile" which they stole from Americans at a different occasion and kept handy just for such a kind of attack. So in order the attack appeared to be done by an airliner, UFOnauts in fact approached with the hijacked airplane almost to boundaries of Pentagon, before they abducted this airliner in the last moment into a huge invisible UFO spaceship. In the result, people who later led the investigation in this matter knew that the airliner was hijacked in the direction of Pentagon. They also had the data from radar screens which indicated that the airplane flew almost the entire path to Pentagon. So the only thing that they overlooked was that in the last moment this airliner was swapped with a "cruise missile". Means the airliner was then abducted to a huge invisible UFO vehicle which waited near Pentagon. This happened in a manner very similar as earlier such invisible UFO vehicles abducted numerous other airplanes (e.g. these from the "Bermuda Triangle"), and even abducted entire companies of soldiers (e.g. the famous "Sandringham Company" - the abduction of which by a huge UFO is described on the web page about cloud-UFOs). Simultaneously, immediately after the airliner was abducted inside of an invisible large UFO vehicle, this UFO launched a "cruise missile" into Pentagon, which (the missile) UFOnauts stole earlier from Americans. It was the explosion of this "cruise missile" that caused such powerful destruction, killed so many people, and left on the spot all this controversial evidence. But because for these who carried out the investigation all initial facts indicated that it was an airliner which slammed into Pentagon, they conveniently "closed one eye" on the discrepancies visible on the spot between the "airliner" course of the attack, and the "missile" evidence present on the crime scene, and confirmed officially that the attack was carried out by the airliner.
       One cannot have a doubt that the argumentation and the supporting evidence for all these "conspiracy theories" regarding the attack on Pentagon in fact has a merit. However, without considering the fact, that the attack on September 11, 2001, was entirely organised by UFOnauts, these theories become completely senseless. For example, they do not reply the following very vital questions: (a) Why the USA government, which is well known in the entire world from an exceptional care for its own citizens, would need to destroy own Pentagon building, when exactly the same outcome it would accomplish on a whole range of other manners, completely deprived victims (e.g. by just destroying a symbol of the country, without harming any victims)? (b) If a "cruise missile" hit Pentagon, than what in such a case happened with this 59 passengers who were inside of Boeing 757 airliner, which - according to the official version, supposed to hit Pentagon? (c) What happened with the entire this airliner, if it was NOT the object which hit Pentagon? But if one accepts the fact, that this tragic attack on America (and thus also on the entire humanity) of September 11, 2001, was organised by UFOnauts, while supposed Arab terrorists were just "scapegoats" onto which UFOnauts in a typical way pushed later the responsibility for this crime, than the entire evidence and logic of these "conspiracy theories" starts to make sense. Therefore in this web page I encourage readers to carefully watch the evidence and logics behind these "conspiracy theories" regarding the attack on Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Only that in their considerations readers should introduce a main correction to these theories. Namely, the responsibility for causing this tragedy readers should charge onto UFOnauts, not onto people or a government. Simultaneously all events which are unexplained at our level of technology, such as complete disappearance of the entire airliner with 59 passengers and crew members on the board, or unexplained exchange of an airliner for a "cruise missile", readers should explain themselves with similar events which are already well known from UFO sightings and from technical capabilities of UFO vehicles.
       The mysteries of the attack of UFOnauts on Pentagon, described above, reveal also clearly how many principles on which the operation of our societies is based, require urgent improvement. For example, it reveals (i) how damaging for our civilisation is the official denying that UFOs do exist. After all, if in all matters of September 11, 2001 attacks, from the very start is considered the participation of technically advanced but morally decadent UFOnauts, who from the beginning of times occupy our planet (as this is explained on the web page evil), than our civilisation would avoid many tragedies and many dangers, which due to this ignorance about actions of UFOnauts it brought on itself. It also reveals (ii) how urgent is the removal from laws of various countries the custom of making secret any information (e.g. the removal of the "Privacy Information Act") - as this is explained more comprehensively on the web page better humanity.

#B7. Questions induced by the contribution of UFOnauts to the downing of the fourth airliner in Pennsylvania:

       As probably we remember, independently from two airliners (AA flight no 11, and UA flight no 175) which hit the WTC skyscrapers from New York, and the third airliner (AA flight no 77) which is officially charged with hitting the Pentagon building, in the attack on the USA (and thus also on the entire humanity) of September 11, 2001, part took also another, fourth airliner. It was the airplane UA, flight no 93. It crushed in the vicinity of Shanksville in Pennsylvania, almost immediately after the passengers and crew decided to pounce onto the hijackers to regain the control over the airliner. As it is not difficult to notice from the evidence regarding the crush of this airplane, UFOnauts also contributed towards the crash.
       The circumstances of crushing in Pittsburgh of the fourth one out of the hijacked aeroplanes (UA flight no 93) are very meaningful. As various facts seem to indicate this, the crushing into earth of this aeroplane was NOT caused by an accident or by an error in piloting, but by a purposeful explosion on the wing. It is known that terrorists have no access to the wing. Thus any explosion in this area needed to be caused by an outside intervention. In turn circumstances of this explosion on the wing suggest, that it was representing a reaction of UFOnauts on the possibility of disclosing the participation of UFOnauts in the entire plot of terrorism. After all, passengers of this fourth airplane pounced on the hijackers and probably regained the control over the airplane. This in turn meant that if the airplane landed with alive terrorists, the participation of UFOnauts in this terrorist attack would be disclosed. Thus, in order to make it impossible the taking of terrorists alive, probably an invisible UFO vehicle that secretly was accompanying this airplane, purposely caused this explosion on the wing and the crush, so that no-one has survived, no-one could speak, and thus no-one can learn the truth.
       Independently from this mysterious explosion on the wing, for the participation of UFOnauts in the destruction of this fourth airplane indicates also the fact, that "by a strange coincidence" no content of the "black boxes" was possible to be learned, thus it remains unknown what actually had happened inside of the airplane. Such "neutralisation" of the black boxes is in turn a trade mark of UFOnauts methods of acting. After all, UFOnauts utilise very advanced technology, which humans still need to develop.

Part #C: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#C1. Summary of this web page:

       As this web page tries to realise, the question who collapsed WTC skyscrapers remains a most strange mystery of our times. As I am explaining this in "part #F" of the web page evil.htm (about origins of all evil on the Earth), and in "part #L" of the web page evolution.htm (about the so-called "natural evolution"), the clarifying of this mystery is connected with a very serious problem. Therefore our civilisation should thoroughly investigate this mystery, instead of pretending that it does NOT exist. In turn, when each one of us finds privately for himself or for herself the reply to the question "why this collapsing took place?", then this rapidly opens the mind to understanding of almost every other event that currently happens around us.

#C2. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm, currently available under addresses totalizm.wordpress.com and totalizm.blox.pl/html. (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#C3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#C4. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#C5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#C6. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea and/or research is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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